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    Scenario 7-12 Guide by Daba Mylord

    Version: 0.30 | Updated: 09/08/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    for Game Boy Advance
    Walkthru/Strategy Guide: SCENARIO 07-12
    by Daba Mylord (daba_mylord@srwgenesis.every1.net)
    Version 0.30
    1) This guide assumes that you have at least a little knowledge in the Japanese Katakana and
       Hiragana alphabet.
    2) The author will not reply to e-mails asking for translations and "point-me-outs".
    3) This guide may appear only in GameFAQs.com, and nowhere else.
    4) You are not free to distribute this guide to anyone for any reason.
    5) Plagiarism is a crime, not just a minor offense. Don't copy and steal this guide, dammit.
    6) If there are corrections and contributions, e-mail the author and you will  be credited.
    7) The main character chosen for this game is Fiona, not Raul.
    8) Names are translated roughly. If you know the official/real names of stuff, contact the
       author ASAP.
    This guide is intended for SRWR for Game Boy Advance, whether you are playing the original
    game or with an emulator. The walkthru will be seperated and segregated into different parts
    and FAQs, to make sure that the download or loading time will be faster and it will be
    easier to read. Scrolling down and up will be a lot more minimized. This walkthru will not
    be as ultra-detailed, but it will contain some vital info which I think is relevant to your
    gameplay. If you think it's irrelevant, then it's none of my business. I made this walkthru
    at the expense of my free time, so please don't waste it and appreciate it for what it is.
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
    - Strategies: 1) Before you start the scenario, have Garrod and Roybea switch units, making
                     Garrod the pilot of Gundam Leopard, and Roybea the pilot of GX. You will
                     need this later because of the "Luck" spell Roybea has. When you start the
                     scenario, do not sortie any Aesties. Instead, make sure you deploy Vega
                     (that masked chick from Dendoh, the one in the motorcycle).
                  2) Great Mazinger will be immobile, so leave Boss Borot beside him, and move
                     Diana A, Venus A and Mazinger-Z to fight. The Metal Beasts shouldn't be a
                     problem, but the ones who should kill them are Roybea (in GX) and Fiona.
                     Dendoh is also advisable, but save him for later. Also, as you progress in
                     the scenario, keep in mind that you must get Sayaka to gain a level or 2.
                     Why? because she would learn "Bless", the same spell Vega has, and that
                     allows you to cast it on any ally so that they will gain double the money
                     when the kill someone. So keep on healing high-level characters with Sayaka
                     instead of Jun!
                  3) Ankoku Daishogun is actually very easy and will escape if his HP drops to
                     less than 3700 or 3800. Just decrease his life accordingly until his HP is
                     5000 or so. Move Excellance S beside him, and move GX beside Excellance S.
                     On your next turn, save your game. Have Yurika or Boss cast "Aid" on
                     Roybea, and Roybea cast "Luck". Attack Ankoku Daishogun with the big bad
                     Cannon, supported by Excellance S' Giant Attack. Boom.
                  4) Megaborg Edwin and some Megaborgs will arrive at the scene. Not a problem,
                     since Daitarn-3 will arrive as well. This is a good time to build up
                     Dendoh's morale, and making sure that Roybea gets an even higher morale.
                     Damage them accordingly, making sure Dendoh's pilots don't cast any spells.
                     Also, if you used up a lot of EN, bring Dendoh to the Amusement Park
                     terrain. You'll need all the EN you can get.
                  5) The Meganoids are not a problem, but the Nibelgens (the big 3-turreted
                     tanks) are snipers. Damage them using Mazinger-Z or Neo-Getter 2 or
                     whomever you like, making sure 2 of them have less than 900 HP. Have Fa
                     cast "Luck", then attack and kill those 2 Nibelgens. The other Nibelgen you
                     can kill using Garrod after you have Vega or Sayaka cast "Bless" on him.
                  6) Commander Edwin won't escape, so even with 18K HP, he ain't a problem. Just
                     make sure that he doesn't reach the Amusement Park terrain (since it will
                     recover his HP/EN by 20%, which is a lot). Keep on using Daitarn-3 to kick
                     his ass with the Sun Attack, and continue showering attacks on him from
                     Freeden. Yurika should do the same with her Nadesico's Gravity Blast. When
                     Commander Edwin's HP drops to 5000 or so, stop your attack. Position GX
                     beside Dendoh, making sure Dendoh is NOT BESIDE Megaborg Edwin. On your
                     next turn, save your game. Use Sayaka or Vega to cast "Bless" and
                     Yurika or Boss to cast "Aid" on Dendoh. Then, have your Dendoh pilots cast
                     "Hot Blood" and attack Commander Edwin with the Unicorn Drill FA supported
                     by the Satellite Cannon. He'll be surely dead in no time. Oh yeah, make
                     sure that Dendoh's EN is really high... if you have 14 EN left, and you
                     execute it, Unicorn Drill will only take 4 EN, but deal only 290 damage.
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
    - Strategies: 1) Deploy your party accordingly but make sure Sayaka and Vega are included.
                     Also, bring back Garrod in the GX and deploy him here. You will need to
                     raise his levels pre-emptively. Dendoh and Excellance S is a must for
                     deployment. The rest is up to you.
                  2) Zanbot-3 appears in this scenario, and Heero in the Wing 0 Custom. Make
                     sure that Kappei, Zanbot-3's pilot has killed at least 2 Megaboosts. Then
                     have Kappei cast "Charge", and only "Charge". Then, let Noin cast "Devote"
                     on Zanbot-3. That will recover all 3 Zanbot-3 pilots' SP by 10. The rest of
                     the Megaboosts must be killed by Dendoh, GX and Excellance S, with the
                     priority going to Excellance S and Dendoh. Oh yeah, you have 4 turns to
                     defeat Butcher in the Bandock. Therefore, when the party is deployed, you
                     must do all you can to move fast and go near Butcher. You may cast
                     "Accelerate" in some pilots, but it's best to do it only once since you
                     need the spells to use on Butcher himself later on.
                  3) Butcher will escape once his HP goes below 6000. To defeat him, get Yurika
                     and Roybea to cast "Exhaust" on Butcher, noting that each casts it only
                     once. Then, make sure your allies are not in one line (so that Butcher
                     can't execute its MAP weapon and will instead be forced to attack one of
                     you at a time. The following must cast "Hot Blood" before attacking
                     Butcher: Amuro in Re-GZ, Dendoh and Excellance S. Then Wing 0 Custom can
                     attack Butcher normally. With not much hardship, Butcher's life should be
                     around 7600 or so. With this in mind, have Yurika cast "Aid" on Zanbot-3,
                     and Vega/Sayaka should cast "Bless" on him as well. Since Kappei's morale
                     is 120 and his SP is recovered by 10, you can have him cast "Hot Blood".
                     Attack Butcher with it, and boom he goes! You receive Minovski Craft and a
                     Beam Coating!
                  4) As Butcher is gone (whether you defeat him or if he escapes, the Shuffle
                     Union arrives and so does the Devil Gundam and the Death Army. They are all
                     tremendouly easy, so the best way to kill DG quick is by letting the
                     Shuffle Union go Super Mode and do their strongest attacks on the DG.
                     Kyouji isn't the pilot... it's just a stupid zombie so it's easy. You can
                     have anyone kill the DG, like Dendoh, or perhaps Domon or any of the
                     Shuffle Union, just make sure you cast "Bless" and "Aid" on them. George,
                     the MF of Gundam Rose has "Bless" so there's not much to worry about.
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
    - Strategies: 1) Before you start the scenario, upgrade GX's weapons until its Satellite
                     Cannon MAP version is 3650 in power or higher. Equip a Bio-Sensor and a
                     Dual Sensor on GX as well, and put Garrod Ran as the pilot. As you start
                     the scenario, deploy both Zanbot-3 and Daitarn-3, and Metas and Diana A.
                     It's also best to sortie Shining Gundam and Gundam Rose. All 3 pairs as
                     mentioned should be in the scenario, if you want it to be accomplished
                  2) Dendoh's HP and EN will be drained to 10, and its pilots' morale will be
                     drained to 50. So the  best defense is to stay away and let your healers
                     repair Dendoh until fully functional. Keep Dendoh on the ground and
                     conserve EN. If you want, immediately bring Dendoh to either the Freeden
                     or Nadesico for repairs. Excellance S, in the other hand will be destroyed,
                     but you will get to use Excellance G this time. The ones who must kill a
                     lot should be GX, Shining Gundam and Gundam Rose. The Daitarn-Zanbot pair
                     is also advisable to kill some. However for this pair of Super Robots, it's
                     best to gain morale the slow way... by attacking enemies using weak
                     weapons, and let them get hit by enemy fire, since you gain 1 morale every
                     time you get hit. GX should kill using the Beam Sword. That's to conserve
                     the limited ammo you have for the Shield Beam Rifle. If you upgraded GX's
                     weapons as instructed, both Beam Sword and Shield Beam Rifle should have an
                     attack power of 2800.
                  3) After all Dendoh enemies are defeated, the Frost Brothers and Rakan Dakaran
                     appear to fight. Olba will immediately go beside his brother Shagia so that
                     they could execute their Synchro attack, the Frost Combination. As
                     instructed earlier, make sure that this time, Garrod's morale is 150, and
                     the rest of your key members (except Dendoh) should have a morale of 150.
                     The Frost Brothers will come to attack, so decrease their HP using Shining
                     Gundam and Gundam Rose, until their HP has like 3000 or so left. At the
                     beginning of your next turn, save your game. Position GX near the Frost
                     Brothers, and put Freeden beside GX. Destroy Rakan if necessary. At your
                     next turn again, have Yurika and Roybea cast "Exhaust" TWICE on the Frost
                     Brothers. Meaning, Shagia and Olba should have -20 morale. Have Garrod cast
                     "Luck" and "Concentrate" then have someone with "Aid" cast it on Garrod.
                     Attack them using the Satellite Cannon MAP version and pray that both of
                     them get hit and die (note that their HP must be 3000 since they will
                     escape once their HP reaches 2800 or something). This process may take some
                     time and a lot of restarting of the game, but it's worth it since you get
                     27K money afterwards.
                  4) Rakan is easy here and could be killed by Domon using the Shining Finger
                     Sword, with Domon casting "Concentrate". If necessary, George should also
                     cast "Concentrate" before attacking Rakan with the Roses Hurricane.
                     Whomever would be the Rakan killer, make sure that he is cast "Bless" and
                     "Aid" on by a character who has the spell.
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: All allies are killed OR Dendoh and Leo Chackram are destroyed.
    - Strategies: 1) Neo-Getter sorties automatically and Texas Mach arrives to help you out.
                     This scenario is going to be Aesty-friendly, so you may sortie the
                     Gai-Akito pair, or the Ryoko-Hikaru-Izumi trio. The rest of the party you
                     may deploy to your liking as you please.
                  2) Dendoh appears and gains 30 morale. As he appears, Galeli appears and an
                     event shall take place. Likewise, Galeli and Bat Shogun are too easy to
                     comprehend. Like their soldiers, you may kill them in any way you want.
                     Since they won't escape, there is no need to write down special
                     strategies... just make sure that you don't get hit often by Bat Shogun in
                     the Megasaurus Boa... its whip is kinda strong. Since Neo-Getter is
                     auto-sortied and it's his scenario, you may want to use Neo-Getter 1 to
                     kill Bat Shogun or Galeli, or BOTH with the good ol' Plasma Thunder... just
                     decrease their HP and attack... no need for "Hot Blood"... you will have to
                     cast "Great Effort" and have someone cast "Bless" on Neo-Getter though.
                  3) When all Dinosaur Empire enemies are defeated, Dendoh enemies appear led by
                     and the Leo Chackram appears. Lose the scenario if Leo Chackram/Dendoh is
                     defeated. As for your new enemies, destroy them at will, but leave some
                     enemies to kill for Dendoh to reach 150 morale. You only need to kill 4
                     enemies, or even less (you get 1 morale if you get hit).
                  4) Altea escapes if his HP goes lower than 3200. He is relatively easy... just
                     have Ginga cast "Hot Blood" and Hokuto cast "Lock On". Cast "Bless" and
                     "Aid" on them. Once all the spells are cast just attack Altea with Dendoh's
                     Unicorn Drill FA and he's down (of course, you should really decrease his
                     life and leave 4000 HP behind). As for the Leo Chackram, just don't give
                     him any enemies to kill since it's a waste of EXP and money. When an enemy
                     is near it and it has little HP left, might as well kill it before the Leo
                     Chackram does.
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
    - Strategies: 1) Before proceeding, upgrade Shining Gundam's weapons and stats, then
                     transfer Vega to the Cellfighter instead of the motorcycle. The Shuffle
                     Union auto-deploys together with the new Excellance frame: the Excellance
                     Flyer Frame. The rest of the party you choose to your liking.
                  2) Make sure Shuffle Union reaches 120 morale. The Devil Gundam arrives
                     together with the Death Army and surprisingly the pilot is Tohou Fuhai. If
                     some members of the Shuffle Union can cast "Charge" then do so. Afterwards,
                     whenever you're attacked, counter-attack with weak attacks and just heal
                     the bady damaged ones later. The reason is because for every hit you
                     receive you gain 1 morale. So keep on doing it and do kill some if
                     necessary to gain 120 morale and Domon in the other hand should gain 130
                     morale. The rest, you must give to GX so that if it reaches 120 morale,
                     you can execute the Satellite Cannon.
                  3) Tohou Fuhai is actually very easy, which is surprising. Simply attack him
                     using the whole Shuffle Union's final wazas. It's good to cast
                     "Concentrate" or "Lock On" once in a while, but conserve your SP. Tohou
                     Fuhai escapes if his HP is drained to less than 4600, so leave at least
                     4700 HP. When this is accomplished, bring Domon beside Tohou Fuhai, and
                     Argo beside Domon and on your next turn, save your game. Argo should cast
                     "Lock On", Domon should cast "Hot Blood" and "Concentrate", then cast
                     "Bless" and "Aid" on him. Bring a character with the big Leadership ability
                      beside Domon (Jamil and Yurika are examples). Attack Tohou Fuhai using
                      the Shining Finger Sword, supported by Argo's Gaia Crusher. Master should
                      be dead by then.
                   4) Once Tohou Fuhai is defeated, GX enemies appear. Olba will immediately go
                      next to Shagia for obvious brotherly reasons. Quickly shoot up GX's morale
                      by having Garrod destroy most of the soldier units. Also, charge up with
                      the MAP version of the Satellite Cannon.
                   5) Olba will immediately go close to Shagia, again for support and the Frost
                      Combination attack. Dowet is easy in his unit... since his longest range
                      is 3 and he relies on MAP weapons, you can easily damage him with just
                      GX's Shield Beam Rifle, then finish him off with someone else. As for
                      Mirura... his only ace is that he is tougher in defense and not in
                      offense. You can beat him up easily using anyone from the Shuffle Union.
                      It's Tema who's the biggest problem since he snipes and he dodges well
                      (dodge power is 280). To beat him, you will need  to use Chibodee and
                      Argo. Have both cast "Lock On", then choose which one of them is to defeat
                      Tema. But no matter whom you choose, they should both use their final
                      wazas... Kounetsu Machine Gun Punch and the Point Blank Gaia Crusher. In
                      this position, make sure Argo is beside Tema, and Chibodee should be
                      beside Argo. Always remember that before beating these 3 GX dopes, you
                      should cast "Luck" and "Great Effort". Or perhaps "Bless" and "Aid" on the
                      ones to kill them.
                   6) The Frost Brothers are still easy. All you need to do is to position
                      Garrod to do a Satellite Cannon then simply decrease the Frost Brothers'
                      HP to 2600 or so. Then bring FREEDEN beside Garrod. On your next turn,
                      save your game. Have Garrod cast "Luck" and "Concentrate", then let
                      someone cast "Aid" on him. Execute the MAP Version of the Satellite
                      Cannon. Boom.
                   7) Rakan and Wufei are easy yo beat. Damage them both using Heero in the Wing
                      0 Custom. If you decide to follow the anime, make sure Heero attacks Wufei
                      and you will get that same scene about Wufei pressing the Self-Destruct
                      switch. But then it's a bit irrelevant... just use your characters to
                      finish them off... not Heero. This is a good opporunity to level up Vega.
                      So she could reach LV 23 or so. Take note if you use the Dench on Dendoh
                      to recover Dendoh's EN Vega will gain experience and Dendoh will lose 10
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
    - Strategies: 1) The Mazinger team auto-sorties in this scenario, and so will Noin in the
                     White Taurus. So make sure that you equip a Minofski Craft on both Diana-A
                     and Boss Borot (you would have got them if you defeated all the bosses as
                     mentioned earlier). Jinichirou, a friend of Jun will come out Ankoku
                     Daishogun. You can choose... ignore him by not attacking him for 3 turns,
                     or kill him and get the money and EXP. But if you ignore him, a scene takes
                     place and both Tetsuya and Jun will get +10 morale each. However, it's
                     better that you destroy him instead... that way you gain money and EXP.
                     Morale can be gained and lost later anyway...
                  2) When Jinichirou is gone, an unknown person piloting the Combattler-V
                     arrives with a group of Magma Demons. Let them come close. Eventually, you
                     will get to kill Ankoku Daishogun before they even get near you. If you
                     have enough spells to cast "Luck", destroy the 6500-HP Metal Beasts and you
                     will gain 4400 or so gold. The rest you can destroy at your leisure.
                  3) Ankoku Daishogun is easy to beat... just bring down his life to 3800 and
                     not lower than that. Afterwards you can destroy him using Neo-Getter, GX,
                     Mazinger-Z or Great Mazinger doing the Double Burning Fire... the choice is
                     yours. Just make sure that you cast "Bless" and "Aim" on the person who's
                     gonna defeat him.
                  4) The Combattler-V piloted by an unknown person is too easy. As long as
                     Kappei and Banjou have 140 morale, and if Kappei is LV 24 and Banjou LV 21,
                     and casting "Hot Blood" before attacking, execute the S Combination Attack
                     (Sun/Moon Attack Synchro between Daitarn-3 and Zanbot-3)and you can defeat
                     him in ONE SINGLE SHOT. Again, don't forget to cast "Bless" and "Aid" at
                     the one whom you choose to defeat him.
    After this scenario, you will be given 2 options to choose. If you pick the FIRST OPTION
    then the game would send you to the NADESICO ROUTE. Upon doing so, the next guide you must
    refer is the SCENARIO 13-17 GUIDE (A). Otherwise, if you picked the SECOND OPTION, you will
    be sent to the FREEDEN ROUTE, and the next guide you need to refer to next is the SCENARIO
    13-17 GUIDE (B).
    1) Super Robot Wars Genesis (SRWG):
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       - Sign up in the Message Board and post there in the SRWR section.
    2) SRWG Chatroom:
       - Go to http://www.mirc.com and download the latest version of mIRC.
       - Install the program, and run it as directed.
       - Log on to the EnterTheGame server (irc.enterthegame.com).
       - Join in on the channel #srwg.
    3) E-mail The Author:
       - daba_mylord@srwgenesis.every1.net
       - daba_mylord@yahoo.com.hk
    *Side Note: Only contributions and guide questions will be entertained. Others are deleted.
    1) GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)- for hosting this walkthru.
    2) SRWG Chatroom Eggheads (irc.enterthegame.com, #srwg)- you guys know why.
    3) SRWG MB Eggheads (http://srw.proboards.com)- again, you guys know why.
    4) Parents- for buying my Pentium 4 comp.
    5) You, the reader- this walkthru is for you to enjoy, so enjoy it.
    6) Special thanx and apologies to anyone who helped me and yet I have forgotten.
    7) Banpresto- for making SRW, of course.
    This guide is best viewed in Courier New font, size 10, with word wrap activated.
    Guide Copyright: Daba Mylord, August 2002.
    All names and other copyrighted material are trademarks of their owner

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