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    Bugfrag FAQ by Charizard42

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    Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue/White
    How to obtain Bugfrags from the enemies!
    Megaman Battle Network 3/Rockman.EXE 3 and all related contents and
    images are originally copyrighted to Capcom.
    Section I:    Introduction
    Section II:   What are Bugfrags?
    Section III:  Obtaining Bugfrags
    Section IV:   What's It All Good For?
    Section V:    FAQ
    Section VI:   Version Info
    Section VII:  Legal Stuff & Credits
    Section VIII: Contact Me
    Section I: Introduction
    There are many new features in Battle Network 3, and a few features from 2 that
    were removed for better or for worse.  However, as a general rule, change is
    good and there are many changes in this game!  New styles, New interface, a
    different way of customizing Megaman, the aquiring of bugfrags and other things.
    But in this FAQ, I'm gonna primarily talk about Bugfrags and how to get them.
    Section II: What are Bugfrags?
    Good question!  Bugfrags are fragments of data that, if left to their own
    devices, will cause errors in the Net.  They were originally introduced in
    Megaman Battle Network 2 as the contents of certain Blue Mystery Data (BMD).
    They could be exchanged in Koto Square for a few rare and handy chips.
    However, there was a limited amount of Bugfrags available in it.
    However, in Battle Network 3, they serve a different purpose--In fact, they
    serve two purposes!  They can still be exchanged for rare chips in some places
    (Undernet 4, for example) but they are also used to feed Viruses you've
    befriended!  Is anyone getting flashbacks of Legend of Mana?  Also, instead of
    being in limited supply, they are now have an unlimited quantity.  "Why are
    they unlimited and how do you get them?" you may ask.  Simple!  Enemies drop
    Section III: Obtaining Bugfrags
    Like I said, enemies drop Bugfrags.  But only when you defeat them while they
    are attacking.  Each enemy has it's own attack animation and it's own
    splitsecond that you can kill it to obtain the bugfrag.  One of the boards
    in one of the Squares has a topic about "Counterattacks", and this is what
    we're gonna use to get the bugfrags.  I'll try to explain what the enemy looks
    like when you should lay down the killing blow to get the bugfrag.
    One more thing: you'll know you've correctly timed the mortal blow and aquired
    the bugfrag because a chime will sound and the enemy will be knocked back and
    Nam Vo (AzN Gamer Boi) believes that there is another way to rack up Bugfrags,
    but I havn't been able to verify it from lack of ability.  But he says you can
    get them from the CyberSimon Says games that the Navis in the Squares play.
    Link50063 says that you get 1 Bugfrag from Yoka Square, 5 from Beach Square,
    and 10-25 Bugfrags from Under Square.
    Mohamed Hatem tells me that using Reflect (get it from level 4 of a shield
    type) can be used to get bugfrags from fast virii like canodumbs, bunny, and
    swordy.  Reflect also makes it easy to get bugfrags from Navis like Gutsman,
    Plantman, Flashman and Bass.
    The Viruses:
    Commonly called Metools, these guys are probably the easiest enemies to obtain
    bugfrags from.  They come in many different versions, but they all attack the
    same.  From the instant they materialize their pick axes to the point where
    they jump in the air and just before they slam their axes into the ground is
    the time you want to eliminate them.  Easy, huh?  Thought so.
    These also come in a few different styles.  But, like all the others, the
    timing is the same.  However, these guys are a bit tougher.  You have to be
    targeted by them to get it to work.  The moment their muzzles flash, destroy
    them.  That should give you the bugfrag.  Gabriel Huron claims that if you
    stand two squares away from the virus and use the Guard chip when it locks
    on, you can get a bugfrag from them as well.  This is a good way to not get
    blown up in your quest for frags in the beginning of the game.
    Kill the Eleballs when they make the panels flash but before they actually
    start spinning their sparks around them.
    These are the little gel guys that steal your area one space at a time.  When
    they attack, they turn into a little ball and hop.  You need to get them as
    they leave the ground, but before they cross into your space.
    These viruses come in three different forms as well.  When they fire their
    little water balls, they move back a bit.  Kill them as they move back (The
    waterball will still be attached to their nose).
    As far as I know, Bugfrag can't be aquired from these guys.  Anyone know
    Talk about annoying.  They become invincible to normal buster and chip attacks
    when they are over ice.  But when they aren't, they're vurnerable.  Use a
    Gutsman to fix that problem.  The second they open their mouth is when you can
    get the bugfrag.
    Good old Swordys, always stealing our area and pinning us down.  We love to
    hate them.  They raise their swords in the air and then swing at you.  The
    moment of opportunity is just after they raise their sword and start to swing
    it.  If you pause it when they swing, their sword will be a blur in front of
    them.  That's your chance.
    These are the pirate-looking dudes who hold the big ball and jump around.  The
    time to kill them is just before they land after they've jumped.  I think you
    can kill them AS they land as well to get the bugfrag.
    Formerly known as Ratons, these evil little rat-viruses have a pretty
    challenging timing.  The second they recoil from launching their little rat
    bombs is when you need to delete them.  They're quick and their bombs hurt, so
    you have to be quicker and more hurtful.
    These guys have three forms.  They're the little tanks that wander around the
    arena firing 1-3 bombs at you.  They hurt.  And they have ugly colorschemes.
    But when they pause to fire their bombs (you'll see the flash come from their
    barrels if you look close), destroy them.
    These are the wolf viruses who spit fireballs out at you.  They're fairly easy
    to aquire bugfrags from.  Just kill them the instant they open their mouths to
    fire fire.  (Hah!)
    Right before they spew fire.  You don't really have a big clue they're about to
    do this, so it's all up to your own instinct as to the exact second you need to
    delete them.
    -N. O
    What a weird virus! I'm not to entirely sure but I think it's the instant he
    crosses his arms.
    These are the guys that float along a column and, when they line up with you,
    dash forward and attempt to ram you.  Their weak point is when they tilt back
    and flare up their engines.
    These viruses have round heads that are impervious to attacks.  They open their
    mouth to launch a cannon ball at you.  Kill them as they recoil from firing the
    cannon ball.
    These cute little guys attempt to stun you with a ring of electricity.  Kill
    them just as they lean forward to launch their little rings.
    You know these guys: They look like litte kitchen clip things and they launch
    those irritating boomerrangs.  Use Stepsword or a Navi chip to get them the
    second they unleash their boommerangs.  Because the boommerang itself is made
    of a Met-like material, buster shots don't work.
    Kill them just before they pop over to your side, I believe.  I can't remember
    their exact motion that screams "Hey kill me now for bugfrag" but if you do,
    E-mail me.
    Yorts/Yerks/Yarks--whatever! These are the spaceship viruses that launch out a
    bladed yoyo at you.  Best tactic is to be invisible.  Kill them when the yoyo
    sprouts blades but before it's launched to get the bugfrag.
    These are the guys that play the little fanfare that either makes the other
    viruses invincible or makes you confused.  Kill them as they lean back to start
    playing their insidious melody.
    These are the squat little guys that look like menacing volcanos and fire a
    ball that turns one panel into a little heat ring.  Kill them when they fire
    the ball.  They'll have a red line of lava shooting straight up when you should
    shoot them.
    These are the annoying little meteor-summoning virii.  EnzeruNoKage tells me
    that the timing on these annoyances is when they crumple into a puddle and
    leave their staff standing.  Get them in that action and they'll yield a 
    The Navis:
    Navis can also yield bugfrags, but it's a lot harder because usually you're
    just laying as much hurt on them as you possibly can and not tactically trying
    to get their bugfrags.  But they have a good payoff: Instead of the normal 8
    which is the maximum you can get from viruses, they yield 10 bugfrags!
    Either nail him when he's done charging up his mega mega buster, or hit him
    with a slasher when he tries to smash your panels.
    Tricky because he's so fast, but when he pops into your area, he hesitates
    before he slashes his claws.  We all know what happens to people when they
    hesitate, right?  They get DELETED.
    -Bowlman (Blue Only)
    What a stupid name.  Like Pirate Man or Magic Man or Clown Man.  Anyways, kill
    him when he swings his arm back with the bowling ball or when he moves to the
    back row and gets ready to fire the pins at you.
    When he starts firing little harpoons at you is when you need to kill him.  Do
    it as he fires the harpoon, obviously.
    Multiple methods are now known: A charged FireStyle blast will get him, a Break
    program will get through it when combined with a charged buster, and LifeSword
    P.A. always works.
    The best time to hit him is just before he rears up to smash the ground and
    unleash the cone or line of flames.
    Kill Flashy when he grabs his orb off his shoulder but before he tosses it.
    Also, you can nail him when he raises his hands in the air and gets ready to
    drop those two Tesla Coil thingies in your area.  Not too difficult, eh?
    Probably the easiest of all the Navis because of his delay.  When he raises his
    hands up and behind his head, kill him as he brings them down. Alternativly,
    you can kill him when he cocks his arm back to launch a punch.
    Kill him when he pops over to your side to smash one of your panels.  It may
    also be possible to kill him when he is about to throw the metal blades, but
    I'm not sure.
    Just before he launches his needles at you is the best time to whack this weed
    for his bugfrag.
    Can't believe I don't have an answer to this!  Protoman's bugfrag is obtained
    when he hides his arm to slash.  MasterMario3000 suggests using a homing Navi
    chip (Like Roll--Bass works as well if he can do enough damage).  You'll still
    hear the slash sound, but he won't do it.  If he slashes, it's too late to get
    the bugfrag.
    -Yamatoman (I absolutely refuse to call him Japanman)
    Counter him when he is about to use either of his spear attacks: The Big Poke,
    or The Rapid Pointy Pokes of Death.
    Everyone who has e-mailed me so far (and myself, included) are pretty sure
    there is no method of obtaining bugfrags from this navi because of the fact
    it doesn't attack.  Sorry!
    After many IMs telling me, in broken grammar, there is a way to defeat Kingman,
    I've pieced together a theory: Attack him right after he lands after using
    This one was pretty hard to get if I understand correctly.  The correct timing
    on Mistman is when his lamp rears back to shoot him out.  The mouth of the lamp
    should get much bigger.  The timing is when he's one space away from his lamp.
    I can't confirm this, but the sender, BigJ4L tells me he's reliable, so I'll
    trust him.  Many other people have told me that you have to attack his lamp
    right when he pops out of it to get the bugfrag.  Get to fragging this guy!
    Since I haven't faced this Navi yet, I can't confirm any of this.
    Luster Soldier says that when Serenade puts his hand out to do his Holy Shock,
    hit him before the Holy Shock starts cracking panels on your side of the field.
    Now that the Navi's list is nearly complete, I would like help on blasting the
    viruses at the right time to get their bugfrag.  If you e-mail about a virus,
    make sure to describe it or it's attack so I know what virus you're talking
    Section IV: What's It All Good For?
    So now you've got several bugfrags, but nothing to do with them!  At first it
    it seems you won't have anything to do with them.  It's notuntil you can reach
    the Yoka Area and/or get the Virus breeder that you can use them.
    Merchants throughout the Net will trade bugfrags.  They are in the Yoka Area 1
    using Press, and the other two are in Undernet 6 Undernet 2.
    -Yoka Dealer
    Air Chute 2 *           20 BF
    Wood +30 *              40 BF
    100 Barrier *           50 BF
    Counter Bomb K          60 BF
    Magma Stage *           80 BF
    Stealth Mine A         100 BF
    -Undernet 6 Dealer
    Rapid +1                40 BF
    HP +100                 50 BF
    Regu-Up 5               70 BF
    HP +200                 90 BF
    Rush Support           100 BF
    Buseter MAX            150 BF
    -Undernet 2 Dealer
    Break Hammer *          20 BF
    Guts Straight P         40 BF
    Navi +20 *              40 BF
    Stepcross               90 BF
    Poison Anubis A        150 BF
    Navi Recycle * (white) 200 BF
    Folderback * (blue)    200 BF
    Another use for the Bugfrags is giving them to the friendly viruses you send to
    the SciLab Virus Breeder.  You can give each virus 5 bugfrags at a time and it
    raises the damage they do when you summon them in battle.  
    Finally, several people have brought to my attention that after you beat the
    game, you can use a "Bug Frag Trader 30" to face Bass GS, who has 2000 hp and
    an aura of 200!  However, it takes 300 bugfrags to do this and you have to pay
    off bugfrags to get through, and you must be able to gain access to Secret Area
    2, so it might be a while before you can afford this costly endeavour.  It's
    worth it, though, as the Hub Batch is at the end as well.
    ***Jeff Teaser tells me that three things are wrong with this.  First, it's a 
    10 Bugfrag trader, not 30.  Second, you need to have 200 chips and must have 
    beaten Serenade, and finally, you need access to Secret Area 3, not 2.***
    Section V: FAQ
    Well, after having this FAQ out for a while, I've decided to actually add a FAQ
    to the FAQ.  Redundant, huh?  Anyway, on with the questions!
    Q: Is there a cheat to get bugfrags?
    A: As far as I know, no.  But there are many many methods of getting bugfrags.
    Nearly every enemy will drop one.  Just search for the enemy in question in my
    FAQ and read the description
    Q: Can I get more than one bugfrag from an enemy?
    A: Yes!  If there are more than one enemy on the screen, you can get more than
    one frag!  Blasting one enemy gets you one frag, but blasting two gets 3 frags
    and blasting three nets you a whopping 8 Bugfrags!
    Q: How do you get to Under 7 where Hammer is?
    A: Unfortunately, I used to know the answer to this.  But it's been a long 
    while since I played the game.  If you know the answer to this question, IM me
    and tell me.  I'll promptly put it in my FAQ if I'm not busy.
    Section VI: Version Info
    -05/24/04: Welcome to college life, FAQ readers!  Did a good update to the
    entire FAQ after numerous e-mails and even more IMs on AIM.  May update it
    more, but I think I gots this finished. :D
    -09/30/03: Yes, I know I havn't updated in two months.  I've been in school.
    College, actually.  And yes, it's coming along quite nicely.  I'm passing.  I
    fell that this is version 0.95 because I'm missing only a few Viruses and one
    Navi.  Well, two if you count Serenade, but I havn't gotten ANY info on her.
    -07/06/03: Thanks to many emails, this version is now V0.90. Mostly added were
    Boss Navis and BugFrag trader information.
    -07/02/03: This is the first version, V0.50.  Added most of the viruses and two
    Section VII: Legal Stuff & Credits
    This FAQ is written by me, Matt Ball/Charizard42 and is the mental property of
    myself and such.  Do not steal it, for I am hungry and you taste good with
    ketchup and mustard.  It should only be found on GameFaqs (gamefaqs.com),
    GameNotOver (www.gamenotover.com), and a German site who'se name eludes me.
    If you are reading this from any other site, then it probably shouldn't be
    there and I need to be alerted.
    Also, like I said in the beginning of the FAQ, Megaman and all the little
    viruses are the intellectual property of Capcom, not myself.
    -Kris McGinnis, for providing me with the timings on several boss navis and for
    the prices of items in the bugfrag trader shops.
    -Teflon, for a descriptive time to finish off Flashman and get the bugfrag!
    -Nam Vo, for providing another method of collecting bugfrags.
    -Tyler Ashley, for contributing an alternate timing on Gutsman.
    -Xargvargan, for reminding me about Drillman and for Plantman.
    -EnzeruNoKage, for confirming Plantman.
    -GOKU9287, for telling me how to beat Totems.
    -Malcolm Kim, for giving me a good Beastman timing and for the Bowlman timing.
    -Josh Henley, for telling me how to whup a Boomer's butt.
    -The twenty-hundred billion people who IM'd me and E-Mailed me telling me the
    ways to ge a bugfrag from Drillman.
    -Everyone else who e-mailed me and making me feel important! :D
    Section VIII: Contact Me
    If you find an error, have something to contribute, want to compliment me, set
    up a date for meeting and watching a movie or whatever, e-mail me.  Put the
    word "BUGFRAG" in all caps in the subject line so I don't delete it!
    My e-mail is deadmanmatt@hotmail.com
    I can also be reached on AIM at JediMattB.  Just make sure you introduce
    yourself first.  Never can be too careful!

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