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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lufia_Maxim

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/23/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                        - and the Chamber of Secrets -
    1) Introduction
    Hello, and welcome to my guide to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This
    game is pretty old (released in late 2002), but it's still a pretty decent
    2) Version History
    v1.0 (4/23/08): (190 KB)
    - First release
    - Includes everything I could think of. Don't expect any updates unless I made
      some big mistake somewhere, I decide to change something (unlikely) or
      something new is discovered.
    3) Table of Contents
    1) Introduction
    2) Version History
    3) Table of Contents
    4) Copyright
    5) Walkthrough
     - 5.0  - Intro
     - 5.1  - Money Matters
     - 5.2  - Gringotts Gems
     - 5.3  - Supplies Search
       - 5.3.1 - Potions Purchase
       - 5.3.2 - Troublesome Toad
       - 5.3.3 - Book Signing
     - 5.4  - Hagrid Hunt
     - 5.5  - Finding Floo
     - 5.6  - Dormitory 1
     - 5.7  - Fred & George's Shop
       - 5.7.1 - Bean Challenge 1
       - 5.7.2 - Bean Challenge 2
       - 5.7.3 - Bean Challenge 3
       - 5.7.4 - Bean Challenge 4
     - 5.8  - Meet Ron in Dormitory
     - 5.9  - The Great Hall
     - 5.10 - Flying Lesson 1
     - 5.11 - Common Room 1
     - 5.12 - Map Hint
     - 5.13 - Hogwarts Map
     - 5.14 - Dormitory 3
     - 5.15 - Flying Lesson 2
     - 5.16 - Charms Class
     - 5.17 - Hogwarts: A History
     - 5.18 - Moste Potente Potions
     - 5.19 - Knotgrass Ingredient
     - 5.20 - Transfiguration Class
     - 5.21 - Gryffindor vs. Slytherin
     - 5.22 - Leeches Ingredient
     - 5.23 - Common Room
     - 5.24 - Myrtle's Bathroom 1
     - 5.25 - Snape's Private Stores
     - 5.26 - Dueling Club
     - 5.27 - Greenhouse
       - 5.27.1 - The Venomous Tentacula
     - 5.28 - Myrtle's Bathroom 2
       - 5.28.1 - Dumbledore's Office
     - 5.29 - Meeting Ron
     - 5.30 - Slytherin Common Room
     - 5.31 - Sneak to the Entrance Hall
     - 5.32 - Myrtle's Bathroom 3
     - 5.33 - Hagrid's Hut
     - 5.34 - The Forbidden Forest
     - 5.35 - Dormitory 4
     - 5.36 - Floor 2
     - 5.37 - Hospital Wing
     - 5.38 - Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom 4
     - 5.39 - The Chamber of Secrets
    6) Items
    7) Spells
    8) Famous Witches and Wizards Cards
    9) Enemies
    10) Slide Puzzle
    11) Frequently Asked Questions
    12) Conclusion
    4) Copyright
    This document is Copyright 2008 Lufia_Maxim and is the intellectual property
    of the author. It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form.
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    5) Walkthrough
    When you first start the game, you'll be asked to choose between one of many
    - English US
    - English UK
    - Francais (French)
    - Deutsch (German)
    - Espanol (Spanish)
    - Italiano (Italian)
    - Nederlands (Dutch)
    - Svenska (Swedish)
    - Norsk (Norwegian)
    - Dansk (Danish)
    - Portugues (Portugese)
    - Portugues(BR) (Portugese, Brazilian style)
    You'll be able to select the language everytime you start the game.
    Now you'll be at the Main Menu. Three choices here:
    - New Game (Start a new game)
    - Load Game (Loads a saved game)
    - Options (Change your options)
    - Connectivity (Connect your GBA game to the GCN to unlock secret areas)
    - Credits (View the Credits)
    Anyway, start a new game to begin.
    5.0 - Intro
    (Picture of the Dursley's House)
    Harry Potter lived at Number Four, Privet Drive with his horrible Uncle and Aunt
    and their hateful son, Dudley. Harry was often locked in his room and even
    though he was a wizard, he couldn't escape because he wasn't allowed to use
    magic when he was away from school. One evening, a house-elf named Dobby
    (Picture of Harry talking to Dobby)
    Dobby warned Harry not to return to school: "Harry Potter must not go back to
    Hogwarts! There is a plot to make most terrible things happen. If Harry Potter
    goes back to Hogwarts, he will be in mortal danger."
    (Picture of Ford Anglia flying behind house)
    Dobby disappeared and shortly after, Harry's best friend, Ron Weasley, and his
    brothers, Fred and George, arrived in a flying Ford Anglia to rescue Harry from
    his prison.
    (Picture of Ford Anglia in front of Harry's window)
    Harry collected his things, scrambled through the bedroom window and into the
    back seat of the car. Fred revved-up the engine and they flew off into the night
    (Picture of Ford Anglia flying above the clouds)
    Confused by what Dobby had said, the four boys wondered why Harry should not
    return to Hogwarts. "Maybe it's just another one of Draco Malfoy's jokes?"
    suggested Ron. "Who else hates you as much as Malfoy?" "I'd rather face Malfoy
    than stay with the Dursleys!" said Harry. "Don't worry, Harry," said Ron. "You
    can stay with us!"
    (Picture of The Burrow)
    After flying all night, Fred guided the car down through the clouds and they
    landed with a bump. Harry looked out for the first time at Ron's house - The
    Burrow. It looked as if it had once been a large stone pigsty, but extra rooms
    had been added here and there until it was several stories high and so crooked
    it looked as though it was held up by magic.
    (Picture of Harry in the kitchen)
    A few days later, after a huge breakfast, everyone was preparing to go to Diagon
    Alley. Hermione had written a letter suggesting they all meet and buy their
    schoolbooks together and get ready for the new school year. Ginny, Ron's sister,
    was going to be starting her first year at Hogwarts and was coming along too.
    (Picture of Harry standing in front of Ginny, Mrs. Weasley, and Ron)
    Mrs. Weasley grabbed a flowerpot from the fireplace and handed it to Harry.
    "What's this?" said Harry. "It's Floo powder," replied Mrs. Weasley, "and we're
    going to use it to travel to Diagon Alley. Just sprinkle some on to the fire and
    step into the flames - and Harry... remember to speak CLEARLY! You don't want to
    get lost!"
    (Picture of travelling with Floo Powder)
    Harry stood in front of the fireplace and threw a pinch of Floo powder onto the
    fire. A roar of emerald green flames engulfed the fireplace and Harry stepped
    inside. Harry spluttered, "D-Dia-g-gon A-Alley..." and was immediately engulfed
    in the swirl of green flames.
    (Picture of ... not Diagon Alley)
    Harry fell forward on to a cold stone floor. Dizzy and bruised, he got ginerly
    to his feet. He'd landed in some kind of strange wizard ship. Unsure of where he
    was, he swiftly made his way through to the door but saw two people through the
    glass. One of them was the last person he wanted to meet when he was lost: Draco
    Malfoy. Harry quickly hid inside a large black cabinet and peeked out through
    the slats in the door.
    (Picture of Harry looking through a cabinet door at Malfoy and his father
    talking to the shop owner, Mr. Borgin)
    Seconds later, a bell clanged and in stepped Draco along with what looked like
    his father. An old shopkeeper appeared and Mr. Malfoy arranged to sell some
    rather suspicious-sounding items. "See you tomorrow then, Mr. Borgin," said Mr.
    (Malfoy, his father, and Mr. Borgin walk away)
    The Malfoys left the shop and Mr. Borgin disappeared into a back room. As soon
    as all was clear, Harry quietly slipped out of the cabinet and left the shop.
    (Picture of Harry in Knockturn Alley)
    Once outside, Harry found himself in a dingy alley that seemed to be full of
    shops devoted to the dark arts. This definetely was not Diagon Alley. Harry was
    (Picture of old hag approaching Harry)
    Then from out of the shadows an old hag emerged, holding a tray of what looked
    horribly like human fingernails. "Not lost are you my dear?" she croaked. The
    hag drew closer and closer and then Harry heard the sound of a familiar and
    welcome voice...
    Hagrid: Harry! What d'yeh think yer doin' in Knockturn Alley?
    Harry: Hagrid! I was lost... Floo powder...
    Hagrid: Knockturn Alley's a dodgy place Harry - don't want no one ter see yeh
            down there. This way... C'mon over 'ere, Harry!
    *Walk over to Gringotts Bank*
    5.1 - Money Matters
    Objective: Collect your money from Gringotts Bank.
    Hagrid: C'mon Harry, you've got to get some money from your vault before you can
            buy the stuff you need for yer second year at Hogwarts. Go inside
            Gringotts and talk to Griphook, he'll take you to the vaults... I'll
            wait here until you get back. By the way, Harry, you can speak to
            whoever yeh like by jes' going up to 'em and talkin'.
    *Helpful Hint: Press the Action Button while standing next to someone to speak
    to them.*
    There's a save book to the right of the bank. Walk up to it.
    *Helpful Hint: You can save your progress by using any book like this you find.
    Simply walk up to it and press the Action Button.*
    After you're done saving, simply head into Gringotts. Talk to Griphook here.
    Harry: I've come to make a withdrawal from Vault 704, please. My name is-
    Griphook: I know who you are, boy. There is work being done on the track that
              leads to Vault 704 so I can't take you there directly. You'll have to
              go part of the way on foot. But be careful, it's quite dangerous down
              there. Some of the goblin workers can help you if you get into any
    Then go to the back of the room, and you'll be riding on a mine cart. You then
    get dropped off in the middle of nowhere, and the cart leaves.
    Get used to the controls a bit, then move on. Walk up to the ledge.
    Harry: I wonder if I can climb up that ledge? Might be something for me up
    *Helpful Hint: Look out for small ledges to climb. Using the Control Pad, push
    Harry against the ledge to climb up.*
    So walk up to the ledge to automatically climb it. Then approach the chest.
    Harry: Hmm, I wonder what's inside?
    *Helpful Hint: Press the Action Button to open chests.*
    Open the chest with the Action Button (default is B Button). A bronze Knut falls
    Harry: A Knut! Wonder how much more money I'll find?
    Knuts are money in the wizarding world. You can use the money later to buy some
    helpful items. Go right off the ledge and move on.
    Note: During this part of the game, you'll encounter dragon statues on the wall
    (like you should see here). These things spit out fire, and obviously that will
    damage you. Beware of these. There are also spots where fire is spit out of the
    Follow the path to find another goblin.
    Goblin: Fire Crabs have a very hard shell. You will have to fully charge up your
            Flipendo Spell if you want to get rid of them.
    If you haven't guessed yet, you'll probably meet a Fire Crab in a second. But
    first make sure you know how to defeat it. Press and hold the Spell Button
    (default is A Button) and when the bar to the right fills all the way, release
    the Button fire a fully charged Flipendo.
    Now that you're ready, approach the level next to the door.
    Harry: I wonder what'll happen if I pull that lever?
    *Helpful Hint: Press the Action Button to operate wall and floor levers.*
    Pull the switch and enter the room. Charge up your Flipendo and fire it at the
    Fire Crab to defeat it. After you defeat it, you can collect another Knut, and
    the door ahead opens.
    Go through the door. See that shining rock? Fire a fully charged Flipendo at it
    to destroy it and collect the Knut. Keep going down and to the right you will
    find some Food.
    Harry: Some food! That should help keep my stamina up.
    Note: Watch out in this area. Large stones will drop from the ceiling at certain
    places, so be careful when advancing. Keep going and approach the cart.
    Harry: That gem cart looks heavy. I wonder if I can move it on to that switch?
    *Helpful Hint: Stand next to a gem cart and hold the Action Button to grab it.
    Use the directions on the Control Pad to move the cart along the tracks.*
    Drag the cart onto the switch to have a chest near you fall from the ceiling.
    The chest contains another Knut. Now see that shining block next to the chest?
    Fire a charged Flipendo at it for another Knut.
    At the end of the track (the one you were just pushing the cart on) is another
    shining rock. Unfortunately, there's nothing in it. Oh well.
    Continue on and go left to find a chest with a Cauldron Cake. These Cakes
    restore your health. Continue on downward and approach the shiny golden round
    Harry: That object looks like a Remembrall. What's it doing here?
    *Helpful Hint: Walk through a Remembrall to activate the Restart point. When you
    lose all your stamina, you will be returned to this point.*
    Now approach the barrels to the left.
    Harry: Perhaps there's something inside barrels worth having. Maybe if I picked
    one up and threw it, I'd find out what that something is...
    *Helpful Hint: Various objects such as barrels can be picked up and thrown.
    Stand next to the object and hold down the Action Button to pick it up.*
    So pick them up and toss them. The top one has a Dungbomb, so throw it and get
    out of the way, unless you want to lose 3 bolts of health. The other barrel has
    a Knut. Drag the cart onto the switch to have another chest fall down. This
    chest also has a Knut. Now pull the lever to the right, which raises a big
    metal block that was previously in your way.
    However, this block is moving up and down. So run under it or you'll lose one
    bolt of health everytime you're hit. Move on, and talk to the goblin.
    Goblin: Watch out for unstable platforms that give way under your weight.
    Move on, and to the left you will see three floating blocks. Jump (default is
    R Button) on each of these, and make sure you don't stay on the middle one for
    too long, as it crumbles underneath you. The last block holds a silver Sickle
    (which is worth 29 Knuts). Jump back across the three blocks (the middle one
    will reappear after a few seconds) and wait for the platform on the right. Get
    on it and cross it to the other side.
    Note: Here you have fireballs that jump onto the path, so watch out for those.
    At the end of the ledge you have to wait for another platform. See that lone
    block to the right? Jump on this if you want to grab another Sickle. Once on
    this block, jump towards the right (you can't actually see this block, but it's
    there). And keep going, making sure to get off the crumbling ones quickly. At
    the end is a platform with a chest that holds a Sickle for you. Now make your
    way back.
    Cross the gap using the moving platform, then drop down below to move on to the
    next area.
    Move along here, but beware of the two rocks falling from above. Go on and
    collect the 5 Knuts. Now watch out for the metal plates spitting out fire. Move
    on to finally reach your vault.
    Goblin: The spellbook for Incendio is behind this door, but so is the Vaults
            Guardian. If you want to unlock the door, you'll need five gemstones to
            create a special key, but I cannot help you find them.
    So now you have to find 5 Gems, so you can then get the Incendio Spell, which
    you will then use to get to your vault.
    5.2 - Gringotts Gems
    Objective: Collect five gemstones to open the door to the spellbook vault.
    Ok, let's go. Drop down the ledge and go left to open a chest, which has the
    first Gem Stone (Green).
    Harry: Great! That's the first gemstone collected. Only four more to get now!
    Defeat the two Orange Snails to the left with either 1 fully charged Flipendo,
    or 3 non-charged Flipendos. One of them drops a Cauldron Cake.
    Drop down the ledge, continue on (watch out for the fireball) and drag the cart
    onto the switch, which opens a door up ahead. Go through the door and defeat the
    3 Fire Crabs here. The last one will drop the next Gem Stone (Red). Continue on
    through the door at the other end of the room.
    Move on, and the second shining block you see holds a Knut (that should make 71
    now). Go up and watch out for the three falling rocks. Open the chest for the
    third Gem Stone (Blue). Then flip the switch. This will activate a couple medal
    blocks like you met earlier. But first, go to the right instead.
    Push the cart here into the water, and a silver Sickle falls out. The shining
    rock right next to this has another Knut. Then flip the level to find a chest,
    which has a Cauldron Cake.
    Interesting Note: The vault you're at is Vault 713. Sound familiar?
    NOW go back to where the medal blocks are trying to crush you. There's 4 of them
    so be careful and dodge them all. The shining block has another Knut. Keep going
    and cross the bridge (Watch out for the Fireballs). There's a Remembrall here
    for you.
    Go right and ignore the Goblin and the cobweb for now. Push the cart into the
    pile of rocks and the fourth Gem Stone (Gold) falls out. Continue to the right
    (shining block has another Knut) then go back up and you'll see a ledge you can
    climb up. Defeat the Fire Crab for a Knut. Go up the ladder and approach the
    boulder in your path.
    Harry: I think I should be able to move that boulder underneath the crusher
           block over there...
    *Helpful Hint: To move a boulder, stand beside it and hold the Action Button,
    then use the Control Pad to move it around.*
    First hit the lever on the wall. This raises the medal block up ahead. Then roll
    the boulder underneath it, and hit the lever again. The block will crush the
    boulder, revealing the final Gem Stone (Silver).
    Continue left and you'll be back at the goblin that told you to find the 5 Gem
    Stones. Talk to the goblin.
    Goblin: So you've found all the gemstones, eh? Well, the Incendio spellbook is 
            in there for you to read and learn. Don't think you can just walk in and
            out too easily, though...
    If you don't get it, the goblin's trying to tell you there's a Boss ahead.
    BOSS: Giant Fire Crab
    The Guardian is a giant Fire Crab. He isn't too tough. He shoots the Fireballs
    you've been seeing out of his butt. Dodging them is very easy, as you can see
    their shadow and you have several seconds to get out of the way.
    His other attack is when he jumps and flips around. This makes several stones
    fall from the ceiling. Again, you can see their shadows so it's not hard to
    avoid them.
    Anyway, to defeat him you're obviously going to use Flipendo. Un-charged
    Flipendos DO work on him, but they don't do that much damage. Instead, fire 8
    charged Flipendos at him to defeat him.
    After he's defeated, the Incendio Spell Book appears out of nowhere.
    Spell: Incendio
    This spell can be used to burn away certain barriers. Not as dangerous as real
    fire, but a "magical" flame that can remove cobwebs or light Wizard candles.
    Congratulations on learning your 2nd spell. The only way to switch between
    spells is going into the Menu (press Start) and switch them here. Why couldn't
    they assign a Button to navigate through the spells?
    Anyway, go back to where you saw the cobweb now. Fire Incendio at the cobweb
    and it will shrink and open the door to your vault. Finally. You automatically
    enter and take some money.
    Harry: I think I'll just take a Galleon. That should be enough money to buy all
           my supplies. Now, I just need to find the mine card and make my way back
           to Diagon Alley.
    A Galleon is the highest form of wizard money there is. A Galleon is worth 34
    Sickles, and Sickles are worth 29 Knuts. So doing some math... a Galleon is
    worth 986 Knuts. Sweet! If you followed this guide, you should have 1090 Knuts
    Leave your vault and you'll see a Mine Cart show up (how convenient!). Simply
    approach it to get on it and take it out of here.
    You'll meet Hagrid outside of Gringotts.
    Hagrid: All right then Harry - you need to get a Second Year Potions Kit from
            Mullpepper's Apothecary. Then you can have a wander round Diagon Alley
            if you like and check out some other shops, like the Magical Menagerie
            and Gambol and Japes. When you're ready, come and meet me at the bottom
            of Diagon Alley and I'll take yeh into the Leaky Cauldron.
    *Helpful Hint: Check your notebook in your Inventory whenever you want to see
    what tasks you need to complete.*
    5.3 - Supplies Search
    Objective: Buy all your supplies for your Second Year at Hogwarts.
    5.3.1 - Potions Purchase
    Objective: Buy two Potions Kits from Mullpepper's Apothecary and return to
    Head to the to find all the shops in Diagon Alley. The northern-most shop is
    Madam Malkins, which is closed. Head to the next shop and speak to Ginny, who
    is standing outside of the shop.
    Harry: Hello there, Ginny.
    Ginny: Where did you come from, Harry?
    Harry: Knockturn Alley. I need to buy a potions kit from Mullpepper's.
    Ginny: I have to use my brother Percy's old set. Can't afford a new one. Some
           of the vials are cracked, but it should do.
    Harry: Don't worry Ginny, I've got some money, I'll get you a set.
    Ginny: I couldn't possibly let you do that. I'll be all right with Percy's.
    Harry: No really, I insist. You can pay me back later.
    Now head inside Mullpepper's Apothecary.
    In the middle of the store you'll see a huge cauldron containing Wiggenweld
    Stamina Potion.
    Ignore it for now, and flip the switch in the far left corner. Enter the
    you just opened and throw the jar somewhere to pick up a Pumpkin Pasty, which
    recovers one of your lost health bars. You can pick up and throw the barrel as
    well, but there's nothing in it.
    Back in the main room of the shop, head to the right side of the room and talk
    to the clerk. I'm going to assume this is Mullpepper.
    Harry: Excuse me; I'd like to buy a couple of Potions Kits please. One for Ginny
           Weasley and one for myself.
    Mullpepper: So, that's one First and one Second Year Potions Kit you want,
                Harry. They're five Sickles each.
    Harry: Thanks very much.
    Mullpepper: You're welcome to fill the vials in your Potions Kit with Wiggenweld
                stamina potion. The Wiggenweld's in the large cauldron over there.
                Just go over to it with your vial equipped.
    Your vial was automatically equipped, so head over to the cauldron and fill it
    up by hitting the Action button (default: B Button).
    Harry: That's my Wiggenweld phial filled. Should come in handy if my stamina
    NOTE: Why does Harry say "phial"? Must be a typo or something.
    To use the Wiggenweld Stamina Potion, equip the potion and hit the Item Button,
    which is the L Button by default. I suggest you go into the menu and equip some
    other bottle so you don't accidently use your Wiggenweld Stamina Potion.
    NOTE: If you want, you can use the potion right now to recover your health, then
    immediately fill it up again.
    Head outside.
    Ginny: That's very kind of you, Harry. Have this in return. It's a rare Famous
           Witches and Wizards Card to start your collection. There are five sets of
           Wizard Cards to collect, with each set containing five cards. The sets
           are: Beasts, Potions, Locations, Quidditch and Charms. Good luck finding
           them all! I'll meet you later at Flourish and Blotts - Gilderoy
           Lockhart's going to be there, signing copies of his autobiography.
    You get "Gondoline Oliphant"!
    5.3.2 - Troublesome Toad
    Objective: Sneak into the Magical Menagerie, avoid the Imp's and the shop keeper
               and find Neville's toad. Return Trevor the toad to Neville.
    The next shop is Ollivander's Wands, which is closed. Moving right along, you'll
    find Neville standing outside the Magical Menagerie.
    Harry: What's the matter, Neville?
    Neville: It's my toad, Trevor. He jumped out of my pocket in the Magical
             Menagerie and made a real mess. The shop wizard threw me out, but
             Trevor's still inside. Can you get him back for me?
    Harry: Er, well... I'll have to 'sneak' in and hope I don't get caught by the
           shop wizard myself.
    Neville: Thanks Harry! You'll find Trevor in the storeroom at the back of the
             shop. You'll need to cast Flipendo on him because he hops about all
             over the place. Oh, and do watch out for the shop wizard, he'll throw
             you out on your heels if he sees you.
    Head inside. Move through the room a little bit to find an Owl Post.
    Harry: There's an Owl Post. I wonder if that message is for me?
    *Helpful Hint: To read an Owl Post message, stand beside it and press the Action
    Button to collect the message dropped by the owl. Messages received can be
    viewed at any time by referring to the Owl Scrolls section of your Notebook,
    found in the Inventory.*
    Walk up to the Owl and release it from its misery by pressing B (default).
    Owl Scroll: Menagerie Message
    Hi Harry,
      You'd better be careful in the shop. Don't let the miserable old shop wizard
      catch you or he'll throw you out.
    Further to the right is a chest containing a Knut. Head to the top right corner.
    Harry: Looks like the shopkeeper will be around here. Better keep quiet...
    *Helpful Hint: To 'sneak', ensure that the Action Button is held down at all
    Since I know you're wondering... if you get thrown out, you don't lose anything.
    You just have to start from the beginning.
    Anyway, you don't even have to "sneak" around, just as long as you don't get too
    close to the shop wizard. Make your way to the far right wall, where you'll find
    a switch in the shape of a metal shield with a hand on it.
    Harry: How am I supposed to press that switch on the wall? I can't reach up to
    *Helpful Hint: To activate certain switches on walls, cast a Flipendo spell, but
    make sure you have the right spell equipped by checking in your Inventory.*
    Like the Hint says, make sure you have Flipendo equipped, and cast it on the
    switch. A door below you will open. Head to the door, but watch out for the Fire
    Crab sitting on the shelf; it'll try to burn you when you walk past it.
    In the next room, step on the switch to see that it opens the next door. You'll
    also notice that the door won't stay open unless you have a weight on the
    switch. Lucky for you, there's a stone block in this room as well. You can't
    push the block at all, so just drag it onto the switch.
    Defeat the two Fire Crabs in the next room and advance to the next room. Go
    ahead and Flipendo the switch on the wall to your left to open up the door.
    Approach the barrel above the switch on the floor.
    Harry: It doesn't seem like I'll be able to push that barrel, but I must be able
           to get it on to that switch somehow.
    *Helpful Hint: To roll a barrel along the ground, cast Flipendo on it.*
    Aren't these hints helpful? Anyway, roll the barrel onto the switch and open the
    dropped chest for Sickle.
    Cast Flipendo twice on the green vase in the upper right corner to collect a
    In the lower right corner, flip the switch. In the next room, cast Flipendo on
    Trevor, the toad, and walk up to it to collect it. If you wait too long, he'll
    start jumping around again. Break the two green vases in this room to find a
    Pumpkin Pasty.
    Now back-track all the way to the beginning of the shop. Note that if you get
    seen by the shop wizard, you get sent back to the room where you found Trevor.
    Leave the shop.
    Neville: Did you manage to find Trevor, Harry?
    Harry: Yes, I did. But it wasn't easy. Here you go...
    Neville: Thanks Harry! I'll keep him safe in my pocket... Whoops! Now I've lost
             my Chocolate Frog. If you can catch it, you can keep it Harry. You can
             catch it in the same way you caught Trevor, by using your Flipendo
    Owl Scroll: Chocolate Frogs
    Hi Harry,
      Chocolate Frogs are more than just tasty snacks. For every five you collect,
      you'll be awarded an extra zap to yuor stamina bar. Check in your Inventory to
      see how many you've collected so far.
    Continue down the street to the next shop, Gambol and Japes. Outside, you'll
    want to talk to Fred & George.
    Fred: Mom was in such a state when we couldn't find you!
    George: She's always losing us and she thought she'd lost you too!
    Fred: This is Gambol and Japes, the Wizarding Joke Shop. They sell really
          fantastic stuff like Dungbombs, Stink Pellets...
    George: ... And Non-Explodable Luminous balloons.
    Head inside and talk to the only man in the store.
    Dungbombs costs 50 Knuts, Stink Pellets are 20 a piece, and the Luminous
    Balloons are 25 Knuts each. The store only has two Dungbombs, four Stink
    Pellets and four Luminous Balloons. I usually buy it all, just so I can put
    this guy out of business.
    RANDOM NOTE: If you've gotten every piece of money so far, you should now have
    551 Knuts left after doing your shopping.
    5.3.3 - Book Signing
    Objective: Meet Ginny in Flourish and Blotts for Gildery Lockhart's book
    Head down to the next shop, where you'll find Ginny waiting for you outside of
    Flourish and Blotts.
    Ginny: C'mon Harry! Lockhart's inside right now. I'm really looking forward to
           seeing him.
    *Inside Flourish and Blotts*
    Lockhart: Great Scott! Is that? No, surely, not!
    Reporter: Out of the way! This is for the Daily Prophet!
    *Harry gets up next to Lockhart, preparing for a picture*
    Lockhart: Big smile, Harry. Together, you and I will make the front page.
    *Headline News: The Famous Duo*
    Lockhart: It is my pleasure to announce that, this term, I, Gilderoy Lockhart,
              will be taking up the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at
              Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!
    *Reporter leaves, Draco and Lucius Malfoy enter*
    Draco: Famous Harry Potter. Can't even go into a bookshop without making the
           front page.
    Ginny: Leave him alone Draco, he didn't ask for any of that!
    Draco: Looks like Potter's got himself a girlfriend!
    Lucius: I suppose your parents will go hungry for a month to pay for all the
            books you'll need at Hogwarts. Here girl, take this one, it's the least
            I can do to help out the poor and needy.
    Lockhart: Right then! I look forward to seeing you all at Hogwarts. You'd all
              better get a move on, as the school year starts soon!
    *Harry leaves store*
    5.4 - Hagrid Hunt
    Objective: Meet up with Hagrid outside the Leaky Cauldron.
    Continue on down the street to meet Hagrid.
    Hagrid: Great, that's everything then is it? Good. Now let's get moving - we
            don't want you to miss yer train, now do we?
    Follow Hagrid through the door which leads to the Leaky Cauldron.
    In the alley behind the Leaky Cauldron, pick up both barrels and throw them to
    find 2 Knuts. Enter Leaky Cauldron.
    Hagrid: Make yourself at home, Harry. Have a look around. The Leaky Cauldron's
            full of surprises...
    *Hagrid leaves. Ron enters*
    Ron: Harry! Harry - we've missed the train! The Hogwarts Express left five
         minutes ago! Everyone else has left!
    Harry: Oh no! What are we going to do?
    Ron: I know that dad didn't take the Ford Anglia to work this morning. If we can
         get back to the Burrow, we can fly the car to Hogwarts! If only we had some
         Floo powder to use in the fireplace over there. Go and talk to Tom the
         Barman and see if he's got any.
    *Harry walks over to Tom*
    Tom: Ah, Mr. Potter. Delighted to see you again.
    Harry: Hello, Tom. Do you have any Floo powder about the place?
    Tom: I'm not sure. You could try having a look in the cellar. Just go through
         the door near the fireplace.
    5.5 - Finding Floo
    Objective: Find the Floo powder hidden in the Leaky Cauldron and take it to Ron
               by the fireplace.
    This is a rather short mission.
    Enter the door in between the fireplace and Tom's bar.
    Head down the stairs and cross to the other side of the room (watch out for the
    rolling barrels). Hit the switch to have a chest drop down in another part of
    the cellar. There's a Knut in a barrel a little south-west of the switch.
    Head back upstairs and head to the north-east corner of the room. You'll find
    two barrels (containing nothing), a Save Book and a switch. Save if you want,
    hit the switch and enter the newly opened room. Open the chest here to find some
    Floo powder.
    Harry: Great! That's the Floo powder! Better get this back to Ron at the
    Simply head to the fireplace and speak to Ron.
    Ron: Great! Sprinkle some in the fire, Harry... The Burrow!
    (Picture of the Burrow)
    Back at the Burrow, Harry and Ron made a dash for Mr. Weasley's car and quickly
    revved it up. Leaving the Weasley's home swiftly behind, the Ford Anglia heads
    to Hogwarts at top speed.
    (Picture of Ford Anglia flying in sky)
    Shortly after take off, the boys spot the Hogwarts Express below and follow it
    to the school, but their journey isn't as smooth as could be hoped for...
    *Ford Anglia crashes into tree*
    Ron: Of all the trees we could've hit... Come on. We'd better get back up to the
         school... I think the feast's already started. Hey, Harry, come and look -
         it's the Sorting!
    Harry: Hang on... There's an empty chair at the staff table... Where's Snape?
    Ron: Maybe he's ill!
    Harry: Maybe he's left, because he's missed outo n the Defense Against the Dark
           Arts job again!
    Ron: Or he might have been fired!
    *Snape appears*
    Snape: Or maybe he's waiting to hear why you two are late. Follow me. In!
    *All three are in Entrance Hall*
    Snape: So, the train isn't good enough for the famous Harry Potter and his
           faithful sidekick Weasley. Wanted to arrive with a bang, did we, boys?
    Ron: No sir, it-
    Snape: Silence! What have you done with the car? You were seen, you know. The
           Daily Prophet's latest headline reads: 'Flying Ford Anglia Mystifies
           Non-Magical Folk'. Unfortunately, the decision to expel you does not rest
           with me. I shall, however, inform the people who do have that power. Now,
           you two get up to the seventh floor and the Gryffindor Dormitory,
    *Snape and Ron leave*
    5.6 - Dormitory 1
    Objective: Head up to the Gryffindor Dormitory on the seventh floor.
    First, destroy the green vase in the far right corner to collect your first
    red tomato bean (referred to as RTB from here on out). There's a save book in
    the north-west corner.
    Head up the stairs and into the door to Floor 1.
    Harry: Hello, Nick.
    Nearly Headless Nick: Why, hello there, young Potter! How are you, my boy?
    Harry: I'm okay thanks, but you look a bit troubled, Nick.
    Nick: Would think that getting hit forty-five times in the neck would qualify
          you to join the Headless Hunt. Most people would think that's good and
          beheaded, but it's not good enough for Sir Properly-Decapitated-Podmore.
          Anyway, you'd better get out of here, Harry. Peeves is on the prowl for
          students to pester.
    Harry: Thanks, Nick.
    Head up the stairs, destroying the green vase for another RTB (2).
    Continue onwards to reach Floor 2. Keep heading up to Floor 3, where you'll meet
    Peeves: Well if it isn't little Harry Potter!
    Harry: Hello, Peeves.
    Peeves: Potty wee Potter! Not going up to your Dormitory, are you? You want to
            be careful on these stairs. Lots of hazards around, if you know what I
            mean. Like me!
    Now you'll have to dodge green vases that Peeves throws down the stairs. If you
    get hit by a vase, you lose a zap of health.
    Dodging these vases is simple. A vase will roll down one side, then the other,
    then back down the other. All you have to do is walk from side to side while
    still walking up and you'll dodge every vase.
    Once you climb two flights of stairs, you'll find Peeves again.
    Peeves: He he! That kept you on your toes, didn't it, Potter? Anyway, I'm off!
    Head up to Floor 4. Smash the green vase for a RTB (3) and continue up to Floor
    Break the green vase here for a Cauldron Cake. See the suit of armor next to
    you? If you walk by it, it'll attack you. Cast one fully charged Flipendo at
    it (or 8 non-charged Flipendos) to get rid of it. Head upstairs and break the
    green vase for another RTB (4).
    Up on Floor 6, you'll find another suit of armor that will attack you. Don't get
    the attacking suit of armor confused with the regular suit of armors (the first
    one you come across is a regular one). You can easily distinguish the two by the
    fact that the harmful suit of armor is posed to strike, while the non-harmful
    one just stands there normally.
    The green vase after the attacking suit of armor contains a Pumpkin Pasty for
    On Floor 7, collect the RTB (5) in the green vase. You'll find Hermione waiting
    for you at the top of the stairs.
    Harry: Hello, Hermione. How was your summer? Hope it was better than mine...
    Hermione: I studied nearly every day, although I have to admit when I heard
              Gilderoy Lockhart was coming to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts I
              found it difficult to concentrate. Anyway, I've got the password for
              Gryffindor's Dormitory. Not something you want to forget, especially
              as we're all the way up on the seventh floor. It's Wattlebird, and
              works on the right hand portrait here.
              The portrait on the left will take you down to the portrait room near
              to the Entrance Hall - use this and you won't have to use the Grand
              Staircase every time you want to come back to the seventh floor. The
              password for this one is Garglehoot. There are passwords for some of
              the other floors, but I'm afraid I don't know them. The portraits
              aren't always available though: sometimes you'll have to use the
              stairs anyway.
    Use the portrait if you want to discover where it leads.
    Whenever you're ready, enter the Gryffindor Common Room.
    Immediately to your right is a green vase, containing a RTB (6). Continue down
    the path to find an Owl Scroll.
    Owl Scroll: Unfriendly Knights
    Hi Harry,
      Some suits of armor around Hogwarts aren't very friendly, but you can get rid
      of the silver ones by giving them a fully charged blast with Flipendo. The
      gold ones are a bit tougher, though. You're better off just avoiding them.
    Move on a little further, through the door, until you find two goblets.
    Harry: That looks like it should be on fire. I wonder if my Incendio spell will
           do the job?
    Switch to your Incendio spell in via the Start Menu, and light up both goblets.
    A door opens up. Enter it to collect a Famous Witches and Wizard Card.
    You get "Ignatia Wildsmith"!
    Head back to the beginning and go left this time. You'll find the actual Common
    Room, which also has a Save Book for you.
    There's only one path you can take as of right now. Before following it though,
    find the darkened wall tile directly east of the Gryffindor banner (which is on
    the path you're about to take). Examine it to find a Sickle.
    Follow the path and break the green vase for a Sickle. Examine the portrait
    north-west of the vase to find a RTB (7).
    Continue up some stairs to reach your dormitory. Open the closet to your left
    for a RTB (8).
    To your right you'll find a Wiggenweld Stamina Potion cauldron. If you don't
    have a bottle filled up already, do so now.
    Whenever you're ready, talk to Ron in the middle of the room.
    Ron: Hey, Harry, have you been to my brothers' little shop yet? You can buy all
         sorts of things there. To get to it, go through the Reading Room - next
         door to the Gryffindor Common Room - and you'll find their office. But
         watch out for Percy - he's on duty in the Reading Room tonight, and if he
         spots you he'll throw you out! I'll see you back here in a bit, then.
    5.7 - Fred & George's Shop
    Objective: Stealth through the Reading Room to visit Fred and George's Shop.
    Leave the common room through the same portrait you used to enter it. Head left
    past the Portrait Room painting and enter the door, which is labeled as Fred &
    Further ahead you'll see Percy wandering around. He isn't too hard to dodge.
    Just don't get too close to him.
    Head towards the right (preferrably behind Percy, so you know where he is) and
    follow the carpet around the room. You'll see two green vases on your way; one
    of them has a Knut for you, the other a RTB (9). Enter the door just past the
    second vase. Wasn't that easy?
    In this bathroom(?), you'll find a Wiggenweld Stamina Potion cauldron and an
    Owl Post.
    Owl Scroll: Avoiding Percy
    Hi Harry,
      We're fed up of our customers getting caught by Percy in the Reading Room, so
      we've set up a special short cut for you to use. Near the entrance to the
      reading room there's a portrait of a bowl of fruit. Simply 'tickle' this by
      examining it, and the quick route through will be revealed.
            Fred and George
    Now here's the thing about this "shortcut": It's not really a shortcut, and it's
    also filled with many dangers that are just waiting to deplet your health bars.
    Nonetheless, I highly suggest you go through this short cut at least once. Let's
    do it right now. Head back out to the room where Percy is and follow it around
    counter-clockwise (since that's the direction Percy is walking).
    Once you get to the lower right corner, you should see the small portrait of the
    bowl of fruit. Examine it and enter the new passage.
    NOTE: Yeah, you could've done this the first time you came through, but you
    didn't know about it yet, right? ;)
    You'll immediately face a gold suit of armor. These are the ones you can't
    defeat. You can either approach it slowly and move out of the way real fast as
    it swings down, then rush by afterwards, or use a Dungbomb item. Toss the
    Dungbomb at the statue, then wait for it to explode. A cloud of green smoke will
    appear. This is when you should slip past the suit of armor, since it won't
    attack you at that moment.
    Or you could just take the damage, since you can heal up at the end of this
    route anyway.
    Anyway, continue on the passage, past the two fire-breathing and the one spike
    spitting statue. You can jump over the barrels coming your way, since that's the
    only way to dodge them.
    Continue along, flip the switch to open the door ahead, and collect the RTB (10)
    inside the barrel.
    For your information, the only reason I made you go through that is to collect
    that single RTB.
    Heal up at the cauldron (in other words, use a potion, re-fill it, use again
    until your health is full, then re-fill it one last time).
    You'll find Fred in the next room.
    Fred: Hi, Harry. Nice to see you again. Take a look around - you're bound to
          find something of interest. I can get you all kinds of goodies, like
          Dungbombs and so on. Just come back and talk to me any time and select
          what you want to buy. By the way, Harry, have you heard about the Bean
          Challenge areas? There are four of these and their entrances can be found
          outside this room.
    If you talk to Fred again now, you can buy out his shop by purchasing two
    Dungbombs, two Stink Pellets, and two Luminous Balloons.
    Exit the room through the door to the left and head right. Smash the green vase
    for a RTB (11) and open the chest for your second Chocolate Frog.
    Then head all the way left and talk to George to start the first of four Bean
    George: Hi, Harry, here are the Bean Challenge areas. All you have to do is make
            it through the challenge area and collect all the beans as you go. Once
            you've completed one of the challenges, the next one will open up,
            although you don't have to do them all in one go. If you complete them
            all you'll be rewarded with something. Let's not forget the red tomato
            beans. Collect all 100 red tomato beans dotted about in various parts of
            the school and you'll get a special reward. Who knows what it'll be!
    Even though George says you don't have to do all of them right now, none of them
    are that hard, so we might as well finish them all right now.
    Enter the first door.
    5.7.1 - Bean Challenge 1
    Objective: Collect 10 BLUEBERRY flavor beans and return to Fred and George to
               collect your reward.
    From the beginning, take a right and grab the first bean. Continue onward until
    you reach another bean (2). Walk up the stairs ahead on the LEFT side in order
    to avoid all the barrel's rolling down. Collect the bean (3) at the top of the
    steps (while still hugging the left side).
    The next bean (4) is just up ahead. Dodge the fire-spitting statue, grab the
    next bean (5), and continue onward to the next bean (6).
    Once you've collected the next bean (7), stay on the right side of the stairs to
    avoid the barrels. Don't forget the bean (8) at the end.
    Continue on and try not to get scorched by the fire while collecting the next
    bean (9). Stay on the right side again to avoid the barrels and continue up the
    stairs, where you'll find the last bean (10).
    Simply follow the path to find yourself back at the beginning.
    Outside, talk to George to collect your reward.
    George: Well done, Harry. Here's a password for you - Scuttlegrip. Should make
            getting to the second floor easier.
    You get "Helga Hufflepuff"!
    5.7.2 - Bean Challenge 2
    Objective: Collect 15 CABBAGE flavor beans and return to Fred and George to
               collect your reward.
    Enter the newly opened door to face the second Bean Challenge.
    This challenge is pretty cool, if you ask me. Unlike the last challenge, you can
    fall off the edges, which results in you starting all over again.
    All 15 beans are found in the center of this room, where you can see 16 floating
    blocks in a 4x4 pattern.
    An owl flies ahead of you and drops the beans onto the blocks for you. You
    simply have to jump to each block and collect all 15 beans this way.
    The starting block is in the far left corner. Note that every block except the
    first one crumbles away after a second or two, so you to jump quickly.
    I'm not going to describe the pattern of the beans, since this challenge is
    simple enough and shouldn't take you more than two tries.
    After you've collected all the beans, head outside and talk to George again.
    George: Here's the password for the fourth floor - Jellygreed.
    You get "Salazar Slytherin"!
    5.7.3 - Bean Challenge 3
    Objective: Collect 20 BANANA flavor beans and return to Fred and George to
               collect your reward.
    NOTE: I recommend you make sure you have full health and a Wiggenweld Stamina
    Potion handy. You might need it.
    Enter the newly opened door to face the third Bean Challenge.
    This seems like one big maze. The only dangers you face are some ghosts walking
    around, which take off two bolts of health if you touch them, some floor tiles
    that spit out fire, and floor tiles with spikes coming out of them.
    Follow these directions to get through this maze the quickest:
    1. Take the right path, grabbing the bean (1) without getting hurt.
    2. Take the first left, grabbing the next bean (2).
    3. The next bean is right to your left (3).
    4. Take a right at the third bean, and grab the next one (4) without getting
    5. Continue along the path, grabbing the next bean (5).
    6. Take the next left and snatch the bean (6) from the spikes, while taking a
    7. Follow the path for the next bean (7).
    8. Grab the next bean (8) to your right after the path ends. Now head back to
       the left.
    9. Grab the bean (9) from the spikes.
    10. Follow the path to grab the next bean (10) ...
    11. ... and the next bean (11). Keep going the same direction.
    12. Grab the bean (12) from the spikes.
    13. Take a right (ignore the bean just up ahead) and grab the bean (13).
    14. Loop around, grabbing the next bean (14) while taking a left.
    15. Straight ahead is the bean you ignored a second ago.
    16. Head back a few steps and take the left path. Either go straight, or take a
        right to find the next bean (16) (it's just a circle).
    17. Take the path where you see the next bean (17) over a fire-tile.
    18. Continue the same path to grab the next bean (18) over the fire-tile.
    19. Continue either straight or right again (another circle) to grab the next
        bean (19).
    20. Now take the left path. Take a right, jump over the spikes and take the next
        right. Follow this path all the way down until you grab the last bean (20),
        which also puts you right in front of the door.
    Go talk to George.
    George: Another password for you, Harry - Blobbyjelly. Not sure where it's for,
    You get "Rowena Ravenclaw"!
    5.7.3 - Bean Challenge 4
    Objective: Collect 25 CHOCOLATE flavor beans and return to Fred and George to
               collect your reward.
    Enter the newly opened door to face the fourth, and last, Bean Challenge.
    This challenge, like the second one, simply involves jumping everywhere.
    NOTE: You CAN fall off the edges, so be careful.
    Grab the first bean (1) right in front of you and continue along the path to
    find another bean (2).
    Jump across the two blocks and grab the next bean (3). Continue onward, grabbing
    the two beans (4 & 5) on the way. Jump three times, then make sure to jump left
    three times, and finally landing on the next platform, where two more beans
    (6 & 7) await you.
    Jump three times and collect the next two beans (8 & 9). Flip the switch, but
    ignore what it does for now.
    Continue jumping across the crumbling block to the right of the switch. Grab the
    bean (10).
    Now it starts to get tricky. Jump across the two moving blocks (remember, if you
    fall, you have to start all over) and grab the next two beans (11 & 12) on the
    next platform. Flip the switch.
    Continue jumping off the north-west end of this platform onto the next platform,
    where you'll find a bean (13).
    Jump three times to the next platform (bean 14), then jump twice to the next
    platform, which houses another bean (15).
    Now you'll have to jump on a moving block to reach the next platform. You've
    been here before, but now you have another block you can jump on because of the
    switches you pulled.
    Jump onto the moving block in the lower-left corner in order to reach the next
    platform, where you'll find two beans (16 & 17). Quickly jump across the
    crumbling block and grab the bean (18) and hit the switch.
    Jump BACK across the crumbling block and jump onto the block you just formed by
    flipping the switch (in the middle of this platform). Grab the beans (19 & 20)
    on the next platform.
    Jump onto the moving block, grab the next two beans (21 & 22) and jump on the
    next moving block, which is moving sideways. From there, jump onto the
    stationary block, then onto the second moving block. You'll find another
    bean (23)! Two more!
    Jump twice to reach another bean (24) and jump six times to reach the final
    bean! Flip the switch, jump three last times, and exit through the door to your
    Go speak with George.
    George: Here's another mysterious password - Glovejuggler. Not sure where it's
            for though.
    You get "Godric Gryffindor"!
    5.8 - Meet Ron in Dormitory
    Objective: When you're done with the shop, return to the Dormitory to meet Ron.
    Before meeting Ron in the Dormitory (which is the next main task), let's go pick
    up some items that are now available to us thanks to the passwords we just
    Head back Grand Staircase (easiest way to do this is to get caught by Percy,
    then exiting the door right behind you).
    Talk to the picture to your right to be brought to the Portrait Room. Every
    other shortcut-portrait is now available to you (Floor 2, Floor 4). The final
    two pictures in the room are labeled as Bonus. George gave you two passwords and
    claimed he didn't know where they led to. Well, they both lead to the two Bonus
    portraits in this room.
    Enter the first one. Open the chest.
    You get "Quong Po"!
    Grab the RTB (12) and break the green vase for another RTB (13).
    Leave this room and enter the 2nd bonus portrait. Grab the RTB (14) on the
    floor, open the closet for another RTB (15) and open the chest.
    You get "Beaumont Marjoribanks"!
    Leave the room again.
    Behind the desk in this room is a darker wall tile. Examine it and a switch will
    appear. Flip the switch and the desk will move forward, revealing a switch on
    the floor. Move the chair onto the tile and the gate behind you will open. Head
    inside and open the chest.
    You get "Bridget Wenlock"!
    That's all for now! Head back to the seventh floor, enter the Common Room and
    speak to Ron in your dormitory.
    Ron: Goodnight, Harry!
    The next day, head down to the Common Room and speak to Ron again.
    Ron: Morning, Harry!
    Harry: What have we got this morning, then? Think I've mislaid my timetable.
    Ron: Meet me down in the Great Hall - I want to show you something before class.
         Don't forget you can use the password portrait to get around the school
         more quickly.
    5.9 - The Great Hall
    Objective: Meet Ron down in the Great Hall.
    Head to the Portrait Room and exit the room to find yourself in the Entrance
    The Great Hall is in the door to your right.
    Head left and break the green vase for a RTB (16). Continue to the right and
    open the chest.
    You get "Sacharissa Tugwood"!
    Continue further right to find another chest. Open it and grab your third
    Chocolate Frog!
    On the other side of the hall from where you found your last Famous Witches and
    Wizards Card is a green vase with a RTB (17) for you.
    Simply head right from the RTB to meet up with Ron.
    Ron: These Hourglasses display the House Points. Every House can earn points
         through good performances, but we can also lose points from our House if we
         get into trouble. Getting caught by a teacher or prefect by wandering
         around school at night is a sure way to lose House Points. The House with
         the most points at the end of the school year wins the House Cup. Anyway,
         it's Flying Lesson next outside. Mustn't keep Madam Hooch waiting!
    You'll then see that every house has 0 points so far. Makes sense.
    Head back to the Entrance Hall.
    Hermione: Hello, Harry. We've got Flying Lesson now; it's in the practice
              courtyard. Head out past the Whomping Willow and you'll find it in the
    Now head outside.
    5.10 - Flying Lesson 1
    Objective: Go to the Flying Lesson area in Hogwarts Grounds for Madam Hooch's
               Flying Lesson.
    First, head right, where you'll see the Whomping Willow. Fire a fully charged
    Incendio at the cobweb to release a RTB (18). Go around the Whomping Willow
    and jump up the ledge to open the chest.
    You get "Hesper Starkey"!
    Now head to the bush to the left of the chest and examine it with B (default). A
    RTB (19) will fall out.
    Head back to the entrance and go left this time. You'll see an Owl that has a
    message for you.
    Owl Scroll: Searching Bushes
    Hi Harry,
      It's worth poking around in bushes to see what you might find. Stand next to
      one and examine it to see if there's anything hidden inside it. Some vases
      around the school may also have items hidden in them; a blast with Flipendo
      should be enough to smash them open.
    Search the bush near you for a Knut.
    Now head through the gate.
    Start out by heading right along the wall. Open the chest for your fourth
    Chocolate Frog. To the right of this chest is a tree stump. Gnomes come out of
    this tree stump, and they'll damage you for half a bar if they touch you. You
    can defeat them with your Flipendo, but another one will simply pop out of the
    tree trunk. Simply avoid these creatures.
    Further to the right of this tree trump is a bush. Search it for a RTB (20) and
    open the nearby chest.
    You get "Derwent Shimpling"!
    Head back to the beginning of this area (marked by the stone path). This time,
    go left and around the water. Past the first tree stump (the Gnomes follow you,
    so just Flipendo them if they get annoying) and search the bush right after it
    for a RTB (21). Head straight up to find a chest, containing your fifth
    Chocolate Frog. You now get an additional health bar! Cool.
    The only thing further to the right is a locked chest, which you can't open
    right now anyway.
    Follow the wall to the left and hit the Remembrall. If you don't remember, this
    lets you restart from this point if you die. Continue left and you'll come
    across Hagrid's Hut, which does nothing right now. Search the bush south of
    Hagrid's Hut for a RTB (22). There's another bush directly north-east of
    Hagrid's house. Search it for another RTB (23).
    Follow the wall going south to reach the stone path again. Follow the path back
    to the beginning, and search the bush south of the door for another RTB (24).
    South of this bush is another bush. Search it to find a Knut. Go back to the
    first bush you just searched and follow the dirt path to the south-east. You'll
    find another Owl with a message.
    Owl Scroll: Flying Practice Help
    Hi Harry,
      Use your sharp aim to steer your broomstick through the rings. Strafing can
      help your aim even more. You also have a boost bar, which fills up for each
      ring successfully passed through. The more rings you pass through without
      using it, the longer it'll last when you do. Let's get practicing!
               Oliver Wood
    Head straight south from this owl until you find a bush (it has nothing), then
    go left to find another Owl.
    Owl Scroll: Quidditch Help
    Hi Harry,
      The object of Quidditch is to catch the Golden Snitch. Fly through the hoops
      to build your boost bar, then use your boost wisely to catch up with the
      Snitch, and grab it! But watch out: Slytherin's new Seeker is Draco Malfoy.
      Try and avoid the Bludgers, too, as they'll reduce your boost bar and slow you
      down if they hit you. Let's win the Quidditch Cup!
               Oliver Wood
    NOTE: Directly north of this owl is a bush. Search it for a RTB (25)
    You won't be playing Quidditch just yet, but I just wanted to show you where you
    will be playing it later on. Anyway, head back to the previous owl and follow
    the wall. Speak to Madam Hooch.
    Madam Hooch: Hello. Welcome to Flying Lesson. For the first practice of the year
                 I'm going to keep things simple for you. Today, I would like you to
                 fly through 24 rings as quickly as you can. To pass the lesson
                 you'll have to complete the challenge in under 90 seconds, although
                 I'm sure you can do a lot better than that. If you complete this
                 challenge in under 35 seconds you'll be awarded a Wizard Card, so
                 try hard!
    *Helpful Hint: Use the directions on the Control Pad to steer your broomstick
    through the rings. Using the L and R Buttons, you can strafe in the
    corresponding directions. Press the A Button to accelerate. You also have a
    boost bar, which gradually fills up for each ring successfully passed through.
    When you're ready, press the B Button to use the boost. The more rings you pass
    through without using it, the longer it'll last when you do.*
    Alright, nice little info dump here.
    NOTE: You may want to take this time to invert the Flight Controls in the
    Options Menu. You don't have to, but it's easier for some people (including me).
    Let me summarize:
    1. In this practice, you fly through 24 rings. To pass, finish within 90
       If you finish in less than 35 seconds, you get a Famous Witches and Wizards
    2. Press A to accelerate.
    3. The B Button will give you a boost.
    4. You can strafe left/right with L/R + Left/Right.
    First let me mention: If you want the Wizard Card, you don't have to get it
    right now. After you pass this lesson, you can go to the Broom Shed nearby and
    re-do the lesson.
    Enter the challenge and complete it. If you finish within 35 seconds (unlikely,
    on your first try ever), you'll get a card right away. Either way, you'll be
    awarded 25 House Points. After Madam Hooch talks to you, Hermione will show up.
    Hermione: Hi, Harry. Head up to the Common Room when you're ready to meet Ron.
              Have a wander around the Grounds, if you like. Don't forget to use the
              password portraits as well to get around this school quickly.
    If you didn't get the Wizard Card, head south to the Broom Shed. Enter it and
    try the challenge again. Keep on practicing and you'll eventually get better.
    Don't forget to use your boost every now and then. I generally hold down the A
    Button (to accelerate) for most of the challenge. You'll also have to move
    up/down every once in a while to go through a ring, so don't forget to do that.
    If you miss a ring, press Start and restart.
    Once you beat 35 seconds...
    You get "Bowman Wright"!
    5.11 - Common Room 1
    Objective: Head up to the Common Room to meet with Ron.
    Hermione told you to explore the grounds. Thanks to yours truly, you've already
    done that. Head back inside the castle and to the Portrait Room.
    Use the first picture to reach the seventh floor and talk to Ron standing in
    front of the fireplace in the Common Room.
    Ron: Hello, Harry. I've heard there's a map of the entire school. I don't know
         where to get it, but I have a feeling my brothers might be able to point
         you in the right direction.
    5.12 - Map Hint
    Objective: Visit Fred and George to find out about the Hogwarts map.
    Leave the Common Room and head over to Fred and George's shop. Avoid Percy, fill
    up your Wiggenweld Stamina Potion if you need it, and talk to Fred.
    Harry: I don't suppose you know where I can find a map of Hogwarts?
    Fred: You'll have to go down to the dungeons, which lead off from the Entrance
          Hall. But that's not the worst part. You're going to have to avoid Filch
          the caretaker and his cat, Mrs. Norris. And get into his office without
          him noticing! Make sure you get it, though, as finding your way around the
          school is very tricky without it.
    Harry: Well, I think I'll give it a try anyway.
    Fred has re-stocked his supplies. He has two of each item again. I always buy
    everything in his shop, just because I like to put people out of business. Just
    in case you're wondering, you don't use your money for anything else except
    buying these items, so don't worry about running out of money.
    Use the Portrait Room to head to the Entrance Hall. The door you need is to the
    left of the stairs, near the Save Book. It is labeled as Belowground.
    5.13 - Hogwarts Map
    Objective: Stealth past Filch in the dungeons and find the map to Hogwarts.
    Grab the message right in front of you.
    Owl Scroll: Hiding Behind Curtains
    Hi Harry,
      Sometimes sneaking alone isn't enough to escape teachers and prefects. But
      there are alcoves you can slip into and pull the curtains in front of you.
      While sneaking, walk inside the alcove and the curtain will close behind you.
      Make sure all is clear before venturing out again, though!
    Even though the message says you need to sneak behind the curtain, it will also
    work by simply walking behind the curtain.
    Head to the door in the south-east corner, labeled Filch.
    Filch: Grr! Better not be any pesky kids walking around down here!
    Filch then walks off. Hit the switch on the wall (silver shield with the hand
    imprint) to open a door. Head through the door and flip the lever. Don't enter
    the room too far, because Filch will be ready to kick you out in a heartbeat.
    Head back to the last room and use the other door you just opened. If you really
    want to open that chest, do so and run away real quick. It contains a Dungbomb,
    which will explode after a few seconds.
    Continue along the one way path and try not to get burnt. Once you reach the
    unlit goblet, switch to Incendio to light it up. This will open the door just up
    Don't forget to read the Owl post.
    Owl Scroll: Invisibility Cloak
    Hi Harry,
      Over there is the Invisibility Cloak which will be made available on certain
      occasions. Wear it and you will become temporarily invisible. However, the
      cloak has to cover you completely, so you won't be able to jump or cast any
    Grab the Cloak, enter the room where Filch is standing, hit the lever on the
    other side, and enter the newly opened door.
    NOTE: If you take too long, the Cloak will wear off. If you haven't crossed the
    room with Filch in it by that time, you will get caught, since there's no way to
    sneak by without getting seen. Don't know why you would not make it, so I'm just
    letting you know.
    In the next room, flip the lever and open the chest for a Knut. Drag the block
    onto the switch to open the next door.
    Head back to the previous room, but make sure you stay along the wall. If you
    get too far away from the wall, Filch will see you and you'll have to start all
    over again. Anyway, enter the door Filch is facing.
    If you haven't already done so, switch back to Flipendo. Push the barrel onto
    the switch to advance.
    In the next room there are two stone blocks and two switches. What do you think
    we should do here? Try not to get burnt and put the blocks on the switches.
    In the next room, defeat the Fire Crab with a fully charged Flipendo (anything
    less will make the Fire Crab retreat into its shell for a few seconds, but not
    defeat it).
    Defeating the Fire Crab will grant you a Cauldron Cake and an open door.
    Mrs. Norris, Filch's cat, is walking around in the next room. If she sees you,
    Filch will appear several seconds later. This means you can afford to be seen,
    just be sure to hide before Filch shows up.
    If Mrs. Norris hasn't seen you, you'll have to flip the lever in the south-east
    corner to open the door. If she has seen you, Filch will have opened the door
    on his way through, and the lever will do nothing.
    Either way, enter the next room and hide behind the curtain when you see it.
    When Filch walks by, head to the end of the hallway, and flip the lever to open
    the door.
    Mrs. Norris will be in the next room again (she must be quick!). Again, you can
    be seen by her, just hide behind the curtain if you do. Flip the switch to the
    left of the curtain to open the next door.
    Watch out for the spiky ball floating around, and use Incendio to burn the
    cobweb in the corner to uncover a lever. Flip it to open the next door.
    On your way to the door, open the chest for a Pumpkin Pasty.
    In the next room, flip the first lever you see and enter the nearby door. Pass
    through the Remembrall and check out the message the Owl has for you.
    Owl Scroll: Poisoned!
    Hi Harry,
      some of the creatures you might come across, such as the Doxies near here,
      will poison you if they attack, turning you all green! To counteract poison,
      equip your Poison Antidote Potion vial and stand beside a green cauldron, then
      'Activate' to fill it up. Use it to get rid of the poison if you get bitten.
    Using simple video-game logic, and the fact that there just so happens to be a
    gree cauldron right here, we can assume we will see some Doxies soon. Equip the
    Poison Antidote Vial (the round flask) and fill it up.
    Head back one room and continue onwards. In the south-east corner there is a
    lever that will make the fire-spitting statue turn 90 degrees, allowing you to
    easily place the block onto the switch. You don't really have to turn the
    statue, but I guess you can if you want.
    NOTE: If you get poisoned, you'll lose half a health bar every ~6 seconds. After
    you lose 3 full bars (or 36 seconds), the poison will wear off on its own.
    In the next room you'll meet two Doxies. Eight uncharged Flipendos or one fully
    charged Flipendo will take one down.
    After you defeat both Doxies, they will drop a Cauldron Cake and open the next
    In the next room, quickly head up to the far-north corner and read the message
    from the Owl.
    Owl Scroll: Dungbombs
    Hi Harry,
      Dungbombs let you create a diversion. Trolls love the smell of these things,
      so think of a strategic way to use them. Remember, the bigger they are, the
      harder they FALL!!!
    Speaking of trolls... there's happens to be one in the same room as you!
    You have to defeat it. Everytime it swings its club at you and it connects, you
    lose one health bar. It takes three fully charged Flipendos to defeat the troll.
    Uncharged Flipendos will make the troll stop and raise its arms for a few
    If you want, you can throw an uncharged Flipendo at the troll, then immediately
    charge up a full one to hit him with.
    Or you could do as Ron says, and throw some Dungbombs at it. The troll will walk
    to the Dungbomb and stand there until it explodes, giving you some time to throw
    a Flipendo at it.
    Either way, defeat the troll to earn yourself a Cauldron Cake and a free pass to
    the next room.
    Also, there's a Cauldron Cake in the cupboard next to the Owl Post if you need
    Watch out for the rolling barrels in the next room. In the south-east corner,
    you'll have to Flipendo a barrel onto a switch. Make sure to stand THREE tiles
    away from the barrels, because the rolling barrels will occupy the first and
    second tile next to the barrel.
    Walk around the next room to get familiar with it. There's a block to the right
    of the door you just entered. Drag it all the way to the other side of the room
    onto the switch.
    Enter the newly opened door and head right. Don't get scorched by the fire and
    hit the cobweb with Incendio to collect the Knut. Now grab the block and make
    your way to the other side of this hallway (without getting burnt, of course)
    and drag it onto the switch.
    In the next room, head to the north-west corner. Grab the Hogwarts Map (the
    scroll on the shelf).
    Harry: Yes! I've got the Hogwarts Map! Better get back up to the Dormitory.
    *Helpful Hint: You can view a map for most of the areas around Hogwarts by
    entering your Inventory and cycling through to the map screens, using the L and
    R Buttons.*
    Check out the map if you want to see what it looks like. 
    Anyway, grab the jar in the corner and throw it to collect a Sickle. Open the
    cupboard on the east end of the room to grab a Cauldron Cake.
    Grab the Invisibility Cloak and get ready to sprint back to the beginning of
    this area:
    Exit this door through the door to the left, head right, ignore the fire (it
    will still hurt you) and go through the door. Go through the door located
    directly above you (it opened up when you grabbed the Map). You'll be in the
    room with Mrs. Norris again. Continue north-west, through the door, then
    through the door on your right, dodge the two fire-spitting statues, and go
    through the next door at the end of the hallway.
    If your cloak has worn off by now, you'll get caught by Filch and have to start
    back at the room where you found the Hogwarts Map again.
    If you're still invisible, simply run past Filch and through the door in the
    north-west end of the room. You're now back in the first room of this whole
    place again, so head through the door to leave.
    Should you get caught, you can just try again since the cloak will be there for
    you to grab again.
    Once you leave through the wooden door, Filch will be there.
    Filch: I'm fed up with you students wandering around down here. I'll have to get
    Professor Snape to charm this door. That'll keep you all out! I suggest you get
    back to your Dormitory before you get in even more trouble!
    Then Filch will walk away. Looks like you made it! Head back to the Entrance
    5.14 - Dormitory 3
    Objective: Get back up to the Dormitory.
    NOTE: What about Dormitory 2? Good question. Another mistake perhaps?
    Make your way to the Dormitory. All the pictures in the Portrait Room are gone
    (except the two Bonus ones), so you'll have to use the stairs. On Floor 2,
    you'll be stopped by some voice.
    Voice: Rip... tear... kill...
    Harry: What's that voice? Sounds like it's coming from in there...
    *Harry enters Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom*
    Harry: There's a message on the wall... The Chamber has been opened. Enemies of
           the Heir Beware...
    *Filch shows up*
    Filch: My cat! My cat! What's happened to Mrs. Norris? You! You! You've murdered
           my cat!
    *Dumbledore shows up*
    Dumbledore: Argus! She's not dead, Argus.
    Filch: Not dead?
    Dumbledore: She has been Petrified. But how, I cannot say...
    Filch: Ask him!
    Dumbledore: No second year could have done this. It would take Dark Magic of the
                most advanced-
    Filch: He did it! Potter did it!
    Harry: I never touched Mrs. Norris!
    Dumbledore: I'm truly sorry that this has happened, Argus, but there is no
                evidence at all that Potter has done anything wrong.
    Filch: My cat has been Petrified!
    Dumbledore: We will be able to cure her, Argus. Madam Sproud has recently
                procured some Mandrakes. As soon as they have reached full size,
                I'll have a potion made, which will revive Mrs. Norris. Harry, you
                may go.
    There are two green vases behind Dumbledore. Break both for a Knut and RTB (26).
    That's all for this area. If you enter the bathroom through the door near
    Dumbledore, you can save your game with the Save Book. Leave this place by
    heading right, but don't forget to Incendio the cobweb for a RTB (27).
    Head outside to the Grand Staircase. You can use the portrait of the Blue Wizard
    right next to you to go back to the Portrait Room. From there, head to the
    seventh floor.
    NOTE: In case you didn't figure it out, the pictures were empty earlier because
    of this petrification event.
    Anyway, head to your Dormitory and talk to Ron.
    Ron: Goodnight, Harry!
    When you wake up, head to the Common Room, where you'll find Oliver Wood.
    Oliver Wood: We've got Flying Lesson in the wooded practice area in the Grounds.
                 Now follow me, Potter, and let's get a move on. Have a look at the
                 map of Hogwarts Grounds if you're not sure where to go.
    5.15 - Flying Lesson 2
    Objective: Follow Oliver Wood to Flying Lesson.
    Head down to the Entrance Hall, where you'll find Oliver Wood again.
    Oliver Wood: Having trouble keeping up, Potter? I hope you've got your wits
                 about you on the Quidditch pitch. Come on!
    Head outside and through the door to the Grounds. Check your map now, and head
    to the X to take your next flying lesson. In case you still can't find it, head
    to the Broom Shed and go left to find Oliver Wood.
    Oliver Wood: We need to practice, and practice hard! There's a Flitterby in this
                 area that I want you to catch as quickly as you can. There's no way
                 I'm going to let Slytherin win the Quidditch Cup this year! The
                 record stands at 60 seconds for this challenge. Each of you can do
                 a lot better than that! If you complete the challenge in under 30
                 seconds, you'll be given a Wizard Card. Don't forget to go to the
                 Broom Shed to practice. Wouldn't mind earning some of those Wizard
                 Cards myself!
    *Helpful Hint: To accelerate, hold down the A Button. Use the Control Pad to
    move Left, Right, Up and Down, and the L and R Buttons to strafe. If your boost
    bar is active, press the B Button to use your boost. Once you reach the
    Flitterby press the A Button when it nears your hand to grab it.*
    This hint is basically a re-hash of how to fly. Whenever you're ready, enter the
    challenge to begin your lesson.
    In the challenge, fly after the Flitterby, obviously. Going through the rings
    will give you some boost-power, though it's technically not necessary to use
    your boost. Once you get close enough to the Flitterby, you'll see a bar with
    your hand on the left, and the Flitterby going back and forth on the bar. Grab
    the Flitterby with A when it lands in your hand before the time runs out.
    If you fail the challenge, you'll just get another chance to do it. Don't worry
    too much about getting the Wizard Card right now, since you can re-start the
    challenge in the Broom Shed once you're done.
    After the challenge and some words from Oliver Wood (and 25 more House Points),
    Hermione shows up again. 
    Hermione: Hello, Harry. We've got Charms now with Professor Flitwick. It's on
              the second floor. Let's go!
    Can you believe it? You've been playing this game for quite some time and still
    haven't attented a single class yet? Crazy.
    Anyway, we're not going to Charms yet. We're going to stick around and practice
    flying. Head over to the Broom Shed, and re-try Flitterby 1 until you beat 30
    seconds. A lot of it depends on luck, since the Flitterby goes in random
    directions. If you're real lucky, the Flitterby will turn around and fly right
    into you!
    You get "Gwenog Jones"!
    After you've done this, enter the Broom Shed again to see a few new options.
    Do the 3 Ring Practice first.
    3 Ring Practice
    Record - 40
    Fly through a set of 3 rings. The rings will move position when this is done. Do
    this 4 times in the fastest time.
    The goal is simple. Three rings will appear at a time around the field, and you
    have to fly through each one before the next three show up. Do this four times
    in under 40 seconds, and you get a Wizard Card!
    Not much I can say here. Just do your best.
    You get "Cyprian Youdle"!
    Next up is Ring Practice 2.
    Ring Practice 2
    Record - 50
    Fly through 32 rings in the fastest time possible.
    This challenge is like the first flying lesson you took. Simply fly through all
    32 rings within 50 seconds to win yourself a Wizard Card. After a few tries
    through the course, I suggest you reset when you miss a ring, since it costs a
    LOT of time to fix that mistake.
    This one is a little harder, in that you pretty much HAVE to use your boost,
    otherwise you won't beat the record time of 50 seconds.
    You get "Devlin Whitehorn"!
    The last challenge is Flitterby 2.
    Flitterby 2
    Record - 45
    Catch 3 Flitterbys in the fastest time possible.
    This challenge is a little tougher. 3 Flitterbys in 45 seconds averages out to
    one Flitterby every 15 seconds, so the pressure is on.
    Lucky for you, all three Flitterbys are flying around at the same time. Unlucky
    for you, only one of them is able to be caught at a time. Once again, do your
    best, and good luck.
    You get "Roderick Plumpton"!
    ** Well done, Harry. You've collected all the 'Quidditch' Wizard Cards. Now you
    can go to the Flying Club directly from the main menu, whenever you like! **
    Just to clear up some confusion: You can access Quidditch and Flying Practice
    from the main menu that appears after you restart the entire cartridge. It
    doesn't mean the Start menu, or Inventory as the game likes to call it.
    5.16 - Charms Class
    Objective: Meet Hermione on the second floor and complete Charms with Professor
    Either use the Portrait Room or the stairs to head to the second floor. On Floor
    2, enter the door labeled Flitwick's Office to find Hermione.
    Hermione: It's Charms with Professor Flitwick now, through this door.
    Enter the classroom.
    Flitwick: Today we're going to refresh our knowledge about the Wingardium
              Leviosa spell. Who can remember what this does? Yes, Miss Granger?
    Hermione: If you cast it on a certain object you can then levitate that object
              and move it around.
    Flitwick: That is correct, my dear. I've set up a challenge area for you to see
              if you can get to grips with the spell. In the area you will find
              several puzzles and obstacles, which, provided you can master the
              spell, you should be able to overcome. Collect your spellbook on the
              way through and get started. Good luck!
    Enter the next two rooms and grab the book on the table.
    NEW SPELL: Wingardium Leviosa
    Wingardium Leviosa has the ability to levitate certain stone objects that may be
    used to operate floor switch. They may also prove helpful in gaining access to a
    higher platform by providing an extra ledge to climb up.
    Grab the jar on the table and smash it for your first Golden Star (1), which I
    will call GS from here on out. Grab the next GS (2) just ahead hovering over the
    spikes. Open the cupboard for another GS (3). Use your newly acquired Wingardium
    Leviosa spell to move the block onto the switch, which will open the next door
    for you.
    Grab the two GS (4 & 5) in here, preferrably without taking any damage from the
    rotating spiky ball. In the next room, move the block right below you onto the
    right of the two switches with your new spell. From now on, when you see a block
    with wings on it, it means you have to use the Wingardium Leviosa spell to move
    it. I won't be telling you to "use the Wingardium Leviosa spell" anymore.
    A door in the north-east corner will open. Enter it, grab the GS (6) and open
    the chest.
    You get "Merwyn the Malicious"!
    Back in the previous room, move the block onto the left switch and continue.
    Grab the GS (7) under the spiky ball and take the left path right afterwards.
    Try to avoid the barrels coming at you by jumping over them or standing on the
    left side of the hallway. Grab the GS (8) here and continue down that same
    path, where you'll find another GS (9).
    When you come to a choice of going left or right, head left and grab the two GS
    (10 & 11) here.
    The two chests up ahead have a RTB (28) and a Chocolate Frog (you'll have to
    switch to the Flipendo spell to grab it). Head back to where the rolling barrels
    were and take the right path this time. You'll have to jump over these barrels
    since the hallway is pretty narrow to begin with. You'll find another GS (12) at
    the end of the path. Return back to the spiky ball that drops down on you, and
    follow the south-western path. There's two GS (13 & 14) here, a chest with a
    Cauldron Cake, and two blocks that want to be placed on switches.
    Enter the next room (refill your health and Wiggenweld Stamina Potion here) and
    flip the lever up ahead. Continue down the path, grabbing the GS (15) over the
    spikes and pick up the block, move it down the hallway onto the switch and head
    through the door.
    Watch out for the rolling barrels, grab the GS (16) and Flipendo the green vase
    for a RTB (29). Now follow the rolling barrels down their path.
    Flipendo the attacking suit in armor and move the block up against the wall in
    the far eastern corner. Climb on the block, then onto the ledge to open two
    chests for a Chocolate Frog and RTB (30). Drop off the ledge and place the block
    onto the switch this time.
    Cross under the two falling spiky balls, grabbing the GS (17) on the way, and
    search the second picture after the second spiky ball for another GS (18).
    Continue along the one-way path, grabbing the next GS (19) and RTB (31) as you
    come across them. Moving along the path, you'll collect two more GS (20 & 21).
    In the next room with the rolling barrels, you'll find THREE GS (22, 23 & 24).
    Open the cupboard for a RTB (32) as well. Now put the two blocks onto the two
    Enter the next room, entice the golden suit of armor to take a swing, then rush
    past him, collecting the GS (25) before he swings again. Hit the lever at the
    end of the hall to open the final door of this challenge.
    Head to Professor Flitwick, who will reward you with 45 House Points for
    collecting all 25 Golden Stars!
    Flitwick: Well done, Harry! You've completed the Charms lesson, and found all 25
              challenge stars. That's earned you 45 House Points!
    Leave Flitwick's office to meet up with Hermione.
    Harry: I'm worried about the writing on the wall, Hermione. The Chamber of
           Secrets has been opened... What's that supposed to mean?
    Hermione: We need to find out more about the Chamber of Secrets, Harry. What we
              really need is a copy of Hogwarts: A History. Perhaps you could get it
              from the library? You'd better go now, though. I doubt there'll be any
              left by the morning. It's through the door to the left of the portrait
              on the second floor.
    5.17 - Hogwarts: A History
    Objective: Visit the library and find a copy of Hogwarts: A History, then return
               with it to the Common Room.
    Before heading out to the Grand Staircase, enter the door on the left wall of
    the hallway. Now that you have the Wingardium Leviosa spell, you can finish
    this part.
    Head right, pick up the block and move it to the other end of the hallway, onto
    the switch.
    In the next room, head left, grab the block, and move it to the north-eastern
    corner, next to the desk. Climb on the block, then onto the desk, and Flipendo
    the green vase for a RTB (33).
    Now enter the door next in the southern corner. Defeat all three Doxies in here
    to be rewarded with a Knut! WOW. Open the cupboard on the left side of the room
    for a Cauldron Cake and search the far left desk for a RTB (34).
    Go through the north-western door this time. Fire two charged Flipendos at the
    walking suit in armor to collect another Knut. You can also destroy the
    attacking suit in armor up ahead if you want. Walk along the hallway and defeat
    another walking suit in armor. You'll see a golden door you can't enter yet.
    Instead, enter the door across from the vent in the floor. Open the chest.
    You get "Felix Summerbee"!
    ** You have collected all five 'Charms' Wizard Cards. With the Alohomora spell
    in your possession, you can now use it to open certain locked chests and doors.
    Perhaps there are now a few new areas for you to open up? **
    NEW SPELL: Alohomora
    Alohomora is a simple yet useful spell. It removes charms on locked chests and
    doors. Very handy for getting into rooms that contain things that someone would
    like to keep secret.
    Head to the southern corner and recover your health. Head to the right from the
    Wiggenweld cauldron and break the green vase for a RTB (35).
    Head back to the hallway with the golden door and unlock it with Alohomora.
    Enter the room, flip the lever in the western corner and open the chest for a
    RTB (36).
    Flip the lever in the northern corner and put the block onto the switch.
    In the next room, defeat the attacking suit of armor to the left and flip the
    lever. Open the chest for a Chocolate Frog (that should make three as of right
    Enter the next room, and put the block up against the ledge on the eastern side
    of the room. Flip the lever after climbing on the ledge (a new block drops
    Drop off the ledge and put both blocks on the switches in the northern and
    eastern corner of the room. A chest will drop down, giving you a RTB (37).
    That's it for this place. Head all the way back to the Grand Staircase. Use the
    map if you get lost.
    Normally, I would lead you to all the locked chests you've seen so far, since
    you can open them now. However, your next destination is abuot 5 steps to your
    left, so go ahead and enter the Library.
    Continue onward until you see a chest. Open it for a Pumpkin Pasty. Move the
    block in the far left corner onto the switch in the middle. Use Incendio to burn
    the cobweb (watch out for the Dungbomb that's left behind) and open the chest
    for your fourth Chocolate Frog. Now enter the door the switch opened for you.
    There's a wandering suit in armor in the next room that is looking to intercept
    two Flipendos. Head to the corner of the room where you see a cobweb. Burn it
    and grab the RTB (38). Then search the portrait to the left of you for yet
    another RTB (39).
    Continue onward (the chest has a Pumpkin Pasty), through the door and open this
    chest for your fifth Chocolate Frog, granting you another bar of health. Push
    the block in the left corner onto the switch in between the two golden suit of
    In the next room, take the upper path and flip the lever to have a block drop
    down. Move the block over onto the ledge right next to it, and climb up. Open
    the chest for a RTB (40). Drop back down and find the switch (straight ahead of
    the door you used to enter this room). Put the block on that switch. Head to
    the other side of the room (use the map to get a layout of this room) and place
    the block in the left corner onto the other switch.
    Head to the door you just opened and open the chest for a RTB (41) first. While
    standing in the doorway, defeat the walking suit of armor and pick up the
    Cauldron Cake he dropped.
    Continue onward (you can avoid the first two attacking suit of armors by hugging
    the rail) and break the green vase for a RTB (42). Try not to take too much
    damage getting the bean from the golden suit of armor. Defeat the walking suit
    of armor, grab the Cauldron Cake and continue on the path to come across two
    golden suit of armors. You can't dodge these, so just get them to swing and
    then run by.
    Defeat the attacking suit of armor in front of the stairs and the walking suit
    of armor at the top of the stairs (he drops a Cauldron Cake). Grab the book on
    the desk.
    Harry: Hogwarts: A History! Now I need to head back to the Common Room to find
           Ron and Hermione.
    Go through the door in the north-western corner of the room and backtrack to the
    beginning of the library (use the map if you get lost).
    Now that we've got the book, let's go unlock all the locked chests we've seen so
    far. Take the stairs down to Floor 1 and to the Entrance Hall. Unlock the chest
    here for a RTB (43). The only other locked chest you've seen so far is out on
    the Grounds, so head outside and enter Hogwarts Grounds. Open up the map, and
    head to the section directly north of where you are now.
    This involves heading left, around the water, then all the way to the right.
    Open the locked chest for another RTB (44).
    Now head back inside to the Portrait Room. Use the portrait to reach the seventh
    floor and take the stairs down to Floor 6. You'll find a golden door here that
    you can unlock with Alohomora. The door is labeled Floor 6 Bonus.
    Grab the RTB (45) laying on the floor, break the green vase for another RTB (46)
    and Incendio the cobweb. Flip the lever.
    Go all the way down the hallway and into the big room. Take the north-western
    door first. Break the left barrel for a RTB (47), Incendio the cobweb for
    another RTB (48) and open the chest for a Chocolate Frog. Back in the previous
    room, enter through the north-eastern door.
    Grab the RTB (49) in the far left corner, open the cupboard in the northern end
    of the room for another RTB (50) and grab the RTB (51) behind the globe.
    In the eastern corner of the room, drag the chair forward a few spaces to open a
    new door on the western side of the room. Open the cupboard in this room for a
    RTB (52), open both chests for a RTB (53) and Chocolate Frog, then Incendio the
    cobweb for yet another RTB (54). In the previous room, search the northern-most
    and southern-most desks for two RTB (55 & 56). Return to the big room with the
    two blocks.
    Search the only painting in this room for a RTB (57). Break the green vase for
    another RTB (58).
    Push the blocks onto the switches, and enter the newly opened door. Search the
    painting in the eastern corner for a RTB (59) and open the chest for a Chocolate
    Frog (that makes three).
    That's it for now.
    Head up to the seventh floor and into the Common Room. You'll find Ron and
    Hermione waiting by the fireplace.
    Hermione: Well done, Harry! Let's see what it says, then... Hogwarts was founded
              over a thousand years ago, and the four Houses are named after its
              founders: Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and
              Salazar Slytherin. After working together harmoniously for a while, a
              rift began to grown between Slytherin and the others. Apparently
              Slytherin didn't want to accept students of non-magical parentage,
              believing them untrustworthy. It goes on to say that there was a
              serious argument between Slytherin and Gryffindor, and Slytherin left
              Hogwarts. But not before he built a hidden chamber within the school.
              Only Slytherin's Heir could open the Chamber of Secrets, unleash the
              horror within, and purge the school of all those unworthy to study
              magic there.
    Harry: Does it say what the 'horror within' is, exactly?
    Hermione: Apparently some sort of monster, which only the Heir of Slytherin is
              able to control.
    Ron: I always knew Salazar Slytherin was a twisted old loony. But I wonder who
         the Heir of Slytherin is...
    Harry: Well, if you listen to some of the rumors around the school, it could be 
    Hermione: Yes, but that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. For
              starters, your mother was born non-magical. Who can it be, though?
    Ron: Let's think, who do we know who thinks all non-magical born are scum?
    Hermione: Malfoy...
    Harry: All his family have been in Slytherin and he's definitely unpleasant
    Hermione: It's certainly possible. What we need to do is get inside the
              Slytherin Common Room and ask Malfoy a few questions without him
              realizing it's us.
    Harry: But that's impossible!
    Hermione: We need to make a Polyjuice Potion. It transforms you into somebody
              else. You could turn into a Slytherin and Malfoy would probably tell
              you anything. But we've got to get hold of the recipe, which should be
              in the book Moste Potente Potions. Trouble is, it's in the restricted
    After Harry wakes up, head back to the fireplace and speak to Hermione.
    Hermione: Harry, I think we should go to the restricted library and try to get
              hold of Moste Potente Potions. We can get to it from the second floor,
              past Myrtle's bathroom.
    Harry: Good idea. We've got to find out if Malfoy is the Heir of Slytherin. I'll
           see you there.
    5.18 - Moste Potente Potions
    Objective: Stealth through library (restricted) and find a copy of Moste Potente
               Potions, then return to meet Hermione.
    Head down to Floor 2 and enter Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom.
    Hermione: Look at this! Have you ever seen spiders act like that?
    Ron: I - don't - like - spiders - They're coming out from under that door. But
         we can't go in there, it's a girls' bathroom.
    Hermione: No one uses this bathroom. Its' Moaning Myrtle's place. Come on; let's
              have a look.
    *All three enter bathroom*
    Hermione: Hello Myrtle, how are you?
    Moaning Myrtle: This is a girls' bathroom. They're not girls.
    Harry: Ask her if she saw anything, Hermione.
    Moaning Myrtle: Why are you whispering? I wish people would stop talking behind
                    my back! My life was nothing but misery at this place and now
                    people come along ruining my death!
    Harry: Did you see anything funny here the night Mrs. Norris was attacked?
    Moaning Myrtle: I wasn't paying any attention. Peeves upset me so much I came in
                    here and tried to kill myself. Then I realized I'm - I'm - 
    Ron: Already dead?
    *Moaning Myrtle floats away, upset*
    Ron: That was almost cheerful for Myrtle.
    Hermione: Anyway, you'd better get on to the library. We need the book for the
              Polyjuice Potion ingredients if we're to find out if Malfoy is the
              Heir of Slytherin. Follow this corridor and you'll come to the
              restricted library, Harry.
    Exit the bathroom and continue along the hallway (don't get hurt by the golden
    suit of armor). At the end of the hallway you'll see another golden door which
    you can now unlock with Alohomora.
    Towards the northern end is a cupboard that you should examine to find a
    RTB (60). There are four desks in this room. The far left one has a Dungbomb, so
    get out of the way if you search the desk. The desk to the right of that has a
    Cauldron Cake and the other two desks have nothing.
    Enter the next room through the door in the south-western wall. Open the chest
    for a Chocolate Frog (that should be four now). Defeat the two attacking suits
    of armor in the southern corner of the room and flip the lever to open a door
    for you. Go through this new door and open the chest.
    You get "Gaspard Shingleton"!
    Toss the barrel and grab the RTB (61).
    Head back to the main hallway of this floor. Continue along the path and enter
    the Restricted Library.
    As soon as you enter, you'll get to have some fun with Peeves.
    Peeves: Hey' it's potty, wee Potter! You can't hurt me, I'm a ghost!
    After this, you'll have to fight Peeves.
    Peeves will usually throw eggs at you that explode when they hit the ground.
    Obviously you should just dodge these, which isn't too hard. Other than that,
    the only way be able to damage you is when he hides in a suit of armor, which
    is when he'll sometimes throw Dungbombs at you.
    How do you get him to go into a suit of armor? A fully charged Flipendo will do
    the trick. Once inside the suit of armor, you can destroy the armor with another
    charged Flipendo.
    Don't worry about hurting him until you've destroyed all four suits of armor.
    When you destroy one of the armors, his health is recovered by about 25%. When
    you destroy the last suit of armor, his health is recovered completely.
    Peeves may also turn off the lights, but that doesn't seem to do anything,
    except make the room a little darker.
    Anyway, Peeves is not hard at all. It only took me two fully charged Flipendos
    to beat him after all suits of armors were gone.
    Peeves: He he! That kept you on your toes, didn't it, Potter? Anyway, I'm off!
    Before Peeves leaves, he will drop a spellbook!
    NEW SPELL: Skurge
    Skurge is used to remove 'Ectoplasm' barriers that have been placed to block
    doors or passageways. It also has the added advantage of scaring off some
    unfriendly, but cowardly ghosts disguising themselves as statues.
    The slimy green stuff covering the other door in this room is the Ectoplasm. Use
    Skurge to get rid of it and enter the door.
    Check out the message the owl has for you.
    Owl Scroll: Scary Statues
    Hi Harry,
      Some ghosts around Hogwarts like to disguise themselves as statues, usually on
      blocks you'll need to push onto a floor pad. Simply scare them off with a
      blast of your Skurge spell and they'll fly away. Then you can move the block
      onto the pad.
    In this entire section, you'll have to dodge prefects walking around. If you get
    caught by any of them, they will take 2 points from Gryffindor and you'll have
    to start from the beginning again.
    NOTE: Just as a random info, even if you get caught 48 times and reduce your
    House Points to 0, they will still say that they take off 2 points from
    Gryffindor, even though you didn't have any!
    From the first corridor, head right, open the chest for a Sickle and hide behind
    the curtains (or run back to the door you just came out of if you have time)
    before the prefect sees you. You're better off going back to the door, since you
    can't make it past the prefect from the curtain without getting caught.
    Either way, when you can, run to the left side of the corridor and enter the
    next room, which also has a prefect walking around. Wait until the prefect goes
    to your right and go left and down the stairs to another corridor.
    There's no prefect here, but there is a walking suit of armor. Send two charged
    Flipendos his way (he drops a Cauldron Cake) and go to the right. Break the
    green vase for another Cauldron Cake if you need it and Incendio the cobweb for
    a Knut (watch out for the golden suit of armor). You can actually grab the Knut
    without ever having the golden suit of armor swing at you if you're careful.
    Head to the left. Open the chest and grab the Knut without getting smashed by
    the spiky ball.
    Head to the southern corner and continue here. Hug the railing to avoid the fire
    from the statue in the wall and the golden suit of armor. Up ahead is another
    blue carpet, which signifies a prefect walking around. Open the chest, but
    beware that it contains a Dungbomb.
    Hide in the curtain, wait for the prefect, then follow him (at a distance!) when
    he heads back. You'll come across another curtain you should hide behind. When
    the prefect walks back to the left, you're free to go.
    The green vase next to the third curtain has a Dungbomb, but the chest has a
    Pumpkin Pasty. Make sure to still watch out for the prefect here. Anyway, flip
    the lever.
    Up the stairs to your left is another blue carpet with another prefect. Towards
    the left is a chest with a Knut if you want to grab it. After that, make sure
    it's safe and go right. Ignore the chest (it has a Dungbomb) and the golden suit
    of armor and enter the room. The chest here has a Cauldron Cake. Grab it and
    flip the lever which opens the door up ahead.
    Making sure the prefect is nowhere in sight, head back to the corridor and enter
    the next room (you can open the chest, but it has absolutely nothing in it).
    If you check the map, you'll see that a) this room is a big square and b) you're
    getting close to the book.
    The weird thing about the prefect here is that he never makes a full circle (or
    square) around the room. He never enters the far right side of the room, so it's
    safe to walk around there.
    In the eastern corner of the room you'll see a switch. It seems like you have
    nothing to put on the switch, however.
    Head to the northern corner of the room and you'll see one of those cowardly
    ghosts (the statue) that were mentioned earlier. Skurge it and drag the block
    onto the switch to open the door right next to you.
    Enter this room and grab the book on the table.
    Harry: Moste Potente Potions - Great! Better head back to meet Hermione.
    *Helpful Hint: To refer to the ingredients you require at any time, check in
    your Inventory.*
    NOTE: If you get caught by the Prefects here, you end up back in the room where
    you found the book.
    Head all the way back to the beginning, avoiding all prefects again. Exit the
    library and you'll meet up with Hermione.
    Hermione: Great, Harry! You found Moste Potente Potions! Now, let's see what
              ingredients we need. Ah yes; the Polyjuice Potion requires knotgrass,
              fluxweed, boomslang skin and some leeches. Some of these aren't going
              to be very easy to find. Anyway, we'll get started on this tomorrow. 
              It's a bit late now, so we'd better get to bed.
    5.19 - Knotgrass Ingredient
    Objective: Search the school for a store cupboard to find the knotgrass.
    After you wake up, head to the all-too familiar fireplace.
    Hermione: Transfiguration's next, Harry, on the first floor. Don't forget you've
              got the Skurge spell, now. I'm certain there's a store cupboard
              leading off from the Entrance Hall that you can get in now, and I
              wouldn't be surprised if you found an ingredient for the Polyjuice
              Potion there.
    Before heading outside of the Common Room, follow the orange carpet until you
    come to a door with Ectoplasm covering it. Enter it and open the chest for your
    fifth Chocolate Frog! You should now have eight bars of health. But we're not
    done here.
    Head towards the right, and dodge all the suits of armor (you can destroy the
    silver one and avoid the golden one by hugging the railing) and avoid the spiky
    ball and head up the stairs.
    Destroy the attacking suit of armor at the top of the stairs and flip the lever.
    Backtrack to the beginning (to the chest where you found the Chocolate Frog) and
    go left this time. You can avoid the fast spinning spiky ball by hugging the
    edge of the floor. Avoid all the following traps until you reach some stairs.
    Green vases are being rolled down these stairs, so you'll have to dodge them.
    You can dodge all of them by either hugging the left or right side of the
    stairwell, then going to the other side for every other vase.
    At the top of the stairs is a RTB (62). Yes, that's what we went through all
    that trouble for!
    Head back to the Common Room.
    NOTE: If you need to restore your health, go to your Dormitory and heal up with
    the Wiggenweld Stamina Potion cauldron there.
    Usually, at this point, I would lead you to all the places you can now access
    with the help of your Skurge spell. I won't be doing that now, because you only
    need one more spell to have all the spells, and you're going to get it very
    Anyway, go to the Entrance Hall via the Portrait Room and use Skurge on the
    Storage Cupboard (south point of the room). Grab the knotgrass inside.
    Harry: Excellent! I've got the knotgrass. Better get to Transfiguration class
           now on the first floor.
    5.20 - Transfiguration Class
    Objective: Go to Transfiguration Class on Floor 1.
    So head up to the first floor and enter the Transfiguration classroom.
    Professor McGonagall: Good day. Today we shall be learning a new transfiguration
                          spell known as Avifors. Avifors is used to transform
                          certain inanimate objects, such as small statues, into
                          birds. Through this door you will find the Avifors
                          spellbook and a statue. Simply collect the spellbook and
                          cast the spell on the statue. Please make your way
                          through to the end of this area, using the Avifors spell
                          wherever necessary, in order to reach the end and complete
                          the challenge.
    Harry: Okay Professor.
    Enter the next room and grab the spellbook.
    NEW SPELL: Avifors
    The Avifors spell has the ability to transform certain boulders and statues into
    birds, unblocking paths and sometimes revealing hidden items.
    In this challenge you'll want to collect 25 more Golden Stars (GS).
    Use the spell on the statue in the corner of the room and a door will open.
    Before leaving this room, examine the portrait on the right wall for a GS (26).
    In the next room, destroy the attacking suit of armor blocking a doorway. Enter
    the room, and climb up the ledge for a GS (27).
    Back in the last room, follow the long hallway and go right at the end to grab
    the GS (28) without getting hurt, preferrably. On the left side of the room,
    transform both statues into birds to have the door open.
    In the next room, go left and transform the boulder into a bird. It will leave
    behind a RTB (63). Go right along the hallway and hug the railing to avoid all
    the fire crabs. Transform the boulder ahead to let you pass and be careful of
    the next fire crab (you can't dodge this one).
    Once you reach the skinny path, go left first. Grab the two GS (29 & 30) and
    push both boulders onto the switches. Backtrack the skinny path and enter the
    newly opened door, which is filled with suits of armors. Defeat all the silver
    ones, avoid the gold ones and grab the GS (31) at the end. Make sure to defeat
    the attacking suit of armor to the right of the door and Avifors the statue to
    open a door further ahead.
    Follow the skinny path once more and avoid the falling spiky ball. Take the
    right path, hug the wall to avoid the golden suit of armor, Flipendo the switch
    on the wall and Avifors the boulder at the end of the path for a GS (32).
    Head back to the spiky ball and enter the now open door. Grab the GS (33) in
    here, open the chest for a RTB (64) and flip the lever to turn two statues so
    they won't bother you anymore. Don't forget to restore your health/vial before
    you leave.
    Leave the room and take the left path. Incendio the cobweb in the corner for a
    GS (34).
    Up ahead are three golden suits of armors, each guarding a star. Do your best to
    grab them all (35, 36 & 37) without getting hurt.
    Enter the next room and Avifors the boulder to get a RTB (65). Further along the
    path, Avifors the statue to open the gated door. Inside, grab the two
    GS (38 & 39) and the RTB (66). Flip the lever in the corner to open the next
    Keep going along the wall and Flipendo the walking suit of armor twice. Enter
    the door he was guarding to grab the GS (40) and open the chest to grab a
    Chocolate Frog.
    In between the first and second door, there's a little room on the opposite side
    of the wall. Avoid all the fire, transform the boulder to let you pass and flip
    the lever. Also open the chest for a GS (41). Head back to the very beginning of
    this big room and use Wingardium Leviosa to move the boulder next to the ledge
    at the north end of this room.
    On the ledge, open the card-container (or whatever that is).
    You get "Clover Hipworth"!
    ** Congratulations on collecting all five 'Potions' Wizard Cards. You now have
    the Girding Potion. When you take this, you'll be protected from harm for a 
    short period of time. **
    If you use a Girding Potion, you are protected from harm for 15 seconds. You
    only have five of these, so use them wisely.
    Head to the far left end of the corridor and go down to continue onwards. Grab
    the GS (42) in front of the golden suit of armor and hug the railing to avoid
    all damage. Avifors the statue, grab the next GS (43) and keep hugging the
    railing to avoid damage. Avifors the next statue as well. This opens the door
    up ahead. Grab the GS (44) in plain sight and enter the next room.
    Head to the northern end first and Avifors the statue. There's a darkened wall
    tile to your left; examine it for a GS (45). Also grab the GS (46) being
    circled by the spiky ball.
    Search the portrait in the far left corner for a RTB (67).
    Defeat the walking suit of armor walking near the door for a Cauldron Cake. To
    the right you can find a GS (47) and another statue you need to Avifors (this
    opens up a door ahead).
    Exit the room and continue right. Grab the GS (48) while avoiding damage and
    enter the next room. Open the chest for a Chocolate Frog. Defeat the three
    Doxies in this room for a Cauldron Cake. Grab the GS (49) as well.
    In the next room, open the chest for your last GS (50) and flip the lever to
    open the door.
    Professor McGonagall: Well done, Harry! You've completed the Transfiguration
    lesson, and found all 25 challenge stars. That's earned you 45 House Points!
    Now exit the Transfiguration classroom through the south-east exit.
    5.21 - Gryffindor vs. Slytherin
    Objective: Follow Oliver Wood to the Quidditch pitch for the match against
    Oliver Wood: Come along now, Potter. It's the first match of the year and I
                 don't need to remind you who Slytherin's new Seeker is, do I? The
                 Quidditch pitch is at the south end of the Grounds. Have a look at
                 the map if you're unsure.
    Before you do that, you have some new things to explore. Head up to the seventh
    floor and enter the door you take to get to Fred and George's shop. Straight
    ahead of you are two statues that you can use Avifors on. Do so, and the wall
    will open.
    Follow the path until you see two falling spicky balls, two spikes coming out of
    the floor and another spiky ball going in circles. Do your best to get past all
    this and head down the skinny pathway. Continue all the way to the end and
    you'll have picked up 7 Knuts and a RTB (68).
    Head back to the circling spiky ball and take the north-western path instead.
    Remove the Ectoplasm from the door and enter the room. Destroy the three barrels
    for a Cauldron Cake, open the cupboard for a RTB (69) and flip the lever to open
    the door.
    Enter this room and open all 5 chests. You'll find one Chocolate Frog, two
    Knuts, a Wizard Card and an empty chest.
    You get "Herpo the Foul"!
    Random Note: If you check your wizard card collection, you'll see you only need
    3 more to have all of them!
    Anyway, you're done here, so head back to your Common Room. Instead of going
    left like always, follow the orange carpet to the right. At the end of the path
    you'll find two statues that you can use Avifors on. Do so, and the gated door
    near you will open.
    Follow the path and Incendio the cobweb in the corner for a Knut. Continue
    along the path and watch out for the walking golden suit of armor. Keep walking
    and Harry will spot a suspicious wall:
    Harry: That wall looks suspicious to me. Looks to me like it's a fake wall. I
           wonder if I can move it...
    *Helpful Hint: Press the Action Button while standing next to certain walls to
    reveal a hidden entrance.*
    This wall simply adds a little shortcut back to the beginning for you. Anyway,
    move the block onto the switch to open a door near you.
    Enter the narrow hallway, defeat the attacking suits in armor and proceed to the
    end of the hallway, where you'll flip a switch to open another door for you.
    Head to the room you just opened and read the message from the owl.
    Owl Scroll: Secret Walls
    Hi Harry,
      Stay alert Harry, some walls are not what they seem. Look out for one-way
      walls that open up from one side when you approach them, but seal back up
      when you are on the other side.
    We can assume that we'll come across one of those walls pretty soon here.
    Anyway, there are two walking suits of armor in this room. Defeat them both to
    get a Knut. Destroy the barrel for another Knut. Ignore the chest since it only
    has a Dungbomb in it.
    Unlock the golden door with Alohomora and enter it. There are three Doxies in
    this room that leave a Cauldron Cake behind if you defeat them all. There's a
    Knut in the cupboard towards the south-western end of the room. Incendio the
    cobweb on the other side of the room for a RTB (70).
    The only thing left in here are two chests. One is locked, one is not. The
    unlocked chest has a Chocolate Frog (this makes four). The locked chest has a
    Sickle for you.
    Exit the door here to see one of those one-way doors Hermione was talking about.
    Heal up in your Dormitory if you need to and head back to the Grand Staircase.
    Head down to the fifth floor and remove the Ectoplasm covering the door to the
    Floor 5 Bonus.
    Break the green vase in here for a RTB (71). Go through the right door and
    search the portrait for another RTB (72) and break the four glasses nearby for
    another RTB (73). Incendio the cobweb for yet another RTB (74).
    In the next room, open all four desks and collect two RTB (75 & 76). Enter the
    door in the south-eastern end of the room and open the chest for your fifth
    Chocolate Frog! Might as well also grab the RTB (77) in the green vase.
    Head all the way back to the first room and examine the (fake) north-western
    Enter this room and examine the western-most portrait for a RTB (78). Break the
    green vase on the other side of the room for another RTB (79). Flip the lever to
    open the next door and enter the room.
    The chest has a Chocolate Frog for you, while the green vase has another
    RTB (80).
    That's it for the inside of Hogwarts!
    Head outside. Before going to the Hogwarts Ground, Avifors the boulder directly
    south of the Whomping Willow for a RTB (81). Now head to the Hogwarts Grounds.
    Head to the south-western corner of the Grounds (where Hagrid's Hut is) and
    Incendio the cobweb to the west of his house for a RTB (82). Yes, you could've
    gotten this one much much earlier, but I didn't find it until now, so deal with
    it. ;)
    To the right of Hagrid's Hut is a boulder that doesn't seem so tough after an
    Avifors spell. It also leaves a Knut behind. Inside, open the chest for a
    Head back to the door to the Hogwarts Grounds. Follow the stone path until you
    see the two white pillars. Head south-east from here to come across a boulder
    that reveals a RTB (83) after an Avifors.
    Now go back to the white pillars and follow the path a little more. Once you
    reach the end of the wooden fence, go south and Avifors the boulder into a
    RTB (84).
    Now head to the Quidditch pitch (marked by the X on your map).
    This quidditch match against Slytherin has the tendancy to get a little
    annoying. The goal is simple: Fly through the rings to increase your boost
    (which you can use with B [default]) and beat Draco Malfoy (the Slytherin
    Seeker) to the Flitterby.
    There's a random bludger flying around that will a) slow you down physically and
    b) decrease your boost bar a little when you get hit.
    This bludger is pretty unpredictable, so do your best to avoid it. The best way
    to actually avoid it seems to be to either go up/down instead of trying to dodge
    it with left/right motions.
    You can see how close you're getting to the Snitch (and how close Malfoy is to
    the Snitch) by looking at the bar in the top right corner.
    This game is pretty much rigged so that you can only lose if you take way too
    long (I'm going to say the cut-off time is 180 seconds, or 3 minutes). Anytime
    before that, you will always win, as long as you're making progress (as in,
    going through rings, using your boost, etc.).
    I suggest simply using your boost as soon as you get it, because you don't want
    to lose it when a bludger hits you, do you?
    Either way, whether you win or lose, you'll get a quick scene which is supposed
    to translate to "Harry gets hit with a bludger in his arm, and it shatters",
    though the animation does a pretty bad job of saying that.
    Harry will wake up in the Hospital Wing after the match.
    5.22 - Leeches Ingredient
    Objective: Stealth through the Hospital Wing and find the leeches for the
               Polyjuice Potion.
    Harry: Hello, Hermione. It's nice of you to come and visit me.
    Hermione: Of course, Harry. For starters I have to congratulate you on your
              excellent performance today against Slytherin.
    Harry: If only I knew who was responsible for that Bludger. The 'Skele-Gro'
           Madam Pomfrey gave me has worked well. My broken arm has healed already.
           But we've still got a lot to do.
    Hermione: Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure there are some leeches in the 
              Hospital Wing stores. Perhaps, now your arm is better you could have a
              sneak around and see if you can find them. We're going to need the
              leeches for the Polyjuice Potion.
    Head through the door in the north-west corner of the Hospital Wing. Yeah, I
    have no idea why there is a bush in the Hospital Wing, either, sorry.
    Anyway, head left right away to enter another room with an Invisibility Cloak.
    Use it and start running. All the way down the first corridor, through the door
    at the end, then all the way to the other end (you'll pass two prefects on the
    way). Again, if you get caught, you lose 2 House Points. But as long as you
    don't run into too many things, the Cloak should last long enough.
    At the end of the second corridor, enter the door, which puts you in a bathroom.
    Go around the corner and fight the Troll (three charged Flipendos)! Don't worry
    about getting hurt, since there's a Wiggenweld Stamina Potion cauldron nearby.
    After you defeat the troll, watch out for the Dungbomb it leaves behind. Then
    flip the lever in the corner.
    Open the chest for a Pumpkin Pasty and refill your health at the cauldron.
    When you're done, go back to the long corridor and head back a little bit. Enter
    the first door you see (watch out, since one of the prefects might be in your
    Open the chest here for a Sickle. The glasses hold nothing. Advance along the
    corridor and hide in the curtain until the prefect heads the other way, then
    follow the corridor all the way down.
    The green vase at the end has nothing. The next has a prefect walking in a big
    square. Follow him (at a distance) until you see a lever on the wall. Flip it
    and keep following the prefect until you see the door you just opened.
    In this room, open the cupboard ahead of you for a Knut. Then grab the leeches
    towards your right.
    Harry: Great - that's the leeches collected! Better get back up to the Common
           Room to meet Hermione and Ron.
    If you go left, you'll find four cupboards. The second one from the left has a
    Cauldron Cake, while the third one from the left has a Dungbomb.
    Now simply backtrack all the way to the beginning and exit the Hospital Wing
    onto the Grand Staircase.
    5.23 - Common Room
    Objective: Meet Hermione and Ron in the Common Room.
    Head up to the seventh floor, then into the Common Room.
    Ron: Well Christmas is nearly here - 
    Harry: And it looks we'll be the only ones left - us, Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle.
           What a jolly holiday!
    Hermione: I can't help wondering why Malfoy's not going home for the holidays...
              it's good for our plan that Crabbe and Goyle are staying. It means we
              can get on with making the Polyjuice Potion. Now if you'll meet me
              down at the girls' bathroom on the second floor...
    5.24 - Myrtle's Bathroom 1
    Objective: Meet Hermione in Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom.
    Guess what you should do? Head down to the second floor and enter Moaning
    Myrtle's bathroom.
    Harry: Don't you think Myrtle might object to us using her bathroom to make a
    Ron: I imagine she will, but then she moans about everything, doesn't she?
    Hermione: I've already had a look in, and she's not around. I've already made a
              start on the Polyjuice Potion; let's go inside and see what other
              ingredients need collecting.
    *The three enter the bathroom*
    Harry: I couldn't think of a better place to knock a potion together without
           being found out.
    Hermione: There are still a few things left - fluxweed and boomslang skin. The
              fluxweed can only be collected during a full moon. I know where we can
              get that, but we're going to have to wait a while before the moon is
              up. I'm sure that Snape will have some boomslang skin in his private
              stores below ground. Why don't you have a look for it, Harry? But
              mind you don't get caught.
    5.25 - Snape's Private Stores
    Objective: Find Professor Snape's private stores below ground and collect the
               boomslang skin.
    Before heading back to the Grand Staircase, follow the path to the left. Remove 
    the Ectoplasm on the door and enter it. Flip the switch in the corner to have a
    chest drop down. Open the chest for a RTB (85). The other chest has a Chocolate
    Frog for you. You can also refill your Poison Antidote Potion if you need to.
    After that, head back to the Grand Staircase and then go to the Entrance Hall.
    Once you're there, enter the door right next to the save book, labeled as
    "Belowground". Continue straight on through a door and check out the owl post
    you have.
    Owl Scroll: Snape Sneak
    Hi Harry,
      Watch out for Snape. Looks like he's guarding his office, pacing backwards and
      forwards in this area. You don't want him catching you, he'll throw you right
      back out into the Entrance Hall.
    If you couldn't tell from the map Ron gives you, Snape is in the same room you
    are in!
    Immediately head down the hallway and into the curtain, so Snape dosen't see
    NOTE: If Snape catches you, it'll cost you 10 House Points.
    Go to the other end of the corridor and flip the switch. Stay in the area where
    you are until you see Snape, then follow him at a distance until you can enter
    the door you just opened (which is across from the curtain you just hid in).
    Grab the RTB (86) from the floor then flip the lever to open the trapdoor. Fall
    through the trapdoor to find...
    Colin Creevey: Is that you Harry?
    Harry: What? Who's down there?
    Colin Creevey: It's Colin Creevey... I was taking pictures of the dungeon when I
                   was caught by Filch. He put me in here and said I'd have to
                   remain here for the rest of the day.
    Harry: That's a bit extreme, isn't it? They must be hiding something.
    Colin Creevey: I'm lucky Filch didn't hang me from the walls in shackles. It's 
                   cold and dark in here - can you throw that switch on the wall and
                   let me out?
    Go flip the switch next to Colin Creevey's cell.
    Colin Creevey: Thanks, Harry! Here's a Wizard Card for your collection.
    Yuo get "Newt Scamander"!
    Head to the left, grab the RTB (87), then flip the lever to open the next door.
    Enter the next room, unlock the chest and open it for a RTB (88).
    There's a moving platform to the right of the chest (and a fire-spitting
    statue). Jump onto the moving block and jump five more times to come to a
    RTB (89) and a chest with a Knut. Jump back to the last chest and head left
    this time. Without getting hit by the spikes and the fire, jump four times and
    grab the RTB (90) on the spikes here.
    Continue left and jump three more times to come to a lever and a gated door.
    Flip the lever and enter the room. Open the chest for a Chocolate Frog and grab
    the RTB (91) above the spikes. Then head up the stairs.
    Flip both levers to activate a moving platform and to open the door. Make sure
    Snape isn't around and leave the room, heading left. Now that the platform is
    moving, you can cross the gap.
    On the other side is some mail for you.
    Owl Scroll: Filch Sneak
    Hi Harry,
      It's me again. Just wanted to warn you to watch out for Filch patrolling this
      area. If he catches you he'll throw you out or even worse, report you to
    Again, Filch is in the same corridor as you. If you don't waste time, you can
    easily flip the lever ahead and enter the door without Filch seeing you.
    Otherwise, just hide behind the curtain and then enter the door. The green vase
    on the right has a RTB (92) while the other two have nothing.
    Wait for Filch to pass you by, then go back out into the hallway and follow the
    path left. Enter the door at the end of the hallway.
    In here, defeat all three Doxies to get a Cauldron Cake and an open door. In the
    next room, head right and open the chest for a RTB (93).
    Head to the left and flip the lever to open the door.
    In the next room, roll the barrel all the way down onto the switch, which will
    open the door ahead of you. Before going through the door, open the chest for a
    Chocolate Frog. Now enter the next room.
    Open the chest to your left for a RTB (94) and defeat the troll with three
    charged Flipendos. Watch out for the Dungbomb it drops once you defeat it!
    Before leaving for the next room, open the chest just passed the door for your
    fifth Chocolate Frog! You should now have all ten health bars! Congratulations.
    In the next room is another owl with a message for you.
    Owl Scroll: Snape's Office
    Hi Harry,
      When you manage to sneak into Snape's office to collect the ingredients, you
      can get him to open the door by creating a distraction. But be careful,
      you'll have to hide behind the curtain here if you don't want to get caught.
      Wait for Snape to exit the room again though, before you come out of hiding!
    Now flip the lever to open the door to Snape's Office. Enter his office. Grab
    the boomslang skin in the south-eastern part of his office.
    Harry: The boomslang skin! Almost got everything for the Polyjuice Potion now.
           I'd better get to the Great Hall. It's almost time for the Dueling Club.
    Now grab any bottle in the room and throw it. This will cause Snape to unlock
    the door and enter his office. You should go behind the curtain in the
    south-west corner and Incendio the cobweb for a RTB (95). Now you just have to
    avoid Snape and leave out of the same door he came through.
    5.26 - Dueling Club
    Objective: Go to the Graet Hall for the Dueling Club.
    Now head to the Entrance Hall and then to the Great Hall.
    Gilderoy Lockhart: Gather round, gather round! Now, Professor Dumbledore has
                       granted me permission to start this little Dueling Club, to
                       train you all up in case you ever need to defend yourselves
                       as I myself have done on countless occasions. I'm going to
                       put you all into pairs. Professor Snape will assist me.
    Professor Snape: Time to split up the dream team, I think. Mr. Malfoy - let's
                     see what you make of the famous Potter.
    Gilderoy Lockhart: When I count to three, cast your charms to disarm your
                       opponent - only to disarm them - we don't want any accidents.
                       One... two... three!
    *Malfoy summons a snake, which slithers toward Justin Finch-Fletchley*
    Harry: Leave him!
    *Snake leaves*
    Hermione: You're a Parselmouth. Why didn't you tell us?
    Harry: A what?
    Hermione: A Parselmouth! You can talk to snakes!
    Harry: I accidently set a boa constrictor on my cousin Dudley at the zoo once,
           but that was before I knew I was a wizard.
    Hermione: It's not a very common gift, Harry! This is bad...
    Harry: What's wrong with stopping a snake attacking people? Justin could've been
           killed if it wasn't for me... Does it matter how I did it?
    Hermione: Of course! Talking to snakes was what Salazar Slytherin was famous
              for. That's why the symbol for Slytherin house is a serpent. Now the
              whole school's going to think you're Slytherin's
              great-great-great-great grandson, or something...
    Harry: But I'm not!
    Hermione: Slytherin lived about a thousand years ago; for all we know, you could
              be. We must get the Polyjuice Potion finished!
    Harry: Fine - but I'm not the Heir of Slytherin!
    5.27 - Greenhouse
    Objective: Meet Hermione inside the Greenhouse in Hogwarts Grounds to collect
               the fluxweed ingredient.
    *Back in the Entrance Hall*
    Hermione: We've got almost everything we need for the Polyjuice Potion:
              knotgrass, leeches and boomslang skin. Now there's a full moon, we
              can go and get the fluxweed. Meet me at the Greenhouse in Hogwarts
    Head outside and into Hogwarts Grounds. The Greenhouse is marked by an X on your
    Hermione: Harry, the fluxweed should be growing in here somewhere... Go inside
              and have a look. Be careful, though - the Venomous Tentacula will be
              full-size by now. Perhaps Incendio will have the desired effect
              against it.
    5.27.1 - Venomous Tentacula
    Objective: Defeat the Venomous Tentacula and collect the fluxweed ingredient.
    Head inside to face off against the Venomous Tentacula.
    To defeat this boss, you'll need at least 15 Flipendos (14 charged Flipendos,
    and one uncharged Flipendo will defeat the Venomous Tentacula).
    There is an easier way to defeat it, though, but I'll mention it in a minute.
    The Venomous Tentacula will spit out four balls that will deal one bar of health
    as damage. After those four balls, it will open its' mouth real wide and spit
    out 10 green balls (no idea what they are, so I call them balls, leave me
    alone) in a row, so make sure to keep walking otherwise you'll get hit
    multiple times.
    After that, it just repeats its cycle of 4 balls, then 10 balls in a row, then 4
    more balls, etc.
    NOTE: You can't damage the Venomous Tentacula while its' mouth is wide open.
    If you press A (default) real quick you'll fire off a weak Flipendo. Even though
    it's weak, it will still damage the Venomous Tentacula. You need about ~32 of
    these weak Flipendos to defeat this boss. Good news is that you can just get
    right up next to it and fire off 32 Flipendos. If you're quick enough, it won't
    ever spit out those 10 balls in a row, because it'll be dead before it gets
    the chance. I've actually beaten it before it shoots out its 4th ball this way.
    So if you don't mind taking 3-4 bars of damage, you can simply use this method.
    You'll notice that the Venomous Tentacula gets smaller and smaller the more
    health it loses. As it gets smaller, it will also spit out its 4 balls faster
    and faster, so beware of that.
    Anyway, after you defeat the Venomous Tentacula, it'll leave some fluxweed for
    you to take.
    Leave the greenhouse after you grab the fluxweed.
    Hermione: Well done Harry, you've got the fluxweed. That's everything we need
              for the Polyjuice Potion! Meet me at Myrtle's bathroom tomorrow
    5.28 - Myrtle's Bathroom 2
    Objective: Meet Hermione in Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom.
    Harry: I'd better get down to the bathroom to meet up with Hermione...
    Head to the Great Hall and you'll see that the portraits are unavailable again.
    Last time this happened someone had been petrified... 
    Anyway, use the stairs to head down to Floor 2.
    On Floor 4, you'll meet Hagrid.
    Hagrid: All right, Harry? Yeh look all hot an' bothered.
    Harry: It's nothing. I'd better get going.
    Hagrid: Well take care, Harry. Yeh should be careful wanderin' the halls alone
            these days.
    Harry: Thanks, Hagrid.
    Anyway... keep heading down to Floor 2.
    On Floor 3, you'll find a petrified body (surprise!) and Peeves.
    Peeves: Why, it's potty wee Potter! Why's Potter lurking? ATTACK! ATTACK!
            ATTAAACK!! Oh Potter, you rotter, what have you done? Killing off
            students, you think it's good fun-
    *Professor McGonagall shows up*
    McGonagall: That's enough, Peeves! This way, Potter
    Harry: Professor, I swear I didn't-
    McGonagall: This is out of my hands...
    *Both of you walk towards the door leading to Dumbledore's Office*
    McGonagall: Lemon drop! Go up to Professor Dumbledore's office and wait. He'll
                be with you shortly.
    5.28.1 - Dumbledore's Office
    Objective: Make your way to Dumbledore's office
    Enter the door and examine the fake wall to make it move. Head along the hallway
    and open the western door with Alohomora.
    Open up the cupboard in here for a RTB (96). There's a green vase in the other
    corner with another RTB (97). There's also a green vase with nothing in it, so
    search for the right one.
    On your way out of this room, examine the portrait for a Pumpkin Pasty if you
    need it.
    In the previous room, go ahead and unlock the chest for a RTB (98).
    Avifors the statue on the eastern side of the room and enter the newly opened
    door. Defeat the two attacking suits of armor and open the chest behind them for
    a Chocolate Frog.
    Back in the previous room, enter the door covered by the purple drapes. There's
    nothing in this room, but you can examine the portrait in the next room for yet
    another RTB (99). The green vase in here also has a Sickle for you.
    Enter the next room to find yourself in Dumbledore's study.
    Dumbledore: Harry... An unfortunate situation... I hope we can resolve it as
                soon as possible.
    *Hagrid storms in*
    Hagrid: It wasn't Harry, Professor Dumbledore! I was talkin' ter him seconds
            before Justin was found; he never had time, sir! I'll swear it in front
            o' the Ministry o' Magic.
    Dumbledore: I don't believe Harry attacked those people, Hagrid.
    Harry: You don't think it was me, Professor?
    Dumbledore: No, Harry, but I must ask if there's anything you'd like to tell me.
                Anything at all.
    Harry: There's nothing, Professor...
    *Harry is now with Ron and Hermione in the Great Hall*
    Hermione: We still need a bit of the person you're going to change into to
              complete the Polyjuice Potion. The best plan would be to get some of
              either Crabbe or Goyle.
    Harry: What a disgusting thought - how are we supposed to do that?
    Hermione: Don't worry about that, Harry. I'll take care of it. I'll meet you
              back in Myrtle's bathroom.
    Before going to Myrtle's bathroom, head back to Dumbledore's Office on Floor 3.
    There's a chest in his office. Open it.
    You get "Gulliver Pokeby"!
    ** Well done, you've collected all five 'Beasts' Wizard Cards. Now you can view
    the Bestiary in your Notebook **
    Then search the portrait next to the fireplace for a RTB (100).
    *Helpful Hint: Congratulations, you've collected all 100 red beans. Now you can
    play the special mini game. To access the mini game, select it from the main
    menu screen.*
    That's all the red beans in the game! Phew!
    If you check your Wizard Cards collection, you'll see you're only missing one
    more card. Unfortunately, you won't be able to get this card unless you connect
    your GBA to a GameCube (which also has to have the HP: CoS game in it). Yeah,
    it sucks.
    Anyway, head to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom on Floor 2 and talk to Hermione.
    Harry: Hermione?
    Hermione: I've got one of Goyle's hairs for you, just don't ask me how!
    Harry: I won't!
    Hermione: I sneaked a spare robe out of the laundry - you'll need a bigger size
              once you're Goyle. Now remember, after you drink the potion you'll
              have exactly one hour before you turn back into yourself. Well, here
    Goyle/Harry: We've got to locate the Slytherin Common Room... I only hope we can
                 find someone to lead us there. I'll see you back here, Hermione,
                 when I've spoken to Malfoy.
    Admire your fancy new green robes and leave for the Grand Staircase.
    5.29 - Meeting Ron
    Objective: Go down to Floor 1 to meet up with Ron.
    The objective is simple. Head down to Floor 1 and talk to Ron.
    Goyle/Harry: I'll see you later, Ron - I've got to find the Slytherin Common
                 Room before this Polyjuice Potion wears off.
    Ron: The Slytherins always come up to breakfast from those stairs. Try looking
    Goyle/Harry: Thanks Ron. I'll see you later.
    Ron: Okay then - good luck!
    5.30 - Slytherin Common Room
    Objective: Go down into the dungeons and try to find the Slytherin Common Room.
    The door to the Entrance Hall is locked, so you have no choice but to go down
    the stairs next to Ron, which just happens to be the right direction. Enter
    the door labeled Slytherin Dungeons.
    The door to your left is locked, so head through the right one instead.
    Enter through the next door and you're already in Slytherin's Common Room.
    Malfoy is standing near the fireplace (seems to be a favorite location for
    Malfoy: Oh, hello Goyle. What's the new password again?
    Goyle/Harry: Er-
    Malfoy: Oh yeah - Pure-blood! I've got something to show you. My father's just
            sent it to me. Listen to this: Arthur Weasley, head of the Misuse of
            Non-Magical Artifacts Office, was today fined for fifty Galleons for
            bewitching a car. Mr. Lucius Malfoy called for Mr. Weasley's
            resignation, and told our reporters, 'He is clearly unfit to draw up
            our laws and his ridiculous Non-Magical People Protection Act should
            be scrapped immediately.' Funny, don't you think?
    Goyle/Harry: Er-yeah...
    Malfoy: I'm surprised the Daily Prophet hasn't reported those attacks. I suppose
            Dumbledore's trying to hush it all up. Father's says he's the worst
            thing that ever happened to this place. Dumbledore loves non-magical
            people. And then there's Saint Potter, another one with no proper
            wizard feeling, or he wouldn't go around with that jumped-up Granger
            Mudblood. And people think he's Slytherin's Heir! I wish I knew who it
            is. I could help them!
    Goyle/Harry: You must have some idea who's behind it all...
    Malfoy: You know I haven't, Goyle. But I do know that last time the Chamber of
            Secrets was opened, a Mudblood died. If one of them's killed this
            time... I hope its Granger.
    Goyle/Harry: Do you know if the person who opened it last time was caught? Ulp!
                 Er-ooh, er- I think I should go... not feeling very well...
    Malfoy: Do that, Goyle - you're behaving more oddly than usual today...
    *Malfoy walks away, and Goyle/Harry turns back into Harry*
    Harry: I'd better sneak back out and meet up with Ron.
    5.31 - Sneak to the Entrance Hall
    Objective: Sneak your way back to the Entrance Hall to meet up with Ron.
    Of course the way you just came is now closed, so you'll have to go the long way
    around (check your map to see how long).
    Exit through the north-eastern door. In this room, you'll fight a troll, so
    beware of that. It also drops a Cauldron Cake. Continue onwards, avoid the
    spikes, and remove the Ectoplasm from the door.
    In this room, Skurge the statue to your right and drag the block onto the
    Exit the room and continue along the hallway, avoiding all the dangers you come
    across. Slip behind the curtain as soon as you see one. When the prefect walks
    by, leave and flip the lever at the end of the hallway.
    Enter the door you just opened. In this room, grab the Invisibility Cloak, go to
    the left side of the U-shaped room (check the map if you need to) and flip the
    lever. Go through the door you just opened. Flip the lever right in front of you
    and go through the door you just opened.
    Now exit the door to find yourself on Floor 1. Now head to the Entrance Hall and
    speak to Ron.
    Ron: The Polyjuice Potion's worn off, I see.
    Harry: I was still in Slytherin's Common Room when it started to fade!
    Ron: Let's go meet Hermione back at the bathroom.
    5.32 - Myrtle's Bathroom 3
    Objective: Go back up to Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom on the second floor to meet
    Simply head up to Floor 2 and enter the door that leads to Moaning Myrtle's
    Hermione: So? Is Malfoy the Heir of Slytherin??
    Harry: No, he isn't.
    Ron: I was so sure it was Malfoy.
    Harry: Hang on - I can hear someone... sounds like it's coming from Myrtle's
           bathroom. Let's have a look.
    Filch: ...Even more work for me! Mopping up all night, like I haven't got enough
           to do! No, this is the final straw; I'm going to Dumbledore...
    Harry: Filch...
    Ron: You don't think someone else's been attacked?
    Moaning Myrtle: Whaaaaaa!!
    Ron: Now what's up with her?
    Harry: Let's go and see.
    *All three enter the bathroom*
    Harry: What's the matter, Myrtle?
    Moaning Myrtle: Who's that? Come to throw something else at me?
    Harry: Why would I do that?
    Moaning Myrtle: Don't ask me. I mind my own business and someone comes in and
                    throws a book at me.
    Ron: Where did it go?
    Moaning Myrtle: I don't know... I was sitting in the U-bend thinking about death
                    and it fell right on my head.
    Harry; Let's take a look.
    *Harry grabs the book*
    Harry: T.M. Riddle. Can't say I've heard of him.
    Ron: Fifty points if you get it through Myrtle's nose!
    Harry: I think I'll keep it. Come on, let's go. Thanks, Myrtle.
    *Harry is now back in his Dormitory, with the book*
    Harry: My name is Harry Potter.
    Book: Hello, Harry Potter. My name is Tom Riddle. How did you come by my diary?
    Harry: Someone tried to flush it down the toilet.
    Book: This diary holds memories of terrible things; things that were covered
          up at Hogwarts.
    Harry: I'm at Hogwarts now, and terrible things are happening. Do you know about
           the Chamber of Secrets?
    Book: The Chamber was opened up during my fifth year, and the monster attacked
          several students. I caught the person who'd opened the Chamber and he was
          expelled. But I knew it would happen again. The monster lived on, and the
          one who had the power to release it was not imprisoned.
    Harry: Who was it last time?
    Book: I found the culprit in the dungeons. There he was, crouched down in front
          of a huge box, whispering to something, 'C'mon... gotta get yeh outta
          here... c'mon now... in the box...' I stepped forwards and confronted
          him - it was Rubeus Hagrid... I don't think he meant to kill anyone, but
          monsters don't make good pets. As I tried to cast a spell, the monster
          erupted from the box and escaped...
    *Ron enters*
    Ron: There you are. What's up?
    Harry: It was Hagrid, Ron. Hagrid opened the Chamber of Secrets fifty years ago.
           I'm going to see him...
    5.33 - Hagrid's Hut
    Objective: Go to Hagrid's Hut to ask him about the Chamber of Secrets.
    Another simple mission. Use the Portrait Room to get outside, then head to the
    Hogwarts Grounds.
    As you enter the Grounds, you see Dumbledore and Hagrid walking off...
    Harry: I wonder what this key opens?
    *Harry watches spiders crawl into Forbidden Forest*
    Harry: Gulp! I suppose I should follow them...
    Enter Hagrid's Hut and exit out the back door. Head to the gate labeled as 
    Spider Trail.
    5.34 - The Forbidden Forest
    Objective: Use the Gate Key to open the gate, then follow the spiders through
               the Forbidden Forest and see where they lead...
    Head up a little bit and you'll encounter a pretty big spider. Two charged
    Flipendos should take care of it. Pick up the Knut it drops after you defeat it.
    Continue along the one-way path and you'll find another spider that drops a
    Sickle after you've finished it.
    A little to your left are two spiders. Defeat both and collect the Cauldron
    Then head north into Aragog's Lair.
    Aragog: Who is this?... A man?... is it Hagrid?... No... this is a stranger. Get
            rid of him - I was sleeping.
    Harry: I - I'm a friend of Hagrid.
    Aragog: Hagrid has never sent men into our hollow before.
    Harry: Hagrid's in trouble, that's why I've come.
    Aragog: In trouble? But why has he sent you?
    Harry: They think, up at the school, that Hagrid's been setting a - a -
           something on students. They've taken him to Azkaban.
    Aragog: But that was years ago... That's why they made him leave the school.
            They beleived that I was the monster that dwells in what they call the
            Chamber of Secrets. They thought that Hagrid had opened the Chamber and
            set me free.
    Harry: And you didn't come from the Chamber of Secrets?
    Aragog: I was not born in the castle! I come from a distant land. Hagrid had me
            when I was only an egg, he cared for me; fed me table scraps. Hagrid is
            my good friend, and a good man. When discovered and blamed for the death
            of a girl, he protected me, and I have lived here in the forest ever
    Harry: So you never - never attacked anyone?
    Aragog: Out of respect for Hagrid, I have never harmed a human. The only part of
            the castle I ever saw was the cupboard in which I grew up, and the girl
            who was killed was discovered in a bathroom.
    Harry: But then... do you knwo what did kill the girl? Because whatever it is,
           it's back and attacking people again - 
    Aragog: The thing that lives in the castle is an ancient creature we spiders
            fear above all others. We do not speak of it!
    Harry: Well, I'll just go then.
    Aragog: Go? I think not...
    Harry; But - but - 
    Aragog: I cannot deny my children fresh meat when it wanders so willingly into
            our midst. Goodbye, friend of Hagrid.
    *Harry starts to run, then Ron with the flying Ford Anglia shows up*
    *Back in the Common Room*
    Harry: I wouldn't have lasted much longer if you hadn't turned up in the car.
           Thanks, Ron.
    Ron: You'd do the same for me. I'm afraid I've got some bad news: your trunk's
         been ransacked. I don't know if anything's missing, but it's a bit of a
         mess up there. You'd better go check it out...
    Harry: Okay.
    5.35 - Dormitory 4
    Objective: Return to the Dormitory and examine your trunk.
    Well, return to the dormitory and examine your trunk. That was hard.
    Harry: Someone's definitely been looking for something. Oh no - Riddle's diary
           is gone! I'd better go and tell Ron and Hermione in the Common Room...
    Return to the fireplace and talk to Hermione.
    Hermione: What? But - only a Gryffindor could have stolen - no one else knows
              our password...
    Ron: I - I - I...
    Harry: What's happened, Ron?
    Ron: Ginny... Ginny's disappeared... McGonagall said a student has been taken by
         the monster, into the Chamber of Secrets itself. What are we going to do?
    Hermione: Wait here - I've had an idea.
    After you wake up again, go talk to Ron. Guess where he is? If you said "in
    front of the fireplace", you are correct.
    Ron: Hello, Harry. I don't know where Hermione is today. Meet me down on the
         second floor and we'll see if she's in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom.
    5.36 - Floor 2
    Objective: Go down to Floor 2 to meet up with Ron.
    Use the Portrait Room to head to Floor 2. Outside of the door leading to Moaning
    Myrtle's bathroom, McGonagall is waiting for you.
    McGonagall: You shouldn't wander around the school at night, Potter. But it's
                fortunate you've bumped into me. I think you'd better go to the
                Hospital Wing - there's been another attack - it's Hermione.
    5.37 - The Hospital Wing
    Objective: Go to the Hospital Wing to visit Hermione.
    Head to the Hospital Wing, which is on Floor 4.
    Harry: Wonder if she saw the attacker...
    Ron: Hey, look in her right hand...
    Harry: What is it?
    Ron: I don't know - looks like a piece of paper...
    Harry: It's a page torn from a book - 'Of the many fearsome beasts and monsters
           that roam our land, there is none more deadly than the Basilisk, known
           also as the King of Serpents. Its methods of killing are most wondrous,
           for aside from its venomous fangs, the Basilisk has a murderous stare,
           and all who are fixed with the beam of its eye shall suffer instant
           death. Spiders flee before the Basilisk, for it is their mortal enemy.'
           Hermione's written the word 'Pipes' at the bottom. That's it, Ron! The
           monster is a basilisk - a giant snake! That's why I've been hearing
           voices, because I understand Parseltongue... No one's looked directly
           at it, so that's why no one's died and they've only been Petrified!
    Ron: But how's a flippin' great snake been getting around the place?
    Harry: Pipes... Ron, it's been using the plumbing.
    Ron: The entrance to the Chamber of Secrets! What if it's a bathroom?
    Harry: Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. Let's go there now and see if she knows
    5.38 - Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom 4
    Objective: Go to visit Moaning Myrtle - perhaps she can help you find the
               entrance to the Chamber of Secrets...
    Before you leave, break the green vase in the eastern corner for a Knut.
    Then head to Floor 2.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have anything left to do before the game ends, do it
    now.. After you initiate the next conversation, you won't be able to do
    anything except finish the game.
    Head into Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom and speak to Moaning Myrtle.
    Moaning Myrtle: What do you want this time?
    Harry: Myrtle, tell us how you died.
    Moaning Myrtle: Oooooh, it was dreadful. I died right in that stall. I'd hidden
                    because Olive Hornby was teasing me about my glasses. The door
                    was locked, and I was crying, and then I heard somebody come in.
                    They said something funny, a different language, I think.
                    Anyway, it was a boy speaking. So I unlocked the door, to tell
                    him to go and use his own bathroom, and then - I died.
    Harry: How?
    Moaning Myrtle: No idea. I just remember seeing a pair of great big yellow eyes.
    Harry: Where exactly did you see the eyes?
    Moaning Myrtle: There, somewhere by that sink.
    Ron: Let's look!
    Harry: Look here - there's a tiny snake scratched onto the side of the sink!
    Ron: Say something in Parseltongue.
    Harry: Open up!
    *Chamber of Secrets opens*
    *Harry has been seperated from Ron by a wall of rocks*
    Ron: I can't get through, Harry! You go on ahead. I'll get help.
    5.39 - The Chamber of Secrets
    Objective: Go down into the Chamber of Secrets...
    Continue along the hallway. Watch out for the shadows on the ground, since
    chunks of rocks are falling from the ceiling, so you don't want to be under
    them when they come crashing down.
    Climb into the next room.
    Harry: Ginny! Ginny! Please don't be dead!
    Voice: She won't wake up...
    Harry: Tom - Tom Riddle? What d'you mean, she won't make? She's not - she's
           not- ?
    Tom Riddle: She's still alive. But only just.
    Harry: ... How... how did Ginny get like this?
    Tom Riddle: The diary. My diary. Little Ginny's been writing in it for months.
                She poured out her soul to me, and I grew stronger and stronger on
                a diet of her deepest fears, her darkest secrets. Powerful enough
                to start feeding her some of my secrets, to pour a little of my
                 soul back into her...
    Harry: What d'you mean?
    Tom Riddle: Ginny Weasley opened the Chamber of Secrets. She set the serpent of
                Slytherin on those Mudbloods. Of course she didn't know she was
                doing it at first. Then she grew suspicious of the diary and tried
                to get rid of it. But you found it, Harry - the very person I was
                most anxious to meet. I wanted to find out more about you, so I
                decided to show you my famous capture of tha great oaf, Hagrid, to
                gain your trust.
    Harry: You framed Hagrid, didn't you?
    Tom Riddle: Hahahaaa!! As if he could really be capable of opening the Chamber
                of Secrets - he lacks the brains and the power! Only Dumbledore
                believed he was innocent.
    Harry: I bet he saw right through you.
    Tom Riddle: Well he certainly kept an annoyingly close watch over me. I knew I
                wouldn't be able to open the Chamber again while I was in school,
                so I preserved my sixteen-year-old self in the diary. Hoping that
                one day I could lead another in my footsteps, and finish Salazar
                Slytherin's noble work.
    Harry: Well you haven't finished it! The Mandrake Draught is almost ready, and
           everyone who was Petrified will be back to normal.
    Tom Riddle: Killing Mudbloods isn't my concern any more. For many months, my new
                target has been - you. I knew you'd go to any lengths to solve the
                mystery, especially if one of your friends was attacked. So I made
                Ginny write her own farewell on the wall and come down here... I've
                been waiting for you; I have many questions for you, Harry Potter.
    Harry: Like what??
    Tom Riddle: Well, how is it that a baby with no extraordinary magical talent
                managed to defeat the greatest wizard of all time? How did you
                escape with nothing but a scar, while Lord Voldemort's powers
                were destroyed?
    Harry: Why... why do you care how I escaped? Voldemort was after your time...
    Tom Riddle: Voldemort is my past, present and future, Harry Potter...
                TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE
                I AM LORD VOLDEMORT
                It was a name I was already using at Hogwarts, to my most intimate
                friends only, of course. A name wizards would one day fear to speak,
                when I had become the greatest sorcerer in the world!! To business,
                Harry. Twice, in your past, in my future - we have met. And twice I
                failed to kill you. How did you survive?? The longer you talk, the
                longer you stay alive...
    Harry: No one knows why you lost your powers, but I know why you couldn't kill
           me. Because my mother - my common, non-magical born mother died to save
           me. And I've seen the real you, I saw you last year. You're barely
           alive. You're ugly, and disgusting!!
    Tom Riddle: I see now - your mother dying for you - a powerful counter-charm.
                There is nothing special about you after all. I wondered, because 
                there are strange likenesses between us, Harry Potter. Now, Harry,
                let's match the powers of Lord Voldemort, Heir of Slytherin, against
                famous Harry Potter. Speak to me, Slytherin, greatest of the
                Hogwarts Four!
    *Tom Riddle walks off*
    Now it's your turn. Head along and you'll come across a bunch of snakes. You can
    either use Incendio or Flipendo to take them out.
    Defeat them all and collect all three Cauldron Cakes if you need them.
    NOTE: If they attack you, you'll be poisoned, which is not cool, so try not to
    get too close to the snakes.
    Whenever you're ready, head into the next, and last, room.
    *Basilisk is chilling on the floor*
    Harry: Go for the eyes, Fawkes!
    *Fawkes swoops in and gouges Basilisk's eyes out*
    Now the battle against the Basilisk begins!
    The basilisk will slither around the room the entire time. The more you damage
    it, the faster it gets.
    It can "jump", which has chuncks of rock falling from the ceiling. Simply avoid
    the shadow to remain unharmed. While the rocks are on the screen, you can't
    damage the Basilisk, so don't bother charging any spell.
    It can also spit out green "things" (just go along with it) that will obviously
    damage you. They come at you with a straight angle, so just walk around to avoid
    them all.
    Also, if the Basilisk touches/attacks you, you'll also get poisoned.
    That's all this final boss will do.
    All you have to do is use (preferrably charged) Flipendos against the tail (as
    in, not the head). Repeat this over and over and it will eventually die.
    NOTE: If you still have any Girding Potions left, now is a great time to use
    them. You'll remain unharmed for 15 seconds, which is awesome. If you still
    have all 5 Girding Potions, you might as well use them all and take very little
    damage in this fight.
    As mentioned before, the more you damage it (it also gets redder (or more red)
    as its health decrease), the faster it gets and the tougher it is to hit it
    with a Flipendo. The Basilisk will start taking sharper turns and things like
    Simply keep at it and you shouldn't have too many problems. After you defeat the
    Basilisk, Harry will be back in the previous room talking to Ginny.
    Ginny: Harry - oh, Harry. It was me - but I - I swear I d-didn't mean to...
           R-Riddle made me, he t-took me over - and - how did you kill that - that
           thing? W-where's Riddle?
    Harry: It's all right, Riddle's finished. Look! Him and the basilisk.
    Ron: Ginny! You're alive! I don't believe it!
    *Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape are standing in the Great Hall, in front of
    the whole school*
    Back in the Great Hall, Harry told them everything that had happened, from how
    Lord Voldemort had enchanted Ginny Weasley through the diary, right up to the
    battle against the basilisk. And so, thanks to Harry, the Chamber of Secrets was
    closed once again. Everyone who had been petrified returned to normal, and the
    students of Hogwarts were treated to the most spectacular feast they had ever
    eaten. Hagrid was soon reinstated as groundskeeper, while Draco Malfoy no longer
    strutted around the school as though he owned the place.
    *Camera pans up*
    After counting up the House Points for the year, Professor Dumbledore announced
    that Gryffindor had won the House Cup.
    *Hats are being thrown into the air*
    T H E   E N D
    *Credits Roll*
    Congratulations, you've just beaten Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!
    6) Items
    To use items, select them on your Inventory screen with the A Button (default).
    Exit the menu and you'll see the item you have equipped by looking at the left
    box of the two boxes in the upper-right hand corner. To use the item itself, use
    the Item button (default: L Button).
    You can buy items with the Knuts/Sickles you find in the game. Unfortunately,
    you can only buy three items (Dungbombs, Stink Pellets and Luminous Balloons)
    with your money. There is NO other use for all the money you find.
    The list of items is the same as arranged in-game:
    a  b  c
    d  e  f
    a) Dungbomb
    Where To Find: Gambol and Japes (Diagon Alley)
                   Fred & George's Shop (Hogwarts; Floor 7)
    Price: 50 Knuts
    Game Description: Dungbombs can be placed on the ground. A fuse magically
                      lights, which smolders for a few seconds before exploding and
                      leaving behind a cloud of smelly gas. The stinking vapors can
                      stop most creatures in their tracks. Trolls like the smell
                      given off by Dungbombs so they can be used to lure them.
    When you throw a Dungbomb, it will land on the floor and then blow up 2 seconds
    Lucky for you, your own Dungbombs won't hurt you at all. You can throw a
    Dungbomb and then stand on top of it without losing any health.
    However, you will encounter enemy Dungbombs several times throughout the game.
    They are usually dropped by Trolls after you defeat them, or found in desks or
    chests. If you get caught in the explosion you'll lose three health bars, so be
    careful with these.
    The only use for Dungbombs that I know of is to distract a troll. Throw a
    Dungbomb and the troll will head towards the Dungbomb. It won't actually damage
    it, but it gives you a second or two to aim a charged spell at the troll.
    You can only hold up to 9 Dungbombs.
    If you have any other uses for a Dungbomb, please e-mail me.
    b) Stink Pellet
    Where To Find: Gambol and Japes (Diagon Alley)
                   Fred & George's Shop (Hogwarts; Floor 7)
    Price: 20 Knuts
    Game Description: Stink Pellets are egg-shaped pellets that can be thrown. When
                      the pellets explode they give off a nasty smell. This stench
                      lingers for a few seconds and will stun creatures that wander
                      into it. However, a direct hit will cause more of a stun.
    You can throw Stink Pellets for quite a distance and watch them explode.
    Although I've never used Stink Pellets before, the game description suggests
    you can use them to stun enemies.
    You can only hold up to 9 Stink Pellets.
    c) Luminous Balloon
    Where To Find: Gambol and Japes (Diagon Alley)
                   Fred & George's Shop (Hogwarts; Floor 7)
    Price: 25 Knuts
    Game Description: These can be inflated and let go to create a noisy diversion.
                      Certain creatures will stop in their tracks to watch them or
                      even give up pursuit altogether to follow the balloon.
    You can use these balloons to make certain creatures and prefects stop in their
    tracks for 2 seconds. If a Gnome is following you when you use a Luminous
    Balloon, it will stop following you.
    You can only hold up to 9 Luminous Balloons.
    d) Wiggenweld Potion
    Where To Find: Mullpepper's Apothecary (Diagon Alley)
                   Dormitory (Hogwarts; Floor 7)
                   Room before Fred's Shop (Hogwarts; Floor 7)
                   After Golden Star #14 in Leviosa Challenge (Hogwarts; Floor 2)
                   In room in Area across from Leviosa Challenge (Hogwarts; Floor 2)
                   Area behind Hospital Wing (Hogwarts; Floor 4)
    Game Description: Wiggenweld is a blue stamina rejuvination potion. It can be
                      stored in glass vials ready to use when the need arises.
                      Initially filled at Mullpepper's Apothecary, there are refill
                      points at various locations. The refill locations look like
                      smaller Wiggenweld Cauldrons.
    This will be the most-used "item" in the game. It recovers your health by three
    You can always fill up your Wiggenweld Potion vial at any cauldron with blue
    liquid in it.
    e) Poison Antidote Potion
    Where To Find: While searching for Hogwarts Map (Hogwarts; Underground)
                   Behind door with Ectoplasm (Hogwarts; Floor 2)
    Game Description: A green colored Antidote for Common Poisons cures bites from
                      creatures like Doxies. If Harry is bitten, he will turn green
                      and start to slowly lose stamina. The effect wears off after a
                      time, but if stamina is low, being bitten can result in Harry
                      passing out. Therefore it is wise to keep the antidote in
    This little potion will cure you if you get poisoned by any monster. If you
    don't have a Poison Antidote Potion handy, the poison itself will wear off after
    36 seconds (you also lose a total of three health bars in this time) on its own.
    Poison is not a common occurence in this game. I can't even name five instances
    where you might get poisoned.
    f) Girding Potion
    Where To Find: After you collect all five 'Potions' Wizard Cards
    Game Description: The Girding Potion is used to temporarily prevent Harry from
                      being hurt by any creatures and spells.
    This nifty little potion, as mentioned above, can only be gotten by finding all
    five Potions Wizard Cards. Once you do, you'll automatically receive 5 Girding
    Potions, which, when used, protect you from all harm for 15 seconds.
    7) Spells
    There are a total of six spells you can learn in the game. To switch to a
    different spell, you have to pull up your Inventory (via the Start Button) and
    press R once to navigate to your items/spells. Select the spell you want to use
    here and exit the menu to use the spell with the A Button (default).
    The spells in this section are listed just like they are in-game:
    a  b  c
    d  e  f
    a) Flipendo
    When You Get This Spell: From the Start
    Charging-type Spell: Yes
    Game Description: The Flipendo Knockback Jinx can be used to stun various
                      enemies or activate certain switches. The spell has two
                      stages: a weaker quick cast and a fully powered cast that
                      should stun most enemies.
    This is your basic attacking spell. Charge it up completely for a more powerful
    Flipendo spell.
    You'll use this spell throughout the entire game. You can use this spell to
    press switches, defeat/stun enemies or destroy vases.
    b) Incendio
    When You Get This Spell: After you defeat the Giant Fire Crab (Gringotts)
    Charging-type Spell: Yes
    Game Description: This spell can be used to burn away certain barriers. Not as
                      dangerous as real fire, but a 'magical' flame that can remove
                      cobwebs or light Wizard candles.
    As you may suspect, this spell is primarily used to burn things or light
    candles. This spell can be used to attack/defeat most enemies as well. You'll
    primarily use it to remove cobwebs that often reveal switches or other goodies.
    c) Wingardium Leviosa
    When You Get This Spell: Charms Class with Professor Flitwick
    Charging-type Spell: No
    Game Description: Wingardium Leviosa has the ability to levitate certain stone
                      objects that may be used to operate floor switches. They may
                      also prove helpful in gaining access to a higher platform by
                      providing an extra ledge to climb up.
    This spell is pretty basic. You can use it to move blocks imprinted with wings
    around. Using this spell will mostly involve placing a block onto a switch,
    though sometimes you use it to put a block up against a wall in order to reach
    a ledge higher up.
    d) Skurge
    When You Get This Spell: After defeating Peeves in Library
    Charging-type Spell: Yes
    Game Description: Skurge is used to remove 'Ectoplasm' barriers that may have
                      been placed to block doors or passageways. It also has the
                      added advantage of scaring off some unfriendly, but cowardly
                      ghosts disguising themselves as statues.
    Ectoplasm is green gooey stuff you'll see around Hogwarts, usually covering a
    door. A fully charged Skurge will remove all of the Ectoplasm at once, while a
    weaker Skurge will only remove a little part of the Ectoplasm.
    The only other use for this spell is to get cowardly ghosts that look like
    statues to float away. This allows you to use the block they were standing on to
    push it onto a switch.
    e) Avifors
    When You Get This Spell: Transfiguration Class with Professor McGonagall
    Charing-type Spell: No
    Game Description: The Avifors spell has the ability to transform certain
                      boulders and statues into birds, unblocking paths and
                      sometimes revealing hidden items.
    This spell, as the game description suggests, allows you to turn boulders and
    certain statues into birds. You'll use this spell primarily to transform statues
    into birds, which will usually cause a door to open.
    Transform boulders into birds to find items like Knuts or Red Tomato Beans.
    There are also a few boulders that block your path sometimes. Turning them into
    birds makes them go away, granting you passage.
    f) Alohomora
    When You Get This Spell: After you collect all five 'Charms' Wizard Cards
    Charing-type Spell: No
    Game Description: Alohomora is a simple yet useful spell. It removes charms on
                      locked chests and doors. Very handy for getting into rooms
                      that contain things that someone would like to keep secret.
    The idea behind this spell is simple: unlock things. You'll use this spell to
    unlock doors (the golden doors) and chests with locks around them.
    8) Famous Witches and Wizards Cards
    The game assigns each Card into one of five categories: Beasts, Potions,
    Quidditch, Charms and Locations.
    There are five cards in each category. When looking at the Wizard Cards in your
    Inventory, the top row has all the Beast cards, the second row has all the
    Potion cards, etc.
    Once you've collected all five cards in a set, you'll receive a reward. Collect
    - Beast: Bestiary becomes available
    - Potion: 5 Girding Potions
    - Quidditch: Quidditch Practice in Main Menu
    - Charms: Alohomora Spell
    - Locations: Gringotts Bank in HP:CoS GameCube game.*
    *Credits to dswizard for this.
    This section lists all the cards in the same order as the game does:
    i. Beasts
    ii. Potions
    iii. Quidditch
    iv. Charms
    v. Locations
    i. Beasts
    Gulliver Pokeby (1750 - 1839):
    * Description: Expert on magical birds. First to identify meaning of Augurey
    * Location: Chest in Dumbledore's office.
    Derwent Shimpling (1912 - Present):
    * Description: Ate an entire Venomous Tentacula for a bet and survived though
                   is still purple.
    * Location: Chest in Eastern Corner of Hogwarts Grounds.
    Herpo the Foul (Ancient Greek):
    * Description: First known creator of the basilisk.
    * Location: Chest in secret passage (Avifors) in Reading Room.
    Newt Scamander (1897 - Present):
    * Description: Celebrated author of 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'.
    * Location: Given to you by Colin Creevey after freeing him in Dungeons.
    Gondoline Oliphant (1720 - 1799):
    * Description: Famous for studies of life and habits of trolls. Clubbed to death
                   while sketching.
    * Location: Given to you by Ginny after you buy her Potions kit.
    ii. Potions
    Hesper Starkey (1881 - 1973):
    * Description: Witch who studied the use of phases of the moon in potion making.
    * Location: In chest on ledge behind Whomping Willow.
    Beaumont Marjoribanks (1742 - 1845):
    * Description: Pioneer of Herbology. Discovered Gillyweed.
    * Location: In chest behind second Bonus room in Portrait Room.
    Gaspard Shingleton (1959 - Present):
    * Description: Celebrated inventor of the Self-Stirring Cauldron.
    * Location: In chest behind gold door near Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom.
    Clover Hipworth (1742 - 1805):
    * Description: Inventor of the Pepperup Potion, cure for the common cold.
    * Location: In card-container on a ledge in the Avifors Challenge.
    Sacharissa Tugwood (1874 - 1966):
    * Description: Pioneer of Beautifying Potions. Discovered the properties of
                   Bubotuber Pus.
    * Location: In chest in Great Hall.
    iii. Quidditch
    Bowman Wright (1492 - 1560):
    * Description: Famous for developing the Golden Snitch.
    * Location: Received as reward for beating 1st Flying Practice in <35 seconds.
    Gwenog Jones (1968 - Present):
    * Description: Captain of the only all-female national Quidditch Team, the
                   Holyhead Harpies.
    * Location: Received as reward for beating 2nd Flying Practice in <30 seconds.
    Cyprian Youdle (1312 - 1357):
    * Description: Only Quidditch referee ever to die during a match.
    * Location: Received as reward for beating 3 Ring Practice in under 40 seconds.
    Devlin Whitehorn (1945 - Present):
    * Description: Founder of the Nimbus racing broom company
    * Location: Received as reward for beating Ring Practice 2 in under 50 seconds.
    Roderick Plumpton (1889 - 1987):
    * Description: Seeker for England's Quidditch Team. Holds the record for fastest
                   capture of the Snitch.
    * Location: Received as reward for beating Flitterby 2 in under 45 seconds.
    iv. Charms
    Merwyn the Malicious (Dates unknown):
    * Description: Credited with the invention of many unpleasant jinxes and hexes.
    * Location: Found alongside Golden Star #6 in Leviosa Challenge.
    Bridget Wenlock (1202 - 1285):
    * Description: Famous Arithmancer. Established the magical properties of the
                   number seven.
    * Location: In chest behind door in Portrait Room.
    Felix Summerbee (1447 - 1508):
    * Description: Inventor of Cheering Charms.
    * Location: Found in area across from Leviosa Challenge (Floor 2).
    Ignatia Wildsmith (1227 - 1320):
    * Description: The witch who invented Floo powder.
    * Location: Found after lighting two candles in Gryffindor Common Room.
    Quong Po (1443 - 1539):
    * Description: Chinese wizard who discovered the uses of powdered Fireball eggs.
    * Location: In chest behind first Bonus room in Portrait Room.
    v. Locations
    Godric Gryffindor (Dates unknown):
    * Description: Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave his name to one of the four Hogwarts
    * Location: Given to you by Fred after beating Bean Challenge 4.
    Salazar Slytherin (Dates unknown):
    * Description: Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave his name to one of the four Hogwarts
    * Location: Given to you by Fred after beating Bean Challenge 2.
    Helga Hufflepuff (Dates unknown):
    * Description: Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave her name to one of the four Hogwarts
    * Location: Given to you by Fred after beating Bean Challenge 1.
    Rowena Ravenclaw (Dates unknown):
    * Description: Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave her name to one of the four Hogwarts
    * Location: Given to you by Fred after beating Bean Challenge 3.
    Daisy Dodderidge (1467 - 1555):
    * Description: First landlady of the Leaky Cauldron.
    * Location: Can only be gotten by connecting GBA to GameCube. Found in newly
                opened area in Hogwarts Grounds.
    9) Enemies
    a) Doxy
    Description: Sometimes mistaken for a fairy, due to its tiny human-like form.
                 If bitten by a Doxy, one should endeavor to administer an antidote
                 as soon as possible.
    How to Defeat: One fully charged Flipendo
    b) Fire Crab
    Description: The Fire Crab may be a slow-moving creature, but it is by no means
                 harmless. When threatened, it is capable of emitting bursts of fire
                 from its rear end.
    How to Defeat: One fully charged Flipendo
    c) Gnome
    Description: A common garden pest that poses little real threat. Keep an eye out
                 for the tree stumpds they hide in.
    How to Defeat: Flipendo, but another one will come out of the tree stump nearby
    d) Gytrash
    Description: A dog spirit. Rumors abound that they have been glimpsed in the
                 grounds of Hogwarts, although there is little evidence to support
    How to Defeat: Never encountered one.
    NOTE: This creature can only be encountered after connecting the GBA game with a
          GameCube. These dogs are found in the secret area on the Hogwarts Grounds.
    e) Orange Snail
    Description: The Orange Snail is a slow and cumbersome creature. However, unlike
                 the slimy trail left by the average snail, it leaves a dangerous
                 trail of fire in its wake. Don't be puto ff by its protective
                 shell; a few good spellcasts can penetrate it easily enough.
    How to Defeat: One fully charged Flipendo; OR, three non-charged Flipendos
    f) Troll
    Description: Unpredictable and stupid, the Troll is a fearsome creature. Yet,
                 despite its large size, it is also cumbersome and can be
                 outmaneuvered. As long as some distance is kept, a grizzly end can
                 be avoided.
    How to Defeat: Three fully charged Flipendos
    10) Slide Puzzle
    This special puzzle becomes available after you've collected all 100 Red Tomato
    The directions are simple: 
    Move the pieces using the Control Pad. Once you have completed a picture, press
    the A Button to move on to the next one. To return to the main menu, press Start
    at any time.
    Seems simple enough.
    Unfortunately, there's only a total of three different puzzles. I'm simply going
    to show you what the puzzles should look like and let you figure out how to
    actually solve it. This is your bonus mini game after all!
    Ford Anglia: http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/5760/fordangliasg4.png
    STUDENTS: http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/5760/fordangliasg4.png
    TEACHERS: http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/5773/teacherssh7.png
    Let me know if the links don't work and I'll update them.
    11) Frequently Asked Questions
    Question: How long is this game?
    Answer: I'd say about 10 - 15 hours if you plan to collect everything.
    Question: How does this game compare to HP:SS for the GBA?
    Answer: This game is very similar to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
    You go to classes, learn new spells, collect beans, earn House Points and play
    If you liked the first game, you'll probably like this one as well.
    Question: Besides the three items Fred sells, what else is money for?
    Answer: Nothing. I guess the game designers assumed you'd be using those items a
    lot so they gave you plenty of money to keep re-filling your supply of these
    Personally, I never used a single item when going through the game.
            - I didn't grab all the challenge stars in the Leviosa/Avifors
            - I only got 20 House Points instead of 45!
    Answer: No problem. You can go through the challenges as many times as you need
    until you find everything you want.
    As for the House Points, if you go back through the challenge and collect all
    the Gold Stars, you'll be awarded the other 25 House Points.
    Question: Are there any beans/items that are one-shot items?
    Answer: No. Once you pass a certain story event, you can go back to that place
    later on in the game. There may be times when you can't access other parts of
    the game, so check back at a later time.
    Example: When you use the Polyjuice Potion to turn into Goyle, you can't go to
    the Entrance Hall.
    Question: I failed a Quidditch Practice and didn't get my Wizards Card!
    Answer: No problem. Go to the Broom Shed and re-do the practice session. If you
    beat the given time you'll still get your Wizards Card.
    Question: What's the most House Points you can earn in this game?
    Answer: 140. This means beating every challenge you are presented with,
    collecting all 50 Gold Stars and never getting caught by any prefect or Snape.
    Question: Do you always win the House Cup at the end?
    Answer: No. I don't know what the cutoff limit is, but while I was testing some
    things, I finished the game with 0 House Points and Slytherin won the House Cup.
    Question: How many Chocolate Frogs are there?
    Answer: 26, which is an odd number considering you only need 25 Chocolate Frogs
    to have the maximum 10 health bars. I guess the designers are allowing you to
    still get max health even if you miss one Chocolate Frog. How nice of them.
    Question: What's the most money you can have in the game?
    Answer: If my calculations are correct, 1156 Knuts. However, I'm not sure if the
    game can display more than 999 Knuts. My calculations are based off the 496
    Knuts I ended the game with, plus the cost of 6 Dungbombs (6x50 = 300), 8 Stink
    Pellets (8x20 = 160) and 8 Luminous Ballons (8x25 = 200).
    496+300+160+200 = 1156.
    There's a possibility that I didn't find every single Knut or Sickle, so the
    amount may still vary.
    Question: Are you going to make guides for the other Harry Potter games?
    Answer: That's the plan. As of today (4/23/08), I've covered two other Harry
    Potter games for the GBA (Quidditch World Cup, Sorcerer's Stone). I plan on
    making guides for all the other GBA games (PoA, GoF, OotP, HBP* and DH*).
    *At the time of this writing, these two games have not been released yet.
    I do own several of the PC games, but I haven't decided if I want to write a
    guide for those games yet.
    12) Conclusion
    This concludes my guide for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the GBA.
    I hope you find this guide as useful as I wanted it to be. If you have any
    comments/suggestions/complaints, or just a question about this game or any other
    game I've FAQ'd for, send me an e-mail at: songoku1@gmail.com
    Thanks to:
    * FallenStar - Thanks for asking me about my SS guide, which motivated me to
                   finish the guide for this game. I had actually started this guide
                   in January of 2007 but lost interest fairly quickly. To all those
                   reading this, blame FallenStar that this guide exists. ;o)
    -- End of File --

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