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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dragoon T

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                    Super Robot Wars A
                    For the Game Boy Advance
                      FAQ and Walkthrough
                       By Dragoon T
                       Version .0
     Disclaimer: This Guide was written soley by me and belongs to me. You may not
    use it for Profit or claim it as your own. Any use of this Guide must be given
    permission by myself. All the Various Robot Series in this game are the
    Property of their Creators, Nintendo, and various other companies. I make no
    claim on them.
          This is more of a Quickie Help Guide for all the people who have been
    asking questions on this game. Right now much of the Information is still being
    found, so expect many updates to this document. Currently it covers:
      Several Hidden Characters
      Several Hidden Units
      Basic Strategys
      Combination Attacks
     As more information is found, a Walkthrough and Full secrets section will be
     This Guide coulden't have been Completed without the Help of Daba Myload,
    Refined G-Phile, Yuu Kajima and the Rest of the Guys at the SRW Board:
      Also, to everyone who E-Mailed me with information. Unfortunetly, my Inbox
    was cleaned out and I lost some of your names. If you sent me
    information(Especialy the person who sent me Gai's Acquisition Process) please
    E-Mail me.
     I coulden't have done this without you guys double checking my findings and
    posting your own!
     Although this site is in Japanese, it is still a Treasure Trove of SRW A
      Another Japanese site, this has basicly all the Information you could ever
    want^_~ Thanks to Yuu Kajima for giving me the URL:
     Also: Here is a Nice ENGLISH SRW A Page! ^_~
     Table of Contents:
      1: Version History
      2: Units Guide(Not finished)
      3: Walkthrough(Not Finished)
      4: Current Information(Will be split into Hidden Units/Hidden Characters in
    next version)
      5: Combination Attacks
      6: FAQs
     1: Version History
      Version .01: First release, put out all known information at the time
      Version .02: Added another Information Site, Redid all Information, added
    several new characters, verified some names, corrected some information
      Version .03: Added Mass Pro Great Maz, Verified Lalah's convince process.
    Verified Master Asia and Funisaki's process. Fixed Aina's process. Lots of
    little changes as well. Thanks to All the People who E-Mailed me with name
    Corrections..Especially the person who sent me the Information on Grendizer. I
    Lost your E-Mail though -_- SUPER Special Thanks to Arek from the SRW Board,
    who stunned us all with the Convince Process for the Previously thought
    unattainable Gato and GP02a!
       Current Information:
       Hideen Characters/Units
      If Ryouma has 5 Kills after a certain Stage on the Super Robot Path(Not sure
    which one) she'll join you.
      Aina Sahalian, Her Prototype Zaku, and the Asparas
        Aina and her Zaku are both Compulsory, and you'll recieve them as part of
    the story no matter what. However, there is a way to recieve the Unit
    'Asparas', which is what She is piloting. On stage Six Aina will pop out as
    Enemy reinforcements after Char and Gato appear. Simply have Shiro use the
    'Convince' command on her and then reduce her HP until she retreats. The next
    stage, Stage 7, simply do not Destroy Aina's Asparas. If she is still alive at
    stage end(That is, the only enemy character left) You'll not only Recieve her,
    the Prototype Zaku, but the Asparas as well!
       Minerva X:
           Minerva X is very easy to get. On Stage 7 Convince her with Kouji while
    Ankoku Dai-Shogun is still alive(IOW: Don't blow him up^_~). If Dark Shogun is
    still alive then Minerva X will become an NPC and be useable if she survives.
    Note: Althought Minerva X comes as Unpiloted, you have to assign a Pilot to her
    to use it. Also note: If your going for the Asparas and Miyuki be sure to leave
    some Fodder for Minerva X after you convince her, as she'll be quite happy to
    blow them up otherwise -_-
      Getta Q With Miyuki as the Pilot:
       While the Getta Q and Michiru become useable as part of the plot, it's
    possible to recieve Miyuki as well. You simply have to Attack Getta Q with All
    3 Forms of the Getta Robo(Initianting a Coversation each time) and then
    Convince her with Ryouma While One of the 'Bosses' that appear with her are
    still alive. While it's not known which one at this time, your better off doing
    it while all of 'em are alive, since Dark shogun needs to be Alive to convince
    Minerva X anyway^_~
     Note: Minerva X, Miyuki, and the Asparas can be obtained on any route.
     Chars Gelgoog:
        It's possible to recieve Char's Gelgoog as a Useable Unit after Stage 7.
    Simply blow Char up in stage 7 and the Gelgoog is yours. Make sure that you
    Blow Him Up, and not simply force him to retreat.
         It's possible to recieve the G-Fighter instead of the Full Armor Gundam.
    In order to do this, Sayla must have at LEAST 10 Kills by the End of Stage 7.
    If she does then you'll recieve the G-Fighter. Sayla apparently leaves after
    the 1st Branch: It's rumored that if her Kills Exceed Amuro's at that point
    then she won't. This rumor has been proven false -_-. Is there anyway to get
    her to stay? If you take Space Route this Unit is the Default...The 10 Kills or
    Greater is only nesscary if you go Earth Route.
      Lala Sun And the Elmeth:
        On the Space Route, Lala will appear on Several Maps. In order to get her
    you need to have Amuro AND Sayla(And Possibly Camille) Attack Both HER and CHAR
    Everytime! If you do this then on Map 12 after Amuro blows up Char he can
    Convince her, and she comes with the Elmeth too! Thanks to everyone on the
    GameFAQs Message Board and at the SRW Millenium board for FINALY Verifying the
    exact process.
     Gai Daigouji(Jiro Yamada):
         On Map 9 of the Space Route, Gai, Akito, and the Nadesico will try to
    cross the map. Unfortunetly their path goes right through The 3 Tri-stars, Char
    and Gato. If you can manage to Keep All 3 of them in Good health and high HP
    long enough for them to cross the map, then Gai is yours. If any of them fall
    into Critical Status though, Gai will blow himself up. Good Luck!
       Four Murasame OR Rosmaia Badam:
         A: You'll have to choose between the 2. When you first find them on Earth
    Route, just make sure you don't blow the Psycho Gundams Up(Reduce 'em to around
    2,000 Hp or so) If your on Space Route, don't worry about that step. Now,
    you'll evenutaly reach a mission with some Dragonar Enemys and a BIG Bridge
    going down the Middle of the Map(If Devil Soldiers appear in the water, it's
    the map I'm talking about). On this Map Make SURE you Scramble Camille. Have
    Him Convince BOTH Rosmaia and Four, and then Reduce their Psycho Gundams to
    around 2000 hp or so. If they don't retreat, Blow them up. Note that if you
    don't convince one of them here, you won't have the option of choosing between
    them later(So if you only convince Rosmaia on this map but not Four, you'll
    never be able to get Four)
        B: A Few Maps Later Camille will automaticly Deploy in the Z Gundam(It's
    the Stage where Master Asia is an NPC). Get Camille up there FAST(Master Asia
    WILL Blow up the Psycho Gundams(And Allenby too, but that's further down) if
    you give him the chance. Have Camille Convince THE ONE YOU WANT! And Then BLOW
    UP THEIR PSYCHO GUNDAM FIRST! The Remaining Character is Unrecruitable.
       Allenby Bliskey and the Nobel Gundam
      A: EVERY STAGE that Allenby Appears in have Domon Convince and then attack
    her until she retreats(Do NOT Blow her up). If the Convince command is
    unavailable, then just attack her. It's not nessescary to take Earth Route on
    the first Split to get her. On the Map AFTER Camille Gets the Z Gundam(The one
    where Domon and the Shuffle Union all Deploy on their own) Make SURE you
    Scramble Rain in the Rising Gundam. When Allenby appears have RAIN CONVINCE HER
    FIRST! Rain MUST Convince her first to get Allenby! After RAIN CONVINCES HER,
    THEN Use Domon! And Then Have Domon Blow her up! You'll get her and the Nobel
    Gundam after the Stage.
      Master Asia and the Master Gundam
        RIght now the Full Method is still Unknown, but here is what we believe
    will work:
      Take the Earth Route at the first Split
      Domon Deals the Killing Blow to Master Asia whenever he shows up
      Choose Guinea Highlands after the 2nd Split
      Convince Allenby
      Domon Attacks Master Asia Twice on the Stage that you get Allenby on, Deals
    Master Asia the final Blow, and Domon's level is Higher then Master Asias.
     FuniSaki The Gundam Horse:
          Funisaki will join your Group if Domon has at least 30 kills by around
    stage 30.
      Butterfly Demon/Oni:
        At the 2nd Split choose to go to Big Falcon. The Butterfly Demon will be
    one of the Enemys. Have Ryouma convince her.
        I have NO Idea WHAT this unit is. You can only get it by going to the
    Nabara connection at the second split though. It joins you with Combattler V
         If Ken has 30 Kills by Stage 31 he'll join you permanently.
     Anavel 'Nightmare of Solomon' Gato and the GP02a Physalis
      MANY Thanks to Arek's suprise post for this Process:
      1: On the Desert Maps(Maps 6 and 7 respectively) make sure you Destroy the
      2: Take the Space route and then have Kou blast Gato whenever he can. Make
    sure to DESTROY and not Force a Retreat^_~
      3: Later on(After Quattro/Char Joins) You'll need to attack Gato with Kou,
    Attack Gato with Quattro and then Have Quattro destroy him
      4: Next stage, Gato shows up in the Nuel Ziel. Repeat the Process(Attack with
    Kou, then Quattro, then blow up with Quattro)
      5: LATE in the Game, when you invade Axis(Next to Last Stage) Gato will Join
      Quattro and Kou's Kill Points MAY Affect this, but it's not been proven
     Fire Blizzard Freezer Storm:
      In order to get Daimos' most powerful move, you must:
        Go to the Guinea Highlands
      In order to get Combattler V's most powerful move, you must:
         Go to Nangen Connection
     Chodenji Ball Tenkoken No V Giri:
        In order to get Voltes V's most powerful move, you must:
          Go to Big Falcon
        A: Later in the game you'll be controling Malliot(A Dragonar Enemy you
    faced previously) solo for a few rounds. After your guys appear the Getta 2 and
    Drill-Grendizer will Deploy and disapear for several rounds. When they Reappear
    there will be a Female Pilot among the Enemy's Reinforcements(NOT Cima! Cima is
    in the robot with the Beam Machine Gun Weapon[Gebera Tetra]). Have The
    Drill-Grendizer attack it, Kill the Boss Mech Nearby, Have Drill Gendizer
    attack again and then SEPERATE iT and have the Pilot of the Drill Spacer
    Convince her. Like the Butterfly Demon, you only recieve her as a Pilot and not
    her unit.
      A Getta Enemy in a Getta-Roboish Unit:
           He'll Join as an NPC on the Map you get the Getta Dragon. If he survives
    then he'll join you
           Norris Packard and the Gouf Custom:
              On the Map that Guineas attacks with the Asparas 3, Shiro AND Aina
    MUST Attack Norris Each and THEN Guineas Each And THEN Norris must be left
    alive until all other enemy units(Inclurding Reinforcements) are defeated. If
    The Above was fufilled he'll talk to Aina and then Join you with his Unit. You
    may not have to have the Talks with Guineas, but I suggest it(If only to have
    Closure on the 08th MS Teams plot^_~)
     Puru and Puru 2:
         On the same Map you can get Norris you must Destroy Gremmys Units, and
    then use Cammile to attack and then convince Puru. Then turn around and use
    Puru to Blow up Puru 2.
     Keep Mushahi:
           It's possibly to keep Mushahi as a Support Pilot. The only Requirement
    is to have Ryouma with 15 or More Kills by a Certain Stage(Stage 15 I think)
        Mass Produced Great Mazinger:
           If Tetsuya has 30 or more kills by Stage 30 you'll recieve this unit.
         Map 31- If Quattro has at least 30 kills you'll recieve it after the map.
    Note that the Sazabi and FAZZ are Exclusive: You can't recieve both in the Same
    Game. Sazabi will Only appear if you go with the Nadesico after Map 31, FAZZ if
    you go with The Ra Kalium.
     FAZZ(Full Armor Double Zeta):
           Judo needs an Unknown number of kills(Estimated at around 10 Kills) by
    stage 36, and you have to choose to go with the Ra Kalium after map 31.
      Did you Know?
        After you get the Getta Dragon you KEEP the Original Getta Robo! They even
    have combination attacks!
      Simiarly: When you get the Shin Getta, you keep the Getta Dragon! And Guess
    what: MORE combination attacks!
      You keep the F Type Aestavlis Frame(Lunar) Akito uses in one map. It can only
    be used in Space Stages, and you only have One, but it's a Decently Powerful
      The Stage Route you take can affect the Units and Attacks you get. For
    Instance, you have to choose to go into the Devil Colony in order for Rain and
    Domon to use the Love Love Tenkyouken, and in order to keep the Nadesico Guy in
    the Gekigan Type Suit, you have to choose to go with the Nadesico around stage
      There is no Way to keep the Dragonar Unit 0. You'll have it for the 1st 2
    maps on the Real Robot Route and then you'll lose it.
      There is no way to Convince your Rival Character.
       Gundam Forever?: Considering how late you get the Nu Gundam, Powering up the
    Gundam is a good Idea. Wether your using Full Armor Gundam or the G-Fighter,
    both are powerful units and well worth the Upgrade costs.
     Mazinkaiser is not in the game...Stop Asking.
     Similary: It's impossible to keep the Speigal Gundam
       Little Known Combination Attacks:
      Betcha 'ya didn't know about THESE combination attacks. While some, like the
    Double Mazinger Punch, are obvious..theres a Few you may not Know about...
      Double God-Finger
         Performed by: God Gundam(Hyper) and Nobel Gundam
       Love Love Tenkyouken:
          Performed By: God Gundam(Hyper) and Rising Gundam
       Shuffle Union Ken:
          Performed By: Bolt Gundam(Super), Rose Gundam(Super), Maxter
    Gundam(Super).Dragon Gundam(Super) and God Gundam(Hyper). Note that they MUST
    have their Best Attacks(IE: Roses Hurricane etc)
       Final Dynamic:
        Performed By: Mazinger-Z, Great Mazinger, and Grendizer
      Shin Shine Stunner:
         Performed by: Getta Dragon and Shin Getta
      Twin Laser Sword(Thanks to Aguille Delaz who e-mailed me):
         Performed by: Dragonar Unit 1 and Malliot's Unit
       D-Formation(And D-Formation Custom) Terrible Triple Attack/Triple Terror
    Attack(Thanks again to Augille Delaz):
         Performed by: Dragonar units 1, 2, and 3
       ButterCup Formation:
        Performed By: Ryoko, Izumi, and Hikaru(Only when all 3 are in Either 0G or
    Aerial Frames)
        Double Gekigan Flare:
         Performed by: Akito Tenkawa and Gai Daigouji(Only when both are in Aerial
    or 0G Frames)
         Sun/Moon Attack:
          Performed by: Daitarn 3 and Zambot 3
          Double Zanbo-Slash:
            Performed by Daitarn and Zambot 3
         Chodenji Spin No V Giri:
          Performed By: Combattler V and Voltes V
     Various Mazinger/Getta combinations:
     As a Rule, All of the Mazingers Rocket Punchs and Breastfires Combo together.
    All of the Various Getta robo's(Including Getta Q's) Tomahawk Boomerang and
    Getta Beam will combo with each other.
      Double Mazin-Blade:
        Performed by Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger
     Double Missle:
        Performed by Byunas and Venus A
       Final Dynamic Special:
         Performed by Grendizer, Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, and Shin Getta. ALL
    Four have to be Level 30 to pull this one off: It might not even appear until
      Double Tenkyouken(I think)
      Performed by: Master Gundam(Super) and God Gundam(Hyper)
      Double ?????:
           Performed by Master Gundam(Super) and God Gundam(Hyper)
        1: How do I perform the Shuffle Domain Ken?
        You have to have passed the Guinea Highlands stage. God Gundam, Bolt
    Gundam, Maxter Gundam, and Rose Gundam have to be in S Mode(130 Morale). They
    have to surrond the enemy(With the 5th one Under/Next to 2 of the others..Kinda
    like a + Shape with the Enemy in the center and the 5th man in one of the
    Pluses corners). It costs 140 Energy.
       2: Why don't I have Love Love Tenkyouken?
         First off, Both Domon and Rain need 140 morale. Secondly, You HAD to have
    Gone though the Scene where they use it to Destroy the Devil Gundam, which you
    only see if you go with the Near Argama after Ken leaves your team(Devil
       3: How do I convince my Rival?
        You Can't
       4: Can I get Gato?
         Yes. See the process earlier in the guide
       5: Whats with that 2nd Screen when I scramble an Aestivalis?
          Your choosing the Frame that your unit is gonna use. You choices are
    dependent on where your fighting. On Earth you can use the Artillery and Aerial
    Frames. In Space/Colonys/Moon you can use Zero G, Artillery, and F Type Frames
      Well, That's it for now! Expect the next Update soon! ^_~

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