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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MASTERI

    Version: 1 | Updated: 02/25/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *                             GRANBO                                 *
    *			Guide to Granbo EVOLUTIONS		     *
    Created By: MASTERI (masteri/M@$TER)
    Version: 1
    For questions contact me on ICQ: 148133124
    		        EMAIL: amurorei83@hotmail.com
    *                        Legal Things:                               *
    This guide is written by ME but if you want to distribute it or
    print it or whatever, feel free to do so as long as you don't alter
    the content. If someone copies my stuff without telling me, I'm gonna
    go skitzo, becoz it took me heaps long to find the bloodly combination
    of the ?????s
    *                           Table of Content:                        *
    Menus- Battle mode
         - Inventory mode
         - Database Computer mode
         - Item machine mode
    Capturing- Basics
    	 - Methods
    Walkthrough- Island 1
    	   - Island 2
    	   - Island 3
    	   - Island 4
    	   - Island 5
    	   - Island 6
    	   - Island 7
    *                             Introduction                           *
    WEll... i dont know much about the background of the game because I
    dont understand Japanese that much. But from the animation of the
    game, its about a kid trying save a world through the use of robotic
    animals. From the ending of the game, it reveals that the robots were
    created by a scientist with the aim of helping humans restore the
    natural enviornment. Since I don't understand the Japanese I'm just
    speculating with the given animation.
    *                             Controls                               *
    A: 1)confirmation of a command in battle and menu mode
       2)talking to people
    (hint) in battle mode just leave your hand on A and battles will
    become faster, good for upgrading robots
    B: 1)cancel of a commad in battle and menu mode
       2)access inventory mode
    R/L: access map mode
    *                              Menus                                 *
    1) Battle mode:
    This is where you do all the battle commands and stuff
    l  ___					 _______________________   l
    l l 1 l					l   7	l	l	l  l
    l l___l					l_______l_______l_______l  l
    l l 2 l								   l
    l l___l								   l
    l l 3 l								   l
    l l___l								   l
    l l 4 l								   l
    l l___l								   l
    l l 5 l								   l
    l l___l								   l
    l l 6 l		 _______________________			   l
    l l___l		l   8  	l	l	l			   l
    l		l_______l_______l_______l			   l
    1: Attack
    2: Special attacks- A menu pops up showing the robot's special
                        attacks and also capturing (capturing will be
    		    explained further in detail)
    3: Items-  A list of items will appear
    4: Switch- When you select this a menu pops up, illustrating the
    	   robot that can be swtiched. By pressing L, you can view
    	   the statisitcs of the selected robot. By pressing R, you
               can view the special attacks of the selected robot.
    5: Block
    6: Run
    7: Shows the status of the opponent ie: Name, HP, level and capture bar
    8: Shows the status of your own robots ie: Name, HP, Level and EN
    2) Inventory Menu (accessed by pressing B in normal game mode):
    This is where you can use items, check out your robots statistics and
    save game
    l  ___					   			   l
    l l 1 l					  			   l
    l l___l			7					   l
    l l 2 l								   l
    l l___l								   l
    l l 3 l								   l
    l l___l								   l
    l l 4 l								   l
    l l___l								   l
    l 								   l
    l 								   l
    l 	 ______________________________	________________	   l
    l 	l	     	5	       l	6   	l	   l
    l	l______________________________l________________l          l
    *note* By pressing right you can access the sub directories
    1: Things associated with ur robots
       Use special attacks--> switch robot--> view statistics
    2: Items
       Use item--> Use special items --> Use special attack teaching items
    3: Character things
       Map--> Database --> Character statistics
    4: Game
       Save game--> Erase game--> Options
    5: Current selection
    6: Your money
    7: Statistics of your active robot
    3) Database Computer(the thing that heals your robots):
    In this there will be 8 options here
    	1)Evolution	5)Exit
    	2)Deposit	6)Rename
    	3)Withdraw	7)Turn robot to lvl 1
    	4)Sort		8)Release robot
    1: In order to evolve, you must have the requirements met. I'll explain
    2: Deposit your robot. Remember you cannot deposit all your robots,you
       must have 3 on active
    3: Withdraw your robots, but you can only carry 6 at a time
    4: Sort your robots either in IDs or alphabetical
    5: Exit the menu or by pressing B
    6: Rename your robots
    7: Turns selected robot back to level 1 but still has it's leaned
       special attacks
    8: Say bye bye to one of your robots
    4)Item machine
    This is where you deposit and withdraw your items
    *                            Capturing                               *
    Capturing is the best part of this game, this goes same for evolving.
    There are a few basics that you need to know when capturing a robot.
    You must know the Capture Bar which shows the possiblity of capturing
    the desired robot and the "hanto"(exact translation) move located in
    the battle mode. When a robot is hit the Capture Bar will increase, by
    showing a yellow, then red , then blinking bar. The best possiblity
    of capturing a robot, is when the Capture Bar is blinking or when
    it's red
    Battle mode->Special attack
    	l            1."Hanto"		l
    	l				l
    	l	move1		move2	l
    	l				l
    	l	move3		move4	l
      Just remember that using this move requires EN
    There are a few methods of capturing a robot depending on what your
    trying to capture. When your robots gets too powerful to capture
    anything you must vary your strategies and techniques. The way I
    capture is to keep a seperate team, one for fighting and one for
    capturing. OK.. enough about crap heres some ways:
    	1. Normal
    	This is your standard way of capturing. You injure the robot
    	until its Capture Bar is red or blinking and then use the
    	Hanto move.
    	2. Using items
    	There are two types of items, one that directly affects the
    	Capture Bar and the other doubles the increase of the Capture
    	Bar based on a normal hit. When using items, beware that some
    	robots may dislike the item given and run away.
    	3. Using Special attacks
    	This is probably the best way in capturing a robot. There are
    	moves that directly increases the Capture Bar and some that
    	act like items. The best capturing move is probably the "Roar"
    	move, which directly increases the Capture Bar. Well who learns
    	it you may ask... Well the dog at the first island learns it
    	at level 16 or 17 (i forgot). It costs 30EN to use its more
    	powerful version costs 50 learned by the wolf on the volcano
    	island. I have three dogs and evolved them to Hyenas and they
    	rock!!! I do the move 10 times and the robot's capture bar
    	will blink like crazy. This is heaps good because the robot
    	is at full health therefore unable to regain HP(when a robot
    	heals itself the Capture Bar decreases).
    	4. Combination
    	This is just a combination of the above methods. For a 100%
    	capture rate then use the "Roar" move plus injuring the robot.
    	Or just do everything mentioned.
    *                           Walkthrough                              *
    1) Island 1 (main island)
    Once you begin a new game, it will show you an intro, which gives you
    background information. A girl gets injured and your Grandpa helps her.
    Once her Grandpa is through talking to you, you should go right into
    the "Pet" building where you can choose a Robot to aid you in the
    fight against evil. You can choose from a Chick, Eagle or a Fox.
    I chose a Chick because I kept pressing A ... oh well.
    After choosing you will get into a fight in the Square, don't worry
    if you lose because your suppose to, so don't waste items. After
    losing go around the city and gather items from cupboards and bins...
    Once outside your Grandpa will teach you how to capture robots.
    Remember to capture it, its a butterfly that has a Capturing Robot
    move. NOW YOU MUST TRAIN YOUR ROBOT to level 10 or you won't be able
    to win victoriouly. Go to the building NORTH of the city and kick
    some bad ass. After winning, the woman flies away and you will obtain
    a shiny dot which turns out to be a glove.
    The next part of the island will be available now so capture all the
    UNDER WATER BASE. Go into the other city next to the lake and the fat
    boy will show you how to evolve robots.
    With a Parrot in your team, go North of the City and present it to the
    scientist. If he doesn't accept it, walk out then walk back in. Once
    he takes it, he will take you to the Tower that changes the landscape.
    To change the landscape, go infront of the machine and insert a fire
    robot. Remember once you put it in you can't withdraw it unless you
    want to change the landscape back.
    Go into the underwater building and beat the boss, hope you've been
    leveling up. After beating the boss, you will be back in the orginal
    city and the girl will follow you around. You now go East, to the
    other side of the island then go South to the Airport on the beach.
    You will then be flown to Island 2.
    Robots(ones you can capture)
    1.Normal(when tower not in use)
    Green		Red		Blue
    -Cat		-Mouse		-Hippo
    -Rabbit		-Dog		-Tadepole
    -Deer				-Crab
    2.Desert(when Red type is in tower)
    Green		Red		Blue
    -Dragonfly	-Horse		-Hippo
    -Parrot		-Bird		-Tadepole
    		-Elephant	-Crab
    3.Dark(when Purple type is in tower)
    Green		Red			Purple
    -Moth		-Hydralisk(lvl65)	-Rhino
    -Triceratops				-Hornet
    					-Drilling Bug
    2) Island 2 (One with the arena)
    Once arrived, go south to the city and just talk to everyone, because
    I can't remember, but probably nothing. Now go North and follow the
    path until u see a kid. He will challenge you and his robots are lvl
    30 or high 20s. I think your suppose to lose, but if you can beat him
    then go right ahead. After losing, you will be placed in a bed. Once
    you get out of the bed, you'll notive that it was the town that you've
    been heading. Now go South of the town and you will see a cave. Go in
    and fight your way through. After defeating the boss, get the shiny
    thing and head back to town for a quick healing. Now go in the Tower
    and use the item infront of the door. *note* its a special item so
    make sure you've read the above information. This is where heaps of
    people get stuck. Make sure you have a green type to change the
    Now go into the Arena. Go right and kick all the bad guys and collect
    the items. Then go to the left and do the same. I forgot the order
    here. You beat the boss and get a special item to free the people in
    the electricty room or get item to defuse the bomb. Ohh...well, just
    remember it is a Special Item
    After freeing everyone you can go to the airport and you'll be flown
    to a little island. This island is part of Island 2. Just go inside
    the cave and go right until to see the ledge which looks like this:
    	 ____     l
    	l    l____l
    	   l <--
    	   ----- l
    Just walk in the direction indicated and you should fall where the
    button is. Now press the button, which should filter the water.
    Now walk into the underground staircase and you'll face the robot
    that knocked the plane down. Don't worry, you're suppose last 3 or 4
    turns I think, and then it would self destruct. After that get back
    to town and talk. After that get back on the flight and you'll be
    taken to Island 3
    Robots(ones you can capture)
    1.Normal(when tower not in use)
    Green		Red		Blue
    -Flying Lizard	-Rabbit		-Shellfish
    -Vulture			-Pirana
    				-Tadepole with yellow whiskers
    2.Forest(when Green type is in tower)
    Green		Red		Blue
    -Flying Lizard	-Rabbit		-Little fish
    -Teddybear	-Bull(arena)	-Frog
    -Vulture			-Shellfish
    -Deer				-Pirana
    -Bamboo				-Tadepole with yellow whiskers
    -Spider				-Seal
    3.Dark(when Purple type is in tower)
    Blue		Purple
    -Swordfish	-Grizzly
    -Cloyster	-Jellyfish
    -Armoured fish	-Stegosaurus
    3) Island 3 (Volcano)
    Once you arrive go East and then towards the volcano. Once inside
    the town go chatting with everyone and collect items. Just remember
    that you should talk to everyone and scrab items. After doing so go
    towards the hotel, which should result you to getting locked up. Now
    get the blue shiny thing and open the cage. Now go to the back of the
    Pet Store which can be achieved by walking right infront of the Pet
    Store door(don't go inside) then go right, which will lead you to the
    back. Press A on the crack of the wall and a staircase will show. Go
    under and talk to the guy and collect the item in the chest, which
    will give you a Special item. Now go left pass the guy and go upstairs.
    Use the Special item infront of the rock. The rock will break and larva
    will be gone. Now go and break the other rock on the lower right. Go
    through the tunnel and you will reach the tower. Beat the guy and it
    should change the landscape back to normal.
    Now head for the hotel. In the hotel you have to collect 3 Coloured
    Gems. Just look around in rooms, its a coloured ball. After collecting
    them, go to Floor 4 and drop one of the Gems off the Ledge.*Note* Gems
    are Special Items... After doing that you go back to Floor 2 and use
    elevator, which leads to the boss.
    Peace is restored and the cave to the west will now be open. Theres a
    Lvl 30 Purple.Sabertooth, you can only have one chance to catch it, so
    prepare yourself. Its located deep inside the cave where there's heaps
    of smoke.
    After doing that you go to the airport and fly to Island 4
    Robots(ones you can capture)
    1.Normal(when tower not in use)
    Green		Red		Blue		Purple
    -Squirrel	-Flamingo	-Lobster	-Goofy Fish
    		-Amadillo	-Seal		-Frillneck Lizard
    		-Wolf		-Small whale	-Cobra
    2.Forest(when Blue type is in tower)
    Green		Red		Blue		Purple
    -Flying Lizard	-Amadillo	-Crab		-Starter.Chick
    -Peacock	-Ant		-Hippo		-Starter.Fox
    		-Flamingo	-Small Whale	-Starter.Eagle
    				-Half Wolf half mermaid(lvl65)
    *Note* the purple starters can't evolve
    3.Dark(when Purple type is in tower)
    Blue		Purple
    -Small Whale	-Goofy Fish
    		-Frillneck Lizard
    4) Island 4 (Cliff)
    Head south of the airport and go into town. Now go to the healing
    place and a green dog should appear. Follow it.. Head west of the
    town and go across the water, into a house. You find out that a girl
    is sick, and you need to get the medicine. Now head back to town and
    enter the green building on the left. After talking to the old lady,
    now you must head West to the cave. After coming out of the cave, you
    will reach the Tower. Defeat the Purple.Centepede. After defeating it
    make sure you only carry 5 bots only to recieve the robot from the
    machine. Now head North-West to Cliff. Just keep moving upwards and
    go to all the caves. Once you reach the top, you'll fight the boss and
    you will obtain the medicine. Oh..yeah the dog comes and challenge you
    to a battle for the medicine. After that, head back to the little girl
    and she will be healed. Level up, because it's quick to upgrade here.
    Now head to the airport and you'll be flown to Island 5.
    Robots(ones you can capture)
    1.Normal(when tower not in use)
    Green		Red		Blue		Purple
    -Crocodile	-Dog		-Otter		-Mole
    -Raccoon	-Elephant	-Swan
    2.Desert(when Red type is in tower)
    Green		Red		Blue		Purple
    -Hippo		-Ladybird	-Swan		-Cat
    -Anteater	-Ape		-Frog
    -Crocedile	-Elelphant
    -Dog		-Piglet
    -Frog		-LaserBird(lvl65)
    -Mantis		-Dog
    3.Dark(when Purple type is in tower)
    Green		Red		Blue		Purple
    -Crocodile	-Elephant	-Swan		-Crow
    -Anteater	-Ladybird			-Mole
    -Raccoon	-Piglet				-Platypus
    5)Island 5 (Desert)
    Head East to the town and you'll talk to people. Now head East to the
    Castle. Talk to everyone. On the second Floor head into the room with
    a arrow pointing towards it. Once inside, go to the locker that is
    opened and you'll recieve a Special Item. Use it and you'll be dressed
    in purple. Now head to the other room. Get the sword and use it on the
    wall. Put it in the hole on the far right. Now head upstairs and head
    to the room with the boss. Keep talking to him, until he challenges
    you. AFter defeating him go to the town in the South and talk to
    everyone. After doing so, head to the tower and make sure u have a
    Blue type to change the landscape. Get out and go to the cave south.
    Once inside just defeat everyone, its simple. Now u should go to the
    airport and you'll be flown to Island 6
    Robots(ones you can capture)
    1.Normal(when tower not in use)
    Green		Red		Blue
    -Hyena		-Catapie	-Wooper
    2.Forest(when Blue type is in tower)
    Green		Red		Blue		Purple
    -Hyena		-Rabbit		-Shellfish	-Big Fish
    -SpikeTailLizard-Camel		-Wooper		-Wolf/Scizor(lvl65)
    		-Frog		-Turtle
    		-Catapie	-Dolphin
    		-Tyranosaurs	-Lobster
    3.Dark(when Purple type is in tower)
    Green		Red		Purple
    -Hyena		-Kangaroo	-Rat
    		-Rabbit		-Stegosaurus
    		-Camel		-Scorpion
    		-Frog		-Big Fish
    Island 6 (Boss)
    Go straight into the Tower and insert a Green type. Now go inside the
    cave. Once inside head to the ship on the right and talk to the guy,
    which he will give you a Special item. Once you reach the last ship,
    talk to the guy inside and he'll ask for a item but we got it already.
    So use the item on the computer screen. This will cause the engine to
    run and destroy those boxes blocking your path. Now just head upstairs
    and talk to everyone and collect all the items and Special items,
    remember to look in cupboards. On Floor 3 3 guys will block the stairs
    to the next Floor. They will ask you to find three special items.
    Hopefully you already looked everywhere so use the items infront of
    them. Upstairs, theres an item store and healing place so make use of
    it. Head upstairs and talk to everyone and collect Special items. To
    fire the cannon, to need to speak to the guy in the warhead room, but
    make sure you have the specail items. You'll recive a cannon ball so
    now u can fire the cannon. After that proceed upstairs and beat
    everyone up. Head upstairs which is Floor 8. There will be three
    statues blocking your way and will ask you 9 questions. The answers
    are Y, Y, N, N, Y, N, Y, N, Y. Now go upstairs and kick the boss's ass.
    His got a heaps Powerful whale so beware. If ur robots are above lvl50
    then you'll have no problems. After defeating him, you'll find out that
    the boss with red hair goes crazy and knocks out the boss and captures
    the girl. Now you'll get teleported to Island 5 and the boss will be in
    the hospital. Now head out of town and  you'll see a plane which will
    take you to the final Island.
    1.Forest(when Green type is in tower)
    Green		Red		Blue		Purple
    -Dragonfly	-Pelican	-Mantis		-Fly
    -Vulture	-Trumpet Bird	-Penguin	-Lanturn
    -Butterfly			-Octopus	-Bat
    -Cat				-Hammerhead
    -Flying Ant			-Dog
    -Cicada				-Blowfish
    2.Dark(when Purple type is in tower)
    Red		Blue		Purple
    -Dragon(lvl65)	-Great White	-Blowfish
    		-Dog		-Stingray
    		-Whale		-Fly
    		-Flying Fish
    Island 7 (Final Boss)
    This is simple, theres no tricks to it. Just beat everyone up. Theres
    a healing thing inside the building, on Floor 3 or 4, not sure. You
    can't come back to this island after killing boss, so capture all the
    robots here or upgrade your robots, very nice experience points.
    Before the fighting the red haired guy, you'll be fighting against
    very cool and powerful robots. Its the robots of each Tower. Your
    robots should be at level 70s because mine were. The final boss has a
    big Purple.Dragon, its heaps big. I suggest killing the Green one
    because it heals it's pals. After beating the boss you've finished the
    game and watch the ending.
    After that you'll be in the town of the first island and special caves
    will now appear on each Island. These caves contain a Level 65 robot.
    These are very hard to find and they've got cool looking special
    attacks. I still haven't seen the one on Island 2 so hard to find. I
    spent an hour looking for it.
    Green		Red		Blue		Purple
    -Triceratops	-Lion		-Cloyster	-Dog
    -Moth		-Bull		-Walrus		-Cat
    -Mantis		-Herocross	-Sunfish	-Main.Chick
    				-Amoured Fish	-Main.Fox
    				-Great White	-Main.Eagle
    *                            Evolution                               *
    1. Names in ( ) are the robots inplace of ???s, which will alter the
    final form
    2. (---) means i don't know the Robot
    Rabbit: Green.Mantis + Blue.Crab + ??? = Flying Ant
    Cat: Red.Piglet + ??? = Rat
    Deer: Red.Dog * 3 = Horse
    Butterfly: Green.Peacock = Moth
    Parrot: Purple.Crow = Vulture
    Dragonfly: Green.Rabbit * 2 = Spider
    Spider: Purple.Centepede + ??? = Mantis
    Monkey: Green.Monkey * 6 = Bamboo
    Bamboo: Blue.Otter + Purple.Grizzly = Ape
    Vulture: Purple.GoofyFish + Green.Dragonfly + ??? = Owl
    	(Blue.Flying Fish) + Green.SpikeTailLizard = Pteradactyl
    Flying Lizard: Green.Flying Lizard + Purple.Frillneck Lizard +
    		Green.SpiketailLizard + (---) = (---)
    Rat: Purple.Crow + Purple.Cobra = Panther
    Squirrel: Green.Flying Lizard + Green.Butterfly + ??? = Possom
    	(Purple.Drilling Bug) + Blue.Shellfish = Mole
    Catapie: Green.Possom + ??? = Butterfly
    	(Green.Spider) + Purple.Centepede = Fly
    Raccon: Rat + Green.Cat = Grizzly
    Possom: Purple.Bat + Red.Ant + Blue.Otter = Teddy
    Grizzly: Green.cat + Blue.Wooper + Purple.Frillneck Lizard = Panda
    SpikeTailLizard: Blue.Blowfish + ??? = Crocodile
    		(Red.Emu) + Green.Peacock = Frillneck Lizard
    Flying Ant: Herocross = Big Flying Ant
    Main.Chick: Green.Parrot + Red.Horse + ??? = Trumpet Bird
    	   (Purple.Chick) = Chick2
    Trumpet Bird: Red.Flamingo + Red.Kangaroo = Emu
    Bird: Red.Trumpet Bird + Green.Parrot + Blue.Swan = Flamingo
    Horse: Purple.Firefly + ??? = Camel
          (Pterdactyl) + Green.Parrot + Green.Peacock + Green.Owl +
          Red.LaserBird = Pegasus
    Elephant: Red.Bull + Blue.Swordfish + Purple.Rhino = Triceratops
    Rabbit: Blue.Frog + Blue.Tadepole = Kangaroo
    Mouse: Blue.Hippo + ??? = Armadillo
          (Blue.Tadepole with yellow whiskers) + Purple.Hornet = Blowfish
    Dog: Red.Elephant + ??? = Dog with two cannon on head
        (Green.Bamboo) + Red.Dog * 2 = Hyena
    Piglet: Green.Deer + Red.Horse + Blue.Turtle + ??? = Bull
    	(Red.mouse) + Red.Camel = Stegosaurus
    Wolf: Purple.Shark + Purple.Cobra = HellDog
    Ant: Green.Butterfly + ??? = LadyBird
        (Green.Teddy) + Red.Ant * 4 = Anteater
    Flamingo: Blue.Penguin = Pelican
    LadyBird: Green.Cocroach + Red.Bull + ??? = (---)
    Hawk: Green.Owl + Green.Parrot = Big Hawk
    Omastar: Green.Cocroach + Blue.Crab + ??? = (---)
    Herocross: Green.Flying Ant = Big Herocross
    Dragon: Red.Tyranosaurus + Green.Pterdactyl + Stegosaurus +
    	Blue.Lapras + Red.Dragon + (---) = Purple.Dragon
    Hippo: Green.Crocodile = Turtle
    Turtle: Purple.Lanturn + Blue.Blowfish + Red.Armadillo = Turtle Tank
    Seal: Purple.Shark + Red.Tyranosaurus = Walrus
    Pirana: Blue.Tadepole = Tadepole with yellow whiskers
    Tadepole with yellow whiskers: Blue.Tadepole + ??? = Sunfish
    	(Red.Armadillo) + Green.Bamboo = Amoured Fish
    Shellfish: Blue.Shellfish * 6 = Crab
    Crab: Purple.Scorpion + Green.Spider + Red.Armadillo + ??? = Lobster
    Tadepole: Green.Dragonfly + Red.Rabbit + ??? = Frog
    	 (Purple.Goofyfish) + Purple.Stingray = Wooper
    Little Fish: Red.Bird + ??? = Flying Fish
    	    (Blue.Hippo) + Green.Vulture = Seahorse
    Flying Fish: Purple.Rhino + Blue.Dolphin = Swordfish
    Small Whale: Purple.Goofyfish + Blue.Tadepole + ??? = Hammerhead
    	    (Blue.Flying Fish) + (---) = Stingray
    Hammerhead: Red.Bull + Blue.Swordfish + Purple.Rhino = Great White
    Swan: Purple.Frillneck Lizard + Blue.Wooper + ??? = Peacock
         (Blue.Penguin) + Purple.Bat = Crow
    Otter: Red.Pelican + ??? = Platypus
    Wooper: Blue.Swan + Blue.Whale + ??? = Lapras
    Whale: Blue.Turtle tank + Blue.Whale + Purple.Squid + ??? = Big Whale
    Penguin: Blue.Dolphin + Blue.Tadepole = Seal
    GoofyFish: Purple.Lanturn = Tadepole with yellow whiskers
    Frillneck Lizard: Green.Flying Lizard + Purple.Frillneck Lizard +
    		Green.SpiketailLizard + (---) = (---)
    Cobra: Purple.Cobra * 3 + Blue.Octopus + Red.Omastar + (---) = (---)
    Crow: Green.Spider + Purple.Centepede = Bat
    Scorpion: Purple.Hornet + Blue.Pirana + Green.Spider + Purple.Bat +
    	 Purple.Fly + (---)
    Rhino: Blue.Hippo + Red.Ladybird + ??? = Elephant
          (Green.Teddy or Green.Racoon) + Red.Ant * 3 = Anteater
    Jellyfish: Red.Armadillo = Omastar
    Drilling Bug: Drilling Bug * 6 = Cicada
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