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    FAQ/Walkthrough by flip

    Version: 0.87 | Updated: 04/21/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                    version 0.87
                   manufactured by crooked j (crookedj@gamebox.net)
    | Table of Contents |
    - Revision History
    - Story
    - Controls
    - Tips
    - Walkthrough
      - Sunny Plains
      - Celestial Plains
      - Starry Plains
    - Agent 9 & Sheila
    - Going for Broke?
    - Firefly Encyclopedia
    - Legal Stuff
     R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y
    version 0.1 - (3/21/03)
    wow I have not written a guide in nearly a year, but that FAQ bounty is just
    begging for a writer like me to get his hands on it. so as you know, i could
    not resist the grab of the green. put in layout, story, controls and a bit of
    the walkthrough (four levels). ascii art and other stuff to come definitely.
    version 0.3 - (3/22/03)
    got a bit more of the walkthrough finished, was stuck on Tiki Tropics for
    awhile but somehow managed it. added Agent 9's controls and made a few tweaks
    here and there.
    version 0.4 - (3/26/03)
    added copyright, threw some things around and cleaned other things up. still
    gotta put ascii art in there. some good art too. who'da thunk a year of not
    writing would have me this rusty? ah...
    version 0.5 - (3/27/03)
    threw in some more walkthrough, nearly done with celestial plains, almost at
    the last whole stage then i am home free! fixed a formatting problem also.
    beyond that, not much else. still looking for some ascii art to decorate this
    text with.
    version 0.6 - (3/28/03)
    got another level added, threw around some stuff again, and took a whole bunch
    more spyro notes (i.e. firefly encyl.) foresee this being finished by sunday,
    monday at the latest. still looking for ascii art, since i suck at line draw.
    version 0.7 - (3/29/03)
    changed the dividers layout, completed the 'going for broke?' section and added
    quite a bit of walkthrough info, however i don't think i'll be getting that
    ascii art anytime so what you see is what you get, almost done with guide
    version 0.86 - (3/30/03)
    finished the walkthrough completely, put in the firefly section and shown how
    to beat the final boss. also corrected a few things, and spellchecked entire
    document. only three real typos outta 24 pages! also got some ascii art, bout'
    time. woohoo!
    version 0.87 - (4/21/03)
    changed e-mail and edited format a little bit.
     S T O R Y
    Spyro is basically flying home, glad that he doesn't have to save the weak
    characters from even weaker enemies, and trying to enjoy his vacation. When he
    arrives home however, he finds that the weather there is akin to Alaska's, i.e.
    below zero constantly. Him and his pals speak with the Dragon Elder only to
    find out that while Spyro (you) were saving everyone in the last game (Season
    of Ice), 'Rhynocs' (your enemies) slipped into your spot and stole the
    fireflies, causing weird disturbances (such as dragons breathing ice).
    Thus, you must go on another quest to find fireflies and ram Rhynocs instead of
    your vacation in order to wrong the right, er somethin like that....
     C O N T R O L S
    This part is pretty self-explanatory, as you turn the page here if you don't
    know how to do a particular move with any particular character.
    A - jumping and gliding
    B - breath whatever particular fire you have activated
    L - hold it and move direction pad to look around, used in conjunction with
        the Select button, shows the current level
    R - sends Spyro into a charging spree, use for pots and pans, hold down to run
    Select - changes fires (i.e. from ice breath to fire breath)
    Start - pauses game and lets you view statistics for particular level, as well
            as save game, quit, etc.
    Agent 9 Controls
    A - make Agent 9 jump, press twice for double jump
    B - make Agent 9 shoot whatever projectile is loaded
    L + R - switch weapons
    up - enter a door with ammo/health
    down + A - makes Agent 9 descend a platform
    IN this game, and all other GBA games you may not know what I mean by 'left',
    right or east or west. So I'll break it down.
    |  [w]                   [n] |  You should know what the letters stand
    |                            |  for if you are older than 8 years old.
    |  [l]                   [r] |  This diagram is so represented as the map,
    |                            |  since it is tilted. L and R stand for
    |  [s]                   [e] |  left & right, respectively.
     T I P S
    - This game is an exploring game. Explore every part of the place, and use the
      map frequently (Select + L)
    - When fighting a boss, fight him on your own terms. Whether you are
      comfortable breathing forward or to the left per say makes a difference.
    - To make your jumps longer, glide then make a hop at the end (press A).
    - If you frequently have looked through every part of a level & still are
      missing some gems, chances are you need a new talent. Go back when you have
    - The word 'Rhynoc' as it is used in the game actually means 'enemy'.
    - Rhynocs on most levels possess gems; this should be encouragement enough to
      clear out the enemies on most levels.
    - Not really a tip, but isn't it strange how hardly anybody who gives you a
      firefly seems to know what it is? Like a fool with a brain.
    - If you can't find a particular item or gem, try looking at the map. The dark
      spots are places you haven't been to, or just to get an idea of where the
      item might be located.
    - Not really a tip, but when you freeze somebody with the powerful ice breath,
      they don't even freeze. They just break apart like fine china on the ground.
     W A L K T H R O U G H
    | Sunny Plains |
    Gems - 300
    Fireflies - 6
    Now, let's walk through this game. Go along and get your first jewels, and your
    buddy [Bubba?] Sparx will let you know that you can break into the baskets
    using your breath or you can ram them. Sparx helps you out by grabbing the gems
    around you so you don't even have to touch them. Just ram all baskets and
    vases, and then speak with Bianca.
    She lets out your first firefly, so grab him. Blow ice on him and quickly scoop
    him, then go a bit farther in the same direction to meet your other pal,
    Hunter. He talks to you about fodder (sheep) and then gives another firefly,
    your 2nd. Freeze up the sheep, then ram into them for your health if you need
    Turn southwest now, and go by the first platform. There you will find a firefly
    just roaming about the sundial. Now get up on the platform, and jump. You'll
    see Hunter again, but he is in two places at once! This violates all physics
    but hey, we ARE in a videogame. Practice your jumping skills, and when you get
    to the 'really hard' jump, press A again while already gliding for a midair
    hop. Hunter will congratulate you on your skills and hand you the 4th firefly.
    Up here also is the Country Farms level, remember because we will come back to
    it next.
    Now run southeastwards, collecting gems and such until you run into a duplicate
    of Bianca by a giant sundial. Speak with her, freeze and capture the 5th
    firefly and go through the ice pillars. Use your new breath to freeze up the
    water, run across, get the extra life and gems then run back across. Now head
    to the Country Farms level. Yes you only have five, but it'll stay like that
    unless you do what I tell you. Tally ho!
    Country Farms
    Gems - 300
    Fireflies - 7
    Collect the gems around you then descend and talk to the sad Henrietta. It
    appears her kid sister was kidnapped, so you must find her. Put it on your 'to
    do' list and move on. Freeze the enemies here then ram them for a quick gem. In
    a bit you'll run into the 1st firefly, snatch him up fast. Keep running through
    here, ignoring the various hills and such, stay on flat ground.
    There are two types of enemies here; one runs away from you and the other
    freezes YOU. If you don't kill the other quick he'll freeze you first. You must
    fight ice with ice haha. Pick up the 2nd firefly (named Parch) and spot a fairy
    in the air; she is a midway place holder (like the sparkly barrel in Donkey
    Kong). Okay now go up the hill here, take the key and run back to where Parch
    was, and go up those steps by him. Open the chest for the gems, and then
    proceed to where you were past the fairy.
    Right there is another ice Rhynoc and the 3rd fairy on this level. Go up the
    only hill here, to spot that one chick Henrietta's sister. Freeze up the iced
    out Rhynoc (bling bling!) and she'll repay you...
    with a firefly. No sexual favors here, but Bianca will converse with you, now
    you have your fire breath back! Test it out, but switch back to ice to get that
    firefly, the 4th on this level. Go down the stairs by the Sunny Plains portal,
    and get the extra life.
    Now head northeast again, and capture your 5th firefly. There's a weird looking
    portal right there, called a Challenge Portal. Head in and be challenged.
    In here you must keep all the bottles cool for a bit of time. All you have to
    do is round around in a pattern breathing on the bottles, and you'll be fine.
    Your reward? The 6th firefly. Leave the portal. Now for the 7th firefly, you
    must switch to fire breath and burn down all the haystacks you saw, collecting
    the needles in them. You are looking for a needle in a haystack! The locations
    of them are as follows;
    - Right behind the challenge portal you came out of.
    - Next to the stairs by the Sunny Plains portal
    - West of the Sunny Plains portal
    - South of the Sunny Plains portal
    - By the midpoint fairy
    - Travel north of the fairy and go up the left hill
    - Go north of the previous fairy and up the hill
    - The last one is left of the hill, north and west of Henrietta's position.
    Now you have all 7 fireflies, and presumably all 300 gems. Exit back to Sunny
    Plains via portal, and go to Shamrock Isle located near your start position.
    Shamrock Isle
    Gems - 300
    Fireflies - 7
    Speak with Brian the Leprechaun and it seems he has misplaced his horseshoe, oh
    no! Where ME luckY CHARMERS! Haha. Go on and freeze the water geyser, then
    catch the 1st firefly of this level nearby the enemy. Whenever you see a geyser
    around, be sure to freeze it. There is no fodder in this level, so try not
    getting hit.
    Run through breathing on the rolling enemies and the charging ones, and Sparx
    will tell you about looking around, and the big boulders. Fly past the fairy to
    save the midpoint. Fly eastwards to a new island. Clear out the enemies here,
    jump across and freeze this next geyser.
    Now head back to the midpoint fairy. Chill the next geyser by her then leap to
    the next island, grab the 2nd firefly, make the longest jump, annihilate the
    two rolling enemies and grab the extra life. Then freeze yet another geyser,
    make your way up, get rid of more rollers and contain the firefly there for
    your 3rd so far. Walk up some more, to spot the horseshoe in the distance.
    Freeze the last geyser on the same level as the horseshoe, and get your 3rd
    firefly. Get rid of the enemy guarding it, then continue and veer off the ramp.
    Run back to Brian; give him his horseshoe to get your 5th firefly. Three more
    to go now.
    You cannot get them now, so come back later when you have some a new ability.
    Head to the Temple of Dune now, on top of some stairs in the eastern side. If
    you want to get the other two fireflies and gems, visit the go for broke
    Temple of Dune
    Gems - 300
    Fireflies - 7
    There is a rat nearby named Chris, talk to him and he explains that the Rhynocs
    have struck here too, by placing 7 bombs here. Keep going until you reach the
    first bomb, and knock it into the water. Go up and freeze the lemonade glass to
    obey ya thirst </plugin> then go forward again and knock the 2nd bomb into the
    water. Sparx now tells you about the atlas, but you've known since the first
    level haven't you?
    Freeze the mummies then charge em like sparx says, and knock the 3rd bomb into
    the water. There is lemonade over here too, cool it up. Head northeast now,
    capture the 2nd firefly while taking care of the Mummy and getting yourself a
    nice cool drink of lemonade. Knock the bomb off the pyramid and into the water,
    and then get rid of another bomb right after the fairy midpoint. 2 more bombs
    to defuse.
    Chill the drink right there, then head south, up the steps, knock the
    penultimate boulder over and throat down some more yellow kool-aid. Now turn
    your attention southwards, keep running, cool up two more drinks and catch the
    3rd firefly. Turn eastwards; go down and up the purple steps for the key for
    the chest of the level.
    Maneuver yourself around to where you just got the 3rd firefly, notice the
    boulder which you cannot break yet. Back north, trollop inside the hole and
    collect the 4th firefly easily. Travel a bit southeast, and then fly across to
    the island. Push the last C4 packet into the water, and Sparx will tell you to
    go tell Christopher. Not yet.
    Now southward. Up the purple steps, drink your last sugary lemonade (if you
    followed my directions) and the 5th firefly will pop out. Ascend the steps then
    fly across. Keep going and eventually you'll reach the chest, which hold a pot
    o' gold! Talk to Christopher now to receive the 6th firefly here, we'll come
    for the last one when we have some sort of rock breaking ability.
    Next up, Tiki Tropics. The portal is located on top of some stairs.
    Tiki Tropics
    Gems - 400
    Fireflies - 7
    Whoa there are a lot of gems here. Converse with the Trojan looking mofo there
    and he'll tell you that it's a bad time to be there, cuz there are plants all
    over. Spiky plants. So switch to flame breath, and torch the first three
    There are 32 to clean up, so don't switch back until you spot a fairy. Flame up
    the enemies, and eventually you'll reach swallow water and a tiki. Ignore the
    shallow water spot, and light the tiki. Yeah you guessed it you must light a
    bunch of them.
    Before you go up the ramp divert yourself onto the side, light up the tiki
    torch and go back to the ramp. Sparx informs you that this 'geeky tiki' is
    practically invincible unless you ram him, as well as the rest of his
    counterparts. Ram him and be done with it, then collect the 1st firefly here.
    Turn and fly to the left column, and torch the single spiked plant there. The
    midpoint fairy is right there so you can save your progress. Charge left, and
    up the pyramid. Right up in the northeast (where you currently are) corner
    there is a 25 gem and a tiki torch. There are three 'geeky tikis' on this left
    side of the pyramid, so clean them all up, while lighting the torch and setting
    a forest fire to the two plants right there.
    Descend on the left side, light another tiki torch and some plants, and
    continue to the west. However, do not fall off of the walkway onto the lower.
    If you do, there is practically no way to get back. Rush the geek quickly, and
    then turn south.
    Grab the 2nd firefly amidst the projectile Rhynocs and the tiki torch. You
    should have only three plants left, so torch them over here and rush the geeky
    duo. Speak with the elephant man, and he'll front the 3rd firefly.
    Ignore the portal for now, and turn back to the north. Keep going and you'll
    see the 4th firefly floating about near a tiki, and the mighty mighty chest!
    Now I suggest you light the torch, save in the menu and drop down to where I
    said not to fall off.
    Grab the key there, and turn on the walkway down here north. Light the last
    torch here to claim the 5th firefly. Ram the tiki north of the 5th firefly you
    just claimed, and then follow the walkway towards the east. Cool down the 6th
    firefly when you see it. Now speak with the elephant Tommy and he tells that
    you have to help him light a few green torches. Easy enough.
    Look at the map; see the area you are in? It resembles this-
                      * /
                     /         T
                   /                                       *
           *_____ /------------         *_____        _____|
                              /              /
                             /              /
                            /              /
                     *_____/              /
    The * sign signifies a green torch. T is for Tommy, where you first get the ice
    powers. The first three torches on the left are easy enough, but it'll take
    some speed work to reach the two on the right. So when you get the stronger ice
    breath, leap atop the stairs to the right, fly to the right pillar, then glide
    straight across and you should be able to reach the last two torches. If you
    are slow though, it'll take you two refills.
    Speak with that Tommy fellow again, and capture the last (7th) firefly on this
    level. Jolly good fun sir. Now you should have around 27 fireflies. Exit the
    level, and head to the Celestial Plains area, since you have now polished off
    Sunny Plains. The portal is in the middle of the level, with Bianca standing
    next to it. Talk with her to get in.
    You land in a place, but it isn't Celestial Plains yet. To progress there, you
    must first tackle the brute formerly known as Crush, so start galloping towards
    him. If you check the atlas, it contains more information than before.
    | Boss Fight - Crush |
    To win this fight, you must constantly keep moving like a con artist across the
    country. When he launches those cold projectiles at you, dodge them and watch
    them fall on the ground. Then go pick one up, as the game only lets you have
    one. When you have him vulnerable, shoot his own projectile at him and freeze
    up him. Then charge him while frozen, and run. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    There is some fodder on the northwest side of the fight arena if you need it.
    After three times of your grab-n-go method, he is totally Crushed. Then a fairy
    named Cleo appears and gives you a new spell, used to crush boulders.
    Now you are REALLY in Celestial Plains.
    | Celestial Plains |
    Gems - 300
    Fireflies - 6
    Collect the gems then glide across to the next land area. Walk around
    collecting gems, but keep straight. Speak with Hunter; he wants to see you
    practice your new charge move. Please the dimwit for your 1st firefly and
    continue on North. Freeze the 2nd firefly there.
    Now turn yourself around, charge to the southwest part and speak with Bianca
    next to a red gate (most of em are blue!). It turns out she has the 3rd
    firefly, and the red gate will make your fire breath stronger (instead of your
    ice breath). Turn left of here and you'll find the 4th firefly by Agent 9's
    Rumble Jungle portal.
    Head to the boulder hill by the Candy Lane portal, charge the boulders then fly
    across the pillar to spot Moneybags fat greedy ass again, and some moon blocks.
    Now fly off the edge, far north and if you are any good you can make it onto
    the next ledge, or if you fall far enough it'll automatically put you on that
    ledge. Up here is the 5th firefly, so snag him. Or you can run back down the
    (used to be) boulder hill and fly across easily. Your choice.
    To get the last firefly, you must go around freezing all the Celestial Stands
    (blocks with moon symbols on them). Their locations are as follows;
    - By the portal located near Sunny Plains/Starry Plains
    - In front of the Candy Lane portal on the west side (til' I die!)
    - South of the previous one, next to the bottom of a boulder hill
    - On top of the boulder hill
    - The pillar across from the boulder hill, by Lunar Ledges.
    - Next to Lunar Ledges again.
    - Right next to the Haunted Hills portal, near where you dropped in
    - On the southeastern tip of the map, close to the Winter Mesa portal.
    Since you are close to the Winter Mesa portal, you might as well head in there.
    Winter Mesa
    Gems - 400
    Fireflies - 7
    Not much else to do but keep gliding, so come on, do it you can put yo' wings
    into it. Past the locked chest you'll meet up with Andy the chicken. First turn
    on your fire breath and light up the Christmas tree by him (1). Run west then
    and light another Christmas tree (2). Now run up the hill by Andy, and capture
    your 1st firefly here. This also helps you clear out the enemies. Now you'll
    find out you must put Andy under protective custody, so escort him.
    Turn on your fire breath as cold breath has no effect here against the snowmen
    bombing you with snowballs like the U.S. bombs Iraq. Don't go too far in front
    or too far in back of him. Shoot the snowmen faster than they can throw, and
    you better be good cuz they got Greg Maddux arms. Check your map frequently to
    get an idea of the level's layout.
    After you are done walking him by the hand, you are rewarded with the 2nd
    firefly. Continue on the yellow line path, speak with the next chicken. He says
    he needs you to light the candles that float, and there are five of them.
    The candle locations are as following;
    - Southwest of where you got the stronger flame by the chicken
    - Exactly northwestern diagonal from the Celestial Plains portal
    - Down the ramp near the 4th Christmas tree.
    - On the west side of a map, if you look around there is a boulder near.
    - By the 2nd tree, the place just west of Andy's starting point
    Now that they are all lit, you shall receive the 3rd firefly, but you have to
    go all the way back to Pierre. Walk between the red gates and go up the hill.
    Light the tree (3) up there. Run past the Celestial Plains portal up. At the
    base of the hill is the 4th firefly. Tread up that hill with the snowmen, for
    the midpoint fairy.
    Drop down and light another tree (4), no not marijuana buddy. Go back to where
    you just got the 4th firefly, up the hill again but turn north and venture up
    those steps. Turn to the right and light yet another spliff, oops I mean tree
    (5). Run down the slope right there but don't run off the ramp, instead stop to
    hit yet another Christmas tree (6) by the snowball/grenade launcher.
    Now reverse your path to where you lit tree #5, but instead turn left this time
    and head down those steps, to spot another tree (7) and a boulder. Dash into it
    and crawl into the hole. There are just gems in here, so when you collect them
    leave and keep going down the stair place. The key to the chest is down here,
    so snatch that up. Go by the third candle spot and make the long jump across to
    where you started.
    Going by from the starting point, open the chest up. Follow the path from you
    started on Andy's little protection walk, but instead go up on the west side of
    the place where you can spot a boulder. Ignore it for a second, torch the
    snowman and light the last tree (8) to finally get your hard-earned 5th
    firefly! Good hustle. Now stop ignoring the boulder, after all it loves you.
    Crash into it and speak with the chicken there. A lil' game of hockey eh? It's
    a white boy sport, but dragons can play too.
     ----------------       ----------------       -----------------
    /  *          p  \     /  p          *  \     /  p     *     p  \
    When the defending Rhynoc (*) is on the left side, you should shoot it on the
    right side, and vice versa. Simple strategy, shoot the puck where he is not,
    and maneuver him to get him where your strong side is. Stay up close at all
    times. Or move slowly then speed up and shoot the puck. Just play calm. A fun
    game, quite easy.
    After getting 5 pucks on the Rhynoc, you'll receive the 6th firefly! Leave and
    come back into the hole, and it seems that the goalie wants a rematch! You must
    score 8 this time instead of five, so go cream his ass with my tips! Too many
    exclamation points! Ahhhh! Of course the victory prize is the Stanley Cup! I
    mean 7th firefly...haha exit the level into Celestial Plains.
    Now head towards the *spookified* Haunted Hills, located near the beginning of
    Celestial Plains.
    Haunted Hills
    Gems - 400
    Fireflies - 7
    You notice a specter as soon as you enter, but alas, he is NOT an enemy. Speak
    with "it" and it tells you that alas, Poor Yoric is lost. Guess what? You must
    find him. So start your engines, destroy the ghost-in-the-ground (snake in the
    grass?) and notice the locked chest there.
    Keep going until you see your first coffin, right by it is the first Jack O'
    Lantern (1) that needs lighting.
    Go down the ramp, and then make an immediate turn left. Fire up the various
    enemies, and the next pumpkin when you come to it (2). Get all the pots and
    vases around here, then smash the boulder and enter. Grab the key, then turn on
    your freeze breath, chill the mummy then ram him and all the vases. Leave again
    now, and make a right where you went down the ramp.
    Light another Jacky Lantern (3) and the midway point will save your progress.
    Head east right there at the fairy, and you'll luminate another lantern (4).
    Now south of the fairy there is a boulder, crack it and enter. Capture the 1st
    firefly, then leave and go up the ramp for an evil witch and the 2nd firefly.
    Head south again now to activate another pumpkin (5) then turn westward.
    You'll find the 3rd firefly just flying around on fire in the graveyard with
    various enemies afoot (no not on ya foot). Go further west, light another
    lantern (6) and break the boulder there then veer inside. In here you have
    found Poor Yoric, so take him with you and leave.
    Yoric is quite annoying, asking you dumbass questions all the time like if you
    can scratch his nose. Only thing is, he doesn't have one! He's a skull! Ah.
    Tell him to stfu.
    Turn southward now, and light the next to last pumpkin (7) and enter another
    boulder area. Capture the 4th firefly here, and go back out. Enter the blue
    portal (a challenge portal remember?) and receive your challenge.
    If you win, you get the 5th firefly. All it is is basically jumping from
    platform to platform. If the witches get in your way, blast them. It also is in
    a circular fashion, so know before you do it. When you are finished, you must
    go all the way back around to receive your firefly, but it is worth it.
    From the exit of the challenge portal, jump west across the green goo (river of
    souls?) and burn the last Jack O' Lantern (8) for the 6th firefly. Now run all
    the way back to the first specter. Open the chest on the way there, and collect
    the 7th firefly. We are done here, so let’s leave ok! Good.
    Now lets polish off the last of the Spyro levels on Celestial Plains, so we may
    proceed to the easier Agent 9 + Sheila stages. It's called Watertopia. It can
    be found all the way at the north of the stage.
    Gems - 400
    Fireflies - 6
    Switch to ice breath and keep it there for throughout the level. As always,
    there is someone in need of help. This time it is Steffi, the mermaid. You must
    clean up all 15 of the Rhynoc soldiers (ones with shields) by ramming them.
    There is one near you, as well as a sand Rhynoc. Get both of them, and freeze
    up the first geyser (1).
    Guess the software folks ran out of things to freeze/burn, since we already
    took on geysers in Shamrock Isle. I won't get on them too bad for it though.
    Fly across east to land on, well a land formation. Tackle all four Rhynoc
    soldiers, two geysers (2 + 3), two sand Rhynocs and the 1st firefly before
    again leaping southeast across the water. Get the 2nd firefly and break down
    another soldier like the Raider's offense got broken in the Superbowl, and meet
    up with the midpoint fairy, whatever her name is.
    Smash some pots, go up the ramp and chill down the next geyser (4). Destroy
    both soldiers at the top to reduce your remaining militia count to six, and
    then head into the boulder. There are plenty items in here, ranging from the
    3rd firefly to an extra life. Collect them all, and go to the top where you
    just defeated two soldiers.
    Fly north to the single stump, bind the sand Rhynoc's molecules then combust
    them for him, and take the 25 gem. Now turn west and fly for a few seconds,
    don't want to prematurely land in the water like me.
    Clean out the few enemies including a soldier, and frost up both H²O spouters
    (5 + 6) then speak with Stacy the green Barbie there, her crown has been
    stolen, and the masses charge with revolution in the mist! Away with monarchy!
    In the challenge portal, you must catch the crackbaby who took Stacy's crown.
    Play cops & robbers with him for a bit, and then realize to catch him you hold
    R down and cut corners. Sometimes he will juke you (change his pace up for
    nonslang folks) so you must constantly be on guard. When you catch his ass,
    turn him in for the 4th firefly.
    Get to the north eastern edge of this particular block, then fly east across.
    Ice up the sandman (no not the maniac in Death Warrant) and also ice up another
    geyser (7). Make your way up to the top, destroying the rest of the Rhynoc task
    force, and at the top off the final one to get a message saying you must tell
    Steffi (at the beginning).
    Before you go back however, cool down the last geyser here (8) and enter the
    boulder to finish collecting all of the 400 gems on this level. Since there is
    no feasible way to get back to the beginning of the level (without hax0ring),
    press start and exit it, and re-enter and speak with her for your 6th firefly.
    Now that you have over 50 fireflies, you should head to the Starry Plains
    portal, located on the eastern tip of the map. Speak with Bianca and enter,
    however on the way there, you are sidetracked.
    | Boss Fight - Gulp |
    One's trying to gulp ya, the other is trying to crush you, next thing you know
    the last one will be trying to strip-search ya...actually all of em try that.
    To defeat his seemingly impenetrable defenses, you must outrun his missiles.
    When you hear a clanking sound, it means a missile fell on the ground, so you
    must pick it up. And launch it at him. Three times. While he is constantly
    firing more missiles at you. And they have tracking systems, going in whatever
    direction you go in. But it shouldn't be too hard, as you ARE a veteran, aren't
    There is fodder in the middle if you need it. After you beat him, he mentions
    some volcanic lair and then a fairy named Calliope appears and gives Sparx the
    ability to take an extra hit before you croak. Thank the wench, and enter
    Starry Plains.
    | Starry Plains |
    Gems - 300
    Fireflies - 6
    Run straight forward ahead and speak with Bianca, she'll explain how the new
    green gates work, same as all the others except they give you lightning breath
    which is pretty strong.
    She then hands over the 1st firefly, get that and run north a bit more to make
    the 2nd firefly capitulate to your mighty mighty breath. Maybe Spyro should try
    brushing once in awhile...
    Keep traveling north to reach another lightning gate with the 3rd firefly by
    it, go through then jump on the raising platform and illuminate the first star
    block on this level (1).
    Travel south now and light another one (2) and keep treading along for another
    one (3) by a third lightning gate. Make sure you start fresh with the lightning
    gate, and go up the steps on the southwest.
    Hunter has some useless info on moving platforms but possesses the 4th firefly,
    so wait for one to come to you. Make the star block near you (4) shine while
    waiting and take it across.
    When on the long strip of column, take the platform left and light the star
    block there (5) and notice where Agent 9's portal is.
    Go back and refuel your electric breath (sizzle sizzle) and now take the flying
    plat north instead of left like I told ya previously and strike another star
    block (6).
    Now we must visit the east side, so let’s head there. Run through a lightning
    gate if you see one, and light up the penultimate star block on the eastern
    side (7). There is the 5th firefly right by it so grab that too.
    On the lower east side of the map, there is a blue gate, so follow these next
    sentences quickly. Run through the gate, breath on the shallow waters, then
    dash west of the blue gate, through a green gate, dash on the icy surface
    before it melts and take care of the last star block (8). Collect the 6th
    firefly. Next you may head to Dreamy Castle, in the map's middle.
    Dreamy Castle
    Gems - 500
    Fireflies - 7
    As always, there is some entity in trouble needing assistance. Before you speak
    with her, immediately go right and freeze up the 1st firefly.
    Minda tells you that her Mayor has been kidnapped and sentenced to life on a
    hot balloon, now if only someone would have the sense to do the same to
    Just a few steps from Minda is a cuckoo bird, burn its annoying ass (1) and
    keep going north. Set fire to another wooden flyer (2), then use the up and
    down plats to get up. There is the Mayor Minda spoke of, but you can't get him
    down just yet. Blow fire on the balloon, and he'll begin moving. Follow him!
    Fly southwards quickly and torch another winged vertebrae (bird for you laymen)
    (3) and keep on the Mayor's trail. While traveling south you notice the 2nd
    firefly, so grab him up then notice the boulder right there.
    Break in and discover three soldier Rhynocs guarding some vases and a 25 gem,
    send them to HELLO Operator, give me number 9!
    Once back outside, take the first rising plats up, and then take the next one
    that goes south. Take another plat when you go there going west, and burn the
    next cuckoo (4). Grab the key on top of a platform then drop back down. Let the
    midpoint fairy save your progress now.
    Go back to the boulder place and this time up both plats. Blow hot air on the
    mayor (as if most needed them) to watch him spiral away yet again.
    He travels southwest now, so follow him right up to the most southernwestest
    corner in this map, with a single vase up there. Break it then heat his balloon
    up again and start traveling.
    Follow him in his course northwards, and up a ramp you'll toast another bird
    (5), mmm chicken!
    Many Rhynoc soldiers try to stop your flow, but put a stop to theirs first.
    When you see where the Mayor temporarily stops at, go south then up the west
    ramp to spot a challenge portal, next to another annoying cuckoo (6). Head
    inside the portal now to be challenged.
    Shirley the pig asks you if you want to be Dream Knighted by her rollyness, so
    say yes and run the gauntlet. It's very easy, you must land on the blue squares
    with stripes on them, all six of them. Here are their positions, but watch for
    the Rhynoc ice wizards...
             Gauntlet Map
    |    2       3    4          |  The numbers signify the order that you
    |                         5  |  must go in. Easy enough.
    |        1          6        |
    |              7             |
    |              8             |
    |              9             |
    Your reward for this? The 3rd firefly. Repeat it on hard to earn the 4th
    firefly, and to earn the title of Elite Knight of Dreamland (worthless as it
    is). Once done, travel back north and heat up the Mayor again. Move with him
    east. He floats for the last time, and lands near the Starry Plains portal.
    Now that you have saved him, he gives you your 5th firefly, transaction over.
    You've chased him all over this level! Drop down and ignite another chirping
    birdie (7) and break into the boulder place. Inside is your 6th firefly.
    All that’s left is to find the last cuckoo clock, let’s hope it doesn't turn
    out to be the Amityville Horror.
    Back where you stopped the 6th clock, you can fly northward off the ramp so do
    so. Collect the various gems and you'll stumble upon the last clock (8) which
    holds the last firefly (7) near a 25 gem and lo! you are done with this level.
    Now you should have around 75 fireflies. We'll do another level just in case
    you don't quite have that amount yet. So being said, let's proceed to Moon
    Fondue, located in the far south of Starry Plains.
    Moon Fondue
    Gems - 400
    Fireflies - 6
    Whoa this level looks weird, like a straight cutout of what would happen if a
    nuclear battle occurred in Stuart Little. There is some coward who thinks you
    cannot speak English, his name is Captain Whiskers. He has another tragedy on
    his world (don't they all?) and has to get all 8 of his navigational systems
    Walk through the lightning gate then use it to activate the 1st system (*1).
    Turn on the pathway here to have Sparx notify that these robots can only be
    destroyed by lightning breath, so never leave home without it. Blast the flying
    robot and the Frankenstein's monster type robot then take the southern hovering
    Light up the first crescent beam machine (1) and the navi system (*2) by it.
    Back on the landform where you just came from, head west and fly across.
    Electrify the enemies here, and capture the 1st firefly. There is a challenge
    portal, but first jump up and recharge another navi system (*3).
    Leave the challenge portal for now, and fly back across. Take the eastern plat
    now and quickly hop up the steps to activate another navi system (*4). Wait up
    top for the flying plat to come to you, and get on.
    When you stop, you'll recharge another system (*5). If you need more electric
    breath, eat some Mexican food. Haha. Actually there is a gate just north next
    to a crescent machine (2).
    Right by the lightning gate there is a green block of cheese, and by that is
    the midpoint fairy. Get your progress recorded and push on north. You'll pass
    by a floating firefly behind a gate, we'll snag it later.
    Turn west when you have the chance, and you'll chance upon a few enemies
    guarding a crescent machine (3).
    You can now go behind the gate and take the 2nd firefly. Head back to the
    lightning gate by the midpoint fairy, then fly eastern across the water. Take
    the long ass path up, and in the middle there is a machine crescent (4).
    Soon you will spot another navi system (*6), if you don't have any electric
    juice there is a gate right there. Break into the boulder area, collect the
    gems and if you don't have any sparkle breath, you may ram into the flying
    nuisance and leave.
    A bit further southwest is where you'll find the 3rd firefly, and a boulder
    cavern reveals some gems. Keep treading south and you will discover another
    crescent (5), drop down from there and head west for another crescent (6). Get
    back up to where the boulder was, and take the rising platform up.
    Once on top take the eastbound plat and then the next one to find the
    penultimate navi system. Back by the boulder; take the southbound plat then
    another west plat to put the last guidance system online. You can tell Capt.
    Whiskers, but not just yet.
    Now drop down and activate the last machine crescent (7) which gives the 4th
    firefly. Inside the boulder up place you'll find a 25 gem. Keep dropping down
    southwards and you'll be by the challenge portal, don't head in just yet.
    You should know the path now, so flag down Capt. Whiskers for your 5th firefly.
    You may now enter the challenge portal, and it seems that the folks need help
    guarding their ship due to those hungry hungry Rhynocs.
                   Protect the Ship!
                |      L   *          |  S - Ships
                |                     |  * - Directions Rhynocs are coming from
                |  *       S       *  |  L - Lightning Gate
                |                     |
                |          *          |
    As you see, you must be incredibly fast protecting the little mousers ship from
    oncoming junk metal piles (the Rhynocs). Once you destroy the first batch they
    get doubly fast, so you must get doubly fast as well.
    When completed you see their little ship taking off, but them leaving behind
    the 6th firefly. You may get it and leave the level, you are finished now.
    Back in Starry Plains, you have two options either;
    a - go to fight Ripto now that you have [more] than enough fireflies or
    b - finish another of Spyro's stages and then pursue option a
    I'll assume that you picked option B, so find Spyro's [real] last stage; it is
    on the easternmost side of the map.
    Gypsy Road
    Gems - 400
    Fireflies - 6
    Speak with the mystic lady Laura, hopefully she doesn't charge to talk at the
    outrageous rates Ms. Cleo does, and let's hope that she is authentic as well.
    She speaks of a Madame Meow that needs rescuing, so that is why you are here
    (beyond gaining more fireflies/gems). The collectible here seem to be skull
    candles, so light the fire one directly east of Laura.
    Direct yourself south, and up the steps. You'll remember this penguin-looking
    enemy from the Shamrock Isle, so get rid of him and torch another skull (2).
    Glide straight across the water to meet a new type of wizard. He is invisible
    until he fires a cold ball at you, then it is open season on all Druids.
    Up the steps you'll find another skull (3). Fly westward now, and face a whole
    plethora of inflatable penguins, pop them, and reach the top to see a skull
    (4). There is also a chest there, remember the location for when you get the
    Continue on and you'll spot the 1st firefly, and another skull to burn (5). But
    before you can get them you must defeat 3 fading wizards. Just dodge their
    projectiles then attack quickly before they recharge.
    Go down the steps the southern way to be greeted by the midpoint fairy, I'm
    glad she's there, but isn't she a bit late in the level? Next to her is a
    candle, so light that sucka (6) and move north.
    There are three rooms behind three boulders, go into the first one and you'll
    find that there is only gems. In the second one however, there are gems as well
    as a gypsy. She tells you about some fire pixies (uh-oh) and asks you to remove
    them for her. Well you won't do it for her; you'll prolly do it for the
    fireflies. In any case, begin the game.
    Use the same tactics that you used in Shamrock Isle for all four, which is
    basically freeze one fire pixie than use him to bait the rest, and one is
    behind a crystal ball. When you accomplish this, you receive the 2nd firefly.
    Don't let the time limit faze you. The second time around on hard mode, you'll
    freeze four then discover one hiding behind a clear crystal ball. For doing it
    on hard mode, you receive the 3rd firefly from a spell gone awry.
    In the third boulder there are just gems, and the key. Now go back to where you
    lit the 6th candle, and veer east for a fade wizard and a candle (7) beside
    him. Press on eastward to find the 4th firefly just loggin' around, by a
    rolling penguin.
    Down south they got good catfish and haddock, but they also got a boulder.
    Behind the curtains, there are four fade wizards guarding a gypsy. Defeat them
    all in hand-to-mouth combat. The gypsy turns out to be Madame Meow, and you
    just freed her. Receive your 5th firefly and leave.
    Head up top on these steps, and fight the last two enemies, the dastardly duo
    of the primal penguins. Light the last skull candle (8) for the 6th firefly,
    and you can leave. If you didn't open the chest yet, you may it holds the last
    11 gems you need to totally complete this level.
    Now you may head to the big showdown, between you and Ripto. The Elder Dragon
    tried to get it on Pay-Per-View but there was hardly an audience. *shrugs*
    The portal is located at the very north of Starry Plains. Bianca will open it
    for you.
    | Boss Fight - Ripto |
    Ripto seems to be pretty pissed that you made it this far, so naturally he will
    do his best (which is very good!) to see to it that you don't make it any
    To beat him, look at this map of the stage.
    |     F        I        | F - Fire
    |                       | I - Ice
    |         R             | L - Lightning
    |                       | R - Ripto
    |         L             |
    As you can see, there are three various breath gates around the fight arena.
    Ripto has three cards surrounding him at all times, each corresponding to these
    three elements. So you must get each element, use it on his card then go change
    and do it again.
    Once all cards are down, ram him quickly. Almost immediately after you burn his
    cards, regardless of whether you ram him or not they regenerate so be quick
    about it, eh? You must do this while dodging fireballs and electric ground
    Hit 'em three times to make him whine just like all his other colleagues, and
    then he finally dies. For now. Thalia, the fairy you just rescued gives you the
    ability to warp to any world you wish, it’s not a lot but at least its there.
    Back in Sunny Plains, speak with the Elder Dragon. Now you can stay in your
    home without having to move since you brought back so many fireflies. Watch the
    disgustingly cute ending, and pat yourself on the back for beating this game.
    THE END!
     A G E N T 9  &  S H E I L A
    Since they are not really part of the game, I decided to throw their levels in
    a separate section, to let the player focus on Spyro, since he always has a
    multitude of things to do in his levels.
    | Sunny Plains |
    Minty Mines
    Gems - 300
    Fireflies - 1
    The controls for Agent 9 are listed above if you are confused. Okay, first off
    collect the gems around the area then double jump onto the platform above.
    Double jump to reach any gems you can't normally get, and blast the enemies.
    Drop down, and enter the door with the green goo above it to refill your gun,
    then drop again and enter that door if you need some health.
    Progress your way on and move past a giant falling gem, to spot some tougher
    enemies with rocket launchers. It takes 5 shots of the green goo for them, 3
    shots for the others. Enter the next health door, then drop and enter the door
    with the yellow ball above it. Now you have stronger ammo, so jump back up to
    the health door you were just in.
    Hop up platforms twice, enter the green goo door and hop the gap to be greeted
    by the midway fairy. Walk across the gated area destroying various commandos,
    and you'll reach another place where a huge diamond is dropping. The box with
    the arrow tells you in the future, so watch out for it. Blast the last two
    enemies, and run into the firefly box and you have completed this level.
    Let's finish off Agent 9's stages on this Plains area by heading to Alpine
    Adove. The portal location is past the place where Bianca has her stronger ice
    breath station set up.
    Alpine Adove
    Gems - 300
    Fireflies - 1
    This level is much lighter than the last, but let’s quit comparing and
    contrasting. Shoot a few folks here; including a pesky grenade launcher then
    use the inertia of the platform to jump over. What do I mean by inertia? Jump
    up and down on it, and the millisecond your feet land on the platform
    immediately double jump over.
    Get your refill of green goo, then double jump up and take on the rocket
    launcher. Use the same strategy now to get across three of these weak space
    platforms, and turn left. Keep going down all the way left, jumping from
    platform to platform until you've collected all those jewels, which in case you
    should be at around 40.
    Head back to where the platforms were now, instead turn yourself right on a
    dime. Hop up the platforms maneuvered as steps, and land on a column. Double
    jump to reach a 25 gem, and now drop down. Clear out the enemies here, and then
    proceed right.
    Use the flying plat (short for platform) again and finally reach the midway
    point fairy. Clear out this area as well, but be vigilant about it. Run right,
    use another Superman plat (cuz its crippled) and refill your ammo. Go back to
    where you just cleared out some enemies, jump up twice and blast the grenade
    Rhynoc away, then veer right for another ammo recharge.
    Keep hopping up, shooting enemies as you go. When you reach the long walkway,
    head left for the stronger bullets (yellow suns). Make a leap (double leap) of
    faith left, and hopefully you will land on the 25 karat gem. Go all the way
    back to where you were before the leap of faith. Now don't stop going up until
    you hit the midpoint fairy.
    Now this next part takes incredible platforming abilities, or good
    concentration as either will you get across the many flying plats. After the
    middle one, they get much more sensitive so therefore, you must become, much
    more sensitive. Now you must be expeditious in your movements here, as the
    grenade Rhynocs are out in force.
    Jump up until you reach more flying platforms, go across them to face a
    spaceman. Shoot him out of the sky to send him to the Columbia's fate, with one
    blow he folds. Drop down and grab up the firefly on this stage, and take your
    Wow that was a dozy eh?
     G O I N G  F O R  B R O K E ?
    *note, this section is for those who wish to gather all of the gems possible
    from the levels, if you cannot obtain some the first run through (i.e. can't
    get through the boulder in Shamrock Isle). You may still beat the game without
    this section however.
    Sunny Plains II
    Now if you want the last firefly on this level, you must go around lighting all
    the torches with your flame breath. The locations are as follows -
    - Left of the first time you saw Hunter
    - By the platforms where you jump with hunter
    - In the middle of the trickling mini-river
    - Due north of the Canyon Hop portal
    - East of the previous.
    - By the Celestial Plains portal
    - South of Bianca, by a big spike-boulder
    - Get the stronger ice breath and there is the last, across the river
    Now you have totally completed this level. Next up to complete is Shamrock
    Isle, where you probably are trying to nail all the other gems and 2 fireflies.
    Shamrock Isle II
    Dash towards the south of the map, then turn, facing your northeast and keep
    flying across the islands until you reach another leprechaun, named Darby. He
    needs help inside a challenge portal, as the fire pixies are destroying his
    crop or somethin. Turn on your freeze breath and head inside.
    This really is a game of freeze tag with three fire pixies, and if you freeze
    run and run after the others, they will mostly likely tag their cryogenic buddy
    back into the game. Thus, you must freeze one, and stay in his vicinity at all
    times. Move around a bit though, because the other two will be trying to rescue
    him. Like so;
          Fire Pixie Freeze Tag
    |                               |   # - pixie already frozen
    |                               |   * - pixies trying to free the frozen one
    |                               |   S - Superman. Or Spyro.
    |        *      *               |
    |                               |
    |          S #                  |
    When you have the objective completed, receive your 6th firefly from Darby.
    Speak with him one more time and it seems that there are four fire pixies now,
    and you must freeze them again. Use the same strategy, and receive the 7th
    firefly. Now you want all the gems. So go to the rock adjacent to the first
    island (where the Sunny Plain portal is) and break open the boulder.
    Inside get the key for the chest and return to the first island. Break open
    THAT boulder, and open it to procure the last of this island's gems. You have
    one last level to go. Go to the Temple of Dune, you can find it on top of some
    stairs by Bianca's blue gate.
    Temple of Dune II
    If you wanna finish up this level, traverse directly south from the northern
    pyramid, and crack open the boulder with your crushing ability you got when you
    defeated Crush. Inside, is a mouse next to a challenge portal, along with an
    extra life and some scattered gems, which will propel you to 300/300 if you
    found all the other gems.
    Shoot the time with the mouse, and he mentions that some crackhead has stolen
    his great treasure. Could it be?!? The same crackhead that was running around
    in Watertopia (if you did these levels outta order like me) ? Go inside and
    you'll find that it is indeed the one and only.
    To catch him, you must become him. Haha j/k. The six pillars make this a real
    challenge, but of course it is a challenge portal. You must try to predict his
    moves, and follow him. You are a bit faster than him, but he can juke you good.
    After you got him go get your 7th firefly, and pat yourself on the back since
    you were Going for Broke.
     F I R E F L Y  E N C Y C L O P E D I A
    Firefly Encyclopedia*
    *the fireflies in Agent 9 and Sheila's levels have no names, which is why they
    aren't listed. makes sense huh?
    | Sunny Plains |
    Sunny Plains - 6/6
    Country Farms - 7/7
    Shamrock Isle - 7/7
    Temple of Dune - 7/7
    Tiki Tropics - 7/7
    | Celestial Plains |
    Celestial Plains - 6/6
    Winter Mesa - 7/7
    Haunted Hills - 7/7
    Watertopia - 6/6
    | Starry Plains |
    Starry Plains - 6/6
    Dreamy Castle - 7/7
    Moon Fondue - 6/6
    Gypsy Road - 6/6
     L E G A L  S T U F F
    This document is © 2003 crooked j. It is not to be distributed in any form
    without the permission of the author. The author of this document is not
    affiliated with the creators of this game in any way. All Rights Reserved.
    quote - "There was never a genius without a tincture of madness."
            -- Aristotle (384-322 BC), Greek philosopher

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