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    Psycho Spell Guide by Daba Mylord

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    Super Robot Wars Advance (SRWAdvance)
    for Game Boy Advance
    Psycho Spell Guide
    by Daba Myrod (daba_myrod@srwgenesis.every1.net)
    Current Update: None
    This guide was created to help players master each Psycho Spell available in the this
    masterful game. Although not all pilots have decent spells, players will be able to make
    gameplay a lot easier and enjoyable, especially when attempting to defeat extremely 
    annoying or powerful bosses and enemies. As always, this guide is my all-text mini-site
    version of the actual SRWA Psycho Spell listing in my site (http://surf.to/srwgenesis).
    If you wish to visit the online version, then go online and type in the URL for the page,
    and it's http://srwg.home.dk3.com/advancespells.htm. Enjoy!
    Again, as mentioned before, this guide can be found currently in my site, SRWGenesis. URL
    is http://surf.to/srwgenesis, in GameFAQs, http://www.gamefaqs.com and in Neoseeker
    http://www.neoseeker.com. That means that other sites that host this guide may be hosting 
    illegally or otherwise. Usually, when webmasters want stuff from me, they would always write 
    in their sites about them asking permission so they can be easily identified. If the 
    disclaimer is not mentioned in the site, that means that they've taken it illegally. 
    Report cases like this to me via e-mail on daba_myrod@srwgenesis.every1.net and you will 
    be rewarded loyally.
    Psycho Spell names and translations are informal. Although there are no official names,
    they are translated literally via their chinese counterparts. There may be some minor errors
    since I'm not perfect. Should there be any mistakes or there IS an official name, don't
    hesistate to e-mail me and you'll be given all the credit in the world. Of course, you may
    also contact me if there are any corrections to be done in this guide, including spelling 
    and grammar. Likewise, you'll be credited for your trouble.
    Plagiarism is a serious crime. To those who are not familliar with the term, it's the act of
    copying someone else's work (and that means ANY work) and claiming that it's yours. Imposing
    penalties may include imprisonment and perhaps a fine to pay for moral damages caused to the
    original author. If you take my work without my consent or giving me credit, the least you
    could do is to link back to my site and I'll reconsider. That's just one simple favor I ask
    and frankly it's not too dificul to do so. However if you want to take it the easy way and
    decided to ask permission, you may e-mail me and ask NICELY and I'll grant you consent. If
    you do e-mail me but express it in an unfriendly or uneducated matter, you will be ignored.
    Now for stuff regarding reporduction. You are allowed to download this guide provided that 
    you swear not to reproduce it yourself for commercial reasons like selling it to people or
    publishing it on magazines or game guides. Although I won't stop you from printing it out
    ONCE, photocopying it and distributing it even without my consent is still illegal, even if
    it's not commercial in nature. In summary... don't reproduce it by any means. Violation of
    the afforementioned rules will subject you to criminal prosecution. Don't do anything as 
    stupid as this and stay out of trouble for your sake. You've been warned.
    SRWAdvance's Psycho Spells are given the turn for the better. Not only where they made a lot
    more cheaper, they are indeed unique as some of them have minor function changes. Here, I
    shall type down the spells as displayed in the Psycho Spell listing menu in the game. You
    can find the full picture in my site's Psycho Spell sector, which can be found in this URL:
    Here are the Psycho Spells arranged by order displayed in the game:
    Self-Destruct       Spy        Accelerate        Flash         Mercy
     Concentrate        Heal         Lock On      Great Effort     Trust
      Iron Wall         Aid         Full Heal      Hot Blood       Charge
        Luck           Weaken        Awaken          Bless        Confusion
        Raid           Spirit       Resupply       Encourage        Love
      Move Again       Devote        Assault         Revive        Miracle
    To access this so-called display menu, when in the map, press the "A" button. You'll be 
    brought in a mini-menu. Select the 2nd to the last (the 4th) option and you'll be directed
    there. If there are "????" marks, that means that your party currently doesn't have that 
    spell to cast. It can be averted if a pilot who levels up learns that unknown spell, or
    restart the scenario and choose a pilot who has it and let him sortie in battle.
    1) Self-Destruct- Costs 1 SP. The caster of this spell dies, but surrounding units, which
                      includes allies, receive damage equal to the caster's HP before dying. For
                      example, you let Heero cast it and Wing 0 Custom has 4000 HP. After the 
                      unit explodes, all units surrounding it receive 4000 HP damage. If you 
                      managed to destroy enemy units that way, you won't receive money or 
                      experience, obviously. However, damage will be based on current HP and 
                      NOT on maximum HP. For instance Wing 0 Custom's maximum HP is 4000 but 
                      currently has 3269 HP left. After casting the spell and the unit explodes,
                      surrounding units will be dealt 3269 damage instead. Once you cast it, you
                      can't cancel it, so think twice before doing it.
    2) Concentrate- Costs 15 SP. The caster's dodge and hit rates will be increased by 30% for
                    one full turn. Perfect for attempting to evade or hit skilled enemies.
    3) Iron Wall- Costs 30 SP. Caster's armor points will be doubled, giving extra durability
                  for one turn. This spell is good for pilots that can't dodge well. When you 
                  anticipate a hit from an enemy, at least you can be sure that damage is 
                  minimized. It's also good if hordes of enemies gang up on the caster. Prior to
                  this, it's also a good spell to raise the caster's morale. Since you gain 1 
                  morale point for every hit you receive from one enemy, managing to survive as 
                  many hits as possible means more morale points later. And that would mean more 
                  powerful attacks or even the enabling certain morale-dependent weapons.
    4) Luck- Costs 40 SP. If caster successfully defeats an enemy, the amount of money you 
             receive will be doubled. Works best when killing enemies using a MAP weapon. This 
             spell is essential so that you'll be able to afford the more expensive upgrades in
             future intermissions.
    5) Raid- Costs 60 SP. Caster's gains the effects of the spells "flash", "lock on", "hot
             blood" and "accelerate". This is a good way to brutally damage or even kill bosses.
    6) Move Again- Costs 90 SP. Choose an ally that spent up its turn (that is, an ally that has
                   finished moving or attacking) and cast the spell on him. He will regain 
                   another turn, so that means he can attack and move again. However, stats will
                   remain as it was left after using up the previous turn. Example, Mazinger-Z 
                   has attacked using Breast Fire and spent 30 EN, but after the attack has only
                   15 EN left. After casting the spell on him, consumed EN, SP and HP will not 
                   be restored to its original state when it started on its original turn. In
                   that example, Mazinger-Z will still have 15 EN left and will not be able to 
                   attack using the Breast Fire, unless you replenish its EN gauge.
    7) Spy- Costs 1 SP. Choose an unattacked enemy, then cast it on that enemy. You may be able 
            to view its stats pre-emptively. That way, you would be able to adjust your strategies
            before commencing attack. It's a useful spell that prevents you from taking the risk
            of being killed by being attacked by an enemy first, especially if it happens to be 
            a very powerful, annoying one.
    8) Heal- Costs 20 SP. Caster's damaged unit recovers 30% of its total HP.
    9) Aid- Costs 20 SP. Choose an ally then cast it on him. That ally will gain twice the 
            experience after attacking or being attacked, provided that the attack executed by 
            that ally connects, damages the enemy and does not get negated by barriers or other 
            defensive means. The caster can even cast the spell on himself, which makes it very
            advantageous to gain even more levels quickly. This spell can be utilized fully if
            you cast it on an ally that has a MAP weapon and kills loads of enemies with it. 
            Think of how much experience that ally will gain afterwards.
    10) Weaken- Costs 40 SP. Choose and enemy and cast the spell on him. That enemy will lose 10
                morale. Cast it again and he will lose another 10. Keep on casting until you run
                out of SP, if desired. However it's not too recommended to use it often because 
                you can always attempt to evade an attack by the support system or by casting 
                "flash". Besides, the enemy also gains morale by being hit by your attacks, and 
                the worst part is that certain enemies gain morale if their soldiers or allies 
                get killed. So personally, it's effects are temporary. Too temporary that there 
                are other spells and defensive mechanisms that serve as better alternatives.
    11) Spirit- Costs 60 SP. Caster's next attack is multiplied by 2.5. After that attack, 
                damage will be dealt normally. Once you cast this spell, you can't cast "hot 
                blood" or "spirit" immediately. You'll have to attack to use up the 1st spell 
                before casting "hot blood" or "spirit" again. This spell helps in killing hard 
                nut bosses or if you want to finish off opponents easily.
    12) Devote- Costs 30 SP. Choose an ally and cast the spell on him. That ally recovers 10 SP
                if his SP is deducted by casting his own spells. The caster can't cast it on 
                himself, obviously. However in the case of Super Robots or multi-pilot mechs, 
                casting the spell on a multi-pilot mech will mean all pilots in that certain
                mech will recover 10 SP, provided that at least one of those pilots have spent
                as much as 1 SP. This is good for casting on pilots with the spells "bless" and 
                "aid" in case that their SPs are insufficient.
    13) Accelerate- Costs 5 SP. Caster's range of movement will be added by 3. You can move 
                    farther and that means you can reach bosses, or escape from them, as fast 
                    as you can. Note that once you finished moving, the spell wears off. If for
                    instance you cast it but you attacked and didn't move, then the effect of
                    the spell will still remain until after you moved.
    14) Lock On- Costs 20 SP. Caster's hit rate is 100% for one turn, and this time, it means
                 that the caster WILL hit enemies even if they have the After-Image ability or
                 their parry skills are high. However some enemies may still be protected if 
                 they have defensive mechanisms like the Jammer or other barriers. You will hit
                 the enemy, but that doesn't mean you can damage them. In the Jammer's case, you
                 are guaranteed that the missiles you shoot will hit the enemy, but its Jammer 
                 will still ward them off. For barriers, if you shoot beam-type weapons, you can
                 still hit them, but the barriers will still negate the necessary points of 
                 damage. Tough luck if your attack is too weak and their barriers absorb it.
    15) Full Heal- Costs 40 SP. Caster's damaged unit regains HP completely. 
    16) Awaken- Costs 50 SP. Caster will gain an extra turn as long as you cast it before moving
                or attacking (obviously you won't be able to cast spells if you moved already 
                anyway). This is good to "make sure enemies die this time" or you could escape
                if in deep trouble.
    17) Resupply- Costs 70 SP. Choose an ally and cast it on him. That ally's EN and ammo will 
                  be completely replenished without the 10 morale penalty. The caster can also 
                  cast it on himself, if desired.
    18) Assault- Costs 25 SP. Caster can execute any attack except MAP weapons after moving.
                 Perfect for attacking those "hard-to-reach" enemies. Note that after you have
                 finished attacking, the spell's effect wears off. That means if the caster gets
                 another turn (by casting "awaken" or an ally casts "move again" on him), then
                 you will have to cast the spell again to gain its effects once more.
    19) Flash- Costs 10 SP. Caster will dodge ANY attack once. Afterwards, the caster's dodge
               rates will be dealt normally. This is a temporary defensive move, but at least 
               you get the assurance that you'll survive, temporarily. This is good when evading
               the killer attacks of bosses, but it will be waste if you dodge those weak, puny
               attacks of some soldiers. 
    20) Great Effort- Costs 15 SP. Caster gains twice the experience after attacking or being
                      attacked, provided that the attack they executed connects and hits the 
                      enemy without being disrupted by defensive means like After Image, Jammers, 
                      barriers and the like. It also works best if you cast it then use a MAP 
                      weapon to kill loads of enemies. Think of how much experience the caster 
                      will gain. Take note: you will gain more experience if you KILL the enemy.
                      Damaging them will still give you some experience, but it will most likely
                      be a fraction of the experience you could get by actually killing them.  
    21) Hot Blood- Costs 40 SP. Caster's next attack is multiplied by 1.5. Caster can't cast 
                   "spirit" or "hot blood" immediately. He has to attack to use up the 
                   previously cast spell before casting another "hot blood" or "spirit". Again
                   this spell is good for finishing off bosses and all other opponents.
    22) Bless- Costs 45 SP. Choose and ally and cast the spell on him. You will gain twice the
               money obtained if that ally successfully kills an enemy. This is a perfect combo 
               for the "aid" spell. Sometimes, some Super Robots or enemy killers don't have the
               "luck" and/or "great effort" spell, like Duke of Grandizer. You can cast this 
               spell on pilots like them so that they get to have the chance to kill lots of 
               enemies and gain more experience since killing an enemy yields more experience 
               than simply damaging them. This is also best used on units with powerful MAP 
               weapons like Nadesico, Gundam Rose, or perhaps Wing 0 Custom to name a few.  
    23) Encourage- Costs 70 SP. Choose an ally and cast the spell on him. That ally gains 10
                   morale. The caster can even cast it on himself if desired. Best used on 
                   robots with morale-requiring weapons. It also means that the ally casted on
                   will have more powerful attacks from this point on, since more morale means 
                   stronger weapon damage against enemies.
    24) Revive- Costs 100 SP. If you lost a unit, then cast this spell and that unit will be
                brought back to life with fully recovered SP, plus gained experience and level 
                earned will be intact. The only down side is that his morale is reset back to 
                100. Not too bad though, for a second chance. This is one game where you are not
                allowed to make fatal mistakes unless you want to start over again.
    25) Mercy- Costs 10 SP. If the caster's next attack is fatal and his "skill" is higher than 
               the enemy's, then that caster's next attack won't be fatal and will leave the 
               enemy with only 10 HP left isntead. This is also a good way to kill bosses with 
               tremendous amounts of HP but the pilot you want to level up doesn't have the 
               decent spells or weapons to execute such massive damage. The "skill" I was 
               referring to can be found in the pilot's stats screen. When looking at the 
               numbers found in the stats, look for the numbers located at the lower left hand 
               corner of the pilot's stats, the one to the right side of the pilot's hit level. 
               If the caster's "skill" is higher than the enemy that you wish to "leave alive", 
               then the fatal attack will spare that enemy's life and leave 10 HP. If not, then
               it will simply kill them. However, a down side to this is that if the enemy 
               survives, it's given the chance to counter-attack. Therefore, if they do 
               and it kills the caster, tough luck. 
    26) Trust- Costs 30 SP. Choose adamaged ally and cast it on him. That ally recovers 30% of 
               his maximum HP if he is damaged. The caster can cast it on himself if desired.
    27) Charge- Costs 40 SP. Caster gains 10 morale. This is one way to strengthen attacks or
                enable attacks that require morale activation.
    28) Confusion- Costs 30 SP. All enemies' hit rates are halved for one turn. This spell is a
                   defensive move in your part, as it attempts to prevent allies from being
                   attacked, so those with critical HP can be saved from annoying enemies.
    29) Love- Costs 70 SP. All damaged allies' HP is fully recovered.
    30) Miracle- Costs 100 SP. Only a handful of pilots have it. This spell is the ultimate
                 Psycho Spell. The caster's morale is increased by 30, then gains the effects of
                 the spells "flash", "lock on", "spirit", "luck" and "accelerate". Although it 
                 lacks the effects of "great effort", you can always cast it if the pilot has 
                 the spell, or perhaps cast "aid" on him.
    Well, that's about it. I hope that you will take my description and examples with great
    consideration so that you may know how to use them to recognize their full potential. Good
    luck with your game and have a happy time playing!
    1) The MB Boys (http://accessboards.com/messageboard/robotwar.html)- My primary source of 
       info. All of you there no by now how deeply I owe this guide to you. Thanx for all of 
       your help!
    2) GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)- For hosting my guide, of course. That also includes 
       the people in the message board whom have been nice and supportive in my return after a 
       full absence of one year. A million thanx to you guys for your kind attention and 
    3) Banpresto (http://www.banpresto.co.jp)- Without them, SRW would never have been created. 
       Demo, arigatou!
    4) Banpresto's Hotline Web (http://www.hotline-web.com)- For every new source, there's 
       always a new update. Arigaou!
    5) Jamil Neate (jamilneate@srwgenesis.every1.net)- My childhood friend who wrote the 
       SRWAdvance sector in my site for me due to his free time and interest in SRW.
    6) Yurika Misumaru (yurika@srwgensis.every1.net)- Thanx for filling in for me chick!
    7) Ingram Brisken (ingram_brisken@srwgenesis.every1.net)- Thanx for filling Yurika err the 
       site too I mean!
    8) YOU (yes, you, the one reading right now)- This guide is for you to use. Thanx for taking 
       the time to read it!
    Of course, to my beloved parents who understood me and gave me the time to write this guide 
    even in the wee hours in the morning and to may siblings who sacrificed playing Yuri's 
    Revenge and CS on the PC just so I could write this guide. Finally, my greatest thanx to God
    Almighty for giving me the strength to write this guide, and for giving me inspiration to go
    on and write more guides to serve my fellowmen. 
    This is one humble section dedicated to those whom I have missed or not mentioned in the
    credits. Therefore, sorry for those whom I forgot... please e-mail me so I'll add you ASAP! 
    Also, I admit that I have made millions of mistakes in the past (and stupid, selfish ones 
    too). So I deeply apologize to all those people online whom I may have offended, whether
    it's by e-mail, by the message board or by any means necessary. I hope to reconcile with you
    guys. I know I may have made mistakes in the past, and I hope you people will find the time 
    to forgive me. Of course, I won't expect you guys to do so if you think I'm not worth 
    forgiving at all. At least I get to apologize and that works good for me.
    This guide is currently 20.90 KB in size, written in Notepad, Courier New font, size 10.
    Guide Copyright: Daba Myrod, December 2001.
    All names and other copyrighted material are trademarks of their owner

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