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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Johnbob

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    LEGO Island 2 for GBA guide 
     7-6-02 Lots of stuff from EvanBean7. 
     3-1-02 new hi score in Apple Grapple
     walktru finished 1-19-02
     by Jöhñbôb 
    A- Do what is in the upper left corner of the screen, scroll thru text,
     make selections.
    B- Skateboard, cancel selection
    R- Inventory, drive car/train
    L- Map
    Start- Pause, select
    Select- Nothing
    *Note- A and B are used during Sub-Games differently than normal.
    *If you would like to use this guide, use it but e-mail me 
     (ToadisCool@aol.com) the url of your site so I know it's there. Don't 
     even bother asking.
    1. Why did I make this?
    2. The Characters
    3. Items
    4. Walkthru
    5. Sub-Games
    6. Trading Cards
    7. Credits
     This guide is NOT in any way, form, or fasion for the PC version of LI2, 
     it is for the GAME BOY ADVANCE version. Please stop e-mailing me for help 
     on the computer game.
    Section One------------------------------------------------------------
    Why did I make this guide?
     Well, at GameFAQs, nobody made a guide, so I took the liberty of doing it.
    I beat the game by myself, so I decided to help people. I don't know who will
    actually read this, but Se la vi.
    Section Two------------------------------------------------------------
     Pepper Roni
      The hero from LEGO Island, coincidently the champion skateboarder of the
      island. He's the "Pizza delivery dude", and he seems to be a bit older
      than in LEGO Island.
      The guy who tells you stuff, he is another veteran from LEGO Island. Call
      him on the telephones after the information Center is rebuilt.
     Bill Ding
      In LEGO Island, he assisted you in building cars, helicopters, etc. Now,
      he rebuilds houses.
     The Brickster
      This returning antagonist has really done it this time! Now you have to 
      stop him and his robot minions.
      These blockheads (literally) roam the island and Ogel. Hit them with pizzas.
     Mr. Funberg
      All you need to do is pick his weeds.
     Old Man
      He lost his glasses! Where could they be?
     Laura Brick
      Laura was a selectable character in LEGO Island. Now, this cop is back, but
      she lost her radio.
     Nick Brick
      Laura's brother. Also a returning selectable pig from LEGO 
      Island. (Thanks to EvanBean7 for clarifying that he is her brother)
     Injured Guy
      He's in the ambulance. He has a ferry ticket he doesn't need.
     Ferry Guy
      Runs the ferry to Castle Island.
     Dark Knight
      You have to joust him.
      Takes you back to LEGO Island from Castle Island.
     Red Greenbase
      Runs the toll booth. Also a returning character.
     Papa Brickolini
      A returning selectable character. Owns the Pizzeria.
     Mama Brickolini
      Papa's wife. In LEGO Island, she played the piano unless you were playing
      as her.
     Snap Lockitt
      In LEGO Island, he was one of your opponents in the jetski race. Now he
      runs a beach game.
      Wants a skate trophy.
      The radio announcer. In LEGO Island, he was called Mr. D.J. Radio, but
      you never saw him.
     Nubby Stevens 
      Owns the garage. He lost his prize spanners since LEGO Island, which
      featured him, was made.
     Valerie Stubbins
      In LEGO Island, she was your other jetski opponent. Now she works for
     Johnny Thunder
      He is from the LEGO category called Adventurers. In LI2, he leads you
      through Adventurers Island.
     Station Master/Super Station Master
      He's from the computer game LEGO LOCO. Now he's the conductor.
      LEGO Island's resident cool person. He just wants to watch soccer,
      but his house was deconstructed!
     Lighthouse Keeper
      Hungry for fish. . .
     Maggie Post
      Owns the shop. A veteran of LEGO Island.
    Section Three----------------------------------------------------------
      Makes you go faster. Press B to use it.
      A construction worker wants it.
     Constructopædia Pages
      Each rebuilds what its name is.
     Old Man's Glasses
      Return them to their owner.
      Lets you go through Manhole
      Lets you go up a tree and get a page.
      Go through the tunnel from Middle Island to South Island.
     Radio Antenna Piece (4)
      Find all 4 to get a spanner.
     Laura Brick's Radio
      Guess who needs it.
     Infomaniac's Letter
      Give it to someone . . . who could it be?
     Ferry Ticket
      Ride the ferry to Castle Island
     Toll Bridge Coin (3)
      Find them to cross the Toll Bridge.
     Skate Park Key
      What could this do?
     Sick Squid
      Give it to Snap Lockitt
     Spanners (4)
      Find them to get some of Nubby's fuel
     Skate Trophy
      Give it to Skateboarder.
     Driver's License
      Does the same thing they do in real life.
      Give it to Valerie Stubbins to go to Adventurer's Island.
     Fishing Pole
      Go to the shore and find a fish jumping. Without your skateboard on, 
      press A while facing it to start the sequence. Tap A to keep the level between
      the arrows. Then you caught a fish.
      There are small, regular, and maybe large. The lighthouse keeper wants one.
     Brickster's Letter
      I have no idea what this does.
     Space Shuttle Piece (?)
      Methinks you use them to get to Ogel.
     Trading Card Album
      See section 6.
      Can also be accessed by using L.
    Section Four-----------------------------------------------------------
    Parlez-vous Français?
     That's French for "Do you speak French?" If you can, you can play this 
     game in French. I don't, I just know a few phrases.
     Anywho . . .
     "We have an urgent Newsflash. . Oh no! The Brickster hasescaped from
      LEGO Island Jail. Nick Brick at the scene now. Do you read me, Nick?
     Nick: Yes. . I can hear you Infomaniac.
     Inf.: What is the situation, Nick?
     Nick: It appears that the Brickster used the extra hot chiles on his
      pizza to burn his way out of Jail.
     Inf.: That is terrible!
     Nick: Even worse, the Brickster has stolen the Constructopædia and
      deconstructed all of LEGO Island buildings. Only one page has been
      found so far. We think the Brickster may have dropped the other Pages
      around the Island.
     Inf.: Thank you nick. That is all the information we have at the
      moment. We will bring you more news as it happens."
     Doesn't really matter. Press start to skip it.
    Game select
     Chose New Game to start a new game, and use left and right on the D-Pad
     to scroll through slots. Chose a slot and start.
     You start at your deconstructed house. Go south. The Infomaniac will 
     come and greet you. Then Bill Ding will reconstruct your house. Then Ed 
     Mail will come and tell you something. Go west and the Brickster will 
     greet you. He will then misquote "All your base are belong to us" and 
     burp. Go into your yard and around to find a trading card.
     Go back to the street and north. Talk to the construction guy and he
     says the Brickster stole their jackhammer. Then the Infomaniac will tell 
     you to go to Beach 3. Press L to look at your map and go there.
     As you pass near the skatepark, the Brickster will give you a skateboard.
     Press B to use it and travel faster.
    Beach 3
     As you enter you will find a trading card. Go west. Hit 
     the robot you see (called a Bricksterbot) with a Pizza. Go even more 
     west and see the Jackhammer and the Infomaniac. Get the Jackhammer and
     talk to the Infomaniac. Leave the beach and go to the bridge.
     Give the jackhammer to the guy and he will give you the Information
     Center page. Rebuild the Information center by going there. Go inside 
     to play your first Sub-Game, Whack-a-Bot. See the Sub-Game section for
     details. After you win, go to the Allotment.
     Talk to Mr Funberg. After that, pick the weeds with A.  When all of them
     are gone, you get a Toll Bridge coin.
     Go north of the Information Center. You will find a radio Antenna Piece. 
     Go even more north to find a trading card.
    North Island
     Lego Island is actually 3 islands: North, south, and middle. Anyway, go
     to the ferry pier.
    Ferry Pier
     Go there, then North, west across the Zebra crossing, and down into the 
     bench area. In the SW corner, you will find the Old Man's Glasses. Take
     them to Old Man on the middle island.
    Old Man
     Take his glasses to him and he will give you the orchard Page. Go to the
     orchard on North Island.
     Rebuild the house, then you will get a space shuttle piece. Go to the area 
     called "Flashlight".
     Go there and get it. Then go to "Manhole"
     Go there and you will be taken to another area. Go over to the lady and 
     you will play the Sub-Game called "Apple Grapple". After that, you will get
     a ladder.
     Walk up to a tree to put the ladder up. Get the page, which is Bill Ding's 
     House Page. Go there to rebuild it. it is on the middle island.
    Bill Ding's House
     After you rebuild it, he will give you a hardhat. Go to the tunnel on the 
     middle island.
     Talk to the guy and go to south island. On the beach near Johnny Thunder,
     you can find a Radio Antenna Piece.
     Go there and it will be rebuilt.
    Toll Booth
     Go across the street and through the hole in the wall. Go over to find 
     Laura Brick's Radio.
    Police Station
     Give Laura her radio and you'll get a trading card.
    Darren's House
     Go in his backyard and get the Hospital Page.
     As you go down the bridge to the middle island, go through a hole in the 
     fence. There is a Radio Antenna Piece there. Go back to the bridge and 
     further south. Go on a walkway and go talk to the dude. He will give you 
     the Infomaniac's Letter.
     Rebuild it and the ambulance comes. Talk to the guy and he gives you a Ferry
    Information Center
     Give the Infomaniac his letter.
    Ferry Pier
     Talk to the guy to go to Castle Island.
    Castle Island
     Play Fan Fling to get a Toll Bridge Coin.
     Play Brick Dive to get the Jail Page near the bottom and passage to the other
     Play Joust to get a Toll Bridge Coin.
     Talk to the wizard to go back to LEGO Island.
    Toll Booth
     Talk to Red Greenbase to go across the bridge. Go south to get the 
     Pizzeria Page.
     Talk to Papa to do a mini game: Deliver the Pizza. Follow the arrows to where
     you need to deliver. Then you get the Skate Park Page.
    Skate Park
     Rebuild it, but you still need the key. 
    Beach 2
     Go north of Snap Lockitt's place to get the Skate Park Key. Then talk to Snap. Go
     find his squid by going far west. Get it and bring it back. Play the game to get
     the Radio Station Page.
    Radio Station
     Rebuild it. You need to find the 4 Antenna Pieces.
     1. Beach near Johhny Thunder
     2. Woods west of Bridge from middle Island to North Island.
     3. North of the Information Center
     4. Near the 3 houses on the west side of North Island by a house by the lake
    Spanners are in these places:
     1. Man Fixing Car
     2. Res-Q, go north, and cross the Zebra crossing 
     3. Across the street from Fire Station.
     4. Radio Station when you have all 4 RAPs
    Skate Park
     Play the game to get a trophy.
     Give him the trophy. You get the Police Station Page.
    Police Station
     Time for your driving test. Stay under the limit by tapping L when you get there.
     Be careful and you will get your license!
    Radio Station
     Talk to the DJ.
     Talk to Nubby and get the gas.
    Valerie Stubbins 
     Give her the gas.
    Johnny Thunder
     Talk to him to go to Adventurer Island.
    Adventurer Island
     Play all the Sub-Games to get the Railway Station Page.
    Platform 1, 2, or 3
     Go there. Then the Station Master wil become the Super Station Master and rebuild
     all the platforms at super-speed.
    Platform 2
     Talk to the SSM to play a Train Trouble and get Darren's House Page.
    Darren's House
     Rebuild it to get the fishing Pole. See the item section for how to fish.
     After you catch a fish, talk to the lighthouse keeper. He will give you
     Margaret's Shop Page.
     Rebuild it and talk to Maggie Post. Then play a Mini-Game simmilar to Pizza 
     delivery. Drive around and look for the fruits by following the arrow.
     Then you get the Fire Station Page.
    Fire Station
     Rebuild it, then they put a ladder to the jail.
     Rebuild it and get the letter.
    Platform 1 or 3
     Take the train to Platform 2.
    Space Mountain
     Go into the tunnel and get ready for Sub-Games! First, beat Asteroid Belt,
     then go to Ogel.
     A few zillion years ago, the Brickster built Ogel (LEGO spelled backwards)
     out of bricks he stole from LEGO Island. (LEGO Island insruction manual)
     All you do here is these Sub-Games in this order:
      Jet Lander
      Ogel Sneak
      Pizza Panic
      Ogel Sneak 2
      Brickster's Tower
      Brickster Bash
     After you beat these, you have beaten the game!
    Section Five-----------------------------------------------------------
     There are 18 Sub-Games that make up the challenge of LEGO Island 2. I listed
     them in the order the computer has them. The controls are listed right before
     you play them. If you beat the listed record, E-Mail me (my address is at the
    Apple Grapple
     Pick the apples. A green apple is worth 10, red 20, hole without worm 10,
     worm 0 and wasted time, core 0. You have 1:29 to get the most points
      Records:750 by chrisbrown33
    	  700 by Me
              650 by Me
    Hoop Hoop Hurray
     You have 1 minute to get as many of the 15 hoops on the poles as you can.
     To hit the low pole hold down and press A, middle just press A, top press
     up and A.
      Records:321 by JEO
              320 by Me
              320 by Me
    Skate Park
     You have 2 minutes to do tricks in that environment.
      Records:589 by Me
              452 by Me
              412 by Me
    Train Trouble
     You have 1:59 to get to the front of the train by going across 20 cars,
     jumping, and ducking.
      Records:908 by Me
              845 by Me
              845 by Me
     Hit the Bricksterbots with the mallet, but watch out for the Infomaniac!
      Records:929 by me
              880 by Me
              747 by Me
    Matching Mimmies
     Kind of like Memory, you have to match all the skeletons. You get points
     when they match, you lose 'em when they don't.
      Records:755 by Me
              745 by Me
              745 by Me
    T-Rex Racing
     You have 1:59 to jump over logs, lava, water, and avoid Easter Island 
     heads and sticky stuff.
      Records;744 by Me
              739 by me
              735 by Me
     Hit A and B as it says at the bottom of the screen.
      Records:603 bu Me
              529 by DAL
              521 by Me
    Brick Dive
     There are 5 bricks. You have until your air runs out to find them and
     take them to the surface. Go all the way down first to find one. Then,
     get the one at the bottom of the stingray area. Get the one behind the
     cannon next, then the ones at either side of the entrance.
      Records:450 by Me
              289 by Me
              200 by Me
    Fan Fling
     You have 1 minute to hit as many targets of the opposite side with grey
     things. Watch out for your side, you, and bricks.
      Records:560 by Me
              500 by Me
              360 by Me
     Rapidly press A and B alternating, then use up and down to aim.
      Records:600 by Me
              300 by JEO
              200 by Me
    Brickster Bash
     The final battle! Use pizzas to destroy the bricks guarding him, dodge
     the flying bricks, and hit him with pizzas a few times.
      Records:641 by Me
              542 by Me
              454 by Me
    Brickster's Tower
     Platform game madness! Jump on the floating bricks, dodge the falling
     bricks, and pelt the Bricksterbots with pizza.
      Records:670 by Me
              650 by Me
              519 by Me
    Jet Lander
     Head for the platform, then when you are close, hold A as you go down.
      Records:999 by Me
              744 by me
              300 by PIH
    Pizza Panic
     The Bricksterbot will shout the toppings it wants, then chose that type and toss
     it to him. Don't forget to save the trays from breaking!
      Records:300 by JEO
              150 by MSG
               75 by ROS
    Asteroid Belt
     Dodge the asteroids, shoot them, or use your shield and run into them.
      Records:885 by Me
              885 by Me
              300 by NOR
    Ogel Sneak
     Ah, the traditional sneaking-past-the-guards part. No action game is 
     complete without it. Just watch out for the Bricksterbots.
    Ogel Sneak 2
     Similar to the first. Watch out! They can see over some layers of 
    Section Six------------------------------------------------------------
     Cards are rectangles with spades on them. You can trade them with a game link
     cable. Here are the ones I know. If there are any I don't have, E-mail me.
    1. Pepper (thank you EvanBean7)
    3. Station Master
    4. Nubby
    6. Rhoda Hogg
    7. King Leo
    8. Queen Leonora
    9. Princess Storm
    10. Knight
    12. Trumpeter
    13. Ed Mail (thanks EvanBean7)
    14. Infomaniac
    15. Some black knight
    18. Dark Knight
    19. Other dark Knight
    21. Dr. Clickitt
    22. Darren
    23. Mama Brickolini (thanks again EvanBean7)
    24. Papa Brickolini
    27. Dr. Kilroy (thank you Evanbean7 for correcting what i put)
    28. Sam Sinister
    32. Valerie Stubbins
    33. Bill Ding
    34. Snap Lockitt
    37. Brickster
    38. Bricksterbot
    39. Rocket Scientist
    40. Spacesuit Pepper (once again, EB7)
    Section Seven----------------------------------------------------------
     Hmm, as far as beating the game, I must thank me, myself, and I. It
     didn't take very long, though.
     Thanks EvanBean7 for some clarifications, etc. madee on July 5, 2002.
     As far as making the game, I have to thank LEGO Software, Musy X, and
     Silicon Dreams for developing this game, and Nintendo, for puting it
     on a GBA Game Pak.

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