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    Fusions/Summons FAQ by LanceFreeman

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    Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul
    Game Boy Advance
    Fusions/Summons FAQ
    This document Copywrite 2002 by Jay Gibbs (tahugalikopaka of GFAQS Boards)
    Table of Contents
    1) Introduction
    2) Version History
    3) Rules of the Game
    4) Fusions
    5) Summons
    6) Rituals
    7) Specialty Cards
    8) Cards that Cannot be Used
    9) Card of the Week
    10) Frequently Asked Questions
    11) Submissions
    12) Credits
    1. Introduction
    Hey. Before I go on,I would like to take the time to mention that this was 
    originally designed for DM6E2. But I changed it to Eternal Duelist Soul because 
    it's easier to fill in.
    Like so many, I can't figure out any of the Polymerizations. This should help
    for anyone who has problems.
    2. Version History
    Version 1.0 (10/26/2002)
    After much thinking, this version becomes version 1.
    Version 2.0 (10/28/2002)
    Thanks to Robert Spurling, I was able to add Wall Shadow to the FAQ. 
    Added the Empress Judge and Skull Knight to the list of Fusions.
    Version 3.0 (10/30/2002)
    Figured I should add some contribution address. Send your questions or
    submissions to jaygibbs3@cogeco.ca
    Version 4.0 (11/09/2002)
    Added some more Fusions. I would like to make a few points. 1: This
    FAQ will be updated on Saturdays, so I can collect your emails during
    the week and update all of them. 2: Please don't send fusions that you
    got from Forbidden Memories and Dark Duel Stories. They have completely
    different fusion combos. And in DDS, some of the Yellow and Orange cards
    are fusions. Please check the combos. And 3: Please don't email me for
    codes. Some of the cards have no codes. So again, please no code questions.
    That's it.
    Version 4.1 (11/11/2002)
    What! An update on a monday! You must think I'm insane. Actually, this is
    a special release for my birthday. I added the Attack and Defense power of
    the Fusion Monsters. That's about it. See'ya on Saturday.
    Version 5.0 (11/16/2002)
    Added 7 more fusion combos. Started to add attack/defense power of Ritual
    monsters. Also, the Marik saga started today on KidsWB. Hope you saw it,
    I did.
    Version 6.0 (11/23/2002)
    Just a few more Fusions. And I changed the Summons. First, I changed the 
    Summon requirements for the Toon Monsters. And second, I entered Metalzoa
    into the database. And finally, I have some announcements. First, I would
    like to recognize the following people for their contribution: Robert
    Spurling, Dixhuit83, Gemini troi, and mrmonkeyman640. All people who submit
    to me will get there name mentioned. Second, I have gotten into the Deck
    rating business. If you have a deck, submit it to me. I'll give you a good
    idea of what I think of it. Third, please specify what you're sending me.
    If it is a rating, title your email "Rate my Deck", if a question, title it
    "Question", and if it is a submission, title it "Submission". I will usually
    respond by the next update. Oh, and we finally got to see the God cards on 
    Yu-Gi-Oh! today on KidsWB. Go Obelisk. See ya next Saturday.
    Version 6.1 (11/29/2002)
    Yeah, I know I would only update on Saturday, but I can't wait that long 
    between weekends. So I will now update on Wendesday as well as Saturday.
    Today, being Friday, was just an announcement update. So I only added stuff
    about the 3 God Cards. The real update will be tomorrow. So, have a happy
    Hurraiday (Friday).
    Version 7.0 (12/04/2002)
    Midweek Wendsday! (boy, that's catchy) Sorry about the non-update on the
    weekend, but I was too busy to update. BlueEyesWhiteDragon5 submitted some
    info. See ya on Saturday.
    Version 8.0 (12/07/2002)
    Big bad news. This is the last update of the Fusion section. There will be 
    no more additions to the list. However, it isn't the last version, heck no.
    The Summon section needs to be improved, since I refuse to think that's all
    the summons in the entire game. There will be some more specialty cards, and
    a new "Card of the Week" section. I still accept questions, and will still
    update the FAQ section with your questions. And the attack and defense power
    of the Ritual monsters and Summon monsters still need to be added.
    Version 8.1 (12/29/2002)
    Man, I'm bad at this. 22 days and no update. Well, I've added more stuff to 
    the Ritual section. I was hoping to give you a nice Christmas Present, but
    it's kinda a little late. I might have it for New Years though.
    3. Rules of the Game
    1. You can only use one monster card per turn. Use of "Change of Heart" or 
    "Monster Reborn" or "Call of the Haunted" doesn't count for this one 
    monster placement per turn.
    2. Purple cards are the Fusion monsters, which need 2 cards or more to create. 
    Light Blue cards are the Rituals, which need a certain magic (green card) to use.
    3. The God cards CANNOT be used.
    4. Fusions
    Now it is time for what we have been waiting for, the Fusions
    1. Alligator's Sword Dragon (1700/1500): Alligator's Sword and Baby Dragon
    2. Amphibious Bugroth (1850/3000): Ground Attacker Bugroth and Guardian of the Sea
    3. Aqua Dragon (2250/1900): Fairy Dragon, Amazon of the Seas and Zone Eater
    4. B. Skull Dragon (3200/2500): Red-Eyes B. Dragon and Summoned Skull
    5. Barox (1380/1540): Frenzied Panda and Ryu-Kishin
    6. Bikuribox (2300/2000): Crass Clown and Dream Clown
    7. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500/3800): Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3
    8. Bracchio-Radius (2200/2000): Two-Headed King Rex and Crawling Dragon #2
    9. Charubin the Fire Knight (1100/800): Monster Egg and Hinotama Soul
    10. Crimson Sunbird (2300/1800): Faith Bird and Skull Red Bird
    11. Cyber-Saurus (1800/1400): Blast Juggler and Two-Headed King Rex
    12. Darkfire Dragon (1500/1250): Petit Dragon and Firegrass
    13. Deepsea Shark (1900/1600): Bottom Dweller and Tongyo
    14. Dragoness the Wicked Knight (1200/900): Armaill and One-Eyed Shield Dragon 
    15. Empress Judge (2100/1700): Hibikime and Queen's Double
    16. Flame Ghost (1000/800): Skull Servent and Dissolverock
    17. Flame Swordsman (1) (1800/1600): Masaki the Legenadry Swordsman and Flame 
    18. Flame Swordsman (2) (1800/1600): Masaki the Legendary Swordsman and Flame 
    19. Flower Wolf (1800/1400): Silver Fang and Darkworld Thorns
    20. Fusionist (900/700): Petit Angel and Mystical Sheep #2
    21. Gaia the Dragon Champion (2600/2100): Gaia the Fierce Knight and Curse of Dragon
    22. Giltia the D. Knight (1850/1500): Guardian of the Labyrinth and Protector of the 
    23. Great Mammoth of Goldfine (2200/1800): The Snake Hair and Dragon Zombie
    24. Kaiser Dragon (2300/2000): Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 and Fairy
    25. Kaminari Attack (1900/1400): Ocubeam and Mega Thunderball
    26. Kamionwizard (1300/1100): Mystical Elf and Curtain of the Dark Ones
    27. Karbonala Warrior (1500/1200): M-Warrior #1 and M-Warrior #2
    28. Kwager Hercules (1900/1700): Kuwagata a and Hercules Beetle
    29. Labyrinth Tank (2400/2400): Giga-Tech Wolf and Cannon Soldier
    30. Man-eating Black Shark (2100/1300): Sea Kamen, Gruesome Goo and Amazon of the 
    31. Marine Beast (1700/1600): Water Magician and Behegon
    32. Mavelus (1300/900): Tyhone and Wings of Wicked Flame
    33. Metal Dragon (1850/1700): Steel Ogre Grotto #1 and Lesser Dragon
    34. Meteor B. Dragon (3500/2000): Red-Eyes B. Dragon and Meteor Dragon
    35. Musician King (1750/1500): Lady of Faith and Witch of the Black Forest
    36. Mystical Sand (2100/1700): Giant Soldier of Stone and Ancient Elf
    37. Pragtical (1900/1500): Trakadon and Flame Viper
    38. Punished Eagle (2100/1800): Blue-Winged Crow and Niwatori
    39. Rabid Horseman (2000/1700): Mystic Horseman and Battle Ox
    40. Rare Fish (1500/1200): Fusionist and Enchanting Mermaid
    41. Roaring Ocean Snake (2100/1800): Mystic Lamp and Hyosube
    42. Rose Spectre of Dunn (2000/1800): Feral Imp and Snakeyahsi
    43. Skelgon (1700/1900): The Snake Hair and Blackland Fire Dragon
    44. Skull Knight (2650/2250): Tainted Wisdom and Ancient Brain
    45. Skullbird (1900/1700): Takuhe and Temple of Skulls
    46. Soul Hunter (2200/1800): Lord of the Lamp and Invader from Another Dimension
    47. Thousand Dragon (1) (2400/2000): Baby Dragon and Time Wizard
    48. Thousand Dragon (2) (2400/2000): Baby Dragon and Time Wizard
    49. Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100): Two Thunder Dragons
    50. Vermillion Sparrow (1900/1500): Rhaimundos of the Red Sword and Fireyarou
    51. Warrior of Tradition (1900/1700): Sonic Maid and Beautiful Headhuntress
    52. Zombie Warrior (1200/900): Skull Servent and Battle Warrior
    5. Summons
    The next part of the list is the Summons, which need a special 2-3 card combo to use
    1. Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon: Use "Metalmorph" on Red-Eyes Black Dragon and then 
    sacrifice it to bring out The REBMD.
    2. Dark Sage: Use the effects of the Time Wizard on Dark Magician. Sacrifice the 
    Dark Magician.
    3. Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon: Use the "Toon World" card to summon it.
    4. Toon Mermaid: Use "Toon World" card to summon it.
    5. Toon Skull: Use "Toon World" card to summon it.
    6. Manga Ryu-Ran: Use "Toon World" card to summon it.
    7. Gate Guardian: Place Sanga of the Thunder, Suijin, and Kazejin on the field 
    and sacrifice them to bring him out.
    8. Exodia the Forbidden One: Have all five pieces of Exodia in your hand.
    9. Valkyrion the Magna Warrior: Place Alpha, Beta and Gamma magnet warriors 
    on the field. Sacrifice them to bring him out.
    10. Harpie Lady Sisters: Use "Elegent Egotist" to pull it out of your deck. Must 
    have Harpie Lady on the field already.
    11. Wall Shadow: Use Magical labyrinth on Labyrinth Walls and special summon 
    Wall Shadow to the field.
    12. Cocoon of Evolution: If you have Petit Moth on the field, you can summon this
    on the same turn. It will become an equipment card for the Petit Moth, changing
    the Petit Moth's Defense power to 2000.
    12. Larvae Moth: Sacrifice the Petit Moth equipped with the Cocoon of Evolution
    after 2 turns
    13. Great Moth: Sacrifice the Petit Moth equipped with the Cocoon of Evolution
    after 4 Turns
    14. Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth: Sacrifice Petit Moth with the Cocoon of
    Evolution equipped to it after 6 turns.
    15. Metalzoa: Sacrifice Zoa equipped with "Metalmorph" to summon this.
    To Be Continued
    6. Rituals
    Special monsters that need a ritual card
    1. Black Luster Soldier (3000/2500): Need "Black Luster Ritual"
    2. Chakra (2450/2000): Need "Resurrection of Chakra"
    3. Crab Turtle: Need "Turtle Oath"
    4. Dokurorider: Need "Revival of Dokurorider"
    5. Fiend's Mirror: Need "Beastly Mirror Ritual"
    6. Fortress Whale: Need "Fortress Whale Oath"
    7. Garma Sword: Need "Garma Sword Oath"
    8. Hungry Burger (2000/1850): Need "Hamburger Recipe"
    9. Javelin Beetle: Need "Javelin Beetle Pact"
    10. Magician of Black Chaos (2800/2600): Need "Dark Magic Ritual"
    11. Performance of Sword: Need "Commencement Dance"
    12. Relinquished (0/0): Need "Black Illusion Ritual"
    13. Skull Guardian: Need "Novox's Prayer"
    14. Super War Lion: Need "War Lion Ritual"
    15. Zera the Mant: Need "Zera Ritual"
    16. Obelisk the Tormenter (4000/4000): THIS CARD CANNOT BE USED 
    7. Specialty Cards
    These cards are extremely special cards with special powers
    1. Cyber-Stein: This card can special summon on Fusion monster from the
    Fusion deck at the cost of 5000 life points
    2. Senju of the Thousand Hands: Take one Ritual Monster out of your deck.
    3. Sonic Bird: Take one Ritual Magic Card out of your deck.
    4. Time Wizard: Flip a coin. If you call it right, all opponents monsters
    are destroyed. If wrong, your monsters are destroyed.
    5. Jigen Bakudan: When it is flipped up, all of the monsters on your side
    are destroyed and half of their combined attack points is deducted from
    your opponent's life points.
    8. Cards That Cannot Be Used
    These cards are just space fillers, they cannot be used
    1. The Monarchy: Boat invitation to the Duelist Kingdom
    2. Set Sail for the Kingdom: Invitation to the tournament at Duelist Kingdom
    3. Glory of the King's Hand: Qualification for the $3,000,000 prize
    4. Obelisk the Tormenter: The God of Destruction
    5. Slifer the Sky Dragon: The God of Power
    6. The Winged Dragon of Ra: The God of the Sun
    9. Card of the Week
    Eternal Rest: Destroy ALL monsters with Equipment Magic Cards.
    10. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Q. What is Polymerization?
    A. Polymerization is the act of fusing two monster cards into a stronger one.
    2. Q. Is there a card that fuses?
    A. Yes. There are two cards call "Polymerization", but they both do the same thing.
    3. Q. Can I use a Fusion Monster without using the Polymerizer?
    A. Yes. The magical effect of card "Cyber-Stein" does that.
    4. Q. I have the two cards for fusion, but it won't work. What is going on?
    A. You have to have the monster that is the outcome of the fusion. EX. You need
    not just the Curse of Dragon and Gaia to make the Dragon Champion, you also need the
    Dragon Champion card to fuse.
    5. Q. All the Toon monsters can directly attack opponents life points, but why not 
    the Toon Alligator?
    A. Toon Alligator is an exception. It can be summoned right away instaed of waiting 
    for Toon World. So it doesn't have the same powers as the Toon monsters
    6. Q. I still don't get the act of Fusion, Ritualing, and Summoning. Could you 
    A. Okay. Fusion requires that both cards be in your hand and that Polymerization be 
    face-up on the field. Ritualing requires that you must have the Ritual monster in
    your hand and the Ritual card for it face-up on the field. Sacrifice monsters from 
    the field or your hand to pay for the star cost. Summoning requires that all 
    required monsters be on the field and the result in your hand. Sacrifice all the 
    parts that are on the field to bring out the end result.
    7. Q. I was watching the show and I saw the Paradox brothers use a fused monster 
    called "Wall Shadow", but I thought it was a summon.
    A. "Wall Shadow" is a summon, and it has a doozy of summon requirement.
    Check the Summon section.
    8. Q. I also saw the brothers use "Labyrinth Wall" and "Magical Labyrinth". 
    Do they really do the same thing?
    A. Nope. They are both needed to summon "Wall Shadow".
    9. Q. If "Labyrinth Wall" doesn't create a maze, what about the "Call of 
    the Haunted"?
    A. Sorry. "Call Of the Haunted" is a trap that only brings back one monster 
    the same way it was when it was destroyed, not a zombie.
    10. Q. What's the code for Dark Magician Girl?
    A. People get alot of this. There is NO code for DMG. You get it in the pack
    with the Millenium Eye on it.
    11. Q. Why arent the Dragon Master Knight, Thousand-Eyes Restrict and Five-God
    Dragon in your list?
    A. That's because they aren't in the game. If you want to use them, play
    Duel Monsters 7 in Japan.
    12. Q. What info do you have about the God Cards?
    A. Well, the God Cards were the strongest cards in the game. That's why they can't
    be played. Each God Card has a special power. Obelisk the Tormenter can destroy your
    opponents monsters with a proper tribute. Slifer the Sky Dragon's A/D Power depends
    on how many cards are in your hand. And The Winged Dragon of Ra uses a tribute of
    your life points to give it attack/defense power. Oh, and these cards are not 
    affected by stuff like Dark Hole, Raigeki, or Trap Hole. I would love to see these 
    cards playable in the US, but until someone at Konami decides to bring DM7 to the 
    US, we won't see them. :(
    13. Q. Why can't I use the Cyber-Stein effect?
    A. When you click on the card, it will show something like the button used to activate
    a Magic Card. Press that button and you can use the effect.
    11. Submissions
    Send your submissions to jaygibbs3@cogeco.ca
    12. Credits
    Me, CJayC of the GameFAQS website, Konami for creating the game, and anyone who sent
    in fusions and summons. Escpecially Robert Spurling for the Wall Shadow summon.
    So Long and Good Dueling.

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