"A nice card game rendition of an excellent series!"

This game seems to take on most traits of the Suikoden 2 story that many series fans have come to love. The incredible amount of familiar faces from both Suikoden 1 and Suikoden 2 is also very comforting. You're using Riou (the main character from Suikoden 2) so that's another plus.

Sure, it's a card game. Sure, it's got minimal game complexity other than the card battles. This game's gameplay still works wonderfully. Everything in this game works. The fact that there are no known bugs also adds to the fun and the little sequences where you can walk around are quite amusing.

Ok, so it's in Japanese... The game also seems to go along the path of the Suikoden 2 storyline so it's quite easy to find your way around if you already played through Suikoden 1 and Suikoden 2. The familiar people that you face in the game are still in character.

The chibi images are quite amusing. The looks of every character in the card battles are cute and their attacks are also very interesting and well animated. Every character is custom drawn making this one of the better GBA games since many of it's sprites are different with their own animations.

The music is not too annoying in this game. Of course, if you're playing this on a GBA and not an GameCube link up, you'll have better fun with the Mono sound. If you play on your GameCube linkup, you'll want to remove the sound as monaural sound going through stereo speakers is insanely disgusting.

The game's tons of cards and tons of characters makes this game much more fun due to the huge amounts of custom decks you can make with this game. The addition of a card reader to transfer cards into your GBA game makes this even better if you want a more realistic deck that resembles your own real life card deck.

Buy or Rent?
If you even manage to get your hands on a copy of this game, keep it. It's a good game, albeit it being in japanese since no translations are in the works. This game is quite amusing and can be a lot of fun if you get into it. If you manage to learn how to play (due to the FAQs on this site) you'll be able to see a lot more things than anyone could imagine by bumbling through the controls.

The Recap

Gameplay - 8/10
Story - 7/10
Graphics - 9/10
Music - 8/10
Replayability - 9/10
Buy or Rent - BUY
General - 8/10 (This is not an average)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/04/03, Updated 07/04/03

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