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    FAQ/Walkthrough by computer_guy222

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 03/22/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       /               Spyro 2: Season of Flame (USA) for GBA                   \
       |                        Faq/Walkthrough                                 |
       |                         Version: 0.2                                   |
       |                     Last update: 3/21/03                               |
       |                       Created: 3/8/03                                  |
       |                                                                        |
       |         Created by: Walter Han -- computer_guy222@hotmail.com          |
       |      See credits/contributions for credits and help with the faq.      |
       |       If anything is wrong, or you want to add anything, email me      |
                                             )  (  (    (
                                             (  )  () @@  )  (( (
                                         (      (  )( @@  (  )) ) (
                                       (    (  ( ()( /---\   (()( (
         _______                            )  ) )(@ !O O! )@@  ( ) ) )
        <   ____)                      ) (  ( )( ()@ \ o / (@@@@@ ( ()( )
     /--|  |(  o|                     (  )  ) ((@@(@@ !o! @@@@(@@@@@)() (
    |   >   \___|                      ) ( @)@@)@ /---\-/---\ )@@@@@()( )
    |  /---------+                    (@@@@)@@@( // /-----\ \\ @@@)@@@@@(  .
    | |    \ =========______/|@@@@@@@@@@@@@(@@@ // @ /---\ @ \\ @(@@@(@@@ .  .
    |  \   \\=========------\|@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ O @@@ /-\ @@@ O @@(@@)@@ @   .
    |   \   \----+--\-)))           @@@@@@@@@@ !! @@@@ % @@@@ !! @@)@@@ .. .
    |   |\______|_)))/             .    @@@@@@ !! @@ /---\ @@ !! @@(@@@ @ . .
     \__==========           *        .    @@ /MM  /\O   O/\  MM\ @@@@@@@. .
        |   |-\   \          (       .      @ !!!  !! \-/ !!  !!! @@@@@ .
        |   |  \   \          )      .     .  @@@@ !!     !!  .(. @.  .. .
        |   |   \   \        (    /   .(  . \)). ( |O  )( O! @@@@ . )      .
        |   |   /   /         ) (      )).  ((  .) !! ((( !! @@ (. ((. .   .
        |   |  /   /   ()  ))   ))   .( ( ( ) ). ( !!  )( !! ) ((   ))  ..
        |   |_<   /   ( ) ( (  ) )   (( )  )).) ((/ |  (  | \(  )) ((. ).
    Ascii art courtesy of Todd Van Hoosear-http://lalaland.cl.msu.edu/~vanhoose/ascii.html
                                    /=[TABLE OF CONTENTS]=\
    I.) Author's notes
    II.) Copyright and disclaimer
    III.) Version History
    IV.) Walkthrough **
      a.) Controls
      b.) Things you need to know
        ++SUNNY PLAINS++
      c.) Lvl 1: Sunny Plains
      d.) Lvl 2: Country Farm
      e.) Back to Sunny Plains
      f.) Lvl 3: Shamrock Isle
      g.) Lvl 4: Temple of Dune
      h.) Lvl 5: Minty Mines
    V.) Challenge Portal Startegies
    VI.) Cheats and codes
    VII.) Credits/Contributions
    ** = [unfinished]
    I.)                              /=[Author's Notes]=\
    +When I say Up, down, left, or right, I mean the go right in the game, not the control 
     pad right. If I say north, south, etc., I mean up on the control pad.
    +I include the quotes so you can check if you are in a right place. If this faq gets
     to large, I will remove the quotes that are irrevelant to the subject.
    +The statistics at the beginning of each Lvl faq is to show how many gems and 
     fireflies there are in each level. You probably want to catch and collect as many
     as you can until you get bored and enter the next level.
    +The Firefly locations section reveals the location of fireflies. If you can't find 
     it, email me. BUT ONLY IF YOU REALLY CAN'T FIND IT. I will try my very best to 
     make everything as clear as possible.
    +Here is how the sections are split in this walkthrough. The asteriks(*****) are
     the section dividers. They are the major sections. The plus' (++++) are the semi
     section dividers, the sections in the sections. Such as the walkthrough. The lines
     (------) are just to split some paragraphs/quotes/lvl sections to make things 
     easier to read.
    +REALLY actually read the faq before you email me with questions. I WILL NOT ANSWER
     QUESTIONS THAT ARE ANSWERED ON THE FAQ. I'll just tell you to search. To search 
     around, you can use the find button on most internet applications (usually CTRL F)
    +Don't complain, whine, or criticize(in a demoralizing way) me. This faq is intended
     for your enjoyment, and I don't have the obligation make everyone happy. I will do my
     best to make sure the faq is unambigous (clear), coherent (understandable), and fun
     to read.
    +Have fun. Ciao! :)
    II.)                        /=[Copyright and Disclaimer]=\
       This guide is copyright 2003-2004 Walter Han(computer_guy222). All rights
    reserved. This faq may not be sold or reproduced without the author's permission. The
    only site allowed to carry this faq is GameFaqs(www.gamefaqs.com). If a copy of this
    faq is seen elsewhere, please email the author @ computer_guy222@hotmail.com. You may
    only download this faq and print it as a PERSONNAL ITEM. DO NOT MODIFY OR CHANGE THE
    FAQ WITHOUT THE AUTHOR'S PERMISSION. If any of these rules are violated, you will be
    punished to the full extent of the law. Otherwise, have fun. :)
    III.)                          /=[Version History]=\
    - Finished up Shamrock written portion, still need firefly & fountain and finished 
      Sundial Locations for Back to Sunny Plains
    - Added more to Things you need to know (about things like sundials, haystacks, etc.)
    - For removing friends and foes sections, I added more to the walkthrough about 
      defeating certain enemies.
    - Added spoiler warning
    - Finished the Minty Mines section
    - Finished up temple of Dune, still need firefly locations though
    - Big change, added a challenge portal section
    - Removed the friends and foes section, will be included into walkthrough
    - Edited some grammatical errors...
    - There are actually 7 fireflies in lvl 2.
    - Made the gameboy picture for controls actually look like a gameboy(again)
    - Added all the fireflies for lvl 2. Found out there were only 6
    - Started Shamrock Isle
    - Finished back to Sunny Plains
    - Added more to Author's notes
    - Added and Wrote the Author's notes to clarify some stuff
    - Added 1 firefly to lvl 2 firefly info
    - Did some grammatical/spelling checking
    - Made the gameboy picture for controls a whole lot better
    - Wrote the copyright and disclaimer
    - Finished level 1 and almost done with level 2 (just need firefly info)
    - Added location of fireflys section
    - Completed Things you need to know
    - Did Credits/Contributions
    - Started Cheats and Codes
    - Started this faq. Finished controls
    - Started level 1 (tutorial level). 
    - Constructed a basic layout to use for the whole faq
    - Constructed Table of contents
    IV.)                           /=[Walkthrough]=\
    a.)                                /=[Controls]=\
    Controls for Spyro 2: Season of Flame -
           ___________/                   \___________
          /_____L______\                  /_____R_____\
          |              _________________            |
          |             |                 |           |
          |     |       |                 |           |
          |  ___|___    |     HELLO!      |        b  |
          |     |       |                 |           |
          |     |       |                 |    a      |
          |         .   |_________________|           |
          \            .                              /
    Move                               Control Pad(up/down/left/right)
    Flame                              B
    Jump                               A
    Glide                              A to jump, then again in air
    Glide and Hover                    A after glide
    Charge/Super Head Smash Ability    R + Control Pad
    Look Around                        L + Control Pad
    Switch Breath Abilities            Select
    Pause and Bring up Pause Menu      Start
    Access Map                         L and Select simultaneaously
    Move                               Control Pad(up/down/left/right)
    Fire                               A/B
    Rotate Fire Left                   L
    Rotate Fire Right                  R
    Hop                                Control Pad(up/down/left/right)
    Kick                               B
    Jump                               A
    Double Jump                        Jump, then press A again
    Jump Smash                         Double Jump, then press B
    Move                               Control Pad(up/down/left/right)
    Enter Door                         Up
    Fire                               B
    Jump                               A
    Double Jump                        Jump, then press A again
    Switch Weapon                      L
    b.)                              /=[Things you need to know]=\    
    1.) You need to collect as many as gems and fireflies as possible
    2.) To get a firefly, freeze it with ice breath. It'll say "You have caught <name>"
    3.) Fodder (sheep, frogs, etc.) increase your health. If you get enough, you will
        obtain another life.
    4.) To bring up the map, press L and Select at the same time.
    5.) To go through a portal, you need the amount of gems/fireflies it requires
    6.) Here are the values of gems:
        Red Gem..............1 gem
        Green Gem............2 gems
        Purple Gem...........5 gems
        Yellow Gem...........10 gems
        Blue Gem.............25 gems
    7.) Here are the health stats. They're shown when Sparx's head shows up at the bottom
        Each time you're hit, you go down a stat. The color of his head is your health:
        Yellow head...........0 hits
        Blue head.............1 hit
        Green head............2 hits
        None..................3 hits
        Dead..................4 hits
    8.) You have many abilities. You only start with the ice breath. You obtain more
        abilities such as fire breath, teleport, etc.
    9.) You kill enemies by freezing, burning, etc. them. Some can't be killed by certain
        abilites (more on this in the Friends, foes, and bosses section).
    10.) On most levels, there are small tasks that you can do to get fireflies. IE, on
         Sunny Plains, you burn all the sundials. On Shamrock Isle, you freeze all the
                                       /=[Lvl 1: Sunny Plains]=\
    Gems: 300
    Fireflies: 5
    Sparx: It's about time we finally got some vacation time, isn't it? Getting rid
           of all those Rhynocs was a real pain in the...
    Spyro: Hey! Where is everyone? I thought we'd get a welcome home party for sure.
    Hunter: Brrr! It's pretty cold here, too! What's going on?
    Bianca: Isn't that a dragon elder? Let's go ask him.
    Elder: Spyro! You're back! Something has gone horribly wrong! While you were away,
           an army of Rhynocs slipped into the Dragon Realms and stole all the fireflies!
           Without firefly magic, we are unable to breath fire. To make matters worse...
    Hunter: Hey! Spyro can still breath fire! Can't you, Spyro? 
    Spyro: Sure! Oops.
    Elder: (ahem) As I was saying, our flame has been turned to ice. The Dragon Realms
           have been getting colder and colder. Soon, we'll be forced to move.
    Spyro: No way! We've got to figure out what's gone wrong!
    Bianca: Um, I'd better tag along. You might need some magical help along the way.
    Hunter: D-d-don't f-f-forget ab-b-bout m-m-me, Sp-sp-spyro...
    Spyro: Right! Let's go!
    In Season of flame, there are three plains. Sunny plains, Celestial Plains, and 
    Starry Plains. In each plain, there are a number of portals, which are doorways into 
    other places. The portals lead you to different levels, such as Country farm, 
    Shamrock Isle, etc. To enter through a portal, you need to have an amount of the item 
    it requires(gems, fireflies).
    The portals are:
    Country Farms................Nothing needed
    Sharmrock Isle:..............3 fireflies
    Temple of Dune:..............10 fireflies
    Minty Mines..................12 fireflies
    Tiki Tropics.................14 fireflies
    Alpine Adove.................18 fireflies
    Canyon Hop...................500 gems
    Celestial Plains.............22 fireflies
    I will be going over Sunny plains in this order in the walkthrough.
    Basically, Level 1 is a tutorial. It'll be a breeze if you already know 
    how to play. First, you will see some things shaped like brown vases(baskets). 
    Vases sometimes have items in them, like gems.
    Spark: Hey, Spyro! Those baskets could have hidden treasure inside. Try using your
           breath ability to open them up. Press the B Button to use your breath 
    Then head left and then up where you will see Bianca.
    Bianca: Spyro, look at this! I found a firefly! I thought fireflies only lived
            in the Dragon World. How did it get here? Oh, it's hot!
    Sparx: Hey, Spyro, you should try using your icy breath to catch that firefly
           for the elders!
    Spyro: Good idea, Sparx! It looks like this ice breath might come in handy after
    Go near the pink flying thingy(firefly), and press B (your weapon) to freeze the 
    firefly. After you freeze it, head up to Hunter, where he will teach you about Fodder.
    Hunter: Fodder can help you get your health back, Spyro. Charge or use your
            breath ability on them to get butterflies that will improve your health
            or even earn you extra lives! Oh! Look at this pretty glowing rock I
            found. Hey! it flew away!
    Here's another firefly. Catch it; they are important. After that, ram the sheep 
    like animals(fodder) to get health. Head up until you see another firefly, catch
    it. Then, head up more till you get to some platform like stairs. Jump up them to
    the top. You will see Hunter yet again...
    Hunter: You look a little rusty since your vacation, Spyro. Let's practice jumping.
            Folow me!
    Sparx: Press the A Button to jump, Spyro. Don't worry about falling off the edge
           in the plains areas. Fairy magic will protect you.
    Jump to the ledge that Hunter jumped to. He will talk to you YET again.
    Hunter: Not bad! Now, let's see if you can make a long one!
    Sparx: Spyro, press the A Button once to jump. Press it again in midair to glide.
    Do the same thing hunter did, just jump and glide. After you finish, 
    talk to him ...again...
    Hunter: Whoa, you've still got it! OK, let's try a really hard one!
    Sparx: Press the A Button near the end of your glide to hover. Hovering can
           give you a bit of extra distance when you need it.
    Do the same again. Now, you talk to him the last time! 
    Hunter: That was awesome! You're more than ready to take on some Rhynocs now!
            Oh, hey, I found this little bug dude a while ago. You can have it if
            you want. It's just burning a hole in my pocket. Ow! I wasn't kidding!
    Catch another firefly; you should have at five now. If you don't have 5, take a gander 
    at the Firefly locations below. After you have 5, move left until you see a portal. 
    It's called Country Farms, and this will be your first REAL level. 
    Enter through it to leave a country of safety into a world of adventure....
    Firefly locations:
    1.) First time meeting Bianca when you play
    2.) Hunter will give you one when you see him about the fodder
    3.) Go near the platforms where hunter will teach you to jump
    4.) Talk to Bianca again. She's to the far right next to a huge sundial
    5.) After jumping with hunter, he will hand you a firefly
    d.)                             /=[Lvl 2: Country farm]=\
    GEMS: 300
    FIREFLIES: 7 (1 located if you beat Challenge Portal)
    On Country Farm, you are not protected by fairy magic. If you fall into the water, you
    will lose a life. After you step into the portal to Country Farm, head down until you 
    see a girl that is a cow.
    Henrietta: Oh! What a cute little dragon! I wish my poor sister, Daisy, were here to
               see this. Those terrible Rhynocs ran off with her in the middle of the night
               and now I fear that I'll never see her again. Would you be willing help me
               find her?
    Head up, where you will see your first Rhynoc! Freeze that baddy, then capture the
    firefly you see near it. If you're low on health, get the fodder. Head down to freeze
    another two Rhynoc. Go down even more, and you will see a pig Rhynoc; he can cast
    spells on you to can freeze you. Kill him. There is another fodder, so if you are low
    on health. Head left to another Rhynoc who can cast spells, and then head down to
    defeat another two Rhynoc and get another firefly. When you head left, Sparx will 
    say something on fairys.
    Sparx: TO BE ADDED
    Head left and then up again. You'll meet another two Wizard Rhynoc, a couple of fodder,
    a firefly, and another regular rhynoc. Head up the hill. You will see Daisy(Henrietta's
    sister) being guarded by a wizard Rhynoc.
    Daisy: Please help me! That horrible Rhynoc is keeping me here against my will! My
           sister must be worried sick about me by now!
    Defeat the wizard rhynoc. Your skill should be getting better by now.
    Daisy: Thank you! That rhynoc was the scariest thing I've ever seen! I hope my sister
           Henrietta got away from them. I don't have anything to repay you with, but
           maybe you'd like this sparkly gem I found while I was hiding. Wait! That's no
           gem! It just flew away!
    Bianca: Hey, Spyro! I finially found a section in my spell book about the fireflies.
            Hold still for a minute... There! You should have your fire breath back. I'll
            just stand back while you give it a try.
    Spyro: Hey! Thanks, Bianca! Now all we have to do is go back and cast the same spell
           on all of the elders.
    Bianca" Er...I'll need a LOT more fireflies before I can do that. Besides, we've got
            to stop whoever's behind this or they'll just steal them all again.
    Spyro: You're right. Wait! How will I capture fireflies without my ice breath?
    Bianca: You should still have your ice breath. I don't thing my spell took anything
    Sparx: Use SELECT to cycle through your available breath abilities, Spyro.
    YOUR FIRST OTHER ABILITY. WHOOHOO!!! To switch, just do what Sparx said, press select.
    Catch the firefly that Daisy gave you. You can only catch fireflies with your ice
    breath. Head down the little hill to kill a rhynoc and to catch another firefly. Go 
    right, and kill another Wizard Rhynoc. Now is great oppurtunity to try out your fire
    breath on the Rhynocs. After they are burned/frozen, You will see a portal, but it 
    is a little different than the ones in Sunny Plains. 
    Sparx: Hey, it's a challenge portal! I'll bet we can find some fireflies in here and
           have some fun, too!
    Enter it, and you will see Mabel, another cowish person. Make sure you are switched
    to your ice breath ability.
    Mabel: You! Little dragon! Is there any way you can help me? I've got to keep all this
           cold until my sister Polly comes to take it to market. But it's such a hot day! 
           I don't think it's going to make it... Help Mable?
    Six frozen jars of milk will fall down. Here is a small strategy: Freeze the jars in a
    round robin fashion. When I make the future strategy section, check it.
    ++IF YOU WIN:++
    Mabel: You did it! Now all the milk will be fresh when it gets to market! Thank you
           so much for your help, little dragon.
    Polly: As a token of our appreciation, please take this glowing seed I bought at the
           market. Whoops! That thing's pretty slippery for a seed!
    What is it with these people? Can't they tell its a firefly... Anyways, catch the 
    firefly. Head back through the portal and through the other portal that Bianca and
    Daisy were near.
    ++IF YOU LOSE:++
    Mabel: Oh no! The canister overheated. Now I'll have to get more milk to replace it!
    Here are the locations of all the haystacks:
    HAYSTACK 1: On the first hill in the beginning next to the first rhynoc met
    HAYSTACK 2: On the second hill next to the first
    HAYSTACK 3: Another hill to the right of the first wizard rhynoc
    HAYSTACK 4: After meeting the fairy, go down a little
    HAYSTACK 5: Near the hill leading to Sunny Plains Portal
    HAYSTACK 6: At the end of platform on the Sunny Plains Portal
    HAYSTACK 7: To the bottom of hill with the Sunny Plains Portal near the Challenge Portal
    HAYSTACK 8: Near the challenge portal
    To bad... head back to the portal...If you go back and talk to Henrietta again, she
    will thank you but say something about the Rhynocs.
    Henrietta: TO BE ADDED
    Henrietta is talking about whole world in general, not just Country Farms. Your job
    here is finished.
    1.) Near Hendrietta
    2.) Right before you see the fairy
    3.) Right before you climb the hill to meet Daisy
    4.) Daisy gives you one after you save hear
    5.) Before the challange portal
    6.) Challenge portal (when you help Mabel)
    7.) Burn all the Haystacks (see needle in a haystack)
    e.)                              /=[Back to Sunny Plains]=\
    With your new breath ability, fire, go around the island to like the sundials. There are
    a total of 8 sundials. The sundials are all around the outer edge of Sunny Plain. If you
    follow the edges of the island, you will get 5 sundial locations. Look at sundial location
    5, 6, 7, 8 to get the others. If you lite up all the dials, you get a firefly. When you 
    are lighting them up, You will see Bianca near a huge sundial. Talk to her.
    Bianca: TO BE ADDED
    Use your temporary ice ability to freeze the shallow water nearby. Cross it, and light
    up the sundial there. Do all of this in a quick manner, because you only have 30 
    seconds with your powerful ice breath. Lite the sundial, and freeze the water again to
    go back. If you run out before you go back, pass the fountains to get the ability
    for another 30 seconds.
    After you get the firefly, you should have between 11 to 14 fireflies. Head back near
    where you talked to the elder dragon in the beginning. Near that area, there should 
    be another portal you can enter. The next level, Shamrock Isle, is beyond that portal.
    1.) Near Hunter when he teachers you about fodder (go down a little and then left)
    2.) Near the platforms where Hunter teaches u to jump
    3.) Near the jump on the 2nd platform
    4.) Rightmost corner (check map(select & l))
    5.) Head right from Bianca when she gives you the temporary ice breath
    6.) Water you freeze to get to the other side (see above)
    7.) Head up from Hunter when he teachers you about fodder
    8.) Head to the Celestial Plains gate (right from sundial 7) and head up just a tiny
    f.)                                /=[Shamrock Isle]=\
    GEMS: 300
    FIREFLIES: 7 (1 in challenge portal...)
    Right when you enter Shamrock, there will be a small leprechaun named Brian; speak with 
    him. Just in case if you haven't noticed, you're in a leprechaun world.
    Brian: Top o' the mornin' to you, wee dragon, an' welcome to Shamrock Isle, the
           luckiest place in all the world! Well, it used to be the luckiest place until
           the Rhynocs came an' stole our dancing horseshoe. Without it, the springs'll
           dry up and we'll be left in a desert!
    Sparx: I see lots of horseshoes around here, Spyro, but none that are dancing. Guess
           we'll have to look around for it.
    When you head right and then down, Sparx will comment on your ability to change
    objects with your breath abilities. You can freeze water, fountains, etc. Freeze all
    fountains to get a firefly. You will encounter another Rhynoc, but he is all green 
    and leprechaunyish. On this level, when you freeze people, you have to ram into 
    them after you do so, or they will unfreeze. My suggestion is to use firebreath on 
    the rhynocs, except 8 ball ones (look on just a bit later). You can freeze them
    anytime, whilst with fire, you can only hit 8 balls when they are normal.
    Sparx: Remember, Spyro: some things can be changed by using your breath ability on
           them. Try burning or freezing different objects in the world to see what
    Head down even more to meet another Rhynoc; kill him. Head up to see a black rolling
    dude, like a big 8 ball. Burn him with your fire ability when he turns back to normal
    for a couple of seconds. You can only kill these rolling rhynocs when they are in
    there normal mode. Head left until you have to glide to little pieces of land
    to continue. Do so, and you will see another 8 ball rhynoc on the second island. Pass
    onto the third island where Sparx mentions something about looking around.
    Sparx: If you want to see more of the screen, use your look mode. Just hold down the
           L button and then use the Control Pad to look around.
    You will also see a fairy, so you can have a save point if you die by falling or
    something like that. The tip Sparx gave you is helpful, becuase if you use L to
    look to the left, you will see another island with some gems. Go up more a couple
    of times, and you will get to another Challenge portal! Darby, another leprachaun 
    mentions a pasture being burned by fireflies (hint).
    Darby: TO BE ADDED
    Boy, is this a challenge! When playing, just think of it as a freeze tag game. Check
    challenge portal strategy section to see how to beat it.
    Sparx: You got all of them! Go tell Darby.
    You don't really lose on this. You just give up. You can always do it again if you
    want to. If you beat it the first time, you can go in another time with more pixies.
    Head back by gliding through all the islands again. When you are back at the fairy, 
    head up and glide to the next island. Kill the rhynocs, and then go up once more to
    meet another firefly. When you go near the edge up ahead, Sparx will comment on
    jumping and remembering to use your glide button, but I'm sure you already know that,
    right? Right? k... Head up, where you will all of a sudden see two 8 balls accompanied
    by a rhynoc. Keep going up: you will meet a firefly, like a million more 8 balls, and,
    finally, the dancing horseshoe. Head all the way back to darby. To complete the mission,
    you need to freeze all the fountains. This is where that clue Sparx told you near the
    beginning about things that can change forms if you use your ability will be helpful.
    Freeze each fountain to change it's form. Once you get ???, you will get a firefly.
    1.) In the beginning, near the portal
    g.)                                /=[Temple of Dune]=\
    GEMS: 300
    Right when you walk into the portal, there is a little mouse named Christopher. He will
    talk to you and relay the mission to you.
    Christopher: I say, old boy, those miserable rhynocs have been planting bombs everywhere
                 to search for hidden gems. They'll destroy all of the beautiful artifacts
                 that we've worked ever so hard to uncover! I wish we could get rid of 
                 these bombs somehow! Perhaps there's something you can do to help us out?
    Oh boy, another adventure. Head left where you will see a huge bomb; ram it into the
    water, but don't fall. You'll encounter a rhynoc that throws something (a boomerang?)
    Head up the platform stairs to meet another rhynoc. Glide to the other island and you
    will see another bomb to ram off. The mission of this level is to get rid of all the
    bombs. Here are the following locations of all 7 bombs:
    1.) In the beginning, go up from where Christopher (the mouse) is
    2.) When you cross the platform in the beginning
    3.) Next to the first mummy you meet
    4.) On a huge temple to the right of bomb #3
    5.) On a purple platform next to the fairy (next to bomb #4)
    6.) Head left from bomb #5 to another purple platform
    7.) A little island surrounded by water and then land
    Once you get all 7 bombs, talk to Christopher the mouse again.
    Christopher: Smashing time, old boy! Those rhynocs will have a devil of a time trying
                 to get at the gems now! You're a credit to us all. Here, please have this
                 ancient fire symbol. Goodness! I do believe it's alive!
    Now, you need to freeze all the lemonades; here are the locations:
    Lemonade Locations:
    1.) In the beginning on a purple platform
    2.) Next to the huge temple
    3.) Next to bomb #6 (check above)
    4.) Next to the room under a hill (head right from bomb #5)
    5.) Next to the unbreakable purple rock
    6.) On the tall purple platform near the left bottom corner of the map
    7.) Head right from lemonade #6
    8.) Near the very rightmost corner of the map
    Firefly Locations:
    7.) Get it from freezing all the lemonades
    |                                                                                    |
    |                             UNFINISHED _____                                       |
    |                                              UNFINISHED                            |
    h.)                                 /=[Minty Mines]=\
    GEMS: 300
    This level is pretty easy, your typical side scroller shooting game. There isn't really
    a faq for this level, seeing how easy this leve is. I just want to say, keep going up... 
    Everytime you see a platform you can go up, go up it. The higher, the closer you get to 
    finishing the level. You will complete the game when you get the single firefly. You 
    have a laser that recharges very quickly, for fast shooting when getting those annoying
    rhynocs. I wouldn't really waste my time to get the jewels, but if you want to, go ahead
    and knock yourself out. It takes some time. When you see doors, press up to unload the 
    thing it does (for example: the door with a green laser sign on top charges your 
    laser to 26). Watch out for falling jewels, and duck when shooting people to get them when
    they are ducking and to dodge when they shoot. Good luck, not that you will really need 
    i.)                                 /=[Tiki Tropics]=\
    GEMS: 400
    Right when you go in, a pink elephant stands next to you. Talk to him:
    Ben: Welcome to our humble, little purple traveler, but you have picked the very worst
         possible day for your visit. We have been hiding from those cursed rhynocs, and
         unable to care for our temple. Now our paths are overgrown with vines and we
         cannot have our parade.
    Boohoo, there are thirty two vines, meaning I have to type thirty two vine postions, oh
    well... Here are the vine locations:
    1.) In the beginning next to Ben the elephant
    2.) Next to vine #1
    3.) Next to vine #2
    4.) Head down from the beginning
    5.) Next to vine #4
    6.) Next to vine #5
    7.) Head down and then left from #4
    8.) Next to vine #7
    9.) Head left from vine #7
    10.) Next to vine #9
    11.) Next to the first tiki man
    12.) Next to vine #11
    13.) Next to vine #12
    14.) Head up from vine #11
    15.) Next to vine #14
    16.) Next to vine #15
    V.)                          /=[Challenge Portal Startegies]=\
    Well, I said I would make a strategy section, didn't I? I just decided that is was 
    big enough to make a whole new section. Anyways, on to business.
    CHALLENGE PORTAL 1: Help Mabel keep the milk cold
    When you are talking to Mabel, make sure you switch to your ice ability, because right
    after she finishes talking to you, the challenge starts. 6 Jars will fall down, and 
    look like this (I numbered the jars myself:
    KEY: / \ = jar
    |           _         _         _            |
    |          /1\       /2\       /3\           |
    |                                            |
    |           _         _         _            |
    |          /4\       /5\       /6\           |
    |                                            |
    Since the nearest jar you start from is 4, run to it and use your ice ability on it to
    keep it cool. Then run to 5, then 6, then 3, then 2, then 1, then 4 and so on. It's like
    KEY: / \ = jar
       : f = frozen
       : ---> = move right
       : <--- = move left
       : /\ = move up
       : | = move down
    |           _         _         _            |
    |          /1\  <--- /2\ <---  /3\           |
    |           |                   /\           |
    |           \/                   |           |
    |                     _                      |
    |          /f\  ---> /f\ ----> /6\           |
    |                                            |
    You have the run as fast as you can. If you miss, then it's probably over unless you
    can recover fastly. Each jar will count down on how long it has to freeze. After about
    you save all jars about 2 times each, you will beat the challenge.
    CHALLENGE PORTAL 2: Freeze all the Fire Pixies
    This is a game sort of like Freeze Tag, the tag game where people are frozen when you
    tag them and you win when everyone is frozen. The fire pixies are fast, but once you 
    catch one of them, the whole thing is in the bag. Puppy guard him (stay in the area to
    make sure nobody unfreezes him). Keep freezing him and never let him out of your sight.
    The other fireflies will try to save it, and when they do, they will get caught in your
    guarding of the firefly and freeze to. To my surprise, there were only 3 fireflies. It
    looks like more, doesn't it?
    KEY: F = fire pixie
         Ff = frozen fire pixie
         S = you (spyro)
         ]] = ice breath path
    |                                            |
    |   F                                        |  
    |                                            |
    |           s ]]Ff]]]  F                     |
    |                                            |
    |                                            |
    |                                            |
    |                                            |
    |   F                                        |  
    |                                            |
    |           s ]]Ff]]]Ff]]                    |
    |                                            |
    |                                            |
    |                                            |
    |                                            |
    |                                            |  
    |                                            |
    |           s  Ff  Ff   Ff                   |
    |                                            |
    |                                            |
    |                                            |
    You can use this strategy when you go against more, but it's a little hard with more
    than three. You have to be alert when you do it, not just on a straight path. You can
    do things, such as spin around when you breath, that's wut I did...
    VI.)                               /=[Cheats and Codes]=\
     There aren't that many cheats, but here are the ones I know... They are tested by me. 
     I will add more when I find more.
        CHEAT                                  CODE
     *Blue Spyro...............Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, B
     *Inifinite Lives.........Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Up, B
    * = [Do it during the start menu]
    VII.)                          /=[Credits and Contributions]=\
    I would like to thank the following people (*sniffle*):
    -Universal Interactive for creating many GREAT GAMES
    -Todd Van Hoosear for the ASCII art
    -Oliver and Nick (other spyro faq writer at the moment) for a thing or 
     two I didn't know
    -My parents for their support in everything
    -My brother for....I don't really know
    -And you (*sniffle*), for your support.
    I'm gonna cry, stop doing that. REALLY, stop. *Breaks out in tear*
    The End

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