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"I have a need for some speed, baby!"

I have a need … for speed! Need for Speed Porsche Unleash is a racing game for the GBA. You may be expecting some cheesy graphics for this game because of the limited compacity of the GBA – but you're wrong! Ha! The graphics is actually decent, the game is fun as racing games go, and the replay value is almost unlimited. Until you get bored that is.

Ah, so lets drive straight into the game play of this game. When you're confronted with the menu of this game, you have a selection of modes in which you have a selection of mode in which you can choose, which includes single player, multiplayer, evolutions … and that is about it.

This game puts you into the shoe of the street racer or something because when you're playing Singe Player mode, there are a variety of pictures in which you can choose from, including a generic looking guy with a helmet, a chick, a white guy, a black guy and a chick. I thought that was interesting to mention.

Anyway, after you select the car you have the option to choose the car of your choice. I don't think the game use the real name of the car because of trade mark issues. Becauae there is a car in the game called ‘boxster' and ‘para'.

After you have selected the car of your choice you're able to begin the race. Now, I don't know about you but I was expecting some cheesy overhead 3D view like that in Grand Theft Auto I and II. Instead, you have fully 3D graphics for this game like that in the PS2 version, albeit a lot less nicer but still 3D graphics none of the less. Sometimes you can't exactly make out the trees and the road in the game but, like I said, it's decent for the technology of the GBA. You have to think of context.

The game play for this game is good as racing games go. You have a button to accelerate the vehicle, and other button to reveres the wheels. There is another button in the game in which you can use to check behind you and a side camera mode to check your car. I, as an avid gamer, hardly play any racing games so I don't really know about the challenge or inherit redeeming value of racing game, but I found it not to be hard after 5 minutes of game play.

Speaking of replay value, I don't think there is much in this game. You race around the track, ok? OK, so you race around and around and around until you're bored. There is any real strategy game play in this game except for hand eye coordination and auto reflex in which you hone while playing this game for a while.

In closing, one shouldn't play this game if you don't like sports or racing games, however for those of you who do like racing games give this game a try, then buy. While ‘tis fun for racing around in circles, there isn't any redeeming value in this game that I can think of, save for the few ‘evolution' mode in which you can upgrade the car and customize it and stuff.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/19/05

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