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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Myke

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    Shrek: Hassle at the Castle - Guide/ US Version
    For the Nintendo GameBoy Advance
    Version FINAL  (October 25, 2002)
    Guide by Myke - mykeownz (at) yahoo (dot) com
                                 Table of Contents
    Version History.....................1
                                  Version History
    October 23, 2002:   First version of this document, got up to level 5-1.
    Version 0.1
    October 25, 2002:   5-2 to 7-2 is completed, final version of this guide.
    Version FINAL 
    You can change the difficulty of the game by going in Options from the Main
    Menu, there are 3 different difficulties and they are Easy, Normal, and
    You can also change the language in the game, those are the only available
    languages in the game:  English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano, Espanol,
                          START          -         Pause the game
                          Control Pad    -         Move character
                          Control Down   -         Duck
                          A Button       -         Jump
                          B Button       -         Punch
                          B + A + Cntrl  -         Jump Farther
                          A + B          -         Roar
    ---------------------------Level 1 - Shrek's Swamp----------------------------
             "Once upon a time in a far away swamp there lived an ornery
              ogre named Shrek. Shrek enjoyed his peaceful life without
              any disturbances from the outside world. This is Shrek's
    1-1: Wanted: Ogre, Reward!
        Like in the movie, the villagers came in Shrek's Swamp and tried to get
        the ogre out of there. Your goal in this level is to get all of the
        villagers out of Shrek's Swamp. There are at least 20 villagers running
        from either the left or right side of the screen, simply punch the
        villagers out with the B button.
    1-2: Meeting Donkey
        Your goal here is to rescue your new friend, Donkey and defeat the Guard
        Captain. At the beginning of this level, several villagers will come up
        and try to stab you with the pitchfork, punch them out and avoid being
        hit by the rock by the bearded villager. There will be some rocks blocking
        your way up ahead, and to get rid of them press B to punch. Use the logs
        to get across the black lake to the other side. Pick up the stick in the
        middle of this area before you meet Donkey. Once you meet Donkey, couple
        guards will come out and try to beat you down. Take them out and Donkey
        will be rescued. Continue down the level and go across the black lake
        by jumping from log to log. At the end of the level, you'll meet up with
        the Guard Captain. He will call out guards to attack you, while he is
        doing that, give the Guard Captain a good hit. The Guard Captain only have
        one attack and that is to run you down with his spear, avoid it by jumping
        over him.
    1-3: Let's Go To Duloc
        To get to Duloc, you have to go through the forest. But, you have a time
        of 150 seconds, which is 2 minutes and 30 seconds for those who wanted
        to the better way of reading it. Several villagers will try to slow
        you down, plus you have to ride the log to get to the other side of the
        lake or to get to another log.
    --------------------------Level 2 - The Road to Duloc-------------------------
             "Shrek's solitude is suddenly shattered by an invasion of
              annoying fairy tale creatures. Shrek and Donkey set off on
              a journey for Duloc to regain Shrek's Swamp."
    2-1: Protect the Pig
        In this level, you have to protect the poor Pig from the hungry Wolf.
        Meet up with the pig a little bit after the start of this level and
        you have to follow the pig to his house while protecting him. Knock out
        any wolf you see in the screen. When you get to the pig's house, plenty
        of wolves to get rid of here, but the pig will still be in the screen,
        stay in the middle of the area to be in a good position to get rid of the
    2-2: Find Red
        Same thing as the previous level but use Donkey this time,
        Don't worry about protecting Red as you go through this level because
        she doesn't have a life meter. Wolves will come in the screen, take them
        out and break down some rocks to get some health. Halfway down the level,
        you will be doing a little bit of jumping. Go down through the mountain
        and jump over gaps. When you reach the lake, jump from rock to rock
        until you reach Grandma's House. The fake grandma has two attacks, pounce
        on you and take a bite at you or run to you and snap you. Just run back
        and forward when it does either one of the two attack. If the wolf is
        about to catch you down while running, jump over him in the opposite
        direction. Headbutt him a couple time when he is at rest.
    2-3: Journey Through the Corn Field
        You have 150 seconds or 2 minutes and 30 seconds to get through this
        level. It is better for you to use Donkey for this one. To speed up
        through the level, hold down B. There are a couple of longer gaps
        towards the end of the level, so, to jump even farther, hold down B
        and then press A while going in that direction.
    ------------------------------Level 3 - Duloc---------------------------------
             "Lord Farquaad chooses the beautiful Princess Fiona for his
              future wife in order to secure his title as King. He has
              decided to have a tournament to select a warrior to rescue
              Princess Fiona from the Dragon's Castle."
    3-1: Arriving in Duloc
        You have to catch Lord Farquaad mascot in this level. Several crates
        will slow down your process in catching him. The only way to be able
        to catch him is when you get to either one of the rolling barrels
        set. Try to jump onto the top of the barrel and when you do, quickly
        jump and you'll have a giant leap and be able to catch him. If you do
        not catch him in time, jump simply jump on another barrel and get another
        big leap.
    3-2: Shrek Gets His Quest
        On your way through this level, you have to defeat all of the Duloc
        soldiers. The gray soldiers only take 1 hit to defeat them, the purple
        takes 2. The boss takes a while to take out but the battle is simple.
        When the boss is running after you with the hammer in the air and when he
        gets close to you, jump and he'll throw his hammer down and pause for a
        bit, when he is at rest, hit him. Repeat this steps and after the 4th hit,
        he'll spin around with the hammer while sliding across the ground, jump on
        either one of the crates at each ends of the area.
    --------------------Level 4 - On The Way to Dragon's Castle-------------------
             "Lord Farquaad promises Shrek that he will get rid of all the
              fairy tale creatures in Shrek's swamp if Shrek rescues Princess
              Fiona from the Dragon's castle. Shrek and Donkey leave on a 
              journey to rescue Princess Fiona."
    4-1: The Lost Forest
        To get to the Dragon's Castle, you'll have to go through the forest,
        but there is something that you have to do before going to the Dragon's
        Castle, and that is to rescue Hansel and Gretel, and you need to defeat
        the old crone. First off, through the first part of the level, you'll see
        a wooden sign that has the wolf on it, take that path up and kill any
        wolf you see up there. Down the next couple wooden signs, take the opposite
        direction of each arrows or else you'll be going through the same area over
        and over. When you find Hansel and Gretel, a battle will begin. The old
        lady will call out 2 crows at a time, kill the crows then hit the lady. She
        will appear at the other end of the area, kill the crows and hit her. Each
        time you hit her, she will appear at the other end.
    4-2: The Witch and Miss White
        You are better off to use Donkey for this one. Ride from log to log in
        the first part of this level while knocking the crows out of the way. When
        you get on land, you'll meet up with Miss White, but there are four crows
        sitting on the tree above, kill off all four and proceed up ahead. Get on
        the rock and when you get on the skinny log, keep jumping on it so that
        you won't sink, wait for the moving log to get close and then get on it,
        same with the next skinny log. When you get to the area with two skinny
        logs in the lake, you need to perform a long jump (hold down B while
        running and press A at the same time) over on the two logs. The witch
        will be at the end of this level, she will drop 5 apples on you, run to
        avoid it, but you can hit her before she drops it. She also performs
        another attack, a set of 5 witches, but one of them is real and the real
        one is the one throwing the apple, go over to the real one and hit her.
        Keep doing this until the battle's over.
    4-3: Going to the Dragon's Castle
        You have to reach the Dragon's Castle within 150 seconds or 2 minutes and
        30 seconds. You'll have to fight through many crows, and through geysers
        when you go up the hills. You are better off using Donkey for this one
        because he jumps higher than Shrek does.
    --------------------------Level 5 - Dragon's Castle---------------------------
             "Shrek and Donkey arrive at the Dragon's castle. It is
              surrounded by burning lava, fire and steam. Shrek and
              Donkey sneak very quietly into the castle."
    5-1: Sneaking Into The Dragon's Castle
        Your goal in this level is to find Princess Fiona, but you are going to
        have to go through this dangerous level. Start by going across the bridge,
        but don't stay on one spot too long or you'll drop into the lava below.
        Run across the bridge and jump over each gap you come across. Pick up the
        sword when you enter the castle and watch out for some pieces from the
        ceiling indicating that the section of the ceiling is about to fall on
        you. When you get to the dead end, jump up and grab onto the chain and
        then jump from chain to chain, then go up the stairs and jumping over
        any gap you come up to. Keep running at the speed and jump over any
        obstacles on the path. Ceilings will fall on you and if you are still
        running at the speed, none of it will hit you. At the end, use the B
        button to break through the door. You will meet Princess Fiona at the
        end of this level.
    5-2: Escaping the Dragon's Castle
        Another Time Attack level, you'll have the dragon behind you the
        whole way through and spitting fireballs at you. Use the speed and
        try not to jump into anything. If the fireball is low, you can duck
        from it by pressing the control pad down. Be careful when you go down
        the stairs because some platforms weren't there where they should be.
        When you get on the first chain, press up on the Control Pad a couple
        times because you want to jump from chain to chain at the highest point
        on each one. Keep running and jump over any fallen objects on your way
        down with the dragon close behind you. When you get to the bridge, there
        are more gaps than there were before, so, be cautious.
    ------------------------Level 6 - A Fork In The Road--------------------------
             "Shrek and Donkey find and rescue Princess Fiona and return
              to Duloc to take her to Lord Farquaad"
    6-1: Princess Fiona Sings
        This is one of the funniest part in the movies. This is when Princess
        Fiona is running off in the wood, singing and she come up to this blue
        bird who is tweeting along with her. Fiona starts to sing loudly and
        that got the blue bird to explodes and I guess she...had a bird for
        dinner? Anyway, you need to rapidly press B to get the bird to blow up.
    6-2: Monsieur Hood And His Merry Men
        All the way through the level, you'll have to either use the vine and
        ledges to get to the other end of the level, but there are some logs in
        which you have to jump from to get to Monsieur Hood. The other way is to
        jump from rock to rock and log to log to get to the other end, your
        choice. For the Monsieur Hood battle, stay on either one end,
        punch/headbutt/kick whoever comes out in the nearest bush and if its
        Monsieur Hood, then punch the other two to make Hood pop up again
        somewhere else, but you might want to stay in one spot. The running monk
        will be gone when 3 or 4 hearts of Hood's life meter is gone and the
        other merry man  will be gone when another 1/3 of Hood's life meter is
        depleted. Defeat Hood and move onto the next chapter.
    6-3: Shrek Learns Princess Fiona's Secret
        Either use Donkey or Princess Fiona to get through this Time Attack level
        faster. The hard part is the logs in the water, some are far apart from
        each other. Watch out for the monk at the end and jump over each trees
        until you get to the end of the level.
    ----------------------Level 7 - Rescuing Princess Fiona-----------------------
             "On the way back to Duloc, Shrek and Princess Fiona get into
              a fight because of a misunderstanding. But Shrek learns what
              the misunderstanding was and what really happened. He goes
              back to Duloc to stop the wedding of Princess Fiona and Lord
    7-1: Stopping Princess Fiona's Wedding
        you got 200 seconds, or 3 minutes and 20 minutes to get through this
        level, and there are plenty of guards trying to stop you from stopping
        Fiona's wedding. You got two battles to go through and you've been
        through those two before, so, you know the strategy to beat it, right? 
    7-2: Objection!
        Lord Farquaad will call out several guards to weaken you first, worry
        about the purple ones when they come on screen because they take two
        hits. After that's over, move onto to the princess and Farquaad, you'll
        see that the Princess Fiona is an ogre too! Farquadd will call out a
        black guard, but he's nothing to worry about. Lord Farquaad will then
        challenge you, he'll use his head as an attack but again, its nothing
        bad, punch him three times to complete the level and the game too.
             "Shrek kisses Princess Fiona at the wedding. Princess Fiona
              is surrounded by a magic dust and light, and falls to the
              ground. The curse on Princess Fiona is lifted and she is
              surprised to find that she has not returned to her human
              form,  but that she stays as an Ogre. Shrek tells Princess
              Fiona that she is beautiful and that he loves her. And they
              lived happily ever after........ to be continued...........
                                       The End.
    Tose - for developing the game
    TDK Mediactive - for publishing the game 
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             document. You'll receive a big pat on the back.
    This document is Copyright (c)2002 Myke. This guide is for personal use. If
    you use any information from this Shrek: Hassle at the Castle FAQ for
    GameBoy Advance document, please give me full credit, do not alter my
    information in any way, shape, or form.
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    This game is rated (E) Everyone
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