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    Translation Guide by Ikusagami

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 08/17/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Robot Taisen R Translation Guide v.0.6
    release date: May 25th, 2006
    author: Ikusagami (ikusagami@terra.com.br)
    # Contents #
    01. Version History
    02. Disclaimer
    03. Notes and Comments
    04. Introduction to the Story
    05. Flags List
    06. Trial Weapon (covers stages 01 to 06)
    07. My Favorite Horse is Ferocious (covers stages 07 to 14)
    08. The "Truth" is Not Only One (covers stages 15 to 21, not complete yet)
    09. Endless Waltz (covers stages 22 to 28, not done yet)
    10. Warrior, Again... (covers stages 29 to 34, not done yet)
    11. Duminas' Answer (covers stages 35 to 37, not done yet)
    12. Credits
    # 01. Version History #
    0.6  - 08/17/06 - Finished stages 13 and 14 on both routes (section 7) and 
           stage 15, stage 16 on both routes.
    0.5  - 06/11/04 - Finished stage 10, 11 and 12. I've started to cap long names
           so it wouldn't take long at reformatting.
    0.4  - 03/28/04 - Finished stage 07, 08 and 09.
    0.3  - 08/22/03 - Finished section 06 (stages 05 and 06).
    0.2  - 11/05/02 - Finished 04 both routes. Reformatted the guide to compact a
           little. Translation method back to normal (SRWA's method doesn't work).
    0.1b - 11/03/02 - Finished stage 03 both routes. Revised some stuff and correct
           minor mistakes. Took off the walkthrough stuff, see notes section
           for more. Also, I'm sure the method I'm using to translate SRWA's script
           might work in this game, so I'll use it for next update. But this method
           is time consuming (just a little more), but it'll make me find obscure
           dialogs easier.
    0.1a - 08/20/02 - First sketches. Finished stages 01 and 02 on both routes.
    # 02. Disclaimer #
    This guide Copyright 2002 Ikusagami (ikusagami@terra.com.br) and cannot be
    modified, reproduced or distributed on any way without the consent of the
    author and for commercial purposes.
    # 03. Notes and Comments #
    This guide was completely translated by me. I'm no expert at Japanese language
    nor at English. So if you have comments, suggestions, critics, or even spelling
    corrections or official name translations, or any help of this kind, feel free
    to mail me on the address above.
    Be aware, though, that some of the speeches I have adapted from each
    character´s speech to the nearest type of speech in English. So, mispellings,
    grammar mistakes and even bad words that may appear in this guide are fully
    adapted from the Japanese language.
    On dialogs when both main characters have the same speech, they'll be refered
    to as R/F. On other characters' dialog, they'll be refered to as [Raul/Fiona],
    [he/she], [his/her], etc.
    I've taken out stuff like items and units list so the guide can breath a little
    in terms of size. If you really need this kind of info, tell me and I'll think
    about putting it at an on-line guide or so...
    Ankoku Dai-Shogun, Yami no Teiou and such long kanji names will be now referred
    by their English counterparts (Darkness Shogun, Emperor of Dark).
    # 04. Introduction to the Story #
    Humanity has projected to live at space, created the space colonies, and the
    the time since it´s mobilization exceeded 1 century.
    The discord that was born between those who live at Earth and those who live
    at space caused numerous argues, and finally the space colony Side 3 named
    themselves the Principality of Zeon, and declared independence war against the
    Earth Federation.
    After the end of a war named One Year War, the argues of the Earthnoids and
    Spacenoids continued. As a result, both Earth and the colonies received damage
    and Earth´s environment changed. People tired of the long war took the Total
    Pacifism as an ideal, and the Earth Sphere Nation raised, and the war between
    humanity ceased at time.
    But as aiming for Earth´s exhaustion of war, many invaders appeared from both
    inside and outside Earth. With the Earth Sphere Nation´s reduction of military
    affairs in progress by the Total Pacifism ideas, it had no powers to resist
    them, and robots from specific labs rised to resist them.
    But from this incident, the powerless Total Pacifism was criticised, and a coup
    d'etat occured, making the Earth Sphere Nation to sink, and the Neo Earth
    Federation government to rise, having Dekim Barton as its representant.
    After that, the Neo Earth Federation were able to counter the invaders but,
    it´s relation with Neo Zeon, which had Char Aznable as it's supreme commander,
    were failing, and the war started once again...
    S.C. (Space Century) year 141. The battle test of a multi-purpose equippable
    new kind mobile weapon was up to start...
    # 05. Flags List #	
    01. Mass Production Nu Gundam
        La Kailum Route.
        Optional: Finish stage 02 La Kailum Route in 7 turn limit.
                  Active after stage 02 with Kayra as pilot.
        Active after stage 31.
    02. High Mobility Black Salena
        Nadesico B Route
        Active after stage 31.
    03. Gundam Mk-III
        La Kailum Route.
        Kill Quess' unit with Chein's unit at stage 04.
        Active during stage 20 with Four as pilot.
    04. Gundam Leopard S-1
        Along Freeden Route.
        Active at stage 13.
    05. Qubeley Mk-II (Puru)
        Colony Stoppage Route.
        Judau convinces Puru twice at stage 22.
        Attacking/Counter-attacking Puru with Judau will fail the process.
        Active during stage 22.
    06. Febral
        Colony Stoppage Route.
        Jamil's kills reaches 20 at end of stage 22.
        Active after stage 22.
    07. Master Gundam (Master Asia)
        Blow up Master Asia's unit at stage 26.
        Flag 08 condition's met.
        Active at stage 28.
    08. Shin Getter 1's Stoner Sunshine and Getter Final Crush
        Kill Emperor Gorl's unit while Getter's HP is red at stage 27.
        Active during stage 27.
    09. Qubeley Mk-II (PuruTwo)
        Flag 05 conditions required.
        Space Route.
        Judau VS PuruTwo, Puru VS PuruTwo at stage 29.
        Gremmy's unit is blown up.
        Judau convinces PuruTwo.
        Active after stage 29.
    10. Clouda (Lancerow)
        Space Route.
        Jamil VS Lancerow at stage 29.
        Jamil VS Lancerow at stage 30.
        Jamil convinces Lancerow at stage 30.
        Active during stage 30.
    11. Zambot 3's Ion Cannon
        Gear Headquarter Route.
        Active at stage 29.
    12. Full Upgraded Ogre
        Gear Headquarter Route.
        Ginga VS Hokuto at stage 29.
        Active during stage 29.
    13. Alstromelia
        Tsukumo's kills reaches 10 at end of stage 31.
        Active after stage 31.
    14. (Tifa), GX's and DX's G-Bit, G-Bit Satellite Cannon, Twin G-Bit
        Space Route.
        Active after stage 31.
    15. Phoenix Yell, Akatsuki no Datou and Ungo Kaitsui
        Zero is blown up three times at stage 35.
        Active during stage 35 or during Stage 36 without requirements.
    # 06. Trial Weapon #
    Nadesico B Route: NB
    La Kailum Route:  LK
    # scene 001 : Lunar base - deck #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Lahge, Mizuho. How are the engine and the frame states doing? If we
             fall now, it won't be a joke.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   So we´re finally here. Lahge, Mizuho, how are the engine and the frame
             states doing?
    Lahge:   Time Flow Engine, no problems. Time particles preserved at level 100.
    Mizuho:  Excellence frame. No overall driving system trouble, power ballance
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Ok, it's perfect. So, leave the rest with me.
    Lahge:   We're counting on you, Raul. Having the project our fathers left as
             basis, we got 2 years to finish that "Time Flow Engine". If we fail,
             I wonder what our fathers would say in that world.
    Raul:    They'll be angry, I'm sure. They were so obstinate...
    Lahge:   Not just that.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   The job is perfect. So, it´s all my concern then. If we fail, I'll be
    Lahge:   Do your efforts. Having the project our fathers left as basis, we had
             enough work to finish that "Time Flow Engine".
    Fiona:   I know. We all suffered to reach this far.
    Mizuho:  Er... we´re not finished yet...
    Lahge:   Mizuho-san is right.
    Lahge:   If we fail, the creation subsidiary aid will stop, and the existence
             of the research itself will be at risk.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I know. That's why we created a humanoid mobile weapon that used the
             Time Flow Engine as motive power.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   That´s why we made the Time Flow Engine frame into a humanoid mobile
    Mizuho:  Because of war, the aid of technologies not useful to army is hard,
             so it can´t be helped.
    Lahge:   With no money, no research. It's all about today's real battle test´s
             results. [Raul/Fiona], we're counting on you.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I know. Excellence Argento Fighter stand-by ok... Go!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    I know. Excellence Argento Fighter stand-by ok... I´m going!
    # next: Stage 01 #
     Stage 01 - Trial Weapon 
    [Excellence AF appears and moves toward]
    Mizuho:  For Excellence, the cockpit itself is a fighter.
    Soldier: Hoh.
    Mizuho:  It's a escape pod for bringing back the battle data but, it has
             built-in weapons.
    [Daughtress appears]
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    So, let's go!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Ok, I´m going!
    # cinematic: Excellence AF VS Daughtress #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    No big damage at all.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Indeed, with this unit´s built-ins, it´ll be at this degree.
    Soldier: So it has no battle power at all?
    Lahge:   Don't expect that much on a escape pod's built-ins.
    Soldier: But...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I see, take a look, then!
    Mizuho:  Can it be...
    # else Fiona Route #
    Mizuho:  Excellence´s true power comes after equipping frames. Fiona-san,
             please come back to Lunar base.
    Fiona:   ... Wait, I´ll go after I defeat this one.
    Mizuho:  Defeat... you mean...
    R/F:     Excellence Argento Fighter, Block Change!
    Mizuho:  Indeed!
    [Excellence AF changes to Excellence AH]
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Let's go!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   I´m going!!
    # cinematic: Excellence AH VS Daughtress #
    [Daughtress explodes]
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    At least, this form has a little more attack power.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   At least, in this form it has more attack power.
    Soldier: ...
    Mizuho:  [Raul/Fiona]-san, that's the form for the insert time. The attack
             surely increases, but the mobility will be lost.
    # if Raul Route #
    Lahge:   But if we don't do this, we won't appear that much.
    Raul:    That's it. So, how about it?
    Soldier: ... It´s a flying Moai...
    Raul:    That's rude...
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Excellence Argento Fighter´s battle power is not to defeat the
             enemies, but to feint the enemy and survive. Think as it.
    Soldier: I see...
    Mizuho:  [Raul/Fiona]-san, come back to the Lunar base. We'll get into the
             battle test using frames.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Understood.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Roger!
    [Excellence AH moves to base and disappears]
    [Excellence S appears]
    R/F:     No overall frame driving system trouble. Time Flow Engine's output
             from 70% to 80%. Time turban alright. Lahge, how about there?
    Lahge:   No problem as well... Time Flow Engine... for specific motive power,
             instead of using steam to move the turban to gain energy, the turban
             moves with the "flow of time"... If the scientists that only knew the
             common sense hear it, they'll surely laugh.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Don't mind. The pioneers from one era were laughned while alive.
    Lahge:   I want to earn some merit while alive, though.
    Raul:    Just let those who want to laugh do it. From seeing this one moving,
             they'll change their minds also.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   But, it´s moving on the reality.
    Lahge:   You're right. It´s the result of over 10 years of collecting and
             researching the Time Particles at Saturn´s satellite orbits.
    Mizuho:  ...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Aah, and of course, it´s because Mizuho created the Excellence´s frame
             as well.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Of course, because of Mizuho´s cooperation. If we didn´t have your
             Excellence frame, it wouldn´t be moving now.
    Mizuho:  Thank you, [Raul/Fiona]-san. So, we´ll commence battle tests.
             Launching unmanned target unit.
    [Jenice appears]
    Mizuho:  Although it´s a test, there are real bullets in enemy´s weapon. It´ll
             be troublesome if you relax and get hit on the cockpit.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I know. It´s hard having real bullets on tests but, if not like that,
             we can´t make much appeal to the Neo Federation.
    Mizuho:  Raul-san...
    Raul:    What?
    Mizuho:  ... Nothing.
    Raul:    ... It´s alright. Trust more the frame you made. Let´s go!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   It´s hard having real bullets on tests but, if not like that, we can´t
             make much appeal. Being a test unit is tough.
    Lahge:   Fiona...
    Fiona:   What?
    Lahge:   Don´t overdo it. I´m not that strong to keep the research alone...
    Fiona:   It´s alright. I don´t like to drive through space all lonely.
    Lahge:   And just because you´re lonely, don´t involve those who are around
    Fiona:   You say too much.
    [Excellence S moves toward]
    # cinematic: Excellence S VS Jenice #
    [Jenice explodes]
    Mizuho:  Return to Lunar base once. We´ll equip frames.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Can't we do the aerial equip change? Or at this occasion we should say
             spacial equip change?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Won't we do the aerial equip change? Or for the occasion it should be
             spacial equip change?
    Mizuho:  We won´t do that far with our current schedule.
    R/F:     Roger.
    [Excellence S moves to base and disappears]
    [Excellence G appears]
    Mizuho:  Now it´s a sniping unit, "Gunner Frame". It has some trouble on close
             combat, so open up distance and concentrate on fire.
    [Taurus appears]
    [Excellence G moves toward]
    # cinematic: Excellence G VS Taurus #
    [Taurus explodes]
    Mizuho:  We´ll equip the next frame. To the Lunar base.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    You´re cold as usual, Mizuho. I think it´s good to praise sometimes.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Mizuho is unsociable as usual.
    Mizuho:  Ah, sorry, I didn´t realize.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    No, don´t mind. I´m going back.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Don´t mind. I´m going back to equip then.
    [Excellence G moves to base and disappears]
    [Excellence C appears]
    Mizuho:  Now is the completely space stabilized, "Cosmo Driver Frame". It
             should be fairly better to move than the other frames.
    [Daughtress Weapon appears]
    [Excellence C moves toward]
    # cinematic: Excellence C VS Daughtress Weapon #
    [Daughtress Weapon explodes]
    Mizuho:  Splendid.
    Lahge:   Time Flow Engine´s energy supply is alright. Well, can´t call it a
             recovery but...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    It´s inevitable. The Time Flow Engine is still a test type. Anyway,
             how´s the Neo Federation people´s reaction?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   It´s inevitable. While the time flow is settled, the recovery has a
             limit. Anyway, how´s Federation people´s reaction?
    Lahge:   That´s, not much as we expected. Might be because the frame equipment
             and Core Block System has precedents.
    Mizuho:  Sorry, I don´t have much originality.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Don´t mind. We should give them a sparky result from a battle test.
             Ok, release the last enemies!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   What are you saying? Mizuho is doing well.
    Mizuho:  But...
    Fiona:   It´s alright. All we need is to give them a good result on this test.
             So, release as much as you want.
    Mizuho:  So, we´ll commence the last test.
    R/F:     Roger.
    [Neo Federation units appear]
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    It´s a lot for Excellence alone. But, it won´t be a demonstration if
             not like that.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Although it´s a demonstration, there are lots of targets. I have to do
             my efforts to not fail.
    Mizuho:  Areh...?
    Lahge:   What happened?
    Mizuho:  It exceeded. It wasn´t programmed to that much...
    [explosion occurs]
    Soldier: Uwah!
    Lahge:   What´s happening?
    Soldier: An explosion in all of a sudden! Uwa-h!
    [explosion occurs]
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    What, an emergencial situation!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Lahge, Mizuho! Are you alright? What happened!?
    # cinematic: Daughtress VS Excellence C #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Commencing in all of a sudden. Mah, there are no signs at real battle.
    Mizuho:  It´s strange. The program is not running yet.
    Raul:    A trouble... No use, stop the program then. We´ll interrupt the test.
    Mizuho:  Understood! ... Areh!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Hey, although it has to have a real battle feeling, give a sign at
    Mizuho:  Eh, no... Areh!?
    Lahge:   ... No... the battle program is not running. It´s moving on it´s own!
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    What!? So it´s out of control!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   On its own... so they´re out of control!?
    [explosion occurs and screen shakes]
    Soldier: It´s dangerous here. Please, wear the Normal Suits.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Do something for here too!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Can´t you stop them from there!?
    Lahge:   No use, they aren´t accepting orders. We can´t stop the berserk from
    Soldier: I´ve shot an S.O.S signal. Please, resist somehow!
    Lahge:   Uwah!
    [explosion occurs]
    R/F:     Lahge, Mizuho!
    ???:     ... Mistakes exist anyhow. And for there are mistakes, so does the
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    ... Who is it!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   ... Who?
    ???:     I´m who offends mistakes... I´m who commits mistakes... My name is...
    [explosions occur]
    R/F:     Lahge, Mizuho!
    Lahge:   Uwa-h!
    Mizuho:  Kya-h!
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    You two, I´ll save you now!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   You two, I´m going to save you!
    [Excellence C moves to base]
    Mizuho:  ... Thank you.
    Lahge:   We aren´t safe yet.
    # cinematic: Daughtress VS Excellence C #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I know. If we don´t do something with them...
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   We´ll be defeat this way. What a real battle test!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of Main Robot
          destruction of any ally battleship (after reinforce)
    # event: ally turn 2 #
    Lahge:   ... It´s narrow in here.
    Mizuho:  It´s inevitable, there are 3 people in a 1 person cockpit. Kyah! Watch
             where you´re touching!
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    So...sorry, it wasn´t my intention.
    Lahge:   They´re coming! Leave apologies to later!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Hey, Lahge! You´re so distracted that you´re touching Mizuho´s hips!
    Lahge:   It´s just a coincidence! Whatever, they're coming again!
    # reinforce: ally turn 3 or 1st enemy annihilation #
    R/F:       When is the help coming!?
    Mizuho:    Areh, isn´t that the one?
    [Nadesico B appears]
    Haley:     It´s nearby that an S.O.S. sign was shot...
    Saburoute: Isn't ´t that the one? They're fighting as hell.
    Haley:     It´s true, Mobile Suits and a never seen machine are fighting. Can
               it be the ghost robot that attacked Shirahime?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      If you came to help, then do something, hurry!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     Don´t be chatting by yourselves, won´t you help us!?
    Ruri:      Haley-kun, it seems that the one who shot the S.O.S. signal is that
               unknown machine. This is Neo Earth Federation Forces 4th Fleet
               affiliated test battleship Nadesico B. Are you the one who shot that
               S.O.S. signal?
    Mizuho:    We´ll explain later, so please help us! We´re standing still with
               a test type machine!
    Saburoute: Oh, cutie girl. So, captain, I´m on my wa-y.
    [S.Aestevalis appears]
    Saburouta: So, who are the ones making that cute girl cry?
    Haley:     ... I thought that soldiers from the Jovian Union were serious and
               brave people.
    Saburoute: I'm being brave.
    Haley:     Lt Takasugi!
    Ruri:      Lt, I´m counting on you.
    Haley:     Captaaaiin.
    Mizuho:    Is that ok to be rescued by those ones?
    Lahge:     Shall we choose the other then? There´s one more coming.
    [La Kailum appears]
    Bright:    This is Neo Earth Federation Forces Autonomous Corps Londo Bell
               affiliated La Kailum. We´ve received the S.O.S. signal.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      Help us as soon as possible. Seems that the test-purpose unmanned
               units' program went berserk. They´re attacking on their own!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     We´re from the Neo Earth Federation Weapon Creation Dept. The battle
               test unmanned units are out of control. Please, help us as soon as
    Bright:    Roger that. I´ll ask for details later. Take off all Mobile Suits.
    Amuro:     Amuro, Re-GZ, take off!
    Kayra:     Kayra, take off as well!
    [Re-GZ and Jegan appear]
    Mizuho:    They're unmanned but using real bullets afterall, so be careful.
    Amuro:     Roger.
    Ruri:      Indeed, good skills.
    Haley:     ... That should be the normal... And those who are being helped,
               their attitude is different from with us...
    Saburouta: Well, let´s go too then!
    Haley:     Lt Takasugi, don´t get too motivated and dettach that much from
               Nadesico B. You won´t receive the energy supply.
    Saburouta: About Aestevalis getting energy supply from Nadesico, if I dettach
               from Nadesico then the energy will drain rapidly, right? Although
               I´m a former Jovian Union, I know that.
    [Neo Federation units appear]
    Kayra:     They increased!?
    Mizuho:    The unmanned units that were stopped started to run?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      Man, what a real battle test!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     It´s moving, so it´s no use. Damn, what´s going on!?
    # end of stage #
    Haley:   Unmanned units, completely silented.
    R/F:     It´s finally over.
    Lahge:   So, what should we do? I guess we won´t be favored by both.
    Mizuho:  That´s right, which one?
    # split #
    Take Nadesico B´s favors (NB)
    Take La Kailum´s favors (LK)
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Ruri:    So, we´ll take care of them.
    Bright:  Roger that. I´ll pray for your ship´s good sail.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Bright:  So, we´ll take care of them.
    Ruri:    Roger that. I´ll pray for your ship´s good sail.
    # ND next: scene 002 NB #
    # LK next: scene 002 LK #
    # scene 002 NB: Nadesico B - bridge #
    #           LK: La Kailum  - bridge #
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Ruri:      I´m Neo Earth Federation Forces 4th Fleet affiliated test battleship
               Nadesico B´s captain, Major Ruri Hoshino. About you all... Neo Earth
               Federation Forces Weapon Creation Dept affiliated...
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Bright:    I´m La Kailum´s captain Bright Noah. About you all... Neo Earth
               Federation Forces Weapon Creation Dept affiliated...
    R/F:       I´m [Raul/Fiona] Grayden. I´m a test pilot of the mobile weapons.
    Lahge:     Lahge Montoya. I´m in charge of the engine´s operation system.
    Mizuho:    I´m Mizuho Saiki. I´m in charge of the frame creation and mechanics.
    R/F:       And... Are there any other survivors?
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Haley:     Both Nadesico and La Kailum searched, but no one was found. It seems
               that you 3 are the only survivors.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Amuro:     We´ve searched in cooperation with Nadesico but, no one was found.
               It seems you 3 are the only survivors.
    Mizuho:    And, how about the machines? There were a few supplementary units,
               I´m sure.
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Haley:     Lt Takasugi could collect only one.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Amuro:     Only one was collected. Although the frame itself is almost
               destroyed. The engine itself is alright, so it´ll be of use if
    Lahge:     The Striker Frame. All the others are destroyed.
    Mizuho:    ... I see.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      Mizuho, don´t be so sad. You can make them again.
    Mizuho:    Can be like that but...
    Raul:      Mah, we should be grateful we´re alive.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     We should be grateful we´re alive.
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Ruri:      Let me introduce. 2nd Lt Haley Makibi, in position of sub-commander.
    Saburouta: And, I´m the vice battle commander Saburouta Takasugi.
    Haley:     ... He´s a Lt, at once.
    Saburouta: Areh, you, do you have a problem on me being a Lt?
    Haley:     No, for your achievements and abilities, no complaints... But by
               your manners...
    Ruri:      If the abilities are good, then I don´t mind about personality.
    Haley:     Mind a little, please.
    Mizuho:    And, how about our treatment from now on?
    Ruri:      We´re currently heading to Terminal Colony Amaterasu. You´ll all be
               delivered into Federation´s hands there.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Bright:    Aah, let me introduce. Pilot Lt Amuro Ray.
    Mizuho:    ... I've heard of him somewhere.
    Kayra:     It´s unusual for a soldier to not know Lt. I´m Kayra Su, a pilot as
               well. Nice to meet you. That machine of yours, the Excellence, let
               me ride it once.
    Mizuho:    It´s a secret from the army so...
    Kayra:     But Astonage and the guys are all examining it.
    Lahge:     It...it´s troublesome!
    Bright:    About that, I should say to you. From our schedule, until we go to
               the operation zone, we´ll receive supply from Von Braun. We´ll leave
               you all there.
    R/F:       Roger.
    # ND next: scene 003 NB #
    # LK next: scene 003 LK #
    # scene 003 NB: Nadesico B - cabin #
    #           LK: La Kailum  - cabin #
    Mizuho:  What will be of us? From now...
    Lahge:   Depends on how much the Neo Federation considers about the Excellence
             and the Time Flow Engine. If just that accident didn´t happen...
    R/F:     It wasn´t an accident...
    Lahge:   Eh?
    # ND next: scene 004 NB #
    # LK next: scene 004 LK #
    # scene 004 NB: Nadesico B - bridge #
    Ruri:      Haley-kun, I presume we´ll have to keep those 3 at Nadesico.
    Haley:     Eh?
    Saburouta: They said about a test type weapon. That Excellence, right? If it´s
               to leave it out there, better use it.
    Ruri:      Seems like that.
    # next: scene 005 NB #
    # scene 004 LK: La Kailum - bridge #
    Astonage: As I said. For the connections record of Excellence, there´s a
              conversation between the pilot and a mysterious voice.
    Amuro:    Instead of a conversation, hears more like that side´s own announce.
    Bright:   They could make it appear like an accident, but instead they gave
              such connection with the pilot, what they might be thinking?
    Amuro:    What are that Excellence named unit´s peculiar technologies?
    Astonage: The making of the frame itself is good but, not many great
              technologies were used. The problem is the engine.
    Amuro:    Is the engine a special one?
    Astonage: Eeh, and honestly, I don´t know anything of it. There´s no fuel tank.
    Bright:   That´s impossible. An engine that doesn´t need fuel?
    Amuro:    It´s not that strange. I´m sure I´ve heard the transposition engine
              that Nadesico has uses vacuum and turns it into energy.
    Astonage: It´s not just that. That engine is currently working and making
              energy. By seeing that, I´ve thought of an eternal engine.
    Amuro:    Eternal engine... can´t be. It is impossible.
    # next: scene 005 LK #
    # scene 005 NB: Nadesico B - cabin #
    #           LK: La Kailum  - cabin #
    Lahge:   Indeed, if it´s like [Raul/Fiona] said, seems that it was planned by
             somebody. Their objective, can be Excellence or the Time Flow Engine?
    Mizuho:  The Time Flow Engine, I suppose. The Excellence has not much peculiar
    Lahge:   ... People interested on that thing´s first objective?
    Mizuho:  First objective?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    And we didn't say it to Mizuho yet. Our fathers researched the Time
             Particles... the particles that controls the flow of time, and created
             an energy supply system just to use it as motive power of one single
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   So we didn't say it to Mizuho yet. Our fathers researched the Time
             Particles... the particles that controls the flow of time, and created
             an energy supply system just to use it as motive power of an object
             in question.
    Mizuho:  Object?
    R/F:     ... Time Machine.
    # ND next: scene 006 NB #
    # LK next: scene 006 LK #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 006 NB: Nadesico - deck #
    R/F:       Hisago Plan?
    Haley:     Don't tell me, don't you know? It's a research project for the usage
               of the Boson Jump.
    Mizuho:    We were so concentrated on Excellence's construction... But I've
               heard that Boson Jump is already being used.
    Haley:     It can't be used well. The Boson Jump we can use is only a part of
               all. We can only jump through the object named Tullip.
    Saburouta: Mah, what we can use, we do. Of course, that's the research to
               increase those.
    Mizuho:    So, you put those "stations" all over and build a one way pathway
               that connects like a "line".
    Saburouta: Good comparison. Better to understand that way.
    Haley:     Indeed, currently the only existent Boson Jump route is the
               Earth-Mars one but, sooner we'll be able to hang around the whole
               solar system.
    Saburouta: And, the Amaterasu we're heading now is a colony station at Mars. We
               can go by Boson Jump, so it's good.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      Heh, it's my first time Boson Jump.
    Mizuho:    I'm excited.
    Raul:      But, for it can't be used well, are there any problems with it?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     But, are there any problems Boson Jump causes to our bodies?
    Ruri:      There are. For that, we have to involve the ship with the Distortion
               Field while jumping. It's like a barrier.
    Mizuho:    Yes, I've read about that at an article once. That those who can
               jump without Distortion Field are the ones called A Class Jumpers.
               And that all confirmed A Class Jumpers died in accidents.
    Ruri:      ...
    Mizuho:    ...?
    Saburouta: No such topic. Captain was, in those last years, raised by an A
               Class Jumper's couple.
    Mizuho:    Ah...
    Ruri:      Don't mind. By the way, where's the other one?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      About Lahge? He went to see the transposition engine. He gets willed
               when it's about engine. I'll call him soon.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     If it's Lahge, he's at the engine room. He gets willed when it's
               about engine. I'll call him.
    Haley:     ... An energy maniac...
    # next: scene 007 NB #
    # scene 006 LK: La Kailum - deck #
    Amuro:    So the Excellence is a frame equippable type.
    Mizuho:   Yes. As a test type, we can´t creat many of them. By doing so, it´d
              be multi-purpose, I thought. By the way, I´ve heard Lt Amuro designed
              a Mobile Suit by yourself.
    Amuro:    About Nu Gundam. I want to hear your opinion later.
    Astonage: Excellence´s cockpit alone turn into a fighter. Wasn´t the first
              Gundam like that?
    Amuro:    If so, then Mazinger Z as well.
    Astonage: Indeed.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     So. How's the Time Flow Engine doing?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    So, how´s the Time Flow Engine doing?
    Lahge:    No problems. But we´ll have to use it carefully, if we break it,
              there´s no chance to repair it correctly.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     So we can't avoid the delay to accomplish it. Mah, by a chance,
              there's the another unit.
    Lahge:    Don't attempt to expect on the supplementar. It's management is
              harder than the frames.
    Raul:     No, it's alright because it's you. I'm counting on you.
    Lahge:    I don't want a completely thrown trust.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    At worst, it´ll be used deceivedly.
    Lahge:    Inevitable. Anyway, we have to insure the equipments as soon as
              possible. Even if we repair, we won´t be able to research.
    Mizuho:   We lost almost all data from Lunar base.
    Lahge:    Yes. And only one spare is our salvation.
    Fiona:    It´s alright. You can do it.
    Kayra:    Lt, the captain is calling. Come to the bridge immediatelly. And
              [Raul/Fiona] and you all too.
    R/F:      We too?
    # next: scene 007 LK #
    # scene 007 NB: Nadesico - engine room #
    Lahge:   Transposition engine. For the system that absorbs vacuum and turns it
             into energy, it's power is lowered under atmosphere but, while in the
             middle of vacuum it's energy gets refilled. And the fact of energy
             resupply for the Aestevalis series is for this characteristic. But,
             this wasn't made by the efforts of the Earth's humanity. It was made
             by fragments of the technology found at Mars' ancient ruins. For me
             and my motto "the only good power we should have is the one we make by
             ourselves", I can't like it at all.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    So you were here. We're going to Boson Jump, so we have to go back.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   There you are. Let's go back, we'll Boson Jump soon.
    Lahge:   That's good. I want to see the engine working in the jump instance.
    R/F:     Captain Hoshino said we can stay at the bridge. Isn't there better to
             understand those stuff?
    Lahge:   Let's go right now to the bridge!
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Oh my, I wonder what's so funny.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Oh my, you're so self-interested.
    # next: scene 008 NB #
    # scene 007 LK: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  It´s an emergency. We´ll change our schedule and head to ambush Fifth
    Kayra:   Fifth Luna is that satellite for mineral picking, what´s up with it?
    Bright:  Neo Zeon is trying to repeat a past foolish move.
    Amuro:   To crash Fifth Luna into Earth?
    Bright:  That´s it. And with that, cold the whole Earth.
    R/F:     Cold, can it really happen?
    Amuro:   Theorically yes.
    Mizuho:  By the way, the reason Earth got into glacial period in the past was
             the collision of a meteor, I´ve heard.
    Kayra:   The one that extinguished the dinosaurs.
    Amuro:   No, for the dinosaurs, the Getter Ray had some influence. At the same
             time there was that collision, so it´s messed.
    Bright:  Back to the topic. The Neo Federation were careful with the colonies
             but weren´t expecting for a satellite drop. They were late to detect
             their moves. This ship is currently heading to Fifth Luna!
    Kayra:   Roger.
    Bright:  And I ask [Raul/Fiona] and you all, that mobile weapon Excellence, can
             it be used?
    Mizuho:  Yes, we can.
    Bright:  If so, I want you to sortie as well.
    Lahge:   But it´s still under construction.
    Bright:  I understand, but while you´re soldiers, I´ll have you join. It´s
             emergencial. I want as much battle power as we can get.
    R/F:     I understand.
    # next: scene 008 LK #
    # scene 008 NB: Nadesico B - bridge #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      By the way, when you came to help us, you said about a ghost robot.
               What happened?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     By the way, when you came to help us, you said about a ghost robot,
               what's that?
    Haley:     Didn't you see the news?
    R/F:       We were busy with Excellence and Time Flow Engine's last repairings.
    Saburouta: In the last days, Hisago Plan's Terminal Colony was attacked
               continuously. And they don't know anything about the criminal but
               it's a small type mobile weapon.
    Haley:     And, mass communication called it ghost robot afterall.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      Indeed, and the next target is that Amaterasu, right?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     ... Is that Amaterasu the next target?
    Ruri:      Don't know. And...
    R/F:       And?
    Ruri:      ... Tullip approaching. We'll enter Boson Jump.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      ... I'm positive Nadesico's objectives aren't only to protect
               Amaterasu. It's getting interesting.
    Mizuho:    We aren't playing, though.
    Raul:      I know. What I mean is there might be a place to make Excellence's
    Lahge:     Appeal is good but my problem is when we can resume our research.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     ... It seems like Nadesico's objectives aren't only to protect
               Amaterasu. There might be something.
    Mizuho:    It's about army, so there are missions they can't tell to outsiders.
    Lahge:     Might be so but, my problem is when we can resume our research.
    Haley:     Be quiet there, please.
               (Why are there outsiders at bridge? And at jump time?)
    Saburouta: So, let's go then. Distortion Field maximum output!
    Haley:     Route detected, passing Takiri, Sayori, Tagitsu to Amaterasu!
               Optical field wall activated!
    Ruri:      All crew, please do last checkings.
    Saburouta: Communication line operant.
    Haley:     Living block's preparations concluded.
    Lahge:     Energy lineage ok... indeed, so it flows like this.
    Haley:     Wah, don't speak at my side! Damn... ship's inside influence
               situation pattern B.
    Saburouta: No problems at Field output. And all gathered all ok!
    Haley:     Level rising, 6-7-8-9-10...
    Ruri:      Jump.
    [blank screen fade-in]
    # next: scene 009 NB #
    # scene 008 LK: La Kailum - cabin #
    Mizuho:  I wasn´t expecting a real battle in all of a sudden.
    Lahge:   Lunar base´s accident was real battle also... although it wasn´t what
             we expected.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    It's ok. And this is a chance.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   A satellite is on the way to collide on Earth. It´s inevitable. And
             afterall, this is a chance.
    Lahge:   Of what?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Excellence's real battle test. If we show some results, it won't be
             only test battles. It'll be a good achievement.
    Lahge:   Can it be that simple?
    Raul:    If it's bad, then it'll be, and we'll get to know the problems.
    Mizuho:  Indeed. It's better than do nothing.
    Raul:    That's it. Be confident. I know Excellence's performance pretty well.
    Mizuho:  Yes. Understood. Let's do it.
    Raul:    Ok, Let's do it, for the achievements of Excellence.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Excellence´s real battle test, I mean. We lost almost all data from
             Lunar base, so we have to show some results.
    Lahge:   Indeed, it´ll be good achievements. But can it be that simple?
    Fiona:   Not if we can, we´ll do it. And if it's bad, then it'll be, we´ll get
             to know the problems. There´s no loss.
    Mizuho:  ... But, the pilot is in risk.
    Fiona:   ... I´m a mobile weapon´s test pilot, I´m prepared to it. And afterall
             it´s the engine and the frame you two created. No worries.
    Mizuho:  But...
    Amuro:   [Raul/Fiona], it´s a operation meeting. To the bridge.
    R/F:     Understood, Lt.
    # if Fiona Route #
    Mizuho:  ...
    Lahge:   Mizuho-san. We didn´t choose to create a machine with the Time Flow
             Engine by chance.
    Mizuho:  ...
    # next: scene 009 LK #
    # scene 009 NB: Nadesico B - bridge #
    [blank screen fade-out]
    [explosion occurs]
    Haley:     Wh...what's that? Mid-battle!?
    Saburouta: Aryah, guess we just got into a very busy time.
    Haley:     A connection from Amaterasu.
    [message sound]
    Azuma:     Heey! Who from where is the damn idiot that jumped in such a busy
    Ruri:      That's me.
    Azuma:     Ahn, what, a kid?
    Ruri:      This is Neo Earth Federation Space Forces 4th Fleet affiliated, test
               battleship Nadesico B. I'm the captain, Neo Earth Federation Major
               Ruri Hoshino. Are you the responsible for Amaterasu Colony,
               Commodore Azuma?
    Azuma:     Eei, we're busy in here. Get lost!
    Ruri:      Ahn... shall we help?
    Azuma:     No need to it! Be quiet and watch!
    Haley:     Communication cut off...
    Saburouta: What was that, I ask.
    Haley:     They're hot blooded somehow.
    Ruri:      Haley-kun, current conditions.
    Haley:     Y...yes... Amaterasu Colony is, currently, being attacked by an
               unidentified mobile weapon. This, might be!?
    Saburouta: Not might, it is the so rumored ghost robot.
    Haley:     Amaterasu is countering but, they're losing to the enemy's mobility.
    Saburouta: How about the others but the mobile weapon?
    Haley:     A spaceship like object detected at backwards... only that.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      One battleship and one mobile weapon. And they plan to sink
               Amaterasu with only that!?
    Lahge:     Depending on the weapons used, a complete destruction is possible.
               If so, they'd have used that before this mess.
    Raul:      Then, the Amaterasu destruction isn't their objectives!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     Is this enough battle power to destroy a colony?
    Mizuho:    Once there was a Federation base that was destroyed by one Mobile
               Suit but, that was because of the usage of nuclear weapon.
    Lahge:     If they've got a nuke, they'd have used it before this mess.
    Fiona:     It means they've got other objectives!?
    Ruri:      Haley-kun, hack inside Amaterasu.
    Haley:     Is that alright?
    Ruri:      It's alright. And, [Raul/Fiona]-san, can you lend us your powers?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      Of course. And Excellence's preparations?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     Can't say no. And Excellence's preparations?
    Mizuno:    It's done.
    Saburouta: Then, I'll go too.
    Haley:     Captain, is that ok?
    Ruri:      It's alright. And the enemy's objective. The enemy's true
               objective... Don't you want to see it?
    # next: scene 010 NB #
    # scene 009 LK: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  Fifth Luna itself has no mobility. So it has a nuclear pulse engines
             at a specific part.
    Amuro:   All we need is to destroy there. Fifth Luna without movement won´t be
             more than a stone. But, obviously, the enemy´s defense will be
             gathered there.
    Bright:  We have to reach the objective point before it reaches the stoppage
             limit. After that, even with the engines broken, it´ll be pulled by
             Earth´s gravity and drop.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    So it's our challenge till that time.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   I´ve heard nukes are hard to control. How did they get that many to
             make an engine?
    Bright:  They might have received from the Neo Federation government.
    Kayra:   That´s meaningless now. The important thing is we have to stop it.
             Right, captain?
    Bright:  That´s right. Good luck to all.
    [message sound]
    Kayra:   Captain Bright, it´s terrible!
    Bright:  What?
    Kayra:   A coup d´etat at Hisago Plan´s Amaterasu Colony!
    Bright:  What, a Neo Zeon´s faction!?
    Kayra:   No. "Martian Successors", it seems. And some squads from inside
             Federation approved that, and many squads that were heading to Fifth
             Luna are changing their course.
    Bright:  In such timing... Anyway, we´ll head to Fifth Luna with what rested!
    Amuro:   ... Seems that they´ve calculated the timing. Do you think it´s a
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Maybe? Being a coincidence or not, what we should do won't change,
    Amuro:   Indeed.
    Bright:  Anyway, we'll stop Fifth Luna drop with the rest if the squad!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Maybe? Even if they´re no related, they caught up each information
             somehow, can´t be?
    Amuro:   Which one used it. Char, or the Martian Successors.
    Bright:  Anyone can be. But we´ll stop Fifth Luna drop with the rest of the
    # next: Stage 02 LK #
    # scene 010 NB: Amaterasu - commander room #
    Azuma:     What is the problem against one unit!? Shot it down now!
    [message sound] 
    Ryoko:     Don't cry out loud! I can't concentrate!
    Azuma:     Don't give excuses! And do you think yourself commander of
               Amaterasu's defensive forces!?
    Ryoko:     What!?
    Soldier:   Enemy mobile weapon, invaded inside Amaterasu.
    Azuma:     What!?
    Ryoko:     Dammiiiiiit! I'll chase it!!
    Soldier:   13th gate open. It's by enemy mobile weapon's hacking.
    Azuma:     ... 13th gate? What's that? I don't know.
    Yamasaki:  That is, there is one, Commodore.
    Azuma:     Uhn? And what does it mean, Yamasaki-kun?
    Yamasaki:  The farce is over. That's what means... people's, tenacity´s...
    Azuma:     ... Wh...what are you planinng? Who are you? You're not Federation's
    Yamasaki:  Earth's enemy, Jovian Union's enemy, Neo-Zeon's enemy, and the
               incoming space decay's enemy...
    Kusakabe:  We're the Martian Successors!
    Azuma:     You're!? ... Haruki... Kusakabe!
    Kusakabe:  We, the Martian Successors, will occupy the Hisago Plan!
    Successor: By chasing the mobile weapon, an Aestevalis form the defensive
               forces invaded 13th gate.
    Kusakabe:  Don't mind. Make the traps move. Sink it with the unmanned weapons.
    # next: scene 011 NB #
    # scene 011 NB: Aestevalis - cockpit #
    [explosion occurs]
    Ryoko:   Hah, hah, what are those thing!? ... Where did that black one go?
    [message sound]
    Ruri:    Long time no see, Ryoko-san.
    Ryoko:   Aah, it's been 2 years. You look happy. I've heard Nadesico came but,
             you're overdoing as usual.
    Ruri:    You're the splendid one, Ryoko-san.
    Ryoko:   Heh, defeating unmanned units won't boost my pride.
    Ruri:    Seems like a trap that terminates invaders undiscriminatedly. There
             aren't traps this way. I'll guide you.
    Ryoko:   Thanks... Aah, in such mess, you're hacking inside people's house
    Ruri:    The enemy is doing so, and it's emergency. And afterall, the
             responsible is this Haley-kun.
    Haley:   Aah, captain, you're bad!
    Ruri:    We've caught the enemy's movements. Nadesico's heading that way so,
             if possible, join and guide us.
    Ryoko:   Roger... er, hey, are you going to enter with Nadesico itself!?
    Ruri:    For it's size, it's ok.
    # next: Stage 02 NB #
     Stage 02 NB - Kasei no Koukeisha (Martian Successors)
    [Aestevalis C, Nadesico B, Excellence S and S.Aestevalis appear]
    Ryoko:     And you entered with Nadesico, afterall.
    Ruri:      The enemy mobile weapon will arrive soon.
    Ryoko:     Ok... uhn, is that a new kind?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      Aah, it's the Excellence. Remember it.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     A test type. It isn't even a new kind.
    Ryoko:     Mah, that's ok. Don't get on my way.
    Saburouta: A strong willed girl. You're cute that way.
    Ryoko:     Aargh! Who're you!?
    Haley:     Numerous enemy units detected. They're coming!
    [Unmmaned units appear]
    Ryoko:     Unmanned bastards, so you were still left!
    Ruri:      [Raul/Fiona]-san, because of Aestevalis's energy resupply case, they
               can't dettach from Nadesico.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      I know. I'll take care of the furthest guys.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     I know. Count the furthest units on me.
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of ally battleship
    # reinforce: after 1st enemy annihilation #
    Ryoko:     Okay, there won't be more interferences for a while.
    Ruri:      Ryoko-san, it's coming.
    [High Mobility Black Selena appears]
    Ryoko:     Hehe, so you've appeared. You sure did what you wanted at people's
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      We don't know who you are but, captain Hoshino wants to talk to you.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     We're not willed to fight now. Captain Hoshino wants to talk to you.
    [message sound]
    Ruri:      Good day, I'm Federation Space Forces Major Ruri Hoshino. I'm sorry
               it's by force. You've cast protection into your window connection so
               I asked for a mediation from [Raul/Fiona]-san. And... please tell me.
               Who are you?
    ???:       Lapis, analyze password...
    Ryoko:     Hey, say something!
    ???:       There's no time. See if you want.
    [screen shakes and flashes]
    [ruins appear at map]
    Ryoko:     ... Wh...what!?
    Yurika:    ...
    R/F:       That's... a bust?
    Ryoko:     Ruri, can you see it!? What's that!!?
    Ruri:      Ryoko-san, be calm.
    Ryoko:     What's that? What the hell is that!?
    Ruri:      It's in a different shape but it's that ruins. The martian ruins
               both Earth and the Jovians aimed at the past war and the black box
               of Boson Jump... So that's the true self of Hisago Plan.
    Ryoko:     Ruri... With that, they won't float. Why's that in a place like
    [Martian Successors' units appear]
    Hokushin: That's for humanity's future!
    ???:       ... Hokushin...
    [???'s Kiryoku +30]
    Saburouta: ... Indeed, if you're here, then the one pulling the strings...
    Ryoko:     You, don't chat within only those who are understanding!
    ???:       Ryoko-chan, run!
    Ryoko:     Ryoko-chan... eh... Akito? It's Akito!
    Akito:     Hurry up and run!
    Hokushin:  Perish!
    # Akito VS Hokushin #
    Hokushin: In one night, stretches to the heavenly lands the spiral of universe.
              Die in front of your woman.
    Akito:    Uh... Uuh...
    # Saburouta VS Hokushin #
    Saburouta: Hokushin, the one who did dirty jobs since Jovian Union's times,
               related to this.
    Hokushin:  Helpless Saburouta Takasugi. One who forgot mission and moral to run
               after women's bottoms!
    Saburouta: Sharp tongue!
    # enemy retreat: Hokushin's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Hokushin: Akito Tenkawa. The goddess of Mars might have liked you at all. I'll
              leave your life in custody... Squall!
    [Yatenkou explodes/disappears]
    [all alive Martian Successor units disappear]
    Saburouta: The era has won, as usual.
    # end of stage #
    [explosions occur]
    Akito:    ...
    [Akito's unit disappears]
    Ryoko:     He...hey, Akito! Wait, wait!
    Saburouta: That's bad.
    [message sound]
    Kusakabe:  Sorry, at this earliness after occupation. We'll blow up Amaterasu
               and abandon it. Enemy, ally or civilian, flee from this zone!
    Haley:     Such honest people.
    Ruri:      Haley-kun, could you take out the data?
    Haley:     Yes!
    Ruri:      So, collect Takasugi's unit and [Raul/Fiona]'s unit, hurry.
    Ryoko:     Our friends, our friends! Turn back! Yurika and Akito!
    Saburouta: It's captain's orders. Sorry.
    Ryoko:     Ruri, answer me. You can hear. You can see. They're alive!
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      Damn, can't get the situation so I can't know what they are talking
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     At times like this, it's sad to not know the situation. I don't know
               what to say...
    Ryoko:     And we'll just watch them die again... Damn, damn!
    # next: scene 012 NB #
     Stage 02 LK - Gyakushuu no Char (Char's Counterattack)
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Gyunei:  So you´ve come, Londo Bell!
    Lezun:   You all, don´t relax because they´re a small amount!
    [La Kailum, Re-GZ, Main Robot and Jegan appear]
    Bright:  Our objective is to break the nuclear pulse engine at any cost. The
             target is...
    [destination point shown]
    Bright:  7 minutes left until the stoppage limit point! Our objective is to
             reach there within time. Don´t forget it!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
          destination arrival in 7 turns limit
    Lose: destruction of ally battleship
    # enemy reinforce: ally turn 3 #
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Amuro:   Char!
    Char:    Amuro!
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Char Aznable. The commander of Zeon appearing by himself!? It's a
             chance for feat, but it won't be that easy.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Char Aznable. You say that the commander of Zeon appeared by himself!?
    Amuro:   Why do you want to drop this into Earth? With it, Earth will get cold
             and no one will be able to live there. A nuclear winter will come.
    Char:    Those who live at Earth only think on themselves. That´s why I decided
             to exterminate them.
    R/F:     Extermination of humanity!?
    # if alive unit: Gyunei unit #
    Gyunei:  Colonel, I´ll handle here.
    Char:    Don´t underrate your enemy, Gyunei!
    # countdown 1: ally turn 5 #
    Bright:  3 minutes left until stoppage limit. Hurry!
    # countdown 2: ally turn 7 #
    Bright:  1 minute left until stoppage limit!
    # Amuro VS Gyunei #
    Gyunei:  So this one is Amuro Ray!
    Amuro:   What? I feel an enemy sense, but not an evil one.
    # Amuro VS Char #
    Amuro:   A human punishing another human...
    Char:    I, Char Aznable is regulating that, Amuro!
    Amuro:   That´s only ego.
    Char:    The time Earth can´t handle anymore has come.
    # enemy retreat 1: Char´s hp reaches 0 or 30%  #
    Char:    Kuh, I´ve trusted too much the performance of Sazabi. I´ll retreat!
    [Sazabi explodes/disappears]
    # enemy retreat 2: ally unit reaches Fifth Luna #
    # if Fifth Luna reached: Amuro unit #
    Amuro:   If I can just destroy this!
    # else Fifth Luna reached: Bright unit #
    Bright:  Ok, all cannons, fire-!
    # else Fifth Luna reached: Kayra unit #
    Kayra:   My chance!
    # else Fifth Luna reached: Raul unit #
    Raul:    So it's this!
    # else Fifth Luna reached: Fiona unit #
    Fiona:   It's this, right!
    [explosion occurs]
    [Fifth Luna´s boost stops]
    # if alive unit: Char unit #
    Char:    Can´t be!
    Amuro:   Ok, with this, Fifth Luna will stop.
    Char:    ... No use. All units, escape from Fifth Luna siege zone!
    # if alive unit: Gyunei unit #
    Gyunei:  Colonel!
    Char:    Didn´t you hear me? Retreat! Amuro, Bright... I won´t give up!
    [all alive Neo Zeon units disappear]
    [Sazabi disappears]
    [all alive Neo Zeon units disappear]
    # event: 7 turn time limit exceeds #
    Bright:  Kuh, we couldn´t make it...
    Char:    Now I can even forget it, it´ll be pulled by Earth.
    Amuro:   ... And we couldn´t stop this Fifth to fall on Earth.
    R/F:     The Fifth Luna is falling...
    # end of stage #
    # if enemy annihilated in 7 turn limit #
    [La Kailum moves to Fifth Luna]
    Bright:  Ok, all cannons, fire-!
    [explosion occurs]
    [Fifth Luna´s boost stops]
    # if Fifth Luna stopped: Mass Production Nu-Gundam obtained #
    # Fifth Luna stopped next: scene 012 LK #
    # Fifth Luna fell next:    scene 013 LK #
    # scene 012 NB: Nadesico B - bridge #
    Haley:   Takasugi's unit, [Raul/Fiona]'s unit collected, areh, there's one
    Ruri:    It's Ryoko-san. Nadesico take off. We'll escape from this zone at
             maximum output!
    [explosion occurs]
    [blank screen fade-in]
    # next: scene 013 NB #
    # scene 012 LK: Lewroolla - bridge #
    Gyunei:  Colonel, I'm sorry about Fifth Luna. Because my powers weren't enough.
    Char:    I've spent money to enhace you at a Newtype lab. I won't let you die.
    Nanai:   Don't mind, Gyunei.
    Gyunei:  But.
    Char:    I won't let it end here.
    Nanai:   Gyunei, rest for now.
    Gyunei:  Yes! Newtype lab's chief, I mean, operation officer-dono!
    Nanai:   Gyunei, he's getting over-sensitive.
    Char:    He's young... I hear Dekim's laughing voice... Damn Londo Bell.
    # next: scene 014 LK #
    # scene 013 NB: Nadesico B - bridge #
    [blank screen fade-out]
    Ryoko:      Thanks at Amaterasu. Ryoko Subaru, as you've seen, I'm an
                Aestevalis pilot.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       Nice to meet you. So you and captain Hoshino know each other?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      My pleasure. So you and captain Hoshino know each other?
    Ryoko:      I was with Ruri at Nadesico in the past, but one before this type. I
                was there... And how about Ruri?
    Haley:      She's in mid-communication with Londo Bell's captain Bright.
    Bright:     We're aknowledged about Martian Successors' coup d'etat, and the
                number of battleships fleeing from the battle zone is increasing,
                and we're ressembling our formation. And about reinforce, I'm
                sorry, but the battle power that rested with us to counter Char is
                our might... We don't have scope to send some to there.
    Ruri:       We're in the same situation. Neo Earth Federation is all broken.
                So, the troops that can move have to do it autonomously. I'll count
                Neo Zeon to you.
    Bright:     So I'll count the Martian Successors to you.
    Ruri:       Understood. Over.
    Saburouta:  So we have to arrange reinforces by ourselves.
    Haley:      This is bad... take a look at this! It's the data we got at
                Amaterasu but, they were doing Boson Jump human experiments there!
                By kidnapping A Class Jumpers or to those candidates!
    Saburouta:  That Hokushin guy was, since Jovian Union's time, doing dirty works
                from the shadows. Those kidnappings might be his work too.
    Ryoko:      And Akito and Yurika too, by him... Damn!
    Saburouta:  Tenkawa, alone... no, there might be a supporter but, he was
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       But, it was surely a good skilled coup d'etat.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      By the way, wasn't that coup d'etat a very skilled one?
    Haley:      We can see by the list of people who betrayed us at the coup
                d'etat. Independent of being politician or from the military, they
                were all related to the Hisago Plan's rising project.
    Lahge:      Instead of betray, they were all Martian Successor members from the
                first time.
    Ryoko:      And afterall, the Neo Earth Federation created the Hisago Plan for
                Kusakabe's sake, right? And as a bonus, it was a camouflage or
                such, they've put me and Commodore Azuma, people who didn't know
                anything about it at that place... Damn!
    Haley:      By the way, Commodore Azuma, I wonder what happened to him?
    Ryoko:      Don't know... I hope he's alive, that old man.
    Saburouta:  Back to the topic, Kusakabe's objective is the Boson Jump and the
                monopoly control of the politics business... He talked a lot about
                the risk and the importance of the Boson Jump.
    Haley:      To him, it might be his justice but, to those who will be
                controlled it's just trouble.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       By the way, we can't see the story that much as we don't know the
                situation... What's that flower thing machine? And what about that
                woman's bust sticked in that?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      Er... We can't see the story that much as we don't know the
                situation... What was that flower like thing that had a woman's
                bust sticked in?
    Ruri:       To say about that, better to explain from the beginning then. I'll
                do it in a fast way. At the beginning of space colonization, those
                who wanted the independence of Moon were sought in secret by those
                who beloved Earth.
    Saburouta:  Those ones found an ancient ruins at Mars, and using much of its
                technologies, they started to attack Earth, and those are the
                Jovian Union. But it was afterall a war using ancient technologies.
                It didn't last long, and afterall, it ended.
    Ruri:       And that ancient technology is now shared by both Earth and the
                Jovian Union, and being researched.
    Saburouta:  That's the Boson Jump and the transposition engine.
    Ruri:       That thing [Raul/Fiona]-san asked about is, say, the control device
                the Boson Jump, an operation unit.
    Ryoko:      On the past war, we destroyed it... supposedly, I say. Damn!
    Lahge:      ... There's no way they can use Boson Jump that freely and do 
                research project of such size while without the control device.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       ... When the Hisago Plan was iniciated, they've already collected
                that operation unit, I suppose.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      ... If the project itself was raised by the Martian Successors,
                then no wonders. They've already had the operation unit.
    Ryoko:      We've made the clownings afterall...
    Ruri:       That bust-like woman sticked to the operation unit is Yurika
                Tenkawa. Former named Misumaru... She's the one who destroyed the
                operation unit, and one of the few A Class Jumpers.
    R/F:        Tenkawa... was...
    Ryoko:      That black mobile weapon's pilot's, Akito Tenkawa's spouse.
    Ruri:       ...
    Mizuho:     So he's trying to help her wife.
    Ruri:       ...
    Mizuho:     ... So, the A Class Jumpers couple that brought up captain is...
    Prospector: Let's stop with such dampen story at this point.
    Haley:      Who are you?
    Prospector: Sorry. I'm one from the Nergal Enterprise that designed Nadesico,
                I'm called Prospector.
    Saburouta:  Prospector?
    Haley:      Is that your true name?
    Prospector: No no, it's like a pen-name.
    Ruri:       Captain Bright and the others can't move, and at this rate it won't
                never come to an end, so we decided to get their help.
    Saburouta:  Nergal's? Is that alright?
    Prospector: Hah hah hah, it's enough to trust me at once. And, the problem is
                with the new staff. Afterall, the enemy is twice stronger than Neo
                Earth Federation Forces. If we jump into it recklessly, we'll
                surely be knocked out.
    R/F:        A surprise attack from small numbers?
    Saburouta:  It's the only way.
    Haley:      Will people of ability join us that easily? Better do on our own...
    Prospector: It's ok. Mah, we'll feel like in a class reunion thing.
    Ryoko:      Class reunion... you mean!?
    Ruri:       Correct.
    # next: scene 015 NB #
    # scene 013 LK: La Kailum - deck #
    Amuro:    Shameful! And we only watched being defeated by Char...
    Astonage: It couldn't be helped. Because of Amaterasu's coup d'etat, our battle
              power got decreased a lot.
    Amuro:    Even so!
    Mizuho:   I'm sorry. If Excellence was a little more powerful.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     No. It's not Mizuho's fault. Don't blame yourself.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    It's not your fault. Don't blame yourself on everything.
    Amuro:    It's as [Raul/Fiona] said. And, it's not over yet. Char won't end up
              with this yet.
    # next: scene 014 LK #
    # scene 014 LK: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  Does Char really wants to bring ice age to Earth?
    Amuro:   Char once named himself Quattro Bajina to fight with us against the
             anti-Earth government people and the aliens but, with that he realized
             about people like Dekim that were left at Earth, and disliked it.
    R/F:     Dislike?
    Bright:  The Neo Earth Federation Government is ruling space from Earth. And
             there are plenty of spacenoids disliking that.
    Kayra:   At first, Dekim was a colony sympathizer but, it last until he got
             the control.
    Amuro:   And even so, the Neo Federation doesn't know they are so hated.
             They don't even want to know.
    Bright:	 But that isn't a reason to let them freeze Earth.
    Kayra:   So, that's why we are here, to prevent it from happening.
    Amuro:   You're right. Bright, when can we take the supply at Londenion?
    Bright:  In little time. As long as the Martian Successors' coup d'etat is
             in progress, we have to supply as much as possible, or otherwise we
             won't know when will be the next time.
    Amuro:   A coup d'etat... The hell with Martian Successors.
    # next: scene 015 LK #
    # scene 015 NB: Nadesico B - deck #
    #           LK: La Kailum  - deck #
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Lahge:   Cooperate with Nadesico? I wanted to resume our research as soon as
             possible, instead of doing so.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Less haste, more speed, they say. If we get some results here, we
             might get recommendation from Nadesico.
    Mizuho:  I see. Count Excellence's repair on me.
    Lahge:   Now that's unusual. For you to decide so quickly.
    Mizuho:  I mean, that person, Akito, he's doing his efforts to save his wife,
             so to help him...
    Raul:    It's not decided as that yet. It's ok, though. Then I'll go tell
             captain Hoshino that we'll cooperate.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Less haste, more speed, it's said. If we get some results here, we
             may get recommendation from Nadesico. By the consequences, I say this
             is more profitable.
    Lahge:   Excellence's frames are what will be evaluated.
    Fiona:   Did you forget the battle at Amaterasu? Nadesico's Aestevalis series
             have that supply range problem.
    Lahge:   The Time Flow Engine doesn't have that problem.
    Fiona:   Yes, and to be with Nadesico is a chance to us.
    Lahge:   We can clear up the differences and the features, you mean. Can be.
             Whatever we do, we'll do research anyway.
    Fiona:   That's it. Then I'll go tell captain Hoshino that we'll cooperate.
             Is that ok to you, Mizuho?
    Mizuho:  Yes.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Lahge:   ... Reaching Londenion without leaving the ship, and keep cooperating
             with Londo Bell? I wanted to resume our research as soon as possible,
             instead of doing so.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Less haste, more speed, they say. If we get some results here, we
             might get recommendation from captain Bright. Afterall, it's to save
             Earth from danger.
    Mizuho:  I see. Count Excellence's repair on me.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Less haste, more speed, it's said. If we get some results here, we
             may get recommendation from captain Bright. Afterall, it's to save
             Earth, and by the consequences, I say this is more profitable.
    Lahge:   Excellence's frames are what will be evaluated.
    Fiona:   And what is moving that Excellence? It's the Time Flow Engine. The
             Excellence is a set machine with the Time Flow Engine.
    Mizuho:  She's right.
    Lahge:   I understand. Whatever we do, if we don't act, nothing will happen.
             And with that, the research doen't progress.
    Fiona:   That's it.
    Mizuho:  Count Excellence's repair on me.
    Fiona:   So let's all stand firm. For the Time Flow Engine's and Excellence's
    # NB next: scene 017 NB #
    # LK next: scene 016 LK #
    # scene 016 LK: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  About reinforce, I'm sorry, but the battle power that rested with us
             to counter Char is our might... We don't have scope to send some to
    Ruri:    We're in the same situation. Neo Earth Federation is all broken. So,
             the troops that can move have to do it autonomously. I'll count Neo
             Zeon to you.
    Bright:  So I'll count the Martian Successors to you.
    Ruri:    Understood. Over.
    Bright:  I wanted some battle power connecting with Nadesico but, it's
    Amuro:   It's inevitable. Countering Amaterasu's coup d'etat is important too.
    Bright:  I knew that, though...
    # if Fifth Luna fell #
    Amuro:   She didn't ask about Fifth Luna, I wonder if it's her consideration.
    Bright:  And to be worried by a child.
    Amuro:   She's not an ordinary child. You know that.
    Kayra:   By the way, [Raul/Fiona] and the others, they've asked to remain at
             Londo Bell.
    Amuro:   Aah, it's helpful. So we only need to pick up Nu Gundam at
    # next: scene 017 LK #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 017 NB: Nergal head office - one room #
    R/F:        A surprise attack with Nadesico B?
    Prospector: That's right. The Martian Successors are currently gathering
                themselves at Mars' polar ruins.
    Saburouta:  And you mean to surprise attack that place?
    Prospector: Yes. The Martian Successors may had checked the regular ships moves
                by their side. But, Nadesico B is still a test type.
    Haley:      We'll get them from behind!
    # if Raul Route#
    Raul:       Indeed, a surprise attack to control them at once... but how?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      May I ask one thing? To get them from behind, how to do that,
                actually? To thrust with one ship is reckless.
    Mizuho:     Even if it's to Boson Jump, they took control of the Tullips,
                didn't they?
    Prospector: There's no mistake on that. By borrowing the powers of an A Class
                Jumper, we can jump into their side directly.
    Saburouta:  Afterall, they can Boson Jump without using Tullips.
    Mizuho:     But there aren't that many A Class Jumpers.
    Prospector: You might me underrating Nergal a bit. We did favored some.
    ???:        Excuse me.
    Prospector: Aah, just in time. I'll introduce you. Ines Fresange-san, an A
                Class Jumper.
    Ines:       Nice to meet you. But officialy, I'm dead, though.
    Prospector: Hokushin, right? To deceive their eyes, it was needed. By the way,
                any troubles?
    Ines:       Neo Federation's Mars Attack Forces was annihilated.
    Prospector: Hoh.
    Ines:       A great mass of mobile weapons Boson Jumped in all of a sudden in
                front of them.
    Ryoko:      And what happened!?
    Ines:       They couldn't even get into attack formation, and a simultaneous
                enemy attack...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       Wait. You said only A Class Jumpers could Boson Jump without a
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      But only A Class Jumpers can Boson Jump without a Tullip, right?
    Mizuho:     Do they have that many A Class Jumpers!?
    Ines:       They don't. What made it possible is what is connected to the
                operation unit, Yurika-san's powers.
    # next: scene 018 NB #
    # scene 017 LK: La Kailum - deck #
    Bright:   The ship will currently receive supply from Londenion. Char won't
              skip now that the Martian Successors' case is causing confusion.
              He'll surely make his next move. When the supply is over, be ready to
              take off whenever it's possible.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     Mizuho, how about Excellence related parts?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    Mizuho, how about Excellence's parts?
    Mizuho:   Generally, Mobile Suit's ones can be used.
    Astonage: I suppose it's ok, but if you need something special, tell me. But,
              I don't know if I can get them in all of a sudden.
    Amuro:    Mizuho, we'll go to Mobile Suit plant now, how about coming together?
    Mizuho:   Nu Gundam, right? Let me appreciate it.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     Can I go too? It's a long time I don't go to a colony, so I wanted to
              hang aroung the town a little.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    Can I go with you? We were all stuck in the Lunar base those last
    Amuro:    I don't mind. How about you, Lahge?
    Lahge:    I'm not interested.
    Kayra:    You do have few friends.
    Lahge:    If I had time to make friends, I'd be using it to work on Time Flow
              Engine's research.
    Kayra:    Oh well.
    # next: scene 018 LK #
    # scene 018 NB: Mars polar ruins - commander room #
    Yamasaki: Image transmission rate 98%, and to think it'd be this good.
    Kusakabe: I want to ask you for future references. About what did you do to
              make the rate that high.
    Yamasaki: Yes. To Jump non-A Class Jumpers without a Tullip, we used Yurika
              Misumaru... I mean, Yurika Tenkawa, in the operation unit as a human
              rendering device. So, by transfering our destination as an image to
              her, an A Class Jumper that she is will carry us.
    Kusakabe: But we've failed many times.
    Yamasaki: The origin of the system's berserk is, I suppose, dreams. The dreams
              Yurika Tenkawa had worked as a noise, and made the system to run
              wildy. And presently. To not lose to her dreams, we were trying ways
              to insert images from the input, and we mixed some love love images
              this time.
    Kusakabe: Love love... and?
    Yamasaki: Yes. We added her love love object, her husband Akito Tenkawa, to the
              image transmission. And for that, she misunderstood the images sent
              to her as being from her husband, and started to cooperate to our
              image transmission.
    Yurika:   "Where Akito wants to go!?"
    Yamasaki: That's it.
    Kusakabe: And that means 98%...
    # next: scene 019 NB #
    # scene 018 LK: Colony - town #
    Amuro:   Is he always like that?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    About Lahge? Mah, it's everyday thing. But, he's not a bad guy.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   About Lahge? Mah, like you saw. He has different attitudes for things
             he likes or not. But I can assure you he's not a bad person. Even if
             his attitudes are different, doesn't mean he ignores it. He listen to
             you carefully.
    Mizuho:  I think he's only reckless to show his interest. He has very kind
    # next: scene 019 LK #
    # scene 019 NB: Nergal head office - one room #
    Mizuho:     Using such... way...
    Ines:       The love of both, this time, has become a harm. But this can be a
                double-edged sword. If the true Akito Tenkawa contacts her, and by
                his actions, all Boson Jumps can be stopped...
    Saburouta:  Oh my. So, that's why those guys are aiming for Tenkawa.
    Ines:       That's it. Where's he now?
    Prospector: He followed captain to visit a grave. Yours.
    # next: scene 020 NB #
    # scene 019 LK: Colony - Mobile Suit plant #
    Chein:   Lt Amuro Ray, right? I'm Chein Agi, from Anaheim Electronics.
    Amuro:   How's Nu Gundam doing? For the past communication, seems it's delayed.
    Chein:   A little with the Psycho Frame around the cockpit. We've prepared it
             with the newest data obtained but, the armor got heavier than
    Mizuho:  So the balance got screwed?
    Chein:   Yes. And because of that, we'll take more time for the last checkings.
    Amuro:   Sorry, but we don't have time. You might know about Char's Fifth Luna
    Chein:   I know. We'll bring in the Nu Gundam soon. Instead, I'll go with it
             to continue the checkings.
    Amuro:   Please.
    Mizuho:  (She's good... Chein-san...)
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    What are you jealous about? Don't say you feel like having Amuro-san
             stealed from you?
    Mizuho:  Not that... the production of a newest Gundam is at her hands... I'm
             jealous to that...
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   What is it? Looking her with such jealous face.
    # next: scene 020 LK #
    # scene 020 NB: graveyard #
    Ruri:      ...
    Akito:     ...
    Ruri:      Akito-san, Yurika-san, and Ines-san who was supposedly sleeping
               here... You were all alive.
    Akito:     Aah...
    Ruri:      I've heard a small amount from Ines-san herself. But, in those 2
               years, I don't know what happened to Akito-san and the others.
    Akito:     Better not to know.
    Ruri:      I don't want to either. But... Why, why didn't you tell me? That you
               were alive?
    Akito:     ... Because it wasn't needed...
    Ruri:      Is that so...
    Akito:     And, if I did, I would summon unnecessary things... How about coming
    Hokushin:  Appearing with knowledge. Such stupidity, Akito Tenkawa. I'll have
               you come with us.
    Akito:     ... I refuse.
    Hokushin:  Then... Kill!
    Six Men:   And the girl?
    Hokushin:  Capture. The same golden pupil as Lapis. By people's hands she was
               born a white fairy. I see people on Earth likes genetic tricks. You
               shall be a glorious research cornerstone in our lab.
    Ruri:      So you're the ones. The ones kidnapping the A Class Jumpers.
    Hokushin:  Right. We're the shadows of the Martian Successors. We're persons
               who walked out from the path of life, heretical ones. All for the
               new system.
    ???:       Ha-h hah hah. A new system, laughable.
    Hokushin:  Long time no see. Genichiro Tsukiomi
    Genichiro: From the results of destruction and chaos, a new system surely
               borns. And to feel the pain from that cause is inevitable. But,
               Kusakabe has no benevolence.
    Hokushin:  Good words from a traitor who sell the Jovian Union.
    Genichiro: Yes. I betrayed my friend, I betrayed the Jovian Union, and I'm now
               a dog from Nergal. And to concern too much at Tenkawa was a harm to
               you, Hokushin.
    Hokushin:  I only have to erase the obstacles to the new system.
    Genichiro: This is a peaceful place where the deads sleeps. Surrender quietly.
    Hokushin:  If I don't?
    Genichiro: You'll go to hell.
    Hokushin:  Is that so? Gale!
    [explosion occurs]
    Hokushin:  What!?
    Akito:     That's...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      A very good timing, I bet. We've came to help!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     Captain Hoshino, we've came to help!
    Ruri:      Excellence!
    # next: Stage 03 NB #
    # scene 020 LK: Colony - inner town #
    Mizuho:   I wanted to work at Anaheim or Nergal Enterprise. But, I failed on
              all entry exams...
    Amuro:    And what does that means? You made Excellence on your own. You're
              fairly good.
    Mizuho:   [Raul/Fiona]-san picked me. From many other projects, they picked my
              frames by chance.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     Hey hey, that's enough. You mean we don't have eyes pick good things?
    Mizuho:   No, it's not like that... But, to take care of a Gundam is, for the
              mechanics, a proof of being a top class...
    Raul:     To be top class is not a thing to be given. It's for you to be.
    Amuro:    It's as he said. You're underrating yourself too much.
    Mizuho:   I wonder...
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    Hey, that's rude to us. It hears like we don't have eyes for frames.
    Mizuho:   That's not true... Sorry.
    Fiona:    Oh my. your Excellence is top class. Be more self-confident.
    Amuro:    Uhn, that's...
    Quess:    There's a town in a cylinder. And a lake too. By seeing those, I can
              believe humans can reform.
    Hathaway: Char once was an ally of Earth but, with his plans he means to crush
              Earth this time.
    Quess:    It's not. Char only wants to show off people's possibilities.
    Amuro:    Hathaway!
    Hathaway: Ah, Amuro-san.
    Amuro:    Why are you here? Ah, let me introduce you. Hathaway Noah. Bright's
    Hathaway: Nice to meet you. I've come to take refugee because they said Earth
              was in danger.
    Quess:    (This person is Amuro Ray...)
    Amuro:    And that lady at your side, is she your girlfriend?
    Hathaway: No, er, she's...
    Quess:    You're the newtype Amuro Ray, right? Good timing.
    Mizuho:   Kyah.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     What's that, it's rude.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    Hey, that's rude.
    Quess:    I'm interested on Amuro. Get out of my way. Don't interfere!
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     Uwah, that's more rude. Lahge loses to her.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    Wow, seems like Lahge.
    # next: scene 021 LK #
    # scene 021 LK: Colony - prairie #
    Quess:    I trained at India. To be a newtype for all humanity to be able to
              sympathize each other. So I've got interest on the newtype Amuro is.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     Is there a colony named India?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    India? I've never heard of it. What Side's colony is that?
    Hathaway: India is a place's name at Earth.
    Quess:    A newtype is one who can understand accuratly about people's and
              thing's existence. And they can do so even from a great range.
    Hathaway: Humans at Earth, they only used one side of their brain, right?
    Amuro:    I've heard about that too.
    Hathaway: And that, when they came to space, they learned to use the other half
              and the chance to use telepathy or premonition increased.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     Is that so? I was 2 years at Saturn's orbit, and I don't feel like
              having that increased.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    I was 2 years at Saturn's orbit, but I don't feel any increase.
    Hathaway: There are some personal differences... Or else, living at Earth and
              the colonies, I don't feel like having parents anymore.
    Quess:    That's because your parents have good relation.
    Hathaway: Father is always bothering me, though.
    Amuro:    By the way, did you see Bright yet?
    Hathaway: A little at the dock's entrance. He was busy as usual. He let me out
              in a hurry.
    Amuro:    There's this coup d'etat at Mars, and Neo Zeon dropping an asteroid.
              Lots to do makes him nervous.
    Hathaway: Uhn, I know.
    Quess:    ...
    Amuro:    What happened?
    Quess:    Someone is here...
    R/F:      There!
    Char:     ... Amuro!?
    Amuro:    Char!
    Quess:    So that's... Char.
    Amuro:    Why are you here!?
    Char:     I'm not just a pilot like you are.
    Amuro:    Why someone who fought with us is crushing Earth!?
    Char:     Those who are left at Earth are only contaminating it, with their
              soul pulled by gravity.
    Hathaway: If they're contamining Earth, then you're smashing Earth!
    Char:     I won't smash. I'll have Earth to rest a while.
    R/F:      Why!?
    Char:     Earth can't swallow all human's ego.
    Amuro:    Human's intellect can climb over that.
    Char:     Then grant intelligence to those ignorants in no time.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     So you say that if Earth's smashed, then the spacenoids can grant
              that intelligence!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    Those words are unfair! This kind of thing takes time.
    Char:     I'm believing the reform of humanity that went out to space. But, to
              make the whole humanity into newtype, someone has to be responsible
              for their vocation.
    Mizuho:   Is newtype such a great thing?
    Char:     Uhn?
    Mizuho:   Is that needed to be obtained even by terminating Earth and killing
              the half of humanity?
    Quess:    That's it! We have to become newtypes! All of us!
    Hathaway: Quess!
    Amuro:    Do you know what you are doing? Drop the gun!
    Quess:    Amuro, you're such a petty! Not only Amuro. You're all too petty!
    Hathaway: Quess!
    Char:     ... Are you coming?
    Quess:    Yes.
    Hathaway: Quess!
    # next: scene 022 LK #
    # scene 022 LK: La Kailum - cabin #
    Hathaway: Quess. Why...?
    Amuro:    Quess has potential. She feels too much. And that was used by Char.
    Bright:   So she sympathized with Char. Like all Neo Zeon soldiers.
    Astonage: Captain, to the bridge, it's Char's speech!
    Amuro:    Char, so he started his next move! What's it now!?
    Astonage: That's, he'll drop Axis into Earth.
    Bright:   What!?
    # next: scene 023 LK #
    # scene 023 LK: La Kailum - bridge #
    [message sound]
    Char:     Earth Federation was only creating receptacles to the refugees.
              They confined themselves at Earth and didn't open it to us!
    Hathaway: Char...
    Char:     Those many past Spacenoid's independency move ended in fail in front
              of Earth Federation's resistance. As a result, the Earth Federation
              government increased, the inside of the Federation Forces decayed,
              and many refugees were born. At this situation, I'm convicted that
              humanity shouldn't repeat war ever after this. That's the true
              objective to drop Axis at Earth.
    Amuro:    Axis is for Zeon, an important base. Char, he did come for the last
    Char:     Gentlemen, to open a new path, and to bring politics for the
              refugees, a single effort, I ask you to lend me your powers. And I
              shall be called to father Zeon's place.
    Bright:   We won't let it happen, Char.
    # next: scene 024 LK #
    # scene 024 LK: La Kailum - deck #
    Chein:    Lt, carriage of the Nu Gundam is concluded.
    Amuro:    I appreciate. I'll enter preparation. Help me, please.
    Chein:    ... What's up?
    Amuro:    What?
    Chein:    I don't know, Lt is fearful now.
    Astonage: It's because he heard Char's speech, I'm sure.
    Chein:    Because Char is a politician too, right?
    Amuro:    So, are you satisfyed with that, then?
    Chein:    ... You're always so kind but, sometimes has a fearful voice.
    Amuro:    Really?
    # if Mass Production Nu-Gundam obtained #
    Kayra:    Astonage, what's that!? It's so cool.
    R/F:      It resembles Nu-Gundam a bit, is it a supplementar unit?
    Chein:    No, it's a test type Nu-Gundam created for mass production purposes.
    Amuro:    A Mass Production Nu-Gundam.
    Kayra:    Heh, good. Neh, can I use it? I'll get the data for sure.
    Amuro:    Don't get too excited and break it.
    Kayra:    It's ok... Great, is this an Incom equipment!?
    Chein:    It can equip one of Incom or Fin Funnel.
    Kayra:    Then let it be for Incom then. Fin Funnel is a bit hard to me.
    Chein:    Understood.
    Kayra:    All right. With it I can smash Char by myself.
    Astonage: Please, stop that! I'll get worried if 1st Lt gets hurt...
    Kayra:    Astonage... don't say it!
    # next: scene 025 LK #
    # scene 025 LK: Lewroola - cabin #
    Nanai:   Colonel, it was a splendid speech.
    Char:    A clowning, at all.
    Nanai:   Axis drop is a misdeed no despotist did. If not a clowning, it
             wouldn't fit. But, are you really sure of it?
    Char:    What do you mean, Nanai?
    Nanai:   Colonel did, thought this plan to triumph over Amuro, instead for
             humanity's reform, didn't you?
    Char:    ... Am I such a little man?
    Nanai:   Amuro Ray misunderstood kindness as a Newtype's weapon. A woman can
             forgive that but, Colonel can't forgive such attitude from Amuro.
    Char:    ... Resembled ones are always hating each other.
    Nanai:   Too much love, hundredfold hatred, is it?
    Char:    Fuh... Maybe...
    # next: scene 026 LK #
    # scene 026 LK: Lewroola - deck #
    Gyunei:  Colonel, are you going to Axis?
    Char:    Aah, I want to ask Gyunei to stop Londo Bell. And I want Quess to
             experience battle too.
    Gyunei:  Quess too... is it?
    Char:    Aah...
    # next: scene 027 LK #
    # scene 027 LK: Lewroola - cabin #
    Char:    Why did you interest on me?
    Quess:   You said that people's soul is being pulled by Earth's gravity, right?
             I felt that once. But I feared people who feels that way are sad.
    Char:    I pretend to walk the path I believe.
    # next: scene 028 LK #
    # scene 028 LK: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  We're currently heading to Axis!
    Mizuho:  Captain, an amount of Mobile Suits detected at forward!
    Bright:  So they've come. All crew into level 1 battle positions!
    # next: Stage 03 LK #
     Stage 03 NB - Saikai no Recipee (Reunion's Recipee)
    [Nadesico B, Excellence S and S.Aestevalis appear]
    Haley:     Captain! Hurry and come back.
    Ruri:      Haley-kun.
    Akito:     Nadesico...
    Hokushin:  So you've come. If so... Mount!
    [Martian Successor's units appear]
    Hokushin: You've run from Amaterasu, but won't from this land.
    [Alstromelia and High Mobility Black Salena appear]
    Saburouta: Major Tsukiomi. And I thought where you were. So you were in such a
    Genichiro: And we both changed a little.
    Saburouta: There's no human who doesn't change.
    Genichiro: ... Truth.
    [Aestevalises appear]
    Ryoko:     Wait a sec!
    Ruri:      Ryoko-san. And you two came too.
    Hikaru:    Of course. Everyone is asking, so even in fire or water.
    Ryoko:     Good words. Is it ok to a manga writer having a serial novel do
               such things?
    Hikaru:    I've done with the manuscript, and there's time to the deadline.
               It's ok.
    R/F:       Who are those two?
    Ryoko:     My pals from past.
    Hikaru:    Hikaru Amano. I'm a manga writer now. Nice to meet yo-u.
    Izumi:     I'm Izumi Maki... new face-san. Want to know your life span...?
    Ryoko:     Don't say stupid things. You both are too much time far from battle
               so don't overdo it!
    Izumi:     Good day. I'm Long Blank.
    Six Men:   Be careful. They're frivolous but powerful!
    Hokushin:  Gale!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of ally battleship
    # Akito VS Hokushin #
    Hokushin: Fear. Regret. Even wearing an armor, you can't protect your heart's
    Akito:    Kuh!
    # Tsukiomi VS Hokushin #
    Tsukiomi: A wicked sword can't prevail my softness.
    Hokushin: A traitor's softness can't prevail our swords.
    # enemy retreat 1: Hokushin's hp reaches 0 #
    Hokushin:  Kuh, you're good. But, I won't solely fall!
    [Yatenkou moves near Nadesico B]
    Haley:     Wah wah, he's coming right to us!
    Hokushin:  Explode!
    [Yatenkou explodes]
    [explosion occurs at Nadesico]
    Ryoko:     A kamikaze!?
    Genichiro: ... No, Hokushin himself escaped.
    Hokushin:  Fuh fuh fuh...
    Ruri:      Haley-kun, how's the damage situation?
    Haley:     Transposition engine's output decreasing, can't move!
    Ruri:      If it doesn't explodes, then we can still do it.
    # enemy reinforce: ally turn 7 or after first enemy annihilation #
    Haley:     This is... Captain, a giant object approaching! I can't get the
               identification code!
    Ruri:      An enemy reinforce?
    [Gaizock units appear]
    Butcher:   Ho-h hoh hoh hoh hoh, and humans are continuing war as usual.
    Hikaru:    No! That's...
    Ruri:      Gaizock.
    Ryoko:     Butcher! You're supposed to be dead, after we, Kappei and all
               smashed you!
    Butcher:   Indeed, at my mistake, I lost. But we were ressurected by the great
               god of Gaizock, and given one more chance.
    Ryoko:     No, no joke! To defeat you, Uchuta and Keiko sacrificed their lives.
               And so!
    Butcher:   No time for one or two. For you who make war that steals many
               people's lifes, do you think you are qualified to say such thing?
    Ryoko:     Kuuuuuhh, I'll knock you all!
    Saburouta: Such hot blooded one.
    # if enemy reinforce before enemy annihilation #
    # if alive unit: Hokushin unit #
    Hokushin:  Chance!
    [Yatenkou moves near Nadesico B]
    Haley:     Wah wah, he's coming right to us!
    # cinematic: Yatenkou VS Nadesico B #
    R/F:       No, Nadesico!
    Ruri:      Haley-kun, how's the damage situation?
    Haley:     Transposition engine's output decreasing, can't move!
    Ruri:      If it doesn't explodes, then we can still do it.
    Hokushin:  Fufu, so I couldn't finish it. But, Nadesico can't move. Squall!
    # else dead unit: Hokushin unit #
    Hokushin:  Gaizock, so the ghost is back. Squall!
    [Yatenkou disappears]
    [All Martian Successor's units disappears]
    Haley:     Enemy escaping.
    Ruri:      Ignore them. To defeat Gaizock is our first decision.
    # enemy retreat 2: Butcher's hp reaches 0 #
    Butcher:   For an exercise after ressurection, it's this degree. I'll retreat.
    [Bandock explodes]
    [All alive Gaizock units disappear]
    Ryoko:     Damn, don't run! Come ba-ck!
    Saburouta: Even if you say so, he won't.
    # end of stage #
    # next: scene 029 NB #
     Stage 03 LK - Nu Gundam
    [La Kailum, Nu Gundam, Main Robot, Kayra's unit appear]
    Amuro:    We can't lose time here!
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Lezun:    Humpf! Londo Bell should keep honking your bells!
    [Jagd Dogas appear]
    Lezun:    What, the kids will enter in a real battle?
    Gyunei:   Can't we?
    Lezun:    What an Enhaced Human has to say?
    Gyunei:   I'm a Newtype!!
    Lezun:    Hahahahaha.
    Quess:    Gyunei, stop, to deal with ordinary people.
    Lezun:    Really, you don't look ordinary.
    Quess:    I think so.
    Lezun:    How cute.
    Hathaway: This feeling... So that's Quess!?
    Quess:    ... What? This sensation, who is it!? Hathaway?
    Astonage: It's trouble. Captain, Hathaway is...!
    Bright:   Hathaway! Who said you could launch!?
    Hathaway: I'm bringing back Quess!
    # if Mass Production Nu-Gundam was obtained #
    Chein:    Wait! I'll go too in Re-GZ!!
    # else Mass Production Nu-Gundam wasn't obtained #
    Chein:    Wait! I'll go too in Jegan!!
    Astonage: Chein-san!
    Chein:    It's ok. I can ride one briefly.
    [Jegan and Chein's unit appear]
    Chein:    Wait. Hathaway!
    Gyunei:   Quess, you only need to feel the air of real battle. Follow me.
    Quess:    Roger!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of ally battleship
    # Amuro VS Gyunei #
    Gyunei:  This machine, is it a Gundam!?
    Amuro:   This one!?
    # Amuro VS Quess #
    Amuro:   The hostility is simple-minded. It's not Char, so who!? Quess!?
    Quess:   Amuro, so will you be a wall to Colonel!?
    Amuro:   I won't play with a child this long!
    Quess:   Why is that!? You're the childish one. You don't understand what
             Colonel says!
    # Hathaway VS Quess #
    Hathaway: Quess, stop. You shouldn't do such things!
    Quess:    Hathaway!? Why are you in this place? I have no business to you!
    Hathaway: You can't keep on abusing, Quess, it isn't good.
    # enemy retreat 1: Quess' hp reaches 0 or 30% or 1/2 enemy annihilation #
    # if Quess hp reached 0 or 30% #
    Quess:   Kyah, what!? What happened?
    # if alive unit: Gyunei unit #
    Gyunei:  With such damage, it won't explode.
    Quess:   Why do I feel so bad?
    Gyunei:  It's ok. Because it's your first time. We'll retreat.
    [Jagd Dogas disappear]
    # else 1/2 enemy annihilation #
    Quess:   What's this? Lots of people are coming inside me. I'm afraid, I feel
             bad. Colonel, help...
    # if alive unit: Gyunei unit #
    Gyunei:  Are you ok, Quess?
    Quess:   Why, why do I feel so bad?
    Gyunei:  Because it's your first time. We'll retreat.
    [Jagd Dogas disappears]
    # if alive unit: Lezun unit #
    Lezun:   Tih, that's why I hate kids. War isn't a game. Floating kids should
             get lost!
    # enemy retreat 2: Lezun hp reaches 0 #
    Lezun:   Tih, because of those kids, I can't get on the mood!
    [Geara Doga explodes]
    # enemy reinforce: ally turn 5 or after first enemy annihilation #
    Mizuho:  ... Captain, a giant space ship like object approaching.
    Bright:  Is it an enemy?
    Amuro:   ...! This feeling, can't be!?
    [Gaizock units appear]
    Butcher: Ho-h hoh hoh hoh, and humans are continuing war as usual.
    Bright:  Can't be! That's...
    Amuro:   Gaizock!?
    Bright:  It's impossible. We've beaten Gaizock along with Zambot 3 before!
    Butcher: Indeed, at my mistake, I lost. But we were ressurected by the great
             god of Gaizock, and given one more chance.
    Amuro:   No joke. Then, Uchuta and Keiko died in vain.
    Butcher: No time for one or two. For you who make war that steals many people's
             lifes, do you think you are qualified to say such thing? By my view,
             Neo Federation or Neo Zeon, you're all the same! Ho-h hoh hoh.
    Amuro:   Kuuuhh.
    # if enemy reinforce before ally turn 5 #
    # if alive unit: Quess unit #
    Quess:   What's this? I feel bad...
    # if alive unit: Lezun unit #
    Lezun:   Such annoying fellows have appeared. But it's ok. We'll leave the rest
             to those monsters and retreat!
    [All alive Neo Zeon units disappear]
    # enemy retreat 3: Butcher's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Butcher: For an exercise after ressurection, it's this degree. I'll retreat.
    [Bandock explodes/disappears]
    [All alive Gaizock units disappear]
    Amuro:   So they ran.
    Bright:  And we have enough headache with Char... Damn!
    # end of stage #
    # next: scene 029 LK #
    # scene 029 NB: Nergal head office - one room #
    Ryoko:      Akito's support organization is Nergal!?
    Prospector: I feel very sorry to hide it from you but, there were no other
                ways. While Kusakabe and the others had their true self hidden, an
                official army can't touch them...
    Hikaru:     Fuhm, fuhm... I'll use this as material to write a manga later.
    Izumi:      To delude an enemy, start from the allies, to delude the weather
                is the weather woman.
    Prospector: And afterall, it was unexpected to Gaizock to appear.
    Ryoko:      Shall we tell it to Kappei?
    Prospector: Even if we did, Kappei-kun is going on his own life, and the vital
                Zambot 3 doesn't exist.
    Lahge:      It's the robot made by the Biallings. I wanted to see one made
                from ion engine by myself.
    Mizuho:     Talk about that later, please.
    Prospector: It's not to talk about getting on its place but, we'll have
                Tsukiomi-kun to join us.
    Genichiro:  Instead of Tsukumo Shiratori, use my powers.
    Ryoko:      And you're all egoistic.
    Hikaru:     Is that ok to Ryoko, from the Neo Federation Forces, to be here?
    Ryoko:      Th...this and that are off topic! Damn. It's all unexpected.
    Saburouta:  Talking about unexpected, space is like this.
    Hikaru:     Switch on!
    [message sound]
    Char:       I'm convicted that humanity shouldn't repeat war ever after this.
                That's the true objective to drop Axis at Earth. And with this the
                judgement of the true reason of Earth sphere's war, of people who
                stay at Earth, will occur.
    Akito:      This is...
    Ruri:       Char Aznable. Neo Zeon's supreme commander.
    Char:       Gentlemen, to open a new path, and to bring politics for the
                refugees, a single effort, I ask you to lend me your powers. And I
                shall be called to father Zeon's place.
    Haley:      What does it mean?
    Ines:       I'll explain. Char Aznable is trying to drop an asteroid at Earth.
                The result of this will be a couple of times worse than the colony
    Prospector: And for the theory, if this succeeds, Earth will surely enter at
                ice age for a few hundred years...
    Saburouta:  Arah mah. Enemies wherever we turn.
    Haley:      Lt Takasugi, please be more tensious!
    Ruri:       It's alright. Axis drop, captain Bright will surely do something.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       The captain of that helped us at the Lunar base. Is he alright?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      And that's a statement.
    Ruri:       I'm trusting him. And, Gaizock won't move to destroy Earth now. We
                shall concentrate on defeating the Martian Successors.
    Prospector: And that's the only thing we can do.
    Haley:      And about what we can do, what we can, really? Nadesico B can't
                move because of enemy's attack. No matter how much we hurry, it'll
                all be over when we are over with it!
    Uribatake:  I wonder if so!
    Haley:      Wh...who are you!?
    Prospector: Seiya Uribatake-san. A former Nadesico crew member and a mechanic
    Uribatake:  Fuh, I've thought of this and I've commanded at Nergal's
                underground dock the creation of a new Nadesico.
    Genichiro:  Nadesico C.
    Prospector: Yes, Nadesico C! The third Nadesico!
    Uribatake:  Fuh fuh fuh. Those Martian Successors. They might be willed after
                beating Nadesico B but, it won't be like that. For the rule of
                convinience, laugh if possible. But watch, for this burning
    Hikaru:     Great, great.
    Prospector: And, because of Neo Zeon's plans of Axis drop, Kusakabe have to
                delay their attacks to Earth.
    Akito:      It's meaningless to attack Neo Earth Federation.
    R/F:        So we got time to attack them.
    Ruri:       That's it. After all is done, we'll head to Mars in Nadesico C.
    # next: scene 30 NB #
    # scene 029 LK: La Kailum - bridge #
    Mizuho:   Neo Zeon's Mobile Suit forces are retreating.
    Bright:   It's too vivid for Gaizock to appear in such timing... A stalling?
    # next: scene 30 LK #
    # scene 030 NB: Nergal head office - underground dock #
    Akito:   Ruri-chan. They've dropped Yurika. After the results of Axis drop,
             they'll mass attack. So, I have something to give you.
    Ruri:    ... This is...
    Akito:   It's the recipee for the Tenkawa Special Lamen, which I used at the
             lamen contest to have Yurika's marriage approval.
    Ruri:    I can't accept this! It's something Akito-san needs after taking back
    Akito:   It's not needed anymore.
    Ruri:    ...
    Akito:   The Akito Tenkawa you knew died... And I want you to keep the proof of
             his life.
    Ruri:    You're just being heroic.
    Akito:   I'm not, Ruri-chan.
    Ruri:    ...
    Akito:   When I was caught by them, I was used on experiments.
    Ruri:    Experiments...
    Akito:   I don't know specifically. But, they messed with my head. And after
             that... all my senses like sight and hearing disappeared... specially
             my taste... it's over.
    Ruri:    !
    Akito:   I can't make lamen to you anymore...
    Ruri:    But Akito-san was in the Black Salena... in the base too.
    Akito:   Because Lapis is supporting me.
    Lapis:   ...
    Ruri:    You are?
    Lapis:   Lapis... Lapis Lazuri. I was born at Nergal's lab... I'm Akito's eye,
             Akito's ears, Akito's hands, Akitos's legs...
    Ines:    She was kidnapped by the Martian Successors too. She ran away with
             Akito-kun, and after that she's been always supporting him.
    Lapis:   ...
    Ruri:    ...
    # next: scene 32 NB #
    # scene 030 LK: La Kailum - cabin #
    Astonage: 1st Lt Kayra, were you ok? Are you hurt?
    Kayra:    ... Oh, you're such concerned person.
    Hathaway: Damn, I couldn't help Quess.
    Kayra:    Because those Gaizock's bastards appeared. It's no use.
    Amuro:    That girl's talent is being enhaced. She's willed to be Char's
              puppet, it's inevitable.
    Hathaway: No, that's impossible!
    Amuro:    Char can only change the world because of a dead person. And to be
              pulled by such person, Quess was also pulled by death, and will end
              up tragically.
    Hathaway: Quess won't die. I'll take her back before that.
    Amuro:    With that Hathaway will be pulled by the deads too!
    Hathaway: I'm ok!!
    Amuro:    Oh well.
    Chein:    Amuro, I'll go too. I'll watch Hathaway so he don't go rash.
    Amuro:    Chein, no need for you to be a pilot too.
    Chein:    I can't just stay stood. On a time like this.
    Amuro:    ... Don't overdo it, please...
    Chein:    I know.
    Lahge:    [Raul/Fiona], everything ok?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     It's alright. See?
    Lahge:    ... And the Time-Flow Engine?
    Raul:     It makes a strange vibration sometimes. Might be imagination, though.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    About me? Or about the Time-Flow Engine?
    Lahge:    ... I'm willed to not be so faithless.
    Fiona:    Thanks. I'm alright but, sometimes, I feel malaise about the engine's
    Lahge:    I'll take a look.
    # if Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    Might be only imagination, though.
    Lahge:    I don't think so. I'm trusting your senses.
    Fiona:    Thanks.
    # next: scene 31 LK #
    # scene 031 LK: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  Afterall, it was unexpected to Gaizock to appear!
    Amuro:   What can we do, tell Kappei?
    Bright:  Even if we do, we don't have the vital Zambot 3 anymore.
    Lahge:   It's the robot made by the Biallings. I wanted to see one made from
             ion energy by myself.
    Mizuho:  Talk about that later, please.
    Kayra:   And, what will we do about Gaizock, captain?
    Bright:  I'll report to Neo Federation's headquarters but, we're all done
             having Neo Zeon as enemies.
    Kayra:   And how about the Martian Successors?
    Bright:  Captain Hoshino will do something.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    The captain that helped us at Lunar base, right? Is she alright?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   The captain that came to help us at Lunar base?
    Bright:  I know her potential enough. Gaizock won't move to destroy Earth. We
             have to do our best to defend Axis drop.
    Amuro:   That's our path. All that we can do.
    # next: scene 32 LK #
    # scene 032 NB: Nergal head office - one room #
    #           LK: La Kailum - cabin             #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Mizuho, what are you doing?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Mizuho, what are you pounding into?
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Mizuho:  I'm joining up data about the Black Salena and the Aestevalises. Maybe
             it can be a good idea for Excellence's new frame...
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Mizuho:  I'm joining up data about the Nu Gundam. Maybe it can be a good idea
             for Excellence's new frame...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Great indeed. I'll be waiting to see a new frame.
    Lahge:   Good to be relaxing. We don't even know if our project will be
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   But, even with the data, we still don't know if the project will be
    Mizuho:  But it's the only thing I can do afterall.
    # if Raul Route #
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Raul:    You're right. We have to do whatever we can too. We can't be losing to
             Nadesico's people.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Raul:    You're right. We have to do wathever we can too. We can't be losing to
             La Kailum's people.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   You're right. I'll do my efforts too. We have to become heroes here,
             to continue the project and have it approved!
    Lahge:   Not that I'm trying take your will out but, don't be excessive at
             battles. Perhaps it's because of the continuous battles, but the
             Time-Flow Engine is nearly unstable.
    R/F:     Ararah.
    Mizuho:  By the way, is that true? That we can use the Time-Flow Engine as a
             time machine?
    Lahge:   It's my and [Raul/Fiona]'s fathers' theory. I gave up in the past...
             Instead of a time machine, it's more practical to make an engine,
             which has more chances of success.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    ... And by the way, we still don't know that one's true self.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   ... And by the way, who the hell was he?
    Lahge:   The one with the voice who screwed up our battle test?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Aah. I wonder what he's planning...
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Eeh. I wonder what's his objective...?
    # next: scene 33 #
    # scene 033: ??? - ??? #
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    ???:     ... Mars polars ruins... preparations complete...
    # else La Kailum Route #
    ???:     ... Axis drop... preparations complete...
    # NB next: scene 034 NB #
    # LK next: scene 035 LK #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 034 NB: Mars Polar Ruins - commander room #
    Kusakabe: How's Neo Zeon's moves going?
    Yamasaki: They're advancing with Axis to Earth. Neo Federation's Londo Bell
              Squad is pursuing them but, to stop them will be a miracle.
    Kusakabe: That damned Char, such an unnecessary thing... The Neo Federation
              headquarters assault operation will be put aside until Char's Axis
              drop's results don't show up.
    Yamasaki: And, what shall we do?
    Kusakabe: If the Axis drop gets stopped, we'll act as scheduled, and attack Neo
              Federation's headquarters. If not, then we'll change target to
              Side-3, Sweet Water!
    Yamasaki: It seems we'll get more time to gather all data on Sweet Water but,
              that's not difficult.
    Kusakabe: It won't be either Neo Federation nor Neo Zeon to create a new
              chapter in history. It'll be we, the Martian Successors!
    # next: scene 035 NB #
    # scene 035 NB: Nadesico C - bridge #
                LK: La Kailum - bridge  #
    Dekim:      Gentlemen, a few years passed since we've risen for the name of
                Mariemaia-sama and freed ourselves from the curse named Total
                Pacifism and started a new glorious path. Still now those who can't
                understand the true freedom and peace turn their fangs to us. Being
                possessed by Zeon's ghost, the devilish Neo Zeon attacks us. And,
                the Martian Successors, whose can't see the truth by being amazed
                with words and cool looking style. They're pathetic fellows. But,
                we can't stop walking the path to a new humanity now. We'll banish
                both Zeon's and Jovian Union's ghosts, taken by old ideals and
                systems, and  open up the path of a new life. By that time, the Neo
                Earth Federation will achieve the true glory, and become the symbol
                of hope!
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Akito:      As usual, only his words are courageous...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       Who's that?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      Who is that person?
    Ryoko:      Daaah. He's Neo Earth Federation's Prime Minister Dekim Barton!
                Don't you know such thing?
    Lahge:      I'm not interested.
    Izumi:      No meaning to interest. No lucky me for the reeeest.
    Haley:      Er, captain.
    Ruri:       What is it?
    Haley:      A message from Neo Earth Federation to land for the possibility of
                the former Jovian Union's people for spying.
    Saburouta:  About me and Major Tsukiomi?
    Ruri:       It's ok because it's emergencial.
    Saburouta:  That's it.
    Genichiro:  Emergencial. A useful word.
    Prospector: So, I'll explain our plan. Our Nadesico C will, using Ines-san's
                powers, Boson Jump to the enemy's core, Mars Polar Ruins' skies.
                And at the same time, captain will hack into their system and
                make them surrender.
    Mizuho:     To hack everything, is that possible!?
    Ruri:       It is, as we have enough of enemy's mobile weapon's data.
    Akito:      So our battle data were useful afterall.
    Ruri:       But for that, I can't cover the ship. Haley-kun, I'll count
                Nadesico C's whole system to you.
    Haley:      Eeh, all of it? Not only back up?
    Ruri:       No.
    Saburouta:  That's it. Good luck, boy.
    Prospector: But I guarantee there are units with independent systems there.
                There might be some action needed.
    Hikaru:     And to ambush those ones is our mission.
    Akito:      I know that they'll appear.
    Saburouta:  Hokushin and the others.
    Genichiro:  They've lived in the shadows from the Lizard war era. Don't relax.
    Ryoko:      Ok, fellas! Let's do it!
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Amuro:     It's Prime Minister Dekim's speech.
    Bright:    I suppose he's not trying to immitate Char. If he has time for that,
               I wonder why not send us at least one ship.
    Amuro:     It won't be like that. For the message we've received, it seems the
               ships that went to fight the Martian Successors were annihilated.
    Kayra:     Boson Jump, right? With that we could go inside Axis easily.
    Bright:    It's useless to wish for something we don't have. Gather everyone at
               bridge. We'll have an operation meeting.
    # NB next: scene 036 NB #
    # LK next: scene 036 LK #
    # scene 036 NB: Nadesico C - deck #
    R/F:       [Raul/Fiona], Excellence, stand-by ok.
    Ryoko:     Ryoko Subaru, Aestevalis Custom. Anytime!
    Hikaru:    Amano Hikaru as well. I'm go-ing. I mean, not yet.
    Izumi:     Izumi Maki as well. Monkey riding in the weel...
    Saburouta: Saburouta Takasugi. Super Aestevalis. I want to end with this.
    Genichiro: Genichiro Tsukiomi. Alstromelia. All done.
    Akito:     Akito Tenkawa, Black Salena. It's ok... Lapis, support me, please.
    Lapis:     Yes...
    # next: scene 037 NB #
    # scene 036 LK: Axis - one room #
    Nanai:   Gyunei is reacting as if he'll lose Quess to you, Colonel. To send him
             to the front with Quess might awake his potential.
    Char:    Indeed, love jealousy is fearful.
    Nanai:   Colonel has some experience on that too?
    Char:    Don't make fun of me that much. And, how about Gyunei?
    Nanai:   He's at the garden. With Quess.
    # next: scene 037 LK #
    # scene 037 NB: Nadesico C - bridge #
    Ruri:    All ok. Ines-san, please.
    Ines:    Understood... Jump!
    [blank screen fade-in]
    # next: Stage 04 NB #
    # scene 037 LK: Axis - garden #
    Gyunei:  The hell with humanity's evolution. Colonel is only vomiting his
             frustrations into war.
    Quess:   But, you're Colonel's ally afterall.
    Gyunei:  My parents both dies at a colony crush made by the Federation.
    Quess:   Indeed, so now you only want to avenge to the Federation, right?
    Gyunei:  Not only that. I won't let that repeat. But if someone like Colonel
             gets angry, he'll surely do a colony crush. For that time, there's
             need of power. That's why I asked to be enhaced to a Newtype.
    Quess:   So it's ok then.
    Gyunei:  ... But, that's not enough. I want more power. And a powerful unit. A
             Gundam, for example.
    Quess:   Gundam?
    Gyunei:  Yes. The Nu Gundam Amuro was riding. If I could only put my hands in
    Lezun:   And you put your weakness faults to the machine. A Newtype or an
             Enhaced Human, you can't even delay a fleet. What are you talking so
    Gyunei:  What!?
    Char:    Lezun, stop now.
    Quess:   Colonel.
    Char:    Quess, come with me. There's a machine I want to show you.
    Quess:   Sure!
    Gyunei:  Quess...
    Lezun:   Kuh kuh kuh. Seems like you weren't tought at the Newtype lab how to
             seduce a woman.
    Gyunei:  Quiet!
    # next: scene 038 LK #
    # scene 038 LK: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  So, I'll explain the plan. At first, I thought the same way as Fifth
             Luna case, and destroy the mobility's nuclear pulse engine but, for
             the informations, if Axis' acceleration continues, it's clear that it
             has now a great mobility speed.
    Kayra:   Even with the engines destroyed, it'll advance the stoppage limit
             point by inercia.
    Bright:  Correct. We have to explode Axis and make it's orbit to change. There
             are chances of fragments to fall at Earth but, most of it might burn
             at atmosphere.
    Amuro:   The explosion point is here. This point is like the center of the
             orbit, and the division of Axis is possible.
    Bright:  When we get eye contact with Axis, I'll show once again the place.
    # next: scene 039 LK #
    # scene 039 LK: Axis - deck #
    Char:    Seems like you've experimented the fear of a real battle.
    Quess:   I just felt bad. Just that.
    Char:    That feeling, might be a true Newtype. Good girl.
    Quess:   By the way, what's the machine you wanted to show me?
    Char:    It's this, the Alpha Aziel. I've prepared it for Quess.
    Quess:   For me...
    Char:    That's it. For Quess. After we drop Axis, we might have to defeat the
             Martian Successors.
    Quess:   Ahah, so, I'll protect Colonel with Alpha whatever it comes against
             us. Amuro, or the Martian Successors.
    Char:    ...!
    Quess:   What happened, Colonel?
    Char:    So you've finally come, Amuro!
    # next: scene 040 LK #
    # scene 040 LK: La Kailum - deck #
    Chein:    Amuro, is everything ok?
    Amuro:    Nu Gundam's preparation is perfect, right?
    Chein:    Yes.
    Amuro:    If so, I can win with the Fin Funnels. Nu Gundam was projected by me,
              and prepared by you.
    Chein:    Well, that's true.
    Amuro:    And you, Chein. Can you keep Hathaway under control?
    Chein:    It's ok. Amuro should not mind and just fight.
    Mizuho:   ...
    Lahge:    What's up?
    Mizuho:   N...no. Nothing at all...
    R/F:      (...)
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     It's ok, we can win. Excellence has the engine we projected, and the
              frames you designed.
    Mizuho:   Eh?
    Raul:     Afterall, you won't be satisfied if I don't immitate Amuro?
    Mizuho:   ... No, it's not that.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    It's ok, we'll win. Excellence won't lose to Nu Gundam. Be more
    Mizuho:   E... eeh...
    Fiona:    (With this, it'll be bad if I don't appear more than Nu Gundam...)
    Hathaway: This time, I'll surely take Quess back. Hathaway, going!
    Chein:    Wait. Chein Agi, going.
    Amuro:    Hathaway. Don't run to death. Amuro, Nu Gundam going!
    Astonage: Kayra, I'll prepare a handy salad for you.
    Kayra:    I love you. Kayra, going!
    R/F:      [Raul/Fiona], Excellence Cosmodriver, stand by ok... go!
    Lahge:    ... What's up?
    Mizuho:   I have a bad feeling...
    # next: Stage 04 LK #
     Stage 04 NB - Saiaku no Kessen (The Worst Decisive Battle)
    Yamasaki:   Boson reaction over the skies of the ruins... It's Nadesico!
    Kusakabe:   What!?
    [Nadesico units and Main Robot appear]
    Ines:       Hah, indeed, to make one ship Jump tires a lot.
    Uribatake:  Thanks a lot.
    Ruri:       I'll start taking over the system. Haley-kun, I'm counting.
    Saburouta:  Ok, how many will survive?
    [Martian Successors units appear]
    Hikaru:     Arah, there are a lot of them.
    Hokushin:   To jump into our core, such trespassed stupidity and pathetic.
    R/F:        This is...
    Akito:      The system is alive.
    Ruri:       ... Can't be... I can't take over it... even 1 block...
    Haley:      No!
    Uribatake:  It's impossible! Even with the combination Ruri-Omoikane, can't
                take over 1 block!?
    ???:        This is your mislead. Your mistake.
    R/F:        This voice!?
    Prospector: This is no good. If we can't take over the system, to stay here is
    Ines:       Boson Jump one more time!
    ???:        You can't do this, old lad.
    Ines:       You are?
    [explosion occurs at Nadesico B]
    Hikaru:     What what? What happened?
    Haley:      No! The block where Ines-san was exploded... no life reaction...
    Ruri:       Our escape path was stolen...
    ???:        Nice to meet you. Ruri Hoshino.
    Haley:      Our system was taken over...
    ???:        I took over Nadesico C's whole system, Omoikane. Nadesico C can't
                move this place. Do you efforts and fight the Martian Successors.
    Ruri:       Omoikane was taken over...
    Hikaru:     Wait, what's going on!?
    Akito:      They're coming!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of Main Robot
          destruction of ally battleship
    # Akito VS Hokushin #
    Hokushin: Let's have our decision.
    Akito:    I challenge you.
    # end of stage #
    Akito:     Everyone, back to Nadesico. We have to get out of here.
    [all ally units disappear]
    [Martian Successors units appear]
    Saburouta: Indeed, this will be tough.
    Ruri:      It's helpless. We'll surrender.
    Ryoko:     Wait. Ruri!
    Ruri:      There's no other way.
    [Excellence S appears]
    [Excellence S refuels and Main Character's Kiryoku +10]
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      Show yourself! I know it's a trick of yours! The hatred at Lunar
               base, I'll pay it!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     Show yourself! I know it's all your fault! After Lunar base, what
               are you planning!?
    ???:       [Raul/Fiona] Grayden, for you to survive was my mistake... Indeed,
               if I fault a mistake, results in this.
    Kusakabe:  Wh...what's this voice?
    ???:       And I'll be doing the same thing as my creator. But, that's
               helpless. Because this is my mistake.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      You... who are you!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     You... who are you?
    ???:       My name is "Duminas".
    [Duminas Proton appear]
    Kusakabe:  Wh...what's that!?
    Uribatake: What's that mecha!?
    Duminas:   I repeat. My name is Duminas...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      You... yoooooooooou!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     You, you are the one from Lunar base!
    # cinematic: Duminas VS Excellence S #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     Uwaaaaaaaaahhh!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    Kyaaaaaaaaahhh!
    Mizuho:   No! Frame break rate 77%!
    Lahge:    Time-Flow Engine's output decreased to 25%. The Time Particles are
    R/F:      Uuh...
    Lahge:    We have to rescue with the supplementar Excellence. Mizuho-san, help
              me please.
    Mizuho:   Yes!
    [Excellence C appears]
    Mizuho:   This one is the space use frame, is this alright?
    Lahge:    No time to say such things.
    [Excellence C moves near Excellence S]
    R/F:      Uhh...
    Lahge:    Are you ok?
    Mizuho:   We have to take care of your wounds!
    Haley:    Enemy's 2nd strike, it's coming!
    # cinematic: Duminas VS Nadesico C #
    Mizuho:   Kyaaaaahh!
    Duminas:  Still alright... so I'll attack.
    # cinematic: Duminas VS Nadesico C #
    Haley:    Transposition engine in trouble!!
    [space distortion occurs]
    Mizuho:   Wh...what is it!?
    R/F:      The Time-Flow Engine is on its own! Time Turban's rotation doesn't
    Lahge:    ... Out of control!? No use. We'll get involved!
    Duminas:  ... What's happening? Impossible to understand...
    Haley:    No use. Captain, we'll...!
    Ruri:     Haley-kun.
    Haley:    Eh?
    Ruri:     Sorry...
    [Nadesico C explodes]
    [blank scenario fade-in]
    R/F:      Wh...what's...
    Mizuho:   Going on...
    Lahge:    Time-Flow Engine output 120%, 150%... 200%... 300%... and still
              rising... can't be, the engine itself wouldn't handle...
    R/f:      I have to... halt the... engine... Ah, Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Lahge:    Kwaaaaaaaahhh!
    Mizuho:   Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh!
    [blank screen fade-in]
    [scenarion change]
    [blank screen fade-out]
    [Excellence S and Excellence C appear]
    R/F:      Uuh...
    [Dai Fighter appears]
    Beauty:   Wh...what? Weren't there a loud noise?
    Gallison: Banjo-sama, take a look at that thing.
    Banjo:    I can see it. What might it be?
    Reika:    There's no data at Earth Sphere Nation.
    Banjo:    A Jovian Lizard, or a Meganoid. We'll collect them, anyway.
    [Dai Fighter moves near Excellece S]
    # next: scene 041 NB #
    Stage 04 LK - Saiaku no Ketsumatsu (The Worst Conclusion)
    [Londo Bell units and Main Robot appear]
    Bright:   The explosion point is here.
    [destination point shown]
    Bright:   Handle the enemies until La Kailum reaches that spot.
    Kayra:    Look, the nuisances ones will show themselves.
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Char:     We won't let you touch Axis!
    Amuro:    Char, you're the one. If I don't take care of you, I can't die in
    Chein:    Don't say such thing.
    Quess:    Whoever comes, I won't let you interfere Colonel!
    Gyunei:   Don't get so willed, Quess.
    Hathaway: Inside that MA is Quess...
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
          La Kailum's destination arrival
    Lose: destruction of Main Robot
          destruction of ally battleship
    # enemy death 1: Lezun's hp reaches 0 #
    Lezun:   Can't be, I lost...!?
    [Geara Doga explodes]
    # enemy death 2: Gyunei's hp reaches 0 #
    Gyunei:  Uh, Quess!
    [Jagd Doga explodes]
    # alive unit: Quess unit #
    Quess:   They killed Gyunei!?
    # Amuro VS Quess #
    Quess:   I won't let you go to Colonel's.
    Amuro:   This wickedness came.
    # Hathaway VS Quess #
    Hathaway: No good Quess, that's why you have so many enemies.
    Quess:    And you say that also! That's why Earth can't be helped if not
              destroying it, as it lets people like you to born.
    Hathaway: Don't say it. Quess, listen to me!
    Quess:    I hate kids, because you're shameless!
    # enemy death 3: Quess' hp reaches 0 #
    Quess:    Aah!
    [Alpha Aziel explodes]
    # if last attack: Chein unit #
    Hathaway: Quess! You shouldn't have done this. Because you don't understand
              this, the adults can easily erase Earth!
    Chein:    Hathaway, calm down!
    [Chein's unit gets hit and explodes]
    R/F:      Hathaway, what have you done...
    # if alive unit: Gyunei unit #
    Gyunei:  What have you done to Quess!?
    [Gyunei's Kiryoku +10]
    # else last attack: ally unit #
    # if alive unit: Gyunei #
    Gyunei:  Quess!? What have you done to Quess!?
    [Gyunei's Kiryoku +10]
    Hathaway: Aah, what have you done! You shouldn't have done this. Because you
              don't understand this, the adults can easily erase Earth!
    # Main Character VS Char #
    Char:    And there's another one that gets on my way. Humanity has to be judged
             with their own hands, and pay for the crimes to nature, and to Earth.
             Why can't you understand that!?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    So why involve nature and Earth into that humanity payback!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   If you want to payback, then do it yourself! Why involve nature and
             Earth into it!?
    Char:    You don't understand. Earth itself is the ringleader!
    # Amuro VS Char #
    Char:    Amuro, why can't you understand the humanity left at Earth are only
             surface fleas?
    Amuro:   I'm not as despaired about humanity as you!
    Char:    Are those words from one having your potential controlled by fools!?
    Amuro:   And you'll always despise the others with such foolish attitude!
    # Amuro VS Char (after battle) #
    Char:    You're good... That's why you're my rival!
    # enemy death 4: Char's hp reaches 0 #
    Char:    Those humans you trust will destroy Earth. Why can't you understand?
    [Sazabi explodes]
    # end of stage #
    # if enemy annihilation #
    Bright:   It's now. Head La Kailum to the destination point! All units, protect
              La Kailum!
    [all ally units disappear]
    [La Kailum moves to destination point]
    Bright:   Ok, we'll enter explosion operation.
    # else destination point reached #
    Bright:   Ok, we'll enter explosion operation. All units, protect La Kailum! 
    [all ally units disappear]
    Bright:   Hurry up and set the explosives! We don't have time to hang around!
    Amuro:    ... What's this feeling. It's not Char. There's no evil. But, it's
    Astonage: Captain, what's that!?
    Bright:   Wh...what's that!?
    Amuro:    Bright, run!
    Bright:   Eh!?
    [explosion occurs]
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     Wh...what? What happened!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    What? This explosion!?
    Amuro:    What happened there!?
    Astonage: Enemy. A never seen one... The captain is gone.
    Hathaway: Father!?
    Astonage: Uwaaaaaaaahhh!
    [explosions occur]
    Kayra:    Astonage!
    ???:      This is your mislead. Your mistake.
    R/F:      This voice!?
    # if alive unit: Char unit #
    Char:     ... Who's that!?
    Amuro:    Char doesn't know too?
    ???:      To predict a mistake is impossible. So to know me is impossible...
    [Excellence C appears]
    [Excellence C refuels and Main Character's Kiryoku +10]
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     Show yourself! I know it's a trick of yours! The hatred at Lunar
              base, I'll pay it!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    Show yourself! I know it's all your fault! After Lunar base, what
              are you planning!?
    ???:      [Raul/Fiona] Grayden, for you to survive was my mistake... Indeed,
              if I fault a mistake, results in this.
    Amuro:    Wh..what's this voice?
    ???:      And I'll be doing the same thing as my creator. But, that's
              helpless. Because this is my mistake.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     You... who are you!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    You... who are you?
    ???:      My name is "Duminas".
    [Duminas Proton appear]
    Hathaway: Wh...what's that!?
    # if alive unit: Char #
    Char:     Impossible. That thing was inside Axis, and I didn't saw it!?
    Duminas:  I repeat. My name is Duminas...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      You... yoooooooooou!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     You, you are the one from Lunar base!
    # cinematic: Duminas VS Excellence C #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     Uwaaaaaaaaahhh!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    Kyaaaaaaaaahhh!
    Mizuho:   No! Frame damage rate 77%!
    Lahge:    Time-Flow Engine's output decreased to 25%. The Time Particles are
    R/F:      Uuh...
    Lahge:    We have to rescue with the supplementar Excellence. Mizuho-san, help
              me please.
    Mizuho:   Yes!
    [Excellence S appears]
    Mizuho:   This one is not a space use frame, is this alright?
    Lahge:    No time to say such things.
    [Excellence C moves near Excellence S]
    R/F:      Uhh...
    Lahge:    Are you ok?
    Mizuho:   We have to take care of your wounds!
    Duminas:  Next, 2nd strike...
    [La Kailum gets hit]
    R/F:     The La Kailum!
    Lahge:   Dettach. By that attack, La Kailum's nuclear pulse engine will blow!
    [space distortion occurs]
    Mizuho:  Wh...what is it!?
    R/F:     The Time-Flow Engine is on its own! Time Turban's rotation doesn't
    Lahge:   ... Out of control!? No use. We'll get involved!
    Duminas: ... What's happening? Impossible to understand...
    Mizuho:  Dettach! La Kailum will...!!
    [La Kailum explodes]
    [blank scenario fade-in]
    [blank screen fade-in and fade-out]
    R/F:     Wh...what's...
    Mizuho:  Going on...
    Lahge:   Time-Flow Engine output 120%, 150%... 200%... 300%... and still
             rising... can't be, the engine itself wouldn't handle...
    R/f:     I have to... halt the... engine... Ah, Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Lahge:   Kwaaaaaaaahhh!
    Mizuho:  Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh!
    [scenarion change]
    [blank scenario fade-out]
    Tifa:    Something... is coming...
    [explosion occurs]
    [Excellence S and Excellence C appear]
    Rakan:   What's happening, did Freeden's bastards already come!?
    R/F:     Uuh...
    Rakan:   Wh...what's that?
    # next: scene 041 LK #
    # scene 041 NB: Nadesico         - medical office #
    #           LK: Alternative Corp - medical office #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Here is... I, I'm alive...
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Here is... I'm alive... so we survived?
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Akito:   Ah, you awake? It's chinese rice gruel but, can you eat?
    R/F:     Aki...to...
    Akito:   Sorry, I was told by Lahge-san and Mizuho-san too. I might have met
             you before but, sorry, can't remember.
    Ruri:    Ah... so he's awake.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Captain Hoshino! ... er, aren't you smaller? What is this?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Captain Hoshino! ... you're, perhaps...
    Ruri:    The other two told me also. I'm surely Ruri Hoshino. But I'm not
             captain. She's the captain.
    Yurika:  Nice to meet you. I'm the captain of the mobile battleship Nadesico,
             Yurika Misumaru! Bui!
    R/F:     ...
    Ruri:    And the splendid same reaction as the other two.
    R/F:     Yurika Misumaru? ... I remember. Akito's wife!
    Yurika:  Oh no. Not wife yet. We're still young, neh, Akito.
    Akito:   Stop, we're not like that!
    Yurika:  No need to be shy.
    Akito:   I am not!
    Megumi:  Moh, captain. Stop with that authority abuse!
    R/F:     ... And Haley-kun?
    Akito:   Who? Haley-kun?
    Ruri:    There isn't such person at Nadesico.
    Banjo:   Yah, so the 3rd one is awake, right?
    Gai:     Try my name!
    R/F:     ... Who?
    Gai:     Daaaaaaaah! Why? They know Ryoko, Subaru and Izumi's names and don't
             know Gai Daigouji's!?
    Hikaru:  A bonus, his real name is Jiro Yamada-san.
    Gai:     Don't call me Jiro Yamada! That's only informal name. Gai Daigouji is
             my soul name! You too, call me Gai.
    Banjo:   So, of course, you don't know my name. Banjo Haran, nice to meet you.
    Raul:    Ni...Nice to meet you...
    Lahge:   Er, I've heard [Raul/Fiona] is awake.
    R/F:     Lahge!?
    Lahge:   I'm sorry, will you let us 3 talk in private?
    Banjo:   And Mizuho-kun?
    Megumi:  She's at the deck with that mobile weapon, Excellence, right? She's
             repairing that.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Amuro:   So you're awake.
    R/F:     Amuro...san...
    Amuro:   I'm sorry, I was told by Lahge and Mizuho too, but I can't remember.
             Seems like I've met you before, though.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Might be my imagination. Amuro-san look younger. Anyway, is here
             inside La Kailum?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Strange. Amuro-san look younger... Anyway, where's here? Inside La
    Amuro:   La Kailum? No, this is a lab at Alternative Corp. You fell at the
             nearest area with a mobile weapon. Everyone thought it was an enemy
             attack and got nervous.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    With Excellence? Yes, and Lahge and Mizuho!? Are they ok!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   With Excellence? Yes, and Lahge and Mizuho!? Are both alright!?
    Rakan:   So you're awake.
    Mizuho:  [Raul/Fiona]-san! Are you ok!?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Aah. And you two... Hey, Lahge, are you ok!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Eeh. And you both... wait, Lahge, are you ok!?
    Lahge:   Yes... just this night's meal will be hard.
    Mizuho:  I'm sorry. Because of me.
    Rakan:   Because you say such bothering words. As I promised, I'll prepare all
             you need to repair it. But don't even think of running.
    Amuro:   With this you think people from Earth and Colony will follow you!?
    Rakan:   Those people won't work for me. It'll be for Minerva-sama and
             Haman-sama. And you have to stick with that too, Amuro Ray.
    Amuro:   Haman's dog...
    # NB next: scene 042 NB #
    # LK next: scene 042 LK #
    # scene 042 NB: Nadesico         - deck     #
    #           LK: Alternative Corp - one room #
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    What's going on? This is mars, right? And the captain and Akito? Where
             is Haley or Saburouta?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   What'sall this? Where are we, Mars? Where's everybody? And what about
             the small captain?
    Lahge:   This is Mars. Anyway, hear calmly. You're the luckiest one. I was the
             first to wake up and my head almost went mad.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Wah, what's this damn big robot!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   And this big robot?
    Lahge:   It's Daitarn 3. The robot of that one we met, Haran Banjo.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    So he was the one who save us?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   So he did save us, right?
    Lahge:   Indeed, he was the one who saved us. But...
    Mizuho:  [Raul/Fiona]-san! So good. Are you fine?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Not really. Captain Hoshino is smaller, and Haley and Saburouta aren't
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Physically yes. But my head is bad. What's all this? Captain is
             smaller, and Akito isn't married.
    Mizuho:  It was difficult for me to believe too. [Raul/Fiona]-san, do you know
             what year is now?
    R/F:     Space Century 141.
    Lahge:   No, it's Space Century 136.
    R/F:     Eh?
    Lahge:   Calm down and hear me. This is that time when we were fighting the
             Martian Successors... it's the Mars sharp 5 years before that time!
             We made a time sleep to 5 years in the past.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    What's going on? Are we at moon? Or some colony?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   What's all this? Where are we?
    Mizuho:  It's Earth.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Then it means we could stop Axis drop. I'm relieved.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   That's good. Then we could stop Axis drop.
    Lahge:   ... We don't know.
    R/F:     Don't know?
    Lahge:   Calm down at first. You're the luckiest one. I was the first to wake
             up and my head almost went mad.
    Mizuho:  It was difficult for me to believe too. [Raul/Fiona]-san, do you know
             what year is now?
    R/F:     ... Space Century 141.
    Lahge:   No, it's Space Century 136.
    R/F:     Eh?
    Lahge:   Calm down and hear me. This is that time when we were fighting Char...
             it's the Earth sharp 5 years before that time!
    Mizuho:  We made a time sleep to 5 years in the past!
    # NB next: scene 043 NB #
    # LK next: scene 043 LK #
    # scene 043 NB: Nadesico         - bridge   #
    #           LK: Alternative Corp - one room #
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Yurika:  Those people, where are they?
    Ruri:    At the library. They're all looking at news records.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Rakan:   And those 3, what are they doing?
    Soldier: At the library. They're all looking at news records.
    Rakan:   What are they planning?
    Soldier: At that point...
    Rakan:   It's enough. Instead, that machine they called Excellence, for the
             scientists working here, it has technologies far from the current
             Anageim's or Nergal's. We'll repair it and send it along with Amuro
             and Tifa to Gremmy's. Prepare them.
    Soldier: Hah!
    Rakan:   But, before that, we have to search their research site first. They're
             all hard tongued ones. They might be from some army related
    # NB next: scene 044 NB #
    # LK next: scene 044 LK #
    # scene 044 NB: Nadesico         - cabin    #
    #           LK: Alternative Corp - one room #
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Seems like a lie, but it really is Space Century 136. 5 years.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Really... this is trully Space Century 136... It's 5 years before our
    # else La Kailum Route #
    R/F:     Ouch...
    Lahge:   Do your effort. It was an easier questioning than mine's.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I agree but. If we say the truth, they wouldn't seem to believe. It's
    Lahge:   Indeed.
    Raul:    That's it. Anyway, seems like a lie, but it really is Space Century
             136. 5 years.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Even if so. We can't say the truth to them.
    Lahge:   If we did, they wouldn't believe, though.
    Fiona:   Ouch... Damn, they might have something like how to treat women. But
             anyway, it's troublesome... this is trully Space Century 136... It's
             5 years before our world.
    Lahge:   ... How's this time's world going on? Mizuho-san is the one who most
             know about it, aren't you?
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    We don't know nothing about the war situation because of the research.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   We were only at research so we don't know anything about the world.
    Mizuho:  I wasn't interested in war also, so I only know big stuff.
    Lahge:   I don't mind. What's the situation of the Neo Earth Federation?
    Mizuho:  It's before Dekim's coup d'etat, so it might be the one supporting
             the Total Pacifism, the Earth Sphere Nation. There's the Neo Zeon, but
             I'm sure a person named Haman is the head, isn't it? It wasn't Char.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Lahge:   That man, Rakan, said something about Haman-sama. Seems like this is
             a site at Earth related to Neo Zeon.
    R/F:     And Earth? There were some aliens invasions and such.
    Mizuho:  Yes. At this time, many aliens are taking invasion movements. Er, it
             was that Cambellings, and Boazanlings...
    Lahge:   For that, it's on the news. "Boazanlings attacks. After Gaizock and
             Cambellings, another alien!"
    Mizuho:  This one too. "Empire Mikene rises, Mazinger Z defeated!?", "A new
             savior, Great Mazinger arrives!".
    R/F:     An this... "Emperor Gorl alive!? Dinossaur Empire still breathes!?"...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Earth Federation is full of enemies. Eer, Mikene and the Dinossaur
             Empire, Cambelling and Boazanling, Gaizock. For human enemies, Neo
             Zeon... and Dekim might be preparing his coup d'etat, right?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Earth Federation has lots of enemies. Eer, Mikene and the Dinossaur
             Empire, Cambelling and Boazanling, Gaizock. For human enemies, Neo
             Zeon... and perhaps Dekim is preparing his coup d'etat right?
    Mizuho:  We came to the worst time...
    R/F:     And the reasons are...
    Lahge:   The berserk of the Time Flow Engine. And it was created to be the
             motive power of a time machine at first. Maybe it synchronized with
             the transposition engine's explosion and brought back the time.
    Mizuho:  And for that, did our Excellence get involved too?
    Lahge:   ... It's just a guess, though.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    By the way, is the Excellence alright?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   By the way, is the Excellence ok?
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Mizuho:  The Striker [Raul/Fiona]-san was riding can be repaired. But, the
             Cosmodriver frame is...
    Lahge:   Our salvation is that the Time Flow Engine is alright.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Mizuho:  The Striker we were in can be repaired. But, the Cosmodriver is...
    Lahge:   Because we appeared under gravity at a sudden. Our salvation is that
             the Time Flow Engine is alright.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    ... So only Striker Frame is usable. What the hell... Haa...
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   ... So only Striker Frame can be used. Haa...
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Gai:     You, why are you so blue? Let's see Geki-Ganger together then!
    R/F:     Geki-Ganger?
    Akito:   It's a robot anime from the past, but I'm sure you'll like it. It's
             very good.
    Gai:     Let's go-, video- switch on!
    Mizuho:  He's very different from the Akito-san we know.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    There's lot to happen, isn't it? He'll be kidnapped along with his
             wife and be used at experiments, right?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   There's lot to happen. See, that captain-san, after marrying Akito-san
             she'll be captured.
    Mizuho:  You're right...
    Gai:     So, are you burning!?
    Akito:   Uhn. Such good thing in this worllllld!
    R/F:     Haa...
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Lahge:   Because the Striker was alright, our questioning was kept at a degree.
             Those guys want the Excellence.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    So they won't kill us yet.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Indeed, so that's why we're alive yet.
    Mizuho:  ... Because it's made of technologies 5 years from now.
    Lahge:   We were saved by the Excellence.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    But, for you two having knowledge, they'll treat you well. The problem
             will be me, the pilot.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   If they want the engine and frames, then the trouble is with me.
    Lahge:   What do you mean?
    Fiona:   You two have the knowledge, they'll treat you well... For the pilot,
             other people can do it.
    Lahge:   It might be ok. You'll be fine as a hostage to make us hear them.
    # if Raul Route #
    Mizuho:  But, after Excellence is repaired...
    Raul:    ... Please, don't say depressing stuff now.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Mizuho:  A hostage... so after Excellence is repaired...
    Fiona:   Please, don't say depressing stuff. I'm trying not to think of it.
    Mizuho:  Sorry...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    And, what are we going to do?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   And, seriously, what will be from now?
    # NB next: scene 045 NB #
    # LK next: scene 046 LK #
    # scene 045 NB: Nadesico - bridge #
    Yurika:     Eeh, seems like you know most of us but, we'll introduce you.
                Raul-san, Lahge-san, Mizuho-san, the 3 of them. In all of a sudden,
                they came from the skies in the mobile weapon Excellence, and
                rescued by Banjo-san they came to Nadesico.
    R/F:        Nice to meet you. 
    Lahge:      As well.
    Mizuho:     Er, there're things I can't attain but, nice to meet you.
    Uribatake:  That Excellence, you're the one who made it, right? Nice to meet
                you, I'm the chief mechanic Seiya Uribatake. If you need parts for
                repairing, tell me.
    Ryoko:      I'm pilot Ryoko Subaru. Nice to meet ya.
    Hikaru:     Hikaru Amano as well.
    Izumi:      Izumi Maki. Issue me- for ma-rking the fireplace.
    R/F:        (I know all 3... but they're surely a bit younger...)
    Gai:        You know me. Gai Daigouji.
    Akito:      Akito Tenkawa. Pilot and cook.
    R/F:        And your genre is chinese food?
    Akito:      Why do you know? Aah, I see. I gave you chinese rice gruel when you
                woke up.
    Megumi:     I'm Megumi Raynard. Comm officer.
    Minato:     Haruka Minato. I'm the driver. Nice to meet you.
    Prospector: I've came from Nergal to do the office and burocratic work. I'm
                called Prospector.
    R/F:        ... Is that your real name?
    Prospector: No no, like an artistic name. Like Gai-kun.
    Yurika:     And, I'm the captain, Yurika Misumaru.
    Ruri:       Operator Ruri Hoshino.
    Banjo:      And I'm the last. Banjo Haran. Nice to meet you.
    Mizuho:     Haran... I've heard that name.
    Reika:      That is, Banjo Haran is the top millionaire at Earth Sphere. I'm
                Reika Mijo. Banjo's assistant.
    Beauty:     I'm Banjo's number 1 assistant Beautiful Tachibana. Call me Beauty.
    Reika:      What's that number 1? You onlyhave your charm worth.
    Beauty:     What about it? You got fired from the Preventer and came cry at
    Reika:      How rude. I left Preventer!
    Banjo:      Ok ok, fight is over. They both are my precious assistants. And at
                last, I'll introduce you my butler.
    Gallison:   I'm Gallison Tokida. Thereafter, at your orders.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       A butler!? I only knew from novels and movies. Indeed a rich one.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      A butler. First time I see.
    Banjo:      He was the first to find you.
    R/F:        Thank you very much. We were saved by you.
    Gallison:   No no, just a coincidence.
    Yurika:     So, the greetings are done, then let's hurry and go!
    R/F:        Go where?
    Banjo:      We're going to Mars Utopia Colony, to save the refugees.
    # next: scene 046 NB #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 046 NB: Nadesico - dining hall #
    Prospector: Mars colony was attacked by a mysterious enemy and it couldn't be
                contacted by a few months.
    Yurika:     We came with this Nadesico to help Mars' people.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       (Yes, it's after Jovian Union's attack at Earth...)
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      (It's right after Jovian Union's attack at Earth...)
    Ryoko:      For that, the first place we went was Nergal's Mars office. So the
                office work is more important.
    Prospector: Hear me bad. Under Mars office there was a shelter.
    Banjo:      Indeed, if there were survivors, then there's the chance.
    Reika:      But there wasn't anybody afterall.
    Megumi:     Instead, me and Akito found Ines-san.
    Prospector: By the way, I wonder we should have you talk about yourselves. Who
                are you? That Excellence names machine, it wasn't registered into
                army. By Uribatake-san's story, there's an unseen motive power.
    R/F:        That's...
    Prospector: That's?
    Banjo:      Time Flow Engine... is that so?
    Lahge:      Why do you know?
    Banjo:      By hearing your names, I've remembered. Time Flow Engine is that
                what your fathers published, the flow of time rotates the turban,
                a system that turns it into energy.
    Reika:      I remember. Because it was out of theory, no one was interested.
    Uribatake:  The flow of time rotates the turban? That's stupid.
    Banjo:      That's why it's hard to tell. For me, Time Particles' or Time Flow
                Engine's thesis was unique, so it was left at my head.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       My bad for unique engine. Excellence mobile weapon equipping a test
                type Time Flow Engine. With this mess, our research site was
                destroyed and we ran but, we couldn't control it well and crashed,
                as you came to help us.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      ... Excellence is a mobile weapon equipping a test type Time Flow
                Engine. For the attack at Mars, our reearch site was destroyed and
                we ran but, we couldn't control it well and then crashed.
    Prospector: Indeed.
    Lahge:      It was a reclusive research, so we don't know about Mars' refugees.
    Prospector: I see. With this, seems we'll have to favor you also.
    R/F:        ...
    # next: scene 047 NB #
    # scene 046 LK: Alternative Corp - one room #
    Mizuho:  I've never heard of Alternative Corp.
    Amuro:   A weapon's production merchant. It's obscured by Anaheim and Nergal
             Enterprise, so it doesn't appear much.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Indeed, so it can join forces with Neo Zeon.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   That's why they've tagged with Neo Zeon.
    Amuro:   For easy talk, yes. But for the lack of technology in relation to
             Anaheim and Nergal, they're trying to be the best at other point.
    Lahge:   Other point?
    Amuro:   They're gathering Newtypes and Enhaced Humans and researching them.
             Because of the rise of the Earth Sphere Nation, this kind of research
             was dropped down. If they can obtain results, to get scientist won't
             be that difficult.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Indeed, that's why they're gathering Newtypes like Amuro-san.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   At the same time, they're gathering Newtypes like Amuro-san. And, is
             that for some kind of experiment?
    Amuro:   Not at that point. They research the brain waves and such.
    Mizuho:  So, is that girl too?
    Tifa:    ...
    Amuro:   She's Tifa Adeil. Aah. One of a few Newtypes that weren't used as
             soldiers, but...
    Mizuho:  She hasn't spoke that much, maybe she has given up already.
    Amuro:   No, she's waiting. She, and me too.
    R/F:     ?
    Rakan:   Hey you, don't be resting all the time. I'll have you continue the
             Excellence's repairings. Help them, you're a pilot, aren't you?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I know.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona    I know that.
    # next: scene 047 LK #
    # scene 047 NB: Nadesico         - deck #
    #           LK: Alternative Corp - deck #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Lahge, Mizuho, so, how's the repairing?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   So, how's the Excellence, when will it be fixed?
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Mizuho:  We're finishing. We could use the wrecks of the Cosmodriver and some
             Aestevalis parts. But...
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Mizuho:  We're finishing. We could use the wrecks of the Cosmodriver and some
             Mobile Suit parts. But...
    R/F:     But?
    Lahge:   [Raul/Fiona], I want to replenish the Time Particles, so please, move
             the engine.
    R/F:     OK.
    Lahge:   Time Flow Engine, start it.
    Raul:    Engine started... Time Particles collecting window open.
    Lahge:   Time Particle's collection... In-engine Time Particles level 30... 40
             ... 50...
    R/F:     ...
    Lahge:   90... 100. Ok. Close the window, please.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    A place within the flow of time, wherever we are, collection is
             possible, that's the good thing of Time Particles.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   A place within the flow of time, wherever we are, collection is
             possible, that's what's good about Time Particles. For that, if not
             extinguishing it in little time, no need to worry about power down.
    Lahge:   Indeed.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    What, you're so blue.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   What's up. You seem sad.
    Lahge:   I'm as usual...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    You lie. I say I can't at least realize that? I wasn't along with you
             for ten years for free.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Liar. We're 10 years together. I know when you're happy or not.
    Lahge:   ... I can't beat you.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    So?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   So, what's worrying you?
    Lahge:   A trouble as a researcher. I rejected the possibility of a time warp
             using the Time Flow Engine. I rejected father's research. But, we made
             this time sleep afterall...
    Mizuho:  That's not important! What should we do...?
    Lahge:   What about not being important!? This incident made my pride as a
             researcher into pieces! I rejected father's dreamed time machine, I
             chose to make it a stable supply system instead!
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    ... We should go back.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   ... We have to go back.
    Lahge:   Eh?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    To go back. The Time Flow Engine is a engine for a time machine
             afterall. That a time warp is possible was shown at this time sleep.
             By completing the Time Flow Engine, we shall make Excellence to do
             time warps. And then we'll go to our time. It's good enough.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   I'm saying to go back. The Time Flow Engine is a time machine's engine
             afterall. That a time warp is possible was shown at this time sleep.
             By completing the Time Flow Engine, we shall make Excellece to do
             time warps. With this, your father and your research will be perfect.
             And going back to our time and live happily forever. That's enough.
    Lahge:   ... You say so easily. But that's the only way. It's hard for me to
             recognize I was wrong but...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Is there a scientist who does not do mistakes?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Failure is the success' mother. Failure is the origin of success.
             There are no scientists who does no mistakes.
    Lahge:   You sure say painful words.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    You too, Mizuho. We all need you. Because you were here, Excellence
             has a shape now. Indeed, we can't go back now. But, we'll surely do
             it. For Excellence too.
    Mizuho:  For Excellence too?
    Raul:    Yes, no reason to be only a Time Flow Engine. To use it's generated
             power into many kinds of bodies, the Excellence frames are needed.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   That's it. We'll go back and show it those who laughed at Time Flow
    Lahge:   Fuh fuh, we'll do it.
    Fiona:   Mizuho too. Me and Lahge need you. Because you were here, Excellence
             exists. We'll go back for sure. For Excellence.
    Mizuho:  For Excellence?
    Fiona:   Right. For the Time Flow Engine, to use it's generated power into many
             kinds of bodies, the Excellence frames are needed.
    Mizuho:  ... Yes.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Anyway, we should repair Excellence first. To follow their orders or
             to run, it'll be hard without Excellence.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Anyway, we have to concentrate on Excellence's repair. To follow their
             orders or to run, without Excellence is impossible.
    Mizuho:  You're right.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    And... Amuro-san said before that he was waiting. I bet he's expecting
             something, right?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   And... Amuro-san said that before. He's waiting. Maybe he's got some
             help expectation.
    Rakan:   Hey you, you, what are you jumbling? Plans to run?
             (We could let them run and follow to their base but...)
    # if Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Can I ask you? The Earth Sphere Nation is a anti-militarism nation
             that wants peace. What's the matter with that? Can't Neo Zeon just be
             friendly and not fight?
    Rakan:   Foolish, you might know Earth is being attacked by aliens. But they
             only have a limited military power. If the trash of Earth gets smashed
             by that, that's their matters, but they'll stretch their hands to the
             colonies later.
    Fiona:   So you're gathering power to that time.
    Rakan:   Because of the termination and reduction of army, many soldiers lost
             their work. But the Earth Sphere Nation doesn't help them. So we, the
             Neo Zeon, shall help them. We don't need ones being cursed by the
             Total Pacifism.
    [explosion occurs]
    Rakan:   What!?
    Soldier: Freeden's attack!
    Rakan:   Damned Jamil. So he came to rescue Amuro and Tifa. Counter them!
    Soldier: Rakan-sama, Amuro and Tifa escaped.
    Rakan:   What!?
    Soldier: Pardon. Seems like someone from Freeden came inside during the attack.
    Rakan:   No excuses, you fool! Capture them. Or I'll shoot you!
    Soldier: Ye...yes!
    Raul:    Now. You two, get in!
    Fiona:   It's now. You two, get in!
    Rakan:   Damn!
    R/F:     Excellence Striker, stand-by ok... Go!
    Lahge:   Don't forget to collect Cosmodriver's cockpit. For now, the
             supplementar engine is important!
    # NB next: scene 048 NB #
    # LK next: scene 048 LK #
    # scene 048 NB: Nadesico - bridge #
    Yurika:  What do you mean, cancel the rescue?
    Ines:    We're not going back to Earth. That's it.
    Yurika:  But, if you stay at Mars.
    Ines:    Do you know why we came to Mars? We hated Earth for it's many wars
             so we came here. And you say to go back to Earth?
    Banjo:   If you want to be caught by the Meganoids and me remodelled, now
             that's other story.
    Ines:    Meganoids are servents that helped the terraforming at Mars. With
             this incident, they helped a lot with the refugees.
    Reika:   And remodelling them into soldiers.
    Beauty:  After being favored by the Meganoids, was there anyone who came
    Ines:    ...
    Banjo:   Meganoid helped the terraforming, but that was to get material for
             the soldiers, I say, humans experiments. We knew that, so we came
             along with Nadesico to Mars.
    Akito:   What's up?
    Mizuho:  Any troubles?
    Yurika:  Ah Akito. It's...
    Ines:    (!? ... Brother...)
    Minato:  [Raul/Fiona] and you all are the first time to her. The
             representant of the Mars refugees, Ines Fresange-san.
    R/F:     (Not really first time, for us.)
    Akito:   Ines-san. I mean, there are lots of invaders at Earth now, and the
             Total Pacifism is decaying now, and not really in peace but. Here,
             we don't know when the Jovian Lizards will attack or not.
    R/F:     (Jovian Lizards?)
    Minato:  (... The Jovian Union. They were called that way at first.)
    Akito:   I was at Mars too. But, at last, I couldn't help anyone and went to
             Earth... It's enough. To just stand still and not help anyone.
    Ines:    ...... I see. I'll convince all to go back to Earth with Nadesico.
    # scene 048 LK: Alternative Corp - pathway #
    Garrod:  Here. GX is hidden outside!
    Soldier: There they are! Capture them!!
    Amuro:   They're a lot. Garrod, right? Get Tifa and run. I'll take them.
    Garrod:  But, then you'll...
    Amuro:   Just run. Do you want Tifa to be an item of war!?
    Garrod:  Ok, I'm grateful.
    [explosion occurs]
    Amuro:   That's...!
    Tifa:    Excellence...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Excellence will take care of here. You run!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   We'll take care of here. You run!
    Amuro:   So we're all here. Garrod, take Tifa to the GX!
    Garrod:  And you?
    Amuro:   The Re-GZ is at deck. I'll steal it.
    Garrod:  Ok. Be careful!
    Rakan:   Don't let them run. Deploy the Mobile Suit forces!
    # next: Stage 05 LK #
    # scene 049 NB: Nadesico - dining hall #
    Gallison:   Here, it's Oolong tea.
    Akito:      Thanks, Gallison-san.
    Banjo:      So, you were a survivor from the Mars colony.
    Akito:      No one believes me, though. I don't know why I went to Earth too.
    Reika:      What do you mean?
    Akito:      I was fighting the Jovian Lizards that attacked the Mars colony
                but... when I was awake, I was at Earth. Everyone around me,
                Ai-chan, no one survived but me...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       (Boson Jump. Akito is an A Class Jumper. He Jumped to Earth
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      (It's Boson Jump. Akito-san is an A Class Jumper. Even not awaken
                to that yet, he Jumped to Earth on spasm.)
    Gai:        Uuh, and Akito had such reason... To pay for the crime once
                commited, you will risk your life. Burniiing!!
    Minato:     I don't think he commited a crime, though...
    Megumi:     Akito-san, who's Ai-chan?
    Beauty:     Your girlfriend at Mars colony?
    Yurika:     Akito, is that true!?
    Akito:      N...no. One refugee girl that was with me. Around 7 or 8.
    Hikaru:     Wah, Tenkawa-kun had such interests.
    Akito:      I'm telling you it's not!
    Prospector: Ok ok, we're soon at our final destination. We can think of a
                Jovian Lizard or a Meganoid attack. Lets take the refugees and run
                back to Earth.
    # next: scene 050 NB #
    # scene 050 NB: Mars Utopia Colony - underground shelter #
    Beauty:  Ok, everybody, please stay in line and get into Nadesico. Anything
    Megumi:  So, seems like we'll leave Mars without action.
    Ines:    ... I bet.
    [alarm sound]
    Beauty:  Wh...what's that!?
    # next: scene 051 NB #
    # scene 051 NB: Nadesico - bridge #
    Minato:     Jovian Lizards. A great number appearing around Tullip!
    Yurika:     Hurry with the refugees!
    Banjo:      How much time for the refugees to take cover?
    Beauty:     5 minutes. They're getting into Nadesico in a hurry, though.
    Prospector: While this process, Nadesico can't move.
    Megumi:     What will we do, being attacked by enemies at this moment?
    Yurika:     Activate Distortion Field to maximum output.
    Minato:     We can't. If we do that, the refugees will be smashed by the field.
    Yurika:     No. So what should we do!?
    Prospector: Captain, one of your work as a captain is to protect the lives of
                the crew.
    Yurika:     ... I know. I was told that many times.
    Prospector: So.
    Reika:      Wait. To protect the crew is important, but Nadesico came to Mars
                at first to rescue the refugees.
    Prospector: That's right, but...
    Beauty:     So, don't take out this place for the refugees just for the crew.
    Prospector: But, the enemy attack will...
    Banjo:      Nadesico is Nergal's proudful newest battleship, isn't it? It won't
                crash in one shot.
    Yurika:     That... really depends on the place it hits, though...
    Banjo:      Noo, before Nadesico gets a single scratch, we should take care of
    Gai:        That's right.
    Ryoko:      Okaay, Aestevalis squad, all units deploy!
    Yurika:     [Raul/Fiona]-san, sortie as well. Please!
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       No need to ask, I'm going. I'm not that rotten to refuse that.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      No need to ask, I'll go. I won't let any one to reach Nadesico.
    # next: Stage 05 NB #
     Stage 05 NB - "Unmei no Sentaku" Mitaina (Like a "Choise of Fate")
    [Nadesico units, Daitarn 3 and Main Robot appear]
    [Jovian Lizard units appear]
    Banjo:     [Raul/Fiona]-kun. The Aestevalis have a supply link and can't
               dettach from Nadesico much.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      I know. To thrust and drop down their numbers is our task.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     I know. Let the Aestevalises to set Nadesico's siege, while we'll
               thrust to down their numbers.
    Lahge:     Time Flow Engine output 91%. It's ok, stabilized.
    Mizuho:    No troubles at Striker Frame.
    Yurika:    Aestevalis force, ambush approaching enemies.
    Ruri:      The cover of the refugees will take 5 minutes.
    Ryoko:     Okay, 5 minutes, don't let the enemies approach Nadesico! All units,
               get willed!
    Gai:       To become a shield to protect people... that's a good way to die.
    Uribatake: You fool, don't say such things!
    ???:       ...
    Banjo:     They're coming!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
          Nadesico reaches Tullip (after enemy reinforce)
    Lose: destruction of any ally battleship
    # event: ally turn 5 #
    Megumi:   Mars Utopia Colony's refugees, all rescue complete.
    Yurika:   That's it, bui!
    Beauty:   We did it afterall.
    Yurika:   Nadesico will join the battle also. Nadesico take off!
    [Nadesico becomes moveable]
    # enemy reinforce: after 1st enemy annihilation #
    # if before event #
    Ruri:       Jovian Lizards, annihilation confirmed.
    Megumi:     Mars Utopia Colony's refugees, all rescue complete.
    Yurika:     That's it, bui!
    Beauty:     We did it afterall.
    Yurika:     Before enemies come to attack us, Nadesico will flee from Mars!
    [Nadesico becomes moveable]
    Ruri:       A pilot has fleed from the enemy mobile weapon. Gallison-san is
                chasing him with a bicycle.
    ???:        ...
    Banjo:      Gallison, don't let him run.
    Gallison:   Hoh Hoh Hoh. I've won the bicycle tournament at the past.
    Ryoko:      Bicycle, is it!? Not even a motorbike!?
    Gallison:   Ryoko-sama, bicycles don't destroy the ozone, a very ecological
                transportation. No mean to fool it. Teih!
    [hit sound]
    ???:        Uwah!
    Gallison:   Got you! Better you stay calm, for yourself.
    Banjo:      Good work. Hurry and bring him to Nadesico.
    Ruri:       A number of enemies approaching!
    Hikaru:     Ee-h. Still coming!?
    [Meganoid units appear]
    Banjo:      Meganoids! It's Koros.
    Koros:      Banjo, to come here to Mars was lucky of yours. Or did you came to
                become a Meganoid by yourself?
    Banjo:      I can't believe Meganoids could tell jokes, Koros.
    Koros:      Meganoids are better than humans in many aspects. The sense of
                humour can be over also.
    Banjo:      Indeed. Because there are so many weirdos at Meganoid's.
    Yurika:     Banjo-san, a battle over this will...
    Banjo:      I know. To take the refugees back to Earth comes first.
    Ruri:       But, what should we do?
    Megumi:     If we just stay here, others will come too.
    Prospector: Mars Sphere is full of Meganoids and Jovian Lizards.
    Yurika:     ... That's it. If we use that Tullip, we can do Boson Jump, right?
    Reika:      Indeed, the Jovian Lizards used that to Jump, it seems.
    Beauty:     Don't tell!?
    Yurika:     Yes. If we use that, Nadesico can Jump to far away from here!
    Ines:       Surprising words. We don't even know where it will throw us, do we?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       (Boson Jump? ... That's it!)
                I agree with captain. Better than fight here, we have to Jump with
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      (Boson Jump? ... That's it!)
                I agree with captain. If we stay here, enemies will increase and
                nothing good will happen. Instead, it's better to gamble and Jump.
    Ruri:       There's a chance to be thrown into the middle of them.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       ... That's about it. Captain, Akito, Ines-san. Listen to me
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      ... About that. Captain, Akito, Ines-san. I have a suggestion.
    Akito:      Wh...what is it?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       When we get into the Tullip, concentrate on "going back to Earth".
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      When we get into the Tullip, can you concentrate on "going back to
                Earth"? Can be an image of anywhere at Earth!
    Yurika:     Why is that?
    Lahge:      (I see, the three of them are A Class Jumpers. If they 3
                concentrate on that, they can stabilize the Jump destination.)
                Captain Misumaru. Trust [Raul/Fiona] and test it please. People's
                heart can turn the impossible possible.
    Ryoko:      Are you serious!?
    Yurika:     Ye...yes, you're right. People's hearts are strong. We can do it!
    Uribatake:  Hey hey hey, I won't be responsible!
    Yurika:     Nadesico take off!
    [destination point shown]
    Yurika:     We'll thrust into the Tullip!
    Banjo:      Koros, Pardon but our battle will be at next. I'm late for dinner.
    Koros:      You won't run, banjo!
    Banjo:      I'm not happy to be chased by you.
    # Banjo VS Koros #
    Koros:   Banjo, you foolish who can't understand Don's sadness!
    Banjo:   Meganoid's sadness? Might be humanity's happiness as well.
    # end of stage #
    # if destination point reached #
    Ruri:    Nadesico, destination point reached.
    Yurika:  All units, thrust into the Tullip!
    # else enemies annihilated #
    Ruri:    Meganoids, annihilated.
    Yurika:  It's now. All units, thrust into the Tullip!
    [all ally units disappear]
    Yurika:  Nadesico, go!
    # if enemies annihilated #
    [Nadesico moves to Tullip]
    Yurika:  To Earth!
    Ines:    Earth...
    Akito:   Eaa-rth!
    [blank screen fade-in]
    [scenario change]
    [blank screen fade-out]
    [Nadesico appears]
    Ruri:    We're home.
    # next: scene 052 NB #
     Stage 05 LK - Anata ni, Chikara wo... (This Power, to You...)
    [Freeden, Gundam Airmaster, Gundam Leopard and Methuss appear]
    Jamil:   Don't direct hit the target!
    Roaby:   Ok ok, boy, can't you come out soon? Shoot to miss is tedious.
    Fa:      (It'd be good if I find hints about Camille...)
    Sara:    They're out. It's GX!
    [Gundam X, Re-GZ and Excellence S appear]
    Witz:    What, there are some unseen ones with him.
    Noin:    Re-GZ and one more... What is that?
    Garrod:  Freeden! Can you hear!? Tifa and Amuro's rescue succeeded, and one
             more to join us, this one is an ally. Don't shoot.
    Witz:    The chaser have come too.
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Rakan:   Freeden. Dogs from the rotten Earth Sphere Nation! I'll smash you!!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of ally battleship
          destruction of Garrod's unit
    # enemy reinforce: ally turn 5 or 50% enemy annihilation #
    [Gundam Virsago, Gundam Ashtaron and Neo Zeon units appear]
    Amuro:   Those 2!?
    Witz:    Gundam types. Seems funnier to fight them.
    Roaby:   Fuh, enough. It seems...
    # if alive unit: Rakan unit #
    Shagia:  That's... fool Rakan. Can't even be a good vigilant.
    Rakan:   The Frost brothers. Help with their capture!
    Olba:    Like that. What should we do, brother?
    Shagia:  For now, it's necessary to out objectives. Let's hear Rakan.
    Olba:    I understand, brother.
    # enemy retreat 1: Rakan's hp reaches 0 #
    Rakan:   Today was the worst!
    [Dreissen explodes]
    # enemy retreat 2: Olba's or Shagia's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    # if Olba's hp reached 30% or 0 #
    Olba:    Kuh, I can still fight!
    Shagia:  No, it's enough. Olba, don't be flown by your emotions. Remember our
             true objectives.
    # else Shagia's hp reached 30% or 0
    Shagia:  So it's enough. Mah, it's ok. It's not a stage worth of losing life.
    Olba:    I understand, brother.
    [Gundam Virsago and Gundam Ashtaron disappear/explode]
    # end of stage #
    Garrod:  They're gone...
    Sara:    Wait. There's more!
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Roaby:   hey hey, don't they know about limit!?
    Garrod:  Damn, so it's over.
    Tifa:    Garrod... this power... to you...
    Garrod:  Power?
    Jamil:   Can be... stop, Tifa!
    Garrod:  Wh...what's this? Satellite... System? Okaay!
    [Gundam X moves near enemies]
    Witz:    Hey, are you planning to die, fool!
    Noin:    What's he thinking of...
    Witz:    That's, a laser connection?
    [Satellite charge animation]
    Amuto:   What, this pressure is?
    Jamil:   Tifa. Hear my voice... It's no good...
    Amuro:   This, can it be!?
    Jamil:   Don't shoo-t!
    Garrod:  Goo-!
    [Gundam X shoots Satellite Cannon (M)]
    [all enemy units explodes]
    Jamil:   A nightmare... the return of the nightmare...
    Garrod:  This is... This Gundam's... power...
    Witz:    That Gundam is, dangerous...
    Roaby:   For a child to play with.
    Witz:    And we were using that without knowing until now.
    Mizuho:  Can be, Satellite Cannon? I've read at an article about it...
    Garrod:  We did it. Haha, we're alive. We're, right Tifa... Tifa?
    Tifa:    Uh, uwaaa...aah...
    Amuro:   That's the light that only creates sadness...
    Jamil:   Many people died. Tifa, you're almost...
    Tifa:    Uwa, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
    Garrod:  Tifa, what happened? Tifa!?
    # next: scene 052 LK #
    # scene 052 NB: Nadesico - bridge #
    Beauty:   No way. We're really at Earth.
    Megumi:   People's emotions are a great thing.
    Mizuho:   E...eeh. I agree.
              (... You two, I'm not related if anything happens...)
    Minato:   Arah, where's captain by the way?
    Gallison: Oh, she was at the bridge a while ago, wasn't she?
    Reika:    For Gallison to lose her, it's an emergency.
    Ruri:     Omoikane, analyze.
    # next: scene 053 NB #
    # scene 052 LK: Alternative Corp - one room #
    [message sound]
    Gremmy:  Amuro Ray and Tifa Adeil ran away!?
    Rakan:   ... I won't give excuses.
    Gremmy:  And why do you think I had you down to Earth. This responsability,
             what will be of it?
    Rakan:   I know about it. I'll bring those two back for sure! Wait a while!
    Gremmy:  ... Ok. I'll be expecting for a report.
    Rakan:   One commanding from space is sure a relaxed one.
    Shagia:  Rakan-sama, we're sorry for what happened.
    Rakan:   You. So have you caught the other Newtype's places?
    Olba:    That is, where did he go? Camille Vidan.
    Rakan:   Then continue your search!
    Olba:    (We're. Neh, brother)
    Shagia:  (Aah. By the way, have you seen that?)
    Olba:    (Satellite Cannon... As expected, no, over the expected.)
    Shagia:  (Aah, over our expectations. Fufufu...)
    # next: scene 053 LK #
    # scene 053 NB: Nadesico - observer room #
    Yurika:  Uh... uhn...
    Akito:   ... Here is... Uwah! Why am I with Yurika!?
    Ines:    ...
    Akito:   Ines-san too...
    Ryoko:   He-y, Tenkawa-!
    Megumi:  What are you 3 doing sleeping along!?
    Akito:   Wa-h, it's a misunderstanding. I don't know!
    # next: scene 054 NB #
    # scene 053 LK: Freeden - bridge #
    Jamil:   I've heard from 1st Lt Amuro. I'm grateful for your cooperation.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    No, we were the helped ones.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   No, we were helped by you.
    Lahge:   With that, I'll be pleased if we get along for a while.
    Jamil:   Of course. I welcome you. I guess 1st Lt Amuro won't object either.
    Amuro:   Sure. But captain, stop calling 1st Lt. I'm not affiliated anymore.
    Jamil:   I see, Amuro.
    Noin:    But, won't you go back to your former facility then? That machine,
             Excellence, I bet it was made at some kind of plant, right?
    Kid:     I agree. It doesn't seem like one gathering of plant pieces.
    R/F:     !
    Lahge:   We can't go back. Because of enemy's attack, the whole plant is
             already gone...
    Tonya:   Is that so...
    Lahge:   (... It's not a lie, afterall.)
    Jamil:   So, let introduce ourselves. I'm the one entrusted to Freeden, Jamil
    Mizuho:  ... The great war's hero? Even I have heard of you.
    Jamil:   It's a past story.
    Sara:    I'm Sara Tyrel. I'm Freeden's commanding operator.
    Tonya:   Tonya Marm. I'm a communicator.
    Kid:     I'm Kid Salsamil. The main mechanic of here. When remodelling that
             Excellence, call me.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Thanks but, Excellence has a genius personal mechanic named Mizuho.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   I'm grateful but, Excellence has a personal mechanic named Mizuho.
    Kid:     Damn. I don't think you're as good as this Kid-sama but, mah, let's
             get along well.
    Mizuho:  Ni...nice to meet you.
    Witz:    I'm Witz Su. Whatever is your Excellence, don't push us back.
    Roaby:   For that last battle, I think it's pretty ok. I'm Roaby Roy. A Mobile
             Suit pilot like Witz.
    Fa:      I'm Fa Yuiry.
    Jamil:   You know Amuro and Tifa... Where's Garrod?
    Kid:     The Gundam kid, I bet he's at Tifa's.
    R/F:     Garrod is, the one who helped Amuro and Tifa?
    Jamil:   Aah, Garrod Ran. By the way, how's Tifa doing?
    Fa:      She took a heavy damage at her spirit. She's asleep now.
    # next: scene 054 LK #
    # scene 054 NB: Nadesico - deck #
    Lahge:   What if they plunge us about the Boson Jump?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    There's no impossible for people's hearts, there was a movie like
             that... it's enough. It's ok, it'll be alright... I hope.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   There's no impossible for people's hearts, we read that on a book...
             it's enough. I know it's impossible but...
    Mizuho:  ... It can't be helped.
    # next: scene 055 NB #
    # scene 054 LK: Freeden - medical room #
    Tifa:    ...
    Garrod:  Tifa, why...
    Amuro:   The fear and pain of the ones you've attacked, she instantly received
             them. The soul of all dying ones...
    Garrod:  The soul of all dying ones...
    Amuro:   Garrod, I warn you. Be careful while using the Satellite Cannon. It'll
             make Tifa suffer. That will only bring sadness.
    # next: scene 055 LK #
    # scene 055 NB: Nadesico - cabin #
    Minato:  ... This person is the Jovian Lizard pilot Gallison-san captured!?
    Tsukumo: ...
    Minato:  ... He's... a human...
    Ruri:    To be continued.
    # next: scene 056 NB #
    # scene 055 LK: Freeden - bridge #
    Jamil:   We the Freeden Squad, from the Earth Sphere Nation Defense Force, are
             searching and favoring Newtypes and Enhaced Humans.
    R/F:     Earth Sphere Nation Defense Force?
    Noin:    For the heavy appearing invasors, the Earth Sphere Nation had to take
             emergency acts. We, the Preventers, are making the connection.
    R/F:     Preventers?
    Noin:    Think it as the Earth Sphere Nation's information bureau. It's
             existence is informal, though.
    R/F:     And you are?
    Noin:    Lucrezia Noin. Preventer's messenger Freeden's pilot.
    Fa:      By the way, don't you know about Camille's whereabouts yet?
    Noin:    Aah, sorry.
    Fa:      No, it's not Noin-san's fault that we can't find him.
    Jamil:   So, Noin. Where to go next?
    Noin:    We've sheltered all the Newtypes we knew clearly the location. Until
             we can't find other Newtype's places, we'll stand-by at Japan's GEAR
    Roaby:   Oh well, seems we can rest a little. Let's spread our wings with
             Japan's gals.
    Sara:    If we reach Japan safely, that is.
    Jamil:   Uhm. To take back Amuro and Tifa, it's fair to think Neo Zeon will
             send some troops after us. Don't relax until there.
    # next: scene 056 LK #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 056 NB:	Nadesico - cabin #
    Yurika:    Eer, for the ID you have, your name is Tsukumo Shiratori-san, right?
    Tsukumo:   We, from Jovian Sphere Ganimedes-Calisto-Europa and Outer Satellite
               Asteroid Nation Counter Earth Associative Alliance Corps, won't
               yield for you evil bastards Earthlings!
    Ruri:      As he said.
    Gai:       What do you mean by evil Earthlings!? You're the evil aliens!
    Tsukumo:   What you say, evil Earthling!
    Beauty:    Er, by the way, it's about the stuff he was carrying. What's this!?
    Tsukumo:   Aah, stop, my treasure!
    Uribatake: Treasure you mean, it's all Geki-ganger goods, for my sight.
    Gai:       Aah, this is the legendary Super Alloy Geki-ganger 3 Black Version!
    Akito:     Is this Geki-ganger's heroine Nanako Kokubunji's life-sized in bath
               suit poster?
    Gallison:  Only goods for maniac type.
    Ryoko:     Damn, it's all a mess.
    Ruri:      If it was to write what is going to happen, it'll get long so I'll
               summarize everything at ease.
    # next: scene 057 NB #
    # scene 056 LK:	Freeden - bridge #
    Sara:    Captain, before crossing the Japanese Sea, I wanted to supply our fuel
    Kid:     And we need to prepare the float for the oversea moving.
    Jamil:   I see. Is there a good place nearby?
    Noin:    For a city near Japan that's active, it's Shanghai.
    Jamil:   Ok, take the course to Shanghai.
    Sara:    Roger.
    # next: scene 057 LK #
    # scene 057 NB:	Nadesico - Why-What Nadesico #
    Ines:      People from all the world, sorry for the delay. It's the beginning
               of Why-What Nadesico. This time, Jovian Sphere Ganimedes-Calisto-
               Europa and Outer Satellite Asteroid Nation Counter Earth Associative
               Alliance Corps... abbreviating, Jovian Union will be our topic.
               Explanation, comments, others will be done by me, the explain
               sister, Ines Fresange.
    Yurika:    Question. What is the Jovian Union, afterall?
    Ines:      The Jovian Union is the descendants of the Lunar people from the
               beginning of the Space Century. They complained for independence,
               but the rights of the Spacenoids weren't respected as much like
               nowadays. Their demand wasn't heard, and they were banished from
               Moon by the Earth Forces' plan. And, that event was erased from
    Tsukumo:   After that, we've found the ancient ruins from Mars. With that
               technology, we could obtain many things in hands.
    Ines:      And then attacked Earth. To defeat the evil Earthlings that once
               banned them.
    Gai:       What about Geki-ganger 3?
    Ines:      One of the banned from Earth Sphere had the Geki-ganger 3 video. For
               times of pleasure and sadness, they've watched that. And after
               hundred of years, Geki-ganger 3 became their heart support, the
               guideline for their lifes, the voice of God.
    Uribatake: All Jovian Union are Gekigan Maniacs...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      (... Gekigan Maniacs, Genichiro and Saburouta weren't like that...)
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     (... All Jovian Union, Takasugi-san or Tsukiomi-san weren't. And
               Hokushin and the others weren't Gekigan-Maniac...)
    Lahge:     (After peace, they had chance to contact many other products other
               than Geki-ganger 3 and the Gekigan fever cooled, wasn't it?)
    Mizuho:    (... Can be...)
    # next: scene 058 NB #
    # scene 057 LK:	Freeden - medical room #
    Garrod:  Tifa, are you alright?
    Tifa:    Eeh... I'm ok.
    Garrod:  I'm sorry. I, well, didn't know about Newtype's powers.
    Tifa:    ... I never thought myself as a Newtype.
    Amuro:   Yes. Newtypes were used as a tool of war. Tifa has no experience in
             war, so.
    Garrod:  But that's why Jamil and everyone is trying to shelter them, right?
    Fa:      That's it. People called Newtypes felt the death of people in
             battlefied. That's why they want to live silently in peace.
    Jamil:   Those who want war seek Newtypes for soldiers.
    Garrod:  Jamil!?
    Jamil:   So you're fine in your physics.
    Noin:    You have to endure till we reach Japan. Once there, the Earth Sphere
             Nation will shelter you, and you can live a guaranteed stable life.
    Fa:      By the way, why is Japan the least of the damaged?
    Lahge:   Photon, Getter Ray, Super Electromagnetics... Because many kind of
             energy contruction is in process. Even at war, the Colony sides afraid
             to pinch the spear in such development. Those kinds of energy aren't
             trully usable yet but have lots of potential. And for those energies,
             there's one giant robot that uses it, so they know the power of that
    Garrod:  Ah?
    Lahge:   The weak points of the energies is, the power is so overwhelmed that
             to control it is difficult. Even for motive power for radio or tv, the
             machine itself won't handle. But just to leave it wasn't for people's
             admitance, so they started to research that and, many colonies wanted
             to bring the research base to their side. But any of the labs gave
             them Ok. Even if Getter Ray is easier to use in space. And each of
             the labs are using themselves as hostages, and work like a shield from
             a possible Earth attack...
    Tonya:   E...Er...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    It started... If it's to speak of energy, he's like this.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Sorry. If it's to speak of energy, he's like this. He won't even see
             anything else... like he's out of control and such...
    Kid:     ... An energy geek...
    Lahge:   Excuse me. I'm trying to explain it on ease, putting away the
             technical language and from the information around us...
    Witz:    Even without that, it's bothering me.
    Tifa:    Giant... robot...
    Garrod:  What's it, Tifa?
    Tifa:    I saw in a dream. A blue giant robot fighting beasts...
    Amuro:   Blue giant robot and beasts...
    Tonya:   What, Tifa likes this kind of thing?
    Jamil:   A foresight dream...
    Noin:    I've heard Newtypes can, sometimes, see the future in form of dreams.
    Tonya:   And unexpectedly, it's one of the movies on the city we're going now.
    Noin:    Better if so...
    # next: scene 058 LK #
    # scene 058 NB:	Nadesico - cabin #
    Gai:      Uwoooooh. What the heck. I've been fighting the ones that had lived
              with Geki-ganger 3 as a heart support! I'm sorry!!
    Tsukumo:  It's ok if you understand. But that most of the Earthlings don't is
              true. That's why we fight!
    Minato:   But, then they're the victims, aren't they?
    Banjo:    That idea is bit vague. It's still true they attacked Earth and many
              sacrifices were made. And that being ended like "you're the wrong ones
              from the beginning" is not acceptable.
    Reika:    We'll be in the same level as a children's fight.
    Akito:    Yes, all the Mars Colony was! Damn!!
    Megumi:   Stop. Nothing will end by hitting him.
    Tsukumo:  That's right. We're the Jovian Union Associative Corps. We don't go
              into violence!
    Mizuho:   But, you can't keep on the war forever. If you get the Mars polar
              ancient ruins' operation unit attacked by the Meganoids.
    Tsukumo:  Wha!? Why do you know such thing!? I've only said about the ancient
    Mizuho:   Ah... that's... somehow...
    Reika:    Anyway, let's get him back to Earth and have him in testimony. I'm
              sure the president or Foreign Vice-minister Relena won't ignore you.
    Tsukumo:  No way! You won't be using me as an example! If that happens, I'll
              choose death by myself!
    Minato:   Don't say so. Believe the Earthlings more. The ones who created
              Geki-Ganger 3.
    Tsukumo:  Uh...
    Gai:      Okay, strange to say as an apology but, let's watch Geki-Ganger 3's
              video together. We've got all chapters!
    Tsukumo:  Really!? The video of ours had some missing parts.
    Gai:      What, ok, I'll dub that to you later.
    Beauty:   Doesn't that go against that copyright stuff...
    Gallison: Geki-Ganger 3 is a product of 100 years, there's no problem, I guess.
              Ah, Daigouji-sama, may I ask you for one too?
    Banjo:    Gallison, did you watch it?
    Gallison: A few episodes when I was young.
    # next: scene 059 NB #
    # scene 058 LK:	Freeden - deck #
    Jamil:   Concentrate on the float's check. Sara, confirm the weather. A wild
             ocean will be troublesome.
    Sara:    Understood.
    Noin:    Captain, when will we sail?
    Jamil:   Lunch time of the day after tomorrow.
    Witz:    Then tonight we're free.
    Roaby:   Is there something?
    Witz:    They sold me this at the bar. Illegal pro-wrestling.
    Tonya:   Heh, seems funny. I want to see that. Radical stuff is really good.
    Roaby:   I pass. I don't like that kind of stuff.
    Witz:    I didn't invite you, though.
    Tonya:   Yes yes, I'll go.
    Kid:     I want to go too.
    Sara:    You have to check the float. And you, Garrod?
    Garrod:  Seems good, but I'm worried about Tifa.
    Tonya:   Bring Tifa with you.
    Garrod:  I...idiot, Tifa won't see that stuff.
    Tonya:   So what? Because it's too radical, she fells, and that's your chance
             to hug her.
    Garrod:  I...I can't do that!
    Amuro:   Stop teasing him this much.
    Tonya:   Oka-y. And you, [Raul/Fiona]?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I pass. I'm not in the mood for that.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   I pass... I don't like much crowd.
    Witz:    What, only me and Tonya?
    Tonya:   Isn't that ok? It's a date with such a beauty.
    Witz:    In such a unromantic place.
    # next: scene 059 LK #
    # scene 059 NB:	Nadesico - bridge #
    Prospector: About our destination point, how about the Von Brown city?
    Megumi:     Von Brown, you mean to the Moon?
    Yurika:     Won't it be Earth anymore?
    Prospector: We'll leave the civilians we've rescued at Von Brown. Might be
                better then the Earth full of invaders. And I want to resupply
                Nadeisco too.
    Yurika:     I see. Nadesico, course to Moon.
    # next: scene 060 NB #
    # scene 059 LK:	Shanghai - pro-wrestling hall #
    Tonya:   He's great, it's the 4th!
    Witz:    The champion of illegal pro-wrestling, Gou Ichimoji.
    Gou:     Thank you, gracie, mercy!
    ???:     Okay, let's test the full power of the champion.
    Gou:     Soo, who's the next challenger? ... Hey, there's no next. If it ends
             like this, the spectators will be disappointed.
    Tonya:   Neh, Witz, it's awful! The challenger is fallen down the path!
    Gou:     What, who the heck was that? The one who defeated my money maker!
    Ryoma:   I did.
    Gou:     So it was you. What's the point?
    Ryoma:   I played a little but it took too much. Instead of that weakling, how
             about fighting me?
    Gou:     Heh, so one enjoyable guy appeared.
    Witz:    What, an intruder?
    Ryoma:   Uryaaaah!
    [punch sound]
    Gou:     Gweh! ... You... You're tough, old lad.
    Ryoma:   I'm no old lad. I'm Ryoma Nagare! Remember that. Kid!
    Gou:     I'm no kid, I'm Gou Ichimoji!
    [punch sound]
    Ryoma:   Daaaah!
    [punch sound]
    Gou:     Uraurauraura, deyaaaaaah!
    Hayato:  Splendid. Gou Ichimoji.
    Gou:     What... another weirdo...
    Hayato:  ... Gou Ichimoji, 17. By an attack of the Dinossaur Empire, became an
             orphan. After that lived strengthening the own body and joined an
             illegal agency of pro-wrestling, becoming a mercenary.
    Gou:     Hey hey hey, what the hell are you investigating on your own!?
    Hayato:  You're like Ryo.
    Ryoma:   Hayato, don't mess me with this guy!
    Hayato:  Fufu, instead, how is he, Ryo? The man named Gou Ichomoji?
    Ryoma:   He's good, Hayato. He can do it. I garantee. He can fight head to head
             with me.
    Hayato:  Head to head with you who left Getter 1 is no garantee.
    Ryoma:   What!? Hayato, do you want to fight me!?
    Gou:     What are you guys talking about!? Who are you?
    Hayato:  I'm Kami, Hayato Kami. I'm the one who will show you hell.
    Gou:     Hell?
    Tonya:   It's getting weird, somewhat?
    Witz:    Hey you, whatever but, keep the fight.
    Gou:     Quiet, you outsiders keep out!
    [explosion occurs]
    Gou:     ... Uoh, what!? An earthquake!?
    Hayato:  They've come... Gou Ichimoji, flee now with life. If not, then there's
             no future.
    Gou:     What?
    Witz:    What, the building is coming down!?
    Tonya:   No, is this possible?
    Witz:    Whatever, let's get out! Back to Freeden!
    # next: Stage 06 LK #
    # scene 060 NB:	Nadesico - cabin #
    Tsukumo: Gai-san?
    Gai:     ...
    Tsukumo: (He's asleep... so, it's my chance!)
             Gai-san, I'm sorry to betray your feelings. But I can't become a
             prisoner. I won't forget that there are Earthlings like you that love
             Geki-Ganger 3.
    # next: scene 061 NB #
    # scene 061 NB:	Nadesico - pathway #
    Tsukumo: ... Ok, no one's here.
    Minato:  There's, though.
    Tsukumo: Uwaaaah!
    Megumi:  Q...quiet.
    Minato:  Aren't you fleeing from Nadesico? This way.
    Tsukumo: ... Why are you helping?
    Minato:  Fufu, Why do you think?
    # next: scene 062 NB #
    # scene 062 NB:	Nadesico - deck #
    Tsukumo: That's Tetsujin! Why?
    Megumi:  We've collected the wrecks and recreated it.
    Minato:  Well, it only moves somehow, though.
    Megumi:  [Raul/Fiona]-san and the others are here! Hide.
    # next: scene 063 NB #
    # scene 063 NB:	Nadesico - deck #
    # if Raul Route #
    Megumi:    Here. Mizuho-san, how's it going?
    Mizuho:    It's alright. But, is that ok?
    Minato:    That's what I ask.
    Raul:      Hurry, get in!
    Tsukumo:   Why you too?
    Lahge:     It's an outcome.
    Raul:      (We'll get the truce with the Jovian Union anyway. Doing this will
               be alright.)
    # else Fiona Route #
    Lahge:     Fun fun...
    Fiona:     What are you looking at? Motif power again?
    Lahge:     Eeh, it's splendid. There's a transposition engine as said. But it's
               a very small type compared to what I know.
    Fiona:     That's true. You only know Nadesico B's. Areh? ... Minato-san? What
               are you doing there?
    Minato:    It's just...
    Fiona:     Something at the cockpit?
    Minato:    I'm sorry!
    Fiona:     Kyah!
    Lahge:     Watch out! Are you ok!?
    Fiona:     Minato-san, she pulled me out of the cockpit!
    Mizuho:    That person, isn't he the Jovian Union's!?
    Tsukumo:   They found me!
    Minato:    H...hurry, in the cockpit. Launch now!
    [alarm sound]
    Yurika:    S.O.S. from Von Brown, they are being attacked by the Jovian Union.
               Units, prepare to sortie. Hey, why are Minato-san and Megumi-san
    Ryoko:     The prisoner is gone!
    Akito:     As I thought, that's why we can't trust them!
    Izumi:     The prisoner is gone? Gone with the wind...
    # if Raul Route #
    Uribatake: He's there. Near Excellence's cockpit.
    Tsukumo:   They found me!
    Minato:    H...hurry, in the cockpit. Raul-kun, launch now!
    Reika:     Bridge, can you hear me? The prisoner got Minato-san as a hostage,
               and ran away inside the Excellence. Perhaps Raul is there too.
    Mizuho:    (... Somehow, isn't this awful?)
    Lahge:     (That's why I said not to do such thing...)
    # else Fiona Route #
    Reika:     Bridge, can you hear me? The prisoner got Minato-san as a hostage,
               and ran away in the restored Jovian Union mecha.
    Fiona:     Wh...what's going on?
    Minato:    Well, it ended out in a strange way. But it's ok.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      The brain of the plan to be like that is troublesome.
    Tsukumo:   Plan?
    Minato:    Because you were running so... I've thought of helping out.
    Megumi:    And Raul-san and the others helped out too.
    Tsukumo:   Why, is that ok for the prisoner to run at Earth?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Tsukumo:   What's up? Do you want to exile to Jovian Union?
    Minato:    No. Because you were running so... I've thought of helping out.
    Tsukumo:   Why is that? Is that ok for the prisoner to run at Earth?
    Minato:    A woman's doing is all mysterious. But, what should we do now?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      Let's go to Von Brown. The Jovian Union is attacking, so we can
               leave you there.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Megumi:    How about going to Von Brown? Seems Jovian Union is attacking there.
    Minato:    Yes, get help there.
    Megumi:    In exchange, please stop the attack. There are lots of civilians
    Tsukumo:   ... I understand. If it's decided then let's hurry.
    # next: Stage 06 NB #
     Stage 06 NB - GEAR Senshi Dendoh (GEAR Fighter Dendoh)
    [Jovian Union units appear]
    [explosion occurs]
    Genichiro: My heart is empty. If just the Earthlings had love like us.
    # if Raul Route #
    [Excellence S appears]
    Genichiro: There it is! Earthling's defeated mecha!
    Raul:      De...defeated mecha...
    # else Fiona Route #
    [Tetsujin appears]
    Tsukumo:   Stop, Genichiro! It's me. Tsukumo Shiratori!
    Raul:      Genichiro? I've heard that somewhere...
    Genichiro: Tsukumo, you were alive!? I've heard you died at Mars.
    Tsukumo:   I'll explain later. Stop the attack now. It's full of civilians
    [Ally units appear]
    Ruri:      There they are. They're trying to contact the enemies.
    Akito:     He won't run!
    Gai:       Tsukumo! You betrayed my feelings!
    Genichiro: A battleship. You lied about the civilians!
    # if Raul Route #
    Tsukumo:   I did not. Please, put this near Genichiro's Majin. I'll go and
               make him retreat.
    # else Fiona Route #
    [Tetsujin moves near Majin]
    Tsukumo:   Genichiro, it's me. Open!
    Genichiro: Shiratori, what happened!?
    Tsukumo:   I'll tell you after we go back. Make the troops retreat, please.
               I've made a promise to them.
    Genichiro: I can't trust a promise with Earthlings!
    Tsukumo:   Minato-san and the others brought me under danger.
    Genichiro: ... I understand.
    Tsukumo:   Minato-san, we depart here. I'm sorry, but for confidential
               purposes, I have to self-destruct Tetsujin. Come out, please.
    Minato:    I see, Megumi-chan.
    Megumi:    Sure.
    Tsukumo:   ... And, well, if possible... a picture...
    Minato:    Fufu... it's ok, here.
    Tsukumo:   Thanks.
    [Tetsujin explodes]
    [Majin disappears]
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of main robot (Raul Route and before reinforce)
          destruction of ally battleship
          destruction of Dendoh (after reinforce)
          Altea reaches Unicorn Drill (after ally reinforce)
          destruction of Unicorn Drill (after ally reinforce)
    # enemy retreat: Raul Route and Excellence reaches near Majin #
    Tsukumo:    Genichiro, it's me. Open!
    Genichiro:  So it's you, Shiratori. Why are you here?
    Raul:       (Indeed, the Genichiro of Jovian Union's era...)
    Tsukumo:    I'll tell you after we go back. Make the troops retreat, please.
                I've made a promise to them.
    Genichiro:  I can't trust a promise with Earthlings!
    Tsukumo:    Minato-san and the others brought me under danger.
    Genichiro:  ... I understand.
    Tsukumo:    Minato-san, we depart here. And, well, if possible... a picture...
    Minato:     Fufu... it's ok, here.
    Tsukumo:    Thanks.
    [All alive Jovian Union units disappear]
    # reinforce: after enemy retreat or first enemy annihilation #
    Yurika:     Are you 3 alright?
    Minato:     Eeh, no problems. But Shiratori-san is gone.
    Prospector: You call a prisoner with the san suffix. Seems like we need to hear
                more about that.
    Ruri:       Enemy shadow detected.
    Banjo:      Are there more?
    [Galpha units appear]
    Ruri:       They aren't in Omoikane's data.
    Beauty:     Are they new kinds of the Jovian Union?
    [Dendoh appears]
    Hokuto:     Is that the battleship Vega-san told us?
    Ginga:      How the hell should I know that!?
    Vega:       That's Nadesico... So they've come back from Mars this soon?
    Yurika:     Another one!
    Ruri:       Identification signal detected... That's an ally.
    Vega:       Nadesico, can you hear me? I'm GEAR's sub-commander Vega.
    Prospector: GEAR, so that's Dendoh. First time I see.
    Yurika:     Do you know that?
    Prospector: Yes. It's alright, captain. As Ruri-san said, that's an ally.
    [Ogre appears]
    Altea:      Hoo, Earth's battleship. Indeed, so it wanted to gather with them.
                Damned Dendoh.
    Reika:      A look-alike appeared.
    Gai:        So is that an ally too!?
    Ginga:      No! That's enemy!
    Hokuto:     Beware, he's tough!
    Altea:      Whatever. We'll smash the battleship and all!
    # ally reinforce 1: 1 turn after reinforce #
    [Unicorn Drill appears]
    Unicorn:    ...
    Hikaru:     What's that, a horse? It's so cool!
    Vega:       It's Unicorn Drill! So it was inside Von Braun's computer.
    R/F:        Unicorn Drill?
    Vega:       Hokuto! ...kun, Ginga-kun! Go near Unicorn Drill. It's your chance
                to save it!
    Altea:      I won't let you. I'll save it first!
    Vega:       Contact Nadesico. I beg you, support Dendoh to contact Unicorn
    Gai:        Hey, you came up late and ask for support?
    Prospector: Mah mah, don't say so. It won't be bad for make a deal with them
    # if Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      I understand. Excellence, heading for support! Excellence Striker,
                Stand-by ok... Go!
    [Excellence S appears]
    # ally reinforce 2: Dendoh reaches Unicorn Drill or after enemy annihilation #
    # if enemy annihilation #
    [Dendoh moves near Unicorn Drill]
    Vega:      Ginga-kun, Hokuto-kun, File Save!
    Ginga:     File Save?
    Vega:      Hurry. Raise your Gear Commander and yell. File Save!
    Hokuto:    Ok, File Save!
    Altea:     No!
    [Unicorn Drill disappears]
    Beauty:    Unicorn Drill got, inside Dendoh...
    Vega:      Install it!
    Hokuto:    Unicorn Drive Install!
    [Dendoh changes to Dendoh Unicorn Drill]
    Uribatake: Indeed, that Unicorn Drill thing can become a weapon to Dendoh.
    # enemy retreat: Altea's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Altea:   Damn, so it's all for today.
    Ginga:   Don't run! Hey!!
    [Ogre explodes/disappears]
    # end of stage #
    # next: scene 064 NB #
     Stage 06 LK - Shutsugeki!! Neo Getter Robot! (Launch!! Neo Getter Robot!)
    [Dinosaur Empire units appear]
    Gou:     Mechasaurus. No shit, wasn't the Dinosaur Empire destroyed!?
    Hayato:  They retreated for a period. What is in your eyes now is the reality.
    Bat:     Hayato Kami, Ryoma Nagare. I've finally found you. Feel our hatred!
    Gou:     That bastard, he's alive!
    Hayato:  Gou, follow me! Ryo, get the civilians safe!
    Ryoma:   Ok. So it's time.
    Hayato:  Ah, it's time.
    Shou:    Ambulances will come. All cars, open space. No responsability will be
             held for those who go against it.
    Gou:     Hey? What's that damn big trailer? They have strange planes on it.
    Hayato:  No strange on it. It's your plane.
    Gai:     Sorry. I'm late.
    Shou:    Is that the one? Hurry and get in.
    Gou:     Hey hey, why do I have to get into this?
    Hayato:  Don't babble, you'll chew your tongue.
    Bat:     That's, can't be!!
    Hayato:  Let's go. Neo Getter Robot, launch!!
    Shou:    Combine!
    Gai:     Formation!
    Hayato:  Getter Chaaaaaange!!
    [Neo Getter 1 appears]
    Bat:     Indeed, Getter Robot!
    Hayato:  Guh!
    Gou:     Hey, what's up? Are you ok?
    Hayato:  Fuh... shameful. I have smashed Mechasaurus with Getter 2 in the past,
             and now I can't even stand the combination's shock.
    Gou:     Hey, you'll die if you keep like this!
    Hayato:  And were you still alive? I thought you'd have thrown up and passed
             away by now.
    Gou:     No kidding, it's first time I feel so excited! You seem painful, let
             me do it!
    Hayato:  Can you?
    Gou:     Get back and relax. Just tell me how to drive this.
    Bat:     Fuh, good timing. I'll victimize Getter at this place!
    Gai:     They're coming, Shou.
    Shou:    With a pilot without battle experience, it's a disadvantage.
    Hayato:  Don't worry, allies will come.
    Gou:     Hey! Isn't there any weapons? How do I use it?
    Hayato:  Just call for the weapon you want and push the right hand's lever.
             With sound recognition, the lever will have multiple inputs.
    Gou:     I see, it's easier than I thought.
    # ally reinforce: ally turn 2 #
    [Ally units appear]
    Bat:     Reinforce for the humans.
    Noin:    That's Neo Getter Robot. So the pilots are all there.
    Jamil:   Neo Getter and Mechasaurus...
    Amuro:   A blue giant robot and beasts...
    Garrod:  It's as Tifa's dreams.
    Hayato:  Freeden, can you hear me? This is Neo Getter 1, Hayato Kami.
    Jamil:   Indeed, so that's the Neo Getter Robot you said.
    Hayato:  Good timing of yours. I ask for your support. Specially because the
             pilot here is a newbie.
    Bat:     Come as much as you want. I'll defeat you all!
    # enemy retreat: Bat's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Bat:     Damn you humans. I'll have my payback!
    [Mechasaurus Boar explodes/disappear]
    # enemy reinforce: ally turn 4 or enemy annihilation #
    Sara:    Numerous enemies approaching!
    Jamil:   They've come!
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Tonya:   That's, Neo Zeon's Mobile Suit Forces!?
    Garrod:  They've come after Tifa. I won't let them!
    Rakan:   We've found you Freeden, all units assault! We'll take back Amuro Ray
             and Tifa Adeil!
    # Amuro VS Rakan #
    Rakan:   Amuro Ray, come back with us!
    Amuro:   I refuse. I won't be used as a thing anymore.
    Rakan:   What's the use in a Newtype that does not fight!? And you are fighting
    Amuro:   That thought of yours that makes everyone unhappy!
    # Garrod VS Rakan #
    Garrod:  I won't give Tifa away!
    Rakan:   Stay back, kid!
    # end of stage #
    Gou:     We did it, did you see!? ... Hey, are you ok?
    Hayato:  Fuh... finally the 3 are together. Watch for them, Musashi...
    # next: scene 64 LK #
    # scene 064 NB:	Yumemizuki - cabin #
    Genichiro: ... I can't believe. That earthlings would do such thing.
    Tsukumo:   It's true. There are people like Minato-san among the earthlings.
    Genichiro: ? Why's your face red? Do you have a fever?
    Tsukumo:   (Fever... So I am a fever to her...)
    # scene 064 LK:	Freeden - bridge #
    Hayato:  We're safe because of you. I'm grateful.
    Jamil:   No, we're the saved ones.
    Gou:     Keh, no need for this. I could have defeated them all.
    Ryoma:   You fool, what are you saying? Team work is important for Getter
    Gou:     Shut up. Retired oldies should be quiet.
    Ryoma:   Who's the oldie? I said I'm Ryoma Nagare!
    Gai:     Well, for both being Getter 1's pilot, they are somewhat the same.
    Hayato:  Sorry for the noise. Along with that, can we go with you to Japan? I
             want to train the Getter Team too.
    Jamil:   Of course. I'll introduce you all. He's general Hayato Kami. He's
             commanding the Neo Getter Team.
    Lahge:   Getter Robot, is the one using Getter Ray as energy, right?
    Kid:     He's here! The energy maniac.
    Hayato:  No, for Neo Getter Robot, it's name is Getter but, it isn't using
             Getter Energy.
    Lahge:   If so, then what's its energy?
    Sho:     Plasma energy. It's latent potential is inferior to Getter Ray but,
             It isn't even to Photon Energy or the Super Electromagnetics and,
             it's easier to control than the Getter Energy.
    Lahge:   Wow, please tell me more later.
    Sho:     It's confidential information. I can't say anything without general's
    Hayato:  She's Sho Tachibana, Neo Getter 2's pilot.
    Gai:     And, I'm Gai Masamichi. Neo Getter 3's pilot. Nice to meet you... And,
             where's dining hall? I'm starving.
    Fa:      I'll take you there later. So, that one is...
    Gou:     What you say, retired oldie!
    Ryoma:   Don't say shit, newbie pilot!
    Roaby:   They're still like that.
    Hayato:  Neo Getter 1's future pilot Gou Ichimonji, and my friend Ryoma Nagare.
             Getter 1's former pilot.
    # scene 065 NB:	Nadesico - bridge #
    Prospector: So, you weren't made hostages?
    Minato:     Yes, for his sake, I'll make that very clear.
    Prospector: If so, it's troublesome. You've helped enemy to flee.
    Megumi:     We won't say any excuses. Fire us or whatever you want.
    Prospector: So, what will it be, captain?
    Yurika:     That Shiratori-san, he didn't seem like a bad person. I know how
                you feel.
    Prospector: Like that it's troublesome, captain.
    [transmission sound]
    Ruri:       Er, it's a connection from Earth. It's about that case.
    Megumi:     Ah, I'll do it... It's from a woman called Lady Une.
    Lady:       Nadesico, can you hear me?
    Yurika:     Ah, Lady-san.
    Lady:       I've heard the story from Reika. I'll need some support about
                Jovian Union's truth.
    Prospector: What about their punishment?
    Lady:       Detention until you reach Earth.
    Prospector: It's such a light punishment.
    Lady:       Their move might become a great plus. The Earth Sphere Nation
                doesn't want to spread useless war.
    Banjo:      So you can't do much because it can be a political problem?
    Lady:       That's it. Tell them that they were saved by the situation.
    # if Raul Route #
    Reika:      What about Raul and the others?
    Lady:       That's what refugees have done. And we are having them to fight,
                although they are refugees. Give them a tight warning for now.
    Prospector: And what should be Nadesico's next step?
    Lady:       You've joined Dendoh. Head to Earth's GEAR headquarters with them.
                We'll think about the refugees and your next step afterwards.
    Banjo:      There are lots of refugees from Von Brown too. I beg for speed.
    Yurika:     Nadesico will head to Earth's GEAR headquarters.
    # next: scene 066 NB #
    # scene 065 LK:	Freeden - deck #
    Hayato:  So, are you going, Ryo?
    Ryoma:   Aah, Getter Team's 3 are together. There's no use if everyone keeps
             together in the same place. I'll gather informations on the Dinosaur
             Empire by myself.
    Noin:    About information gathering, did you think about our last talk?
    Ryoma:   About me working for Preventers? I refuse. I can't go along with that.
    Noin:    I see. Unfortunately.
    Ryoma:   Well, see ya!
    Hayato:  Ryo!
    Ryoma:   I know, I'll visit Musashi's grave before going!
    Gou:     Wait, you oldie! We didn't decide yet.
    Sho:     Gou, you have Neo Getter 1's piloting training. It'll be bad if you
             don't improve your piloting skills as soon as possible.
    Gou:     Daaaaaah. No use. Old man, you've got your ass saved till next time!
    Gai:     Seems like a duel.
    Ryoma:   Hit your guts at the Dinosaur Empire. Bye, newbie!
    # next: scene 068 LK #
    # scene 066 NB: Nadesico - dining hall #
    R/F:        Preventers?
    Reika:      Bureau of information for the Earth Sphere Nation. They're meant to
                inform about actions at any territory.
    Prospector: For Nadesico's Mars travel decision, Lady Une, Preventers' most
                important person. She helped us with that.
    Hikaru:     I've heard a lot. See, the Earth Sphere Nation adopted a no army
                policy but, because of the so many intruders coming out, they
                couldn't stay like that.
    Ryoko:      There's the AEUG at space, and Freeden at Earth. Those kind of
                army were formed right away.
    Uribatake:  The "Earth Sphere Nation Guard", right? They seem to get lots of
    Beauty:     Well, are we going to join that whatever guard? Seems like Banjo
                liked the idea.
    Ryoko:      Isn't that the choice?
    Ginga:      Aah, I'm starving. Isn't there something!?
    Hokuto:     Ginga, don't be so noisy, you're annoying everyone.
    Ginga:      But hey...
    Hikaru:     You're Dendoh's pilots?
    Hokuto:     Yes. I'm Hokuto Kusanagi.
    Ginga:      Ginga Izumo. Nice to meet you.
    Akito:      Dendoh is a two person machine.
    Hokuto:     Eeh, it's like that.
    Ryoko:      But, what's GEAR thinking about, having children to fight?
    Ginga:      It's helpless. Dendoh chose us. Mah, I know why Dendoh chose me,
                though. I'm very strong, you know.
    Gai:        The chasing enemies. The chosen boys fight inside a giant robot.
                Kuuh, this situation is good indeed. I'm burning!
    Hokuto:     ... I'm not in it for good. But it's helpless. If I don't fight,
                everything will be gone. The town, friends, everyone...
    Ginga:      That's it. It's alright! We can do it! We're the chosen fighters!
    Hokuto:     It can be easy for Ginga. You're so easy-going.
    Ginga:      You're the one without nerves!
    # next: scene 067 NB #
    # scene 067 NB: Nadesico - bridge #
    Vega:    We're safe thanks to you. I'm greatly thankful to Nadesico's help.
    Yurika:  No, we've being saved too. And, what's that came after you?
    Vega:    Machine Empire Galpha's army. They've invaded Earth after Nadesico
             went to Mars, so it's sure fro you to not know them.
    Yurika:  Another invader?
    # next: scene 068 NB #
    # scene 068 NB: Nadesico - deck #
    # scene 068 LK: Freeden - cabin #
    # if Raul Route #
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Raul:    Earth... so, what will it be?
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Raul:    Japan... so, what will it be?
    Lahge:   There's nothing we can do. To go back to our time, we need to research
             more on the Time Flow Engine and Excellence frames.
    Raul:    So then the best choice is to join that whatever guard.
    Lahge:   We're in mid-war.
    Mizuho:  But, will it be ok? There are lots of other robots along, and they
             won't share the budget for Excellence...
    Raul:    ... Don't worry. For me, the Excellence is the best machine. Enough to
             think there's nothing better than the Time Flow Engine.
    Mizuho:  You're exaggerating.
    Raul:    No, you are subestimating too much the values of yourself. Please,
             lend us your power.
    Mizuho:  ... Yes.
    # else Fiona Route #
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Fiona:   Earth... it's better to make our goals clear. What will it be?
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Fiona:   Japan... it's better to make our goals clear. What will it be?
    Lahge:   Japan is the main circle of giant robots and energy research. Visiting
             it will be valuable.
    Fiona:   Not that. Leaving energy topic for later.
    Lahge:   I know. About our next move.
    Fiona:   So, you know very well.
    Lahge:   There's no choice. To go back to our time, we need to research more
             on the Time Flow Engine and Excellence frames.
    Fiona:   So it's best to join the Earth Sphere Nation Guard.
    Mizuho:  It'd be like that even if we didn't want...
    Fiona:   Perhaps. And as I hear, they don't seem to have budget to share for
             useless stuff.
    Lahge:   We're in mid-war. The best way to get budget is to be related to army.
             And with that we should research the time warp secretly, and as soon
             as we do that, we'll go back to our time.
    Fiona:   It hears like leaving everyone behind.
    Lahge:   We can't just go out with the truth. It's helpless. We appeared and
             disappeared in all of a sudden. That's the best.
    Mizuho:  I agree.
    # if Nadesico B Route next:  scene 069 NB #
    # else La Kailum Route next: scene 069 LK #
    # scene 069 NB: Nadesico - deck #
    Uribatake: Okay, it's as I expected!
    Gai:       Ooh, this can be used!
    Reika:     What are you doing? What's this spear?
    Ryoko:     Aestevalis' new weapon.
    Uribatake: Indeed! It's name is "Field Lancer"!
    Beauty:    A great name, but isn't it an ordinary lance?
    Uribatake: Against Galpha or Meganoids, yes. But this thing's true value comes
               upon fighting Jovian Union's mechas!
    Mizuho:    What does it mean?
    Uribatake: This is for a counter Distortion Field spear.
    Gai:       Indeed! This spear can ignore enemy's Distortion Field and damage
    Uribatake: By analysing Distortion Field's mechanism, that's what my brain came
               out with!! Fufu... I'm afraid of my own talent...
    # next: scene 070 #
    # scene 069 LK: GEAR HQ - commander room #
    Shibuya:    Good work on Amuro Ray's and Tifa Adeil's shelter. I'm GEAR's
                commander Shibuya. Nice to meet you.
    Jamil:      So do we. We'll here for a while.
    Shibuya:    For what you said, Amuro Ray will keep up as a pilot but, what
                about Tifa-kun?
    Tifa:       ... May I stay here for a while?
    Shibuya:    I don't mind. You can think about your future calmly.
    Lady:       And, what are the results for the other troops?
    Tifa:       ... Who is this person?
    Noin:       Be calm. She's Preventers' chief Lady Une. My superior.
    Lady:       Nadesico's Mars Utopia Colony's refugee rescue operation has
                succeeded in some ways. But, because of the Meganoids and Jovian
                Union, it doesn't mean everyone.
    Amuro:      Jovian Union. For the stories, they're the descendents of Lunarians
                who were exiled from Earth.
    Lady:       It's still under research. But the probability is high.
    Amuro:      What people do still doesn't change from past.
    Shibuya:    And the ones we were expecting, the Machine Empire Galpha has
                commenced its attack. From now on, the cooperation of you all is
                needed to obtain victory.
    Prospector: I agree.
    # next: scene 070 #
    # scene 070: GEAR HQ - commander room #
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Shibuya:    Good work at your long travel to Mars. I'm GEAR's commander Shibuya.
                Nice to meet you all.
    Yurika:     Oh, so do we.
    Shibuya:    So, let me introduce them. Sub-commander Vega-kun, Hokuto-kun,
                Ginga-kun, I think you know them already.
    Yurika:     Yes.
    Kirakuni:   I'm Sussumo Kirakuni. I'm designated to pilot the currently on
                contruction Dendoh's support mecha... I was Dendoh's candidate
                pilot once though...
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Shibuya:    So, let me introduce them.
    Vega:       GEAR sub-commander Vega.
    Roaby:      Hyu, I want to see that face under your mask.
    Hokuto:     (By saying so, I haven't ever seen Vega-san's face.)
    Vega:       I introduce you GEAR's proudful giant robot "Dendoh"'s pilots.
    Ginga:      I'm Ginga Izumo. Nice to meet you.
    Hokuto:     I'm Hokuto Kusanagi.
    Witz:       What, they are kids.
    Ginga:      Sorry for being kids. We're fighters chosen by Dendoh.
    Hayato:     Chief Shibuya, weren't Dendoh's pilots sub-commander Vega and
    Shibuya:    Well, the situation has changed. Dendoh has chosen those two.
    Kirakuni:   Let's keep on. I'm Sussumo Kirakuni. I'm designated to pilot the
                currently on contruction Dendoh's support mecha.
    Inoue:      I'm chief mechanic Inoue.
    Lahge:      By the way, I wanted to ask, about Dendoh's energy, what's its
                motive power? It moves such a big robot, can it be a very splendid
    Inoue:      Eeh, 2 of Hyper Dendoh Battery.
    Lahge:      Battery... you mean, battery!?
    Inoue:      Eeh, like an ordinary battery. It's enough to imagine a bigger
                version of those.
    Lahge:      So Dendoh moves using batteries!?
    Shibuya:    Hahah, so it was said.
    Inoue:      Don't make fun because it uses batteries. The Hyper Dendoh Battery
                that Dendoh uses can supply energy to Japan for a full year.
    Lahge:      ...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       As an energy researcher, it was a shock.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      It was such a shock. Mah, be happy, it has one of these inside.
    Ginga:      ... It'd be better if it was solar energy or such.
    Inoue:      With that, we'd be in trouble at rainy days.
    Aiko:       And at night too. I'm Aiko Asano. I'm the chief operator. Nice to
                meet you.
    Beauty:     But, Daitarn uses solar energy.
    Banjo:      Literally, Daitarn uses the sun's shine to move.
    Ginga:      So cool.
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Shibuya:    Let me introduce Freeden's members. They were mainly sheltering
                Newtypes here at Earth. Recently, the Neo Zeon has restarted a war,
                and there were many informations that they were capturing Newtypes
                to use them as soldiers. He's Freeden's captain Jamil Neat-kun.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Shibuya:    Over, those were GEAR members. Let me introduce now the Nadesico
                crew. They went to rescue refugees at Mars, and came back a few
                days ago.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       (Hee, so Nadesico was present at this early age...)
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      (Nadesico? Oh, no surprise to have Nadesico at this early age.)
    Yurika:     Yes, I'm captain Yurika Misumaru. Nice to meet you!
    Jamil:      Nice to meet you, captain Yurika.
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Yurika:     Nice to meet you.
    Sara:       I'm Sara Tirel. Mainly operator.
    Jamil:      When I deploy, she's the substitute captain.
    Shibuya:    Jamil-kun's splendid as a Mobile Suit pilot.
    Jamil:      Please, stop. I was a man with cockpit phobia until recently.
    Tonya:      I'm Tonya Marm. Comm officer.
    Kid:        I'm Kid Salsamir. I don't lose to anybody at Mobile Suit's
    Witz:       I'm Witz Su. Gundam Airmaster's pilot.
    Roaby:      Pilot as well, Roaby Roy. If I knew there were so many pretty
                ladies, I'd be at Nadesico too.
    Garrod:     And I'm the invincible Mobile Suit pilot, Garrod Ran.
    Kid:        Don't talk too much, you'll be ashamed, Gundam kid.
    Garrod:     What!?
    Witz:       That's what makes you a kid.
    Noin:       Stop. What's the meaning of arguing at a time like this? I'm sorry.
                Lucrezia Noin. Preventer's officer. I was sent to Freeden as a
    Reika:      Long time no see, Noin.
    Noin:       It's you Reika. Sorry to make you help, once you left Preventers.
    Reika:      It's ok. By the way, is the sheltering of the Newtypes going well?
    Noin:       Not that good. Only the two, Amuro Ray and Tifa Adeil.
    Amuto:      Sheltered or not, I'm a pilot as well. I'm Amuro Ray.
    Tifa:       I'm Tifa Adeil.
    Hikaru:     Is Tifa-san a pilot too?
    Tifa:       No, I'm not.
    Fa:         I'm Fa Yuiry. I'm a pilot too.
    Shibuya:    ... I've heard you joined with Getter Team at your way.
    Hayato:     Chief, sorry for the delay.
    Gou:        That's because Gai takes too much time eating!
    Gai:        I was starving, so it's helpless.
    Sho:        There's something called eat moderately, for your information.
    Shibuya:    Let me introduce them. The commander of the Getter Team, general
                Kami Hayato.
    Hayato:     The Getter Team has gathered recently. They'll be a nuisance
    Gou:        No need to worry. I'm Neo Getter 1's pilot Gou Ichimonji-sama.
    Sho:        Sho Tachibana. I'm Neo Getter 2's pilot.
    Gai:        I'm Neo Getter 3's pilot, Gai Masamichi. Nice to meet ya.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Ruri:       I'm operator Ruri Hoshino.
    Mizuho:     Captain Hoshino?
    Lahge:      It seems she isn't the captain yet.
    Ruri:       What?
    Lahge:      Nothing. Please go on.
    Gai:        I'm Gai. Gai Daigouji. Call me Gai.
    Gai:        Hee, I'm Gai too.
    Gai:        So you're Gai too. There's the difference of kanji and katakana
                names but, for being Gai, let's get along well.
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Ryoko:      You've got your real name, Jiro Yamada.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Ruri:       But, Gai-san's real name is Jiro Yamada.
    Gai:        That's my informal name! My name is Gai Daigouji!
    # if Nadesico B Route #
    Shibuya:    What about Nagare-kun?
    Hayato:     He went somewhere else. Well, he'll appear whenever he can.
    Shibuya:    I see. By the way, until we can't define the next mission, you'll
                be at GEAR headquarters' affiliation.
    # else La Kailum Route #
    Sho:        Confusing. Can't it be Yamada?
    Gai:        I'm Gai Daigouji!
    Akito:      I'm Akito Tenkawa. Pilot and cook.
    Ryoko:      I'm pilot Ryoko Subaru. Nice to meet you.
    Hikaru:     As well, Hikaru Amano.
    Izumi:      Izumi Maki...
    Megumi:     I'm Megumi Raynard. I'm the comm officer.
    Minato:     I'm Haruka Minato. I'm the driver. Nice to meet you.
    Prospector: I was transfered from Nergal Enterprise, the one that made
                Nadesico, for bureaucracy and such. I'm Prospector.
    Uribatake:  That Excellence, I've heard that was you who made it. Nice to meet
                you, I'm chief mechanic Seiya Uribatake.
    Mizuho:     Nice to meet you.
    Banjo:      So we're last. I'm Banjo Haran, nice to meet you.
    Mizuho:     Haran... I've heard that name.
    Reika:      Well, about Banjo Haran, he's Earth Sphere's leading millionaire.
                I'm Reika Mijo. Banjo's assistant.
    Beauty:     I'm the number 1 assistant Beautiful Tachibana. Call me Beauty.
    Reika:      What's that number 1 thingy? You only have the appearence.
    Beauty:     No way. And Reika that got fired by the Preventers and came to cry
                at Banjo's.
    Reika:      How dare you. I left Preventers on my own!
    Noin:       Indeed, Reika left the Preventers with a letter of resignation. It
                was 3 days after she was accepted.
    Beauty:     3 days of Preventer? How shameful.
    Reika:      I met Banjo at one of those 3 days!
    Banjo:      Ok ok, fight is over. They both are my precious assistants. And at
                last, I'll introduce you my butler.
    Gallison:   I'm Gallison Tokida. Thereafter, at your orders.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       A butler!? I only knew from novels and movies. Indeed a rich one.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      A butler. First time I see.
    Shibuya:    Well, until we can't define the next mission, you'll stand by at
                GEAR headquarters.
    Yurika:     Does that mean, we'll stay here the most, but we'll have to go
                there and back again?
    Vega:       Yes. Nergal has agreed too.
    Shibuya:    If it's possible I'd want that [Raul/Fiona]-kun and the others stay
                too. Do you mind?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:       No, I don't mind.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:      No objection.
    Shibuya:    So it's decided. We, the Earth Sphere Nation Guard
    Kirakuni:   Er, chief.
    Shibuya:    What is it, Kirakuni?
    Kirakuni:   Can't you do anything about that Earth Sphere Nation Guard name?
                It's long and kind of weird...
    Gai:        That's right. It's the name for the justice's heroes to assemble!
    Shibuya:    But even so, GEAR or Freeden, or the AEUG which is currently at
                space, are closer to squad names. Those can't be a name to point us
    Ryoko:      And Nadesico is the ship's name.
    Yurika:     Let's put a new name then!
    # next: scene 071 #
    # scene 071: GEAR HQ - commander room #
    Ruri:    ... And, 8 hours later.
    Witz:    Not yet! How long will it take to decide a name?
    Banjo:   Don't say so. A name is for lifetime. You don't want to be
             disappointed, do you?
    Shibuya: Sorry for the delay. We've decided. Our force name is...
    [name selection screen]
    Shibuya: Confirmed as Round Knights. Great efforts for you all. Over!
    # next: scene 072 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # 07. My Favorite Horse is Ferocious #
    # scene 072: Amusement Park - entrance #
    Garrod:   Wow, so GEAR HQ is the undergrounds of an amusement park.
    Tifa:     ... Everyone's having fun.
    Ginga:    But, the ticket here is expensive. If I weren't Dendoh's pilot, I
              wouldn't be able to come in. Mom is tightwad too.
    Hokuto:   You're exaggerating, Ginga.
    Reika:    I agree, but still there are few amusement parks in the world.
    Hikaru:   Even if people want to go, they can't.
    Kirakuni: That's why there's this open garden. To not forget about having fun,
              and about our dreams.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     What's up, Mizuho? Looking around restlessly.
    Mizuho:   It's my first time at an amusement park.
    Minato:   Eeh, is that true?
    Mizuho:   Yes, the colony I lived didn't have amusemnt parks.
    Megumi:   By the way, I've never heard of a colony having amusement parks. I
              wonder how many are there...
    Tonya:    Then, you've never gone into one for a date?
    Mizuho:   Eer... I've never dated...
    Beauty:   Eeh-! I can't believe! You're 18! And has no date experience?
    Mizuho:   N,no...
    Minato:   I'm shocked... Raul-kun!
    Raul:     Y,yes!?
    Minato:   You don't even go dating with her, what's the matter!?
    Raul:     And why does it turn like that? I'm not Mizuho's boyfriend.
    Beauty:   Even if not, if there's such a cute girl nearby, it's manners to ask
              for a date!
    Raul:     B,but I...
    Mizuho:   ...
    Kirakuni: So I'll give this to you. A one day free VIP pass. Go both of you.
    Mizuho:   R,really... Hah!? N,no, it's ok!
    Raul:     Yes! Why does it turn like this!?
    Roaby:    Isn't that ok? It's important for a pilot and a mechanic to relate
    Mizuho:   Raul-san, how about that?
    Raul:     W,well, we've got it in hands so... Shall we?
    Mizuho:   Yes!
    Kirakuni: Yes yes, go go.
    Witz:     How curious. That's something to do by himself.
    Tonya:    It's ok. Both of them seem to lack romantic experience. It's back-up.
    Yurika:   Akito, let's go too. Kirakuni-san, is there more of that VIP pass?
    Kirakuni: Of course. Here.
    Akito:    Wait, why it turns like this?
    Hikaru:   Ok ok ok, one more couple sending in-!
    Tonya:    Oh, isn't that Rahge?
    Roaby:    That's him. What's he doing?
    Rahge:    ...
    Megumi:   What are you looking at? A poster?
    Kirakuni: Ah, it's an event for today.
    Gou:      What... "Gathering of Mazinger and the townspeople"?
    Kirakuni: An event running under the Photon Power Lab and the Science Fortress
              Lab. Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger will come.
    Rahge:	  The true one. I'll see the true Photon Power Engine!
    Beauty:   They won't show the engine itself, I suppose?
    Gou:      That's stupid. A gathering with townspeople is a thing from the past!
    Kirakuni: For times like this that we have to do it.
    Aiko:     And all tickets were sold out.
    Gou:      So there are lots of people with free time in the world.
    Sho:      I've found you. Gou, you're supposed to be in training.
    Gou:      Gegeh, Sho, Gai. Isn't it ok? All we've done till now is training!
    Gai:      Colonel said that until you can't master Neo Getter 1 completely,
              you'll be under training. So, let's go.
    Sho:      And your total training hours so far doesn't reach 1/10 of what me
              and Gai's did.
    Gou:      No kidding. Ouch, you don't need to pull my ears!
    Hikaru:   Good training.
    Banjo:    ...
    Hokuto:   What's up, Banjo-san?
    Banjo:    Kirakuni-kun, who's this Edwin, that's opening the event?
    Kirakuni: Aah, a magician. A production expert that brought us this project.
    Banjo:    I see. So Edwin did.
    Tonya:    Do you know him?
    Banjo:    ... Sort of.
    # next: scene 073 #
    # scene 073: GEAR HQ - command room #
    [connection sound]
    Shibuya: So, after the gathering, Mazinger Team will join us, is that so?
    Kenzo:   Yes, they already know that, so please, make good use of them.
    Shibuya: I'm glad for that. For now on, I presume the enemy will strike harder.
    # next: scene 074 #
    # scene 074: Mikene Empire #
    Shogun:  Ugnn. It's a gathering of townspeople. Damn you Tetsuya Tsurugi, damn
             you Great Mazinger!
    Emperor: Calm down, Darkness Shogun.
    Shogun:  Hah!? Emperor of Dark-sama.
    Emperor: This is a chance. If there's townspeople around them, they can't fight
             hard. They'll that way envolve those fools.
    Shogun:  Indeed. Alright, Mikenes, prepare to launch. I'll smash the Mazingers
             for the eyes of those humans!
    Emperor: It's a good chance. Take the Mech Beasts.
    Shogun:  The Mech Beasts. The robots Dr. Hell made.
    Emperor: Yes. I've found those at his base, and upgraded them.
    Shogun:  Indeed, they do hate for the Mazingers too. All-round Fortress
             Demonika, launch!
    # next: scene 075 #
    # scene 075: Amusement Park - event hall #
    Boy:      Dad, the real Great Mazinger will come?
    Girl:     I want to see Venus A.
    # if Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    Neh, Rahge. We don't need to come to this place... We can see the
              Mazinger after this.
    Rahge:    I want to see them move... only if Kirakuni-san did give us tickets,
              we wouldn't need to be in line as ordinary visitors.
    Fiona:    It's helpless. Even if one ticket is there, it's policy to give it to
              ordinary visitors.
    Edwin:    Fufufu, they're here. Kids brought by their dreams. By making their
              dream come true, my dreams will come true.
    Banjo:    There he is. It's Edwin, for sure.
    Gallison: Banjo-sama might have missed him. Please try not to break the stage
              for that.
    Banjo:    Hey hey, with that it hears like I'm the one who brings chaos.
    Gallison: Well, there's enough trouble around you.
    Banjo:    Don't make fun of me.
    # next: scene 076 #
    # scene 076: Amusement Park - locker room #
    [connection sound]
    Edwin:   Koros-sama, the plan is going as scheduled.
    Koros:   Don was saying your plan is terrific, and using the Mazingers to
             gather the youth, we can upgrade them to soldiers.
    Edwin:   And then, by getting the Mazingers in the hands of us, the Meganoids,
             make use of them.
    Koros:   Alright, but be careful about Banjo. He's back to Earth.
    Edwin:   If Banjo appears, I'll trap him and get rid of him, and make sure
             Koros-sama have fun of it. I'll make a human fireworks. Or, a water
             show with his living blood.
    Koros:   Say that after you catch Banjo. I don't want to listen to promises.
    Edwin:   So, watch Commander Edwin's great magic show.
    # if Raul Route next: scene 077 #
    # else next:          scene 079 #
    # scene 077: Amusement Park - viewing platform #
    Mizuho:  Look, Raul-san! We can see the horizon!
    Raul:    ...So that's it. It's the first time I see horizon.
    Mizuho:  At moon or colonies we can't see the horizon. Raul-san, have you been
             to Earth already?
    Raul:    When I was young, but I can't remember.
    Mizuho:  Earth and colonies are made to look alike but, they're different
             afterall. When I was young, I went to sea with my parents, but I got
             sick because of the salty smell.
    Raul:    I've heard that once. Because the air and water at colonies are
             conditioned, Spacenoids get very sensible about it.
    Mizuho:  I guess so. The smell of salty wind and grass... it's very different
             for the real thing.
    Raul:    At colonies, everything is sterilized.
    Mizuho:  But when I was young, I thought people at Earth live under hard
             conditions and...
    Raul:    And?
    Mizuho:  I thought Spacenoids excels people of Earth. But after I met the ones
             from Round Knights, I've understood.
    Raul:    Understood what?
    Mizuho:  That both Earthlings and Spacenoids are same humans. They can cry and
             laugh, and anger... And if there are good people, then bad ones too.
             It doesn't matter how advanced technology means intelligence.
    Raul:    Yes. By coming at this era, and meeting with people at Round Knights,
             I thought everyone lives optmistic.
    Mizuho:  Optmistic?
    Raul:    Everyone has troubles but, with effort, they do work for the peace.
             And not only for themselves, but for the future of other people.
    Mizuho:  Yes... that's the truth. I want to be like them. I want to live
    Raul:    W,what's up? At all of a sudden.
    Mizuho:  Fufufu, nothing.
    Raul:    Ok, the ferris whell will soon stop. Let's go to the next!
    Mizuho:  Yes! Raul.
    Raul:    Eh...?
    # next: scene 078 #
    # scene 078: Amusement Park - pathway #
    Raul:    There were lots of stuff other than the horizon that I missed.
    Mizuho:  Yes. But it's fun.
    Yurika:  Ah, Raul-san. Have you gone to the Mach Star Twister 9?
    Raul:    No.
    Yurika:  You should try it. The sensation of experimenting Mach is remarkable!
    Akito:   ... Don't try it... ugh.
    Mizuho:  Are you ok?
    Yurika:  Looks like he got sick.
    Akito:   Mach is not something to experiment. Ugh...
    Yurika:  Akito, are you alright?
    Akito:   A,aah...
    Raul:    Experiment Mach... Let's stop then? The gathering will start soon.
    Mizuho:  I agree. If it was me, I'd die in shock.
    Raul:    I bet!
    Mizuho:  Moh! How cruel!
    # next: scene 079 #
    # scene 079: Amusement Park - event hall #
    Banjo:    ...
    Kirakuni: Areh, Banjo-san. What's the matter? Are you going to give that
              bouquet to someone?
    Banjo:    The one I'd give this bouquet is already dead... Kirakuni-kun, stop
              the gathering now.
    Kirakuni: No, it's impossible. It'll start now.
    # next: Stage 07 #
     Stage 07 - Ayaushi Mazinger Team!! (Mazinger Team in danger!!)
    Edwin:    Pardon for the delay. The gathering of Mazinger and the townspeople.
              Commencing now. The Earth is currently in great danger. Being aimed by
              fearsome invaders. But there's no need to fear. Because... there are
              heroes of stell who protect this Earth!
    Boy:      Wo-w!
    Edwin:    I'll introduce them. The iron maiden, Diana A. Pilot, Sayaka Yumi!
    [Diana A appears]
    Edwin:    The goddess of steel, Venus A. And the one who pilots, Jun Homura!
    [Venus A appears]
    Jun:      He-y.
    Edwin:    Everyone's laughing idol king. The miraculous robot thay Boss pilots,
              it's name is!
    Boy:      Boss Borot!!
    [Borot appears]
    Boss:     Jajaja-n! World's good children, sorry for the delay. Boss Borot is
    Jun:      Oh well, he's enthusiastic.
    Sayaka:   Boss, I won't care if you fall down for that.
    Edwin:    And now! From the devious Empire Mikene this robot of justice protects
              Earth. The flying fortress of steel Mazinger Z! And, the hero of the
              skies Great Mazinger!
    [Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger appears]
    Edwin:    I'll introduce the pilots. The hero that pilots Mazinger Z, Koji
    Koji:     Everyone, I won't let Mikene fool around as long as I'm here!
    Edwin:    The brain of Great Mazinger, Tetsuya Tsurugi!
    Girl:     Kya-, he's real.
    Koji:     Hey, Tetsuya-san. Don't wave your hands only, say something.
    Tetsuya:  Don't say so, I hate this kind of thing.
    # if Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    So, are you happy now?
    Rahge:    No no, I want to see the Photon Power Beam.
    Fiona:    Isn't it impossible here?
    Edwin:    (Fufufu, so the actors are all here. So it's time... When all people
              of this stage disappears, they'll come back as soldiers.)
    Woman:    H,hey, what'a that!?
    [Mikene units appear]
    Shogun:   The hell with townspeople gathering! You'll know what happens to who
              sides with the Science Fortress Lav!
    Man:      B,Battle Beasts!
    Koji:     And Mech Beasts too!
    Tetsuya:  Shogun of Darkness!
    Edwin:    What, why is Mikene here!?
    Jun:      Boss, Sayaka-san. Protect the people. Lead them to the underground
    Sayaka:   Understood. Boss.
    Boss:     Leave it ot me.
    # if Fiona Route #
    Rahge:    It's helpless. Fiona, launch on Excellence.
    Fiona:    Don't you want to see Mazinger fighting?
    Rahge:    I'll get angry.
    Fiona:    ... Sorry.
    Tetsuya:  Okay, Koji-kun. We'll ambush the Battle Beasts!
    Koji:     Aah, we'll show them the Double Mazinger's power!
    Shogun:   Go, Mech Beasts, Battle Beasts! There's people around them, so they
              can't move properly!
    [Mikene units appear]
    Girl:     Kyaaaa-!
    Tetsuya:  No, the girl!
    # cinematic: Battle Beast Gratonius VS Great Mazinger #
    Tetsuya:  Uwaaaah!!
    Koji:     Tetsuya-san!
    Tetsuya:  I'm ok. Hurry, this girl.
    Girl:     Hiiiin. Hik,hik...
    Aiko:     Here, don't cry.
    Kirakuni: Tetsuyakun, again!
    Tetsuya:  No, if I avoid, the girl and Kirakuni and the others will...!
    # cinematic: Battle Beast Gratonius VS Great Mazinger #
    Tetsuya:  Guuuuuh!
    Jun:      Tetsuya!
    Tetsuya:  Guff... no use. Great can't move...
    Shogun:   Fufufu, good. Kill him now!
    Tetsuya:  Kuh... So I'm over... No, I won't lose now...
    Vega:     That's right!
    [Valkyrie appears]
    Kirakuni: Sub-commander!
    Vega:     The children are safe. It's alright. The others will come too!
    [Round Knights appears]
    # deploy: 8 units #
    Yurika:   Mazinger people, are you alright!?
    Jamil:    Let's get them out of the city.
    Shogun:   Damn you, humans. I don't care. Kill them all!
    Koji:     That's our speech. Prepare yourself!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of ally battleship
    # Koji VS Shogun #
    Koji:    You bastard, don't get happy because you defeated Great!
    Shogun:  Humpf, you can't beat me with Mazinger Z!
    # Tetsuya VS Shogun #
    Shogun:  Tetsuya Tsurugi, it's your time!
    Tetsuya: Kuh, I can't die here!
    # Jun VS Shogun #
    Jun:     You'll pay for what you did to Tetsuya!
    Shogun:  Humpf, you small fish.
    # enemy retreat: Shogun's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Shogun:  It can't be. Just one more step. Retreat!
    [Demonika explodes/disappears]
    # reinforce: first enemy annihilation #
    Koji:     We did it. Watch that!
    Sayaka:   By the way, is everyone alright?
    Kirakuni: Yes. Everyone made it to the shelter.
    Edwin:    Fufu, a fine shelter, indeed.
    Kirakuni: W,What!?
    Yurika:   The manager. What's he saying?
    Edwin:    Because of the Mikene's bastards, my stage is destroyed. The fun of
              this Commander Edwin was smashed. This sorcerer Edwin's!
    Ryoko:    Commander Edwin, he said!?
    Yurika:   Meganoid?
    Edwin:    But, I won't let the curtains go down this way. The great magic of
              the sorcerer Edwin. Watch it!
    [Megaborg Edwin appear]
    Sara:     He got bigger?
    Gai:      Uwooooooooh! I'm burning. Now, that's a evil guy!
    Edwin:    Who's the evil one!? At my sign, the shelter with the civilians will
              fly to Mars. When they come back, you'll welcome new Meganoids.
    Gou:      The hell with welcome. Don't fool with us!
    Edwin:    Then, 1, 2, 3! ...
    Ginga:    What, nothing happened.
    Edwin:    W,What happened? Why isn't the rocket igniting?
    Banjo:    Edwin. That's because your show's curtain is coming down! And! You're
              no sorcerer or whatever!
    [Daitarn 3 appears]
    Edwin:   Banjo Haran, that's your work!
    Banjo:   Sure. Because your magic lacks creativity, and you lack training!
    Edwin:   I can't forgive you for saying about my art! You destroyed my device,
             and destroyed my dreams.
    Banjo:   You're the one who destroyed my dreams! You were once a traveller
             artist that went town to town, and sold dreams to children.
    Edwin:   W,Why do you know about that!?
    Banjo:   And you became a Meganoid... I can't forgive you! For the heavens, to
             use miracle for evil, you lost your pride as an artist, Edwin!
    Edwin:   What can you understand!? At mid-war, no one takes care about a poor
             artist, but the Meganoids!
    Banjo:   Such a weakling! For the world, and for the people, Meganoid's
             ambition Daitarn 3 will crush! If you don't fear the light of the sun,
             then come and get me!!
    Edwin:   I'll, and be thankful of that! It's show time!
    [Meganoid units appear]
    # Banjo VS Commander Edwin #
    Banjo:   When I was a kid, I loved to see your arts... It was different fun
             from TV, and I, and the other kids too, were expecting you to arrive.
    Edwin:   Forget such thing from the past!
    Banjo:   I can't, and you are the one who broke my dreams!
    Edwin:   ... I see, I remember... In that town, the boy from the very first
             line... That's...
    Banjo:   Edwin, I won't forgive you!
    # enemy retreat: Edwin's hp reaches 0 VS Banjo #
    Edwin:   G,Good, Banjo...
    Banjo:   Edwin, it's time to bring the curtains for your magics down.
    Edwin:   Magic, and this war, they're both shows, Banjo-kun. People has to have
             fun with it...
    [Megaborg Edwin explodes]
    Beauty:  Wow, such an ending.
    Banjo:   Edwin...
    # stage end #
    Tetsuya: Uugh...
    Jun:     Tetsuya!
    Koji:    Tetsuya-san, hang in there!
    Boss:    Tetsuya, don't give up with this!
    Sayaka:  Hurry, we have to take care of it!
    Vega:    Kirakuni-kun, hurry, to the medical office!
    # next: scene 0080 #
    # scene 080: Amusement Park - pathway #
    Jun:      How's Tetsuya?
    Fa:       He's alright. He's got the guts. There's no risk to his life. But,
              it's necessary to rest.
    Inoue:    Great Mazinger is heavily damaged. If it's to exchange parts, then it
              can be done here but, about the Photon Power Engine...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     Rahge, can't you fix it?
    Rahge:    In no way. I'm a not an expert, but for Time Flow Engine.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    Rahge, can't you fix it? Don't you have some taste for Photon Power
    Rahge:    If I could fix it, I wouldn't be so excited to see it.
    Shibuya:  It's helpless. We'll send Tetsuya-kun and the Great Mazinger back to
              Science Fortress Lab.
    Hayato:   I agree. To get some rest is more important.
    Jun:      I'll carry Tetsuya and Great Mazinger with Venus, then.
    Shibuya:  I'm counting on you. I'll contact Doctor Kabuto myself.
    R/F:      Then, Great Mazinger and Venus A's joining got delayed.
    Beauty:   That's it. Mah, it was helpless.
    Sayaka:   Mah, it's only until he recovers.
    Kirakuni: The return of both of them will be painfuf, but we can handle.
    Girl:     Guys, do you know Great Mazinger's pilot?
    Hokuto:   And you are?
    Girl:     Er, Great Mazinger saved me. So, this...
    Akito:    A bouquet?
    Gai:      ...Oh, I see. We are friends with Great's pilot, so trust us, we'll
              give it to him!
    Girl:     Thank you.
    Minato:   Those are all cheap flowers. I'm sure she bought it with her pocket.
    Amuro:    I envy Tetsuya-kun. I've never being thanked for fighting.
    Sho:      We're not fighting for thanks.
    Gai:      For me, if it's food it's ok.
    Izumi:    Food hatred is fearsome. Food thanks is dearsome.
    Ryoko:    You shut up!
    # next: scene 081 #
    # scene 081: Mikene Empire #
    Shogun:  Ugnh, it was only one more step.
    Emperor: Darkness Shogun, do not be troubled by that. Our plan wasn't a failure
             as Great Mazinger was heavily injured, isn't that?
    Shogun:  But we couldn't kill it.
    Emperor: That's because they've joined with other robots, and made up the
             organization named Round Knights. That means, only Mazinger can't beat
    Shogun:  Hah, indeed... But, Emperor of Dark-sama. If those forces from Earth
             do gather and confront us, then to control humanity will be difficult.
    Emperor: Darkness Shogun, if they're joining, then we shall join too.
    Shogun:  Join... That means!?
    Emperor: Yes. Darkness Shogun, send transmission to the Dinosaur Empire and to
             the aliens! We'll use their forces to beat Round Knights.
    Shogun:  Hahah!
    # next: scene 082 #
    # scene 082: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Mizuho:  ...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      What's up? Such a blue face.
    Mizuho:    Tetsuya-san is safe. Even armored by the Super Alloy New Z, when
               Great Mazinger is to be defeated, it will be. Then, Excellence is...
    Raul:      Don't say such things. I don't want to die in such a different era.
    Mizuho:    Excellence adapts to any situation with it's numerous frames and
               shows its true valor. So, the Excellence with only Striker Frame
               is... I don't want Raul to die. So...
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     What's up? With such a thoughtful face...
    Rahge:     She's thinking about Tetsuya-san's retire. See, Excellence divides
               the use of numerous frames and shows its true valor.
    Fiona:     In this situation with only Striker Frame, you mean it can't show
               its true self?
    Mizuho:    Yes.
    R/F:       Mizuho...
    Mizuho:    Excellence needs power beyond Striker...
    # if Raul Route #
    Mizuho:  (Optimistic...)
    [alarm sound]
    Uribatake: There you are. Hey, get ready for launch.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      What, is that Mikene again!?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     What, an enemy attack again!?
    Noin:      The Gaizock appeared at Tokyo.
    R/F:       Gaizock!?
    # next: scene 083 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 083: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Shibuya:   Take a look at this.
    Gai:       What's with that giant clay figure!?
    [connection sound]
    Hezaemon:  That's Gaizock's fortress, Bandock.
    Shibuya:   I'm sorry for the delay. ...Oh, Hezaemon-san, long time no see.
    Hezaemon:  Forget that, as you've forget about us till now.
    Noin:      I beg your pardon. But, our enemies are not only Gaizock.
    Hezaemon:  I know. Instead, I ask for a emergency assist. Kappei and the others
               flew in Zambot.
    Jamil:     Zambot 3 alone? It's reckless.
    Hezaemon:  I'm going too, but to defeat them, we need the Round Knights.
               Please, head to Tokyo as soon as possible.
    Shibuya:   Roger. We'll launch soon.
    [connection sound]
    Aiko:      Commander, a hyper connection from the president.
    President: Shibuya-kun, Gaizock in Tokyo.
    Shibuya:   Yes. We're launching now.
    President: I want you to delay your attack.
    Yurika:    Why is that? Tokyo's people are in trouble, right?
    President: External minister Darlian wants to talk to Gaizock and headed to
    Hayato:    What!?
    Hezaemon:  It's stupid. Talking doesn't work with Gaizock.
    President: I couldn't stop her. To stop her is to refuse all possibilities for
               the Complete Pacifism.
    Amuro:     Let's launch. The Complete Pacifism shouldn't be nonresistance.
    Noin:      There's still time for the Complete Pacifism to come true. Until
               then, there's no other way but fight.
    Shibuya:   Uhm, Jamil-kun, Yurika-kun, Round Knights, launch!
    # next: scene 084 #
    # scene 084: King Bial - command room #
    Hezaemon: External minister Darlian... It's good to hope for peace, but she has
              to know her fellows. And to talk with Gaizock.
    Duo:      Old man, we're all set, so we should go.
    Ryoma:    No souvenirs, so be patient.
    Hezaemon: Uhn? Where's Heero-kun?
    Ryoma:    In the moment he heard Relena was going to Gaizock's, he flew out.
    Duo:      He's such a stubborn.
    Hezaemon: I see... So, let's go too.
    Ryoma:    What, are you coming too?
    Duo:      No need. We're experienced with this, so old timers should stay.
    Hezaemon: Fools,. I know Gaizock better. Let's go! I'll go in Duo-kun's Gundam.
    Duo:      Well well, why does all happy oldies gather around me?
    Ryoma:    Calm down, you're not the only one.
    # next: scene 085 #
    # scene 085: Freeden - cabin #
    Mizuho:  Er, Gaizock is that...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Aah, the ones we fought before. And I remember hearing about Zambot 3.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Eeh, we fought them once. I've heard about Zambot 3 that time too.
    Mizuho:  About Uchuta and Keiko's death.
    Rahge:   Zambot 3 is a 3 pilot mech. They're 2 of them.
    Mizuho:  What should we do...?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Gaizock's supposed to fall, right? Then I don't mind.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Do what? We have to fight. It's alright. Gaizock's supposed to fall.
    Rahge:   They'll disappear for a time. And return in 5 years. Like we saw.
    R/F:     Rahge!
    Rahge:   I know. I know that all we can do now is fight. And to research on the
             Time Flow engine and time warp back to our time, we need time and
             preparation. And for that, we need to fight and support Round Knights.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    ... It's troublesome. Let's go back to our time and rest ASAP.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   ... Now my head got tired... I want to go back.
    Rahge:   It was a difficult situation, but that was our place.
    Mizuho:  But, to go back, we need to live a while here.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    ... Eei, no more thinking! If we keep thinking, and die here, then
             it's over!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   ... Then, I'll stop thinking and concentrate on fighting! If we keep
             thinking and die here, then it's over!
    Rahge:   ... If we die, the alterations to history won't happen, though.
    R/F:     So, let's stop with that!
    Mizuho:  (Yes. We can't die. For that, Excellence needs a new frame...)
    # next: scene 086 #
    # scene 086: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Aiko:    Commander! An emergency transmission from the inspection satellite.
    Shibuya: Is that Galpha!?
    Aiko:    I don't know. But, there are 5 objects heading toward Earth, to Tokyo!
    Shibuya: At Tokyo!?
    Hayato:  5 objects... Can it be, them!?
    # next: scene 087 #
    # scene 087: Bandock - room #
    Relena:  We have to succeed on this peace agreement with Gaizock. I can't let
             war fire to spread anymore.
    Soldier: Yes. But, to agree a dinner... Buther-dono is concerned about this
             peace treaty.
    Relena:  I hope so.
    Soldier: Ah, Butcher-dono is here.
    Butcher: Ho-hohoho.
    Relena:  So you're Gaizock's Butcher...	
    Butcher: Come come, relax and taste our food. Let's talk about the treaty after
             dinner. So, eat.
    Relena:  Y,Yes.
    Butcher: Oops, before that, let's pray for our health and make a toast. Come,
             pick the glasses.
    Soldier: Relena-sama, I'm glad.
    Relena:  Eeh.
    Butcher: A toast!
    Soldier: Uwah, what!?
    Relena:  Handcuffs from the glass?
    Soldier: Butcher-dono, what's the meaning of this!?
    Butcher: Ho-hoho. We've tought of learning a bit.
    Relena:  Learning!?
    Butcher: Yes, the exciting classes of professor Butcher. Ho-hoho.
    # next: Stage 08 #
     Stage 08 - Bandock arawaru! (Bandock appears!)
    [Bandock appears]
    Butcher: Earth has something called gravity. As a proof, here.
    Soldier: Uwaaaaaaaaah!
    Butcher: By dropping people from a high place, they fall. Just to confirm,
             let's try again. Look.
    Soldier: Uwaaaaaaaaah!
    Relena:  How cruel...
    Butcher: So, here's a question. If we try to drop a big sized Fed. soldier, and
             small sized Relena-sama, who'll crash on the surface first? Let's all
             think together.
    [Zambot 3 appears]
    Kappei:  Damned Gaizock, I won't let you siege Tokyo like this!
    Uchuta:  Hey, look that, Kappei! It's the external minister.
    Keiko:   She was caught by Butcher!
    Kappei:  Damn. That's what I said. We can't trust Gaizock for a treaty! We have
             to get rid of them by force!
    Butcher: Ho-hohoho. Good timing. Let's reproduce the answer to that question in
             front of Zambot. Uhn!?
    [Round Knights appear]
    # deploy: 8 units #
    Butcher: What, they again.
    Kappei:  You're late. If we don't save the external minister fast, she'll be
             gone for good!
    Yurika:  Everyone, hurry!
    Amuro:   I know!
    Butcher: Fufufu. The many to watch the better. Appear, Mech Boost! Don't let
             them come any closer!
    [Gaizock's units appear]
    Kappei:  There they come, Mech Boosts!
    Koji:    The numbers aren't everything!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of ally battleship
    # ally reinforce: turn 2 #
    Butcher:  So, let's solve to our question.
    Relena:   S,Stop!
    Yurika:   No!
    Sara:     It's no use. We can't make it.
    Soldier:  Uwaaaaaaaaahh!
    Relena:   Kyaaaaaaaaah!
    Banjo:    Kuh!
    Ruri:     One mobile weapon, approaching at high speed.
    [Wing Zero Custom appears]
    Noin:     (Heero. I'm counting on you.)
    Heero:    ...
    Ryoko:    What's that!?
    Sayaka:   A new enemy?
    Noin:     Calm down, that's an ally.
    [Wing Zero Custom moves near Bandock and moves near Freeden]
    Butcher:  What's that? It interfered on people's lessons!
    Soldier:  S,Safe...
    Relena:   Heero... So you saved us...
    Jamil:    Bring the external minister inside!
    Kid:      Okay. Here, come in, fast!
    Heero:    Resuming mission...	
    Koji:     Heheh, without a hostage, we're in advantage.
    Gou:      Okay, let's smash them!
    Duo:      Ooh, there they are.
    Ryoma:    Hurry, if we get hit by stray bullet, it's over.
    Hezaemon: Ooh.
    # enemy retreat: ally turn 5 or Butcher's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    # if turn 5 #
    Ryoma:    Hey. Is that ok to invade this easily?
    Hezaemon: They're underestimating humans, the Gaizock.
    Duo:      It's alright being easy. Well, to the job.
    Butcher:  ... Uhn, who are you?
    Ryoma:    Chi! They've found us!? And I thought it was too easy!
    Hezaemon: So you're Gaizock?
    Butcher:  Yes. I'm Killer the Butcher, the one in name of the ruler of space,
    Hezaemon: Why kill? Compared to space, Earth's humans are small as dust.
    Butcher:  Ku-kukuku. Because that's Gaizock-sama's wish.
    Hezaemon: Gaizock's wish... Once you destroyed Planet Bial, and now to destroy
              this Earth is Gaizock's thoughts!?
    Butcher:  Indeed.
    Duo:      Too bad, that won't happen!
    Butcher:  Humpf, you can't kill me. Ho-hohoho.
    Duo:      Maybe we can't kill you...
    [explosion occurs at Bandock]
    Jamil:    That's?
    Ruri:     An explosion from within Bandock.
    Kappei:   So gramps did it.
    Butcher:  Nwawa, what have you done!?
    Duo:      Damn, if it's this big, then it's harder to blow up.
    Hezaemon: Duo-kun, Ryoma-kun, let's flee.
    Ryoma:    Get out. Ryoma-sama is coming through!
    Butcher:  Do not let them escape! Grab them and kill them all!
    # else Butcher's hp reached 0 or 30% #
    Butcher:  Damn you, humans.
    ???:      Butcher... Killer the Butcher...
    Butcher:  Uuuuh... Gaizock-sama...
    Gaizock:  Butcher... You shall not forget your past... 2000 before, following a
              beast at a thick planet, there was a foolish living one.
    Butcher:  Yeyeye,yes, that's myself.
    Gaizock:  I gave you the immortal life and the unpassing time. To show this
              whole universe it's fate and what it's just.
    Butcher:  I've not forgotten. My efforts are all at that task.
    Gaizock:  Then, stop carrying burdens recklessly. You use weapons I gave for
              your own fun. I shall bring death for you if this keeps... Protect my
              weapons. Do not stay at surface for fun.
    Butcher:  H,Haha-! I'll fly to the air castle right now.
    [Bandock explodes/disappears]
    Minato:   Bandock's fleeing!
    Kappei:   Damn Gaizock, don't ever come back!
    # if Butcher's hp reached 0 or 30%
    Duo:      Hey hey, what's it? They've done it before we blew it up.
    Ryoma:    We're all stupid then.
    Hezaemon: Fufufu, don't say so. Change of plans. Let's run before we get
    Duo:      Leave it to me. No one wins on my run.
    Ryoma:    That's not something to be proud of!
    # reinforce: first enemy annihilation #
    [earth shakes]
    Tonya:    Kyah, what, earthquake?
    Sho:      No, it's a little different than an earthquake.
    Ruri:     An high energetic object is rising from the underground.
    [Devil Gundam units appear]
    Ginga:    W,What are those!?
    Amuro:    No way, that's Devil Gundam!?
    Garrod:   Devil Gundam?
    Fa:       No, Devil Gundam was destroyed by Domon and the others.
    Banjo:    The devil ressurects inumerously... is that?
    Ruri:     ... 5 mobile weapons like objects approaching from the sky.
    Jamil:    5? New enemies?
    Amuro:    ! This feeling, that's them!?
    [Shuffle Union appears]
    Gou:      What's now!?
    Amuro:    Indeed, it's them.
    Domon:    Domon Kasshu. King of Heart!!
    [explosion occurs]
    Chibodee: Chibodee Crocket. Queen the Spades!!
    [explosion occurs]
    George:   George de Sand. Jack in Dia!!
    [explosion occurs]
    Sai-sici: Sai-sici. Club Ace!!
    [explosion occurs]
    Argo:     Argo Gullsky. Black Jocker!!
    [explosion occurs]
    Domon:    We are the Shuffle Union!!
    Gai:      Ooh, those are burning guys!
    Jamil:    Shuffle Unoin... I've heard about them... For 4 thousands years
              they're a war group of 5 fighters who protected the history of war.
              Their power surpasses an ordinary humans by far.
    Banjo:    Indeed. They're thenew Shuffle Union that recently got their badges.
    George:   You're right. Fa-san, long time no see.
    Fa:       I'm glad all of you are doing fine.
    Sai-sici: Oh, fine isn't really enough!
    Hokuto:   They seem like Ginga.
    Ryoma:    Hey you, such a ridiculous appearance!
    Chibodee: Hey, it's mister Ryoma. So it's true that you retired of being a
              Getter pilot.
    Argo:     Talk later. Stop Devil Gundam first.
    Domon:    That's right. Let's goooooo, Gundam Fiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
    Chibodee: Readyyyyyyy.
    Domon:    Gooooooooooooo!!!!
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 088 #
    # scene 088: Freeden - cabin #
    Kappei:   Damn, you can call yourself reckless. A peace treaty doesn't work
              with Gaizock!
    Relena:   But, I...
    Kappei:   You're too soft, external minister!
    Hezaemon: Kappei, don't say such thing. Relena-san. I'm don't hate the Complete
              Pacifism, and I do think it's necessary.
    Duo:      But, that depends on the oponents, right?
    Uchuta:   Specially Gaizock.
    Hezaemon: To discuss is to hear each other's telling, and it succeeds by the
              wish to understand each other. If that's one-sided, then it's
    Relena:   I know. But, it's wrong to decide by ourselves that they don't have
              that wish. To live in peace, we need the feeling of thinking about
              the next. That's not fighting.
    Hezaemon: I see. But, with what happened, you've understood too. Gaizock
              doesn't have the wish to live or talk with humans. For them, humans
              are nothing but symbols to be destroyed. And for their own fun.
    Relena:   Then, why did they started to think like that? Someone has to had
              given them this kind of thought.
    Hezaemon: I don't know that far. I'm, far more concerned about how to survive
              the battle.
    # next: scene 089 #
    # scene 089: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Shibuya:  So, do you mean Zambot 3 will join Round Knights?
    Hezaemon: Yes. There's no use if we keep fighting alone like before.
    Uchuta:   If we stay at Round Knights, then while we fight Gaizock, everyone
              will help.
    Keiko:    And for that, we'll have to fight other enemies besides Gaizock.
    Kappei:   I don't care. No matter who comes, if they fall at Kappei-sama's
              hands they're over.
    Hezaemon: Well well. Let me introduce Zambot 3's pilots. Main pilot Kami
    Kappei:   Nice to meet you. Round Knights.
    Uchuta:   I won't mind if you fall down with that pride. I'm Uchuta Kamie.
    Kappei:   Let me tell you, if I fall, you fall too, Uchuta.
    Uchuta:   What!?
    Keiko:    You two, stop. I'm Keiko Kamikita.
    Hezaemon: Over, those are the 3 pilots of Zambot 3, who will from now on, be
              part of Round Knights.
    R/F:      Uchuta and Keiko...
    Keiko:    Er, did we do something?
    Uchuta:   Is there something on our faces?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     No, nothing.
              (...So, these two will die...)
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    No, it's nothing.
              (...Those two will sacrifece themselves to defeat Bandock...)
    Hezaemon: So, I'm going back to King Bial.
    Keiko:    Won't gramps come along?
    Hezaemon: As I presume, our real enemy is the one beyond Butcher, the Gaizock.
              I have to search for its true self. The battle is about to begin.
    # next: scene 090 #
    # scene 090: GEAR HQ - pathway #
    Duo:     Yo, how are you? About your work of external minister?
    Relena:  Where's Heero?
    Duo:     He's gone. And we're going too.
    Relena:  So, he went to battlefield...
    Ryoma:   That's it. To meet with him, there are 2 ways.
    Relena:  Eh?
    Ryoma:   Jump into the battlefield. Or make all battlefields disappear.
    # next: scene 091 #
    # scene 091: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Hayato:   By the way, I want you tell me. Why did the Devil Gundam, which was
              supposedly defeated, come back?
    Amuro:    Can it be that someone has revived Devil Gundam?
    Yurika:   Er, I can't see the story...
    George:   Indeed, there are plenty of people that don't know about it. Well,
              let's introduce ourselves first them. I'm...
    Yurika:   Ah, it's ok. You've screamed your names at your first appearence.
    Chibodee: For sure.
    Hayato:   Let's explain first about the Devil Gundam. It was first called
              Ultimate Gundam.
    Fa:       It was built to reconstruct Earth destroyed by war.
    Amuro:    The DG cells that compose it has 3 abilities, which are "self
              regeneration", "self reproduction", "self evolution".
    Hayato:   So, it has the ability to evolve it's appearence according to
    Fa:       But, the Ultimate Gundam got out of control, and turned into Devil
    George:   And we fought.
    Chibodee: It was in the middle of that war we got the Shuffle's badge.
    Sai-sici: And we could somehow defeat Devil Gundam!
    Argo:     It was hidden by history, and there are a few who knows about it...
    Jamil:    I've heard about the word Devil Gundam, but I thought it was only
    Shibuya:  And why is that Devil Gundam...?
    Domon:    Trully, we don't know.
    George:   The last battle against Devil Gundam was at space. And after it was
              defeated, the Devil Gundam's fragments fell at Earth.
    Sai-sici: Mah, most of it burn at the atmosphere reentry.
    Argo:     Some of it didn't burn, and fell at Earth. And now it begun moving
              again because of self regeneration and self reproduction.
    Domon:    The trouble is, the fragments that became active aren't only one.
    Chibodee: The Devil Gundam we fought was only one, but now, they're many.
    Sai-sici: Tokyo's Devil Gundam is... the 4th.
    George:   The good thing is, as there's no pilot to become the core, it's not
              as strong as before.
    Domon:    Those zombie soldiers can't be considered pilots even.
    Argo:     But, it's a troublesome existance anyway.
    George:   So, there's something we want from Round Knights. We want you to
              gather information about Devil Gundam.
    Chibodee: To gather information is not our pride, indeed.
    Fa:       What about Rain-san?
    Domon:    Rain is repairing God Gundam, so she can't help.
    Noin:     But, we're currently fighting many forces, so we don't have much
              spare time.
    Domon:    I'm not asking it for free. Until we can decide, we'll cooperate with
              Round Knights.
    Sai-sici: Shuffle Union's 5. We'll be good use.
    Shibuya:  It's no use. Alright, I authorize.
    Aiko:     The Round Knights is growing fast.
    # next: scene 092 #
    # scene 092: ??? #
    ???:      Devil Gundam... The thing that wasn't meant to revive, did revive.
              That's a mistake... Dethpnis...
    Dethpnis: Yes... Called me...?
    ???:      Search for Devil Gundam.
    Dethpnis: ...
    ???:      Answer?
    Dethpnis: ... Yes... I'll look for Devil Gundam...
    # next: scene 093 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 093: GEAR HQ - pathway #
    Aiko:     Here, Domon-san can use this room. Chibodee-san can take the neighbor
    Kappei:   Hey hey, why is that me and Uchuta share a room?
    Uchuta:   That's what I ask.
    Koji:     It's helpless. More and more people are coming. I'm sharing it with
    Boss:     What Kabuto, are you unsatisfied with myself?
    Koji:     Boss' snorings don't let me sleep.
    Roaby:    Quite a noise. It's good for us to have a room at the ship.
    Ginga:    Yay, everyone's having such a time with the moving.
    Kid:      Good for people who lives nearby.
    Ginga:    We have our own problem. Mom is a pain, and we have to lie all times
              we have to launch.
    Gai:      Really? Is that a secret that you're Dendoh's pilot?
    Kirakuni: Justice's heroes always hide their true self. Isn't that since past?
    Ginga:    For sure.
    Hokuto:   But to tell lies to father and mother...
    Vega:     (Hokuto...)
    Witz:     Yeah. That's bad.
    Ryoko:    Then, let's beat those invaders up fast. Then, Dendoh's work will end
              and you won't need to lie anymore.
    Domon:    Well, if it was that easy, we wouldn't be suffering.
    Ginga:    It's alright. We've got used to battle. And we've got plenty of
              friends. Mah, although there's no one who can beat Dendoh.
    George:   Well well, you're surely proud of it.
    Ginga:    Of course. We're the true chosen pilots.
    Hokuto:   Enough said. You were all screamy when you piloted it first time.
    Ginga:    Shut up. That time was that time!
    Ellis:    So the pilots are those noisy ones.
    Ginga:    What... hey, who are you?
    Inoue:    Let me introduce. She came to support the Data Weapon's research from
              GEAR America, Ellis Willamet-kun. She's young, but she's a veteran
              chief researcher over there.
    Hokuto:   That's a lie.
    Ellis:    Nice to meet you. Let's get started, so Hokuto-kun. Lend me your Gear
              Commander. I want to see Unicorn Drill's data.
    Keiko:    Unicorn Drill is that spear Dendoh uses on it's arm. Isn't that at
              GEAR's data from the beginning?
    Kirakuni: Not really. Not the Data Weapon's data.
    Kid:      Data Weapon?
    Shibuya:  Aah, so there are lot's of people who don't know about Data Weapon.
    Inoue:    This is a good chance. Let's explain about Data Weapon then.
    Vega:     You might have information we don't have.
    # next: scene 094 #
    # scene 094: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Ellis:     Unicorn Drill, Leo Circle, Viper Whip, Gatling Boar, Dragon Flair,
               Bull Horn...
    Kirakuni:  Those are all 6 Data Weapons.
    Vega:      They're electronical sacred beasts and, weapons for Dendoh.
    Uribatake: For real, Unicorn Drill hsa a spear model.
    Kirakuni:  We were searching at GEAR for so long, but they're always at
               electronic format, so they are hidden and don't appear so easily.
    Ellis:     After their place is destroyed, they appear physically.
    Hokuto:    To say that I saves Unicorn is... strange.
    Kirakuni:  Mah, for saying it, it's strange... But that's what it is.
    Vega:      And Galpha is aiming for them.
    Tonya:     For Dendoh's weapon?
    Ginga:     Because they're Ogre's weapons too.
    Sara:      Ogre?
    Yurika:    Ogre appeared when we first met Dendoh. That black Dendoh?
    Vega:      Yes, dark knight GEAR Ogre. One GEAR that the ones we're fighting,
               the Mech Empire Galpha, holds. Ogre can save and use Data Weapons
               as it's weapons as well.
    Argo:      So, it's a fight for weapons.
    Aiko:      For simplicity, that's it.
    Vega:      (...But that's not the only thing...)
    Ginga:     By the way, I wanted to ask since before, why does the enemy have a
               GEAR too?
    Sai-sici:  Dendoh is a robot made by GEAR, right?
    Inoue:     ...
    Shibuya:   Dendoh is... not a robot made at Earth sphere.
    Hokuto:    Eeh!?
    Shibuya:   A robot that came from outer space. By examining that, we've made it
               useable, and that's Dendoh.
    Inoue:     And we have yet to understand 100% of Dendoh's power.
    Noin:      And Galpha?
    Kirakuni:  Eh?
    Jamil:     If Galpha has the one more GEAR, Ogre...
    Noin:      Then is there a chance Galpha made Dendoh?
    Amuro:     Or, Galpha too, like GEAR, put their hands at it by chance?
    Shibuya:   That... I don't know...
    Hayato:    (Really? Or is there some information that can't be put into
               surface? Anyway...)
    Vega:      Well, the Data Weapons have to be captured. The more the better. No,
               if not all, by Dendoh's hands.
    Ginga:     Dendoh's weapon...
    Shibuya:   If Ogre gets the Data Weapon, then it's power will come back to us.
    Vega:      Hokuto-kun, Ginga-kun, the real trouble is from now on.
    Kirakuni:  That's right. For the chosen pilots, your battle is only starting.
               It'll get even harder.
    Shibuya:   I beg you all. Please, help them both.
    Koji:      Chief, what are you saying? We're friends.
    Yurika:    Yes. Dendoh's for everyone, and everyone's for Dendoh!
    Banjo:     That's not only for Dendoh. Mazinger, Getter, Zambot and Daitarn.
               Everyone is the same.
    Witz:      Keh, so let's all be friends.
    Sho:       Isn't that ok? Or you want to get rid of all evil at Earth by
    Tonya:     Yes yes.
    # next: scene 095 #
    # scene 095: GEAR HQ - one room #
    Ginga:    What's up with what chief said? Seems like we can't win by ourselves!
    Kappei:   Then you think you can beat Galpha and Gaizock and Mikene all by
    Ginga:    Oh, I'll beat them all!
    Gai:      Hey hey, stop both of you.
    Hokuto:   He's right. Dendoh has it's dangerous times... And we've got only one
              Data Weapon saved yet.
    Ginga:    That's the thing. Why's the Unicorn Drill saved at your Gear
              Commander? Next time, you let me.
    Vega:     That's impossible. Data Weapon chooses it's partner by themselves.
              And after that it won't dettach from it's partner anymore. Not while
              the link isn't dettached.
    Reika:    Link?
    Vega:     Not like a link, as is can't be seem. It's tied by hearts.
    Ellis:    When it finds inside the person bearing the Gear Commander something
              that it wants, the Data Weapon attaches a link to that person.
    Gallison: So it chooses it's master. Like I've chosen Banjo-sama.
    Keiko:    Then, can that link be unmade?
    Vega:     When that person's heart loses what the Data Weapon wants, then it'll
              go away. That time, the link will be unmade, and the Data Weapon will
              leave that person.
    Kirakuni: So it'll abandon that person.
    Koji:     It's all selfish, afterall.
    Ginga:    No use. I'll let Unicorn Drill stay with Hokuto. But,the next Data
              Weapon will be mine. Then, I won't be made fun by other people.
    Gou:      Such an annoying kid.
    Ginga:    Shut up. Neo Getter is only a partner while we don't have all Data
    Gou:      Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?
    Hokuto:   Ah, sorry sorry sorry!
    Ginga:    Hokuto, there's no need to apologize.
    Domon:    Well, a braggart kid can't be pursued.
    George:   Even so, everyone had times like that. I know everyone can remember.
    Chibodee: For sure. Mah, that's a sin of all warriors wannabes.
    Amuro:    Ginga-kun will understand someday.
    # next: scene 096 #
    # scene 096: Spiral Castle - command room #
    Spiral:   You can't find it yet. The Data Weapon, or Dendoh's base.
    Absolute: No. We've send our 3 Mechadmiral's chips to inspect surface but...
    Gourmet:  That planet has many forces fighting with each other.
    Witter:   There are many robots, so what base is Dendoh's is...
    Altea:    The fool admirals training for excuse to go to surface.
    Spiral:   Well well, Altea-dono.
    Altea:    The next Data Weapon has to be settled by this hands.
    Gourmet:  Of course.
    Altea:    We have to think that Dendoh joined the other Earth's robots. If we
              wait, the other Data Weapons will be captured by them.
    Witter:   Even if there are other robots, they're made by humans, afterall.
    Absolute: They're not enemies of this Mech Empire.
    Altea:    Do you really think so? Then, you'll all together be ashamed.
    Spiral:   Then, Altea-dono is saying we'll lose to Earthling's robots?
    Altea:    Do not underestimate the Earthlings. Did you forget the battle at
              Moon agains them?
    Gourmet:  We were distracted by Unicorn Drill.
    Altea:    No more excuses. If you discover the Data Weapon's place, then
    Gourmet:  ... Such an attitude for a weakling human.
    Witter:   Just because he can pilot Ogre.
    Spiral:   But it's no use. The Gear's power that's transmitted must be ours.
    Absolute: If only humans who has emotions can get them, then it's alright.
    Witter:   We, Galpha, will only make use of that. Right, mansion-sama?
    Spiral:   But, for that we have to find the Data Weapon...
    Absolute: Why are our chips taking so long...?
    # next: scene 097 #
    # scene 097: Hoshimi Town - downtown #
    Absolute: Where's Data Weapon-dawa?
    Gourmet:  Where is it-bari?
    Witter:   Where-jan?
    Girl:     Mom, weirdos.
    Mother:   Shh. Do not point.
    Absolute: Whatever we do, we have to take the Data Weapon with our hands-dawa.
              We'll be stepped by Altea again.
    Witter:   But, he's the majesty Emperor's guard captain-jan.
    Gourmet:  He's far more important than us-bari.
    Absolute: Kuuuuuuuhh... Uhn?
    Gourmet:  ... This is-bari.
    Witter:   Data Weapon's reaction-jan!
    # next: scene 098 #
    # scene 098: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Mizuho:    ... Uhn...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      What, you're asleep. You'll catch a cold.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     Hey, Mizuho. If you sleep here, you'll catch a cold.
    Mizuho:    Uhn... that was sudden.
    Uribatake: Can't blame. She was building that restlessly.
    Rahge:     By the way, I didn't see you those days.
    Kid:       Such a unsensible guy.
    Rahge:     Don't say that. There were many robots joining recently. So, I got
               excited just to think what kind of energy they use.
    Mizuho:    [Raul/Fiona-san], come here. I've completed one.
    R/F:       This is!?
    Inoue:     Excellence's new frame.
    R/F:       Gunner Frame...
    Mizuho:    Yes. I had in my memory it's project plan. It wasn't that difficult
               to rebuild it.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      Are you alright? To build an Excellence...
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     Mizuho, do you know what you just have done? To build an
    Mizuho:    I know. But, it's worse to stay doing nothing. If everyone dies
               without doing anything, then...
    Amuro:     ...? What are they talking all by themselves?
    Kid:       Well. I've found something interesting.
    Amuro:     Something interesting?
    Kid:       Look, Excellence has changeable frames, so the cockpit can become
               a fighter. I'm thinking it was made by researching the Gundam and
    Uribatake: What about that? To research things that exist is obvious.
    Inoue:     At some point, Mizuho-san though of an original one. Look.
    # if La Kairam Route #
    Amuro:     ... A Newtype custom Gundam... it has funnels armed...
    # else Nadesico B Route #
    Uribatake: What's this. An upgrade type Aestevalis and... this is an Aestevalis
               full armor project!?
    Kid:       As a concept, it's interesting. There are some points technically
               speaking, but you can do something, right?
    Inoue:     Indeed. But, you did well. Those are stuff we don't usually show.
    Kid:       Hehe, I've copied without a word. Don't tell Mizuho.
    Uribatake: Such a lousy boy. But I like that.
    # next: scene 099 #
    # scene 099: GEAR HQ - command room #
    [alarm sound]
    Aiko:    Galpha's Mech Beast at Hoshimi Town! Round Knights, emergency launch!
    Ginga:   Good timing. Let's beat them up and show them the power of Dendoh!
    # next: Stage 09 #
     Stage 09 - Sakuretsu! Viper Whip (Explosion! Viper Whip)
    [Galpha units appear]
    Altea:     Are you sure there's a Data Weapon nearby?
    Absolute:  Yes...dawa.
    Altea:     Ok, Mech Beasts, destroy! Call out the Data Weapon!
    [Dendoh and Valkyrie appear]
    Altea:     So you've come, Dendoh.
    Ginga:     I'm not afraid of you anymore. That's because there's Unicorn Drill
               at our side!
    Vega:      Hokuto-kun, Ginga-kun, don't rely too much on the Data Weapon.
    Ginga:     I know.
    Vega:      Just because you got Unicorn Drill doesn't mean you got stronger by
    Ginga:     I know, Vega-san just watch from there!
    # cinematic: Dendoh UD VS Ogre #
    Hokuto:    Uwaaaah!
    Vega:      Hokuto! Ginga-kun!
    Altea:     A battle isn't decided only by weapons! You thought having the Data
               Weapons would make you win. Such a foolish and immature pilot!
    Hokuto:    It's no use.
    Ginga:     N,No... We can't lose...
    # cinematic: Ogre VS Dendoh #
    Altea:     You're clumsy, Dendoh's pilot.
    Ginga:     Uh...uuh...
    [Round Knights appear]
    # deploy: 12 units #
    Yurika:    Dendoh is...!
    Kappei:    Humpf, that's because of his tongue. Good for him.
    Keiko:     Kappei, that's not what you have to say!
    Yurika:    Instead, hurry, let's help!
    [Viper Whip appears]
    Hokuto:    That's Data Weapon!
    Vega:      The Viper Whip!
    Viper:     ...
    Fa:        That's a Data Weapon!?
    Altea:     This is funny. So the Data Weapon is out. Come, Viper Whip. To this
               Altea's place.
    Hokuto:    Ginga-kun, Viper Whip will be taken by him!
    [Dendoh and Ogre move near Viper Whip]
    Ginga:     Okay, File Save!
    Altea:     Viper Whip. You should know. Who you should choose.
    Vega:      It's Altea. Viper Whip's desire in heart is self-confidence. The
               chosen one will be Altea!
    Altea:     File Save! Viper Whip!!
    [Viper Whip disappears]
    Akito:     The Data Weapon, Ogre did...
    Sara:      Capture it...
    Ginga:     No... Why? Why didn't it come to me...?
    Altea:     Hyper Drive Install!
    [Ogre transforms into Ogre VW]
    Altea:     Well, you shall taste the fear of the Data Weapon!
    # cinematic: Ogre VW VS Dendoh #
    Ryoko:     Dendoh's in danger!
    Altea:     I'll test Viper Whip's true power!
    Ginga:     A,aa,aaah...
    R/F:       Watch out!
    [Excellence S moves near Dendoh UD]
    # cinematic: Ogre VS Excellence S #
    [Excellence S explodes]
    Mizuho:    Noooooooooooh!
    Rahge:     Mizuho-san, calm down! Trust [Raul/Fiona]!
    [Excellence AF appears]
    Raul:      Fuh. By a hair's breadth...
    Fiona:     Ouch...
    Ruri:      Argent Fighter's ejection confirmed.
    Mizuho:    Aah...
    Rahge:     See? [Raul/Fiona] knows what to do in such situation.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      Can I take that as you trust me?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     Is that a praise?
    Rahge:     Of course.
    Altea:     Damn, such an interference. Because of the Final Attack, I lack
               energy. You've escaped from death, Dendoh!
    [Ogre VW disappears]
    Absolute:  We did it. Ogre's back!
    Witter:    Now we can defeat Dendoh and take Unicorn Dril back by ourselves.
    Gourmet:   It's our chance-bari!
    Absolute:  It's decided, then I'll call for more Mech Beasts.
    [Galpha units appear]
    Gou:       Those bastards, they appeared from nowhere with guts.
    R/F:       Mizuho, the Gunner Frame! I'll arm it!!
    Mizuho:    In all of a sudden!?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      It's ok, it's not something I can't do.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     Excellance is prepared for air armor exchance. That's a gamble!
    Gai:       Yes. In Geki-Ganger, a gamble success rate is 100%!
    Uribatake: This is no Geki-Ganger!!
    Rahge:     Mizuho-san, it's alright. Let's trust [Raul/Fiona].
    Mizuho:    Y,Yes. I'll prepare the launch. Wait 1 minute, please!
    Vega:      Ginga-kun, Hokuto...kun, are you ok?
    Hokuto:    I am, but Ginga is...
    Ginga:     Uh... ah...aaah...
    [Dendoh's morale drops to 50]
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of Main Robot (before ally reinforce)
          destruction of ally battleship
    # ally reinforce: turn 2 #
    Mizuho:    Gunner Frame, launching preparations complete.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:      Anytime!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:     Ok, send it in!
    Mizuho:    Gunner Frame, launch!!
    Rahge:     Laser connectors, aligned.
    R/F:       Argent Fighter, block change!
    [Excellence AF turns into Excellence AH]
    Mizuho:    Insert, go!
    R/F:       Gunner insert!!
    [Excellence AH turns into Excellence G]
    Rahge:     All system activation complete. Time Flow Engine flow level A.
    Mizuho:    Mobile systems types all green!
    R/F:       Insert complete! Excellence Gunner!!
    Gai:       Ooh, a burning appearence! Next time we'll do it with Aestevalis!!
    Uribatake: You can't!! Aestevalis weren't made to exchange armor in mid-air!
    Gai:       It's ok. With hot-blood and guts, we can do it!
    Uribatake: You can't!!
    # enemy reinforce: first enemy annihilation #
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Rakan:   Finally I found you. It's a good day.
    Olba:    Brother. There are many robots I've never seen.
    Shagia:  It's all the same. If they're opponents.
    Amuro:   That's! Rakan and the others!?
    Jamil:   So they pursued us to this Japan.
    Ryoko:   Hey, what's with them?
    Noin:    Ones gathering Newtypes like Amuro and Tifa.
    Shagia:  Well, I'll have Amuro Ray and Tifa Adeil back.
    Garrod:  No joke. I won't give Tifa to you!
    Rakan:   Then you'll altogether be crushed!
    Koji:    Interesting, do it if you can!
    Kappei:  We'll beat you up!
    # Amuro VS Rakan #
    Rakan:   You, if you're going to fight anyway, why not fight for Haman-sama!?
    Amuro:   Why can you stay so ignorant about this sadness brought by war!?
    # Garrod VS Shagia #
    Shagia:  I'll defeat you and send you to heavens. That's we brothers' wish.
    Garrod:  Bad for me for that wish.
    # Garrod VS Olba #
    Olba:    We brothers didn't lose once. An exception was last battle. If this
             keeps, then our art won't be fulfilled.
    Garrod:  Such an ego! You're the bad ones for kidnapping Tifa!
    # enemy retreat: Olba or Shagia's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Shagia:  Hoh, very good. Olba, we shall retreat.
    Olba:    Wait, brother. I can fight!
    Shagia:  To end up here is not our true desire. Do you understand?
    Olba:    ... I do, brother.
    [Virsago and Ashtaron explode/disappear]
    # if alive unit: Rakan unit #
    Rakan:   What's with them, come back! Come back!
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 100 #
    # scene 100: Freeden - bridge #
    Jamil:   I was expecting, but Neo Zeon finally came into Hoshimi Town...
    Noin:    There's an Alternative Corp's lab nearby. They might have turned that
             to a base.
    Gou:     Damn, such an annoying guys.
    Tifa:    ...
    Garrod:  It's alright, I'll protect Tifa.
    Tifa:    ... Uhn...
    # next: scene 101 #
    # scene 101: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Hokuto:  It was a defeat, a complete one... And the Data Weapon was taken.
    Ginga:   ...
    Kappei:  Hey, what's up? You said that much, and that's the result.
    Keiko:   Kappei, stop it.
    Ginga:   ...
    Kappei:  ...What's up? Come and speak out like before. Where's that laugh from
    Ginga:   ...
    Kappei:  ...Hey! Say something, you stupid! Say something! Can't get in the
             mood with that!
    Ginga:   Shut up!
    Hikaru:  Oh, he's gone.
    Uchuta:  He's really blue.
    Kappei:  ...What, that stupid...
    Ruri:    Stupids...
    # next: scene 102 #
    # scene 102: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Koji:     That's bad. The Striker Frame is screwed!
    Noin:     That means how dangerous the Final Attack can be.
    Minato:   Can this be fixed?
    Mizuho:   At a time, yes.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     Don't overdo it. You did much already with Gunner's production.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    Don't overdo, ok? You did it already with Gunner's production.
    Mizuho:   I'm ok. I can handle it.
    R/F:      Mizuho.
    Mizuho:   Yes?
    R/F:      Thanks. I'm saved.
    # if Raul Route #
    Mizuho:   N,No. This is...
    Chibodee: Raul, in this moment you have to embrace and kiss her.
    Raul:     Wh,What are you saying!? Me and Mizuho...!
    Mizuho:   I,I have to start Striker's repair.
    Gou:      Wowow, you two are so red.
    # next: scene 103 #
    # scene 103: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Ellis:    Areh, where's sub-commander?
    Shibuya:  Vega-kun went back home.
    Megumi:   Areh, doesn't Vega-san live here at the HQ?
    Shibuya:  No. She has a child... Daaaaah!
    Aiko:     What, commander?
    Shibuya:  N,No. Nothing.
    # next: scene 104 #
    # scene 104: Hoshimi Town - Ginga's house #
    Ginga:   I'm home...
    Midori:  Gin! Where have you been till this late!?
    Ginga:   Hih, m,mom!
    # next: scene 105 #
    # scene 105: Hoshimi Town - Hokuto's house #
    Orie:    The neighbor is happy as usual.
    Hokuto:  I'm home, mom...
    Orie:    Welcome back. Shall we eat?
    Hokuto:  Uhn...
    # next: scene 106 #
    # scene 106: Hoshimi Town - Ginga's house #
    Midori:  I bet you were wandering with that neighbor's child! Till this late!
    # next: scene 107 #
    # scene 107: Hoshimi Town - Hokuto's house #
    Orie:    Ah... y,yes! Where have you been at this late?
    Hokuto:  Ah, that's, er...
             (Dendoh's stuff is a secret...)
    Orie:    (... Hokuto...)
    # next: scene 108 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 108: Mikene Empire - command room #
    Emperor: Welcome. My words of gratefulness for coming.
    Highnel: So you're the Emperor of Dark, commander of Mikene. I'm commander
             Highnel, from the Boazan's Earth Control Force.
    Jangal:  As well, Control Force General Rui Jangal.
    Janella: I'm Planet Cambell's Earth Invasion commander Janella. Those are my
             subordinate brothers, scientist Warchimedes and General Dangel.
    Dangel:  What's with today? Came to bow down to me altogether?
    Jangal:  What!? The proud Boazan will never bow to such people.
    Dangel:  What!? Wanna fight!?
    Warch:   Stop, Dangel. Fighting here will only satisfy the Earthlings.
    Dangel:  But, brother!
    Highnel: Jangel too, low your sword. As Warchimedes said, there's no need to
             satisfy the Earthlings. And as is said, "the weaker the dog, much they
    Dangel:  What!?
    Janella: Stop! Dangel!
    [shock sound]
    Dangel:  Ugaaaahh, my heeeeead!
    Shogun:  Well, it's so noisy.
    Bat:     I'm sorry for the delay. I'm Dinosaur Empire's General Bat.
    Galery:  As well, Chief Scientist Galery.
    Janella: So Emperor Gorl is missing. Then it's true the wound made by Getter
             isn't healed yet.
    Bat:     Kuh...
    Emperor: Too bad Gaizock and Empire Galpha didn't answer to our calls. Seems
             like they don't want to follow our wishes.
    Highnel: About the truce between ourselves to defeat once and for all the Earth
    Shogun:  Exactly. I suppose all of you are here because you follow our needs,
    Gelry:   Correct. Even for different reasons, our mission to erase all surface
             humans is the same.
    Bat:     And to divide the surface after we defeat the humans isn't a bad idea.
    Highnel: Fuh, in that way it won't be funny. I have a suggestion.
    Emperor: What is it, Prince Highnel?
    Highnel: I can foresee some trouble at dividing. And mutual destruction isn't
    Janella: What's your point?
    Highnel: Do you about the Round Knights? The force that bring together Mazinger
             and Getter, and even Com-battler and Voltes will join it.
    Bat:     Our rivals will gather into one, is that it?
    Highnel: Yes. And for that. How about the one who defeats the Round Knights to
             become the supreme ruler of the Earth after the mankind's defeat?
    Emperor: It's a good point, but can you defeat them gathered when you couldn't
             do it with them alone?
    Highnel: Our Boazan can. And, the one who defeats them will have the proof to
             be the strongest among the ones here.
    Emperor: And the one who has power rules. It's obvious.
    Highnel: Precisely. Is there any weakling against this?
    Janella: (Currently, our planet's support isn't determined. I have to use them
    Bat:     (Until Gorl-sama revives, we need time. So, to be along with them
             might be a good chance.)
    Shogun:  (Divide the surface wasn't meant from the beginning. And for that
             time, we should seize their power... So...)
             Very well. We shall accept your idea.
    Bat:     We'll show the power of the Dinosaur Empire!
    Janella: Our Cambell's victory is asured, but it's fine. We shall give you some
             chance of dreaming.
    Jangal:  Kuh, and another word to make Boazan regret.
    Highnel: Don't worry Jangal.
             (Fufu, I can see their foolish faces shocked by our Boazan's power.)
    Emperor: So it's decided. And who will be the first to confront the Round
    Galery:  Our Dinosaur Empire will!
    Shogun:  The first attack means victory. I see, we shall enjoy Dinosaur
             Empire's show.
    # next: scene 109 #
    # scene 109: Dinosaur Empire - command room #
    Bat:     Chief Galery, we need time for Gorl-sama's revival and you want to
             lead a battle?
    Galery:  That's why we'll go first. We'll beat them while they aren't at
             full power yet. And the first attack serves well to give time.
    Bat:     Indeed, our empire's honor can be kept. Very good, launch the
    # next: scene 110 #
    # scene 110: Hoshimi Town - dojo #
    Sai-sici: Heh, Ginga's mother is the master of this Kempo Dojo?
    Hokuto:   Uhn, for Dendoh's melee ability, Ginga's power counts well.
    Midori:   Hah! Hah hah!!
    Ginga:    Haahaahaa...
    Midori:   Gin! What's that horrible training!
    Ginga:    Haahaaaaa...
    Gou:      What's that, seems like a fool.
    Midori:   ...
    # next: scene 111 #
    # scene 111: Hoshimi Town - dojo #
    Boy:     Thank you very much!
    Midori:  Aah, see you next week... well.
    Ginga:   ... Why have I been chose...?
    Midori:  Gin... Who did you lost to?
    Ginga:   Mom...
    Midori:  Hell, for that horrible training. I'm telling you all the time. The
             world is full of people stronger than you.
    Ginga:   ...
    Midori:  But, I told you not to come as a real loser. To lose on your will is
             to lose for real.
    Ginga:   No, just leave me, leave me, I'm a real loser... I couldn't help it,
             that guy. No one can beat him!
    Altea:   You thought having the Data Weapons would make you win. Such a foolish
             and immature pilot!
    Ginga:   ... That bastard. I lost on my will, I couldn't help it!
    Altea:   You're clumsy, Dendoh's pilot.
    Ginga:   ... That one. No one can beat him! That bastard. I lost on my will,
             I couldn't help it!
    Midori:  Gin... so you lost for real... Rest for today. I'll come back after
             going to the market.
    Ginga:   ... Uhn...
    Midori:  (Well, today I'll cook his favorite meal.)
    # next: scene 112 #
    # scene 112: Hoshimi Town - town #
    Chibodee: A good mother you have.
    Ginga:    Chibodee-san.
    Chibodee: You're so shocked about your defeat. It doesn't mean it's the first
              defeat, right?
    Ginga:    ... Chibodee-san doesn't understand. A strong guy like Shuffle Union.
    Chibodee: I've lost too. And a lot. You saw Devil Gundam, didn't you?
    Ginga:    Aah.
    Chibodee: After I fought it for the first time and lost, I suffered with its
              illusion... Not only that, I've lost unsightly in front of my fans
    Ginga:    ...
    Chibodee: But. Those who made me stand up were my friends and my fans. If I
              were alone, I wouldn't be here.
    Ginga:    And what's that means!?
    Chibodee: When you fought Ogre, you were alone.
    Ginga:    Uh...
    Chibodee: You mocked on everyone, and said you were the strongest, and despised
    Ginga:    ...
    Chibodee: Your power is not yours only. When you realize that, you'll grow
              stronger. Look, your partner is here.
    Hokuto:   Ginga!
    Ginga:    Hokuto...
    Hokuto:   It's awful. Enemies at town!	
    Chibodee: What, is that Galpha!?
    Hokuto:   No, they said Mechsaurus.
    Chibodee: No matter, they're enemies anyway! I'll go ahead!
    Domon:    Chibodee... You were left on the road.
    Chibodee: About Ginga? I'm doing stuff that isn't of my doind. Me, sermon?
    # next: scene 113 #
    # scene 113: Hoshimi Town - Ginga's house #
    Ginga:   I won't go...
    Hokuto:  What are you talking about, Ginga!?
    Ginga:   Even without me, there are the others. I'm giving the Gear Commander
             back! Galpha and Dendoh are over. Don't wanna know!
    Hokuto:  Ginga...
    Ginga:   You said at first. That we were children, so this was impossible!
    Hokuto:  Ginga!
    [punch sound]
    Ginga:   Y,You, you hit me!
    Hokuto:  Stop with that. I'm afraid too! ...No, differently from you, I was
             always afraid since beginning!
    Ginga:   Hokuto, I...
     Stage 10 - Toujou! Texas Mack! (Texas Mack appears!)
    [Dinosaur Empire units appear]
    [Round Knights appear]
    # deploy: 12 units #
    Gou:        Those guys, they've made such mess.
    Bat:        Getter. We have to defeat at least you at the Dinosaur Empire's
    Ruri:       Flying object approaching at high speed.
    Prospector: Another enemy!?
    Amuro:      No, there's no bad feeling.
    Sho:        This identification code... that's!?
    [Texas Mack appears]
    Bat:        What's that white robot!?
    Jack:       He-y! Sho, long time no see!
    Merry:      We came rescue you.
    Jack:       Earth became one, but America is sheriff! Earth or Space, me
                protects it!
    Gou:        What? Who's that!?
    Gai:        Jack King and Merry King, Texas Mack's pilots.
    Chibodee:   Can't they fix that accent? America will be misunderstood.
    Jack:       Tsc,tsc,tsc, don't mind small thing.
    Gou:        If that's their top gun, America sector is depressing.
    Jack:       So that's the rumored new pilot. Pity for Japanese. To be protected
                by that Pocket Monkey.
    Merry:      B,Brother...
    Gou:        Who's the pocket monkey!?
    Jack:       Wow, sorry. I said true stuff at random.
    Gou:        Bastard, you've abused my ears! Come, fight me!
    Amuro:      Gou, don't miss it. They're not the ones we have to fight!
    Roaby:      Yes, that's those monster squad.
    Gou:        No use. Remember that, bastard!
    Noin:       In a era where Earth is united, there's no Japan or America.
    Bat:        So they're Round Knights too. Beat them all!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of ally battleship
          destruction of Dendoh          (after enemy reinforce)
          destruction of Leo Circle      (after enemy reinforce)
    # reinforce: 1/3 of enemy annihilation #
    Girl:     We-hn. I'm afraid.
    Midori:   It's alright, see, the monsters are disappearing.
    [Mechsaurus Gela appears]
    Midori:   A,Another one!?
    Galery:   General Bat. We'll be mocked by the aliens if it keeps like this.
    Bat:      I know. Leave the battle lead to me!
    [explosion occurs]
    Midori:   Kyah!
    Kirakuni: Are you ok!?
    Ginga:    Aah, mom!
    Hokuto:   Ginga!
    Ginga:    ... Daaamn! Dendoh, launch!
    [Dendoh appears and raises morale by 30]
    Koji:     Dendoh!
    Kappei:   That fool, he's late!
    Leo:      ...
    Ginga:    Uryaaaaaaaah!
    # cinematic: Dendoh VS Mechsaurus Gela #
    Galery:   Unngh, damn you!
    Ginga:    I won't let you do whatever you want!
    Midori:   Dendoh's pose... can it be!?
    # enemy retreat: Galery's hp reaches 0 #
    Galery:  N,Not possible... What a failure!
    # enemy retreat: Bat's hp reaches 0 #
    Bat:     N,No, I lost to those petty humans!
    # enemy reinforce: first enemy annihilation #
    [Leo Circle appears]
    Leo:      ...
    Gou:      Another one!
    Jamil:    No, that's!
    Hokuto:   Data Weapon!
    Absolute: It's Leo Circle-dawa!
    Gourmet:  We have to catch him by ourselves-bari!
    Witter:   Launch the Mech Beasts-jan.
    [Galpha Empire units appear]
    Altea:    No need for that.
    Absolute: A, Altea-sama...
    Altea:    So it's Leo Circle. I'll take the Data Weapon!
    Ginga:    I won't let you! I... won't lose this time!
    Altea:    Want to challenge? Pitty!
    Vega:     Altea...
    # Ginga VS Altea #
    Ginga:   Ogre, I challenge you!
    Altea:   An immature that doesn't know his own capacities!
    Midori:  ... Dendoh's move... So it's you, Gin...
    # Vega VS Altea #
    Altea:   Uh... What's this feeling...?
    Vega:    So it's you, Altea...
    # enemy retreat: Altea's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Altea:   So it's enough for today.
    [Ogre explodes/disappears]
    # stage end #
    Yurika:   Areh? That Data Weapon-san is only standing still.
    [Leo Circle moves near Dendoh]
    Kirakuni: What's up?
    Leo:      ...
    [screen flashes]
    Ginga:    Areh, this... The Gear Commander is flashing.
    Hokuto:   I see, the Leo Circle is telling you to save it, Ginga.
    Ginga:    Me... Ok, File Save, Leo Circle!
    [Leo Circle disappears and Dendoh turns into Dendo LC]
    Ginga:    I did it, finally I have a Data Weapon!
    Vega:     Ginga-kun, remember. What Leo Circle seeks is "courage". Your
              courage was recognized by Leo Circle.
    # next: scene 114 #
    # scene 114: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Shibuya:  I'll introduce you. They'll be part of Round Knights, Jack King and
              his sister Merry King.
    Merry:    We have a big debt with Sho.
    Jack:     Give and take. We came to pay the debt.
    Merry:    Me too.
    Gou:      Heh, with you joining, Round Knights level drops.
    Jack:     Not good to force, Jap alp ape.
    Kappei:   Aah? What's he saying?
    Boss:     Don't ask me.
    Gou:      Ape is monkey. Alp is...
    Aiko:     Mountain?
    Gou:      I see, mountain... Jap is Japan so... A-h, japanese monkey or, hey...
              who's the mountain monkey!?
    Reika:    ... Too late to anger.
    Gai:      Won't the real monkeys be mad if compared to Gou?
    Gou:      Whaat!?
    Banjo:    Well well, by the way, Ginga-kun, seems like we don't need to worry
              about you anymore.
    Ginga:    Aah... er... sorry to worry you all.
    Kappei:   Good to understand, good.
    Uchuta:   You didn't do anything.
    Ginga:    But, I got a Data Weapon too, and I can now show some stuff to that
    Ellis:    But, the Final Attack's energy absortion is great, so you can use it
              only once.
    Sayaka:   Yes, and we can't exchange batteries with Boss' supply device.
    Hokuto:   If he evades again, it's over.
    Ginga:    I see, no matter how many Data Weapon we save, the Final Attack can
              only be used once.
    Kirakuni: Don't worry about it anymore!
    Inoue:    We finally finished it. The air battery exchanger Cell Fighter!
    Koji:     The air battery exploder? Isn't that dangerous?
    Inoue:    It's battery exchanger. A machine that changes Dendoh's batteries.
    Vega:     And of course, can be used as a fighter too.
    Kirakuni: The pilot will be either me or sub-commander.
    Ginga:    Yes, now we can use the Final Attack continuosly!
    Inoue:    If it can be changed, that is. And there's a limit to the number of
              batteries the Cell Fighter can carry.
    Kirakuni: If you start off doing combos, we'll be out soon.
    # next: scene 115 #
    # scene 115: Mikene Empire - command room #
    Highnel: A splendid lead, for the Dinosaur Empire, that would have been a hell
             of a fight.
    Bat:     (... Say as much as you want. In time, Gorl-sama will revive. That's
             how long it'll last.)
    Emperor: So, who'll be next...
    # next: scene 116 #
    # scene 116: Hoshimi Town - Ginga's house #
    Ginga:   I'm hoome! Mom, I'm starving!
    Midori:  Well well, and what was that sadness from morning?
    Ginga:   Hehehe, mah mah. Oh, lucky. Everything that I love!
    Midori:  You're so self-interested.
    # Raul Route next: scene 118 #
    # Fiona Route next: scene 117 #
    # scene 117: GEAR HQ - one room #
    Fiona:   So, how's the analysis of the time sleep?
    Lahge:   In theory, something can be done... But it's not somthing that can be
             solved only with theory.
    Fiona:   What do you mean?
    Lahge:   The flow of time is about the speed the Time Particles go from the
             past to future. Formally, it's about the acceleration of the counter
             Time Particles that go from future to past.
    Fiona:   I know that. I'm no rookie about the Time Flow. Basically the flow of
             time is unique, but under certain circumstances, the Time Particles...
             or the counter Time Particles' acceleration changes, and a strange
             flow of time occurs. Something like the Urashima result.
    Lahge:   Yes. And with us, that happened in a tremendous power.
    Fiona:   So the counter Time Particles' power grew instantly, that pushed us
             back to the past?
    Lahge:   No. With the Time Turban's power, the Time Particle's flow went
    Fiona:   Time Turban's?
    Lahge:   Yes. Let's make the the Time Turban as a windmill, and the Time
             Particles as the wind. With the wind's flow, the windmill moves,
             making energy. But the wind is flowing in one direction.
    Fiona:   That's why, the Time Engine guarantees a stable energy. But since the
             wind is stable, only a fixed amount of energy can be generated.
    Lahge:   Yes. That's why, to increase the energy generated, we increase the
             frequency rate... But, by over increasing it, what will happen?
    Fiona:   To increase it, you accelerate the Time Turban's cycle and... Ah!
    Lahge:   Yes, the Time Turban will be out of control. That's what happened when
             we did the time sleep. If the windmill's cycle overcomes the wind that
             flows, what happens? Instead of a windmill, it'll become a propeller.
             A Time Turban turned into a propeller will throw it's own, the
             Excellence, through the wind, and fly to the past! ... That's what
             our time sleep was. Of course, that's just theory.]
    Fiona:   But, the only one capable to do that was my Excellence.
    Lahge:   At that time, the Time Particles were spreading through all place. We,
             and the Excellence we were in, got involved. Perhaps our Excellence's
             Time Flow Engine is involved too.
    Fiona:   So that means...
    Lahge:   We need to do the contrary. To go within an abnormal flow of Time
             Particles, or to go retroactive the counter Time Particles......
             To go on the flow of the Time Particles is easier, though.
    Fiona:   Splendid, Lahge! I'm counting on you!
    Lahge:   Praise me later. It'll be long for now on.
    Fiona:   It's ok, Lahge can do it! Let me do some massage.
    Lahge:   I,it's ok. It tickles.
    Fiona:   ... You're splendid. Far over me...
    Lahge:   Are you regretting that you gave up on research and became a pilot...?
    Fiona:   ... It seems like I pushed all over you.
    Lahge:   ... In exchange, I'll have you do things I can't by myself. We're
             even, then.
    Fiona:   ... Uhn.
    # next: scene 118 #
    # scene 118: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Uribatake: What's Mizuho doing?
    Kid:       Making a new Excellence Frame.
    Mizuho:    (Striker or Gunner has fault in mobility. A Frame with mobility...)
               Excellence... Flyer Frame...
    # next: scene 119 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 119: Alternative Corp - one room #
    Rakan:   No need for Glemmy yourself to come to Earth.
    Glemmy:  If I could, I wouldn't. Rakan, Haman-sama is disappointed. Dekin is
             showing anger too. Do you know why?
    Rakan:   About Amuro and Tifa, I'll surely take them from Round Knights.
    Glemmy:  Not only that. You still don't know Camille Vidan's place. Don't be
             relaxed just because you have Four Murasame stabilized.
    Shagia:  Well well, Glemmy-dono. Long time no see.
    Olba:    Who's the man behind you?
    Glemmy:  Chang Wu-fei, a man Dekin delivered me. A helper.
    Rakan:   A helper?
    Wu-fei:  If you have time to spend on chat, how about pushing the Round
             Knights? There's no meaning in a soldier who doesn't show results.
    Rakan:   You brat...
    Wu-fei:  Dekin sent me because you are incompetent. If you can't get the
             Freeden, then kill them.
    Olba:    That's an impressive speech.
    Wu-fei:  Because I'm evil.
    Shagia:  Glemmy-sama, it'll hear like an argument but, the Round Knights are
             increasing their firepower day after day. On the contrary, we're a
             squad to look for Newtypes. There'll be a difference.
    Glemmy:  Is that an excuse?
    Shagia:  It's deplorable to look that way. For that, I've borrowed 3 Newtype
             candidates from the Newtype Research Lab.
    Olba:    I'll introduce you. The once called "White Devil", Demar Glife.
    Demar:   Kukuh...
    Wu-fei:  White Devil? I remember that Amuro Ray was called that way by Zeon
             at One Year War.
    Demar:   I'm the White Deviiiiiil! Do you get it?
    Wu-fei:  Tell that to Amuro Ray, not me. And the other two?
    Duet:    I'm Duet Langlaf.
    Olba:    He was the big wheel called "Hunter of the East".
    Mirla:   Mirla Dryd. People call me the "Imortal Assassin Machine".
    Shagia:  All three are Lt. I've promised them a 2 rank promotion if they can
             defeat the Round Knights.
    Rakan:   Can you?
    Mirla:   If they can't defeat us, we'll defeat them.
    Wu-fei:  Yes, that's the truth.
    Glemmy:  But, they're Newtype candidates, not true Newtypes?
    Shagia:  It's ok. As their names tell, they have experience. And... My favorite
             horse is ferocious.
    Rakan:   Horses are coward animals. So that's why you often flee in mid-battle.
    Olba:    (What shall we do, brother...?)
    Shagia:  (Forget him. It's good to let him think on superiority for a while.)
    Olba:    (I see, brother...)
    # next: scene 120 #
    # scene 120: Alternative Corp - one room #
    Rakan:   The problem is their base. I'm sure it's in Japan, but...
    Mirla:   We need to draw their attention. With air-bombing, or sort.
    Duet:    Eeh? With that, civilians will be involved. Poor them.
    Wu-fei:  That plan fits us.
    Despnis: ... Er...
    Wu-fei:  !? Who's that!?
    Despnis: E,er... I...
    Rakan:   What, a child!?
    Duet:    Stop it. She's only a child, see!?
    Rakan:   What are the watchers doing!? I'll go see!
    Glemmy:  Is that one a Newtype?
    Shagia:  No, we've never seen her.
    Olba:    So a child could come here without being seen?
    Rakan:   ...
    Glemmy:  You were fast.
    Rakan:   ... All soldiers are down.
    Glemmy:  What!?
    Despnis: ... I'm sorry. They told me I couldn't pass, so... Er...
    Mirla:   ... So you killed them all...
    Despnis: No, I didn't kill... I think it's better to take them to medical room
    Rakan:   You!
    Despnis: Er, I'm an errand. I wasa told to help you.
    Wu-fei:  An errand of whom?
    Despnis: If I tell you now... I'll be scolded. Please! That attack against
             Round Knights, let me do it!
    Duet:    Do you know what are you talking about?
    Despnis: Yes... please...
    Demar:   So?
    Glemmy:  How will you draw their attention?
    Despnis: Er... I'll use this...
    [crash sound]
    Rakan:   W,what!? An enemy attack!?
    Duet:    That's!!
    Glemmy:  Wh,what's that monster!?
    Despnis: ... It's the Devil Gundam. It's... under my control.
    [crash sound]
    Olba:    Brother, another one there!
    [crash sound]
    Shagia:  And here too!
    Despnis: Er, shall I bring more? There's 4, 5 already.
    Glemmy:  W,wait. It's enough. Stop! Do you want to destroy the lab!?
    Despnis: So, will you let me help you?
    Glemmy:  Yes, now stop!
    # next: scene 121 #
    # scene 121: Alternative Corp - pathway #
    Despnis: ... Laliar!
    Laliar:  Despnis! How was it?
    Despnis: Somehow... to do what I can...
    Laliar:  Good. If not, we'd...
    Despnis: ... Laliar, how long we have to keep on doing this?
    Laliar:  I don't know. But, we have to. We're...
    Soldier: (What's... that boy?)
    # next: scene 122 #
    # scene 122: Alternative Corp - pathway #
    Rakan:   Is that ok? Such a kid.
    Glemmy:  Kid... Do you see that as a normal kid?
    Rakan:   No...
    Wu-fei:  I couldn't feel her presence, and has Devil Gundam under control. Not
             an ordinary kid for sure.)
    Soldier: Glemmy-sama!
    Glemmy:  Did you find out where that kid went?
    Soldier: I beg your pardon. I lost them. Gwah!
    [hit sound]
    Rakan:   You killed the soldier! What's with you!?
    Demar:   No need for useless soldiers, right...?
    Shagia:  Fufufu.
    # next: scene 123 #
    # scene 123: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Mizuho:  How's it? Excellence Flyer Frame?
    R/F:     An aerial frame. I can tell anything without a trial test.
    Mizuho:  So, use it in the next deploy.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I don't mind but, I've never done an aerial fight.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Ok. But I'm a rookie at aerial battle.
    Gai:     It's alright. We'll help you with the aerial frame!
    Witz:    And I see you being helped instead.
    Gai:     That's ok in that way! While going through battle, the friendship
             develops. Uwooooooooh, this is it!
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    No, that kind of risky friendship is...
    Gai:     It's alright. The main character never dies!
    Ryoko:   And who's the main character? You see Geki-ganger too much!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   (Friendship... We're people that shouldn't be here... It's
    R/F:     Buy the way, Mizuho, did we have a Flyer Frame in the project?
    Mizuho:  No, I was thinking about it when we came here.
    Inoue:   You're sure splendid, in such age. Excellence is, all but the engine,
             Mizuho's project.
    Mizuho:  Eeh, mah...
             (... I'm sorry. I'm being cunning. I'm alone using the know-how of 5
             years ahead...)
    Kid:     Beyond that, I'm younger! So that makes me winner.
    George:  Kid-kun's specialty is remodelling, right? Remodel and design is quite
    Kid:     What are you saying!? A true remodelling needs a designing of all the
             mech, or it won't be of use!
    # next: scene 124 #
    # scene 124: GEAR HQ - one room #
    Garrod:   Tifa, what are you seeing? ... A school matriculation?
    Prospect: Yes, from what I've heard, Tifa-san is 15. And she was living in a
              research lab, so she never went to school.
    Garrod:   I see, so you're going to school...
    Tifa:     I don't know. But, to stay here doing nothing...
    Gou:      No need to go by force. I didn't go to school at all and I'm alright.
    Jack:     Oh! Tifa. To become monkey is bad. Study at school is good.
    Prospect: I agree. Garrod too, won't you go to Nergal's school? Along with
    Garrod:   Eeh!? No. School at this time. I hate to study too.
    Koji:     Yeah. If not for the studying, school isn't bad at all.
    Garrod:   Eeh, Koji-san was a student? You don't seem like you go.
    Sayaka:   Me and Boss too. Because of the alien's attack, the building was
              destroyed, so it's now closed temporarily.
    Koji:     I don't know when it will reopen, though.
    Gai:      Ruri-chan didn't go to school?
    Ruri:     I... did study at home.
    Kirakuni: So, the only people going to school now is Ginga-kun, Hokuto-kun and
    [alarm sound]
    Aiko:     Enemy appearence at Hoshimi Town. The type is... Death Army!
    Argo:     Death Army...
    Domon:    Devil Gundam!!
    # next: scene 125 #
    # scene 125: Hoshimi Town - school #
    [watch alarm sound]
    Hokuto:   (Emergency call!?)
    Ginga:    (Enemy!? We're under class.)
    Ellis:    (Class will end soon. We'll go during interval. We have to count on
              everyone for now.)
    Ginga:    (Hey, but next is meal time...)
    Ellis:    (What's more important, meal or defending Earth?)
    Ginga:    (Both of them.)
    # next: Stage 11 #
     Stage 11 -  Watashi no Aiba wa Kyoubou desu (My favorite horse is ferocious) 
    [Death Army appear]
    Despnis:  ... Please, Round Knights, get here quick... Or else, the damage will
              be great... Many people will die...
    [Round Knights appear]
    Despnis:  ... They've come... good...
    Raul:     There's aerial type enemies. Just in time. I'll test the Flyer Frame!
    Fiona:    Flyer enemies? I'm going with Flyer Frame!
    Domon:    They've come this near and either GEAR or the Preventers didn't catch
    Sai-sici: Damn, I come to think of the reason we're here!
    Argo:     No time to argue. They're coming!
    R/F:      Excellence Flyer, stand-by ok... Go!
    [Shuffle Union appear]
    [Excellence Flyer appears]
    # deploy: 6 units #
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship's destruction
    # event: Ally Unit VS Devil Gundam (after battle) #
    George:   That Devil Gundam is quite different from the others.
    Chibodee: Is there a pilot!? Who's that!?
    Domon:    What!? That's... No, it can't be... Can it!?
    Toho:     Uuh... Domon...
    Domon:    Master!
    Chibodee: Can it be, Toho Fuhai!
    George:   Master Asia!?
    Argo:     It can't be!!
    Sai-sici: Y,yeah. Master was, in the last battle against Devil Gundam...
    Witz:     What, the Shuffle guys are strange.
    Amuro:    That's... Master Asia, Toho Fuhai. Domon's master!
    Fa:       But, why is Toho Fuhai Devil Gundam's pilot?
    Hayato:   And first, Toho Fuhai should be dead...
    Gou:      Whaat!?
    Hikaru:   So, is that a ghost?
    Izumi:    Ghost appearence, devil appearence, ka~~~~h!
    Ryoko:    Daaaaaaah! You shut up!
    Toho:     Guguh...
    Koji:     Hey, it started moving again!
    Domon:    Master, master! Is that you, master!?
    Toho:     Y...y...you, idiot disciple!!
    [Nobel Gundam appears]
    Allenby:  Domon!
    Domon:    Allenby, why are you here?
    Allenby:  We'll talk later, and that Toho Fuhai is for real!
    Domon:    B,but... What should I do!?
    # event: first enemy defeated #
    Despnis: ... The Round Knights appeared. Come quick, Glemmy-san...
    # enemy retreat: Toho's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Toho:    Gugugu... D,daaamn...
    Domon:   M,master, please wait!
    [Devil Gundam explodes/disappears]
    Domon:   Master... why...
    # reinforce: first enemy annihilation #
    Ginga:   Hah, it's finally over.
    Hokuto:  Let's go, Ginga. Dendoh, launch!
    [Dendoh appears]
    Ginga:   So, where are the enemies!?
    Tonya:   It's over already.
    Ginga:   No, and I came without having meal.
    Sara:    That's not true. Enemy Mobile Suits squad approaching!
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Despnis: As I promised, I drew their attention.
    Rakan:   Indeed, you did it. But where's the important base?
    Despnis: Ah...
    Rakan:   Brat, there's no meaning on drawing their attention without knowing
             their base!
    Despnis: Aah, sorry!
    Wu-fei:  ...
    Noin:    That's Wu-fei!?
    Demar:   Amuro Ray, where's the other White Devil!?
    Amuro:   What's with him, and this evil pressure!?
    Shagia:  Come, it's next stage's start.
    Duet:    So, I'll ask you from now on.
    Duet:    Let's go for some hunting!
    Wu-fei:  Round Knights, show me your justice!
    [Wing Zero Custom appears]
    Koji:    That's the Gundam that appeared at Tokyo.
    Noin:    Heero.
    Wu-fei:  Heero, so you came.
    Heero:   ...
    # Amuro VS Demar #
    Demar:   I don't need you. Only one White Devil is needed.
    Amuro:   That name, I'll happily give it to you.
    Demar:   That's not the right way!
    # Garrod VS Demar #
    Demar:   At Africa's front line, I couldn't fight such a strong one. It's so
             fun! It's really fun!
    Garrod:  Wh,what's with this guy!?
    # Garrod VS Mirla #
    Garrdo:  I,it's giant...
    Mirla:   Let's get started. Our fight for life.
    # Heero VS Wu-fei #
    Wu-fei:  I wanted to fight against you!
    Heero:   Wu-fei, push the self-destruction switch.
    # Heero VS Wu-fei (after battle) #
    Heero:   I'll repeat. Push the self-destruction switch.
    # Garrod VS Shagia/Olba #
    Garrod:  You're just annoying!
    # if Garrod VS Shagia #
    Shagia:  It's helpless. We're "rivals of fate".
    # else Garrod VS Olba #
    Olba:    It won't be that way. We're "rivals of fate"!
    Garrod:  Don't decide by yourself!
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 126 #
    # scene 126: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Garrod:   Those Neo Zeon guys are annoying.
    Jamil:    They know, as soldiers, the strength and dreadfulness of Newtypes.
              They won't give up that easily.
    Gai:      And they involve civilians that easily.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:     To involve civilians in battle, we do the same thing, though.
    # if Fiona Route #
    Fiona:    We can't say about others, though. Even if its to counter them, we
              were fighting at the city.
    Tifa:     ...
    Domon:    You're all here. I'll introduce you. Our friend, Allenby Biatzly.
    Allenby:  Nice to meet you!
    Ryoko:    So you're Shuffle Union too?
    Allenby:  Formally, I'm not, but I'm the 6th member if you see that way...
    Domon:    Filling Shuffle's vacancy, that is.
    Allenby:  Oh my. What, Domon, I'm filling no vacancy! It's obvious at these
              days for a 5 member team become 6!
    Inoue:    I think you're mistaking the series...
    Tonya:    Instead, I'm concerned about Nobel Gundam's design...
    Allenby:  Isn't it cute!?
    Jack:     Pretty Gundam, neh.
    Domon:    By the way, what did you mean master was for real?
    Allenby:  About it. I went after Devil Gundam to Lantao Island.
    Hayato:   That island where a deathmatch against Devil Gundam happened.
    Allenby:  Yes. And, after I finished investigating, I went to Master's grave.
              I thought of leaving some flowers. And then...
    # next: scene 127 #
    # scene 127: Lantao Island - Toho Fuhai's grave #
    Allenby: Fuh, war doesn't end even after that. Master is freaking out in that
             world, I bet...
    Despnis: ...
    Allenby: Areh, what's that kid?
    Despnis: ... Wake up. I help us...
    Allenby: (What's she doing... Eeh!?)
    Toho:    ...
    Despnis: Welcome from hell. Master Asia...
    Toho:    ...
    # next: scene 128 #
    # scene 128: GEAR HQ - one room #
    Allenby:  And, Master went after that girl to the sea. A Devil Gundam was there
    Sai-sici: A ghoooost!
    Boss:     Stop it. I hate that kind of story.
    Allenby:  I was shocked too... when I realized, Devil Gundam and Master Asia
              disappeared, and the grave was empty.
    Chibodee: And so you could pursue them somehow.
    Allenby:  Uhn, I came here. It's true!
    Domon:    Calm down, no one's saying you're lying.
    Noin:     Sorry. For such things to happen and we didn't even noticed.
    Domon:    And you couldn't know Devil Gundam was appearing here. I'm starting
              to doubt Preventer's information gathering abilities.
    Megumi:   You don't need to say such things.
    Noin:     I don't mind, it's true... But I brought some proof of our work.
    Akito:    This is?
    Reika:    Some info on witnesses of Devil Gundam.
    Noin:     By looking at it, at first they acted in separated to each other, but
              now they act as someone is coordinating them.
    Ellis:    A leader of the Devil Gundams appeared.
    Argo:     And that's Toho Fuhai Master Asia.
    George:   It's a high possibility.
    Hayato:   When Master Asia revived, what about the girl that was nearby?
    Allenby:  7, 8 years. Felt like a miserable, sick girl from a sanatorium...
    Sayaka:   By what you told, that girl is the one that woke up Master...
    # next: scene 129 #
    # scene 129: Alternative Corp - one room #
    Despnis: ... Wh,what? Drop your gun, please.
    Rakan:   Indeed, you drew Round Knight's attention with those Devil Gundams.
             But why? Who are you?
    Despnis: No! I'm only a helper!
    Shagia:  Stop it. It's bad to point a gun to a child.
    Rakan:   Humpf. A kid can pull a trigger, and that bullet can kill someone.
    Despnis: ... I, I'll come later!
    Rakan:   Wait!
    # next: scene 130 #
    # scene 130: Alternative Corp - pathway #
    Rakan:   ... She fled. Who was she?
    Shagia:  Shall we close the lab?
    Rakan:   It's useless, she already fled.
    Duet:	 Poor her. She was afraid...
    Glemmy:  ... That man, Duet, what is he? He's different from during battle.
    Shagia:  At ease, he's got two personalities. A ordinary, calm man, and the
             dreadful man that appears at battles...
    # next: scene 131 #
    # scene 131: GEAR HQ - one room #
    Prospect: You won't go to school? Why?
    Tifa:     Not that I won't go... It's...
    Ruri:     ... She shouldn't go. Because it'll be terrible if Neo Zeon
              attacks there...
    Tifa:     ... Yes.
    Ginga:    Yeah. We're fine because we keep our identities hidden.
    Vega:     That's why you have to keep it secret.
    Hokuto:   ... We have to lie to our moms more and more...
    Vega:     (... Hokuto...)
    Yurika:   Why get sad!? You have to keep it secret now, I know. But that's not
              Hokuto-kun or Tifa-san's fault!
    Fa:       Yes. You don't need to worry.
    # next: scene 132 #
    # scene 132: GEAR HQ - command room #
    [connection sound]
    Bright:  ...It's a story to hurt our ears. War is always started by adults.
             And the children are who get the damage.
    Shibuya: At the front line of battles, even small children are fighting.
    Hayato:  Speaking of old age pilots, there's nothing more strange than Round
             Knight's case.
    Jamil:   Half of it is at minority age.
    Bright:  We too, hav lost our pilots, and now counting on boys scouted nearby.
    Noin:    By the way, when is Nell Ahgama coming back to Earth?
    Bright:  Not so soon... We're refueling at Shangri-la Colony.
    Shibuya: ... And we're all incompetent adults afterall.
    Bright:  Truly...
    # next: scene 133 #
    # scene 133: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Noin:    You're going again?
    Heero:   Aah, I'm grateful for repairings and supply.
    Kid:     He's gone. Is he a Preventer too?
    Noin:    No, just a helper...
             (But, the real trouble is Wu-fei. Why is he at Neo Zeon...?)
    # next: scene 134 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 134: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Koji:     Is that true? That Tetsuya-san will come back!?
    Shibuya:  Aah, I've received a message from Science Fortress Lab.
    Uchuta:   Indeed, for the pilot of Great Mazinger. Such a fast recovery.
    Koji:     Heheh, that's right. With ordinary body you can't be a pilot of
              Mazinger, could be of Borot, though.
    Boss:     Kabuto, what'ya mean with "could be of Borot"?
    Kid:      He means that Borot's far more dangerous.
    Boss:     It annoys me the same way.
    Banjo:    And chief, what's the expected come back time?
    Hayato:   At the best of our estimation, the rendezvous will be soon.
    Yurika:   How about going to pick them instead?
    Amuro:    Can't be that easy. We don't have choice to move an entire squad just
              to pick up a few members.
    Witz:     They aren't kids anyway, both Great and Venus can fly. They'll come.
    Gai:      So the members are gathering. The friends from all parts are coming
              to unite. Kah, that's it!
    Noin:     Com-Battler V and Voltes V will soon meet up too, as reported.
    Kirakuni: So everyone is coming.
    [connection sound]
    Aiko:     Noin-san, a connection from Lady-san.
    Lady:     Noin, head to the Science Fortress Lab.
    Noin:     The Science Fortress Lab is Ikeda's in-charge place. What about him?
    Lady:     Disappeared.
    Noin:     ... Any possibility of being involved at something?
    Lady:     We're still investigating. But it's worrying as the time of return
              of the Great Mazinger...
    Noin:     I see. We'll head to Science Fortress Lab.
    Sayaka:   Ikeda-san is, for what I've heard, Jun-san's childhood friend.
    Noin:     Aah, he was a delinquent, but after some events, he changed his
              will. He was settled as Preventer's informant, but...
    Koji:     Something happened with Jun-san?
    Noin:     We'll have to go.
    Shibuya:  Uhm, be careful.
    Koji:     Wait, I'll go too. I'm worried about Ikeda too.
    Sayaka:   Me too.
    Shibuya:  Then, Koji-kun and Sayaka-kun can go along. We'll have to stand-by
              for any enemy attack.
    Sara:     And Neo Zeon might be tracking our moves.
    Boss:     Then I'll go too.
    Koji:     No. Mazinger is filled by carrying Diana A.
    Boss:     What, Koji's so tightward.
    Banjo:    Don't say so. I'll carry Borot in the Dai-Fighter.
    Jamil:    Is that ok?
    Banjo:    Aah, and as Lady said, we have to worry at times like these. Better
              be my thoughts, though...
    Hayato:   Better we stay ready to launch anytime.
    Shibuya:  I see.
    # next: scene 135 #
    # scene 135: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Beauty:  Neh neh, what kind of person is Ikeda? Handsome?
    Noin:    His name's Shinichiro Ikeda. As for his personality, he's serious and
    Reika:   A good youngster, but he seems too sharp to be at Preventer.
    # next: scene 136 #
    # scene 135: Science Fortress Lab - control room #
    Kenzo:    Well well, I'm grateful you've passed by.
    Gallison: Here's, it's nothing of value.
    Kenzo:    No no, I'm grateful.
    Beauty:   And this is for Tetsuya-san.
    Tetsuya:  What's with this dry flower?
    Boss:     You'll be cursed for saying that, Tetsuya.
    Koji:     He's right. That little girl Tetsuya-san saved at Hoshimi Town bought
              it with her spendings.
    Reika:    When she brought it, it was already after you left, so we've made it
              to a dry flower.
    Tetsuya:  Well, I'll get it then.
    Jun:      Tetsuya, how about showing some happiness.
    Noin:     And, about Shinichiro Ikeda.
    Tetsuya:  You're all worrying. Ikeda isn't a child.
    Noin:     That's why. To disappear without a sign.
    Reika:    Wasn't there anything different before he disappeared?
    Jun:      Shinichiro, he was tired of all this endless war... The Earth Sphere
              Nation with its Perfect Pacifism...
    Sayaka:   But with the coming of many invading aliens, the ideal was broken,
              and there's the need of army.
    Noin:     A pacifism protected by the forces of army. We hear that often.
    Jun:      He said to me before disappearing. "I'll end this war with my
    # next: scene 137 #
    # scene 137: Mikene Empire #
    Emperor: So you're the human that wanted to meet me?
    Shin:    Yes. I'm a member of Earth Sphere Nation's Information Bureau
             Preventer. Shinichiro Ikeda!
    Emperor: And what that Shinichiro Ikeda wants from me?
    Shin:    Emperor of Darkness, stop this war and live along with us humans. I've
             come for this!
    Emperor: Fuhahaha! Live along with humans. What will the Science Fortress Lab
             and the Round Knights say about it? They'll reject to live along with
             Mikene. While they reject us, there's no way of living along.
    General: Humans say about Mikene that we aren't trustworthy, that words don't
             reach us. But I say as well for humans.
    Shin:    I'll stop this war. Let me be your messenger!
    General: Fuhahahahahahaha. Are you serious?
    Shin:    I am! I won't waste my adolescence for an endless fight like Tetsuya
             Tsurugi! My adolescence is to end up this war forever. To turn over
             anyone that thinks its foolish to stick for peace and talking, and
             start relying on firepower!
    Emperor: Fuhm... I see. But, for that, I have to be sure you're ready to become
             our representant.
    Shin:    How?
    Emperor: You become a Mikene. I mean, you'll become a messenger as a Battle
    Shin:    I, a Battle Beast!?
    General: What, are you afraid?
    Shin:    I'm not afraid... I understand. Turn me into a Battle Beast! But, if
             the war ends, Mikene will stop all war movements, right?
    Emperor: Of course. With your efforts, war will end forever. Go and try.
    General: Lead Shinichiro Ikeda to the remodelling room!
    # next: scene 138 #
    # scene 138: Science Fortress Lab - control room #
    Jun:     Shinichiro-san had a fight at town, an argument about the Perfect
             Pacifism of the Earth Sphere Nation.
    Noin:    ...
    Jun:     That person wanted people to get rid of the useless Perfect Pacifism,
             and pick up weapons to fight. All townspeople agreed with him.
    Tetsuya: It's obvious. What is protecting people is not the Perfect Pacifism.
             It's the army, and us, Round Knights.
    Jun:     Shinichiro truly believes the ideal of Perfect Pacifism, so that
             person told him "If then, show me peace by ending this war now"...
             He replied "I'll show you, then."...
    Banjo:   It's a mess.
    Koji:    If it was that easy to have peace, we wouldn't be having such a time.
    Sayaka:  But, that other person makes me mad too. What does he think we're
             fighting for?
    Jun:     Yes, we're dreaming of a peaceful life after this war, and burning
             our youth for that.
    Kenzo:   Not defeating enemies just for fun.
    Jun:     But, for such a pressure over Shinichiro-san, chief is responsible
    Kenzo:   Me?
    Jun:     That project of mass producing the Great Mazinger.
    Tetsuya: That plan of spreading the Mass Production Great Mazinger into all
    Jun:     Yes. Shinichiro-san was hurted to know about that. He was worried
             that the Mass Production Great would spread the fires of war.
    Kenzo:   But, at this rate, our battle with Mikene will never end. And for
             not to prolong war...
    Koji:    Father, you told us once, that Z and Great are allies of justice
             because me and Tetsuya are its pilots.
    Tetsuya: It's reckless to distribute it even without knowing who will pilot it.
    Noin:    Ikeda... I hope he doesn't overdo it...
    # next: scene 139 #
    # scene 139: Castle Oniwa - hall of three demons #
    Janella: What, Mikene joined forces with humans?
    Warch:   Yes, that is...
    Janella: Fufu, interesting.
    Dangel:  So, brother, will you let Mikene's bastards to defeat Great Mazinger
             that way?
    Janella: Silence, Dangel. Our main mission is Round Knight's annihilation. The
             Great Mazinger, which isn't affiliated yet, is none of our business.
    Warch:   But, we shall not only watch that. We've completed that thing.
    Dangel:  ... What, what thing?
    Janella: I'll show you... this.
    Dangel:  Th,this is!?
    Janella: Fufufu, an interesting show.
    # next: scene 140 #
    # scene 140: Mikene Empire - command room #
    Emperor: Awake, Shinichiro Ikeda Battle Beast Guernicas. Fuhahahahaha!
    Shin:    ... Is this me?
    Emperor: Shinichiro Ikeda, no, Battle Beast Guernicas. Our ritual is over, and
             you're now our ally.
    General: Congratulation. Our new ally.
    Emperor: As your wish, become our messenger and end this war. At that dawn,
             we'll turn your body into human again.
    Shin:    My body became a Battle Beast but, Jun, I'll get what you couldn't.
    # next: scene 141 #
    # scene 141: Science Fortress Lab - control room #
    [alarm sound]
    Jun:     Chief, it's terrible! A Mikene's fortress is approaching the Science
             Fortress Lab!
    Koji:    So they've come!
    Noin:    Emergency call to GEAR HQ. Deploy the Round Knights!
    Kenzo:   Alright. Everyone, take care.
    Tetsuya: We're alright, chief, even if I've recovered recently, I won't lose
             to them.
    # next: Stage 12 #
     Stage 12 - Saraba seishun! Sentouju to natta seinen!!
                (Good by, springtime! The youth that became Battle Beast!!)
    [Mikene units appear]
    [Guernicas move near Science Fortress Lab]
    Shin:    Tetsuya Tsurugi, Jun Homura, come out, I want to talk.
    [Great Mazinger and Venus A appear]
    Tetsuya: And to call out our names, you must be very strong. Come, Battle
    Shin:    I've came not to fight. I've came for a peace deal.
    Noin:    Peace deal!?
    Shin:    Tsurugi, promise me you won't fight. That will be the start of
    Tetsuya: No joke! I'll make the first attack. Take this!
    # cinematic: Great Mazinger VS Battle Beast Guernicas #
    Shin:    Please, hear what I have to say. It's me, Shinichiro Ikeda.
    Jun:     What?
    Noin:    It can't be!
    Kenzo:   No, that's truly Ikeda-kun's face!
    Jun:     Aah! Shinichiro-san. Why did you become a Battle Beast?
    Shin:    I have work to do for my life. Please, everyone, hear me! The Emperor
             of Darkness says he's ready to live along with humans.
    Tetsuya: That's a joke!
    Shin:    Please, retreat. If you show that will too, Emperor of Darkness will
             understand too.
    General: (Fufufu, such an effort. Go, Mikenes...)
    Jun:     Shinichiro-san, you have some misunderstanding .
    Shin:    Misunderstandings?
    Jun:     Yes. Peace is not something easier to get as you think, by ending war.
    Shin:    You're wrong. If the war ends, peace will come!
    Tetsuya: No joke. In supposition, think of a world no one go against the
             rulers, and live life as puppets. War doesn't exist because no one
             go against. But, can you tell that a world in peace!? It's not good
             for war to end and that's all.
    [Round Knights appear]
    # deploy: 8 units #
    Yurika:  Is everyone alright!?
    Shin:    Everyone came!
    Roaby:   What, is that the enemy?
    General: What's up, Guernicas? The story is going to a strange direction.
    Shin:    Shut up! Be quiet.
    Jun:     Shinichiro-san, you're being used by the Emperor of Darkness.
    Shin:    It can't be!
    [explosion occurs at Science Fortress Lab]
    Koji:    Wah, what's it!?
    Sayaka:  It's terrible. Mikenes have invaded, and destroying the lab!
    Kenzo:   What!?
    Tetsuya: See, that's what the Emperor of Darkness do! You were only taking
             our time to invade.
    Shin:    It can't be. General of Darkness, what's all this!?
    General: Guernicas, your mission is over.
    Shin:    Uh, my body!
    General: Your body has a remote control device, and a high perfomance
             explosive. Die along with Great Mazinger.
    Shin:    You deceived me!
    General: We didn't. The war will end. At the Emperor of Darkness rules! Go,
             Mech Beasts, Battle Beasts!
    [Mikene units appear]
    Kenzo:   Koji and the others, go too! We can handle the Mikenes inside the lab.
    Beauty:  Leave it to us!
    Galison: Well well, so I have to fight too. Hand-to-hand fight at this age is
             much of a trouble.
    Reika:   What are you saying? You're stronger than any ordinary soldier.
    [Mazinger, Borot, Diana A, Daitarn 3 and Taurus appear]
    Shin:    Uuh, my body is moving on its own.
    Jun:     Shinichiro-san, we'll help you.
    Shin:    Stop, Jun. If you do that, the explosives they implanted will explode.
    General: You're right. But if you leave him, the explosives will be activated
             in 3 minutes.
    Shin:    Uuh, please, Tsurugi, Jun. Defeat me before it explodes. I don't want
             to die as a victim of their bombs!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship's destruction
    # Tetsuya VS Shin #
    Shin:    Hurry, hurry and defeat me.
    Tetsuya: It'll be my compassion. A single hit kill and you won't suffer.
    # Jun VS Shin #
    Shin:    Jun, I was foolish! Was I wrong to trust Mikene to a peace deal?
    Jun:     No, you weren't. You just didn't know the true value of peace. You
             got that manipulated.
    Shin:    The value... of peace...
    # enemy death: Shin's hp reaches 0 or ally turn 3 #
    # if Shin's hp reached 0 #
    Shin:    It won't be as they wish. So this is my single resistance...
    Jun:     Shinichiro-san, you were hasty.
    [Guernicas explodes]
    Tetsuya: Ikeda, no matter what you say, we'll do our efforts for the future.
             We'll fight!
    # else ally turn 3 #
    General: It's time. Go, Guernicas. For the glory of Mikene!
    Shin:    Ah, aah!
    [Guernicas move near Great Mazinger]
    Shin:    D,daaaaaaaaaamn! I won't be controled by you!
    [Guernicas move near Demonika]
    General: What's happening, the control!?
    Shin:    Don't underestimate humans!
    General: Damn you, useless till the last moment! Explode him!
    Shin:    Uwaaaaaaaaah!
    [Guernicas explodes]
    Jun:     Shinichiro-san!
    Tetsuya: Ikeda... Damn you General of Darkness! I won't forgive you!!
    [Tetsuya and Jun's Morale +10]
    # enemy retreat 1: General's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    General: Fufufu, it's ok. Our mission is complete. We'll retreat.
    # if alive unit: Shin unit #
    General: But before that. Go, Guernicas. For our Mikene!
    Shin:    A,aah!
    [Guernicas moves near Great Mazinger and explodes]
    Tetsuya: Uwaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Jun:     Tetsuya!
    Tetsuya: I'm ok. But, I felt that one.
    General: Fuhahahaha. I'll show the others the same another day!
    [Demonika explodes/disappear]
    # enemy reinforce: after enemy death or enemy retreat 1 #
    [Com-Battler V appears]
    Gou:     What, another unseen has appeared!
    Noin:    That's Com-Battler V!?
    General: Wh, why is Com-Battler V here?
    Yurika:  Com-Battler V's that robot to rendezvous with us, neh?
    Jamil:   Aah, I've heard they were fighting the Cambell Force.
    Garrod:  So they're allies!?
    Amuro:   No. This feeling, they're no allies!
    ???:     Gahaha. Die, Round Knights!
    [Cambell units appear]
    Gai:     So you came out. Monsters!
    Ruri:    I have data of those enemies. Magma Beasts of the Planet Cambell.
    Hayato:  Why is Com-Battler V along with Cambell Forces!?
    # if alive unit: General's unit #
    General: Damned Cambell Forces, such a nasty act! So you're afraid of losing
             the treasure to us!?
    Ryoko:   Whoever it is, those that attacks us are enemies! We'll smash'em!
    # enemy retreat 2: ???'s hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    ???:     Fufu, it's fine for today. We'll retreat to Nanbara Connection!
    # stage end #
    Reika:   Hah! 
    Galison: Hoi hoi hoi... so that's it. It's over.
    Reika:   Here too. Beauty?
    Beuty:   A-n, they threw the flower vases at me. My clothes are all wet.
    Reika:   ... But, what was their objectives? For destroying, it were few
    Galison: Is something missing?
    Kenzo:   No, nothing...
             (But, there's the possibility they took pictures of the projects...
             If so, then we're in trouble...)
    # next: scene 142 #
    # scene 142: Mikene Empire - command room #
    General: Janella, what's your point? To interfere like that.
    Janella: How come you say so? We were chasing Com-Battler as we reached Science
             Fortress Lab.
    Warch:   And on the matter, our fellow Mikene was in mid-battle. It's obvious
             to help out. We're disappointed for your words.
    General: So, what about Com-Battler V attacking the Round Knights?
    Warch:   Well, perhaps their comm had some faults?
    Emperor: ... Humpf, mah, it's ok. Next time, we'll want to know first.
    Janella: We will. It's often for battles to not occur as we plan, though, so
             I can't promise. Excuse us. We have our schedule.
    General: Humpf, such a sly fox.
    Emperor: It's fine, General of Darkness. We've got what we wanted.
    General: The design project of Great Mazinger.
    Emperor: When we remodelled Ikeda, if we didn't searched his brain, we wouldn't
             know. That Kenzo Kabuto, to think about a Mass Production project.
    General: But, that's now in our hands.
    Emperor: Yes. Because of the mass production value, its performance will be
             reduced. Instead, it'll be easier to generate great numbers.
    General: It'll be our new firepower. Fufufufu.
    # next: scene 143 #
    # scene 143: Science Fortress Lab - control room #
    [connection sound]
    Relena:  I've heard. About Shinichiro Ikeda's and his death.
    Tetsuya: It's your fault. External Minister. To support a dream like the
             Perfect Pacifism, many people who won't see reality die like that.
    Jun:     Tetsuya!
    Relena:  The Perfect Pacifism is no dream. There was a country in the past that
             followed that.
    Noin:    ... Sank Kingdom...
    Tetsuya: But all those countries were destroyed. By the power of army.
    Relena:  Even so, I'll wish for peace. For Shiniciro Ikeda's sake too.
    Tetsuya: In front of people with weapons, the Perfect Pacifism is useless.
    Jun:     And you'll tell people to grab their guns and fight, and increase
             children like us?
    Sayaka:  She's right. Tetsuya-san should know that.
    Banjo:   You said yourself. Even if war ends, doesn't mean peace will come.
    Jun:     If people follow orders like a puppet, war will end, but that's no
             peace. Even after wiping all enemies, peace won't come that way.
    Sara:    It's a world where the other side's opinions won't be considered.
    Tetsuya: I know that! I'm angry with that. Because of a tiny argument, Ikeda
             lost his mind and hurried! And because I couldn't save him!
    Relena:  ...
    # next: scene 144 #
    # scene 144: Presidential mansion - one room #
    President: I see, so you'll go to space.
    Relena:    Yes. We have to stop our war with Neo Zeon.
    President: Are you sure? I have reports Haman is preparing to attack Earth.
    Relena:    That's why I have to go.
    President: ... Relena-kun. Don't rush for results. I suppose the Perfect
               Pacifism is a matter of heart.
    Relena:    I know.
    # if Raul Route next: scene 145 #
    # else Fiona Route next: scene 146 #
    # scene 145: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Mizuho:  Fuh...
    Raul:    Excellence got 3 frames instantly. If we go to space, you're going to
             remake the Cosmodriver Frame, aren't you?
    Mizuho:  Perhaps...
    Raul:    What's up?
    Uribata: Aah, she's strange lately.
    Mizuho:  ... Do you know the reason I made Excellence as a weapon?
    Raul:    Aah, because at war, projects not meant to be weapons don't get
             accepted by sponsors.
    Mizuho:  Eeh, I mean, I wanted to make Excellence other way but a weapon.
    Raul:    Other way?
    Mizuho:  Yes... an emergency rescue frame... That's how Excellence is in my
    Raul:    An emergency rescue?
    Mizuho:  Eeh. Heat resistant frame, pressure resistant frame, emergency
             transport frame... Using the Time Flow Engine, we don't need to worry
             about the motive power.
    Kid:     I bet. Isn't it good the way it is?
    Inoue:   Yes. Aren't you satisfied how it is now?
    Mizuho:  My parents died in an accident... At an accident at a colony's power
             plant. At the time, an army weapon went for the rescue, but they 
             couldn't save them.
    Raul:    Why?
    Mizuho:  The place was extremely hot. There was the possibility that the engine
             or the built-in weapons were going to explode... Father and mother,
             both wearing heat resistant suits, burned.
    Raul:    ...
    Mizuho:  Even so, for that incident, I wished for a special unit for this kind
             of emergency specialty to be made. But, it didn't happen. As usual,
             the government was only concerned about making weapons.
    Amuro:   That's them. To defeat the enemy instead of saving people has more
    Noin:    Specially in mid-war.
    Mizuho:  That's why I've decided to create a rescue machine that can work
             under severe conditions. But... the reality is different. Not,
             different, it's the opposite. Excellence is a weapon.
    Raul:    It's helpless. And the Time Flow Engine as well.
    Mizuho:  But, I was the one who presented Excellence as a weapon. I wanted
             to create the Excellence, and instead of not doing at all, to do it, 
             even if it's for a wrong purpose. Then, to change it lately and use
             it for emergency rescue.
    Amuro:   It's not only for you. The reality overcomes the ideal, and to make up
             for it, it loses its meaning.
    Sho:     The Perfect Pacifism has the firepower of the Round Knights.
    Mizuho:  ... I heard about Ikeda-san's story. And I thought that I rushed too.
    Raul:    No, the Excellence is protecting lives. At least mine.
    Mizuho:  ... Thank you, Raul.
    # next: scene 146 #
    # scene 146: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Shibuya:  Is that true that Com-Battler V attacked you?
    Sara:     Yes. We have in our records.
    Aiko:     Commander. If so, then...
    Minato:   Then what, do you have some other information?
    Shibuya:  Uhm, look at this. The damage of New York.
    Jack:     Goddamn! Me city!
    Hikaru:   It's terrible, everything is destroyed.
    Witz:     The Statue of Liberty is all screwed.
    Chibodee: So, this is!?
    Shibuya:  Damaged by the Com-Battler V.
    Merry:    I can't forgive! Our town!
    Vega:     Not only New York. Londo, Paris, Moscow are all damaged.
    Jamil:    What happened then?
    Aiko:     Chief, a connection from Nanbara Connection.
    [connection sound]
    Yotsuya:  Chief Shibuya, do you about the attacks of Com-Battler V to the main
              cities of the world?
    Shibuya:  Uhm. I'm surprised. What happened to Com-Battler?
    Megumi:   Was it stealed by the enemy?
    Kappei:   Because it was with the Cambellings.
    Shibuya:  Well, Com-Battler, these days, was under the last check-up for the
              rendezvous with Round Knights, and didn't deploy once.
    Akito:    But, it came to attack us!
    Shibuya:  I've heard about that from Chief Kabuto. We don't know yet too. And
              there it comes. I want you to come quick to Connection. I want to
              hurry Com-Battler and the rendezvous with Round Knights.
    Gai:      And to become witness of the alibi?
    Roaby:    Could be a trap. When we approach, Com-Battler will...
    Yotsuya:  In not a matter! Trust me!!
    Aiko:     A connection from King Bial.
    Keiko:    From granpa?
    Sazaemon: Chief Shibuya, can you send the Round Knights?
    Shibuya:  What happened?
    Sazaemon: I've located the Bandock. It's recovering its damage from Tokyo at
              the sea coast.
    Uchuta:   So they're under repairs. Then it can't show its full power.
    Kappei:   It's our chance to wipe them.
    Sazaemon: That's it. King Bial don't have many ways of fighting them. We have
              to ask for Round Knights help.
    Kappei:   Ok! Let's go, chief! Go kill of the Gaizock bastards!
    Yotsuya:  Don't forget about our case.
    Noin:     Sure, it's trouble for to see Com-Battler  destroying the world.
    Sazaemon: Yotsuya-san. If we don't hit them now, Gaizock will recover.
    Ginga:    What, where should we go, then?
    Shibuya:  It's helpless. For our fortune, there are two flagships for Round
    Vega:     Let's split our forces and head to both.
    Yotsuya:  I beg for speed.
    Sazaemon: For us, the main will be underwater battle. Send us those who can
              fight underwater.
    Shibuya:  Well, if so. The problem is how to divide the squad.
    Waribata: I beg for the Aestevalis not go underwater.
    Ryoko:    We don't have a underwater frame.
    Mizuho:   (Underwater use frame...)
    Jamil:    So, we'll head for the Gaizock. Mobile Suits can fight somehow
    Kid:      Well enough for the Aestevalis, that is. Mah, I'll see what I can do.
    Kappei:   Of course, we'll go Gaizock side.
    Hayato:   Getter Team will follow Freeden.
    Gai:      Leave underwater battle to Getter 3.
    Jack:     So me fights Gaizock as well.
    Koji:     Tetsuya-san, we'll head to Connection. I'm concerned about
    Tetsuya:  Aah, I don't mind. Jun?
    Jun:      Of course.
    Domon:    We'll go Nadesico side.
    Sai-sici: I don't like underwater battles.
    Banjo:    Well, Daitarn will go challenge Gaizock.
    Vega:     I'll have Dendoh to go Freeden's side.
    Hokuto:   Understood.
    Yurika:   I guess we're set. Nadesico will go to Nanbara Connection along
              with... Aestevalis pilots, Mazinger Team and Shuffle Union-san.
    Noin:     I'll go with Nadesico too. It'll be tough wihout an informant.
              Reika can do it for Freeden.
    Reika:    Me? Don't send work to people that are not Preventer anymore. Mah,
              this time is an exception.
    Allenby:  I'm with Domon as well. Don't forget.
    Jamil:    The ones that will go with us to the sea...
    Sara:     Mobile Suit pilots and Dendoh, Zambot 3, Daitarn 3, Getter Team and
              Texas Mack.
    Prospect: Areh, what about [Raul/Fiona] and the others?
    Shibuya:  Oh, so where will you go? If you have an opinion, say it.
    # split #
    NA: Nadesico Route
    FR: Freeden Route
    # if Nadesico Route #
    Yurika:   I see. Once all preparations are done, Nadesico will head to Nanbara
    Noin:     What happened to Com-Battler V...?
    # else Freeden Route #
    Jamil:    Ok. Once all preparations are done, Freeden will deploy to attack
    R/F:      The decision with Gaizock...
    # next: scene 147 #
    # scene 147: GEAR HQ - one room #
    R/F:     Fu...
    Lahge:   What happened?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I was wondering... why did I chose this side...?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Why did I chose this side...?
    Mizuho:  You mean... about Uchuta and Keiko...
    # if Nadesico Route #
    Lahge:   It's helpless as long as we chose this side. It will be as it
    # else Freeden Route #
    Lahge:   No one wants to see kids dying. It's helpless...
    # if NA next:   scene 148 NA #
    # else FR next: scene 148 FR #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 148 NA: Nadesico - deck #
    Hikaru:  Neh neh, is that true Com-Battler is piloted by 5 people?
    Uribata: Aah, it's a robot made by the junction of 5 other machines. The one
             we saw at Science Fortress Lab is the joined form.
    Gai:     The power of friends into one. It's a good thing. Yes! Why not modify
             the Aestevalis so they could join too?
    Koji:    Hey hey, are you serious?
    Uribata: What, 5 Aestevalis joining and forming the AestevaFive?
    Gai:     Correct! For the members, Me, Akito and Ryoko, Hikaru and Izumi, form
             5 people! Of course, I'm the leader!
    Ryoko:   Do it and I abandon Nadesico! Uryaaaaaah!
    Gai:     G,Gweeeeh...
    Tetsuya: Stop that. He's a pilot, anyhow.
    Hikaru:  Yes yes, if it keeps like this, Yamada-san will die.
    Chibode: It's alright. Annoying people doesn't die easily.
    Gai:     Don't call me Yamada. I'm Gai Daigouji!
    Chibode: See?
    Boss:    Sayaka, Jun, how about that? To join Venus and Diana with Borot?
    Sayaka:  No way!
    Jun:     As well.
    Boss:    So, Allenby-chan. Borot and Nobel Gundam.
    Allenby: Hell no!
    # next: scene 149 NA #
    # scene 148 FR: GEAR HQ - one room #
    Garrod:  Is Tifa going to stay?
    Sara:    Eeh. She's not part of the battle crew, and here at HQ is safer.
    Garrod:  I see... th,then, I'll buy you a souvenir. What do you want?
    Sho:     We're not going for a trip. We're going to war. Do you realize that?
    Garrod:  I know... By the way, what's the place Gaizock is hidden at?
    Beauty:  Nearby the Chidori island chain. There's plenty of small islands.
    Keiko:   It's good it isn't deep sea. I was worried if it was deeper than the
    # next: scene 149 FR #
    # scene 149 NA: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ruri:    Until now, the places attacked by Com-Battler V are 8.
    Noin:    The damages compared to Science Fortress Lab's are heavier.
    Tetsuya: The attacks at the cities, were the Cambellings along?
    Yurika:  Except for Science Fortress Lab's, all else was Com-Battler V's solo.
    Allenby: But, Com-Battler V stand outs normally. If they're the real ones,
             isn't that stupid thing to do?
    Uribata: Because their identity is all showed up.
    Boss:    So, the one making this mess is a fake one?
    Megumi:  Possible. See, Paris was attacked during the day.
    Chibode: And the place is the Eiffel Tower. That's like saying please see me.
    Argo:    They all know that. Their objectives might be to bring untrustfulness.
    Akito:   You mean, to make everybody not trust Com-Battler V?
    George:  I understand. If Com-Battler V appears, ordinary people can't tell if
             it's a fake or not.
    R/F:     Are there records for the real one's deploy?
    Noin:    There's a report. Com-Battler V's deploy record and the attacks at the
             cities match.
    George:  Then it's decided. It's a fake.
    Akito:   Why? If the records match, then it's the real one.
    Tetsuya: If it's real, then the Connection's people are fools. There's no need
    	 to leave records about that.
    Akito:   Ah, I see.
    Domon:   Even if it's to make it untrustful, this shouldn't be enough.
    Prospec: Really? There are voices at the damaged places saying to get rid of
             Com-Battler V.
    Chibode: No matter if it's real or fake. They hate Com-Battler V.
    Megumi:  Emergency call from GEAR HQ.
    Shibuya: Yurika-kun, hurry to Nanbara Connection.
    Yurika:  What happened?
    Shibuya: There was a message now. Earth Sphere Nation's assembly decided the
             destruction, disposal of the Com-Battler V.
    Yurika:  Eeeeh!?
    # next: scene 150 NA #
    # scene 149 FR: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Kid:     It's done, Roaby. Gundam Leopard's underwater option "S-1".
    Roaby:   That's cool, now Leopard can fight underwater. It's useless to stay
             watching at surface, anyway.
    Amuro:   Not that we can't use GX and Re-GZ underwater.
    Kid:     We need underwater use MS the most.
    Fa:      Yes, at least one would be grateful.
    Gai:     It's alright. Getter 3 will make it.
    Jamil:   Indeed. It's helpless to wish for stuff we don't have. Mobile Suits
             should support from the back line.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Mizuho, this it... a new frame?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Neh, Mizuho. Is this a new frame?
    Mizuho:  Yes. I built it thinking on the previous pressure resistant frame as
             a base. Excellence's underwater use "Diver Frame".
    Galliso: Everyone, tea is ready.
    Banjo:   Thank you, Gallison.
    Gou:     However, it's a pain to keep changing frames all the time.
    Gai:     You should make it freely transformable like Getter.
    Mizuho:  Getter's transformation system is too complex... I can't do it.
    Inoue:   Indeed, that transformation system isn't copyable.
    Kappei:  You don't need to keep transforming, just being powerful is enough.
    Ginga:   Yeah.
    Jamil:   This battle will center strongly at underwater use robots. I'm
             counting on you.
    Uchuta:  Leave it. If it's not depth of 1 million, then it's fine.
    Keiko:   Yes, let's do it.
    R/F:     (...Perhaps, in this battle, those two will...)
    Keiko:   Er, is there something on my face?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    N,no, nothing. Mizuho, explain me about the Diver Frame, please.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   N,noo, nothing at all. Mizuho, explain me about the Diver Frame.
    Mizuho:  Ok. Let's go to the cockpit.
    Keiko:   What might it be, [Raul/Fiona]-san, often gazes at me and Uchuta.
    Uchuta:  Aah, did we meet them before?
    Amuro:   By the way, seems like I've met them too, though I don't remember.
    Tonya:   Isn't just that they do know you? Amuro-san is quite famous.
    # next: scene 150 FR #
    # scene 150 NA: Nanbara Connection - command room #
    Civilian: Destroy the Devil's weapon Com-Battler V!
    Civilian: Com-Battler V's the devil!
    Soldier:  Hey! Civilians can't come in!
    Shibuya:  ...What the hell...
    Lady:     Doctor Shibuya, the Round Knights have arrived.
    Yurika:   What happened? Nanbara Connection is surrounded by the guard forces
              and civilians.
    Lady:     Let me introduce him first. He's Nanbara Connection's doctor Shibuya.
              This is Round Knights' affiliated mobile battleship Nadesico captain
              Yurika Misumaru.
    Shibuya:  I'm sorry, not being able to greet you... Are you aware of the
              Com-Battler's destruction schedule?
    Yurika:   Eeh, I've heard on the way.
    Shibuya:  By hearing it, the Com-Battler Team opposed to the destruction, and
              are garrisoned at the hangar.
    Sai-sici: Heh, they're good.
    Ryoko:    It's not funny.
    Jun:      Yes, at this rate, the Com-Battler Team's position is at risk.
    Koji:     But, I know how they feel. If Mazinger was to be destroyed, I would
              do the same thing.
    # next: scene 151 NA #
    # scene 150 FR: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Now, I can't see their faces and not worry.
    Mizuho:  They'll die in the battle against Gaizock. Uchuta-kun and Keiko-san...
    Raul:    By the way, the base of the Diver Frame, that pressure resistant
             frame, is that the one you said previously?
    Mizuho:  Yes. A frame for underwater rescue.
    Raul:    ...Thinking about it, a rescue mech has more usabilities than a
    Mizuho:  Depending on the mission, it's obvious.
    Raul:    ...Is that ok?
    Mizuho:  Eh?
    Raul:    A rescue use pressure resistant frame, used at underwater battle.
    Mizuho:  It's ok. At any cost, it's protecting a life.
    Raul:    Life?
    Mizuho:  N,no, nothing... Yes, Raul, you can use it to protect lives, right?
    Raul:    Aah, of course. Not only me, the Round Knights are fighting for the
             future of many people.
    Mizuho:  Indeed.
             (...Raul, don't overdo it, please. I made this frame to protect your
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   It's no use. I don't know how to see them. It was ok until now...
    Mizuho:  They'll perhaps die in this battle. Uchuta-kun and Keiko-san...
    # next: scene 151 FR #
    # scene 151 NA: Nanbara Connection - hangar #
    Hyoma:   Come and get us! We won't let you destroy Com-Battler!
    Juuzo:   Yeah yeah. You're all being deceived by Cambell bastards!
    Kinta:   The Com-Battler out there is a fake!
    # next: scene 152 NA #
    # scene 151 FR: Hoshimi Town - urbans #
    Absolute: Gwaaaaah, why can't we find Data Weapon-dawa?
    Witter:   There's no shadow nor shape-jan.
    Gourmet:  ...But, even if we find, Altea-sama will take it-bari.
    Absolute: But, if we don't find it, they'll call us useless-dawa.
    Witter:   A-h, our heads smashed-jan. A-h!
    Gourmet:  What-bari?
    Witter:   Look, look there-jan!
    Absolute: That's Dendoh's friends' ship-dawa.
    Gourmet:  Freeden-bari. Dendoh's inside it-bari.
    Absolute: For sure they know something about the Data Weapon-dawa.
    Witter:   Pursue them-jan!
    Gourmet:  But, we don't have a ship-bari.
    Witter:   We'll go swimming-jan.
    Absolute: That's it!
    # next: scene 152 FR #
    # scene 152 NA: Nanbara Connection - command room #
    George:  They're completely nervous.
    Lady:    Honestly, we're thinking that the Com-Battler that's destroying all
             over the world is a fake. However, how can we tell people that...?
    Sayaka:  It's terrible to know it's not fake and explode it anyway.
    Shibuya: Earth now has the Round Knights. I'll take some time to rebuild it,
             but now we have to destroy it and make people calm down, that's the
             government's will.
    Gai:     It's obvious they'll anger. To distort justice, that's wrong!
    Lahge:   Correct. With this, the technology of super electromagnetics will
             be lost. They have to at least leave the engines alone.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    No, that's not the point.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   ...You lost the topic.
    Shibuya: However, we're fighting for people and for their rest. If
             Com-Battler's existence is causing this...
    Domon:   Whatever. This way, nothing can be done. We have to go through.
    Argo:    We'll approach with Boss Borot rising the white flag, and go in at
    Boss:    Er, hey, Argo. Why's the Borot has to rise the white flag?
    Alenby:  Because it's the robot that most fits a white flag?
    Koji:    Indeed.
    Boss:	 Oh well.
    Argo:    No. From Boss Borot's cockpit, all of us can go in, and by opening
             the window, all of us can go at once.
    Boss:    Uhn... Mah, it's ok if that's it.
    Shibuya: Anyhow, I'll try to convince them. And if that's not possible, then,
             I'll count the rest to you.
    Noin:    Understood.
    # next: scene 153 NA #
    # scene 152 FR: Freeden - entertainment room #
    Witz:    What, Roaby, playing billiards with an unexpected person.
    Hokuto:  Witz-san.
    Roaby:   Hokuto's such a strong opponent. You should try one later.
    Witz:    Heh, well, I'll watch your skills.
    Hokuto:  Be gentle, please.
    # next: scene 153 FR #
    # scene 153 NA: Nanbara Connection - hangar #
    Chie:    Neh neh. Doctor is coming in a strange robot.
    Ropet:   From my data, that's Boss Borot.
    Kinta:   Humpf, such robot. I'll kick it with Kerot.
    Juuzo:   We can't relax just because it's doctor.
    Chizuru: Yes. Doctor was telling us to accept the destruction.
    Shibuya: Are you people there!?
    Hyoma:   Gramps! Even if that's what gramps says, I can't listen to this.
             It's obvious we're against killing Com-Battler without fighting!
    Shibuya: Hyoma, I thought about that when I first heard of it. But, think about
             it. Why was Com-Battler made? To protect Earth, nature and people's
             peace. And now, Com-Battler's existence is affecting people's hearts.
             Even if that's the enemy's plan.
    Kosuke:  Even so, that's no reason to destroy Com-Battler!
    Shibuya: There's no reason in leaving it too... All that's important now, is
             to make people calm.
    Hyoma:   I don't understand... I don't!
    Shibuya: I see, so there's no other way. Shuffle's people, I'm counting on you!
    Domon:   Oryaaaaaaaaaah!
    Daisaku: Wawa, from inside the robot!?
    Chizuru: We were deceived!
    Kinta:   Now is time to scramble with Kerot.
    Boss:    Kerot's this frog-like one. I'll do this!
    Kinta:   Hey, you crap robot, give Kerot back!
    # next: scene 154 NA #
    # scene 153 FR: oversea #
    Absolute: Where is it going-dawa?
    Gourmet:  We have to chase it-bari.
    WItter:   ...I'm, tired-jan.
    Gourmet:  For mechanical beings like us, water is hard-bari.
    # next: scene 154 FR #
    # scene 154 NA: Nanbara Connection - command room #
    Ryoko:   Well, seems like it's over.
    Yurika:  ...Akito, was this the best...?
    Akito:   ...
    Soldier: (Alright, I'll report to Warchimedes-sama.)
    Lady:    Captain Misumaru, I have to talk to you. This way.
    Yurika:  ...What would it be?
    # next: scene 155 NA #
    # scene 154 FR: King Bial - bridge #
    Heizaemon: Welcome. I'm very expected with you.
    Kappei:    Yoh, gramps!
    Keiko:     Gramps!
    Heizaemon: Kappei, aren't you giving trouble to them?
    Kappei:    Of course not. They're having my help, instead.
    Banjo:     Mah, I'll leave it that way.
    Chiyokin:  Woof!
    Heizaemon: Chiyokin, you happy too.
    Jamil:     By the way, how's Bandock's situation?
    Heizaemon: There are no moves until now. This is the investigation data till
               now. I'll count on you from now on.
    Jack:      Ok, Ok, leave it to me!
    # next: scene 155 FR #
    # scene 155 NA: Castle Oniwa - hall of three demons #
    Warchme: Janella-sama. A report from the spy. They'll destroy Com-Battler V.
    Janella: Well, the Round Knights are there too. At this chance, we'll smash
             them all at once.
    Warchme: Haha!
    Dangel:  ...
    Warchme: What happened, Dangel?
    Dangel:  This is no fun. Indeed, to use the fake Com-Battler to dispose of
             humans, that's a splendid plan, brother, but why didn't you tell me
    Warchme: It's your duty to make it true. I only thought it wasn't necessary
             for you to know while I was elaborating it. Don't stay there talking,
    Dangel:  (Ghghghg... So I'm a doll that only has use at fights...)
    # next: Stage 13 NA #
    # scene 155 FR: Freeden - entertainment room #
    Witz:    Wh,What the...
    Hokuto:  Haha... I won.
    Roaby:   I told you. He's strong.
    Witz:    Damn, I've relaxed because you're a kid. I'll do my best next time.
    Hayato:  What are you doing? We're close to the zone where Bandock's lying.
    Witz:    No help, we'll resume after we smash Gaizock.
    # next: scene 155 FR #
    # scene 156 FR: Bandock - command room #
    Butcher: Yey yey yey yey, I'm the greatest evil of space, the invincible
             Gaizock. The name is greatest Butcher-sa-ma-yeah.
             Fufufu, as usual, my voice is splendid. Well, one more song.
    Gaizock: Butcher... Killer the Butcher...
    Butcher: Ha,haha! Gaizock-sama!
    Gaizock: You've forgotten my words. Do not spend the time of healing wounds
             with self-entertainment.
    Butcher: Haha, I'm aware of that, yeah, right.
    Gaizock: Then, why can't you realize that...
    Butcher: That's... Hyeeeeeeee! The human's ship is approaching!
    # next: scene 156 FR #
    # scene 157 FR: Freeden - bridge #
    Sara:    We've detected a Bandock-like shadow. It's depth is 300 meters.
    Vega:    It's as Heizaemon-san's report said.
    Jamil:   Depth of 300 meters.
    Kirakun: We're saved it's not that deep.
    Amuro:   For Dendoh, that is.
    # next: Stage 13 FR #
     Stage 13 NA - Com-Battler V wo Hakai seyo (Destroy Com-Battler V)
    [Com-Battler V appears]
    Soldier:  Explosion's preparation complete.
    Civilian: Do it, destroy it!
    Hyoma:    Stop, stooop!
    Ropet:    ...
    Chizuru:  Ropet, you're not binded, so please, help.
    Ropet:    I,I... can't...
    Juuzo:    What, you crappy robot. Betraying us at this time.
    Ropet:    I'm a robot that stabilizes your brain waves. I can feel from your
              brain waves, such anger and sadness.
    Hyoma:    If so!
    Ropet:    Please. Trust doctor...
    Shibuya:  Explode!
    [Com-Battler V explodes]
    Chizuru:  Aah!
    Hyoma:    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!
    Soldier:  Kukuku...
    [Cambell units appears]
    Dangel:  Gahahaha. Good efforts, humans. I'm thankful you've defeated
             Com-Battler for us.
             (Kuh, if that was my plan, it'd be better.)
    Koji:    Cambell forces!
    Yurika:  That's, Com-Battler V!?
    Noin:    So it's a fake.
    Yurika:  All crew, battle positions! Units, take off!
    [Nadesico appears]
    # deploy: 13 units #
    Hyoma:   Damn, and we can't do a thing about this.
    Shibuya: Well well, so they've appeared.
    Hyoma:   Gramps, why are you so relaxed!?
    Shibuya: Ropet, free Hyoma and the others.
    Ropet:   Yes.
    Juuzo:   Keh, it's late.
    Shibuya: Be silent and follow me!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship's destruction
    # ally reinforce: turn 2 #
    Kosuke:  Doctor, I'm very disappointed of you, doctor. In such a timing, to do
             such thing...
    Shibuya: Forget it, look.
    Hyoma:   This is, Battle Machine!?
    Daisuke: If so, the one that exploded.
    Lady:    Is a fake. The real one was hidden at underground, and he wanted to
             draw the Cambell forces here by exploding a fake.
    Shibuya: If they've come with a fake, we'll give them a fake too.
    Daisuke: Doctor, don't surprise us.
    Hyoma:   Then, why didn't you say that to us!
    Shibuya: Don't be mad. To deceive the enemy, start from the allies.
    Lady:    And, Connection's sneaked by spies. The spy that wrote the scramble
             report... No use to hide! Come out.
    Soldier: Kuh!
    Juuzo:   So that's the spy! Take this!
    Soldier: Gah!
    Lady:    Now! Catch him!
    Soldier: Damn!
    Lady:    No, get down!
    Juuzo:   So he self-destructed.
    Chizuru: He was a robot.
    Shibuya: So, Com-Battler, take off! Show it to their eyes!
    Hyoma:   Let's gooooo!
    Ropet:   All brain waves fit, combine ok, combine ok.
    Hyoma:   Leeeeet's! Combiiiiine!
    [Com-Battler V appears]
    Kinta:   Let's go, Kerot, scramble!
    Chie:    Yes, brother!
    [Kerot appears]
    Dangel:  Wh,whaaaat, that's!
    Warchim: I,it can't be! Why's Com-Battler there!?
    Hyoma:   Yay yay yay, fakey. I'll show you the power of the true Com-Battler V!
    Dangel:  Likewise, I'll smash you here. Be prepared!
    Hyoma:   That's my speech. Let's go, Dangel!
    # Hyoma VS Dangel #
    Hyoma:   You fake. I'll rip your skin off!
    Dangel:  Such a joke. I'll rip your face apart!
    # Hyoma VS Warchimedes #
    Warchme: Damn you Earthlings. Using such unpleasant trick.
    Hyoma:   You're the ones to use unpleasant tricks!
    # enemy reinforce 1: Dangel's hp reaches 0 #
    Dangel:  Damn you Round Knights, if so!
    [Com-Battler V explodes]
    [Magma Beast Great I appears]
    Dangel:  I'll challenge you with this Great I!
    Hyoma:   So that's the true self of the fake! Come, I'll show you how much
             powerful the real Com-Battler is!
    # enemy retreat 1: Dangel' hp reaches 0 #
    Dangel:  Damn, I've relaxed an instant, and victory slipped from my fingers.
    [Magma Beast Great I explodes]
    # enemy retreat 2: Warchimedes' hp reaches 0 #
    # if alive unit: Dangel's unit #
    Warchme: Dangel, what're you doing? You can't even protect your brother!
    Dangel:  What are you saying. Brother should protect yourself alone!
    # else #
    Warchme: Bastard Dangel. This is because he's such a loose!
    [Magma Beast Darklon explodes]
    # enemy reinforce 2: Dangel's unit destruction #
    Ruri:    Enemy like object, approaching at high speed.
    [Boazan units appear]
    Yurika:  Those are?
    Highnel: Round Knights gentlemen. First time we meet. I'm Empire Boazan Earth
             Control Forces highest commander Prince Highnel.
    Hikaru:  Wow, a handsome evil guy. It should be like this!
    Gai:     Ooh, the appearence of new enemy. This is a burning situation!!
    Tetsuya: How about not being happy about new enemies appearing!?
    Warchme: Highnel, we're fighting here. We don't need your help!
    Highnel: You've failed your plan. Cambell forces should draw back, and leave
             the battle to us!
    Warchme: What!?
    Ryoko:   Hey you, there, don't keep talking, if you're enemies, hurry up and
             come and get us!
    Highnel: Such annoying woman. So, Earth's woman are all like this.
    Sayaka:  What, are you making fun of Earth's girls!?
    Jangal:  Earth's women are afterall like animals.
    Chizuru: I won't forgive you! Hyoma, do it!
    Hyoma:   No need to tell, I'm going already!
    # enemy retreat 3: Highnel's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Highnel: Splendid, splendid, Earthlings... However, those who go against Boazan
             are marked to not survive, as I'll show you.
    Jangal:  Retreat!
    [Skullook explodes/disappears]
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 158 NA #
     Stage 13 FR - Umi no Tatakai (Battle at Sea)
    [Bandock appears]
    [Freeden appears]
    [Gaizock units appear]
    Kappei:  Butcher! Not the Megaboosts, come yourself! Or else, we'll go to you.
    Roaby:   Well, it's the appreciated underewater option. I'll try it.
    R/F:     I'll go too. Excellence Diver, stand-by ok... go!
    Gai:     I can't lose too. Chaaaange Getteeeeeer 3!!
    [Zambot 3, Leopard S-1, Excellence D and Neo Getter 3 appear]
    # deploy: 9 units #
    Witter:  Hey, look there-jan!
    Gourmet: They're fighting-bari.
    Absolut: Yes, so there might be a Data Weapon nearby-dawa.
    Gourmet: But, I can't feel any presence of Data Weapon-bari.
    Absolut: Say so and it'll be taken by Dendoh again. Call the Mech Beasts-dawa!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship's destruction
    # Kappei VS Butcher #
    Kappei:  Butcher! Today I won't let you run. Be prepared!
    Butcher: Such a noisy kid. I'll crush you.
    # enemy retreat 1: Butcher's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Butcher: No, if it gets more damaged, I'll be beaten by Gaizock-sama
             again. Dettach! We'll repair from where we won't be interfered.
    Kappei:  Hey, don't run. You coward!
    [Bandock explodes/disappears]
    # enemy reinforces: after enemy retreat 1 #
    Sara:    Bandock, rising. At this rate, it'll flee from the atmosphere.
    Jamil:   We can't go after them with Freeden... it fled.
    Kappei:  No way. We'll go after!
    Sara:    Captain! Descending objects from outside the atmosphere!
    Vega:    Megaboosts? No, that's!
    [Galpha units appear]
    Hokuto:  Galpha! Why are they here?
    Ginga:   Dunno. We'll have to kick them!
    Vega:    Could it be, a Data Weapon nearby? Is there any disturbance at the
    Banjo:   No, nothing.
    Sho:     Neither.
    Kirakun: So, are they after Dendoh!?
    Altea:   What? Hey, where's the Data Weapon?
    Absolut: Th,that's dawa...
    Gourmet: ...Data Weapon, doesn't come out-bari.
    Witter:  Where is it-jan?
    Altea:   So you can't even gather information. Fine. They do get on our way of
             finding Data Weapon. I'll have this chance to beat them!
    # Dendoh VS Altea #
    Ginga:   Let's go. Be prepared!
    Hokuto:  Ginga, be careful!
    Altea:   How's that? So you learned to fight a bit well.
    # enemy retreat 2: Altea's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Altea:   If there's no Data Weapon, then I can't waste more time!
    [Ogre explodes/disappears]
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 158 FR #
    # scene 158 NA: Mikene Empire - command room #
    Janella: Highnel, what's your point? To interfere on our battle like that.
    Highnel: I'd ask you the same. To keep on fighting uselessly while we're
             starting our battle.
    Jangal:  For that, our troops couldn't focus on the battle.
    Dangel:  Fool! You came on yourself and got defeated! We were the ones troubled
             by that!
    Jangal:  What!?
    Dangel:  Wanna fight!?
    Emperor: Eei, it's useless to argue!
    Shogun:  By the way, when we assaulted on Science Fortress Lab, the Com-Battler
             V that appeared there was yours, indeed.
    Warchme: Humpf, to deceive the enemy, start from the allies, you've heard it.
    Shogun:  What!
    Emperor: Stop it, you fool! There's no point on arguing on past topics. We have
             to contact each other from now on.
    Shogun:  No time to pull each other's foot... Damn...
    # next: scene 159 NA #
    # scene 158 FR: GEAR HQ - one room #
    Tifa:    ...
    Aiko:    Arah, what's up?
    Tifa:    ...Nothing.
    Aiko:    Uhhn... You're lonely because Garod-kun isn't here, right?
    Tifa:    Eh, I,I...
    Aiko:    (A prince riding a Gundam...)
    Eris:    When will Hokuto and Ginga come back?
    Aiko:    Arah, so Eris is lonely too?
    Eris:    No. The Data Weapon's analysis can't be done without their Gear
             Commander! I can't even make up a strategy.
    Aiko:    Well well.
    # next: scene 159 FR #
    # scene 159 NA: Nanbara Connection - command room #
    Hyoma:   Damn, doctor, I'm over. You sure did deceive us.
    Chuzuru: Yes, and Ropet too.
    Ropet:   Sorry.
    Shibuya: Haha, don't be angry with Ropet. Ropet was responsible with the Combine
             of the Com-Battler, so it can't be faked. So it needed some explanation
    Kosuke:  Did you guys from Round Knights know that the one being exploded was a
    Yurika:  Yes, just before the explosion.
    Tetsuya: Because there might be some ones that would jump in and try to protect
    Hikaru:  Yamada-san too, tried to jack Com-Battler with the Aestevalis.
    Gai:     Don't mention it. I thought it was a real... Hey, you called me Yamada
    Lady:    About this incident, there'll be some explanation from the government
             tomorrow. With so, the grudge on Com-Battler will weaken, I hope.
    Hyoma:   Damn, that was close.
    Noin:    This war is not just ours. There are people supporting from
             behind. That trust was about to be lost.
    Lady:    It was the most fearsome plan. I'm glad it went fine.
    Shibuya: Yes, let me introduce them. Our proudful Com-Battler team.
    Hyoma:   I'm the main pilot Hyoma Aoi. Thanks for the help.
    Noin:    Don't mind. You'll be helping us from now on.
    Juuzo:   I'm Juuzo Naniwa. I don't lose to anyone on shooting.
    Daisaku: I'm Daisaku Nishikawa. My hobby is to draw manga, and I'm willing to
             become a manga writer.
    Hikaru:  Heh, let's make a doujinshi together next time!
    Uribata: ...Isn't it a bit hard?
    Chizuru: I'm Chizuru Nanbara.
    Kosuke:  I'm Kosuke Kita. When we're off the Connection, I'm the one to repair
    Uribata: I see, tell me if there's stuff you want. I'm interested on
             Com-Battler's combination system. Nice to meet you.
    Chizuru: Arah, so you're not surprised. Everyone gets surprised because of
             Kosuke's age.
    Minato:  That's because we have our genious operator of our own. Ruriruri?
    Ruri:    I'm Ruri Hoshino.
    Kosuke:  I'm Kosuke Kita. Nice to meet you.
    Chizuru: Fufu, so age doesn't matter at Round Knights.
    Shibuya: Yes yes, I was forgetting an important one. Ropet.
    Ropet:   I'm Ropet. Nice to meet you.
    Mizuho:  A repair robot?
    Shibuya: Ropet is Com-Battler team's brainwaves stabilizer robot, an important
             piece for Combine.
    Hikaru:  Wow, so cute.
    Ropet:   I'm embarassed by your words.
    Kinta:   Doctor, you shouldn't forget people more important than Ropet. I'm
             Kerot's pilot, Kinta Ichiboku. Remeber that.
    Chie:    I'm his sister, Chie.
    Boss:    So you're the ones making that frog robot move?
    Kinta:   What, it's stronger than your robot!
    Boss:    What, don't underestimate Borot!
    Akito:   Er, is the Kerot joining too?
    Kinta:   Of course, what will be of you without Kerot-sama?
    Shibuya: He insists on joining, so it's helpless.
             (... But I ask you not to deploy them much often... They're children,
    Yurika:  (... I see...)
    Megumi:  Somehow, the avarage age of pilots is lowering.
    Noin:    ...That's trouble...
    R/F:     Areh, where's Lahge?
    Koji:    Isn't he at the toilet?
    Minato:  I saw him walking into the hangar.
    R/F:     Could it be!?
    # next: scene 160 NA #
    # scene 159 FR: Freeden - bridge #
    Sara:    Bandock, disappeared from sphere. I suppose it fled to out of
    Kappei:  Damn. If Galpha didn't appear, we'd have killed him.
    Reika:   It's helpless to keep arguing on past things.
    Hayato:  Indeed. We'll head back to GEAR HQ. There might be some news.
    # next: scene 160 FR #
    # scene 160 NA: Nanbara Connection - hangar #
    Lahge:   Hm hm, so this is how the engine part is. So the flow of super
             electromagnetism is... I'll dismantle the machine a bit, ok?
    Soldier: No, don't, stop!
    Lahge:   It's ok. It's just to see a bit.
    R/F:     Indeed!
    # next: scene 161 NA #
    # scene 160 FR: Spiral Castle - command room #
    Altea:   Such a waste of time. A splendid ability of information gathering.
    Spiral:  This is such a shame. I beg your pardon, Altea-dono.
    Altea:   If it's over with one word, I suppose it's easy to be the owner of the
             Spiral Castle.
    Altea:   What is it, enemy assault?
    Absolut: Terrible. The RaGowe has fled from the room.
    Gourmet: What, the RaGowe!?
    Witter:  The RaGowe is an important pet we've borrowed from your excellency
             emperor. If it gets hurt on the flee...
    Spiral:  Capture it back. Unscratched.
    Altea:   Well well...
    Spiral:  Altea-dono, where are you heading?
    Altea:   I'll help recapture the RaGowe. It's impossible for you to capture it
    Absolut: Kuh!
    # next: scene 161 FR #
    # scene 161 NA: Nanbara Connection - command room #
    R/F:     Pardon, pardon, pardon.
    Mizuho:  Sorry, sorry, sorry.
    Uribata: No matter if it's interest or not, you don't dismantle it, normally.
    Sai-sic: That means it's not normal.
    Hyoma:   I'm glad you're interested. But I won't let you dismantle it.
    Shibuya: I'll give you information on super electromagnetics later. Can you be
             satisfied with that?
    R/F:     Pardon, pardon, pardon.
    Mizuho:  Sorry, sorry, sorry.
    # next: scene 162 NA #
    # scene 161 FR: Bandock - command room #
    Butcher: Guuuuh. Damned Round Knights. This hatred of having Bandock damaged,
             I won't forget.
    ???:     Only your will is strong.
    Butcher: Who's there!?
    Tis:     My name is Tis. Nice to meet you!
    Butcher: Tis? Where did you come from?
    Tis:     Don't say so. I have authorization from Gaizock-sama, anyway.
    Butcher: W,what?
    Gaizock: Indeed. Butcher, I've called Tis.
    Butcher: Wh,why did you... Could it be, such a kid to be on my position!?
    Tis:     No. I'm just a helper.
    Butcher: Helper?
    Tis:     Yes. Gramps, nice to meet you.
    Butcher: N,Nice to meet, such a kiddo!?
    Tis:     It's ok. If we join our forces, we can annihilate the Earth mankind!
    Butcher: Mmmmm.
    Tis:     Oh yes. Let's head to Moon, to start with, gramps.
    Butcher: Moon?
    Tis:     There's the Spiral Castle there. We can greet them. I'll have to say,
             though, greet is not to attack.
    Butcher: (...This one, what's she thinking...?)
    # next: scene 162 FR #
    # scene 162 NA: Oniwa Castle - hall of three demons #
    Janella: Damned Boazans. To get on our way!
    Dangel:  Yes, if they weren't so lousy, we'd have sent Round Knights to hell.
    Warchme: Janella-sama, I have a good plan for that.
    Janella: What is it, tell me.
    Warchme: From my investigation, the Boazans have a base at Crow Island, and
             they're researching improvements to their beast warriors.
    Dangel:  Indeed, if we destroy there, the Boazans would...
    Warchme: Fool, try it. We'd go against our treaty and have not only Boazan but
             Mikene and the Dinosaur Empire against us.
    Janella: Uhm, even us couldn't fight against all of them at once.
    Dangel:  Then, what's the point?
    Warchme: Show their base to the Round Knights, or to their archenemy Voltes
             V. With that, the Round Knights would destroy the base for us. Not only
             that. In a measure, if we deploy at the right moment and defeat Round
             Knights, we wouldn't need Boazan's cooperation anymore.
    Janella: Uhm, two birds with one stone. Tell about Crow Island to them!
    # next: scene 165 NA #
    # scene 162 FR: King Bial - bridge #
    Heizaem: I see. So it fled.
    Jamil:   I beg your pardon. Our power wasn't enough.
    Heizaem: Don't mind. There'll be next time.
    Jamil:   Yes. Well then, we'll go back to GEAR HQ.
    Heizaem: Uhm, do your best.
    # next: scene 163 FR #
    # scene 163 FR: Freeden - bridge #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    By the way, how did Nadesico do?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   By the way, how did Nadesico at Nanbara Connection do?
    Reika:   We had contact just now. They've met Com-Battler team safely. The one
             destroying towns was a fake.
    Hayato:  Indeed, so it was some plan of the Cambellings.
    Vega:    The Cambel and Com-Battler V were fighting for some time.
    Lahge:   Com-Battler V. I want to see the super electromagnetics technology in
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    It's ok, but don't think of dismatling it, ok?
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   I'm fine with that, but don't overdo it. Not even dismantle it.
    Lahge:   ...Why can't I do that?
    Kid:     ...He's hopeless.
    # next: scene 164 FR #
    # scene 164 FR: Oversea - raft #
    Absolut: ...They're gone-dawa.
    Witter:  We'll go too-jan.
    Gourmet: But, where did we come from-bari?
    Witter:  Anywhere is fine-jan! If we cross the sea, we'll reach some land-jan.
    Absolut: Aah, what did we come to do-dawa?
    # next: scene 165 FR #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 165 NA: Underground Castle - command room #
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama, they've transferred a scientist from Boazan.
    Highnel: I see. Kazaleen, cooperate with that one and make stronger Beast
    Kazalee: Yes... But...
    Jangal:  What, are you unsatisfied?
    Kazalee: Well, that scientist one, he's Kentarou Gou.
    Kentaro: Yes, I'm Kentarou Gou.
    Highnel: So you're!?
    Kentaro: Yes, I'm the father of Voltes Team's Gou brothers.
    Jangal:  Father... And why the father is cooperating with the enemies of Voltes?
    Kentaro: Indeed, I'm the father of Gou brothers, and the scientist who built
             Voltes V. But now, I'm focused on Emperor Zanzibar's will.
    Kazalee: Emperor Zanzibar guaranteed he'd be helpful to Earth's control.
    Highnel: Fuhm... Gou, so you are well aware of Voltes' finishing moves?
    Kentaro: Yes. I'm the one who built Voltes V. I'm the one who knows Voltes V
    Kentaro: Using my intelligence, I'll make a second Voltes that can overwhelm
             Voltes V.
    Jangal:  What, a second Voltes?
    Kentaro: Yes. The most fearsome enemy Voltes will rise as Boazan's strongest
    Highnel: Indeed, it'll be fun. Go to Crow island and prepare it!
    Kentaro: Hah!
    Kazalee: ...But, Highnel-sama, even if it's an order from your excellency
             emperor himself, can we really trust Kentarou Gou?
    Jangal:  Uhm. He's, afterall, the father of the Gou brothers. He's deceiving us
             as ally... that can be the case.
    Highnel: Jangal, are you saying your excellency emperor was deceived by him?
    Jangal:  N,no, that's impossible.
    Highnel: I'm concerned about your fears. But, don't forget. He's an
             Earthling. Fathers can easily kill off children. Foolish Earthlings can
             do that.
    Jangal:  Indeed, for Earthlings, it's not rare fathers betraying their children.
    Highnel: Yes, to believe on people, the feeling of love, Earthlings don't
             have. That's why they can keep on fighting themselves until now.
    Kazalee: Indeed, you're right.
    # next: scene 166 NA #
    # scene 165 FR: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Jamil:   Commander, Round Knights affiliated Freeden, returning from Gaizock
             hunt. The results are as reported before.
    Shibuya: Uhm, it's really hurts that you couldn't finish them off, but there'll 
             be more chances.
    Hayato:  By the way, Nadesico wasn't at the docks, are they still at Nanbara
    Shibuya: Well, a few hours before, they launched towards Crow island.
    Amuro:   Crow island?
    Aiko:    A small unhabited island at southwest of Japan.
    Reika:   What, we should have rendezvous with them on our way.
    Vega:    Why did Nadesico go to Crow island?
    Shibuya: There was an information that Crow island is a Boazan's secret base.
    Sho:     Is that really trustful?
    Shibuya: I don't know. Probably a trap. AnNyway, they thought of waiting you,
             but Big Falcon's Voltes V jumped on their own. So, there was no time on
             waiting for you.
    Kappei:  If so, then they're in trouble. We have to go after!
    Banjo:   I don't think they'll be taken down so easily, but there's a chance.
    Shibuya: Uhm. I'm sorry to take you unrested, but once the resupplies are done,
             please go after Nadesico.
    # next: scene 166 FR #
    # scene 166 NA: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Shibuya: There's a Boazan's base at Crow island?
    Aiko:    Yes. It's a report from a ship that was passing by incidently.
    Kosuke:  What's the connection saying exactly?
    Aiko:    "We've sighted a Boazan base at Crow island. We're under attack." The
             connection was cut down after that.
    Juuzo:   That's strange. That ship you're saying is a civilian ship, right?
    George:  The Boazanlings, from what they're, got their base sighted and gave
             time for the connection to be made...
    Allenby: So, it's a trap?
    Koji:    Aren't you thinking too much?
    Kinta:   Or the guards were asleep.
    Chizuru: Can't be.
    Yurika:  That Crow island, what kind of island is that?
    Shibuya: It's a desert island at Japan's southwest.
    Chibode: So, a very good place for a base.
    Ryoko:   Stop screwing. Let's go right away and check.
    Gai:     Ok, Round Knights, scramble!
    Noin:    Wait, that's still in time after Freeden comes back.
    Megumi:  Yes. It's best to have full power.
    Sayaka:  So where's Freeden currently?
    Shibuya: They're coming back. It seems they couldn't finish the Gaizock. It fled
             to space.
    Akito:   And Freeden can't go to space.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    So, they didn't have their decision. Was there any casualty?
    Aiko:    Well, many of the mechs got scratched, but nothing that big. Human
             casualties was zero.
    Raul:    I see, that's good.
    Tetsuya: Not enough. If there's another attack from them, there will be more
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   So, was there any casualty to Freeden's side?
    Shibuya: Many of the mechs got scratched, but no human casualties.
    Tetsuya: However, if they run, they'll attack again. Thinking about that, even
             if it needed some sacrifice, they should have killed them now.
    Megumi:  Don't say such thing.
    Noin:    Stop already. There's no reason on arguing passing results.
    Chizuru: Yes. Instead, prepare to be ready to take off after Freeden is back.
    Juuzo:   Yep, even on shooting, if we keep thinking about our past mistakes, the
             next bullet will miss too.
    Aiko:    Commander, there's an emergency connection from doctor Saionji from Big
    Saionji: Chief Shibuya, excuse the suddeness. Please, chase Voltes immediately.
    Shibuya: What happened?
    Saionji: Are you aware of the report that Crow island is a Boazan's secret base?
             Well, after listening to that, Voltes Team scrambled.
    Shibuya: Why did they do such a reckless thing?
    Saionji: There's an information that Voltes Team's Gou brothers' father was
             captured by Boazans.
    Tetsuya: So that's why they scrambled in a hurry!?
    Saionji: Yes. I want you to bring them back. If it's a Boazan's base, then
             they'll be smashed if they go in without strategy.
    Shibuya: I see. I'll have Nadesico head there!
    Saionji: Please.
    Shibuya: As you've heard, Yurika-kun. Head Nadesico to Crow island immediatelly.
    Yurika:  Yes. Understood!
    # next: scene 167 NA #
    # scene 166 FR: Alternative Corp - one room #
    Glemmy:  Is that true that Round Knights' firepower is divided!?
    Despnis: Y,yes... It's true. Trust me, please.
    Glemmy:  So this is our chance. Their firepower is lessened. Where's the one
             Amuro Ray stayed?
    Despnis: ...Japan's side.
    Wu-fei:  By our recent fights, it's obvious their base is nearby the Hoshimi
             town. It won't be so difficult to call them out.
    Rakan:   Can we trust her? Such a kid.
    Despnis: ...A,aah...
    Duet:    Don't stare like that. She's already too scared.
    Shagia:  We've investigated too, and it's true the Round Knights forces are
    Glemmy:  Alright, Rakan. Scramble. Get back Amuro Ray and Tifa Adeil for sure.
    Rakan:   I won't say anything if that kid's story is a lie.
    # next: scene 167 FR #
    # scene 167 NA: Castle Oniwa - hall of three demons #
    Warchim: Janella-sama, the Voltes V and Round Knights are moving.
    Dangel:  Gahahaha. Such fools. Perfectly caught.
    Janella: Dangel, scramble. Round Knights and Boazanlings. We'll attack once both
             are tired!
    Dangel:  Haha!
    # next: scene 168 NA #
    # scene 167 FR: Alternative Corp - hangar #
    Demar:   Fufufu...
    Olba:    Again, just because your mech got a little dirt, you don't need to
             paint it back white.
    Demar:   White is good.
    Olba:    Even so.
    Demar:   I said white is good!!!!
    Shagia:  Ok, 2nd Lt. Demar.
    Demar:   ...Ok, it's done. Perfectly white. Fufufufu...
    Olba:    (Brother, soon is enough.)
    Shagia:  (Yes. Sadly, our opponents are our eternal rival.)
    Rakan:   Are you ready? Let's go!
    Despnis: Er... I'll go too...
    Rakan:   No need. I don't want to bring along a unknown kid and get shot by my
    Desnis:  ...Yes, understood.
    Wu-fei:  Heero, will you come again? Or...
    # next: scene 168 FR #
    # scene 168 NA: Crow Island #
    Absolut: Hey. Where are we-dawa?
    Gourmet: Where-bari?
    Witter:  Where-jan? We were supposed to be back at Japan-jan?
    Gourmet: Perhaps, we were flown by the sea current till here-bari.
    Absolut: We've lost Freeden, just we're lost and drown-dawa. Uhn?
    Gourmet: This feeling?
    Witter:  Data weapon-jan! We've done it-jan!
    # next: scene 169 NA #
    # scene 168 FR: GEAR HQ - pathway #
    Eris:    There you are. You two, lend me your Gear Commanders. I want to try
             something on the Data Weapon.
    Ginga:   What, in all of a sudden?
    Hokuto:  We'll have to...
    Eris:    Scramble, right? That's why you have to hurry.
    Inoue:   I'm sorry, we'll finish soon.
    Witz:    What are you going to try on the Data Weapon?
    Inoue:   We'll test out the Data Weapon's food.
    Beauty:  What's that? Will we do some fishing to catch the other Data Weapons?
    Inoue:   Yes. To just wait for them to appear is, you know.
    Eris:    You pilots aren't the only one fighting. So, I'll have it until
    Ginga:   Hey! ...Damn, what was with her?
    Hokuto:  It's helpless. So, what will it be... if we keep on stand-by, we won't
             be able to go home.
    Gai:     Oh, Dendoh's a secret thing.
    Ginga:   Ah, I wonder what I'll have to tell mom for excuse!
    Hokuto:  Really... after we became Dendoh's pilots, I'm only telling lies to my
    Vega:    ...
    # next: scene 168 FR #
    # scene 169 NA: Spiral Castle - command room #
    Absolut: Mansion-sama, the chips are feeling the presence of a Data Weapon.
    Altea:   I bet. Last time we've had a contact from the chip, there was only a
             battle of Round Knights and Gaizock. Aren't they mistaken again?
    Gourmet: T,that's...
    Spiral:  Confirm that there's a Data Weapon!
    Witter:  H,ha!
    # next: scene 170 NA #
    # scene 169 FR: Meganoid Base - command room #
    Koros:   Commander Zenoia, commander Beltry. I've analysed your project. The
             project is so good, Don is satisfied.
    Zenoia:  Thank you very much.
    Koros:   Sadly, we can't leave Mars for a while. I'll be praying for your
             success from Mars.
    Beltry:  This commander Beltry promises that pray will become true.
    Don:     ...
    Koros:   Don is saying such words are promising. But many were destroyed by
             their own self-confidence. Don't underestimate Banjo and the Round
    Zenoia:  Hah. I'm aware of that.
    Koros:   Well, I'll be waiting for your good news.
    Beltry:  The hell with good news. Such a kid.
    Zenoia:  ...Is Koros really thinking that we're working for her?
    Beltry:  I bet. With this plan's success, I'll spread it on her nose.
    Zenoia:  Yes. And instead of Koros, I'll be next to Don Zauser.
    Beltry:  And I'll earn the position of Don's right hand.
    Zenoia:  Aah, Don Zauser... I want to be next to you, even if it's for a while.
    Beltry:  By the way, is it true Banjo is nearby Hoshimi town?
    Zenoia:  It's already investigated. All we need is to draw him out, and then
             it'll be your pride, the bug forces' job.
    Beltry:  Leave it to me. Fufufu, damned Banjo. I'll show you I'm different from
             the other commanders!
    # next: scene 170 FR #
    # scene 170 NA: Crow Island - command room #
    Highnel: So, how's Kentarou Gou's work going?
    Kazalee: Yes, he's surprisingly focused.
    Jangal:  With this, the completion of a 2nd Voltes is near.
    Highnel: Fufu, a 2nd Voltes that overcomes the power of Voltes V. Once it's
             complete and becomes our firepower, the control of Earth is under our
    Jangal:  The dark emperor and Janella will tremble from our power and bend on
             their knees.
    Highnel: The Dinosaur Empire is losing their strength along with Gorl. There's
             no one who can go against us. Fuhahahahahaha!
    Highnel: What's happening?
    Jangal:  Highnel-sama, the Voltes is coming this way!
    Highnel: What, how did they find out our base?
    Kazalee: Is Voltes the only enemy?
    Jangal:  The Voltes only. Highnel-sama, it's a good chance. Let's raise the
             base's attack power and finish it here.
    Highnel: Ok, prepare to ambush!
    Kazalee: Hah! ...Th,this is?
    Highnel: What?
    Kazalee: The base's defense system isn't working.
    Jangal:  What? That's impossible. Get out! ...Ghhh. What's going on!?
    Kazalee: I don't know.
    Jangal:  It's not enough. This system is the one you made!
    Highnel: You two, no time to argue!
    Kentaro: Highnel-sama, there's a virus-like on this base's computer.
    Kazalee: Impossible. Our Boazan's computer can't be infected by an Earthling's
    Highnel: Wh,what is this?
    Kazalee: A cow-like virus?
    Bull:    ...
    Jangal:  Highnel-sama, the Voltes V is approaching.
    Highnel: Uhn, how annoying. Jangal! Ambush Voltes V! Don't let it live!
    Jangal:  Hahah!
    # next: Stage 14 NA #
    # scene 170 FR: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Shibuya: What is it?
    Aiko:    Hoshimi town is under enemy's attack!
    Witz:    What's that moving thing?
    Amuro:   ...Zoom in the image, please.
    Aiko:    Roger.
    Gou:     W,what's that!?
    Fa:      An insect.
    Kid:     Not an ordinary insect. It seems mechanical.
    Jack:    Not a Mech Boost, but a Mech Beetle.
    Banjo:   Seems so. The ones who can come out with this, are Meganoids. And to do
             such thing...
    Kappei:  We'll crush them before going after Nadesico! We're still angry to let
             Gaizock flee!
    Banjo:   That movement, seems like a diversion. It's calling me out...
    # next: Stage 14 FR #
     Stage 14 NA - Koutei Heika no Present (Present from your excellency emperor)
    [Voltes V appears]
    Kenichi: Is this the Boazan's base?
    Hiyoshi: I can't see any building like so.
    Ippei:   Of course. There's no secret base that would be so obvious from first
    Megumi:  Look, there's something coming out from the underground!
    [Boazan units appear]
    Daijiro: It's Boazan forces!
    Kenichi: So this is indeed the secret base!
    Jangal:  Fuhahaha. Damn Voltes, this day I shall give you what you deserve.
    Kenichi: Let's go, you all! We'll takeover the base and take our father back!
    Daijiro: Father. Just wait a second!
    Jangal:  Uhn? They seem to know about Kentarou Gou?
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of Voltes V
          destruction of ally battleship (after ally reinforce)
    # ally reinforce: turn 2 #
    [Nadesico appears]
    # deploy: 14 units #
    Yurika:  We've found it, the Voltes V!
    Jangal:  Muh, enemy reinforces!? How annoying.
    Kenichi: That's?
    Kinta:   Wah, that's a lot of enemies!
    Hyoma:   Kenichi, how rude of you to jump out on your own!
    Kenichi: Hyoma! So that's the Round Knights.
    Yurika:  Mobile Battleship Nadesico, from now supporting you!
    Tetsuya: We'll be your match too, Boazan forces!
    Domon:   You won't lack opponents!
    Jangal:  Annoying. Come as much as you want, Earthlings, I'll crush you all!
    # Kenichi VS Jangal #
    Jangal:  Voltes V, I challenge you!
    Kenichi: Jangal. I won't let you do whatever you want with Earth!
    # enemy retreat 1: Jangal's hp reaches 0 or 20% #
    Jangal:  No! The engine is gone. The power won't rise!
    Highnel: Jangal. Retreat. We'll abandon this base!
    Jangal:  Highnel-sama!
    Hightel: It's an order. Jangal!
    Jangal:  Ye...yes! Retreat!
    [Skulook explodes/disappears]
    # enemy reinforce: first enemy annihilation or turn 4 #
    Gourmet: Seems like we don't belong here-bari.
    Absolut: Like at Chidori island chain, it's a waste of time-dawa.
    Witter:  Seems so-jan.
    [Bull Horn appears]
    Bull:    ...
    Highnel: What's that?
    Kentaro: That's the reason the base's defense system didn't work!
    Akito:   That's, perhaps.
    Ruri:    No mistake. One of the Data Weapon. It's name is Bull Horn.
    Koji:    Damn. And it comes out when the Dendoh isn't here!
    Absolut: That's-dawa. Dendoh isn't here, so we'll get it this time!
    Gourmet: ...Altea-sama, you mean-bari.
    Witter:  ...Yes-jan... Altea-sama get's everything-jan!
    Absolut: Ah... yes-dawa...
    # if alive unit: Jangal's unit #
    Highnel: Jangal, what's that bull-like thing?
    Jangal:  I don't know either! ...Damn, how did it!
    [Cambell units appear]
    Warchim: Are you alright, Boazanlings?
    Dangel:  It seems you're in trouble having your base attacked. Well, we'll help
    Juuzo:   What, the Cambell came out too?
    Hyoma:   Dangel!
    # if alive unit: Jangal's unit #
    Jangal:  Eei, you Cambellings don't raise a hand. We'll fight on our on!
    Warchim: Don't hesitate. A colleague's base is under ayyack. It's obvious to
             (Dangel, do it for show.)
    Dangel:  (Of course, brother. I'll do everything to have the Boazan's base get
             involved into this mess.)
    Dangel:  Gahahaha!
    Jangal:  A,ah yoooou!
    Absolut: It's helpless-dawa. We'll call the Mech Beasts and capture Bull Horn
             before Altea-sama does-dawa.
    Witter:  Aah, the Bull Horn is acting weird-jan!
    [Bull Horn disappears]
    Gourmet: ...It's gone-bari.
    Absolut: Why it has to be like this-dawa!?
    # Hyoma VS Dangel #
    Hyoma:   Dangel, you! Did you think you'd win by joining with the Boazans!?
    Dangel:  You are joining with other robots, who are you to talk about that!?
    # Hyoma VS Warchimedes #
    Warchim: Fufu, Com-Battler. This island will be your grave.
    Hyoma:   Shut up, I'll make it yours!
    # enemy retreat 2: Dangel's or Warchimedes' hp reaches 0 or 20% #
    # if Dangel's hp reached critical #
    Dangel:  No!
    Warchim: Dangel, retreat. This island cannot be used as a base anymore. Our
             mission is complete.
    # else Warchimedes' hp reached critical #
    Warchim: Uhn, damn you Round Knights!
    Dangel:  Brother, are you ok!?
    Warchim: Dangel, we'll retreat. This island cannot be used as a base
             anymore. We've payed back the Boazans enough.
    Dangel:  Alright, brother. Round Knights, I'll leave this to next time!
    [Magma Beast Great 1 and Magma Beast Darklon explode/disappear]
    # stage end #
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama, this island will soon blow up. Hurry, flee.
    Kentaro: Highnel-sama, wait for me. Uwaaaaah!
    Highnel: Ngh, Gou didn't make it!
    Kentaro: Hihgnel-sama, Highnel-samaaaa!
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama, we can't wait longer. Hurry, flee!
    [Skullook appears and disappears]
    Kenichi: I won't let you! Highnel!!
    Megumi:  Wait, Kenichi!
    Kentaro: Uuh...
    Kenichi: That's, father!
    [Voltes V moves]
    Yurika:  Hurry! This island will explode!
    Hyoma:   Kenichi, hurry up and run. You'll get involved!
    [Voltes V moves near Nadesico]
    Witter:  Let's run too-jan!
    Gourmet: But, where are we running to-bari?
    Absolut: There. Let's catch on Nadesico's cask-dawa!
    # NA next: scene 171 NA #
     Stage 14 FR - Koros to Zenoia (Koros and Zenoia)
    [Meganoid units appear]
    [Freeden and Daitarn 3 appear]
    Banjo:   What, is that so? Come out, commander. I know you're hidden somewhere.
    Amuro:   (...Strange. Those insects mech were all over, but no more...)
    [Meganoid units appear]
    Zenoia:  We won't stay hidden.
    Beltry:  The main forces always come after. You, who came out first, are the
             front line pawn.
    Banjo:   I've came out first for the fan service. Let's go, change Daitarn!!
    Beltry:  Now. Go, my bug forces!
    Banjo:   N,no! It came in from the gaps!
    Sara:    Daitarn is...!
    Beltry:  Don't let the Freeden go!
    Garrod:  Uwah, what's this!?
    Uchuta:  The enemy's insect mech!
    Jamil:   No, they're trying to destroy Daitarn and Freeden from the inside!
    Tonya:   Oh no, they're inside the bridge!
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    No joke. I won't lose to an insect!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   We have to do something. Like this, they'll eat everything from inside!
    Banjo:   No. Daitarn can't move!
    Kid:     No use, Jamil. The force pipe was eaten, it won't move... Uwah! It came
             over here!
    Sara:    It's helpless, Freeden is unable to move!
    Jamil:   Kuh...
    Beltry:  Hahaha. How's that, Round Knights? Daitarn and Freeden are both at my
    Ginga:   Damn, can't we do anything!?
    Banjo:   It's ok. We have this anti-Meganoid use ion plasma cannon.
    Hayato:  Plasma cannon...?
    Galliso: So, Beauty-sama and Reika-sama, take care of Freeden. Banjo-sama and I
             will take care of Daitarn's inside.
    Beauty:  Eh, I'll go with Banjo.
    Reika:   No way. I'll go with Banjo.
    Tonya:   Whatever. Just come quickly!
    Hayato:  Ok, you all take care of Daitarn's insect mechs.
    Amuro:   What about Freeden?
    Uchuta:  With this, our mechs will be next on their menu!
    Hayato:  Neo Getter can do something to Freeden.
    Galliso: I see. So.
    Gou:     Hey! You said to do, but do what!?
    Hayato:  Gou, use the Plasma Energy at the lowest level. We can handle them with
             the Plasma Thunder's use!
    Merry:   Oh! That's reckless.
    Gai:     Aren't the guys inside going to cook?
    Hayato:  They'll have to handle a little burn. It just need to be enough to cut
             down the insect mech's power source!
    Jamil:   It's helpless. Do it!
    Gou:     I dunno, then!
    Ginga:   Yes. The insect mechs are gone!
    Tonya:   A,aaaaah.
    Hokuto:  Are you ok? Everyone's shocked.
    Sho:     It shouldn't be harmful to their lives. The shock will go away soon.
    Kappei:  Why are we fine?
    Uchuta:  Because we're inside the cockpit.
    Banjo:   What about us?
    Reika:   Done.
    Beauty:  I'm tired! I want some shower!
    Soldier: Beltry-sama. All bug's signal are gone. It seems they're annihilated.
    Beltry:  Well done, Round Knights. But, your mechs inside are now on crap
             state. We'll settle now for good!
    Zenoia:  Banjo and you all are trophies to Don Zauser. You won't flee!
    Hokuto:  The enemy's coming!
    Jamil:   Uh... Those who can move, ambush! Freeden... Gh... and Daitarn can't
    # deploy: 12 units #
    Beauty:  So, Banjo? Are you just going to watch?
    Banjo:   ...We have to use our joker, then.
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of Daitarn 3
          destruction of ally battleship
    # event: ally turn 3 #
    Galliso: Banjo-sama, we're ready.
    Banjo:   Ok, let's go then. Be prepared, Meganoid!
    Beltry:  What!? The Daitarn is...!?
    Zenoia:  Beltry, what's going on!?
    Beltry:  Impossible, Daitarn's inside should be destroyed. It's impossible to 
             fix it this fast!
    Banjo:   Too bad. I have genius assistants around me that work literaly like my 
             hands and feet.
    Beltry:  What?
    Banjo:   Well, my right hand Reika.
    Reika:   Hi!
    Banjo:   My left hand Beauty.
    Beauty:  Hi!
    Banjo:   And Gallison in the lower part.
    Galliso: Leave it to me.
    Banjo:   Indeed, the Daitarn is destroyed. But, within each independed block, we
             can use team work to move them altogether, and Daitarn revives!
    Zenoia:  Foolish, Haran Banjo. You should have begged for mercy!
    Banjo:   Not likely. While the ambition of the Meganoids exist in this world,
             Daitarn and I are undestructible. Let's go, Change Daitaaaaaaaaaarn!!
    [Daitarn transforms into Daitank]
    Banjo:   Areh?
    Kid:     ...Not the Daitank...
    Banjo:   Hey hey, what are you doing? Not Daitank, but Daitarn 3.
    Reika:   Weird. Where did we change the order? Beauty, you missed this one.
    Beauty:  How rude, don't make it look like other's fault. You missed it.
    Reika:   What!?
    Galliso: Erm, Beauty-sama did this, so I should do this and...
    Banjo:   Anyway, let's try again. Change Daitaaaaaaaaaarn!!
    [Daitarn transforms into Daifighter]
    Banjo:   Not the Daifighter, it's Daitarn 3!
    Beauty:  Erm, it's like this then this.
    Reika:   Then it's like this if it's like that.
    Galliso: And, it should be like this.
    [Daitarn transforms into Daifighter or Daitank several times]
    Banjo:   Stop, stop right now!
    Beauty:  Enough already!
    Reika:   What, you're the one doing wrong.
    Banjo:   ...You two stop. I was the first to be wrong. I trusted you...
    Zenoia:  Beltry, now's the chance!
    Beltry:  Wait, Zenoia. Koros said it, that man Banjo isn't to be underestimated.
             That's part of his plan.
    Zenoia:  Plan?
    Beltry:  He's trying to find a weak point by messing with us. It won't be like 
             that, I'll wait what it needs.
    Zenoia:  Indeed. I agree. I'll wait too.
    Hokuto:  I dunno, but the Meganoids are just looking, right?
    Sho:     And it's the perfect time for an attack. I don't get it...
    Galliso: Aah, I see. It should be like this. Change Daitarn!
    [Daifighter transforms into Daitarn]
    Beltry:  So you're ready, Banjo-kun.
    Banjo:   Thanks for your time.
    Beltry:  I praise your spirit for using a trouble to your chance. But it's over!
    Banjo:   Shut up! For the world and for the people, Meganoid's ambition 
             Daitarn 3 will crush! If you don't fear the light of the sun, then come
             and get me!!
    Beltry:  Fuhahahaha, catch phrases won't make you win, Banjo!
    # Banjo VS Beltry #
    Banjo:   Beltry, I challenge you!
    Beltry:  Such a readiness, Daitarn. That's how I want it.
    # Banjo VS Zenoia #
    Zenoia:  Banjo, if I defeat you, I'll assume Koros' position. I'll be with Don
             Zauser... That damn Koros!
    Banjo:   That's surprising. So Meganoids do fell jealous.
    # enemy reinforce 1: Zenoia's HP reaches 0 #
    Zenoia:  Such insolent beings!
    [Zenoia's unit explodes and Megaborg Zenoia appears]
    Zenoia:  It's a greater crime for having beaten my machine! Be prepared!
    # enemy reinforce 2: Beltry's HP reaches 0 #
    Beltry:  Damn you! Just watch now!!
    [Beltry's unit explodes and Megaborg Beltry appears]
    Beltry:  Fuhahaha! Come, Round Knights!
    # enemy defeat 1: Zenoia's HP reaches 0 #
    Zenoia:  D,damn you Koros... I... Aaah!
    # enemy defeat 2: Beltry's HP reaches 0 #
    Beltry:  Banjo, so I underestimated you.
    [Beltry's unit explodes]
    # enemy reinforce 3: first enemy annihilation #
    Amuro:   !
    Vega:    What's wrong?
    Amuro:   This is enemy feeling... No, it's maliciousness. It's coming!?
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Rakan:   Indeed, they're in lesser number. Is the target present?
    Mirla:   Well, that's a shame. They'll be killed by me.
    Duet:    Beginning hunt. It's my turn!
    Garrod:  Them again, they don't give up.
    Jamil:   Freeden, can it move?
    Kid:     No use. We'll take much time to repair it.
    Kirakun: Don't let them approach Freeden!
    Gou:     That means we just have to spank them before that!
    # Amuro VS Demar #
    Demar:   I'll defeat you this day. And then, I'll be the one White Devil.
    Amuro:   Can't you see it? The devil is already within you!
    # if alive unit: Shagia's unit #
    Shagia:  ...So the first one is gone without awakening.
    # Main Character VS Wu-fei #
    Wu-fei:  How can you fight alongside Round Knights? How can you trust the 
             Perfect Pacifism!?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I'm fighting to protect people's lives!
    Wu-fei:  So that's your justice!?
    Raul:    Not only mine. Mine and Excellence's justice!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Not all soldiers hold to that ideology!
    Wu-fei:  Then why do you fight!? What's your justice!?
    Fiona:   Ask such questions outside of the battlefield!
    # Main Character VS Rakan #
    Rakan:   It's you. After you appeared, everything got lost. Who are you!?
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I'm not here on my will!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   It's a question hard to answer!
    # enemy retreat 1: Olba or Shagia's HP reaches 0 or 10% #
    # if Olba's hp reached 0 or 10% #
    Olba:    Kuh, such a scratch.
    Shagia:  (Olba, we'll retreat. We have to prepare to enter the next stage.)
    Olba:    (I understand, brother.)
    [Ashtaron and Virsago explode/disappear]
    # if alive unit: Rakan's unit #
    Rakan:   Again, those bastards!
    # enemy defeat 3: Demar's HP reaches 0 #
    Demar:   So I was summoned to the devil's place...
    [Demar's unit explodes]
    # stage end #
    # FR next: scene 171 FR #
    # scene 171 NA: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ruri:    Crow island, completely disappeared.
    Megumi:  Hah, that was close...
    Yurika:  Is everyone ok?
    Ruri:    All robots confirmed. Pilots are safe too.
    Yurika:  Ok, everyone's fine!
    # NA next: scene 172 NA #
    # scene 171 FR: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Shibuya: How long will it take to repair Freeden?
    Kid:     A few days. I'm sorry, but it'll be impossible to go help Nadesico.
    Vega:    About Nadesico, we had contact right now. They destroyed the Boazan's
    Kappei:  What, only Nadesico did well. We let Gaizock flee, and can't move
             because of the Meganoids.
    Gou:     That's crap.
    Roaby:   Don't say that. That's what war is about.
    Banjo:   That's right. Daitarn's repair will take some time too. Let's think it
             as a free time and rest.
    # FR next: scene 172 FR #
    # scene 172 NA: Nadesico - medical office #
    Kentaro: U,uuh... This is...?
    Kenichi: Father... you're awake.
    Hiyoshi: Father!
    Daijiro: Father!
    Kentaro: You're... uh!
    Kenichi: Don't overdo it. Father, you should stay in bed.
    Gai:     Hey, we'll go then.
    Koji:    Eh?
    Chizuru: He means let's not watch it.
    Chibode: Yeah. Father and son only.
    # NA next: scene 173 NA #
    # scene 173 FR: Alternative Corp. - hangar #
    Glemmy:  What a situation. You lost to half of the Round Knight's power!
    Rakan:   How can you say so for a boy who complains from behind the desk.
    Glemmy:  Alright. If you insist, I'll take command from the next time. Is it ok?
    Rakan:   Do as you wish!
    Wu-fei:  If this is how you do along insiders, it's obvious to lose.
    Rakan:   If you're not our enemy, then go help search for the Newtypes.
    Despnis: ... Newtype... is it?
    Shagia:  We're looking for a Newtype named Camille Vidan.
    Olba:    Not only Camille. If you can find any Newtype's location, then 
             everybody will change minds about you.
    Despnis: Yes... I'll do it then.
    Shagia:  We've lost Demar, who we got from the Newtype labs. We have to reclaim
             our honor.
    Mirla:   Demar's dead... I envy him.
    Olba:    Envy? You are funny.
    Mirla:   Yes. I do embrace a very close feeling to admiration to death.
    Shagia:  So are you a self-destructive type of person?
    Mirla:   No! I don't intend to die without resistance. Putting conflict into 
             this life and embrace death. That's my ideal.
    Wu-fei:  No justice or evil, you idealize the fighting.
    Mirla:   That's how it seems. However, if one can't make me die, then I shall
             kill that one.
    # FR next: scene 175 FR #
    # scene 173 NA: Castle Oniwa - hall of three demons #
    Dangel:  Gwahahaha. Take that, Boazans.
    Janella: However, their base isn't only the Crow island, I suppose.
    Warchim: To invade Earth, we'll have to use their strength. Not only steal their
             power completely.
    Dangel:  Well, fine. I'm satisfied on throwing dirt on that face of
             Highnel's. The hell with prince. Just because he's got a pretty face,
             he gets on the top.
    Warchim: Keep it lower, Dangel. You seem like a jealous man.
    Dangel:  What are you saying, brother? A man's beauty is in his strength, it's
             for show.
    Janella: By the way, it was clever to tell about Kentaro Gou's situation,
             Warchimedes. Where did you get such information?
    Warchim: Eh? Wasn't it what Janella-sama leaked to Big Falcon? I only knew
             about the Crow island...
    Janella: No, it wasn't me.
    Dangel:  Then, who?
    Laliar:  ...I did. I'm Laliar.
    Janella: Who are you? How did you get into our castle!?
    Laliar:  Er... I was told to join your alliance.
    Warchim: Alliance?
    Laliar:  Cambell and Mikene, Boazan and Dinosaur Empire...
    Janella: And what if we refuse...
    Laliar:  Then I was told to leak about what you planned to Boazan. With that,
             the inside of the alliance will separate and you'll start to fight
             along yourselves, reaching destruction.
    Warchim: ...Uhn...
    Dangel:  I don't where did you come from, kid, but I'll have you shut your mouth
             up right here!
    Warchim: Wait, Dangel! Even if we finish him, another one will come.
    Dangel:  How do you know that!?
    Janella: He said it when he came in. He's got a master.
    Laliar:  Yes, that's right. So, what are you going to do...?
    Warchim: ...Uh...
    # NA next: scene 174 NA #
    # scene 174 NA: Nadesico - bridge #
    Sakonji: You fools! Doing such reckless act. If it wasn't for Nadesico to reach
             you, you'd be all at the other side!
    Kenichi: I beg your pardon.
    Sakonji: Pardon is not enough. I'll forbid you to go back to Big Falcon for a
             while. You'll be regretting outside!
    Ippei:   Doctor, no way. How are we going to do with Voltes' repair and supply?
    Sakonji: Noin-san, they're such reckless kids but, I'm counting them on you.
    Noin:    I understand. Voltes Team and doctor Gou will be taken custody by the
             Round Knights.
    Megumi:  ...So it turns like this.
    Hiyoshi: Aah, I was surprised.
    Sakonji: I wanted to talk calmly with doctor Gou but, it's important for him to
             rest for now. If he comes back to Big Falcon, I'll have to work under
    # NA next: scene 175 NA #
    # scene 175 NA: Nadesico - bridge #
    Yurika:  So, the Voltes Team ended up joining the Round Knights.
    Kenichi: I'm Kenichi Gou. Nice to meet you.
    Hyoma:   He's stubborn compared to me, but still a nice guy.
    Kenichi: And, those are my brothers, Daijiro and Hiyoshi.
    Daijiro: Nice to meet you.
    Daisaku: We'll be counting on you.
    Hiyoshi: I'm Hiyoshi Gou. I'm responsible for Voltes V's preparation.
    Boss:    Well, there's Kosuke and Ruri, why there comes so many smart kids
             around me?
    Tetsuya: They're not smart ones. Your brain is the weakest link.
    Boss:    Ooh, I see... Hey, Tetsuya, what do you mean by that!?
    Tetsuya: Oh, you were fast. So you're evolving, Boss.
    Ippei:   Such a good mood, Round Knights. I'm Ippei Mine.
    Megumi:  I'm Megumi Oka. Although for the look, I'm a ninja from Koga style.
    Sai-sic: Heh, so sister Megumi's a ninja.
    Megumi:  It's really hard to call people from the same name of ours. I'm Megumi
    Boss:    It's not to praise, but I've never seen someone with the same name as
    Ryoko:   Mah, there won't be anyway.
    Ruri:    By the way, what's Boss-san's full name?
    Boss:    Well, I don't know either.
    Juuzo:   What the heck?
    # NA next: scene 176 NA #
    # scene 175 FR: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Yurika:  Nadesico squad, back from duty!
    Shibuya: Thanks for your efforts. It seems you've met with Voltes Team.
    Noin:    Yes. I'll introduce them. And for the other team, the Com-Battler Team
             are also new faces, so along, please.
    Beauty:  Wow, so we have 10 new faces all at once?
    Aiko:    The room fitting will be troublesome.
    Prospec: Let's start with the Com-Battler￾@team, shall we? The Com-Battler is a
             5 pilot machine.
    Hyoma:   I'm the main pilot Hyoma Aoi. We'll be troubling you.
    Jamil:   I'm grateful for your help.
    Juuzo:   I'm Juuzo Naniwa. I don't lose to anyone on shooting.
    Kirakun: I know your name. You're quite famous.
    Juuzo:   Hoh, you're Sussumo Kirakuni? The olympics candidate for cray shooting?
    Kirakun: I'm glad you know me. Even though teh olympics were cancelle after the
             alien invasion.
    Daisaku: I'm Daisaku Nishikawa. 
    Chizuru: I'm Chizuru Nanbara.
    Inoue:   The granddaughter of doctor Nanbara, the one who made Com-Battler. I'm 
             truly sorry for what happened to him.
    Chizuru: Grandpa's will is being well succeeded by Com-Battler and doctor 
    Kosuke:  I'm Kosuke Kita. I'm the one to repair Com-Battler.
    Inoue:   Tell me anything you need. I'm interested into Com-Battler's junction 
    Eris:    Kosuke-kun, long time no see.
    Kosuke:  Aah, Eris-san.
    Hyoma:   What Kosuke, you know her?
    Kosuke:  Eeh, when we were at America's MIT.
    Eris:    We were both aiming the top grade at that time. Right?
    Daisaku: I didn't imagine there was another genius junior grade beside Kosuke.
    Minato:  Well, for being a genius, Ruriruri isn't behind, right?
    Ruri:    I'm not interested in the top.
    Chizuru: Yes yes, we're forgetting an important one. Ropet.
    Ropet:   I'm Ropet. Nice to meet you.
    Mizuho:  A repair robot?
    Shibuya: Ropet is Com-Battler team's brainwaves stabilizer robot, an important
             piece for Combine.
    Hyoma:   He's like Com-Battler's 6th person.
    Kinta:   Hey hey, you shouldn't forget people more important than Ropet. I'm
             Kerot's pilot, Kinta Ichiboku. Remeber that.
    Chie:    I'm his sister, Chie.
    Gou:     What, is Kerot that one that looks like a frog?
    Kinta:   Like a frog? Kerot's invincible!
    Ginga:   Hey, don't say things like that. The more you insist on that, the 
             greater the fall is.
    Hokuto:  Fufu...
    Ginga:   W,what is it, Hokuto? What are you laughing at? You all.
    Kappei:  Nothing.
    Megumi:  Somehow, the avarage age of pilots is lowering.
    Noin:    ...That's trouble...
    Shibuya: Next, the Voltes Team. Like the Com-Battler, a 5 pilot team.
    Kenichi: I'm Kenichi Gou. Nice to meet you.
    Hyoma:   He's stubborn compared to me, but still a nice guy.
    Kenichi: And, those are my brothers, Daijiro and Hiyoshi.
    Daijiro: Nice to meet you.
    Daisaku: We'll be counting on you.
    Hiyoshi: I'm Hiyoshi Gou. I'm responsible for Voltes V's preparation.
    Boss:    Well, there's Kosuke and Ruri, why there comes so many smart kids
             around me?
    Tetsuya: They're not smart ones. Your brain is the weakest link.
    Boss:    Ooh, I see... Hey, Tetsuya, what do you mean by that!?
    Tetsuya: Oh, you were fast. So you're evolving, Boss.
    Ippei:   Such a good mood, Round Knights. I'm Ippei Mine.
    Megumi:  I'm Megumi Oka. Although for the look, I'm a ninja from Koga style.
    Sai-sic: Heh, so sister Megumi's a ninja.
    Megumi:  It's really hard to call people from the same name of ours. I'm Megumi
    Boss:    It's not to praise, but I've never seen someone with the same name as
    Ryoko:   Mah, there won't be anyway.
    Ruri:    By the way, what's Boss-san's full name?
    Boss:    Well, I don't know either.
    Juuzo:   What the heck?
    Kenichi: Last, I'll introduce you our father.
    Kentaro: I'm Kentaro Gou. I've caused you a lot of trouble.
    Megumi:  We've rescued him from Boazan's base.
    Koji:    Yeah, when we attacked Boazan's base, a Data Weapon appeared.
    Shibuya: What, Data Weapon?
    Yurika:  Yes, one called Bull Horn. It disappeared soon after, though.
    Ginga:   Damn. Why did it come out when we weren't there!
    Vega:    It's helpless. It's not like the Data Weapon will go out on our
    Merry:   It happens. Don't be sad, and expect for the next.
    Eris:    ...So it's really not enough just to wait them to come out.
    # FR next: scene 176 FR #
    # scene 176 NA: Nadesico - deck   #
    # scene 176 FR: GEAR HQ  - hangar #
    Lahge:   Com-Battler and Voltes V, the two of the Super Electromagnetics robot.
    Mizuho:  The two of them have the same joining system, so is that because they
             both use Super Electromagnetics as energy?
    Kosuke:  Eeh. Sadly, the Super Electromagnetics isn't successful at
             miniaturizing like the Photon Energy. It needs to be in such big size.
    Mizuho:  Thinking about mobility, both are going the same line.
    Kosuke:  I think so.
    Sayaka:  Can't you do it the same size like Mazinger's?
    Kosuke:  Currently, that's...
    Lahge:   At the crown coil part, miniaturizing is possible, but dealing with the
             magnetic particles should be difficult.
    R/F:     Time particles?
    Lahge:   Not time particles, magnetic particles. The same concept, but something
             different from the time particles used by the Time Flow Engine. Super
             Electromagnetics an energy created from the magnetic particles thrown
             into this crown coil.
    George:  Do you understand?
    Ryoko:   ...Nothing.
    # if Fiona Route #
    Lahge:   Uhn. I wonder which one.
    Fiona:   What are you wondering about?
    Lahge:   About Com-Battler V and Voltes V. Both of them are Super
             Electromagnetic robots.
    Fiona:   What about them? If it's about the Super Electromagnetics data, you
             have the ones Kosuke-kun or Hiyoshi-kun gave.
    Lahge:   Yes, but I have to see it for myself.
    Fiona:   ...You're not thinking of dismantling one of them, are you?
    Lahge:   Ee, that's it. I'm wondering which of I'll dismantle.
    Kosuke:  Wawah, what are you saying!?
    Hiyoshi: Yeah. It seems like only one of them is necessary.
    Fiona:   Lahge, I don't wanna be rude, but just get off that idea!
    Lahge:   ...Why?
    Fiona:   Just do it! I'm sorry, I'll talk to him.
    Lahge:   Wa,wait, what are you doing!?
    # NA next:          scene 177 NA #
    # if Fiona FR next: scene 177 FR #
    # else FR next:     scene 181    #
    # scene 177 NA: Nadesico - cask #
    Gourmet: Uuh, how long are we going to be like this at Nadesico-bari?
    Absolut: Do your best. I've had an idead-dawa.
    Gourmet: Is it good-bari?
    Absolut: If we keep attached to Nadesico's cask, we'll reach their base-dawa.
    Witter:  And Dendoh's there-jan!
    Absolut: That's it-dawa. Just hold more-dawa.
    Absolut: ...Dawadawadawa!
    Gourmet: Wwww,we're falling bariiii!
    Witter:  Falling-jaaaan!
    # NA next: scene 178 NA #
    # scene 177 FR: GEAR HQ - one room #
    Fiona:   That was trouble back there. Anyway, you have things to do beside 
             looking at the Super Electromagnetics.
    Lahge:   Well that's not going on fine. I thought other stuff might give me some
    Fiona:   Well, I don't think a time warp system would be so easy to
    # next: scene 181 #
    # scene 178 NA: Nadesico - bridge #
    Akito:   It trembled a little.
    Ruri:    We've got into some turbulent air. But it's fine now.
    # NA next: scene 179 NA #
    # scene 179 NA: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Shibuya: Welcome back. I've heard about the Voltes Team from doctor Sakonji.
    Vega:    Let's send doctor Gou to the medical office.
    Kentaro: N,no. I'm fine. Don't be so concerned.
    Fa:      No. You were caught by the Boazans.
    Kenichi: Yes. We don't know what you went through.
    Sho:     You should get an overall scan.
    Kentaro: No, I'm fine!
    Beauty:  What's that, so rude.
    Tonya:   Isn't he nervous because he was captured by the enemies?
    # if Fiona next: scene 180 #
    # else next:     scene 181 #
    # scene 180: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Lahge:   Uhn. I wonder which one.
    Fiona:   What are you wondering about?
    Lahge:   About Com-Battler V and Voltes V. Both of them are Super
             Electromagnetic robots.
    Fiona:   What about them? If it's about the Super Electromagnetics data, you
             have the one doctor Shibuya gave.
    Lahge:   Yes, but I have to see it for myself.
    Uchuta:  Such stubborn person.
    Fiona:   ...You're not thinking of dismantling one of them, are you?
    Lahge:   Ee, that's it. I'm wondering which of I'll dismantle.
    Uribata: Are you serious!?
    Fiona:   Lahge, I don't wanna be rude, but just get off that idea!
    Lahge:   ...Why?
    Fiona:   Just do it! Anyway, you have things to do beside looking at the Super
    Lahge:   Well that's not going on fine. I thought other stuff might give me some
    Fiona:   (...Well, I don't think a time warp system would be so easy to
    Uribata: Damn, an energy otaku's the hell. Only thiking about his own stuff.
    Gai:     The most important is to join forces with the others.
    Reika:   You just stay quiet...
    # next: scene 181 #
    # scene 180: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Shibuya: What, Data Weapon?
    Yurika:  Yes, one called Bull Horn. It disappeared soon after, though.
    Ginga:   Damn. Why did it come out when we weren't there!
    Vega:    It's helpless. It's not like the Data Weapon will go out on our
    Merry:   It happens. Don't be sad, and expect for the next.
    Eris:    ...So it's really not enough just to wait them to come out.
    # next: scene 181 #
    # scene 181: GEAR HQ - one room #
    Garrod:  Well, afterall, we just had battles. The sea was pretty... Er, I
             thought I wanted to show that to Tifa... and...
    Tifa:    Garrod.
    Garrod:  Wh,what?
    Tifa:    Next time, take me with you...
    Garrod:  O,ok. Is it ok? Well, you know, being with us. We'll be fighting
             overall, so.
    Amuro:   Aah, Tifa feels bad about people's death. It's best for her not to go
             to the battlefield much.
    Vega:    There's no such person to feel good on going to the battlefield.
    Hayato:  Well said.
    Kentaro: Excuse me.
    Jamil:   Doctor Gou, are you fine on waking around?
    Kentaro: Eeh. Thanks. Well, I was just walking, so I came here by chance, I
             thought I'd take a look.
    Vega:    Well, I'll guide you then.
    Kentaro: Thank you...
    Tifa:    ...
    Amuro:   ...
    Garrod:  What's up, you two?
    Tifa:    That person...
    Amuro:   Aah...
    Chizuru: That person, you mean doctor Gou?
    Amuro:   Aah, how do I say...
    Tifa:    That person... I don't feel anything...
    Amuro:   Aah... or, if it's to feel, it's uncomfortable.
    Jamil:   (If Amuro and Tifa are feeling that, then doctor Gou's...)
    Fa:      I'm sorry, is doctor Gou around here?
    Amuro:   He came by now, what happened?
    Fa:      Doctor doesn't want by any chance to be examined. It's just blood
             exam and x-ray scan...
    # next: scene 182 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # 08. The "Truth" is Not Only One #
    # scene 182: GEAR HQ - research lab #
    Eris:    Uhn, not this one either. Moh, what's it that Data Weapons like!?
    Ginga:   What, you still looking for it?
    Eris:    What do you mean, 'still'? You don't want it to be like before, that 
             the Data Weapon appears where you aren't, right?
    Ginga:   Well, yeah.
    Eris:    That's why I'm searching. For something the Data Weapons might like. 
             Something that will surely make them appear.
    Hokuto:  Would it be eletricity or some kind of energy?
    Eris:    Yes, the Data Weapons like stuff with high energy. I know that.
    Hiyoshi: From that, we're offering stuff to Unicorn Drill and Leo Circle, but...
    Kosuke:  They don't react at all.
    Ruri:    Omoikane is giving up already...
    Hayato:  It could be an energy that doesn't exist on Earth.
    Eris:    Then we should really give up. Even though the program to trace Data
             Weapons is ready.
    Koji:    Can't we do it just with that tracing program?
    Inoue:   Even if we could trace, we couldn't save it into file.
    Kosuke:  On easy words, this Data Weapon animal can be traced, but we don't have
             the bait to lure it.
    Inoue:   To capture it, we need what Data Weapons like, some kind of bait.
    Lahge:   Aah, I'm happy. I can get in touch with data of so many kind of 
    Hiyoshi: Moh, Lahge-san, do it more seriously, please!
    Eris:    Aah! If it's like this, I'll test all kind of materials of this Earth!
    Kentaro: Do you have any idea on how many kinds of materials exist?
    Eris:    Even so, I'll do it! Ruri-san, I'll borrow Omoikane! Get Meteor on full
             power too!
    Lahge:   I don't think an electrical holy creature would take any material as
             bait, though.
    Sai-sic: By the way, what is Meteor?
    Kirakun: It's GEAR HQ's main computer.
    # next: scene 183 #
    # scene 183: Spiral Castle - command room #
    Spiral:  What's happening!?
    Absolut: It's trouble, mansion-sama. The RaGowe ate the Galpha guard entities 
             and ran away.
    Gourmet: Again, those entities, I don't mind how much of them were eaten.
    Witter:  If RaGowe gets hurt outside...
    Altea:   Then you'll all be responsible.
    Spiral:  Altea-dono.
    Altea:   I won't help you this time. Try to recapture it on your own.
    Absolut: Guh... Launch the Mech Beasts!
    Spiral:  No, the Mech Knights. If not, it'd be impossible to recapture the
    Altea:   Fuh... a wise decision.
    # next: scene 184 #
    # scene 184: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Kenzo:   Tetsuya-kun, Koji, I'm sorry but could you come back to the Science
             Fortress Lab?
    Tetsuya: So, does that mean the Great Booster is ready?
    Kenzo:   Correct. And now I want to test it.
    Koji:    But, why do I need to go too, father?
    Kenzo:   Uhm, I thought it'd be tough just for Great Mazinger. So I prepared a 
             new weapon for Mazinger Z too.
    Koji:    Really? That's great.
    Kenzo:   It's a Enhanced Rocket Punch, powered by Photon Power. Because of its
             system, it can only be used once, but I garantee the fire power.
    Koji:    Alright, with this I won't fear anything!
    Jun:     Chief, you said to be tough just for Great Mazinger, but why not a new
             weapon for Venus A?
    Sayaka:  And Diana A too?
    Kenzo:   I'm sorry, but I didn't have time to build a new weapon for you both.
             Please, just be satisfied with Great and Mazinger's enhance.
    Sayaka:  Moh, with this, the difference to the Mazingers will only increase.
    Boss:    That's a shame.
    Tetsuya: That's obvious, you can't compare to Great or Z.
    Koji:    Right. Hehe, let's go then, Tetsuya-san.
    Tetsuya: Well, commander, said so, we'll leave for a while.
    Shibuya: Aah, I see.
    Boss:    Damn. Why only them? Then I shall make my own power up for Borot.
    # next: scene 185 #
    # scene 185: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Boss:    Erm, this here, and that there... ok, it's done!
    Mizuho:  What are you doing, Boss-san?
    Boss:    Look. The upgrade project for Boss Borot.
    Kid:     Let me see here.
    Boss:    From what I thought, the only thing that Borot lacks now is a weapon
             to hit far away enemies.
    Inoue:   Right, indeed, there are no range type attacks to Borot.
    Kinta:   Kerot has.
    Boss:    I didn't ask you.
    Chie:    Oh my, you're just jealous because Borot doesn't have it.
    Boss:    Shut up, I'm going to make one.
    Uribata: ...Hey, isn't this Great's Drill Pressure Punch!?
    Boss:    I call it "Borot Pressure Punch"!
    Uribata: Why, it't just a rip-off.
    Boss:    Not a rip-off. It's the secret weapon that will bring Borot up to the 
             altar of main characters!
    Mizuho:  Indeed, the Drill Pressure Punch is a punch that has its power 
             increased by rotation.
    Boss:    Borot won't lose on power. I'll do it, the operation Borot power-up!
    Uribata: I wonder, will it realy power-up?
    Kid:     Even though the attack power rises, it'll still be Borot.
    Inoue:   But, it'll still be funny, so let's try it.
    Kid:     Yep. It'll help kill time.
    # next: scene 186 #
    # scene 186: Mikene Empire - command room #
    Shogun:  Emperor of Darkness-sama, Emperor of Darkness-sama!!
    Emperor: What is it, Darkness Shogun, such a loudness.
    Shogun:  Great news. The Dragonosaurus hatched from its egg.
    Emperor: What, the Dragonosaurus!? Is it true!?
    Shogun:  Yes. The Dragonosaurus is a great beast of the sea, feared even by
             the Mikene. Many Battle Beasts were sacrificed for it.
    Emperor: Uhm, however, the Dragonosaurus is now part of Mikene.
    Shogun:  And when the Dragonosaurus grows, the Dinosaur Empire nor the aliens
             will be a match.
    Emperor: Uhm, but only to make it grow isn't enough. It has to experience 
             battles and grow into even more powerful Dragonosaurus.
    Shogun:  Indeed, the Round Knights.
    Emperor: Yes. Clash the Dragonosaurus into the Round Knights, and make it gain
             experience. Go, Emperor of Darkness, along with the Dragonosaurus!
    Shogun:  Hahah!
    # next: scene 187 #
    # scene 187: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Aiko:    It's terrible. A giant object is approaching from the sea towards 
             Hoshimi Town!
    Shibuya: So it's here. What force is it?
    Aiko:    From data, it's the Mikene Empire!
    Hayato:  And in time for the Double Mazinger to be absent.
    Yurika:  Ruri-chan, we'll launch, so take care of Omoikane!
    Ruri:    Understood. Eris-san, good luck with only Meteor.
    Eris:    Ok.
    # next: scene 188 #
    # scene 188: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    The enemy is coming from the sea. Mizuho, I'll go on the Diver Frame!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   They said the enemy is coming from the sea, so I'll go on Diver Frame!
    Mizuho:  Understood.
    # next: Stage 15 #
     Stage 15 - Hissatsu! Cho Kousoku Great Booster!!
                (Certain Kill! Super Fast Great Booster!!)
    [Mikene units appear]
    [Freeden and Nadesico appear]
    Boss:    So you've come, Battle Beasts. I'll show you the power of Borot's new
    Kinta:   Wh,what is that?
    Hokuto:  A monster?
    Jack:    A monster king!?
    Gai:     A great monster! I wanted to fight a great monster once! Aah, I'm so
             happy I'm alive.
    Witz:    Well, good for relaxed pilots. No hesitation.
    Jamil:   It's moving underwater. Those who can fight underwater, take on the
    Gai:     Leave it to me and Getter 3!
    Yurika:  The others, please take care of the Battle Beasts!
    Amuro:   Roger.
    R/F:     Excellence Diver, stand-by ok... Go!
    [Excellence D, Dendoh and Borot appear]
    # deploy: 10 units #
    Boss:    Watch! The courageous shape of the revived Borot!
    [Borot moves towards water and moves back]
    Boss:    Coff, coff! Damn, I forgot to close the windows.
    Kid:     Ah ah, the Borot is still Borot, afterall.
    Sayaka:  Hey Boss. Are you alright!?
    Boss:    I'm ok, watch there. You'll fall in love with me again.
    Jun:     What do you mean again, if there wasn't a first time?
    Shogun:  So you've come, Round Knights. However, this time it's only to give 
             experience for the Dragonosaurus, so I won't push it.
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of ally battleship
          destruction of Dendoh (before neutral reinforce)
    # ally reinforce: ally turn 2 #
    [Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger appear]
    Yurika:  That's Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger!
    Tetsuya: Splendid, the Great Booster. We've reached in such little time.
    Koji:    Everyone, sorry for the wait. It's ok now that we're here.
    Gou:     Heh, we wouldn't lose even if you weren't here!
    Hayato:  No time to argue. Cooperate and defeat the enemies.
    Koji:    Watch it. I'll show the power of Enhanced Rocket Punch!
    Shogun:  Damn you Mazingers. However, it's a perfect match for Dragonosaurus. 
             Go, Dragonosaurus!
    # Koji VS Dragonosaurus #
    Koji:    What's this monster!?
    # Koji VS Shogun of Darkness #
    Shogun:  Fufufu, don't think Mazinger Z can win.
    Koji:    Shut up, I'll make you stop that blabbing now!
    # Tetsuya VS Dragonosaurus #
    Tetsuya: Whatever monster, it's not a match for Great!
    # Tetsuya VS Shogun of Darkness #
    Tetsuya: Shogun of Darkness, do you really think you can win with such monster!?
    Shogun:  Fufufu, it's only a matter of time for that tongue of yours.
    # enemy retreat 1: Dragonosaurus' hp reaches 0 or 20% #
    Shogun:  Humpf, so this is all for a recently born Dragonosaurus. No need to 
             push it. Make the Dragonosaurus retreat. We'll take their time.
    [Dragonosaurus explodes/disappears]
    # enemy retreat 2: Shogun's hp reaches 0 #
    # if alive unit: Dragonosaurus' unit #
    Shogun:  Damn you, Round Knights. It's alright, retreat! Collect the 
             Dragonosaurus and retreat!
    # else #
    Shogun:  Damn you, Round Knights... It's alright. Our mission is complete. We'll
    [Shogun's unit explodes]
    # neutral reinforce: after enemy retreat 1 or 2 #
    [RaGowe appears]
    Minato:  Wait, there's another strange one.
    Hokute:  Is that Mikene too?
    Tetsuya: I don't know. I've never seen it.
    Ginga:   It doesn't seem like an ally either.
    [Galpha units appear]
    Jam:     RaGowe, we've finally reached you.
    RaGowe:  ...
    Unicorn: ...
    Leo:     ...
    Ginga:   Wh,what!?
    Hokuto:  The Gear Commander is...!?
    [Unicorn Drill and Leo Circle appear]
    Sarah:   The Data Weapon!
    Amuro:   This is... They're going to fight that enemy.
    Jamil:   So even the Data Weapon will admit that's an enemy, is it?
    RaGowe:  !
    Unicorn: !
    Leo:     !
    Jam:     This is trouble. Do not let them hurt RaGowe.
    # enemy retreat 3: RaGowe's hp reaches 0 or 20% #
    RaGowe:  ...
    # if alive unit: Jam #
    Jam:     No, the RaGowe! We have to take it back to Spiral Castle!
    [Tis' unit appears]
    Hikaru:  Wah, another one!
    Kenichi: What is it, now!?
    Tis:     Damn, RaGowe. Don't be troublesome to our people!
    RaGowe:  ...
    [Tis' unit moves towards RaGowe]
    [Ragowe and Tis' unit disappear]
    # if alive unit: Jam #
    Jam:     Wh,what was that one!? Wait!
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 189 #
    # scene 189: Spiral Castle - command room #
    Spiral:  So the RaGowe was brought back safely.
    Altea:   That mean's Spiral Castle's neck is safe for now.
    Spiral:  U,uhn...
    Tis:     It was my doing, so be thankful.
    Absolut: How impertinent. For a human girl.
    Tis:     I'm not a girl. Can you understand that?
    Altea:   Indeed, Tis-dono was brought here by Emperor Galpha's guidance. But
             there's one thing I do not understand.
    Tis:     What?
    Altea:   I, who am the commander your excellency emperor's personal guard, 
             haven't heard once about you. And since you came here, you have been
             contacting the Gaizock.
    Gourmet: Gaizock!?
    Altea:   Did you really think I wouldn't know about Tis-dono's frequent contact
             with Gaizock's Butcher?
    Tis:     I wasn't hiding it at all. It's somewhat my job to build cooperation
             between the Galpha and Gaizock.
    Altea:   Somewhat... So what is your true objective?
    Tis:     Is it ok? To doubt about me, someone indicated by Emperor Galpha 
             himself? Isn't that, like, doubt Emperor Galpha?
    Altea:   Nuh...
    Tis:     It's alright, I won't screw it.
    # next: scene 190 #
    # scene 190: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Tetsuya: I'm tired of you, Boss. You wanted to compare with Great with this.
    Boss:    Shut up, Booster or coaster, the Borot will be the main character now.
    Koji:    Ok ok. I won't rely on you.
    Boss:    Damn!
    # next: scene 191 #
    # scene 191: Mikene Empire - command room #
    Emperor: How was the Dragonosaurus?
    Shogun:  Hah, it's been eating a lot. Its wounds will soon heal.
    Emperor: After it's healed, then it should fight again, to gain experience.
    Shogun:  Haha!
    Laliar:  ...Is the Dragonosaurus that great?
    Shogun:  You're the one the Cambellings brought.
    Laliar:  ...I'm Laliar.
    Emperor: I don't like it. They said they'd cooperate with us, but only brought
             such kid. And, he doesn't even show interest in attacking the humans.
    Laliar:  ...That's not true... We're doing our best.
    Shogun:  No matter what you say, if you don't show us results, we can't trust
             you. Be aware of that!
    # next: scene 192 #
    # scene 192: GEAR HQ - research lab #
    Eris:    No. None of the Earth's material is good?
    Inoue:   Hah... So that means the thing Data Weapon like is outside Earth?
    Eris:    That's not possible. There are a lot of places near Hoshimi Town that
             the Data Weapon appear. There's something about it.
    Ruri:    Something to bring out the Data Weapon. It's here but isn't... Dendoh?
    Eris:    But, the troubles caused by Data Weapons are happening in this town
             since 17 years. Even when Dendoh was out at the sea...
    Lahge:   ...I don't know about anything that would stay and last 17 years here.
    Minato:  Something even the full powered Meteor or Omoikane couldn't find, how 
             can we find ourselves?
    Eris:    ...Meteor!?
    Lahge:   Speaking of which, what is the energy source for Meteor? I've looked
             up about it, and only Meteor's energy is independent.
    Kosuke:  Lahge-san, you've investigated on your own again about energy.
    Eris:    That's right. There's one energy we didn't investigate!
    # next: scene 193 #
    # scene 193: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Shibuya: The Meteor Cube!
    Vega:    Splendid for you to know about this.
    Eris:    I've seen an experimental data about it at America, even though it was
             a small fragment there.
    Lahge:   What is the Meteor Cube, afterall? I've never heard of it.
    Shibuya: It's the motive power of Computer Meteor.
    Inoue:   It's said to be an energy crystal, an entity that draws energy from 
             anywhere, but anything else is still unknown.
    Garrod:  And, is this what the Data Weapons like?
    Eris:    Yes. No doubt, after Unicorn Drill and Leo Circle reacted to it.
    Inoue:   The Meteor itself confirms on 94% about that.
    Eris:    Chief, I beg you. Let us use the Meteor Cube.
    Shibuya: But, this is gambling. If you're wrong, then we'll lose an important
             Meteor Cube.
    Vega:    But, we're under attack of many forces.
    Jamil:   Indeed, the longer the battle endures, the sacrifices grow.
    Hayato:  It it's a possibility, then we should bet on it.
    Shibuya: Uhm.
    Kentaro: (...Meteor Cube...)
    Noin:    ...Excuse me, during this important conversation.
    Yurika:  It's ok. What happened?
    Noin:    We've found out Camille Vidan's location.
    Fa:      Camille's!?
    Amuro:   Where is he?
    Noin:    At North America's city called Fort Seban. An independent city that
             idealizes a nation for Newtypes.
    Juuzo:   What, a place where it'd be obvious the Newtypes to be.
    Megumi:  And why didn't we know about that until now?
    Noin:    They've announced about that. If Camille Vidan is protected there...
    Jamil:   Then, they'd know about his presence.
    Noin:    Yes. The government asked them to hand over Camille Vidan, but were
    Reika:   There's no such person named Camille Vidan in this town, as they said.
    Noin:    Correct. So, I wanted Freeden to head to Fort Seban and shelter him.
    Jamil:   No need to ask. That's our mission.
    Roaby:   Of course, the Neo Zeon might attack there.
    # next: scene 194 #
    # scene 194: Alternative Corp. - one room #
    Glemmy:  Is that true? That Camille Vidan is at Fort Seban?
    Despnis: ...Yes... This picture...
    Shagia:  Indeed, that's Camille Vidan.
    Rakan:   However, with the technology, this kind of picture is easly made.
    Duet:    It's so pity to doubt on her.
    Olba:    Won't it be certain if we go there?
    Glemmy:  Correct. Rakan, stay with Wu-fei at Japan watching the Round Knights. 
             I'll go with the Frosts to Fort Seban.
    Rakan:   Do as you want.
    # next: scene 195 #
    # scene 195: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Jamil:   As said, the Freeden squad will leave for a while.
    Yurika:  Leave this to us.
    Shibuya: We'll do the Dendoh's Data Weapon gathering.
    Banjo:   Is that ok for Freeden to go alone? Isn't it better for a few to go?
    Vega:    Indeed.
    Minato:  If they're denying to give away Camille-san, then there must be 
    Jamil:   Ok. Then, along with the MS pilots...
    Banjo:   No need to say it. I'll go along.
    Hyoma:   We, the Com-Battler team will go too.
    Kappei:  Then, we too.
    Hayato:  Getter Team will go as well.
    Amuro:   Then, the ones to go with Freeden squad to Fort Seban are...
    Jamil:   All Mobile Suit pilots and Zambot Team, Com-Battler Team, Getter Team
             and all related to Daitarn 3.
    Shibuya: So all the rest will stand-by and be part of Dendoh's experiment.
    Vega:    What about [Raul/Fiona]?
    # split #
    FS: Fort Seban Route
    GH: GEAR HQ Route
    # if Fort Seban Route #
    Jamil:   I see. The Freeden will depart towards Fort Seban tomorrow. Be ready.
    # else GEAR HQ Route #
    Shibuya: I see. It'll be troublesome for a while, but do your best.
    # if FS next:   scene 196 FS #
    # else GH next: scene 198 #
    # scene 196 FS: GEAR HQ - one room #
    Lahge:   Raul, sorry, but I'll stay behind at the HQ and help out with Dendoh.
    Mizuho:  Why is that?
    Lahge:   The Meteor Cube is an energy I see for the first time. I want to see an
             operation using it. Raul can handle an easy repair of the Time Flow 
    Mizuho:  I see, it's helpless.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Mah, it's very likely of you, though. Ok. See as much as you can of the
             operation using the Meteor Cube.
    Mizuho:  Be careful. The fewer the people, the lesser the shelter.
    Lahge:   Eeh. Raul and you too, be careful.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   It's very likely of you but...
    Lahge:   What?
    Fiona:   Uhn, nothing. Well then, I'll go to Fort Seban then.
    Lahge:   Eeh. Careful.
    # if Fiona FS next: scene 197 FS #
    # else next: scene 198 #
    # scene 197 FS: GEAR HQ - pathway #
    Fiona:   Hah...
    Mizuho:  Are you feeling lonely?
    Fiona:   Why would I? Well, him and I were like childhood friends, so we were
             together all the time. Just by leaving this short time...
             (Moh... Why can't you come along...?)
    # next: scene 198 #
    # scene 198: ??? - ??? #
    ???:     Laliar...
    Laliar:  Yes.
    ???:     Despnis...
    Despnis: ...Yes.
    ???:     Tis.
    Tis:     Heyeah!
    ???:     Mankind will make their next mistake...
    # next: scene 199 #
    # scene 199: Axis - one room #
    Haman:   You're very welcome. External relation minister Darlian. I'm Haman Karn
             of the Principality of Neo Zeon.
    Relena:  And Mineva-sama?
    Haman:   I beg your pardon. Mineva-sama is resting due to sickness. I'm in 
             charge for now.
    Relena:  I see. It's a shame we couldn't meet.
    Haman:   I'll introduce them. They're the principality's Dekim Barton and Zaidel
    Dekim:   I'm Dekim Barton. Pleased to meet you.
    Zaidel:  I'm Zaidel Lasso.
    Relena:  I'm Relena Darlian.
    Dekim:   (Fufufu, so she flew directly into our hands by herself...)
    # FS next: scene 200 FS #
    # GH next: scene 200 GH #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 200 FS: Freeden - bridge #
    Kappei:  Sis Fa. What kind of person is Camille?
    Tonya:   Saying that he's a Newtype pilot, then he must be nice like Amuro or
    Hyoma:   Areh, is captain a Newtype?
    Jamil:   It's my past. Indeed, I've seen time and space once... and felt the
             future... However, the future I saw wasn't this kind of world...
    Banjo:   Dream and reality are different.
    Jamil:   The future I saw was a dream about myself... However, I'm not the only
             one who has seen time and space.
    Amuro:   I don't know if the time and space captain saw I the same as  the one
             Lalah and I saw.
    Sho:     Even so, we who aren't Newtypes wouldn't understand.
    Noin:    However, it's reality that Newtypes has show results in war for their
    Hayato:  And for those who seek them, they don't care about time and space that
             Jamil has seen.
    Garrod:  That's why Jamil and you guys are doing the best to shelter Newtypes 
             from them, right?
    Juuzo:   That makes me mad. If it's to make Newtypes so special, then people 
             like us don't have a chance.
    Kosuke:  Mah mah, for starters, even the definition of what are Newtypes is
             different from person to person.
    Ropet:   Correct. If you think too much about it, you'll bald.
    Juuzo:   Enough of that!
    Chizuru: Anyway, we were talking about that Camille person, right?
    Fa:      About Camille... If you think he's like captain Jamil, then that's...
    Amuro:   He's too sensitive, his heart. That's why he's gets hurt, and hurst
    Noin:    The reason why he was sick until now is because of all the sad souls
             he had met during war, as I've heard.
    Tifa:    The soul of dead people...
    # next: scene 201 FS #
    # scene 200 GH: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Shibuya: Any sign of the enemies detecting Freeden's launch?
    Aiko:    Nothing for now.
    Prospec: If the enemies detect Freeden and go after it, then it'll be easier.
    Yurika:  That's rude!
    Argo:    No, it's bad for them, but I thought the same...
    Vega:    If the enemies focus on Freeden, then we can procede this operation.
    Koji:    Hey hey, isn't that saying too much?
    Chibode: If they were weak, yeah.
    Tetsuya: For them, an enemy here or there and they can easily counter them. We
             say so because we can trust them.
    Domon:   Indeed.
    # next: scene 201 GH #
    # scene 201 FS: Freeden - deck #
    Kid:     Hey, Gundam boy. I mean, Garrod!
    Witz:    What's Kid doing?
    Mizuho:  He's been like that since we left Japan.
    Kid:     Even the Mazingers powered up.
    Garrod:  So?
    Kid:     And the Excellence is getting new frames each time, right?
    Garrod:  Not related.
    Kid:     Not really!
    Garrod:  Hehen. You want to mess up with GX at any cost, I see.
    Jack:    You want to customize it.
    Kid:     That's right.
    Garrot:  No need to it. GX is good as it is.
    Kid:     Please. There are several good parts I've been keeping until now!
    Gou:     Ouch! What's this mountain of scrap!
    Kid:     Not scrap! Any of these, when equipped, can turn into an invincible
    Beauty:  Invincible, I see.
    Kid:     How about that? Do you shiver when you think GX can equip such thing?
    Kappei:  Are you on a flu?
    Kid:     Dah, you shut up!
    Kinta:   Heh, is that really great part?
    Chie:    Brother. Then put it on Kerot.
    Kinta:   Yeah. We'll power up Kerot with this.
    Kid:     Stop! Only I can use this!
    # next: scene 202 FS #
    # scene 201 GH: GEAR HQ - research lab #
    Eris:    Ok? I'll repeat.
    Ginga:   Again? Just stop already.
    Inoue:   Don't say so. This something we can do only once.
    Hiyoshi: If it fails, can't we redo it?
    Lahge:   There's only two Meteor Cubes left.
    Inoue:   Yes. The one we'll use is a reserve to the Meteor's power.
    Ippei:   So it means a one time challenge.
    Eris:    Yes, and back to the topic...
    Ginga:   When you signal it, we'll throw the capsule that has the Meteor Cube.
    Eris:    Yes. At that time the Cube inside the capsule will go out of control.
    Daijiro: Out of control, but it won't explode, right?
    Eris:    Not explode, but it'll flash a huge light.
    Allenby: So that light will serve as a bait?
    Eris:    Yes. And the Data Weapons will appear dragged by that.
    Hokuto:  Ok.
    George:  So all we can do is pray for no one to appear.
    # next: scene 202 GH #
    # scene 202 FS: Freeden - cask #
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    H,hey. A strange thing is falling, see?
    Reika:   Strange thing?
    Gou:     What, it's just snow.
    Raul:    ...Snow? So this is snow, it's first time I've seen it. So it's really
    Uchuta:  That's why I was feeling cold.
    Raul:    It's fun. It's like raining cotton.
    Chizuru: Arah, so lousy.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   ...What's this? It's falling.
    Merry:   This is snow. First time for you, Fiona?
    Mizuho:  There's no snow at Moon or the colonies.
    Tonya:   They can control the weather at colonies, right? So isn't there snow?
    Mizuho:  No, because they say it'd be dangerous... So it's the first time for
             me too.
    # if Raul Route #
    Witz:    You're not dogs, so don't run around the cask.
    Chiyoki: Woof woof!
    Reika:   It's ok for you. You're a real dog.
    Kappei:  That one gets happy for licking sea water and feel salty.
    Mizuho:  ...I did that...
    Raul:    Mizuho, let's make a snow doll!
    Juuzo:   You're not in age of making snow dolls.
    Mizuho:  Don't you envy? To do snow ball fights, or make snow dolls...
    Fa:      Well, it's something we can do only on Earth.
    Amuro:   It's not something to envy, really.
    Kosuke:  For Spacenoids, isn't it worst to handle the snow cold?
    Amuro:   Yes... Because colonies have air conditioning. So we don't feel the
    Raul:    Don't you have some rocks? I want it to be the snow doll's eyes.
    Kid:     Not really.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   So nice, I wish Lahge was here too... but that's impossible.
    Hyoma:   Want to take a picture?
    Fiona:   Ah, yes please. Hey, Mizuho, come here too!
    Sarah:   By the way, we were talking about Fort Seban, that town is admiring
             Newtypes, is it?
    Noin:    Aah, they're trying to make a peaceful place just with Newtypes.
    Fa:      So there might be other Newtypes besides Camille, right?
    Noin:    Highly possible. But, naturally thinking, it'd be obvious.
    Sarah:   So, what well we do to those? Shelter?
    Jamil:   It all depends on the situation. If they need shelter, then we'll do.
    Tonya:   If that Newtype is an evil one, then that'd be disastrous.
    Fa:      Evil...
    Banjo:   We can't reject that option.
    Jamil:   If Camille is really at Fort Seban, then there's someone who brought
             him there.
    Gou:     Hey! Don't you know anything about Fort Seban? This America, you know.
    Jack:    Tsc tsc tsc, America isn't small, you know.
    Kosuke:  That means he doesn't know, right?
    Jack:    Yeah.
    Gou:     Don't confirm what you don't know with such enthusiasm!
    Hayato:  Mah, we can get more information once we rendezvous with him.
    Daisaku: Is someone we should be waiting for?
    Noin:    The responsible informer of this case.
    Tonya:   Ah, there he is!
    Ryoma:   Heey, here here!
    Gou:     Retired oldie!
    Ryoma:   What did you say you newbie kid!?
    Gai:     It seems this place will get noisy again...
    Hyoma:   Who's that uncle in the old karate kimono?
    Noin:    Aah, it's a new face to the Com-Battler Team.
    Hayato:  Ryoma Nagare. The former pilot of Getter 1.
    Reika:   But, isn't he cold?
    # next: scene 203 FS #
    # scene 202 GH: Jovian Battleship Kagurazuki - one room #
    Genichi: Tsukumo, what happened!? You're acting weird recently.
    Tsukumo: W,what about me?
    Genichi: I can't fell the warm will on you... There's no hot blood!
    Tsukumo: That's not true!
    Genichi: No. When we attacked the Neo Zeon colony, it was the same. I couldn't
             sense the vigor. It was after that miracle survival from the enemy's
             battleship at Moon. What happened inside Nadesico!?
    Tsukumo: T,that's... Ah!
    Genichi: What is this...? ...This! Is the picture of that Earth woman!
    Tsukumo: Mi,Minato-san isn't involved!
    Genichi: You... You had your heart stolen by that Earth woman!?
    Tsukumo: It's not true! ...I think I'd suppose so that... It could perhaps...
    Genichi: Which one is it!?
    Tsukumo: It's not true!
    Genichi: ...Ok, I'll have that verified.
    Tsukumo: Wh,what are you planning!?
    Genichi: We'll attack Nadesico, and sink it!
    Tsukumo: Wha!?
    Genichi: Why surprise yourself? It's to defeat the evil Earthlings. No need to
    Tsukumo: Th,that's true but...
    # next: scene 203 GH #
    # scene 203 FS: Freeden - bridge #
    Ryoma:   The one responsible for Fort Seban is the mayor Nomore Long.
    Merry:   And this boy?
    Ryoma:   Calis Nautilus. The commander of Fort Seban's defensive forces. Like
             a protector god of some sort.
    Reika:   So, this boy too is...
    Roaby:   A Newtype.
    Ryoma:   Aah. And recently there's a woman named Enil El, who started contacting
             the mayor.
    Hayato:  Who is she?
    Ryoma:   Dunno. But, seems like that Nomore guy knows that Enil's father.
    Noin:    ...I'll have Sally to investigate. She might know something.
    Jamil:   How's town?
    Ryoma:   It's like a normal town. But, the mayor's place is...
    Fa:      Is Camille there?
    Ryoma:   No doubt. I've seen him with my eyes many times.
    Gou:     Then, you should have helped him. Such a useless oldie.
    Ryoma:   Even without a way to run!? They have their own Mobile Suit forces!
    Fa:      Is Camille alright?
    Ryoma:   Aah, like that he can return as a pilot, you know.
    Noin:    Camile himself will decide that.
    Ryoma:   And, there's something weird underground the mayor's.
    Chizuru: Strange?
    Ryoma:   Aah... Let me see, I had a picture... here. This thing.
    Beauty:  What's this? A capsule?
    Ryoma:   I don't know. Not a feature of mine, I don't know about such things.
    Kid:     Indeed, not a feature.
    # next: scene 204 FS #
    # scene 203 GH: GEAR HQ - one room #
    Minato:  Hah... I wonder what Shiratori-san is doing...
    # next: scene 204 GH #
    # scene 204 FS: Freeden - one room #
    Tifa:    ...
    Garrod:  Are you feeling? The Newtype Calis that Ryoma said.
    Tifa:    A little.
    Amuro:   This feeling, he's taken by maliciousness.
    Tifa:    ...I don't know much about maliciousness...
    Amuro:   Relax your spirit. This kind of thing is much more your side than mine.
    Tifa:    Yes...
    Garrod:  ...
    # next: scene 205 FS #
    # scene 204 GH: GEAR HQ - command room #
    Vega:    The preparations for the experiment are ready. All we need is procede!
    Ruri:    The place to drag the Data Weapons is an island 300km south of Hoshimi
             Town, the Mikazuki island.
    Yurika:  It's a desert island, so there's no extra worry.
    Ippei:   It'd be trouble if it was an enemy's secret base like Cros Island.
    Kirakun: It's ok, it was well investigated.
    Yurika:  Mobile Battleship Nadesico, launching for the Data Weapon capture
    # next: scene 205 GH #
    # scene 205 FS: Freeden - pathway #
    Garrod:  ...Hah.
    Mizuho:  What's up? Where's Tifa-san?
    Garrod:  Along with Amuro... Maybe it's true that Newtypes do understand each 
             other more than us.
    Mizuho:  I don't know anything about Newtypes, though.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I don't either. Mah, maybe Newtypes relax when with each other.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   If people share the same interest or work, then they get along well,
             isn't it the same?
    Garrod:  No, not like that...
    R/F:     ?
    # next: scene 206 FS #
    # scene 205 GH: GEAR HQ - hangar #
    Lahge:   You two, don't just watch and help please.
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Excellence has a camera for recording, so it's fine.
    Lahge:   It's not enough. Apart from the camera types, we have to install 
             analyzer devices too.
    Mizuho:  If we install all of them, Excellence will be full of cameras.
    Lahge:   I want to record everything as possible.
    Raul:    Well well. But, it's ok if nothing happens, but if enemies appear, I
             can't focus on recording.
    Mizuho:  That's right.
    Lahge:   Well, the piloting skills do have to kick off when that happens.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Nadesico will do the recording. There's no need to put cameras on the
    Lahge:   They don't do it fully. And I want some to myself.
    Mizuho:  I'm sure the Omoikane can handle the recording and analyzing.
    Fiona:   So do I... But it's helpless. Lahge! I know you're excited about that
             energy you're going to see for the first time, but now we have to...
    Lahge:   I know. I'm doing the research. But, I can't miss this chance.
    Fiona:   I know about that feeling of yours, since I was a researcher once...
    Lahge:   I want to record everything, starting from images. I won't ask too
             much like I did to the Super Electromagnetics case.
    Fiona:   You're hopeless.
    # next: scene 206 GH #
    # scene 206 FS: Fort Seban - town #
    Nomore:  People of Fort Seban. I want to promise an eternal peace as a mayor.
             We have a great power to guarantee such promise. This is the leader of
             defense forces. The Newtype Calis Nautilus himself.
    Calis:   A long time ago, when mankind went to live at space... There were those
             called Newtypes. They were meant to be the evolution of mankind, but
             with the previous war, their powers were used in combat. I was born
             with the same power of theirs. However, I want to use those for peace.
             That's how I can pay for those who died in war.
    Nomore:  Gentlemen, as you've heard. Until Calis Nautilus is here, the peace at
             this town will be guaranteed.
    Camille: ...
    # next: scene 207 FS #
    # scene 206 GH: Hoshimi Town - town #
    Absolut: We can't find it-dawa, the Data Weapon...
    Gourmet: Where did it go-bari?
    Witter:  Where did it go-jan!?
    Gourmet: I'm starving too, let's rest-bari.
    Absolut: Yes-dawa, rest a little-dawa.
    Gourmet: ...Uhn, what's that-bari!?
    Absolut: Nadesico-dawa!
    Gourmet: Perhaps they've located the Data Weapons's location-bari?
    Absolut: By the way, the place Bull Horn appeared was where they fought-dawa.
    Witter:  Yes, it is-jan!
    Absolut: Let's follow them-dawa!!
    # next: scene 207 GH #
    # scene 207 FS: Mayor's Mansion - one room #
    Nomore:  So you still don't want to cooperate, Camille Vidan-kun?
    Camille: I can't. You say preach about peace and payment, but I wonder what is
             the thing you hide underground.
    Calis:   That?
    Camille: That giant Mobile Armor!
    Nomore:  Camille-kun, people fight and hurt each other. To end such a foolish
             era, we need greater power.
    Calis:   That's what that Mobile Armor, the Patulia is about.
    Camille: You intend to end war with war?
    Calis:   If we could launch Patulia, the world unification will no longer 
             be a dream.
    Camille: The world is already unified under the Earth Sphere Nation.
    Nomore:  Wrong. They're trying to contain the power without power. That won't
             bring true peace.
    # next: scene 208 FS #
    # scene 207 GH: Spiral Castle - command room #
    Spiral:  So the Round Knights are moving?
    Absolut: Yes, mansion-sama.
    Gourmet: When Bull Horn appeared, Altea-dono doubted on our information, and
             didn't launch.
    Witter:  As resulted, the Bull Horn appeared, but it escaped.
    Altea:   Alright. I admit, at that time, I was wrong. I'll trust your 
             information this time.
    Spiral:  How's RaGowe doing?
    Absolut: Hah, it has eaten 400 entities, and now is sleeping.
    Altea:   Good timing. I can focus on Dendoh and the Data Weapons this time.
    # next: scene 208 GH #
    # scene 208 FS: Mayor's Mansion - one room #
    Calis:   It's no use. He's completely rejecting us.
    Nomore:  However, to launch Patulia, we need a greater Newtype power.
    Calis:   Yes, that's why I'm...
    Nomore:  Indeed.
    Calis:   I'll capture the Newtypes heading this way.
    Nomore:  The Newtypes in Freeden.
    Calis:   Depending on the situation, I'll need to use force...
    Enil:    Then, I'll go along.
    Nomore:  Enil, there's no need for you to go.
    Enil:    I have to work a little. I'm like a guest since I came over.
    Nomore:  No need to worry. Your father really helped me during the war.
    Enil:    No, I want to see the rumorous Round Knights with my own eyes.
    Calis:   Then, we shall go.
             (...I can finish this foolish era with only my powers. My powers...)
    # next: scene 209 FS #
    # scene 208 GH: Nadesico - bridge #
    Yurika:  Any enemies around?
    Ruri:    None.
    Minato:  Current time, 11:30 A.M.
    Yurika:  At 0:15 P.M. we'll commence operation!
    Eris:    Turn on the tracing program!
    Ruri:    I'll support.
    Minato:  Dendoh, launch ready.
    Yurika:  All units besides Dendoh, standy-by in case enemies appear.
    Koji:    I know.
    Kenichi: Whatever happens, we won't let the enemies to approach Dendoh or the
             Data Weapons.
    George:  Not coming is the best option, though.
    Gai:     They'll come. That's what makes it hot!
    Ryoko:   You fool! I don't want enemies to come just for the fun of it!!
    Ginga:   Er, the remaining Data Weapons are Dragon Flare, Gatling Boar and
             Bull Horn.
    Hokuto:  What are you counting?
    Ginga:   Nothing, just that my Data Weapons will be 4 after this.
    Chibode: Annoying brat. You want to save them all for yourself?
    Hokuto:  It'd be surprising if all 3 were saved by me.
    Ginga:   Not likely! I'll get them first!!
    Domon:   No time to fight. Worst case, Ogre appears and steals them all.
    Jun:     That's why we are her, to stop that.
    Sai-sic: Yep yep.
    Eris:    I've forgotten, but when the Data Weapons appear, those two in your
             Gear Commanders isn't exception.
    Hokuto:  That means, Unicorn Drill and Leo Circle will jump out too?
    Eris:    Yes. So, you'll have to save them again. It won't be hard, as you've
             done that once.
    Ginga:   No kidding. Leo, please, jump nearby, ok?
    Leo:     ...
    Hokuto:  Unicorn too.
    Unicorn: ...
    # next: scene 209 GH #
    # scene 209 FS: Freeden - bridge #
    Sarah:   Enemies confirmed!
    Amuro:   ...This feeling... a Newtype!?
    Jamil:   So it was leaked about us too.
    Kappei:  Didn't oldie move too harshly?
    Ryoma:   I wouldn't be that stupid!
    Tonya:   Connection from enemy unit.
    Calis:   I announce to Freeden. We're the Fort Seban's defense force.
    Banjo:   So he's Calis.
    Calis:   Surrender and give away the Newtypes you shelter.
    Hayato:  So they're aiming for the Newtypes!
    # next: scene 210 FS #
    # scene 209 GH: Nadesico - bridge #
    Yurika:  How's the tracing program doing?
    Ruri:    Proceding. The Data Weapons are being tracked by the program now.
    Eris:    If we use the Meteor Cube, which the Data Weapon like, they'll gather
    Megumi:  7 minutes to launch.
    Eris:    If they escape, we won't be able to trace them again.
    Megumi:  So we have to succeed.
    Minato:  ...Wh,what's this?
    # next: scene 210 GH #
    # scene 210 FS: Freeden - deck #
    Garrod:  Kuh! ...I won't lose!
    Tifa:    Garrod...
    Chizuru: Areh, isn't that Tifa there?
    Reika:   Really, it's the first time I've seen her run like that.
    Garrod:  GX, launching!
    Tifa:    Wait, Garrod... You can't go, if you go, you'll...
    Garrod:  If I launch, what will happen to me?
    Tifa:    You'll... lose...
    Garrod:  Tifa... I'm sorry, I trust you but, I want to surpass it. GX, launch!
    # next: scene 211 FS #
    # scene 210 GH: Nadesico - deck #
    Lahge:   Uhn... A disturbance in the Time Particles...
    Kenichi: Enemy!?
    Boss:    They've come!
    # next: Stage 16 GH #
    # scene 211 FS: Freeden - bridge #
    Sarah:   Garrod is out in GX!
    Witz:    That brat, running first like always!
    Jamil:   Garrod isn't fighting the enemy... He's fighting against the word 
    # next: Stage 16 FS #
     Stage 16 FS: Watashi no Saikou Kessaku desu (He's my Masterpiece)
    [Freeden and GX appear]
    [Fort Seban units appear]
    Garrod:  I can't lose. If I lose, I'll get farther from Tifa. I can't lose!
    Calis:   I'm seeking for your friends. Don't interfere.
    Garrod:  Friends... you mean, you are.
    Calis:   Yes, I'm a Newtype!
    Amuro:   Get back, Garrod, it's reckless!
    Tifa:    Garrod!
    Calis:   So you're the ones... Tifa Adeil and Amuro Ray... right?
    Garrod:  I won't give away Tifa!
    Calis:   It's impossible. Even in a Gundam, you can't win against me.
    Garrod:  Shut up! If you're a Newtype, then I can't lose!
    Calis:   I see, then I'll use you. To get Tifa.
    Tifa:    Run, Garrod! In your conditions, you can't win.
    Enil:    Let's go, kid!
    Calis:   No, I'm enough.
    # cinematic: Vertigo VS Gundam X #
    Garrod:  Uwaaaaaaahh!
    Amuro:   No use... Garrod can't win...
    Hyoma:   Damn, we'll launch too!
    Enil:    Oops, you better not move.
    Kappei:  Damn!
    Calis:   How's that, Tifa, can you see the future?
    Tifa:    Stop!
    # cinematic: Vertigo VS Gundam X #
    Garrod:  This is... the power... of Newtypes...
    Calis:   A person who doesn't have special powers can't win over me.
    Kappei:  What, such a remarking words!
    Garrod:  Uuh, not yet... I didn't lose yet!
    Calis:   You said something interesting back there. If I'm a Newtype then you
             couldn't lose. I'm sorry, but reality is cruel. For old mankind, you
             can't win.
    Jamil:   Garrod, stand up!
    Calis:   Well, to save him and yourselves, you have to make the right decision.
    Amuro:   ...It's helpless.
    Tifa:    Yes... Tell Garrod, good bye...
    Banjo:   I think it's too early for that.
    Amuro:   Well captain, we'll go.
    Calis:   It's a wise decision. We'll shelter you both.
    [Vertigo moves towards Freeden and disappears]
    Jamil:   Shelter them... I see.
    Garrod:  Wait! Tifa!
    Enil:    Oops, the rest of you, I'll take care.
    Gou:     I won't let that!
    Kid:     Rescue GX. It'll get hit by stray bullets!
    Banjo:   Ok.
    Juuzo:   Damn, that boy only causes trouble.
    [Gundam X disappears]
    # deploy: 11 units #
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of ally battleship
    # enemy retreat: Enil's hp reaches 0 #
    Enil:    Damn, so close to see their end.
    [Enil's unit explodes]
    # neutral reinforce: first enemy annihilation #
    [Gaizock units appear]
    Butcher: Hohohoho.
    Gai:     Th,that's.
    Kappei:  Gaizock!
    Butcher: You've caused me trouble last time. I've came to thank you.
    Kappei:  Aah, you're welcome... Like we'd say so!
    Banjo:   Step away, we have some place to go now.
    Fa:      Yes, we have to rescue them.
    Butcher: I don't care about that.
    Hyoma:   So all we need is step over them.
    Kappei:  Let's go!
    Butcher: My wish!
    # Kappei VS Butcher #
    Kappei:  You won't run this time!
    Butcher: It won't be like last time, brat!
    # enemy retreat 2: Butcher's hp reaches 0 or 20% #
    Butcher: Tsc, it's helpless. We'll retreat. The fun will have to wait.
    Kappei:   Don't run, you coward!
    [Butcher's unit explodes/disappears]
    # stage end #
    Sarah:   Gaizock retreated.
    Jamil:   Ok, we'll head to Fort Seban!
    # next: scene 212 FS #
     Stage 16 GH: Kessen! Dendoh VS Ogre (Decision! Dendoh VS Ogre)
    [Nadesico appears]
    [Jovian units appear]
    Koji:    What? They're not Galpha!
    Yurika:  Those are Jovian Union people!
    Minato:  (Could it be, Shiratori-san!?)
    Genichi: I've found you, Nadesico. Tsukumo, we'll defeat those hated Earthlings
             once and for all!
    Tsukumo: ...I,I know.
    Ruri:    5 minutes to launch.
    Yurika:  We can't cancel operation. Units, launch! Hold them 5 minutes!
    Ginga:   Hokuto, we'll go too!
    Vega:    No, you can't. You'll stand-by until launching.
    Hokuto:  Oh no.
    Chibode: It's alright. We can handle those guys. Right?
    Kenichi: Aah. You wait for the operation to commence.
    # deploy: 14 units #
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: destruction of ally battleship
    # event: ally turn 2 #
    Ruri:    3 minutes to launch...
    # event: ally turn 3 #
    Lahge:   2 minutes to launch...
    # event: ally turn 4 #
    Eris:    1 minute to launch...
    # reinforce: ally turn 5 or first enemy annihilation #
    # if first enemy annihilation #
    Ruri:    Jovian Union forces annihilated.
    Vega:    I'm glad. We're safe.
    Minato:  Shiratori-san...
    Lahge:   All we need is wait for the launching time, then.
    Eris:    30 seconds to launch. Dendoh, launch!
    [Dendoh appears]
    Minato:  ...! Enemy, landing at high speed!!
    Yurika:  Eeh!?
    [Galpha units appear]
    Altea:   I've found you, Dendoh. What are you planning?
    Vega:    O,Ogre!
    Kirakun: The worst timing...
    Lahge:   [Raul/Fiona], hold the camera tight!
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I know!
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Yes yes, I know. Nmoh!
    Ruri:    Launch countdown, 10, 9, 8...
    Hokuto:  Wh,what should we do?
    Ginga:   We have to do it!
    Ruri:    3, 2, 1...
    Eris:    Launch!
    Ginga:   Gooooooooooooooo!
    [Data Weapons appear]
    Eris:    We did it! It suceeded!!
    Kenichi: The Data Weapons.
    Allenby: They're all here!
    Unicorn: ...
    Leo:     ...
    Viper:   ...
    Boar:    ...
    Dragon:  ...
    Bull:    ...
    Ginga:   Incredible...
    Hokuto:  This is what I call a spectacle...
    Eris:    You two, what are you doing? Hurry up and save them!
    Tetsuya: No time to watch!
    Hokuto:  Yes! File Save, Unicorn Drill!
    [Unicorn Drill disappears]
    Hokuto:  I've got you back.
    Ginga:   Let's go, File Save, Leo Circle!
    [Leo Circle disappears]
    Ginga:   Leo, welcome back.
    Altea:   What's happening? File Save, Viper Whip!
    [Viper Whip disappears]
    Altea:   All Data Weapons have appeared... what kind of trick did they use?
             However, I'll use this chance!
    Ryoko:   We won't let you!
    Eris:    Hurry, save the other Data Weapons!
    Dragon:  ...
    Hokuto:  The Gear Commander!?
    Ginga:   Eeh!? The Dragon chose you?
    Hokuto:  File Save! Dragon Flare!
    [Dragon Flare disappears]
    Boar:    ...
    Ginga:   Boar! Come to me! File Save! Gatling Boar!
    [Gatling Boar disappears]
    Altea:   Uhn, splendid, Dendoh's pilot. However!
    Hokuto:  Ginga! The Bull Horn!
    Ginga:   I won't let it happen! File Save, Bull Horn!
    Altea:   File Save, Bull Horn!
    Hokuto:  File Save, Bull Horn!
    Bull:    ...
    Sayaka:  The 3 are trying!?
    Eris:    The one Bull Horn chooses is...
    [Bull Horn disappears]
    Hokuto:  Aah!
    Ginga:   The Bull Horn!
    Altea:   Fuhahaha. It was a fun game, but Bull Horn chose me!
    Eris:    It can't be...
    Altea:   Let's go, Dendoh! I'll defeat you and get the other 4 Data Weapons!
    Domon:   We won't let you!
    Ginga:   Yeah, we have the most Data Weapons!
    Altea:   Bull Drive, Install!
    [Ogre transforms into Ogre BH]
    Altea:   I challenge you, Dendoh!
    # Ginga VS Altea #
    Altea:   Dendoh. It was for a short time, but it was a fun combat. This is the
    Ginga:   Don't say for your convenience!
    Hokuto:  You come and attack another planet for your convenience, I won't 
             forgive you!
    # enemy retreat 1: Genichiro's hp reaches 0 #
    Genichi: Damn you, evil Earthlings. However, justice shall prevail! Don't forget
    [Genichiro's unit explodes]
    # enemy retreat 2: Tsukumo's hp reaches 0 #
    Tsukumo: I was defeated! ...But, I'm glad. Minato-san's ship is alright...
    [Tsukumo's unit explodes]
    # enemy retreat 3: Altea's hp reaches 0 #
    Altea:   V,very well done, Round Knights...
    [Tis' unit appears]
    Tia:     Oops, I won't let you die. As Emperor Galpha ordered.
    Altea:   Emperor Galpha did...
    [Altea's unit explodes]
    Domon:   That's the one from before!
    Tis:     I should introduce myself. My name is Tis.
    Megumi:  Tis?
    Kirakun: Are from Galpha?
    Tis:     I'm not from Galpha. But I'm sort of friend of them.
    Gai:     Why are you with Galpha?
    Tis:     Oops, I didn't come to talk to you. See ya!
    [Tis' unit disappears]
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 212 GH #
    # scene 212 FS: Freeden - medical room #
    R/F:     How's Garrod doing?
    Fa:      No worries about his wounds. But, psychologicaly...
    Galliso: It was a huge shock to lose against that person Calis.
    # next: scene 213 FS #
    # scene 212 GH: Galpha Planet #
    Altea:   Uuh...
    Galpha:  The time you regain your lost memories is the time of your death...
             Altea... I can't let you die yet. Forget. Forget, Altea. You're
             the commander of Emperor Galpha's personal forces. And...
    # next: scene 213 GH #
    # scene 213 FS: Mayor's Mansion - one room #
    Nomore:  Welcome, Amuro Ray-kun, Tifa Adeil-kun. I salute you.
    Tifa:    What do you want from us?
    Calis:   You'll be the saviour of the world along with me.
    # next: scene 214 FS #
    # scene 213 GH: Spiral Castle - command room #
    Spiral:  I see, so Altea-dono is back to planet.
    Tis:     Un, he was seriously injured, so it'll take time till he can come back.
    Absolut: Mansion-sama. This is a chance.
    Gourmet: We should defeat Dendoh with our hands.
    Spiral:  However, Dendoh now holds 4 Data Weapons.
    Witter:  It's not everything.
    Tis:     Yeah. If we give up before fighting, then we will never win what we
    # next: scene 214 GH #
    # scene 214 FS: Freeden - deck #
    Kid:     My, this is such a wreck.
    Gai:     The Satellite Cannon is totally screwed.
    Hyoma:   Can you fix it, this GX?
    Kid:     There's nothing this Kid can't fix... But just fix is, you know...
    # next: scene 215 FS #
    # scene 214 GH: Nadesico - bridge #
    Vega:    Everyone, well done.
    Kirakun: Too bad we couldn't get all Data Weapons though.
    Ginga:   Yep. Damn, I wonder why Bull Horn chose Altea.
    George:  By the way, to deal with the Data Weapons there are conditions, right?
    Eris:    Yes. The Data Weapons will settle with those who fit their spirits.
    Koji:    Indeed, Viper Whip is confidence, Leo Circle courage.
    Vega:    Yes. By the time both were what Altea and Ginga-kun had, so the deal
             was made.
    Hiyoshi: Heh, I wonder what are the conditions for the other Data Weapons?
    Eris:    Unicorn Drill is trust.
    Ginga:   Eeh, I remember Hokuto and I did try Unicorn Drill at the same time. So
             that means...
    Megumi:  The trust is stronger for Hokuto-kun than Ginga-kun.
    Ginga:   What, that sounds like I don't trust other people like Hokuto.
    Vega:    Gatling Boar is creation. The power to create something, it was 
             stronger on Ginga-kun.
    Ginga:   Well, not quite.
    Jun:     So, what is the conditions for Dragon Flare to choose Hokuto-kun?
    Vega:    Love.
    Ginga:   Love? ...Love, that is, love. So sweety of you, Hokuto.
    Hokuto:  Uh...
    Eris:    What's so bad about it? It's love.
    Sayaka:  Yes, it's beautiful.
    Allenby: So, what about Bull Horn that chose Altea?
    Vega:    Bull Horn seeks knowledge.
    Eris:    Indeed, to you lost on confidence and knowledge to Altea.
    Ginga:   Damn, I'm kinda embarassed. We were the ones who thought about the
             capture operation.
    Eris:    I was the one to find how to gather them. You didn't do anything at 
    Ginga:   Well then, they could have come to us for the responsibility!
    Ippei:   You're talking nonsense.
    # next: scene 215 GH #
    # scene 215 FS: Freeden - bridge #
    Jamil:   GX's new equipment?
    Kid:     Uhn, something I was thinking, but now it's the only thing I can do.
    Hayato:  How does that work?
    Kid:     I'm thinking of adding a weapon that works well in any situation.
    Jamil:   ...Ok. I authorize.
    Kid:     Alright! So I'll start right now!
    # next: scene 216 FS #
    # scene 215 GH: Nadesico - deck #
    Lahge:   Aah!
    Mizuho:  What?
    Lahge:   There's nothing recorded at all!
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    Of course. In the middle of such battle.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   It's helpless, being in the middle of such battle, I can't just stand
             there and record.
    Lahge:   That's not what I mean. The recording device is...
    Mizuho:  ...This is, it hit an enemy wreckage.
    Lahge:   N,no...
    # if Raul Route #
    Raul:    I'm really sorry.
    # else Fiona Route #
    Fiona:   Just give up. That's what makes us human, you know.
    # next: scene 216 GH #
    # scene 216 FS: Freeden - medical room #
    Ryoma:   What a shame. To be like this just because of a girl.
    Garrod:  It's not like that! I didn't imagine that Newtypes would be that
    Ryoma:   Newtypes, eh... I don't get it, though.
    Garrod:  ...And, I don't have any special powers...
    Jamil:   Special powers...
    Ryoma:   Hey, how's the GX upgrade going?
    Banjo:   Yet to finish. However, Kosuke and Mizuho are helping out.
    Keiko:   It won't take long.
    Ryoma:   So all that's left is Garrod...
    Witz:    Damn, deplorable. Just because you lost once!
    Ryoma:   He's phisically alright, right?
    Fa:      Yes, but psychologically...
    Ryoma:   If he can move, then it's fine. I'll borrow him.
    Garrod:  Uwah, what are you doing!?
    Ryoma:   For reconnaissance, we'll head to Fort Seban. Fix the GX until we're 
    Jamil:   ...Alright, I'll leave it to you. But, don't die.
    Ryoma:   It's ok.
    Garrod:  Let me go, you damn middle-aged!
    Ryoma:   Who's damn middle-aged? You should at least call me damn youth!
    # next: scene 217 FS #
    # scene 216 GH: Jovian Battleship Kagurazuki - one room #
    Genichi: Tsukumo, I'm very disappointed on you! You were deceived by an Earth
    Tsukumo: Genichiro...
    Genichi: The only woman we have to love, is the Gekiganger 3's heroine, 
             Nanako-san, did you forget about that!? Remember! How many times did
             her smile and comfortable words saved us!?
    Tsukumo: Genichiro, I understand. She is a splendid woman. However...
    Genichi: However?
    Tsukumo: Her smile, her comfortable words, her hand-made food, they're not for
    Genichi: !
    Tsukumo: They're all for the pilots of Gekiganger 3. Her eyes don't reflect us.
    Genichi: You fool!
    Tsukumo: Guh!
    Genichi: Tsukumo, so that's what your love is about! Just because she doesn't
             see you, you can turn your insipid heart for another easy woman!
    Tsukumo: Insipid... You are saying that what Minato-san and I have is insipid...
    Genichi: Tsukumo, come! Having this sunset as a background, I shall bring the
             hot blood within you by fighting you!
    Tsukumo: Uoooooooh!
    Genichi: Daaaaaaah!
    Kusakab: What are they doing?
    Genpach: Lt. General Kusakabe. They are clashing their adolescence!
    # next: scene 217 GH #
    # scene 217 FS: Mayor's Mansion - one room #
    Camille: Amuro-san!
    Amuro:   Camille, I didn't imagine meeting up with you at this situation.
    Camille: So you were caught too.
    Amuro:   Aah. There's one more, a girl named Tifa Adeil.
    Camille: Is she a Newtype too?
    Amuro:   Yes, but not a pilot...
    Nomore:  Hi, so that's a remeeting of Newtypes.
    Amuro:   What do you want from us?
    Nomore:  The Mobile Armor underground, Patulia, I want you to fight along side
             us in that.
    Amuro:   I refuse.
    Nomore:  I'll change my words. We want you to fight for us Spacenoids. In a old
             era of the Earth Sphere Nation, the Newtypes shall not be dominated.
    # next: scene 218 FS #
    # scene 217 GH: Nadesico - bridge #
    Yurika:  The Voltes V acting weird?
    Uribata: Aah, what doctor Gou is saying is that the parts around the clown coil
             are rusting.
    Koji:    Isn't there spare parts?
    Hiyoshi: If there were, we'd have exchanged it already.
    Chibode: Well yeah.
    Minato:  So, the nearest place is the Big Falcon.
    Yurika:  All fit then. Before we go back to GEAR HQ, we'll pass by there.
    Allenby: Alright. Big Falcon has a big beach in front of it.
    Ippei:   We're not going to play, you know?
    Allenby: It's ok. Domon want to see my bikini shape, right?
    Domon:   Not really...
    Allenby: What's that weak answer!?
    Boss:    I'm excited. I can see all girl's bikinis.
    Allenby: I didn't call for you!
    Kentaro: (Big Falcon...)
    # next: scene 218 GH #
    # scene 218 FS: Axis - one room #
    Zaidel:  The Newtypes defined by the Zabis is born when space evolves a human.
             With high sensitivity and perception, such qualities grow as man live
             out in space, the true nature of man.
    Dekim:   So you mean Spacenoids are all Newtypes.
    Zaidel:  Yes. And mankind must be guided by Newtypes. That means guided by
    Relena:  Those who live at Earth or Space, they are all the same human beings.
    Zaidel:  Those who live at Earth are humans. But they are not Newtypes. The
             Earth Sphere Nation's idea of putting Newtypes and Oldtypes at the
             same level is completely wrong!
    Haman:   ...We should make a break. Zaidel is a little enthusiastic.
    Relena:  I understand.
    # next: scene 219 FS #
    # scene 218 GH: Jovian Battleship Kagurazuki - one room #
    Genichi: Hah, hah.
    Tsukumo: Hah, hah...
    Genpach: Splendid. This is adolescence, hot blood... A new bond has born between
             those two...
    Genichi: ...How's that, Tsukumo...
    Tsukumo: Genichiro... I'll watch Geki-ganger 3 once again. I'll watch all 
             episodes, and confirm Nanako-san's splendidness...
    Genichi: So you understood me, Tsukumo. There's no other splendid woman other
             than her.
    Tsukumo: (...However... After I watch it all, if my feelings for Minato-san
             remain... I'll...)         
    # next: scene 221 GH #
    # scene 219 FS: Axis - one room #
    Dekim:   Zaidel is too much obsessed with Newtypes.
    Haman:   Hum... That will surely give some trouble. Dekim, how's that thing?
    Dekim:   I need more time. Afterall, the Jovian Union is attacking more often.
    Haman:   Jovian Union... We should do something about them soon...
    # next: scene 220 FS #
    # scene 220 FS: Mayor's Mansion - one room #
    Amuro:   I want to ask you something.
    Nomore:  What is it?
    Amuro:   Why don't you make that Calis a pilot?
    Nomore:  Of course, Calis can be the pilot. However, there are a few troubles.
    Amuro:   Is that because he is an artifical Newtype?
    Camille: ... An Enhanced Human... is it?
    Nomore:  Correct. He's my masterpiece. He's an almost complete Artificial 
    Camille: Indeed... I couldn't confirm it by fear though.
    Nomore:  So it can't fool a true Newtype.
    Camille: You, you treat people like experiment animals!
    Calis:   Don't say foolish things, I did it because I wanted to.
    Amuro:   Calis!?
    Camille: Do you know what that means!?
    Calis:   In the past, I was an ordinary and useless person. But I couldn't help
             on wishing this world's evolution. I needed power for that.
    Amuro:   So that's why you became an Artificial Newtype.
    Calis:   Yes. What is wrong with it? You're fighting to survive too. Anyone
             has wished to have a certain power in life. I just fulfilled it.
    # next: scene 221 FS #
    # scene 221 FS: Fort Seban - town #
    Ryoma:   Well, the mayor's mansion is here... What is it?
    Garrod:  Can we do it? Save Amuro and Tifa on our own.
    Ryoma:   I wonder. But, the power to do that isn't the power of Newtypes.
    Garrod:  ...
    Ryoma:   Or, you say you can't rescue the girl you love without being a Newtype?
    Garrod:  N,no, not!
    Ryoma:   Then it's settled. We'll go help them!
    # next: scene 221 FS #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # 12. Credits #
          for GBA
          for SRWR
    Stephen Chung's Japanese Word Processor, 
          for it's great help on traslating most of the words.
    Jim Breen's Japanese Dictionary (www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/wwwjdic.html),
          for it´s great help on translating while I could use a browser that
          detected Japanese fonts.
    GameFAQs and NeoSeeker
          for hosting this guide.
    GameFAQs SRWR Board Members,
          for sharing their great knowledge on this game.

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