What is the easiest way to catch Latias without a Masterball?

  1. I need help.please.

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    kr3walo4 - 8 years ago

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  1. The easiest way is to first encounter it and let it go. Yeah it sound's stupid but now you can track it down in your Poke'dex.

    Here are Items you need:

    A pokemon at level 45 to 60 that know freeze paralysis or sleep
    A quickclaw
    About 100 Max Repels

    Now, use your Poke'dex to track down Latias and keep in mind every time you get into battle or enter a building, its location changes.

    IMPORTANT: If Latias manages to run away while doing the strategy below DON'T WORRY it will maintain all the status effects it has as well as whatever HP it had left.

    Strategy: Now when you reach the area Latias is in, you want to use those max repels. The repels keep weaker pokemon away which will guarantee a 93% chance of the pokemon that appears to be Latias. Now use that level 45 to 60 pokemon and make sure it has the quickclaw. It should make you move first and you can either put Latias to sleep, paralyze it, or freeze it(recommended). Now, you want to start hurting it to as little HP as possible and give it a status effect when needed. When you think it's HP is low eough start throwing pokeballs.

    With this strategy, you can actually capture Latias(or Latios) with pokeballs only!

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  1. Get a trapinch and use altaria with a quick claw.
    Let altaria has your first pokemon.
    Use sing on latios/latias. If he gets to sleep, get trapinch out and start pounding it. Until trapinch faints, latios/latias will try to run... but he cant run with trapinch special hability. When he is in the red, start throwing ultra balls. if trapinch faints, use altaria and sing again. After 10 attacks from both pokemons (since you faced latios/latias, it not depends on the number of pokemons but on the number of rounds) use timer balls. In the 11 to 15 round you can get latios/as even in the yellow hp.

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  2. 1. First go catch a golbat that learned mean look 2.train it until its faster than latias 3. go in in out of a route and a town then keep checking ur pokedex is latias is there where you are 4. go save first and put golbat for battle 5. find latias and battle her 6.use mean look on her and attack her 7. make sure golbat does not die or get switched off with another pokemon or the mean look will wear off and latias can run away 8. weaken her 9. try to catch her 10. if you caught her then congrats

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  3. A) use quickclaw and an attack that doesn't allow it to run
    B) use an ability that won't allow it to run

    With either method just get it to low health maybe some status problem (sleep, paralysis etc...) and pokeball the **** out of him.

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