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    Scenario 18-21 Guide by Daba Mylord

    Version: 0.10 | Updated: 09/08/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    for Game Boy Advance
    Walkthru/Strategy Guide: SCENARIO 18-21
    by Daba Mylord (daba_mylord@srwgenesis.every1.net)
    Version 0.10
    1) This guide assumes that you have at least a little knowledge in the Japanese Katakana and 
       Hiragana alphabet.
    2) The author will not reply to e-mails asking for translations and "point-me-outs".
    3) This guide may appear only in GameFAQs.com, and nowhere else.
    4) You are not free to distribute this guide to anyone for any reason.
    5) Plagiarism is a crime, not just a minor offense. Don't copy and steal this guide, dammit.
    6) If there are corrections and contributions, e-mail the author and you will  be credited.
    7) The main character chosen for this game is Fiona, not Raul.
    8) Names are translated roughly. If you know the official/real names of stuff, contact the 
       author ASAP.
    This guide is intended for SRWR for Game Boy Advance, whether you are playing the original
    game or with an emulator. The walkthru will be seperated and segregated into different parts 
    and FAQs, to make sure that the download or loading time will be faster and it will be 
    easier to read. Scrolling down and up will be a lot more minimized. This walkthru will not
    be as ultra-detailed, but it will contain some vital info which I think is relevant to your 
    gameplay. If you think it's irrelevant, then it's none of my business. I made this walkthru 
    at the expense of my free time, so please don't waste it and appreciate it for what it is.
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: All allies are killed OR an enemy reaches the base terrain.
    - Strategies: 1) Daitarn-3 sorties automatically in your 1st turn, then Fiona and Akito. You
                     must sortie Zanbot-3, Gai's Aesty and GX. Ragou appears in the map, but 
                     then the Galfa Army appears to fight.
                  2) The Jams are the only harder ones to fight in this scenario. They are
                     immsensely strong, and can take out Shining Gundam alone in 2-3 shots. To
                     beat them, you must do constant Support Attacks. Have your repair units do
                     a lot of repairing... you can expect your troops to be damaged heavily.
                     You may cast "Luck" before killing them since they yield the most cash.
                  3) Ragou is a pretty easy enemy to beat. Halve its HP or so using Shining
                     Gundam's Shining Finger supported by other attacks (Double Gekigan Flare is
                     a good choice). With 9000 Hp remaining, have either Banjou or Kappei cast
                     "Hot Blood" then have someone cast "Bless" and "Aid" on any of them. 
                     Execute the S-Combination Attack, their Synchro-move and Ragou's down.
                  4) When the Galfa army is defeated, the Jovian Lizards appear. Make sure you
                     are not far away from the base when you fight them. The new objective is to
                     defend the base terrain (the game will highlight the spots in green) and
                     make sure no Jovian Lizard touches it. If one does, game over. They are all
                     easy, since Sanbarutai and Akiyama will be in the Tetsujins. to Destroy
                     Sanbarutai, execute another Synchro-attack using the Voltes-Combattler's
                     Chodenji Spin V-No Jigiri. Then, kill all Jovian Lizards, leaving one AI
                     and Akiyama alive. Garrod's morale should be 140 or more by now.
                  5) The Jovian Lizards will attempt to go to your base and just attack later if
                     permitted to. Decrease the HPs of that one last AI and Akiyama. Block their
                     path if possible. Charge up GX's Satellite Cannon MAP version. Position GX
                     so that both enemies are in range. When you're ready, save your game and
                     have Garrod cast "Hot Blood", "Luck" and "Lock On". Have someone else cast
                     "Aid" on him. Execute the Satellite Cannon MAP version. Don't kill any of
                     them alone. If Akiyama is killed first, all remaining survivors will 
                     retreat. If you kill all soldiers and Akiyama is alive, he will retreat. 
                     Therefore, killing both Akiyama and that soldier TOGETHER is the priority.
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: All allies or Dendoh alone is killed.
    - Strategies: 1) Dendoh auto-sorties in this scenario. Before you start, it's suggested that
                     you upgrade Dendoh's EN and weapons a bit. The Galfa army appears again to
                     fight, this time with Ragou. Ragou won't be holding back either. You are
                     given 4 turns to detroy Ragou, or the outcome of the fight will change.
                     Quatro also appears in his Hyaku-Shiki to help you out.
                  2) You will get the Kiiba Data Weapon in this scenario automatically. However
                     if you don't kill Ragou by your 4th turn, a scene appears and Ragou dies.
                     If you do kill him within 4 turns, Ragou still dies, and you gain money and
                     experience, so please do your best and kill him... he's too easy to beat
                     even in 1 turn alone. All you need to do is bring out your Super Robots
                     especially the Voltes-Combattler duo. Execute Chodenji Smash often, and 
                     use Daitarn-3's Sun Attack and Zanbot-3's Moon Attack respectively, while
                     shocking Ragou with Neo Getta-1 and Excellance Flyer. With Ragou dead, 
                     groups of enemy reinforcements appear to make your life miserable.
                  3) Giga Gourmet (20000-HP guy) will retreat if HP is 6000 or lower. Giga
                     Witter (19000-HP guy) will retreat on 5700, and Giga Absolute (?) (the
                     18000-HP chick) will retreat at 5400. To defeat all of them easily, all you
                     have to do is drain their HP using GX and Dendoh (but not using Dendoh's
                     Kiiba Striker FA) then simply beat them up using your Super Robots. In 
                     the other hand, you can use your SR to drain them, then let GX kill them
                     using the Satellite Cannon (which can drain around 5300 HP or so).
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
    - Strategies: 1) Garrod finally gets the DX, and he is accompanied by Four Murasame. Her 
                     unit depends on what you did earlier. If you let Chien kill Quess earlier
                     as instructed, she'll be in the Gundam mk III. If not, she'll just be in a
                     plain ol' Jegan. Witz and Roybea auto-sortie in the Gundam Airmaster
                     Burst and Gundam Leopard Destroy respectively. Choose your allies to sortie
                     but bring along some healers... Garrod and Four are in the middle of enemy
                     territory making them very vulnerable since Gremi and Rakan are in range,
                     not to mention that crazed Abel, Enile, the Frost Brothers and Wufei,
                     now accompanied by Trowa.
                  2) GX won't be sortied in this scenario, and so is the Freeden. Therefore
                     any part from GX and Freeden, you remove and put them on Gundam Airmaster
                     Burst or Gundam Leopard Destroy, depending on your choosing. Quatre and
                     Duo arrive will arrive in the scene to help you out. However, getting
                     Garrod and Four safely out is your main priority. Don't ever do Support
                     Defense for Garrod unless if necessary (for instance if Shagia attacks
                     you with the Mega Sonic Blast). Don't attack either, just move as far away
                     as possible and get your allies to move in faster to bait some enemies so
                     they won't target DX or Jegan/Gundam mk III.
                  3) No one will escape when damaged so don't worry so much. Go for broke and
                     kill them all, but do conserve your spells. It's a good way to level up
                     your characters. The only characters whom you have to cast "Luck" on before
                     killing are the Frost Brothers and Abel. The rest yield too few cash (like
                     2000) so it's not worth spending 45 or 40 SP on. If Witz and Roybea are in
                     low levels then this is your chance to have them kill Enile, Wufei and
                     Trowa... if they're in LV29 they can easily go to LV32 or LV33 if you cast
                     "Aid" on them. So do it. The Frost Brothers can be taken down easily if
                     you leave 6000 HP behind and kill them with a Hot-Blooded Tenkuken or
                     Chodenji Spin. Even Sun Attack or Moon Attack can do the same thing. Oh,
                     they won't stick beside each other so they won't do Frost Combination, but
                     better be safe than sorry... don't ever get them too close! Abel is a bit
                     too easy as his durability is 900 and only has 6000 HP. Very brittle, but
                     his Bits attack is annoying. A good tactic against him is to crisp-fry his
                  4) Once the GX enemies are defeated, the Jovian Lizards appear, with a special
                     guest... Kanzaki (baddie of Nadesico: Prince of Darkness). As usual, even
                     with Distortion Fields on, the Jovian Lizards are easy. Get your Super 
                     Robots to destroy most of the Battas, to gain 130 morale and activate their
                  5) Defeating Kanzaki and Genichirou are easy... just decrease their HP using
                     Fiona (in any Excellance Frame) then snipe them down with a Twin Satellite 
                     Cannon... assuming that Garrod hasn't used most of his spells. But it's ok
                     if you used up a little. Have Chizuro cast "Devote" on Garrod to recover 10
                     SP and see if you could cast "Lock On" and "Hot Blood". If ever he runs out
                     of SP, just have soemone else cast "Bless" and "Aid" on him then fry them.
                     Just remember that Kanzaki
    - Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
    - Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
    - Strategies: 1) Sortie both GX and DX in this scenario. Vega will sortie in her motorcycle
                     so remove any parts equipped on the CellFighter and equip them on the 
                     motorcycle as instructed. The scenario starts with your team going up 
                     against Butcher.
                  2) All the Megaboosts are easy to beat... however you need to do some face
                     time and let them attack you often... that way you earn more morale. Don't
                     kill them right away. Take your time and get yourself damaged and repaired
                     all over if necessary. Just be sure not to be killed by the Tracids if
                     they snipe you. Use Freeden and Nadesico to your advantage, and when you
                     cast "Bless", make sure Vega casts it, because the reason will follow up.
                  3) Defeating Butcher is easy as usual... simply shoot him with a Satellite 
                     Cannon, a Twin Satellite Cannon, then bring in the Voltes-Combattler duo,
                     cast the neceesary spells and execute Chodenji Spin V No Jigiri. That 
                     attack alone eats up around 15000 damage or so (if "Hot Blood" is cast).
                  4) Once all Gaizock enemies are defeated, a scene takes place and Vega "dies".
                     Plus Hokuto and Ginga's morale drop down by 50, and you'll lose all the
                     Data Weapons you've collected so far. Defeat all Galfa enemies that will
                     appear in the map. If you are using Excellance Gunner then this is a good
                     time to snipe them. They don't need special strategies, just be careful
                     on the Jams that come to attack you... they are a lot toughter, but easy
    After this scenario, you will be given 2 options to choose from. Pick the FIRST OPTION if
    you picked Scenario 13-17 (A) earlier. Otherwise, pick the SECOND OPTION if you picked
    Scenario 13-17 (B) earlier.
    1) Super Robot Wars Genesis (SRWG):
       - Open your web browser and visit this URL: http://srw.proboards.com.
       - Sign up in the Message Board and post there in the SRWR section.
    2) SRWG Chatroom:
       - Go to http://www.mirc.com and download the latest version of mIRC.
       - Install the program, and run it as directed.
       - Log on to the EnterTheGame server (irc.enterthegame.com).
       - Join in on the channel #srwg.
    3) E-mail The Author: 
       - daba_mylord@srwgenesis.every1.net 
       - daba_mylord@yahoo.com.hk
    *Side Note: Only contributions and guide questions will be entertained. Others are deleted.
    1) GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)- for hosting this walkthru.
    2) SRWG Chatroom Eggheads (irc.enterthegame.com, #srwg)- you guys know why.
    3) SRWG MB Eggheads (http://srw.proboards.com)- again, you guys know why.
    4) Parents- for buying my Pentium 4 comp.
    5) You, the reader- this walkthru is for you to enjoy, so enjoy it.
    6) Special thanx and apologies to anyone who helped me and yet I have forgotten.
    7) Banpresto- for making SRW, of course.
    This guide is best viewed in Courier New font, size 10, with word wrap activated.
    Guide Copyright: Daba Mylord, August 2002.
    All names and other copyrighted material are trademarks of their owner

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