• Capture Trainer Pokemon

    For this glitch to work, you need to have not caught the Latios (Sapphire) or Latias (Ruby) roaming in Hoenn. (Note that this glitch means that, on this file, you cannot capture that Pokemon without trading.) Enter a trainer battle of some sort; this Trainer must have the Pokemon you wish to catch, exactly as that Pokemon is. You can, for example, enter Battle Tower battles to obtain a quick Level 100 Pokemon. (Note that non-Battle Tower Pokemon may turn into Bad Eggs!) Lose to the trainer and then proceed to beat Latios or Latias without having any battles - wild or Trainer - in-between. You MUST make the Latios or Latias faint in that one encounter, without catching them or them escaping. Repels are useful to circumvent wild battles, and Mean Look and Shadow Tag to prevent Latios/Latias from leaving.

    After beating Latios/Latias, Pokemon #2-#6 of the previous Trainer's party will be used right after that, as if the Latios/Latias were their first Pokemon. These Pokemon will fight, however, as wild, roaming Pokemon do and thus are capable of escaping like Latios/Latias are. Still, you are nonetheless able to capture them as your own. The battle ends with the first Pokemon you catch, so if you want to catch a different Pokemon in the opponent's party, you'll have to defeat the others until you reach it; this can make for some easy EXP. as well.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Yellow Scarf Glitch (Japanese Version)

    In the Japanese versions of Ruby and Sapphire, if you visit the man in Pokemon Fan Club in Slateport City that is sitting on the couch, he will give you a colored Scarf to Pokemon with maxed Contest stats: Red for Cool, Green for Smart, Yellow for Tough, and so on. Strangely, if you have a Pokemon with max Smart stat in the Japanese versions and speak with the man, you will get a Green Scarf, and if you do it again you'll also get a Yellow Scarf - regardless of the Pokemon's Tough stat!

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.


  • Battle Tower Unlockables

    You can win certain items after battling at the Battle Tower long enough. All wins must be in a single winning streak.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BrightpowderRandom prize every 7 battles after the 50th
    CalciumRandomly win after every 7 battles before the 50th
    CarbosRandomly win after every 7 battles before the 50th
    Gold ShieldWin 100 battles
    HP UpRandomly win after every 7 battles before the 50th
    IronRandomly win after every 7 battles before the 50th
    LeftoversRandom prize every 7 battles after the 50th
    ProteinRandomly win after every 7 battles before the 50th
    Scope LensRandom prize every 7 battles after the 50th
    Silver ShieldWin 50 battles
    White HerbRandom prize every 7 battles after the 50th
    ZincRandomly win after every 7 battles before the 50th

    Contributed By: recklessfire.

  • Free Premier balls

    First go to a PokeMart that sells regular Pokeballs. For every 10 Pokeballs you buy, you get 1 Premier Ball free.

    Contributed By: ss1gohan4693.

  • Glass Items

    By walking through the gray-white ash on route 113. You will first need the Ash Sack, by talking to the man in the only house on that route. If you talk to him again after gathering some ash, he will have the following options available for you to choose from. Each step in an ash covered patch of grass counts as one unit. You must leave and re-enter an area to reset the ash.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Black FluteGather 1000 units of ash.
    Blue FluteGather 250 units of ash.
    Pretty ChairGather 6000 units of ash.
    Pretty DeskGather 8000 units of ash.
    Red FluteGather 500 units of ash.
    White FluteGather 1000 units of ash.
    Yellow FluteGather 500 units of ash.

    Contributed By: recklessfire.

  • Lilycove Department Store Clearout Sale Items

    After you defeat the Elite Four, check TVs in people's houses. If the TV is flashing, check it, and it may say the clearout sale is happening in this many days. Go to the roof of the Lilycove Department Store that may days later, and talk to the lady in the apron to buy any of the following items.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Breakable DoorBuy for 3000
    Cute TVBuy for 4000
    Fence LengthBuy for 500
    Fence WidthBuy for 500
    Mud BallBuy for 200
    Rhydon DollBuy for 10000
    Round TVBuy for 4000
    Sand OrnamentBuy for 3000
    SlideBuy for 8000
    Solid boardBuy for 3000
    StandBuy for 7000
    TireBuy for 800
    TVBuy for 3000
    Wailmer DollBuy for 10000

    Contributed By: shadow_penguin9.

  • National Pokedex

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    National PokedexTrade from Pokemon Fire Red or Pokemon Leaf Green

    Contributed By: pokinjuy.

  • Pokedex Diplomas

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Hoenn Pokedex DiplomaCollect all 202 Pokemon in the Hoenn Pokedex. Then go to the hotel in Lilycove City and talk to the Game Designer.
    National Pokedex DiplomaCollect all 386 Pokemon info in your Pokedex. Then go to the hotel in Lilycove City and talk to the Game Designer.

    Contributed By: Nhatters1314 and KeyBlade999.

  • The Elemental Stones

    Surf Northwest of Mossdeep to find a house. The man inside is the Shard Hunter. If you explore the Eastern reigon of Hoen, (The Ocean) and dive around it, you will find Shards. There are Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow Shards. Give them to the Shard Hunter in exchange for one of the 4 elemental stones available.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Fire StoneGive a Red Shard to the Shard Hunter
    Leaf StoneGive a Green Shard to the Shard Hunter
    Thunder StoneGive a Yellow Shard to the Shard Hunter
    Water StoneGive a Blue Shard to the Shard Hunter

    Contributed By: nazguldragon15.

  • Trick House Unlockables

    The following are the items you can unlock by completing the challenges in the Trick House on Route 110.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Blue / Red TentBeat Eighth Challenge
    Hard StoneBeat Third Challenge
    MagnetBeat Sixth Challenge
    PP MaxBeat Seventh Challenge
    Rare CandyBeat First Challenge
    Smoke BallBeat Fourth Challenge
    TauntBeath Fifth Challenge
    Timer BallBeat Second Challenge

    Contributed By: linksbabiigurl.

  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Blue TentBeat trick master house (sapphire only!)
    Red TentBeat trick master house (ruby only!)
    Silver SculptureGet a painting in the art gallery

    Contributed By: Lil_Farmer.


  • Mirage Island

    An island that appears very rarely. There is a rare Berry and infinite Wynaut inhabiting the island. It does not appear randomly, however. Mirage Island is assigned a number daily. If the number matches a Pokemon in your party's ID number, it will be visible. Thus, your chances of seeing Mirage Island is to have many different ID numbers in your party.

    Contributed By: baconlabs.

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