how do you catch Kyogre?

  1. i am a lazy bastard and don't feel like using my master ball on Kyogre. i got him down to like 3 health an used like 20 ultra balls on it and still hasn't been caught. any help?

    i have Sapphire (obviously)
    i also don't have a gameshark, emerald, or other means of getting Kyogre...

    User Info: AWESOMEO_2000

    AWESOMEO_2000 - 9 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    i was hoping to save it on Rayquazaa... but ill do somethng else with him

    User Info: AWESOMEO_2000

    AWESOMEO_2000 - 9 years ago

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  1. You need:

    Sceptile with Leaf Blade and False Swipe
    About 30 Ultra Balls and 50 Timer Balls

    Send out Sceptile first. Use Leaf Blade once. Then False Swipe it until it`s on 1 HP. Then send out Shedinja. Kyogre can`t touch Shedinja due to it`s ability, Wonder Guard. Begin to throw Ultra Balls. If it isn`t catched when all of them is throwed, begin with the Timer Balls. Soon enough it`s catched.

    User Info: flygon344

    flygon344 - 9 years ago 2 0


  1. Put him to sleep. That's the best way to catch one of the high-level Pokemon: Weaken them, put sleep or paralyze, throw Ultra Balls until you catch him.

    But just use the Master Ball. Kyogre is the best Pokemon in the game. What else could you use it on?

    User Info: ddlkll

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  2. Okay this is what you do.( *=Will not have to do if you have ALOT of money)

    1) Get a party full of Zigzagoon/ Linoon*
    2) Battle random wild pokemon*
    3) After each battle check the ALL for items.*
    4) After like maybey 15 battles you should at least have 1 nugget from them. Continue process about four or five times.*
    5)Sell nugget(s)*

    6) Buy 20 poke balls(suggest 10 at a time), Ultra balls(At least 40 in bag), Great balls (At least 20), Net balls (At least 20), and 10 Timer balls.

    User Info: KujaRiku7

    KujaRiku7 - 9 years ago 0 2
  3. Whoops my computer went crazy for a moment. Let me start where I left off.

    7) Buy a couple of Max repels so that the wild pokemon in the cave don't bother you.

    8) Get your good team and make sure that some know how to lower speed and deffence and also a move that paralyzes or puts to sleep(recomed paralyze because it lowers speed).

    9) Go into cave and save right before you get to Kyogre.

    10) Send out the pokemon that paralyzes first then weaken his speed and deffence.

    11) Chip away its health.

    12) Start throwing Pokeballs(I know it sounds weird to try and catch a legendary with pokeballs but coming from the person who caught Mewtwo with just 1 pokeball on the first turn it is not weird)

    13) After if you fail to catch him after 5 pokeballs start throwing great balls.

    14) After like 10 great balls start throwing ultra balls.

    15) after 20 ultra balls star to throw the net balls.

    16) after 10 of the net balls start throwing the timer balls.

    17) If not caught by then start throwing more of the balls you have. (DO NOT under any circumstances throw the master ball. Save that for either Rayquaza or latias. Highly recomed to use on latias. It runs!)

    18) If you run out of balls or do not like the nature just turn the game off and back on and do the battle again.

    I have done this MANY times before. I hope you take my advice and good luck!

    User Info: KujaRiku7

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  4. You just need a Sleeper/Paralyzer and a ****load of balls.

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