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    Upgrade Parts List by Daba Mylord

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 12/03/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Robot Wars Advance (SRWAdvance)
    for Game Boy Advance
    Upgrade Parts Listing and Descriptions Version 0.2
    by Daba Myrod (daba_myrod@srwgenesis.every1.net)
    Current Update: Version 0.2- December 2, 2001
    This guide is an all-text improved version of my own site's SRWAdvance Item Listing, which
    can be found on my site, SRWGenesis, URL is http://surf.to/srwgenesis. To access the
    original HTML version online, then the complete URL to type for it is
    http://srwg.home.dk3.com/advanceitems.htm. This guide can also be found at the downloads
    sector of my site, which is currently under consturction due to FTP problems as well as
    connection agendas. Most of my site's visitors would probably want to know what moved me to
    write a guide instead of actually uploading the pages themselves. Well, due to the time I
    was offline, it became very unproductive and when I accessed my mail when surfing on an
    I-net cafe, the requests that popped up were item lists and Psycho Spell guides. Since
    FTP uploading is difficult nowadays, I decided to make an "offline mini-site" for my
    visitors to use. The guide was born.
    Version 0.2:
    - Fixed the width of the entire document so word wrap is no longer required.
    - Fixed the formatting to make it more readable.
    - Fixed the font editing... it wasn't in bold so I deleted that statement.
    - Added the real stats increase for the W-Up Unit.
    Before you read any further, I would like you to remember that I own the copyright of this
    guide, being the sole creator and all. Therefore: a) You hereby swear that you would use
    this guide for personal use and absolutely not for commercial purposes such as selling it
    for profit or any acts that may be similar in nature. b) Should you plan to use this guide
    for your site, you totally don't claim it as your own work thus you are obliged to give
    credit to me as it is due. c) You are not to reproduce this guide by any means. However, you
    may be allowed to print it out once as your hard copy. I may not know how many more times
    you might possibly print it out in the future (assuming you had the urge to), so that means
    in cases like this I would leave it all to your conscience.
    This guide can only be found in my site, SRWGenesis (http://surf.to/srwgenesis), in
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) under Super Robot Taisen A, and finally in Neoseeker
    (http://www.neoseeker.com). Therefore, if you find this guide in sites other than those
    mentioned, please contact me and you will be rewarded for your trouble (I'm an honorable man).
    Sites that host my guides will most likely have consent from me, and you will know because
    many respectful sites who once hosted my AniGIFs were kind enough to write about me giving
    them permission (and I thank them heartily for it).
    Oh yeah, translated names in this guide are informal. Some may be official while others are
    not. I'm not perfect and I translate according only to what is my best judgement. Should
    you know the official translations for any of the items listed below, feel free to e-mail me
    (daba_myrod@srwgensis.every1.net) and you will be added to my list of glowing credits at
    the end of this guide. Please contact me should you find any corrections to this guide, and
    that includes my spelling and grammar (of course, I'm not a genuine perfect guy). Anyone who
    contributes for the better of my guide's well-being will be given credit as deserved.
    One last thing, let me remind you that plagiarism is a CRIME, not just a simple offense. It
    is punishable by law and penalties would mean confinement in prison for years (perhaps even
    payment of moral damages if applicable). If you want to use my guide for your own site or
    other matters, I suggest you contact me by e-mailing me (daba_myrod@srwgenesis.every1.net).
    Usually, people who ask me nicely are given permission, so take note of that before you drop
    me a line. I personally think it's stupid to go to jail just for copying stuff and saying
    that you made something but in fact it was made by someone else. Stupidity is something that
    can be prevented if people look before they leap. In other words, anticipate what the
    consequences would be in every move you make. If you completely ignore my warning even at
    this point, fine. I'll still be writing guides while you rot behind bars for all I care. I
    have caught some sites already who plagiarized my work and one even wrote it in a different
    language in a pathetic attempt to camouflage itself from my watchful eye. So I BEG of you to
    stay out of trouble and do as you're told. PLEASE.
    SRWAdvance boasts of good graphics (in ratio to its console performance), exciting gameplay
    and innovative customizing systems. Upgrade parts belong to the afforementioned category
    when customizing your own mechs. Therefore, learning what tricks you can do to your mechs
    may spell the difference between an honorable win from a sore defeat. Although you can win
    even without equipping items to your robots, learning how to use them will help you gain
    experience so that you know what to do when you play other SRW games (try SRWF or SRWFF in
    Playstation for instance). Since this guide is not encoded in SHIFT-JIS, I would personally
    write its English translation and write its functions. To the Japanese-imparied players,
    you may want to compare some numbers in order to identify what item is being mentioned. For
    instance, you see an item that has a +30 and +5. Therefore, look for any item in the game
    that has a +30 and +5 on it, and rest assured that would be the item that is being described.
    Of course, you can always visit the online version of this guide in my site
    (http://srwg.home.dk3.com/advanceitems.htm) to compare the Japanese words for yourself.
    If you want to do it the experimental way, sometimes it requires our basic tool of thinking:
    COMMON SENSE. I will also include some of my recommendations and explanations which I hope
    you will find refreshing and understandable.
    1) Booster- Equipped unit's movement range +1. Best used on repair and resupplying units,
                or perhaps units with slow movement such as mobile bases and Super Robots.
    2) Mega Booster- Equipped unit's movement range +2. Best used on repair and resupplying
                     units, mobile bases or Super Robots if necessary.
    3) Haro- Equipped unit's mobility +30, all weapons' (except MAP and 1-range weapons) target
             range +2. Best used on snipers like Nu-Gundam and commonly used units like Mobile
             Suits, Mobile Fighters or even on an Aestivalis if you want. Mobility may go
             overboard so upgrade the unit's limit should it happen.
    4) Psycho Frame- Equipped unit's mobility +20, limit +10. Perfect for Mobile Suits,
                     Grandizer, Daimos and other commonly used units. Be sure to upgrade their
                     limit in case the mobility goes overboard.
    5) Bio Sensor- Equipped unit's mobility +10, limit +20. An ideal upgrade for Gundam if you
                   have the G-Fighter, even Aesties or Grandizer with a Spacer. Don't upgrade
                   the unit's limit if its difference with mobility is too high. Super Robots
                   may use it for their advantage, even Z Gundam or Dragonar units.
    6) Magnetic Coaring- Equipped unit's mobility+5, limit+30. Ideal for low-limit robots and
                         for Gundam, G-Fighter and Grandizer with a Spacer. You may need to
                         upgrade mobility a little because this item beefs up the limit gauge.
    7) Apogee Motor- Equipped unit's movement range +1, mobility +5. A perfect add-on for repair
                     units and resupplying units like Metas and Kyoushiro's Galba Fighter X2
                     (Daimos' little yellow plane companion). Also best used on Super Robots.
    8) Shuffle Badge- Equipped unit's pilot begins the scenario with 105 morale, but adding
                      another Shuffle Badge would not make the pilot start at 110. As its name
                      suggests, it's perfect for the Shuffle Union and other Mobile Fighters
                      like Nobel Gundam or perhaps, Master Gundam.
    9) Minovski Craft- Equipped unit gains flight. Of course, you have to equip it on land units.
                       Best used on Shining Gundam and God Gundam. Upgrade their EN gauge as
                       much as you can because all flying units, including those with a Minovski
                       Craft installed decreases 1 EN per square movement in the air.
    10) High Performance Radar- Equipped unit's weapons' (except MAP and 1-range weapons) target
                                range +1. Best for use on Mobile Suits and snipers. Nu-Gundam,
                                Wing 0 Custom and perhaps Rising Gundam are the best candidates.
                                Also perfect for original units with sniping capabilities.
    11) High Performance Targeter- Equipped unit's weapons' hit rate +30%. Use it on any unit
                                   applicable, preferrably commonly used units.
    12) Jammer- Equipped unit cannot be damaged by missiles. Very good to install on units prone
                to missiles like Getta Robo and Mazinger-Z (many of their enemies spit missiles)
                or other brittle units like Mobile Suits.
    13) V-Up Unit (W)- Equipped unit's weapons' power +100 multiplied by its number of item
                       slots (meaning the number of items it could equip). Example, Shining
                       Gundam can equip 2 units. Therefore, equipping this item would merit all
                       its weapons +200 in power. If you equip another V-Up Unit (W), all its
                       weapons' power gain another +200 (making it +400 in total), and so on.
                       Use it at your own merit.
    14) V- Up Unit (U)- Equipped unit gains stats upgrade depending on number of item slots:
                        a) 1 item slot: HP +200, EN +30, Armor +50, Limit +5.
                        b) 2 item slots: HP +300, EN +50, Armor +100, Mobility +5, Limit+10.
                        c) 3 item slots: HP +400, EN +70, Armor +150, Mobility +10, Limit +15.
                        d) 4 item slots: HP +500, EN +100, Armor +200, Mobility +15, Limit +20.
                        If you equip another V-Up Unit (U) on the same unit, then double their
                        stats increase. Example, if another V-Up Unit (U) is equipped on a
                        1-item slot mech, then it merits HP +400, EN +60, Armor +100 and
                        Limit +10, and so on. In case you don't know, item slots refer to how
                        many parts a unit can equip itself with.
    15) Chobahm Armor- Equipped unit's HP +500, armor +150. Best used on Mobile Suits and
                       Aesties. Mobile Bases like Nadesico are also recommended. Perhaps even
                       repairing and resupplying units.
    16) Hybrid Armor- Equipped unit's HP+800, armor +200. Again, on Mobile Suits and Aesties as
                      best recepients. Mobile Bases, reparing and resupplying units too.
    17) Super Gold Alloy Z- Equipped unit's HP +1000, armor +300. Mobile Suits and Aesties again.
                            Mobile Bases are applicable, even repairing and resupplying units.
    18) Super Gold Alloy New-Z- Equipped unit's HP +1500, armor +400. Aesties and Mobile Suits.
                                You know the drill.
    19) Beam Coating- Prevents 1500 HP worth of beam-type damage on equipped unit. Use at your
                      own leisure. If a unit already has beam coating but you still equipped it
                      with this item, it does not double the damage prevented.
    20) I-Field Barrier- Prevents 2000 HP worth of beam-type damage on equipped unit. Use at
                         your own leisure. If a unit already has an I-Field but you still e
                         equipped it with this item, it does not double the damage prevented.
    21) Propellant Tank S- Replenishes unit's EN fully. Anything-goes.
    22) Repair Kit- Recovers unit's HP fully. Anything-goes.
    23) Cartridge- Reloads unit's ammo on all weapons. Best on Gundam Rose, Nu-Gundam or other
                   units that rely on ammo for weapons.
    24) Pilot Rations- Recovers equipped unit's pilot's SP by 50. If the unit has 2 or more
                       pilots, then all of those pilots recover 50 SP. Best on Super Robots and
                       pilots with good spells like "bless" and "aid", even "move again".
    25) Giant Magazine- Doubles the equipped unit's rounds of ammo. Example, if Nu-Gundam's Fin
                        Funnel takes up 7 rounds of ammo, equipping Giant Magazine will make it
                        14 shots of ammo. Best used on Gundam Rose, Nu-Gundam and other
                        ammo-dependent units.
    26) EWAC Generator- Equipped unit gains EWAC. When this happens, if you highlight the
                        equipped unit on the map, it will be surrounded by a blue radius. All
                        allies that are in that blue radius (meaning beside the equipped unit,
                        even on the diagonal edges) will gain +15% in dodge and hit rates. Use
                        it at your own leisure, but never equip it on units with EWAC already.
                        Adding another EWAC Generator won't double the percentage incentive.
    27) W-Up Unit- Equipped unit gains the effects of both V-Up Unit (W) and V-Up Unit (U)
                   according to item slots.
                   a) 1 item slot: HP +300, EN +50, Armor +100, Mobility +5, Limit +10.
                                   All weapons' power +200.
                   b) 2 item slots: HP +400, EN +70, Armor +150, Mobility +10, Limit+15.
                                    All weapons' power +300.
                   c) 3 item slots: HP +500, EN +90, Armor +200, Mobility +15, Limit +20.
                                    All weapons' power +400.
                   d) 4 item slots: HP +600, EN +120, Armor +250, Mobility +20, Limit +25.
                                    All weapons' power +500.
    Well, that's about it. I added a few more explanations to the guide that is not found in my
    site. Should you have any questions, e-mail me (daba_myrod@srwgenesis.every1.net) and I'll
    answer as promptly as I can. Of course, be sure to ask NICELY and I will respond. Ask me in
    an uneducated manner and I'll ignore your e-mail.
    1) The MB Boys (http://accessboards.com/messageboard/robotwar.html)- My primary source of
       info. All of you there no by now how deeply I owe this guide to you. Thanx for all of
       your help!
    2) GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)- For hosting my guide, of course. That also includes
       the people in the message board whom have been nice and supportive in my return after a
       full absence of one year. A million thanx to you guys for your kind attention and
    3) http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown/7800/g_guide/gameguide.html- I dunno how to translate
       the site's name officially, but I can assure you that when I made mistakes, this site
       helped me shed some light. Arigatou Gosaimasu!
    4) Banpresto (http://www.banpresto.co.jp)- Without them, SRW would never have been created.
       Demo, arigatou!
    5) Banpresto's Hotline Web (http://www.hotline-web.com)- For every new source, there's
       always a new update. Arigaou!
    6) Jamil Neate (jamilneate@srwgenesis.every1.net)- My childhood friend who wrote the
       SRWAdvance sector in my site for me due to his free time and interest in SRW.
    7) Yurika Misumaru (yurika@srwgensis.every1.net)- Thanx for filling in for me chick!
    8) Ingram Brisken (ingram_brisken@srwgenesis.every1.net)- Thanx for filling Yurika err the
       site too I mean!
    9) YOU (yes, you, the one reading right now)- This guide is for you to use. Thanx for taking
       the time to read it!
    Of course, to my beloved parents who understood me and gave me the time to write this guide
    even in the wee hours in the morning and to may siblings who sacrificed playing Yuri's
    Revenge and CS on the PC just so I could write this guide. Finally, my greatest thanx to God
    Almighty for giving me the strength to write this guide, and for giving me inspiration to go
    on and write more guides to serve my fellowmen.
    This is one humble section dedicated to those whom I have missed or not mentioned in the
    credits. Therefore, sorry to those I forgot... please e-mail me so I'll add you ASAP! Also,
    I admit that I have made millions of mistakes in the past (and stupid, selfish ones too).
    So I deeply apologize to all those people online whom I may have offended, whether it's by
    e-mail, by the message board or by any means necessary. I hope to reconcile with you guys.
    I know I may have made mistakes in the past, and I hope you people will find the time to
    forgive me. Of course, I won't expect you guys to do so if you think I'm not worth forgiving
    at all. At least I get to apologize and that works for me.
    This guide is currently 17.1 KB in size, written in Notepad, Courier New font, size 10.
    Guide Copyright: Daba Myrod, December 2001.
    All names and other copyrighted material are trademarks of their owner

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