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    Mecha Hacking Guide by Soren Kanzaki

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 07/26/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Robot Taisen A Mecha Hacking Guide v.0.8
    Released on July 26, 2002
    by Soren Kanzaki (soren_kanzaki@yahoo.com)
    Table of Contents:
    Section 1: Overview
    Section 2: Version History
    Section 3: Mecha Memory Block Basics
    Section 4: Byte by Byte
    Section 5: An Example / Advanced Information
      Part A: Federal Forces GP-02a Physalis
      Part B: Non-Standard Weapons Systems
      Part C: Combination Attacks
      Part D: Game Logic
    Section 6: Mecha Block Address Table
    Section 7: Mecha Background Data Code Table
    Section 8: Main Pilot Code Table
    Section 9: Weapons System Code Table
    Section 10: Design Issues
    Section 11: Customization Suggestions
    Section 12: Easytype Calculations Section
    Section 13: Credits
    Section 14: Contact Information
    Section 15: Copyright / Authorization
    Section 16: Miscellaneous
    Section 1: Overview
        Mecha.  I've already said plenty on the subject, so I'll skip the 
    description, and cut straight to the chase.  Everyone loves customizing their 
    mecha for superior performance and enhanced lethality.  Thanks to the way 
    Banpresto implemented the mecha memory block in Super Robot Taisen A, it is 
    entirely possible to customize your arsenal of 151 mecha (including making 
    some interesting twists with the game's internal logic!) in a variety of 
    powerful ways.
        You could, of course, learn assembly.  Write your own game.  Patch things 
    from here to eternity.  Or you can let the folks at Kanzaki Heavy Industries 
    show you what's available on the mecha showroom floor ...
    Section 2: Version History
        0.2 (4/23/02): First draft (aka the Anaheim Electronics edition).  
    Currently only covers friendly Universal Century mecha.
        0.3 (Not Released): Zeonic Corporation Edition.  (See Miscellaneous for 
    notes on that ...)  Added Universal Century enemy mecha types.  Added 
    discussion about temporary mecha data system.  (See Section 3.)  Added note 
    on how to convert pilots into enemies.  Added information on the 'reverse 
    peek' technique.  Added information on enemy mecha data blocks.  Added Design 
    Issues section.
        0.4 (4/26/02): Shuffle Union / Devil Gundam Corps Edition.  Added Mobile 
    Fighter G Gundam friendly and enemy mecha types, weapons systems, pilots, 
    etc.  Added Repair and Supply experience notes.
        0.5 (5/03/02): Operation Meteor Edition.  Added Shin Kidou Senki Gundam 
    friendly and enemy mecha types, weapons systems, pilots, etc.  Removed 
    statements about Neuen Bitter's Zaku II MS-06F2 (turns out it is a normal, 
    level 3 Zaku II MS-06F2).  Added Customization Suggestions.
        0.6 (5/15/02): Metal Armor Edition.  Added Metal Armor Dragonar friendly 
    and enemy mecha types (with some provisos).  Made some additional comments in 
    the customization section (due to some input on the boards).  Added some 
    missing mecha/weapons (they appear out of sequence).
        0.7 (5/23/02): Code Catcher Edition.  Updated Sections 6, 7, and 8 with 
    ALL the necessary values.  New updates will work with the less pliant weapons 
    data (some translation work to do with some of it, and a lot of cross-
        0.8 (7/26/02): Nergal Heavy Industries Edition.  Added normal-use 
    Aestivalis and Nadesico weapons systems codes.  (Jovian Union and NPC 
    Aestivalis codes were omitted.)  Changes made in authorizations, also 
    information about Gundam Maxter boxing variant added (see section 10).  Added 
    new Contact section (this is the 'new' standard look for my guides), and 
    Easytype calculation section.
    Section 3: Mecha Memory Block Basics
        Before we enter into a discussion of how to exactly strap an Atomic 
    Bazooka onto a Zaku II, there are a few general things to keep in mind.  The 
    first is a disclaimer:
        If you use any of these cheats, I'm not responsible for any 'weird' 
    things happening to your game or your save data.  You use these cheats at 
    your own risk (to your game, your system, your enjoyment of Super Robot 
    Taisen A).  
        I made this document as a sort of educational glimpse into how the game 
    was put together.  You can make the game easier.  You can make it harder.  
    You can make it more fun.  You can make it a bore.  I think you get the 
        Secondly, this document is much more technical in nature than other 
    things I have written.  I cannot guarantee it's 100% correct.  I cannot 
    guarantee you'll understand it.  Hopefully, both of those conditions will 
    hold true.
        Now, with the formalities over ...
        Super Robot Taisen A uses a two-tiered system to store information about 
    virtually everything in the game.  One tier is the hard-coded, 'background' 
    information written on the game itself.  This includes all the pictures for 
    all the pilots and mecha, their dialogue, their battle AI (do I flee at x% 
    HP?), their base level statistics, how much ammunition a Beam Rifle can hold, 
    etc.  This data is, for all intents and purposes, unchangeable.  Not that we 
    need to change it, anyway.
        The second tier is the data stored in the memory.  A variety of devices 
    (such as a Gameshark) allow us to directly access that memory and write all 
    sorts of things into it.  I will not go into the step-by-step detail of how 
    to alter this data, but it is assumed that you are able to do so.  It is 
    through this method that one can customize the mecha of Super Robot Taisen A.
        All of the 151 friendly mecha have a block of 112 bytes of mecha data in 
    memory, stored one right after another.  Enemy mecha data is stored (I think) 
    in dynamically allocated chunks following the friendly mecha.
        After considerable research, however, there are indications that point 
    two a second block of information stored in memory that is more temporary in 
    nature.  Each of these blocks seems to be 72 bytes long, and they at least 
    contain the number of active turns for that current mecha.  (This was located 
    while doing concurrent work on the Kakusei Seishin toggle.)  The order of 
    mecha inside this temporary data block seems dependant on the order in which 
    the mecha are deployed onto the battlefield, and therefore its contents, 
    uses, and the correlation of one address to one mecha is more difficult to 
    make.  For the time being, we will pass over this temporary mecha block 
    (However, as it is involved in the Kakusei Seishin toggle, it will be briefly 
    discussed and used in the Pilot Hacking Guide.)
        Let's go into an example.  Let's look at the Gundam (handy, as this is 
    the first mecha stored in memory).  The memory space for the Gundam runs from 
    2006d80 to 2006def.  This memory holds all the 'temporary' information that 
    the game uses for the Gundam.  What is that data?  Well:
    The Current HP of this Mecha
    The Current EN of this Mecha
    The Current Shield Strength of this Mecha
    The Mecha Background Data Code (more on this later)
    The Main Pilot of this Mecha
    Support Pilots 1-4 of this Mecha
    Weapons Systems 1-20 of this Mecha
    The Ammunition for Weapons Systems 1-20 of this Mecha
    The Upgrades to Weapons Systems 1-20 of this Mecha
    Conformal Parts 1-4 installed on this Mecha
    The HP Upgrades of this Mecha
    The EN Upgrades of this Mecha
    The Agility Upgrades of this Mecha
    The Armor Upgrades of this Mecha
    The Limit Upgrades of this Mecha
    The Mecha Enable Byte (more on this later)
        There also seems to be 2 bytes of 'padding' to make it a round, 112 byte 
    block of memory (I could be wrong, the last two might do something.)  
    Recently, I used the 'reverse peek' technique to check to see if these bytes 
    were indeed empty.  This entails setting the Search to Old Value, putting in 
    a filler value (zero), and then asking the system what has changed - the old 
    value is what was stored in that address.  For several mecha checked, the 
    values in the last 2 bytes were equal to zero in all cases.  Also, use of a 
    memory mapper seems to confirm these findings.
        Normally, the game will initialize this data correctly (that is, look to 
    the game cartridge to load the Gundam data in the Gundam memory block), based 
    on game events, and operate this data normally (if you lose 200 HP, it 
    subtracts 200 HP from your current HP, etc. etc.).  We can manipulate this 
    data, however, and that's what this guide is about.  Ready?
    Section 4: Byte by Byte
        Let's look at each section of the data block, then.  We'll start a byte 
    0, and work our way onwards.  Next to each number is the address of that byte 
    for the Gundam (as an example).  We'll talk about where the rest of the mecha 
    are in a later section.  Since some of this data is 2-bytes (16-bit, a half-
    word) long, we'll only list the starting address.
    Bytes 0-3    (2006d80): Current HP (lo-byte first)
    Bytes 4-5    (2006d84): Current EN
    Bytes 6-7    (2006d86): Current Shield Strength
    Bytes 8-9    (2006d88): Mecha Background Data Code (see below)
    Bytes 10-11  (2006d8a): Main Pilot
    Bytes 12-13  (2006d8c): Support Pilot 1
    Bytes 14-15  (2006d8e): Support Pilot 2
    Bytes 16-17  (2006d90): Support Pilot 3
    Bytes 18-19  (2006d92): Support Pilot 4
    Bytes 20-21  (2006d94): Weapons System 1
    Bytes 22-23  (2006d96): Weapons System 2
    Bytes 24-25  (2006d98): Weapons System 3
    Bytes 26-27  (2006d9a): Weapons System 4
    Bytes 28-29  (2006d9c): Weapons System 5
    Bytes 30-31  (2006d9e): Weapons System 6
    Bytes 32-33  (2006da0): Weapons System 7
    Bytes 34-35  (2006da2): Weapons System 8
    Bytes 36-37  (2006da4): Weapons System 9
    Bytes 38-39  (2006da6): Weapons System 10
    Bytes 40-41  (2006da8): Weapons System 11
    Bytes 42-43  (2006daa): Weapons System 12
    Bytes 44-45  (2006dac): Weapons System 13
    Bytes 46-47  (2006dae): Weapons System 14
    Bytes 48-49  (2006db0): Weapons System 15
    Bytes 50-51  (2006db2): Weapons System 16
    Bytes 52-53  (2006db4): Weapons System 17
    Bytes 54-55  (2006db6): Weapons System 18
    Bytes 56-57  (2006db8): Weapons System 19
    Bytes 58-59  (2006dba): Weapons System 20
    Byte 60      (2006dbc): Ammunition for Weapons System 1
    Byte 61      (2006dbd): Ammunition for Weapons System 2
    Byte 62      (2006dbe): Ammunition for Weapons System 3
    Byte 63      (2006dbf): Ammunition for Weapons System 4
    Byte 64      (2006dc0): Ammunition for Weapons System 5
    Byte 65      (2006dc1): Ammunition for Weapons System 6
    Byte 66      (2006dc2): Ammunition for Weapons System 7
    Byte 67      (2006dc3): Ammunition for Weapons System 8
    Byte 68      (2006dc4): Ammunition for Weapons System 9
    Byte 69      (2006dc5): Ammunition for Weapons System 10
    Byte 70      (2006dc6): Ammunition for Weapons System 11
    Byte 71      (2006dc7): Ammunition for Weapons System 12
    Byte 72      (2006dc8): Ammunition for Weapons System 13
    Byte 73      (2006dc9): Ammunition for Weapons System 14
    Byte 74      (2006dca): Ammunition for Weapons System 15
    Byte 75      (2006dcb): Ammunition for Weapons System 16
    Byte 76      (2006dcc): Ammunition for Weapons System 17
    Byte 77      (2006dcd): Ammunition for Weapons System 18
    Byte 78      (2006dce): Ammunition for Weapons System 19
    Byte 79      (2006dcf): Ammunition for Weapons System 20
    Byte 80      (2006dd0): Upgrades for Weapons System 1
    Byte 81      (2006dd1): Upgrades for Weapons System 2
    Byte 82      (2006dd2): Upgrades for Weapons System 3
    Byte 83      (2006dd3): Upgrades for Weapons System 4
    Byte 84      (2006dd4): Upgrades for Weapons System 5
    Byte 85      (2006dd5): Upgrades for Weapons System 6
    Byte 86      (2006dd6): Upgrades for Weapons System 7
    Byte 87      (2006dd7): Upgrades for Weapons System 8
    Byte 88      (2006dd8): Upgrades for Weapons System 9
    Byte 89      (2006dd9): Upgrades for Weapons System 10
    Byte 90      (2006dda): Upgrades for Weapons System 11
    Byte 91      (2006ddb): Upgrades for Weapons System 12
    Byte 92      (2006ddc): Upgrades for Weapons System 13
    Byte 93      (2006ddd): Upgrades for Weapons System 14
    Byte 94      (2006dde): Upgrades for Weapons System 15
    Byte 95      (2006ddf): Upgrades for Weapons System 16
    Byte 96      (2006de0): Upgrades for Weapons System 17
    Byte 97      (2006de1): Upgrades for Weapons System 18
    Byte 98      (2006de2): Upgrades for Weapons System 19
    Byte 99      (2006de3): Upgrades for Weapons System 20
    Byte 100     (2006de4): Conformal Part in Slot 1
    Byte 101     (2006de5): Conformal Part in Slot 2
    Byte 102     (2006de6): Conformal Part in Slot 3
    Byte 103     (2006de7): Conformal Part in Slot 4
    Byte 104     (2006de8): Upgrades to HP
    Byte 105     (2006de9): Upgrades to EN
    Byte 106     (2006dea): Upgrades to Agility
    Byte 107     (2006deb): Upgrades to Armor
    Byte 108     (2006dec): Upgrades to Limit
    Byte 109     (2006ded): Mecha Enable Byte
    Bytes 110-111(2006dee): Unknown / Filler
      Phew!  All 112 bytes (0-111).  So, what does all that mean?  Well:
    Current HP, EN, Shield - use these at will during game play.  Their effect is 
      self explanatory.  The Shield only works if the unit has a shield weapons 
      system (see below).
    Mecha Background Data Code - the BIG one.  This determines which set of 
      background data the game loads for a particular mecha.  What's in the 
      background data?  The map icon for the unit; the picture for the unit; the 
      unit's base HP, EN, Agility, Armor, Limit, and Terrain modifiers; the 
      unit's default number of Conformal Parts slots (overridden if you are in a 
      second play game); the unit's default Special Abilities (to which only 
      Sword and Shield may be added or subtracted); the unit's default 
      transformation, separation, and combination logic (more on this later).  
      Basically, this replaces everything but the pilots, upgrades, parts and 
      weapons of the mecha.
    Pilots - self explanatory, but you will only see Support Pilots if the 
      preceding pilot slot is full (that is, if you put a Pilot in Support Pilot 
      slot 4, but not in 1-3, you won't see that pilot).  If you want to change 
      your pilot into an enemy pilot ... there is a different procedure which 
      involves different memory addresses. This is part of the Pilot Hacking 
    Weapons Systems - again, self explanatory.  The weapons system indicated will 
      be installed on the mecha.  More detail is available in Sections 5 and 9.  
      Shields, Repair, and Supply count as Weapons Systems, as do Combination 
      Attacks.  There is a limit of 20 per mecha.
    Ammunition - self explanatory.  If a weapons system doesn't use ammunition, 
      this value is ignored.
    Weapons Upgrades - self explanatory.  For values beyond 15, I cannot attest 
      to the effects on the base attack.  It still does go up, however.
    Conformal Parts - makes the listed Conformal Part appear on the unit's 
      display.  Note that even if parts are not displayed, parts attached to this 
      unit will still be fully active.
    HP, EN, Agility, Armor, and Limit Upgrades - self explanatory.  Whatever 
      holds true for weapons upgrades holds true here.
    Enable Byte - Ah!  This determines whether or not you 'have' this mecha.  If 
      it is on (1), the mecha will be displayed in your intermission status 
      screens.  Note that transformations and variants need not be 'on' to be 
      usable (for example, the S/H variants for Mobile Fighter G Gundam mecha).
       Now, to modify a mecha other than the Gundam, you simply add the byte 
    number to the address in Section 6, the Mecha Block Address Table (do you see 
    why I started with 0?).  To find out what value to put in the various bytes, 
    look it up in the appropriate section.
    Section 5: An Example / Advanced Information
        Part A: Federal Forces GP-02a Physalis
        Now, let us turn from the abstract and general to the specific.  Let's 
    turn the clock to Universal Century 0083.  Anaheim Electronics develops the 
    Gundam Test Model Number 2 Machine (a.k.a. the GP-02a Physalis), which Anavel 
    Gato steals (in Scenario 6).  However, what if Anaheim and the Federal Forces 
    had a back-up GP-02a?
        Since 2nd Lieutenant Kou Uraki was assigned as the test pilot for the GP-
    01 Zephyranthes, it makes sense that this 'back-up' GP-02a should be piloted 
    by none other than his commander, Captain South Burning.
        So, here's how we would go about replacing the GM Custom with the GP-02a 
        First, we need to tell the game to load the GP-02a data instead of the GM 
    Custom data whenever fetching information about that mecha.  The GM Custom's 
    mecha block starts at 2007560.  Adding 8, we arrive at the address of the 
    Mecha Background Data Code, 2007568.  I've included the codes for all UC 
    mecha, so the GP-02a's MBDC is 22.  Therefore, we fix the 16-bit value of 
    2007568 at 22, and now the GM Custom loads the GP-02a data.
        However, the weapons systems are still off-line.  We need to add 5 
    weapons systems to the GM Custom: the GP-02a Shield, the 60mm Vulcan, the 
    Beam Rifle, the Hyper Beam Saber, and of course, the Atomic Bazooka.  The 
    first weapons system is located at 2007574.  Again, we use 16-bit unsigned 
    data.  So, we put 87 (for the shield) in 2007574.  In 2007576, we put in 88 
    to add the 60mm Vulcan.  To add the rest of the weapons systems, we put the 
    following values in the following addresses:
    2007578 - 89 (Beam Rifle)
    200757a - 90 (Hyper Beam Saber)
    200757c - 91 (Atomic Bazooka)
        Now, all the weapons are properly installed on the GP-02a, and the GM 
    Custom's weapons systems have been over-written.  There are other things we 
    can do to this unit, but we'll talk about those game logic related questions 
    in Part D.  For now, it is important to note the following:
    The GP-02a cannot be upgraded via the normal, Intermission screen method.
    The GP-02a cannot be assigned any Conformal Parts via the normal method.
    If you keep the GP-02a MBCD code on during a stage where you meet the GP-02a 
      as an enemy, the cursor will crash.  Everything will return to normal if 
      you remove the MBCD code.
    The GP-02a weapons systems will not display properly during an Intermission.
    The GP-02a weapons systems will start off with an incorrect amount of 
        A lot of drawbacks, huh?  This is why it is usually simplest to stick to 
    adding weapons onto mecha, rather than doing complete transformations.
        Part B: Non-Standard Weapons Systems
        There are several 'non-standard' weapons systems that behave in a 
    different manner than normal weapons.  (That is, they don't just violently 
    harm their targets.)  Two systems, Shuuri Souchi (Repair Equipment) and 
    Hokyuu Souchi (Supply Equipment) enable the appropriate Repair and Supply 
    commands for mecha.  Repair should repair 500 points of damage plus 60 times 
    the current level of the pilot conducting the repairs.  (For example, Yumi 
    Sayaka in Diana A is a level 17 pilot.  She can repair a maximum of 500 + 
    17x60 = 1520 points of damage.)  Also, keep in mind that repairing can do 
    nothing for damaged (or destroyed) shields.
        Repairers that are of equal level with their repair targets gain 
    experience equal to the amount of damage repaired divided by 10.  For every 
    level that the repairer exceeds that of the target, the experience gained is 
    divided in half (so, Amount / 20 for a Repairer one level higher, Amount / 40 
    for one two levels higher, Amount / 80 for one three levels higher, and so 
        Suppliers that are of equal level with their supply targets receive a 
    flat 200 XP, regardless of the amount re-supplied.  For every level that the 
    target exceeds the supplier, add 60 XP to this value.  If the supplier is one 
    level over that of its target, the experience received is only 100.  (I have 
    not confirmed greater differences.)  The maximum amount of experience gain is 
        Then there is the Shield weapons system itself.  Certain mecha have 
    physical armor shields that can be used to deflect incoming attacks.  If a 
    pilot has the Kiri Barai skill, then I believe the shield becomes more 
    effective at reducing incoming damage.  In any case, a Shield weapons system 
    has a base strength.  This is usually represented by the Base Shield 
    information in the Mecha Guide.  Therefore, the Shield represented by code 0 
    (Gundam's shield) has a base strength of 2000.  The Gundam Ez-08's Shield, 
    however (44) has a base strength of 3000.  Note that the picture of the 
    Shield is based on the sprites stored with the MBDC, not with the weapon 
    itself.  I am not sure what will be displayed if a unit without Shield 
    sprites uses a shield.
        Mobile Fighter G Gundam mecha also have 'ultimate' attacks.  These are 
    the domain of the Shuffle Union mecha (God Gundam, Gundam Maxter, Gundam 
    Rose, Dragon Gundam, Bolt Gundam).  These attacks only work when the mecha is 
    in its S or H form.  They do not normally appear as installed on the mecha 
    during intermission, and you cannot therefore upgrade them during 
    intermission.  As will be apparent (when these attacks are added), the 
    'ultimate' attacks linked to the regular Mobile Fighter slots are basically 
    placeholders, as they could never actually be used (e.g., Gundam Rose has a 
    Roses Hurricane weapon, but this unit can never use that attack; Gundam Rose 
    S, however, has a different Roses Hurricane, and that is the one it will 
        What about Combination Attacks?
        Part C: Combination Attacks
        Combination Attacks are much trickier.  They don't appear except when the 
    game's internal logic is satisfied that they should be displayed.  Basically, 
    this means these attacks will only be displayed when the appropriate mecha 
    (and pilots) are within 2 squares of each other.
        Like the 'ultimate' attacks of the Shuffle Union, certain Combination 
    Attacks are placeholders.  This is especially true of the Getta mecha.
        What internal logic needs to be satisfied for combination attacks to be 
    displayed?  Well, the game checks the following:
        1) Does the Mecha Background Data Code for this mecha match the hard-
    coded value for the mecha which can correctly execute this attack?
        2) Do the Mecha Background Data Code for neighboring mecha (within 2 
    squares) match those for the mecha which must be within the Combination 
    radius of the executing mecha to display this attack?
        3) For certain attacks: Do the Pilot Codes for the executing (and 
    neighboring) mecha designated in 1 and 2 match those for acceptable pilots 
    that can execute this attack?
        If all these conditions are satisfied, the attack appears.  The damage 
    for a Combination Attack is based on the Attack Modifier (see the Mecha 
    Guide) and the damage of the hard-coded weapons system that is used in the 
    Combination.  If that weapon is not present, the attack strength becomes -1 
    (or -2 in the case of the Shuffle Doumeiken).  This does not actually mean 
    that the attack will heal the target.
        Part D: Game Logic
        There are limits to what we can and cannot overwrite, however.  Certain 
    internal game rules always, always apply.
    1 - Transformation Rules:
        Certain blocks of mecha data are linked via transformation.  For example, 
    the Methuss (2007870) and the Methuss (MA) (20078e0) are linked via the 
    Transformation command.  If a mecha thinks it is the Methuss (MBDC 36), it 
    will be given the Transformation command.  Let's say we turn the Gundam into 
    the Methuss by putting 36 in address 2006d88.  But what happens if you 
    transform it?
        The game falls back on its internal logic, and actually replaces (removes 
    the Gundam from the map, and puts the new unit in its place) the Gundam which 
    thinks it is a Methuss with the Methuss (MA).  If you transform it again, you 
    will not get your Gundam-Methuss back, but you will instead get ... the real 
    Methuss!  (With whichever pilot is assigned to the Methuss, or Lalah Sune 
    [pilot 0] if you don't have a pilot assigned to this mecha.)  Why?  The game 
    loads the REAL Methuss (MA) when it transforms, and when the Methuss (MA) 
    transforms, it loads the REAL Methuss.  You see how that works?
        Now, if we overwrote the Methuss with, say, the Elmeth, and we 
    transformed the Methuss (MA), we'd get the Methuss-Elmeth.  However, this new 
    unit cannot transform at all!  (Since the Elmeth cannot transform.)  
    Hopefully, that is clear enough.
        This applies to any type of transformation (including the use of 
    Super/Hyper modes for Mobile Fighters).
    2 - Separation / Combination Rules:
        Basically, the same logic that applies to Transformation applies to these 
    two.  Overwrite the Gundam with the Apsaras, and when you separate the G Bull 
    you'll get the G Fighter and the Apsaras.  These units, however, could never 
    combine back together again!
        Also, there is an internal order to how support pilots are added or 
    subtracted when mecha combine or separate.  For example, if the G Fighter 
    combines with the Gundam, the G Fighter pilot becomes the new combined 
    mecha's support pilot number 1.
    Section 6: Mecha Block Address Table
        Remember, this is the beginning of each mecha block.  To find a 
    particular address inside this block, add the byte number to the listed 
    address.  As this are memory addresses, they are in hexadecimal, and all 
    hexadecimal math rules apply!
    2006d80 - Gundam
    2006df0 - G Fighter
    2006e60 - G Armor
    2006ed0 - G Bull
    2006f40 - G Sky
    2006fb0 - Gundam (MA)
    2007020 - Full Armor Gundam
    2007090 - Zakrello
    2007100 - Elmeth
    2007170 - Char's Personal Use Gelgoog (Char Sen'you Gelgoog)
    20071e0 - Gundam Ez-08
    2007250 - High Mobility Type Zaku (Koukidou Kata Zaku)
    20072c0 - Apsaras
    2007330 - Gouf Custom
    20073a0 - Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine (Gundam Shisaku 1-Gou Ki)
    2007410 - Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine Fb (Gundam Shisaku 1-Gou Ki Fb)
    2007480 - Gundam Test Model Number 3 Machine (Gundam Shisaku 3-Gou Ki)
    20074f0 - Gundam Stamen
    2007560 - GM Custom
    20075d0 - Z Gundam
    2007640 - Waverider
    20076b0 - Gundam Mk. II
    2007720 - Super Gundam
    2007790 - G Flyer
    2007800 - Hyakku Shiki
    2007870 - Methuss
    20078e0 - Methuss (MA)
    2007950 - Argama
    20079c0 - ZZ Gundam
    2007a30 - G Fortress
    2007aa0 - Full Armor ZZ Gundam
    2007b10 - Near Argama
    2007b80 - Qubeley Mk. II (purple)
    2007bf0 - Qubeley Mk. II (brown)
    2007c60 - Nu Gundam
    2007cd0 - Re-GZ (BWS)
    2007d40 - Re-GZ
    2007db0 - Ra Kalium
    2007e20 - Sazabi
    2007e90 - Shining Gundam
    2007f00 - Shining Gundam S
    2007f70 - God Gundam
    2007fe0 - God Gundam H
    2008050 - Gundam Maxter
    20080c0 - Gundam Rose
    2008130 - Dragon Gundam
    20081a0 - Bolt Gundam
    2008210 - Rising Gundam
    2008280 - Gundam Spiegel
    20082f0 - Nobel Gundam
    2008360 - God Gundam (Fu'unsaiki)
    20083d0 - Fu'unsaiki
    2008440 - Master Gundam
    20084b0 - Master Gundam (Fu'unsaiki)
    2008520 - Wing Zero Custom
    2008590 - Deathscythe Hell Custom
    2008600 - Heavyarms Custom
    2008670 - Sandrock Custom
    20086e0 - Altron Custom
    2008750 - Tallgeese III
    20087c0 - Taurus
    2008830 - Taurus (MA)
    20088a0 - Dragonar Type-1 (Dragonar 1-Kata)
    2008910 - Dragonar Type-2 (Dragonar 2-Kata)
    2008980 - Dragonar Type-3 (Dragonar 3-Kata)
    20089f0 - Cavalier Type-0 (Cavalier 0-Kata)
    2008a60 - Dragonar Type-1 Lifter (Dragonar 1-Kata (L))
    2008ad0 - Dragonar Type-2 Lifter (Dragonar 2-Kata (L))
    2008b40 - Dragonar Type-3 Lifter (Dragonar 3-Kata (L))
    2008bb0 - Dragonar Type-1 Custom (Dragonar 1-Kata Custom)
    2008c20 - Dragonar Type-2 Custom (Dragonar 2-Kata Custom)
    2008c90 - Dragoon
    2008d00 - Falgen
    2008d70 - Zambot 3
    2008de0 - Daitarn 3
    2008e50 - Dai-Fighter
    2008ec0 - Dai-Tank
    2008f30 - Mazinger-Z
    2008fa0 - Diana A
    2009010 - Boss Borot
    2009080 - Minerva X
    20090f0 - Great Mazinger
    2009160 - Venus A
    20091d0 - Mass Produced Great Mazinger (Ryosan Kata Great)
    2009240 - Grandizer
    20092b0 - Spazer
    2009320 - Grandizer (WS)
    2009390 - Grandizer (MS)
    2009400 - Grandizer (DS)
    2009470 - Double Spazer
    20094e0 - Marine Spazer
    2009550 - Drill Spazer
    20095c0 - Getta-1
    2009630 - Getta-2
    20096a0 - Getta-3
    2009710 - Texas Mack
    2009780 - Getta Q
    20097f0 - Getta Dragon
    2009860 - Getta Liger
    20098d0 - Getta Poseidon
    2009940 - Mecha Tetsukan Oni
    20099b0 - Mecha Kochou Oni
    2009a20 - Shin Getta-1
    2009a90 - Shin Getta-2
    2009b00 - Shin Getta-3
    2009b70 - Combattler V
    2009be0 - Kerot
    2009c50 - Kerot (Kon V)
    2009cc0 - Voltes V
    2009d30 - Daimos
    2009da0 - Galba FX II
    2009e10 - Aestivalis (Aerial) Akito
    2009e80 - Aestivalis (0G) Akito
    2009ef0 - Aestivalis (Artillery) Akito
    2009f60 - Aestivalis (Aerial) Gai
    2009fd0 - Aestivalis (0G) Gai
    200a040 - Aestivalis (Artillery) Gai
    200a0b0 - Aestivalis (Aerial) Ryoko
    200a120 - Aestivalis (0G) Ryoko
    200a190 - Aestivalis (Artillery) Ryoko
    200a200 - Aestivalis (Aerial) Hikaru
    200a270 - Aestivalis (0G) Hikaru
    200a2e0 - Aestivalis (Artillery) Hikaru
    200a350 - Aestivalis (Aerial) Izumi
    200a3c0 - Aestivalis (0G) Izumi
    200a430 - Aestivalis (Artillery) Izumi
    200a4a0 - Aestivalis (Aerial) Akatsuki
    200a510 - Aestivalis (0G) Akatsuki
    200a580 - Aestivalis (Artillery) Akatsuki
    200a5f0 - Nadesico
    200a660 - Nadesico (Y-Unit)
    200a6d0 - Aestivalis (Lunar Surface Frame) (Aestivalis Getsumen F)
    200a740 - Soul Gain
    200a7b0 - Vysaga
    200a820 - Angelgu
    200a890 - Ash Saber
    200a900 - Raaza Angurifu
    200a970 - God Gundam H (Fu'unsaiki)
    200a9e0 - Dragonar Type-3 Custom (Dragonar 3-Kata Custom)
    200aa50 - Dai-Tetsujin
    200aac0 - Gundam Maxter S
    200ab30 - Gundam Rose S
    200aba0 - Dragon Gundam S
    200ac10 - Bolt Gundam S
    200ac80 - Master Gundam S
    200acf0 - Master GS (Fu'unsaiki)
    200ad60 - Getta-1 [non-transforming]
    200add0 - Getta Dragon [non-transforming]
    200ae40 - God Gundam H (Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    200aeb0 - Master GS (Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    200ae20 - Gundam Maxter S [boxing variant, sprite use only!]
    Section 7: Mecha Background Data Code Table
        Remember, always enter this as 16-bit, unsigned data!  Otherwise, the lo-
    byte ordering will be off, and the game will most likely crash very 
    painfully.  (The system will try to read data from a part of the game that 
    doesn't have the right data.)
    0 - Gundam
    1 - G Fighter
    2 - G Armor
    3 - G Bull
    4 - G Sky
    5 - Gundam (MA)
    6 - Full Armor Gundam
    7 - Zakrello
    8 - Elmeth
    9 - Zeong
    10 - Char's Personal Use Gelgoog (Char Sen'you Gelgoog)
    11 - Zaku II
    12 - Gundam Ez-08
    13 - High Mobility Type Zaku (Koukidou Kata Zaku)
    14 - Apsaras
    15 - Apsaras Perfect Type (Apsaras Kanzen Kata)
    16 - Gouf Custom
    17 - Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine (Gundam Shisaku 1-Gou Ki)
    18 - Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine Fb (Gundam Shisaku 1-Gou Ki Fb)
    19 - Gundam Test Model Number 3 Machine (Gundam Shisaku 3-Gou Ki)
    20 - Gundam Stamen
    21 - GM Custom
    22 - Gundam Test Model Number 2 Machine (Gundam Shisaku 2-Gou Ki)
    23 - Neue Ziel
    24 - Val Varo
    25 - Gerbera Tetra
    26 - Dom II
    27 - Gwaden
    28 - Gelgoog M Commander's Version (Cima Garahau's Personal Variant)
    29 - Gelgoog M
    30 - Z Gundam
    31 - Waverider
    32 - Gundam Mk. II
    33 - Super Gundam
    34 - G Flyer
    35 - Hyakku Shiki
    36 - Methuss
    37 - Methuss (MA)
    38 - Argama
    39 - Psycho Gundam
    40 - Psycho Gundam Mk. II
    41 - ZZ Gundam
    42 - G Fortress
    43 - Full Armor ZZ Gundam
    44 - Near Argama
    45 - Qubeley Mk. II (purple)
    46 - Qubeley Mk. II (orange/brown)
    47 - Qubeley (white)
    48 - Quin Mantha
    49 - Hamma Hamma
    50 - Zaku III Custom (Zaku III Kai)
    51 - Geymark
    52 - Doven Wolf
    53 - Bawoo
    54 - Dreissen
    55 - Zssa
    56 - Mass Produced Qubeley (Ryosan Kata Qubeley)
    57 - Nu Gundam
    58 - Re-GZ (BWS)
    59 - Re-GZ
    60 - Ra Kalium
    61 - Sazabi
    62 - Alpha Aziel
    63 - Jagd Doga (green, yellow highlights)
    64 - Jagd Doga (red, white highlights)
    65 - Geara Doga (purple)
    66 - Geara Doga (green)
    67 - Shining Gundam
    68 - Shining Gundam S
    69 - God Gundam
    70 - God Gundam H
    71 - Gundam Maxter
    72 - Gundam Rose
    73 - Dragon Gundam
    74 - Bolt Gundam
    75 - Rising Gundam
    76 - Gundam Spiegel
    77 - Nobel Gundam
    78 - God Gundam (Fu'unsaiki)
    79 - Fu'unsaiki
    80 - Master Gundam
    81 - Master Gundam (Fu'unsaiki)
    82 - Nobel Gundam B [Berserk Mode]
    83 - Devil Gundam
    84 - Devil Gundam [Version 2]
    85 - Devil Gundam [Version 3]
    86 - Death Army
    87 - Wing Zero Custom
    88 - Deathscythe Hell Custom
    89 - Heavyarms Custom
    90 - Sandrock Custom
    91 - Altron Custom
    92 - Tallgeese III
    93 - Taurus
    94 - Taurus (MA)
    95 - Serpent
    96 - Taurus [black, enemy version]
    97 - Dragonar Type-1 (Dragonar 1-Kata)
    98 - Dragonar Type-2 (Dragonar 2-Kata)
    99 - Dragonar Type-3 (Dragonar 3-Kata)
    100 - Cavalier Type-0 (Cavalier 0-Kata)
    101 - Dragonar Type-1 Lifter (Dragonar 1-Kata (L))
    102 - Dragonar Type-2 Lifter (Dragonar 2-Kata (L))
    103 - Dragonar Type-3 Lifter (Dragonar 3-Kata (L))
    104 - Dragonar Type-1 Custom (Dragonar 1-Kata Custom)
    105 - Dragonar Type-2 Custom (Dragonar 2-Kata Custom)
    106 - Dragoon
    107 - Falgen
    108 - Dyne
    109 - Stark Dyne
    110 - Gebaye
    111 - Stark Gebaye
    112 - Drau
    113 - Schwelg
    114 - Stark Dowtwen
    115 - Gan Dora
    116 - Stark Gan Dora
    117 - Gelf
    118 - Jagd Gelf
    119 - Reb Gelf
    120 - Zwei
    121 - Geyzam
    122 - Girugazamune (Yellow, Gray)
    123 - Girugazamune (Yellow, Red, Blue)
    124 - Girugazamune (Green, Blue)
    125 - Zambot 3
    126 - Bandock
    127 - Desukain
    128 - Herudain
    129 - Mekabuusuto Zondaa
    130 - Mekabuusuto Dangarun
    131 - Mekabuusuto Garuchahku
    132 - Mekabuusuto Doyozuraa
    133 - Mekabuusuto Torashihdo
    134 - Mekabuusuto Anmosugaa
    135 - Daitarn 3
    136 - Dai-Fighter
    137 - Dai-Tank
    138 - Aiai
    139 - Don Zausaa
    140 - Mechaborg Mireenu
    141 - Mechaborg Aisaa
    142 - Mechaborg Risaa
    143 - Giant Combined Mechaborg (Kyodai Gattai Mechaborg)
    144 - Mechaborg Tooresu
    145 - Mettangaa
    146 - Niebelungen
    147 - Mazinger Z
    148 - Diana A
    149 - Boss Borot
    150 - Minerva X
    151 - Great Mazinger
    152 - Venus A
    153 - Ryosan Kata Great
    154 - Darkness Great Shogun (Ankoku Dai-Shogun)
    155 - Fortress Demonika (Yousai Demonika)
    156 - Battle Beast Gogula (Sentou Kemono Gogula)
    157 - Battle Beast Volcania (Sentou Kemono Volcania)
    158 - Battle Beast Giran (Sentou Kemono Giran)
    159 - Battle Beast Dokaigar (Sentou Kemono Dokaigaa)
    160 - Grandizer
    161 - Spazer
    162 - Grandizer (WS)
    163 - Grandizer (MS)
    164 - Grandizer (DS)
    165 - Double Spazer
    166 - Marine Spazer
    167 - Drill Spazer
    168 - Battle Mothership (Sentou Bokan)
    169 - King Obu Vega
    170 - Disc Beast Gin Gin (Enban Kemono Gin Gin)
    171 - Vega Beast Zunezune (Vega Kemono Zunezune)
    172 - Queen Spazer
    173 - Vega Beast Guragura (Vega Kemono Guragura)
    174 - Getta-1
    175 - Getta-2
    176 - Getta-3
    177 - Texas Mack
    178 - Getta-Q
    179 - Getta Dragon
    180 - Getta Liger
    181 - Getta Poseidon
    182 - Mecha Iron Armor Demon (Mecha Tetsukan Oni)
    183 - Mecha Butterfly Demon (Mecha Kochou Oni)
    184 - Mecha Fortress Demon (Mecha Yousai Oni)
    185 - Mecha Skeleton Demon (Mecha Hakkotsu Oni)
    186 - Mecha Mask Demon (Mecha Kakumen Oni)
    187 - Gattai Hyakkuki Robot (Combined 100 Demon Robot)
    188 - Shin Getta-1
    189 - Shin Getta-2
    190 - Shin Getta-3
    191 - Combattler V
    192 - Kerot
    193 - Kerot (Kon V)
    194 - Sento Magma
    195 - Magma Beast Dakuron (Magma Kemono Dakuron)
    196 - Magma Beast Great I (Magma Kemono Great I)
    197 - Magma Beast Great II (Magma Kemono Great II)
    198 - Voltes V
    199 - Scarecrow
    200 - Guardian Deity Goodoru (Shugojin Goodoru)
    201 - Beast Warrior Baizanga (Juushi Baizanga)
    202 - Armored Beast Daimon (Yoroi Juushi Daimon)
    203 - Armored Beast Saimon (Yoroi Juushi Saimon)
    204 - Daimos
    205 - Galba FX-II
    206 - Garunrooru
    207 - Mecha Beast Warrior Zonnekaiser (Mecha Juushi Zonnekaizaa)
    208 - Mecha Beast Warrior Gimeria (Mecha Juushi Gimeria)
    209 - Koburaado
    210 - Mecha Beast Warrior Gohdoaamon (Mecha Juushi Gohdoaamon)
    211 - Battle Robot Zubanzaa (Sentou Robo Zubanzaa)
    212 - Aestivalis (Aerial) Akito
    213 - Aestivalis (0G) Akito
    214 - Aestivalis (Artillery) Akito
    215 - Aestivalis (Aerial) Gai
    216 - Aestivalis (0G) Gai
    217 - Aestivalis (Artillery) Gai
    218 - Aestivalis (Aerial) Ryoko
    219 - Aestivalis (0G) Ryoko
    220 - Aestivalis (Artillery) Ryoko
    221 - Aestivalis (Aerial) Hikaru
    222 - Aestivalis (0G) Hikaru
    223 - Aestivalis (Artillery) Hikaru
    224 - Aestivalis (Aerial) Izumi
    225 - Aestivalis (0G) Izumi
    226 - Aestivalis (Artillery) Izumi
    227 - Aestivalis (Aerial) Akatsuki
    228 - Aestivalis (0G) Akatsuki
    229 - Aestivalis (Artillery) Akatsuki
    230 - Nadesico
    231 - Nadesico (Y Unit)
    232 - Aestivalis (Getsumen F)
    233 - Tetsujin
    234 - Majin
    235 - Denjin
    236 - Dai-Majin
    237 - Dai-Tetsujin [enemy version]
    238 - Devil Aestivalis
    239 - Batta [space version]
    240 - Katanbo
    241 - Soul Gain
    242 - Vysaga
    243 - Angelgu
    244 - Ash Saber
    245 - Raaza Angurifu
    246 - Tsuvaizer Gain
    247 - God Gundam H (Fu'unsaiki)
    248 - Battle Robo Dolly (Sentou Robo Dari)
    249 - Battle Robo Dolly (Sentou Robo Dari) [ball form]
    250 - Grand Master Gundam
    251 - Zaku II MS-06F2
    252 - Apsaras [Ghinias's HP boosted version]
    253 - Sazabi [HP boosted/enemy version]
    254 - Dragonar Type-3 Custom (Dragonar 3-Kata Custom)
    255 - Daitarn 3 [HP boosted/enemy version]
    256 - Grandizer [HP boosted/enemy version]
    257 - Soul Gain [HP boosted/enemy version]
    258 - Vysaga [HP boosted/enemy version]
    259 - Angelgu [HP boosted/enemy version]
    260 - Ash Saber [HP boosted/enemy version]
    261 - Raaza Angurifu [HP boosted/enemy version]
    262 - Dai-Tetsujin [HP lessened/friendly version]
    263 - Gundam Maxter S
    264 - Gundam Rose S
    265 - Dragon Gundam S
    266 - Bolt Gundam S
    267 - Master Gundam S
    268 - Master GS (Fu'unsaiki, left facing)
    269 - Getta-1 [non-transforming]
    270 - Getta Dragon [non-transforming]
    271 - Koros
    272 - Aestivalis Akito (Land) [NPC in Scenario 4]
    273 - Batta [aerial version]
    274 - Batta [first land version]
    275 - Batta [another land version]
    276 - God Gundam H (Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    277 - Master GS (Fu'unsaiki, right facing) [more powerful variant]
    278 - Gundam Maxter S [possibly the boxing variant]
    279 - Geshpenst Mk. II
    Section 8: Pilot Code Table
        For the record, there is no difference between the Super and regular 
    version of the pilot's statistics (the sole exception is the Berserk Allenby 
    Biazury, but you need to use a different process to put Berserk Allenby in 
    the pilot's seat ... that's the Pilot Hacking Guide).  If you put a 'Super' 
    pilot in control, they will drop back to normal upon executing any attack.
    0 - Lalah Sune
    1 - Shiro Amada
    2 - Aina Sahalin
    3 - Norris Packard
    4 - Kou Uraki
    5 - South Burning
    6 - Camille Bidan
    7 - Quattro Bajina
    8 - Fa Yuiry
    9 - Four Murasame
    10 - Rosmaia Badam
    11 - Judau Ashta
    12 - Roux Louka
    13 - Sayla Mass
    14 - Elpe Puru
    15 - Puru 2
    16 - Amuro Rey
    17 - Bright Noah
    18 - Kayra Su
    19 - Domon Kasshu
    20 - Domon Kasshu (Red/Berserk Background)
    21 - Domon Kasshu (Yellow/Clear and Serene Background)
    22 - Rain Mikamura
    23 - Schwarz Bruder
    24 - Sai Sici
    25 - Sai Sici (Yellow/Super Mode Background)
    26 - Chibodee Crocket
    27 - Chibodee Crocket (Yellow/Super Mode Background)
    28 - George de Sand
    29 - George de Sand (Yellow/Super Mode Background)
    30 - Argo Gulskii
    31 - Argo Gulskii (Yellow/Super Mode Background)
    32 - Allenby Biazury
    33 - Fu'unsaiki
    34 - Master Asia
    35 - Master Asia (Yellow/Super Mode Background)
    36 - Hiiro Yuy
    37 - Duo Maxwell
    38 - Trowa Barton
    39 - Quatre Raberba Winner
    40 - Zechs Merquise
    41 - Lucrezia Noin
    42 - Zhang Wufei
    43 - Ken Wakaba
    44 - Tapp Oceano
    45 - Light Newman
    46 - Maillot Plarto
    47 - Kami Kappei
    48 - Kamie Uchuuta
    49 - Kamikita Keiko
    50 - Haran Banjo
    51 - Beautiful Tachibana
    52 - Kabuto Kouji
    53 - Yumi Sayaka
    54 - Boss
    55 - Tsurugi Tetsuya
    56 - Homura Jun
    57 - Duke Freid
    58 - Grace Maria Freid
    59 - Makiba Hikaru
    60 - Kirika
    61 - Rubina
    62 - Nagare Ryuuma
    63 - Jin Hayato
    64 - Tomoe Musashi
    65 - Saotome Michiru
    66 - Jack King
    67 - Mary King
    68 - Saotome Miyuki
    69 - Kuruma Benkei
    70 - Tetsukan Oni
    71 - Kochou Oni
    72 - Lisa
    73 - Aoi Hyouma
    74 - Naniwa Jyuuzou
    75 - Nishikawa Daisuke
    76 - Nanbara Chizuru
    77 - Matsuki Kosuke
    78 - Ichinoki Kenta
    79 - Ichinoki Kazuyoshi
    80 - Gou Kentarou
    81 - Gou Daijiro
    82 - Gou Hiroshi
    83 - Mine Ippei
    84 - Oka Megumi
    85 - Ryuuzaki Kazuya
    86 - Yuuzuki Kyoshirou
    87 - Izumi Nana
    88 - Tenkawa Akito
    89 - Misumaru Yurika
    90 - Daigouji Gai
    91 - Subaru Ryoko
    92 - Amano Hikaru
    93 - Maki Izumi
    94 - Akatsuki Nagare
    95 - Shiratori Tsukumo
    96 - Axel Aruma
    97 - Lamia Loveless
        Beyond 97, the game will dynamically assign numbers to the enemy pilots 
    present on that stage.  For example, if Zeon Soldiers are the only enemy 
    alive on the current stage, they are code 98.
    Section 9: Weapons System Code Table
        For some weapons systems, a ? is appended to the mecha name.  This refers 
    to non-verified enemy mecha weapons systems.  (That is, I have not personally 
    seen that mecha in the game yet, and therefore it may belong to a different 
    mecha or has been removed from the game.)  The 'base', non-translated name 
    for the weapons system is used.  To find out the statistics for these weapons 
    systems, please refer to the Super Robot Taisen A Mecha Guide.  For Shields, 
    the base Shield value of the corresponding mecha will tell you the base 
    shield strength.  Weapons with the notation 'removed' indicate that the mecha 
    does not have this weapons system in the game.  (Probably, the original 
    design had this weapon, but it was later removed.)
        Hokyuu Souchi refers to Supply Equipment; Shuuri Souchi refers to Repair 
    Equipment, and will enable the appropriate command for that unit.
        Weapons Systems with a * are Combination Attacks.  (See Sections 5.C and 
    5.D for more details).  Weapons systems with a *@ are Combination Attacks 
    that also check for correct pilots.  The names in [brackets] after a *@ 
    indicate the pilots that must be present for this combination to work.
        Weapons Systems whose name appears in [brackets] denotes a 'placeholder' 
    or legacy weapons system that cannot, for various reasons, ever be forced to 
    appear.  These are Combination Attacks whose participating mecha went through 
    a change (see Section 10 for details.)  Do not use these attacks!
    0 - Shield (Gundam)
    1 - 60mm Vulcan (Gundam)
    2 - Beam Rifle (Gundam)
    3 - Beam Saber (Gundam)
    4 - Beam Javelin (Gundam)
    5 - Hyper Bazooka (Gundam)
    6 - Hyper Hammer (Gundam)
    7 - Super Napalm (Gundam)
    8 - Hokyuu Souchi (G Fighter)
    9 - Missile Launcher (G Fighter)
    10 - Beam Cannon (G Fighter)
    11 - Missile Launcher (G Armor)
    12 - Beam Cannon (G Armor)
    13 - Beam Rifle (G Bull)
    14 - Beam Cannon (G Bull)
    15 - 30mm 2 Rensou Vulcan (G Sky)
    16 - Missile Launcher (G Sky)
    17 - Shield (Gundam (MA))
    18 - 60mm Vulcan (Gundam (MA))
    19 - Beam Rifle (Gundam (MA))
    20 - Beam Saber (Gundam (MA))
    21 - Beam Javelin (Gundam (MA))
    22 - Hyper Bazooka (Gundam (MA))
    23 - Hyper Hammer (Gundam (MA))
    24 - Super Napalm (Gundam (MA))
    25 - Vulcan (FA Gundam)
    26 - Beam Saber (FA Gundam)
    27 - 2 Rensou Beam Cannon (FA Gundam)
    28 - Shoulder Cannon (FA Gundam)
    29 - Missile (Zakrello)
    30 - Kakusan Beam Hou (Zakrello)
    31 - Heat Nata (Zakrello)
    32 - Mega Ryuushi Hou (Elmeth)
    33 - Bit (Elmeth)
    34 - Kakusan Mega Ryuushi Hou (Zeong)
    35 - Mega Ryuushi Hou (Zeong)
    36 - Yuusenshiki Mega Ryuushi Hou (Zeong)
    37 - Shield (Char's Personal Use Gelgoog)
    38 - Beam Rifle (Char's Personal Use Gelgoog)
    39 - Beam Naginata (Char's Personal Use Gelgoog)
    40 - Shield (Zaku II)
    41 - 120mm Machine Gun (Zaku II)
    42 - Heat Hawk (Zaku II)
    43 - 240mm Bazooka (Zaku II)
    44 - Shield (Gundam Ez-08)
    45 - Senkai Shiki Vulcan (Gundam Ez-08)
    46 - Beam Rifle (Gundam Ez-08)
    47 - Beam Saber (Gundam Ez-08)
    48 - 180mm Cannon (Gundam Ez-08)
    49 - 120mm Machine Gun (High Mobility Type Zaku)
    50 - Heat Hawk (High Mobility Type Zaku)
    51 - 240mm Bazooka (High Mobility Type Zaku)
    52 - Oogata Mega Ryuushi Hou (Apsaras)
    53 - Oogata Mega Ryuushi Hou MAP (Apsaras)
    54 - Kakusan Mega Ryuushi Hou (Apsaras Perfect Type)
    55 - Oogata Mega Ryuushi Hou (Apsaras Perfect Type)
    56 - Oogata Mega Ryuushi Hou MAP (Apsaras Perfect Type)
    57 - Shield (Gouf Custom)
    58 - 3 Rensou Vulcan Hou (Gouf Custom)
    59 - Heat Saber (Gouf Custom)
    60 - Gatling Shield (Gouf Custom)
    61 - Heat Rod (Gouf Custom)
    62 - Shield (Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine)
    63 - 60mm Vulcan (Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine)
    64 - Beam Gun (Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine, removed)
    65 - Beam Rifle (Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine)
    66 - Beam Saber (Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine)
    67 - Shield (Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine Fb)
    68 - 60mm Vulcan (Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine Fb)
    69 - Beam Gun (Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine Fb)
    70 - Beam Rifle (Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine Fb)
    71 - Beam Saber (Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine Fb)
    72 - Long Barrel Rifle (Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine Fb)
    73 - Micro Missile (Gundam Test Model Number 3 Machine)
    74 - Beam Rifle (Gundam Test Model Number 3 Machine)
    75 - Folding Bazooka (Gundam Test Model Number 3 Machine)
    76 - Oogata Beam Saber (Gundam Test Model Number 3 Machine)
    77 - Mega Beam Hou (Gundam Test Model Number 3 Machine)
    78 - 0 Kyouri Beam Hou (Gundam Test Model Number 3 Machine)
    79 - Shield (Gundam Stamen)
    80 - Beam Rifle (Gundam Stamen)
    81 - Beam Saber (Gundam Stamen)
    82 - Folding Bazooka (Gundam Stamen)
    83 - Shield (GM Custom)
    84 - 60mm Vulcan (GM Custom)
    85 - GM Rifle (GM Custom)
    86 - Beam Saber (GM Custom)
    87 - Shield (Gundam Test Model Number 2 Machine)
    88 - 60mm Vulcan (Gundam Test Model Number 2 Machine)
    89 - Beam Rifle (Gundam Test Model Number 2 Machine)
    90 - Hyper Beam Saber (Gundam Test Model Number 2 Machine)
    91 - Atomic Bazooka (Gundam Test Model Number 2 Machine)
    92 - Henkou Mega Ryuushi Cannon (Neue Ziel?)
    93 - Oogata Missile Launcher (Neue Ziel?)
    94 - Yuusen Claw Arm (Neue Ziel?)
    95 - Oogata Beam Saber (Neue Ziel?)
    96 - Mega Cannon Hou (Neue Ziel?)
    97 - Plasma Leader (Val Varo)
    98 - Missile Pod (Val Varo)
    99 - Taiatari (Val Varo)
    100 - Oogata Mega Ryuushi Hou (Val Varo)
    101 - 110mm Kikanhou (Gerbera Tetra)
    102 - Beam Saber (Gerbera Tetra)
    103 - Beam Machinegun (Gerbera Tetra)
    104 - Kakusan Beam Hou (Dom II)
    105 - 120mm Machine Gun (Dom II)
    106 - Sturm Faust (Dom II)
    107 - Heat Saber (Dom II)
    108 - Giant Bazooka (Dom II)
    109 - Jet Stream Attack (Dom II)*@ [Gaia, Ortega, Mash]
    110 - 115mm Rensou Kikanhou (Gwaden)
    111 - 2 Rensou Mega Ryuushi Fukuhou (Gwaden)
    112 - 2 Rensou Mega Ryuushi Shuuhou (Gwaden)
    113 - Shield (Gelgoog M Commander's Version)
    114 - 40mm Vulcan (Gelgoog M Commander's Version)
    115 - 110mm Sokushahou (Gelgoog M Commander's Version)
    116 - Beam Saber (Gelgoog M Commander's Version)
    117 - Beam Rifle (Gelgoog M Commander's Version)
    118 - Shield (Gelgoog M)
    119 - 110mm Sokushahou (Gelgoog M)
    120 - Knuckle Shield (Gelgoog M)
    121 - 90mm Machine Gun (Gelgoog M)
    122 - Beam Saber (Gelgoog M)
    123 - Shield (Z Gundam)
    124 - 60mm Vulcan (Z Gundam)
    125 - Grenade Launcher (Z Gundam)
    126 - Beam Rifle (Z Gundam)
    127 - Beam Saber (Z Gundam)
    128 - Hyper Mega Launcher (Z Gundam)
    129 - Hyper Beam Saber (Z Gundam)
    130 - Beam Rifle (Waverider)
    131 - Hyper Mega Launcher (Waverider)
    132 - Shield (Gundam Mk. II)
    133 - Vulcan Pod (Gundam Mk. II)
    134 - Beam Rifle (Gundam Mk. II)
    135 - Beam Saber (Gundam Mk. II)
    136 - Kakusan Bazooka (Gundam Mk. II)
    137 - Hyper Bazooka (Gundam Mk. II)
    138 - Vulcan Pod (Super Gundam)
    139 - Missile Launcher (Super Gundam)
    140 - Beam Rifle (Super Gundam)
    141 - Beam Saber (Super Gundam)
    142 - Kakusan Bazooka (Super Gundam)
    143 - Hyper Bazooka (Super Gundam)
    144 - Long Rilfe (Super Gundam)
    145 - Missile Launcher (G Flyer)
    146 - Long Rifle (G Flyer)
    147 - 60mm Vulcan (Hyakku Shiki)
    148 - Beam Rifle (Hyakku Shiki)
    149 - Beam Saber (Hyakku Shiki)
    150 - Clay Bazooka (Hyakku Shiki)
    151 - Mega Bazooka Launcher (Hyakku Shiki)
    152 - Shuuri Equipment (Methuss)
    153 - Beam Saber (Methuss)
    154 - Arm Beam Gun (Methuss)
    155 - Shuuri Equipment (Methuss (MA))
    156 - Arm Beam Gun (Methuss (MA))
    157 - Taikuu Laser Hou (Argama)
    158 - Rensou Missile Launcher (Argama)
    159 - Mega Ryuushi Shuuhou (Argama)
    160 - Hyper Mega Ryuushi Hou (Argama)
    161 - Shield (Psycho Gundam?)
    162 - Kakutou (Psycho Gundam?)
    163 - Kakusan Mega Ryuushi Hou (Psycho Gundam?)
    164 - Kogata Mega Beam Hou (Psycho Gundam?)
    165 - Beam Hou (Psycho Gundam?)
    166 - Shield (Psycho Gundam Mk. II?)
    167 - Kakutou (Psycho Gundam Mk. II?)
    168 - Mega Kakusan Beam Hou (Psycho Gundam Mk. II?)
    169 - Psycommu Shiki Beam Sword (Psycho Gundam Mk. II?)
    170 - Mega Beam Hou (Psycho Gundam Mk. II?)
    171 - Reflector Bit (Psycho Gundam Mk. II?)
    172 - Shield (ZZ Gundam)
    173 - Double Vulcan (ZZ Gundam)
    174 - Missile Launcher (ZZ Gundam)
    175 - Double Cannon (ZZ Gundam)
    176 - Double Beam Rifle (ZZ Gundam)
    177 - Hyper Beam Saber (ZZ Gundam)
    178 - High Mega Cannon (ZZ Gundam)
    179 - Missile Launcher (G Fortress)
    180 - Double Cannon (G Fortress)
    181 - Double Beam Rifle (G Fortress)
    182 - Double Vulcan (FA ZZ Gundam)
    183 - Missile Launcher (FA ZZ Gundam)
    184 - Double Cannon (FA ZZ Gundam)
    185 - Double Beam Rifle (FA ZZ Gundam)
    186 - Hyper Beam Saber (FA ZZ Gundam)
    187 - High Mega Cannon (FA ZZ Gundam)
    188 - Taikuu Laser Hou (Near Argama)
    189 - Rensou Missile Launcher (Near Argama)
    190 - Oogata Mega Ryuushi Hou (Near Argama)
    191 - Hyper Mega Ryuushi Hou (Near Argama)
    192 - Beam Gun (Qubeley Mk. II)
    193 - Beam Saber (Qubeley Mk. II)
    194 - Funnel (Qubeley Mk. II)
    195 - Beam Gun (Qubeley Mk. II)
    196 - Beam Saber (Qubeley Mk. II)
    197 - Funnel (Qubeley Mk. II)
    198 - Beam Gun (Qubeley?)
    199 - Beam Saber (Qubeley?)
    200 - Funnel (Qubeley?)
    201 - Beam Saber (Quin Mantha?)
    202 - Mega Beam Hou (Quin Mantha?)
    203 - High Mega Cannon (Quin Mantha?)
    204 - Funnel (Quin Mantha?)
    205 - Shield (Hamma Hamma?)
    206 - Beam Saber (Hamma Hamma?)
    207 - Yuusen Seigyou Shiki Beam Hou (Hamma Hamma?)
    208 - Mega Ryuushi Hou (Hamma Hamma?)
    209 - Shield (Zaku III Kai?)
    210 - 30mm Vulcan (Zaku III Kai?)
    211 - Beam Rifle (Zaku III Kai?)
    212 - Beam Saber (Zaku III Kai?)
    213 - Beam Hou (Zaku III Kai?)
    214 - Hide Bomb (Zaku III Kai?)
    215 - Grenade Launcher (Geymark?)
    216 - Beam Saber (Geymark?)
    217 - Beam Rifle (Geymark?)
    218 - Rensou Mega Ryuushi Hou (Geymark?)
    219 - Mother Funnel (Geymark?)
    220 - Hyper Mega Ryuushi Hou (Geymark??)
    221 - 30mm Vulcan (Doven Wolf?)
    222 - Beam Saber (Doven Wolf?)
    223 - Tai-kanyou Oogata Missile (Doven Wolf?)
    224 - Incom (Doven Wolf?)
    225 - Mega Launcher (Doven Wolf?)
    226 - Shield (Bawoo?)
    227 - Grenade Launcher (Bawoo?)
    228 - Beam Rifle (Bawoo?)
    229 - Beam Saber (Bawoo?)
    230 - Mega Ryuushi Hou (Bawoo?)
    231 - Handgun (Dreissen?)
    232 - Tri-Blade (Dreissen?)
    233 - Beam Cannon (Dreissen?)
    234 - Beam Tomahawk (Dreissen)
    235 - Jet Stream Attack (Dreissen)*@ [Gaia, Ortega, Mash]
    236 - Beam Saber (Zssa?)
    237 - Missile Pod (Zsaa?)
    238 - Beam Gun (Ryosan Kata Qubeley?)
    239 - Beam Saber (Ryosan Kata Qubeley?)
    240 - Active Cannon (Ryosan Kata Qubeley?)
    241 - Funnel (Ryosan Kata Qubeley?)
    242 - Shield (Nu Gundam)
    243 - 60mm Vulcan (Nu Gundam)
    244 - Missile Launcher (Nu Gundam, removed)
    245 - Beam Rifle (Nu Gundam)
    246 - Beam Saber (Nu Gundam)
    247 - Hyper Bazooka (Nu Gundam)
    248 - Fin Funnel (Nu Gundam)
    249 - Missile Launcher (Re-GZ (BWS))
    250 - Beam Cannon (Re-GZ (BWS))
    251 - Mega Beam Cannon (Re-GZ (BWS))
    252 - Shield (Re-GZ)
    253 - 60mm Vulcan (Re-GZ)
    254 - Grenade Launcher (Re-GZ)
    255 - Beam Saber (Re-GZ)
    256 - Beam Rifle (Re-GZ)
    257 - Taikuu Laser Hou (Ra Kalium)
    258 - Rensou Missile Launcher (Ra Kalium)
    259 - Oogata Mega Ryuushi Hou (Ra Kalium)
    260 - Hyper Mega Ryuushi Hou (Ra Kalium)
    261 - Shield (Sazabi)
    262 - Missile (Sazabi, removed)
    263 - Mega Ryuushi Hou (Sazabi)
    264 - Beam Shot Rifle (Sazabi)
    265 - Beam Tomahawk Saber (Sazabi)
    266 - Funnel (Sazabi)
    267 - Vulcan (Alpha Aziel?)
    268 - Yuusenshiki Mega Beam Hou (Alpha Aziel?)
    269 - Mega Ryuushi Hou (Alpha Aziel?)
    270 - Funnel (Alpha Aziel?)
    271 - Shield (Jagd Doga?)
    272 - Missile (Jagd Doga?)
    273 - Beam Assault Rifle (Jagd Doga?)
    274 - Juukendzuki Beam Saber (Jagd Doga?)
    275 - Mega Ryuushi Hou (Jagd Doga?)
    276 - Funnel (Jagd Doga?)
    277 - Shield (Jagd Doga code 64?)
    278 - Missile (Jagd Doga code 64?)
    279 - Mega Gatling Gun (Jagd Doga code 64?)
    280 - Beam Saber (Jagd Doga code 64?)
    281 - Mega Ryuushi Hou (Jagd Doga code 64?)
    282 - Funnel (Jagd Doga code 64?)
    283 - Shield (Geara Doga?)
    284 - Grenade Launcher (Geara Doga?)
    285 - Beam Machine Gun (Geara Doga?)
    286 - Beam Sword Axe (Geara Doga?)
    287 - Shield (Geara Doga code 66?)
    288 - Grenade Launcher (Geara Doga code 66?)
    289 - Beam Machine Gun (Geara Doga code 66?)
    290 - Beam Sword Axe (Geara Doga code 66?)
    291 - Vulcan (Shining Gundam)
    292 - Beam Sword (Shining Gundam)
    293 - Kakutou (Shining Gundam)
    294 - Shining Shot (Shining Gundam)
    295 - Shining Finger (Shining Gundam)
    296 - Vulcan (Shining Gundam S)
    297 - Beam Sword (Shining Gundam S)
    298 - Kakutou (Shining Gundam S)
    299 - Shining Shot (Shining Gundam S)
    300 - Shining Finger (Shining Gundam S)
    301 - Shining Finger Sword (Shining Gundam S)
    302 - Machine Cannon (God Gundam)
    303 - Kakutou (God Gundam)
    304 - God Slasher (God Gundam)
    305 - God Slasher Typhoon (God Gundam)
    306 - Machine Cannon (God Gundam H)
    307 - Kakutou (God Gundam H)
    308 - God Slasher (God Gundam H)
    309 - God Slasher Typhoon (God Gundam H)
    310 - God Field Dash (God Gundam H)
    311 - Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan (God Gundam H)
    312 - Bakunetsu God Slasher (God Gundam H)
    313 - Bakunetsu God Finger (God Gundam H)
    314 - Sekiha Tenkyouken (God Gundam H)
    315 - Double God Finger (God Gundam H)*
    316 - Seikha Love Love Tenkyouken (God Gundam H)*
    317 - Shuffle Doumeiken (God Gundam H)*
    318 - Kyuukyoku Sekiha Tenkyouken (God Gundam H)*
    319 - Bakunetsu!  Kyuukyokuken (God Gundam H)*
    320 - Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan (God Gundam H)*
    321 - Shield (Gundam Maxter)
    322 - Gigantic Magnum (Gundam Maxter)
    323 - Fighting Knuckle (Gundam Maxter)
    324 - Cyclone Punch (Gundam Maxter)
    325 - Burning Punch (Gundam Maxter)
    326 - Gounetsu Machine Gun Punch (Gundam Maxter, outdated by S Variant)
    327 - [Shuffle Doumeiken] (Gundam Maxter)*
    328 - Vulcan (Gundam Rose)
    329 - Chevalier Saber (Gundam Rose)
    330 - Roses Bit (Gundam Rose)
    331 - Roses Screamer (Gundam Rose)
    332 - Roses Hurricane (Gundam Rose, outdated by S Variant)
    333 - [Shuffle Doumeiken] (Gundam Rose)*
    334 - Feilong Flag (Dragon Gundam)
    335 - Kakutou  (Dragon Gundam)
    336 - Dragon Claw (Dragon Gundam)
    337 - Dragon Fire (Dragon Gundam)
    338 - Shin Ryuusei Kochouken (Dragon Gundam, outdated by S Variant)
    339 - [Shuffle Doumeiken] (Dragon Gundam)*
    340 - Vulcan (Bolt Gundam)
    341 - Kakutou (Bolt Gundam)
    342 - Graviton Hammer (Bolt Gundam)
    343 - Gaia Crusher (Bolt Gundam, outdated by S Variant)
    344 - [Shuffle Doumeiken] (Bolt Gundam)*
    345 - Shield (Rising Gundam)
    346 - Machine Cannon (Rising Gundam)
    347 - Beam Machine Gun (Rising Gundam)
    348 - Kakutou (Rising Gundam)
    349 - Heat Naginata (Rising Gundam)
    350 - Rising Arrow (Rising Gundam)
    351 - Sekiha Love Love Tenkyouken (Rising Gundam)*
    352 - Iron Net (Gundam Spiegel)
    353 - Messergranz (Gundam Spiegel)
    354 - Kakutou (Gundam Spiegel)
    355 - Spiegel Blade (Gundam Spiegel)
    356 - Sturm und Drang (Gundam Spiegel)
    357 - Vulcan (Nobel Gundam)
    358 - Kakutou (Nobel Gundam)
    359 - Beam Hoop (Nobel Gundam)
    360 - Beam Ribbon (Nobel Gundam)
    361 - Double God Finger (Nobel Gundam)*
    362 - Machine Cannon (God Gundam Fu'unsaiki)
    363 - Unicorn Horn (God Gundam Fu'unsaiki)
    364 - God Slasher (God Gundam Fu'unsaiki)
    365 - Back Kick (God Gundam Fu'unsaiki)
    366 - Unicorn Horn (Fu'unsaiki)
    367 - Back Kick (Fu'unsaiki)
    368 - Master Cloth (Master Gundam)
    369 - Darkness Shot (Master Gundam)
    370 - Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan (Master Gundam)
    371 - Distant Crusher (Master Gundam)
    372 - Juuni Ouhouhai Daisharin (Master Gundam)
    373 - Deadly Web (Master Gundam)
    374 - Darkness Finger (Master Gundam)
    375 - Sekiha Tenkyouken (Master Gundam)
    376 - [Kyuukyoku Sekiha Tenkyouken] (Master Gundam)*
    377 - [Bakunetsu Kyuukyokuken] (Master Gundam)*
    378 - [Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan] (Master Gundam)*
    379 - Unicorn Horn (Master Gundam Fu'unsaiki)
    380 - Master Cloth (Master Gundam Fu'unsaiki)
    381 - Darkness Shot (Master Gundam Fu'unsaiki)
    382 - Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan (Master Gundam Fu'unsaiki)
    383 - Distant Crusher (Master Gundam Fu'unsaiki)
    384 - Juuni Ouhouhai Daisharin (Master Gundam Fu'unsaiki)
    385 - Deadly Web (Master Gundam Fu'unsaiki)
    386 - Darkness Finger (Master Gundam Fu'unsaiki)
    387 - Sekiha Tenkyouken (Master Gundam Fu'unsaiki)
    388 - Vulcan (Nobel Gundam B)
    389 - Kakutou (Nobel Gundam B)
    390 - Berserker Hoop (Nobel Gundam B)
    391 - Berserker Ribbon (Nobel Gundam B)
    392 - Vulcan (Devil Gundam)
    393 - Mega Beam Cannon (Devil Gundam)
    394 - Devil Fang (Devil Gundam)
    395 - Kakusan Ryuushi Dan (Devil Gundam)
    396 - Vulcan (Devil Gundam 2)
    397 - Mega Beam Cannon (Devil Gundam 2)
    398 - Kakusan Ryuushi Dan (Devil Gundam 2)
    399 - Gundam Head (Devil Gundam 2)
    400 - Vulcan (Devil Gundam 3)
    401 - Mega Beam Cannon (Devil Gundam 3)
    402 - Kakusan Ryuushi Dan (Devil Gundam 3)
    403 - Kinbou (Death Army)
    404 - Kinboukata Beam Rifle (Death Army)
    405 - Machine Cannon (Wing Zero Custom)
    406 - Beam Saber (Wing Zero Custom)
    407 - Twin Buster Rifle MAP (Wing Zero Custom)
    408 - Twin Buster Rifle (Wing Zero Custom)
    409 - Vulcan (Deathscythe Hell Custom)
    410 - Beam Scissors (Deathscythe Hell Custom)
    411 - Micro Missile (Heavyarms Custom)
    412 - Gatling Gun (Heavyarms Custom)
    413 - Homing Missile (Heavyarms Custom)
    414 - Double Gatling Gun (Heavyarms Custom)
    415 - Vulcan (Sandrock Custom)
    416 - Cross Crasher (Sandrock Custom)
    417 - Heat Shortel (Sandrock Custom)
    418 - Vulcan (Altron Custom)
    419 - Twin Beam Trident (Altron Custom)
    420 - Dragon Hang (Altron Custom)
    421 - Shield (Tallgeese III)
    422 - Vulcan (Tallgeese III)
    423 - Beam Saber (Tallgeese III)
    424 - Mega Cannon MAP (Tallgeese III)
    425 - Heat Rod (Tallgeese III)
    426 - Mega Cannon (Tallgeese III)
    427 - Beam Saber (Taurus)
    428 - Beam Cannon (Taurus)
    429 - Beam Cannon (Taurus (MA))
    430 - Missile (Serpent)
    431 - Beam Saber (Serpent)
    432 - Double Gatling Gun (Serpent)
    433 - Beam Saber (Taurus) [black, enemy version]
    434 - Beam Cannon (Taurus) [black, enemy version]
    435 - Shield (Dragonar 1-Kata)
    436 - Shoulder Bomb (Dragonar 1-Kata)
    437 - Laser Sword (Dragonar 1-Kata)
    438 - 75mm Hand Rail Gun (Dragonar 1-Kata)
    439 - D Formation Attack (Dragonar 1-Kata)*
    440 - Kyofu no Triple Attack (Dragonar 1-Kata)*
    441 - Plasma Grenade (Dragonar 2-Kata)
    442 - 88mm Hand Rail Gun (Dragonar 2-Kata)
    443 - 2 Rensou Shiki Rail Gun (Dragonar 2-Kata)
    444 - 280mm Rail Cannon (Dragonar 2-Kata)
    445 - D Formation Attack (Dragonar 2-Kata)*
    446 - Kyoufu no Triple Attack (Dragonar 2-Kata)*
    447 - 50mm Hand Rail Gun (Dragonar 3-Kata)
    448 - D Formation Attack (Dragonar 3-Kata)*
    449 - Kyoufu no Triple Attack (Dragonar 3-Kata)*
    450 - Shield (Cavalier 0-Kata)
    451 - Shoulder Bomb (Cavalier 0-Kata)
    452 - Laser Sword (Cavalier 0-Kata)
    453 - 75mm Hand Rail Gun (Cavalier 0-Kata)
    454 - 220mm Rail Cannon (Cavalier 0-Kata)
    455 - D Formation Attack (Cavalier 0-Kata)*
    456 - Kyofu no Triple Attack (Cavalier 0-Kata)*
    457 - Shield (Dragonar 1-Kata (L))
    458 - 5 Ren Dual Missile Pod (Dragonar 1-Kata (L))
    459 - Shoulder Bomb (Dragonar 1-Kata (L))
    460 - Laser Sword (Dragonar 1-Kata (L))
    461 - 75mm Hand Rail Gun (Dragonar 1-Kata (L))
    462 - D Formation Attack (Dragonar 1-Kata (L))*
    463 - Kyofu no Triple Attack (Dragonar 1-Kata (L))*
    464 - Hokyuu Souchi (Dragonar 2-Kata (L))
    465 - Plasma Grenade (Dragonar 2-Kata (L))
    466 - 10 Ren Dual Missile Pod (Dragonar 2-Kata (L))
    467 - 88mm Hand Rail Gun (Dragonar 2-Kata (L))
    468 - 2 Rensou Shiki Rail Gun (Dragonar 2-Kata (L))
    469 - 280mm Rail Cannon (Dragonar 2-Kata (L))
    470 - D Formation Attack (Dragonar 2-Kata (L))*
    471 - Kyoufu no Triple Attack (Dragonar 2-Kata (L))*
    472 - Tai-Radar Missile (Dragonar 3-Kata (L))
    473 - 50mm Hand Rail Gun (Dragonar 3-Kata (L))
    474 - D Formation Attack (Dragonar 3-Kata (L))*
    475 - Kyoufu no Triple Attack (Dragonar 3-Kata (L))*
    476 - Shield (Dragonar 1-Kata Custom)
    477 - 2 Ren 25mm Kikanhou (Dragonar 1-Kata Custom)
    478 - 6 Ren Dual Missile Pod (Dragonar 1-Kata Custom)
    479 - Shoulder Bomb (Dragonar 1-Kata Custom)
    480 - Laser Sword (Dragonar 1-Kata Custom)
    481 - 55.6mm Hand Rail Gun (Dragonar 1-Kata Custom)
    482 - Koushi Bazooka Hou (Dragonar 1-Kata Custom)
    483 - D Formation Attack (Dragonar 1-Kata Custom)*
    484 - Twin Laser Sword (Dragonar 1-Kata Custom)*
    485 - Kyofu no Triple Attack (Dragonar 1-Kata Custom)*
    486 - 2 Ren 25mm Kikanhou (Dragonar 2-Kata Custom)
    487 - 10 Ren Dual Missile Pods (Dragonar 2-Kata Custom)
    488 - Assault Knife (Dragonar 2-Kata Custom)
    489 - 88mm Hand Rail Gun (Dragonar 2-Kata Custom)
    490 - 640mm Rail Cannon (Dragonar 2-Kata Custom)
    491 - Koushi Bazooka Hou (Dragonar 2-Kata Custom)
    492 - D Formation Attack (Dragonar 2-Kata Custom)*
    493 - Kyofu no Triple Attack (Dragonar 2-Kata Custom)*
    494 - 10 Ren Dual Missile Pod (Dragoon)
    495 - Laser Sword (Dragoon)
    496 - 55.6mm Hand Rail Gun (Dragoon)
    497 - 460mm Rail Cannon (Dragoon)
    498 - Plasma Grenade (Falgen)
    499 - Dual Missile Pod (Falgen)
    500 - Laser Sword (Falgen)
    501 - 75mm Hand Rail Gun (Falgen)
    502 - Twin Laser Sword (Falgen)*
    503 - 2 Ren 20mm Kikanhou (Dyne)
    504 - Hand Grenade (Dyne)
    505 - 50mm Hand Rail Gun (Dyne)
    506 - 2 Ren 20mm Kikanhou (Stark Dyne?)
    507 - Hand Grenade (Stark Dyne?)
    508 - Hybrid Saaji (Stark Dyne?)
    509 - 50mm Hand Rail Gun (Stark Dyne?)
    510 - 30mm Kikanhou (Gebaye)
    511 - Hand Grenade (Gebaye)
    512 - 50mm Hand Rail Gun (Gebaye)
    513 - 30mm Kikanhou (Stark Gebaye?)
    514 - Hand Grenade (Stark Gebaye?)
    515 - 50mm Hand Rail Gun (Stark Gebaye?)
    516 - 450mm Rail Cannon (Stark Gebaye?)
    517 - 30mm Kikanhou (Drau)
    518 - Hand Grenade (Drau)
    519 - 50mm Hand Rail Gun (Drau)
    520 - 30mm Kikanhou (Schwelg?)
    521 - Taikuu Missile (Schwelg?)
    522 - 50mm Hand Rail Gun (Schwelg?)
    523 - 30mm Kikanhou (Stark Dowtwen?)
    524 - 5 Ren IRM Pod (Stark Dowtwen?)
    525 - Bakudan (Stark Dowtwen?)
    526 - 220mm Rail Cannon (Stark Dowtwen?)
    527 - 7 Ren IRM Pod (Gan Dora?)
    528 - Rail Gun (Gan Dora?)
    529 - 450mm Rail Cannon (Gan Dora?)
    530 - 7 Ren IRM Pod (Stark Gan Dora?)
    531 - Laser Sword (Stark Gan Dora?)
    532 - 75mm Hand Rail Gun (Stark Gan Dora?)
    533 - 450mm Rail Cannon (Stark Gan Dora?)
    534 - 5 Ren Missile Pod (Gelf)
    535 - Laser Sword (Gelf)
    536 - 75mm Hand Rail Gun (Gelf)
    537 - 5 Ren Missile Pod (Jagd Gelf)
    538 - Machine Gun (Jagd Gelf)
    539 - Laser Sword (Jagd Gelf)
    540 - Bazooka (Jagd Gelf)
    541 - 220mm Rail Cannon (Jagd Gelf)
    542 - 5 Ren Missile Pod (Reb Gelf)
    543 - Laser Sword (Reb Gelf)
    544 - 75mm Hand Rail Gun (Reb Gelf)
    545 - 4 Ren Dual Missile Pod (Zwei)
    546 - Claw (Zwei)
    547 - 50mm Hand Rail Gun (Zwei)
    548 - 30mm Kikanhou (Geyzam?)
    549 - Hand Grenade (Geyzam?)
    550 - Seiryuu Ha [Blue Dragon Blade] (Geyzam?)
    551 - 50mm Hand Rail Gun (Geyzam?)
    552 - 100 Rensou Missile Pod (Girugazamune 1?)
    553 - Hand Kikanhou (Girugazamune 1?)
    554 - Seiryuu Ha [Blue Dragon Blade] (Girugazamune 1?)
    555 - Oogata Junkou Missile [Jumbo Cruise Missile] (Girugazamune 1?)
    556 - 100 Rensou Missile Pod (Girugazamune 2?)
    557 - Hand Kikanhou (Girugazamune 2?)
    558 - Oogata Blade (Girugazamune 2?)
    559 - Oogata Junkou Missile [Jumbo Cruise Missile] (Girugazamune 2?)
    560 - 100 Rensou Missile Pod (Girugazamune 3?)
    561 - Hand Kikanhou (Girugazamune 3?)
    562 - Oogata Blade (Girugazamune 3?)
    563 - Oogata Junkou Missile [Jumbo Cruise Missile] (Girugazamune 3?)
    977 - Missile Pod (Aestivalis (Aerial) Akito)
    978 - Immediate Knife (Aestivalis (Aerial) Akito)
    979 - Wired Fist (Aestivalis (Aerial) Akito)
    980 - Field Lancer (Aestivalis (Aerial) Akito)
    981 - Rapid Rifle (Aestivalis (Aerial) Akito)
    982 - Gekigan Flare (Aestivalis (Aerial) Akito)
    983 - Double Gekigan Flare (Aestivalis (Aerial) Akito)*
    984 - Immediate Knife (Aestivalis (0G) Akito)
    985 - Wired Fist (Aestivalis (0G) Akito)
    986 - Field Lancer (Aestivalis (0G) Akito)
    987 - Rapid Rifle (Aestivalis (0G) Akito)
    988 - Gekigan Flare (Aestivalis (0G) Akito)
    989 - Double Gekigan Flare (Aestivalis (0G) Akito)*
    990 - Missile (Aestivalis (Artillery) Akito)
    991 - 120mm Cannon (Aestivalis (Artillery) Akito)
    992 - 120mm Cannon MAP (Aestivalis (Artillery) Akito)
    993 - Gekigan Missile (Aestivalis (Aerial) Gai)
    994 - Gekigan Sword (Aestivalis (Aerial) Gai)
    995 - Gai Super Upper (Aestivalis (Aerial) Gai)
    996 - Gekigan Shot (Aestivalis (Aerial) Gai) [Field Lancer]
    997 - Gekigan Beam (Aestivalis (Aerial) Gai)
    998 - Gai Super Upper (Aestivalis (Aerial) Gai)
    999 - Double Gekigan Flare (Aestivalis (Aerial) Gai)*
    1000 - Gekigan Sword (Aestivalis (0G) Gai)
    1001 - Gekigan Punch (Aestivalis (0G) Gai)
    1002 - Gekigan Shot (Aestivalis (0G) Gai) [Field Lancer]
    1003 - Gekigan Beam (Aestivalis (0G) Gai)
    1004 - Gai Super Upper (Aestivalis (0G) Gai)
    1005 - Double Gekigan Flare (Aestivalis (0G) Gai)*
    1006 - Gekigan Missile (Aestivalis (Artillery) Gai)
    1007 - Gekigan Beam (Aestivalis (Artillery) Gai)
    1008 - Gekigam Beam MAP (Aestivalis (Artillery) Gai)
    1009 - Missile Pod (Aestivalis (Aerial) Ryoko)
    1010 - Immediate Knife (Aestivalis (Aerial) Ryoko)
    1011 - Wired Fist (Aestivalis (Aerial) Ryoko)
    1012 - Field Lancer (Aestivalis (Aerial) Ryoko)
    1013 - Rapid Rifle (Aestivalis (Aerial) Ryoko)
    1014 - Distortion Punch (Aestivalis (Aerial) Ryoko)
    1015 - Formation Attack (Aestivalis (Aerial) Ryoko)*
    1016 - Immediate Knife (Aestivalis (0G) Ryoko)
    1017 - Wired Fist (Aestivalis (0G) Ryoko)
    1018 - Field Lancer (Aestivalis (0G) Ryoko)
    1019 - Rapid Rifle (Aestivalis (0G) Ryoko)
    1020 - Distortion Punch (Aestivalis (0G) Ryoko)
    1021 - Formation Attack (Aestivalis (0G) Ryoko)*
    1022 - Missile (Aestivalis (Artillery) Ryoko)
    1023 - 120mm Cannon (Aestivalis (Artillery) Ryoko)
    1024 - 120mm Cannon MAP (Aestivalis (Artillery) Ryoko)
    1025 - Missile Pod (Aestivalis (Aerial) Hikaru)
    1026 - Immediate Knife (Aestivalis (Aerial) Hikaru)
    1027 - Wired Fist (Aestivalis (Aerial) Hikaru)
    1028 - Field Lancer (Aestivalis (Aerial) Hikaru)
    1029 - Rapid Rifle (Aestivalis (Aerial) Hikaru)
    1030 - Distortion Punch (Aestivalis (Aerial) Hikaru)
    1031 - Formation Attack (Aestivalis (Aerial) Hikaru)*
    1032 - Immediate Knife (Aestivalis (0G) Hikaru)
    1033 - Wired Fist (Aestivalis (0G) Hikaru)
    1034 - Field Lancer (Aestivalis (0G) Hikaru)
    1035 - Rapid Rifle (Aestivalis (0G) Hikaru)
    1036 - Distortion Punch (Aestivalis (0G) Hikaru)
    1037 - Formation Attack (Aestivalis (0G) Hikaru)*
    1038 - Missile (Aestivalis (Artillery) Hikaru)
    1039 - 120mm Cannon (Aestivalis (Artillery) Hikaru)
    1040 - 120mm Cannon MAP (Aestivalis (Artillery) Hikaru)
    1041 - Missile Pod (Aestivalis (Aerial) Izumi)
    1042 - Immediate Knife (Aestivalis (Aerial) Izumi)
    1043 - Wired Fist (Aestivalis (Aerial) Izumi)
    1044 - Field Lancer (Aestivalis (Aerial) Izumi)
    1045 - Rapid Rifle (Aestivalis (Aerial) Izumi)
    1046 - Distortion Punch (Aestivalis (Aerial) Izumi)
    1047 - Formation Attack (Aestivalis (Aerial) Izumi)*
    1048 - Immediate Knife (Aestivalis (0G) Izumi)
    1049 - Wired Fist (Aestivalis (0G) Izumi)
    1050 - Field Lancer (Aestivalis (0G) Izumi)
    1051 - Rapid Rifle (Aestivalis (0G) Izumi)
    1052 - Distortion Punch (Aestivalis (0G) Izumi)
    1053 - Formation Attack (Aestivalis (0G) Izumi)*
    1054 - Missile (Aestivalis (Artillery) Izumi)
    1055 - 120mm Cannon (Aestivalis (Artillery) Izumi)
    1056 - 120mm Cannon MAP (Aestivalis (Artillery) Izumi)
    1057 - Missile Pod (Aestivalis (Aerial) Akatsuki)
    1058 - Immediate Knife (Aestivalis (Aerial) Akatsuki)
    1059 - Wired Fist (Aestivalis (Aerial) Akatsuki)
    1060 - Field Lancer (Aestivalis (Aerial) Akatsuki)
    1061 - Rapid Rifle (Aestivalis (Aerial) Akatsuki)
    1062 - Distortion Punch (Aestivalis (Aerial) Akatsuki)
    1063 - Immediate Knife (Aestivalis (0G) Akatsuki)
    1064 - Wired Fist (Aestivalis (0G) Akatsuki)
    1065 - Field Lancer (Aestivalis (0G) Akatsuki)
    1066 - Rapid Rifle (Aestivalis (0G) Akatsuki)
    1067 - Distortion Punch (Aestivalis (0G) Akatsuki)
    1068 - Missile (Aestivalis (Artillery) Akatsuki)
    1069 - 120mm Cannon (Aestivalis (Artillery) Akatsuki)
    1070 - 120mm Cannon MAP (Aestivalis (Artillery) Akatsuki)
    1071 - Missile (Nadesico)
    1072 - Gravity Blast (Nadesico)
    1073 - Gravity Blast MAP (Nadesico)
    1074 - Missile (Nadesico (Y-Unit))
    1075 - Gravity Blast (Nadesico (Y-Unit))
    1076 - Gravity Blast MAP (Nadesico (Y-Unit))
    1077 - Souteni Hou MAP (Nadesico (Y-Unit))
    1078 - Missile (Aestivalis (Getsumen F))
    1079 - Rail Gun (Aestivalis (Getsumen F))
    1080 - Taikan Missile (Aestivalis (Getsumen F))
    1152 - Machine Cannon (God Gundam H (Fu'unsaiki))
    1153 - Unicorn Horn (God Gundam H (Fu'unsaiki))
    1154 - God Slasher (God Gundam H (Fu'unsaiki))
    1155 - God Field Dash (God Gundam H (Fu'unsaiki))
    1156 - Back Kick (God Gundam H (Fu'unsaiki))
    1157 - Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan (God Gundam H (Fu'unsaiki))
    1158 - Bakunetsu God Slasher (God Gundam H (Fu'unsaiki))
    1159 - Bakunetsu God Finger (God Gundam H (Fu'unsaiki))
    1160 - Sekiha Tenkyouken (God Gundam H (Fu'unsaiki))
    1167 - Walter Fang (Grand Master Gundam)
    1168 - Heaven's Claw (Grand Master Gundam)
    1169 - Heaven's Dart (Grand Master Gundam)
    1170 - Grand Thunder (Grand Master Gundam)
    1171 - Shield (Zaku II MS-06F2) <2000>
    1172 - 120mm Machinegun (Zaku II MS-06F2)
    1173 - Heat Hawk (Zaku II MS-06F2)
    1174 - 240mm Bazooka (Zaku II MS-06F2)
    1175 - Oogata Mega Ryuushi Hou (Apsaras, Ghinias Version)
    1176 - Oogata Mega Ryuushi Hou MAP (Apsaras, Ghinias Version)
    1177 - Shield (Sazabi HP Boosted Version / Enemy Version)
    1178 - Missile (Sazabi HP Boosted Version / Enemy Version)
    1179 - Mega Ryuushi Hou (Sazabi HP Boosted Version / Enemy Version)
    1180 - Beam Shot Rifle (Sazabi HP Boosted Version / Enemy Version)
    1181 - Beam Tomahawk Saber (Sazabi HP Boosted Version / Enemy Version)
    1182 - Funnel (Sazabi HP Boosted Version / Enemy Version)
    1183 - Tai-Radar Missile (Dragonar 3-Kata Custom)
    1184 - 50mm Hand Rail Gun (Dragonar 3-Kata Custom)
    1185 - Koushi Bazooka Hou (Dragonar 3-Kata Custom)
    1186 - D Formation Attack (Dragonar 3-Kata Custom)*
    1187 - Kyoufu no Triple Attack (Dragonar 3-Kata Custom)*
    1233 - Shield (Gundam Maxter S)
    1234 - Gigantic Magnum (Gundam Maxter S)
    1235 - Fightning Knuckle (Gundam Maxter S)
    1236 - Cyclone Punch (Gundam Maxter S)
    1237 - Burning Punch (Gundam Maxter S)
    1238 - Gounetsu Machine Gun Punch (Gundam Maxter S)
    1239 - Shuffle Doumeiken (Gundam Maxter S)*
    1240 - Vulcan (Gundam Rose S)
    1241 - Chevalier Saber (Gundam Rose S)
    1242 - Roses Bit (Gundam Rose S)
    1243 - Roses Screamer (Gundam Rose S)
    1244 - Roses Hurricane (Gundam Rose S)
    1245 - Shuffle Doumeiken (Gundam Rose S)*
    1246 - Feilong Flag (Dragon Gundam S)
    1247 - Kakutou (Dragon Gundam S)
    1248 - Dragon Claw (Dragon Gundam S)
    1249 - Dragon Fire (Dragon Gundam S)
    1250 - Shin Ryuusei Kochouken (Dragon Gundam S)
    1251 - Shuffle Doumeiken (Dragon Gundam S)*
    1252 - Vulcan (Bolt Gundam S)
    1253 - Kakutou (Bolt Gundam S)
    1254 - Graviton Hammer (Bolt Gundam S)
    1255 - Gaia Crasher (Bolt Gundam S)
    1256 - Shuffle Doumeiken (Bolt Gundam S)*
    1257 - Master Cloth (Master Gundam S)
    1258 - Darkness Shot (Master Gundam S)
    1259 - Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan (Master Gundam S)
    1260 - Distant Crusher (Master Gundam S)
    1261 - Juuni Ouhouhai Daisharin (Master Gundam S)
    1262 - Deadly Web (Master Gundam S)
    1263 - Darkness Finger (Master Gundam S)
    1264 - Sekiha Tenkyouken (Master Gundam S)
    1265 - Kyuukyoku Sekiha Tenkyouken (Master Gundam S)*
    1266 - Bakunetsu Kyuukyokuken (Master Gundam S)*
    1267 - Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan (Master Gundam S)*
    1268 - Unicorn Horn (Master GS Fu'unsaiki left facing)
    1269 - Master Cloth (Master GS Fu'unsaiki left facing)
    1270 - Darkness Shot (Master GS Fu'unsaiki left facing)
    1271 - Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan (Master GS Fu'unsaiki left facing)
    1272 - Distant Crusher (Master GS Fu'unsaiki left facing)
    1273 - Juuni Ouhouhai Daisharin (Master GS Fu'unsaiki left facing)
    1274 - Deadly Web (Master GS Fu'unsaiki left facing)
    1275 - Darkness Finger (Master GS Fu'unsaiki left facing)
    1276 - Sekiha Tenkyouken (Master GS Fu'unsaiki left facing)
    1315 - Machine Cannon (God Gundam H Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1316 - Unicorn Horn (God Gundam H Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1317 - God Slasher (God Gundam H Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1318 - God Field Dash (God Gundam H Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1319 - Back Kick (God Gundam H Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1320 - Choukyou Haou Den'eidan (God Gundam H Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful]
    1321 - Bakunetsu God Slasher (God Gundam H Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful]
    1322 - Bakunetsu God Finger (God Gundam H Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1323 - Sekiha Tenkyouken (God Gundam H Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1324 - Unicorn Horn (Master GS Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1325 - Master Cloth (Master GS Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1326 - Darkness Shot (Master GS Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1327 - Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan (Master GS Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1328 - Distant Crusher (Master GS Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1329 - Juuni Ouhouhai Daisharin (Master GS Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful]
    1330 - Deadly Web (Master GS Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1331 - Darkness Finger (Master GS Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1332 - Sekiha Tenkyouken (Master GS Fu'unsaiki) [more powerful variant]
    1337 - D Formation Attack (Dragonar 2-Kata)* [Cavalier 0-Kata Version]#
    1338 - Kyoufu no Triple Attack (Dragonar 2-Kata)* [Cavalier 0-Kata Version]#
    1339 - D Formation Attack (Dragonar 3-Kata)* [Cavalier 0-Kata Version]#
    1340 - Kyoufu no Triple Attack (Dragonar 3-Kata)* [Cavalier 0-Kata Version]#
    1341 - Full Open Attack (Heavyarms Custom)
    1349 - Shield (Sandrock Custom)
    1356 - Shuuri Souchi (Dragonar 3-Kata)
    1357 - Shuuri Souchi (Dragonar 3-Kata (L))
    1358 - Shuuri Souchi (Dragonar 3-Kata Custom)
    #(By Cavalier 0-Kata Version, I mean that this version of the combination 
    replaces Dragonar 1-Kata with Cavalier 0-Kata.)
    Section 10: Design Issues
        This information does not really fit anywhere else, but it is of 
    educational value and explains some odd numbering tendencies in the data.
        Certain weapons, and even certain mecha, seem to have been added or 
    subtracted later in the design of the game.  For example, the Beam Gun, 
    Missile, and Missile Launcher of the Gundam Test Model Number 1 Machine, 
    Sazabi, and Nu Gundam were initially placed in the game, but then later 
    removed.  Why?  Probably for game balance issues (the latter are already very 
    powerful mecha, and the GP-01 is in your possession for such a short amount 
    of time.)  Similarly, the 'zeroed' Combination Attacks (like Minerva X's 
    Triple Mazinger Punch) were probably removed at a later date.  In some cases, 
    we can recover these attacks, but in others (F Dynamic Special, Triple 
    Mazinger Punch, and several other combination attacks), the game logic has 
    been removed that enables these weapons.
        The same holds true for the Ultimate and Combination Attacks for non-
    transformed Mobile Fighter G Gundam units.  It looks like initially the only 
    mecha with a planned transformation mode was the Shining and God Gundams (as 
    their transformation are logically located right next to the regular 
    version).  Later, the rest of the Shuffle Union was upgraded with the 
    capacity to transform into Super Mode, and therefore weapons were removed and 
    these new units were added after the original Banpresto units.  The same, 
    therefore, probably holds true for Dragonar Type-3 Custom, Dai-Tetsujin 
    (friendly version, looks like Tsukumo was supposed to die!), and the non-
    transforming Getta units!  (It seems the transforming Getta would be retained 
    - the combination attacks were in place, for example, for the Twin Tomahawk D 
    in transforming Getta-1.)  For the enemies, the same conclusions can be drawn 
    about Koros, Sentou Robo Dari, Grand Master Gundam, the Zaku II MS-06F2, the 
    HP boosted Apsaras (and possibly the HP boosted Sazabi), the Batta variants, 
    the Geshpenst Mk. II (yes, the whole mecha), and the NPC version of Akito's 
        Some abilities, on the other hand, seem to have been added, rather than 
    removed, after the initial design process.  While most Shin Kidou Senki 
    Gundam Wing weapons reside at codes 405-434 (including enemies), the Sandrock 
    Custom's Shield and Heavyarms Custom's Full Open Attack are in the 1300's - 
    probably, then, they were added to 'boost' the strength of these units later.  
    This would also, therefore, apply to the Shields of Laz Angrief and Vysaga, 
    the Cavalier Type-0 combinations (makes sense, Cavalier Type-0 should have 
    been put next to Dragonar Type-1), Dragonar Type-3's (and upgrades) Repair 
    Equipment (possibly the most 'controversial' item, since Dragonar Type-3 is 
    basically worthless without that equipment), and several Getta-Q and Getta-1 
    (non-transforming) combination attacks (which had to be transferred due to 
    the addition of the non-transforming Getta-1 and Getta Dragon.)
        Should these additions and subtractions have been made?  With these 
    codes, you can be the judge of that question.  The designers obviously had 
    rationale behind their decisions, but as was stated earlier in the guide, the 
    decision is up to the individual gamer.
        On a lighter note ... graphics and animations.  The game uses a multi-
    tiered system for combining graphics into the combat sequences you see.  
    Every mecha (due to the MBDC) has basic sprites.  Their attacks also have 
    their own sprite animation; for example, if you put the beam cannon from the 
    FAZZ on, say, Laz Angrief, the beams will shoot out from empty space in front 
    of the mecha!  Now, certain long attacks (like Duo's Beam Scissors) have 
    extra animation on top of that.  Even if the MBDC of the mecha doesn't match, 
    since the picture of Deathscythe Hell over the moon is stored with the 
    weapon, it will show Deathscythe Hell and not the current mecha.  There is 
    one interesting element to add.  Certain attacks (I call them pilot zooms) 
    will intersperse a zoomed in shot of the current pilot with the typical anime 
    'line-light' effect.  For example, when a pilot is in the Gundam and fires 
    the Beam Rifle, this zoomed in shot will be shown.  Not every pilot has a 
    zoom picture!  Even though you can see, for example, Hiiro Yuy when he shoots 
    the Twin Buster Rifle, that's part of a weapon animation sequence, and so if 
    you force Hiiro into the Gundam, he WON'T have a close up when he shoots the 
    Beam Rifle!  In fact, Hiiro, Duo, Quatre, and Wufei all lack zoom pictures.  
    Trowa and Zechs, amazingly enough, don't; they use the Pilot Zoom logic and 
    therefore have zoom pictures.  Most Federal Forces 'main' characters have a 
    zoom shot (Amuro, Camille, Shiro, Quattro), but not all UC people do (Fa, 
    Sayla, Aina).  Occasionally, a mis-match between the MBDC and weapon 
    animation will cause the sprites to temporarily scramble or discolor.  
    Keeping the weapons sequences self-contained allows them to recycle and 
    conserve space, which is important to a hand-held game like this one ^^
        Speaking of graphics, there's the issue of the 151st mecha, the Gundam 
    Maxter boxing variant.  Technically, this is not a fully formed mecha data 
    block.  Why?  The major use of the data stored in this area seems to be the 
    graphical sprite, which is used to represent the boxing mode transformation 
    of the Gundam Maxter during certain special attacks - the Cyclone Punch and 
    Burning Punch, especially.  You can still load up data and what not in that 
    area, but I cannot guarantee the performance of the game if you then use the 
    Cyclone or Burning Punch in your 'regular' Gundam Maxter.  It may temporarily 
    switch to whatever data you've put in the Gundam Maxter boxing variant slot, 
    which could have very negative results.  (That is, you could have a nasty 
    Section 11: Customization Suggestions
        Of course, the ultimate decision on what, where, and why to customize is 
    up to the individual.  If you feel that every mecha should have a level 15 
    Atomic Bazooka, well ... the game's going to be rather short ^^  However, 
    here are some game-play variants that I've devised based on the series 
    Variant 1: E-Cap Failure
        Replace all Beam Rifles (but not the Long Rifles) of UC Mecha (excluding 
    Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing, etc.) with the GM Rifle.  This variant posits 
    that the Federal Forces do not develop the mass produced Beam Rifle and 
    instead, the standard GM Rifle is used.  Long Rifles represent 'special' 
    Variant 2: Upgraded Nu Gundam / Sazabi
        Restore the Missile and Missile Launcher to the Nu Gundam and Sazabi.  
    Admittedly, this has little effect, as you probably will be using the more 
    powerful weapons for these two mecha.
    Variant 3: Mobile Armor Upgrades
        Add minor systems upgrades to Mobile Armors (Apsaras, Elmeth, Zakrello).  
    These are under-used units, mainly because they have little combat variety 
    and horrible close-range abilities.  I recommend adding ranged combat options 
    (Missile systems would make sense, as would certain built in Vulcan/Chain 
    Guns, and weak built in beams like the Beam Gun), but not things like Beam 
    Sabers, Beam Javelins, etc.  You can also add Repair or Supply equipment to 
    these units (their extreme size makes this a feasible option).  Adding a Body 
    Slam (Taiatari) move is acceptable.
    Variant 4: Perfect Apsaras
        Replace the data for Aina's Apsaras with the Apsaras Perfect Variant that 
    Ghinias eventually develops, going with the assumption that Aina absconds in 
    the completed version.
    Variant 5: Soldier's Game
        Replace the main character's mecha with a GM Custom (and the GM Custom's 
    weaponry).  If you really want to make it hard, replace the main character 
    (via the Pilot Hacking Guide) with Federal Forces Soldier data!  For a less 
    severe version, replace the main mecha with a Dragoon (still mass produced, 
    but better than the GM.)
    Variant 6: Gundam Ez-08 Arsenal Version
        The Ez-08 (and its predecessor, the RX-79 [G]) is a versatile mecha with 
    the ability to utilize a wide array of weapons attachments.  Give the Ez-08 a 
    Bazooka (the Gundam Mark II's Hyper Bazooka is a good choice, or the High 
    Mobility Zaku's 240mm Bazooka) and a missile launcher to simulate these 
    additional armaments that were used during the series.
        The next set of variants (7-9) replace the Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing 
    Endless Waltz OVA version of the mecha with the TV series version.
    Variant 7: Original Heavyarms Version
        A little harder to execute, but drop the Double Gatling Gun and replace 
    it with the Dragonar Type-2 Custom's Assault Knife (to simulate the Army 
    Knife inside the Heavyarms' ... arm.)  If you feel generous, simply add the 
    Assault Knife without removing the Double Gatling Gun (although that is not 
    as consistent with the television version).
    Variant 8: Original Sandrock Version
        In the television anime version, Sandrock has both shoulder-launched 
    missiles and, more importantly, a Beam Sub-Machine Gun.  Adding the Gerbera 
    Tetra's Beam Machine Gun and a low-ammo capacity missile pod (historically, I 
    believe it was a 2-missile pod - maybe the Anti-Radar Missiles of Dragonar 
    Type-3?) could simulate these systems.
    Variant 9: Deathscythe Buster Shield Version
        Add a shield to the Deathscythe Hell Custom.  (Yes, the Buster Shield is 
    also a weapon - you could add a ranged Hand-to-Hand attack like the Beam 
    Javelin to simulate this if you wish.)  This really unbalances this mecha, 
    though, since it is already quite strong without the Shield.  (In Endless 
    Waltz, I don't believe that Deathscythe Hell Custom has the Buster Shield.)
    Section 12: Easytype Calculations Section
        I get a lot of mails about how exactly to USE the information in this 
    document.  Let's spell out some basics, first.
        1: The information in this guide covers ACTUAL memory addresses and 
    values.  It does not contain Gameshark codes, Codebreaker codes, or anything 
    else of that sort.
        2: The specific application of this data to your game will therefore 
        3: In order to alter game information, you need two things: a value, and 
    an address in which you will place that value.  It also helps to know the 
    byte size of the data.
        Okay, so how do you come up with these two pieces of information?  Well, 
    first, you have to know what unit are trying to alter.  Go to Section 6 and 
    look up the Base Address for the mecha you wish to alter.  Write this down 
    somewhere, we'll need it in a minute.
        Now, we'll need to figure out what aspect of the unit we wish to change.
        1) Current HP?
        2) Current EN?
        3) Current Shield Strength?
        4) Mecha Background Data Code? [replace the mecha with another]
        5) Main Pilot?
        6) Support Pilots?
        7) Weapons Systems?
        8) Ammuniton?
        9) Upgrades to Weapons Systems?
        10) Conformal Parts?
        11) Upgrades to basic statistics?
        12) Enable Byte? [whether or not you have this mecha in inventory]
        In each case, we will need to know what to add to the Base Address we 
    looked up earlier:
        1) 0
        2) 4
        3) 6
        4) 8
        5) 10
        6) 12
        7) 20
        8) 60
        9) 80
        10) 100
        11) 104
        12) 109
        Take the value listed and, using a calculator set on Hexidecimal (Very, 
    very important!), add it to the Base Address.  You now know the Final Address 
    you'll need to alter.  In the case of something with multiple slots (types 6, 
    7, 8, 9, 10, and 11), you may need to add a different number; the number 
    listed is for the FIRST object of that type.  (First weapon, first support 
    pilot, etc.)
        Now, you need to find the Value you will want to place in that address.
        1) Your Discretion [whatever you want!]
        2) Your Discretion
        3) Your Discretion
        4) Section 7
        5) Section 8
        6) Section 8
        7) Section 9
        8) Your Discretion
        9) Your Discretion
        10) Don't Currently Have a Table ... start at 1 and work your way up
        11) Your Discretion
        12) 1
        Either look in the section listed, or use the value listed (in that case 
    of 12), or use any value you deem sufficient (in the case of Your 
    Discretion).  You now have all but one last piece of information that may be 
    important.  The Byte Size.
        1) 32-bit
        2) 16-bit
        3) 16-bit
        4) 16-bit
        5) 16-bit
        6) 16-bit
        7) 16-bit
        8) 8-bit
        9) 8-bit
        10) 8-bit
        11) 8-bit
        12) 8-bit
        That should be everything you'll need ... remember, application of this 
    information is up to the user.
    Section 13: Credits
        There are several people without whose publicly available resources this 
    document could have never been complied:
        GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com), for being the comprehensive game information 
        The people on the Super Robot Taisen A board at GameFAQs, for 
    confirmations of some material and a few helpful hints here and there with 
    later appearing mecha;
        mahq.net, whose information helped me confirm the translations of some 
    mecha and pilot names;
        Jeffrey's J<->E Dictionary Server (linear.mv.com/), an excellent on-line 
    Section 14: Contact Information
        If you want to get in touch with me, the author, the best way is to send 
    an e-mail.  The address is soren_kanzaki@yahoo.com.  I check it once (and 
    usually only once) per day, and I try my best to answer all appropriate e-
    mails that cross my path.  Sometimes, I'll forget to answer an e-mail because 
    I don't have the answer right at hand - just send me a nice reminder, and I 
    should get back to you shortly.  If you don't hear from me the same or next 
    day, this might just be because you've missed my mail-reading time.
        I'm generally willing to answer questions that are related to the game in 
    question.  I might not know the answer, but if I don't, I'll at least let you 
    know that I can't help.  Asking about how to use cheats is a fifty-fifty 
    proposition.  If I have plenty of time, and am in a good mood, I'll probably 
    answer your question.  If I'm in a hurry, then I probably won't.  Repeatedly 
    sending me the same question will probably not help get it answered any 
    sooner, either.  Also, requests for copies of the game, save states, or 
    things like that will generally be ignored.  It's just policy, it's not 
        Intelligent questions of any stripe on games, anime, and even academic 
    subjects are usually welcome.  Even ones like "So, what is your opinion of 
    Wellington's Peninsular Campaigns?" will probably be answered.  (Actually, if 
    someone ever seriously asked me that question, I definitely would answer.)  
    Occasionally I'm a bit windy (as if you couldn't tell just by reading this 
    guide!), but if you can put up with that, then by all means drop me a line.  
    Since I'm too lazy to paste up my research and thoughts on a web-page, I'm 
    usually more than willing to do so over an e-mail.
        It goes without saying that information, comments (that have substance, 
    not just unsolicited opinion), praise, and criticism (again, with some 
    specifics) on the work itself is quite welcome.  I've done more than a few of 
    these by now, but I'm always looking to make the guides better.  Suggestions 
    for new games to work on will be taken into consideration - but I can't 
    guarantee that I'll be able to get a copy of the game in question and pick it 
    apart.  I'm only human, after all ...
        If for some reason e-mail just doesn't work for you, it is possible to 
    contact me on the GameFAQs message boards.  I usually at least scan the 
    boards for which I've published work (although busier ones often move too 
    fast for an ancient fossil like myself), so there's a chance that I'll see a 
    message there.  Unless it's incredibly important or urgent, I think both 
    myself and the wonderful staff at GameFAQs would appreciate you not creating 
    a topic like 'Hey, Soren!'.  Interesting, topical titles will draw my 
    attention without the involuntary shudder that my name on a topic title will.  
        One last note.  Again, I don't have a web-page, and I'm also a bit on the 
    lazy side.  The only place that I can guarantee you'll find the latest 
    version of any document is GameFAQs.  Occasionally, I'll send a copy to the 
    websites that ask, but it's not something that I honestly do every time.  
    Websites authorized to carry this document should feel free to put it up even 
    if I don't get around to sending it to them, and have my apologies.
    Section 15: Copyright / Authorization
    This document is the sole property of soren_kanzaki@yahoo.com, and copyright 
    2002.  Unauthorized reproduction, either in print, electronic, or other 
    format is expressly prohibited without consent of the author.  Individuals 
    may download this document from the following authorized websites:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    Individuals may only use this document for personal purposes and are 
    expressly prohibited from transferring or reproducing this document in any 
    format without consent of the author.  This document cannot be altered and 
    then redistributed without consent of the author.  This document, 
    reproductions thereof, or excerpts, cannot be sold for money.
    Section 16: Miscellaneous
    Edition Names:
    I thought I'd add a little spice to the bland version numbers by invoking the 
    names of the two major Universal Century mobile suit design corporations.  
    The Zeonic Corporation, headquartered in Granada on the Moon, designed many 
    of the suits that are synonymous with the Duchy of Zeon.  Anaheim 
    Electronics, which gained supremacy in Federal Forces mobile suit design 
    after the One Year War by absorbing many Zeonic Corporation personnel, was 
    responsible for the GP-01, GP-02a, and the GP-03, as well as many other mecha 
    The Shuffle Union / Devil Gundam Corps are the two main groups in Mobile 
    Fighter G Gundam.  (At least from my limited knowledge.)
    Operation Meteor is the title of the entire project of sending the Gundams 
    (in Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing) to Earth, following the impact of a large 
    colony on the surface.  (Yes, Sunrise copied from itself - White Fang isn't 
    the first group of crazies to want to drop a colony on the Earth.)  I thought 
    it sounded better than the '5 Old Doctor's' Edition.
    If I knew more about Metal Armor Dragonar, I would have given it a better 
    version title.  ^^  I considered using the name of some of the support ships 
    in the anime, but decided against it.
    Nergal Heavy Industries is the corporation responsible for the construction 
    of the Nadesico and all its sibling ships (the Cosmos, Shakuyaku, and a 
    fourth whose name slips my mind at this time.  All of the other three are 
    flowers, EVEN the Cosmos.  It might also refer to, you know, space, but it 
    can be a flower, just like the Aestivalis is one ... all parodies of the 
    Gundam Project mobile suit names [Zephyranthes, Physalis, Orchis, and 
    Gerbera]).  Nergal, as you probably know, is a reference to Mars.
    The next slated edition will cover Zambot 3/Daitarn 3 information, and 
    possibly more enemy information.  I really haven't played the game very much 
    recently for a variety of reasons (but I still would like to, at some point 
    ...), and with the impending release of Super Robot Taisen R, there's an 
    awfully good chance that any other work will get side-lined in favor of rapid 
    research into R.  I'd like to see how fast I can figure out the data in that 
    one ...
    Zeonic Corporation Edition?:
    Yes, I decided to hold onto that edition for a day to double-check it, and by 
    that time, I figured it would be faster to just plow right into the Shuffle 
    Union/Devil Gundam Corps edition.  However, as my salute to the innovative 
    and powerful designs of the Zeonic Corporation (and its spin-offs, including 
    Anaheim Electronics itself), I retained that version number and all 
    associated data about it.

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