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    Secrets FAQ by NeoZeroX

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    Super Robot Taisen R(GBA)-Secret Units/Pilot guide
    Created by NeoZeroX
    E-mail: Nakoruru00@hotmail.com
    [Secret Units/Pilots]
    Mass Production Type Nu Gundam Incom/Funnel
    How to get:
    1)After mission one, pick space route[protect Ra Calium]
    2)In mission two, clear this mission within 7 turns.
    Once you meet the condition, you will able to use MP Nu Gundam in
    mission 3 & 4.
    After Time Warp, you will get MP Nu Gundam in mission 32.
    In mission two, you can either clear out all enemies or get the ship
    to the destination point.  If you were run out of turn, just forget
    about killing Char and his Sazabi.
    High Mobile Type Black Serena:
    1)After mission one, pick Nadesico Route.
    2)After mission thirty-one, you will receive High Mobile Type Black Serena
    instead of Black Serena in mission thirty one.
    Gundam MK-III
    How to get:
    1)At Mission 4, kill Quess's Alpha Aziel with Chein's Re-Gez.
    (also, make sure Char is not killed yet.)
    2)There will be an event where Hathaway Noah killing Chein with one shot.
    3)In mission 20, Four will start up in Gundam MK-III instead of Jegan.
    -Save before killing Quess.
    How to get:
    1)At mission 22, make sure Jamil got over 20 kills.
    2)Feburaru will add to the unit list after the mission.
    -To get Jamil over 20 kills, you might wanted to add "Halo" and
    "Super Big Machine" to Freeden[Ship].
    Wu-Fei and Arutron Gundam
    How to get:
    1)At mission 23, fight Wu Fei with Hero once.
    2)Convince Wu Fei with Hero.
    3)Event!!! WingZeroCustom got 10HP and ArutronGundam show-off and kill
    one Devil Army
    A Great chance to let your healing units to get some free experiance.
    Pure and Queenbelney MK-II(Purple colour)
    How to get it:
    1)At mission 22, convince Pure with Juudoo(ZZ Gundam) two times.
    2)She will join you immediately.
    -Don't Kill Hamaan(Queenbeleny)/Put the ship on the Colony
    before convincing Pure.  Once Queenbelney lose 70% HP,
    she will flee so does the rest of the units.
    MasterAsia and Master Gundam
    How to get it:
    1)At mission 26, kill the Devil Gundam(Final Form) with Masterasia
    on it.
    2)Complete the Shin Getter Add-on Weapon event at mission 27(see below).
    3)At mission 28, he will add to the unit list at the begining.
    -MasterAsia and 2 Girls will flee when their HP reach 30%.
    -Make sure you kill Devil Gundam. You can use map weapon to kill 3 units
    at the same time.
    Shin Getter Add-On Weapons
    How to get it:
    1)At mission 27, kill King Cold's [Giant Spining Wheel] when
    Shin Getter1's HP reach critical level(red color)
    2)There will be an event of King Cold reappear and Shin Getter1
    kill King Cold in one shot.
    -If you couldn't get Shin Getter HP to red, try hit your Shin Getter with
    Map weapon(I mean HURT, not KILL).
    -After the event, deploy your healing units for free experience.
    PureTwo and Queenbelney MK-II(Red Color)
    How to get it:
    1)After mission 28, pick Space Route.
    2)At mission 29, fight PureTwo atleast once with Juudoo & Pure.
    3)Convince PureTwo AFTER Gremii is killed.
    4)Psycho Gundam MK-II self destruct and She will add to pilot list
    after the mission
    5)Queenbelney MK-II(red) will receive at mission 30.
    -Just get your best unit to kill Gremii, leave Psycho Gundam MK-II alone.
    Ouga(Max weapon upgrade)
    How to get:
    1)After mission 28, pick Gear Route.
    2)At mission29, Fight Ouga once with Denoh.
    3)Event!!  Ouga joined back immediately with full weapon upgrade.
    Sabot 3-add on weapon: Ion Cannon
    1)After missoin 28, pick Gear Route.
    2)You will receive it right away.
    Lancerow and Clouda(Brown color)
    How to get:
    1)Fight once with Jamii in Mission 22. A conversation will happen.
    2)After mission 28, pick Space Route.
    3)Fight once with Jamii in Mission 29. A conversation will happen.
    4)Fight once with Jamii in Mission 30. Then, you can convince him
    5)He will join immediately.
    Easy to get.
    Gundam X and Gundam DX's add-on weapon and support pilot Tifa.
    How to get:
    1)Pick Space Route after mission 28.
    2)After Mission 31, Tifa will become support pilot for Garoot.
    GX and DX will receive G Bit weapon upgrade.
    -Easy to get
    How to get:
    -Get over 10 kills for 99
    -It is no route condition.
    -receive in mission 32.
    -You don't even need to pick Nadesico Route to get it.  You will get 99
    in stage 27 and get him lots of kill in that stage because you wouldn't
    be able to use him until stage 32.
    How to get:
    1)Kill Zero 3 times in stage 35
    2)Event Happen!!! you will receive Pheonix Air in mission 36.
    -Good luck on killing him.  He is a tough cookie to beat.
    This Guide is copyrighted to NeoZeroX, 2002.
    Please do not put on the web without my authorization first.
    Super Roboat Taisen(War) R and all related
    characters/units and names are trademarks of Banpresto.

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