Review by MoeBear

Reviewed: 06/05/07

Silly Fun with M & M's

M & M's comes to the game boy advance system. You have to admit they have come a long way with those four M & M's characters. If you don't know who they are, they are, the red, green, blue and yellow, walking talking m & m's candy. From the candy business they went to the video game business. Don't get me wrong they have done real well with collector's items, Tee shirts, etc. But when they tried to make this certain video game; they didn't quiet get it right. They had a good idea, but didn't follow it threw good enough.

This video game has different types of game play. It still is a basic board playing game, with animation added to it. Something like video game monopoly, but this is much different. You have four different board games to choose to play with. Then if you want there is 16 different mini games you can choose to play with. This concept is not all that bad. The bad thing about this is the mini games are silly, and they are all way to short. So just when you are going to get into one of them, in seconds its all over. Sorry guys bad idea with the timing here. The board game is your basic style role the dice and move to the next space board game. Nothing special about that. You have little M & M's as your pieces; you pick your color, and move it when it's your turn to role the dice. It is fun, but gets boring after awhile. Maybe this game was meant for a lot more people, like 3 to 4 players. But good luck trying to find them and linking up to them.

This part is very fun, and entertaining. I always enjoyed the magic of M & M's animation. You can't find a bad thing to say about the appearance or the presentation of this game. It is top of the line all the way, with crystal clear detailed graphics. The background of the board games are fun to watch, they all have there own unique design in appearance. To me it is always fun to watch the little m & m characters walking up and down the screen, and competing in the mini games. If you're a die-hard m & m fan, you will play this game just for the scenery. This game gets a big thumbs up in this department. The music and the sound effects are cute too; it fits the game perfectly.

It's been a while since I played a game boy advance game. I have been busy playing the regular ones and the color ones, or busy searching for a good one back then. This game was different then the rest, I got kind of mixed feelings for it, I don't love it, and then again I don't hate it. This game was meant for multi players, so if you can get 2 or 3 of your pals to buy it and connect and all play together, it might be well worth it. For on its own, it's kind of an average game.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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