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    Scenario 1-6(B) Guide by Daba Mylord

    Version: 0.10 | Updated: 08/13/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    for Game Boy Advance
    Walkthru & Strategy Guide: SCENARIO 1-6 (B)
    by Daba Mylord (daba_mylord@srwgenesis.every1.net)
    Version 0.10
    1) This guide assumes that you have at least a little knowledge in the Japanese Katakana and
       Hiragana alphabet.
    2) The author will not reply to e-mails asking for translations and "point-me-outs".
    3) This guide may appear only in GameFAQs.com, and nowhere else.
    4) You are not free to distribute this guide to anyone for any reason.
    5) Plagiarism is a crime, not just a minor offense. Don't copy and steal this guide, dammit.
    6) If there are corrections and contributions, e-mail the author and you will  be credited.
    7) Those who steal and copy this guide without the author's knowledge will be prosecuted.
    8) The main character chosen for this game is Fiona, not Raul.
    9) Names are translated roughly. If you know the official/real names of stuff, contact the
       author ASAP.
    This guide is inteneded for SRWR for Game Boy Advance, whether you are playing the original
    game or with an emulator. The walkthru will be seperated and segregated into different parts
    and FAQs, to make sure that the download or loading time will be faster and it will be
    easier to read. Scrolling down and up will be a lot more minimized. This walkthru will not
    be as ultra-detailed, but it will contain some vital info which I think is relevant to your
    gameplay. If you think it's irrelevant, then it's none of my business. I made this walkthru
    at the expense of my free time, so please don't waste it and appreciate it for what it is.
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: Excellance C is destroyed.
    - Strategies: 1) Nothing special in this scenario, except that you have to practice by
                     killing all enemies in sight.
                  2) As you progress, Ruri appears in Nadesico B, accompanied by Saburouta
                     and Bright appears in the Ra-Kailum, with Kayra and Amuro in the Jegan
                     and Re-GZ respectively. Simply destroy all enemies.
    After this scenario, you will be given 2 options to choose from. Pick the SECOND OPTION
    to follow the Gundam: Char's Counterattack storyline. This guide will formally cover these
    scenarios promptly.
    SCENARIO 2 (Char's Counterattack Route)
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies OR reach Axis let Ra-Kailum reach Axis within
                         7 turns.
    - Losing Condition: All allies are killed or Ra-Kailum is destroyed.
    - Strategies: 1) Before starting the scenario, change Excellance S into Excellance C. As
                     you start the scenario, get Bright Noah to reach LV6 to learn "Accelerate".
                     With this spell, you can move farther and reach Axis.
                  2) Equip a Propellant Tank and Repair Kit to Ra-Kailum. You'll need it to fend
                     off the Geara Dogas that will attack it. They will rarely target other
                     characters. Just Bright.
                  3) Conserve EN with Amruo's Re-GZ. Attack with missiles and beam cannons. Use
                     the Mega Beam Cannon only when the enemy's HP is too big or that's the only
                     choice of weapon. Don't waste it on the Geara Dogas. Use it on Gyunei,
                     Rezun and Char.
                  4) Keep Amuro always beside Bright. Rezun can be killed by decreasing her
                     life, then have Kayra cast "Great Effort" then deliver the killing blow.
                     Gyunei can be killed by attacking 3 times with the Excellance C's Fairy
                     weapon (assuming if current morale is 137 or so). Fiona must cast
                     "Concentrate" before attacking.
                  5) Char can be killed by Amuro only. Save game before attacking. Have Amuro
                     cast "Hot Blood" and make sure you have at least 40 SP left to cast another
                     one later. Attack with the Re-GZ's Mega Beam Cannon. If it misses, reset
                     and do it until Char gets hit. Save game. When Char attacks,  defend, don't
                     counter-attack. On your next turn, save game, cast "Hot Blood", attack
                     with Mega Beam Cannon. Boom.
    SCENARIO 3 (Char's Counterattack Route)
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
    - Strategies: 1) Get Amuro and Kayla to kill most of the Geara Dogas. Leave 1 or 2 for Chien
                     to kill as she is in the Re-GZ. Hathaway should provide back-up, but not
                     necessarily kill.
                  2) If you kill Quess, Gyunei escapes. If you kill Rezun or leave 2 Geara Dogas
                     behind alive, then Quess AND Gyunei escape. Therefore, you must kill Quess
                     first, because she leaves behind a Hi-Performance Radar. To do this, have
                     Amuro attack her with the Fin Funnel without casting "Hot Blood". Then,
                     have Kayra cast "Hot Blood", "Lock On" and "Great Effort", then attack
                     Quess with the MP Nu-Gundam's Beam Rifle. Boom. Gyunei escapes, the rest
                     left behind.
                  3) With Rezun still alive, attack her with anyone, leaving 2200 HP behind.
                     Have Hathaway cast "Aid" on Chien, then have Chien cast "Luck", then attack
                     Rezun with the Mega Beam Cannon. Boom goes Rezun, and Chien gains 2 levels
                     from 7 to 9.
                  4) Butcher appears when all enemies are defeated. Don't fall on one line
                     because he'd attack with the Bandock Hou's MAP version. Decrease its HP
                     using Nu-Gundam and MP Nu-Gundam. Bring Excellance C beside the Re-GZ.
                     Have Chien cast "Luck" again, and Hathaway cast "Aid" on Chien. Attack
                     using Mega Beam Cannon to finish Butcher off. Butcher escapes if his total
                     HP drops to around an estimate of 2000-2200 HP left.
    SCENARIO 4 (Char's Counterattack Route)
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies OR send Ra-Kailum to Axis' booster (pointed
                         to you by the game).
    - Losing Condition: All allies are killed OR Ra-Kailum is destroyed.
    - Strategies: 1) Nu-Gundam, MP Nu-Gundam and Excellance C must kill to gain their strong
                     attacks. Rezun is again another easy kill. Have Hathaway cast "Aid" on
                     Chien and use Chien to kill her. No need for additional strategies since
                     she's easy. Kill the rest of the Geara Dogas and Jagd Dogas as is.
                  2) If Quess is killed 1st, Gyunei gains 10 morale. If Char is killed 1st,
                     Quess gains 10 morale. Therefore, you must kill Gyunei 1st, then Quess,
                     and finally Char.
                  3) Gyunei is relatively easy... attack with Amuro using Fin Funnels. With a
                     few HP left, save your game then do to Gyunei what you did to Rezun. Chien
                     could kill him. Don't forget to have Chien ast "Luck" this time to double
                     your money gained.
                  4) To defeat Quess easily, simply attack her using the Excellance C's Fairy
                     weapon, and add a touch of Fin Funnels from Nu-Gundam. With a few HP left,
                     save your game. Have Kayra cast "Great Effort". Attack using the MP
                     Nu-Gundam's Incom, supported by Chein using the Mega Beam Rifle. Quess
                     won't escape, like Gyunei so there is no worry.
                  5) Char is also surprisingly easy. Save your game. Have Amuro cast "Hot
                     Blood", "Concentrate" and "Flash" if desired. It will eat up a lot of
                     Sazabi's HP. If Sazabi's HP drops to less than 2300 HP, save your game.
                     Bring Chien and Kayra together. Wait for your next turn. At the beginning
                     of that turn, save your game. Have Hathaway cast "Aid" on Chien, and have
                     Chien cast "Luck" and "Flash". Kayra should cast "Lock On".  Attack Char
                     using Chien with any weapon, support it with Kayra's MP Nu-Gundam, using
                     Incom as the weapon. Don't worry if Chien's attack misses. It's Kayra who's
                     gonna actually kill Char, not Chien. Since Chien is the initial attacker,
                     Chien will gain double experience and you get double money.
                  6) FYI: If you follow the anime, you could let Chien kill Quess and trigger
                     that famous and irritating event where Hathaway kills Chien. Although this
                     event will let you lose 1 ally, currently the significance of the event is
                     linked to getting Gundam mk III later (as specified in the SRWGenesis MB
                     by those SRWR nuts who played the game). If you do want this event to take
                     place then always remember that before killing Quess, Chien should cast
                     "Luck" so that you gain double money. Although you won't be able to do the
                     strategies mentioned earlier, you can always kill Char anyway because you
                     have Nu-Gundam, MP Nu-Gundam and Excellance C. Just keep on attacking and
                     when Amuro attacks, support it with Kayra in MP Nu-Gundam's Incom.
    SCENARIO 5 (Char's Counterattack Route)
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: GX is destroyed.
    - Strategies: 1) To prevent GX from being destroyed, always put Excellance S beside it for
                     Support Defense. Do not attack head on to Rakan, especially the other
                     Mobile Suits in the Base terrain. Instead, focus on letting Garrod and
                     Fiona kill those units outside the base. The sooner Excellance S gains
                     morale, the better and faster to use its Giant Crusher attack. Amuro should
                     be the one to kill the Mobile Suits inside the base. Not to worry on using
                     Mega Beam Rifle all the time, since you replenish EN as long as your unit
                     is in the base terrain.
                  2) Transform Gundam Airmaster, White Taurus and Metas in their respective MA
                     modes and fly to where Garrod and Fiona is. You will need their support.
                     Jamil and Roybea will prolly be left behind since the Freeden and the
                     Gundam Leopard move slower.
                  3) The Grandines are easy as long as your units stay in the base terrain.
                     Conserve Roybea's SP and make sure he gains a level. Once he does he would
                     learn "Luck". Using Roybea, cast "Luck" and kill a Grandine. The other
                     Grandine must be killed using Fa in her Metas. Since Fa has "Luck" too,
                     have her cast it. Decrease the other Grandine's life to less than 1000 HP,
                     then kill it using Fa in her Metas. All together, the 2 Grandines will
                     yield 20K money as prizes.
                  4) Rakan is a lot easy if you use Excellance S. Have Fiona cast "Concentrate"
                     and attack Rakan with the Giant Crusher, making sure that she is also in
                     the base terrain. Do it repeatedly and you will beat Rakan up. Although
                     don't cast "Concentrate" all the time. You will need it to beat the Frost
                     Brothers later on. Just save your game and reload it if Fiona's attack
                  5) The Frost Brothers will arrive as reinforcements with Daughtresses. Kill
                     the Daughtresses at will, and wait until the Frost Brothers go to you,
                     making sure they are not beside each other so they won't perform their
                     Synchro-Attack, Frost Combination. By the time the Frost Brothers arrive
                     near you, all of your allies should be in the base terrain by now.
                  6) At the start of your turn, save your game. Have Roybea cast "Exchaust" on
                     SHAGIA. Then, use everyone to attack Shagia, making sure they cast
                     "Concentrate" before attacking and Support Attacking. The best 1st attack
                     on him is Amuro using Mega Beam Rifle, supported by Roybea using Inner Arm
                     Gattling Cannon. That will prolly eat up more than half of Gundam Virsago's
                     HP but make sure it doesn't drop to less than 2500 HP. If it doesn't reach
                     2500 HP, then attack it using Witz in his Gundam Airmaster until it does.
                     With 2500 or so HP left, attack Shagia using the Giant Crusher of
                     Excellance S. That would kill Shagia instantly, and Olba would retreat.
                  7) Do not kill Olba, nor damage him. Just ignore him. The reason why you
                     should kill Shagia is because Gundam Virsago is easier to beat (it has less
                     HP) and it yields a better item, the Dual Sensor, which increases all
                     weapons' hit rates of the equipped unit by 10%. Killing Gundam Ashtaron
                     will only give you a Magnetic Coating, which gives only +5 to mobility.
    SCENARIO 6 (Char's Counterattack Route)
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
    - Strategies: 1) Neo-Getter appears to fight the Megasauruses. Do not use Plasma Thunder
                     often. Buildings in the area do not recover EN. Instead, keep on using
                     Chain Knuckle instead. Your allies will come in your next turn to help you
                     out anyway. Don't even let any of the Neo-Getter pilots cast any spells,
                     not even "Charge". Instead, let Neo-Getter, GX and Excellance S kill the
                     Megasauruses to gain morale. Don't cast any spells since they are easy to
                     beat anyway.
                  2) In case the Megasaurus Bulls get underwater, transform Neo-Getter 1 to
                     Neo-Getter 3 then attack them from underwater. Other effective attacks
                     against them would be GX's Beam Sword and any attack from Gundam Leopard.
                  3) Once the Neo Zeon forces appear, make sure that Gundam Leopard and
                     Excellance S get to kill most of the soldiers. As for the 2 Grandines, pull
                     their life down to lower than 1000 HP, then have Fa cast "Luck" and kill
                     them, even without support attack (and making sure that those 2 Grandines
                     are NOT in building terrain). For Rakan, you can easily beat him up using
                     GX and Re-GZ to lower the Driessen's HP down to 2000, then have Roybea cast
                     "Luck" and destroy it with the Gundam Leopard's Inner Arm Gattling Cannon.
                  4) Bat Shogun will be a little challenging to beat. You must bring down his HP
                     a lot by attacking him with ultra powerful weapons like the Satellite
                     Cannon supported by the Giant Crusher. He will escape if his HP reaches
                     below 6000. So, bring down his HP to 6000 or a little bit lower like 5900.
                     Then, make sure that Fiona learns "Hot Blood" by this time. Bring
                     Excellance S and put him beside Bat Shogun, then place Gundam Leopard
                     beside Excellance S. On your next turn save your game. Have Roybea cast
                     "Exchaust" on Bat Shogun ONCE. Then, have Fiona cast "Hot Blood" and
                     "Flash", then attack Bat Shogun supported by Inner Arm Gattling Cannon
                     of Gundam Leopard. You should be able to take him down in no time.
    1) Super Robot Wars Genesis (SRWG):
       - Open your web browser and visit this URL: http://srw.proboards.com.
       - Sign up in the Message Board and post there in the SRWR section.
    2) SRWG Chatroom:
       - Go to http://www.mirc.com and download the latest version of mIRC.
       - Install the program, and run it as directed.
       - Log on to the EnterTheGame server (irc.enterthegame.com).
       - Join in on the channel #srwg.
    3) E-mail The Author:
       - daba_mylord@srwgenesis.every1.net
       - daba_mylord@yahoo.com.hk
    *Side Note: Only contributions and guide questions will be entertained. Others are deleted.
    1) GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)- for hosting this walkthru.
    2) SRWG Chatroom Eggheads (irc.enterthegame.com, #srwg)- you guys know why.
    3) SRWG MB Eggheads (http://srw.proboards.com)- again, you guys know why.
    4) Parents- for buying my Pentium 4 comp.
    5) You, the reader- this walkthru is for you to enjoy, so enjoy it.
    6) Special thanx and apologies to anyone who helped me and yet I have forgotten.
    7) Banpresto- for making SRW, of course.
    This guide is best viewed in Courier New font, size 10, with word wrap activated.
    Guide Copyright: Daba Mylord, August 2002.
    All names and other copyrighted material are trademarks of their owner

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