Additional ArtRandy Briley
Additional ArtKris Durrschmidt
Additional ArtMarcus Howell
Additional ArtTamara Knoss
Additional ArtSteve Nasker
Additional ArtRob Shoff
Additional ArtMike Wilcox
Art and AnimationEric Heitman
Art and AnimationRyan Silva
Art and AnimationJerry Vorhies
Art and AnimationShawn Wood
Creative Director (Amaze Entertainment)Phil Trumbo
DesignMark Coates
DesignCara Diehm
DevelopersDoug Brettin
DevelopersMike Dorgan
DevelopersMarc Hall
DevelopersRobert j Kirkpatrick
DevelopersJoshua Meeds
Executive ProducerSteve Ettinger
Executive Producer (Amaze Entertainment)Dan Elenbaas
Executive Producer (Amaze Entertainment)David Mann
Lead DeveloperDoug Schilling
Music and Sound EffectsIan Stocker
Producer & Art DirectorMike Platteter
Producer (Encore)Daniel Ramirez
Senior Producer (Encore)Eric DeMilt
WriterMichael Humes


Data and credits for this game contributed by Cosmic!, odino, KFHEWUI, oliist, and BGoldTLE.

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