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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dumpolishblonde

    Version: 0.32 | Updated: 12/10/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Gameboy Advance
    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dumpolishblonde
    Copyright 2002 Marcin Maziarz
    Hey everyone! Welcome to my first Walkthrough
    (1) Updates
    (2) About me
    (3) Why am I writing this?
    (4) Storyline
    (5) Controls/Movements
    (6) Menus
    (7) Walkthrough
    (8) Bosses
    (9) FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
    (10) Credits
    (11) Copyright info
    Oh, and don't forget... You can always e-mail me at
    I usually respond to e-mail on the same or next day. My AIM name is
    as well.
    Also, I'd gladly appreciate any information you may be willing to share
    if you have the game as well. If you'd like to submit codes, helpful tips and
    tricks, guides
    through certain areas, etc.  I'll give you full credit in the walkthrough and
    in the credits
    Exceptions to this:
    (1.) I won't answer your question if it's already in this walkthrough or if
    it's concerning
    gameplay at a point I haven't reached in the walkthrough yet (in that
    case YOUR'E the one who should be writing a walkthrough).
    (1)	UPDATES
    December 3, 2002 (Version 0.32)
    -Finished Hogwarts - Mission 11 - Charms Class
    -Started Hogwarts – Mission 12 - Getting Alohamora
    December 2, 2002 (Version 0.30)
    -Added Cousiden's tip about the Basilisk
    -Wrote Hogwarts - Mission 11 - Charms Class
    November 25, 2002 (Version 0.28)
    -Added Nathan's tip on rewards for collecting the cards + luminous balloons
    -Wrote Hogwarts - Mission 9 - Moaning Myrtle Corridor and Hogwarts - Mission 10
    - Flying Lessons 2
    November 24, 2002 (Version 0.26)
    Long time no see, eh?
    -Added Nathan Franklin's tip on finding the charms cards
    November 19, 2002 (Version 0.25)
    -Finished Mission 8 – Finding the Hogwarts Map
    November 18, 2002 (Version 0.24)
    -Wrote more of Walkthrough in Mission 8 – Finding the Hogwarts Map
    November 16, 2002 (Version 0.23)
    -Fixed Diagon Alley – Mission 2 – Saving Neville's Toad
    November 15, 2002 (Version 0.22)
    -Wrote Walkthrough up to Mission 8 – Finding the Hogwarts Map
    November 14, 2002 (Version 0.20)
    -Wrote Walkthrough up to Hogwarts – Mission 6 – Flying Lessons
    November 12, 2002 (Version 0.19)
    - Wrote Walkthrough up to Hogwarts- Mission 5 – The Great Hall
    November 11, 2002 (Version 0.17)
    -Wrote Walkthrough up to Hogwarts - Mission 3 - Bean Challenges
    -Edited Copyright Notice section
    November 10, 2002 (Version 0.16)
    -Wrote Walkthrough up to Hogwarts - Mission 2 - Find Fred and George's
    November 9, 2002 (Version 0.11)
    -Made ASCII art at top of page
    -Started Updates section
    -Created About Me section
    -Created Why am I writing this? section
    -Finished Storyline
    -Started Controls/Movements Section
    -Created Credits section
    -Created Copyright info section
    -Started Walkthrough section
    -Wrote Walkthrough up to Gringotts Underground Area 2
    November 8, 2002 (Version 0.01)
    -Received the game
    -Organized FAQ/Walkthrough layout
    -Started Storyline
    (2) ABOUT ME
    What's there to say? I'm a 14-year old guy who lives in Rhode Island. I
    like pretty much any game genre other than shooting (don't ask).
    First of all, I love reading the Harry Potter books. Once I played the
    HP Sorcerer's stone game for the Gameboy Advance, I loved it and figured the
    series would be good. Now that I've received the pre-released game for the
    sequel, I
    figured it would be cool to start early on and  try to make a walkthrough to
    help others as
    soon as possible. Thanks for listening, It's good to help others. No, really!
    "Harry Potter lived at Number Four, Privet Drive with his horrible uncle and
    aunt and
    their hateful son, Dudley. Harry was often locked in his room and even though
    he was a
    wizard, he couldn't escape because he wasn't allowed to do magic when he was
    from school. One evening, a house-elf named Dobby appeared...
    Dobby warned Harry not to return to school: 'Harry must not go back to
    Hogwarts! There
    is a plot to make most terrible things happen. If Harry Potter goes back to
    Hogwarts, he
    will be in mortal danger.'
    Dobby disappeared and shortly after, Harry's best friend, Ron Weasley, and his
    Fred and George, arrived in a flying Ford Anglia to rescue Harry from his
    Harry collected his things, scrambled through the bedroom window and into the
    of the car. Fred revved-up the engine and they flew off into the night sky.
    Confused by what Dobby had said, the four boys wondered why Harry should not
    to Hogwarts. 'Maybe it's just another one of Draco Malfoy's jokes?' suggested
    Ron. 'Who
    else hates you as much as Malfoy?''I'd rather face Malfoy than stay with the
    said Harry. 'Don't worry, Harry,' said Ron. 'You can stay with us!'
    After flying all night, Fred guided the car down through the clouds and they
    landed with
    a bump. Harry looked out for the first time at Ron's house - The Burrow. It
    looked as if it
    had once been a large stone pigsty, but extra rooms had been added here and
    there until it
    was several stories high and so crooked it looked as though it was held up by
    A few days later, after a huge breakfast, everyone was preparing to go to
    Diagon Alley.
    Hermione had written a letter suggesting they all meet and buy their
    together and get ready for the new school year. Ginny, Ron's sister, was going
    to be
    starting her first year at Hogwarts and was coming along too.
    Mrs. Weasley grabbed a flowerpot from the fireplace and handed it to Harry.
    this?' said Harry. 'It's Floo Powder,' replied Mrs. Weasley, 'and we're going
    to use it to
    travel to Diagon Alley. Just sprinkle some on the fire and step into the flames
    - and
    Harry... remember to speak CLEARLY! You don't want to get lost!'
    Harry stood in front of the fireplace and threw a pinch of Floo Powder onto the
    fire. A
    roar of emerald green flames engulfed the fireplace and Harry steeped inside.
    spluttered, 'D - Dia - g- gon - A - Alley...' and was immediately engulfed in
    the swirl of
    green flames.
    Harry fell forward onto a cold stone floor. Dizzy and bruised, he got gingerly
    to his feet.
    He'd landed in some kind of strange wizard shop. Unsure of where he was, he
    made his way to the door but saw two people through the glass. One of them was
    the last
    person he wanted to meet when he was lost! Draco Malfoy. Harry quickly hid
    inside a
    large black cabinet and peeked out through the slats in the door.
    Seconds later, a bell clanged and in stepped Draco along with what looked like
    his father.
    An old shopkeeper appeared and Mr. Malfoy arranged to sell some rather
    sounding items. 'See you tomorrow then, Mr. Borgin,' said Mr. Malfoy.
    The Malfoys left the shop and Mr. Borgin disappeared into a back room. As soon
    as all
    was clear, Harry quietly slipped out of the cabinet and left the shop.
    Once outside, Harry found himself in a dingy alley that seemed to be full of
    devoted to the dark arts. This definitely was not Diagon Alley. Harry was lost!
    Then from
    out of the shadows an old hag emerged, holding a tray of what looked horribly
    human fingernails. 'Not lost are you my dear?' she croaked. The hag drew closer
    closer and then Harry heard the sound of a familiar and welcome voice...
    Here are the default settings for the controls:
    A: Spell- uses your current spell (see Menu section for more info) can be held
    down for
    more powerful spells)
    B: Action- talking to people, opening chests, pushing items, reading owl
    letters  etc.
    L: Items- uses the item you currently have selected (see Menu selection for
    more  info)
    R: Jump- self-explanatory, hold down to jump longer, use with combination of
    pad to change direction of jump
    Here's the part you've all been waiting for: the actual game walkthrough
    NOTE: Since this game uses a 3D perspective, I will use the compass directions
    explaining which way to go, in places where normal directions wouldn't be clear
    For example: go northwest, then take the southeast path to reach Hagrid's hut.
    Diagon Alley
    After meeting Hagrid, follow him to the outside of Gringotts. He'll explain how
    you need
    to get your money out of Gringotts Bank. When he's done talking, walk behind
    him and
    notice an open flying book. This is a save book, whenever you see a book like
    this, press
    the action button to save your game progress. As of now, everything is closed
    in the area,
    so do what Hagrid said and enter Gringotts.
    If you talk to the goblin near you, he'll tell you that the track that leads to
    your money
    vault is under construction, so you'll have to go on foot. Keep going and enter
    the black
    doorway. Once you jump off the mechanism that takes you under the bank, follow
    tracks, then go NE. A little further ahead, you'll see a ledge, which you can
    climb onto
    simply by moving in it's direction. Once on the ledge, open the chest and grab
    the Knut
    that falls out. Congratulations, you now have some money. Jump off the ledge
    and keep following the path. Keep in mind that some parts of the walls spew
    flame every few seconds. If you're burned, you'll lose a lighting bolt. Pull
    the lever up ahead and talk to the goblin if you wish. Otherwise, head through
    the now open doorway. You'll find yourself in a room with a Fire Crab, who is
    easily defeated by hitting him with a fully charged shot of your Flipendo
    spell. He'll drop a Knut, so collect that and proceed through the newly opened
    doorway. Follow the path SW and notice the transparent rock. Hit it with a
    halfway charged spell and pick up the Knut. Follow the
    path until you reach a split, then go SW to pick up a pumpkin pasty which helps
    stamina. Take the other path until you reach a cart with colored jellybeans
    inside. Push
    the cart up the tracks onto the switch, then head northwest. Open the new
    chest, pick up
    the nut, and then destroy the rock for another Knut, bringing the total to 5.
    Head back and
    down the tracks to another rock with nothing under it. Head down to find a
    walk through it to active a restart point. If you lose all of your lives,
    you'll start back here.
    Go back up and follow the tracks, being careful not to get pierced by the
    falling rock or
    burned by the floor flames. Open the chest for a Cauldron Cake, then head back
    down to
    the Remembrall. Walk SW and you can tell where the spiked rock will fall by
    noticing a
    dark shadow on the ground, so avoid walking there. Use the action button to
    pick up the
    barrels and throw them. The top barrel contains a bomb, which does three
    lighting bolts
    of damage, but the bottom one contains a Knut. Go SE, notice a crushing stone
    your way, so keep going until you see the jellybean cart. Push it onto the
    switch, then
    open the chest for, you guessed it, a Knut. Pull the big lever near you to make
    that stone
    move out of the way, well sorta. Go back to where the stone was before and
    watch it
    move up and down, trying to squish you. Time your run well to quickly go past
    it. Talk to
    the goblin, then head down and make sure you don't fall into the lava. Wait for
    a moving
    platform to come towards you and walk onto it. Follow the path, but watch out
    for the
    falling fireballs. At the end of the path, wait for a loving platform, then
    move onto it. If you would like to risk your life to earn a sickle, then read
    the next three sentences.
    When you're on the moving platform, jump up onto the small rock plaform, then
    jump in that direction again, even though you won't see where you land. Keep
    jumping onto the sensitive rock platforms and you'll soon reach a chest with a
    sickle. Go back the way you came.
    After you get off, fall off the right side of the cliff to reach a new area.
    Gringotts Underground Area 2
    Follow the path and be extremely cautious. There are two falling rocks here, if
    you hug
    the wall on this narrow path, you should be able to avoid both of them. Keep
    going and
    collect 6 Knuts. Soon, you'll see metal plates that spew fire every few
    seconds, time your
    run and walk past one at a time while waiting in between the two plates. You'll
    be forced
    to talk to the goblin, who tells you that you need to collect 5 gemstones to
    create a key to
    open the door to get to the Incendio spell, guarded by some sort of creature...
    Let's get
    those gemstones!
    Since a stone blocks your way up, head down and fall off the cliff. Nothing
    under the
    rock, so open the chest to get the first gemstone. Kill both the Fire Crabs
    with a fully-
    charged spell, then follow the path to a dead end. Fall off again, keep going
    down while
    watching out for fireballs. Push the jellybean cart onto the switch to open a
    door. Go
    through the door, kill the crabs and collect the second gem. Go through another
    door and
    follow the path to two more rocks.
    The second one has a Knut, a stone is blocking the path above the first rock
    but you can
    follow the path above the second rock. Keep going, watch out for the falling
    rocks and
    open the chest to get the third gemstone. Pull the switch to make the stones,
    yes, there's
    more than one now, move up and down. Go back to the main path where the white
    were and go SE until you see anotherjellybean cart. Push it right to make a
    sickle appear, which adds 29 to your money total, then pick up a Knut under the
    white rock. Hopefully you have 43 by now. Pull the lever, open the chest for a
    cauldron cake. Now run ALL the way back to where the crushing stones were. Very
    carefully make you way past the crushing stones and hit the white rock
    for a Knut. Keep following the path, cross the bridge and onto the restart
    point. Walk SE
    to reach a goblin. Talking to him reveals that your vault is covered by spider
    web, which
    can be burned away with the Incendio spell. He hints that the next gem is
    hidden "among
    smaller gems", which means inside the jellybean cart a little further ahead.
    nothing under the white rock, so keep following the path until you see the
    cart, push it to
    get the next gemstone. Continue walking on the path above the cart, and jump
    onto the
    ledge. Kill the Fire Crab for a Knut and climb the ladder. Push the boulder up
    to the
    crushing stone, then pull the lever to raise the stone. Pull the lever again to
    make the last
    gemstone appear. Walk past the boulder to get back to the room leading to the
    spell. Speak to the goblin, he'll make your key for you. Then enter the room.
    Incendio Room - Boss - Mega Fire Crab
    Refer to the Bosses section of the FAQ for help on defeating him. When he's
    dead, pick up the spell book to learn Incendio!
    Go back to where your spider web-covered vault was. Don't remember? Head past
    crusher block, fall down two cliffs, and follow the tracks, then head NW. Once
    at the
    vault, one fully-charged Incendio spell should be enough to uncover your vault.
    Enter the
    vault and watch the cut-scene as you take a galleon from your vault. This adds
    986 to
    your money total!!! Head back out of your vault and notice the mechanism that
    Head over there and walk onto it.
    Diagon Alley - Mission 1 - Getting Your School Supplies
    Hagrid will tell you to buy a second year potions kit from Mullpepper's
    Apothecary. Feel
    free to talk to people on the road, then head over to the apothecary, which is
    SW of
    Gringotts. Talk to Ginny standing next to the entrance, then enter the shop. In
    the bottom
    right corner is the shopkeeper. Talk to him to get potion kits for Ginny and
    you, then fill
    them at the big cauldron in the middle of the shop. Pull the lever in the top
    left corner of
    the shop to reveal a secret passageway behind a cabinet. Enter it and search
    the vial for a
    pumpkin pasty. Leave the shop, give Ginny her kit and she'll reward you with a
    Witches and Wizards Card: Gondoline Oliphant!
    Diagon Alley - Mission 2 - Saving Neville's Toad
    I'd recommend saving your game behind Gringotts now. Follow the road and go
    past the
    apothecary until you see Neville. He'll explain that his toad is lost in the
    Menagerie, and
    asks you to bring it back, but you have to make sure you're not seen by the
    Enter the shop and open the owl's message. If you go a little further, you'll
    see a chest.
    Open it for a Knut. Now enter the doorway nearby and remember to hold down the
    key to sneak around carefully. Watch out for the Fire Crabs on the shelves,
    they can burn
    you if you're not careful. On the NE wall is a switch, activate it with a
    Flipendo spell,
    then walk through the new doorway. Here, you will see a floor switch and a
    heavy block.
    Stand next to the block, hold down the action button and drag (don't push) it
    onto the
    switch. Head through the new door. These fire snails can be killed only with
    spells. Head through two doorways, then notice the floor switch and barrel.
    First, smash
    the green vase in the corner for a Knut, then Flipendo the barrel onto the
    switch. Open the
    chest for a Sickle, then go NE and pull the lever for a new doorway. Next, walk
    the doorway and Flipendo Trevor (Neville's toad) so you'll be able to pick him
    up. Now
    go all the way back, use the shortcut in the barrel room by hitting the wall
    switch, and
    leave the Menagerie. Give Neville his toad, then Flipendo the chocolate frog to
    pick it up.
    For every five you find, you'll get an extra bolt on your life bar.
    Head down the path and into the jokeshop. Buy one of each item for later use..
    hint hint.
    Head back down again, talk to Hermione and enter Flourish and Blotts. You'll
    have your
    picture taken with Gilderoy Lockhart, then Malfoy and his father will enter the
    They'll make fun of Ginny's (thanks to Ace_Rampage) poverty and give her a
    book. Once outside, talk and follow Hagrid to continue your journey.
    The Leaky Cauldron
    Get two Knuts from the two barrels, then go through the door. Hagrid lets you
    around the pub, but Ron finds you and tells you that the Hogwarts Express train
    already left for the school. Your only choice to get to Hogwarts is to get back
    to the
    Burrow first, by way of Floo Powder, and then borrow the Ford Anglia. Go talk
    to Tom
    the Barman, who'll tell you to go look in the cellar near the fireplace. First,
    go to the NE
    corner of the pub to find a save book, but don't turn the lever just yet. In
    the NW corner is
    the door to the cellar, so enter there.
    The Leaky Cauldron - Mission 1 - Finding the Floo Powder
    Walk down the stairs and notice the huge barrels falling from the right side of
    the room.
    Make sure you don't get in their way or you'll lose part of your life. Of the
    three barrels in
    the room,  only the one on the west wall contains something: a Knut. Pull the
    lever in the
    NW corner, then exit the cellar. Make your way to where the save book was and
    pull the
    lever near it. Enter through the new doorway and open the chest for SURPRISE:
    the Floo
    powder. Take it back to Ron.
    After getting back to the Burrow, you and Ron crash the Ford Anglia into the
    Hogwarts Grounds
    Snape catches you and takes you inside the school, while warning you that you
    may be
    expelled. If you go outside and check the owl message in the NW corner, you'll
    get a
    letter from Ron telling you to check bushes and vases for items. Check the bush
    near you for a Knut. At the very east edge of Hogwarts grounds, climb up onto
    the ledge
    and pick up another wizard card: Hesper Starkey. Check the bush nearby for a
    Jump off the ledge, go to the NE corner of the grounds and clear away the
    spider web to
    get another jellybean.
    Hogwarts - Mission 1 - Get To Your Common Room
    Go back inside the school and save your game at the save book. You can't do
    else, but go upstairs. The chest is locked, so head right and into the door.
    Headless Nick will tell you that Peeves is walking around, so be on the
    lookout. Walk up
    the stairs, head left and Flipendo the vase for a third jellybean. Follow the
    path to get to
    the second floor. Keep going up the floors until you meet Peeves. Dodge the
    vases that he
    throws, while running up the stairs. When he leaves, continue on to the fourth
    floor and
    smash the vase there for another jellybean. Continue on, there's a cauldron
    cake in the
    vase on the fifth floor, but watch out. Next to it is a Knight who tries to
    swing his ax at
    you. You'll find this out later, but instead of trying to dodge the knights'
    attacks, you can
    kill them with Flipendo. The next vase will also give you a jellybean, then go
    up to the
    next floor. This time, the ax-murderer is the second knight. Grab the pumpkin
    pasty from
    the vase and continue on to the last floor. Yet another jellybean awaits you,
    but further on
    is Hermione, who'll tell you the passwords to both portrait holes. Don't worry,
    you don't
    have to memorize them. Talk to the first portrait to enter your common room.
    southeast to read an owl message, then keep going until you see two unlit urns.
    them with Incendio, then enter the room and open the mini chest for a
    wizards card: Ignatia Wildsmith. Now head back to the entrance of the common
    and go left this time, entering the actual dormitory. Save if you wish, then
    head to the
    NW corner and go up the stairs. Open the vase for a sickle, then head up the
    stairs and
    through the door. Ron will tell you to visit his brothers' shops, so lets go
    find them.
    Hogwarts - Mission 2 - Find Fred and George's Shops
    Head out the portrait hole and go left. Enter through the door to find yourself
    in the
    reading room. Follow the pink carpet while watching for Percy. Hit the two
    vases on the
    right wall for a Knut and a jellybean respectively. Enter the door and take the
    owl letter.
    Read it to find out that Fred and George created a shortcut to their shop in
    the previous
    Reading Room. Tip: Don't use this "shortcut" unless you desperately want a
    This so-called "shortcut" is actually one of Fred and George's jokes. The
    passage, which is activated by tickling the bowl of fruit in the last room, is
    full of lots of deadly traps. This includes a gold (yes, gold) knight, two
    metal spike balls, two fire-breathing statues, two spitting statues, and
    large falling barrels. If you manage to make it, you'll be rewarded by a
    jellybean in a vase. Refill your potion if needed, then go through the room to
    meet Fred. Buy something if you wish, and
    remember what he said about the bean challenges. Head through the left door and
    go SE.
    The vase has a jellybean and the nearby chest contains a chocolate frog. Head
    up to meet
    George, who'll explain the bean challenge.
    Hogwarts - Mission 3 - Bean Challenges
    Head into the first room that George opens. Simply walk in a counter-
    clockwise direction, while watching out for fire and falling barrels. Collect
    the 10 blue
    beans, all of which are easily visible. Go back to George, who'll give you the
    second floor
    portrait password and will open up the next bean challenge. He'll also give you
    a wizard
    card: Helga Hufflepuff.
    In the next room, you need to jump onto the platforms in the middle of the
    room, while
    being careful that you don't stand on them long, or you'll fall into the
    emptiness below and you'll have to start over. Jump onto the platforms in the
    top row and
    follow the owl. Jump from platform to platform as it drops 15 green beans.
    Collect them
    all and bring to George again, who'll reward you with a fourth floor password
    another wizards card: Salazar Slytherin.
    The third room is a bit more challenging. I can't make a step-by-step
    walkthrough because there are hundreds of ways to get all the beans, but I have
    a map
    done, which for the record, took me 4 hours to make. Anyway that should be up
    gamefaqs.com soon. When you're done with that, return to George yet again to
    earn a
    password to an unknown area as well as another card: Rowena Ravenclaw.
    Enter the last door and prepared to be amazed. Simply put, Bean Challenge 4 is
    a game of
    hopscotch, where one wrongly timed move means your death. A map isn't
    necessary because there's only one right way to do it, so here we go. Note:
    I'll refer to the
    large areas, like the one on which you start on, as floors. One-squared tiles
    are platforms.
    1. Pickup beans # 1 and 2.
    2. Jump onto two floating platforms, then onto the floor.
    3. Get #'s 3, 4, 5 here.
    4. Jump on six floating platforms, then onto the floor.
    5. Pick up # 6 and 7, then head to the SE corner of this platform.
    6. Jump on two floating platforms, then the floor.
    7. Collect #'s 8 and 9 and pull the lever.
    8. SE corner of this floor, onto the cracked tile, then the floor for # 10.
    9. Two moving platforms, floor with # 11 and 12, pull the lever.
    10. Floating platform, floor with # 13.
    11. Two floating platforms, floor with # 14.
    12. Floating platform, floor with # 15.
    13. Moving platform, floor, SW corner, two moving platforms.
    14. Floor with # 16 and 17, cracked tile.
    15. Floor with # 18, pull the lever.
    16. Back to the cracked tile, floor, over the two new floating platforms.
    17. Floor with # 19 and 20, moving platform.
    18. Floor with # 21 and 22, three moving platforms.
    19. Floor with # 23, floating platform.
    20. Floor with # 24, five floating platforms.
    21. Floor with #25, pull the lever.
    22. Over two floating platforms and you're done!
    George will give you another mysterious password as well as a card: Godric
    Hogwarts - Mission 4 - Finding Items
    Now that we have more passwords, lets go find some items! Head back to the
    room, then exit and go to the portrait room via the 7th floor portrait. Keep
    heading NE
    and enter the last two portraits for two bonus rooms. Inside the second to last
    portrait is a
    bonus room. Open the chest for a card: Quong Po, and two jellybeans (one is in
    a vase).
    The last bonus room contains a chest with a wizards card: Beaumont
    Marjoribanks, and
    two beans (one is in a cabinet). You can't do anything on the second and fourth
    which George gave you passwords to. Exit the portrait room and enter the
    entrance hall.
    If you haven't gotten it before (or if this vase reappeared) crack the vase in
    the SE corner
    for a jellybean. Now, go back up to your dormitory. If you take the long way,
    there's a
    reappearing vase with a cauldron cake on the firth floor.
     On your way to the dormitory, stop and check the wooden wall in the NW corner
    of the
    common room for a sickle. Keep going up the stairs, and check the larger
    painting near
    the knight statue for a jellybean. Proceed to the dormitory, fill your potion
    if needed at
    the cauldron, then talk to Ron to go to sleep. The cabinet in the SW corner
    contains a
    jellybean, so grab that and scram to the common room.
    Hogwarts - Mission 5 - Great Hall
    Talk to Ron, save if you like, then use the portrait room to quickly arrive in
    the Great
    Hall. There's a jellybean in a vase in the SW corner of the room. There's a
    chest with a
    wizard card: Sacharissa Tugwood, in the middle of the western wall. Another
    frog awaits you in the NW corner of the hall. Don't forget to Flipendo to get
    it. A vase on
    the eastern wall contains a jellybean. After getting all of the items, talk to
    Ron in the NE
    corner.  He'll explain house points as well as tell you to meet Madame Hooch
    outside for
    your flying lessons. Exit the entrance hall and talk to Hermione, who'll tell
    you where to
    find flying class: near the Whomping Willow.
    Hogwarts - Mission 6 - Flying Lessons
    Hermione gave you pathetic directions (near the Whomping Willow). Flying
    lessons are
    in the SW corner of the school grounds. Enter through a newly opened archway.
    area is HUGE, so let's stick to the flying lessons. We'll look for items later.
    Abandon the
    stone path for a dirt road leading south. Follow the road until you find Madame
    standing next to a doorway. Open the owl letter if you wish, which will explain
    the idea
    of flying. Talk to Madame Hooch to begin your lesson. You have 90 seconds to
    through 24 rings, but need to finish in 35 seconds or under to earn a wizards
    card: Bowman Wright. I'll have to admit, flying is NOT easy. Finishing in under
    35 is a very hard to accomplish
    task. I would recommend saving, so that you don't lose the card if you aren't
    fast enough on the first try. When you're done, Hermione will come and tell you
    to meet Ron in the Common Room.
    We've got better thigs to do, like say, oh I don't know, exploring the school
    Hogwarts – Mission 7 – Exploring the School Grounds
    Like I said before: this place is ENORMOUS!!! There are no landmarks to walk
    you through the whole grounds, but even if there were, the place is too big for
    directions to work. I WILL tell you how many of each items there are, though.
    2 chocolate frogs
    1 restart point
    1 locked chest
    7 jellybeans (one in a spider's web)
    2 Knuts
    Wizard Cards: Derwent Shimpling
    I will add any more that I find to this list. For now, head back to the common
    room, save your game if you like, then talk to Ron. He'll tell you to visit
    Fred and George for more information about where to find a map of Hogwarts.
    Hogwarts – Mission 8 – Finding the Hogwarts Map
    Go back to Fred and George and talk to the brother in the shop to find out that
    the map is located in the school's dungeons, near the entrance hall. Also, you
    need to watch out for Filch and Mrs. Norris, his cat. The map is located in
    Filch's office and getting to it won't be a snap, unless of course you're
    reading this walkthrough, which you're obviously doing. Go through the Portrait
    room and enter the Entrance Hall. The doorway in the NW corner of the room is
    the room leading to Hogwarts dungeons.
    	Read the owl's message to learn a new sneaky strategy. To keep from being seen
    by teachers, hide in alcoves and the curtains will hide you. Once the coast is
    clear, simply move forward to exit the alcove. There's nothing to do here, so
    follow the path into the next room.
    Meet Filch, then Flipendo the switch to open the door. Head through it, then
    pull the lever. Make your way through the door opened by the lever. If you
    would like to do three bolts of damage to yourself, feel free to open the chest
    nearby. Otherwise, continue on. Follow the narrow path, but pay careful
    attention so that you don't get a permanent sunburn from the torches. When
    you're done with those, light the vase with Incendio to open the next door.
    Read the owl's message. Then walk onto the invisibility cloak to wear it.
    Unfortunately, you can't do anything but walk when you have it on. In other
    words: no spells, no item using, no jumping. Keep going, past Filch (if you
    want you can walk all over him and he won't notice you) and pull the lever on
    the wall. Head through the door and pull another lever to drop a chest with a
    Knut. Drag the stone onto the switch, then enter through the new door, while
    making sure not to get too close to Filch because your cloak would have most
    likely worn off by now.
    Flipendo the barrel onto the switch and head through the doorway. Carefully
    drag the two stones onto the two floor switches in the room, paying attention
    that you don't get burned from the statues' flames. Once stones are on
    switches, keep going past the newly opened door and kill the fire crab. You'll
    open the door and get a cauldron cake for your worries. In the SE corner of
    this room is a lever. Pull it to open another door. As you walk past Filch's
    cat, watch out for Filch, because he'll soon start in your direction. If you
    haven't entered the next room and if he's very close to you, "hide" in the
    corner to the left of the open doorway until he passes. Otherwise, head through
    the door and hide in the alcove if necessary. Keep going straight until you see
    a lever, pull it and walk to the next room. In the SW corner of this room will
    be Filch's cat, with a wall lever you need to pull next to her. Enter into the
    next room, but stay away from the swinging ball's path. In the NW corner is a
    spider web. Use incedio to uncover a switch. Pull it, then head towards the new
    door and open the chest for a pumpkin pasty. Pull the lever slightly past the
    door to open a room with a restart point and a cauldron for poison healing. The
    owl letter inside will tell you that creatures named Doxies can poison you.
    Make sure you use the proper vial to fill up with the antidote. When you're
    done here, keep going SW down the path and notice the fire-breathing statue.
    Pulling the lever in this room will divert the flames to another direction, so
    use that if you need to. Drag the stone onto the statue to open the next door.
    Kill both of the doxies in this room to gain a cauldron cake and passage to the
    next room, horribly know as "The Troll Room"
    As soon as you enter, you'll quickly realize that my makeshift name for the
    room applies to what's in it. When he's dead, pick up the cauldron cake, then
    check the cabinet nearby for another one. The owl message will tell you a
    simple dungbomb strategy to help you kill the troll if he's not already dead.
    There's a hidden pumpkin pasty in back of the chalkboard.
    The next room is pretty big, just walk to the SE corner and Flipendo the barrel
    onto the switch. Watch out for extra falling barrels while you do this. Head
    through the new door, and walk to the right of it to find a stone that needs to
    be dragged onto the floor switch in the opposite corner of the room. Walk out
    of the room through the new door and head down, while watching out for the
    fire-breathing statues. At the end is a web. Uncover it with Incendio to find a
    Knut. Carefully drag the stone all the way to the end of the narrow path and
    onto a floor switch to open a doorway. In this new room is the map (yay!), a
    vial, a cabinet, and the invisibility cloak. Get a cauldron cake from the
    cabinet and a sickle from the vial, then get the map from the shelf. Pay
    careful attention to what door you'll open by finding the map. Use it as a
    shortcut and the above paragraph to help you get out as quickly as possible.
    Once you get out of the dungeon, you'll meet Filch who'll tell you that Snape
    will put a lock on the door to prevent you from coming back. Just go up the
    stairs and save your game if you wish in the entrance hall. Head back up to the
    dormitory The portraits have gone our for a midnight snack, so you'll have to
    go up the old-fashioned way. On the second floor, you'll hear a ripping and
    tearing noise coming from Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. You'll find Filch's cat
    handing upside down with a threatening message. Filch will come and immediately
    accuse you, Dumbledore will arrive shortly. He'll explain that Mrs. Norris was
    petrified by Dark Magic but will be cured as soon as Professor Sprout's
    mandrakes are fully developed. Don't listen to Dumbledore, so let's keep
    Hogwarts - Mission 9 - Moaning Myrtle Corridor
    Head slightly past Dumbledore and enter the first door you see on the right.
    There's nothing here at the moment, other than a save point, but remember that
    this is Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom for later. ^Wink^. Head out the door and
    crack open the vases for a jellybean and a Knut. Walk around and past the Gold
    Knight and keep following the blue carpet. Near the end is a vertical stone
    pillar, and hidden behind it is a vase with a sickle. The path leads to the
    Library and we can't go there yet. Simply head back and past Filch and
    Dumbledore, then use Incendio to reveal a jellybean where the spider web is.
    Head back to the common room, either by way of the portrait room or the long
    floor-by-floor way. If you decide to go to the portrait room (you probably will
    if you're not crazy) and if you haven't done so before, get a charms card (see
    Section 9 FAQS's): Bridget Wenlock. Finally, enter the common room.
    Hogwarts - Mission 10 - Flying Lessons 2
    Go up to your dormitory, talk to Ron, got to bed, wake up, and talk to the
    person in the common room. He'll tell you that you have flying lessons and asks
    you to follow him. Notice that your menu now has a map feature to help you if
    you're lost. But then again you have me… hehe. The kid will be waiting for you
    in the entrance hall, then leaves you again. Head to the grounds and check your
    map if you can't find it, the place will be marked with an X. It's a little
    south from where you had your first flying lessons. You have to catch the
    "flitterby" in at least 60 seconds, while under 30 will earn you a wizards
    card: Gwenog Jones. If you are very lucky or talented (or both) you'll be able
    to catch the flitterby in the first hoop you go through, totaling about 2
    seconds. Otherwise, practice in the broom shed until you get it right. Hermione
    will come and tell you that you have Charms with Professor Flitwick, located on
    the second floor. Well, what are you waiting for? Let's Go!!
    Hogwarts - Mission 11 - Charms Class
    Flitwick's class is the last door on the floor (near the third floor entrance).
    Enter the door and head straight over to Hermione. She'll take you to Flitwick,
    who'll start to tell you about Wingardium Leviosa. Enter through the doorway in
    the bottom corner of his room, then go through another to find the challenge
    area. Walk up to the table and pick up the spell book to learn the spell. Now
    comes the hard(er) part. You will have to find stars while using your new spell
    along the way. Here we go.
    1. Jump onto the sitting bench that's part of the picnic table, then onto the
    table itself. Break the vial to get the first star.
    2. Time your walk as to not hit the spikes and pick up the second star
    3.Open the closet for another star
    4.Use your new spell to put the stone onto the floor switch and open the door
    to star 4
    5.And star 5. Watch out for the swinging spiked ball. Head into the large room.
    6.Use your spell to float the stone onto the top switch in the NW corner. Head
    to the NE corner for the next star and a wizard card: Merwyn the Malicious.
    7.Move the stone onto the bottom switch to open the next door with the next
    8.Turn NW to pick up star 8
    9.And star 9, while watching out for falling barrels.
    10.Turn right to get star 10, which is guarded by a falling barrel you need to
    jump over.
    11.Head the other way (SW) to pick up star 11
    12.And star 12. Open the chests for a jellybean and a chocolate frog (switch to
    Flipendo to immobilize it).
    13.Head ALL the way back onto the main path and keep going to reach a room with
    star 13
    14.And Star 14, as well as a couple of statues and a chest with a cauldron
    cake. Move both statues onto the switches to open the next door.
    15.Refill your potion if necessary, pull the lever and keep going to get the
    next star over some spikes. Move the statue out of your way, then onto the
    switch to clear your next doorway.
    16.Flipendo the vase in the NE corner for a jellybean, then pick up star
    16.Watch out for falling barrels and the knight.
    17.Float the stone onto the NE wall to get the two treasure chests, containing
    a jellybean and a chocolate frog. Float the same stone onto the switch a few
    screens down to open the door. Time your run through the corridor to get the
    next star while not getting hit by the spiked balls.
    18.This Star is located inside the last portrait in the corridor.
    19.Keep walking and get the next star near a revolving spiked ball. There's a
    jellybean next to the next spiked ball as well. Make sure to be cautious around
    the flames too. The last spiked ball revolves very quickly, so be careful.
    20.Time your run past the fire-breathing statues to get Star 20
    21.And Star 21.
    22.The next room has Star 22
    23.Star 23
    24.And Star 24 all in a nice neat row filled with falling barrels (yay..) The
    wardrobe has a jellybean. Putting both of the statues onto the switches will
    open the next door.
    25.The corridor contains a gold (yay again) knight guarding the next star.
    Confuse him by backtracking and going back up for the last star, then pull the
    wall lever.
    When you're back at Flitwick's office, he'll give you 20 house points for
    completing the challenge and 25 more for finding all 25 stars. You should have
    a total of 95 house points I believe.
    Exit his office and talk to Hermione, who'll ask you to find out more about the
    Chamber of Secrets by going to the library and getting a copy of Hogwarts: A
    History. Its on the second floor, to the left of the second floor portrait.
    But, we have some more things to do...
    Hogwarts - Mission 12 - Getting Alohamora
    Don't forget what Hermione said before, but enter the door SW of her in this
    (8) BOSSES
    Note: Difficulty levels are out of 10
    Boss 1: Mega Fire Crab
    Difficulty Level: 1
    This Boss is fairly easy to defeat. He has only two attacks. He shoots
    fireballs into the air,
    which can easily be avoided by watching their shadows. His second attack is
    about 4 rocks fall from the ceiling, which can still be avoided easily. To kill
    this crab, do
    what you would do to normal fire crabs: throw charged spells at him. After 5-10
    shots, he
    should be dead.
    Boss 2: Troll
    Difficulty Level: 4
    Use your items to distract the troll, like dungbombs and stink pellets, then
    stand a good distance away, firing Flipendo shots at him. The Luminous Balloon
    has one use: to disappear off of your item menu. In other words: it does
    NOTHING. If all else fails, or if you have no items, just stay fairly away and
    keep hitting him with charged Flipendo shots. Three completely charged shots
    are the minimum that are necessary to kill him.
    Boss ?: Basilisk
    Submitted by Nathan Franklin
    Difficulty level: ?
    The Basilisk is a tough creature to beat the first few times and is very fast.
    As soon as you enter the chamber of secrets, Harry will tell Fawkes the Phoenix
    to go for it's eyes after two attack the will fight the creature itself. Keep
    hitting the monster with charged flipendo or incendo spells and dodge his eye
    stinger attacks. As you hit him he will turn red and get a lot faster,
    sometimes he will charge at you and poison you his poison does not go away
    until you die or if you use your poison antidote potion. It is safe to touch
    his tail only his head and attacks can hurt you but eventually you'll beat him.
    Submitted by Cousiden
    Incendio works the best against the Basilisk.
    (9) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    I'm missing some Charms cards and the Alohamora spell. Where can I find them?
    Submitted by Nathan Frankiln:
    If your searching for a charms card go into the portrait room, there should be
    a shelf with boards. Look for a discolored one. Use the action button to find a
    switch, pull the switch to move the desk. Push the chair (from the side front
    or back, I forget which one) to make it go onto a switch. Go into the room
    behind the chair and you'll find a chest. Open that to get the card and if you
    now have every single charms card you will learn alohamora which will allow you
    to get the rest of the chocolate frogs. I found 3 in one area!
    Do I get anything for collecting certain cards?
    Submitted by Nathan Franklin
    Get the top 5:receive a list of animals you will fight during the game on the
    Get the 2nd row down: getting 5 invincibility potions
    Getting the 3rd row down: playing quidditch and flight training on the main
    Getting the 4th row down: learning alohamora
    Getting the last row: getting a new location(?)
    What is the point of luminous balloons?
    Submitted by Nathan Franklin
    You can use the luminous ballons to stop prefects and teachers that wander
    around and catch you for a split second.
    How do I complete the flying/ quidditch practices in under the allotted time?
    Submitted by ubbyDAman
    1. first save the game
    2. on the last count - 1 - press the action button and you'll get ?2? points on
    the boost bar. keep trying and you should get it
    3. point your broom towards the next ring (after step 2 it's the first ring)
    and press the action button to get to it faster than when you are going normal
    keep repeating step 3 and you should get it/them (the card(s))
    you get all the quidditch cards by doing all the quidditch/flying practices
    once you done the flying and quidditch practice 3 more come in the broom shed
    (10) CREDITS
    1.ME!!!!- For not being lazy and deciding to do a walkthrough.
    2.Ace_Rampage - For pointing out the mistake in Diagon Alley
    3.Nathan Franklin - For submitting four tips: Getting the last charm
    card/Alohamora spell, rewards from collecting cards, luminous balloons, and
    beating the basilisk.
    4.Cousiden - for the Basilisk tip.
    5.UbbyDAman - For the flying/quidditch lessons hint
    That's all for now...
    Don't forget: If you e-mail me with any new info, you're name will be here.
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
    advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a
    part of any
    public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
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