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    Translation Guide Part 1/2 by Ikusagami

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/12/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Robot Taisen A Translation Guide v.1.0
    release date: June 12th, 2004
    author: Ikusagami (ikusagami@terra.com.br)
    # Contents #
    01. Version History
    02. Disclaimer
    03. Notes and Comments
    04. Introduction to the Story
    05. Flags List
    06. Undercover (stages 1 to 6)
    07. Shadow Mirror (stages 7 to 13)
    08. Soul Front (stages 14 to 19)
    09. You are Here, and So am I (SRTA Translation Guide 2)
    10. Credits
    # 01. Version History #
    1.0  - 06/12/04 - Finished section 8. Divided the guide in two parts for the
           sake of the size of this guide.
    0.9  - 10/03/03 - Finished Stage 17 all routes and Stage 18. Some random stuff
           and mispellings corrected.
    0.8  - 02/18/03 - Corrected Stage 02 S's title and many flags mistakes.
           Inserted Axel VS Aina at stage 06. Stage 15 and 16 complete.
    0.7b - 12/01/02 - Finished section 07 and stage 14 complete. Compacted the
           guide a bit by taking out walkthrough related stuff and changing format.
           Also, new script translation method in use, more info at notes section.
           Some obscure events inserted (stages 01 SM Mazinger's and stage 02 SF's
           Getter's losing events), as well as Flag List forgotten stuff and
           mistakes all cleared.
    0.7a - 07/25/02 - Fixed more errors at section 06, Stages 10, 11 and 12, Earth
           and Space route complete.
    0.6b - 07/18/02 - Fixed some errors at section 06, and added some notes.
           Finished stage 07, 08 and 09 on both Space and Earth routes.
    0.6a - 06/21/02 - Adjusted until end of stage 06 to new format. Finished, I
           think, flags list. First Public Release.
    0.5  - Major convention changes. Started reviewing from stage 01.
    0.3  - Similar stages adjustement. Stage 1 to 4 done. Reached stage 6 with
           Lamia, Real Robot route.
    0.2  - Revised past stuff and Real Robot Axel route, Super Robot Lamia route
           and Real Robot Lamia route started simultaneusly.
    0.1b - Super, Axel route stages 3 to 6 done.
    0.1a - First sketches. Super Robot Axel route starting, stage 1 done.
    # 02. Disclaimer #
    This guide Copyright 2002 Ikusagami (ikusagami@terra.com.br) and cannot be
    modified, reproduced or distributed on any way without the consent of the
    author and for commercial purposes.
    # 03. Notes and Comments #
    This guide was completely translated by me. I'm no expert at Japanese language
    nor at English, so if you have comments, suggestions, critics, spelling
    corrections, official name translations, or any help of this kind, feel free to
    mail me on the address above.
    Be aware, though, that I have adapted from each character's speech to the
    nearest type of speech in English. So, mispellings, grammar mistakes and even
    bad words that may appear in this guide are fully adapted from the Japanese
    On dialogs when both main characters have the same speech, they'll be refered
    to as A/L. On other characters' dialog, they'll be refered to as [Axel/Lamia],
    [he/she], [his/her], etc.
    I've taken out stuff like items and units list so the guide can breath a little
    in terms of size. If you really need this kind of info, tell me and I'll think
    about putting it at an on-line guide or so...
    About the new translation method, I'm using the game dump's script using
    Hexecute and a few other home-made tools. This method is time consuming to
    translate the script itself from code to Japanese, and then finally from
    Japanese to English, but it'll help me to find some obscure dialogs.
    # 04. Introduction to the Story #
    Universal Century 0XXX.
    The One Year War and the Gripps Conflict... After going through those two great
    wars, Earth has earned some governmental peace. Mars has been succeeding its
    terraforming, and wounds from Titans' rebellion were healing. Earth's renewal
    was occuring in a high pace.
    ... At this point a disturbing event happens.
    After losing their home planet and becoming wanderes, the people from Balm
    wanted to join Earth's civilization, and initiated a peaceful negociation.
    Chances of they being accepted by the space colonies made Earth Federation to
    take easy on it's peace meeting.
    In the peaceful meeting with Balmlings, the worst of the events, the
    "Assassination of the Peace Ambassador", throws everything into war.
    In the middle of this chaos on Earth, in the Lunar Empire of Giganos...
    Minister Gilthor concludes that this situation was created by the imcompetence
    of the Earthnoids, and declares independence and starts a war against Earth.
    And to make things worse, the constructed city of Mars is attacked by surprise
    by an anonymous enemy, and the Hyakki Empire restarts an advance against Earth.
    And this way, Earth is again engulfed into the fires of war.
    Earth Federation couldn't take care of all this sudden conflicts, and only one
    thing was done, the 13th Earth Federation Autonomous Corps, Londo Bell, was
    But... The Londo Bell Squad doesn't realize at this time about the hidden truth
    of the war, about the ones from the "the extremely far, limitlessly near
    And even that "they" are the ones that breath into this fire.
    # 05. Flags List #
    01. (Lisa)
        Super Robot Route.
        Ryo's kills reaches 05 until end of stage 04.
        Active after stage 07 without unit.
    02. Char's Custom Gelgoog
        Char's Custom Gelgoog (Char) is destroyed at stage 07.
        Active after stage 07 without pilot.
    03. Apsalas
        Shiroh convinces (Aina) at stage 06.
        Apsalas (Aina) is last enemy unit alive at end of stage 07.
        Active after stage 07.
    04. Minerva X
        Demonika (Ankoku Dai-Shogun) and Dragonar-3 (Light) are alive at stage 07.
        Koji convinces Minerva X at stage 07.
        Active at stage 07 as NPC, and after stage 07 without pilot.
    05. Getter Q (Miyuki)
        Ryo VS Miyuki, Hayato VS Miyuki, Musashi VS Miyuki at stage 07.
        Ryo convinces Miyuki at stage 07.
        Active during stage 07.
    06. $10000
        Sayla VS Char at stage 07.
    07. G-Fighter
        Sayla has more kills than Amuro before taking Earth Route at stage 08.
        Active at stage 09 Space Route or stage 13 after Earth Route without pilot.
        Default unit for Space Route if Sayla and Amuro has equal number of kills.
        G-Fighter and FA Gundam are exclusive to each other.
    08. Full Armor Gundam
        Amuro has more kills than Sayla before taking Space Route at stage 08.
        Active at stage 09 Space Route or stage 13 after Earth Route.
        G-Fighter and FA Gundam are exclusive to each other.
    09. Aestevalis (Gai)
        Space Route.
        Nadesico and the two Aestevalises survive at stage 09 Space Route.
        Active at stage 11 Space Route.
    10. Borot Pressure Punch
        Space Route.
        Boss kills reaches 05 before stage 10.
        Active at stage 10.
    11. Elmeth (Lalah)
        Space Route.
        Amuro VS Char, Amuro VS Lalah, Sayla VS Char, Sayla VS Lalah at stage 11.
        Char's unit is blown up at stage 12.
        Amuro convinces Lalah at stage 12.
        Active during stage 12.
    12. (Musashi)
        Ryo's kills reaches 15 until end of stage 15.
        Active at stage 16 without unit.
    13. Mecha Tekkan Oni (Tekkan Oni)
        Tekkan Oni's unit survives at stage 15.
        Active at start of stage 15 as NPC and after stage 15.
    14. Kerot (Kinta, Chie)
        Active at stage 17 Nanbara Connection Route.
        Nanbara Connection Route.
    15. Mecha Kocho Oni (Kocho Oni)
        Ryo convinces Kocho Oni at stage 17 Big Falcon Route.
        Big Falcon Route.
    16. (Four)
        Camille convinces Four at stage 16
        Camille convinces Four at stage 18.
        Destroy Psycho Gundam (Four) at stage 18.
        Active after stage 18 without unit.
        Four and Rosamia are exclusive to each other.
    17. (Rosamia)
        Camille convinces Rosamia at stage 16
        Camille convinces Rosamia at stage 18.
        Destroy Psycho Gundam (Rosamia) at stage 18.
        Active after stage 18 without unit.
        Rosamia and Four are exclusive to each other.
    18. Nobel Gundam (Allenby)
        Domon convinces Allenby at stage 18.
        Rain convinces Allenby at stage 19.
        Domon convinces Allenby at stage 19.
        Domon blows up Allenby's unit at stage 19.
        Active after stage 19.
    19. Fuun Saiki
        Flag 29's process fails.
        Domon's kills reaches 30 at end of stage 21.
        Active after stage 21.
    20. (Kirika)
        Duke VS Kirika at stage 25.
        Maria convinces Kirika at stage 25.
        Active after stage 25 without unit.
    21. God Gundam and Rising Gundam's Love Love Tenkyoken
        Devil Colony Route.
        Active at end of stage 26.
    22. Altron Gundam (Wu-fei)
        Heero convinces Wu-fei at stage 26 Mariemaia Pursue Route.
        Active during stage 27 or after stage 27 if Devil Colony Route.
    23. Qubeley Mk-II (Puru)
        Gremmy's unit is blown up at stage 28.
        Camille VS Puru at stage 28.
        Active during stage 28.
    24. Qubeley Mk-II (PuruTwo)
        Puru VS PuruTwo at stage 28.
        Puru blows up PuruTwo's unit.
        Active after stage 28.
    25. Gouf Custom (Norris)
        Gouf Custom (Norris) is last unit alive at stage 28.
        Active after stage 28.
    26. Combattler V's Grandasher
        Nanbara Connection Route.
        Active after stage 28.
    27. Voltes V's Chodenji Ball Tenkuuken no V Giri
        Big Falcon Route.
        Active after stage 28.
    28. Daimos' Neppu Seikentsuki Kai
        Guiana Highlands Route.
        Active after stage 28.
    29. Master Gundam (Master Asia)
        Earth Route and Guiana Highlands Route.
        Domon VS Master at stages 08 and 17.
        Flag 18's conditions met.
        Active during stage 29.
    30. Mass Production Great Mazinger
        Tetsuya's kills reaches 30 until end of stage 30.
        Active after stage 30 without pilot.
    31. Falgen (Maillot)
        Ken's kills reaches 30 before stage 31.
        Active during stage 31.
    32. Sazabi
        Quattro's kills reaches 30 until end of stage 31.
        Active at end of stage 31.
    33. Dai-Tetsujin (Tsukumo)
        Jovian Route.
        Active at stage 32.
        Dai-Tetsujin and Full Armor ZZ Gundam are exclusive to each other.
    34. Full Armor ZZ Gundam
        Balm Route.
        Judau's kills reaches 5 before stage 35.
        Active at stage 35.
        Full Armor ZZ Gundam and Dai-Tetsujin are exclusive to each other.
    # 06. Undercover #
    Super Robot Route: S
    Real Robot Route:  R
    Axel Route:        M
    Lamia Route:       F
     Stage 01 SM - Ochitekita Otoko (The Man Fallen from Sky)
    [Boss Borot and Diana A appear]
    Boss:    Janjaja~n! No proble~ms! The sun is shining and it's a perfect day for
             a date, right Sayaka?
    Sayaka:  What are you talking about, Boss? It's not a date, it's a patrol.
             Open your guard and you'll be beaten by another Combat Beast.
    Boss:    It's alright. I shall kick any Combat Beast's ass with my Borot!
    Sayaka:  And our main mission is to investigate that unidentified fallen
             object, you know?
    Boss:    The chief said too da wa sa, but it's a meteorite, Sayaka.
    Sayaka:  Hey, the aliens' invasion has already started, right? What if the
             enemies... Arah?
    [Main Robot appears]
    Boss:    Oh, speaking on the devil, is that a Combat Beast!?
    Sayaka:  Doesn't seem like one. Yes, that's the fallen one. Let's go see it,
    [screen fade-out]
    [they move near Main Robot]
    [screen fade-in]
    Sayaka:  This is...a robot!? ... There's someone in the cockpit.
    Boss:    Hey, wake up!
    ???:     ... Uh... Lemo...n...
    Sayaka:  What...? A person's name...?
    ???:     Kuh...
    Boss:    Seems like he's awake now.
    ???:     ... Uhn... Here is...?
    Sayaka:  Science Lab Fortress's back coast... Who are you? Why are you here?
    ???:     Who...am I? ... I am...who...? Why am I here...?
    Boss:    Hey, don't fool us!
    ???:     If I was to fool you, I'd say fooler things...
    Sayaka:  Maybe...you...
    ???:     Damn... Can't remember... I think I have amnesia...
    Boss:    Is that true!?
    Sayaka:  Ah, I'm Sayaka, Sayaka Yumi. And he's Boss. Your name... can't you
             remember anything!?
    ???:     ... If a beauty like you kisses me, I think I can remember...
    Sayaka:  Eh...?
    ???:     Kidding... But that I don't know who I am is true...
    Sayaka:  Can't laugh then...
    Boss:    I think we can just ignore him, right?
    Sayaka:  We can't do that. There's about this robot also... Maybe it's the new
             weapon that father told us.
    Boss:    Hey, you really don't know anything?
    ???:     Wait a minute... Yeah... Axel...
    Sayaka:  That is...your name?
    Axel:    Seems like that... Dunno. And nothing further.
    Boss:    Only the name. Well, let's go back to the lab and... Hey! Sayaka!
    Sayaka:  Eh!?
    [Demonika appears]
    Ankoku:  That's the one. The combat robot that was told...
    Sayaka:  Demonika... Fortress! Empire Mikene Forces!?
    Ankoku:  Hohoo, that's Mazinger Z's friends...and that robot was their friends?
    Boss:    Great timing!
    Sayaka:  And aiming for this robot!?
    Ankoku:  Go! Combat Beasts!
    [Mikene units appear]
    Axel:    Fuel check...a little consumed... Machine's damage is slight...can
    Sayaka:  What!?
    Axel:    We have to fight ... Cause they don't seem to let us go, so you
    Boss:    No way! Turning our back to the enemies will sure hurt mine and
             Borot's name da wa sa!
    Axel:    But they got the numbers... I feel that I can do it, that is.
    Sayaka:  It's ok, I've sent an S.O.S. signal. An ally that maybe... I mean that
             can help us win will come!
    Axel:    ...?
    Ankoku:  Huhahaha! That's good! After capturing it, I'll vitimize you all!
    Axel:    (Piloting... I know... Doesn't seem like I forgot everything... Let's
             see if I can do it.)
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
          Demonika (Ankoku Dai-Shogun) destruction
    Lose: Main Robot destruction
    # ally reinforce 1: ally turn 2 #
    [Mazinger Z appears]
    Koji:    Hehehe, I'm the first!
    Axel:    A new enemy!?
    Sayaka:  Wait! That's our friend! Koji-kun!
    Ankoku:  Muuh! Mazinger Z! It's Koji Kabuto!
    Koji:    Treating girls like that is your trademark, Ankoku Dai-Shogun!
    Ankoku:  Eeh! What an annoying bastard! Leave capturing of the battle robot for
             later! Take your time, Koji Kabuto!
    Axel:    Mazinger... Z...
    Boss:    What, you know Mazinger Z! Heh, I'll forgive you cause you didn't know
             of Borot because of your amnesia.
    Axel:    (No... I have never seen it...but...?)
    Sayaka:  Koji-kun! And Tetsuya-kun!?
    Koji:    Heh, why should I know? He might be hanging around at this time.
    Sayaka:  Oh, why can't you two just get along well?
    Koji:    .......
    Boss:    Hey, Koji.
    Koji:    That never seen robot! Can you move!? Then follow me! Let's do it!
    Axel:    H...hey, it's pretty damn bad mood, you know... What happened?
    Sayaka:  There's a lot to tell.
    Ankoku:  What are you jumbling?! Only Mazinger Z can't make a difference! Smash
             them all!
    # ally reinforce 2: ally turn 5 #
    [Great Mazinger and Venus A appear]
    Tetsuya: Koji-kun, are you alright!?
    Ankoku:  That is... I should have brought more Combat Beasts!
    Axel:    Black one... 2 of the same!? No, is that another?
    # if alive unit: Koji unit #
    Koji:    So you finally come, it's ok... Tetsuya-kun should watch from there.
    Tetsuya: Don't push your limts. You can't do this with Mazinger Z.
    Koji:    What? You saying about me, eh?
    Tetsuya: .......
    # else dead unit: Koji unit #
    Koji:    As you can see. I was beaten. Damn!
    Tetsuya: Oh well, it's because you overdo with Mazinger Z.
    Koji:    What, you make it hear like Mazinger is weaker than Great.
    Jun:     You two stop! We're in mid-battle.
    Axel:    ... Oh, so they don't get along well, eh?
    # Axel VS Ankoku Dai-Shogun #
    Ankoku:  Huhu, seems like you've run from the ones from planet Vega... But you
             can't run from me!
    Axel:    You...you know me!?
    # Koji VS Ankoku Dai-Shogun #
    Koji:    Be prepared, Ankoku Dai-Shogun!
    Ankoku:  Hahaha! I'll make you squashed!
    # Tetsuya VS Ankoku Dai-Shogun #
    Ankoku:  Die! Great Mazinger!!
    Tetsuya: Funny...! Try it, Ankoku Dai-Shogun!
    # enemy retreat: Ankoku Dai-Shogun's HP reaches 0 or 30% #
    Ankoku:  Uhm, it's inevitable. I'll retreat for the moment!
    [Demonika explodes/disappears]
    [all alive Mikene units disappear]
    # if last attack: Axel unit #
    Axel:    (This machine... It's is much more powerful than I thought...)
    # else last attack: Koji unit #
    Koji:    You see it! Hope you realize Mazinger Z's power!
    # else last attack: Tetsuya unit #
    Tetsuya: He ran.
    # stage end #
    # if before ally reinforce 2 #
    [Great Mazinger and Venus A appear]
    Tetsuya: We're late! Where's Ankoku Dai-Shogun?!
    Boss:    Hehe-, sorry Tetsuya. We had just defeated him.
    Koji:    That's it. Only Mazinger is enough.
    Tetsuya: ........
    Jun:     Hey, Tetsuya.
    Sayaka:  Anyway let's go back to the lab. With Axel-kun with us.
    Axel:    Can I go too?
    Tetsuya: Uhn, that robot? Oh, the one chief said about...
    Koji:    Aah, seems like that...but he says he doesn't know anything.
    # else after ally reinforce 2 #
    Axel:    It's over... So, what were those guys?
    Jun:     And what about you?
    Sayaka:  He's Axel-kun. Seems like Mikene Empire's guys were after him...
    Tetsuya: This does have something with your robot, right?
    Axel:    Heh, don't know anything, ya know?
    Tetsuya: Don't know? You've got amnesia or what? That's stupid.
    Sayaka:  Hey, Tetsuya-kun! It seems like that, though...
             Anyway, we should go back to the lab.
    Boss:    Yess, let's go back then-! Uh? Oro? Koji-kun?
    Koji:    (He's familiar on combat... But seems like he's a good person... I've
             got some bad feelings...)
    # next: scene 001 SM #
     Stage 01 SF - Undercover
    [Main Robot appears]
    ???:     I've relaxed. I wasn't expecting being attacked by aliens... Output
             low... This way I'll be caught by the gravity... And to think that
             I have to land. Parts check... The radar is gone. No behavior
             problems but...this way I can't move.
             (I have to go to space whatever I do...)
    [Mecha Fortress Oni and Hyakki units appear]
    ???:     What...!?
    Hidler:  There it is! The unknown machine that we were told of. Kuh kuh... It
             seems it can't move very well. Good timing, you'll become a good
             experiment material for our Empire.
    ???:     ... And to think that the radar failure would become such a backfire.
    Hidler:  You should surrender quietly... And if you resist, we'll cut off your
             arms and feet!
    ???:     (Code is... Hyakki Empire. I have no time to take them now...)
    Hidler:  No reaction. Hih hih hih, if so there's no fun! We'll capture it after
             we show you some pain. We should just say to Bry-sama that it
             resisted a bit.
    ???:     Such dirty bastards you are as usual!
    ???:     Muh... From where?
    Hidler:  Th...this voice... You...no, all of you!
    [Getter 2 appears]
    Hayato:  Fuh, too late to realize.
    ???:     From the bottom of the surface!?
    Hidler:  It's Getter Robot! When did they do it!?
    Ryo:     In this mid-war, we can't ignore a fallen object from space!
    Musashi: This is...a robot? Hey, is there anyone in it!?
    ???:     (Getter Robot, they said... Analysing... Getter Robot.................
    Ryo:     No pilot...? Or either he is already...
    ???:     ... It's alright, I hear you.
    Hayato:  What a surprise...a woman. Who are you? Your name?
    ???:     A name. Alright... I'm called Lamia. I can move, but there are lots
             of behavior failures. Can I ask for rescue?
    Ryo:     What should we do, Hayato, Musashi?
    Hayato:  No need to ask, Ryo. But it would be better if it was asked in more
             cuter way.
    Hidler:  What are you jumbling! I don't care! I'll get you too, Getter!
    Musashi: Come and see if you can!
    Ryo:     Let's go, Hayato, Musashi! Chaaaaaaange Getter 1! Switch On!
    [Getter 2 transforms to Getter 1]
    Lamia:   (Splendid transformation process.... Indeed, this technology...)
    Ryo:     Lamia-san, right? If you can move, I ask for help!
    Hayato:  If not, then just stay quiet. We'll end this as soon as possible.
    Lamia:   (Plan modified, this would be.)
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
          Mecha Fortress Oni (Hidler) destruction
    Lose: Main Robot destruction
    # Getter VS Hakkotsu Oni #
    Hakkotsu: Come. I'll be your match.
    # if Getter: Getter 1 #
    Ryo:      I won't lose!
    # else Getter: Getter 2 #
    Hayato:   Old lads should get lost!
    # else Getter: Getter 3 #
    Musashi:  Try to take my attack!
    # Lamia VS Hidler #
    Lamia:   I have to accomplish new orders... I'll have you wiped out!
    Hidler:  What the hell are you talking about!?
    # Getter VS Hidler #
    Hidler:  Getter, you can't think you'll win using that old model forever!
    # if Getter: Getter 1 #
    Ryo:     It doesn't matters! We only need our 3 powers gathered!
    # else Getter: Getter 2 #
    Hayato:  Against you, Getter 2 is enough.
    # else Getter: Getter 3 #
    Musashi: Shut up! I'll show ya my powers!
    # enemy retreat: Hidler's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Hidler:  Uooh, over and over again... Getter Robot! No other way, I'll retreat.
             Remember it, I haven't give up yet!
    [Mecha Fortress Oni explodes/disappears]
    [all alive Hyakki units disappear]
    Musashi: Wait!
    Ryo:     No, Musashi. Lamia's rescue first.
    # stage end #
    Hayato:  No enemy reaction... They sure are fast to run, as usual.
    Ryo:     Lamia-san, are you alright?
    Lamia:   Aah, please, lend me a help. I want to repair my machine.
    Musashi: As easy as said. I'll carry ya with Getter 3's power.
    Ryo:     We should go to the lab and...
    Hayato:  Wait, Ryo, Musashi.... Will you trust her?
    Lamia:   ......
    Musashi: What are ya saying, Hayato. To trust or not, she fought Hyakki Empire
             with us, right? She's an ally.
    Hayato:  That's why you are too simple.... The enemy of our enemy is not
             our ally for sure.
    Musashi: What about too simple!? And after all.
    Hayato:  To deceive an enemy, start from the allies. And... She might be from
             an army different from Hyakki's that want to take on Earth.
    Lamia:   (... Seems like it won't be so easy... Indeed, this man doesn't get
             pushed by the situation. And he sure has some insight... Well.)
    Ryo:     Hayato, you're exagerating.
    Hayato:  And, I won't trust someone that can't say thank you for being saved.
    Lamia:   ........
    Ryo:     You two stop. An ally or an enemy, we'll decide it after we talk.
             ... Lamia-san, will you mind to come with us?	
    Lamia:   ... I understand.
    # next: scene 001 SF #
     Stage 01 R M - Ihoujin (Foreigner)
                F - Spy
    [Main Robot appears]
    # if Axel Route #
    ???:     ...... Uuh... Lemon...
    [an explosion occurs]
    ???:     Uh... Here is... What, all this wreckage...battlefield, eh? I am...
             Uh...who...am I? Why am I here...? Dup... Calm down... I have to
             find some information... This robot that I am in... A humanoid weapon?
             Fuel...ammo...sorta consumed...and slight damage on machine itself...
             So then, this wreckage all around... It was me? Or were my friends...?
             Damn...can't remember... Might be amnesia, heh? Heh, what a joke...
             Better I think it's only temporary mental confusion...
    [more explosion occurs around]
    ???:     ... What the!? Battle...? Damn, I can't understand the situation! It's
             coming this way!
    [Cavallier 0, Dragonar 2 and 3 appear]
    Ken:     Dammit! What insistent guys!
    Light:   If it's to be chased, I'd rather being chased by women!
    Tapp:    Heh, you're right...
    Ken:     Anyway, if we don't hurry to go back, Idaho will...
    [note: Idaho is a 418m Space Battleship.  In the tradition of USN battleships,
    it's named after a state]
    Light:   Uh? Wait a sec! There's a living machine near!
    ???:     They found me?
    [they move near Main Robot]
    Light:   Hey you...are you a Federation guy? If so, we'd like some help, you
    ???:     Do you know me?
    Light:   Nope. But when we are in trouble, we should help each other, right?
    ???:     (So...are they enemies or allies...? But, if they were enemies,
             they'd have attacked me...)
    Ken:     Hey! Say something! Can be Ah or Uh...
    ???:     Aah??
    Ken:     Are you damn kidding, you bastard?
    Light:   Why are you nervous, Ken? Relax... By seeing it, seems like he's
             injured a bit, so can't say much about it, ok?
    Ken:     We're also like him. If we don't go back, Linda and the others
    Light:   Hey! They've reached us!
    [Practice units and Falgen appear]
    Ken:     So you appeared... You jagged bastard...
    Tapp:    Those richies are here too... What's so fun about chasing men's butt?
    ???:     (That robot... I've seen it before...?)
    Maillot: So we've reached them... You won't run this time!
    Werner:	 Lt-dono... There's a unknown machine too... Can it be a new kind!?
    Karl:    Can't be... It's supposed to be only 3 of the D-weapon...
    Dan:     Whatever, if it's their allies, then we should blow it up too.
    Ken:     Heh, such egoistic words!
    Maillot: 4 against 4... That's what I'd rather think, but we can't relaxe
             yet... Just for precaution, I will call for reinforce...
    Dan:     Lt! We can handle this!
    Maillot: This kind of attitude has been the cause of our last failures, don't
             forget it...and...
    Karl:    And?
    Maillot: Can you see what are those craps that we are surrounded of?
    Werner:  Eh...? T...this is...wreckage of ally forces?
    Karl:    Can it be the 4th Investigative Squad that we lost contact?
    Maillot: The 4th Investigative Squad were chasing a machine with unknown
             code... So, that new kind was the one who did it.
    Werner:  That's impossible! Even with investigation equipments, they lost to
             only one unit!?
    Maillot: Or else, we'll get no other explanation... Let's talk about later, and
             attack now.
    Dan:     Y...yes!
    Ken:     They are coming!
    Light:   Even if you don't want to, they will target you as an enemy!
    ???:     Seems like that... That's hard for good looking guys.
    Tapp:    Heh, you say so.
    ???:     (I may recover my memories during battle... So)
    Ken:     Oookay! Let's do it then!! Oh, yeah...and your name?
    ???:     I don't know it, that is...
    Ken:     You don't know, what?
    ???:     Yep, seems like... Well. Call me Axel then.
    Ken:     Okay, Axel. Take care, uh! That jagged bastard has a fool alias of
             "Giganos' Blue Hawk". He's hard to beat!
    Axel:    Blue... Hawk? Cool, heh.
    Light:   We have to hurry and take them out... Reinforce is coming.
    Tapp:    Don't fool us... There's nothing in my radar!
    Ken:     Mine either.
    Light:   2 more minutes and they'll reach us... This way we'll be entrapped.
    Axel:    It's ok to hear why you know this?
    Light:   He he, the D-3 that I'm in is a little bit different from the ones you
             guys have... It's a machine for electronic battle.
    Axel:    Telephonic matter?
    Light:   It has a high performance of analysing data and stuff... For saying
             better, it's a leader's machine.
    Ken:     Heh, don't say smart stuff...
    Axel:    Having that donut on the head and it is a leader's machine?
    Light:   It's no donut!! Radar dome, ra-dome, dammit!
    Axel:    And that one...is it for clay battle?
    Ken:     Not clay battle! It's an armored carrier sorta thing! Under this
    Dan:     What are you jumbling!?
    Maillot: (There's no control between them...? D-weapon and the new kind... 
             What's going on?)
    Tapp:    They've come!
    Light:   We have to take them before the reinforce comes!
    Ken:     That's impossible!
    Axel:    (Piloting... I know it. Seems like I haven't forgotten everything...
             Let's do it)
    # else Lamia Route #
    ???:     ... Battle finished... It wasn't in the schedule... I haven't thought
             that I would be detected by another forces before making contact with
             Londo Bell Squad. For the data... It's Giganos Forces. Indeed, the
             robots named Metal Armors. Parts check...slight damage on machine, no
             behavior problems... Current point is... Hum, I was pulled out during
             battle. From schedule, I should contact Londo Bell in moments... But,
             it'll be troublesome to contact them here. I have to aim when they
             land on Moon or a colony... Uhn? ... There are machines approaching
             here... 3 of them? No, there are more 4 behind the first ones. Might
             be Londo Bell? ... I have to avoid more battle. Let's use a dummy
    [Main Robot disappears into a dummy meteorite]
    [Cavallier 0, Dragonar 2, 3]
    [Practice units and Falgen appear]
    [they move near Main Robot's dummy meteorite]
    Maillot: It's useless to run in such place...!
    Ken:     Dammit! What insistent guys!
    Tapp:    And richies are there too. What's so fun about chasing men's butt?
    Werner:  We'll end up this today!
    Light:   If it's to be chased, I'd rather being chased by women!
    Tapp:    I agree.
    Ken:     Anyway, if we don't hurry to go back, Idaho will...
    Tapp:    If they let us go back!
    ???:     (The 4 that are chasing are Metal Armors from the ones from before.
             Giganos Forces. But there's no data about the first 3 machines. They
             seem to be Metal Armors but... Are they a new kind...?)
    Ken:     You shot the SOS signal, Light!?
    Light:   I've done this already! But I don't know if they'll come or not.
    ???:     (Very good chance.... I'll have your data taken.)
    Dan:     You've given us enough work... Take this!
    [explosion occurs, and dummy meteorite is hit]
    [Main Robot reappears]
    ???:     Damn!?
    Ken:     Wh... What's that!? This machine, is it a new enemy!?
    Tapp:    But for aiming an ambush... It's just one!?
    Karl:    Lt-dono, what's that!?
    Maillot: I've never seen that machine.... I wonder if there were more of the
             D-weapon? From the information, they were only 3.
    Werner:  Lt-dono, this must be a trap! They've performed to run to get us to
             the zone where that machine was waiting...!?
    Dan:     Have you gotten enough afraid? What one machine can do!?
    Maillot: 4 against 4... That's what I'd rather think, but we can't relaxe
             yet... Just for precaution, I will call for reinforce...
    Karl:    Lt! We can handle this!
    Maillot: This kind of attitude has been the cause of our last failures, don't
             forget it...and...
    Werner:  And?
    Maillot: Can you see what are those craps that we are surrounded of?
    Dan:     Eh...? T...this is...wreckage of ally forces?
    Karl:    Can it be the 4th Investigative Squad that we lost contact?
    Maillot: The 4th Investigative Squad were chasing a machine with unknown
             code... So, that new kind was the one who did it.
    Karl:    That's impossible! Even with investigation equipments, they lost to
             only one unit!?
    Maillot: Or else, we'll get no other explanation... But we can't ignore the
             idea that this might be a trap.
    ???:     .......
    Maillot: I'll see...!
    # cinematic: Falgen VS Main Robot #
    Maillot: Can't get it down... It's strong.
    Ken:     What? Isn't it an enemy!?
    Light:   I can't understand well but, if it's like that... You, I don't know
             what or from where you are but, how about help each other a while?
             You don't want to be killed by them, do you?
    ???:     (What should I do...? The schedule will get even more screwed...)
    Tapp:    Hey hey, what's up.
    ???:     Roger.
    Ken:     Uhn? What, a woman!?
    Tapp:    I'd like to see your face later on.
    ???:     ... Weren't we in mid-battle?
    Light:   That's about it. Let's have some fun after we beat up those guys.
    ???:     (We are in mid-battle. I can't understand, if it's to go against my
             mission then... I'll finish with those ones also.)
    Ken:     By the way, what about your name?
    ???:     ... Name? It's meaningless.
    Tapp:    For an instance, but we're pals to fight along in a battle, it's hard
             to call for.
    Lamia:   ... What a troublesome... I'll make it Lamia.
    Ken:     Whatever. Ok, Lamia. Be careful, alright? That jagged bastard has a
             fool alias of "Giganos' Blue Hawk". He's hard to beat!
    Lamia:   Blue Hawk? Are they calling this because of the machine's coloring?
             I think it's purple, though.
    Tapp:    You sure is straight, m'am.
    Light:   Hey, let's talk later. We'll be in trouble if we don't take them in a
             hurry... Reinforce coming.
    Ken:     Don't fool us... There's nothing in my radar!
    Tapp:    Mine either.
    Light:   2 more minutes and they'll reach us... This way we'll be entrapped.
    Lamia:   Seems like your machine can work on electronic battle.
    Light:   Ooh!? Surely right! This D-3 that I'm riding is a machine for
             electronic battle.
    Ken:     Electronic battle? What's that?
    Lamia:   Analysing, gathering information, Colonel communication... A war can't
             be won just with physical destruction.
    Light:   Oh well, everything that I wanted to say she said in a simple way.
    Tapp:    Who are you anyway? Maybe, you're Londo Bell's?
    Lamia:   Londo Bell...!? Do you know about Londo Bell?
    Ken:     Hey hey, what about it in all of a sudden.
    Dan:     What are you jumbling!?
    Maillot: (There's no control between them...? D-weapon and the new kind... 
             What's going on?)
    Tapp:    No time to argue! They've come!
    Light:   We have to take them before the reinforce comes!
    Ken:     That's impossible!
    Lamia:   (Londo Bell... Whatever, I've got to pass through this place.)
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: Main Robot destruction
          ally battleship destruction (after reinforce)
    # reinforce: ally turn 3 #
    Light:   Oh no, they've come!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    We have played for long time...!
    [Giganos units appear]
    Tapp:    Hey, we're newbies! They should take it more easier...
    Ken:     Those Giganos bastards are damn annoying!
    Light:   Uhn!? It's not only them. On the counterside, there's a ship! This one
             is an ally!
    Tapp:    Then, it's the Earth Federation Forces! Oh, God, you didn't forget us!
    Ken:     Earth... Federation Forces...?
    [Ahgama appears]
    Bright:  So the battle is still on the run! We did it on time.
    Maillot: That's the Ahgama...! Then that one is the Earth Federation Forces
             Londo Bell. If so...
    Amuro:   ... Space...
    Maillot: In some words... A tougher one than the D-weapon will appear...!
    Amuro:   Amuro, Gundam taking off...!
    Noin:    Captain, I'll take off too. We can't lose the D-weapon here.
    [Gundam and Taurus appear]
    Maillot: As I thought... Gundam! The Federation's White Devil!
    Noin:    Metal Armor... Falgen!? It's Giganos' Blue Hawk...! Lt Amuro, be
    Amuro:   I know! ...I can handle him if he's not faster than the red one.
    Noin:    ...?
    Tapp:    Ooh! It.. It's true! The Gundam!
    Ken:     For what? We can handle them!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    What...? I feel a strong pressure... Who is that guy?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   What...? Who is that one?
    Light:   Don't you know? It's the Gundam, Gundam! The ace machine of Londo Bell
             Troops, you see!?
    Lamia:   Londo Bell...! I see, and I've taken the longest path but... Fuh fuh.
    Ken:     Wh...what, you seems weird.
    Amuro:   That's the D-weapon...and... A machine with an unknown code?
    Maillot: ... Meeting in a place like this... I'll enjoy fighting you!
    # Main Character VS Practice unit #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Hey you... Do you know me?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   .........
    # if alive unit: Dan unit #
    Dan:     What's with this guy?
    # if alive unit: Karl unit #
    Karl:    If this is the one that beat the investigative troops, then... He's
             strong. Be careful!
    # if alive unit: Werner unit #
    Werner:  Who is this guy!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    You don't know... So I'll have you help me get back my memories!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I've got no hatred for you but... If you are going to be an obstacle
             to my mission then... I'll have you erased.
    # Main Character VS Maillot #
    Maillot: This machine... It's different from the Metal Armors!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    So, let's see how is my real power!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Giganos' Blue Hawk... Your last attack wasn't your true power. Let's
             see it now.
    # Ken VS Maillot #
    Ken:     This one...is fast!
    Maillot: ... The pilot is not yet used to the machine?
    # Amuro VS Maillot #
    Maillot: Once feared by the Principality of Zeon, and now the so feared power
             by our Giganos... I shall see it!
    Amuro:   This pressure...he's strong...!
    # enemy retreat: Maillot's HP reaches 30% #
    Maillot: Kuh, the generator...!? It's inevitable, I'll retreat!
    # if alive unit: Werner unit #
    Werner:  Lt-dono!
    # if alive unit: Karl unit #
    Karl:    We can still fight!
    # if alive unit: Dan unit #
    Dan:     We got till here, and we have to retreat?
    # if alive unit: any Practice unit #
    Maillot: This is an order! The D-weapon and... The new kind! I won't forget
    [Falgen and all alive Practice units disappear]
    # enemy retreat: Maillot's HP reaches 0 #
    Maillot: What!? I've relaxed! I'll retreat!
    [Falgen explodes]
    # if alive unit: Werner unit #
    Werner:  Can't be... Lt-dono!
    # if alive unit: Karl unit #
    Karl:    We'll rescue Lt-dono and retreat!
    # if alive unit: Dan unit #
    Dan:     Kuh... Remember this!
    [All alive Practice units disappear]
    # stage end #
    # if before reinforce #
    # if Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   They've retreated.
    Tapp:    Hahah... Might be a joke, we did it.
    Ken:     That's our true power.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    It was quicker than I tought... Or like, they weren't serious at all.
             Specially that blue guy.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ... He wasn't serious, that's all... That Blue Hawk named machine.
    Light:   That's it.... Don't be happy, Ken.
    [Ahgama appears]
    Amuro:   It's in this point... Uh?
    Bright:  Seems like the battle has ended. Is that the D-weapon?
    Noin:    Yes... But why in a place like this?
    Bright:  All units retreat was detected!?
    Noin:    Detecting their distance... No problems, captain.
    Tapp:    Uhf, safe.... I was thinking of what would be of us...
    Ken:     No time to relax! Aren't you worried about Idaho's people?
    Light:   Ken, take it easy. Anyway, we have to resupply or else we can't move
    Ken:     Damn!
    Bright:  Are you the D-weapon's pilots?
    Ken:     You are the captain-san, right? After we end ressuplying, let us go,
             ok? We have to go back to Linda's...
    Light:   I'm saying to relax.
    Tapp:    Sorry... This one is in berserker mode now.
    Amuro:   Bright, they aren't the only ones we should get worried of.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Uh, me?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ........
    Bright:  That is... A D-weapon too? What's your affiliation?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Affiliation... Whatever, my name is supposedly Axel.
    Light:   Aah, we met this guy here. He's a nice guy.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Well... It's all of a sudden. What should I...)   
    Light:   Aah, we met this girl here. She is cold, but a very trustful person.
    Noin:    Can't get the idea, though.... Captain, let's welcome them in.
    Bright:  Understood. I shall invite you in then.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Me too?
    Amuro:   If you agree with it.
    Axel:    Well, then. And I fought them also, so.
    Amuro:   Personally, I'd like to trust you... But there's this annoying stuff
             called army.
    Noin:    Lt Amuro, you bother me saying so.
    Ken:     Hey, hey, hurry with it ok?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Can I also... I mean, Could I go too?
    Amuro:   I want to hear your situation. And we can't leave you behind, can we?
    Lamia:   I see.
    Ken:     What, her speeches are fairly more soft then when she spoke to us.
    Lamia:   Are you going to interfere...?
    Light:   Somewhat... Fearsome. Whatever, can you let us in as soon as possible?
    Tapp:    Yeah! We are all sweats!
    Noin:    You're so anxious, you're supposed to have trained to be the
             D-weapons' pilot.
    Tapp:    That is... We aren't actually.
    Bright:  What...?
    Light:   Yeah, we are newbies in Metal Armors, ya know? Although we don't have
             newbie marks.
    Amuro:   You aren't from the army?
    Bright:  What's going on? The D-weapon is supposed to be a top secret operation
             of the Federation.
    Noin:    We need you to talk then.
    Light:   Of course. Even better if both of us on private...
    Noin:    If behind jail, you should then.
    Tapp:    Sad words.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (Earth Federation Forces Autonomous Corps... Londo Bell. What...? Do
             I...know this troops...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Earth Federation Forces Autonomous Corps... Londo Bell. Anyway, I've
             completed the first step.)
    # next: scene 001 R #
    # scene 001 SM: Science Lab Fortress - main control room #
    Kendo:   From the results of the medical exam, he's got real amnesia. Seems
             like it was a shock from his falling...
    Axel:    Ara-, hope it's only temporary...
    Tetsuya: Has he fallen from space?
    Kenzo:   Uhm. I've had contacted the Federation but...
    Koji:    Something that drags your attention, father?
    Kenzo:   It's a robot pretty different from the ones of the army... So, it has
             possibility to be involved in something big.
    Axel:    And there is this crucial amnesian guy...
             Maybe we should leave it to the outcome.
    Koji:    Don't say it, ok.
    Sakaya:  And what will be of Axel-kun?
    Kenzo:   Hum. Until we get official recommendations from the army, this Science
             Lab Fortress shall take care of him. Get along well, ok?
    Axel:    I'm Axel, the amnesian guy, nice to meet you!
    Jun:     Haven't heard such greeting. Jun Homura, nice to meet you.
    Tetsuya: ...
    Jun:     Hey, Tetsuya!
    Tetsuya: I'm Tetsuya Tsurugi.
    Jun:     I'm sorry... He's being strange lately...
    Tetsuta: I'm as usual.
    Jun:     You lie. If anything happens you go and blame Koji-kun... Don't seem
             like Tetsuya yourself...
    Koji:    That's true. It has been this way since I came to this Science Lab
             Fortress, right?
    Tetsuya: That's meaningless.
    Jun:     .......
    Kenzo:   I'm the last one, but let me introduce myself. I'm Kendo Kabuto...
             I'm the chief of this Science Lab Fortress.
    Axel:    You're Koji's father, right? ... Seems like you've had some hardships.
    Kenzo:   Uhn? This situation? Hahaha, I'm enjoying it right now.
    Tetsuya: .......
    Kenzo:   Oh, yes. I'll explain what I've examined on the machine you've got
    Axel:    I'll appreciate, chief-san.... That's my only key to recovering my
    Kenzo:   That's about it, but there are many black boxes. From the computer
    # Main Robot: SoulGain #
    Kenzo:   Model number EG-X-SoulGain
    # Main Robot: Vysarga #
    Kenzo:   Model number VR-02-Vysarga.
    Kenzo:   For the registration system, seems like he's the only one who can
             control it.
    # if Main Robot: SoulGain #
    Sayaka:  E-G-X... Registration system...?
    Axel:    (EG-X... EG-X...)
    # else Main Robot: Vysarga #
    Sayaka:  V-R-02... Registration system...?
    Axel:    (VR... VR...)
    Jun:     Axel-kun? What's up?
    Axel:    Eh? Aa, nuthing, Jun-san. So, chief, please...
    Kenzo:   Uhm. It's being one of the latest researchs from the army...
             Fingerprints or voice recording and such information from the pilot
             himself are locked, and the machine can only be moved by the chosen
    Koji:    And that is... [Main Robot]?
    Axel:    Registration system... Uhnn, don't know.
    Tetsuya: One thing that we can say is, like, he's someone from an organization.
    Koji:    How do you know, Tetsuya-kun?
    Tetsuya: It's quite impossible for a normal person to steal and hang around
             with a robot that needs registration to move. So, we can conclude that
             there's an organization that registered him as a pilot. Use more your
             brains, Koji-kun.
    Koji:    What did you just say!?
    Jun:     Stop it, both of you! Tetsuya!
    Axel:    Oh well, oh well.
    # if Main Robot: SoulGain #
    Kenzo:   Coff! From here it's from my view, but SoulGain seems to be a machine
             for one hit long range battle as strong point. It's armor and power is
             heavly enforced.
    Boss:    In other words, a machine that pushes everything with it's power.
    Kenzo:   It can shoot it's arm just like Mazinger do, but it's just a range
             type to damage furthest enemies, and it's over. Thinking deeply, it's
             the nearest to the Mazinger series.
    # else Main Robot: Vysarga #
    Kenzo:   Coff! Koji, Tetsuya... After seeing it...what do you think it is?
    Koji:    Eh? Uuhn, a medieval knight...?
    Tetsuya: No, it's a samurai.
    Kenzo:   You both are right. Vysarga is mainly turned to hand-to-hand combat.
             If used on a correct attack range and iniciate a sword fight, then it
             shall raise an incomparable strengh.
    Boss:    A bad usage though.
    Sayaka:  Hey, Axel-kun. Did you remember anything by what you heard until now?
    Axel:    Uhn, I really appreciated it... But I've got no clues, that is.
    Kenzo:   Just for the motive power... The energizing is still unknown.
             Basically it moves electrically...but kind of it uses the pilot's
             vital energy. I can't say much for now.
    Koji:    Both pilot and robot has got their mysteries, heh?
    Axel:    Seems like that.... Ah, by the way, chief-san... Those monster-like
             guys, could you tell me something? And... I've got impression that
             they aren't the only enemies...
    Kenzo:   Understood. I'll tell you then. Koji and Tetsuya, you should hear this
    # next: scene 002 SM #
    # scene 001 SF: Saotome Lab - main control room #
    Saotome: I want to ask you. Why were you there? And what about your machine?
    Lamia:   .......
    Saotome: I've investigated about you. And for what I've seen, your machine is
             not registered into any army. Who did and where was it made?
    Lamia:   I do will say in brief...
    Musashi: Oro? What a strange grammar.
    Lamia:   ... My name is Lamia. My objective is to recruit into the Earth
             Federation Forces. I've tried to contact them at space, but then those
             aliens attacked me... And forced me to land into Earth.
    Hayato:  A recruit aspirant to the Federation Forces?
    Saotome: This sure is a sudden story.... I want to hear your situation, may I?
    Lamia:   Yes... It was during The One Year War. My parents repaired robots at
             the colony.... It was in mid-war and, we had plenty of job.
    Ryo:     I've heard of it. A junk shop, right?
    Lamia:   One day, a strange machine was carried to our plant. An unseen
    Saotome: And...is this that machine?
    Lamia:   It yes...and my mother was killed by Zeon forces while they were
             searching that machine. And after that. To avenge my mother, father
             used that technology to create a robot...and I had taken much many
             training to be it's pilot.
    Hayato:  ........
    Saotome: During One Year War... I don't remember about that. It's just that I'm
             saying, but I'm the one who takes care of Getter Robot. I manage to
             get informations from any robot...
    Lamia:   Yes, it might be but, it one wasn't completed during One Year War. It
             was really after the One Year War...and father didn't stop it.
             When the war started again, he intended to not make more sacrifices
             like mother was.	
    Michiru: And, then this war started, right?
    Lamia:   My colony was attacked by Giganos Forces... Father did fight but, his
             wounds were deep...and for last he gave me that machine and said to
             enlist into the Earth Federation Forces...
    Saotome: To avenge...your dead father?
    Lamia:   Yes... I want to end up this war as soon as possible.
    Michiru: Father, then... What about let her stay in this lab for a while?
    Lamia:   Eh?
    Musashi: That's right. After all, we the Getter Team will sure gather with
             Federation's Londo Bell Squad.
    Lamia:   (Londo Bell Squad...!)
    Ryo:     With Mazinger Team also. You should come and join us. And then say it
             to the commander...
    Hayato:  Get lost, Ryo. Your softheart is enough for me. Why don't you deceive
             a little?
    Musashi: You should get lost, Hayato. She doesn't seem like a bad person,
             right? Surely, her grammar is bad, though.
    Lamia:   How you say bad it is.
             (Kuh, no doubt... During the transportation shock, my language system
    Michiru: Yes, Hayato-kun.
    Hayato:  Heh, I can't get it anymore.
    Musashi: Hey, wait, Hayato! ... He's gone.
    Lamia:   ... So, I'll follow up your words then it is.
             (It sure became the longest path, though.)
    Saotome: By the way, your machine is surely different.
    Lamia:   Is that so?
    Michiru: What does it mean? Father.
    Saotome: Uhm, the machine she's got here, I'll try to explain about what I've
    # if Main Robot: Vysarga #
    Michiru: It sure is smart but... It has a scary design.
    # else Main Robot: Angeloug #
    Michiru: It has a girlish feeling machine. It's wings are so beautiful.
    Lamia:   It was my father's taste.
    Saotome: It sure has lots of black boxes but... From the computer
    # if Main Robot: Vysarga #
    Saotome: Model number VR-02-Vysarga.
    # else Main Robot: Angeloug #
    Saotome: Model number SMSC-Angeloug.
    Saotome: For the registration system, seems like she's the only one who can
             control it.
    # if Main Robot: Vysarga #
    Ryo:     V-R-02... Registration system...?
    # else Main Robot: Angeloug #
    Ryo:     S-M-S-C... Registration system...?
    Saotome: Hum. It's being one of the latest researchs from the army...
             Fingerprints or voice recording and such information from the pilot
             himself are locked, and the machine can only be moved by the chosen
    Musashi: And that's... [Main Robot]?
    Lamia:   Yes... I only was assigned to be it's pilot, and learned how to
             control it by my father. And I don't know nothing over that...
    # if Main Robot: Vysarga #
    Saotome: It's all of a sudden but, Ryo-kun, Musashi-kun. What did you think...
             When you saw that robot?
    Ryo:     Eh? a medieval knight, right?
    Musashi: No, it's a samurai.
    Saotome: You both are right. Vysarga is mainly turned to hand-to-hand combat.
             If used on a correct attack range and iniciate a sword fight, then it
             shall raise an incomparable strengh.
    Michiru: Looks like Getter 1.
    Ryo:     If it jumps against enemies with Getter 1... It sure will be a good
             combo play.
    # else Main Robot: Angeloug #
    Saotome: For what I've seen, Angeloug is sure a well balanced machine. Very
             well ranged attacks, and can fly also... Somewhat it has difficulties
             in output though.
    Ryo:     And as Getter was constructed with that kind of power too, then it
             should be ok to ask you to support it.
    Lamia:   Count on me sure.
    Saotome: Just, it's motive power... All points related to energy are unknown.
             As a scientist, I have some curiosity on that... Lamia-san, how about
             it? Would you let me research it more?
    Lamia:   Eh...? Ah, yes sure...
             (... I don't want it to be explored so much but... But, if he's those
             softhearted ones' boss then... It's alright.)
    Michiru: Oh, it's such a bad manner from father, right? Getting other's stuff
             to explore...
    Lamia:   Michiru-san, I don't care it, right? Doctor Saotome, please as you
             want to do.
    Saotome: Ooh! I'm sorry. I became excited about it.
    Musashi: Oh well.
    Ryo:     I'll count on Getter's repair too, doc. We don't want the Mazinger
             Team laughing on us.
    Saotome: I know, I know!
    Lamia:   (Huh Huh... And to go so well.... I'll have you well used)
    Saotome: (Well... I'm worried about what Hayato-kun said. Until departure, I'll
             see until where I can get it investigated.)
    Lamia:   ... Ah, by the way, doctor. Can you tell me the current situation?
             I'm join you and... I don't want to push all down it is.
    Saotome: Alright. I'll tell you. All of you too, hear it to confirm what I've
             said before.
    # next: scene 002 SF #
    # scene 001 R: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Astonage: So, this is the D-weapon. A Metal Armor... Hoh, quite cool style. And
              by the way, you're the troublesome, right? ... Why do you want to
              repair your machine by yourself, without our help?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     I just don't want others to touch this machine... Don't bother with
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    I just don't want others to touch this machine... No need bother with
              it, it is.
    Astonage: But I do. A Mobile Suit or a Metal Armor, you can't do this kind of
              stuff alone.
    # if Axel Route #
    Astonage: And even if you could, it would take hours.
    Axel:     I know it, master.
    Astonage: And afterall, you have amnesia, don't you? And you remember that kind
              of stuff?
    Axel:     It's for Colonel stuff, this amnesia... I know how to repair and
    Astonage: Whatever. You have amnesia, no info about yourself, nor any info
              about where you come from...
    Axel:     Hey hey... Amuro-san... Was that Lt guy? He said I could do it.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Astonage: And... You don't need to force your speech. Talk normally.
    Lamia:    (... I hated this speaking type. I have to study it for a while)
    Astonage: And afterall, you aren't from the army, are you? What's this machine?
    Lamia:    ........
    Astonage: Whatever. Such a young lady with no info about yourself, nor any info
              about where you come from...
    Lamia:    Lt Amuro... I got authorization from that person.
    Astonage: Oh, gosh. Amuro is weak to this kind of stuff.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     (And afterall, I can't let anyone touch it... I feel like that. And
              this is the only key I have to recover my memories.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (All secret constructions are hidden but... I don't want to show our
              technologies that much...)
    Astonage: Hey you. If you stop trusting the mechanics, you'll be over as a
              pilot. Who do you think helps the pilot on showing the machine's true
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     ...Uhn, er, yeah.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (No way then.)
              I understand. I'll ask you then.
    Astonage: It's the first time I see a machine like this, and as it's a humanoid
              weapon... The basis for mechanicals should be the same too. Let it
              be, ok? Or is there something that you want to hide from others?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     ... Ok, I lost. But as the repair and ressuply occurs, let me know
              about the progress ok?
    Astonage: Take your time, I won't hurt your baby.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    As repairing and resupplying occurs, please report to me? It has
              a.... Self-destruction equipment.
    Astonage: Ha-!?
    # next: scene 002 R #
    # scene 002 SM: Empire Mikene - commander room #
    Jigoku:  Ankoku Dai-Shogun, the capture of the robot... You failed, it seems.
    Ankoku:  Nuh... If the Mazingers didn't interrupt me, I'd have succeeded.
    Jigoku:  As always, you are the number one to give excuses. Because of it I'm
             getting tired of this side's complains.
    Ankoku:  That hysteric woman. What a lame, let her cry out loud!
    # next: scene 003 SM #
    # scene 002 SF: Hyakki Empire - fortress island #
    Bry:     Hidler, the capture of that machine... Seems like you've failed.
    Hidler:  I...I apologize, Bry-sama! ... If it wasn't for Getter Robot's
             interference, I've succeeded...
    Bry:     No need for excuses... Our plan has been screwed. We have to make our
             next move. Hidler, your next failure won't be forgiven.
    Hidler:  Ye...yes sir!
    # next: scene 003 SF #
    # scene 002 R: Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  ... I've understood the overall situation. You occasionally got the
             boot disk for the D-weapon.
    Noin:    And to fight against Giganos' advance, you used it to move the
             D-weapon.... Is that so?
    Amuro:   ... Occasionally, is it?
    Light:   And to protect the civilian ship Idaho, we wanted to make contact with
             the Federation. Then we came here... And that's all.
    Tapp:    That's all so. It's over right? We'd like to be gona now...
    Noin:    Too bad, we can't do it.
    Ken:     W...why!? We brought the D-weapon!
    Noin:    It's this D-weapon.... All of the D-weapons have pilot registration
    Ken:     Registration System...? Oh, I remember something like that when we
             booted it...
    Amuro:   Speaking clearly, all Dragonars have registered you as their pilots.
             They can't be moved by any other person.
    Light:   Can't you just erase the registration?
    Noin:    If this was easy, then there's no meaning on making a registration
             system.... We need a proper processor to do it. Ahgama's can't do it.
    Light:   Oh, God, you sure have bad personality.
    Ken:     Why you had to choose such an annoying system?
    Amuro:   Even on the same robot, some the pilot's habits will start to show up.
    Noin:    And if you can determine the first pilot that uses it, you can use the
             data collected by the mecha to upgrade it.
    Bright:  It takes time to repair some machines... But then this can create an
             appropriate machine to the pilot's ability.
    Amuro:   Good technologies from nowadays.
    Tapp:    And because of that we're in great trouble. Why is it good?
    Amuro:   By the One Year War, we used to put Magnet Coating to force a boost up
             on the machine.
    Noin:    And the machine's proper ability will be enforced also. D-1 is for
             hand-to-hand combat, D-2 for medium, long range combat...
    Light:   Concluding, D-1 is for sword fighting, and D-2 for firing guns, and my
             D-3 is for analysis and electronic combat, right?
    Noin:    If you know the proper usage of the machine, then it's easier to move.
    Bright:  So, about the D-weapon, we'll get permission to use it by contacting
             Jabrow.... And, isn't there one more person?
    # if Axel Route #
    Ken:     That amnesian guy?
    Bright:  Is it true that he's got amnesia?
    Noin:    For the examination of the medical department, he's got real amnesia.
             He doesn't have any identification, and about his machine I asked both
             Jabrow and the Preventers to ivestigate about it.
    Amuro:   Astonage said that his machine also had registration system. If we
             decode the program, them we should know more about him...
    Axel:    Howdy!... Heh, were you all busy?
    Light:   Hey hey, you're so at ease. Aren't you even anxious on knowing who you
    Axel:    Even if I became anxious, my memories won't come back, so... And
             afterall, I remembered my name, so that should be enough.
    Tapp:    You sure is positive.
    Axel:    Heh, that's it. But I won't complain if it comes back, though.
    Amuro:   ........
    Axel:    Captain Bright... Right? If you could, I'd like to know about the
             current situation...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Might be about me...
    Bright:  Aah, I want to ask you. Why were you there? And what about that
    Noin:    As a result of our investigation, your machine isn't registered in the
             Federation's database. Who made it and where was it made?
    Lamia:   I do will say it turns so...
    Ken:     What a strange grammar.
    Tapp:    And she was so cold to us.
    Noin:    Be quiet, you there.
    Lamia:   ... My name is Lamia. My objective is to recruit into the Earth
             Federation Forces. And during contact trials, I've got involved into
             this time's incident.
    Bright:  A recruit aspirant?
    Amuro:   This sure is a sudden story.... I want to hear your situation, may I?
    Lamia:   Yes... It was during The One Year War. My parents repaired robots at
             the colony.... It was in mid-war and, we had plenty of job.
    Light:   The junk shop, right?
    Lamia:   One day, a strange machine was carried to our plant. An unseen machine.
    Amuro:   And...is this that machine?
    Lamia:   It yes...and my mother was killed by Zeon forces while they were
             searching that machine. And after that. To avenge my mother, father
             used that technology to create a robot...and I had taken much many
             training to be it's pilot.
    Bright:  I haven't heard of that.
    Lamia:   Yes, it might be but, it one wasn't completed during One Year War. It
             was really after the One Year War... And father didn't stop it.
             When the war started again, he intended to not make more sacrifices
             like mother was.
    Noin:    And, then this war started, right?
    Lamia:   My colony was attacked by Giganos Forces... Father did fight but, his
             wounds were deep... And for last he gave me that machine and said to
             enlist into the Earth Federation Forces...
    Bright:  To avenge... Your dead father?
    Lamia:   Yes... I want to end up this war as soon as possible.
             I want to ask you formally. I...want to recruit into Earth Federation
    Amuro:   Bright?
    Bright:  On our current situation, we need as much battle powers as we can...
             But, wait a while for our decision. It's all of a sudden.
    Lamia:   I am understand. An captain Bright, if you could...would you tell me
             about how is the current situation?
    Bright:  I won't bother, but I can only tell you the combat informations. We
             don't have proofs of you being an enemy spy or not, so...
    # if Axel Route #
    Ken:     You don't need to distrust him like that...
    Axel:    Uhn... That's true... But can be. I'd like some, or any information.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Light:   Yeah, to avenge the dead father... I understand that feeling, ya know?
    Amuro:   The army can't move with empathy, and that's the painful part of it.
    Lamia:   ... I understand, I accept even only combat sources.
    # next: scene 003 R #
    # scene 003 SM: Science Lab Fortress - main control room #
    Axel:    Empire Giganos and... Alien forces!? And the Underground Empire?
    Kenzo:   That's it. The Underground Empire...is the one you fought before.
    Koji:    Giganos...is appearing a lot recently.
    Kenzo:   Because they are all of strange. The regeneration of humanity...
             That's what they are calling, but for me they are only mercenaries.
    Axel:    Regeneration of...humanity?
    Sayaka:  I've heard from father. The overgrown humanity... To control them we
             should make war, and that's why they are attacking us.
    Axel:    ... Hah?
    Tetsuya: It's only an excuse to make the war their justice. It's meaningless to
    Koji:    The aliens and Giganos are that way but, I'm worried about Underground
             Empire... That Mikene guys.
    Kenzo:   This is not a good news... But seems like they are related to the
             Hyakki Empire, as doctor Saotome was saying.
    Tetsuya: Saotome... The Getter Robot?
    Boss:    Oh, man. There are so many enemies that my head will blow up.
    Axel:    I've fallen from somewhere, without any memory and there's a
             battlefield... I hated it.
    Kenzo:   And, now. We won't win if we fight by ourselves...and we thought of a
             move to gather the Super Robots to fight together.
    Koji:    We are appointed to join them also. We'll be centered to that, Londo
             Bell Squad?
    Axel:    Londo... Bell?
    Tetsuya: Earth Federation Forces Autonomous Corps Londo Bell. They have raised
             their names in the One Year War, the Federation's beast.
    Axel:    Earth Federation Forces... Autonomous Corps... Londo Bell...
    Sayaka:  Oh maybe... Anything you remember about knowing them?
    Axel:    Ah, no no, it's my thoughts...seems like I've heard of it...
    Koji:    Well, even you should know. Londo Bell Squad sure is a famous troop.
    Kenzo:   No, for a person with amnesia, should be important... Did you remember
    Axel:    ... Don't know.
    Kenzo:   By now, Mazinger team shall go to Saotome Lab to gather with them.
             Axel-kun, how about joining in?
    Axel:    Eh!? Is that ok!? Yeah, sure! Maybe I can remember something then.
    Koji:    Woo, we're all set then!
    Tetsuya: Wait, Koji-kun. No need to ease on him like this. We don't know his
             true self yet.
    Koji:    Tetsuya-kun, he fought Mikene with us! Why you don't believe him, it's
    Tetsuya: To deceive an enemy, start from the allies, there's a quote like this.
             You believe on just because of that, now that is strange.
    Koji:    What!?
    Jun:     Tetsuya!
    Sayaka:  Koji-kun too! Stop it!
    Axel:    Like...turning me into evil by themselves.
    Boss:    Take it easy.
    Kenzo:   Oh well, oh well...
    Axel:    (What will be then.... But Londo Bell, and [Main Robot], and I... Who
             am I...?)
    # next: scene 004 #
    # scene 003 SF: Saotome Lab - main control room #
    Lamia:   Empire Giganos and... Alien forces!? And the Underground Empire?
    Saotome: That's it. The Underground Empire...is the one you fought before.
    Musashi: Giganos...is appearing a lot recently.
    Saotome: Because they are all of strange. The regeneration of humanity...
             That's what they are calling, but for me they are only mercenaries.
    Lamia:   Regeneration of...humanity?
    Michiru: I've heard from father. The overgrown humanity... To control them we
             should make war, and that's why they are attacking us.
    Lamia:   Indeed right... A good move to make war their justice...
    Saotome: (Hooh...)
    Ryo:     The aliens and Giganos are that way but, I'm worried about Underground
             Empire... That Hyakki guys.
    Saotome: This is not a good news... But seems like they are related to the
             Mikene Empire, as doctor Kabuto was saying.
    Musashi: Oh, man. There are so many enemies that my head will blow up.
    Lamia:   And we've got our planet in such confusion by so far.
    Saotome: And, now. We won't win if we fight by ourselves... And we thought of a
             move to gather the Super Robots to fight together.
    Ryo:     And we'll join the ones we said before, the Londo Bell Squad.
    Axel:    ........
    Saotome: Earth Federation Forces Autonomous Corps Londo Bell. They have raised
             their names in the One Year War, the Federation's beast. I'm also
             expecting that this war may end with this move.
    Musashi: And by the way, and Hayato? He didn't come back yet?
    Ryo:     He's sure troublesome.... Lamia-san, don't mind about him.
    Lamia:   I...know I have no way other than be deceived...
             (... And according to the circumstances, I'll have to finish him.)
    Saotome: After we end up with the machines' repairing, Getter Team will head to
             the Science Lab Fortress, in order to gather with them. About you,
             Lamia-san, I'll contact them about.
    Lamia:   I'm sorry... I keep you doing for me everything.
             (And all I need is this language type... This won't work for sure.)
    # next: scene 004 #
    # scene 003 R: Ahgama - bridge #
    A/L:      Empire giganos and... Alien forces!? And the Underground Empire?
    Bright:   That's it. And Zeon's move are stating to worry me. But the main
              trouble should be Giganos for now.
    Amuro:    Giganos' strange fact... The regeneration of humanity, right?
    A/L:      Regeneration of...humanity?
    Tapp:     I know that. The overgrown humanity... To control this we have to
              make war, like that.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     ...Hah?
    Noin:     It's just an excuse to make war happen. To push all humanity into
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Indeed... An usual way to make war happen...
    Noin:     (This girl...)
    Ken:      I knew about the aliens advance but, what's that Underground Empire?
    Amuro:    The reincarnation of the Kyoryu Empire.
              They're the same as this race that was wiped out during the One Year
              War, by the cleaning operation.
    Noin:     Michene Empire... I've heard they're laced to other weird comrades.
              At the main base, we still can't confirm this, though.
    Light:    The advance of the people from Earth's deep... Is that it?
    Ken:      And, in times like this, why you came to us?
    Bright:   The Federation had, to gather battle reinforce and information, taken
              the D-weapon from the Giganos troops.
    Amuro:    We've come to receive it, and so we met you.
    Tapp:     Hee, so it's because of us that you got that easier.
    Noin:     For the receive, yes. D-weapon is one of our trump cards to battle
              against Giganos Empire... And after receiving it, we realize there
              were amateurs riding in it.
    Ken:      So, I'm telling you I'm sorry! Damn...
    Light:    Keep calm, Ken... By the way, Bright-san, what about the other troops?
    Bright:   They didn't move at all....
              Or saying the truth, there are too many organizations involved...
              Mostly, the troops can but cannot move.
    Amuro:    Yes, for a Federation's troop, we're the only ones that can move
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Earth Federation Forces... Autonomous Corps... Londo Bell...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (So... This squad holds the key.)
    Noin:     What happened?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Ah, no no, my thoughts.... I think I've heard of it...
    Light:    Well, you should know. For saying Londo Bell, it's Earth Federation's
              strongest troop, a very famous one.
    Amuro:    No, for someone with amnesia, it might be important....
              Can't you remember anything?
    Axel:     ... Don't know.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Eh? My no, nothing.
    Light:    Surely, your chat is really getting stranger then before, you see?
    Tapp:     You should talk like you did with us.
    Lamia:    (That's strange...can be... A shock during the transportation and my
              equipment got screwed?)
    # Main Robot: AshSaber #
    Astonage: Oh, you're all here. Can I then? I wanna explain about the ASK
    # Main Robot: LarsAngriff #
    Astonage: Oh, you're all here. Can I then? I wanna explain about the RG
    Amuro:    Astonage, what happened? It's unusual for you to come to the bridge
              like this.
    # if Main Robot: AshSaber #
    Noin:     ...A-S-K... Custom?
    # else Main Robot: LarsAngriff #
    Noin:     ...R-G... Custom?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Aah, my machine.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    It's my machine.
    Ken:      Wasn't it [Main Robot]?
    # if Main Robot: AshSaber #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     It was long, so I kept it abbreviated.
              The real one is ASK Custom AshSaber, like that.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    It's a mere... I mean, just an abbreviation...
              The real one is ASK Custom AshSaber, is it.
    # else Main Robot: LarsAngriff #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     It was long, so I kept it abbreviated.
              The real one is RG Custom LarsAngriff, like that.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    It's a mere... I mean, just an abbreviation...
              The real one is RG Custom LarsAngriff, is it.
    Astonage: I saw the registration code and discovered that...
    Amuro:    Wait, Astonage. What relation have the registration code with
    Astonage: ... I've analysed, but didn't find anything over. I'll tell what I've
    # if Axel Route #
    # Main Robot: AshSaber #
    Axel:     (ASK... ASK...)
    # Main Robot: LarsAngriff #
    Axel:     (RG... RG...)
    Amuro:    Axel-kun? What happened?
    Axel:     Eh? Aah, nuthing, Lt Amuro. So, Astonage-san, say it.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Amuro:    Don't know? Didn't you ask her, Astonage?
    Astonage: I mean, she doesn't also, right?
    Lamia:    Yes... I'm only a pilot who has learnt how to use it by my father...
              I don't know about the mechanics.
    Bright:   So we have to break it in pieces to investigate, then.
    Amuro:    ..........
    # if Main Robot: AshSaber #
    Astonage: Coff! This machine is basically constructed with it's basis on high
              mobility.... On a projectual sense, it's similar to a Mobile Suit or
              Metal Armor.
    # else Main Robot: LarsAngriff #
    Astonage: Aah, this is like a walking tank. All weapons are based upon ammo,
              and I think it has some kind of barrier like I-field...
              It might be to think about it's energy efficiency.
    Light:    It doesn't have beam weapons because it's old, isn't it?
    Astonage: Not really. The design is a little retro, but that goes for the
              constructor's taste.
              Everything else is a junction of all new technology.
              And ones that even I couldn't understand well.
    Amuro:    Understand well?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Why am I in such a machine?
    Ken:      Don't say so. Remember it as soon as possible.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    .........
    Astonage: Coff!
    Astonage: It's custom made, but the structure of each part can be divided
              pretty well.
    Noin:     Separation of each block... For aiming a future mass production?
    Amuro:    Not just that, I think.... It's like the Gundam.
              By dividing each block, inner explosions are hard to occur.
    Axel:     Isn't that obvious? Like that.
    Amuro:    Not really. The Federation's mass production machine...
              GM had high inner explosion rates.
    Noin:     That was our problem. That's why the Federation wanted to get the
    Bright:   Noin...!
    Tapp:     Dra?
    Noin:     ... I'm sorry, captain.
    Amuro:    ? Aah, Astonage, sorry, continue.
    [note: Noin's probably referring to the Dragoon - a Metal Armor Dragonar unit
    that will 'replace' the RGM-79 GM.]
    # if Main Robot: AshSaber #
    Astonage: For reading just like ASK Custom, the problem should be the code like
              ASK.... I haven't seen such coding type, haven't heard either, and
              can be some sort of abbreviation.
    # else Main Robot: LarsAngriff #
    Astonage: For reading just like RG Custom, the problem should be the code like
              RG.... I haven't seen such coding type, haven't heard either, and
              can be some sort of abbreviation.
    [note: the standard Zeonic registration for mobile suits is MS, SMS, or MSM
    Mobile Suit, Space Mobile Suit, or Mobile Suit Marine). Mobile armors would be
    indicated by MA, or MAN.  There's also the MSN-02 Zeong (Mobile Suit Newtype).
    Federation mobile weapons invariably begin with the letter R (RX-78-2, RGM-79N,
    etc.).  Neither Giganos nor the Dragonar project used those codes, either.
    This is Astonage's problem with the registration code.]
    Noin:     Hum... It would be good if we had that on the main base's data...
    Bright:   Can't you know where this machine was made?
    Astonage: Nope. For seeing it, all parts had its structure numbers erased.
              Everything is into darkness.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     And getting more and more mysterious, I am...
    Tapp:     You...are you happy about this?
    [note/bug: Tapp appeared with Ken's pic]
    # else Lamia Route #
    Amuro:    ... And this was your father's?
    Lamia:    ... Yes, I don't know about the engineering but...
    Noin:     ........
    Astonage: Anyway, I'd like to explain it more furtherly. All you 4, come to the
    Ken:      Ye-p.
    Amuro:    ...
    # if Axel Route #
    Bright:   What, Amuro?
    Amuro:    ... No, I've thought of how it was different from when I got into the
              Gundam for the first time.
    Bright:   That sure was... A civilian like you got into the Gundam, was it?
    Amuro:    There were refugees in the White Base also, but I couldn't get that
              happy like them...
    Bright:   The era has changed, Amuro.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Bright:   So, Amuro. What do you think? The logic is going good. It's the age
              that even an civilian research can make a high performance humanoid
              weapon. There's no proof that it wasn't made in a junk colony.
    Amuro:    I know. But...on the contrary, it's fairly unnatural, don't you
              think, Bright?
    Bright:   What?
    Amuro:    The logic is going too well. The gathering with the D-weapon, the
              confrontation with Giganos... And after we've found them, she turns
              to be a recruit aspirant... Isn't that too good?
    Bright:   ... You say that she's a spy from Giganos or the alien side?
    Amuro:    Can't confirm that yet. But...we have to be careful.
    [message sound]
    Bright:   Uhn? A signal from Earth? From Lady Une officer. Please, connect it.
    Lady:     Long time no see, Bright captain.... Noin, I've heard the situation.
    Noin:     How about it?
    Lady:     Well, the erasure of the D-weapon's registration is our previous
              decision. Any plans for Londo Bell's next move?
    Bright:   We'll be heading for Earth.
    Lady:     Earth... Japan, might be?
    Bright:   Yes, along the civilians there are labs that actually made Super
    Lady:     The Photon Power Lab, or the Saotome Lab... Is it?
    Amuro:    And I've heard that Daimobeak had returned from the Jovian Sphere.
              We'll try to get their assist too.
    Bright:   And we have to go back to the main base and have the D-weapon's
              registrations erased.
    Lady:     I understood. I'll be waiting for your landing. As you know, the
              D-weapon is a trump card for the Federation. Please, protect the
              D-weapon until you reach Earth.
    Amuro:    Protect the weapon. Hears like a sarcasm.
    Lady:     And, about the unknown machine with it's pilot...
    # if Axel Route #
    Lady:     We haven't caught his information yet.
    Bright:   Even with the Preventer's talent of gathering information...
    Lady:     We have just started our investigation. We'll get in contact when we
              discover something.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lady:     It's not registered into our system.
    Bright:   It's not registered...? Then...
    Lady:     But, an unregistered machine isn't that unusual... Give me some more
    Amuro:    Please.
    # next: scene 004 #
    # scene 004: ??? #
    ???:     ... And the issue?
    # if Super Robot Route #
    ???:     Solved... So I wanted to say but... How about it. The energy consumed
             on the transportation has passed the previewed limit. And, the landing
             point is out of place.
    # else Real Robot Route #
    ???:     Solved... So I wanted to say but... How about it. The energy consumed
             on the transportation has passed the previewed limit.
    ???:     If we had failed, the we have to make the next move.
    # if Super Robot Route #
    ???:     Don't get that anxious. The transportation of the machine itself has
             succeeded. The point is slipped but... Instead of advancing from
             space, it only became from surface. Just...
    # else Real Robot Route #
    ???:     Don't get that anxious. The transportation of the machine itself has
             succeeded. Just...
    ???:     Just...what?
    # if Axel Route #
    ???:     There might be any damage on pilot's life, but it can occur some
             mental problems.
    ???:     For him, if he's alive, he'll manage by himself...
    ???:     Oh, that's unusual... You trusting a human?
    ???:     Humans are fairer than marionettes... That's what I mean.
    ???:     That girl... We can use it as it works... On the subject of completing
             missions, she is in top.
    ???:     If he fails, I shall think about it.
    ???:     (Axel, take care...)
    # else Lamia Route #
    ???:     There might be some effects on the nervous system... She is delicate.
    ???:     And that's it after all. We'll use him then.
    ???:     No no, wait. On the subject of completing missions, she is in top.
    ???:     ... Alright, I'll let it be.
    ???:     (Do a good job)
    # SM next:    scene 005 SM #
    # SF next:    scene 005 SF #
    # RM/RF next: scene 005 R  #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 005 SM: Science Lab Fortress - hangar #
    Axel:    Ok, that's...it. [Main Robot]'s adjustment complete.
    Sayaka:  Axel-kun. We'll have a meeting now, and the chief wants you to join it
    Axel:    Uhn...meeting?
    Sayaka:  It's about tracing our plans to join Londo Bell Troops.
    Axel:    Ok. But... I have sorta bad feeling.
    Sayaka:  The truth is... Koji-kun and Tetsuya-kun, they are getting tighter
             between themselves.
    # next: scene 007 S #
    # scene 005 SF: Saotome Lab - control room #
    Saotome: ... And so, we'll have her joining Londo Bell also... How about it,
             Lady Une?
    Lady:    I don't mind. It'll be helpful as we get more and more help. But, can
             we trust her?
    Saotome: I've just known her so... But seems that there's no problem.
    Lady:    I see. Please, don't bother for it. Because that's our situation.
    Saotome: I know.
    Lady:    It's about Londo Bell Squad but, they had some trouble in space and
             seem that they'll delay their landing.
    Saotome: Trouble? ... I understand.
    Lady:    So, doctor Saotome... I'll pray for your success. Connection over.
    Saotome: ... Fuuh, I'd wanted to show up Lamia but... Might they be on the
    # next: scene 006 SF #
    # scene 005 R: Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright: Has the civilian ship Idaho that the D-team said about been detected?
    Noin:   ... Can't establish contact. There's the possibility that all escorts
            were captured by Giganos Forces.
    Amuro:  Most of the crew is civilian. They'll be released at the nearest
            colony... I hope.
    Bright: Aah. If they can protect the Antarctic Treaty, though.
    [note: the 'Geneva Convention' of the UC timeline, the Antarctic Treaty
    eliminated the use of certain types of weapons of mass destruction (nuclear
    weapons, colony drops, etc.) in the One Year War]
    Amuro:  I'd wanted to investigate, but there's no member to such work right
            now... And, we won't be in time for the gathering, Bright.
    Bright: We'll have to head to Earth then.
            And Noin. I want to entrust the D-team in your hands, as knowing your
            abilities as an instructor at Victoria base.
    [note: Lucrezia Noin was the instructor of OZ mobile suit pilots in Shin Kidou
    Senki Gundam Wing at the Lake Victoria base in Africa until it was attacked and
    destroyed by Chang Wufei]
    Noin:   Understood. Until the reentrance, there's still a chance for the enemy
            to attack.
    Amuro:  I think it's better to make [Axel/Lamia]-kun join also.
    Noin:   I see. I'd like to see [his/her] abilities too.
    # next: scene 006 R #
    # scene 006 SF: Saotome Lab - hangar #
    Lamia:   Parts function all green... Oh, the generator output is stabilized.
             ... From now on every joints' charge will suffer drastic abatement.
    Saotome: So you were here. Lamia-san, how about [Main Robot]?
    Lamia:   No problems.... Ah, I mean, no much problems it is. And to repair in
             such a way... It's splendid.
    Saotome: Hahaha, no no, it's because all parts that I didn't understand were in
             perfect order. But afterall...
    Lamia:   Uhn...?
    Saotome: This is for sure a battle robot. Everything is gathered perfectly. As
             one unit, this is a piece of artwork.
    Lamia:   A battle robot... Isn't that obvious? Isn't Getter likewise?
    Saotome: No, Getter is...
    Lamia:   (Getter Robot isn't a battle robot?)
    Saotome: No, nothing.
    # next: scene 007 S #
    # scene 006 R: Giganos base - pathway #
    Maillot: Hurry with the resupplying of the propulsion fuel and ammunition.
             After termination, we'll chase the D-weapon again.
    Karl:    Hah!
    Maillot: ...D-weapon and the Federation's White Devil, and the unknown
             machine... I won't let it end like this.
    Soldier: Hey, it's not there. Don't move by yourselves!
    Linda:   There are wounded people and babies among the civilians!
    Sayla:   We need some medicine and milk. You might have them here!
    Werner:  What are them?
    Soldier: Hah, they are civilians that were in that ship carrying the D-weapon.
    Dan:     Idaho... Is its name. We let the main dish, the D-weapon to escape,
             and brought such baggage within.
    Sayla:   You, say it again.... They are all victims involved into war.
             And you still fight even not knowing that?
    Karl:    What!? Woman, I'll teach you!
    Fa:      Stop! You promised not to touch any civilian!
    Karl:    Who are you?
    Soldier: A soldier from Federation. One of the escorts from Idaho that we've
    Fa:      If it's questioning, then I'll take it.
    Werner:  Humpf, such bravery.
    Sayla:   ...Fa.
    Fa:      It's alright... Even Giganos should know about the Antarctic Treaty.
    Maillot: Hey, what is this disturbance... Muh!?
    Dan:     ... Lt-dono? What happened?
    Linda:   !!
    Maillot: (Linda...!?)
    Linda:   Y...you are...
    Karl:    Lt-dono's acquaintance?
    Maillot: Take this woman to my room afterwards.
    Soldier: Hah!
    Fa:      That soldier... You know him?
    Linda:   ......
    # next scene 007 R #
    # scene 007 S: Hyakki Empire - fortress island #
    Bry:         So you came, Ankoku Dai-Shogun... Muh, Jigoku-Dai-Genshi is with
    Jigoku:      Sovereign Bry, what's Hyakki Empire's business?
    Bry:         For what I've heard, you are getting trouble with the Mazingers
    Jigoku:      You say so? You also are getting continuous pain against the
                 Getter, I've heard.
    Bry:         Muh...
    Warchimedes: We won't win if we keep blaming each other's defeat.
    Ankoku:      You are... Planet Cambell's...
    Warchimedes: Sent by Empress Janella-sama...to help out our surface comrades,
                 I was said. I'm president Warchimedes.
    Bry:         Hoh, so you finally showed up your face, Cambelling.
    Warchimedes: The Mazingers and Getter will join up with Londo Bell to resist us.
    Ankoku:      The hell with Londo Bell. I'll smash them with my Combat Beasts!
    Jigoku:      But, it's truth that we've had trouble with only the Mazingers.
    Ankoku:      Muuh...
    Bry:         Warchimedes, you said. You came not to just say about this, right?
    Warchimedes: Of course not. If the enemies are settling together...then we
                 shall settle also.
    Ankoku:      Create an alliance, you say?
    # if Axel Route #
    Warchimedes: From our informations, the Getter are heading to the Science Lab
                 Fortress to join up with the Mazingers...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Warchimedes: From our informations, the Mazingers are heading to the Saotome
                 Lab to join up with the Getters...
    Bry:         Humpf... We have to blow them up before they join up.
                 If we defeat Getter, to steal Getter Union Core is easy.
    Jigoku:      If we defeat the Mazingers, the Photon Energy or the Super Z Alloy
                 will sure be ours.
    Warchimedes: Seems like we'd decided it. I'll lead Shogun Dangel from our
                 Cambell.... Even though he's a incomplete brother.
    Bry:         Eyes for eyes, tooth for tooth, gatherings for gatherings.
                 Huahahahaha! It's getting funnier!
    Ankoku:      .... Humpf.
    Warchimedes: Well, I have some preparations also, so...
                 (Janella-sama is too much stubborn...to aim for an alliance, why
                 me, Warchimedes, should meet up with those from Underground...)
    Jigoku:      Sovereign Bry... What do you think?
    Bry:         They're aliens afterall. They might be waiting for a smash between
                 we and the humans to catch the biggest fish.... But that's
                 alright, it's true we can't defeat Getter alone.
    Jigoku:      This is a good chance... Huh
    Bry:         And so, what shall we beat first? Mazingers, or Getter?
    # if Axel Route #
    Ankoku:      The place where Mazingers are, the Science Lab Fortress, we shall
                 destroy there first. There's that unknown machine they got in
    # else Lamia Route #
    Ankoku:      The place where Getters are, the Saotome Lab, we shall destroy
                 there first.
    Bry:         Getter Robot... Fuh fuh, I don't mind. They're surely annoying.
    Jigoku:      Indeed, afterwards we'll see the Mazingers trembling in front of
                 the cemetery that Saotome Lab will turn into, and kill them.
    Bry:         And in the Saotome Lab there's this unknown robot. We shall smash
                 it also.
    Jigoku:      The one you failed to capture.
    # if Axel Route #
    Ankoku:      Uhm.... This chance, I won't let it run.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Bry:         Uhm. The aliens are saying to capture it but, I've got no honor
                 for it. We won't forgive ones who go against us.
    # SM next: scene 008 SM #
    # SF next: scene 008 SF #
    # scene 007 R: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Ken:    Dragonar's control training? Aren't we going save Idaho?!
    Noin:   It's different from a mere invetigative troop. If Metal Armor amateurs
            go, you'll be countered easily.
    Ken:    T... That might be right but...
            Are you telling us to just leave Linda and the others behind?
    Noin:   Even Giganos won't do rude things to civilians.
    Tapp:   Might be. Public opinion is annoying too.
    Ken:    I don't know. They are the Giganos, you know!?
    Light:  We have even had driven away that Giganos' Blue Hawk. Just Idaho we
            only need to go and get them back...
    Noin:   Don't be conceited just because of that. You need to know your powers
    Ken:    ...Damn!
    Noin:   And, I'll have [Axel/Lamia] to join this training also.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:   Ah, can I too? Woo, great beauty instructor, good eyes you've got!
    Noin:   Each one get into respective machines and head to the catapult.
    Axel:   ...No follow, oh well.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:  Understood! Count me on.
    Ken:    Hey, sis...
    Lamia:  ......
            (It's getting weirder... Better I stay quiet for a while.)
    # next: scene 008 R #
    # scene 008 SM: Science Lab Fortress - meeting room #
    Koji:    So! I'm saying it lot of times, Tetsuya-kun! If we search for the
             enemies headquarters, we should launch an attack when we get everyone
    Tetsuya: But Koji-kun, our enemy isn't only one! While we are battling against
             Mikene, what if their allies attack us!?
    Kenzo:   Uhm... Sure, there's this possibility.
    Tetsuya: We should stance into an exclusive defense formation.
    Koji:    What are you saying? The attack is the best defense!! We're not
             turtles, and this exclusive defense formation won't last forever!
    Tetsuya: I haven't made up about joining Londo Bell yet. You decided it on your
    Koji:    Will you stop it, Tetsuya-kun!
    Tetsuya: I say the same to you...!
    Axel:    Well... I've heard it was a meeting. When did it become a Kabuto VS
             Tsurugi 60 minutes word challenge?
    Sayaka:  Yeah, Koji-kun and Tetsuya-kun, please relax!
    Jun:     ... Tetsuya.
    Kenzo:   (There's no way. While both are so separate...)
    # next: scene 009 SM #
    # scene 008 SF: Saotome Lab - pathway #
    Lamia:   Calling me in this place... What do you thinking? I be ask you a
    Hayato:  I want to ask you the truth. And... Don't mind. I don't want to hear
             that kind of speech, speak normally.
    Lamia:   The truth...? What do you mean?
    Hayato:  I don't want you to play the fool with me. About your past...
             Unlikely, I'm not so softhearted to trust your story.
    Lamia:   That's the truth. And, afterall, I've got no reasons to lie.
    Hayato:  Fuh... Don't play the fool. [Main Robot] isn't a machine that could be
             created in a junk shop of a colony.
    Lamia:   It was, actually, so there's nothing I can do. Surely, it didn't got
             done at the most important war, though.
    Hayato:  Although unwilling, I'll give in that it was then. But, your piloting
             technique and machine domination is surely from one that took some
             kind of training. How do you explain that?
    Lamia:   I've trained with my father.
    Hayato:  That's the point. With such a robot. And yourself... It's unnatural
             that you don't have an organization in your back.
    Lamia:   (This man...)
    Hayato:  I want to hear about your true self.
    Lamia:   (Hayato Kami... A troublesome being.... Should I erase him now?)
    Hayato:  (Come... If you're coming, then my point will be correct.)
    [launch sound]
    Hayato:  What's that?
    Ryo:     Hayato! Where are you, Hayato!?
    Hayato:  Damn! ... I'm here, Ryo! What happened!?
    Ryo:     An mysterious flying object! It can be an enemy, so prepare for
    Lamia:   I'll go too. Hayato-san? What I've said is all the truth, know?
    Hayato:  ... I didn't give up.
    Lamia:   (I hope it don't make me move with difficulty, though)
    # next: Stage 02 S #
    # scene 008 R: Ahgama - pathway #
    Ken:    Damn, it's not a joke! Will we obey like dogs and run, leaving Linda
            and the others behind!?
    Light:  ... So then, let's do it.
    Tapp:   The resupplying is over and such.
    Light:  And luckly, I've heard officer Noin's Taurus is still resupplying.
    Ken:    He he... Ok, let's go then! And by occasion I'll blow a hit into that
            jagged hawk guy.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:   He he, I've heard it.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:  I've heard it.
    Light:  Uh, [Axel/Lamia]... Were you here?
    Ken:    It's impossible to stop us.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:   To report you and catch that beauty instructor's heart isn't a bad idea
            but... Won't you trade conditions?
    Tapp:   Trade conditions?
    Axel:   Let me go with you. I want some info about Giganos' side too... It can
            become little help for my memories to come back, likewise.
    Ken:    Heh, I'll get this condition. But save Linda and the others is the
            main, ok?
    Axel:   Roger. I'll be expecting about that Linda girl and give up on a romance
            with the devil woman sergeant.
    Tapp:   I think a report won't turn into a romance, though.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:  To stop or not to stop isn't a matter if I report to the superiors.
    Ken:    Why are you interfering!? And you speak coldly when with us!
    Lamia:  (With that kind of speech, I wouldn't be taken seriously.)
    Light:  But, if you didn't it yet then... What's your wish, sis.
    Lamia:  You're sharp.... I want to go with you. I want some information on
            Giganos' side. Because it's our enemy from now on.
    Ken:    No other way then... But save Linda and the others is the main, ok?
    Lamia:  Roger.
    # next: scene 009 R #
    # scene 009 SM: Science Lab Fortress - pathway #
    Jun:     Tetsuya, I'm very disappointed on you. Were you such a small person!?
             After Koji-kun has come...you became strange, Tetsuya.
    Tetsuya: Keh, are you trying to teach stuff to me? ... Koji-kun and I are
             different since the beggining.
    Jun:     Say what you're different!
    Tetsuya: ... Jun, we're wolves that can't get help from anybody. I'm different
             from that one that lives peacefully in the hands of doctor Kabuto!
    Jun:     Tetsuya... Are you on prejudice against Koji-kun? He who has
    Tetsuya: I'm a human with blood running on my veins. I have feelings. I don't
             like Koji-kun's easy life of being protected by the chief all the
    Jun:     ... Tetsuya, you sure are strange. Where had gone the person you
    # next: scene 010 SM #
    # scene 009 R: Ahgama - bridge #
    [alarm sound]
    Bright: Alarm!? What happened?
    Amuro:  Where's Noin-kun?
    Noin:   Captain, here's Lucrezia Noin!... The D-team and [Axel/Lamia] flew by
    Bright: What!?
    Amuro:  ...I was kind of expecting that. Idaho's rescue.
    Noin:   I'll chase them with Taurus.
    Bright: ... No, if anything happens, it'll be troublesome... We'll get late for
            the gathering time but... We'll head with Ahgama.
    # next: scene 010 R #
    # scene 010 SM: Science Lab Fortress - main control room #
    Axel:    Damn... Can we fight Mikene Empire being so separate and win?
    Kenzo:   Axel-kun, you've came at good time. I'll introduce her.
             Lady Une, he's the one I've spokes to you, Axel.
    Lady:    I'm sorry it's by connection. We're also on a hurry.... By the way, it
             shall be troublesome about your amnesia.
    Axel:    Not at all... And, who is she?
    Kenzo:   Officer Lady Une... From Federation Forces' Preventer. Well, something
             like an informer to us. She's the responsible for this organization.
             And she's also making the connection between us and Londo Bell.
    Axel:    Oh right. Ah, I'm Axel. Nice to meet you.
    Lady:    I've been told about you. Seems like you were riding an unknown
             machine, even doctor Kabuto doesn't know about it.
    Axel:    That's it. Strange by me saying this, but if you discover something,
             tell me please.
    Lady:    I understand.... Be careful on your way.
    Axel:    Thanks... By the way, do you know any kind of pills that cure amnesia?
    Lady:    Haven't ever heard of it.
    Koji:    Oh, you're here. Yoh, Axel, there's a good solution for you.
    Axel:    Oh! really!?
    Koji:    Yep, they say that amnesia will be cured if the same situation from
             the first shock hits you again.
    Sayaka:  Yes, I've heard of it also.
    Koji:    That's it. Maybe we should try by now.
    Axel:    The same situation from when I lost my memories... Say, a falling!?
    Koji:    It's alright. You were safe that time, so will be this too.
    Lady:    ... I beg you not to do dangerous things before the gathering.
    Axel:    Look, Lady-san is saying that also. The opinion of a lady shouldn't be
    Koji:    U-hn, there's no way then.
    Boss:    If then, should a bungee jump be ok?
    Koji:    That's it. Boss, you say good stuff sometimes.
    Axel:    B...bungee jump?
    Kenzo:   Hey hey, stop with violent things.
    Lady:    Doctor Kabuto, the Londo Bell Squad is now heading to Earth... I
             think it'll take a while until they get there, so I'll be counting on
    Kenzo:   Understood. I'll take care of them.
    Lady:    The Getter Robot is heading your way by now.... I'll pray for your
    Boss:    Hee, an adult styled woman like Lady is sorta good.
    Koji:    Boss will accept anyone beautiful, isn't it?
    Boss:    It's not like that. Don't say stupid things!
    Axel:    For me it's not only beauty. What I say...a happy but more familiar,
             someone who likes to seel and such, that is.
    Sayaka:  Oh god, men are all the same.
    Axel:    Mah, leaving this to later, the Getter that is coming, how do they
             look like?
    Kenzo:   The 3 Getter machines combine into a robot. And depending on the
             combination of the junction, they turn into 3 types of robot, the
             Getter 1, 2, 3.
    Koji:    Getter 1 is for air, Getter 2 for surface, and Getter 3 for
             underwater, is that it?
    Axel:    Heh, according to the battlefield, they change their formation.
    [alarm sound]
    Koji:    What, enemies?
    Kenzo:   ... Seems like that...! Mazinger team, launch as soon as possible!
    # next: Stage 02 S #
    # scene 010 R: Giganos base - officer room #
    Maillot: Long time no see... I've searched for you.
    Linda:   ... Brother...
    # next: scene 011 R #
    # scene 011 R: Giganos base - hangar #
    Light:  If we got inside, then it's our turn.
    Tapp:   But, I wasn't expecting it was so easy.
    Light:  Don't underrate the power of D-3-chan.
            (But it was rather too easy.... There's another machine spreadind
    	jammer... Is it [Axel/Lamia]'s?)
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:   ......
    Ken:    What? Axel? Don't say you are afraid after reaching this far?
    Axel:   (Sure D-3's jamming is perfect... But, this one that has in this
            machine is...?)
            No way I'm like that. So, what are we going to do now?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:  ......
    Ken:    What? Lamia? Don't say you are afraid after reaching this far?
    Lamia:  (The jammer works. With this and D-3's... Together it's possible to
            enter even further... Fuh fuh)
            So, how we move now?
    Light:  Yup, I've connected to this base's computer. Well...
            Idaho, and the civilian's place is, heh.... Look, I've found them.
    Ken:    So, we'll go in and contact everyone. Light stay here and keep
            reloading fake information to the computer, while guiding us.
    Light:  Ok, count on me.
    # next: scene 012 R #
    # scene 012 R: Giganos base - officer room #
    Ken:     Where's Linda? ... Here? Uhn, voices!?
    Linda:   ...What will be of the refugees?
    Maillot: Those who aim the space can represent Earth, and must be chosen
    Linda:   ... And you want us to be your cornerstone? ... Such an egoistic
    Maillot: ... That's the path that Giganos is aiming.
    Linda:   You mean that everything will be fine if you're fine!? Having such
             person as a relative is embarrasing to me!
    Ken:     ... What are they talking? Because of this glass, I can't hear
    Maillot: Linda...
    Ken:     And what's with that bastard! He seems too much familiar with Linda...
             She isn't liking it.
    Maillot: Linda, come back to the Empire. You won't be hurt...!
    Linda:   No, leave me alone!
    Ken:     Aah! He's trying to catch her hand! I won't forgive him! That pervert
    Maillot: Muh!?
    Ken:     Yaih, get your hands off Linda! You jagged bastard!!
    Linda:   Ken!?
    Ken:     Linda, I've come to help you...!
    Maillot: What are you...! Linda, have you trustened your heart to such vulgar
    Linda:   Ken's no vulgar fellow!
    Ken:     Heh, if you're so insistent, you'll be hated! Linda, let's run!
    # next: scene 013 R #
    # scene 013 R: Giganos base - pathway #
    Tapp:    Ken, this way, hurry, hurry!
    Ken:     So, how about your side?
    Tapp:    Sharp. With the fake order that Light had given, all civilians got
             into Idaho. All we need to do is to get away in the fuse.
    Ken:     Fuse?
    Tapp:    Get away while they're confuse, I mean.
    Sayla:   Wait. Fa is still in another room, taking a questioning. Let's take
             her with us.
    Ken:     Fa is, that Federation girl that was escorting us?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    A girl, then it's my turn.
    Tapp:    Why is it?
    Axel:    Oh, let it be, okay?
    Sayla:   You don't know Fa's face, do you?
    Axel:    Ow, whatever. It's rather easy to find a girl in such a stinky base.
    Sayla:   Fuh, I'll go with you.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I'll go. Ken and the others should go escort the running Idaho.
    Tapp:    Hey, is that alright?
    Lamia:   Even likewise, I've gotten some battle training... It's better then
             someone that is taking militant life by an outcome.
    Tapp:    Surely sharp words.
    Sayla:   I'll go with you. You don't know Fa's face, do you?
    Lamia:   ... Ok. Let's go.
    Ken:     Take care.
    # next: scene 014 R #
    # scene 014 R: Giganos base - pathway #
    A/L:     It's here... Sayla-san, right? How about your management on guns?
    Sayla:   As you can't imagine, I was once from the army.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Woh, then it's enough. Let's go then.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Indeed... The management should be different than a civilian's... So.
    Soldier: The prisioner escaped!
    A/L:     Prisioner?
    Sayla:   That is... Fa!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    This gives us more time. Army women are scary.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   This gives us more time.
    Sayla:   Fa, here.
    Fa:      Sayla-san!? Ow, you... From the Federation?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I'm affiliated to the Londo Bell Squad.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Affiliated to the Londo Bell Squad... As I want to say but, just an
             recruit aspirant.
    Sayla:   Londo Bell Squad...!? The one with Amuro and Bright...
    Fa:      In a good time. I was heading for it. But on the way Giganos Forces
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Oops, let's leave explanations later. We have to run first... Er,
             where are you going!? That way is the deck.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   We have to run first... Uhn, where are you going? That way is the
    Fa:      There's this Mobile Suit I'm riding.
    # next: Stage 02 R #
     Stage 02 S M - Fukyouwaon (Discord)
                F - Team Work
    # if Axel Route #
    [Hyakki, Mikene and Cambell units appear]
    Dangel:  So that's the Science Lab Fortress. And to take some time with such a
             little thing, surely Mikene or Hyakki or whatever, it had to be an
             Earthling for such foolness! Gahahahah!
    Ankoku:  You get so convinced without knowing anything.
    Hidler:  Don't say so, Ankoku Dai-Shogun. He's the shogun-sama that come to
             help us. We'll let him do the job.
    Ankoku:  Humpf.
    Dangel:  Uhn, what you just said?
    Hidler:  No no, you came here so, we'll like to see your excellency's power.
    Dangel:  Muhahahaha! Ok, I'll show you my strengh!
    [Great I moves forward]
    Ankoku:  Such an ignorant bastard.
    Koji:    They're here! Sayaka-san, Boss! Are you ready!?
    Sayaka:  We can go, Koji-kun!
    Boss:    We'll blow them up!
    Koji:    Maziiiiin! Gooo!
    [Borot, Diana A and Mazinger Z appear]
    Jun:     Tetsuya, we'll go too.
    [Venus A appears]
    Jun:     Hey! Tetsuya!
    Tetsuya: Fire on!
    [Great Mazinger appears]
    Boss:    What's that? There are unseen mechas too!
    Jun:     That's the Hyakki Empire robots... no, not just them.
    Dangel:  Gwahahahaha! I'm planet Cambell's shogun Dangel!
             Mazingers, I'll crush you all!
    Kenzo:   Cambelling...!? Mikene Empire bastards, they joined with aliens?
    Tekkan:  Nuh... I made this Mecha Tekkouki to fight Getter!! And they are not
    Kocho:   Hoho... It's ok. Think like a test before the real battle.
    Tekkan:  Damn!
    [Main Robot appears]
    Axel:    Oops, we have a helper this side!
    Ankoku:  That's...! That is the one! The robot I said!
    Hidler:  Hoho, that is the one?
    Koji:    Hey, be careful, ok?
    Axel:    You feed me and I don't do anything is not my type of doing stuff.
    Koji:    Heh, how considering. I liked you!
    Axel:    (And, I'm sure my memories won't come back if I stand still.)
    Tetsuya: The enemy is in forehead! No time to jumble!
    [Great Mazinger moves ahead]
    Koji:    Uhn! Tetsuya-kun! Don't move alone, you'll be aimed!
    Tetsuya: Don't tell me what I should do!
    Koji:    What! Heh, forget it. Lose your Great on your own!
    Kenzo:   You two relax! 2 more minutes and the Getter Robot will arrive.
             Join your forces with them.
    Tetsuya: I can't wait 2 minutes. Now the speed is the most important!
    Axel:    It's alright, isn't it?
    # else Lamia Route #
    [Texas Mack appears]
    Jack:    Hey! Professor Saotome! All from Getter Team! Helloooo!
    Ryo:     What's that!?
    Saotome: That's... Texas Mack! But when it reached Japan?
    Ryo:     Texas Mack?
    Saotome: A Super Robot from America.
    Mary:    We've come from America to join Londo Bell too.
    Jack:    Now that we come, alien or Hyakki Empire are piece of cake neh!
    Hayato:  What? What's with that funny speech?
    Ryo:     He's combining with Lamia-san.
    Lamia:   Hey, Ryouma-kun, need no comment, it is?
    Musashi: You see?
    Lamia:   (I'm not doing it on purpose, though...)
    Hayato:  ... Damn.
    Jack:    Before joining, I want to test Getter's ability. Come and get meee!
    Saotome: Wait, Jack-kun. No need to break your machines before gathering.
    Jack:    Just fight not to break! It's easy operation for Texas Mack neh!
    Musashi: That bastard! Saying what he wants to!
    Jack:    Ok, ok! Getter Robot just good third class robot if 3 are gathered
    Ryo:     What! You... I won't forgive! Hayato, Musashi, we'll go!
    Musashi: Woookay!
    Hayato:  I'll show it in for his eyes...!
    Ryo:     Let's gooooo! Chaaaaaange, Getter 1! Switch on!
    [Getter 1 appear]
    Lamia:   (They've got caught in such a taint... What about if they wound their
             machines and get their mission screwed?)
    Saotome: There's no way if you've got your beloved machine fooled... We have to
             watch their step now.
    Lamia:   I don't understand. Why get angry with such thing?
    Saotome: Getter is part of them, and their bonds are likewise, Lamia-san.
    Lamia:   (Bonds? I don't get it. It only gets in the way to accomplish missions)
    Ryo:     Let's go, Texas Mack!
    Jack:    Come and get meeee!
    # cinematic: Getter 1 VS Texas Mack #
    Jack:    No yet not yet neh!
    Hayato:  Okay, I'm next. Chaaaaange Getter 2! Switch on!
    [Getter 1 transforms to Getter 2]
    # cinematic: Getter 2 VS Texas Mack #
    Jack:    With this you no beat mee!
    Musashi: Let me do it! Change Getter 3! Switch on!
    [Getter 2 transforms to Getter 3]
    # cinematic: Getter 3 VS Texas Mack #
    Jack:    Wooow!
    Musashi: Okay, it's the last shot!
    Mary:    Stop! It's ok for today, Musashi-san it's your vivtory.
    Musashi: Uhn, well, it ended soon.
    Jack:    Chance neh!
    # cinematic: Texas Mack VS Getter 3#
    Musashi: Uwaaaaaah!
    Jack:    You relaxed much, me is winner neh!
    Musashi: That was unfair, you!
    Mary:    Brother, what did you! Musashi-san sorry! Brother!
    Jack:    HAHAHA! You bad because relaxed. Me winner neh!
    Musashi: Youu! Remember it!
    Hayato:  Mah, there's no unfairness or damn on a challenge.
    Ryo:     There're times we don't accept it though... We can't get our machines
             more wounded.
    [Hyakki, Mikene and Cambell units appear]
    Ankoku:  What's that robot? That's the famous mysterious robot?
    Hidler:  Not! Whatever, it's a good timing. From the current battle, both are
             damaged. We have now to smash them! 
    Ryo:     No, an enemy!
    Jack:    What!?
    Hayato:  Can't be, it's not only Hyakki Empire. Mikene, and that's an alien?
    Musashi: They've come gathered!
    Tekkan:  Getter, I've come to challenge you.
    Dangel:  Humpf, that's the Saotome Lab... Getter Robot is it. And to take some
             time with such a little thing, surely Mikene or Hyakki or whatever,
             it had to be an Earthling for such foolness! Gahahahah!
    Ankoku:  You get so convinced without knowing anything.
    Hidler:  Don't say so, Ankoku Dai-Shogun. He's the shogun-sama that come to
             help us. We'll let him do the job.
    Ankoku:  Humpf.
    Dangel:  Uhn, what you just said?
    Hidler:  No no, you came here so, we'll like to see your excellency's power.
    Dangel:  Muhahahaha! Ok, I'll show you my strengh!
    [Great I moves forward]
    Ankoku:  Such an ignorant bastard.
    Hayato:  Those are robots from Hyakki Empire...!? No, not only them.
    Musashi: What's that? There are unseen mechas too!
    Dangel:  Gwahahahaha! I'm planet Cambell's shogun Dangel!
             Getters, I'll crush you all!
    Saotome: Cambelling...!? Mikene Empire bastards, they joined with aliens?
    Tekkan:  You're here... Getter! I've created this Mecha Tekkan Oni just to
             defeat you! I challenge you!
    Kocho:   Fuh fuh... I'll have my deed done!
    Tekkan:  Damn!
    Saotome: No, Getter and Texas Mack, they're both damaged.
    Lamia:   I'll have go then.
    Saotome: Lamia-san, please.
    [Main Robot appears]
    Hidler:  That's the one! That's the one mysterious machine!
    Ankoku:  Hoh... Surely it's first time to see that robot.
    Dangel:  Whatever! If it's an enemy we just have to smash them.
    Lamia:   Leave it to me!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation
          Science Lab Fortress invasion (SM)
          Saotome Lab          invasion (SF)
    # ally reinforce: ally turn 3 #
    # if Axel Route #
    Kenzo:    6 o'clock, a flying object... They've come!
    Sayaka:   It's the Getter Robot!
    [Texas Mack appears]
    Jack:     HAHAHAHAHA! Me is your opponent neh! Come and play by any siiide!
    Mary:     Sorry for the delay!
    Axel:     That's... Getter Robot! Oh sure, a white ironed body... That rain
              coat stuff is a beam coat!?
    Jack:     Me is here so you relax!
    Axel:     But, how the heck they get into 3 types from that thing?
    Koji:     Wrong! That's not Getter!
    Jack:     This is Texas Mack! American very very strong robot neh!
    [Getter 1 appears]
    Ryo:      Jack, don't show up first at your own!
    Koji:     Oh! Ryo-kun! Axel, that's the Getter Robot!
    Ryo:      Seems like we've got on a good timing.
    Musashi:  Let's make things out of control!
    Tetsuya:  Damn, I can handle this alone.
    Hayato:   As usual, Tetsuya-san eh. Don't say it and let's get along well.
    Tetsuya:  Humpf.
    Ryo:      What happened, Koji-kun?
    Koji:     Well, lots of things.
    Jack:     Me will handle this!
    Mary:     Brother, no relaxing.
    Ryo:      Uhn, there's an unseen machine there.
    Koji:     Aah, this one is an ally. Don't attack it. I'll explain it later!
    Axel:     Call me Axel. Nice to meet ya, Getter team.
    Ryo:      Aah, right. Let's go. We'll get them first.
    Hakkotsu: Getter is here also. Seems like some trouble.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Michiru:  Father! 10 o'clock, a number of robots.
    Saotome:  A new enemy!? No, it's surely Mazinger Team!
    [Boss Borot, Diana A, Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and Venus A appear]
    Boss:     Jan jan jaaan! Mazinger Team get in da-wa-sa!
    Koji:     Ryo-kun, Hayato-kun, Musashi-kun! Are you alright!?
    Ryo:      Koji-kun, it's alright.
    Tetsuya:  Doctor Saotome, sorry for the delay!
    Saotome:  Ooh, Tsurugi-kun! Let's greet later on. I'm sorry but please defeat
              the enemies within the others.
    Tetsuya:  Roger, let's go!
    Koji:     Uhn!? There's an unknown robot.
    Saotome:  That robot is our ally, support it!
    Lamia:    I'm Lamia. I ask for your count on me.
    Sayaka:   Somewhat... A weird speech. Whatever, isn't your machine damaged?
              Diana A has a repair equipment so, if you get damaged, I can repair
    Boss:     And if you get out of bullets or energy, Borot's supply equipment will
              be of use wa-sa.
    Lamia:    So then, take care of Getter Robot and Texas Mack! They've got both in
              some damage!
    Sayaka:   I got it!
    Ankoku:   Great Mazinger, you'd come so fast to Saotome Lab.
    Hakkotsu: The Mazingers had come. It'll be troublesome.
    Hidler:   What weak things are you saying, Hakkotsu Oni! If you defeat them,
              I 'll let you see your daughter!
    # if Axel Route #
    Hakkotsu: Wha...! My daughter, will you let me see Lisa!? Fuh fuh fuh... If
              it's like that... Prepare yourself! Getter!
    Tekkan:   It's Getter! Huh huh huh, if Getter is here then it's another story!
    Kocho:    With the reinforce, it seems not only humans that got will to fight,
              Fuh fuh fuh.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Hakkotsu: Wha...! My daughter, will you let me see Lisa!? Fuh fuh fuh... If
              it's like that... Prepare yourself! Mazingers!
    # Main Character VS Dangel #
    Dangel:  Stupid Earthlings! I'll show the power of shogun Dangel!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    It's first time with him... Let's do it!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   This machine... No data but... I hope it isn't so easy.
    Dangel:  Fool youngster!
    # enemy retreat 1: Dangel's HP reaches 0 or 30% #
    Dangel:  T...that's impossible! Remember it!
    [Great I explodes/disappears]
    # Getter VS Kocho #
    Kocho:   Getter, from now on I'm the number one!
    # if Getter: Getter 1 #
    Ryo:     Muh!? A woman?
    # else Getter: Getter 2 #
    Hayato:  Fuh, very good...!
    # else Getter: Getter 3 #
    Musashi: Even if you're beautiful, I won't forgive if you are from Hyakki!
    # Main Character VS Tekkan #
    Tekkan:  I have no interest on you! I'm only aiming for the Getter!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Heh, don't say so!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Say so after beating me!
    # Getter VS Tekkan #
    Tekkan:  Getter, I wanted to challenge you... In a one VS one battle!
    Ryo:     What are you!?
    Hayato:  Hey, Ryo! His robot...
    Musashi: A mant... And a tomahawk... Getter 1!?
    Tekkan:  That's it, this is Mecha Tekkan Oni! I heavily researched for this, to
             defeat you... To defeat the Getter Robot I created this machine!
    Ryo:     What...!
    Tekkan:  This is a challenge, Getter! This Mecha Tekkan Oni, with soul and
             spirit on it, I shall defeat you!
    Hayato:  That's funny...! Ryo!
    Ryo:     Aah! I accept your challenge, Tekkan Oni!
             Let's do it, Hayato! Musashi!
    Tekkan:  Come! Getter Robot!
    # Main Character VS Ankoku Dai-Shogun #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    So we meet again! Likewise, I'll beat up you!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   You're persistant...  If you're going to interfere, I'll have you
    Ankoku:  Don't make me laugh, human!
    # Tetsuya VS Ankoku Dai-Shogun #
    Ankoku:  My anger of having many Combat Beasts destroyed by you, I'll have you
    Tetsuya: Come! Ankoku Dai-Shogun! I'll settle this...!
    # enemy retreat 2: Ankoku Dai-Shogun's HP reaches 0 or 30% #
    Ankoku:  Guuh, not only once, but twice! Be prepared, I'll have you pay this!
    [Demonika explodes/disappears]
    # Main Character VS Hidler #
    Hidler:  You small fish can't win!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    It's not decided if I'm a small fish or not, that is!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   What did you use to figure this? I want to hear how much data you
             gathered to say so.
    Hidler:  Impudent talk! I'll show you!
    # Getter VS Hidler #
    Hidler:  Even if it's Getter, it's an old machine! Do you think you can defeat
             me with this?
    Ryo:     What decides a battle isn't the robot's age! Let's go!
    # enemy retreat 3: Hidler's HP reaches 0 or 30% #
    Hidler:  Gwoh! It... It can't be...
    [Mecha Fortress Oni explodes/disappears]
    # stage end #
    # if Axel Route #
    Kenzo:   Good work. Thanks to you, Getter team.
    Tetsuya: Just I could handled this.
    Jun:     Hey, Tetsuya! ... Sorry, Tetsuya is a bit strange these days.
    Musashi: Yep, didn't think we'd be blamed just because we came and saved you.
    Ryo:     Tetsuya-kun... What happened?
    Tetsuya: ..........
    Hayato:  Axel... Right? You know the reason?
    Axel:    Uhn well... When I came here, it was already like this, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Koji:    Look at them! They are 100 years earlier to try to win.
    # SM next: scene 016 S  #
    # SF next: scene 015 SF #
     Stage 02 R M - Imouto tachi no Tatakai (The Sisters' Fight)
                F - Giganos Houimou (Giganos Siege Network)
    [alarm sound]
    [Main Robot, Methuss, Dragonar 1, 2 and 3 appear]
    Tapp:    Heheh, those guys finally had realized it.
    Ken:     Idaho has gone, let's be gone too.
    Light:   But, they don't seem to let us go...!
    [Giganos units appear]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Okay, we'll concentrate on one point and pass through the net!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Stay calm... If we're surrounded, on the contrary they're spreading
             their firepower. We can make up our formation by concetrating on one
    Ken:     Hey hey! At what time did you become the leader?!
    # if Axel Route #
    Tapp:    It's okay, isn't it? He seems to be used to it.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Tapp:    It's okay, isn't it? She seems to be used to it. Let's follow up the
             sis that doesn't know grammar.
    Light:   "We to concentrate on one point it is", right?
    Lamia:   ... Shut up.
    Fa:      My machine has a repair equipment installed on it. Count on me as a
    Light:   Ow, that's good. Fa-san, is it? You're like the white angel that
             shines in the battlefield.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Even though the machine is yellow.
    Ken:     Oh, shut up. They've come!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation
          ally battleship destruction
    # enemy reinforce: ally turn 2 #
    Maillot: D-weapon's pilot! You won't run, Ken Wakaba!
    Ken:     Hehe, getting nervous after being rejected. It's shameful!
    Tapp:    You're late, late! Idaho is gone long time ago!
    Maillot: So I won't care if I got only you!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Now they've really got the numbers. I hope we can flee.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   We can't fight against those numbers.
    Dan:     D-weapon and the new kind! It won't be like before!
    Werner:  We shall blow you up...!
    Karl:    We, the Practice, will surely...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    No tedious talk! Let's do it!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Such noisy people... I'll get rid of them!
    # ally reinforce: ally turn 3 #
    [Ahgama appears]
    Bright:  Muh!? It has just started! Those four!
    Noin:    We can't argue for what has happened.... We'll back them up now!
    Amuro:   Bright, we'll go.
    [Gundam and Taurus appear]
    Tapp:    Oh! Bright-san has come!?
    Light:   Now we can relax a bit.
    Noin:    Hey you...!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ... Scary! I guess facing Giganos is better...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Maybe facing Giganos is easier.
    Amuro:   Lt. Noin, scold them later.
    Noin:    Yes.
    Fa:      Lt Amuro! Captain Bright!
    Amuro:   Fa!? Fa Yuiry, you're here too!?
    Fa:      And Sayla-san was among the refugees also!
    Bright:  Sayla was!? ... Ok, anyway, we'll annihilate the enemies that are
             here. All units, commence attack!
    # Main Character VS Maillot #
    Maillot: And again! This one... Who are you!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Heh, I'm an ally of the justice!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   The name is Lamia Loveless.
    # Ken VS Maillot #
    Maillot: You, why do you go against the Empire!?
    Ken:     To save everybody's life. Afterall, you're the ones who started this
    # Maillot's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Maillot: Kuh... This machine!? Nuh... This challenge, I'll pass it!
    [Falgen explodes/disappears]
    # if alive unit: Dan unit #
    Dan:     Kuh, remeber it!
    # if alive unit: Werner unit #
    Werner:  The next time we meet again... We'll win for sure!
    # if alive unit: Karl unit #
    Karl:    Lt-dono!
    [All alive Practice units disappear]
    # stage end #
    # if before enemy reinforce #
    Ken:     Look at them. You have now seen our true power.
    [Ahgama appears]
    Ken:     Heheh, captain Bright, you're late.
    Tapp:    We've rescued the hostages, and given the enemy some damage!
    Noin:    Can't be...
    Bright:  ... It sure become troublesome.
    # next: scene 015 R #
    # scene 015 SF: Saotome Lab - main control room #
    Saotome: Oh, I'm glad you came to help.
    Lamia:   I've heard of you but... Sure is great your power.
    Tetsuya: That kind of thing wasn't nothing. And... What's with your speech?
    Lamia:   (It'll be unnatural to change my speech type right now... I've failed)
    Koji:    You seemed like a cold person but, on the contrary you're so cute, so
             it's ok.
    Lamia:   (What... Is he talking about...?)
    Hayato:  Don't get too much easy on her. We've just met her.
    Ryo:     Are you still on that, Hayato.
    Boss:    No, surely surely, such a beauty in here, you Getter Team is sure bad.
             You shoud have told me about her da-wa-sa.
    Ryo:     As Hayato said, we've just met her.
    Lamia:   Mazinger Team, nice meeting you all.
    Mary:    Musashi-san, I'm sorry for before. I've failed with such a samurai
             like you...
    Musashi: No problem, we're going to fight together from now on.
    Jack:    Me shall handle all!
    Mary:    Brother! Say sorry for your unfair attack!
    Lamia:   (More and more weirdos have come in.... And when will I get my mission
    # next: 016 S #
    # scene 015 R: Giganos base - main control room #
    Karl:    ... Londo Bell, escaped from battle zone... And it's impossible for us
             to capture them before the atmosphere reentry.
    Werner:  It cannot be! We've let them escape!
    Maillot: ... Calm down, Werner.
    Werner:  ... But! Damn...
    Maillot: D-weapon's youngsters... It was a good performance for guys like you.
             But, be prepared for those laughs on your faces won't last long...!
             (And Linda... The time you will understand me shall come... That this
             current confusion is a trial that will connect to a next era...)
    # next 016 R #
    # scene 016 S: Hyakki Empire - fortress island #
    # if Axel Route #
    Dangel:      I haven't heard of the Getter team joining up this fast!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Dangel:      I haven't heard of the Mazinger team joining up this fast!
    Bry:         I also didn't know.
    Ankoku:      (Bry, your unaware lier)
    Jigoku:      Whatever, your commandment was to just advance? I was a fool on
                 trusting you a bit.
    Dangel:      What you say, smart guy?
    Warchimedes: Shut up, Dangel! Don't shame us Cambellings further!
    Dangel:      What, brother?
    Warchimedes: Sovereign Bry, Jigoku-Dai-Genshi... next time, let this
                 Warchimedes do the job.
    Jigoku:      As you failed once...
    Bry:         Oh, that should be ok.... President Warchimedes, I'll be counting
                 on you.
    Warchimedes: Yes, I'll prepare a new Magma Animal... We shall go, Dangel.
    Dangel:      Guh....
    Ankoku:      What are you thinking, sovereign Bry? Giving another chance to
    Bry:         Huahaha... If they fail a second time, they can't appear here on
                 happy faces anymore. If they succeed, then let it be.
    Jigoku:      Oh, sure... Fuh fuh fuh. So I'll prepare my hands also.
    # SM next: scene 017 SM #
    # SF next: scene 017 SF #
    # scene 016 R: Ahgama - guardhouse #
    [punch sound]
    Ken:     ... Ouch!
    Tapp:    Tohoho, why we have to face this...
    Light:   Wooch... This will become a tumor, for sure.
    Ken:     Damn, I can't understand! What was wrong!? We've saved everybody,
             we've given some damage to Giganos' base, and what's wrong about
    Tapp:    And can't understand why you hit us!
    Bright:  I hit you and you ask what's wrong!? You've acted that selfish way and
             you say so!?
    Light:   We've got the victory, rigth!? And...
    Noin:    ... Why don't you understand that that kind of attitude that is wrong?
    Bright:  Now listen, if everytime you get a good result, and all violated
             orders were forgiven... What would be if that happens?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Mah... Everyone would do what they want.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   .......
    Amuro:   Yes, all soldiers will aim for the results, and will become
    Noin:    And if that happens, the orders will only be there for nothing.
    Bright:  D-team and [Axel/Lamia] you will stay in this guardhouse for a while.
    Ken:     It isn't funny... Orders, orders.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    And after the all-around action of the day, I'll go to prison. It's 
             not life.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Hum, this is experience it is.
    Tapp:    Oh, god.
    Amuro:   Going into guardhouse after correction. After a few years, and this
             will be story to lauch... I have some experience on that.
    Bright:  But Amuro's case was for running away.
    Amuro:   ... Don't say it loud.
    Linda:   Sorry, and everything for us.
    Ken:     It's okay, okay, it's not Linda's fault... And what makes me angry is
             that playboy. He's got all familiar with you.
    Linda:   Ken.. He's...
    Ken:     Don't say it! That one is enough being called the least!
    Linda:   ... My... Older brother...
    Ken:     No, I don't mean bro...ther!?
    Linda:   Yes, he left me and father behind... And has chosen to live for
             Giganos... My brother...
    Ken:     ... He's, you brother?
    Sayla:   ... Brother?
    Light:   The brother who saw his sister among the refugees and naturally talked
             to her... Ken, might be, you were the one who interfered it...
    Ken:     Uh...
    Linda:   That's not it. I was happy that you came to save me...
    Sayla:   .........
    # next: scene 017 R #
    # scene 017 SM: Science Lab Fortress - main control room #
    Jack:    Yes! Victory, neh!
    Mary:    Brother, stay calm a while. You're in front of doctor Kabuto.
    Jack:    Ooh, I'm sorry.
    Tetsuya: What's this guy, can't he speak a descent Japanese?
    Jack:    What? Me's Japanese is where bad?
    Jun:     We can understand what he says, so it's ok, Tetsuya.
    Michiru: So, doctor Kabuto, we'll take your time till joining up with Londo
    Kenzo:   No no, I'll count on you. If we can get Getter team's teamwork, it
             shall give Mazinger team some motivation.
    Tetsuya: Humpf.
    Koji:    What?
    Ryo:     Doctor, trully, what happened to those two...?
    Kenzo:   A little trouble. You'll se , they'll get along well at any time.
    Koji:    Father, leave him, that guy.
    Kenzo:   Koji, don't say such things.
    # next: scene 019 SM #
    # scene 017 SF: Saotome Lab - hangar #
    Lamia:   ... Repairing accomplished. Next orders are yet to come... Obvious.
             Anyway, I have to gather with Londo Bell, or nothing will happen...
    Saotome: ........
    Lamia:   Uhn... That's, Saotome...? Where's he going?
    # next: scene 018 SF #
    # scene 017 R: Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  ... Fuh, and by seeing them, I remember of Judau and the others.
    Amuro:   Judau? The one who went to Jupiter in the Jupitoris II... Judau Ashta?
    Bright:  Oh, Amuro didn't meet him, right?
    Amuro:   Aah. I've heard is one of a good newtype.
    Bright:  He's the type of guy that moves before thinking.... And this point is
             really the same as the D-team, I presume.
    Amuro:   Jupiter... But if so, I'm getting more worried.... I've heard that the
             Balmlings headquarters is located in the Jovian orbit, isn't it?
    Noin:    Yes, and for a simple resource ship that is Jupitoris II... If they
             got attacked, then nothing will left of them.
    Bright:  ... Uhm, I hope they're alright.
    Fa:      Excuse me. Captain, can I?
    Bright:  Fa. Aah, of course. What's it?
    Fa:      Officialy I announce. I, Fa Yuiry, am currently affiliated to the
             Londo Bell Squad. Nice to meet you.
    Bright:  I see. You'll sure be of help, this is the time we need as much help
             as we can get.
    Amuro:   And... Wasn't Camille with you?
    Fa:      ... Cammile is at Earth.
    Bright:  And, is he still ill?
    Fa:      Compared to before, he's got lot better but...
    Noin:    Camille Vidan? One of the meritious from the Grips Conflict?
    Bright:  Yes, he was a very sensitive... I mean, he was a too sensitive man.
    Noin:    I've heard he's currently under recuperation, is he?
    Amuro:   As much as one understands people's wounded feelings, he gets wounded
             too. And he's the one who hadled it directly.
    Bright:  And you, Amuro. Are you alright?
    Amuro:   ... I'm dull, Bright.
    Fa:      By the way, what about the one who saved me?
    Bright:  [Axel/Lamia]. [He/She]'s in the guardhouse with the D-team. What about
    Fa:      No, I wanted to thank [him/her] for saving me.
    Bright:  I see... But, be careful. I know [he/she]'s not bad person, but...
             There's something that still annoys me.
    Fa:      ?
    Amuro:   That machine also... It's battle ability is too high.
    Bright:  Aah, for the superiority of his battle ability, he might have taken
             some battle training on his past.
    Fa:      Battle training?
    Linda:   Er...
    Bright:  Uhn? ... Fa. And this person?
    Linda:   I'm Linda Plarto. I want to join Londo Bell Squad as well.
    Bright:  A recruit aspirant? But, all of a sudden...
    Amuro:   ... Plarto...?
    Linda:   I have little experience but, I had specialized on electronic
             engineering at school.
    Bright:  Would you tell us the reason why you want to aspirate on enlistment?
    Linda:   To spiritually oppose... My brother.
    Noin:    ... Brother?
    Linda:   Giganos' Blue Hawk... Maillot Plarto.
    Amuro:   As I thought... You're Giganos' Blue Hawk's...?
    Sayla:   You... Do you understand what it means? You'll will have to fight
             against your brother, did you know?
    Linda:   I know. But, I don't want to end an ideal as being just an ideal.
             Machine engineering wasn't made for wars like this. But...
    Sayla:   ... It's not as easy as you're thinking.
    Linda:   I know. I'm just... If I'm put into a opposite circumstance, I might
             be able to see something...I just have thought that.
    Bright:  Alright. You can take the enlistment procedure.
    Linda:   Thank you very much.
    Sayla:   Bright, I'll take one for me too... Please.
    Amuro:   Sayla-sa... Char is...
    Bright:  There's no news of him after A Baoa Qu. Do you have any info about it?
    Sayla:   Brother is... He seems to be moving among the Zeon's survivors. But...
             It's still not confirmed, though...
    Amuro:   .......!
    Sayla:   I was in doubt... But Linda-san had taken me off this doubt. I have
             to...stop my brother.
    Linda:   .......
    Bright:  ... I see. Fa, please get Sayla's procedure too.
    # next: scene 018 R #
    # scene 018 SF: Saotome Lab - hangar #
    Lamia:   ... Here's an underground plant? ... Muh, what's that? A new... Getter
    Michiru: Who's there!?
    Lamia:   Damn...!
    Saotome: Michiru, what happened? ... It's you.
    Lamia:   Doctor, this Getter Robot is... The one under repairing, Getter Robot
             G, that you've spoken?
    Saotome: ... No. It's a new Getter Robot under construction.
    Lamia:   A new... Getter Robot?
    Saotome: Yes. Getter Robot was actually an experimental robot for the Getter
             Core research.
    Michiru: That's the one that turned into a battle robot after enemies started
    Saotome: But, afterall everyone started thinking that Getter Robot was a battle
             robot that used the Getter lines...
    Michiru: And father was so upset... Getter Robot is a machine for peace.
    Lamia:   .........
    Michiru: Getter Robot G is likewise. I've made it for further research on
             Getter line but, it showed a powered up battle ability.
    Lamia:   So, this Getter Robot is...
    Saotome: Yes. The one for peace use, a Getter Robot only the for Getter Core
             research... I'm calling this the Shin Getter Robot.
    Lamia:   Shin Getter...!
    Saotome: No other way you've seen it. But I have something to ask you... I want
             you to keep Shin Getter a secret.
    Michiru: If it get to known by the Federation Troops, Shin Getter will surely
             become a battle item.
    Saotome: Not only the Federation. If the enemies like Hyakki Empire get to
             know that... We've got to avoid this... So, I beg you.
    Lamia:   I yes understand...
    Saotome: Ooh, thank you.
    Lamia:   (A peace use...? That's bullshit, a weapon is a weapon... Like me.)
    # next: scene 019 SF #
    # scene 018 R: Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  It's a message to the 3 of the D-team.
    Ken:     And I've thought we were out of the guardhouse... Yeah, yeah, what's
             up now?
    Bright:  Till your registrations are erased, you'll be temporaly be soldiers.
             Your rank will be 3rd class officer.
    Noin:    As it means, you'll be officialy members of the Londo Bell Squad.
    Ken:     Wa...wait a moment! You didn't ask anything to us, it's not right!
    Bright:  You're the only ones that can pilot the D-weapon, and this is the
             reason for the temporary procedure. Please, complete all required
             fields in this documents.
    Ken:     ... It can't be.
    Light:   A-ah... All of our lives decided with a single piece of paper.
    Tapp:    As my mother-in-law says, this is the army...
    # if Axel Route #
    Bright:  And Axel also will be recruited to our squad.
    Axel:    Oh, I knew, I felt like that. The army won't leave a man like me
    Noin:    Don't say bullshit. Afterall you are..
    Axel:    ... I know. You mean I'm being inspected, right? And on the contrary,
             if you kick me out, I'll be with no memories, and there's no story.
    Noin:    If you know then it's good.
    Amuro:   (I knew... It's not an amateur's knowledge.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Bright:  And Lamia also will be recruited to our troops.
    Lamia:   Glad I'm recruited it is.
    Noin:    And afterall, that was what you wanted, right?
    Lamia:   That means inspection in me, it is?
    Noin:    That's it.
    Amuro:   (I knew... It's not an amateur's knowledge. The daughter of a junk
             shopper... It really tricks me.)
    Bright:  Ok, from now on our ship will escort the refugees' ship Idaho and land
             on Earth.
    Fa:      Earth... I hope Camille is alright.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (Earth, eh... It seems I've been there before, haven't I?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Earth... At once, I'm proceeding as planned. Now I need to fix up my
             language function.)
    # next: scene 019 R #
    # scene 019 SM: Science Lab Fortress - pathway #
    Tetsuya: Damn... Even the Getter guys have parents. If it keeps this way, we'll
             only be crowded out!
    Jun:     (Tetsuya... You still don't understand. This prejudice of yours will
             one make you lonely...)
    # next: scene 020 SM #
    # scene 019 SF: Saotome Lab - pathway #
    Hayato:  [musical note]~~~~
    Lamia:   Uhn... Harmonica...? That's... Hayato Kami.
    Hayato:  ......
    Lamia:   You're good.
    Hayato:  Didn't know you'd understand about harmonica.
    Lamia:   For an instant, I'd liked to clear up our misunderstanding. We're pals
             that will fight together.
    Hayato:  Pals? No joke. If you want to use that word, you've got to fix up your
             eye expression.
    Lamia:   Eye expression...? That's what I've born with.
    Hayato:  Not the shape, I don't like that expression of measuring everythings
    Lamia:   ........
    Hayato:  I'll get your tail some day.
    Lamia:   I'm a human, so I have no tail.
    Hayato:  Heh, how about it.
    Lamia:   (A human, am I?)
    # next: scene 020 SF #
    # scene 019 R: Giganos' base - main control room #
    Karl:      Lt, we've detected that Londo Bell is heading to Earth.
    Maillot:   We shall not let them escape anymore. We'll head to Earth too.
    Karl:      hah!
    Dorchenov: Kuh kuh kuh... Surely your power is good.
    Maillot:   Uhn... Major Colonel Dorchenov, what's the matter?
    Dorchenov: What's the matter is sure a good greeting. And for seeing I've
               brought by myself the next order.
    Maillot:   Order... You mean?
    Dorchenov: I'll have you go to Earth. Buit, your mission is not the D-weapon
               pursuit anymore.
    Werner:    Eh!? What does that mean!?
    Karl:      What's that mission that is not the Lt's D-weapon pursuit!?
    Dorchenov: Maillot Plarto had failed on the D-weapon's capture or destruction.
               That's why he was he was taken out from this mission.
    Maillot:   Wha...!? It can't be! No one other than me can capture the D-weapon!
    Dorchenov: This is an order, Giganos' Blue Hawk.... Kuh kuh kuh kuh.
    Maillot:   Nuh.... Kuh.
    Dorchenov: Yes, yes, before going there, better you take some vaccination, you
               know? There's this story that we, the spacenoids, are weak to
               certain illnesses that there are at Earth. We'll sure be in trouble
               if Giganos' Blue Hawk's beaten by an allergy. Hahahahaha...!
    Maillot:   .........
    Werner:    ... Lt-dono.
    # next: scene 021 R #
    # scene 020 SM: Science Lab Fortress - main control room #
    Koji:    Damn, Tetsuya Tsurugi... I'll have to settle this challenge one day!
    Axel:    Kabuto, don't be so tense.
    Koji:    The one that advanced on me first is Tetsuya!
    Axel:    ... It's a hard trouble. Isn't there anyone to give advices?
    [message sound]
    Michiru: Doctor Kabuto, an SOS from Daimobeak. Balmlings are attacking them!
    Kenzo:   What!?
    # next: scene 021 SM #
    # scene 020 SF: Saotome Lab - main control room #
    [alarm sound]
    Michiru: Father, an S.O.S. from Daimobeak. Balmlings are attacking them!
    Saotome: What!
    # next: scene 021 SF #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 021 SM: Science Lab Fortress - main control room #
    #           SF: Saotome Lab          - main control room #
    Koji:    That's it, we shall hurry to Daimobeak!
    Tetsuya: Wait! Chief, are the attackers only Balmlings?
    # if Axel Route #
    Kenzo:   Uhm, for now it seems like that.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Saotome: Uhm, for now it seems like that.
    Koji:    Tetsuya-kun, if we don't hurry and help them, they'll be defeated!
    Tetsuya: No, in Daimobeak there is Daimos... There's no need to go help.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Heh? Only Daimos is getting a hard time, that's why they called for
             help, isn't it?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Isn't it a help signal?
    Tetsuya: What if this is a faint? What if it's a strategy to take the time that
             we aren't in the lab to attack it...?
    Hayato:  It's much of a far thought... But can be a possibility.
    # if Axel Route #
    Kenzo:   Tetsuya-kun, there's no time to say such things. Hurry up to
    Tetsuya: But, chief!
    Kenzo:   It's alright. This Science Lab Fortress is a lab projected for battle.
             If we get attacked by a little, we can resist.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Saotome: Uhm...
    Koji:    Tetsuya-kun, it's no time to say such things. We have to go to
             Daimobeak now!
    Tetsuya: I'm asking about the protection of who will stay here!
    Saotome: Tsurugi-kun, the Science Fortress Lab is a lab created to thinking
             about warfare. Some little attack it shall resist. This Saotome Lab
             is no different.
    Musashi: That's it, Tsurugi. You don't seem like yourself.
    Tetsuya: ...I understand.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Oh, mas this teamwork is...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (I don't get it, this man, what's he persisting on...?)
    Boss:    Hey hey, wait! Borot can't fly! Damn, if there were a Boss Spazer.
    Koji:    Boss Spazer, eh, Heheh.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Boss Spazer?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   What's it? Boss Spazer?
    Tetsuya: The one that was made imitating Grendizer? ...Was Daisuke right?
    Koji:    Aah... He flew to fight Giganos... And never came back...
    Sayaka:  Maybe... Daisuke-san is...
    Koji:    Sayaka-san! Don't say such thing even if it's a joke!
             Daisuke-san is... Daisuke-san is coming back!
    Sayaka:  S... Sorry, Koji-kun. You're right... Daisuke-san is coming back...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Wait, wait, Boss Spazer, Grendizer, Daisuke-san...
             For me they are just keywords, you know?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Er... Can I? Boss Spazer, Grendizer, Daisuke-san... nothing yet got.
    Ryo:     He's a Freedling, isn't Koji-kun?
    Koji:    Aah. Riding Grendizer, he's a hero who fought among us. But when
             Giganos appeared, he was the first to flew against them...
    Tetsuya: No messages or connection... Hope he's alright...
    # if Axel Route #
    Kenzo:   No time for past heart injuries... He might be fighting right now. You
             have to show your own effort.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Saotome: No time for past heart injuries... He might be fighting right now. You
             have to show your own effort.
    Musashi: Ow! Let's go!
    Ryo:     What if we carry unflying machines by dividing the labour?
    Jun:     Diana A and Borot, right?
    # if Axel Route #
    Koji:    So, father, we're going!
    Tetsuya: .......
    Kenzo:   Aah, Koji, Tetsuya-kun... And everyone. Give your best.
    Axel:    (Balmlings, heh. Hope it becomes some hint to my memories.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Ryo:     Doctor, if something happens, please tell us... We'll come flying.
    Saotome: Aah, Ryo-kun, Hayato-kun, Musashi-kun... You all, make your best.
    Lamia:   (Balmlings... I don't want to take such a long detour but... No other
    # next: scene 022 S #
    # scene 021 R: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Ken:     Surely, Earth's air is different. It's soo good.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (Earth... I feel sorta dearsome...)
    Tapp:    Uhn, what, Axel, did you remember something?
    Axel:    ... I feel like remebering but it happens not to, that is.
    Light:   That's bad.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Really? Colonies' air is science treated. On physics, it should be
             cleaner than Earth's.
    Ken:     Oh no no, why do you say such unsensible things?
    Lamia:   With sensibility, I can't accomplish a mission.
    Light:   That is, during work, right? While resting between missions, relax a
    Tapp:    I agree.
    Lamia:   (I'm still on mission, though.)
    # next: scene 022 R #
    # scene 022 S: Mikene Empire - commander room #
    Bry:         Muh, the Mazingers are moving.
    Hidler:      By catching their signal, they seem like going to Daimobeak.
    Ankoku:      Daimobeak? The attackers are... Aliens from planet Balm.
    Warchimedes: Now is the chance.
    Hidler:      The lab is all alone... Is what you mean?
    Jigoku:      I'll see it as an opportunity... President Warchimedes, you said
                 other day that you self would do it... What about now?
    Warchimedes: I'll blow the lab up while they aren't here.
    Hidler:      Hakkotsu Oni!
    Hakkotsu:    Hah!
    Hidler:      The Science Lab Fortress... You should know by now what to do.
    Hakkotsu:    Yes, leave it to me...
    # next: Stage 03 S #
    # scene 022 R: Ahgama - bridge #
    Fa:      We've had all refugees landed from Idaho. Wounded persons with them.
    Noin:    I see. We'll let the headquarters to tkae care of the rest.
    Bright:  Sayla, Linda, is that really ok? We can ignore your enlistment wish
             if you've changed your mind till now.
    Sayla:   Don't mind with it, Bright.
    Linda:   ... I agree. I don't want to go back by now.
    Bright:  But....
    Amuro:   Bright, this is what they've decided. And while we're on the surface,
             we've got plenty of places to have them landed.
    Sayla:   You've calmed down on these time we don't see each other, Amuro. I
             miss that time you've run away from the White Base.
    Linda:   ... Eh?
    Amuro:   Depending on Sayla-san, I'll ever be treated like a child.
    Sayla:   Fuh fuh, just a joke, Amuro.
    Bright:  We'll stop with past memories. Ahgama will head to Japan!
    Amuro:   So it's time for our gathering. Noin-kun, what's the situation on the
    Noin:    Yes, Saotome Lab and Photon Energy Lab... Both have taken some enemies
             attacks, but they've passed through them all, it seems.
    Fa:      Enemies... Is it?
    Noin:    The surface as it is, the current situation is that it can't flee from
             the curses from past wars. Hyakki Empire and Mikene Empire... Both are
             attackers from underground.
    Amuro:   And that past war guided into victory by the Super Robots...
             Mazinger Z, Getter Robot. They'll both affiliate to Londo Bell.
    Linda:   It's sure reassuring.
    Bright:  Can't say that much. Now that the war is just spreading, even with
             such great powers it's impossible to beat it alone...
    Amuro:   It's necessary some sort of mass production.
    Bright:  ... Aah, this key... The D-weapon is holding it...
    # next: scene 023 R #
    # scene 023 R: Ahgama - one room #
    Sayla:   You have something to talk... Amuro?
    Amuro:   Is that true that... Char is still alive?
    Sayla:   I've not confirmed it with my eyes... But.
    Amuro:   What's he planning to do?
    Sayla:   I don't know that much. Even if he's alive isn't that confirmed by
    Amuro:   ... So it seems that confirming his status is the first step.
    Sayla:   And, there's other point that tricks me.
    Amuro:   That... Tricks you? What's it?
    Sayla:   Someone that seems to be my brother was seen on a shuttle coming to
             Earth. And with him was... A girl with darker skin.
    Amuro:   Darker skin... Can be...!
    Sayla:   I've got a bad feeling... Brother is...
    Amuro:   (Lalah Sune is it...? Char.)
    # next: scene 024 R #
    # scene 024 R: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Light:   Wow... Are those all trees?
    Fa:      This place is one of the various dense forests in this Earth. You'll
             be choked by it's smell if we land.
    Tapp:    Heh, if they've got that much, we can eat fruits as much as we can.
    Ken:     You're greedy! But we can't see those in a colony.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    All this nature... Is this all nature...?
    Noin:    What, Axel? ... If you feel so unusual with Earth's nature, then you
             might be a colony born.
    Axel:    (No... At my world... Uhn...!? My... "world"...?)
    Tapp:    Indeed! Can be a key to recover your amnesia. Great, instructor Noin!
    Noin:    Even if you stir me, your training menu won't change.
    Light:   Oh well.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Nature... It's natural. But I can see it only as a mass of green.
    Ken:     Kah! I hate that, a woman who can't understand beutifulness of things.
    Lamia:   I recognize that those emotions are only unnecessary.
    Noin:    Oh, seems like you can speak correctly.
    Lamia:   Muh...? Ah, no, wrong it is, instructor Noin. I always correctly
             speaking it it.
             (... What a shame.)
    Tapp:    Instructor-dono, what's the matter?
    Noin:    I've come to tell you the current training menu.
    Light:   Geh.
    Noin:    D-team, the 3 of you haven't had battle experience under Earth's
             gravity, have you? Once we reach Japan, we'll do according to the
             menu, and start a battle training. [Axel/Lamia] as well.
    Tapp:    ... Instructor Noin, take it easy, please.
    # next: scene 025 R #
    # scene 025 R: Ahgama - bridge #
    [message sound]
    Linda:   Captain Bright, an emergency connection.
    Bright:  What?
    Linda:   Federation's ground forces contacted an unknown flying object... And
             had fight it. They're asking for support.
    Amuro:   The position is... near. What about it, Bright?
    Bright:  Ok, change directions, we'll head for supporting the platoon!
    Ken:     What what. I wanted to absorb Earth's air more calmly.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Absorb everything by now then.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   You should then by now.
    Tapp:    Should we get it into a gas cylinder, Light?
    Light:   Oh, I agree.
    Noin:    If you don't have tension, I'll assume you'll take it easily... It's a
             real battle in all of a sudden. Be attentious.
    # next: scene 026 R #
    # scene 026 R: Ahgama - bridge #
    Amuro:   It was near here.
    [alarm sound]
    Linda:   Lt! The enemy has trespassed Federation forces's attack and is
             fleeing... It's comming this way!
    Bright:  We'll ambush it. All crew in battle position!
    # next: Stage 03 R #
     Stage 03 S M - Omae no Karate wo Miseteyare (Show Them Your Karate)
                F - Toushou Daimos (Fighter Master Daimos)
    [Daimos appears]
    [Balm units appear]
    Lihitel:  Earthlings! The anger of our lost father Leon ambassador, you shall
              feel it!
    Barbath:  Do it! Kill all the Earth insects!
    Lihitel:  For the 1 thousand million Balmlings, I'll conquer Earth!
    Kazuya:   Nuh, kuh!
    Miwa:     What are you doing!? Daimos is being beaten!
    [Galver FX-II appears]
    Kyoshiro: Kazuya, what are you doing!?
    Nana:     Brother, you'll be defeated if you keep like this!
    Kazuya:   Kyoshiro! A woman is fallen down to my feet! Get her to a safe place,
    Miwa:     A person!? Forget about it! You have to smash the Balmlings first!
    Kazuya:   I can't do that! She's a civilian!
    ???:      Uhh...
    Miwa:     A civilian!? In a battle, one that can't manage a gun is useless!
              It's not our matter if they die! Fight! You have to fight!
    Kazuya:   What...!? Chief Miwa! Someone like you...!
    Kyoshiro: Kazuya, I'll get her into Galver, wait until then!
    Kazuya:   Sorry! Kyoshiro!
    Kyoshiro: Keh, sure I think it's strange to save people during a battle, but
              Miwa's speech sure made a clink on my head.
    [Galver FX-II moves near Daimos, then moves back past the base]
    [Galver FX-II turn over]
    Kazuya:   Yes, Kyoshiro, I'll count on you... Come! Balm's invader robots!
    Nana:     Brother, soon the Mazingers and the Getter will come! Be careful!
    Kazuya:   Ok! Let's go then!
    Barbath:  Heh, Daimos, you think you can win?
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation
          Daimobeak invasion
          Daimos destruction
    # ally reinforce: ally turn 2 #
    ???:      A... Uuh...
    Kyoshiro: Yes, this here should be a safe place.... Nana, we'll go fight too.
    Nana:     Right! Ara... They are!
    [ally units appear]
    Barbath:  Muh!? Those insects called for support!
    Ryo:      We did it in time!
    Kazuya:   You all, thanks for coming!
    Miwa:     You're late! What were you Mazingers and Getters doing!?
    Koji:     What, we came as fast as we could.
    Ryo:      Who is this person...?
    Miwa:     Eeeh! Whatever! You shall get into battlefield! Kill all Balmlings!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     ... From hearing that speech, we seem like the bad guys.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (From the data... He's chief Sakimori Miwa... One of the Federation
              Troops' superior.)
    Kazuya:   The Mazinger team and the Getter Robot... Muh, and this robot?
    Jack:     Is King brothers and the Texas Mack! Karate master, Ryuzaki Kazuya...
              We help you!
    Kyoshiro: Whaat?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Oh, you haven't seen mine also. I'm Axel. I've got amnesia, but don't
              worry, I can fight!
    Kazuya:   Amnesia...!?
    Ryo:      It's ok, he's one of our strongest allies.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    My name is Lamia it is. Nice to meet yall.
    Kazuya:   You are... One of Texas Mack's friends?
    Lamia:    .......
              (Can't be... It's getting worse...)
    Ryo:      It's ok, she's one of our strongest allies.
    Tetsuya:  We'll explain after we get rid of those Balmlings! Let's go!
    Kazuya:   Ok. I'm couting on you.
    [message sign]
    Tetsuya:  A message!? At this time... Chief!?
    Kenzo:    We're being attacked by Mikene's forces. After finishing your side,
              come back to the lab!
    Tetsuya:  Damn! That's what I said! Jun, we'll go back to the lab!
    Jun:      Eh!? Tetsuya, what about Daimobeak!?
    Tetsuya:  There's a plenty here. Even Koji-kun and the others can win.
    Koji:     What, Tetsuya-kun? "Even Koji-kun and the others"??
    Ryo:      Stop that, Koji-kun, Tetsuya-kun!
    Tetsuya:  Humpf, no time for babbles. Let's go!
    Koji:     Hey, wait!
    [Great Mazinger and Venus A disappears]
    Miwa:     Muh! Running in front of the enemies!? Back! Come Back!!
    Koji:     Tetsuya Tsurugi... What's he thinking!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     It's true that enemies are that way too, so there was no other way,
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    No other way. It's the right decision... I mean, there no other way
              it is.
    Ryo:      We can't divide our war potential anymore. Let's leave Science Lab
              Fortress to Tetsuya and we'll beat the Balmlings!
    Raiza:    Lihitel-sama, two enemy robots are fleeing. Shall we follow them?
    Lihitel:  No need to it! We shall defeat this one first.
    Barbath:  Hah!
    # Main Character VS Barbath #
    Barbath:  It's coming this way.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     First attack is certain victory, they say!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    To blow up the commander unit is the basic of soldier lesson.
    # Kazuya VS Barbath #
    Barbath:  For the 1 thousand million Balmlings, we can't lose this battle!
    Kazuya:   Such egoistic words!
    # Main Character VS Raiza #
    Raiza:    An unseen machine, who is it!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Do you know me?
    Raiza:    I don't know you either your robot!
    Axel:     (Planet Balm... What, I remember something.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    No need for you to know.
    # Kazuya VS Raiza #
    Raiza:    For Lihitel-sama, I'll have you Earthlings die!
    Kazuya:   I won't let you do this!
    # Main Character VS Lihitel #
    Lihitel: There isn't in the data...!? A new kind!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    What!? I...know this guy...!?
    Lihitel: I don't know you! Die!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   A Balmling... To think that I'd fight you directly.
    Lihitel: What...!? You, what are you saying!
    Lamia:   Whatever, you'll become an obstacle to my mission... I'll have you
    Lihitel: This one... Who is!?
    # Kazuya VS Lihitel #
    Lihitel:  Earthlings, for having ignored ambassador Leon's chance, you shall
    Kazuya:   And this is the meaning of this war?
    # Lihitel's HP reaches 30% #
    Lihitel:  Damned Earthlings... I'll retreat!
    [Garunrol disappears]
    # stage end #
    [Daimos moves back past base]
    Kazuya:   Hey, you, are you ok?
    ???:      Uh... Wh...who!?
    Kazuya:   You don't need to be afraid. It's alright now.
              ... What's your name? Are you from this town?
    Erika:    Eh? ...E...Eri...ka.
    Kazuya:   Erika... That's a beautiful name. Aah, I'm... Kazuya Ryuzaki.
    Erika:    Kazuya... Kazuya Ryuzaki...
    # next: scene 027 S #
     Stage 03 R M - Futari dake no Tatakai (The Two's Private Battle)
                F - Kokutan no Senshi (Warrior in the Dark Edge)
    [Apsalas appears]
    Aina:    To be attacked while on a test flight. It's going out from the
             established route... I've to put it back in a hurry.
             Kuh.. The control...
    [Ahgama appear]
    Linda:   Flying object confirmed. The identification code isn't from the
    Ken:     Whaat? What's that big wealthy thing?
    Amuro:   Uhn...!? Linda-kun, zoom in the image, please.
    Linda:   Yes.
    Sayla:   ... That is... A Zaku's head...!?
    Bright:  Surely, it's a Zeon's Mobile Armor.
    Aina:    Federation Forces... In here too!? Kuh... I won't have Apsalas taken
             in a place like this... My brother Ginias' dream..!
    Light:   The flight is strange.
    Tapp:    Seems like it's broken. With that form.
    Bright:  Ok, we'll attack that Mobile Armor and capture it if it's able to. All
             units take off!
    # formation: AG (Ahgama) + 7 or 8 units #
      06  08
    05  AG  01
      04  02
    [all chosen units deploy]
    Light:   I feel bad like we're chasing a wounded person.
    Noin:    Then think that we're going to rescue a wounded person.
    Light:   Indeed.
    Linda:   Ah! 1 more comming from behing the Mobile Armor! This is... Gundam?
    [Ez-8 appears and moves near Apsalas]
    Shiroh:  Aina! Aina Sahalin! Can you hear me?
    Aina:    This voice... Can be, Shiroh Amada...!?
    Amuro:   A hand-to-hand battle...!? No, it's not?
    Ken:     What's with that Gundam?
    Bright:  That Gundam, detach from the enemy, or we can't attack!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    What's that Gundam doing? Light, see if you can catch the signal
             between them, will you?
    Light:   Aah, I'll try. With this D-3-chan then... Eeh, the frequency is....
             Yep, that's it.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Something is strange...? Like, that Gundam is protecting that Mobile
             Armor from us... Light, catch the signal between them.
    Light:   What? Are you saying that those two machines are together? Eer, the
             frequency is... Oh, I hear it, I hear it.
    Aina:    Shiroh, go away! The machine's stability is not safe... This way we'll
             both die. At least you, Shiroh...!
    Shiroh:  No! To die or to live... I'll do with you! Aina!
    Light:   Hey hey, somewhat... It's not a fight scene?
    Bright:  This is...
    Tapp:    This is surely not a talk between enemies.
    Amuro:   The pilot of the Mobile Armor is... A woman...!? Uhn! It'll fall!
    [Apsalas moves down and Ez-8 moves near it]
    Aina:    Please, Shiroh, get away!
    Shiroh:  We still have hope! I'll break down with the boost maxed out!
    Noin:    It'll boost while holding on the Mobile Armor!? It's impossible!
    Shiroh:  Uwooooooh!
    Aina:    Aah...!
    [Ez-8 is damaged and Apsalas lands]
    [Ez-8 turn over]
    Fa:      It... It stopped?
    Shiroh:  Aina, are you alright!?
    Aina:    Shiroh...
    Shiroh:   ... So good.
    Aina:    Zeon and Federation helping each other... With you everything is
             amazing, 2nd Lt Shiroh Amada.
    Shiroh:  Isn't that normal? By the way... You can't move any longer. Ez-8...
             can a little.
    Amuro:   Bright, what should we do? That Mobile Armor can't battle anymore.
    Bright:  Anyway, we'll rescue both pilots.
    Linda:   Captain! Enemies approaching!
    Bright:  What!
    [Zeon units appear]
    Norris:  Muh, we did it in time! No, we have to help Aina-sama.
    Ral:     We'll handle Londo Bell. Taisa, do it while it.
    Norris:  Lt Ral, I thank you!
    Ral:     Let's go, don't relax.
    Gaia:    That's our quote! Ortega, Mash, we'll cast Jet Stream Attack on them!
    Mash:    Oow!
    Ortega:  Gundam, it won't be like the One Year War!
    Amuro:   Gouf and... Dom!
    Ral:     Gundam... That time's boy!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally battleship destruction
    # Main Character VS Norris #
    Norris:  An unseen machine... Is the Federation building new machines also!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    This one....is strong...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Oh... It is strong.
    # enemy retreat: ally turn 2 or Norris' hp reaches 70% or Aina is attacked #
    [Gouf Custom moves near Apsalas]
    Norris:  Aina-sama, forgive for my delay! Hurry, please!
    Aina:    Norris!
    Shiroh:  Aina!
    [Gouf Custom disappears]
    Shiroh:  Aina! Uwah!
    [Apsalas explodes]
    [Ez-8 takes some damage]
    Linda:   Enemy Mobile Armor exploded!
    Bright:  And the Gundam!?
    Linda:   It got slight damaged, but it's safe!
    Shiroh:  Aina... Ainaaaa!
    Bright:  This is Federation Forces 13th Autonomous Corps Londo Bell's Colonel 
             Bright Noah! Gundam! What's your affiliation and name!?
    Shiroh:  Kuh... Earth Federation Forces Southeast Asian Hybrid Machines Squad
             08th MS platoon, 2nd Lt Shiroh Amada!
    Bright:  The incident with that Mobile Armor, we'll talk about it later!
             Concentrate on enemy annihilation! Over!
    Shiroh:  ... Roger...
    # Amuro VS Ral #
    Amuro:   This Gouf...can it be!
    Ral:     Long time no see... Kid!
    # Main Character VS Gaia #
    Gaia:    It's an unseen machine but, better you think you're unlucky to fight
             the Black Tri-Stars!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Heh, the fact that you have the numbers doesn't mean anything!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Just a bluff!
    # Amuro VS Gaia #
    Gaia:    I'll pay One Year War's debt! You won't step on me this time!
    Amuro:   It won't be like that!
    # stage end #
    Linda:   The enemy is fleeing.
    Bright:  ... Ok, just for precaution, we'll collect the wreckage of that
             Mobile Armor. We should discover something.
    Noin:    But we can't expect that much, though.
    Shiroh:  (Aina... Tell to me, Aina. If this is a war then, we don't have any
    # Sayla VS Ral occured #
    Sayla:   (Brother Casval... So...you are alive...)
    # next: scene 027 R #
    # scene 027 S: Underwater Castle - commander room #
    Lihitel:  W...what!? Say it again!
    Barbath:  Hah... Erika-sama is...missing since last battle...
    Lihitel:  No...!?
    Raiza:    Seems like she was helping injured soldiers... And then was involved
              into the battle.
    Lihitel:  Uhnn, search for her! Erika, I said that many times. You always get
              your brother troubled!
    # next: scene 028 S #
    # scene 027 R: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Ken:      The machine that 2nd Lt Amada was riding, is that a Gundam too?
    Amuro:    Before Gundam was built, a lot of test types were done. And after
              that other variations were made for research and production.
    Astonage: And this is one of them. There's no Core Block System and it's made
              stronger to work under gravity, say it's a land type Gundam.
    Tapp:     It's not like Gundam if it has no antennas. Are all land types like
              bald headed?
    Astonage: Nop, for this one's armor, Zaku's parts are being used... It's for
              critical treatment but, we got lot's of it. We can use it likewise.
    Fa:       Astonage-san, can you fix it?
    Astonage: Sure I can, there's a lot of Gundam type parts in here.
    Amuro:    Astonage, what have you discovered from the Mobile Armor's wreckage?
    Astonage: ... Not much. Everything related to the main system was blown up, and
              what was left is just a bunch of iron crap.
    Light:    It's useless, you mean.
    Astonage: That's it. I don't know about the pilot, though.
    # next: scene 028 R #
    # scene 028 S: Daimobeak - main control room #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Well, it was a very motivated enemy, though.
    Kyoshiro: That's obvious, because the starting of the war with Balm had its
    Axel:     Complications...? What happened?
    Nana:     What a shame, you don't know about the negociations breakdown with
    Axel:     ...Negociations... Breakdown...? ... Uh, uuuh.....
    Koji:     Uhn, what? Perhaps, you've remembered something?
    Axel:     ... Don't know, that is.
    Kyoshiro: Hey hey, what you mean by forget?
    Michiru:  He's got amnesia.
    Nana:     Eeh!?
    Axel:     Well, don't mind. By saying I forgot things, I know my name and I can
              dress up by myself and even go to bathroom. Even pilot mechas.
    Sayaka:   If you had forget till there...
    Axel:     I want to collect as much information as possible, so can you explain
              it to me with details?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Balmlings, they were.
    Kyoshiro: They've officialy come in advance.
    Ryo:      And we've thought that after the One Year War, things got calm...
              Giganos, and Underground and aliens...
    Boss:     What happened with the Planet Balm and Earth's relation?
    Koji:     Trully, I only know that the peace negociation ended in failure. Can
              you explain that to me also, Ryo-kun?
    Musashi:  I also don't know the details.
    Hayato:   It's this time, how about to spread the information?
    Ryo:      Seems like that. Then...
    Nana:     I'll tell you.... Balmlings weren't invaders at first.
    Ryo:      I thought that the peace negociation occured on moon?
    Kyoshiro: The correct is a colony near moon. Their objective was imigration... 
              Seemed like their home planet Balm has collided into another planet
              name Argorl... And was destroyed.
    Hayato:   Wanderers of the universe.
    Musashi:  If so, they could have let them live in Earth. And live peacefully.
    Kyoshiro: It's not that easy.... Balmlings were at least 1 thousand million.
    Musashi:  1 thousand million!?
    Kyoshiro: Yep, and then the Earth ambassadors divided into the accept group and
              discord group, and finally the accept group has succeeded.
    Nana:     We have space colonies at all.
    Koji:     Daisuke-san is a Freedling so, we can get along well with aliens.
    Boss:     So, where's the problem then?
    Kyoshiro: The problem is during the negociations... The representant of the
              Balmlings, ambassador Leon was poisoned.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Poi...soned?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    .......
    Hayato:   Uhn...?
    Kyoshiro: Balm guys decided that it was Earth's dirty work, and started up a
    Mary:     Didn't they find the criminal yet?
    Kyoshiro: No, I have no idea.... There's a possibility that it was someone from
              the discording group.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     ...Uh, I understand now. To the Balmlings, we Earthlings had treaded
              on the peace, as well as had killed their leader.... Is that it?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    And we are their revenge, right.
    Kyoshiro: Yep, that's it. Kazuya is suffering too.
    Koji:     What do you mean?
    Nana:     ... That time, brother Kazuya's father was...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     His father was?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ......
    Nana:     ...killed.
    Sayaka:   Eeh!?
    Jack:     ...No...
    Ryo:      When that negociation had a breakdown, I heard that the exhausted
              Balmling soldiers shot, and caused many deaths... That means that!?
    Kyoshiro: Aah.... Kazuya's father was trying to convince the discording group,
              and get peace with Balm.
    Nana:     But... Turned into that...
    Kyoshiro: After that, Kazuya had raised a confusing feeling against Balmlings.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Follow the father's path of getting peace with Balm. Or else, have
              vengeance and defeat the Balmlings.
              (... What? There's... Something that doesn't fit...)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    .......
    Hayato:   Why are you so silent from before?
    Lamia:    Nothing. Don't bother.
    Hayato:   Your speech is strange.
    Lamia:    Muh... No bother really you need to, do you?
    Musashi:  What, Hayato. This was even stranger.
    Hayato:   (This girl... She knows something about this incident...?)
    Ryo:      For what he's meant to, he has to decide to rather follow his
              father's path of getting peace with Balm or fight them...
    Kyoshiro: That's it. By the way, where's Kazuya? He didn't appear at all.
    Nana:     It's... He is together with that woman he helped. What's good about
              that woman? She's sure beautiful, but.
    Kyoshiro: Heh, are you jealous? Nana. He's attractive, you know.
    Nana:     Uh-wan!
    # next: scene 029 S #
    # scene 028 R: Ahgama - one room #
    Bright:  2nd Lt Shiroh Amada... Earth Federation Forces Southeast Asia Hybrid
             Machines Squad 08th MS Platoon commander. Your mission was to wipe out
             Southeast Asia's Giganos Forces... Is that it?
    Shiroh:  Yes.
    Noin:    And why were you with that Zeon's Mobile Armor?
    Shiroh:  Yes, recently Zeon's survivors were appearing on guerrilla warfare at,
             the zone, and our mission wasn't different then defend against it.
             We've received informations about Zeon's survivors building up a new
             weapon and we've contacted and fight with that Mobile Armor while
             investigating it.
    Bright:  A new weapon that Zeon's survivors were building up.... I want to ask
             you one thing.
    Shiroh:  What might it be?
    Bright:  The Mobile Armor's pilot, who is that woman named Aina?
    Shiroh:  Eh...!? That is...
    Noin:    We've got an electronic battle machine on our side. We've catched your
    Shiroh:  ... Aina Sahalin... A Zeon soldier.
    Sayla:   Sahalin...? May I? That woman... She is from an aristocrat family, the
             Sahalins from the Principality of Zeon.
    Bright:	 Uhn... Sayla, you know about her?
    Shiroh:  An... Aristocrat...?
    Sayla:   ... I don't remember as well... Like, they were very related to weapon
    Noin:    Is that Mobile Armor an weapon for Zeon's revival... Is it?
    Bright:  We'll back to the topic. 2nd Lt Amada, what's your relationship with
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Sorry to interrupt, but it wasn't like a simple known person... Your
             girlfriend, might be?
    Shiroh:  That is...
    Bright:  If you don't want to tell us, then no need to do it... But your
             position is surely the strangest of all. No wonder you'll be under spy
    Shiroh:  I'm not a spy!
    Bright:  But if you were told so, were you able to proof you're innocent?
    Shiroh:  .......
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   You've dismissed your mission to protect an enemy, was it? And you've
             maintained as a commander with such attitude.
    Shiroh:  Even parted as allies and enemies, there are good people... We've
             understood each other.
    Amuro:   .........
    Shiroh:  I think this is... This coward war's last hope.
    Lamia:   ... Hope?
    Shiroh:  We are surely not fighting just for hatred...!
    Lamia:   We fight because it's our mission. If you take out missions from a
             soldier, what will be left...!?
    Noin:    Lamia...?
    Shiroh:  There's human left!
    Lamia:   ........!
    Shiroh:  ... I'm sorry, I'll go back to headquarters. Let me land on the
             nearest base, please.
    Bright:  I can't do this.
    Shiroh:  !? Why is it?
    Bright:  We've got a message from the headquarters. We'll have you move in this
             Londo Bell Squad as a inspected soldier.
    Noin:    The superiors are worried... A platoon commander that has a very
             friendly relation with an known woman from the enemy side.
    Shiroh:  .........
    Amuro:   Don't do this expression, 2nd Lt Amada... You won't fight her anymore,
             and surely that's limitlessly better.
    Shiroh:  But...!
    Amuro:   It's more painful if you do so, 2nd Lt.
    Shiroh:  ........
    Bright:  And, one more thing.
    Shiroh:  ... What might it be?
    Amuro:   Can you shoot an enemy in your current conditions?
    Shiroh:  I...
    # next: scene 029 R #
    # scene 029 S: Daimobeak - medical office #
    Kazuya:  ...Amnesia...!?
    Michiru: For what the doctors have told, she can take her time to heal it.
             Seems like it was the fear on being involved into the battle.
    Erika:   ... I'm sorry... I...
    Kazuya:  It's alright. You'll get to remember later.
    # next: scene 030 S #
    # scene 029 R: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Shiroh:   Amazing, the Ez-8 is practically fixed.
    Astonage: Because we've got good parts and staff. Yes yes, [Axel/Lamia], I've
              got check your machine also, so come with me.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Roger-.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Roger it is.
    Shiroh:   ... Indeed, surely it's Federation's son of the beast, Londo Bell...
              It's got many robots.... Even the first Gundam...!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Ah, yep. 2nd Lt Amada... Was that? I'm not captain Bright but, can
              you fight from now on?
    Shiroh:   I will. I can't just...stand and watch allies die.
    Axel:     Oh! Great commander. Your speech sure fits a commander.
    Shiroh:   Ex-commander, you mean.... And I still don't know who I am and what
              I have to do, so I can't die yet.
    Axel:     (I also don't know who I am... So I can't die as well...)
              I liked you. Nice to meet ya, 2nd Lt-dono.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ... 2nd Lt Amada, I want ask you, may can I?
    Shiroh:   Uhn? Aah, what is it?
    Lamia:    What made you do it? This is a war, and 2nd Lt is a Federation
              soldier, that is it?
    Shiroh:   I actually, before coming to Earth, was desiring to wipe out Giganos
              and Zeon's survivor from Earth... But...
    Lamia:    But...?
    Shiroh:   Aina... When I met that Zeon's pilot... I've changed a little.
    Lamia:    ... As a soldier, ignore your mission and let enemies escape?
    Shiroh:   (What... This girl's eyes...?)
    Lamia:    That's not supposed to be a soldier's deed... Ah, not likely supposed
              to be it is?
    Shiroh:   ........
    Lamia:    (I can't understand... This man...? Why this man's words tricks me
              so much...?)
    # next: scene 030 R #
    # scene 030 S: Underwater castle - commander room #
    Barbath: I beg your pardon. I didn't locate Erika in any other place.
    Raiza:   Shogun Barbath, aren't you searching badly?
    Barbath: Shogun Raiza, are you saying my eyes have holes?
    Lihitel: Stop, there's no way if no one found her.
    Barbath: It's possible that she was kinapped by the Earthlings. So there's
             still chance of survivance...
    Lihitel: Shut up, Barbath! ... What would you do if it were you? If you were to
             get enjailed by the Earthlings, would you still live?
    Barbath: I would choose death with pride of Balm in my heart.
    Lihitel: My sister is also, a proud Balm's woman. The space's strongest race
             can't be kidnapped by damned Earthlings, and would rather choose death
             than shame...!
    Raiza:   Then...
    Lihitel: If she was to be caught in such situation, she would have chosen death
             by her own hands! ... It's enough, forget about my sister.
    Barbath: Y... Yes...
    Lihitel: Erika...
    # next: scene 031 S #
    # scene 030 R: Zeon base - officer room #
    Ginias:  Aina, you're safe.
    Aina:    I'm sorry... Brother. Apsalas is...
    Ginias:  I've heard. It's alright, I'll complete Apsalas...!
    Aina:    Because it's... Your dream.
    Ginias:  Aina... Before talking about my dream... I want you to tell me about
             this picture's man.
    Aina:    (This is... Shiroh...!)
    # next: scene 031 R #
    # scene 031 S: Daimobeak - main control room #
    Erika:    Neh, why are you so gentle to me, Kazuya?
    Kazuya:   That's... Because you're very beautiful, Erika.
    Erika:    You shouldn't be pitty about me...
    Kazuya:   You're beautiful... Erika. Who are you... And where did you born,
              this kind of question now doesn't matter to me.
    Erika:    Kazuya... But I don't know who I am. I don't know what I should
    Kazuya:   You should... Trust me.
    Erika:    Trust... You...
    Boss:     Hey, aren't they embraced in another world, or such?
    Koji:     It's a far world to you, Boss.
    Boss:     What, I'll reach it one day.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     It's better for an appearence of an amnesian couple! That way would be
              more... Ouch!
    Koji:     You shut up.
    Axel:     No need to hit, will you? It's a joke.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Because she's beautiful... Is it)
    Sayaka:   Lamia-san, what's it?
    Lamia:    I... Haven't been told something like that from a person ever.
              If I were beautiful then... Would one say it for me...?
    Jack:     Oh, that's wrong neh. You is beautiful neh.
    Hayato:   Over your appearence, I admit you're beautiful... But, the real
              beauty isn't only on appearence.
    Lamia:    So, you mean my inside isn't ready made...?
    Hayato:   So you know it.
    Lamia:    .........
    Michiru:  Lamia-san... She's gone. Hey, Hayato-kun! You said too much now.
    Nana:     That's it. How shameful a person without delicacy!
    Hayato:   (Humpf, I wonder if she got hurt with such words.)
    Miwa:     Uhn, coff! In this emergency, it's troublesome to have other things
              than battle in mind.
    Kazuya:   Miwa chief.
    Miwa:     Little time ago I had received a connection with Science Lab
    Ryo:      Did Tetsuya and Jun arrive in time?
    Miwa:     Likewise. And get Great Mazinger and Venus A out of the Londo Bell
              join up.
    Jack:     What?
    Miwa:     They say they can't leave the lab empty.
    Ryo:      That's right, there's no other way then.
    Miwa:     What you mean by no other way? On this dangerous time to Earth, and
              what becomes of protecting one or two labs? They are weaklings that
              got this lab defense line as an excuse to run!
    Koji:     What...!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     That's different, isn't it? Chief-san. The lab is a base to them. To
              abandon it is fairly wrong to them.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     That's wrong. A war isn't over at one turn. To think about
               repairing and resupplying line, the protection of the labs is fairly
               an obvious decision... Likewise it is that, hohoho
    Musashi:   Heh, the speech is weird, but I agree.
    Miwa:      What do you say!? A soldier like you can't turn your voice to a
               chief like me! I'll have amended someone like you!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Amended?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Amended... What's that?
    Kyoshiro: He means he will teach you a lesson.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Fuh...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Arah, mah....
    Kyoshiro: Give up, Miwa-san, as on the contrary, if you're the chief you should
              make your speeches on thinking about your subordinates first.
    Miwa:     You... By doing such silly work and get into this mood!
    # if Lamia Route #
    Hayato:   (That's strage. I've thought that Lamia would make up with the chief
              more than with us...)
    # next: scene 032 S #
    # scene 031 R: Ahgama - bridge #
    [message sound]
    Linda:   Captain, a message from Federation Forces' Headquarters.
    Bright:  What is it?
    Linda:   Before gathering with the Super Robots, it's to head to Sasebo City.
    Bright:  Sasebo City? What do we have there? Nergal Enterprise's Sasebo dock?
    [note: there's a major naval base at Sasebo]
    Ken:     Nergal Enterprise...?
    Amuro:   Recently, a corporation that is raising it's name on Earth.... And is
             said that it's weapon development area is surely efficient...
    Noin:    Yes. Currently there's Moon's Anaheim and surface's Nergal that is
             dividing this great handed corporation.
    Bright:  The exchange of new weapons? Haven't heard of it, though?
    Amuro:   I can't believe that on all of a sudden this conversation will reach a
             civilian... What is it..?
    # next: scene 033 R #
    # scene 032 S: Hyakki Empire - fortress island #
    Warchimedes: ... I didn't tought that Great Mazinger and Venus A would get back
                 by leaving the other battlefield.
    Dangel:      Keh, your thoughts that were sweet.
    Warchimedes: What, your ridiculous fighting style is the worst thing.
    Dangel:      Will you make your failure into mine?
    Hidler:      What noisy guys.
    Bry:         Forget about them. After that, they can't do silly moves.
                 ... There's another reason on why we attacked the Science Lab
    Hidler:      That's right.
    Hakkotsu:    Bry-sama... I brought the one.
    Hidler:      Ooh, so you succeeded on entering the Science Lab Fortress!
    Bry:         You did well, Hakkotsuki.
    Hakkotsu:    So then, ambassador Hidler... Your promise.
    Hidler:      I'll keep it. Hakkotsuki, I'll permise you to meet your daughter.
    Hakkotsu:    Ooh, I'll meet up with my daughter...! After 5 years.
    Ankoku:      Hohoh, so that's it. The project, right?
    Jigoku:      Kendo Kabuto, he had tought about a mass production...
    Ankoku:      And we'll use it to kill all humans.
    Jigoku:      Fufu... My blood of when I was scientist runs mad. I'll make it
                 perfect, Kabuto... Kuhkuhkuh.
    # next: scene 033 S #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 033 S: Daimobeak - main control room #
    #           R: Ahgama    - bridge            #
    [message sign]
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Nana:     It's a connection to Ahgama's captain Bright Noah.
    Bright:   Earth Federation Forces 13th Autonomous Corps Londo Bell. I'm captain
              of Ahgama, Colonel Bright Noah.
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Linda:    Captain Bright, a connection from chief Miwa.
    Bright:   Alright, connect it please.
    Miwa:     How lame! On this Earth on emergency state, the Nergal Enterprise is
              saying they don't want to use their newest mobile battleship into
    Bright:   We've heared of it, chief Miwa. You want us to get this new
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Kazuya:   New battleship?
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Amuro:    New battleship?
    Bright:   What are they going to use that new battleship Nadesico for?
    Miwa:     It's obvious. They will sell that battleship to Giganos. Because 
              Anaheim is lending their forces to Federation, they'll choose to ally
              with Giganos.
    Noin:     What? Where did you get such information? The Preventer hadn't catch
              any kind of information like that.
    Miwa:     No need to confirm! It's obvious! Londo Bell should head to Sasebo
              City, into Nergal docks and steal the battleship!
    Bright:   Wait! To receive a civilian mechanism, we should do it in a rightful
    Miwa:     What are you saying in a situation like this?! We have to teach that
              stupid ones from Nergal what is to go against Federation's decision!
              If they resist, then teach them a lesson! Did you understand!? Over!
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Koji:     Violent as usual. Colonel Bright was confused.
    Kyoshiro: I'm getting tired of it.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Bright-san?
    Hayato:   Don't you know? Colonel Bright Noah. He's captain of Londo Bell's
              battleship Ahgama.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Colonel Bright Noah.
    Kyoshiro: He's Londo Bell Squad's battleship Ahgama's captain.
    Koji:     Well, better you think he's the commander of Londo Bell. After the
              team up, he'll be our commander.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Is he someone like chief Miwa?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Like chief Miwa... So he might be a nervous person?
    Ryo:      It's alright, I've had talked to Bright-san lots of times. A very
              comprehensive person.
    Michiru:  He's a very efforted person that walked the hardest lines ever,
              that's why he's just.
    Hayato:   Aah, you can trust him lots more than Miwa.
    Nana:     And sometimes we should get a good boss.
    Hayato:   But, I don't understand... Why a civilian enterprise has to launch
              a new battleship in times like this?
    Ryo:      What if what Miwa's violent words were truth?
    Musashi:  Eh... To Giganos...!?
    Kazuya:   I also understand what Ryoma-kun means by that. And I don't know much
              of Giganos... But, it's true they have something in mind.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Mobile battleship... Nadesico...?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Mobile Battleship Nadesico... What will it be?)
    Miwa:     What are you doing there? Pilots have to be on standby until Londo
              Bell's plan is concluded!
    Koji:     Ok ok, no need to scream, I hear it.
    Boss:     By the way, until Londo Bell comes, we'll have to be under Miwa's
    Sayaka:   It'll be like that. Although we're not officialy his subordinates.
    Hayato:   After we team up with Londo Bell, this will become official. On army,
              the one who give orders is Miwa.
    Koji:     What a shame.
    Jack:     No other way.
    Koji:     If it's to receive orders, I prefer to be from Bright's, you know?
              ... That's it! What if we go to team up?
    Ryo:      Team up, with Londo Bell?
    Koji:     Aah, if they can't come, then we'll go there. The place is that
              enterprise named Nergal, right?
    Mary:     A good idea is it?
    Musashi:  Ok, even if it's not ok. Let's go and suggest it.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Ok, I'll give a hand then.
    Michiru:  Eh...?
    Axel:     I have an idea, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    I'll see go to talk to him then.
    Ryo:      Lamia-san, you?
    Lamia:    To a person like that, front advance don't work, do it? Mah, let me
              do it is.
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Bright:  ........
    Linda:   An amazing...person.
    Bright:  ... A little.
    Noin:    Among Earth Federation Troops, he's a person that equals to Basque
             Ohm as a cautious one. I don't want to concern with him much...
    Amuro:   On a mid-war, attitudes like that makes he thinks that looks more
             requested. There are many soldiers that sympathizes with chiefs.
    Fa:      But captain, what will we do? Nergal's Sasebo dock is near a city.
             ... If a war outbreaks, there'll be lots of damage.
    Bright:  We'll have to try to talk then.
    Amuro:   But I can't understand... Why a civilian enterprise has to launch a
             new battleship in times like this?
    Sayla:   As if unexpectedly, Miwa's words were truth...
    Linda:   Eh... To Giganos...!?
    Sayla: S  Don't know if it's Giganos or not. But, it's true they have
             something in mind.
    Amuro:   Mobile Battleship... Nadesico.
    # S next: scene 034 S #
    # R next: scene 034 R #
    # scene 034 S: Daimobeak - main control room #
    Miwa:    What? You want to go to Sasebo City and team up with Londo Bell?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Yes, we have to team up as soon as possible...
             To work for our Earth. In the Daimobeak, chief Miwa is here so... On
             the contrary we can't think of a Londo Bell without you sir.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Yes, we want to work for Earth but, chief Miwa has sure to do lots of
             work, right?
    Miwa:    Uhm.
    Lamia:   So, isn't more effective to hurry schedule and gather Londo Bell...?
    Miwa:    Humpf, your attitude is quite different from before.
    Lamia:   I am sorry... I am new on Earth and didn't understand chief's words
             and its power. On the contrary, we have to help Londo Bell that
             don't have this power, how it is?
    Miwa:    Indeed! It's a very logic explanation. Very admiring.... Ok, I'll take
             care of here, you go to Sasebo City!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Yes, sir!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Roger...
    # next: scene 035 S #
    # scene 034 R: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Noin:    Nergal enterprise, is it?
    Ken:     Ha-i, question! What's Nergal enterprise?
    Noin:    It raised among with Anaheim Electronics, on weapons construction...
             The surface's greatest business alliance. This corporation's name is
    Tapp:    Nergal... What is it meaning?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Perhaps... On an ancient Babilonian language... Mars... Was it, that
             (Muh... This too... Was in my memories...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   On an ancient Babilonian language means Mars...
    Ken:     Is that true, [Axel/Lamia]!?
    Light:   Seems arranged.
    Noin:    Good answer. That's correct... It's a nickname for being deeply
             involved in Mars' constructions. Likewise a scientist.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (Kind of... I remember... Something...? Mars...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Souzou Haran... In this world too...)
    Light:   Back to the topic, Nadesico's crew aren't from the army, right? Can
             we fight them?
    Noin:    Don't misunderstand it. We're not going there to fight. Our mission is
             to stop Nergal that has ignored army's call and is working
    Shiroh:  ... And is that a reason to make troops to move?
    Noin:    ... Admiring, 2nd Lt. That point is also the gathering point with the
             Super Robots.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Like we'll finally meet the so famous Super Robots... Uhn...? Super
    Tapp:    Oh, something is tricking you?
    Axel:    Aah... But so, can't remember... That part is like always, that is.
             (Or saying so... Somewhat... I understand it. I... Was waiting for
             this time...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Super Robots... Finally.
    Tapp:    Uhn...? What? Lamia?
    Lamia:   Nothing. No bother.
             (The next order... Might come?)
    # next: scene 039 #
    # scene 035 S: Daimobeak - one room #
    # if Axel Route #
    Koji:     Axel, you did it fast, heh.
    Axel:     Heheh, mister chief was weak to flattery.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Koji:     Lamia, you did it fast, heh.
    Lamia:    Analysing the one and handle on the appropriate way, this surely is
              the obvious conclusion, it is?
    Ryo:      Ok, let's go to Sasebo City, then!
    Hayato:   Nergal Enterprise, heh?
    Nana:     Kyoshiro-san, what's the Nergal Enterprise?
    Kyoshiro: It has raised it's name among with Anaheim Electronics, on weapons
              construction, an enterprise, shout it be.
    Sayaka:   Nergal... What would be the meaning?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Perhaps... On an ancient Babilonian language... Mars... Was it, that
              (Muh... This too... Was in my memories...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    On an ancient Babilonian language means Mars...
    Musashi:  Is that true, [Axel/Lamia]!?
    Hayato:   Yeah, but there are other things to worry about. Nergal was... Related
              to the construction on Mars. It's what I've heard from doctor Saotome.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     (I remember... Something... Like? Mars...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Mars... In this world too...)
    Michiru:  Back to the point, Nadesico's people aren't from the army, are they?
              ... Can we fight them?
    Ryo:      We have to let the superiors... Captain Bright decide.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     So the so famous Londo Bell... Teh... Uhn...?
    Kyoshiro: What's up?
    Axel:     Aah.... I can't remember afterall... I'm always at the same, that is.
              (But afterall... I understand... Something. I was... Waiting for this
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Earth Federation Forces 13th Autonomous Corps, Londo Bell... Finally.
    Jack:     Uhn... What's up? Lamia.
    Lamia:    Nothing at all it is.
              (The next order... Might come?)
    # next: scene 036 S #
    # scene 036 S: Daimobeak - medical office #
    Nana:     Brother, are you serious!? That you will get Erika to Ahgama with
    Kazuya:   Aah, she's counting on me. She's surrounded by unknown person, so.
    Kyoshiro: I don't kind of agree.
    Kazuya:   Why?
    Kyoshiro: She's not a wounded little girl. She dislikes people and has amnesia.
              Can you take care of her?
    # if Axel Route #
    Kazuya:   But Axel has amnesia too.
    Kyoshiro: He's got the talent to fight. Erika is different.
    Nana:     That's right. It's not just get her by pity. If she goes to Ahgama,
              she'll be frequently involved into war.
    Kyoshiro: Nana's right. And...
    Kazuya:   And?
    Kyoshiro: I'm not trusting her yet.
    Kazuya:   What...? Kyoshiro!
    Kazuya:   Wake up, Kazuya. See the confusion around Earth! We have to be
    Nana:     Oh, please, Kyoshiro-san, stop that! If we can get Erika-san's
              memories as soon as possible, we can get this clear!
    Erika:    Sorry... All this for me...
    Kazuya:   Don't mind, Erika. Be relaxed.
    Nana:     And about you, Erika-san?
    Erika:    Me too... Want to be with Kazuya...
    Kazuya:   So it's decided.
    Kyoshiro: I don't know then!
    # next: scene 037 S #
    # scene 037 S: Mikene Empire - commander room #
    Warchimedes: Daimobeak's robots have started to move...?
    Ankoku:      What are they doing?
    Warchimedes: Muh...! Dangel, follow them!
    Dangel:      Yep!
    Ankoku:      Jigoku-Dai-Genshi, that project... Have you concluded it?
    Jigoku:      No way I can finish that so early. I need more time.
    Ankoku:      Ok then. I'll go.
    Bry:         Hidler, you go too.
    Hakkotsu:    Ambassador Hidler... Order my launch too...!
    Hidler:      Uhn? ...Oh yes, your daughter was near Sasebo City. On the way to
                 meeting her... Ok then. But, the destruction of those super robots
                 is our main objective!
    Hakkotsu:    Hahah!
    # next: scene 038 S #
    # scene 038 S: Sasebo City #
    Kyoshiro: Hey, we got earlier then Ahgama!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     We had hurried much.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Likewise.
    Hayato:   It's quiet.
    Ryo:      It's true that they have a battleship dock in here?
    Kazuya:   When Londo Bell comes, we'll know it. No need to get tense now.
    Koji:     Then let's wait till then. I'm starving.
    Boss:     Ow, food food.
    # next: scene 039 #
    # scene 039: Nergal Corporation - one room #
    Prospector: So, Akito Tenkawa-kun. You are now one of Nadesico's cook. Those
                are the documents, so fill in later.
    Akito:      Haa...
    Prospector: Mah, if you work, you eat... We have to get you do the work.
    Akito:      (... Well, seems like destiny chose it to me. That's ok, I'm right
                now unemployed. But... Someone who fears battle shouldn't be on a
    Prospector: So, I have some visitors, so I'll be going. Oh, yes. There's still
                time until our launch, so you can take a look around the ship.
    Akito:      Oh, sorry!
    Prospector: Uhn? What now?
    Akito:      Yu... Yurika... And Yurika Misumaru!?
    Prospector: Hah? What relations you have with the captain?
    Akito:      Ca...captain!?
    # next: scene 040 #
    # scene 040: Sasebo City #
    Malliot: ... Nergal Sasebo docks. Here's the Federation's new battleship?
    Soldier: Hah, Nergal has altered informations to seem like they aren't related
             to the Federation but...
    Malliot: It's kind of impossible....Nergal made a new battleship, and this not
             related to Federation is quite stranger.
    Soldier: Lt, what if we attack now?
    Malliot: I'm worried about being in middle of the city... But can't say much
             things. Ok... All units scramble! We'll get Nergal's battleship down!
    # next: scene 041 #
    # scene 041: Nergal Corporation - one room #
    Prospector: No matter how much you say... I can only tell it's a secret from
                our enterprise.
    Relena:     Civilians from Sasebo City are getting insecure. About Giganos
                advancing on aiming this new battleship.
    Prospector: As I said, it's a secret from our enterprise.
    Relena:     How about give open information to take insecurity from people? Or
                you say that your enterprise secret is heavier than people's
    Prospector: No, I say...
    Minato:     ... Neh, Ruriruri, the one who Prospector-san is lowing his head,
                who is?
    Ruri:       ... Relena Dorian, a minister of external relations.
    Megumi:     The one from the Total Pacifism? She looks sick because of the
                Federation is motivated to make war.
    Minato:     ... Not that I don't understand... I'm, anyway, in a job, but at a
    [crash sound]
    Megumi:     What was that?
    Ruri:       No damage to the ship itself. It's from the Aestevalis Deck.
    Minato:     ... It's Yamada-san again.
    Megumi:     We're all troubled and he's so relaxed...
    # next: scene 042 #
    # scene 042: Nadesico - Aestevalis deck #
    Yamada:    Let's go! Geki-ganger!!
    Uribatake: ...No way it's Geki-ganger! It's not Geki-ganger, it's Aestevalis.
    Yamada:    Geikan Punch and Gekigan Kick! And finish, Gekigan Blaaaaaaaaaaade!
    Uribatake: Hey you, no going in for pilots yet.
    Yamada:    Yep, I'm so glad I'll ride a robot, that I've came as fast as I
               could. And then, I'll show everyone in here. The special ultra
               great secret weapon of this Gai-sama. As people call! Gaaaaaai!
               Super! Napper!
    [note: Gai says literally "Super Napper", but for his weapons list, "Super
    Upper" is the closest one. There's also a fansub that translated it as "Super
    Napalm" in the anime]
    [crash sound]
    Uribatake: Tih... He felt.
    Yamada:    Hahah! It's great. A real robot. It's a hand, a feet, and moves
               wherever I want!
    Uribatake: It's not even rare. There are mobile suits, metal armors, and those
               labs around Japan with their Super Robots.
    Yamada:    It is Geki-ganger World! And in this dreamland, a new hero is born!
    Uribatake: Just the technology came to it, stop it, ok. Think about me, who'll
               have to fix it.
    Yamada:    Oh! Yes yes, I haven't introduced myself yet.
               My name is Gai! Gai Daigouji! ... Well, call me Gai.
    Uribatake: Ahn? In your registration, it's input Jiro Yamada.
    Yamada:    Uh... That's the real name. Gai Daigouji is my soul name! My true
    Uribatake: Yes yes, seems like artistic name you know.
    Yamada:    It's no artistic name! My soul name! Not Yamada! No matter Giganos
               or aliens, come and get me! ... Ouch?
    Uribatake: I'm telling you not to... Uhn, what?
    Gai:       Nop, my leg is... Heh.
    Uribatake: Hey... You have your leg broken, man.
    Gai:       Ugeeeeeeeeeh!
    # next: scene 043 #
    # scene 043: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ruri:    From Aestevalis deck, over.
    Minato:  Neh, by the way, what's this Geki-ganger that Yamada-san was talking
    Megumi:  It's a robot anime from old times. Now they are putting into reality
             those robots. He's a maniac, so maybe he's happy because of it.
    Minato:  Hah...
    [explosion sounds]
    Megumi:  Eh, Wha...what!?
    Ruri:    It's Giganos Forces.
    Minato:  Eh!? Isn't that bad!? Hey, captain!
    # next: Stage 04 #
     Stage 04 M - "Otoko Rashiku" de Ikou (Let's "Get Masculine")
              F - Mobile Battleship Nadesico
    [enemy units appear]
    Maillot:    ... I inform to Nergal. We want you to ford your in-construction
                battleship...If this is not agreed, we'll be forced to use our
                weaponary to destroy it.
    Akito:      ... The enemies... They've come...
    Megumi:     Giganos Forces...are saying that. What should we do?
    Prospector: We won't give Nadesico to Giganos.
    Yurika:     Hai hai, thanks for waiting!
    Minato:     Heey, captain! What were you doing?
    Yurika:     Eheheh, Akito was a little, neh... Well, what's happening?
    Prospector: Aah, like... It's Giganos Forces.
    Yurika:     Whatever! It's faster than combined but, Nadesico, take off!
    Prospector: Captain! If we take off now, we'll be in middle of fire...
    Ruri:       It's ok. There are people who will take care of Giganos.
    Megumi:     Eh?
    # if Super Robot Route #
    [ally units appear]
    Boss:       Janjanja-n. The so famous Boss Borot appears!
    Kazuya:     Hey, that's Giganos Empire's metal armor.
    Ryo:        They are thinking of starting a battle in this middletown!?
    Nana:       What are they thinking?
    Hayato:     No, they're not aiming on destroying the city. Are they after the
                new battleship too?
    Musashi:    Metal armor, eh... I hate those trickled guys.
    Koji:       If we get them, then it's our turn. Our side got the power.
    Prospector: Hoho, those are the Super Robots... This is... Magnificent yes.
    Maillot:    What are the so prouded super robots from the Japanese laboratories
                doing here!?
                ... They' ve come to protect Nergal?
    Kazuya:     Erika, get protected, please.
    Erika:      Ok. Kazuya, take care.
    # else Real Robot Route #
    [Ahgama appear]
    Bright:     Kuh, we've got late. Giganos' troops are here.
    Amuro:      Giganos is... The new ship too?
    Shiroh:     In this middle of town...!
    Prospector: Hoho, that's Londo Bell Troop.
    Maillot:    Londo Bell!? ...fuh fuh fuh , I've got lucky. I'll pay my debts
                from space...!
    Tapp:       Hey, that blue machine is!?
    Ken:        In a place like this! That Giganos jagged guy!
    Linda:      Brother...!
    Ken:        We'll go! Tapp, Light!
    Tapp:       Here we go!
    Light:      We'll beat them again!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       Let's get their retreat as fast as we can.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      Giganos, is it...
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Soldier:    Lt, how about it?
    Maillot:    Even being the Super Robots, they are mere obstacles to mission
                accomplishment... Blow them up. Don't get near them, as they have
                power on their side. Fight on the right distance!
    Soldier:    Roger!
    Ruri:       Giganos Troops are advancing toward the Super Robots.
    Prospector: Oh my, oh my, we'll see the art of the science, the Super Robots's
                fighting on a so close place.
    Ruri:       But the specifications over the data is screwed. With that body
                size, an output generator that ignores common sense would sure blow
                in mid-air.
    Prospector: No no, Hoshino-kun, with that the specifications can theorically
                grow it's power... That's why they are seen as artworks. But, this
                is... A chance.
    Yurika:     Ook, while the Super Robot people are fighting, we'll trespass the
                underwater gate and take off. Nadesico emergencial take off!
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Noin:       Hey, don't be impertinent!
    Amuro:      Lt Noin, don't worry, I'll go too.
    [Dragonar 1, 2, 3 and Gundam appear]
    # formation: AG (Ahgama) + 4 or 5 units #
      02  04
    01  AG  05
    [all chosen units appear]
    Megumi:     The Federation army's guys have come!
    Prospector: Federation's White Devil... Even the Gundam is out here.
    Ruri:       But it's an old model. Over the specs, it can't beat an Metal Armor
                for sure.
    Prospector: No no, Hoshino-kun, not if it's regular pilot is back... We don't
                know yet, do we?
    Yurika:     Okaay, while Federation's guys are fighting, we'll open the
                underwater gate and take off. Nadesico, emergency take off!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation          (SM/SF)
          ally battleship detruction (RM/RF or SM/SF after reinforce)
          ally base invasion
          Aestevalis destruction     (after reinforce)
    # reinforce: ally turn 4 or 1st enemy annihilation #
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Nana:        Brother Kazuya! They've come! The Londo Bell troops that we have
                 to team up with!
    Kazuya:      Ok, now we can do it...!
    Ruri:        Captain, one battleship approaching. This ID code is...
                 Earth Federation Troops 13th Autonomous Corps flagship.
    Yurika:      Eeh-!? Why is everybody gathering!?
    Prospector:  U-hn, this is really bad...
    [Ahgama appears]
    Bright:      Kuh, we've got late. Giganos Forces are here.
    Amuro:       Giganos is...after the new ship too?
    Shiroh:      In this middle of town...!
    # if alive unit: Maillot unit #
    Maillot:     Londo Bell!? ... Fuh fuh fuh , I've got lucky. I'll pay my debts
                 from space...!
    Tapp:        Hey, that blue machine is!?
    Ken:         In a place like this! That Giganos jagged guy!
    Linda:       Brother...!
    Ken:         We'll go! Tapp, Light!
    Tapp:        Here we go!
    Light:       We'll beat them again!
    Noin:        Hey, don't be impertinent!
    Amuro:       Lt Noin, don't worry, I'll go too.
    [ally units appear]
    Megumi:      The Federation army's guys have come!
    Prospector:  This is real trouble-, in some meanings, much more than Giganos.
    Yurika:      Wah, wah, that's incredible, Prospector-san! A grand meeting of
    Prospector:  Captain... Look... Are you understanding our situation?
    Ruri:        ... Baka.
    Amuro:       This is Lt Amuro Ray, from Earth Federation Forces 13th Autonomous
                 Corps Londo Bell.... Is everybody ok!?
    Noin:        We'll concentrate on enemy annihilation. I beg your cooperation.
    Sayaka:      Koji-kun, are those the ones!?
    Koji:        Aah, the ones that we will team up with, the Londo Bell Squad!
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Linda:       Captain! They've come! The Super Robots confirmed for team up!
    Bright:      Ok, it's a good timing...!
    Ruri:        Captain, numerous high energy corps.... These numbers that outcome
                 the logic, certaily are the Super Robots.
    Yurika:      Eeh-!? Why is everybody gathering!?
    Prospector:  U-hn, this timing is really bad...
    [ally units appear]
    Boss:        Janjanja-n.
    Ryo:         Captain Bright, are you alright!?
    Koji:        Heheh, sorry for the delay!
    Boss:        Now that I've come, just relax da-wa-sa.
    Sayaka:      Koji-kun and Boss, you both don't do the impossible.
    Kyoshiro:    Kazuya, let's wipe them out!
    Kazuya:      Ok, Daimos' power... We'll show them!
    Ken:         Hey, those are...!?
    Amuro:       Those are the Super Robots confirmed to gather with us.
    Bright:      Ok, explanations after we beat up Giganos. Sorry, it's right after
                 our gathering, but join our battle!
    Jack:        OK OK, me handle it!
    Mary:        Let's go. Brother!
    # if Super Robot Route #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:        I know... This squad... I know it...!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:       (Finally... Starting operation, might be.)
    # if alive unit: Maillot unit #
    Maillot:     That's the Gundam, the Federation's White Devil...! And the
                 D-weapon is with them! ... Huh, seems like a big disadvantage.
                 We'll call for reinforcement too!
    Amuro:       Maillot Plarto.... Giganos' Blue Hawk.
    Yurika:      That's the Earth Federation's strongest troops... I've heard it
                 from father...
    Prospector:  The Federation's White Devil... The First Gundam, even that
                 they've brought... This means that the Federation is serious this
    Minato:      But, isn't it an old model? If they were serious, they would
                 have brought a newer robot with more performance, wouldn't they?
    Prospector:  No no, on the contrary, if that machine has deployed in the
                 foremost line... Then the pilot is certaintly...
    # else Real Robot Route #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:        Heh, those are the Super Robots... Surely they have flashy colors.
    Hayato:      Not only the colors are flashy. Well, you'll see it.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:       (Super Robots... So the cast is complete.)
    Maillot:     Kuh, Londo Bell's reinforce. We'll call for reinforce on our side
    Yurika:      Are those Federation's robots... Too?
    Megumi:      Somewhat... Their feeling is different, isn't it?
    Prospector:  They are Super Robots created in different labs... So it means that
                 finally the Federation is serious.
    Ruri:        New enemy shadow, a great number approaching.
    Yurika:      Enemy shadow!?
    [Hyakki, Mikene and Cambell units appear]
    Warchimedes: Fuh fuh fuh, Super Robots. You've come here to gather with your
    Hidler:      It's a good change. We'll defeat them all!
    Hayato:      Seems like we've been chased.
    Musashi:     Don't care. We'll defeat them all!
    Jack:        OK, me all. Very very strong neh!
    Mary:        Brother, don't relax!
    Prospector:  Mumu, somewhat, the movements of the clouds got stranger.
    Ruri:        Because of the enemy reinforcement, Nadesico's take off has risk
                 of being aimed.
    Minato:      Waait. Is that ok? I won't like a boom soon after we show off our
                 faces, right?
    Gai:         Ooray, that's my turn then! This great robot of mine will go up
                 the ground and become a decoy and take the enemies attention! And
                 while this, Nadesico can take off! Kaah, a burning situation!
    Uribatake:   And you have a broken leg.
    Gai:         Nooo! Shiit, instead of the Federation's White Devil, I would
                 become the hero...
    Ruri:        If it's a decoy, one is going.
    Gai:         Whaat?
    Akito:       I'll become a cook. No way I'll die on a fight! Eeto, where should
                 I run?
    Prospector:  Who is there. Tell your name and affiliation.
    Akito:       Y...yes. Akito Tenkawa, I'm a cook.
    Gai:         Cook? Why is a cook riding an Aestevalis!?
    Yurika:      I knew it, Akito, you're trully my prince! Everytime I'm in
                 danger, you'll come and rescue me!
    Akito:       Hah!? Yurika, wai...wait, hey!
    Yurika:      But, I can't let you be a decoy... It's too dangerous!
    Akito:       Hey, what are you talking about decoy?
    Yurika:      Uhn, uhn... Akito, but I know. Akito's decision is set... No woman
                 can change it.
    Akito:       Hey, wait!
    Minato:      Neh, captain, like your conversation isn't fitting , is it?
    Megumi:      If captain got that way... Then no one can stop her.
    Yurika:      I understand...! Nadesico and my life, are now in your hands! Come
                 back alive, for sure!
    Akito:       Heh?
    Megumi:      Be careful, neh.
    Akito:       Eh? Wai... Uwaaaaaaah!
    Ruri:        Aestevalis, scrambling to the surface.
    [Aestevalis appear]
    Akito:       Uowaaaaaaah!
    Bright:      An enemy reinforce!?
    Linda:       No, it's not! This ID code is... From Nergal Enterprise?
    Ankoku:      Only one machine! I'll praise your bravery!
    Akito:       N...no... This is just an outcome...
    Prospector:  I won't tell to defeat them. We'd just like you to take their time
                 until Nadesico's take off.
    Yurika:      Akito, give your best!
    Akito:       Don't say it!
    Amuro:       Nergal's robot, this is Lt Amuro Ray from the Earth Federation
                 13th Autonomous Corps Londo Bell. Can you fight?
    Akito:       Eh, ah, me, I'm Akito Tenkawa! I'm a cook... Then it became like
    Amuro:       Cook...!? No, even for an outcome, you're in a battlefield. If you
                 can't fight, then retreat.
    Prospector:  (So it's true, Lt Amuro Ray...! This means that that side's
                 captain is...)
    Koji:        Outcome or whatever! If you can fight, then help us out!
    Akito:       B...but...
    Gai:         Gaaaaaah! Tenkawaaa! You, don't you understand what envious
                 situation you are in! Fight!
    Yurika:      Akito-! I... I'm believing on you!
    Akito:       You are all egoists!
    Bright:      While covering the new kind from Nergal, we'll concentrate on
                 enemy annihilation! Don't relax!
    # Main Character VS Maillot #
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Maillot: So, is this a Super Robot too?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Giganos... They don't know me?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   This is strong...! But even it's fast, I'll win if I can hit it!
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Maillot: Mysterious machine, I'll blow you up this time!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Try to do it, if you can!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I've already taken your data. Try it if you can.
    # Amuro VS Maillot #
    Maillot: White Devil! We shall have our decision!
    Amuro:   Tih!
    Maillot: Don't think you can fight in this old model forever!
    # Ken VS Maillot #
    Ken:     You! You're still going to make your only sister sad!
    Maillot: Are those intentions of a knight? Ken Wakaba!
    # enemy retreat 1: Maillot's HP reaches 0 or 30% #
    Maillot: Ugh, the balancer!? So, under gravity, everything is different...!
             The chance of a lifetime and no reinforcements come! I'll retreat!
    [Falgen explodes/disappears]
    # Main Character VS Ankoku Dai-Shogun #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Hey, old man! You sure got good taste!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Mikene Empire's leader class! But I won't have mercy on anyone who
             becomes an obstacle to my mission.
    Ankoku:  I don't know what the heck you are, but you're a reckless bastard!
    # Koji VS Ankoku Dai-Shogun #
    Ankoku:  Koji Kabuto, today is your last day.
    Koji:    What insistent guys.
    # Boss VS Ankoku Dai-Shogun #
    Boss:    Come, I shall be your opponent.
    Ankoku:  I have no business for small fishes!
    # enemy retreat 2: Ankoku Dai-Shogun's HP reaches 0 or 30% #
    Ankoku:     What, I've done a mistake!? Nuuh, remember it!
    [Demonika explodes/disappears]
    # Main Character VS Hidler #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    When you fight in mid-town, think at least on people's problems!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Hyakki Empire, I'll be your match.
    # if Super Robot Route #
    # if Axel Route #
    Hidler:  Eei, shut up! I'll crush you in one hit!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Hidler:  Is that you again. I'll smash you in one hit!
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Hidler:  What, a never seen machine!?
    # Getter VS Hidler #
    Hidler:  Getter, die!
    Ryo:     We won't lose for Hyakki Empire!
    # enemy retreat 3: Hidler's HP reaches 0 or 30% #
    Hidler:  Damn all from Londo Bell! I'll certainly pay this debt!
    [Mecha Fortress Oni explodes/disappears]
    # enemy retreat 4: Warchimedes's HP reaches 30% #
    Warchimedes: You'll pay for this Londo Bell! I'll retreat!
    [Darklon disappears]
    # stage end #
    Bright:     All enemies have fled?
    Linda:      Yes.
    Bright:     Ok, we'll head to Nergal Enterprise.
    Sayla:      Do you expect they'll accept us peacefully? Bright.
    Noin:       They've constructed a humanoid, a "didn't know about anything"
                won't fake us.
    Amuro:      It would be good if then.
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Prospector: The trouble is now. So...
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Prospector: I'd rather think this side is harder than the battle. So...
    Linda:      This is...!?
    Bright:     What happened!?
    Ruri:       Enemy shades, great number.... This reaction is Giganos Forces.
    Prospector: They are still coming?
    Shiroh:     Are they coming again?
    Koji:       They don't learn.
    Hayato:     From what militaire is that?
    Linda:      ID code... It's Giganos Metal Armor!
    [Giganos units appear]
    Ken:        Those insistent guys, we'll take them in seconds!
    Kyoshiro:   Owkay.
    Light:      ...Wait a sec.
    Kazuya:     What's up?
    Light:      Under Nergal's dock, there's a great energy reaction...!
    Bright:     A new kind!?
    Light:      Nop, for this size... It's a battleship class.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       If so, then it's their appearence.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      They'll show their faces.
    Ruri:       Dock's water flow stopped. Gate will open.
    Haruka:     Transportation engine, it's alright.
    Yurika:     Nadesico, we'll take off!
    Ruri:       Nadesico, take off!
    [Nadesico appears]
    Akito:      U... Uwah!
    Yurika:     Sorry for the delay, Akito! I've hurried for you.
    Bright:     That's Nergal's new battleship... The Mobile Battleship Nadesico...
    Ruri:       Giganos Forces' Metal Armor, all units in Gravity Blast's valid
                attack range.
    Yurika:     Target, aa-ll gathered enemies! Fire-!!
    [Nadesico shoots Gravity Blast (M)]
    [all enemies units destroyed]
    Ruri:       Giganos Forces' Metal Armor, detected all units crushed.
    Bright:     All that number of enemies... With only one shot!?
    Amuro:      That's Nadesico's power...!
    Prospector: Even the Londo Bell is surprised. Captain, it's now.
    Yurika:     After collecting Akito's Aestevalis, we'll hurry leave this air
    [Nadesico and Aestevalis disappear]
    Bright:     No, as admiting all units soon as possible, we'll chase Nadesico!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       It's getting quite amusing... But it would be more if I had gotten
                back my memories, though.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      Nadesico is it. Better it doesn't become an undefined element.
    # if flag 01 conditions are met: (Lisa) joins #
    Michiru:    Wait, there's someone fallen.
    ???:        Uhh...
    Michiru:    We have to get her on a safe place... Ah!
                This is a scar from a broken horn... A demon from Hyakki
    # next: scene 44 #
    # scene 044: Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:   I appreciatted all your efforts. If we could, I'd liked to do more
              former greetings, but... On actual conditions, we can't be so
    Koji:     I know. We have to chase that battleship as soon as possible.
    # if Super Robot Route #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Even if so, just a greeting. I'm Axel. Riding the [Main Robot]. Nice
              to meet ya!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    I be first time meeting... I'm Lamia. I beg you a wish.
    Bright:   A...aah.
    Nana:     Surely, her speech is strange.
    Lamia:    (I'm not talking like this because I like to.)
    Bright:   I've heard from Lady Une about you.... I'm Ahgama's captain Bright
    Amuro:    Lt Amuro Ray. Nice to meet you.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (The Federation's White Devil... So he exists at this side.)
    Ken:      I'm Ken Wakaba! I'm pilot of Dragonar 1.
    Tapp:     I'm Tapp Oceano. Main is Dragonar 2.
    Light:    Light Newman.... I'm the most descent of the Dragonar team, so nice
              to meet you.
    Ken:      What's that, Light. You seem like saying we're weird.
    Light:    Don't you think it's weird to ride into the Dragonar without thinking
              about it?
              That's why we've got in some many troubles!
    Tapp:     Light, you can't say about that.
    Ken:      You've registered in the D-3 in such happyness.
    Nana:     Ride into? What's about it?
    Noin:     Dragonar... By the D-weapon's pilot registration system, and some
              other complications, and amateurs like them have registered into it.
    Bright:   And until we go to a base where they can erase the D-weapon's
              registration, we'll have them pilot it.
    Amuro:    By then that Nergal's pilot... Tenkawa, right? He said also it was an
    Noin:     I'm Preventer's Lucrezia Noin. Now I'm the D-team's instructor.
    Linda:    You three, stop with that irresponsability. The others will get
              amazed. Ah, I'm Linda Plarto.
    Hayato:   Plarto...? Wait, Giganos' commander... Maillot Plarto, was he. Is it
              just coincidence?
    Linda:    ... He's my brother.
    Ryo:      Seems like there's lot of circumstances.
    Sayla:    I'm Sayla Mass.
    Koji:     What, such a graceless person.
    Sayla:    No need for grace to fight.
    Bright:   And the main mechanic Astonage Medosso.
    Astonage: I'm expert on Mobile Suits, but I'm taking lecture on Super Robots'
              repairing, so be reliefed.
    Shiroh:   I'm the last then... Earth Federation Forces, Southeast Asian Hybrid
              Machines Squad... 08th MS Platoon Commander, 2nd Lt Shiroh Amada.
    Kyoshiro: Uhn? Only you 2nd Lt-san is from a different unit... Why a platoon
              commander is all alone in here?
    Shiroh:   .......
    Kazuya:   Stop it, Kyoshiro. He might have his own circumstances.
    Musashi:  Only people with pretext is in here, it seems.
    Kyoshiro: For sure. Mah, we all can't say anything about it, though. Nah,
    Noin:     Kazuya...? You're... Kazuya Ryuzaki?
    Kazuya:   Eh? Ah, yes, I'm piloting the Daimos.
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Ryo:      So, we'll be brief. I'm Getter team leader Ryouma Nagare. Call me
              Ryo. Pilot of Getter 1.
    Hayato:   Hayato Kami. Main is Getter 2.
    Musashi:  I'm Musashi Tomoe. Underwater, let Getter 3 handle it.
    Michiru:  I'm Michiru Saotome. I've come as support for Getter team.
    Hayato:   Just filling a vacancy, you mean.
    Michuru:  Don't say like that. Father told me to come if anyone of you three
              get hurt or something.
    Koji:     We've been passed. I'm Koji Kabuto, pilot of Mazinger Z.
    Sayaka:   I'm Sayaka Yumi. I'm pilot of Diana A. It has a repair equipment so
              use it as much as you want.
    Boss:     Boss Borot is here. Boss da wa sa.
    Jack:     Me is Jack King. Come from America.
    Mary:     I'm his sister Mary. With him we pilot Texas Mack.
    Kazuya:   Kazuya Ryuzaki. I pilot Daimos.
    Bright:   Ryuzaki...? Ryuzaki-kun is, perhaps during the Balmling's Peace
    Kazuya:   ... Yes, on that negociation, the Earth representant was... My
    Bright:   So that's it... I'm very sorry for him...
    Kazuya:   It's ok...
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Erika:    Kazuya... Please, be happy...
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Kyoshiro: Kyoshiro Yutsuki. I'm pilot of Galver.
    Nana:     I'm Nana Izumi. Only Kyoshiro was able to destroy Galver so I've come
    Kyoshiro: Nana, when did I destroyed Galver!?
    Nana:     Recent.
    Kyoshiro: That was, I say!
    Erika:    You both, stop arguing.
    Bright:   Who is she?
    Kazuya:   She's not a pilot. She's...
    Erika:    I'm Erika...
    Kyoshiro: She's got amnesia. I said to stay in the hospital but...
    Erika:    Please, let me help you on something.
    # if Axel Route #
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Axel:     That's it. We're amnesiam comrades, that is.
    Tapp:     Such a bad comrade.
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Tapp:     Cool, an amnesian like Axel but, surely she's got her flowers.
    Axel:     Sorry I don't have flowers. But it's certainly an unexpected
              meeting... I've got amnesia too, that is.
    Erika:    Eh...? You too?
    Axel:     As amnesian comrades, let's get along well.
    Koji:     What a strange greeting.
    # else Lamia Route #
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Lamia:    (Amnesia... I was supposed to say that too.)
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Lamia:    (Amnesia... Indeed, there was this option.)
    Bright:   As you all know, this battle will intensify. Our side is requesting
              for cooperation but, over nominals, you'll be by a special war
              subject be under Londo Bell troops' commandment... We'll be counting
              on you.
    # SM/SF Lisa joined next:     scene 045 #
    # SM/SF Lisa not joined next: scene 046 #
    # RM/RF next:                 scene 048 #
    # scene 045: Ahgama - medical office #
    ???:     Uuh...
    Michiru: Ah, you awake? Seems like you aren't hurt, are you ok? Better you
             sleep more.
    ???:     Where is this?
    Michiru: Ahgama's medical office. What's your name?
    Lisa:    ....Lisa. I'm...
    Hayato:  But, Michiru-san is too much amiable to others. Anyway you saved a
             woman from Hyakki Empire.
    Lisa:    ....Yes, I'm... You enemy, did you know?
    Michiru: If you have will to fight. Neh, Lisa-san. Why were you at Sasebo
    # next: scene 046 #
    # scene 046: Hyakki Empire - fortress island #
    Hyakko:  Nah...!? My daughter, Lisa has ran away!?
    Hidler:  Seems like Lisa forget about training and was seeing some flowers.
    Hyakko:  Flowers?
    Hidler:  We demons don't need to have feelings of loving the flowers. We were
             going to punish her for failing in becoming a soldier, then she ran
    Hyakko:  Wha, what the... After five years and I... Thought I would finally
             meet her...
    # SM/SF Lisa joined next:     scene 047 #
    # SM/SF Lisa not joined next: scene 048 #
    # scene 047: Ahgama - medical office #
    Lisa:     For the Hyakki Empire, I'm a fugitive soldier. I'll be killed someway.
              But I'd liked to meet my mother.
    Koji:     By the way, what will you do with her? Won't you let her in Ahgama
              forever, will you?
    Michiru:  I plan to.
    Hayato:   Hey hey, are you serious? She's a woman from Hyakki Empire. She might
              be a spy sent out by them.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     I don't think so.
    Koji:     Why? She is from the Hyakki Empire. She could lie over and over if she
              wanted to.
    Axel:     That's, if she had come and surrendered to us, then we should doubt
              her. But she was saved by Michiru, wasn't it?
    Boss:     And what about it?
    Axel:     Can't you get it? That is, Lisa being in Ahgama is all coincidence.
              There's no spy that expects for a coincidence.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    It's not supposedly likewise that it is? Isn't it only Hayato Kami's
              opinion, it is...?
    Hayato:   ... What?
    Lamia:    She told which organization she was from, no spy do such thing...
              don't think it is?
    Kyoshiro: Might be a plan to keep us unprepared?
    Lamia:    If she came and asked for help that would it be. But if she wasn't
              found by Michiru-san, she wouldn't have got into Ahgama, not it is?
    Lisa:     .........
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     So, that's why I think she is telling the truth.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    So, Lisa is a fugitive soldier and that is the truth, not it is?
              (Not good... And... Why have I defended this woman...?)
    Michiru:  That's it. Lisa-san is being chased by the Hyakki family. I'll protect
              her then.
    Lisa:     Michiru-san, thank you.
    Hayato:   Anyway, I'd like some proof that show that you don't have hostility.
    Lisa:     Proof...?
    Hayato:   ... We'll have you say the place you'd run away from. There might be
              a Hyakki's base and training place.
    Lisa:     I understand.... It's near... Here.
    Bright:   Ok, I'll get contact now. We can't move there, but another troop
    Noin:     ... This place is?
    Bright:   Do you know it?
    Noin:     By the timed information we got, it's nearby here that a big explosion
              happened right now.
    Ryo:      By knowing Lisa-san's escape, they exploded everything before we could
              get advance.
    Bright:   A high probability, is it.
    Michiru:  Then it's...
    Bright:   We still can't trust her for sure.... So then Michiru-san, I name you
              as her inspector.
    Michiru:  Captain...! Yes! Thank you very much!
    Lisa:     Michiru-san, let me help you on something too. I'm a fugitive, but I
              had gotten training, so I can pilot a robot.
    # next: scene 048 #
    # scene 048: Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  And Nadesico's current situation?
    Linda:   At eastern northeast, about 180 km from us on defensive circle.
    Bright:  Amuro, how do you see the weapon Nadesico used?
    Amuro:   It's different from the Mega particles.... It might be by the basic
    Noin:    It's called Gravity Blast. As its name says, it use a weapon that can
             shoot gravity waves.
    Bright:  Gravity waves...? I haven't heard of such technology. Either
             Federation's weapon research didn't get through it.
    Sayla:   ... They got this technology from other place... Can it be ?
    Noin:    Through the Preventers, and either Anaheim Electronics, I tried to
             catch about it... But they seem not to have this kind of technology.
    Amuro:   For a civilian manufacturing, there are lots of strange points. Nergal
             enterprises... Something tricks me.
    # next: scene 049 #
    # scene 049: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Ken:      Somewhat, can all super robots fly?
    Koji:     In exception of Diana A and Boss Borot, all others can fly.
    Ryo:      For Getter, in 2 or 3 mode we can't fly, but for that we can just
              turn into Getter 1 and do it.
    Ken:      A-ah, how good. If Dragonar could also fly...
    Shiroh:   Even the Gundam, if they could fly then our tactics width would
              increase, and we would need pilots like Lt Amuro to do it.
    Astonage: It's as 2nd Lt Amada said, Wakaba. But... I've heard of a rumour
              about the construction of aviation parts for the D-weapon.
    Ken:      Eh, is that true?
    Astonage: Aah, I think they'll send it when it's done.
    Ken:      Ookay!
    Light:    What if at same time it gets here, we get our registrations erased?
    Tapp:     Mah, we're going for it from the beginning, though.
    Ken:      Ah, that's right...
    # next: scene 050 #
    # scene 050: Ahgama - bridge #
    [message sound]
    Linda:  Bright captain, connection from Lady-san.
    Bright: Hum, understood. Open the line, please.
    # next: scene 051 #
    # scene 051: Ahgama - bridge #
    Lady:    ...Nergal enterprises, for sure they have lots of mysteries.
    Noin:    And Nadesico's objectives are also unknown. I've tried to contact the
             office, but there were much ignorance about it that couldn't become a
    Bright:  As chief Miwa said about their relation with Giganos, seems like
             they've got nothing if we get that battle in consideration.... So,
             why was Nadesico constructed?
    Lady:    I understood. About Nergal enterprises, we'll also investigate them.
    Bright:  Please. And about [Axel/Lamia]...
    Lady:    Unfortunately, we've got no other information. How about his aspects?
    # if Axel Route #
    Bright:  No problems till now. And getting along with the D-team.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Bright:  Somewhat gapping in cooperation but, no problems at all.
    Lady:    So that's it.... And, you've asked for that girl named Erika, till
             now, everything is unknown.
    Bright:  I understand.... We'll get contact with Nadesico in little time. We
             have to ask about Nergal and Nadesico by ourselves to them.
    # next: scene 052 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 052: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ruri:       Earth Federation Forces battleship approaching rapidly. It's the
                power advancing landing craft Ahgama... Affiliation is the Earth
                Federation Forces 13th Autonomous Corps Londo Bell. The ones from
    Prospector: They've reached us... Sure they're troublesome...
    Minato:     Londo Bell Squad is, that strongest squad from Earth Federation,
                isn't it? Is it ok?
    Prospector: This Nadesico is all the gathering of technologies from Nergal
                enterprises. Even having Londo Bell as our enemies, we won't
                retreat! ... Or else...
    Yurika:     We can't win with just our spirit. I'm sure only the power of love
    Prospector: No, captain, I don't mean it.
    Megumi:     I feel like, our path is sort of gloomy.
    # next: scene 053 #
    # scene 053: Ahgama - bridge #
    Linda:    We'll make contact with Nadesico.
    Bright:   All pilots stay prepared for launch any time.
    Ken:      Heh? Isn't it a conversation?
    Tapp:     Yeah. It isn't a backfire.
    Bright:   ......
    Shiroh:   We might need our fire power... That's what it means.
    Noin:     Exactly.
    Light:    Oh well, oh well.
    [message sound]
    Linda:    This is... Captain, it's a connection from chief Miwa.
    Kyoshiro: Miwa? That bastard, what's up now?
    Kazuya:   I'm guessing, though.
    Miwa:     Captain Bright, this is Miwa. I've heard your repost.... After
              knowing it has such power, we shall not let battleship Nadesico to be
    Bright:   Yes, this ship is now running our Nadesico recapturing plan.
    Miwa:     And afterall it attacked Giganos...
    Bright:   Chief Miwa, what might be Nadesico's objectives?
    Miwa:     From the time the superiors had detected, the report was just out.
    Fa:       Report?
    Miwa:     Nadesico is being controlled by Nergal Enterprise for private uses...
              that's it.
    Bright:   Private...!? But I haven't heard of this...
    Miwa:     I just can't believe it! The truth is... This conversation has passed
              through the ears of the admiral!
    Boss:     Admiral?
    Noin:     ... The admiral Kouichirou Misumaru.
    Bright:   What!?
    Miwa:     I don't know! But, If they are going to counterattack, then no mercy
              is needed. Shoot down Nadesico!
    Amuro:    Chief, this is too much... We have to capture the crew first.
    Miwa:     Shut up! You have to show what happens to someone who goes against
              Earth Federation!
    Koji:     You bastard! You should...
    Noin:     Kabuto! Stop.
    Bright:   We'll give our efforts on stopping Nadesico and capturing it's crew.
              ... We are on-going plan. There might be interferences for
              transmission so, I'll end this by now.
    Miwa:     Hey! You have to hear my...
    Linda:    Connection, cut
    Bright:   I'm sorry, Linda.
    Koji:     Why don't you just say some words! I'm disappointed!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Hey hey. For the army, the rank is everything, that is. Even chief
              Miwa has his superiors so, it's obvious to be angry like that.
    Amuro:    That's right.... Axel-kun, you seem to know well about it.... Is your
    Axel:     Eh? Ah, no... I just felt like that.
    Sayla:    You might be a militant.
    Axel:     Woo, I just feel like that... Or, am I?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ... In army, rank is everything that it is. Even that chief has his
              superiors so, get angry is one of his job that it is.
    Hayato:   You seem to know well the militant organization.
    Lamia:    ... No have to be like that it is? Just think normally and understand
              it it is.
    Hayato:   ........
    Ryo:      What, Hayato.
    Noin:     Despite that, on any organization, there are people like him.
    Bright:   It won't start if discussing for hours.
    Kyoshiro: The problem is that that guy is the chief.
    Jack:     Crazy chief neh.
    Bright:   ... And I'm worried of admiral Misumaru.
    # next: scene 054 #
    # scene 054: Nadesico - bridge #
    [alarm sound]
    Megumi:  About 2 minutes for visual contact with Ahgama.
    Ruri:    Captain, what about it?
    Yurika:  About it... We have to talk.
    Minato:  And is that ok?
    Yurika:  (It won't be like...on manuals)
    # next: scene 055 #
    # scene 055: Nadesico - Aestevalis deck #
    Akito:      I mean, why do I have to take off!?
    Prospector: We don't have pilots. We are on emergencial situation and the only
                pilot is like that...
    Gai:        This time I will take off! I'll show off my-self!
    Uribatake:  ... With this broken leg?
    Gai:        Spirit will do anything!
    Uribatake:  No, it won't.
    Prospector: Mah, that's what I mean, I'll have you to be a pilot, and the
                salary is better than a cook's.
    Akito:      But I want to be a cook...!
    Prospector: Mah, we'll only have you take off on small chances. If they come
                with fire power.
                (And it would be easier if they do likewise... But I don't think
    # next: Stage 05 #
     Stage 05 M - Futari no Kancho (The Two Captains)
              F - Londo Bell VS Nadesico
    [Ahgama and Nadesico appear]
    Linda:      Nadesico, in available shooting range.
    Ruri:       Ahgama, in shooting range sphere.
    Bright:     All units take off....!
    Ken:        We'll advance right now, captain!?
    Bright:     ... We'll make our move first. While we don't know about Nadesico's
                objectives, there's no proof that we won't get attacked.
    Ryo:        We'll analyse our enemies, is that it?
    Bright:     That's also in mind. But putting some pressure will make them
                harder to move.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       If we shoot, we'll be shot... Like that.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      The one who shoots first loses... Means that it is.
    Bright:     Right. Amuro, if anything happens... I'll give the command to you.
    Koji:       Don't say fearsome things, captain Bright.
    Amuro:      All units, after launch stay in formation. Stay away from
                Nadesico's Gravity Blast valid attack range.
    # formation: AG (Ahgama) + 14 units #
        10  03  12
          02  04
    09  01  AG  05  13
          08  06
            07  14
    [All chosen units appear]
    Ruri:       A number of robots launches from Ahgama.... Nadesico is surrounded.
    Yurika:     A...a surprise attack!?
    Prospector: It's not receptive from the ones that we're supposed to start a
    Bright:     Do not move without orders! Linda, the connection to Nadesico.
    Linda:      Roger.
    Megumi:     Connection from Ahgama.
    Yurika:     Megumi-chan, open the connection, please.
    Bright:     I'm from the Earth Federation Forces 13th Autonomous Corps Londo
                Bell, captain of Ahgama, colonel Bright Noah.... I want to speak to
                your ship's captain.
    Yurika:     Nadesico's captain, Yurika Misumaru de--su! ...V!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       Pfu!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      Hah?
    Kazuya:     Captain? She?
    Kyoshiro:   Might be kidding.
    Hayato:     Well well, I've got a bad feeling.
    Yurika:     (First attack! With that I've caught Londo Bell's everyone's
    Bright:     .... Y...you are the captain? ... I'm sorry but, you are young...
    Yurika:     A-h, you're distrusting me! I'm sure on my 20's, but I was the
                leader of the Earth Federation University's war simulation.
    Ruri:       Colonel Bright Noah... The actual Earth Federation Forces 13th
                Autonomous Corps Londo Bell's commander. From the data, during One
                Year War, he became captain of the newest battleship White Base
                when he was 19 years old... He was younger than our captain.
    Minato:     Grea-t.... Can't say about other people then.
    Bright:     ... That time was sure emergencial.
    Amuro:      Fuh... I miss that years.
    Noin:       Lt, no time for it.
    Amuro:      I'm sorry, Lt Noin.... But surely we had our outset broken. It sure
                is a good move.
    Koji:       Yeah, the V sign! ...It didn't seem like it was on purpose, though?
    Ken:        I agree.
    Amuro:      But Misumaru... It won't end like joke. So, Bright... What now?
    Bright:     Coff... Let's get back to our topic.... You might know about our
    Yurika:     Yes, you came to either capture or destroy this Nadesico, right?
    Noin:       We're not willing to lit more battle fire.... We want reasonable
    Yurika:     I'm on that too.
    Bright:     So then our conversation will be easy. Land down Nadesico now and
                all crew shall come to Ahgama without any weapons.
    Yurika:     I'm sorry, but I can't accept that. We have things to do.
    Ryo:        Things to do...?
    Amuro:      Captain Misumaru... One of the distrustings that the Federation has
                with Nadesico is it's unknown objectives.
    Yurika:     Be reliefed because it's not bad things we will do.
    Prospector: Likewise. It will be regrettable.
    Bright:     You might know about Earth's present situation. If it's not bad
                things, then you shall clear up your reason and the mistrusting
                that Federation has to you.
    Prospector: Humpf, we've announced that Nadesico is being controlled by our
                organization, the Nergal Enterprises, for private use, but... As
                Bright captain says is true. Alright, we'll tell you Nadesico's
    Yurika:     Nadesico's destination is... Mars!
    Bright:     Mars!?
    Prospector: Yes, as you might know, all Mars Utopia Colony and nearest colonies
                were attacked by unknown enemies, and are off communication.
    Yurika:     We want to save the survivors from Mars Utopia Colony.
    Akito:      (She said Mars!?)
    Prospector: All Nadesico's weapon was made to fight all those aliens that might
                hit us.
    Bright:     Superiors from the Federation were thinking that you would give
                this technology to Giganos or the aliens.
    Prospector: We're different from that organization that for money it makes
                weapons for both allies or enemies.
    Minato:     Ara-? Sure there's some evil in this speech. What organization?
    Megumi:     Isn't it the rival company? That one, from moon.
    Prospector: Coff... That's it. Nadesico's objective... You understood it,
    Koji:       Wha-t, it's a honest reason.
    Shiroh:     If this reason is true, though.
    Kazuya:     ... Aren't you distrusting much, 2nd Lt?
    Amuro:      For the truth of it... I'm sure all Federation units starting with
                us are in defensive formation to protect Earth.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       And Mars is all forgotten... Right?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      (No battle power was sent to Mars... But if it's not like that,
                I'll be in trouble, though.)
    Yurika:     Isn't it cruel!? And even colonies have the space troops to protect
                them! And... And Mars is...!
    Sayla:      Don't hear like a lie, though.
    Amuro:      What she is thinking might not be... Sayla-san. The problems are
                the ones from back, Nergal.
    Prospector: (Surely... It's hard. We need an excuse)
    Bright:     I think we should talk a little more, shouldn't we? ... We'll have
                all Nadesico crew to throw up the weapons and...
    Ruri:       Ah... Aestevalis deck?
    [Aestevalis appear]
    Akito:      S...shut uuuuuup!
    Linda:      A mobile weapon from Nadesico... From the data, it's the aerial
    Bright:     Muh!?
    Akito:      We can't be jumbling here! I...want to save everyone from Mars!
    Yurika:     Akito...
    Akito:      At Mars, everyone is suffering. Did you think about it for at
                least one time!?
    Amuro:      He's...the one who took off last battle?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       The one that was a cook.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      That one is that cook person isn't it is?
    Akito:      I...want to save Mars! Even if the Federation is only thinking of
                war... But, I'm sure there are plenty of other things to do...! I
                know everyone came to Nadesico to search for it, isn't it!?
    Bright:     You are?
    Akito:      I'm Akito Tenkawa. A survivor from Mars Utopia Colony!!
    Bright:     What... From Mars Utopia Colony...!?
    Light:      The Mars Utopia Colony... So, that's why you are so concerned.
    Tapp:       To save the home town. Indeed.
    Ken:        Personally, I wanted to let them... Ara? Instructor Noin?
    Noin:       ... The time doesn't match.
    Ken:        Heh? How much time do it takes from Mars to Earth?
    Amuro:      In the newest battleships, it takes at least one month.
    Noin:       Yes, there's no way to reach Earth so fast.
    Michiru:    And even if he did it, he wasn't rescued by the Federation, and let
                be gone? That's unnatural.
    Akito:      But it's the truth! I've been attacked by those unknown enemies,
                and when I realized, I was at Earth!
    Bright:     (Unknown enemies...? So...)
    Yurika:     Akito! I... I believe Akito! Akito doesn't lie!
    Megumi:     Moh... Captain!
    Ruri:       I feel like we're heading to the worst path...
    Yurika:     Bright captain... We're going to Mars. If you're going to get on
                our way... Then we'll get pass through by force!
    Bright:     So it's inevitable... Mega particle cannon, prepare to shoot...!
    Linda:      Captain!?
    Bright:     It's just a menace. Low down the output, to not get a certain hit
                and just graze!
    Ruri:       Mega particle cannon, from Ahgama's front. It might be only a
                menace, and won't be a certain hit.
    Yurika:     Move in front of Ahgama, and enable full Distortion Field!
    Minato:     Well, it's ok but, then we'll enter the attack range of the Mega
                particle cannon, you see?
    Yurika:     It doesn't matter!
    # cinematic: Ahgama VS Nadesico #
    Bright:     That is!?
    Astonage:   I thought it was only in Aestevalis but... Even in the battleship!?
    Yurika:     ... I'm sure you don't have this kind of defense at your side...
                you can't defend the Gravity Blast...!
    Bright:     Is this a threat... Captain Misumaru....I see.
    Prospector: Captain Bright... We didn't mean it... Captain Misumaru! We have to
                clear up our misunderstandings...
    Yurika:     ........
    Bright:     Ahgama crew prepare for shock, the Gravity Blast will come!
    Yurika:     Gravity Blast prepare to fire. By the time Londo Bell's formation
                breaks, we'll collect Akito's Aestevalis.
    Bright:     All units, attack Nadesico and Aestevalis with real bullets! The
                ones with main beam weapon, attack at close range!
    Kazuya:     We've got into the worst situation, Kyoshiro.
    Kyoshiro:   Yeah, I know. I think we shouldn't be fighting between Earthlings
                while all those aliens are advancing.
    Nana:       If we got into this, then there's no other way.
    Yurika:     Use the bullet curtain only against Supers. Akito's rescue is first
                hand, and then we'll retreat while enabling the field!
    Bright:     Nadesico's objective is to escape from Earth. A battle against us
                will push them a little.
    Amuro:      I don't want people to die for nothing... I'll stop the engine in
                one shot...!
    Yurika:     Long range battle is our disadvantage. They'll certainly aim a hit
                on the transportation engine! We'll pass through without counter
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       The first hit will decide everything, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      Nadesico... Surely an interesting technology but... My mission is
                at first.
    Koji:       And it will end like this...! Damn.
    Light:      Well well, seems like... Uh? This is!? ... From the skies!?
    Ruri:       A heavy metal reaction coming from the skies. It will direct hit
    Megumi:     Eh!? Direct hit!?
    Minato:     Waait, Ruriruri!
    Yurika:     Eh? Eh? Heavy metal rock?
    [metal hit sound]
    Yurika:     Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    Bright:     What!? What happened?
    [Nadesico moves back]
    [Devil Gundam appears]
    Kyoji:      ........
    Ryo:        It hit Nadesico's barrier right now!? What's that!?
    Shiroh:      Robot...!? That design... Lt Amuro!
    Amuro:      ... Gundam!?
    Kyoji:      .........
    Prospector: Wh...what's just happening!?
    Ruri:       There's nothing in the data...  Material properties are a junction
                of Gundarium alloy super ceramic composite material and main
                composition of a data unknown metal alloy.
    Yurika:     Gu...Gundarium alloy... Is, eh? Eh?
    Prospector: Gundam...!?
    # cinematic: Devil Gundam VS Ahgama #
    Bright:     Uwah! It attacked!?
    Linda:      Port engine exposed! We'll sink!
    Bright:     Do whatever to recover height! Report damage!
    Linda:      Engine output lowing, we can't move this way!
    Akito:      Wh, what. What's just happening?
    Prospector: I don't understand either but, it's Gundam, and it doesn't seems
                it's Federation's ally. And seems like it's not our ally either.
    Yurika:     Akito, hurry and get back to Nadesico! We'll flee now!
    Ruri:       After the giant Gundam fall's hit, Nadesico's current damage is
                42%. Transportation engine output is falling to 31%
    Minato:     Hey-, like that we can't even go against Earth's gravity, can we?
                Going to Mars now is no way how say!
    Uribatake:  That's bad. We've got broken this far.
    Yurika:     It's alright, we have to flee anyway!
    Minato:     To where?
    Yurika:     To anywhere!
    Gai:        The appearence of a mysterious enemy, I get to burn! I'll take off
    Yurika:     We're trying to rescue Akito right now, so don't go out! We have
                to flee from this flight zone!
    [Aestevalis disappears]
    [Nadesico moves down to edge of map]
    Tapp:       Hey, Nadesico is running away!?
    Kyoji:      .......
    Light:      And saying so, it doesn't mean nothing for this guy, see?
    Ken:        What's with him!
    Koji:       We have to take care of it first. Or else, Ahgama will fall.
    [Nadesico disappears]
    Linda:      Nadesico, dettached from this flight zone.
    Bright:     It can't be.
    Domon:      I've found you, Kyoji!
    Fa:         A person!?
    Shiroh:     Why is a civilian in here!?
    Musashi:    Is he trying to do something?
    Domon:      I won't let you run anymore! Riiiiiise! Guuundaaaaam!
    [badge sound]
    Light:      He's screaming! ... That's, a Gundam!?
    [Shining Gundam appears]
    [Domon's Morale +30, entering Super Mode]
    Tapp:       Another one has come out!? Is that a Gundam too!?
    Ken:        Again! How many Gundams are out there?
    Kyoshiro:   Dunno, ask Anaheim later.
    Domon:      You, you are interfering! Get away from Devil Gundam!
    Ryo:        Devil Gundam!? Is that one called Devil Gundam?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       Indeed, it sure fits it's devilish design.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      Name fits it's body... Indeed, the appearence of a devil, it is.
    Michiru:    Don't say reckless words! And you, if you're going to fight that
                Gundam, then let's fight together.
    Domon:      Shut up! I'll beat him!
    Boss:       What is with you, we're just offering some help!
    Domon:      I said it's unnecessary!
    Rain:       Domon, it's nonsense! It's better for you to cooperate with them!
    Domon:      Stay quiet, Rain! I'm saying I'll beat him!
    Sayla:      What's happening?
    Hayato:     It's everything too sudden. But, Ahgama was attacked by that giant
                Gundam, and another Gundam just came chasing the first now, now
                that's true.
    Amuro:      Bright, can you move?
    Bright:     Astonage!
    Astonage:   It'll take some time! Can't move right now!
    Linad:      Reaction in the radar, it's Giganos Forces!
    Bright:     What a bad timing...! All units, ambush attack!
    [Practice and Giganos units appear]
    Werner:     We've found it, that's our objective, the Ultimate Gundam!
    Dan:        Uhn... There's something different from our data..!? Anyway, we
                have to capture that, right?
    Karl:       Seems like we have minor performance first... That's Londo Bell!
    Light:      Gelf...! What the... They're Practice's richies.
    Ken:        Not even Giganos' hawk guy, they've come to Earth too!
    Karl:       And that's the D-weapon!
    Dan:        Okay, Devil Gundam has that size, it can't move fast! We'll end up
                with Londo Bell first. We'll clear up our Lieutenant's humilliation!
    Werner:     Ok, all units, aim Londo Bell before Devil Gundam!
    Soldier:    Hah!
    Karl:       Fufu... And I see their mother battleship can't move... Aim for it!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       How is Ahgama!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      Captain Bright! Can Ahgama move it is!?
    Bright:     Can't move for a while...! Revolve as many units to protect Ahgama!
    Amuro:      What about him?
    Domon:      ...Kyoji...!
    Kyoji:      ........
    Koji:       Hey, I don't know what you're getting heat for, but let's
                cooperate, shall we?
    Domon:      Didn't you hear to shut up...? If you are going to interfere...!
    Kazuya:     You! You have that Gundam as your objective, right!? We have to
                pass through here. The enemies we have to defeat are the same! We
                don't want to interfere! But it's useless to fight between us!
    Domon:      ... Do as you want. I'll do it as I want!
    Kazuya:     Aah, let's both do as we want.
    Rain:       (He's good... He seems to know Domon's personality well...?)
    Nana:       Is that alright? Kazuya brother.
    Kazuya:     Aah, I sense the same smell I had from him.
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally battleship destruction
    # Main Character VS Practice unit (RM/RF) #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    You're soo persistant.
    # if alive unit: Werner unit #
    Werner:  We'll pay our hatred at the base!
    # if alive unit: Dan unit #
    Dan:     We've failed before because we relaxed!
    # if alive unit: Karl unit #
    Karl:    We'll defeat you this time!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Don't think you can win so easily...!
    # if alive unit: Werner unit #
    Werner:  Trying to make fun of us!?
    # if alive unit: Dan unit #
    Dan:     You said what!?
    # if alive unit: Karl unit #
    Karl:    We won't forgive you, woman!
    # Ken VS Practice unit #
    Ken:     Oh my. You're annoying!
    # if alive unit: Werner unit #
    Werner:  This might be a command from the skies.
    # if alive unit: Dan unit #
    Dan:     We'll beat you, and clear up our humilliation at space!
    # if alive unit: Karl unit #
    Karl:    It's our Lt's vengence!
    # Tapp VS Practice unit #
    Tapp:    Here you come, here you come. As usual, richies!
    # if alive unit: Werner unit #
    Werner:  Stop grumbling!
    # if alive unit: Dan unit #
    Dan:     We'll beat you up!
    # if alive unit: Karl unit #
    Karl:    If we could get your machine to fight on closer range!
    # Light VS Practice unit #
    Light:   Oh well, you sure are bothering richies.
    # if alive unit: Werner unit #
    Werner:  We shall drop you down today!
    # if alive unit: Dan unit #
    Dan:     We'll fight for our Lieutenant!
    # if alive unit: Karl unit #
    Karl:    You'll see our power!
    # Main Character VS Kyoji #
    Kyoji:   ...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    This guy... What's with him? Hey, how about saying something!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   What, this machine... Is it alive?
    # Domon VS Kyoji #
    Domon:   Kyoji, I'll stop you!
    Kyoji:   ........
    # enemy retrear: Kyoji's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    # if Kyoji's hp reached 0 #
    Kyoji:   ........
    [Devil Gundam explodes]
    Domon:   I've got it...!
    Rain:    Domon! ... No, wait!
    # if Kyoji's hp reached 0 #
    [Devil Gundam reappears]
    # Kyoji's hp reached 30% #
    [Devil Gundam's hp recharges]
    Kyoji:   ...Fuh...Fuh fuh fuh fuh...Huahaahahahahahahah!
    Domon:   What's so funny! Kyoji!
    Rain:    ... Self regeneration...
    Amuro:   It regenerated...!?
    Koji:    What's going on!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Self regeneration... This technology... Uh... Can't remember...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Self regeneration... This technology... Can be...
    [Devil Gundam disappears]
    Hayato:  It dug into underground?
    Domon:   You won't run!
    Hayato:  What should we do, Bright-san. Shall we chase it with Getta 2!?
    Bright:  No, Getta can catch it up but, Ahgama can't move and it's no story.
             And our mission is Nadesico's capture.
    Noin:    Devil Gundam's appearence is sort of an incident. We have to let it go
             for now...!
    # if alive unit: Werner unit #
    Werner:  The Devil Gundam!? So it's inevitable, concentrate on attacking Londo
    # else alive unit: Karl unit #
    Karl:    The Devil Gundam!? Damn you Londo Bell!
    # stage end #
    Linda:    No Giganos Forces reaction on radar anymore.
    Bright:   At last, we did it. Astonage, can we take off?
    Astonage: Don't say so.... More 2 or 3 hours or it won't move.
    Bright:   Oh well, I can see chief Miwa's angry face by now.
    # next: scene 056 #
    # scene 056: Lunar surface - Giganos headquarters #
    Dorchenov: What? They've failed on Devil Gundam's capture?
    Soldier:   Hah.
    Dorchenov: Those youngsters from Practice. I've thought they would show more
               effort to clean up Plarto's name but... They're useless afterall.
    Giganos:   How about punishing them.
    Dorchenov: Make them fly to the front lines with Lt. Plarto. No need for
               useless in Giganos.
    Soldier:   Hah, and, about Devil Gundam.
    Dorchenov: Let Gun Jeam troops take care of it.
    Soldier:   Gun Jeam troops... To those Giganos' dirty ones?
    Dorchenov: Fight fire with fire, that's what I mean.
    Soldier:   Hah.
    # next: scene 057 #
    # scene 057: Ahgama - bridge #
    Rain:     Devil Gundam... Originally it was the Ultimate Gundam, a Gundam
              purposed for the nature recovery and Earth's regeneration.
    Bright:   Nature recovery?
    Rain:     Yes, that's why Ultimate Gundam had the three main theories that
              Domon's father created: "self regeneration", "self reproduction",
              "self evolution".
    Sayla:    Self regeneration... That's why it resurected once we defeated it.
    Rain:     If completely defeated, it won't come back. That means... The core
              had remained intact, I suppose.
    Linda:    The power of life of nature...
    Rain:     For Earth's nature recovery we would need something like that.
    Amuro:    And why that Gundam turned like that?
    Rain:     During experiments Kyoji-san, I mean Domon's brother, Kyoji Kasshu
              stole the Ultimate Gundam and fleed to Earth.
    Shiroh:   And why did he steal it?
    Rain:     I don't know... But, Ultimate Gundam did went berserk at that time
              and turned into Devil Gundam...
    Noin:     The pilot of Devil Gundam... Kyoji, was it. That's why his aspect was
    Rain:     Yes... Perhaps by Devil Gundam... I guess he doesn't have any more
    # if Lisa joined #
    Lisa:     ... How cruel. Being absorbed by the machine.
    Bright:   And then, you and Domon-kun came to Earth to destroy Devil Gundam.
    Rain:     That's it.
    [message sound]
    Astonage: Hey, is there a Rain-san there!?
    Rain:     Yes?
    Bright:   What, Astonage?
    Astonage: Oh, whatever... That guy that came, Domon, he's having a fight here
              in the deck.
    Rain:     Eeh...!?
    # next: scene 058 #
    # scene 058: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Kazuya:   Why are you so stubborn? I'm just telling you to help us.
    Domon:    You're not involved into it... This is my own problem.
    Koji:     But, because of Devil Gundam, we've failed our mission.
    Domon:    That's not my problem! ... If you don't step away, I'll be gone by
    Ryo:      You'll be gone to where? You say you know where Devil Gundam went to?
    Domon:    Shut up! I said it once. If you don't step away, I'll be gone by
    Kazuya:   ... So I'll be you opponent.
    Koji:     Hey hey, Ryuzaki...
    Hayato:   Hoo, this will be the show.
    Erika:    Kazuya! Stop, please!
    Domon:    Hoo... Karate, is it? You seem you can do something. But, you can't
              stop me and...
    Kazuya:   Is non-stop talking the strongest attack of the whatever style you
              are in?
    Domon:    You... Ok, I'll be your match...!
    Kazuya:   Muhn!
    Domon:    Tahryaa!
    [punch sound]
    Kazuya:   What happens, you're nothing for saying you're going to fight alone.
    Domon:    Humpf, I've seen the reason you have to gather on.... What a fool's
    Nana:     Kyoshiro-san, they both seem not that much... Is that ok?
    Kyoshiro: .... Not at all. Don't you see Kazuya's face, Nana? ... This sure is
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     That's it. They're both taunting each other, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (That man, Domon... He's strong. But Kazuya's one hit... I can't get
    Kazuya:   (This sequence... If the first hit connects...then he'll continue
              until I go down...!)
    Domon:    (If I keep advancing, I won't lose. But, this direct punch...if it
              hits, I'll be defeated...!)
    Sayaka:   We have to stop it.
    Ryo:      Aah, but... If we stop them forcedly, they won't reach an agreement.
    Tapp:     Ah! I remembered!
    Ken:      Wh...what is it, Tapp?
    Tapp:     I've been thinking he had a familiar face. That Domon guy, he's the
              champion of the colony's martial arts tournament, isn't he!?
    Musashi:  Hah? Is that true?
    Tapp:     That's true... I've seen him on TV.
    Light:    H...hey hey, then it should be better to stop Ryuzaki, isn't it!?
    Michiru:  Both Kasshu-kun and Ryuzaki-kun, stop!
    Domon:    Ryuha... For the name of Toho Fuhai...!
    Kazuya:   Haaaaaaaa...
    Hayato:   No! Even if any one of them goes down, we can't lose a pilot now!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Let me handle it!
    Koji:     Okay, we'll both stop them!
    Axel:     No, leave it to me! Hey, stop now! You both should...
    Domon:    Twoooryaaaaa!
    Kazuya:   Hissatsu! Neppu.....!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    No other way...!
    Koji:     Hey! Lamia!
    [punch sound]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Gyaaaa!
    Nana:     Iyaaaa! Axel-san!?
    Ken:      He...he flew...?
    Tapp:     Wow, even a human can fly that high.
    Light:    No time to admire! He landed badly, didn't he!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Guuh!
    Nana:     Iyaaaa! Sis Lamia!?
    Erika:    Kazuya!
    Kazuya:   Oh no!?
    Domon:    You idiot! No normal person gets into the middle of a fight!
    # if Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Don't... Don't mind with it that it...is.
    Ryo:      Hey!
    Rain:     Domon!
    Domon:    Rain!?
    Rain:     Aah... It's too late! Domon! What's all this!?
    Domon:    Kuh, shut up, Rain! Don't interfere on men's match!
    Musashi:  It's no time to say so, though.
    Erika:    Hurry, to the medical office!
    # if Lamia Route #
    Hayato:   (Lamia... It's impossible... She did it!?)
    # next: scene 059 #
    # scene 059: Ahgama - medical office #
    Erika:   Does it hurt...? Kazuya.
    Kazuya:  Only some hits, but I'm alright. You're getting used to medical care,
             Erika...Uhn, what is it?
    Erika:   ... I, feel like... I've done something like that before.
    Kazuya:  Erika, might be... Your memories are coming back?
    Erika:   I don't know. But...
    Kazuya:  Erika, no need to desperate... You should go remembering by parts.
    Erika:   Eeh...
    Kazuya:  Oh yes, [Axel/Lamia]... [He/She]'s got more hurt than me, I suppose.
             Is [his/her] caring done?
    Erika:   Eeh, seems like [he/she] wasn't that bad.
    Kazuya:  That's good...
             (Wasn't that bad...? With that reaction?)
    # next: scene 060 #
    # scene 060: Ahgama - bridge #
    Domon:   Kazuya Ryuzaki... We'll have our final challenge.
    Rain:    Stop with that! How many times do you have to argue to be satisfied!?
    Domon:   (I can't get hit by that direct punch... Ut, I was too concerned with
             that one hit that I've let guard open... I still need more
    Bright:  By the way, I'll go back to the topic... Kasshu-kun.
    Domon:   I said it before... I won't get your help.
    Noin:    We're on the same situation. We're not concerned on helping you nor
             thinking of it.... But, how about a deal?
    Domon:   ... A deal?
    Bright:  Right. We're connected to many informative organizations. We can pass
             Devil Gundam's information to you.
    Noin:    ... And, in charge for the information, we'll borrow your strengh....
             how about it?
    Domon:   .......
    Rain:    Domon, they're saying so...
    Amuro:   I don't think it's a bad idea, do you?
    Domon:   And, this means you'll inspect me too... Isn't it?
    Shiroh:  Even on inspection, you shall hang around normally. I'm under that
    Linda:   Oh, Lt. Amada...
    Domon:   I see... But no secrets.
    Rain:    ... Domon.
    Bright:  I understand. I'm counting on you, Domon Kasshu-kun.
    Erika:   Fuh...
    # if Axel Route #
    Fa:      Ah, Erika-san. How about Ryuzaki-kun and Axel-kun's wounds!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Fa:      Ah, Erika-san. How about Ryuzaki-kun and Lamia-san's wounds!?
    Erika:   Kazuya has slight wounds over his body but... He's alright.
    Domon:   ... No clean hit. And I'm more worried about that one who made
    # if Axel Route #
    Rain:    He's got both Domon and Ryuzaki-san's hit at once... And he's got no
             serious wound...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Rain:    She's got both Domon and Ryuzaki-san's hit at once... And she's got no
             serious wound...
    Bright:  Isn't it coincidence? Not a proposital hit, was it?
    # if Axel Route #
    Domon:   ... No, that man... He evaded the hit point consciously. He flew away
             badly just to low down the shock.
    Amuro:   He did?
    Noin:    I agree with Kasshu. Lt.... Even seeing him piloting
             [Main Robot], he seems to have taken a hard battle training somewhere.
    Amuro:   Might be good if this gets a good key for him to get back his
    # else Lamia Route #
    Domon:   No, that girl... My fist's hit point was slipped a bit. But, I'm
             worried of Kazuya's direct punch.... That one wasn't slipped.
    Amuro:   And even if so, she's alright?
    Noin:    I agree with Kasshu. Lt.... Even seeing her piloting
             [Main Robot], she seems to had taken a hard battle training somewhere.
    Shiroh:  But that toughness is unexplainable...
    Amuro:   A girl full of mysteries... Who might she be?
    # next: scene 061 #
    # scene 061: Ahgama - pathway #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Fuh... Ow, that hurt. They should have gone more on ease...
             (But... My body moved automatically. I'm... experienced on
             army...? Damn, it's too fragmented! I... Who am I?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Repair... Complete. But as a living ones, they can show such talent.
             Can't despise that.
             (I should have set to make more damage on myself... No, on the other
             hand, I myself don't know why I interfered on that fight... What
             happened to me...?)
    # next: scene 061 #
    # scene 061: Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:   Astonage, how's the engine?
    Astonage: 80% of the output but, no trouble in sailing.
    Bright:   Ok, Ahgama take off! We'll get information about Nadesico on the
              nearest base first. They've got wounds too so they might be repairing
    [message sound]
    Linda:    Captain, it's connection from chief Miwa.
    Bright:   Muh... Alright.
    Tapp:     Hey, what you think, we'll finish our mission or a hole will open up
              on Bright's stomach first?
    Light:    The hole.
    Ken:      Well, it doesn't become a bet then.
    Bright:   Quiet, you there! ... Linda, open connection line, please.
    # next: scene 062 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 062: Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:   And about Nadesico's disappearence?
    Linda:    Still nothing was communicated...
    Noin:     I'm sure they might be repairing somewhere, but even the Preventers
              can't catch it... But, with that damage... They can't go into space.
    Bright:   Uhm...
    Kyoshiro: They've allowed too many aliens advance. They can miss one battleship
              then, can't they?
    Bright:   Surely this opinion hurt my ears.
    Nana:     That's it, Kyoshiro-san... Heh, you're shaken.
    Amuro:    Better we repair and resupply Ahgama first, isn't it?
    Hayato:   Yeah, if we find Nadesico we'll have to face them.
    Musashi:  But... Are we really going to fight them?
    Ryo:      ... There's high probability. And with Devil Gundam's appearence,
              everything got gloomy but... We still don't know Nadesico's action
              reason yet.
    [message sound]
    Linda:    Bright captain, a connection from chief Miwa.
    Bright:   Alright, connect it.
    Miwa:     Bright captain, be happy. I've caught info that a new weapon will be
              tranfered to Londo Bell Squad's command. With that you can sink
              Nadesico with one shot!
    Bright:   No, for all possibilities, I want to think a way to not sink them...
              And at first, chief.
    Miwa:     I know, it's repairing and resupplying... Go to Torrington base.
              Along with the new weapon, I've prepared everything for you. For more
              info, see the data I'm sending in.
    Noin:     This sure helps us.
    Bright:   So, Londo Bell Squad will head to Torrington base.
    Miwa:     Hum, I'll meet up with you there. I'll be waiting.... Over.
    Bright:   Ok, Ahgama is currently heading to Australia, Torrington base!
    Kazuya:   By the way, a new weapon... What might it be?
    Amuro:    Linda-kun, and the data he sent?
    Linda:    Among resupplying topics... There's nothing like that. Only
              supplemental pilot and Mobile Suits in certain number... And over.
    Michiru:  And we'll beat Nadesico with that?
    Noin:     Mobile Suits will end up leaning to beam weapons... Can't be sort of
    Amuro:    ... But, chief Miwa was surely self-confident.
    Kyoshiro: I've got a bad feeling.
    # next: scene 063 #
    # scene 063: Ahgama - bridge #
    Ken:     Is that true!? You can erase Dragonar's registration!?
    Noin:    With Torrington base's equipment, it's possible.
    Bright:  I appreciate your efforts until now. Just one more step.
    Tapp:    Yahooo! Then we're free!
    Koji:    Is Torrington base in Australia?
    Jack:    Yes, sea food very nice neh.
    Musashi: Okay, let's eat.
    Bright:  Don't forget our main objective.
    # SM/SF Lisa joined next:     scene 064   #
    # SM/SF Lisa not joined next: scene 065 S #
    # RM/RF next:                 scene 065 R #
    # scene 064: Ahgama - medical office #
    Erika:   Is that okay?
    Lisa:    Yes, it's alright.
    Michiru: Lisa-san, I'm sorry. We don't know what would be of you if they
             discover you're one of Hyakki Empire.
    Erika:   If we make it appear like you've hurt your head, then your horn scar
             will be covered by the bandage.
    Lisa:    I'm sorry I'm troublesome.
    # SM/SF next: scene 065 S #
    # RM/RF next: scene 065 R #
    # scene 065 S: Ahgama - one room #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    By the way, 2nd Lt Amada, why is he in Ahgama? I mean... He's the
             commander of a platton, right? Is that okay to leave his
             subordinates behind? Or does he got amnesia too?
    Tapp:    Don't give amnesia to everyone.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   By the way, 2nd Lt Amada why is here at Ahgama? Like... He's the
             commander of another platoon...
    Noin:    I'll explain. 2nd Lt Shiroh Amada... Earth Federation Troops,
             Southeast Asian Hybrid Machines Squad 08th MS Platoon commander.
             His mission was to take out Southeast Asia's Giganos Forces.
    Sayla:   He's... Under vigilance for spy suspicion.
    Koji:    Spy suspicion...!?
    Ryo:     Are there any proofs?
    Light:   I caught up with D-3... For what it hears, it was a couple's
             conversation, wasn't it?
    Domon:   At battlefield? ... It's fatal. And to think that such a softheart guy
             became commander.
    Rain:    ... Domon...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Was that... His girlfriend?
    Ken:     You seem to like such topic.
    Axel:    If she's a good woman, then that's it.... If I get my memories back,
             my ultra beauty girl will...
    Tapp:    No, this is not related to memories, I suppose.
    Light:   And even the beauty part.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Was it is his girlfriend?
    Ken:     Heh, with that nerd looking face and are interested in it?
    Lamia:   ... Ken.
    Tapp:    Uwah, fearsome it is-.
    Light:   We have to thank god we don't have someone like Lamia.
    Lamia:   (Meaningless... And I even don't have interest on it.)
    # next: scene 066 #
    # scene 065 R: Ahgama - one room #
    Ryo:      I've thought that after One Year War, everything got calm but...
              Giganos, and the Underground people and the aliens...
    Shiroh:   Not only those. Nergal enterprise's mobile battleship Nadesico's
              mysterious move, and Zeon is starting to move again.
    Michiru:  And a giant Gundam fell from the skies... What might be happening?
    Domon:    ........
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     And Kazuya, while on the first time greeting, Captain Bright said
              something about your father in that peace negociation... What was
    # else Lamia Route #
    Boss:     And Ryuzaki, while on the first time greeting, Captain Bright said
              something about your father in that peace negociation... What was
              that da wa sa?
    Nana:     What a shame, you don't know about the negociations breakdown with
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     ...Negociations... Breakdown...? ... Uh, uuuh.....
    Koji:     Uhn, what? Perhaps, you've remembered something?
    Axel:     ... Don't know, that is.
    Domon:    Hey hey, what you mean by forget?
    Michiru:  He's got amnesia.
    Rain:     Eeh!?
    Axel:     Well, don't mind. By saying I forgot things, I know my name and I can
              dress up by myself and even go to bathroom. Even pilot mechas.
    Sayaka:   If you had forget till there...
    Axel:     I want to collect as much information as possible, so can you explain
              it to me with details?
    Koji:     Trully, I only know that the peace negociation ended in failure. Can
              you explain that to me also, Ryo-kun?
    Musashi:  I also don't know the details.
    Hayato:   It's this time, how about to spread the information?
    Ryo:      Seems like that. Then...
    Nana:     I'll tell you.... Balmlings weren't invaders at first.
    Ryo:      I thought that the peace negociation occured on moon?
    Kyoshiro: The correct is a colony near moon. Their objective was imigration... 
              Seemed like their home planet Balm has collided into another planet
              name Argorl... And was destroyed.
    Rain:     Wanderers of the universe.
    Musashi:  If so, they could have let them live in Earth. And live peacefully.
    Kyoshiro: It's not that easy.... Balmlings were at least 1 thousand million.
    Musashi:  1 thousand million!?
    Domon:    I know about that too... Earth ambassadors divided into the accept
              group and discor group, and finally the accept group has succeeded.
    Nana:     We have space colonies at all.
    Koji:     Daisuke-san is a Freedling so, we can get along well with aliens.
    Boss:     So, where's the problem then?
    Kyoshiro: The problem is during the negociations... The representant of the
              Balmlings, ambassador Leon was poisoned.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Poi...soned?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    .......
    Hayato:   Uhn...?
    Kyoshiro: Balm guys decided that it was Earth's dirty work, and started up a
    Rain:     And the criminal is still...
    Kyoshiro: No, I have no idea.... There's a possibility that it was someone from
              the discording group.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     ...Uh, I understand now. To the Balmlings, we Earthlings had treaded
              on the peace, as well as had killed their leader.... Is that it?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    And we are their revenge, right.
    Kyoshiro: Yep, that's it. Kazuya is suffering too.
    Domon:    Ryuzaki is? What do you mean?
    Nana:     ... That time, brother Kazuya's father was...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     His father was?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ......
    Nana:     ...killed.
    Rain:     Eeh!?
    Ryo:      When that negociation had a breakdown, I heard that the exhausted
              balmling soldiers shot, and caused many deaths... That means that!?
    Kyoshiro: Aah.... Kazuya's father was trying to convince the discording group,
              and get peace with Balm.
    Nana:     But... Turned into that...
    Domon:    His father... Was it?
    Kyoshiro: After that, Kazuya had raised a confusing feeling against Balmlingas.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Follow the father's path of geting peace with Balm. Or else, have
              vengeance and defeat the Balmlings.
              (... What? There's... Something that tricks me...)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    .......
    Hayato:   Why are you so silent from before?
    Lamia:    Nothing. Don't bother.
    Hayato:   Your speech is strange.
    Lamia:    Muh... No bother really you need to, do you?
    Musashi:  What, Hayato. This was even stranger.
    Hayato:   (This girl... She knows something about this incident...?)
    Ryo:      For what he's meant to, he have to decide to rather follow his
              father's path of getting peace with Balm or fight them...
    Kyoshiro: That's it. By the way, where's Kazuya?
    # next: scene 066 #
    # scene 066: Torrington base - main control room #
    Bright:  Earth Federation Forces 13th Autonomous Corps Londo Bell, main
             battleship Ahgama, has just landed.
    Miwa:    Welcome... As I wanted to say but, you've let the traitor Nadesico run
             and even did not give the fatal blow to the aliens... Only unhappy
             conclusions are continuing, Bright captain.
    Bright:  ... I'm terribly sorry.
    Amuro:   Uhn... And that woman is?
    Miwa:    Hum, I'll introduce her, she's Nina Purpleton-kun.
    Nina:    Pleased to meet you, I'm a system engineer from Anaheim Electronics.
    Miwa:    Fufufu... I've said hard words, but from now on Londo Bell shall
             change. I'll show you the machine that will be... Uhn, and this man is?
    Domon:   ........
    Bright:  (No)
             He's... A volunteer from the colonies.
    Miwa:    Volunteer?
    Bright:  Yes, he's seen Earth's situation and... He's come from the colonies to
             help us.
    Domon:   Hey, I'm... Ugh.
    Rain:    Yes! We'll help out with Londo Bell!
    Miwa:    Volunteer... Alright! How greatful! I've tought spacenoids were fools
             that hadn't touch their feet into Earth but, I didn't think there were
             such men like you! Be your efforts!
    Domon:   I'm saying that...! ...Guh.
    Rain:    Y...Yes, we will!
    Miwa:    Alright, come to this deck. I'll gather the Mobile Suit's pilots also.
    Amuro:   Volunteers, heh. Very suffering, Bright.
    Noin:    No, it wasn't the best option, but the better.... The chief's weak to
             these words.
    Bright:  Aah... I'm sorry, Kasshu-kun, Mikamura-kun.
    Rain:    Ah, I've understood in the way so... And I don't want to be
    Domon:   Then say it with your mouth. Not with your heels, Rain.
    Rain:    Moh! If I say, there's no meaning to it, then!
    # next: scene 067 #
    # scene 067: Torrington base - hangar #
    Kou:     ... That's great. This Gundam's has the Core Block.
             ... And the other one too... Eh...!? That heavy armory is...
    Nina:    Ara? Hey, what are you doing?
    Kou:     Ah, I'm sorry.
    Bright:  Muh... Who is he?
    Kou:     I'm 2nd Lieutenant Kou Uraki.... I've joined Londo Bell Squad to be
             pilot. Pleased to meet you!
    Amuro:   You're the supplemental pilot.... So, this Gundam will be yours?
    Nina:    Not decided like that. I suppose it will be the machine for the Lt
             South Burning, who is coming up later.
    Miwa:    This is the Gundam that will be transfered to Londo Bell. Nina-kun,
             please explain it.
    Nina:    Those are the ones the our company has produced, the Gundam Test Type
             1 and the Test Type 2.
    Amuro:   The 1st is a genuine Gundam type. But the 2nd is... For the armory, it
             seems to be too much protected.
    Kou:     This heavy armor... It's to protect against nuclear warhead. The
             bazooka over the shoulder is an equipment for a shooting nuclear
             warhead, isn't it...!?
    Noin:    What...!?
    Kou:     For the caliber... The warhead is an Mk82 type...
    Miwa:    Hohoo, indeed. You're very good. 2nd Lt. Uraki.
    Bright:  Miwa chief! The use of nuclear warhead is against the Antarctic
             Treaty! What are you thinking of!
    Miwa:    It's something originally meant to be used against aliens. The
             Antarctic Treaty is only meaning to Earthlings! It doesn't matter how
             many shoots we fire against the aliens!
    Noin:    That's only theory!
    Miwa:    Silence! Because you're so reckless, I've gotten such replacement for
             you! ... That's it, before using it against aliens, there's one target
             I want you to test it!
    Shiroh:  You don't mean... Nadesico...!?
    Miwa:    That's right. Even that Distortion Field or whatever can't resist a
             nuclear direct hit.
    Sayla:   No... The own Federation will go against the Antarctic Treaty!?
    Miwa:    Idiots! You can't win a war with such a childish ideas!
    Amuro:   I understand, Miwa chief. The nuclear warhead... We'll use it
    Shiroh:  Lt!?
    Sayla:   Amuro!
    Miwa:    Hum, surely Londo Bell Squad's ace pilot. You sure absorve well the
             situation... Okay, I'll contact the headquarters. Ask Nina-kun for
             more details.
    Noin:    Lt Amuro.
    Amuro:   In that situation, we had to say so. If we disagreed with him, it
             would be used as well... So, it's best to get it, and not use it.
    Kou:     Indeed.
    Bright:  ... Purpleton-san, what does it mean? Why did Anaheim produced a
             nuclear equipped Gundam...?
    Nina:    I don't know. I'm only one of their engineers. The decision of the
             production is all the superiors' decision.
    Bright:  I'm starting to get it.... The Devil Gundam can't be stopped with
             normal fire power so it might be last option to defeat it.
    Nina:    Devil... Gundam!?
    Amuro:   Yes, Purpleton-kun. There are many things I want to clear up. One
             is... About the machine named Ultimate Gundam, and about the rival
             company Nergal enterprises.
    Nina:    Ultimate... Gundam!?
    Amuro:   Aah. That is... Uh!?
    Noin:    Lt?
    Sayla:   Amuro... Did you too...?
    Amuro:   Eeh.... What's this... Feeling...
    Nina:    Er... Shall I?
    Amuro:   Sorry, please, tell me.
    # next: scene 068 #
    # scene 068: Zeon's front line base #
    Gato:    How is the information processing going?
    Soldier: Hah, it's detected that soon the Balmlings will attack this base.
    Gato:    I see. The chance is only once.... And failure is not allowed.
             ... This Federation's uniform, it's a little loose.
    Soldier: I'm terribly sorry. There wasn't one that fit on Major.
    ???:     Major Gato, don't say luxuruous things.
    Gato:    You're right.... We have to endure for now.
    ???:     We've waited so far... We can wait for a little more.
    Gato:    ... Yes, Colonel.
    # next: scene 069 #
    # scene 069: Torrington base - hangar #
    Ken:      Hey, this is what Astonage said about the flight parts for the
              D-weapon? It was called Lifter, for what I remember...
    Light:    Yes, seems like Dragonar will fly soon enough!
    Noin:     You sure are happy. Are you still demanding to ride Dragonar?
    Tapp:     Oh, that's right. We'll have our registrations erased here.
    Ken:      Heheh, instructor Noin, we've taken your time!
    Noin:     I wanted to train you more but... There's no way.
    Astonage: Bring the Lifter and join it with the D-weapon. We'll process the
              registration erasure in the way.
    Ken:      E-r, instructor Noin... I wanted to ask something...
    Tapp:     You'll surely have this flight test with new pilots, right?
    Noin:     That's scheduled, why?
    Ken:      Er, we have a wish.
    Tapp:     We... Wanted to fly a little, you know?
    Noin:     What?
    Light:    This will be the last time, I mean it.
    Ken:      I've wanted to fly with Dragonar once.
    Noin:     ... No other way then. But, the registration erasure will be done
              later, is that ok?
    Ken:      Yes. Thank you very much!
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Shiroh:   Gundam and Metal Armor... That time, if we had that equipment...
              Aina would...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     2nd Lt Shiroh Amada... Can you come with me a little?
    Shiroh:   Uhn... You are... Axel-kun?
    Axel:     I've heard why... 2nd Lt is in this troops.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    2nd Lt Shiroh Amada... Can I speak a little?
    Shiroh:   Uhn... You are... Lamia-san?
    Lamia:    I hear about why... 2nd Lt is in this troops.
    Shiroh:   Aah, didn't want to hide anyway.... And there's this spy suspicion
              over me.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     I won't ask about the situation but... Van you fight like this?
    Shiroh:   I'll fight. I can't just stand... And watch allies dying.
    Axel:     Oh! Great commander. Your speech sure fits a commander's.
    Shiroh:   Former, you mean.... And I still don't know who I am and what I am
              supposed to do. So, I can't die.
    Axel:     (I don't know who I am also... So, I can't die as well...)
              I liked you. I'll be counting on you, 2nd Lt.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Because you ignored mission and protected an enemy? And you continued
              as commander with that attittude.
    Shiroh:   I actually, before coming to Earth, was desiring to wipe out Giganos
              and Zeon's survivor from Earth... But...
    Lamia:    But...?
    Shiroh:   (What... This girl's eyes...?)
              Aina... When I met that Zeon's pilot... I've changed a little.
    Lamia:    ... As a soldier, ignore your mission and let enemies escape?
    Shiroh:   Even parted as allies and enemies, there are good people... We've
              understood each other.
    Lamia:    This is, just imagination...!
    Shiroh:   I think this is... This coward war's last hope.
    Lamia:    ... Hope?
    Shiroh:   We are surely not fighting just for hatred...!
    Lamia:    We fight because it's our mission. If you take out missions from a
              soldier, what will be left...!?
    Shiroh:   There's human left!
    Lamia:    ........!
              (I can't understand... This man...? Why this man's words tricks me
              so much...?)
    # next: scene 070 #
    # scene 070: Torrington base - warehouse #
    Kazuya:  Mikamura-san, how is it?
    Rain:    We've got the medicine as well. With this, we can handle if there
             aren't many wounded people.
    Kazuya:  That's good.
    Erika:   Yes, Kazuya... And as we can diminish the sacrifices...
    Kazuya:  Ah, no... There's this point too but... I'm worried of you, you've got
             involved into battle and lost your memories. But I'm reliefed to see
             you're doing fine.
    Erika:   ... Kazuya, I, I'm scared...
    Kazuya:  Erika?
    Erika:   I... I'm a little afraid. If my memories come back... I feel like I
             won't be allowed to meet you again.
    Kazuya:  It won't happen. I... I won't let you go...
    Erika:   Kazuya...
    Rain:    Arahrah? I... I feel like I'm... Interfering. S...so, I have to go and
             repair Shining...
    Kazuya:  Erika, I am in...
    Erika:   Kazuya...
    Domon:   Fuh. A love romance scene in a battlefield, how calming.
    Kazuya:  Muh...?
    Rain:    W...wait, Domon! Stop it.
             (Oh, why do you have such a bad timing!)
    Kazuya:  Domon, what you mean?
    Domon:   I've joined you to get information on Devil Gundam. And you've brought
             me to Australia, and I even have to see a childish love scene.
    Kazuya:  And aren't people allowed to love each other!? Domon!?
    Erika:   Stop it, Kazuya!
    Rain:    Domon! I'm sorry, Ryuzaki-san.
    Domon:   I'm disappointed on you, Ryuzaki...! You were such one with great
             fists and comparable to me! ... With that you can't win the battles
             that will come further.
    Kazuya:  ... It's the power I have to protect people I love! You can't
             understand it, Domon Kasshu!
    Domon:   I won't, neither I want to! So, we shall have our decision here!
             Kazuya Ryuzaki!
    Kazuya:  Good... Come!
    Domon:   We'll decide... That time's challenge!
    Erika:   Kazuya, stop!
    Rain:    Domon!
    [alarm sound]
    Domon:   Muh!?
    Kazuya:  Alarm!? An enemy attack!
    # next: Stage 06 #
     Stage 06 M - Saru Mono, Owareru Mono (The gone ones, the chased ones)
              F - Romeo and Juliet
    [Balm units appear]
    Lihitel:  Is that the Federation's base that has the gathering of the Earth
              robots that had interfered with us once?
    Raiza:    Yes, it's true information.
    Lihitel:  Right. Before attacking, I'll speech my ultimatum.
    Miwa:     E...enemy attack!
    Kazuya:   That's... Balmlings!
    Lihitel:  My name is Lihitel. Under the orders of the Admiral of Balm's Earth
              Advance Troops... I give you an ultimatum!
    Kou:      Those are the aliens!?
    Erika:    Aah... Those are...
    Lihitel:  Fool Earthlings, our Balm is in need of this Earth! To give the 10
              hundred millions of the Balm nation a stabilized piece of terrain,
              I'll do whatever to successfully conquer Earth!
    Erika:    Aah... Ahh...
    Nana:     What's up, Erika-san?
    Erika:    (That person... I know him... I've remembered... That person is
              my...! And I'm...!)
    Lihitel:  You don't want more sacrifices or confusion! Stop with useless
    Erika:    (Why? Why... Lihitel is... My...)
    Kazuya:   What's happening, Erika!? Someone, call a doctor! Mikamura-san,
    Lihitel:  Hand over the nuclear warhead that's in this base and surrender!
    Bright:   Nuclear...!? They know that there's a nuclear warhead in here?
    Miwa:     That's impossible, this was top secret.
    Bright:   Prepare for the ambush attack!
    Linda:    We can't do it, most of the machines are under repair, and can't
    Bright:   What!?
    Domon:    Rain! What about Shining Gundam!?
    Rain:     Wait a few more! Erika-san first!
    Erika:    .......
    Domon:    Damn!
    Bright:   It can't be.
    Burning:  Whoever can launch, do it! I'll go too!
    Bright:   You are!?
    Burning:  Sorry for being late. I'm Lt South Burning, Londo Bell recruit. Can
              the Gundam take off!?
    Nina:     Test Type 1... Will take a few more time!
    Burning:  Kuh, so the GM Custom will do it.
    Kazuya:   I'll go too. Daimos' repairing has just ended.
    Koji:     If there's Photon Energy in Mazinger, then there's no probs!
    Ryo:      Getta can go too.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     [Main Robot], can do it also, that is!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    [Main Robot], can take off it is.
    Astonage: Dragonar's repair is concluded for the Lifter junction! It can go!
    Noin:     But, Wakaba and the others...
    Ken:      It's okay, instructor Noin. This is the last service! By saying so,
              hey, there's no Lifter.
    Astonage: I was going to put it.
    Ken:      Oh, well, whatever!
    Burning:  Only this can take off...!
    Amuro:    Lt Burning, I'll go soon. So, take the command until then!
    Burning:  Roger.
    [Daimos, Main Robot, Dragonar 1, 2, 3, GM Custom, Mazinger and Getter appear]
    Kazuya:   Let's go, Balmlings!
    Miwa:     Splendid, now that's men's pose!
    Kazuya:   Erika... I'll protect you...!
    Erika:    ..........
    Domon:    I'll have you show me, Kazuya Ryuzaki. The power to protect
              people...! Rain! Hurry up with the Shining!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation
          ally base invasion
          ally battleship destruction (after reinforce)
    # enemy reinforce: enemy turn 2 or after Lihitel's defeat #
    Gato:     The time has come...!
    Soldier:  Major... Take care.
    ???:      I'll go too.
    Gato:     Colonel...!?
    ???:      I'm a little worried.
    Gato:     ...Ha?
    ???:      (Amuro... And one more... Can be)
    Lihitel:  Fufufu, you're trapped, Earthlings! Barbath!
    [Balm units appear]
    Barbath:  Fool Earthlings, I'll smash you all!
    Sayla:    From that side too.
    Burning:  Guh, so this one was a faint.
    Lihitel:  Along with those Earthlings insects, destroy all the robots inside
              that base!
    Nina:     No! If the Test Type 2's nuclear warhead gets exploded... All this
              around will be damaged!
    Kazuya:   I won't let that happen!
    Erika:    (Aah... What a destiny's play... My beloved person is the lethal
              enemy of my brother... Kazuya... I...I've loved the person I wasn't
              allowed to!)
    Kazuya:   Erika is in the base...! I won't let that happen!
    Erika:    (... That person, Lihitel is my brother...! And I'm...a Balmling...!)
    Barbath:  Fool Earthlings, it's useless to interfere!
    Kazuya:   Kuh! That way everything will...!
    Erika:    Kazuya!
    Barbath:  Huahahahaha! We'll blow it up in one...!
    Erika:    Stop it, Barbath!
    Barbath:  Woh!? ... T...that voice... Can it be!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Hey! What are you doing! We're in during a battle!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    It's impossible! In such a place... Does she wants to die!?
    Rain:     Erika-san!? I've seen she wasn't in the medical office anymore,
    Koji:     Hey! Get back!
    Hayato:   What are you thinking of!
    Lihitel:  ... Erika!?
    Barbath:  Erika-sama! Why are you here!?
    Sayaka:   Those wings!
    Michiru:  A Balmlings... Wing!? Erika-san is, a Balmling!?
    Kazuya:   It can't be... Erika... no...!
    Erika:    Barbath, retreat now!
    Barbath:  Li...Lihitel-sama, what shall I do?
    Lihitel:  Kuh, it's inevitable. Barbath, get Erika back. You'll attack after
    Barbath:  Hah. Erika-sama, come...
    Erika:    ... Kazuya...
    [Combat Robot Dali moves and disappears]
    Shiroh:   She was... An enemy...!?
    Kazuya:   Erika... no... Erika... Erikaaaaaaa!
    Lihitel:  The faint plan has failed, but what I received was even greater! And,
              the attack itself hasn't failed yet! Let's go!
    Kyoshiro: What're you doing, Kazuya, the enemy is coming!
    Kazuya:   ... Eri...ka...
    [Kazuya's Morale -30]
    # Kazuya VS Lihitel #
    Kazuya:  Give Erika back!
    Lihitel: What are you talking about? An insect like you, asking my sister back!
    Kazuya:  Sister!?
    Lihitel: Indeed, Erika is this Lihitel's sister.
    Kazuya:  Wha...what the hell.
    Erika:   No! Brother! Don't attack Kazuya!
    Lihitel: What are saying, Erika! This one is an enemy!
    Erika:   Please, brother, don't hurt Kazuya!
    Lihitel: Ca...can't it be, Erika, you and that man!?
    Kazuya:  Wait there, Erika, I'll rescue you!
    # Kazuya VS Lihitel (2nd time) #
    Erika:   Brother!
    Lihitel: Eei, get Erika to her room. I can't fight like this.
    Soldier: Hah.
    Lihitel: Now I can fight. Come, Daimos!
    # enemy retreat 1: Lihitel's hp reaches 30% #
    Lihitel: Damn you Daimos. I'll retreat with Erika!
    [Garunrol disappears]
    # reinforce: after Balm units annihilation #
    Bright:   We protected it somehow.
    Miwa:     Ghnuuuuu, who the hell brought that Balmling woman in here!?
    Kazuya:   ... I did!
    Miwa:     Yooou, you traitor, I shall kill you!
    Bright:   Chief, calm down!
    Kou:      Uhn...?
    Gato:     ........
    Kou:      (Supplemental pilot...?)
    Gato:     So this is... The nuclear equipped Gundam... Splendid, a trully great
              Mobile Suit.
    Kou:      I agree with you, sir!
    Gato:     You, do you know if the nuclear warhead equipping is finished?
    Kou:      Y...yes.
    Gato:     ... So, let's test it then...
    Shiroh:   ... Who is he? The battle is over, isn't it? Plarto-san, how many
              supplemental pilots are there?
    Linda:    Eh...? Only 2nd Lt Uraki and Lt Burning.
    Shiroh:   A third one... no, he's not!
    Nina:     Wait, you! What are you doing!?
    Gato:     Damn, but... It's too late! You can't get me now!
    Domon:    Twaaaaa!
    Gato:     What!? Can he jump till this height!?
    Domon:    You got the guts to come in a Federation's uniform! But... You
              didn't have the luck to Shining Gundam being out!
    Noin:     Kasshu! Get him!
    [gun shot sound]
    Domon:    Mwoh!?
    Gato:     Now is the chance!
    [GP02A appears]
    Domon:    No! Who is there!?
    Sayla:    A Zeon's soldier is in here? Stop, I'll shoot you!
    Char:     ... Alticia!?
    Sayla:    Br...brother!? Brother Casval!? ... So, you were still alive, and in
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Char:     And you, didn't you got out of army!?
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Char:     So what Ral said was true.
    Amuro:    Sayla-san! Uh... You...!
    Char:     ... Amuro...!
    Amuro:    Char!
    [Char's Custom Gelgoog appears]
    Amuro:    Gelgoog...! It was hidden!? And we didn't see it was that near...!
    Nina:     Someone, someone stop the GP02!
    Gato:     I've taken this machine and the nuclear warhead. For the renaiscence
              of Zeon!
    Amuro:    I won't let you! Astonage! The Gundam!?
    Astonage: Aah, I've finished it now! Take off!
    Shiroh:   I'll go too!
    Kou:      Damn...!
    Astonage: Uraki!? Hey, that one is!
    Sayla:    Brother... What are you trying to do...?
    [Gundam, GP01, EZ-8 and Ahgama appear]
    # formation: AG (Ahgama) + 4 units #
      AG  03
    [All chosen units appear]
    Nina:     Test Type 1!? 2nd Lt Uraki, what are you doing! It's impossible to
    Kou:      I'm a pilot also!
    Nina:     It can't be...
    Gato:     So you've come. Foolish Federation.
    Char:     Call the reinforce!
    [Zeon units appear]
    Ral:      All units, support the fleed of Major Gato and Colonel Char! Keep on!
    Ortega:   Londo Bell, we'll blow you up this time.
    Mash:     Ortega, our mission is to support Major and Colonel.
    Gaia:     That's right. We'll let the fun to anxxother day.
    Domon:    How annoying!
    Burning:  They are all old models! Don't be fooled by the numbers!
    Norris:   Nuclear... Foolish Federation, they had given nuclear to their symbol
              Gundam for what reasons!?
    Aina:     ........
    Shiroh:   That Mobile Armor!? Can't be... Aina!?
    Aina:     That Gundam... Can it be Shiroh? ... No, it can't be, Shiroh couldn't
              be in Australia...
    Shiroh:   Aina!
    Aina:     ... Is it really Shiroh?
    Norris:   Aina-sama?
    # Main Character VS Char #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    This guy, he's different from the other machines!
    Char:    This is a new kind!? A good movimentation, indeed...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Red Comet... Char Aznable!
    Char:    (What's this pressure... An enhaced human...? No, it isn't...)
    # Amuro VS Char #
    Amuro:   Char, damn you, what are you up to!?
    Char:    It's not the time to answer you. If you are a newtype then try to feel
    Amuro:   Such egoistic words!
    Char:    The battle from A Baoa Qu... We'll have our decision here, Amuro!
    # Sayla VS Char #
    Sayla:   Brother! I have to stop you, brother!
    Char:    Is it Alticia...!? ... What makes you do that!?
    Sayla:   What makes me do that... It's you, brother!
    # enemy retreat 2: Char's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Char:    Eei, I can't believe I've failed here.
    Amuro:   Wait! Char!
    Sayla:   Brother...
    [Char's Custom Gelgoog explodes/disappears]
    # Amuro VS Gato #
    Gato:    The Federation's White Devil...! And meeting up in a place like this!
             I haven't forgotten! When we left A Baoa Qu behind! And we didn't
             encounter there, you shall curse that fact!
    Amuro:   A Baoa Qu...! Still thinking about that war!?
    Gato:    It isn't over yet! Our Zeon's discreet light hasn't disappeared yet!
    # Kou VS Gato #
    Gato:    2nd Lt Uraki, your effort is formidable! But, for going against me,
             you're still immature!
    Kou:     Immature, I'm not!
    # Kou VS Gato (after) #
    Nina:    Noo, my Gundam!
    # enemy retreat 3: Gato's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Gato:    Kuh, for what I've done. Hurry up on the recapture!
    [GP02A explodes/disappears]
    Nina:    The GP02...!
    # Amuro VS Ral #
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Amuro:   This Gouf... Can it be!
    Ral:     Long time no see... Kid!
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Ral:     You got stronger, kid!
    Amuro:   I'm not like when I was a kid!
    # Sayla VS Ral #
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Ral:     Wha... Alticia-sama!?
    Sayla:   We've...met again, Ral...!
    Ral:     Once again... We've met in a battlefield...!
    # else Real Robot Route #
    Ral:     Alticia-sama... I have to work for Zeon's renaissance. I beg your
    Sayla:   Ral, will you point your gun to me!?
    # Main Character VS Gaia (SM/SF) #
    Gaia:    It's an unseen machine but, better you think you're unlucky to fight
             against the Black Tri-Stars!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Heh, the fact that you have the numbers doesn't mean anything!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Just a bluff!
    # Amuro VS Gaia #
    # if Super Robot Route #
    Gaia:    I'll pay One Year War's debt! You won't step on me this time!
    Amuro:   It won't be like that!
    # else Real Robot Route and all Black Tri-Star units are alive #
    Amuro:   I got it!
    Gaia:    I won't be caught by same moves!
    Ortega:  Gaia, Jet Stream Attack's formation!
    Mash:    Okay!
    # Main Character VS Norris (SM/SF) #
    Norris:  An unseen machine... Is the Federation building new machines also!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    This one....is strong...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Oh... It is strong.
    # Shiroh VS Norris #
    Shiroh:  Get back!
    Norris:  This guy, why do you concern about Aina-sama that much!?
    # convince: Aina with Shiroh #
    Shiroh:  Aina, get down from there. We don't need to fight.
    Aina:    Shiroh... Is it really Shiroh. No, I can't break down my brother's
    Shiroh:  Aina!
    # if alive unit: Norris unit #
    Norris:  Damn you, get away from Aina-sama!
    # Main Character VS Aina (RM/RF) #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    You're Aina, right? Do you want to make Shiroh's effort in vain?
    Aina:    ... I... I...
    Axel:    Then I'll have you surrender even by destroying the Mobile Armor!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   The way you fooled 2nd Lt Amada... That was perfect.
    Aina:    Why do you know about Shiroh!? No, me and Shiroh, we...
    Lamia:   Kuh, one like you only confuses me. I'll have you erased...!
    # enemy retreat 4: Aina's hp reaches 30% #
    Aina:    The output won't rise! I'll retreat!
    # if alive unit: Norris unit #
    Norris:  Aina-sama, flee please. I'll take you!
    [Gouf Custom disappears]
    [Apsalas disappears]
    # stage end #
    Bright:  What was that...! Balmlings and the Zeon's survivors? They've got this
    Miwa:    What are you waiting for. They've got the GP02 with the nuclear
             warhead! Chase them, now!
    Bright:  We surely know we have to chase them, but Ahgama is under repairing,
             and can't move.
    Miwa:    What the hell. Useless Londo Bell!
    Kou:     If I was...on that time...more stronger...! If I only had felt Zeon's
             intrusion... Damn!
    Amuro:   2nd Lt Uraki, don't blame yourself.
    Noin:    We'll take off as soon as Ahgama is possible to it.... Pay back what
             you own then.
    Kou:     Kuh...
    Amuro:   (And Char... What are you planning to do with the nuclear warhead...?)
    # scene 071: Torrington base - main control room #
    Nina:    But how did the Balmlings or Zeon have information about GP02...
    Noin:    The information is being spreading from somewhere... Might be a spy?
    Miwa:    Of course there's a spy!
    Bright:  Eh!?
    Miwa:    Call Kazuya Ryuzaki and Shiroh Amada in here!
    # next: scene 072 #
    # scene 072: under water castle - commander room #
    Lihitel: I won't forgive, I won't let him live. Those hatred Earthlings, she
             loved one of the revenge of our father!
    Barbath: Lihitel-sama, please be calm!
    Lihitel: Eei, get off me, Barbath!
    Raiza:   Erika-sama too, you should apologize to Lihitel-sama.
    Erika:   Why, should I have to!?
    Lihitel: Do you understand, the man you love is an Earthling. An Earthling that
             killed our father!
    Erika:   Brother, you only have war in your head.
             Father wanted to meet up with the Earthlings for peace.
    Lihitel: And who murdered our father!? An Earthling. That damned bastard
             Earthling. And you've forgotten that hatred?
    Erika:   We had killed Kazuya's father also that time. And, father wished for
             peace till the end.
    Lihitel: And so you say we have to forgive Earthlings!?
    Erika:   Brother, you hate the Earthlings that much that have you forgotten
             what father's true feelings were!?
    Lihitel: ... Put Erika in the prison!
    Erika:   Brother!
    Lihitel: You're not my sister anymore, nor is a Balmling! My syster doesn't
             exist anymore. The Balmling Erika died... Died!
    # next: scene 073 #
    # scene 073: Torrington base - main control room #
    Miwa:     Kazuya Ryuzaki, you were the one who brought that Balmling spy named
    Kazuya:   No, Erika isn't a spy!
    Miwa:     She's a Balmling!
    Kazuya:   I didn't know until then! And if she were so, why she showed herself
              as a Balmling that time!?
    Light:    You're right.... If she was a spy, she would be here till now.
    Tapp:     And if we've had discovered, she would be in trouble.
    Miwa:     You all, are you trying to argue me!?
    Rain:     I'm sorry chief, but Erika's amnesia was true. I say it was
              impossible for Ryuzaki-san to discover Erika-san's true self, wasn't
    Miwa:     So, you are the spy. Shiroh Amada! It's clear that you and the Zeon
              soldier named Aina had some kind of contact!
    Shiroh:   ..........
    Miwa:     Hah, you see! Can't even get an answer! You, talked about this base
              to the enemies, and even about the nuclear warhead...!
    Bright:   That's not possible.... 2nd Lt. Amada had been with us among when he
              joined us at southeast Asia.... I'm sorry for him, but we've had
              inspecioned him through.
    Miwa:     Eei! He can easily fake you and contact anyone.
    Shiroh:   ........
    Miwa:     I myself will interrogate you! Be prepared, you...
    Amuro:    Miwa chief, there's another strange point.
    Miwa:     What, Lieutenant? Oh you... Are you going to protect the spy!?
    Amuro:    Have you forgotten? We've known about the nuclear warhead equipped
              GP02... Only when we got here at Torrington base.
    Noin:     But, Zeon's attack wasn't concerned about all the gathering of Super
              Robots and Metal Armors... And aimed only for the GP02...
    Amuro:    And afterall, it's possible that they even didn't know about our
              presence. I mean, they've got the information about this base having
              a nuclear warhead equipped machine before we reached here.
    Miwa:     Gnuuh... You are all disagreeing with everything I say. You're
              forgetting about your position under your superior!
    Linda:    Miwa chief!?
    Miwa:     And I say, Bright captain, that your commandment is going very badly!
    Kazuya:   Miwa chief, what are you...!
    [punch sound]
    Bright:   Guh!
    Kazuya:   Bright captain! Miwa chief, why did you hit him all of a sudden?
    Miwa:     Shut up, I've just punished him for going against a superior's words!
              And if you insist on saying bullshit, you'll all be punished too!
    Kyoshiro: Don't fool us...! Miwa, you!
    Bright:   Stop it! Yutsuki! ... Chief, Londo Bell will soon go after Zeon
              Forces. Kazuya Ryuzaki and 2nd Lt Shiroh Amada's case will be taken
              by ourselves.
    Miwa:     Do as you want! I won't be concerned to you afterall!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Captain Bright, why didn't you just evade. Such a weak bended punch.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Captain Bright, you were got hit on purpose it is?
    Bright:   That's one of a captain's job.
    Light:    Yeah, I see. If he did evade there, I can't imagine what that old man
              would say.
    Ken:      Woo, great famous captain.
    Bright:   Don't make fun of it!
    # F next: scene 074 F #
    # M next: scene 075   #
    # scene 074 F: Torrington base - pathway #
    Hayato:  You're safe then.
    Lamia:   Uhn? It's you again... Hayato Kami.
    Hayato:  I've surely thought that you were the one who flushed away all the
    Lamia:   I've got no reason to do that.
    Hayato:  Aah, seems like this time it's like that.
    Musashi: He-y! What... Hayato, are you distrusting Lamia again?
    Ryo:     She's our friend.
    Hayato:  Sorry, but I'm not as human as you guys.
             (My intuition is saying. To be aware of that woman.)
    # next: scene 075 #
    # scene 075: Zeon front line base - one room #
    Ral:     Alticia-sama... Once again to the Federation...
    Char:    The history may be repeat. It sure is hard.
    Ral:     No, this Ramba Ral have decided from my heart.... For the sake of
             Zeon, to even point a gun to Alticia-sama.... But I want to avoid
             that, though.
    Char:    I see...
    Gato:    Colonel, the Federation might come chase us.
    Char:    ... They surely will. And it will be Londo Bell, I presume. Major
             Gato, you should only think of your job.
    Ral:     Major Gato, please get a little rest. There's a great mission awaiting
             for you Major.
    # next: scene 076 #
    # scene 076: Torrington base - hangar #
    Tapp:     Eeeh-!!
    Ken:      Is that true, can't we get our registrations erased anymore!?
    Astonage: Aah, with that last attack, the computer is gone.... And we'll let it
              be, then.
    Light:    Noo, and we've all thought we would get some freedom.
    Astonage: If we've had erased it as soon as we got here, then it should have
              been ok.
    Tapp:     Is it the curse of the Lifter?
    Burning:  It's here... So, you're the D-team.
    Ken:      Yes, but who the hell are you, old man?
    Burning:  I'm Lt. South Burning. I'll be your instructor for now on.
    Light:    heh? Instructor, and what about instructor Noin?
    Burning:  Instructor Noin was originally an emergencial instructor. From now on
              I'll train you along with 2nd Lt Uraki. Nice to meet you all, babies.
    Light:    No, nooo....
    Burning:  And specially Dragonar 2's pilot Tapp Oceano 3rd class officer. A new
              supply equipment was installed into your machine.... Your fighting
              style will change from now.
    Tapp:     Why just me?
    Ken:      Aah, we didn't get our registrations erased, and our instructor
              changed from a woman to a scary old man... It's he-ll!
    # next: scene 077 #
    # scene 077: Under water castle - prison #
    Raiza:   By supporting 1 thousand million Balm civilians' destiny, Lihitel-sama
             is tired.
    Erika:   .........
    Raiza:   And afterall, you even try to understand Lihitel-sama. Being a
             Balmling, why don't you regret about your crime?
    Erika:   Crime? Is love a crime, you say? You're an emotionless Balm woman...
    Raiza:   You're the one who is emotionless!
    # next: 078 #
    # scene 078: Ahgama - one room #
    Kazuya:   ... Erika...
    Kyoshiro: The fate is sure playing with you. How sad. The two beloved ones are
    Mary:     As Romeo & Juliet, neh.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Ryuzaki, be happy.... She's not meant to be dead, you'll meet her
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (...Such an unknown world.)
    Sayaka:   This is... A deep wound.
    Koji:     Aah, it's the situation. And we don't even know how to talk to him.
    Nana:     Brother Kazuya... Erika-san is... now...
    Kazuya:   ... No, I won't give up on Erika. It doesn't matter what goes
              between us... I'll beat it and get Erika back...!
    Domon:    Ryuzaki, an enemy is an enemy. And your doubt will only blur your
              fist. You are supposed to understand that.
    Rain:     Domon...
    Koji:     But, Domon. It's not as easy to get through it as you're saying, you
    Domon:    No, it's not to get through or not what matters. The fist is the
              mirror of your heart. And your doubt will reflect into your fist.
              I've learned that from master, but I know Ryuzaki knows that too.
    Kazuya:   ........
    Hayato:   Mah, you have to give up. You're surely on enemy sides.
    Shiroh:   No, that's not right.
    Ryo:      Uhn, 2nd Lt Amada...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Have you cleared up your suspicion, platoon commander-san?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    2nd Lt Amada... How your interrogation was it is?
    Shiroh:   Aah, I've been helped by the captain... But as far as it goes, my
              feelings won't change.
    Kazuya:   2nd Lt Amada is too?
    Shiroh:   Ryuzaki-kun, trust her. Whatever it happens... You shouldn't stop
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     A pure love, indeed. If my memories come back.. Eh, what...? A
              lover...? Me too...?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (This feeling... Will only become an obstacle to your missions.
              But... I'm...?)
    Musashi:  Somewhat... Excited you are.
    Koji:     It's alright, I think. Better than being facing down... But I want to
              do something about it.
    Domon:    I don't understand. But... If this will motivate you, then it's ok.
    Rain:     Moh, why don't you understant these parts? I... Am a little bit envy
              about those girls.
    Domon:    Uhn...? Rain, you want to be kidnapped by enemies too?
    Rain:     That's not it! Baka!
    # next: scene 079 #
    # scene 079: Zeon front line base - one room #
    Aina:    Shiro... What should I do...
    Norris:  What a thing. An act of solitude from Ginias-sama ended up in a
             backfire like this.
    Aina:    I've come here... For my brother's dream... But, I, myself, from
             Sahalin family...am like a puppet.
    Norris:  Aina-sa... I hope you do not confuse yourself...
    Aina:    .......
    # next: scene 080 #
    # scene 080: Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  We, the Londo Bell troop, will ambush attack Zeon's armies to
             recapture the stolen GP02 back!
    Boss:    Areh, how about Nadesico?
    Noin:    We still can't get their reaction... But, that kind of battleship is
             trying to go to space, the Federation isn't that incompetent to let it
             go. And the Preventers are also moving.
    Bright:  By knowing this, our first objective is the recapture of the stolen
    Koji:    But, could you get where did those Zeon's guys head to?
    Noin:    From the Preventers' informations, they've headed to the African
    Shiroh:  A Zeon's base in Africa?
    Amuro:   Might be a base equipped to launch a rocket.
    Bright:  Their target is...space.
    # next: scene 081 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # 07. Shadow Mirror #
    Space Route: SP
    Earth Route: EA
    # scene 080: Ahgama - bridge #
    Kou:      So those are the Super Robots... splendid technology.
    Nina:     I wonder what kind of technology Getter's combine system uses...
    Astonage: Although, Mobile Suits have their own combines and transformations.
    Kou:      But how's adjustment done?
    Astonage: I can play with each pilots' and maintenance's data but, if a basical
              system fails, we'll have to drop back to the labs.
    Kou:      One Off's Custom Made... is that it.
    Nina:     An enterprise's thoughts are basically different. If a frame has
              diversion support, easy dismantling and repair machine... And become
              something like a Gundam is all of it.
    Astonage: There are exceptions, though... Like that.
    Kou:      Shining Gundam... Yes, that's a Gundam too.
    Rain:     Adjustments over with this... and... Arah? What would be?
    Kou:      No, just something about the robot's mechanism...
    Rain:     Abou the Mobile Trace System?
    Kou:      Yes. It feedbacks the pilot's fist movement direcly. If it becomes
              mass produced then...
    Rain:     ... Impossible, I would say. Mobile Trace System can reproduce the
              pilots movements but... It can't be used well if the pilot isn't a
              martial fighter. And, it has to be adjusted personally because of
              habits that pilots starts to show.
    Nina:     To one mass produced machine, one mechanic... Not very economical.
    # if Axel Route #
    Rain:     That's it... How about Axel-kun's robot? It's different from Mobile
              Suits and Mobile Fighters... It moved in an unique way...
    Astonage: [Main Robot], is it? I can't know about it as well. Even adjustments
              are done mainly by Axel himself.
    Nina:     Axel-san has amnesia, doesn't he? And doesn't he know where it was
    Astonage: Aah. And afterall he doesn't seem to mean to get his memory back.
              He's relaxing at all.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Rain:     That's it... How about Lamia-san's robot? It's different from Mobile
              Suits and Mobile Fighters... It moved in an unique way...
    Astonage: [Main Robot], is it? I can't know about it as well. Even adjustments
              are done mainly by Lamia herself.
    Nina:     [Main Robot]... I've heard that it was made by Lamia's father... is
              that it?
    Astonage: Aah. Like he was a junk shopper... I don't know if it's true, though.
    Kou:      Can't we know if he was that kind of person or not?
    Astonage: It's times that even a civilian lab can create a robot that goes
              beyond imagination. No reason why it can't be made on a colony.
    Rain:     Lamia-san's father... if he was a genius scientist, we would need
              some proof of that.
    Astonage: That's it. But, any genius is a little famous... Doctor Mikamura,
              doctor Kasshu... like the father of yours, I mean.
    Rain:     .......
    Nina:     This technology, I hope it gets used for the next Gundam.
    Astonage: Be careful. It has something like a self-destruction equipment.
    Rain:     Self-destruction equipment!?
    Kou:      For what!?
    Astonage: Don't know. And even what's it potential or why is it there...
    # if Axel Route #
    Astonage: Mah, if his memories get back, then we should get to know then.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Astonage: Including those stuff, it proves she's a mysterious woman.
    # next: scene 081 #
    # scene 081: Empire Mikene- commander room #
    Ankoku:      Jigoku-Dai-Genshi, the mass production... That one isn't complete
    Jigoku:      I said not to get anxious. Whatever I do, it has its own
                 production time.
    Ankoku:      Uhnn, but.
    Jigoku:      I know... You can take that, then. I made it when I was Dr. Hell.
                 I've powered it up combining it with Mikene's technologies.
    Ankoku:      Uhn... Hohoo, that one. It may be a little helpful.
    Hidler:      You sure got interesting stuff. Trully, our Empire Hyakki has its
                 hidden cards too.
    Ankoku:      What? ... Muh!?
    Warchimedes: ... That is...
    Ankoku:      Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah! Interesting! With those we can shoot the ones
                 of Londo Bell. Where are they now?
    Dangel:      Indo Ocean. They're heading to Africa.
    Hidler:      So, this time's commandment is...
    Warchimedes: Wait! This time we'll certainly beat up Londo Bell! Dangel, we'll
                 both take the command! Failure is not allowed!
    Dangel:      With brother? Eei, no other way then!
    # next: scene 082 #
    # scene 082: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Ken:     Okaay, we'll have our first flight in Dragonar in our investigation
    Tapp:    I think D-2's lifter is bigger. Well, if it flies, it's ok.
    Light:   Ow, D-3-chan's become a man to it's first flight.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    What, you were crying other day that you couldn't go away from the
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   You've got your registration erasure prolongued and you're happy as
    Ken:     Hell yeah, nothing happens if we stay unhappy forever.
    Light:   And let's change our hearts, that's what we mean.
    Tapp:    That's it. So, instructor Burning, we're going!!
    Burning: Aah. I'll say it again, your mission is to investigate. No need to
             run forward and do the impossible.
    Ken:     I know that. Ken Wakaba, Dragonar 1, go-ing!
    Burning: He's the one who don't know the most. Oceano, Newman! Keep your eyes
             on Wakaba.
    Tapp:    Roger-.
    Linda:   Ken! See you! Be careful!
    Ken:     Okay, Linda! I know-!
    Light:   ... Good for Ken. He's got a woman to call for him.
    Tapp:    That's true, maybe someone could tell "good luck" to us too.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Coff, so I'll give my efforts on it. Tapp-san, Light-san, good luck
    Light:   Disgusting.
    Tapp:    Go to hell.
    Axel:    You're bad.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Tapp, Light... Good luck.
    Light:   Eh...?
    Tapp:    Oh my...
    Lamia:   ... What, I'm not enough? You want someone to say "good luck" to you,
             don't you?
    Tapp:    Dahahahahahah, that's not it. It doesn't fit you!
    Light:   Like, a little bit of charm is needed... But, we'll be patient with
             just that.
    Lamia:   (I don't know with which feeling I have to say it, though.)
    # next: scene 083 #
    # scene 083: Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:   A flying unit. Now our mobility will advance to the air also.
    Kazuya:   Captain Bright, I want to go too.
    Bright:   Ryuzaki, why is it?
    Kazuya:   Like... I don't want to be quiet at all...
    Noin:     Ryuzaki, give up about that girl... She's a Balmling, and that's the
    Kyoshiro: Mah Mah, Noin-san. It's annoying to be touched like that all the
              time. Let him go.
    Kazuya:   Please.
    Noin:     But...
    Amuro:    It's alright... I want 2nd Lt Amada to go too. I'm sure he can gather
              Ryuzaki-kun and the D-team.
    Shiroh:   Lt...?
    Noin:     ... I see. Ok, 2nd Lt Amada, Ryuzaki, I'll count the investigation
              mission on you.
    Kazuya:   Thank you very much!
    Shiroh:   Roger.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Er-.
    Bright:   Uhn? What is it, Axel.
    Axel:     I wanted to go too...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Captain, can I?
    Bright:   Uhn? What is it, Lamia.
    Lamia:    I... want to go to investigate too.
    Noin:     Why is that?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Somewhat... concerned about...
    Bright:   Axel, you can go too... 2nd Lt Amada and Ryuzaki are shocked from
              last battle... I'm worried a little.
    Axel:     It's roger.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    I concern... about a thing, it is.
    Bright:   Lamia, you can go too... 2nd Lt Amada and Ryuzaki are shocked from
              last battle... I'm worried a little.
    Lamia:    Roger it is.
              (The next orders aren't coming from a while... I have to confirm.)
    # next: scene 084 #
    # scene 084: Kimberlight base - main control room #
    Bitter:  The GP02 will come soon. How's the HLV preparation for launch?
    Soldier: Hah. We can launch whenever it's possible.
    Ginias:  HLV... And to think that an atmosphere-escapable rocket from the past
             century would be useful at this times.
    Bitter:  Ginias-dono... Can your proudful Apsalas be used?
    Ginias:  It's not complete yet but... I'll have the prototype launched.
    Bitter:  I don't mind. The Federation will surely attack here. But we'll have
             to send Major Gato and the GP02 to space whatever we do.
    Ginias:  The Gundam equipped with nuclear warhead...
             (Delaz does unthinked things. Even without that, if my Apsalas is
    ???:     Uwaaaah! No... It can't be done!
    Bitter:  Muh... what's that voice?
    Ginias:  Again that man... I've thought we could get some information about
             the Federation and arrested him but... Useless. Keep him quiet.
    Soldier: ... Hah!
    Soldier: Major Gato confirmed... And enemy units as well!
    Bitter:  What!? All units take off! We'll support the Nightmare of Solomon!
    # next: Stage 07 #
     Stage 07 M - Netsusa no Koubousen (Battle in the Burning Sand)
              F - Desert Storm
    [Zeon units appear]
    [Ez-8, Main Robot, Daimos, Dragonar 1 L, 2 L and 3 L appear]
    Light:   Oh, there they are! Lucky, they didn't get into the base yet.
    Shiroh:  That Mobile Armor...!
    Aina:    That Gundam... Shiroh!?
    Ral:     So they've come! Major, go! We'll stop them here.
    Gato:    ... I'm grateful!
    ???:     ... Aah... no... that... can't be...
    Char:    (Amuro...!? No, not possible... What?)
    Gaia:    Colonel? What's up?
    Char:    No, nothing... Did you understand? Our mission is to send GP02 to
             space. Leave the enemies to the base's defensive forces and we'll
             hurry to the base.
    Mash:    Roger.
    Ortega:  Count on us!
    Gato:    The enemy is in front of us and I can't do anything... This is for the
             incoming time.
    [Zeon units appear]
    Bitter:  Do whatever you can to let Major Gato reach Kimberlight base!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Here they are, here they are. They're serious.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Reception from the base. We have not to let GP02 go in the base!
    Kazuya:  Aah, all of them came out just to protect the GP02.
    Light:   I've connected to Ahgama. After some minutes and they'll arrive.
    Tapp:    So, what can we do, platoon commander-dono?
    Shiroh:  Till Ahgama's arrival, we'll stop GP02's movements! And...
    Ken:     Any strategies?
    Shiroh:  ... Do not die. We'll go back alive for sure. This is an order.
    Kazuya:  2nd Lt Amada...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Heheh, that guy wouldn't ever say... Uhn!?
             (That guy...? What, my memory is starting to come... back?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   .......
             (He didn't pointed any material plan and, do not die? ... It's not an
             order. But... I don't feel bad about it... What... is this feeling?)
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation
    # ally reinforce: ally turn 3 #
    [Ahgama appears]
    Gato:    The main squad has arrived! Hurry!
    Bright:  Don't let GP02 go into the base!
    # formation: AG (Ahgama) + 8 units #
      02  04
    01  AG  05
      08  06
    [All chosen units appear]
    ???:         Uuh...
    Amuro:       Uh!? This feeling...!?
    Sayla:       Amuro, this is... 
    Fa:          Can be!
    Char:        (Amuro...! So, the one inside the base is another person... who?)
    # Main Character VS Gato #
    Gato:    Until now... We've endured until we've reached this far...! Don't
    # Main Character VS Bitter #
    Bitter:  See our spirit!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    This guy, he'll cover the age of the machine with his willpower.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   With such a machine!
    # Shiroh VS Norris #
    Norris:  It's not my will to make Aina-sama sad... But I can't betray the
             Sahalin family!
    Aina:    Norris...!
    Shiroh:  That's what is making Aina suffer! Why can't you get it!
    Norris:  There are things you can't see for your youngness!
             (That's enough... Aina-sama, you should continue your battle. I...
             I'll fight for mine...!)
    # Shiroh VS Aina #
    Shiroh:  Aina, get out from that machine!
    Aina:    I can't, Shiroh!
    # Sayla VS Char #
    Char:    Alticia, this will be the last time. Get off from the army!
    Sayla:   Such egoistic words!
    Char:    I'm aware of that. Get off from the army and run away from Earth!
    Sayla:   Brother, what are you planning!? Brother Casval!!
    # enemy retreat 1: Gato, Char or any of Black Tri-Stars' hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    #                  or any of them reaches base                               #
    # if Gato's hp reached 0 or 30% #
    Gato:    A mistake!? ... Nuh, Kuh... I'll count on recapture!
    # if Gato's hp reached 0 #
    [GP02 explodes]
    Gaia:    Major!? Ortega, Mash, GP02 can't move! Help it!
    Ortega:  Okay.
    Char:    Tih, hurry up, I'll backup too.
    [Char's Custom Gelgoog and all Black Tri-Star's Dom II disappear]
    # else Gato's hp reached 30% #
    [GP02, Char's Custom Gelgoog, all Black Tri-Star's Dom II disappear]
    # else Char's hp reached 0 or 30% #
    Char:    What...!? A direct hit in the generator...! Eei!
    # if Char's hp reached 0 #
    [Char's Custom Gelgoog explodes]
    Gato:    Colonel!?
    Char:    Don't mind, I'll drop my machine. I won't be stopped now, so rescue
             me. We'll head to the base!
    # before ally reinforce #
    Amuro:   Char! He left his machine!?
    [GP02 and all Black Tri-Star's Dom II disappear]
    # Char's hp reached 30% #
    [GP02, Char's Custom Gelgoog, all Black Tri-Star's Dom II disappear]
    # else any Black Tri-Stars unit's reached 0 or 30% #
    # if any Black Tri-Stars unit's hp reached 0 #
    [Black Tri-Star's Dom II explodes]
    Gato:    It fell...!? Kuh, Londo Bell is sure strong. Hurry to the base!
    [GP02, Char Custom Gelgoog and remaining Black Tri-Star's Dom II disappear]
    # else any of Black Tri-Stars unit's hp reached 30% #
    [GP02, Char's Custom Gelgoog, all Black Tri-Star's Dom II disappear]
    # else any of them reached base #
    [GP02, Char's Custom Gelgoog, all Black Tri-Star's Dom II disappear]
    # reinforce: after enemy retreat 1 #
    Gato:        And the preparation for launch!?
    Soldier:     Ready. Please, hurry!
    Gato:        Fuh... With this they'll never be able to see the night skies from
                 surface again.
    Soldier:     Launch!
    # if before ally reinforce #
    [Ahgama appear]
    [Apsalas explodes/disappears]
    # formation: AG (Ahgama) + 8 units #
      02  04
    01  AG  05
      08  06
    [All chosen units appear]
    Bright:      That's the HLV!? We didn't it in time!
    Shiroh:      Ahgama!
    Ken:         You're late! Captain Bright, what were you doing!
    Bright:      HLV... Is GP02 in that...!?
    Kou:         It can't be!
    Nina:        Aah...
    Linda:       Nina-san! Nina-san falled!?
    Rain:        Purpleton-san! ... She's alright, just a little shocked. Hurry, to
                 the medical office!
    Kou:         Can't be...! Damn, if I just got out to investigate too...!
    Jack:        OH, time out...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:        Not yet, not yet, not yet over! Time out is when the nuclear's
                 gotta be used, that is!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:       Not yet, not have to give up! Our mission is... not yet over!
    Koji:        That's right! We have to think about our next move first!
    Domon:       We'll have to wipe out this area's enemy!
    Ryo:         Let's go!
    Bitter:      With this our duty is done... now... We'll just watch the
                 accomplishment of Stardust...!
    ???:         Uuh...
    Amuro:       Uh!? This feeling...!?
    Sayla:       Amuro, this is... 
    Fa:          Can be!
    Linda:       Captain, enemy forces approaching!
    Bright:      What!? Are there more Zeon survivor's forces!?
    [Mikene, Hyakki and Cambell units appear]
    Warchimedes: Fuh fuh fuh, there they are! We'll beat Londo Bell for sure this
    Dangel:      The victory is certain because I'm present.
    Warchimedes: What are you saying after you kept losing until now.
    Dangel:      What, brother, you're not in position to say so!
    Hidler:      Such insolent guys, go, Miyuki.
    Miyuki:      ... Sorry, Michiru. I don't have a way of life other than this
    Domon:       What are those!
    Hayato:      Like you were chasing Devil Gundam... we are being chased too.
    Musashi:     We're famous... Hey, Ryo, that robot... Getter, is it?
    Miyuki:      .....
    Ryo:         Hey, that's Getter Q (Queen)!
    Jack:        What?
    Hayato:      It was made before Getter Robot, for saying it's the first model
                 of Getter Robot.
    Musashi:     Why is it with Hyakki Empire?
    Merry:       Who's the pilot?
    Michiru:     Can be...! Sister...!?
    Light:       There's an unseen that side too, isn't it? One that's looks like a
                 junction of Mazinger Z and Diana A.
    Kazuya:      What's all this!?
    Sayaka:      Koji-kun, that's Minerva X!
    Koji:        It's true! Dr. Hell, no, Jigoku Dai-Genshi, that bastard... Using
                 it again!
    Sayaka:      But if the partner line is still alive...
    Koji:        The we still have a chance...!
    # if alive unit: Bitter unit #
    Bitter:      Those are aliens? I've thought I would sacrifice this way but, a
                 little hope appeared.
    # if alive unit: Ginias unit #
    Ginias:      Humpf, what with aliens, fear with my Apsalas' power.
    ???:         No! It can't be sent to space! That... can't be lighten!
    Amuro:       No doubt! This feeling...!
    [Gundam Mk-II appears]
    Bright:      That's Gundam Mk-II!?
    Amuro:       It's Camille!
    Camille:     ... Haa, haa... why, why is everybody!
    Amuro:       Calm down, Camille!
    Fa:          Camille!
    Camille:     ... Fa... Lt Amuro...? Here is...
    # if alive unit: Bitter unit #
    Bitter:      Can't be, that half-sick?
    Amuro:       Camille... are you alright!?
    Bright:      Camille, explanations later... we're in mid-battle. Can you fight?
                 If not then come to Ahgama.
    Camille:     I'll... try to do it!
    # Ryo VS Miyuki #
    Ryo:     Miyuki-san! Miyuki-san is there, aren't you!?
    Miyuki:  I'm sorry... I only have this path.
    # Hayato VS Miyuki #
    Hayato:  Miyuki-san, please stop! Think about Michiru!
    Miyuki:  I'm sorry... I only have this path.
    # Musashi VS Miyuki #
    Musashi: Please stop, Miyuki-san!
    Miyuki:  I'm sorry... I only have this path.
    # convince 1: Miyuki with Ryo (after Ryo/Hayato/Musashi VS Miyuki) #
    Ryo:     Miyuki-san!
    Michiru: Sister Miyuki! Ryo-kun, let me talk.
    Ryo:     Ok.
    Michiru: Sister Miyuki, is that you in there, sister Miyuki?
    Miyuki:  Michiru!? .. No need to take it easy. Fight me. I'm...
    Michiru: It's meaningless if sister is from Dinosaur Empire or whatever.
             You're my sister!
    Miyuki:  Michiru, I'm...
    Michiru: Sister, let's go back together. Father is waiting.
    Miyuki:  Really, can I really go back? Do I have a place to go back?
    Michiru: Eeh, come back with us.
    Miyuki:  Thank you. This Getter Q has a repair equipment. It'll be useful.
    [Getter Q (Miyuki) joins]
    # if Hidles unit is still alive #
    Hidler:  Miyuki, bastard, have you forgotten who let you live after the
             Dinossaur Empire was destroyed!?
    Michiru: What about it, you made her a tool for battle!
    Hidler:  Uhnn, I won't forgive you. Destroy Getter along with Miyuki!
    # Getter VS Hidler #
    # if Getter: Getter 1 #
    Ryo:     Hyakki Empire, I won't forgive you!
    # else Getter: Getter 2 #
    Hayato:  To control Getter Q, you sure do coward moves.
    # else Getter: Getter 3 #
    Musashi: How dare you to use Miyuki-san.
    Hidler:  Fuh fuh fuh, come, Getter!
    # Miyuki VS Hidler (after Miyuki joins) #
    Hidler:  Miyuki, you've betrayed us!
    Miyuki:  I can't fight against Michiru!
    # enemy death: Miyuki's hp reaches 0 (before Miyuki joins) #
    Miyuki:  Father, forgive me...
    Michiru: Sisteeeer!
    Ryo:     Miyuki-san... Miyuki-saaaaaan!!
    [Getter Q explodes]
    # enemy retreat 2: Hidler's hp reaches 0 or 30 % #
    Hidler:  Gwoh! It...it can't be! Retreat!
    [Mecha Fortress Oni explodes/disappears]
    # convince 2: Minerva X with Koji #
    Koji:      Hey, Minerva X, you hear me, it's Mazinger Z. You partner.
    Minerva X: ........!
    Sayaka:    There's some reaction. Then the partner line is still alive.
    Koji:      You weren't made to battle with Mazinger Z. You were made to battle
               along with it!
    Minerva X: ......
    Koji:      So, come back. Minerva X.
    # if alive unit: Ankoku Dai-Shogun unit #
    Ankoku:    Damned Koji Kabuto. Enforce Minerva X's control waves!
    Minerva X: ... Gigg... Ggaagagag...
    Koji:      Minerva X, remember. You're Mazinger Z's partner.
    Ankoku:    Max out control waves!
    Boss:      It's no good! You'll be interfered!
    Koji:      Damn! Ankoku Dai-Shogun!
    Rain:      A strong control wave is being sent by somewhere!?
    Domon:     And to convince a robot is a stranger talk but... All we need is to
               smash that one! Rain! Do you know which one is it!?
    # if alive unit: Light unit #
    Light:     Ooops, wait! Don't forget about D-3-chan! Wave jamming maxed!
    Ankoku:    What, the control waves!?
    Minerva X: .......
    Koji:      Minerva X's partner line!? Thanks, Light!
    Light:     Hehe, no need to payback, Kabuto.
    [Minerva X joins]
    Ankoku:    Damn you bastards!
    # else dead unit: Light unit #
    Rain:      I'll check! Wait a little!
    Koji:      Minerva X!
    Minerva X: .............................
    Boss:      It's weird da wa sa.
    Sayaka:    Ah! Koji-kun, beware!
    [Minerva X explodes]
    Koji:      Uwaaah! Mi...Minerva X!
    Ankoku:    Damn! Too much energy on the connection!? ... Eei, useless! So I'll
               go myself...!
    Koji:      Ankoku Dai-Shogun... This move... will cost you a lot!
    [Koji's Morale +10]
    # else after enemy retreat 3 #
    Minerva X: .............................
    Boss:      It's weird da wa sa.
    Sayaka:    Ah! Koji-kun, beware!
    [Minerva X explodes]
    Koji:      Uwaaah! Mi...Minerva X!
    Ryo:       Self-destruction device!?
    Koji:      How dirty...! Mikene, I won't forgive...!
    [Koji's Morale +10]
    # Koji VS Ankoku Dai-Shogun #
    Koji:    You, Ankoku Dai-Shogun! I won't forgive you for controlling Minerva X!
    Ankoku:  What about it. Come and get me!
    # Minerva X VS Ankoku Dai-Shogun (after Minerva X joins) #
    Ankoku:  Eei, you useless!
    # enemy retreat 3: Ankoku Dai-Shogun's hp reaches 0 or 30 % #
    Ankoku:  dammit, remember it, I'll pay this hatred for sure!
    [Demonika explodes/disappears]
    # enemy retreat 4: Ginias' hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Ginias:  So it's impossible yet. But, I'll certainly complete my Apsalas!
    [Apsalas explodes/disappears]
    # enemy retreat 5: Warchimedes' hp reaches 0 or 30 % #
    Warchimedes: Eei! Again Londo Bell! I'll retreat!
    [Darklon explodes/disappears]
    # enemy retreat 6: Dangel's hp reaches 0 or 30 % #
    Dangel:  No...not possible! Remember it!
    [Great I explodes/disappears]
    # ally joins: Aina's hp reaches 0 or Apsalas (Aina) is last unit on map #
    Shiroh:  Aina, You know what are you protecting, don't you? It's a nuclear
    Aina:    I know. But...
    # if alive unit: Ginias unit #
    Ginias:  Aina, what are you confused about. Apsalas completion... and the
             Sahalin family's vengeance are our obligations! That's why we are 
             doing those tests!
    Shiroh:  Aina has Aina's own war to fight for. And that's... not surely this
             kind of war, I suppose!? A war that you don't think it's right...
             is for marionettes!
    Light:   Surely agreed. I don't like hearing other's conversation but...
             We have to follow up when we can.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Marionette... A war that you don't think it's... right...? What...?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Marionette... A war that you don't think it's... right...?
             Meaningless... A soldier... has to fight for his missions. I was...
             tought this way.)
    # if alive unit: Ginias unit #
    Ginias:  Aina!
    # if alive unit: Norris unit #
    Norris:  Aina-sama!
    Aina:    I'm... I'm... not brother Ginias'marionette!
    # if alive unit: Ginias unit #
    Ginias:  Wha... Aina!
    Aina:    Brother Ginias, watch me... This is my war!
    # if last unit on map: Apsalas (Aina) #
    Shiroh:  Ainah...!
    # else Aina's hp reaches 0 #
    [Apsalas explodes]
    Shiroh:  Aina, escape! I'll get you!
    [note/bug: a major bug noticed on this stage, if GP02, Char's Custom Gelgoog
    and the Black Tri-Stars units are the last units on map, then after they are
    defeated by a map-weapon, the game will consider as end of stage, even though
    Hyakki, Mikene and Cambell units appear. This is also valid if Apsalas (Aina)
    is among the living units, and so if flag 03 conditions are true, you'll get
    Apsalas as well. The good side of this bug is you get end of stage earlier,
    the down side is you won't have the chance to get Minerva X or (Miyuki). Also
    note that the pattern for this bug to happen isn't yet verified to all routes
    and conditions.]
    # stage end #
    Fa:      Camille, are you alright?
    Camille: Aah... I've worried you... Fa.
    Fa:      It's so good... so good...
    Amuro:   ... Not at all.
    Fa:      Eh?
    Amuro:   Camille, I'm happy for your recovery... but this will take you once
             again to the battlefield.
    Bright:  ... I won't force you. Currently Ahgama will have to chase GP02.
             Camille, I won't mind if you decide to drop down. And Fa with you.
    Camille: .......
    Noin:    The Preventers will back up it.
    Camille: ... No, I'll fight.
    Bright:  I'm sorry, Camille.
    # if flag 02 conditions met: Char's Custom Gelgoog captured #
    # if flag 03 conditions met: Apsalas captured #
    # if flag 04 conditions met: Minerva X captured #
    # if flag 05 conditions not met: Getter Q captured but Miyuki dies #
    # next: scene 085 #
    # scene 085: Ahgama - bridge #
    Burning:  We've examined the base but, nothing useful... They've planned to get
              rid of the base at first.
    Kou:      And everything... is going as they've planned... Gato...!
    Amuro:    As they've planned... So they've caught at a high stage about the
              nuclear equipped Gundam's existence. What about it?
    Burning:  No way to explain that too. But this Test-type Zaku was found. We've
              captured it as well but... It won't be a hint, nor battle power.
    Bright:   Our Mobile Suit number is certainly low. I'd rather have it instead
              of not having.
    # if flag 06 conditions met: trunk found #
    Burning:  And, during search, I've found this... A trunk. And a letter with it.
    Bright:   Letter... for Sayla...!? Ok, I'll give it up to Sayla.
    Amuro:    To stop GP02, we'll have to go to space too.
    Koji:     But.. how about Nadesico?
    Noin:     Disappeared in heavens or dug into undeground... No position has been
    Kyoshiro: What's happening? Are the Federation and Preventers both skipping
    Bright:   Soon chief Miwa will come. Any explanations will come then.
    # next: scene 086 #
    # scene 086: Ahgama - one room #
    Kazuya:   ... Seems like chief Miwa will come...
    Shiroh:   Aina... how can we explain about her...
    Aina:     Shiroh...
    Kazuya:   It's about that chief. I can't get what he'll do.
    Nana:     Yeah! Maybe he'll interrogate you to get some info.
    Aina:     Interrogate...!?
    Kyoshiro: That's even possible. That Miwa bastard, he wasn't even wanting to
              protect the Antarctic Treaty.
    Koji:     Damn, an annoying chief.
    Shiroh:   Aina is no prisoner. She drop down. Now she's our friend.
    Kyoshiro: This kind of reason don't works on old man Miwa.
    # if Miyuki joined #
    Ryo:      Miyuki-san as well. For Getter Q we just have to say that we've
              stolen from the enemies...
    Kyoshiro: Hey, Miyuki-san, about you... I don't know well but.
    Miyuki:   I'm... from Dinossaur Empire, Emperor Gorl's daughter... Gorla. And,
              when I was young, I was a spy who infiltred into Saotome family to 
              steal Getter Q's plans...
    Shiroh:   What!?
    Michiru:  Stop, sister! ... It's meaningless now. Getter Q is back to our hands.
    Hayato:   Aah, and don't say that you are from different race.
    Kyoshiro: ... If so, it's more troublesome, isn't it?
    Kazuya:   Aah, it was such a mess about Erika... What will chief Miwa do...
    Musashi:  Is there any good move?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Will ya let me? Maybe I can do it, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    There might be a way is it?
    Shiroh:   Is there one?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     My memory... came back a little. And a way to convince such a
              dangerous guy like chief Miwa came up as well.
    Hayato:   (... So, does this mean that this one is from an organization...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Sakimori Miwa... That man's tendency is analysing it is.
    # next: scene 087 #
    # scene 087: Ahgama - MS deck #
    # if Char's Custom Gelgoog captured #
    Nina:     We'll have to change full generator but... this can be useful.
    Astonage: Aah. The Red Comet's Mobile Suit fell into our hands... This really
              motivates me to see it.
    Nina:     MS-14S, Gelgoog... The reaction is too fast but...
    Astonage: To drive it will be a little hard. I guess only Amuro could use it
              well, and this wouldn't be more useful, though.
    Nina:     Hah... how troublesome...
    # if Minerva X captured #
    Koji:     Ah, there it is! Astonage-san, look at Minerva X. It doesn't move at
    Astonage: Let's see... Indeed, an movement control device... is it called
              partner line? It's cooked.
    Sayaka:   Partner line is, a device programmed to protect Mazinger Z.
    Koji:     Aah, that's why we could convince it.
    Nina:     Perhaps, this line has over heaten because of those great control
              waves... This... we'll have to change all parts.
    Boss:     Can ya fix?
    Astonage: For us it might be impossible. I don't know anything about partner
    Sayaka:   So, Minerva X isn't moving anymore?
    Astonage: There's one way. Get off partner line and input a personal pilot
    Nina:     That is, like Mazinger Z and Diana A, a robot that someone will have
              to ride on it.
    Koji:     And Minerva X will revive brand new. Ok, do it please.
    Sayaka:   Is that ok, Koji-kun?
    Koji:     Aah, if the partner line will just make Minerva X suffer, then
              there's no other way.
    # if Getter Q captured but Miyuki died #
    Astonage: We've got lots of work. Now is... This Getter Q.
    Sayaka:   Getter Q...! What's with this!?
    Koji:     You've captured it!
    Ryo:      ... Although... Couldn't save the pilot.
    Koji:     Ryo-kun... so...
    Hayato:   We'll fight for Miyuki-san. That's our deed for her.
    Michiru:  ... Sister, I... I'll fight for you with this Getter Q. So... keep
              your eye on me...
    # next: scene 088 #
    # scene 088: Ahgama - one room #
    Bright:  So you are Aina Sahalin... It may be hard but I'll have to hear a lot
             from you.
    Aina:    ... Yes.
    Noin:    What we want to know most is when and where will Zeon use the nuclear
    Aina:    I'm sorry. I was in my brother's so I don't know really.
    Ryo:     Isn't it connected to that Mobile Armor named Apsalas?
    Aina:    That's what my brother created for Zeon and for the Sahalin family. I
             was the test pilot for him.
    Sayla:   Aina-san, if you stay here, you'll perhaps have to fight against your
    Linda:   ... Are you... sure about it?
    Aina:    Yes, I've decided with my heart. I won't... be confused anymore.
    Sayla:   .........
    # next: scene 089 #
    # scene 089: Zeon base - one room #
    Ginias:  Aina, you've betrayed me and the Sahalin family. And Apsalas was...
    Norris:  Ginias-sama.
    Ginias:  Next time... I'll kill Aina by myself...!
    Norris:  (Aina-sama...)
    # next: scene 090 #
    # scene 090: Ahgama - pathway #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    But 2nd Lt Amada is great. You caught your girlfrind who was in the
    Shiroh:  Aah. But, that wasn't only me. It's thanks to everybody.
    Aina:    And, even when we've met, we were separate into Zeon and Federation.
    Tapp:    Eh? So, at first you've met as enemies and then fell in love and are
             like now?
    Aina:    It would turn so.
    Light:   You've met during interval?
    Shiroh:  No, in a battlefield. We've both lost our machines and almost started
             shooting each other.
    Ken:     Really? Now, that's hard, heh.
    Axel:    .........
    Shiroh:  What's up?
    Axel:    Aina-san, you can't let a man like him go away, you know?
    Shiroh:  What's that, Axel? You won't get anything by flattering me.
    Axel:    It's not just flattering! You met her in a battlefield, fell in love,
             then met her again, helped each other, convinced her and brought her
             in your friendly side, and made her your girlfriend, no normal guy can
             do such thing.
    Aina:    Hearing now, indeed he seems great, fuh fuh.
    Axel:    No seems. Be like him, that's what he also... uhn, he...?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Aina Sahalin-san... Can I take you time a little?
    Aina:    You are... Lamia-san? I don't mind.
    Lamia:   Your move... For Zeon it is much of a betrayal, it is? What made
             you... do such thing it is?
    Aina:    Shiroh was... who made me do it, I think... Have you ever fell in love
             with somebody?
    Lamia:   No.
    Aina:    So, you might not understand now... But you will someday.
    Lamia:   Power of love... is that it? With such an unstable thing...
    Aina:    Not only this. If my mission was anything more satisfying for me, then
             I'd be at my brother's.
    Lamia:   A soldier can't like or dislike his missions.
    Aina:    I'm a soldier, but I wanted to stay as Aina Sahalin myself, first. Not
             a marionette being pulled by my brother or my blood... To fight for my
             own battle...
    Lamia:   (Own... battle...!? Don't fool me...)
    # next M: scene 092 #
    # next F: scene 091 #
    # scene 091: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Lamia:    (Why... That woman is a failure as a soldier. But why... My talent
              to accomplish a mission as a soldier is fairly over than theirs...!
              I... I'm feeling inferiority to that couple...!?)
    Astonage: He-y, Lamia. Till when do you plan to stay in the cockpit? I'll start
    Lamia:    All right, I'll go down.
              (Calm down... W17. I don't need to become like them... No, I
              shouldn't become...!)
    # next: scene 092 #
    # scene 092: Castle Oniwa - demon three faces hall #
    Warchimedes: Ugyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Dangel:      Nwoooooooooh!
    Janella:     Eei! How many times you need to feel failure to be satisfied!?
    Gandall:     It's enough, empress Janella.
    Janella:     Commander Gandall...
    Gandall:     I've got enough compassion for Cambellings like you. So, from now
                 on, I'll transfer the command of Earth's Invasion.
    Janella:     Wh...what! So, who will command Earth's Invasion!?
    Highnel:     I shall take it.
    Janella:     Y...you are the Boazanling... Prince Highnel!
    Highnel:     Yes. From now on I shall take Earth Invasion's command!
    Janella:     I pretend to take the command myself, instead of my untalented
                 subordinates! Youngsters should get lost!
    Gandall:     Janella, this is a direct order from King Vega himself! ... When
                 Planet Cambell was invaded by the Peace Wanderers, you've lost
                 your place, and were joined to our militaire alliance... don't
                 forget who permissed this.
    Janella:     Nuh... Kuh...
    Highnel:     You should watch... Ha- hah hah hah!
    Janella:     (King Vega... Don't think I'll give up so easily...!)
    Gandall:     Planet Boazan's young prince... I know why you would become King
                 Vega's favorite. You've got a good pose. I'll count on you.
    Highnel:     I'll do my effort!
                 (Planet Vega... Fuh fuh, I've heard it won't take long for it to
                 be destroyed by Vegatron liberation. If I can take on Earth until
    # next: scene 093 #
    # scene 093: Ahgama - bridge #
    Miwa:    Bright-kun! I'm very disappointed with Londo Bell Squad! Where on it
             is Federation's strongest squad!
    Bright:  I'm terribly sorry.
    Miwa:    Surely, if the other squads weren't so busy, no need to count such
             hard mission as Gundam's recapture to it!
    Noin:    So, you'll keep us on Gundam's recapture?
    Miwa:    Of course. There's a launching site at Kilimanjaro base! From there
             I'll have you go to space!
    Bright:  I see. Londo Bell Squad will now head to Kilimanjaro base.
    Kazuya:  So we're going to space.
    Koji:    It's exciting. First time going to space.
    Miwa:    By the way, there are lots of new faces.
    Bright:  That's...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Can I? Chief. There were lots of people working as prisioner at Zeon's
             base, who we rescued.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I may... can explain it, chief Miwa? There were lots of people working
             as prisioner at Zeon's base, who we rescued, it is.
    Miwa:    Rescued!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Zeon isn't that rich. They needed some people for the labor... so they
             were forcing people who could ride on Mobile Suit for pilots from
             everywhere, it seems, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Zeon was out of workers... so they were capturing pilots it it.
    Miwa:    Indeed... Zeon would do it.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Among those there were some that wanted to help out Federation! Very
             impressive! Their representant is that, Camille Vidan-san, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Among those were people who wanted to effort for Federation... and
             this representant is Camille Vidan like it is.
    Miwa:    Camille Vidan... I've heard that name.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    He was under heavy sickness but, he ressurected for the Federation's
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Seems he was under sickness but... he ressurected for the Federation's
             justice and wanted to enlist...
    Miwa:    For our justice!? Is that true, captain Bright?
    Bright:  ... That is...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Captain!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Captain-san.
    Bright:  It...It's as he said. He was a man with such sense of justice.
    Miwa:    Ooh, if so, indeed trustful. I'll be counting on them! I have other
             things to do so I can't be along to Kilimajaro. I'll be counting on
    Bright:  Yes.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Captain Bright-, you had to follow up when I needed.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Fuh, succeeded it is. Captain, hesitation almost troubled me.
    Bright:  Forced labor and justice... because such impact words appeared, I was
    Amuro:   A very good acting, Bright.
    Bright:  Don't make fun of it... There wasn't any other way to do it. Specially
             with Aina Sahalin and 2nd Lt Amada's incident.
    Noin:    But an amazing story. What if he discovers it?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    That one is weak to those kind of words. I seemed like experinced.
    Sayaka:  Seemed like... experienced?
    Axel:    Eeh, like I said that a lot to superiors, that is.
    Amuro:   Your memory?
    Axel:    It's all I can get from it, though.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Analysing chief Miwa's personality, that was our best option it is.
             Wasn't that good it is?
    Noin:    I though that using such grammar was more troublesome.
    Lamia:   (I'm not doing it on my wish... If no connections, no parts will
    # next: scene 094 #
    # scene 094: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Domon:   No joke. Australia to Africa, then space!?
    Rain:    Surely... It's hard to think that Devil Gundam went to space.
    Ken:     Mah mah, they say that adventures has it's misleaded paths.
    Jack:    Yes, Domon too shall go!
    Domon:   I'll land...! I got food of yours, so I'll keep up till launching...
             But not any further!
    # trunk found next: scene 095 #
    # next:             scene 096 #
    # scene 095: Ahgama - one room #
    Bright:  Sayla, this trunk.
    Sayla:   I'll guess... It's from... my brother, isn't it?
    Bright:  ... Aah, I've investigated it's contents. It's gold.
    Sayla:   He wanted to tell me to run from Earth and live calmly out there.
    Bright:  Might be... So, what will it be?
    Sayla:   I don't mind. This gold, please use it for Londo Bell's funds.
    Bright:  I'm grateful but... is that alright?
    Sayla:   ... Yes.
    # next: scene 096 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 096: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Ken:     So here is Kilimanjaro base... a big one, really.
    Tapp:    And I tought for a moment. They can do Dragonar's registration erasure
             here, can't they?
    Light:   Can be but... not in the mood to it, seems.
    Burning: Hey, you, what are you doing!? Go help out carrying the materials
             using the Dragonars!
    Tapp:    Yes!
    Domon:   So from here I'll go to Japan again...
    Rain:    Domon, about that... I've heard from Noin-san that they've captured
             some visual information about Devil Gundam like thing.
    Domon:   What!? Show me! ... T...this is!?
    Rain:    Eeh... Seems like Devil Gundam is here at Africa.
    Amuro:   Africa...!? Why in a place like this?
    Rain:    Not only that. As usual, Giganos Forces are chasing Devil Gundam...
    Domon:   Giganos Forces again? ... Why are those after Devil Gundam?
    Noin:    The probaility of transforming Devil Gundam into a weapon is high.
    Rain:    A weapon... is it?
    Noin:    Even out of control, it has such power... If it gets possible to be
             mass produced, then it'll become a pain to Earth Federation.
    Rain:    Transform it into a weapon...!? Is it possible!? Domon!
    Domon:   Don't know... When father was building it... I was training with my
    Amuro:   Purpleton-san, Devil Gundam is... not related to Anaheim at all isn't
    Nina:    No, even the basis is fairly different... it's the genius scientist
             and Domon's father, doctor Raizou Kasshu's complete research result.
    Camille: And that doctor is?
    Domon:   .........
    Bright:  ... Did something happen? If it is bad to you, then you don't need to
             speak then.
    Domon:   Was condemned to eternal freeze.
    Amuro:   For the crime of letting Devil Gundam to come down to Earth!? How
             lame, and for that, they lost the only person that knew what should be
             done against this situation.
    Domon:   ... That was the army superiors' decision. That's why I... I won't
             forgive my brother... Kyoji Kasshu, who betrayed father and is
             planning something with Devil Gundam...!
    Rain:    Domon...
    Bright:  ... Fuhm, really... an unfair judgement.
    Domon:   Whatever. If I only can finish with Devil Gundam...!
    Amuro:   No... It can be a deeper problem... I've got a bad feeling.
    Linda:   Captain, it's time for launching!
    # next: scene 097 #
    # scene 097: Ahgama - launching site #
    Ryo:      So now we part.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    So... you really going away it is?
    Domon:    A very short companion. I don't think we'll meet again.
    Rain:     Moh! Why can't you even greet politely? Sorry, we've trobuled you.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Yes yes, I'll give this. A charm for my wishes in beat-up Devil
    Domon:    Aah, sorr... uhn? Why in this Kilimanjaro, Africa, is there a Japanese
    Sayaka:   And it is a very cheap one.
    Axel:     Really? That old lady from the shop did cheated me.
    Koji:     And where is that shop, either?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ... You think... you can fight alone?
    Domon:    Whenever I fight, I'm always alone. That includes fighting with
    Rain:     Domon...
    Kyoshiro: For a warrior, only sword fits. You said you fight alone, but it 
              doesn't mean you're all alone.
    Domon:    It's meaningless. I don't plan to get help from anyone... I'll decide
              my battle alone.
    Lamia:    Alone... All alone, how far you think you can fight?
    Domon:    Till I can do it... What, it's a question that doesn't fits you.
    Lamia:    No, nothing.
    Hayato:   (... What's with her?)
    Kazuya:   Domon Kasshu, wish you luck.
    Domon:    Aah. We'll decide our match one day... When that cloud from your heart
              does disappear.
    Kazuya:   About... Erika?
    Domon:    Winning from you now won't mean nothing to me. Either forget about her
              or get her back, as soon as possible.
    Kazuya:   Aah... Next time I'll knock you down in front of Erika.
    Domon:    Fuh.
    Karl:     There they are! So it's true that Londo Bell was here also.
    Dan:      Shall we defeat them now!?
    Werner:   Stop, our target is Devil Gundam.
    Dan:      But because of them Lt-dono was dropped from his mission and we got
              into this squad...
    Min:      Kiddies, how long will you keep jumblinmg there? After investigation
              is over, come back quick.
    Karl:     Y...yes, Lt Min-dono.
    Min:      You said you wanted a chance, that's why we're letting you work as our
              Gun Jeam Squad's coworkers. Don't forget about it!
    Dan:      Hah!
    Werner:   (... Why Giganos' elite squad like ours have to be used to our necks
              by this woman...)
    Min:      ... Uhn?
    Karl:     What happened?
    Min:      I felt someone watching us... well, with such a good looking woman
              like me, it's understandable.
    ???:      Those Giganos... Mah right. Not an obstacle at all.
    # next: Stage 08 #
     Stage 08 M - Ugokidasu Akuma (The Devil Moves)
              F - Suffle no Monshou (Shuffle's Badge)
    [Ahgama appear]
    Fa:      10 minutes to Ahgama's launch. We'll enter countdown.
    Amuro:   ... Well, whatever.
    Bright:  What, Amuro?
    Amuro:   Before and after launch are the perfect time for an enemy to aim us.
             And this time's emergencial launching... No confidential information
             was held... if the enemies realize that...
    Domon:   And now I'm off with those people... And afterall, Devil Gundam's
             place is unknown.
    Rain:    Don't be foolish, Domon.
    [screen shakes]
    Bright:  What, an earthshake?
    Linda:   It's not!
    Amuro:   ... My bad feeling was just right.
    Koji:    Hey, look there!
    [Devil Gundam and Zombi units appears]
    Domon:   That is!
    Shiroh:  What!? ... Devil Gundam!?
    Kyoji:   ........
    Ryo:     It's impossible... It won't be in time...!
    Bright:  How much time till launching!?
    Linda:   8 minutes!
    Domon:   And at last... you showed your tails, Kyoji!
    Rain:    Domon!
    Domon:   Come! Shining! Gundaaaaaam!
    [badge sound]
    [Shining Gundam appear]
    Kazuya:  Domon!
    Domon:   Fuh, Ryuzaki, you should watch from there! I'll beat them!
    Bright:  Kuh, what should we...
    Camille: The timing is really bad...!
    Tapp:    Hey, it's trouble. Even if Domon is an martial arts champion, against
             those numbers...
    Ken:     No way then. Tapp, Light!
    Bright:  You, where are you going!?
    Ken:     We are going to help Domon!
    Amuro:   Stop! You won't be going to space if you do so! Countdown has already
    Ken:     But we can't just forget about him! Captain Bright, instructor
             Burning, sorry!
    Burning: Hey, you!
    Linda:   Wait, I'll go too!
    Hayato:  They sure are burning. ... What will we do, Ryo?
    Ryo:     If we can't stop Devil Gundam, the launching will be impossible. Let's
    Musashi: Has to be like this!
    Michiru: Captain Bright, we'll go too!
    [Getter 1, Texas Mack, Dragonar 1 L, 2 L, 3L and Getter Q appear]
    # if Lisa joined #
    Lisa:    I'll go with Michiru-san and the others also!
    # if Miyuki joined #
    Miyuki:  Me too. I can't leave Michiru and the others behind!
    Koji:    So, let's go too!
    Jack:    Non! Koji and all should stay.
    Merry:   That's right. If you come too, then there will be no one to fight at
    Bright:  Kuh...
    Amuro:   We have to count on them, Bright. We have to chase GP02...!
    Noin:    But... division of our battle power is troublesome...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    This is... what should I do...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Devil Gundam... it was expected that it's attack would happen, but in
             times like this! I will...
    # split #
    Trust your friends and stay in Ahgama -> Space Route
    Stop Devil Gundam -> Earth Route
    # if Space Route #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    No, I'll stay in Ahgama. An enemy like Devil Gundam, those ones can
             win, really.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   No, I won't let the battle power low anymore. I'll stay.
             (And, my mission is to move along with Londo Bell. I won't dettach
             from Ahgama.)
    Koji:    Okay, let's trust Getter team and D-team!
    # else Earth Route #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I'll go too. I'll count the nuke Gundam on you, captain Bright!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ... I'll... be going too! Captain Bright, I be certain to gather with
             you again it is!
    Bright:  ... No other way...! Can be till Ahgama's launch. Stop Devil Gundam!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Roger! [Main Robot], take off!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (What am I doing!? ... Kuh, not only the the language device is
             troublesome, it seems...!?)
    [Main Robot appear]
    Domon:   What are you doing? You're interfering!
    # if Space Route #
    Ryo:     Not this time. We'll fight together!
    Ken:     Aah, that Devil Gundam, it's sure that it came to stop Ahgama's
    # else Earth Route #
    Rain:    Everybody... and the launch!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I can't stay there for fear! ... I mean, it's a joke, and afterall
             there are those numbers! To follow up launchimng is needed some head
             counts too, that is!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Fuh, no way I'll count on one that is impertinent and... I mean, I
             thought I be sorry let you count on all, it is?
    Tapp:    Hey hey, your true sound appeared a while, isn't it sis?
    Ken:     Fight numbers with numbers, we mean.
    Ryo:     But, for Devil Gundam appearing here... is it coincidence?
    Musashi: For aiming us... might be?
    Hayata:  How about it.
    Domon:   There's only one who knows! ... Kyoji!
    Kyoji:   ........
    Light:   7 minutes till launch. We'll protect it whatever we do!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation           (EA after reinforce)
          ally battleship destruction (EA before reinforce)
          ally base invasion          (EA before reinforce)
          Domon's unit destruction    (EA)
    # countdown 1: ally turn 2 #
    Sayla:   Ahgama, 6 minutes for launch.
    Koji:    Okay, everybody, I'm counting on you... Protect Ahgama.
    # countdown 2: ally turn 3 #
    Kyoshiro: Damn! I can't just stay still and watch!
    Nana:     You can't fly away now, brother Kyoshiro.
    Kazuya:   That's right... We have to entrust now on Domon.
    Sayla:    Ahgama, 5 minutes for launch.
    # countdown 3: ally turn 4 #
    Burning: What's that D-team's performance!? Can't be for my eyes! When we come
             back from space, I'll teach them again.
    Noin:    Mah, Lt, they're fightinh=g their own effort.
    Sayla:   Ahgama, 4 minutes for launch.
    # countdown 4: ally turn 5 #
    Sayla:   Bright, Ahgama, 3 minutes for launch and less!
    Bright:  A little... Just a little more, resist!
    # countdown 5: ally turn 6 #
    Domon:   Kuh! Can't you launch yet!?
    Sayla:   Ahgama, 2 minutes for launch.
    # countdown 6: ally turn 7 #
    Sayla:   Ahgama, one minute for launch.
    Bright:  All crew, take position for launch!
    # Domon VS Kyoji #
    Domon:   Kyoji! What's your objective!? Why... did you betray our father!?
    Kyoji:   .......
    # ally retreat: enemy annihilation or ally turn 8 #
    # enemy annihilation #
    Domon:   Is that all?
    Ryo:     We won't have time to go back now.
    Light:   We'll say bye to Ahgama from here, then.
    Bright:  Sorry, take care... of the surface... Sayla, the countdown, please.
    # ally turn 8 reached #
    Bright:  So they did it! Okay, Sayla, the countdown, please.
    Sayla:   Eeh... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... 0!
    [Ahgama disappears]
    # if Space Route: end of stage #
    # else Earth Route: reinforce #
    # reinforce: Earth Route after enemy annihilation or ally turn 8 #
    # if enemy annihilation #
    Ken:      Now Ahgama is alright.
    Musashi:  So, what will be of us now?
    [Devil Gundam appears]
    Kyoji:    .........
    Domon:    Muh... Kyoji...!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Ressurected again!? Self-ressurection, is it!? What a bastard!
              (This ability... I'm feeling that I know it... Don't from where,
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Self-regeneration... or better say it's a complete ressurection. This
    Ken:      What's with that!? We don't have enough will!?
    Rain:     If we don't destroy the core that is somewhere... or if don't
              completely eliminate it, we can't defeat it!
    Tapp:     Light! Can't you know anything with sensors and stuff!?
    Light:    ... Not at all, some living reaction at cockpit. This one is the
              pilot... Domon's brother, isn't he?
    Domon:    ......
    Kyoji:    Fuh fuh... hahahahahaha....!
    Hayato:   Anyway, he's got all the will to fight. What shall we do?
    Domon:    Obvious! We'll defeat him as many times as he ressurects...! Let's go,
              My hands burns in red...!
    # else ally turn 8 #
    Ken:      Okay, we've protected Ahgama, so only defeating Devil Gundam is left!
    Kyoji:    ........
    Hayato:   I thought it would retreat but... it means that it wasn't aiming for
              Ahgama, was it?
    Ryo:      Don't know. But seems like he'll be with us till the end... Let's go
    Domon:    Kyoji...! If that's your wish... We'll decide now!
    Rain:     Domon! Don't be impatient!
    Domon:    Quiet!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     You sure is nervous man... But, this Devil Gundam... what's its
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (This man, Domon, and Devil Gundam... they're surely irregular
              existence... What should I do?)
    Kyoji:    .......
    ???:      Ha- hahahaha! Sweet, your will is still too sweet! Domon!
    Domon:    What!?
    Light:    What's that!? There's nothing in the radar...
    [Master Gundam and Fu'un Saiki appears]
    Master:   What's up, Domon! You think you can defeat Devil Gundam with that!?
    Domon:    Y...you are!
    Musashi:  What!? That old man?
    Domon:    You!
    Hayato:   Hey, what's up in all of a sudden?
    Ryo:      What, is he someone Domon knows!?
    Michiru:  Perhaps, his father?
    Domon:    He's... my master.
    Ken:      Master!? So he's a martial arts teacher!?
    Domon:    Yes, my master... Toho Fuhai, Master Asia. The previous King of Heart.
    Master:   Fuh fuh, Domon. I've given the King of Heart title to you.
    Kyoji:    ......
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Uhn, Devil Gundam's reaction...?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (What? Devil Gundam is... just watching...?)
    Domon:    Master! I'm terribly sorry! Me, Domon Kasshu, for showing you such a
              terrible action!
    Master:   The fight with this Devil Gundam? Fuh fuh, don't mind.
    Domon:    Yes! Master, please watch me...! This fight, I'll...
    Master:   You can't win from Devil Gundam.
    Domon:    ...!! Eh...? Ma...master...
    Master:   Calm down, Domon... Why should you defeat Devil Gundam?
    Domon:    What are you saying, Master!? It's...!
    Kyoji:    ......
    Master:   He's your brother. Why you fight your brother? Why... can't you hold
              your hands and get along well...?
    Domon:    Master...
    Hayato:   The clouds are going to a weird direction.
    Light:    Sis Mikamura? That master is... a real one?
    Rain:     I'm also... meeting him for first time.
    Ryo:      The flow of the story is... quite strange.
    Domon:    Master... But, Kyoji is...
    Master:   Leave it to me. So, come with me.
    Domon:    ... M...master...
    [Spiegel Gundam appears]
    Schwartz: Wake up! Domon!
    Michiru:  What's... that!?
    Tapp:     A Mobile Suit! ... Gundam!?
    Rain:     That's... a Mobile Fighter.
    Domon:    You're!? What you mean by wake up!?
    Master:   It's you again, Schwartz Bruder...!
    Schwartz: Toho Fuhai, Master Asia... It won't be like your plans!
    Domon:    Master, who's that man!? What does he mean by plans!?
    Schwartz: Can't you see yet!? The one who is controling Devil Gundam... is this
              Toho Fuhai, Master Asia himself!
    Domon:    ... What!?
    Rain:     Eeeh!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Damn, for such a confusing turn out, it isn't time for waiting memory
              to come back, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (What...!?)
    Domon:    You! Even for insane words, there are things you can and can't say!
              Master! Relax, I won't be confused by those sad words!
    Schwartz: ........
    Master:   ... Fuh fuh... fuhfuhfuhfuh....
    Domon:    Master...? Why... are you laughing...?
    Master:   Ha-hahahahahaha!
    Domon:    C...can't be... No... no, master.
    Kyoji:    Fuh fuh... kuhkuhkuhkuh...
    Hayato:   The one pulling its strings was...
    Domon:    I...I won't believe... I can't believe! Master!
    Master:   You can't believe... I know. But, this is the truth.
    Domon:    .......
    Master:   Are you sad, Domon? Are you afraid, Domon? ... Your master is a
    Domon:    Master...
    Ryo:      Be careful, he's Domon's master. It won't end up easily!
    Master:   Domon, no need to fear... Come with me. you and I are always
              together. With your brother too.
    Domon:    Always... with... master...
    Light:    What's... all those frequencies... It's dangerous!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     I got here too... it's hypnotism waves!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    I got here too... this... has some hypnotism results.
    Rain:     Domon! Be strong!
    Schwartz: That's it, remember! Of what Devil Gundam has done till now! What did
              he brought to this world!
    Rain:     Domon!
    Domon:    Uh... R...Rain!
    Master:   Eei, silent! Haah!
    [explosion occurs near base]
    Rain:     Kyaaaaaaah!
    Michiru:  Rain-san!
    Ken:      How rude! Hey, old man! There are things you can and can't do!
    Tapp:     An ex-champion or whatever, you sure do undelicate stuff!
    Domon:    That's right! You're not my master. My master is not someone that do
              such thing! My master, the previous King of Heart won't do such thing!
    Master:   You're too sweet, Domon! You're a stupid that don't know anything!
    Domon:    I don't know anything!?
    Master:   If you want to know what am I talking about it... then defeat me!
    Rain:     U...uuh....
    Musashi:  Fu-h, Rain-san is alright!
    Ryo:      I don't know any further but, what we see for reality is, you're the
              true evil one!
    Master:   And not being able to defeat this one evil and what's your justice
              for!? Don't just move your mouths and come, you damned stupid ones!
    Light:    Uhn!? Enemy approach!? This is... Giganos folks! And a lot of them!
    Domon:    It's meaningless! Toho Fuhai! I'll defeat you along with Giganos!
    [Giganos units appear]
    Gun-Jeam: Oh- oh-, so that's Devil Gundam!
    Kyoji:    ......
    Gun-jeam: Gufuhfuh, so we finally found it. Guys, don't let it run this time!
    Goll:     Hehehehe, Me, me will defeat it.
    Ganan:    Lt Goll, don't panic. It's a important target, ya know?
    Jin:      And those who are there are Londo Bell's fellows, aren't they?
    Min:      That's what I said, that Londo Bell was here.
    Gun-Jeam: Now, that's good. Not only Devil Gundam but we'll defeat Londo Bell
              as well, and get a lot of money on reward!
    Jin:      Don't expect too much, General. What if the reward is low?
    Gun-Jeam: We'll see at the right time. How about sell it to the aliens at a
              high price? Gwahahahahahah.
    Ganan:    Heh heh heh, now that's agreed... So the worst pattern would be if we
              let Devil Gundam go to Londo Bell's hands.
    Gun-Jeam: That's right, guys! We'll first take out those little fishes from
              Londo Bell! We'll later eat Devil Gundam as pleased.
    Ken:      Wh...what!?
    Musashi:  They're saying such arrogant words.
    Master:   Giganos' mercenary squad... Humpf, I'm not a defeatable ones to you.
              After I finish with Domon and the others, I'll be your match!
    Ken:      Hey hey, if so, why don't Giganos and Devil Gundam crush each other
    Light:    ... It won't be like that. Those richies are here too.
    Werner:   Damn! We're Giganos' elite squad.
    Dan:      And we have to move along with those guys.
    Karl:     Endure for now! That's our only choice.
    Min:      Yes, yes. Do so, for your beloved Blue Hawk's elimination be
    Dan:      That's right. And for that, we'll defeat Londo Bell and Devil Gundam!
    Min:      And that's why I like youngsters. You're all so heroic... hahahahah!
    Gun-Jeam: So, guys! Work for your tomorrow's lunch money!
    Goll:     Deheh, I'll crush you!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Indeed... very though, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Comparing our battle power, we won't lose... But it's still tough.
    Schwartz: No, only Devil Gundam was still possible but if Giganos is our enemy
    Domon:    I don't care! I'll crush them all as I said before!
    Schwartz: Domon! The strengh raised by rage is a double-edged sword! Don't be
    # ally reinforce: Earth Route one ally turn after reinforce #
    Domon:    Muh... The Shuffle... Badge is!?
    [Gundam Maxter, Gundam Rose, Dragon Gundam and Bolt Gundam appear]
    Jack:     No! More enemy!?
    Master:   ... What!? Can be...!
    Schwartz: Ooh!
    Chibodee: Ohoh, they're doing. A very good timing!
    Sai-sici: Brother Domon! We've come to help!
    George:   Do the battle with numbers... isn't that much of a beautiful battle.
    Argo:     No sense of enemy reinforce... so this is everything.
    Ryo:      All of them... Gundam!?
    Hayato:   As I can see, tehy're not the types used in army... Friends of Devil
    Rain:     It's not! Those are...
    Chibodee: Heh, don't join us with that one.
    Domon:    Chibodee! Sai-sici! George! Argo! Why are you here at Earth...!?
    Sai-sici: You're unfair, brother! The world is confused at this point. Can't
              just stay calm at the colonies!
    Argo:     The badge has called us... And just that is fine for now.
    Tapp:     Those are the Shuffle Union, aren't they!?
    Ryo:      Shuffle Union? Haven't heard of it.
    Domon:    Explanations later. We'll concentrate on eliminate the enemies first!
    Ganan:    General, the enemies increased.
    Gun-Jeam: So what? They'll need to claim for bonus on hazardous compensation.
    Jin:      Now that's a valid path... fuh fuh fuh.
    George:   Empire Giganos' Asian Side Army Secrecy Defensive Forces... Gun-Jeam
              Squad. An complicated name, but it's inside is a gang of young
              thoughs... I don't hear good rumors of them.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Somewhat... I'd say their wickedness is strong, but some dangerous
              ones came to help out.
    Chibodee: Strong wickedness? Not only wickedness is strong!
    Axel:     ... And they can hear well too.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    A strongful ally... as I can take you all it is? Schwartz-san.
    Schwartz: Uhm! Their strengh is really appreciated! They have little strange
              habits, though.
    Lamia:    (... Strange habits...? How about yourself?)
    Ken:      You can't say so!
    Lamia:    (Indeed, so the best is to respond like this.)
    Domon:    Let's go!
    # Ken VS Practice unit #
    Ken:     Oh god. You're really annoying guys!
    # if alive unit: Karl unit #
    Karl:    Shut up, this time we'll defeat you for sure!
    # if alive unit: Dan unit #
    Dan:     We'll pay you what Lt-dono owns!
    # if alive unit: Werner unit #
    Werner:  Dragonar, I challenge you!
    # Tapp VS Practice unit #
    Tapp:    You again. Get lost, will ya!
    # if alive unit: Dan unit #
    Dan:     Shut up, because of you, Lt-dono is...!
    # if alive unit: Karl unit #
    Karl:    Don't get happy just because you learned to fly!
    # if alive unit: Werner unit #
    Werner:  We'll show you our true power!
    # Light VS Practice unit #
    Light:   We're getting bored having you as our opponent.
    # if alive unit: Werner unit #
    Werner:  Until we can't defeat you, our battle won't end!
    # if alive unit: Karl unit #
    Karl:    Don't think you are a veteran!
    # if alive unit: Dan unit #
    Dan:     Are you playing against us!?
    # Main Character VS Gun-Jeam #
    Gun-Jeam: Hoh, seems like someone with good strengh.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Hohoh, and you're a trully worth to knock, that is!
    Gun-Jeam: Kid, you got sharp words!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Say as you want. You'll lose this habit of saying meaningless stuff in
    Gun-Jeam: Hehe, sharp words, sis!
    # Ken VS Gun-Jeam #
    Gun-Jeam: So this is the rumored D-weapon, Dragonar. Heheh, let's defeat it and
              get some bonus up!
    Ken:      I won't be defeated, you monster!
    # enemy retreat 1: any Gun-Jeam Squad's unit destroyed #
    Gun-Jeam: What, we lost one!? Damn you Londo Bell! Eei, retreat! Retreat!
    [all Giganos units disappear]
    # Main Character VS Master Asia #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Domon's master, why are you doing this!?
    Master:  Good for you to not know.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   For Domon, you might be his master, but for me you're an ordinary
    Master:  Come, woman! With that kind of power, you can't beat me!
    # Domon VS Master Asia #
    Domon:   Master, why!?
    Master:  You don't understand even that, stupid pupil!
    # Schwartz VS Master Asia #
    Schwartz: Master Asia, prepare yourself!
    Master:   Yoou, how many times you'll interfere to satify yourself!?
    # enemy retreat 2: Master Asia's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Master:  Hoh, you're pretty good. So my perspective tests are over for now.
             I'll end up with this for now!
    Domon:   Master! There are still some things I want to ask you!
    Master:  No use to say! From now on, our relations of master and pupil are
    Domon:   Wha...! Ma...Master!?
    Master:  ... Next time we meet, your life, I'll get it for sure...! Be
    [Master Gundam exploodes/disappears]
    Domon:   Maaaaasteeeeer!
    [note/bug: as in stage 07's bug, if Master Asia is the last unit in map, and
    he's defeated the first time with a map weapon, the game will consider as end
    of stage, although he appears without his horse. The pattern of this bug to
    happen isn't completely verified yet.]
    # retreat: Kyoji's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Kyoji:    ....
    [Devil Gundam explodes/disappears]
    # if Kyoji's hp reached 0 #
    Rain:     And the core!? If it's stil left then...!
    [Devil Gundam appears]
    Jack:     It's crazy neh!
    Chibodee: Jesus! What a bastard...!
    Rain:     Again... How good is this self-ressurection ability?
    [Devil Gundam disappears]
    Domon:    Don't flee!
    # else Kyoji's hp reached 30 %
    Domon:    Don't flee! Wait, Kyojiiiiiiiii!
    Schwartz: Damn! Haah!
    Domon:    Schwartz!?
    Schwartz: Domon! I'll chase Devil Gundam! I'll count on you!
    Domon:    Hey!
    Schwartz: Domon, on your current state, you can't win from Devil Gundam! To
              win, you'll need more power!
    Domon:    What!? I have the Shining Gundam Super Mode!
    Schwartz: You idiot! The Super Mode dominated my rage won't make you trully win
              from Master Asia! On the contrary, you'll get involved by those
    Rain:     Trully... win!?
    Schwartz: Know your own power. And make it grow! Train your rage and gain the
              will to control the Clean and Serene state, so you can win from
              Master Asia!
    Domon:    Clean and... Serene!?
    Schwartz: Farewell! Haah!
    [Spiegel Gundam disappears]
    Hayato:   He's fast!
    Domon:    Schwartz!
    # if alive unit: Gun-Jeam Squad unit #
    Gun-Jeam: Shit. once our money maker disappeared, we won't stay any longer!
              Guys, retreat!
    [all Giganos units disappear]
    # if alive unit: Master Asia unit #
    Master:   What...! You're good. But for me it won't be likewise!
    # stage end #
    # if Earth Route and before ally reinforce #
    Domon:    Muh... The Shuffle... Badge is!?
    [Gundam Maxter, Gundam Rose, Dragon Gundam and Bolt Gundam appear]
    Jack:     No! More enemy!?
    Sai-sici: Brother Domon! We've come to help!
    Chibodee: Arah? Seems that it just ended!
    George:   You're trully great, Domon.
    Argo:     There's no reinforce sense...
    Ryo:      All of them... Gundam!?
    Hayato:   As I can see, tehy're not the types used in army... Friends of Devil
    Rain:     It's not! Those are...
    Chibodee: Heh, don't join us with that one.
    Domon:    Chibodee! Sai-sici! George! Argo! Why are you here at Earth...!?
    Sai-sici: You're unfair, brother! The world is confused at this point. Can't
              just stay calm at the colonies!
    Argo:     The badge has called us... And just that is fine for now.
    Tapp:     Those are the Shuffle Union, aren't they!?
    Ryo:      Shuffle Union? Haven't heard of it.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Somewhat... I'd say their wickedness is strong, but some dangerous
              ones came to help out.
    Chibodee: Strong wickedness? Not only wickedness is strong!
    Axel:     ... And they can hear well too.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Shuffle Union... representant members of the colony's martial
              arts fighters... But their true self is... more strange ones
    # else Earth Route and after reinforce #
    Ken:      We did it afterall.
    Ryo:      Aah, I hope that captain Bright and the others... could get to space
    Hayato:   Ryo, not just that but... how about worry about this side first?
    Domon:    Uh... uuh....
    George:   Domon...
    Argo:     ... That's Toho Fuhai, Master Asia... What's his true objective?
    Michiru:  Anyway, let's get back to the base first.
    Ken:      Aah... Domon, we'll say farewell to you... or maybe not like that.
    Domon:    ........
    Chibodee: Hey, Japanese! Nothing will happen if you stay there crying out loud.
              Rise up!
    George:   Chibodee, now we... might be better to just leave him alone.
    Rain:     Domon...
    Domon:    Master... Why... Why is iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!?
    # if flag 07 conditions met: G-Fighter obtained #
    # else flag 08 conditions met: FA-Gundam obtained #
    # SP next: scene 098 SP #
    # EA next: scene 098 EA #
    # scene 098 SP: Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  I hope those who stayed at surface are alright. Linda, how about the
             enemies... Oh, she stayed there too.
    Sayla:   You sure lost a good operator... I'll do it, Bright.
    Bright:  I'm sorry, Sayla.
    Sayla:   It's ok. It makes me remember of White Base, where everyone had to
             learn a little of everything.
    Amuro:   Char... from that time I haven't had my decision...
    Sayla:   ........ Seems like the battle in surface ended.
    Camille: What happened?
    Sayla:   ... Wait. Bright, a connection from Preventer's officer Lady Une.
    Bright:  Ok, connect it please.
    # next: scene 099 SP #
    # scene 098 EA: Kilimanjaro base - one room #
    Tapp:     Wow, they're real. I'm surprised to meet the Shuffle Union in a place
              like this. A, please, give me a sign later. Writing like "to
              Tapp-kun", please.
    Ryo:      I'm really sorry but... What's that Shuffle Union?
    Tapp:     Oh well. Shuffle Union is the five ones that represents the martial
              arts fighters from the colonies. Of course, their strengh is really
    Hayato:   Are they famous? I don't know them, though...
    Light:    You from Getter Team are completely Earthnoids so, it's possible for
              not knowing... Even I don't know much about martial arts so, only
              heard about them.
    George:   Representant of the colonies martial arts is just an outward
    Ken:      Outward?
    Chibodee: Anyway, let's introduce ourseves first. I'm Chibodee Crocket. Shuffle
              Union's Queen the Spades.
    Jack:     OH! Mister Chibodee. I know! Boxing champion, hard puncher, very very
              strong neh!
    Chibodee: Hah?
    Jack:     Fight together is 100% winner neh!
    Chibodee: ... Hey, somebody, translate what he's saying, please.
    Merry:    Brother is, as same American, happy to meet with Mr. Chibodee.
    Jack:     Yes! We're exciting neh!
    Musashi:  Or saying well, only Jack is that way.
    Chibodee: Oh, please! All Americans from the whole universe will be
              misunderstood this way!
    Sai-sici: I'm Sai-sici. My badge is the Club Ace. Be calm that I don't keep
              saying "neh"... Hey, man! Don't stay quiet there and introduce
    Argo:     ... Argo Gullsky. The Black Joker.
    George:   And I'm the last, representant of the Sand family... I'm called
              George De Sand. My badge is the Jack in Diamonds.
    Tapp:     And Domon is King of Hearts.
    Hayato:   What are those nicknames? Hear like cards and stuff...
    George:   It's what each of us is called for the Shuffle Badge... it's about
    Ken:      That thing you got in your hands...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Fluorescent tatoo... or not, it's too flashy for that, that is.
    Chibodee: I won't have a tatoo!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Tatoo... not is it. It's flashing...
    George:   This is the proof of the Shuffle Union... From over 4000 years
              before... they have been protecting people from the history's
              shadows, and this is the proof of one of them.
    Rain:     ... History's... shadows?
    Domon:    ........
    Sai-sici: What, brother, didn't you tell Rain-san about it?
    Domon:    ... For what you've came here?
    Chibodee: For what... to kick Devil Gundam and Giganos' ass with you.
    Domon:    No need to help... This is my own problem.
    Chibodee: What!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Hey hey, this confusion got this big and you still say so?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Jack:     Hey, Domon. You still say so!? Can't ignore Devil Gundam attack more!
    Lamia:    Yes, he be right, is it?
    Chibodee: And this sis has problems with grammar.
    Lamia:    (I think that as well, so do not worry.)
    Ken:      Because of Devil Gundam, we couldn't go to space, you know?
    Domon:    I haven't asked for it. You came on your own.
    Ryo:      Stop it now! Look around you, Devil Gundam has damaged enough!
    Hayato:   That's it... This is a problem that can no logenr be solved in
              private level. Even if it's your master who's behind the curtains.
    Domon:    .......
    Sai-sici: Brother, let's fight together from now on.
    Rain:     Yes, Domon, this is the best choice.
    Domon:    ... Do on your own.
    Rain:     Ah, Domon, where are you going!? Wait, Domon.
    Light:    A-ah, he's gone... Such a difficult man.
    Argo:     ... He's a child, that's all.
    Ken:      So, let's do on our own, then, isn't it? ... But how about us, what
              should we do from now on?
    Linda:    Maybe we'll get under chief Miwa's command?
    Tapp:     Geeeeeh, please save me from that!
    # if Lisa joined #
    Lisa:     Me to, I don't like him...
    Michiru:  Shall we contact Saotome Lab?
    # if Miyuki joined #
    Miyuki:   To father's place?
    Michiru:  It's alright, father will sure be happy.
    Ryo:      Aah, for now this might be the best.
    Lady:     No need for it.
    Linda:    You're Lady Une-san... why are you here?
    George:   From the Preventers?
    Lady:     Yes, Shuffle Union... I've heard about you. Can I ask for your help?
    George:   Of course, lady Lady Une.
    Lady:     Would you mind refer to me as... mademoiselle?
    George:   I beg your pardon. Mademoiselle Lady.
    Sai-sici: Such a nice person, brother Chibodee. 
    Chibodee: Not at all... I see as a villain.
    Ryo:      What happened?
    Lady:     I came to pick you up. To take you to a place that will be
              responsible for you.
    Ken:      Lady-san, aren't you going to be responsible for us?
    Lady:     I'm sorry. We're shorhanded at moment.
    # next: scene 100 #
    # scene 099 SP : Ahgama - MS deck #
    Astonage: ... This is no good. We'll have to be upgrades it to space type.
    Kou:      No! Why a machine based on land battle can be used in space and the
              GP01 can't!?
    Koji:     What are you arguing?
    Sayaka:   The GP01... can't be used in space, it seems.
    Boss:     Why?
    Nina:     Because mobility under gravity was stabilized, so this way it can't
              be used in space.
    Koji:     Mobile Suits are complicated. Mazinger Z can be used this way can't
    Nina:     (Why is it? Super Robots... can't understand.)
    Nana:     Brother Kazuya, is Daimos ok?
    Kazuya:   Aah, Daimos was at first made aiming for a space use. It can be used.
    Nina:     (But, why does it has a frame to react to karate moves... can't
    Kyoshiro: But is that ok, Kazuya? It's a long time since last space use, isn't
    Kazuya:   Aah, that's why I'll traing a little with Lt Burning afterwards.
    Noin:     My Taurus has no problems too... But why is Ez-8 ok?
    Astonage: Aah, by mixing around a little, it can be used by using GM's data.
              Because it's engineering is the nearest to the GM.
    Kou:      Upgraded to space type... Where can it be done!?
    Astonage: Moon. If it's not Anaheim Electronic's base, it's impossible.
    Nana:     Moon is Giganos' headquarters! Is that alright to go there!?
    Nina:     Anaheim is, with Von Braun, a neutral area. It can be arranged.
    Koji:     I can't get it though. I know Anaheim is cooperating with Giganos as
              well, but...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Mah, Anaheim is like a shop selling weapons. If there's a sale, it'll
              do it, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Because Anaheim is a neutral corporation that create and sell of
              military material, it is... If any will buy weapon from it, it will
              help that one, is it?
    Kyoshiro: Nergal is that as well but, it's impossible to convince the morals of
              a death marketer.
    Nina:     Wait, Yutsuki-san. Can I ask you to stop making speeches that invites
    Astonage: Mah, the truth is the truth whatever... and, he-y, Amuro!
    Amuro:    What? Is the repairing in progress, Astonage?
    Astonage: Of course, how long you think I've been doing this? ... Mah, forget
              about it... I've got a surprise here. I could get from Kilimanjaro
              base safer.
    # if G-Fighter obtained #
    Amuro:    Surprise? ... Muh!? Th...this is... From where did you get this!?
    Astonage: I was surprised too... G-Fighter. Even for the Gundam, it'll get
              tougher from now on.
    Nina:     .......
    Amuro:    Purpleton-san?
    Nina:     Wo...Wonderful... First time I see it. G-Sky, G-Bull, G-Armor... the
              system that uses the Core Block System to it's limits.
    Astonage: And Gundam-Sky is OK too. The difficulty of maintenance and problems
              with its costs, this is the only one created. To create land type
              machines were considered fairly more safer.
    # else FA-Gundam obtained #
    Amuro:    Surprise? ... Uhn, this is... Supplemental armor?
    Astonage: Aah, during One Year War, did you hear about that Mobile Suit
              constructed for Amuro's personal use? I've heard it was destroyed by
              Zeon's special forces afterall but, for that we've got some Chobahm
              armor for supplemental plan. And this is the plan's test type.
    Amuro:    And this the one... What about the shoulder launcher?
    Astonage: Just for the armor, the mobility will fall down a little. So to shot
              while in stand pose, I've put a weapon for long range battle. For the
              data, this won't make the mobility go down.
    Amuro:    I see. I'll use it well, Astonage.
    # if G-Fighter was obtained #
    Astonage: If so, let Sayla ride it, then.
    Amuro:    ... I feel dearsome.
    # else FA-Gundam obtained #
    Astonage: Aah, codename Full Armor Gundam... I don't like the armor color. It
              won't be the White Devil anymore.
    Amuro:    I don't mind.
    # next: scene 100 #
    # scene 100 : Tenissian island #
    Prospector: Londo Bell Squad, flagship Ahgama has succesfully launched to
    Minato:     And how about us? It's not bad to stay at this resort mood for more
                time, though.
    Yurika:     Little more time and our repairing will be over. After that we'll
                hurry up go to space!
    Prospector: Oh well, I thought for a while what would be of us... Afterwards,
                we could repair without being noticed.
    Ruri:       This Tenissian island is zaibatsu Grimson's daughter, miss Aqua
                Grimson's private territory. Even the army can't investigate in
    Megumi:     But is this ok? From repairing to getting info, it's all troubling
                the Grimson's, isn't it?
    Prospector: It's alright! We've promissed a certain gift for miss Aqua!
    Yurika:     Great, it's Nergal's abilidous manager! ... And, what's this gift?
    Prospector: That person is yearning for the meeting of her life. So we'll
                arrange it for her.
    Yurika:     Hah? The man of her life? Oh nooo, it's not as me and Akito so, a
                meeting of her life... er, who did you sent there? 
    	    ... Uribatake-san?
    Prospector: He's concentrating on repairing the Aestevalis.
    Yurika:     Yamada-san?
    Gai:        It's Ga-i-Da-i-go-u-ji!
    Yurika:     Arah, he's here... so...
    Minato:     He's too sweltring for a man of a lady's life.
    Gai:        What!?
    Prospector: And afterall, there are no more left, so...
    Yurika:     A...Akito!
    Prospector: Yes.
    Yurika:     Wha...eh? Eh? Her life's...? ...no, Akitooooo-!
    Ruri:       Captain, before flying out, please give us instructions.
    Yurika:     Eh? Er, yeeah, after we take Akito back, prepare for sail! Our
                destination is Mars! We'll meet up with reserve pilots on the way
                and, Akito------!
    Ruri:       Baka.
    Megumi:     Moh! It's Akito-san, Akito-san all over!
    Minato:     Megu-chan, don't be jealous... A-ah, I'd wanted to swin more. Neh,
    Ruri:       It was my... first time at sea so... I was happy... a little.
    Prospector: In the sea of space... we'll seem to suffer a little, though.
    # SP next: scene 101 SP #
    # EA next: scene 101 EA #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 101 SP: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Nina:     Kou, messing around with the balancer won't work.
    Kou:      I want to get used... And even without upgrading the parts, it can be
              used. I can't wait till upgrading it in the moon.
    Nina:     You're so impatient. In space, the GP01 is even weaker then the GM...
              Ah! Don't mess with it.
    Kou:      I've already calculated that.
    Nina:     ... But that's wrong.
    Kou:      Eeh!
    Nina:     So, leave this to me, and how about going with Ryuzaki-kun and
              Camille-kun to the training?
    Kou:      If I have such time, I'll conquer this machine.
    Boss:     Ka-h! What's with those two.
    Sayaka:   Really, just reaching space and going in such close relationship.
    Burning:  What's up? The Super Robots can fight in space, but if you aren't
              used to it then you'll suffer later.
    Koji:     Training is troublesome.
    Fa:       Lt Burning, how's Camille going?
    Burning:  ... I can't think that he was that long without fighting. And I get
              surprised in thinking that it's the battle ability of a Newtype.
    Camille:  That's not right. Newtype isn't such a special being.
    Kyoshiro: It's not the person that chooses to be identified as special or not.
              The people around you that does.
    Shiroh:   He's right. Camille-kun, don't mind.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Yeah yeah, I'm also acting normally, although everyone notices me.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    That it is. Not mind is best.
              (And my difference won't come clear because of the concentration of
              those numbers of special people.)
    Koji:     You're just being thought as a weirdo. Be conscious of that.
    Kazuya:   Fuh, it's a bad thing. I'm moving Daimos with the same sensation of
              when I was at surface.
    Nana:     It's alright, you'll get used soon.
    Nina:     You, stop being so self-confident! The Gundam is not a toy. It'll be
              troublesome if you ride on it to play with it!
    Kou:      I can't believe it! Didn't you approve me as a Gundam's pilot!?
    Nina:     If I knew you were such a blockhead, I wouldn't!
    Kou:      Nina is the blockhead one!
    Koji:     What's with them?
    Nana:     They were talking in a good mood since a while.
    Shiroh:   They seem to be arguing about the usage of GP01.
    Astonage: Arguing or whatever, it's impossible for the GP01 to be used at space
              in the current situation.
    Shiroh:   But 2nd Lt Uraki does think that there will be a way.
    Aina:     But, isn't Nina-san that made the GP01? If she is saying so.
    Astonage: Uraki has the intelligence and talent, but if you take his opinions
    Burning:  It's even worse that the mass production type that Ez-8 is to be able
              to work at space.
    Shiroh:   And that's because Burning's GM data is being used on it...
    Astonage: It's useless if Uraki himself doesn't get satisfied with it... I hope
              he doesn't get impertinent.
    # next: scene 102 SP #
    # scene 101 EA: transport #
    Ken:      Hey, this transport sure trembles.
    Light:    Yeah, it's a far difference with Ahgama. Uwah!
    # if Miyuki joined #
    Miyuki:   Kyah!
    Argo:     Careful...
    Miyuki:   Sorry, I was so unsteady.
    Lady:     Please, endure for now. We aren't in time for granting high quality
    Domon:    .......
    # if Lisa joined #
    Lisa:     Domon-san, he's so unhappy.
    Rain:     Domon...
    Musashi:  His master became his enemy. He won't get his will back that soon.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Okay, so I'll do some arts to raise his humour...
    Ken:      Stop it, if Domon goes mad now, this transport will blow up.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    In times like now what should we tell, it is?
    Hayato:   Don't do meaningless stuff. There are times that is best not to say
    Domon:    Clean... and Serene...
    Sai-sici: Clean and Serene... The one Schwartz said about. What's that?
    Domon:    Say what's wrong... with my Super Mode...!
    George:   And, madmoiselle Lady. How's the informations about Devil Gundam
              after that?
    Lady:     I'm sorry, but we haven't caught anything yet. As well as the
              Federation... But if that wasn't out of control, and has some kind of
              will instead...
    Argo:     We can presume it's destination.
    Ken:      By the way. What base are we heading to?
    Lady:     It's not a base... We're heading for a residence.
    Light:    Residence...? A house, you mean.
    Hayato:   I thought we were going to a Preventer's secret base, or being used
              by some special forces.
    Lady:     Special forces... we're done with that already. It didn't move
              formally yet, though.
    Argo:     And, where is it?
    Lady:     The residence of Banjo Haran's clan.
    Rain:     Haran...!? Perhaps, the one behind Mars' terraforming, that created
              the Meganoids...!?
    George:   Professor Souzou Haran... I realize he's one of the family, or a
              parent himself, isn't he?
    Lady:     That's right.
    Chibodee: I've heard of it. Even in space, he's got as a big millionaire and,
              has his own personal robot.
    Lady:     Yes, it's Daitarn 3.
    Musashi:  And why is this millionaire accepting us?
    Lady:     He and our Preventers have a cooperative relation. To any other work
              not related to the army, his powers are the most used.
    Light:    And to go after Devil Gundam, instead of the army affiliated Londo
              Bell, the Banjo Haran's Troop is the best to move then.
    Lady:     That's right. Of course, it's not a complete separation from the
              army, though.
    Ken:      And we're military soldiers afterall.
    Tapp:     Yes yes, and by the way, how will be our treatment?
    Lady:     Even separated from the main squad, you're still Londo Bell Squad.
              In special cases, Londo Bell has authorization to mobilize
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     And so can we work with the Preventers or with that rich guy as well.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Independend mobilization... we don't want be with chief Miwa so we do
              on our own, is it? Such a magnificent explanation it is.
    [message sound]
    Linda:    It's a connection. From Preventer Water.
    Lady:     Yes... Is that true!? Eeh, I'll go there soon.
    Ryo:      What's up?
    Lady:     Gaizock... do you remember a invader called like this?
    Ryo:      Gaizock...?
    Chibodee: Nagare and the Getter Team might not know. They're one of the aliens
              that attacked Earth during One Year War.
    George:   ... And, it retreated after fighting one single robot... And
              afterwards it didn't appear at all, wasn't it?
    Lady:     That Gaizock... seems like it appeared in Japan.
    Ken:      In Japan!?
    Light:    Indeed, before meeting up with that millionaire Haran-san... we'll
              head there.
    Musashi:  Will we get in time?
    Lady:     It's alright. The Super Robot that fought Gaizock once... Zambot 3
              will cooperate.
    A/L:      Zambot... 3?
    Lady:     I was asking for their cooperation from before... They didn't want to
              get in touch with war anymore but, from the current confusion, we
              finally got their acceptance.
    Tapp:     Oh, so we don't need to hurry at all, cause Japan's defense will do
    Lady:     .......
    Linda:    Lady... san? That acceptance is... they can't cooperate, isn't it?
    Lady:     No... It's chief Miwa...
    Ken:      Eh!? So then?
    Lady:     He's ordering to confiscate Zambot 3.
    # next: Stage 09 EA #
    # scene 102 SP: Nadesico - Aestevalis deck #
    Gai:        Revival! My leg's fine and nothing will scare me! The oobots that
                comes on my way... I'll crush them!
    Uribatake:  A-ah, depressing. I wanted you to be wounded for more time.
    Akito:      But I'm happy now. I won't need to be a pilot anymore.
    Prospector: ... That is, Akito-san, I'm sorry. I beg you to do so till the
                official pilots gather with us. And after that as well.
    Akito:      Hey, wait. What's that you saying!?
    Prospector: We're shorhanded now.
    Gai:        I am enough!
    Uribatake:  There are 2 Aesties, and you'll let one be a toy? ... Mah, better
                than having it wounded.
    Akito:      No, I don't want to ride and...
    Gai:        Shit, no other way then... I'll forgive you for taking off in my
                place! Let's watch this together! ... Ehto, video, video!
    Uribatake:  Video, eh, such a old thing... here, watch here!
    Akito:      Uwah, it's Geki-ganger!
    Gai:        It burns...! Such a good era-.
    Akito:      Uwah, I liked that one! Neh, let me see it!
    Gai:        Fuhfuhfuh, so-, promise! That you won't get on my way next time!
    Uribatake:  ... Before it, promise that you won't get on my way too... If
                you're going to see video, then see at your room!
    # next: scene 103 SP #
    # scene 103 SP: Nadesico - Akito's room #
    Akito:   Uh uh... uh... uh... the Geki-ganger, my Geki-ganger... it's dead.
    Gai:     That's it, that's it, so you understand it too? You understand,
             right!? I can't just see this episode with such amount of tears-.
    Akito:   Uuuhh...
    Gai:     That's it, the death of a man have to be like that! In the middle of
             the war, protecting his companions and boooom!
    Akito:   Thanks, thanks, letting me watch such a good thing...
    # next: scene 104 SP #
    # scene 104 SP: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ruri:    Baka.
    Minato:  Captain, what are we going to do now?
    Yurika:  Londo Bell's people is at space too so we can get out from Earth
             without interference! Take off!
    Ruri:    We have the chance to meet them at space, though.
    Yurika:  We'll think about that when that time comes!
    # next: scene 105 SP #
    # scene 105 SP: Ahgama - bridge #
    Amuro:    Bright, what will we do? Will we keep looking for the GP02?
    Bright:   We needed to do so but... we're short of battle ability.
    Noin:     It's disappointing but we should think that the GP02 already met up
              with their rescue troops.
    Sayla:    With such incomplete battle ability, we'll be easily countered And
              what about the ones at surface?
    Bright:   I received a connection from officer Lady Une a little while. They'll
              receive Haran Foundation's cooperation.
    Sayaka:   Haran Foundation...?
    Amuro:    Banjo Haran... we can trust him.
    Bright:   Aah, and one more... and this is not a good news.
    Burning:  I don't want to hear it then.
    Bright:   Federation has caught Nadesico fleeing from Earth... They fought with
              them but, they've escaped.
    Koji:     Since they have that something barrier, Federation's Mobile Suits
              can't even scratch it a little.
    Sayaka:   Isn't it Distortion Field? You didn't got right any of the words,
    Camille:  And, are they saying for us to ambush them... isn't it?
    Bright:   Aah, we're the closes ones to Nadesico's previewed course.
    Sayla:    Can we stop Nadesico with our current battle ability?
    Amuro:    It's bad we left the Getter Team and Kasshu-kun at surface.
    Shiroh:   While they have the Distortion Field, Mobile Suits with bazookas and
              Ryuzaki-kun's Daimos must be the main...
    Kazuya:   I understand. Count on me!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     [Main Robot] can do it too, I guess.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    And [Main Robot] also might be ok too it is.
    Camille:  Distortion... Field? For just hearing, is that a similar one to Beam
    Koji:     Oh, Camille didn't know about Nadesico.
    Fa:       I'll explain to you later but... the definitions is close enough,
    Bright:   Ahgama, changing course. How much will take till Nadesico's contact
    Sayla:    Almost 2 hours, it seems.
    # next: scene 106 SP #
    # scene 106 SP: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Nina:     Pilots are hateful. They think they're the main characters.
    Astonage: About 2nd Lt Uraki? He's being calculating since then. How about
              telling him a little about the data?
    Nina:     If I do so, he'll jump out with GP01!
    Astonage: Mah... he can easily be dominated by his emotions.
    Nana:     Just like brother Kazuya.
    Astonage: And Amuro in the past was like that too.
    Nina:     Afterall, whatever algorithm he installs in GP01... it's mobility
              won't change from a weaker than the GM.
    Astonage: It's no use if we don't upgrade it from the Core Fighter at Anaheim.
    Nina:     Eeh. The upgraded Gundam will be wonderful... Strong and speedy. Kou
              is no use, he gets sweet just because I was soft with him a little.
    Nana:     2nd Lt is sure suffering.
    Astonage: I agree.
    Nina:     What did you just say?
    Astonage: Nope, I didn't.
    # next: scene 107 SP #
    # scene 107 SP: Gwaden - bridge #
    Delaz:   I appreciate your efforts, I've listened to the reports. It was
    Gato:    Hah, thank you very much...!
    Char:    We wouldn't wanted to fail with such personnel. The Black Tri-Stars
             and the Blue Giant Star... and the Nightmare of Solomon were
    Gato:    And the Red Comet as well.
    Delaz:   Fuhm... And how about it, the Gundam?
    Gato:    To a Federation's machine, it's splendid.
    Cima:    Fuhfuh... so you liked it, Major.
    Gato:    Muh...?
    Delaz:   Cima... Cima Garahau.
    Cima:    I appreciate your efforts... And I'll enjoy you from now on. Improve
             your Gundam while then. So, your excellency, I'll be going.
    Delaz:   Uhm.
    Char:    Lt Colonel Cima Garahau... Indeed, a not very acceptable commissioned
    Gato:    Your excellency, why such a person! That woman is not a person that
             takes Zeon's splendor among herself!
    Char:    But she has some achievements.
    Gato:    I'm saying about her intentions! Cima won't give her supports for the
             future and glory of Zeon...!
    Delaz:   Gato, the one who will bring the just cause shouldn't worry about
             little things. I'll lead Cime. Gato, see widely.
    Gato:    ... Yes.
    Lalah:   Colonel.
    Char:    Lalah... I've met Amuro. We'll fight him again.
    Lalah:   ........
    Soldier: Your excellency Delaz! A Federation Forces' battleship is approaching!
    Gato:    So they've reach us... and it's affiliation!?
    Soldier: Hah, it's Londo Bell Squad's Ahgama!
    # next: Stage 09 SP #
     Stage 09 SP M - Surechigau Uchuu (Passing Space)
                 F - Delaz Fleet
    [Delaz Fleet units appear]
    [Ahgama appears]
    Bright:   What a situation, we've contacted Zeon in such time!?
    Kyoshiro: We should decide if we're getting happy or sad.
    Camille:  What... this feeling... There's someone that I don't know?
    Amuro:    (This feeling.. is that Lalah!?)
    Lalah:    (... Amuro, so you're there...)
    Cima:     Fuh fuh... my talents cry for it...
    Nina:     Kou!? What are you doing!? It's impossible with GP01!
    Kou:      Don't interfere. I'll do it with the GP01!
    Nina:     So at least use this disc! Kyah!
    Bright:   What are you doing! 2nd Lt Uraki!
    Kou:      Let me go. I'll go even if you stop me!
    [GP01 appears and moves toward enemies]
    Cima:     Fuh fuh fuh... the impertinent one is that GP01! That one is my
              trophy! You've enjoyed a lot at surface.
    Kou:      They've come! Kuh, what's this, it doesn't move well...!
    [Gelgoog M moves toward GP01]
    Gato:     What? It's moves...
    Cima:     Hah? What's that, even a baby's toy moves better than that. 
    Kou:      Damn! Damn!
    Char:     Indeed, seems like it wasn't developed for space... He's being rash.
    # cinematic: Gelgoog M VS GP01 #
    Cima:     Is the balancer broken, this Gundam?
    Nina:     ... Kou! If I just had restrained him.
    # cinematic: Gelgoog M VS GP01 #
    Cima:     What an armor! You're annoying!!
    [GM Custom and Main Robot appear and they move near GP01]
    Burning:  2nd Lt Uraki, are you alive!?
    Kou:      Nina, I'm sorry. The GP01, I...
    Cima:     So you appeared finally.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     We'll support you! While that, get 2nd Lt Uraki, please!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    I'll be enemy's opponent! Hurry and take 2nd Lt to Ahgama!
    Burning:  We'll be counting on you!
    Cima:     Can't be... it didn't fall...!
    Burning:  Uraki, you won't be able to land in such situation. Get rid of the
              machine and flee!
    Kou:      I will... take it back... I have to... change the data...
    Nina:     Idiot... You flew away with such Gundam... You went without the
    Astonage: It's coming, prepare the net!
    Amuro:    After GP01's lading, we'll take off!
    Nina:     The Gundam... what have you done to the Gundam, Kou...!
    [GP01 disappears]
    Bright:   GP01, landed! All units able to launch, take off!
    [Gundam appears]
    # formation: Ahgama (AG) + 10 units #
    09  03
      02  04
    01  AG  05
      08  06
    [All chosen units appear]
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally battleship destruction
    # enemy reinforce: turn 03 #
    Bright:     ... Muh, this reaction... An enemy reinforce!?
    Nina:       Eeh!?
    Kou:        Kuh... Damn... I have to go...!
    Nina:       You can't! Kou!
    [Nadesico appears]
    Yurika:     Wait! Minato-san! We've driven into the middle of a battle!?
    Minato:     I didn't know, there was too much Minovsky Particles!
    Bright:     Nadesico! Kuh, in such a timing...!
    Camille:    So that's... Nadesico!
    Megumi:     Those fighting there, aren't Londo Bell's people!?
    Ruri:       No mistakes. It's the Earth Federation Forces 13th Autonomous Corps
                Londo Bell.
    Delaz:      Indeed, I've been reported about that. The mobile battleshipe that
                surface's Nergal Enterprise had independently made... The name was
                Nadesico, I'm sure.
    Gato:       Independently made...?
    Delaz:      Uhm, they've argued with the Federation and taken independent
                attitudes, it seems.
    Gato:       I'll try to contact them. If they've got complaints with the rotten
                Federation's attitudes and tresspassed Earth's gravity then... they
                can become our fellows.
    Char:       How about that. I'll go too.
    [Zeong, Elmeth and GP02 appear]
    Kou:        Th...that is... GP02... Anavel Gato...!
    Nina:       Aah...
    Amuro:      This feeling...! And that Mobile Suit...!
    Char:       Amuro... once again we've gathered in such way.
    Lalah:      .......
    Amuro:      (Elmeth... Lalah's Elmeth!)
    Megumi:     Captain, it's a connection!
    Yurika:     From Londo Bell Squad? If so, ignore it!
    Megumi:     From the Principality of Zeon... Special Forces Delaz Fleet
                affiliated Major Anavel Gato.
    Yurika:     Ze...Zeon Forces!?
    Prospector: Ma...Major Anavel Gato...!? This is... getting worse...
    Ruri:       Major Anavel Gato... During One Year War, he was an ace pilot named
                Nightmare of Solomon. Past day he's the one who stole the Mk-82
                laser nuclear fusion bullet equipped Gundam Test Type 2, model
                number RX-78-GP02A Physalis... And saying so, that one you see
                there is the nuclear equipped Gundam.
    Gato:       (... They aren't responding to the connection...?)
    Yurika:     Nu...nu...nuclear equipped!?
    Prospector: Sincerely... don't hesitate, captain.
    Minato:     I'll open the line!
    Gato:       I admit you as Nergal's battleship Nadesico. I'm Zeon's Major
                Anavel Gato.
    Minato:     Reluctant! Such a nice man.
    Yurika:     Nadesico's captain, Yurika Misumaru! B...
    Prospector: Captain! No V sign! No V!
    Gato:       ... Uhn, you're young... I want to know your ship's objective. If
                you're one to follow our intentions, then how about help each
    Yurika:     Nadesico's objective is to save Mars' people! My intentions are...
                going with Akito and... hey, what you made me say!
    Prospector: (Aa-h)
    Ruri:       Baka.
    Char:       Fuh fuh... funny girl.
    Gato:       Mars...? So you're not being chased by the Federation because you
                went against their government?
    Yurika:     It's not because of that!
    Prospector: Eer, Major Gato, We the Nergal have as motto not to be aprisioned
                to ideals or principles...
    Gato:       ......
    Cima:       Fuh fuh fuh... Hahahahaha! Your proudly convincement was useless.
                They're no good.
    Gaia:       I don't mind, Major, let's kill them too!
    Gato:       ... So, I'll sink you. I've heard you use a special technology. I
                won't let it go to the Federation's hands...!
    Ruri:       Very bad.
    Yurika:     Mo-h! Why is always like that!? Aestevalis, all units take off!
    Megumi:     Half of that I think it's captain's fault, though.
    Ruri:       And all units, you mean all 2.
    [Aestevalises appear]
    Gai:        Fuh fuh fuh. To beat up this world's evil! One man comes from the
                skies! The love and hope and ideal's man! Gai Daigouji, now
    Akito:      I have to fight again...
    Gai:        Heey! Tenkawa! You should say it too! We've trained it!
    Akito:      But, I really...
    Gai:        Eei, in this kind of stuff, the timing is the most important. No
                other way. But next time, you should say it, alright!?
    Akito:      Ha-h...
    Gai:        Okaaay! Zeon or Federation or whatever, come and get me! We'll show
                you our hotblooded attack!
    Bright:     Humanoid weapons from Nadesico... Aestevalis, was that!?
    Burning:    They seemed to be connected, but seems like they've judged their
    Aina:       Perhaps they've accepted to cooperate with Zeon.
    Kyoshiro:   I agree. That captain girl might have used that V sign again,
    Amuro:      There's a chance. Bright, how's the connection to Nadesico?
    Bright:     I don't see the chance for them to open the line... I suppose that
                their answer will be the same.
    Yurika:     Enable Distortion Field! Aestevalis in front lines, we'll go
                through the battle zone!
    Ruri:       Distortion Field's output... won't raise. The rotation part is
    Minato:     Ararah. What will we do, isn't it bad if we take a shot?
    Gai:        Heh! It's alright, we'll protect you!
    Yurika:     Uhn! I'll be counting on you, Akito.
    Gai:        Hey, I said that I'd protect you!
    Akito:      I'll do the possible.
    Kazuya:     What should we do!? Captain Bright!
    Bright:     ... Kuh, we'll concentrate on annihilate Zeon Forces first...!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       And afterall, we won't have the chance to defeat it, that is. Is
                that ok, captain?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      We can't take both at same time it is, captain?
    Bright:     We won't give Zeon the advantages of a fisher.
    # Ally unit VS Delaz #
    Delaz:   Stupid fellows that allies the rotten Federation!
    Bright:  Yes, I've heard of it... The Delaz squad...! The ghost of Gihren Zabi!
    # Amuro VS Char #
    Amuro:   Char, are you still planning to involve Lalah in the war again!?
    Char:    To make my ideals come true, I need Lalah's power!
    Amuro:   Such egoistic words!
    # Sayla VS Char #
    Sayla:   Brother! If you're not going to stop the war, then I'll stop you!
    Char:    Is that Alticia!? Why didn't you leave the ship! Because of that I'll
             have to shoot you!
    Sayla:   If so... then it's our destiny, brother...!
    Char:    Kuh... Alticia...!
    # Camille VS Char #
    Camille: This pressure!
    Char:    Amuro...!? No it's different! And such a Newtype was being
             developed... Eei!
    # enemy retreat 1: Char's hp reaches 0 or 30 % #
    Char:    Damn, Londo Bell... You've got good...
    [Zeong explodes/disappears]
    # Amuro VS Lalah #
    Amuro:   Lalah, you can't fight like that. Deny Char!
    Lalah:   He's pure. Like you...
    Amuro:   Pure, you say...!?
    # Camille VS Lalah #
    Camille: This feeling, who are you?
    Lalah:   Aah... you are like Amuro... a pure person...
    # enemy retreat 2: Lalah's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Lalah:   Colonel, it's my limit... I'll retreat.
    [Elmeth explodes/disappears]
    # enemy retreat 3: Gato's hp reaches 0 or 30 % #
    Gato:    Eeih, to think that you could do this far! I'll retreat...
    [GP02A explodes/disappears]
    # neutral death: Gai's hp reaches 0 or Nadesico or Akito's hp reaches 30% #
    # if Gai's hp reached 0 #
    Yurika:     Ya...Yamada-san!?
    Megumi:     Wai... Yamada-san! Yamada-san! Please answer me!
    Gai:        Don't make... me repea...t... I'm... Gai...Daigou...ji...
    Ruri:       Aestevalis... great damage... it'll... blow.
    Yurika:     Eh... eeh!?
    Akito:      Ga...Gai!
    Gai:        Fuh, sorry... we can't go... see the ocean together...
    [Aestevalis explodes]
    Akito:      Gai--!
    Uribatake:  It's a lie... that bastard...
    Akito:      You idiot... you died... Gai...!
    Prospector: What shall we do, captain?
    Yurika:     ... We'll run.
    Megumi:     Eh-!?
    Yurika:     ... Minato-san, flee from the battle zone in full speed.
    Minato:     Roger. Transportation engine full open!
    Yurika:     Nadesico emergencial ascending!
    [Nadesico and Aestevalis move across the screen]
    [Nadesico and Aestevalis disappear]
    # else Nadesico or Akito's hp reached 30% #
    Prospector: What shall we do, captain?
    Yurika:     ... We'll run.
    Megumi:     Eh-!?
    Yurika:     ... Minato-san, flee from the battle zone in full speed.
    Minato:     Roger. Transportation engine full open!
    Yurika:     Nadesico emergencial ascending!
    Gato:       Kalius, I beg you, don't let Nadesico run whatever you do!
    Kalius:     Roger that, Major.
    [Dom II appears]
    Kalius:     Nadesico, you won't run!
    [Dom II moves near Nadesico]
    Ruri:       This attack...! We'll take damage.
    [Nadesico takes some damage]
    Gai:        Uworyaaaah! I won't let you!
    [Aestevalis moves near Dom]
    [Aestevalis takes damage]
    Yurika:     Ya...Yamada-san!?
    Megumi:     Wai... Yamada-san! Yamada-san! Please answer me!
    Gai:        Don't make... me repea...t... I'm... Gai...Daigou...ji...
    Ruri:       Aestevalis... great damage... it'll... blow.
    Yurika:     Eh... eeh!?
    Akito:      Ga...Gai!
    Gai:        Fuh, sorry... we can't go... see the ocean together...
    [Aestevalis explodes]
    Akito:      Gai--!
    Uribatake:  It's a lie... that bastard...
    Akito:      You idiot... You died protecting your friends... You should have
                left that to the Geki-ganger... Gai...!
    [Nadesico disappears]
    [Aestevalis moves across the screen]
    [Aestevalis disappears]
    Delaz:      The Nadesico ran... we'll retreat too!
    [all alive Delaz Fleet's unit disappear]
    # stage end #
    # if Nadesico units are still in map: Gai survives #
    [Nadesico and the Aestevalises move across the screen]
    [Nadesico and the Aestevalises disappear]
    Bright:   Nadesico, disappeared from the radar... They've run...
    Amuro:    And the GP02 as well.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     We've being put in a damn situation... that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Specially in those conditions... it is.
    Kyoshiro: Those who chase two rabbits end up with any... Oldies said that.
    Kazuya:   It's no time for jokes, Kyoshiro.
    Burning:  Captain, and us?
    Bright:   Anyway, we'll dettach from this zone... the damage is heavy, and it
              won't be good if we get aimed by Zeon's outer forces... Uhn!?
    [Three Aestevalises appear]
    Ryoko:    Arya!? Nadesico isn't here!
    Izumi:    ... It's not.
    Hikaru:   That's what I said, Ryoko-chan! The concentration of Minovisky 
              Particles was so high that it was better to wait!
    Camille:  Aestevalis!? Why did they come back!?
    Noin:     No... By seeing the coloring... they're different types from the ones
              that were with Nadesico.
    Ryoko:    ... Uhn, those forces are...
    Hikaru:   Th...they're the Federation Forces! We were said not to get in touch
              with them!
    Shiroh:   You... are you Nadesico's crew?
    Ryoko:    Ow! And what's the problem with that!? Where did Nadesico go?
    Bright:   They've escaped the battlefield.
    Izumi:    So, that's all folks.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     It won't be like that, that is! You've jumped in the mid-fire and
              whatever... like that.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    It not likely be like that... we want to ask you a lot of questions
              it is...
    Koji:     We're a little nervous because we let Nadesico go... And we have a
              lot to ask you.
    Nana:     Hears like... we're the bad guys.
    Kyoshiro: No time to say such childish things! We'll get you!
    Hikaru:   Ryo...Ryoko-chan, those people are scary!
    Ryoko:    Heh, good! I'll blow you up...
    Izumi:    Sorry glory-.
    Ryoko:    Wha...what! Stop that or I'll lose my will, Izumi!
    Izumi:    The battery output is out put... altogether.
    Ryoko:    Heh? Eh?
    Amuro:    What? What does it mean?
    Nina:     The Aestevalises have to receive energy refuelling from Nadesico
              itself. So if they move independently, they need a battery...
    Kazuya:   You mean, they're off energy.
    Hikaru:   ... Thanks for explaining-.
    Bright:   ... Get them in custody.
    # if flag 09 conditions met: Borot Pressure Punch obtained #
    # next: scene 108 SP #
     Stage 09 EA M - Sono na mo, Zambot 3 (That name is Zambot 3)
                 F - Zambot Combination
    Heizaemon: What's all this... chief Miwa?
    Miwa:      Don't make me repeat! From now on, the Earth Federation will
               confiscate Zambot 3.
    Kappei:    What does confiscate means?
    Uchuta:    It means he'll get Zambot 3 on himself.
    Kappei:    What's that, Federation was till now occupied with Giganos or aliens
               and left Gaizock to us alone.
    Miwa:      A child can't say such arrogant words! This was decided.
    Keiko:     Federation's chief or whatever, you should know that Zambot 3 is
               different from any battle robot.
    Miwa:      That it only reacts to the will of pilots experienced with many
               mechas, I know. That's why the professional of war, we should handle
    Kappei:    We're the ones who know best how to fight Gaizock! We're the ones
               who fought them without any kind of help, did you know!?
    Keiko:     This is a professional of war's requirements, isn't it!?
    Miwa:      Those ones here have trained hard in the simulator, and can now move
               Zambot 3's hands and feet!
    Soldier:   That's right!
    Heizaemon: But, chief Miwa, we're...
    Miwa:      The Federation won't accept civilians' battle!
    Heizaemon: Take thi kind of attitude after you go down to hell!
    Keiko:     And civilian robots are affiliated to Londo Bell Squad, and the
               Federation accepted that, isn't it?
    Heizaemon: Right. How about explain that?
    Miwa:      Shut up, it's army's top-secrecy.
    Kappei:    What's that!? It's not an answer!
    Heizaemon: Chief Miwa. We were designated to cooperate with Londo Bell. An
               independent cooperation.
    Uchuta:    And you say you'll take out Zambot 3 by force?
    Heizaemon: What's the true voice of your army... is what I want to hear...
               Or chief Miwa, can be this case a sole decision of yours?
    Miwa:      Nuh... Q..quiet! Civilians are not allowed to talk!
    Kappei:    And when things go bad to you, you say so!
    [alarm sound]
    Soldier:   Chief! It's the enemy!
    [Gaizock units appear]
    Miwa:      They've come! Is it Giganos? Or those from Balm!?
    Soldier:   They're... unidentified ones!
    Miwa:      What!?
    Heizaemon: That is...!? Kappei, Uchuta, Keiko!
    Kappei:    What, grandpa?
    Uchuta:    If we use Zambot, Giganos is... hey!
    Keiko:     ... Th...this feeling... can be...
    Heizaemon: Uhm... I've expected that but... The time has come finally.
    Miwa:      They've come! We'll smash them! Zambot 3, take off!
    Soldier:   Hah!
    Keiko:     We have to stop them!
    Uchuta:    If it's like that, we'll do it by force...!
    Heizaemon: Wait! If we cause some trouble now, we might not be able to gather
               with Londo Bell later... We have to let them go. Let them go, and
               get them to understand...!
    Kappei:    It's lucky them that that bastard didn't show up... Damn.
    [Zambot 3 appears]
    Kappei:    Commander-san, don't screw up with our beloved Zambot 3, alright?
    Miwa:      Shut up, civilians shouldn't talk! Go, smash those aliens!
    Soldier:   Hah!
    [Zambot 3 moves towards enemies]
    # cinematic: Zambot 3 VS Megaboost Galchuck #
    Soldier:   Kuh, it's strong!
    Heizaemon: It's impossible. With that fighting style, they can't defeat the
    Miwa:      Shut up! I'm in command.
    Heizaemon: Humpf, can't talk to you.
    # cinematic: Megaboost Galchuck VS Zambot 3 #
    Soldier:   Uwaaaaaaaaaah!
    ???:       Ho-h hoh hoh hoh! Easy easy.
    Kappei:    Can't go any further! If you don't get Zambot 3 retreated, you'll
               really screw it up.
    Miwa:      Shut up, don't say any word without permission!
    Soldier:   Chief, it's impossible! Help us!
    Miwa:      Eei! And you consider yourself a Federation soldier, crying out that
    Keiko:     Th...that is?
    # formation: 12 units #
      07  09
    06  01  02  10
      05  03
        04  11
    [All chosen units appear]
    Chibodee:  So, that's Zambot 3? It's completely losing, isn't it?
    Ryo:       What's with that fighting style!? It's no work!
    Ken:       What, we've expected that much but, making that our ally won't help
               us out, isn't it?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      Whatever, we have to help them... or it'll be history, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     It isn't familiar to the machine? It's history.
    Soldier:   We've got enough! Retreat.
    Miwa:      H...hey! And you consider yourself a Japanese soldier!? You! If
               you come back here! All of you will be executed!
    Soldier:   N...no...
    [Bandock appears]
    Butcher:   O-h, sadly-! I wanted to see Zambot becoming a cra-p!
    Light:     A new enemy!?
    Kappei:    Aah! That bastard...! So he was alive! Butcher!
    Butcher:   Hoo-h hoh hoh hoh hoh! No way I would be defeated so easily!
    Lady:      Heizaemon Kami-san, isn't it? I've received your message.
    Miwa:      What? Why are those people here? Aren't they supposed to be in
    Ken:       A little accident. And we were left by Ahgama.
    Heizaemon: It's now. Change Zambot 3's pilots.
    Miwa:      What!?
    Heizaemon: A simulation is no comparable to a real war. Get those 3 back
               here... They'll become a good warrior if they had such experience.
    Miwa:      Uhnnnu...
    Heizaemon: Kappei, Uchuta, Keiko, those 3 were instructed using sleep training
               and become strong fighters.
    Kappei:    ........
    Uchuta:    Heh...
    Keiko:     ........
    Miwa:      Eei! Change places is that all!? Damn!
    Kappei:    Heheh, so you finally understood! That's it!
    [Zambot 3 moves back to near house]
    [Zambot 3 disappears]
    Kappei:    Okay, let's go!
    Soldier:   I...I'll be counting on you.
    Keiko:     The damage is not that slight but... we can do it! Kappei!
    Uchuta:    Ok, let's do it then!
    Kappei:    Zambot Combination!
    [Zambot appears]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      Indeed, it's move is good now, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     The pilot is changed and its move changes this much?
    Kappei:    Heheh, leave here to us and get lost you all.
    Uchuta:    Yeah, that's it! Zambot 3 can handle those gguys alone!
    Ken:       What did you just say? And we've considered to come and help.
    Domon:     Fuhn, So I'll have you show me then.
    Rain:      Don't, Domon. You said the same when you was fighting Devil Gunda,.
    Domon:     ........
    George:    By seeing people's acts, you should fix yours, Domon.
    Chibodee:  That's right, Domon, you're too sweet to yourself.
    Domon:     Kuh, just have to fight, isn't it!?
    Sai-sici:  Yeah, that's it. Let's go!
    Heizaemon: Kappei! Uchuta! They're from the army, but not like chief Miwa.
               Cooperate with them!
    Keiko:     Yes, do you think that we can fight from now on only with Zambot 3?
    Kappei:    No other way then. Uchuta, let's go!
    Uchuta:    OK!
    Butcher:   Ho-h hoh hoh hoh! I'll smash you all!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation
    # Main Character VS Butcher #
    Butcher: You're interfering! ... or, uhnn!? I have seen this robot...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Heh, so you know me!
    Butcher: I said about the robot! Don't know about you.
    Axel:    So get lost then!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Indeed... a story of a bad taste.
    Butcher: ... What?
    Lamia:   But, I'm a soldier of Londo Bell Squad. I'll have you killed...!
    # Zambot VS Butcher #
    Butcher: So you've come, damn you Zambot. Today I'll make you smashed!
    Kappei:  Butcher! Why did you come back!?
    Butcher: Ho-h hoh hoh hoh! I haven't forgotten my mission of the Earthlings
             annihilation! And luckly, there were some people with the same
    Uchuta:  Same mission!?
    Lamia:   (Can be... this forces...!?)
    Keiko:   This time... We won't let you escape!
    # enemy retreat 1: Butcher's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Butcher: Damn you, remember it!
    [Bandock explodes/disappears]
    Kappei:  We did it, see our power!
    # if alive unit: Gaizock units #
    Uchuta:  Not yet, Kappei, there still remains the Megaboosts!
    Kappei:  Heheh, we'll defeat them at once.
    Light:   Wait, there's something more coming!
    # enemy reinforce: after enemy retreat 1 #
    [Boazan and Hyakki units appear]
    Lady:      Empire Hyakki and... those are... new aliens!?
    Highnel:   I report to the Earth Federation Forces! I'm Highnel! In charge for
               the Cambellings, I've become the Earth Conquest Squad's commander and
               am a proudful planet Boazan's being!
    Miwa:      What...!? Planet... Boazan he said!?
    Highnel:   For the fame and glory of our Empire Boazan! I declare that we'll
               drive away those insects named humans that rules this distant land,
    Ken:       Such arrogant words!
    Tapp:      But it's another alien's advance! What's happening!?
    George:    There's one thing... that I've understood! Those heavy aliens
               invasions... is not just a coincidence!
    Sai-sici:  Wh...why can you say that!?
    Hayato:    Yes... Now, that Highnel bastard said in charge for the Cambellings.
               This means that some aliens forces... are gathering by theirselves!
    Kappei:    I see...! And the reason why Gaizock appeared now is...!
    George:    Both mousier Jin are right, it's what I meant.
    Ryo:       And... they've gathered with the Underground's demons!?
    Chibodee:  Goddamn...! The size of the enemy organization... is over my
    Domon:     We don't know what happened to those at space, though.
    Hyakkotsu: To die in a place like this is lonely but... A world without Lisa is
               not in my mind.
    # if Lisa joined #
    Lisa:      That's... mother!?
    Hyakkotsu: Eh, Lisa, is that Lisa!? You are alive! But... why with humans...!
    Lisa:      Michiru-san helped me, mom, and I wanted to see you.
    Ryo:       Is that Lisa's mother?
    Hidler:    Lisa, is that? You traitor!
    Hyakkotsu: Marshal Hidler, what are you planning?
    Hidler:    Isn't that obvious, the traitor must die!
    Hyakkotsu: Stop it, it took me 5 years to meet her.
    Hidler:    Meaningless. Or are you planning to betray me to, Hyakkotsu Oni!
    Hyakkotsu: ...
    Hidler:    Ok, attack Lisa. Kill her!
    Hyakkotsu: ... Lisa, run!
    [Mecha Hyakkotsu Oni moves near Mecha Fortress Oni]
    Hidler:    Hyakkotsu Oni, what are you doing?
    Michiru:   No, Hyakkotsu Oni, stop!
    Lisa:      Mom!
    Hyakkotsu: Lisa, be happy. Your mother will always pray for your happiness.
    [Hyakkotsu Oni self-destructs]
    [Mecha Fortress Oni takes damage]
    Lisa:      Moooooom!
    Musashi:   It... self-destroyed!?
    Ken:       What the hell. You should have come with us like Lisa did! No need
               to self-destruct!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      Why... Why is that!? This war... what is the meaning of it, old lad!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     Why did you self-destroyed? Was that your mission!?
    Hidler:    Both mother and daughter betrayed me, I won't forgive you!
    # Main Character VS Highnel #
    Highnel: So this is the so rumored [Main Robot]. I'll see the strength of
    Jangyal: We'll see by smashing it!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    A new commander!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I'll as well, have your power seen!
    # enemy retreat 2: Highnel's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Jangyal: Mwoh, this Skullock received such damage...! So it means that Janella
             fled for a good reason...! Highnel-sama, we'll retreat!
    Highnel: Nuuh... splendid, Earthlings. But don't think that tomorrow will be
             the same! We'll show you that those who came against us didn't
    [Skulluck explodes/disappears]
    # stage end #
    Heizaemon: So... you've got through it.
    # next: scene 108 EA #
    # scene 108 SP: Ahgama - medical office #
    Kou:     It's as Nina said... centered in the balancer...
    Nina:    Kou, I'm sorry... I've realized after all this happened... Kou, I'm
             glad you're alive. I'm glad.
    Fa:      Calm down, Nina-san. The bleeding is great and looks like a big wound
             but... there's risk to his life.
    Shiroh:  Is 2nd Lt... alright?
    Nina:    2nd Lt Amada...
    Aina:    So good... he seems alright, Shiroh.
    Shiroh:  ......
    Aina:    Shiroh?
    Shiroh:  I'm far more concerned about his woundin his spirit...
    Nina:    Eh...?
    Kou:     Damn... damn...
    # next: scene 109 SP #
    # scene 108 EA: Shungawan - sea underground base #
    Lady:      Chief Miwa, I'd like some explanations... We were assigned to take
               care of Zambot 3. And it came into this.
    Miwa:      Because you're too slow. We're in mid-war if you didn't know! It's
               obvious that civilians have to cooperate!
    Kappei:    With your methods, we start not wanting to.
    Miwa:      What!?
    Heizaemon: Chief Miwa, I'd ask you to leave. We're assigned from a long time,
               and to take it by side won't solve unsolved things.
    Miwa:      Kuh. Lady Une, don't forget. You, the Preventers, are a single
               organization from the army, I mean, you have to listen to my orders!
    Lady:      Do not misunderdant us. The Preventers is a organization related to
               peace treatments that Relena Peacecraft founded... We're sure
               related to the army but, not affiliated to the Federation.
    Miwa:      Kuh, let's go...
    Sai-sici:  Sure a mean bastard.
    Lady:      I beg your pardon for this confusion.
    Heizaemon: No, no. Instead, how about the power of Zambot 3?
    Lady:      It's surely enough... We'll have it well used.
    Uchuta:    That Miwa guy got away with his tails tied.
    Ryo:       Oh, so you are the ones who pilot Zambot 3?
    Kappei:    That's right, I'm Zambot 3's main pilot, Kappei Kami-sama. And,
               introduce you as well, those ones come with me in Zambot, Uchuta and
    Uchuta:    What's that, Kappei, hears like we're bonus that comes with you.
    Kappei:    And isn't that right? I'm the one who really makes Zambot move.
    Uchuta:    What!?
    Keiko:     You two, stop. Nice to meet you, I'm Keiko Kamikita.
    Uchuta:    I'm Uchuta Kamie, nice to meet you.
    # if Axel Route #
    Chiyokin:  Wanwan.
    Axel:      Areh, from where did this dog come from?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Chiyokin:  Wanwan!! Wanwan!!
    Lamia:     Ara ara, wh...what be? This dog's problem?
    Kappei:    Wait, this one is Chiyokin, and he's my family, you know?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      I'm sorry then. nice to meet ya, Chiyokin.
    Chiyokin:  Wan!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     Oh so it be it is... Sorry about that, Chiyokin?
    Chiyokin:  Wanwan! U-h, wanwanwan!!
    Kappei:    hey hey, what's up, Chiyokin? It's strange, he doesn't usually
               barks to humans.
    Chiyokin:  Wanwanwanwanwan!!!
    Heizaemon: What's happening?
    Kappei:    Chiyokin!?
    Lamia:     (This dog... he discovered my true self?)
    Musashi:   Oh well, why such kids?
    Kappei:    I heard that. Our pilot skill are certain.
    Heizaemon: And I guarantee that.
    Lady:      And... I want to ask about Gaizock.
    Domon:     Aah, those ones that you were fighting when we came.
    Heizaemon: Gaizock... Those ones are the devils of space. My home planet Bial
               was destroyed by them.
    George:    But I've heard you gained victory over them in the past war?
    Heizaemon: In true words, we only drove them out... But I haven't thought they
               would attack again...
    Lady:      Not only Gaizock but, other aliens... The Giganos and the battleship
               with an unknown mission... the Earth sphere is involved into a
               never seen battle...
    Heizaemon: I know... Kappei, Uchuta, Keiko.
    Kappei:    I know, grandpa. We only need to go with them, right?
    Uchuta:    It's way better then cooperate with chief Miwa.
    Ken:       Yeah yeah.
    Lady:      So I'll take care of your grandchilds and Zambot 3.
    Heizaemon: Uhm, I'll be counting on you.
    Kappei:    Seems like that so, nice to meet you all, brothers!
    Chibodee:  Oh well, now those happy kids joined.
    # Lisa joined next:     scene 109 EA #
    # Lisa not joined next: scene 110 EA #
    # scene 109 SP: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Amuro:   Char... What are you planning by involving Lalah again in the war?
    Sayla:   Brother... I have to stop my brother...
    # next: scene 110 SP #
    # scene 109 EA: Shungawan - pathway #
    Miwa:    Damn you Lady Une, what are her intentions?
    Lisa:    Kyah!
    # Miyuki joined #
    Miyuki:  Lisa, are you alright?
    Miwa:    You're on my way, hanging around like that... you, that scar of a horn
             in your forehead, Empire Hyakki!
    Lisa:    Th...this is!
    Miwa:    You're an enemy spy... I'll execute you!
    Michiru: What are you doing? Stop, please!
    Miwa:    You, are you protecting the enemy!?
    Ryo:     What's up!? Ch...Chief Miwa! Were you still around here!?
    Miwa:    What's the problem with that! I'm the chief! And what aboout... this
             woman! You don't have the horn, but that scar... you're a demon!
    Ryo:     Chief! She's not our enemy! She ran from Empire Hyakki and now is a
             trustful friend that's fighting with us!
    Miwa:    Humpf, can't believe on that!
    Jack:    Chief Miwa, no need be hasty neh.
    Merry:   That's right. She's our friend.
    Lisa:    Jack-san, Merry-san...
    Ryo:     About her, if anything happens, we'll be responsible.
    Miwa:    Don't forget those words! ... All of them, who do you think I am? I'm
             a chief from the Federation Forces!
    # next: scene 110 EA #
    # scene 110 SP: Ahgama - bridge #
    [message sound]
    Sayla:    Bright, a connection from chief Miwa.
    Miwa:     Bright-kun, I've heard you've fought Nadesico, right?
    Bright:   Yes, we were during battle against Zeon and, they without our touch...
              But next time...
    Miwa:     No, forget about the capture of Nadesico.
    Bright:   Hah?
    Miwa:     No, that Nergal, there are such understandable people at that
              enterprise... anyway, you won't neet to attack Nadesico anymore.
    Bright:   Are you saying that Nadesico isn't our enemy anymore?
    Miwa:     That's it. Some passangers from Nergal will go there so, ask further
              about it to them.
    Bright:   So we only need to concentrate on fighting Zeon from now on.
    Miwa:     For now, that's it. I'll be counting on you.
    Koji:     What's with that attitude!? Fight and now stop it.
    Noin:     They've negotiated from the shadows, it seems.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     A-h, I hate that adult world.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    So Nergal did something to take it out it is.
    Kyoshiro: Shit, that damn Miwa...!
    Nana:     Realy, takes on my nerves!
    Bright:   We're military soldiers... If it's an order, we have to act the
    # next: scene 111 SP #
    # scene 110 EA: Shungawan - sea underground base #
    Lady:     Now, we only need to send them to Hazan's residence...
    Linda:    Er, Lady-san.
    Lady:     Plarto-san... what is it?
    Rain:     Can we ask you a question? Chief Miwa is your superior, isn't he? Why
              by even going against him, you protect us so much?
    George:   I want to hear about it as well.
    Hayato:   Yeah, seems like you want to fight with him.
    Lady:     ... Because I have some expectations on you.
    Rain:     Expectations, is it?
    Lady:     Yes. A place like the army has power as an organization, but to fight
              on a mass battle, I feel some limit on it.
    Chibodee: Sure. Everyone has it's bad moves.
    Lady:     And against it, I feel an endless potential on civilians robots. The
              potential to go through the spool of army.
    Linda:    Potential...
    Lady:     That's why I thought of gather civilian robots with Londo Bell.
    Ryo:      And this is the reason to team up all Super Robots...
    Ken:      And we got involved on it.
    Tapp:     Nope, we got into the D-weapon by ourselves so, instead of got
              involved, it's like we drove into it.
    Lady:     The so proudly named strongest squad of army, Londo Bell, and the
              Super Robots with its potential beyond the army's... when those two
              combine into one, it'll become a great power to end up with this war.
              Those are my thoughts.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     The power to change this war...? Such thing...
    Domon:    Uhn? What is it?
    Axel:     Eh? A...aryah? Somewhat... I think that a keyword hit me again...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ........
    Sai-sici: ... What's up? You're pale, you know?
    Lamia:    (Indeed... This squad will earn the strongest power to change the
    Hayato:   We're being put too much expectation.
    Lady:     This war... I feel that in a not so far future will turn into a
              different path. And for when this time comes...
    # next: scene 111 EA #
    # scene 111 SP: Ahgama - one room #
    Ryoko:    I won't say a word. So be cool with that.
    Shiroh:   Just asking about your names won't be that much, right?
    Hikaru:   Just the names... how about that, Ryoko-chan?
    Ryoko:    Stupid!
    Aina:     You're called Ryoko-san. That's a good name.
    Ryoko:    Stop that.
    Hikaru:   So, that's it, mine is secre-t.
    Kazuya:   And that long haired girl?
    Izumi:    Comon, comon... provokating. Fuhfuh... Ufuh fuh.
    Kyoshiro: What's that? A space radiation hospital?
    Ryoko:    Oh, forget about her.
    Shiroh:   Don't misunderstand us. I know the relations between Nergal and the
              Federation is going bad but, we're in cooperative formation now.
    Aina:     That means, we don't need to fight each other.
    Hikaru:   Oh, so that's it. It's ok then, isn't it, Ryoko-chan?
    Ryoko:    I have my obstination. I won't say yes sir that easily.
    Kyoshiro: A very disturbing girl, I see...
    Amuro:    How about that, 2nd Lt Amada? Are the girls talking seriously?
    Hikaru:   Wah!
    Kazuya:   Uhn...?
    Hikaru:   I'm Hikaru Amano! This male like one is Ryoko Subaru, and this weird
              one is Izumi Maki!
    Ryoko:    Male like... not! Hikaru! Why did you start saying everything!?
    Hikaru:   Why! Because... you, you're Lt Amuro Ray!
    Amuro:    A...aah... why?
    Hikaru:   The Federation's White Devil, Ryoko-chan! I'm so impressed! Ah, give
              me a sign later...
    Ryoko:    ... Oh my-.
    Izumi:    Strange... one.
    Ryoko:    I understand, I'll speak then!
    Shiroh:   So, you affiliation first... ok?
    Kazuya:   Great Lt.
    Kyoshiro: We've advanced that much. Oh well.
    Amuro:    ... I just came in here.
    # next: scene 112 SP #
    # scene 111 EA: Transport #
    Lady:      Well, it became a dropping on the way but, we'll now head to where
               Haran's residence is located, Sin the City.
    Chiyokin:  Wan!
    Light:     Why, the dog is here too?
    Kappei:    Of course! Chiyokin is my trustful pal.
    Hayato:    Oh well, the number of weirdos increased.
    George:    Fuh fuh, the class calls for its friends, it seems.
    Chiyokin:  Wan!
    # if Lisa joined #
    Lisa:      Mom. I'll fight. Along with the Getter team... To prevent a
               situation like ours happen again...
    # next: scene 114 EA #
    # scene 112 SP: Nadesico - bridge #
    Yurika:     Here we're safe!
    Prospector: U-hm...
    Minato:     What's up?
    Prospector: 3 pilots and 3 Aestevalis that were supposed to team up with us...
                That's strange, there's no communication...
    Ruri:       No reaction in the radar also... or else, the concentration of
                Minovsky Particles is high so, it doesn't work.
    Prospector: Hah, even with Nergal's technologies, there's nothing we can do...
                Doctor T. Y. Minovsky, I blame you.
    Megumi:     What should we do? The 3 pilots.
    Yurika:     ... and saying so, we won't shot a signal by ourselves... We'll
                wait for their communication!
    # scene 113 SP: Nadesico - Aestevalis deck #
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:       I wanted to appear more! Nah, Tenkawa!
    Akito:     Really? I don't want to be in the battlefield...
    Gai:       Okay! We'll traing for our presentation to next battle!
    Akito:     Hah!?
    Yurika:    A-ki-... areh?
    Uribatake: Stop it, captain. You'll get involved.
    Yurika:    What's he doing with Yamada-san? That thing?
    Uribatake: Presentation.
    Yurika:    Presentation?
    Gai:       We shine in this ocean of space!
    Akito:     ... messengers of... justice.
    Gai:       Your voice is low!
    Ruri:      Lots of bakas.
    # else Gai died #
    Akito:     ... Gai... I'll... avenge you... for sure...
    Yurika:    Akito...
    Uribatake: Stop it, captain.
    Yurika:    Uribatake-san...
    Uribatake: We're in mid-war... when death comes, it's over... And if it doesn't
               happen in reality, he won't realize that...
    Akito:     ... Gai...
    Yurika:    ......
    # next: scene 114 SP #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 114 SP: Von Braun - Anaheim MS factory #
    Boss:     Nah, Moon's Anaheim can remodel everything, right? Then do it with
              Borot, please?
    Astonage: Hey there! Carry those materials! Also leave some space to acommodate
              the Aestevalises!
    Boss:     Astonage guy! I want you to put some booming strong weapon to Borot
    Astonage: ... hey hey, don't say the impossible. Your machine won't handle it.
    Boss:     Don't say so. Genius Astonage-sama. There, like Mazinger Z's Rocket
    Astonage: Rocket Punch? With the rotation, Borot's shoulder will bend.
    Boss:     So the Breat Fire?
    Astonage: It won't handle the heat, and Borot itself will melt.
    Boss:     And how about Daimos' Double Blizzard! Like that.
    Astonage: Do you know the rotation speed of it's Fin? Borot will break apart.
    Boss:     U-hn, yes, those that Gundam uses, the Beam Rifle or Beam Sabre, make
              it use it. It might be ok then.
    Astonage: Look at Borot's fingers. With those fat and slickery fingers, to hold
              a rifle or a sabre is impossible.
    Boss:     Mguhhh....
    Nina:     Astonage-san, about the Aestevalises... oh, Boss-kun?
    Boss:     Nina-san, I want you to ask him da-wa-sa! Astonage guy, say it's
              impossible, and that too...
    Nina:     Neh Boss-kun. Super Robot's weapons are a combinations of
              technologies that can't even be put into my Gundams, did you know?
              It's impossible to such things.
    Boss:     I won't ask you anymore da-wa-sa! And don't say my Gundams! Damn it!
    Astonage: He's gone. Oh well...
    Nina:     Astonage-san, what are Boss Borot's materials?
    Astonage: Borot's material? ... Refrigerator or washing machine or vaccuum
              cleaner, it seems.
    Nina:     Hah!?
    # next: scene 114 SP #
    # scene 114 EA: transport #
    Lady:     We'll soon reach the gathering point.
    Tapp:     I'm excited. Banjo Haran is a millionaire, isn't he? We should expect
              for a great reception.
    George:   Not at all, his house doesn't have that much employees. He has a
              complete computer security system there, it seems.
    Lady:     Eeh, and there are only a few assistants and a butler living
    Chibodee: If that few staff is good enough, others will get on the way.
    Lady:     That's all I meant... And I forgot to say but, the gathering point
              will change from Haran's residence.
    Kappei:   Eh!? It's other place then. And I thought I could eat some good
    Keiko:    Kappei, that's greedy.
    Lady:     He's currently fighting an unidentified cyborg.
    Argo:     Unknown...?
    Rain:     Might be... another new enemy?
    Lady:     No... an unknown cyborg... is formality.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Meganoid...?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ... Meganoid.
    Ken:      Is that true?
    Lady:     .......
    Linda:    Meganoids are those cyborgs created for Mars' terraforming, right?
              Why is he fighting them?
    Lady:     The Meganoids true objective is... to transform all humanity into
    Michiru:  Hah? ... I haven't ever heard of it.
    Lady:     Even at Federation, only a small part of them knows of it. They don't
              want to show that the responsibles for Mars' terraforming are now
              going against humanity.
    Ryo:      And so, the reason why they can't get in touch with Mars is...
    Lady:     I can see as Meganoid's work. But it seems that other type of battle
              ability is acting along with the Meganoids...
    Musashi:  Aliens, then?
    Lady:     Do you remember Nadesico? By searching into their creator Nergal's
              information, I've found some curious existences.
    Linda:    Curious existences?
    Lady:     Jovian Lizards... they're called that way. But I don't know what it
              means though.
    Hayato:   Jovian Lizards? So those Nergal guys are surely hiding something.
    Ken:      Is the reason why Nadesico went to Mars by themselves related to it?
              They said it was for rescuing civilians.
    Ryo:      ... That captain girl and the robot's pilot, they didn't look like
              they were lying.
    Lady:     There's the possibility that the majority of Nadesico's crew don't
              know the truth. This case is surely deep.
    Linda:    We'll soon reach the destination point.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Banjo Haran... a cool name... Or, like, somewhat I know it...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Banjo Haran... at this side... he's back then...?)
    # next: scene 115 EA #
    # scene 115 SP: Von Braun - Anaheim MS factory #
    Koji:     So here is Von Braun... Hey, look at that, Sayaka-san. We can see the
    Sayaka:   It's so beautiful, Koji-kun.
    Koji:     Aah. We have to protect it... For sure... For Daisuke-san too.
    Sayaka:   Daisuke-san... I hope he's alright...
    Koji:     Of course. The immortal Duke Freed won't be defeated so easily! We
              have to work hard until Daisuke-san comes back... But that bastard
              Tetsuya Tsurugi...!
    Sayaka:   Koji-kun... stop it please. So, how about hang around Von Braun's
              town? Let's relax a bit.
    Koji:     ... Aah.
    Kyoshiro: Uhn? Oh, you two, are going out?
    Kazuya:   Yes, captain Bright was saying... Moon is under Giganos' government.
              This is a neutral area, so there's no chance in being shot but, when
              going outside, do not to take anything that shows you're from the
    Koji:     Aah, I see.
    # next: scene 116 SP #
    # scene 115 EA: meeting point #
    Gallison: Oh, my my... Preventer's Lady Une-sama. Grateful you've come from a
              far land.
    Lady:     I'll introduce you, this one is Banjo Haran's butler Gallison
    Ken:      He-h, a butler.
    Tapp:     Indeed, a millionaire.
    Domon:    I can't see that one himself, though.
    Gallison: ... That is, we've got a little trouble, and I'd be grateful if you
              all could help us out...
    Lady:     Trouble...? If it's anything we can do.
    Gallison: The truth is, Banjo-sama and his assistants were captured by the
    Light:    Hah?
    Miyuki:   Captured!?
    Chibodee: It's quite different from what we've heard.
    Sai-sici: Well, I'm getting a little anxious...
    Gallison: There's no problem at all. About Banjo-sama, so I know he'll be able
              to escape till dinner time but... If by any chance he doens't I mean.
    Kappei:   Nah, are you trully worried?
    Keiko:    You say like he just went... hang around.
    Gallison: Banjo-sama said not to worry but... I can't stop this feeling... If
              he gets late in escaping, the oyster I prepared will get cold.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     And you're worried about that!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Such amazing story it is...
              (Gallison Tokida... a not very acceptable man. I have to be careful.)
    George:   This means that he trusts his master more than everything. And not to
              worry without necessity is a lot easier.
    Gallison: As you've said. And Banjo-sama says that all the time.
    [explosion sound]
    Argo:     Muh!?
    Ryo:      What!? A robot!?
    Rain:     He...hey, what's that?
    Tapp:     What a giant robot... how many times bigger than the Dragoner?
    Gallison: Ooh! That one is Daitarn 3!
    Uchuta:   He's already escaped! So we're useless!
    Gallison: Hohoho. Might be... oyah?
    Domon:    It's feeling is strange. And it seems we aren't that useless at all.
    # next: Stage 10 EA #
    # scene 116 SP: Von Braun - Anaheim MS factory #
    Nina:     Hurry up fixing GP01! After it's complete, we'll upgrade it to the
              Full Vernian.
    Astonage: Is the G-Defensor prepared!?
    Amuro:    You're doing well, Astonage.
    Astonage: Oh, it's you, Amuro. We can't worry about shorthanded battle power
              like before. We have to make it able to fight both Nadesico and Zeon.
    Hikaru:   E-h!? So are we going to fight Nadesico!?
    Ryoko:    No joke, man!? We're Nadesico's suplementary pilots.
    Shiroh:   Now that Nergal and the Federation made a deal, you're being held as
              Londo Bell Squad's pilots... If it's said to attack Nadesico... You
              will have to do so.
    Astonage: The repairing is to happen but, the Aestevalises are well done. It
              can go against the Gravity Blast well.
    Ryoko:    Don't fool us! You know they're allies!
    Amuro:    That's the army, Subaru-kun... we can't go against orders.
    Hikaru:   A-ah, that's why I hate adults.
    Izumi:    ... and orders.
    Ryoko:    Orders, orders... I can't handle it!
    Hikaru:   Ah, Ryoko-chan!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Uwah! Wh...what? The one that passed through like a whirlwind...
              Nergal's girl? ... What happened?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Uhn? ... What, Nergal's...? Something happen to have happened?
    Hikaru:   I don't know... Sometimes, she reacts strangely to words like orders
              and such, that Ryoko-chan.
    Burning:  ... her father is affiliated to the Federation's Air Force.
    Izumi:    Air Force?
    Burning:  Sorry to interfere. I've researched about you a little... Subaru's
              father got involved into one of Titan's incident in the past.
    Amuro:    Titans... indeed, those dirty orders.
    Burning:  Uhm... that girl might know about that... Oh, do you know where Uraki
              is, Lt?
    Amuro:    2nd Lt? He seemed a lot depressed about the GP01's accident.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Ah, Lt Burning, I saw him. He went to town with Boss, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Lt Burning... I see him go to town with Boss-kun, is it?
    Burning:  What? And what was he wearing!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     What... the everyday's military suit.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    No changes he do at all. Everyday military suit...
    Aina:     Even though it's a neutral area, it's under Giganos' policy. 2nd Lt
    Shiroh:   Boss and Subaru might be ok but... 2nd Lt is in trouble. Lt, I'll get
              some people and search for him!
    Hikaru:   Ah! I'll go too!
    Izumi:    Me too... scientists... search... research...
    Burning:  I beg you!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Izumi! You get lost!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ("Search" and "research", she connected... but where is the
              connection between those words?)
    # next: scene 117 SP #
    # scene 117 SP: Von Braun - town #
    Soldier: Hey you! This is no place to a Federation soldier hang around!
    [punch sound]
    Kou:     Kuh...
    Boss:    Damn you, what you doing with Uraki! Gwah!
    Soldier: You've lost in battle and run away from it for fear, is that it?
    Kou:     Nina... I...
    Ryoko:   Uhn? Hey you!
    # next: scene 118 SP #
    # scene 118 SP: Von Braun - junk shop #
    Boss:    Hey, Uraki, are you alright?
    Kou:     Uh... uuh... Boss. Where am I...?
    Ryoko:   2nd Lt-san, be steady.
    Boss:    Von Braun's junk shop da-wa-sa. He helped us out... Mah, but who told
             him was this newbie from Nergal.
    Ryoko:   I've done anything. I was so nervous that wanted to knock down some
             fellows but, that big man came out. He's got one arm only but, he's
             strong... He's called Kelly.
    Kelly:   ... Did he awake?
    Kou:     Th...thank you very much. My name is...
    Kelly:   ... If you're a soldier, don't be so soft.
    Kou:     Ah, yes...
    Kelly:   Are you all... deserters?
    Boss:    Eh? Ah, no, we're...
    Ryoko:   ... It's all the same, but each one with different reasons.
    Kou:     I'm Kou Uraki... I'm a Mobile Suit pilot.
    Boss:    I'm Boss da-wa-sa.
    Ryoko:   I'm Ryoko Subaru. It's not a Mobile Suit but, a similar humanoid's
    Kelly:   Why did you run...? Did you get afraid of fight?
    Kou:     Eh?
    Boss:    ... Sorry, I told him a lot da-wa-sa.
    Kou:     ... But... because of me... the Mobile Suit was...
    Kelly:   Stop then. If you are like that, the soon the better.
    Kou:     ... If I could! ... Th...that is?
    Kelly:   Uhn? Don't go that way!
    Kou:     This is perhaps... a Mobile Armor from the One Year War? It, it moves,
             doesn't it...!?
    Kelly:   Don't get any closer! This is just crap. My hobby. Hey! I said not to
             get any closer!
    Kou:     This chip, it's burnt out. We have to change it...
    Boss:    This one is gone too, isn't it?
    Kelly:   Kuh, what are you doing!? ... Look, I have no conditions to take
             people as workerss!
    Kou:     I don't mind. Instead, just let me stay here for a while.
    Ryoko:   H...hey, 2nd Lt!?
    Kelly:   What...? So you don't want to go back to your ship?
    Kou:     I don't know. Deserter, I didn't feel like that until you said so.
    Boss:    I'll stay too... This thing won't move in this conditions da-wa-sa.
    Kou:     Subaru-kun... I want you to go back and say it. That I want... some
    Ryoko:   I didn't say I'd return, 2nd Lt.
    Boss:    Uhn?
    Ryoko:   Fight your friends... they might say so. I can't handle it... I don't
             what to do... I want to think a while too.
    Kelly:   You all... do as you wish then!
    Kou:     By the way, and this soon... if we just have these parts, we can do
    Kelly:   ... Gimme that! ... Humpf, I'll get them.
    Ryoko:   Hobby, eh... heh, I guess I'll find a new hobby too...
    Kelly:   .......
    Boss:    Hehehe, I remember when I was getting material to make Borot.
    # next: scene 119 SP #
    # scene 119 SP: Von Braun - Anaheim MS factory #
    Sayaka:   Boss... he didn't come back.
    Koji:     Dammit, where and what is he doing? And Borot's remodelling ended
    # if Borot Pressure Punch obtained #
    Astonage: Yeah I even reinforced Borot's arm to put the Drill Pressure Punch
              on it.
    Koji:     Eeh!? ... Great! Astonage-san, next time, put it into Mazinger Z too!
    Astonage: No way, Borot's shape was simple, so it was possible. Mazinger Z is
              far too complex, and what will you do with Iron Cutter?
    Koji:     Damn... And where the hell did Boss go?
    # Borot Pressure Punch not obtained #
    Astonage: Guess I'll make him sad. I couldn't put any weapon afterall.
    Burning:  I'm far more concerned about Uraki... There's about the GP01 also.
    Amuro:    ... He's too much sensible... How about Subaru-kun?
    Aina:     There was no communication from Shiroh about having find her...
    Nina:     Kou, where are you? You... were you such a weak man...?
    # next: scene 120 SP #
    # scene 120 SP: Von Braun - town #
    Shiroh:  So, how is it going?
    Hikaru:  They're nowhere! Not in a place!
    Izumi:   Hide in the skies or dive into the underground...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    If they're hidden in the sky, we just have to pull them down, and if
             they're underground, just pull them up but, if we can't see them...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Well... they sure be troublesome.
    Shiroh:  There's not much time until our launch. We'll separate once again and
    Hikaru:  Ye-s!
    Izumi:   Roger...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Then, I'm going this way.
    ???:     ... Commander Axel.
    Axel:    Uhn?
    ???:     We wer unable to contact you so, I've came in person.
    Axel:    Hah? ... wait, you, isn't it a misunderstanding?
    ???:     Indeed, a very good acting. Take it.
    Axel:    What's this? Or, whatever, it's a misunderstanding...
    ???:     It's from Lemon-sama. I've only told that it's a data disk for you
             next move. So, I'll be going.
    Axel:    Hey! ... He's gone. What? Commander... Lemon...? Do know nothing
             but... It tricks me. Was that someone I know?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I be going this way then it is. Later then. So... How about coming
    ???:     Splendid... W17. And I was to be in perfect form.
    Lamia:   Your move was too perfect. There's no human who makes equal moves
             numerous times repeatedly.
    ???:     ... So you're researching as well.
    Lamia:   What's your business?
    ???:     We were unable to contact you, and Lemon-sama was worried... This.
    Lamia:   The communications? Is this the next order?
    ???:     Yes.
    Lamia:   The communications are failing... So the security communication line
             might be broken... What's its contents?
    ???:     Just give it, so I was said to do.
    Lamia:   If it's captain Bright, he'd say to grasp it whatever it needed to do.
    ???:     ?
    Lamia:   Nothing. I'll take it.
    ???:     Roger.
    Lamia:   (What meaningless thing I said. We only have to accomplish our
             missions... that's enough.)
    # next: scene 121 SP #
    # scene 121 SP: Von Braun - space dock #
    Cima:    Anaheim sure does good deals. Not even Giganos and Federation but you
             sell weapon to us as well.
    Soldier: But, because of that we have to come into Von Braun like this.
    Cima:    The Federation as well.
    # next: scene 122 SP #
    # scene 122 SP: Von Braun - junk shop #
    Cima:    It's over my guesses. And such a mecha was slept down here... But, in
             such conditions?
    Kelly:   I'm still remodelling it to be driven with a single arm. And that's
             under finishing.
    Cima:    Splendid, Lt Kelly Lezner. Even though you've lost one arm at One Year
             War, your spirit is good. If this joins the stardust, we'll be proud.
    Kelly:   And if I work for your excellency Delaz too...!
    Soldier: We only need this Mobile Armor.
    Kelly:   What...?
    Cima:    You idiot! Don't say foolish words!
    Soldier: Ha...hah! I beg your pardon!
    Cima:    Don't mind what he said. I'll leave the money here... Do a good use of
    Kelly:   ....... Who's there!?
    Kou:     Those ones.. are from Delaz Fleet, right?
    Boss:    So you were a Zeon's pilot!
    Ryoko:   ... And this Mobile Armor, it's to fight us.
    Kelly:   You have bad manners on hearing people's conversation... But that's
             what you heard. But I didn't ask you to stay or fix the Mobile Armor.
    Ryoko:   To fix it without being asked is not the problem. By repairing an old
             model Mobile Armor and go to battlefield once again... Is that because
             you were ordered to do so by Zeon!?
    Kelly:   ... My battle isn't over yet. That's why I'll fight.
    Boss:    Your battle...?
    Kou:     I've... thought about that too. If I stop being a pilot... what will
             be of me?
    Kelly:   .......
    Kou:     Messing around with mechas and make a living...... but...!s
    Kelly:   To end up like a junk shop's old man... isn't that bad... I thought.
             But, it's different. Even working in a junk shop, there's something...
             that makes me feel that this isn't my place.
    Ryoko:   My... place...
    Kelly:   That's right. Even if Moon is under Giganos' policy, this is a neutral
             area... I can do whatever without being bothered. Even if space is in
             such a mess... here is silent.
    Kou:     But... you don't like it, right?
    Kelly:   ... Deep inside my heart, something... says that I'm a pilot afterall.
    Kou:     I'm as well...!
    Boss:    And after we fix this... I'll be back as a pilot too da-wa-sa.
    Ryoko:   ... I...
    # next: scene 123 SP #
    # scene 123 SP: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Hikaru:  Tomorrow is our launch and... Ryoko-chan is still... ah!
    Ryoko:   ... I'm back.
    Shiroh:  Subaru! Where were you and what were you doing!?
    Ryoko:   Sorry, 2nd Lt.
    Hikaru:  A...arah...?
    Izumi:   Docile...
    Koji:    She's back!? Hey, Ryoko-chan, what about Boss!?
    Nina:    And Kou!? Wasn't he together!?
    Ryoko:   Both are at the lowest block... They said they'll be at tomorrow's
             launch in time.
    Aina:    Could you tell us... what they are doing?
    Ryoko:   They have some stuff left to do. They wanted to go deep inside... and
             take out what bothered them.
    Nina:    ...?
    Burning: Well, I won't ask anymore then. They might be trying to do it by
             their own. How about you, Subaru?
    Ryoko:   Me? I can't stand them... That's why I came back to my place.
    Hikaru:  Ryoko-chan...?
    Ryoko:   Me too... I have to fight my own battle.
    # next: scene 124 SP #
    # scene 124 SP: Von Braun - junk shop #
    Kelly:   Ooh...
    Kou:     We did it...!
    Boss:    It moves... even though we made the impossible with some parts.
    Kou:     It isn't as Borot, though.
    Boss:    Hey, don't say such things!
    Kelly:   ... With this... my battle will start... It's been long, Gato...
    Kou:     ...!! Kelly-san, what did you just say...!?s
    Kelly:   Uhn? Aah, it's the name of a friend. Now, he's a famous one. You might
             have heard as well.
    Boss:    Gato is that one... Mguhh.
    Kou:     Yes, the Nightmare of Solomon... I desire to meet him someday.
    Boss:    Release me, Uraki!
    Kou:     ... 2nd Lt Kou Uraki and Boss... returning to our missions...!
    Kelly:   Both of you... next time we meet, we're enemies. And tell that girl
             with straight eyes... to do your efforts.
    # next: Stage 10 SP #
     Stage 10 SP M - Shourisha Nado Inai Tatakai (The Battle Without Winners)
                 F - The Winner
    [Ahgama appears]
    Bright:   From the Preventers' information, the "Stardust"... That's Delaz
              Fleet's operation's name.
    Sayla:    Stardust...?
    Bright:   Their current movement can be taken as a faint to take our eyes off.
              The true objectives are unknown. But the key of that might be stolen
    Kou:      ...Gato.
    Bright:   Be careful until the gravity sphere launch. This is under the
              government of Giganos.
    Sayla:    This reaction...!? Bright! Enemies!
    Amuro:    What...!? But we're still at lunar surface!
    [Val Valo appears]
    Kelly:    I'm Kelly Lezner. Federation's ship, can you hear me!? I want to
              challenge the Gundam...!
    Bright:   Identification code... unknown? What, is that a Giganos' new kind in
    Kou:      That's Val Valo!?
    Boss:     Is that Kelly?
    Koji:     Hey, Boss. Kelly is... the one you said...
    Bright:   Don't let it seem to make Von Braun as a shield. Dettach from the
    Kazuya:   What's that in such timing...!?
    Bright:   It's a lonely enemy. What are the objectives?
    Kelly:    I have no intention to fight other machines! Bring the Gundam out! Or
              else, I'll shot Von Braun!
    Kyoshiro: Did you hear that, he wants the Gundam.
    Hikaru:   But, we have a lot of Gundams in here, don't we?
    Burning:  Does he thinks that he can fight all at once!?
    Ryoko:    2nd Lt Uraki!
    Kou:      I know! Kou Uraki, Gundam Full Vernian... taking off!
    Nina:     Kou! The Beam Rifle is powered using Ahgama's cannon's stabilizer.
    Kou:      Thanks, Nina... Kelly-san...!
    Boss:     He...hey, Uraki, I'm going too!
    Ryoko:    Kuh, I'm going as well!
    Hikaru:   But the battery is...!
    Izumi:    ... It's recharged. Somewhat.
    Ryoko:    What a weirdo! But I'm grateful this time, Izumi! Ryoko Subaru,
              Aestevalis 0G Frame, going!
    [GP01-Fb, Boss Borot and Aestevalis appear]
    Kou:      Kelly-san, why are you doing such thing!?
    Boss:     Although you said next time we were enemies, it's too early wa-sa!
    Ryoko:    So is that your answer!? Is here your place!?
    Kelly:    Muh... Uraki!? So you're the one with the new Gundam...? That one is
              Boss... and in Nergal's humanoid, that girl... Indeed, all of them
              from Londo Bell Squad. But, sooner or later...
    Kou:      Stop, Kelly-san. This kind of battle!
    Kelly:    You're too sweety! In waar we can't choose the conditions!
    Kazuya:   What, those three, they know the enemy pilot?
    Sayaka:   Can be, the person where they three were staying...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Kelly... and now he's our enemy!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Those three, were they helping the enemy to fight him now?)
    Amuro:    Muh!?
    Fa:       The monitor...!? Captain! New enemies!
    Bright:   What...!?
    [Giganos and Zeon units appear]
    Cima:     So your blood burnt your head, Lt Kelly Lezner. If Cima is not
              welcome to you, now you plan to give the Mobile Armor to the
    Kelly:    Lt Colonel Cima, I only wanted to challenge the Gundam before I team
              up with Zeon... If I can defeat the Gundam, the a one armed man can
              be of use to you.
    Cima:     Tih... mah, it's ok. I'll join you to test this Gerbera.
    Shiroh:   Those behind Zeon, aren't they Giganos' Metal Armor!?
    Nina:     Th...that is...!?
    Aina:     Purpleton-san...? Is something wrong?
    Nina:     Ah, no...
              (That frame... Gundam GP04...!?)
    Bright:   Damn Zeon, did they joined Giganos!?
    Kelly:    Come! 2nd Lt!
    Bright:   Units, take off! Support 2nd Lt Uraki and the others!
    [Super Gundam appears]
    # formation: AG (Ahgama) + 11 units #
        01  10
      08  02
    07  AG  03  11
      06  04
    [All chosen units appear]
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally battleship destruction
    # Kou VS Kelly #
    Kou:     Your life... the objective that makes you risk your life, what's the
             value of it!? Kelly-san!
    Kelly:   To a soldier, the talent is in war! And in war, there's only life and
    # Ryoko VS Kelly #
    Kelly:   The new kind from Nergal Enterprise! I'll have it tested, girl!
    Ryoko:   Don't underrate meee!
    Hikaru:  Ryoko-chan! Don't be rash! What's up!?
    Izumi:   Hikaru, be quit now!
    Ryoko:   You and I, our place is here...! But to protect it... I'll...!
    Kelly:   Your ill feeling disappeared, it seems...! A good will! Come!
    # Boss VS Kelly #
    Boss:    Kelly! Isn't there another way!?
    Kelly:   I said it before! I'm a pilot afterall!
    Koji:    Boss! What are you doing!? You'll be defeated! He's your enemy!
    Boss:    Kuh...kuuuh-.
    # enemy retreat 1: Kelly's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Kelly:   Gundam, this decision, we shall take it for sure!
    Boss:    Uuh-.
    Ryoko:   ... See ya, old man.
    Kou:     Is this... Is this your battle...Kelly-saaaaaaaaaaan!?
    [Val Valo disappears]
    # Kou VS Cima #
    Cima:    This one... the Gundam from before! Seems like you can finally move at
    Kou:     This movement... it's the one from before!?
    # enemy retreat 2: Cima's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Cima:    Tih, new kinds are too hard to get used to.
    [Gerbera Tetra disappears]
    # stage end #
    Bright:   Ok, now our ship will escape from Moon's gravity sphere, and as an
              offensive investigating squad, head to the sea of Solomon.
    Camille:  Sea of Solomon?
    Fa:       Currently... it's Compei Island, isn't it?
    Bright:   Aah, the sea of Solomon is, currently, a space meeting point of the
              Federation... If the GP02 is going to use the nuke in space, there's
              no other point to think about.
    Noin:     The superiors are also thinking like that. There was an order to
              gather in the sea of Solomon a while ago.
    Burning:  And during it, to receipt the Nergal's pilot and employee.
    Amuro:    That employee, it's not an ordinary one... might be a negotiator of
              great authority.
    Bright:   I bet. They'll become a disturbing visitors.
    Kyoshiro: All Nergal's guys are disturbing. Right, Amano?
    Hikaru:   How ru-de! What's the meaning of tha-t?
    Kazuya:   Likewise, isn't it?
    Izumi:    No objections. Know... injections... kuhkuhkuhkuh.
    Nana:     A-ah...
    Hikaru:   Mo-h, Izumi-chan, stop that! Neh, Ryo-...
    Ryoko:    .......
    Kou:      Kelly-san...
    Boss:     We have to only fight...
    Amuro:    ... It's better to leave them alone for now.
    # next: scene 125 SP #
     Stage 10 SP M - Maeyo Shiratori! Waga Muneni (Dance White Bird! Into My Heart)
                 F - Meganoid no Kake (Meganoid's Gamble)
    [Meganoid units appear]
    [Daitarn 3 appears]
    Beauty:   .......
    Gallison: This reaction... Beauty-sama? This... what might have happened?
    Ken:      What are those around it? I haven't ever seen it.
    Gallison: They're Meganoid's battle robot. But it doesn't look like it's being
    Sai-sici: No need to think then!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     It means it's being used by the enemies, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    It is to be used by enemies, is it?
    [Megaborg Milene appears]
    Milene:   Hohohoho... correct.
    Tapp:     Uwah! That's big!
    Rain:     Wh...what's that... she has the same height as Daitarn 3...
    Gallison: That's the shape of a Meganoid that used the Micro Machine on
              itself... the Megaborg.
    Lady:     When... did they reached Earth!? And that technology, where did they
              get it!?
    Milene:   You there, I'll let you choose, to either be my slaves or be smashed
              by Daitarn 3...
    Kappei:   Don't fool us, Zambot 3 will...
    Uchuta:   To the transport... damn, it's far away.
    Gallison: That's the one... that captured Banjo-sama. Before choosing, how
              about telling your names?
    Milene:   Well then. I'm a proud Meganoid, Commander Milene. Banjo is captured
              and Daitarn 3 is as you see... Stop with insignificant resistence and
              be my...
    Domon:    I refuse!
    Milene:   ... Muh?
    Chibodee: Run to the transport!
    Hayato:   What are you thinking!? Even though you're martial arts champions...
    George:   We don't need to go back.
    Sai-sici: That's it. Hey, hurry up!
    Argo:     ... If you want to cooperate, then run.
    Milene:   Foolish ones. Step and smash them, Beauty.
    Beauty:   Yes... Milene...sama..
    Domon:    It won't be like thaaat! Riiiiiiiiiiiise! Shiiiiining Gundaaaaaaam!
    [badge sound]
    [Shuffle Union units appear]
    Milene:   From where...!?
    Lady:     It's now! All pilots, return to the transport!
    Domon:    Don't think you can win with size! Let's gooooo!
    Gallison: I'm sorry you're all excited but... I wish you not to attack
              Daitarn 3. I think that Banjo-sama will flee anytime.
    Domon:    What?
    Gallison: Beauty, the assistant, is the one in it so, please, be gentle.
    Chibodee: What if it attacks by it's own?
    Gallison: Concentrate on evade or defend, please.
    Sai-sici: That's cruel.
    Domon:    Don't fool me! I won't listen to that!
    George:   Domon, it's where we'll stay from now on. I don't think it's good to
              be that impolite, do you?
    Argo:     There's no other way then to fight all enemies except Daitarn.
    Domon:    Eei!
    Gallison: Afterall, I wish good efforts.
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation
          Daitarn 3 destruction
    # ally reinforce: ally turn 3 #
    Soldier:  Terrible. Melene-sama! Banjo has ran!
    Milene:   What!? From that cage... how did he!?
    Soldier:  That's, Commander Aiser gave him the cage's key!
    Milene:   Commander Aiser did!?
    Banjo:    Is that ok, Aiser...? You'll betray your sister with that.
    Aiser:    No, I... Banjo, hurry up...
    Reika:    Wait, Banjo, don't forget about me. Moh, and Beauty was taken
    Aiser:    Banjo-sama, I... I'm trully happy being with Banjo-sama. Banjo-sama,
              from the deep inside my heart, I...
    Banjo:    ... Aiser...
    Liser:    Don't say any further! And being my sister... such dirty words!
    Aiser:    Sister!
    Banjo:    Commander Liser!
    # formation: 8 units #
      03  05
    02  01  06
    [All chosen units appear]
    Ken:      Sorry for the delay!
    Milene:   No...!
    Ryo:      Sorry, Shuffle Union!
    Hayato:   So let's work the time we rested.
    Tapp:     If it's like that, I wanted to rest more, though.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     We can't relax and rest if we get down at this place.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    To take a rest, a calm place is best, though.
    Light:    I agree with you, sis.
    Chibodee: No joke! I'll have you work!
    Jack:     Yes, roger neh.
    Milene:   Impudent! Call the reinforce!
    Gallison: U-hn, Banjo-sama, he's unusually late.
    # enemy reinforce 1: ally turn 4 #
    Liser:    Aiser, stop with such jokes! Come back to me.
    Aiser:    I... want to be with Banjo forever...
    Liser:    Aiser, Banjo is a human afterall. He doesn't fit with us, chosen
    Reika:    Eh...!? Banjo, Aiser-san is!?
    Banjo:    .......
    Aiser:    But when I'm with Banjo... I feel it. That I'm a white bird, and
              Banjo-sama is my prince.
    Banjo:    Aah... And if the demon's curse seizes, we can be together. Come!
    Liser:    Can't you understand yet!? Come and become a Megaborg with me! See
              with your own eyes... how a human man can be weak and dirty!
    Aiser:    No, stop! Sister!
    Liser:    You're just dreaming. And that's... a nightmare that you shouldn't
              have...! And I'll make you open your eyes!
    Banjo:    Muh!
    [Megaborg Liser appears]
    Michiru:  Look, new enemy!
    Light:    Hey, there's a human near that new enemy!
    Liser:    By joining forces with sister, we'll grab our happiness! So, now it's
              your turn!
    Aiser:    Aah, stop, sister! Aaaaaaaah!!
    Banjo:    Stoop! Aiser!
    Reika:    This is... Meganoid's Micro Machine! Aiser-san will...!
    Banjo:    Reika! Dettach!
    [Megaborg Aiser appears]
    Argo:     What's happening...!? More reinforcements!?
    Liser:    Aiser, even if you don't want to, the main control is at my side...!
              You can't run from your moves with me.
    Aiser:    Aah, the body is moving on its own!
    Liser:    So, let's defeat Banjo and the humans together!
    Aiser:    Aah... Banjo-sama...!
    Banjo:    Aiser... into a Megaborg...! Kuh, Reika! Stay hidden nearby!
    Reika:    Banjo!?
    [Banjo appears]
    Banjo:    Uwoooooh!
    [Banjo moves into Daitarn 3]
    Ken:      What's that, he's going all alone in this mid-war!?
    Milene:   Kuh, damn you Banjo! Die!
    [explosions occur near Daitarn 3]
    Gallison: Seems like he's finally back.
    Sai-sici: Great, great! He's evading the explosions and still running!
    George:   Indeed, that person is the rumored...
    A/L:      Banjo Haran...!
    Banjo:    Nice to meet you!
    Milene:   Damn you Banjo!
    Banjo:    Milene, I'll have Daitarn back!
    Milene:   Sorry, but it won't be like that!
    Beauty:   ........
    Banjo:    Beauty, so you were here! So, open up.
    Milene:   Beauty, Banjo is our enemy. Defeat him!
    Beauty:   ... Banjo... is... enemy...
    Banjo:    Beauty...!? Damn she's under enemy spell...! Gallison! I'll take a
              little longer!
    Gallison: I've understood... And everybody might have heard too. Do your
              efforts then.
    Tapp:     He-y!
    Domon:    Thanks for saying so!
    # reinforce: ally turn 5 #
    Banjo:    Beauty, I'm sorry! Hah!
    [punch sound]
    Beauty:   Uh...!
    [Daitarn 3 joins]
    Banjo:    Now, it's ok... Sorry for the delay! Banjo Haran, Daitarn 3, now
    Gallison: Banjo-sama, a late return, more then I expected.
    Najo:     I'm sorry, Gallison. And pardon me too, Londo Bell Squad's people.
    Rain:     Moh, surely someone with no anxiety.
    Kappei:   Is that alright, someone like him?
    Uchuta:   I bet.
    Keiko:    Hey, Kappei, Uchuta! That's impolite!
    Lady:     Haran-sama.
    Banjo:    Preventer's Miss Lady Une. I've heard the full story... We'll calmly
              speak after we defeat the enemies.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Mah, we can't speak calmly like this, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Approved it is.
    Milene:   Damn you... Banjo...! The reinforcements!
    [Meganoid units appear]
    Ryo:      There were more hiding!?
    Liser:    So, Aiser, defeat Banjo, the Daitarn 3! And we'll, as Meganoids, live
              beautifully and freely together...!
    Aiser:    ... Banjo-sama...
    Banjo:    Aiser...
    Milene:   Well said, Commander Liser... Yes, Meganoid is...
    Banjo:    Don't say it! Milene! ... For the world and for the people, the
              ambition of the Meganoids this Daitarn 3 will crush! If you aren't
              afraid by the shine of this sun... then come and get me!
    # Banjo VS Aiser #
    Banjo:   Aiser, stop.
    Aiser:   I can't, the body is moving on its own!
    Liser:   So, Aiser. Kill Banjo!
    # Banjo VS Liser #
    Liser:   Banjo, how dare you, persuading my sister!
    Banjo:   You're the one who persuaded! To become a Meganoid! She's...!
    # enemy reinforce 2: Aiser or Liser's hp reaches 0 #
    # if Liser's hp reached 0 #
    Liser:    Aaaaaah!
    [Megaborg Liser explodes]
    Banjo:    Ok, with this, Aiser's control will disappear too.
    Reika:    Wait, Banjo... she's still alive!
    Liser:    Damn you! If so, I'll show you our true power.
    [Megaborg Aiser disappears]
    Michiru:  What are they planning?
    # else Aiser's hp reached 0 #
    Aiser:    Kyaaaaaah!
    [Megaborg Aiser explodes]
    Liser:    Aiser! Damn you! If so, I'll show you our true power.
    [Megaborg Liser disappears]
    Liser:    Megatwin Go!
    [Giant Combined megaborg appears]
    # Liser's hp reached 0 #
    Reika:    Liser and Aiser combined, and formed another Megaborg?
    # Aiser's hp reached 0 #
    Reika:    She combined with Aiser, and formed another Megaborg?
    Sai-sici: That's big...!
    Liser:    Hahahaha! Banjo! And foolish humans! Within Meganoid's power, there's
              nothing that can reach it! You'll feel that!
    Chibodee: Jesus...! The weight is different!
    Banjo:    The size isn't wht matters... Commander Liser!
    Aiser:    Banjo-sama, please shoot me. Defeat me!
    # Banjo VS Liser #
    Liser:   Banjo, do you think you can defeat me, the Giant Combined Megaborg!?
    Banjo:   I will. For sure...!
    Aiser:   Banjo-sama...
    # enemy retreat 1: Liser's hp reaches 0 #
    Aiser:    Banjo-sama, I was betting for you. That even as Meganoids, we can
              understand each other...
    Banjo:    Aah... I knew, Aiser.
    Gallison: Banjo-sama was...?
    Aiser:    ... Yes, you... the Megaborgs...
    Banjo:    .......
    Aiser:    Farewell... Banjo-sama... I...
    [Giant Combined Megaborg explodes]
    Banjo:    ... Aiser, this bet... the victory is completely yours...
    # Main Character VS Milene #
    Milene:  It's a never seen machine... But it's a human afterall!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I'm not like trash, that is!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Human? ... Do you really think so?
    # Banjo VS Milene #
    Milene:  Banjo, prepare yourself!
    Banjo:   I'll thank you for doing whatever you wanted, Milene!
    # enemy retreat: Milene's hp reaches 0 or 30 % #
    Milene:  What...!? Damn you Banjo... I'll retreat. But next time, it won't be
             that easy...!
    [Megaborg Milene explodes/disappears]
    # stage end #
    Banjo:    ... Aiser.
    Gallison: Banjo-sama, the people from Londo Bell...
    Banjo:    ... Aah, I see, Gallison... Sorry for worrying you. I'm the rumored
              Banjo Haran!
    Kappei:   Don't say it by yourself.
    Lady:     So Banjo-san, I'll count them to you.
    Light:    Areh, count us... how about Lady-san?
    Lady:     I have a few jobs to do so... But I'll keep in touch.
    Banjo:    That's it. Till captain Bright and the others come back, I'll be
              responsible and get you in custody.
    Reika:    Arah, just custody?
    Banjo:    Nope, we have such a big battle ability. I'll have it used well.
    Hayato:   That means we'll beat up the surface's enemies as well.
    Banjo:    Mah, that's it. The ones with no work, no food either.
    Domon:    So we'll have to earn our food then. Humpf.
    Argo:     A straight man. I liked it.
    Banjo:    It's an honor.
    Sai-sici: By the way, why did you get captured?
    Banjo:    ... That's... well, let's go home and rest a little.
    Reika:    That's very hard to explain. He was so distracted with Megaborg Aiser
              that got caught into their base.
    Beauty:   That's it... Mah, I can't say much of people, though.
    Banjo:    ... Mah, it's ok now. We've got Daitarn back. Hahaha.
    Ken:      Is that alright, to make such person our lider?
    Tapp:     Better then chief Miwa, yes.
    Banjo:    Thanks, hahaha.
    Gallison: Banjo-sama...
    Banjo:    That's ok, Gallison.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Uhn...?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (What...? Why, he defeated the enemy... and keep such sad eyes...?)
    Banjo:    (Aiser... Meganoid and humans... we might have no possibilities.
              Not while I can't forgive father.)
    # next: scene 125 EA #
    # scene 125 SP: Ahgama - bridge #
    Akatsuki: Heh, you're doing well with such old model battleship.
    Erina:    Hurry up here! Akatsuki-kun!
    Akatsuki: Yes, yes.
    Bright:   ... Are you the ones from Nergal?
    Erina:    I'm Erina Kinjo Won, secretary of the chairman at Nergal
              Enterprise... And this one is the pilot Akatsuki Nagare-kun.
    Akatsuki: I'm Akatsuki Nagare. Mah, nice to meet ya.
    Bright:   Earth Federation Forces 13th Autonomous Corps Londo Bell Squad,
              flagship Ahgama's captain Colonel Bright Noah.
    Erina:    Isn't there... an adjudant?
    Bright:   Even though it's a squad, our structure is small. Our supporters are
              the Preventers' Lucrezia Noin, and currently both Lt Amuro Ray and
              South Burning are responsible to it.
    Akatsuki: (The Federation's White Devil... so he's back.)
    Erina:    For now, it seems that our company's Nadesico has caused too much
              trouble for you so, we were said to the Londo Bell Squad to
    Amuro:    Only you?
    Akatsuki: Don't worry, the mecha we brought is an new kind of Aestevalis...
              And next time we contact Nadesico, let me convince them.
    Bright:   Nadesico is, at Mars?
    Erina:    Eeh, but it seems something happened, and we can't get contact with
              them now...
    Akatsuki: Is that all? So, there is some baggage to get, so I'll be gone.
    Koji:     What's that? Such an impolite guy.
    Kazuya:   Is he... a pilot?
    Nana:     Why, brother?
    Kazuya:   ... No, I just thought that he doesn't have the feel of a pilot.
    Amuro:    Bright, Akatsuki-kun... isn't he the...?
    Bright:   Aah. But, do you think that such things happen?
    Noin:     I'll investigate, captain. But I can se... the shadows of it, though.
    # next: scene 126 SP #
    # scene 125 EA: Meganoid base - commander room #
    Milene:  Banjo... This failure, I won't forget...!
    [message sound]
    Koros:      ... Commander Milene.
    Milene:     Ko...Koros-sama...!? I beg your pardon, I'll commence the next
    Koros:      There's no need of it. Come back to Mars.
    Milene:     To Mars...? Why is that?
    Koros:      A while ago, a battleship from Earth arrived... The name is...
                Nadesico. We haven'd fought them yet but, we're in need of
                reinforce our defense.
    Milene:     So, the experimental...
    Don Zauser: ..........
    Koros:      That experiment, we'll finish it at Mars... as Don is saying. Come
                back, Commander Milene.
    Milene:     Aura, Koros...
    # next: scene 126 EA #
    # scene 126 SP: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Akatsuki: Heh, so this is the [Main Robot]. Indeed...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Uhn, is that you? The one that came from Nergal?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Some business might be is it?
    Akatsuki: Aah, but by the way, the pilot yourself is doing the repairings. In
              Nergal, there's a staff to cover it.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     To repair it by myself is what I chose be myself, that is.
    Akatsuki: Is that it? Mah, do your efforts then, pilot-kun.
    Axel:     ... What? Did I do something wrong? ... Er, aah, yes. This data
              disc... I brought it afterall but, what's this?
              (He called me commander... So am I a member of that organization...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Hohoho, I be type of person to not satisfy if not done by me it is.
    Akatsuki: Is that it? Mah, do your efforts then. And, better you workout that
    Lamia:    (... Humpf, I'm not speaking like that because I like to. And, I have
              to see the order disc... Damn, I could have asked for a substitute
              synapse for the language part...)
    Nina:     So Nergal has put eyes into that machine too.
    Erina:    Arah? Nina Purpleton-san from Anaheim Electronics Company? I want
              some forgiveness to slip and drive.
    Nina:     We won't do such things. We are different from Nergal.
    Erina:    Yes, you're right, it's not slip and drive. It's to steal a glance.
    Nina:     !
    Erina:    Those 3 Aestes that came before... I won't let you say you didn't
              touch it.
    Nina:     To repair to it's full potential is the jog of a mechanic.
    Erina:    A-rah, so let me join you to repair the Gundams.
    Nina:     Be free to do so. Hohohohoho.
    Erina:    Hohohohoho...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     (Scary-... and I can't come out if I wanted to, that is...)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (I don't want to get closer in this mood.)
    # next: scene 127 SP #
    # scene 126 EA: Banjo's residence - one room #
    Banjo:    So, we arrived. This is my house. And till captain Bright comes back,
              it'll be the base point for our surface actions.
    Sai-sici: Hya-, it's big.
    George:   This is... wonderful. And the garden is well treated.
    Rain:     Er... Haran-san, you said it was a base but, are there equipments we
              need? It's a big mansion but, a place to fix and repair Shining
    Keiko:    It's big, but it's a civilian's houve afterall, isn't it?
    Gallison: Hoh hoh hoh, the repairing and fixing of Daitarn and all equipments
              are at underground. And for our shorthand problem, I'll prepare some
    Uchuta:   Mekamaru...?
    Banjo:    Mekamaru is a repair robot with artificial intelligent system.
    # next: scene 127 EA #
    # scene 127 SP: Ahgama - bridge #
    [message sound]
    Noin:    A connection from Lady Une.
    Lady:    Captain, about [Axel/Lamia]-san... Currently, this might not be
             related but, I have some curious informations.
    Bright:  Curious? What's that?
    Lady:    On one of our first efforts against Giganos Forces, a different type
             of robot that wasn't seen since now was detected.
    Noin:    And it isn't a new kind, is that?
    Lady:    It's clearly from a different type. And those were detected at the
             same time [Axel/Lamia] contacted Londo Bell.
    Amuro:   A match of coincidences? But for that, it's well done.
    Lady:    Isn't there any changes on [Axel/Lamia]'s moves?
    Bright:  None, until now.
    Noin:    And even if we thought of [him/her] as a spy... [his/her] appearence
             here was too shiny. And specialy that machine, for it being rare, both
    	 Anaheim and Nergal are interested on it...
    Lady:    We'll proceed with our investigation. And be careful with
             [Axel/Lamia]'s moves at your side.
    Bright:  I understand. Lady Une. By the way, how about the members left at
    Lady:    They seem to doing well. I'll transfer the data for more details.
    Bright:  Thank you.
    # next: scene 128 SP #
    # scene 127 EA: Banjo's residence - one room #
    Gallison: Then, I'll prepare your lunch then... Until then, please make
              yourself at home.
    Banjo:    There are lots of rooms open for visitors, so use then as you want.
              All of them has it's own shower and bath and toilet.
    Chibodee: Hu-, looks like an hotel.
    Argo:     I'll have it used well.
    Ken:      And I want to be in the same room as Linda-chan.
    Linda:    ... Eh?
    Tapp:     Shut up, Ken. You're coming with us on a stinky room!
    Light:    Yes yes. And be a little more polite, or you'll be laugh, Ken.
    Beauty:   Ara...? Can I? Er... Light Newman-kun? Are you related to the
              minister Balmont?
    Light:    Uhn...? You are...
    Beauty:   I'm late in introducing myself. I'm Banjo's assistant Beautiful
              Tachibana. You can call me Beauty.
    Reika:    I'll introduce myself as well then. Reika Midou, Banjo's assistant as
    Tapp:     Indeed, to a millionaire, beautiful secretaries.
    Light:    Minister Balmont is... my grandfather.
    Beauty:   Oh yes. I thought I've seen you before.
    Light:    Meaningless... I am myself. If I'm not minister Balmont's grandson,
              I'm not either an Earth Federation's director's son...!
    Ken:      ... Eh!?
    Beauty:   Oh my.
    Reika:    Beauty, seems like you've said more than you were supposed to.
    # next: scene 128 EA #
    # scene 128 SP: Ahgama - MS deck #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     ... Areh? This one here, it's burned off. When did it happen?
    Astonage: What is it?
    Axel:     It's here. What do you think?
    Astonage: Here, I don't know too. It's one of the black boxes that I noticed in
              this machine.
    Axel:     What might it be?
    Astonage: Is there any changes to the machine?
    Axel:     There isn't any, that is.
    Astonage: There's nothing like that here. So, you'd better be careful. If some
              changes occur, report to me soon.
    Axel:     Roger-.
              (Ah! This disk I received... it's standards are the same of
              [Main Robot]! Uhn... no way. This burned off coord... was the device
              to see this.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (What the... the security communication line is shorted... was that
              in the last battle? Indeed, that's why I couldn't be contacted... And
              I can't fix it with the material we've got, so... I can't see the
              disc. So will I have to move by my own decisions?)
    # next: scene 129 SP #
    # scene 128 EA: Banjo's residence - underground dock #
    # if Axel Route #
    Gallison: The Mekamarus can't repair [Main Robot]... is that so?
    Axel:     Eeh, but the other machines are being well done, that is.
    Gallison: I'm surprised... Trully, I have never seen this type.
    Axel:     I was said so at Londo Bell... But this is the only key for me to get
              back my memories... I'm worried that it's the only one with special
    Gallison: All is all, is that so?
    Axel:     I have a place to repair it... No other way, I thought I could relax
              a little but, I'll have to do it myself afterall, that is.
    Gallison: I think that's the best. I beg your pardon for being useless.
    Axel:     No no, don't mind, Gallison-san. Oh well... arah?
              (What, one part of the line is burned off... U-hn, but it didn't have
              much trouble... What is this, afterall?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (What the... the security communication line is shorted... was that
              in the last battle? With this I can't get in touch with the
              headquarters... If it's impossible to fix it with the material we've
              got, so... Will I have to move by my own decisions?
    # next: scene 130 EA #
    # scene 129 SP: Park of thorns - one room #
    Gato:    Kelly, I trusted that you'd be able to come back.
    Kelly:   Gato, I'm afterall a pilot.
    Gato:    I'm as well. And the time for us to move once again has come, Lt Kelly
    Kelly:   Aah...!
    # next: scene 130 SP #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 130 SP: Ahgama - bridge #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Solomon is, that One Year War's fortress, isn't it?
    Amuro:    Axel-kun, is your memory...?
    Axel:     I've read the reports. I can't say about my memories forever.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Solomon... an asteroid during One Year War that be used by Zeon as
              fortress, is it?
    Bright:   Aah, and after that, the Federation has been using it as a base point.
    Noin:     Now that we've lost the space authority to Giganos and the aliens,
              it's one of Federation's few bases.
    Burning:  On the contrary, if it gets attacked... The Federation will be unable
              to act in space.
    Akatsuki: That's it.
    Bright:   And that's why we can presume Zeon's offensive target will be
    Noin:     Currently, to counter Giganos, all battleships are gathering at the
              extreme backside, and preparing.
    Amuro:    And whatever I think... the nuke will be used there... But...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Lt, is something that tricks you?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    What happen?
    Amuro:    I can't understand.
    Camille:  Amuro-san?
    Bright:   What is it?
    Amuro:    I understand the power of the laser nuclear fission bullet but...
              For it's bullets numbers, they can only shoot it once.
    Aina:     But... isn't only once enough?
    Shiroh:   Indeed. But it can't annihilate all battleships...
    Amuro:    Is that the "Stardust"?
    Akatsuki: They're just Zeon survivors... They only want to counter, isn't it,
              Lt Amuro?
    Amuro:    I thought about that at first... But I don't think that he would be
              by himself in a plan like that, do you?
    Burning:  He...?
    Bright:   About Char...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Isn't he just moving by orders?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    No matter how powerful soldier he is, he has to follow order, is it?
              Just thinking too much.
    Amuro:    I hope so...
    # next: scene 131 SP #
    # scene 130 EA: Banjo's residence - one room #
    Banjo:    A nuke... in Solomon...!?
    Gallison: Yes. I've received a communication. Federation's damage is heavy, and
              Londo Bell Squad has entered in combat against Delaz Fleet.
    Ryo:      Damn... so they couldn't stop...!
    Hayato:   I'd like to think... that it was already late when they launched to
    Musashi:  What's that, Hayato! It isn't right.
    Hayato:   I can't stand if it's by shorthand of battle ability.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Indeed... and afterall, all we'll do is just watch, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ......
              (So they've digested the first step...)
    Chibodee: Goddamn... And we, the Shuffle Union, had to move to such acts...!
    Sai-sici: ... That's right. But...
    Ken:      That time, we didn't had any other options but protect Ahgama, did
    Light:    In our heads, we know that... Damn.
    Uchuta:   But then, it's Gaizock and Boazan... is what they said? We can't just
              ignore those, can we?
    Kappei:   Mah, if Zambot is there, we can handle all of them, though.
    Keiko:    Kappei! We aren't in a situation that only Zambot can handle, you
    Reika:    And the truth is, there are lots of enemies at surface.
    Banjo:    Aah, and the Meganoids started to move as well... For now on, the war
              will only get tougher.
    Beuty:    And in this conditions, Solomon was nuke attacked... Was that
              Operation Stardust succeeded then?
    Jack:     ... All me say is Jesus neh.
    Michiru:  What should we do... for now on?
    Domon:    ... I'll go to the backyard forest.
    Rain:     Domon?
    Domon:    If I don't move my body, I'll only think on mess.
    Argo:     ... I'll go with you.
    Sai-sici: Old man, I'll go too.
    George:   And very tense people as usual... But I understand this feeling.
    Chibodee: Don't be tough, George. We can't fight full of stress.
    George:   ... Indeed. Mousier Nagare!
    Ryo:      Uhn? What's it?
    George:   ... I want to challenge you. Will you accept...?
    Ryo:      With swords?
    Musashi:  In all of a sudden?
    Hayato:   Hoo, so you knew that, George-san, about Ryo's sword?
    George:   So I was right... No, I just presumed from your form.
    Ryo:      Nagare Itto-ryu... I'll be your match, George De Sand-kun.
    Banjo:    Ok, Gallison, we'll do whatever we can too. We'll compile the data
              till now and predict the enemy's next move.
    Gallison: I understand... Is that ok, youger ones?
    Keiko:    Banjo-san, the next move, you mean...?
    Banjo:    Don't you think it's strange? If it's to enter or go out from Earth,
              it's just a mess. But Gaizock or the Boazanling... they weren't
              noticed by anybody and just appeared.
    Kappei:   So weren't they just hidden somewhere?
    Bajo:     That's it... The aliens aren't advancing from space. The truth is...
    Uchuta:   Yes, there's some place at Earth that's their base...
    Beauty:   And we have to find it, right, Banjo?
    Reika:    That's what we can do, neh?
    Banjo:    That's it. And I'm concerned about Giganos and Zeon's surface forces
    Tapp:     Everybody is so excited.
    Light:    What will we do, Ken?
    Ken:      ... How about sleep?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     The worst of them.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Seems no will at all.
    # next: scene 134 #
    # scene 131 SP: Park of thorns - commander room #
    Delaz:   ... Gentlemen, the time for we to commence Operation Stardust has
    Char:    (So... it's soon.)
    Delaz:   This operation that we'll deploy our full power, will have lots of
             cost... We won't have a second arrow to shoot!
    Gato:    Your excellency, be at ease... For sure that arrow will hit
             Federation's heart.
    Char:    Major, I understand your feelings but, don't be that anxious.
    Gato:    Hah. I'm such an awkward man. I can't act serious and cool headed like
             you, Colonel.
    Char:    Don't overestimate me, Major. Sometimes I get hot too.
    Gato:    Colonel does?
    Char:    If I meat my old enemy, specially.
    Lalah:   ........
    Char:    What is it, Lalah?
    Lalah:   Colonel... I'm... afraid.
    Char:    Lalah...?
    Lalah:   That Gundam... When I see GP02, my heart trembles. That Gundam will
             only bring hatred.
    Char:    (The light of hatred... Does she feels that more then me? What this
             Gundam will do for now on...)
    Cima:    Well, I'll be going first. So, courageous one, I'm praying for your
             operation's success. Fufufuh...
    Gato:    ........
    # next: scene 132 SP #
    # scene 132 SP: Ahgama - MS deck #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Okay... no problems. Uhm, and afterall, what was that burned off
              line? It doesn't has any problems, that is.
    Astonage: That's good but... it makes me feel bad leaving a broken part
              ignored. I'll see some material for that when I have time.
    Axel:     Thanks.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (I can't see the order disc, and I can't either report that... I'm
              getting insecure.)
    Shiroh:   Uhn...? What happened? It's unusual for you to do such face.
    Lamia:    Eh? Such face is what face about?
    Shiroh:   It isn't relaxed or such... like that.
    Aina:     You seem like a child who got separated from your mother, Lamia-san.
    Lamia:    It...it isn't like... that it is...
    # next: scene 133 SP #
    # scene 133 SP: Ahgama - one room #
    Camille:  ........
    Fa:       Camille... something to think about?
    Camille:  Fa, that time... I was able to come back because of GP02.
    Fa:       Eeh... when GP02 was going to space, you said it couldn't be sent, it
              couldn't be litten...
    Kazuya:   About the nuke... The nuclear weapon, they had it from past centuries,
              isn't it? Why didn't people throw that away?
    Erina:    Don't know. For a while, they've said there was an amout at Earth that
              could kill the whole humanity a number of times.
    Noin:     In numbers, there's much more than that.
    Koji:     And thinking about that, it's only one from those numbers... I can't
              get it.
    Hikaru:   But but, if it gets booom! Like that...
    Kyoshiro: Instead of the number of unused shots, that only one shot at our
              sight is the real trouble.
    Ryoko:    That's it. But it's the same if we can stop it before it's shot.
    Izumi:    ... It's alright... it's just nook weapon...
    Koji:     Should be good if it's that easy.
    # next: scene 134 #
    # scene 134: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ines:       We'll stay at Mars.
    Akito:      Why is that!? We've... we've come till this far!
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:        Yeah! Even by killing and knocking all enemies that appeared...
    Ines:       I'll explain. Like I said before... I'm the one who designed the
                projects for Nadesico and sent it to Earth so... I know. With this
                ship, you can't win the Jovian Lizards! ... And I can't feel good
                staying in such ship.
    Yurika:     Ines Fresange-san? We've been winning all battles against the
                Jovian Lizards till now.
    Minato:     We are strong, even we don't look so.
    Prospector: And we've evaded to fight against Londo Bell, though.
    Yurika:     That's it! So, Ines-san, it's right below our ship that the others
                civilians are, right? So...
    Ines:       Fuh... Can I? What do you know about the Jovian Lizards?
    Akito:      What... do you mean?
    Ines:       Their objectives? Why they invaded Mars?
    Prospector: That part we'll later...
    Ines:       I don't need to research any further, as I can see the results.
    Akito:      You! I said it before! We're...!
    Ines:       You're young. But you're mistaken if you think you can do anything
                with youth. It isn't anybody that can be a hero...
    [alarm sound]
    Yurika:     Wait a moment, Fresange-san... Ruri-chan!?
    Ruri:       Enemy attack... 5 giant battleships, 30 minor battleships.
    Yurika:     We're going! Gravity Blast, full power!
    Haruka:     Full power, Ok!
    Ruri:       Gravity Blast, energy charge.
    Yurika:     Shoo-t!
    [blast sound]
    Yurika:     Till we have Gravity Blast... er, eh!?
    [deflection sound]
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:        What...!?
    Akito:      It resisted... Gravity Blast...!?
    Ines:       The enemies are using Distortion Field as well. It won't be like
                one hit technique at both sides...
    Ruri:       From 40 front stance, continuous enemy battleships in reinforce
                from the Tulip.
    Prospector: Tulip... I thought it was the enemy's transport pod but...
    Minato:     What's that... why is there so many in it?
    Ines:       It's not in... it's coming from it.
    Megumi:     What do you mean?
    Ines:       No doubt that... those numbers of battleships are being sent by
                another universe...
    Yurika:     ...............
    Ruri:       Enemies, in great number.
    Yurika:     We'll continuously attadck...! Gravity Blast stand by!
    Haruka:     It's impossible.
    Yurika:     Eh!?
    Ines:       This is not vaccuum... The reaction of the transposition engine
                is bad enough to shoot Gravity Blast continuously...
    Yurika:     Eh? Eh?
    Ines:       I'll make it plain, soft and compact. The transposition engine is
                a system that turn vaccuum into energy... Do you understand?
    Akito:      Kuh, then I'll go int Aestevalis...!
    Uribatake:  What do you plan to do!? Turn into a beef is not the best!
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:        A burning situation! An Aestevalis driving through the shower of
                enemy bullets!
    Uribatake:  You should become a beef, though!
    Ruri:       If we did spread Minovsky Particle's curtain, it would be a little
    Prospector: And differently from the Federation, I had ignored that... It's to
                be haten.
    Yurika:     Distortion Field...!
    Ines:       !!
    Megumi:     Wait! If we do activate the field now, the terrain under the ship
                will sink!
    Ines:       .......
    Akito:      Under... yes, under it is...
    Megumi:     Ines' friends are there... the survivors are there!
    Yurika:     Kuh... Move backwards in high speed and activate the field!
    Haruka:     So-rry, once we've landed, to launch takes a bit more time...!
    Ruri:       Enemy ships, surrounding from above... and more reinforces from
    Ines:       To activate the field or to take damage from enemy attack...
    Megumi:     But Akito-san is...!
    Yurika:     !?
    Megumi:     Akito-san, he's promissed! To the people below... that he'll help
                them, and take them back for sure... and now!
    Yurika:     ... Akito...
    Ruri:       Enemy ship, stopped... It'll come.
    Prospector: Hoshino-kun! The automatic defense!
    Ruri:       Captain's orders to come.
    Akito:      (Yurika...!)
    Ruri:       Gravity waves reaction from enemy ship.
    Yurika:     ... Distortion.. Field... Act...vate...!
    [explosion sound]
    Megumi:     Aaah...!
    Ines:       From the time when the Tulip came to Mars, our destiny was
    Minato:     .......
    Ines:       Even without the field, this attack... and the super humans that
                doctor Souzou Haran created... the Meganoids are moving as I've
                heard... to die or to be remodelled to a soldier, the results are
                the same...
    [explosion sound]
    Ruri:       A number of short range bullets have passed through the field,
    Ines:       And afterall, you couldn't become heroes... that's it.
    Yurika:     Uh... Keep the field and move backwards... When there's enough
                range from the enemy, counter attack... And detect damage as soon
                as possible...
    # SP next: Stage 11 SP #
    # EA next: scene 135 EA #
    # scene 135 EA: Banjo's residence - one room #
    Ken:      Giganos is?
    Banjo:    Aa. Seems like we've caught a place that is a weapon creation plant.
    Tapp:     Heheh, so let's go and smash it as soon as possible.
    Banjo:    Uhm...
    Light:    Hey hey, don't say that you got scared in all of a sudden, will ya,
    Gallison: Banjo-sama is worried about the way the information came.
    Banjo:    ... The Federation has caught this information from a little while.
              But, they didn't reported it to us, or to Londo Bell itself.
    Jack:     What?
    Ryo:      And what does that mean?
    Musashi:  Isn't that just lazyness?
    Gallison: It seems that... there's a pressure from somewhere else.
    Chibodee: A pressure, you say?
    Reika:    It's an information from the Preventers. Seems like it's being
    Sai-sici: The Federation is doing so? For what?
    Uchuta:   Isn't that Miwa old man?
    Kappei:   Aah, he doesn't like us at all, so...
    Domon:    ... I don't think he's that handy.
    Rain:     It's over if Domon says so... But I think so too.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     A secret base at Chinese deepest terrain... secret base... uh-n.
    Chibodee: What's it?
    Axel:     No, something, neh.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Giganos... while my communicator is broken, I can't know the
    George:   We don't know the truth, so we'll head on ourselves... Is that it,
              mousier Banjo?
    Banjo:    That's it. Please, be prepared. We'll take off soon.
    # scene 136 EA: Neo Hong Kong #
    ???:      Were we caught by Londo Bell's surface squad? Fuhm, so it was too
              wide to just hide it.
    Gun-Jeam: Instead staying hidden, let's just wipe them out.
    ???:      Mah, I don't want to get in touch with it too much... Until we reach
              the track of the project.
    Gun-Jeam: Fun, that's ok. I don't have stuff to do other than that. I've come
              to ask about that thing you said.
    ???:      The repairing is finished... But the testing isn't yet done.
    Gun-Jeam: Then let that trouble to me.
    ???:      But...
    Gun-Jeam: Londo Bell is coming stinky as they are! Isn't it getting in your
              plans also?
    ???:      It wasn't at all because they were fighting those annoying aliens,
              but... indeed.
    Gun-Jeam: Let it to me! I'll wipe them out... In charge, I want additional
    ???:      Indeed, Gun-Jeam-dono, you can't be fooled.
    Gun-Jeam: You prime-minister should just stay as a prime-minister and payback
              well! Hahahahaha!
    ???:      (There's this story about Federation's new kind but, it'll only get
              more and more interesting...)
    # next: Stage 11 EA #
     Stage 11 SP M - Akumu no Senkou (The Flash of Nightmare)
                 F - Atomic Bazooka
    [Federations units appear]
    Soldier:  All gathered. Those bastards from Empire Giganos, they can't imagine
              we still have such battle ability.
    Soldier:  By the way, the Zeon's survivors are moving too. The investigation
              squad located them again.
    Soldier:  Zeon's survivors... what are they thinking...?
    Soldier:  Mah, nothing to mind of. They can't do anything, anyway!
    Soldier:  They've lost to us once, it's obvious they can't.
    Soldier:  That's it. Hahahaha.
    [GP02A appears]
    Gato:     Pathetic...! To allow them to say such arrogant words! For people who
              can't do a thing without the Federation's uniform...!
    [GP02A moves near Solomon]
    Gato:     But... Us, and I... am here! To wipe out those losers from
    Soldier:  Enemy unit!? Zeon...!? Where's it?
    Gato:     For the second rise of Zeon's ideal, and for the accomplishment of
              the Stardust!
    Soldier:  The affiliation is unknown! A Mobile Suit!?
    Soldier:  That's... Gu...Gundam!?
    [Ahgama appears]
    Bright:   Can we do it in time!?
    Gato:     Solomon, I've returned!
    Kou:      Th...that is!
    [explosion sound]
    [blank screen]
    Gato:     To such sleepy person, this is the nightmare they deserve.
    Bright:   This flash...! We didn't it in time!?
    Shiroh:   Uh, kuh...
    Aina:     Brother Ginias. This is...
    Amuro:    It's disappearing... This amount of senses...!?
    Camille:  They're turning into light...! Uwaaah!
    Fa:       Aah!
    Sayla:    Brother, is that what you wamnted to do!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Th...this light is...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Splendid, this is...)
    [screen comes back to normal]
    [all Federation unit disappeared]
    Koji:     Damn, he did such a mess.
    Kazuya:   We couldn't get in time...!
    Ryoko:    How many of them survived!?
    Izumi:    None. At least in sight...
    Hikaru:   Ca...can't be...
    Nina:     Gato...!
    Akatsuki: This is tough... now that they did it in front of our eyes...
    Gato:     Londo Bell! It's late. It's too late! The Stardust will succeed!
    Noin:     Enemy shadows!? So they've reached...!?
    Amuro:    Uhn...!? This is... him...
    Sayla:    ...!
    [Zeon units appear]
    [GP02 moves to Solomon's front]
    Cima:     Hohoo... This is... a flashy action that you did.
    Char:     It's splendid, Nightmare of Solomon... And there's no lie in such
              name. Major, we'll cover you. Please, escape.
    Gato:     No, this is just the beginning. To the tomorrow that is yet to come...
              I'll do the most I can do today...!
    Kelly:    Aah.
    Kalius:   I understand. Major, a suplementar nuclear warhead...!
    [GP02A recovers bullets]
    Gato:     I'm sorry, Kalius.
    Bright:   They're coming, crew, in battle positions!
    Kou:      Gato... Gatoooooo!
    [GP01-Fb appears]
    Ryoko:    Ah, hey! 2nd Lt! Izumi, Hikaru! We're going too!
    Hikaru:   Ah, wait!
    Izumi:    And after the flash, the flames of war... can't stand.
    Kou:      Gato! Can you hear me!
    Kelly:    ........!
    Gato:     The man from before...!
    Kou:      You might be satisfied, Gato...! But for us that had GP02 stolen...
              it's a humiliation!
    Gato:     And yet understand it... Seems that you've scolded your nerves
    [3 Aestevalises appear]
    Ryoko:    2nd Lt! Don't get anxious!
    [Aestevalis appear]
    Akatsuki: It's troublesome to go out without permission.
    Ryoko:    Shut up, longie! If you don't want to fight, then get lost!
    Burning:  They're getting impertinent...!
    Amuro:    Lt Burning, it's ok. I'll go too... He's waiting.
    [Gundam appears]
    Koji:     Damn, we've let them accomplish the Operation Stardust!
    Kyoshiro: Was that the Operation Stardust? Something still tricks me...
    Bright:   We can't know the enemy's next move! But currently we'll concentrate
              on annihilating the enemies that reached Solomon!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Roger! ... Uh!?
              (What's...? This malaise...the dimension is screwing...? This
              feeling... I know it...)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Roger that it is... uh!?
              (This feeling... It was just an instant but... the dimension has
              screwed...? Can be... that technology at this side too...?)
    # formation: AG (Ahgama) + 6 units #
        AG  03
      06  04
    [All chosen units appear]
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally battleship destruction
    # ally reinforce: ally turn 2 #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       This is... Captain Bright! Be careful! Something is coming by
                dimensional transport...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      This is... the one under research at the headquarters... no, it's
                not!? Captain, a dimensional transport! Dettach!
    Bright:     What!? A dimensional transport... what!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       It's coming...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      (It's too fast...!)
    [screen flashes]
    [warp sound]
    [Nadesico appears]
    Ruri:       Captain, we've reached ordinary dimension. The monitor will
    Yurika:     Fu-h, we're safe for a...
    Bright:     What!? Nadesico!? Where did it come from!?
    Amuro:      It appeared... in a sudden!?
    # if alive unit: Char unit #
    Char:       Muh...?
    # if alive unit: Gato unit #
    Gato:       That is... Nergal's mobile battleship!?
    Nina:       Is that Nergal's technology too, Erina san!?
    Erina:      I...I don't know. What...
                (Bosson... Jump...!?)
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       What? Why did I know that...?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      (It wasn't.)
    Minato:     Wait, here's...
    Ruri:       Battle zone.
    Yurika:     Eh, wai...wah wah! Shoot Gravity Blast! After that, activate field
                and move backwards!
    Akatsuki:   Wa-it a moment!
    Megumi:     A connection from Londo Bell Squad! A special line!
    Akatsuki:   Nadesico, can you hear me? This is Akatsuki Nagare, sent by Nergal
                Corportation itself.
    Yurika:     An employee of the corporation?
    Prospector: Uhn... this person is...
    Akatsuki:   I'll report the primary orders from the corporation... Nadesico is,
                from now on, be under the Earth Federation Forces 13th Autonomous
                Corps Londo Bell Squad's command.
    Yurika:     Wait, wait. It's all of a sudden!
    Prospector: ... Roger that. And, what should we do then?
    Akatsuki:   You'll be following flagship Ahgama's captain Colonel Bright Noah's
                orders, and annihilate Zeon. Over.
    Yurika:     Wai...wait. Prospector-san.
    Prospector: On our situation, we have to do so. And, it's sad but, captain...
                Can we expect a serious command from your current situation?
    Yurika:     ........
    [Nadesico joins]
    # if alive unit: Cima unit and Gato unit #
    Cima:       ... Seems like... Nergal will follow the Federation...
    Gato:       If so... we'll defeat them too.
    Yurika:     Aestevalis, launch!
    # if Gai survived #
    [2 Aestevalises appear]
    Gai:        Okay Akito, we'll do it now! The hotblooded introdution... and,
    Akito:      Aestevalis...?
    # else Gai died #
    [Aestevalis appear]
    Akito:      ... Zeon Forces...! I'll do it, Gai's revenge... I'll do it...!
    Ryoko:      Oh, so that's Nadesico's Aestevalis. We'll greet later then!
    Hikaru:     Aestevalis Forces forma-tion!
    Izumi:      Tr...trouble... for nation.
    # if Gai survived #
    Akito:      It...it's alright, isn't it...?
    Gai:        Good, good! The heroes meet up!
    # else Gai died #
    Akito:      Don't fool me!
    Ryoko:      Oh what?
    Akito:      ... Gai's job... I'll do it!
    [Akito' Morale +10]
    Megumi:     Opening line to Ahgama!
    Yurika:     Captain Bright! Mobile battleship Nadesico's captain, Yurika
                Misumaru! Our Aestevalis can't dettach from Nadesico for the
                energy refuelling system!
    Bright:     Roger that. The ones from here, Subaru, Maki, Amano and Akatsuki's
                units, can they receive refuelling?
    Ruri:       Systems detected... no problem.
    Boss:       What's that da-wa-sa?
    Sayaka:     Moh, haven't you heard from Astonage-san? While Aestevalis is near
                Nadesico, they'll keep receiving energy.
    Ines:       To complement the explanation, on the contrary, if they dettach
                from Nadesico, they can't receive the refuelling, and will be out
                of battery and won't move anymore.
    Koji:       That means they could shot continuously Breast Fire! Wonderful!
    Ruri:       It doesn't have in the Aestevalis, though. And the cockpit would
    Yurika:     anyway, that means we can't spread the squad too much... sorry.
    Amuro:      So we can't move widely. I understand.
    Erina:      The enemies are coming, captain Bright!
    Bright:     Ok, keep in formation with Nadesico, and aim for annihilation...
                Oh yes, captain Misumaru.
    Yurika:     Yes?
    Bright:     I'll be counting on you, bui... that's it.
    Yurika:     Eh, ah... yes! I'll do my efforts! Bui!
    Prospector: (Hoo, so he saw that our captain tension was down... Fuhm, the
                leader of sharp and able person... I hope we get along well from
                now on.)
    Amuro:      Kuhkuhkuh...
    Bright:     Don't laugh! Ambush!
    # enemy reinforce: after 3/4 of enemies annihilated #
    Ruri:    New enemy shadows... chasing. The identification code... Jovian
             Lizard's unmanned weapons.
    Yurika:  Eeh!? They've chased us this far!?
    [Jovian Lizards units appear]
    Bright:  What's that?
    Kazuya:  Are they... insects!?
    Koji:    They're enemies anyway! We'll blow them up!
    Yurika:  That's them! The ones that destroyed Mars Utopia Colony!
    AI:      ........
    Ines:    Their target is Nadesico, perhaps.
    Bright:  Nearest units, protect Nadesico!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Those... they appeared suddenly too, didn't they!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (They've transported as well...!? What...)
    # Kou VS Gato #
    Kou:     Gato! Even if you've forgetten, I won't! I'll chase you until we can
             decide our match...!
    Gato:    At the start of a battle, everything points to a grudge... it's
    Kou:     Kuh, and always with such declining words...!
    Gato:    But, those who are supported bu grudges can't defeat me!
    Kou:     What, you!
    Gato:    Because I stand over my own justice!
    Nina:    Wh...why...? Why those two have to fight...!?
    Erina:   ...?
    # Yurika VS Gato #
    Gato:    So you've joined the Federation... Nergal! Afterall you don't have the
             qualifications to come out at space!
    Yurika:  ... Bu...but!
    # enemy retreat 1: Gato's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Gato:    So I've reached this far... Splendid Gundam, you've resisted well!
             I'll retreat!
    # Kou VS Kelly #
    Kou:     Kelly-san!
    Kelly:   So you knew Gato... Such fate, 2nd Lt. But...!
    # Amuro VS Lalah (before enemy retreat 3) #
    Amuro:   Lalah! Lalah Sune! You understand, don't you!? You shouldn't do such
             things! Char and the others will only spread hatred and sadness!
    Lalah:   Aah... Amuro... What should I do?
    Char:    Lalah! Don't speak with the enemy! Amuro!
    Amuro:   Shameful one!
    # Sayla VS Lalah #
    Sayla:   So you're... brother's...!?
    Lalah:   You're Colonel's...!
    # Camille VS Lalah #
    Camille: Why, why a person like you do lend your hands to such thing!?
    Lalah:   I understand your sadness... but...
    # enemy retreat 2: Lalah's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Lalah:   Colonel! I'll retreat!
    Amuro:   No! You shouldn't go! Lalah!
    [Elmeth explodes/disappears]
    # Amuro VS Char #
    Amuro:   Char! And to bring that thing... Why did you bring Lalah!? If she
             survived at One Year War, then why didn't you just left her!? Lalah...
             isn't a person who fights!
    Char:    And what a Newtype taken over by the system says!?
    # Sayla VS Char #
    Sayla:   Brother! You... what's possessing you!? To think that you have to work
             for the space's will... is just delusion!
    Char:    Alticia! I'm not delusioned! I only want to lead people's evolution to
             the right path!
    # enemy retreat 3: Char's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Char:    You're good... but my job here is over. I'll retreat.
    Amuro:   My job... you say?
    [Zeong explodes/disappears]
    # enemy retreat 4: Cima's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Cima:    We've accomplished the plan anyway. I'm insatisfied but, I'll retreat
             for now!
    # stage end #
    Bright:  Somewhat, we could defeat the enemies but... that's bad.
    Noin:    The situation of Compei Island... The efforts of the Federation at
             space will decrease greatly...
    Bright:  Anyway, we'll head to Compei Island's dock... We have to repair and
             refuel, anyway.
    Hikaru:  But, it's all toasted, isn't it?
    Amuro:   The backward dock that received the nuke attack will be able to admit
             2 battleships.
    Burning: There's Nadesico's issue too. We have to land anyway.
    # next: scene 137 SP #
     Stage 11 EA M - Kyofu! Mugen Kidou Hou (Fear! Infinite Mobile Cannon)
                 F - Secret Weapon
    [Federation units appear]
    # formation: 14 units #
    13  08
      07  09
    06  01  02  10
      05  03
    12  04  11
    [All chosen units appear]
    Soldier:  We were waiting. From now, we'll be your gudance.
    Banjo:    I appreciate your efforts. What's the situation?
    Soldier:  We've tested the systems many times but... it's annihilated.
    Tapp:     And such strong oponent, and why didn't you communicated to us?
    Ken:      Afterall, we're Federation's strongest squad, you know?
    Hayato:   We're shorthanded, though.
    Ryo:      But this won't be a reason... So, how about it?
    Soldier:  ... Even if saying so to us...
    Chibodee: So it's not explained to you.
    Geroge:   Might a superior's problem, then.
    Argo:     What they might be planning... I don't like it.
    Light:    Wait. Something is coming! And a very big one.
    [Giganos units appear]
    Gun-Jeam: Gehehehehe, so you've come again. Foolish ones from Federation!
    Min:      Colonel, let's do it at a glance.
    Gun-Jeam: Hehehe, okay... do it!
    Kappei:   What's that!? A cannon!?
    Uchuta:   ... So they were making that!
    Banjo:    That's... The infinite mobile cannon!?
    Keiko:    Banjo-san!? Do you know it!?
    Ganan:    We're all anxious because we can't catch Devil Gundam's position.
              It's a good timing.
    Gun-Jeam: Wait. We've brought a shiny new weapon. We'll first test this thing's
    Soldier:  Our moves were discovered!?
    Ken:      That's the Gun-Jeam Squad!
    Soldier:  Commence attack!
    Soldier:  Ok, everybody, let's go!
    Sai-sici: They're all motivated.
    Domon:    We can't lose to them.
    [Federation units move toward the cannon]
    Banjo:    Wait! you can't go from the front! If that's really the infinite
              mobile cannon... Then, it's trouble!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Eh? What do you mean?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    The infinite mobile cannon... I'm sure that's...
    Gun-Jeam: They've come, they've come. Infinite mobile cannon, prepare!
    Goll:     Hehehe, we'll smash them all.
    Soldier:  It's alright! The reinforces are coming! New machines!
    Light:    He's right, they're approaching... Uhn!? This identification codes
    Ken:      Hey hey, don't say it's enemy's reinforces.
    Light:    If it was, then it should be easier to understand... They're
    Tapp:     What!?
    [3 Dragoons appear]
    Soldier:  Target locked! We'll commence attack!
    Soldier:  Roger!
    [The 3 Dragoons move near Federation units]
    Ryo:      Hey, those Mobile Suits...
    Light:    No... they're Metal Armors...
    Jin:      Dragonar!?
    Banjo:    No, they're... Dragoons! The mass production type of the D-weapon, it
              was decided that the next Federation's main force robots would be
              Metal Armors but...
    Ken:      The secret about the D-weapon that instructor Noin was hiding... is
              about that!?
    Banjo:    I don't know further but, a top secret project was in construction.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Areh...!? Federation's next generation's main force robots are...
              Personal Troopers... aren't they?
    Banjo:    You know well. Indeed, for the selection of next generation's mass
              production type, the Dragoons and the Personal Troopers were the
              options... the name is Geshpenst.
    Axel:     Yeah yeah! It's Geshpenst!
    Tapp:     You remember weird things. Although it was wrong.
    Axel:     ... Geshpenst... I think it was mass produced, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ... it's not... Geshpenst...!?
    Banjo:    You know well. Indeed, for the selection of next generation's mass
              production type, the Dragoons and those Geshpenst were the options...
    Lamia:    Dragoons...!? The Federation's next generation's mass production
              type... isn't Geshpenst then...!?
    Banjo:    The Personal Troopers Geshpenst... they ended up as a few test type
              because of some cost troubles. You know well, don't you, Lamia-san?
    Lamia:    Hohoho, I've just heard a little it is.
              (Indeed... in this world, it's Dragoon... Fufuh...)
    Kappei:   What, hears like it's great.
    Keiko:    Banjo-san, with them we can...
    Banjo:    No...!
    Argo:     Pilot's aility isn't what it seems... they're in trouble!
    Gun-Jeam: Mass produced Dragonars? Uwahahahahahaha! Meaningless! Fire!
    [infinite mobile cannon shoots]
    Soldier:  Uwaaaaahhhh!
    [All Federations units and Dragoons explodes]
    Sai-sici: Wh...what a great power. Federation's squad was wiped in one blow!?
    Uchuta:   No one advance from the front usually!
    Gun-Jeam: See our power. No matter how many Federation comes, it'll wipe them
              all! Wahaha!
    Musashi:  He's saying like chief Miwa.
    Argo:     What should we do, retreat for a while?
    Banjo:    No, that infinite mobile cannon needs time for energy charging.
    Chibodee: Meanwhile, it can't fire. If so, we can do something in that chance.
    George:   How much does it takes... for that time?
    Light:    Mobile cannon's max energy... We don't have time to talk! It'll come
              in 2 minutes!
    Ken:      That soon! Well, let's go then!
    Banjo:    Ok, all units advance! Don't get into infinite mobile cannon's shoot
              range! You'll be beatem in one blow!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     If just those Gesh... no, Dragoons served a little well. In reality
              nothing goes as we want, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Infinite mobile cannon... an interesting weapon, but...
    Domon:    If we can destroy the mobile part, it'll become only iron crap. Let's
    Banjo:    Whatever you do, get near the infinite mobile cannon.
    Gun-Jeam: Are you planning something? Shoot them don't let anyone survive!
    Goll:     Dehe... I'll smash them all.
    Ganan:    It's no fun to just watch.
    Jin:      I agree... It's funny because we kill with our own hands!
    Min:      Be prepared, you all.
    Banjo:    Heey, don't think it'll be that easy! For the world and for the
              people, the ambition of Empire Giganos this Daitarn 3 will crush! If
              you aren't afraid by the shine of this sun... then come and get me!
    Gun-Jeam: Funny! Do it, guys!
    Banjo:    (Afterall, infinite mobile cannon and the Dragoon... this
              combination, is it just coincidence...?)
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation
    # map event: all turns multiple of 3 until ally unit reaches it #
    [infinite mobile cannon shoots]
    # enemy reinforce: ally unit reaches infinite mobile cannon #
    Gun-Jeam: No, no. It was taken by them!
    # if cannon reached: Axel unit #
    Axel:     So I did it. So-, I'll do a good mess around here!
    # else cannon reached: Lamia unit #
    Lamia:    It's a bit unworthy but, I'm a Londo Bell Squad member now.
    # else cannon reached: Ken unit #
    Ken:      Hehehe, I'm the first! So, I'll do it as I want to! Hooray!
    # else cannon reached: Tapp unit #
    Tapp:     In such a distance, I'll need only one shot!
    # else cannon reached: Light unit #
    Light:    Ok, I've taken it. So, the weak point is here!
    # else cannon reached: Domon unit #
    Domon:    This challenge, I've taken it! Twooryaah!
    # else cannon reached: Chibodee unit #
    Chibodee: And you made us lose time! With one single punch and I'll...!
    # else cannon reached: Sai-sici unit #
    Sai-sici: Hehehe, it's sure worth the crush! Here!
    # else cannon reached: George unit #
    George:   Infinite mobile cannon, sink in front of my Roses Bit!
    # else cannon reached: Argo unit #
    Argo:     Uwooooooooh!
    # else cannon reached: Ryo unit #
    Ryo:      If we got near, then it's our chance. Take this!
    # else cannon reached: Hayato unit #
    Hayato:   And such place is so defenseless... I've taken it!
    # else cannon reached: Musashi unit #
    Musashi:  I'll show ya my power!
    # else cannon reached: Jack unit #
    Jack:     See Texas Mack power!
    # else cannon reached: Michiru unit #
    Michiru:  If we got near, then it's the chance! Here!
    # else cannon reached: Miyuki unit #
    Miyuki:   Such thing!
    # else cannon reached: Lisa unit #
    Lisa:     If I just destroy it...
    # else cannon reached: Kappei unit #
    Kappei:   Don't underrate Zambot's power! Teryah!
    # else cannon reached: Banjo unit #
    Banjo:    This is a toy that is too much for you, Giganos Forces. Sorry... but
              I'll destroy it!
    Gun-Jeam: It can't be! Damn, call the other squads. You guys, do it!
    [Giganos units appear]
    Reika:    Hey, is that alright?
    Beauty:   It's alright. The weaker the enemy, the more reinforces will come.
    # Ken VS Gun-Jeam #
    Gun-Jeam: With such mass production, you're all weaklings! Dragonar!
    Ken:      It's obvious that the test types are always stronger!
    # Tapp VS Gun-Jeam #
    Gun-Jeam: Humpf, do you think you can defeat me with such disrupted Metal
    Tapp:     I'll tell ya if it's disrupted or not!
    # Light VS Gun-Jeam #
    Gun-Jeam: Humpf, a machine for electronic battle shouldn't come to the front!
    Light:    I think that also. And you have the face to be behind as far as
    Gun-Jeam: Foolish words!
    # Domon VS Gun-Jeam #
    Gun-Jeam: Shuffle Union! So you are still hanging around!
    Domon:    Answer me! Where's Devil Gundam!
    Chibodee: You're afterall here to search for Devil Gundam!
    Gun-Jeam: Dunno! This one is our true mission! Such giant Gundam, we'll search
              after we crush you all!
    Sai-sici: What!?
    George:   I'm relaxed now, Empire Giganos independent gang of young toughts,
              Gun-Jeam Squad's commander Gun-Jeam! This means you don't know Devil
              Gundam's location.
    Argo:     ... So you were after it for orders. Humpf.
    Domon:    Then I've got no business with you!
    Gun-Jeam: Don't fool me, youngsters!
    Domon:    If you're getting on my way, then I'll beat you to proceed...!
    # Banjo VS Gun-Jeam #
    Gun-Jeam: So you're the so rumored Banjo Haran! Hehehe, your head should give
              us lots of money.
    Banjo:    For a price, I can present it to you... but it'll cost you a lot!
    # stage end #
    Banjo:    So we did, afterall.
    Ken:      Is this kind of stuff in all Giganos' bases?
    Ryo:      No joke. It'll be troublesome if that infinite mobile cannon gets
              mass produced.
    Sai-sici: Not only that infinite mobile cannon.
    Banjo:    That's why we have to destroy the plant itself before it gets
    Argo:     Uhm...
    Banjo:    I've brought the Mekamarus. Let's hurry and repair and refuel the
              damaged units.
    Chibodee: By coming this far, we'll only have to blow this base up.
    Domon:    Aah, now that we know that Gun-Jeam Squad doesn't have any
              information, no longer stay is needed. Let's do it as soon as
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Infinite mobile cannon... Dragoon... And Geshpenst... I feel that
              the keywords fitted again, that is.
    Banjo:    Your memory?
    Axel:     I remembered a lot and still doing so but... it's too much
              fragmented, neh.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ... Dragoon, is it.
    Banjo:    (It really tricks me. This girl... what does she know...?)
    # next: scene 142 #
    # scene 137 SP: Nadesico - bridge #
    Bright:     So the mobile battleship Nadesico is, till next orders, under our
                command. Captain Misumaru, I want you to aknowledge that.
    Yurika:     Yes...
    Koji:       What's that, there isn't that happiness from before. If so, we won't
                get excited either, you know?
    Amuro:      You did reach Mars, didn't you?
    Yurika:     ........
    Akito:      Ma...mah... We did, actually.
    Prospector: We'll explain that afterwards. I'll introduce you the main crew. At
                first, captain.
    Yurika:     Yurika Misumaru... nice to meet you...
    Kyoshiro:   Seems that there was something at Mars.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       Oh well, and I was prepared to fall down on surprise.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      A lot she changed, it seems.
    Prospector: The operator, Ruri Hoshino-san.
    Ruri:       ... nice to meet you.
    Shiroh:     She's young... or better say she's a child, isn't she?
    Aina:       How old are you?
    Ruri:       I'm 11.
    Noin:       ... Isn't there any problems?
    Prospector: She's the official and genius, and specially a truly needed
                operator. And, next is...
    Minato:     Hi-, I'm the driver, Haruka Minato. Nice to meet ya. I can tell you
                my three sizes, but not my age.
    Ruri:       Her age is twice as mine.
    Minato:     Hey, Ruriruri!
    Megumi:     Ah, I'm Megumi Raynard. I'm the comm operator.
    Kazuya:     And afterall, all of them are women...
    Nana:       Brother!
    Kazuya:     Hahaha, I'm only Erika's, Nana.
    Nana:       (That's... a problem too... Brother Kazuya...)
    Prospector: And, at the current field. The mechanic chief Uribatake Seiya-san.
    Uribatake:  About the Aestevalis, ask me... And, please, tell me a lot about
                Mobile Suit and Super Robot.
    Amuro:      Later on, I'll introduce you to Astonage. I think you'll get along
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:        And the Aestevalis pilot... the knight that drives through space,
                Gai Daigouji! Nice to meet you.
    Prospector: He's Jiro Yamada-san.
    Nina:       ... Which one is it?
    Prospector: I'm saying it's Jiro...
    Gai:        Heeeey! That's only an informal name! Gai Daigouji is my true name,
                my soul name!
    Amuro:      I don't get it, your true name...
    Gai:        Lt Amuro! You are also known as the Federation's White Devil!
                That's the same!
    Camille:    ... That's pointing to the First Gundam itself, isn't it,
    Amuro:      And that's what people are calling.
    Prospector: Yes yes, it's getting too long so, Gai-san, it's enough.
    Sayaka:     What a weirdo.
    Prospector: And one more, the pilot Akito Tenkawa-kun.
    Akito:      Nice to meet you... my true job is as a cook. Pilot at free time.
    Burning:    And for that you had a good pilot ability, did you know?
    Akito:      Eh? Is that so? No... I...
    Burning:    But, you still need training... ok, I'll accompany you.
    Koji:       He's left the Dragonar Team. Tenkawa, I'll feel pity for you.
    Akito:      Eh? Eh?
    Ryoko:      And we were supposed to be here too. Nice to meet you, Tenkawa.
    Ines:       I'm the last but, I'm Ines Fresange. The mysterious explainer
                beautiful woman, or best say the explainer sister.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       Explainer... beautiful woman? Mah, beautiful is ok, but why
                explain what?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      Explainer...? Explain about what?
    Ines:       Well that should be everything. About this or that.
    Akatsuki:   ... And, the only civilian survivor that Nadesico could rescue from
    Bright:     Muh, the only... one?
    Yurika:     ........
    # next: scene 138 SP #
    # scene 138 SP: Nadesico - one room #
    Bright:     I want to hear about Mars' situation. Can't you tell me, captain
    Yurika:     .......
    Bright:     For you, you might be thinking why in all of a sudden, but without
                information, we can't move. 
    Ines:       So, I'll explain. There are currently two forces at Mars... The
                first one is Meganoids.
    Noin:       Indeed... there was a communication of a brief argument about that
                at surface... So it means they've moved.
    Bright:     Indeed... There's one person related to the Meganoid's at our
                surface squad. We'll ask about it later.
    Prospector: We don't know any further, as we didn't get in touch with
                Meganoids, actually.
    Amuro:      You didn't contacted them...!? So the ones that obligated Nadesico
                to retreat are...?
    Ines:       Jovian Lizards... The ones that appeared in a sudden at the last
    Burning:    Those insect-like robots.
    Noin:       When the Preventers searched Nergal's back move, the existence of a
                mysterious enemy... Jovian Lizards, that's the keyword we've
                detected, Prospector-san.
    Prospector: That's troublesome, even though we're in mid-war, we've got a
                privacy obligation... Mah, I'm as well hearing for the first time
                about the Jovian Lizards. If not a supervisor, it's unable to catch
                that kind of information.
    Amuro:      (No, this man... he knows.)
    Bright:     And how about their true self?
    Yurika:     ... We don't know either. Those are unmanned weapons. We didn't
                find any pilots from the wreckages.
    Kou:        But, in those Jovian Lizard's mechas, there was a Distortion Field
                similar to Nadesico's.
    Nina:       That means it was made from the same technology as Nadesico's,
                isn't it?
    Erina:      Wa...wait, don't say foolish things!
    Noin:       One or other things we'll say... Do you understand our current
    Bright:     Stop it, it's no time to argue.
    [message sound]
    Megumi:     Captain Bright, an emergencial connection.
    Bright:     What is it?
    Sayla:      It's awful, Bright. Zeon's special forces... they're saying they'll
                drop a colony at Earth!
    Bright:     What!?
    Megumi:     13th Autonomous Corps Londo Bell shall head to the emergencial
                limit point of stop.... and over!
    Bright:     And the other troops!?
    Ruri:       The majority were preparing to gather at Solomon... Compei Island,
                and can't move.
    Yurika:     So Zeon's target... wasn't the nuclear warhead.
    Ines:       Better said... a faint.
    Amuro:      And it meaned to diminish the battle ability for the colony
                stoppage... Damn!
    Kou:        So we were, since Torrington base, chasing the faint squad?
    Bright:     It was what Amuro said... that it wasn't such simple plan...!
    Yurika:     Captain Bright, let's go.
    Bright:     Uhm. Ahgama emergencial take off, we'll head to Earth! Captain
                Misumaru, I'm expecting for Nadesico's power.
    Yurika:     Yes...!
    # next: scene 139 SP #
    # scene 139 SP: Lunar surface - Laser shooter base #
    Dorchenov: Fire prospulsion laser!
    Soldier:   Propulsion point lit, colony accelerating!
    Cima:      Fufu, I'm grateful, Lt Colonel Dorchenov... With this, it might be
               able to reach Earth before the Federation does.
    Dorchenov: Well said. You're the one who menaced us to fire it.
    Cima:      A menace... a good point, for someone that just followed Zeon's
    Dorchenov: Excellency Minister Gilthor's way of action is too soft... I don't
               matter how Zeon's inside is but, you're also insatisfied with your
               superiors, aren't you? We only joined our motivations.
    Cima:      That's it... fufufufufufu.
    Dorchenov: Hah hahahaha!
    # next: scene 140 SP #
    # scene 140 SP: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Amuro:     [Axel/Lamia], can I a little?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      Uhn? What is it, Lt Amuro?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     Yes? What it be it is, Lt?
    Amuro:     When Nadesico appeared, you said about "dimensional transport"...
               Why did you know that?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      Eh? Aah... It appeared somehow inside my head. It can happen that
               before I lost my memory, I've seen that before.
    Astonage:  He-y! Axel! I'll see your mecha-! If you don't hurry, it'll get
               dismatled by this weirdo!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     (What a mistake...)
               What should I say... It's somehow, it is.
    Amuro:     ... Somehow, I don't think this would bring such specific name, do
    Lamia:     And you say so... I'm confused.
    Amuro:     When Nadesico appeared, you said to Bright to dettach... Did you
               know that Nadesico would appear on that place?
    Astonage:  He-y! Lamia! I'll see your mecha-! If you don't hurry, it'll get
               dismatled by this weirdo!
    Uribatake: This is... This generator's shape is connected into this side's...
               Astonage-san, can I ju-st take this armor from here?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      Okay! Stop! Stop! So, later, Lt!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     Wait a while it is! Hohoho, Lt, later on.
               (To commit such a miss...)
    Amuro:     .......
    Camille:   Areh, Lt? What's it?
    Amuro:     No, nothing. Camille, what about Noin, Bright and the others?
    Camille:   They've headed with the Super Robots pilots with their repairing
               finished to Nadesico.
    Amuro:     I see. I'll go there too.
               (And afterall, I'll hava to keep my eyes open. [Axel/Lamia]...)
    # next: scene 141 SP #
    # scene 141 SP: Ahgama - bridge #
    Amuro:      So here's Nadesico's bridge. Bright... uhn?
    Bright:     Indeed, when you were to rescue the civilians at Mars with
                Nadesico... you were attacked by the Jovian Lizards.
    Yurika:     Yes... and even if we wanted to rise, the engine was stopped... And
                to protect Nadesico, we activated the Distortion Field... but on
                this result, the civilians were...
    Kazuya:     Smashed... is it?
    Kyoshiro:   And the only rescued one was officer Ines Fresange... and that's
    Minato:     But, there wasn't any other way, was there?
    Yurika:     There's no any other way! We've... Mars' people...
    Koji:       Yurika-chan, nothing will happen for just being sad.
    Yurika:     ........
    Ryoko:      That's as Kabuto is saying. Rise up, captain.
    Prospector: This is... a deep wound. What should we do, captain Bright? Anyway,
                it's best for you take command of both Ahgama and Nadesico...
    Kazuya:     I hate it.
    Hikaru:     Hate... what?
    Kazuya:     Because it's suffering and shocking... staying in such pathetic act
                you can't ever move forward.
    Nana:       Brother...
    Kyoshiro:   And as you're saying so, no one can oppose that, Kazuya.
    Yurika:     Captain Bright... My decision... was that correct?
    Bright:     .......
    Akito:      Yurika...
    Ruri:       .......
    Megumi:     .......
    Minato:     It's hard... isn't it?
    Amuro:      Answer her. What you'd think it was best?
    Bright:     To mean about protecting the ship, your decision was correct... But
                before that, you did a bigger miss.
    Izumi:      Before that...?
    Bright:     You moved Nadesico directly to the civilian area.
    Yurika:     But that was to rescue the civilians...
    Bright:     The battleship is the fort of a squad. And that means it's the most
                appearing enemy target. To land directly into the destination
                should be the last resource.
    Sayla:      And that time was suffering.
    Megumi:     That time...?
    Ruri:       During One Year War, in Zeon's space fortress A-Baoa-Qu... on a
                forced landing at Sedan's gate, White Base was greatly destroyed.
    Amuro:      Fuh... was that the correct decision, Bright?
    Bright:     Don't make fun of it... And...
    Minato:     About stopping the engines... neh?
    Bright:     Yes, while you're at enemy siege zone, you should have predicted an
                emergencial situation. And specially when you didn't know what the
                enemy cards are.
    Yurika:     .......
    Bright:     Captain Misumaru... I have seen your results on the battle
                simulation... There are no mistakes at it. And even I would be
                shamed to show you my own results... You only need to gather more
                real battle experience.
    Yurika:     ... But, the dead civilians won't come back.
    Noin:       The one's that we'll challenge, the Zeon, are trying to drop a
                colony. And if this succeeds, an incomparable amount of people will
    Yurika:     ........
    Bright:     Captain Misumaru, stretch your heart. There are no crew that would
                follow a sad and timid captain... A colorful happiness is also a
                talent a captain needs.
    Yurika:     ... Yes.
    Bright:     I can't hear you!
    Yurika:     Yes!
    Minato:     Waoh... captain Bright is the gymnastic type of man.
    Megumi:     And captain is ovewhelmed too... Arah, Ruri-chan, what are you
    Ruri:       Omoikane, upgrade your data... A talent a captain needs... colorful
    # next: scene 142 #
    # scene 142: ??? #
    # if Space Route #
    ???:     ... I want to watch Earth Federation's powers for a bit longer...
             We have to accomplish Zeon's survivors Delaz Fleet's colony drop.
    # else Earth Route #
    ???:     Why did [he/she] dettached from [his/her] battlefield? If the colony
             drop gets stopped...
    ???:     Maybe it's ok, isn't it? For the situation, it'll have 99% of chances
             on accomplishing.
    ???:     But there are many men that underrated this 1% and fell defeated...
    ???:     That 1%... It's Earth Federation Forces 13th Autonomous Corps Londo
             Bell, right?
    ???:     ... Aah, and their power is greater than that world's.
    ???:     We have to stop them at least.
    # if Axel Route #
    # if Space Route #
    ???:     Any reports from him?
    ???:     That's... seems like the disc reached him but... No answers.
    # else Earth Route #
    ???:     And for that case we sent him, remember? It's meaningless now... Any
             reports from him?
    ???:     That's... No answers.
    ???:     Maybe... he failed...
    ???:     I don't think so. Him? ... And you're thinking that too, aren't you?
    ???:     Not more than you... But his anility is true.
    ???:     U-hn... indeed, if we don't have an acceptance communication, we're
             also unable to move... Neh, W17! Are you there!?
    Lamia:   Yes, I'm here.
    ???:     W17... Indeed, your favorite one.
    ???:     Yes. The best masterpiece... And if she just had been completed
    Lamia:   ... What's my mission?
    ???:     Nothing yet... But, if by any chance the colony drops fails...
    Lamia:   Your pleasure...
    # else Lamia Route #
    ???:     Any reports from W17?
    ???:     That's... seems like the disc reached her but... No answers.
    # if Space Route #
    ???:     Maybe... she failed?
    # else Earth Route #
    ???:     What's her problem then? The reason of her dettach from the main squad
             is unknown and no communications also? ... Afterall...
    ???:     I don't think so, depending on her. The series' best masterpiece. And
             her style is even better.
    ???:     It's meaningless if it's best or worst. It's enough if it accomplishes
             it's missions.
    ???:     U-hn... indeed, if we don't have an acceptance communication, we're
             also unable to move...
    Axel:    ... Shall I go?
    ???:     Arah?
    ???:     ... Are going by yourself? You don't need to do so.
    Axel:    I want to. I haven't fought a while since the transportation... my
             body will get dull.
    ???:     Moh, you're impatient... Axel, how about calm down a while...?
    Axel:    And, from the series, it's the only one... I haven't decided my battle
             with W17 yet.
    ???:     Wait, do you know what are you going to do?
    Axel:    If the colony drops fails... I'll go.
    # SP next: scene 143 SP #
    # EA next: scene 143 EA #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 143 SP: Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:     And the time!?
    Noin:       We're reaching the stoppage time limit.
    Kou:        Even if we get in touch with them, we won't be able to stop it!?
    Shiroh:     Aah... it's dreadful.
    Bright:     We have to think about a way.
    Amuro:      Is the pulse engine alive?
    Nina:       Perhaps. There might be some to adjust drop point's errors but...
    Kou:        But... what, Nina?
    Nina:       I wonder if there's enough pulse engine there... to even distort
                the colony's orbit, after it passed the limit point.
    Camille:    In the case we reach the colony, there's the possibility that it's
                just meaningless... Isn't it? And what should we do, then?
    Bright:     I'm thinking... Captain Misumaru.
    Yurika:     Y...yes?
    Bright:     Can't you transport just like you did at Solomon?
    Burning:    Indeed, if they've come from Mars, then to reach the colony would
                be in an instant.
    Yurika:     ... That's impossible.
    Noin:       Why is it?
    Yurika:     It's not because I'm tightward but...
    Ines:       I'll explain. That's the system the Jovian Lizards were using. We
                call it as Bosson Jump.
    Bright:     Bosson Jump?
    Ines:       Technically is different, but it can be thought s a warp or
    Yurika:     We've managed to use Jovian Lizard's Bosson Jump system and... We
                could ran.
    Bright:     ... So it won't work this time. Noin, what are the surface's
    Noin:       After they've evaded Boazanling's and Gaizock's attacks, they're
                currently attacking a Giganos' surface base.
    Megumi:     Boazanling...?
    Amuro:      Aliens... To go out or to enter Earth, it's difficult enough to not
                be captured by the Federation's inspection. But, both Gaizock and
                the Boazanlings... They've appeared in all of a sudden, without
                being noticed.
    Yurika:     Weren't they hidden somewhere?
    Ruri:       A possibility is, that the aliens aren't invading from space...
    Amuro:      Yes, there's the possibility that they have a front line base at
                Earth... maybe Banjo-kun is concerned about that.
    Prospector: And by searching those, what they've found was a Giganos' base...
                Our spirit doesn't relax either.
    Bright:     Anyway, our first position is to reach the colony. We'll have to
                depend on control the pulse engines from the inside of it.
    # next: scene 144 SP #
    # scene 143 EA: Giganos base #
    Banjo:    How's the colony, Gallison?
    Gallison: Yes, I've received a communication from Londo Bell Squad's captain
              Bright Noah... They're prepared to cooperate within mobile battleship
              Nadesico... and are currently chasing the colony.
    Banjo:    And in case the stoppage fails... where's the prediction for it to
    Reika:    We don't know yet. I think their aim is Jabrow but...
    Ken:      It won't boom right up to us, will it?
    Hayato:   The possibility is there.
    George:   But, what we can is at least wipe out the enemies in the surface. If
    Chibodee: We'll have to do so.
    Kappei:   Ok! Let's wipe them out then!
    Uchuta:   But, there's the possibility that those bases are full of new
              weapons, isn't it?
    Argo:     ... If so, we'll repeat that cannon's result.
    Sai-sici: Yep. No other way now.
    Ken:      If it's decided then, we'll jerk out those Gun-Jeam Squad's jerks!
    Tapp:     Okay. Light, how about enemy reinforces?
    Light:    It's alright till now... But for the conditions inside the base, I
              don't know.
    Gallison: Banjo-sama, I'll prepare the meal, so what would be your preference?
    Banjo:    Let's see. I'll have anything that refines us.
    Gallison: I understand. Do your efforts then.
    Domon:    Ok, we'll wipe them in an instant.
    Ryo:      We have to believe the ones at space... Banjo-kun, let's go.
    Banjo:    Aah. We have to let them relax at least when they come back to Earth.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Colony drop... I wonder what will be of it...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Colony drop... forgetting about accomplishing it or not, how should
              I move?)
    # next: scene 144 EA #
    # scene 144 SP: Nadesico - one room #
    Erina:   Indeed... I see. Ines Fresange-san, please rest until we reach
             Earth. I'll prepare the next place of employment.
    Ines:    Thank you. It's of great help. By the way...
    Erina:   What might it be?
    Ines:    Aren't you going to ask about the civilians from Mars?
    Erina:   And if I ask, would I get an answer?
    Ines:    No.
    Erina:   So, it's ok, isn't it? It'll only lose our times.
    Ines:    I wanted to hear some explanations, though... A battleship prepared to
             rescue civilians, and the Nergal Corporation, which did that, doesn't
             ask anything about those civilians. For what I've heard...
    Erina:   Isn't to explain your area of interest? Ines-san, you have to take
             care... of that life we've saved.
    Ines:    .......
             (The rescue of civilians was just nominal... So, Nergal's target is no
             other then...)
    # next: scene 145 SP #
    # scene 144 EA: Giganos base #
    Min:      Colone-l, those bastards from Londo Bell, they seem to be willed to
              invade here. What should we do?
    Gun-Jeam: You all ashamed me! Watch and see for what should be done!
    Ganan:    As saying so, what should we do, Colonel? They'll come soon.
    Jin:      It's about time that our defense gets screwed.
    Goll:     Al...alright. I'll beat them, this time.
    [message sound]
    ???:      Oh well, it's hard to figure you're the Gun-Jeam Squad.
    Min:      Uhn... communication? Oh, That's you.
    Gun-Jeam: You, the hell with infinite mobile cannon. It didn't served any well!
    ???:      I said it wasn't perfect yet. And you are the ones who sent it out by
    Gun-Jeam: Shut your mouth up! Isn't there any new weapon to be of use!?
    ???:      By saying so, our researches had finally started gathering some
              experimental data.
    Gun-Jeam: I'm done with that speech. You're only collecting all kind of weird
              girls, and doing all those useless experiments.
    ???:      I can't let you just say so. They're an important material for my
              under-research system.
    Min:      I doubt, you're instead making a harlem under the name of a research.
    ???:      Well well, the reason to collecting girls is because girls are
              basically good to earn data from. There's no othere reason.
    Gun-Jeam: And you're as usual a talking pig! The reasons are meaningless! Do
              you something useful?
    ???:      As I was saying, I'm finishing the data collecting stage.
    Min:      He-h, that's good then. Would be good to send them out and fight
              Londo Bell to gain some battle data then.
    Jin:      Indeed. That's a good idea. I completely agree with you, Lt Min.
    ???:      Mumuh... No other way then. But it'll take some time to prepare them
              to battle. Is that ok?
    Gun-Jeam: Wait a moment. Can't I use that robot?
    ???:      You can, a little. It's at the preparation stage, and it can't be
              used 100% of its full performance. And...
    Jin:      And?
    ???:      This machine is the experimental unit for that new system. It can't
              be held by an ordinary pilot. But if it does move, it'll become the
              strongest Metal Armor ever.
    Min:      Even without 100% of its power?
    ???:      That's what I mean.
    Gun-Jeam: Ok, I'll ride it!
    Min:      Wa...wait, colonel. It's dangerous. There are lot's of people that
              went mad by testing it.
    Gun-Jeam: Don't mix me with such bastards!
    ???:      I see. I won't be responsinble for what it happens.
    Schwartz: (........)
    Gun-Jeam: I know... who's there!?
    Schwartz: (Damn, they found me!)
    Jin:      An intruder!? Is that Federation!?
    [gun shot sound x2]
    Schwartz: That one who was communicating with them... can it be! Haah!
    Min:      Damn, he's fast!
    ???:      What happened?
    Jin:      An intruder. He had a trench coat and a mask... What was that
    Ganan:    Colonel, if that was their spy, then they'll come soon.
    Gun:      Okay, guys. Prepare to ambush them!
    ???:      (Schwartz Bruder... might be. Fuhm, I have to hurry...)
    # next: Stage 12 EA #
    # scene 145 SP: Ahgama - bridge #
    Fa:       60 minutes until the stoppage limit point.
    Bright:   I presume we'll be amushed by the enemies. All crew, in battle
    Nina:     Can we stop it?
    Amuro:    We have to do it... And the take off preparations, Astonage?!
    Astonage: They're all in stand-by! The Gundam can go too!
    Amuro:    And Nadesico's, captain Misumaru?
    Yurika:   Ye-s! We're finishing the preparation!
    Bright:   I don't know what will happen. Don't relax a while!
    Kou:      Gato...!
    # next: scene 146 SP #
    # scene 146 SP: Gwaden - bridge #
    Soldier: 2 battleships, from behind our forces! The identification code is...
    Delaz:   No need to say... The Federation's Ahgama and Nergal's new battleship
    Gato:    So, they've come afterall.
    Delaz:   ... Gato, will you go?
    Gato:    And if I don't go now, then when shall I go?
    Kalius:  Major Gato, I'll be with you.
    Gaia:    We won't let you to be the only cool man.
    Delaz:   Uhm... Colonel Char, I want to count the command on you.
    Char:    Hah, I'm at first on this decision.
    Lalah:   Colonel...
    Char:    Lalah, the decision with him... I have to take it.
    Lalah:   .......
    Delaz:   I'll pray for your efforts. For the independence of the spacenoids,
             and for the glory of Zeon... Duke Zeon.
    Gato:    Duke Zeon...!
    Char:    (I can't see Cima Garahau's figure... I have a bad feeling.)
    # next: scene 147 SP
    # scene 147 SP: Preventer's headquarter #
    Lady:    This is Preventer's headquarters, I request for Londo Bell Squad's
             response! Preventer Fire! Noin! ... It's impossible. The colony's
             coming... And the surface squad is heading to Giganos' base advance...
             And we can't send reinforces...
    ???:     I beg your pardon.
    Lady:    ... You're...!?
    ???:     I want to receive a codename also... the air that extingishes fire...
             I'd want to be called as "Wind" then.
    Lady:    ... So you were alive...
    ???:     To stop the incoming colony... it's needed to distort it's orbit
             adjusting the pulse engine to the correct angle from inside. But...
    Lady:    Londo Bell Squad has gathered many genius pilots and mechanics but,
             they don't have any maneuvers.
    ???:     Then let's take some of them.
    Lady:    Indeed, them.
    ???:     Yes. And I'll head with them... Even someone that doesn't get familiar
             to peace can be useful.
    # next: Stage 12 SP #
     Stage 12 SP M - Hoshi no Kuzu no Kioku (Stardust Memories)
                 F - Stardust Memories
    [Delaz Fleet units appear]
    [Ahgama and Nadesico appears]
    Delaz:      So they've come.
    Kou:        Gato!
    Gato:       ... It's you, 2nd Lt. It seems the time for our decision came.
    Kelly:      .......
    Burning:    A great reception, really.
    Amuro:      If we don't pass through the ambushing troops, we can't reach the
    Ruri:       From the simulation of the explosive preparation's operation
                time... if we don't reach the colony under 9 minutes, we can't stop
                it anymore.
    Akito:      9 minutes!?
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:        So there's no time!
    Koji:       Ruri-chan, it isn't a joke, is it!? We don't have enough time!
    Ruri:       No need to lie. And while we're talking, the time is passing.
    Prospector: Captain!
    Yurika:     Wawawa, take off!
    Bright:     Units take off! Hoshino-kun, the time count, please!
    Ruri:       Roger.
    # formation: AG (Ahgama) + NA (Nadesico) + 11 units #
      11  01  03
    10  AG  NA  04
      09  07  05
        08  06
    [All chosen units appear]
    Delaz:      No matter who it is, I won't let you to interfere the Operation
    Kou:        I won't let the colony fall!
    Gato:       The era will change... and you can't go against that flow!
    Kou:        Bullshit!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       The era will... change...!? ... Uhn, arah? Wasn't the colony drop
                stopped once? Uhn...? Isn't this a deja vu sensation?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      (Colony drop... to let it be accomplished... without an order, I
                don't know what I should do...)
    Amuro:      Char! Why are going to drop a colony at Earth again!?
    Char:       It's as Major Gato said, Amuro.
    Amuro:      Lalah, so are you the same as Char!?
    Lalah:      .......
    Hikaru:     Where do they plan to drop it?
    Ryoko:      At South America, where there's the Federation's headquarter,
                Jabrow... isn't it?
    Gato:       It's not. North America... the granary zone of Earth.
    Akito:      Eh... Granary zone?
    Yurika:     So the results won't be that...
    Prospector: It isn't that simple, is it...?
    Nina:       No! Their target is...!
    Ines:       Let me explain. If that's the chosen point, then Earth will lose
                it's self-sufficiency.
    Shiroh:     I see! And it'll have to depend on the colonies...!
    Aina:       And it means that it'll be impossible to live without the
                colonies... is that so!?
    Gato:       And you aren't the ones... that won't understand it...!
    Akito:      ... If Earth doesn't get food shared from the colonies, it won't
    Delaz:      By clinging on Earth, the Federation that was seizing the
                spacenoids will ruin... and at this time, the spacenoids will, for
                the first time, earn autonomy...!
    Amuro:      It can't be. If you do so, the tight between the colonies and the
                Federation will get worse!
    Kelly:      And with that, only more opposing will be earned. And for the
                Federation, this will mean to strangle it's neck!
    Camille:    No... and what's the meaning of doing so!?
    Gato:       For the Principality of Zeon's... Zeon Daikun's display of the
                independecy of the spacenoids. And for the erasure of the
                Federation's curse...!
    Char:       .......
    Amuro:      ... Uhn?
    Lalah:      (... Colonel...?)
    Akatsuki:   This is impossible. Nothing can be done when the ideals are
                conflicting... We only have to fight.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       Conflicting ideals neh... this is tricking me too... what's it?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      (... No other way. Without an order, I'll have to move as a Londo
                Bell Squad's member.)
    Bright:     Ideals and such are meaningless! We won't let the colony drop to
                happen! All units to annihilation!
    Ruri:       Starting countdown... 9 minutes left.
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally battleship destruction
          9 turns limit
    # countdown 1: ally turn 2 #
    [scenario change]
    Ruri:    8 minutes left.
    Kazuya:  ... There's still a good number left... Kuh.
    Ruri:    ... A number of nachines approaching at 12 o'clock. For the high
             concentration of Minovsky Particles, I can't know the identification
    Yurika:  Are those enemy reinforces!?
    Bright:  Or the reinforces from Luna Two came in time...!? When is the
    Ruri:    In 1 minute.
    Akito:   I hope it's ally reinforce...
    # countdown 2/enemy reinforce: ally turn 3 #
    [scenario change]
    Ruri:    7 minutes left. And units detected as Mobile Suits and Metal Armors
             are coming.
    Bright:  Metal Armor, you said!?
    Yurika:  Ruri-chan, hurry up identifying!
    [Giganos and Cima Fleet units appear]
    Cima:    Fufufuh, so you're doing well.
    Char:    Giganos' Metal Armors!?
    Delaz:   Cima, why did you bring Giganos Forces!? What about the colony...?
    Cima:    Fufufuh... it's alright. The colony will surely drop... But by
             Giganos' protection, instead.
    Gato:    By Giganos? What do you mean, Cima?
    Cima:    I'm saying that Zeon's job is over by now. Let Giganos take care of
             the rest... about the Stardust, and spacenoid's independence.
    Delaz:   Giganos' Minister Gilthor is also expecting for spacenoid's
             independece, I'm sure.
    Cima:    But Giganos' isn't only made by idealists. Like there's someone like
             me inside Zeon.
    Delaz:   Cima, what made you to do so? You were working for Zeon since One Year
    Cima:    Yes. I've worked for Zeon. On dirty jobs. My main task force was the
             Poisonous Gas Squad... and all this made dark with dirt.
    Delaz:   And reaching that far, why!?
    Cima:    Because Zeon failed me!
    Delaz:   .......
    Cima:    All Zeon's dirty jobs, the ones that will never show in appearence,
             all of them, I've done. But... Zeon abandoned us as nothing!
    Gato:    Abandoned... you!? Explain that!
    Cima:    The superiors of Zeon, afraid that my existence would be brought to
             the surface, at the time Zeon's defeat was decided, they've abandoned
             us as turning their hands. But I survived... To avenge on those who
             corrupted and abandoned me, to avenge on you! And by even knowing
             that, Delaz... you called for me.
    Delaz:   What the...!
    Gato:    Lt Colonel Cima! No... Cima! Can't you understand your excellency's
    Delaz:   Gato... I don't mind... I was the foolish one... trying to guide
             someone with no aspirations.
    Kazuya:  What!? What's going on!? Isn't that the enemy's reinforce!?
    Noin:    If there was the D-3, to catch up their conversation would be easy...
             Raynard, can't you do it in Nadesico!?
    Megumi:  It's impossible!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    One thing is true... They're not allies, that is...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   They be not allies... that be the true thing...
    Cima:    Relax. I'll make that Zeon's ideal to come true... But not by Zeon's
             hands. Hahahahaha!
    Gato:    ... Cima... You!
    # countdown 3/ally reinforce: ally turn 4 #
    [scenario change]
    Ruri:     Captain, machines coming from Earth were detected. They're 3. Their
              identification code is... unknown. There's the possibility of being a
              new kind.
    Yurika:   E-eh!?
    Akito:    We don't have time to defeat those ones!
    Hikaru:   Uwe-n, it's trouble! What should we do!?
    Noin:     Don't say weak words! Stay in ambush formation!
    [Tallgeese III, Deathscythe Hell and Sandrock Kai appear]
    Zechs:    ... You're as usual.
    Noin:     Eh...!? Th...this voice...
    Camille:  What...!? Gundam...!?
    Bright:   Who's there!? Say your name and affiliation!
    Zechs:    ... Here's Preventer Wind. I'll help on the stoppage of the colony
    Duo:      Heheh, that's it. And we can't just stand still.
    Quatre:   We can still be in time! Hurry!
    Noin:     Duo and... Quatre!?
    Kyoshiro: They're allies, right!?
    Noin:     ... Aah, stronger allies then ever... and... you're...
    Zechs:    I'm Preventer Wind. Nice to meet you, Preventer Fire.
    Noin:     Okay, all units, concentrate on enemy annihilation!
    Ruri:     6 minutes left.
    Noin:     Hurry up! We have no time!
    # countdown 4/ally reinforce: ally turn 5 #
    [scenario change]
    Ruri:    5 minutes left.
    Koji:    Damn, and there are enemies left!
    # countdown 5/ally reinforce: ally turn 6 #
    [scenario change]
    Ruri:    Hurry up, 4 minutes left.
    Amuro:   Damn...
    # countdown 6/ally reinforce: ally turn 7 #
    [scenario change]
    Ruri:    3 minutes left.
    Koji:    Heh, we can still make lamen...!
    Ruri:    No time to eat it, though.
    Koji:    We'll have after we stop the colony!
    # countdown 7/ally reinforce: ally turn 8 #
    [scenario change]
    Ruri:    2 minutes... left.
    Izumi:   Maybe the god of death came to get us...
    Duo:     I agree...
    # countdown 8/ally reinforce: ally turn 9 #
    Ruri:    1 minute... left.
    Kou:     Kuh... the time...!
    # Kou VS Gato #
    Kou:     Gato...!
    Gato:    To chase us this far... truly, I didn't believe you'd do it, 2nd
    Kou:     I said it before, I'll keep chasing you!
    Gato:    But this is the end! The colony will surely fall at Earth!
    Kou:     Why can you do this far, Gato!?
    Gato:    It's for those who will come after us!
    # Kou VS Kelly #
    Kelly:   2nd Lt Uraki! We'll have our decision!
    Kou:     Kelly-san...!
    Kelly:   I've already said that this is my place, and my battle! Uraki!
    Kou:     Kelly-san! So I'll...!
    # Boss VS Kelly #
    Kelly:   Is that you, Boss. Dettach. You can't win from me.
    Boss:    We don't until we try wa-sa!
    # enemy death 1: Kelly's hp reaches 0 #
    Kelly:   Muh, guuh...
    # if alive unit: Gato unit #
    Gato:    Lezner!
    Kou:     Kelly-san!
    Kelly:   Kou Uraki, can you hear me? ... I won't regret!
    Boss:    Kelly!
    Kou:     Kelly-san! Escape!
    Ryoko:   Escape! Old man!
    Kelly:   Nergal's girl... my place, to die in a battlefield... is to a warrior
             the best and happiest thing to happen.
    [Val Valo explodes]
    Ryoko:   Where's the happiness on dying! Kelly old man!
    Kou:     Kelly-saaaaaaaaan!
    # if alive unit: Gato unit #
    Gato:    Lt... it was splendid, your soul... I'll take it...!
    [Gato's Morale +30]
    # Amuro VS Char #
    Amuro:   How much suffering you want to give to Lalah to satisfy yourself!?
    Char:    Are you saying that I'm makeing Lalah suffer?
    Amuro:   You might know. Nuke or colony drop... and what's the result of those
             acts, I won't let you say that you don't know!
    Char:    And I ask you! What do you know about it, Amuro!?
    # Sayla VS Char #
    Sayla:   Brother, prepare yourself!
    Char:    It's you, Alticia!
    # Amuro VS Lalah #
    Amuro:   Lalah, why we're alway...!
    Lalah:   It's your power's fault. If I don't defeat you... Char will die!
    # convince: Lalah with Amuro #
    Amuro:   Lalah, stop now! What will the colony drop bring!? An amount of people
             will be sacrificed!
    Lalah:   Amuro...
    Amuro:   Lalah, let's go...! I want to save them.
    Lalah:   ... Eeh.
    [Elmeth joins]
    # enemy death 2: Lalah's hp reaches 0 #
    Lalah:   Aah, aah!
    [Elmeth explodes]
    # if last attack: Amuro unit #
    Amuro:   I've done an unrecoverable act. I've killed Lalah...!
    [Amuro's Morale -30]
    # if alive unit: Char unit #
    Char:    Lalah!
    Amuro:   Char...! She... Lalah wasn't a person willed to fight...! Char!
    Char:    Don't say it! Amuro!
             (Lalah... I wanted you... to guide me...)
    # Cima VS Delaz #
    Cima:    You'll taste the feelings of a traitor!
    Delaz:   Cima!
    # stage end #
    Ruri:    Enemy retreat, detected. In this zone, we're the only presence.
    Bright:  Okay, we'll go inside the colony! Don't give up!
    Quatre:  I'll open a hole to the outside wall! Duo!
    Zechs:   I'm counting on you, Duo Maxwell... I have great expectations on your
             abilities in maneuvering.
    Duo:     Yeah yeah. You're all rude on using people... You'll be haten by good
    Zechs:   I'll follow up later.
    Duo:     You sure is adult.
    Noin:    .......
     Stage 12 EA M - Toujou! Kyukyoku no MA (Rises! The Ultimate MA)
                 F - Seishin Control System (Mind Control System)
    [Daitarn 3 and Shining Gundam appear]
    # formation: 12 units #
          02  11
        09  03
      08  01  04  12
        07  05
    [All chosen units appear]
    Banjo:    We've suceeded to invade but...
    Domon:    ... It's strange.
    Chibodee: Aah. It's going too well.
    Sai-sici: I wonder if they ran away like cowards when they heard we'd come.
    Ken:      I doubt, that Gun-Jeam Squad wouldn't do such thing.
    Tapp:     Yeah-yeah. And all those Giganos guys are well known for their
    Hayato:   I agree. This might be...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     A trap, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Trap... A better usual option it is.
    Light:    Heat source! The identification code is known!
    [Giganos units appear]
    Min:      Welcome. We've prepared your ambush.
    Banjo:    To guide your enemies to destruction, you might be relaxed at all,
              Gun-Jeam Squad's gentlemen.
    Ganan:    Heh, don't get happy just because you destroyed the infinite mobile
    Domon:    No needless talk! I'll ask you once more! ... Where's Devil Gundam?
    Jin:      Hah? Devil Gundam? Oh, yes, there was that one too.
    Goll:     De...De...Devil Gundam...?
    Min:      I'm sorry, but this one might give us more money.
    Domon:    I see... so I don't have any business to you anymore!
    Ganan:    Don't fool us, kiddie!
    Tapp:     Okay! Let's blow them up!
    Ken:      Light! There's minus 1!
    Light:    What? ... er, you're right. And it's the leader's unit?
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation
    # enemy reinforce 1: enemy turn 3 or 1st enemy annihilation #
    Gun-Jeam: Londo Bell, they're good! Ok, let them go!
    ???:      You can't! They're still...
    Gun-Jeam: I said I'd take battle data for you! Take off!
    Light:    Uh!? Heat source at base's interior!? This one is big!
    [Giganos unit and 2 Psycho Gundams appear]
    Four:     Those are... our enemies? If we defeat them... Will you bring my
              memory back... 1st Lt?
    Rosamia:  Yes. They'll drop the sky... They're enemies...!
    Musashi:  What's that gigantic Gundam!?
    Keiko:    And what are they talking about...?
    Light:    It's in the databank... Psycho Gundam!?
    Banjo:    It's impossible for it to be moved, other then by Newtypes... If so,
              then they're Enhaced Humans...!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Enhaced Humans... human imitated enhaced artificial espers!
    Ken:      Axel, do you know it?
    Axel:     ... Good question.
              (It's no deal, I'm related to it... to the army, perhaps.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Enhaced Human... they're very unstable. I don't think they can
              accomplish their mission.
    George:   Enhaced Human...!?
    Ken:      What's that, the name seems powerful, though!
    Light:    By drugs or by surgical process, and the last of the last, genetic
              manipulation... To create a super-human whatever path it takes is the
              called Enhaced Human Project. Lack of study, Ken?
    Tapp:     Super-humans, neh. And we're gonna fight them!
    Four:     ........
    Rosamia:  ........
    Banjo:    Psycho Gundam... why is such thing in here? And those pilots... can
              it be...
    ???:      Well, at first, the relics from the past war... I'll expect for a
              good result on that.
    # enemy reinforce 2: enemy turn 4 or 2nd enemy annihilation #
    ???:      They're being pushed.
    Gun-Jeam: No time to relax! Can't you end up with that yet!?
    ???:      You're right, if so... after the Enhaced Humans, how about this?
              Fufufufuh... go!
    Allenby:  Ooooh...!
    Kappei:   Wh...what's that!?
    Ryo:      A new enemy... another Gundam!?
    Domon:    That Gundam is...!?
    Chibodee: Hey, Domon! That's!
    Keiko:    Do you know it!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     It's similar to a Gundam but... by it's frame, isn't it a Mobile
              Fighter? ... That means...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    It's frame is a Mobile Fighter's one... if so...
    Argo:     Why is it in here...?
    Allenby:  Ooooooooooooooooooh!
    Domon:    Allenby!
    Hayato:   So they know each other... But her state is strange. It's not normal.
    ???:      Next is the Berserker System... This battle data shall be of good
              interest to me.
    # enemy reinforce 3: enemy turn 5 or 3rd enemy annihilation #
    ???:      Seems like the preparations are over... sorry for the delay, colonel
    Gun-Jeam: You're late! Slower than a slug!
    [Gilgazamne appears]
    Tapp:     What's that!? Another big guy appeared!
    Light:    This one is... Metal Armor!?
    Gun-Jeam: Wua-hahahahahahah! Kiddies, I'm here!
    Ken:      Gun-Jeam!? So you were hidden in such a place!
    Kappei:   Damn you! And that crescent moon on your head! It's good enough for
              Zambot only.
    Gun-Jeam: Gahahahaha! You'll be defeated here anyway! Then this Gilgazamne will
              be the only robot with a crescent moon! Gufufufu...!
    Uchuta:   And he said so! Kappei, let's do it!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     But, for its size, it has a good mobility, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ... What? It's a natural move as a Mobile Fighter's...
    Banjo:    Psycho Gundam, Mobile Fighter... and a new kind Metal Armor,
              Gilgazamne... as he said.
    George:   It's a reinforce with no glance integrity... mousier Banjo.
    Banjo:    ... Aah, something tricky.
    Gun-Jeam: Gufufufu.... All kill you all... Hahahaha!
    ???:      (Indeed, there seems to be some bio feedback problems at the mind
              control system. I think he'll handle it enough, though...)
    # Domon VS Allenby #
    Domon:    Allenby! Stop, it's me, Domon Kasshu!
    ???:      Kukukuh... it's meaningless.
    Allenby:  Do...Domon... Uwaaaaah!
    Domon:    Allenby! Stop it, this battle isn't a fight!
    Allenby:  No... it's a fight... Domon...! Let's fight! With meeeee!
    Chibodee: Domon! It's no use! She's completely taken by the system!
    Sai-sici: Brother!
    Domon:    Guuh... Allenby!
    # enemy retreat 1: Allenby's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Allenby: Uwaaaaah!
    Domon:   Allenby!
    Allenby: ... Domon... Domon!?
    Domon:   Allenby! So you came back to normal!?
    Allenby: Uuh... Domon... I'm ok...
    Domon:   What's up!? What happened to you!?
    Allenby: Yes, Domon... Giganos is...
    ???:     So the Berserker System broke. But, I don't like your talking... Nobel
             Gundam, return to base!
    Allenby: Wh...what!? The machine... is moving on its own...!? Domon! Neo Hong
    [Nobel Gundam disappears]
    Domon:   Allenby!
    # enemy retreat 2: Four's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Four:    Aaah, my head!
    ???:     Kuh. The system is... no other way then. Enhaced Human no. 4! Rosamia!
             Come back!
    [Psycho Gundam explodes/disappears]
    [Psycho Gundam disappears]
    # enemy retreat 3: Rosamia's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Rosamia: Aah, what, it hurts. My head aches... Brother!
    ???:     This is no good. Rosamia, Enhaced Human no. 4, come back.
    [Psycho gundam explodes/disappears]
    [Psycho Gundam disappears]
    # enemy retreat 4: Gun-Jeam's hp reaches 0 or 30 % #
    Gun-Jeam: Gwooooooh!!
    ???:      This is no good! Rescue colonel Gun-Jeam now!
    [Gilgazamne explodes/disappears]
    # stage end #
    ???:     It can't be... With such few numbers...! Kuh, no other way, then. I'll
             detonate... this base.
    Ganan:   So let's do it flashy. To involve those ones.
    Min:     That's a good one.
    [explosions occur around stage]
    Ryo:     They're planning to explode the plant with us.
    Tapp:    It's our promissed flee time.
    Banjo:   Everyone, retreat!
    # next: scene 148 EA #
    # scene 148 SP: colony - outside wall #
    Bright:     Head to the colony's main control room! Duo-kun, can I count on
    Duo:        On the 5 of us, I'm the specialist on maneuvering. But I need an
                amount of assistants, though.
    Nina:       I'll go too. Isn't it better for an engineer to be along?
    Kou:        Nina, it's dangerous!
    Duo:        Hey, we don't have enough time! Operators and engineer types
                specialists, I need at least more 2 or 3!
    Kazuya:     2nd Lt Uraki, we'll have Nina go... Me and Kyoshiro will go as
    Kyoshiro:   That's it.
    Kou:        I'll go too, Nina.
    Duo:        I ask for 1 or 2 more with technique... And a cutie rather then
                stinky men.
    Ruri:       I'll go.
    Minato:     Yes yes, Ruriruri is an operator too.
    Duo:        Yeah, uhn, you're good as a cutie but... you'r too young.
    Prospector: Wai...wait a moment! If she dettaches, Nadesico will...
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:        We don't have time for saying so!
    Akito:      I'll go too. Only Ruri-chan going is worrying.
    Yurika:     Akito!? Wai...wait! Me too! I'm going too!
    Bright:     ... Captain Misumaru.
    Yurika:     Ah... it's lie! Ru...Ruri-chan? I'm counting Akito on you.
    Duo:        Oka-y, let's go! Quatre! Do you know the usage of the explosives to
                put in the outside wall!?
    Quatre:     It's alright! I'll get support from here, right Captain Bright?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       Ok, I'll help out those, then.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      The results of the colony drop... to let it happen... or not...
                kuh, the orders... which is that?)
    Shiroh:     I'll watch this side. Aina, please help me.
    Aina:       Yes!
    Bright:     I'm counting on you...!
    # next: scene 149 SP #
    # scene 148 EA: Giganos base #
    [screen shakes]
    [explosion sound]
    Banjo:    Fuh, is everybody ok?
    Chibodee: Somehow. Anyway, only tough guys they brought, those Giganos guys.
    Tapp:     The reason why they're searching for Devil Gundam might be to turn it
              into a weapon, might be.
    Ken:      Damn, they're thinking on everything.
    Argo:     ... Is that such a simple story?
    George:   My opinion's are the same as Argo's. Mousier Banjo, didn't you feel
    Banjo:    The Psycho Gundams that can only be moved by Enhaced Humans, and...
              that Mobile Fighter?
    Sai-sici: Brother Domon, that was certainly...
    Domon:    ... Aah, Allenby. But why was she in a place like this? Who activated
              the Berserker System!?
    Ryo:      Berserker System?
    Domon:    It's what I've heard from Rain, it's a special system that raises
              human's natural abilities off limits. But such thing isn't needed for
              martial arts fighter...!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     To control it from outside, they plan to create super-humans, that
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Seems a system to transform into super-humans from outside it is.
              (And it's the same as aiming for an Enhaced Human...)
    Hayato:   Anyway, shall we check the wreckage of the base? Maybe something has
    Musashi:  It's sure all destroyed... Little hope for it.
    Banjo:    Aah... and before that, we have to see other things first. Gallison,
              open the connection. Gallison.
    Gallison: Ooh, Banjo-sama. You're fair later then I tought.
    Banjo:    Mah, the enemy is becoming a bit serious from now on... And the
    Beauty:   Ye-s, Banjo. Colony... Londo Bell Squad accomplished the stoppage
    Banjo:    Hoo, they're great, indeed.
    Reika:    Arah? Such a little reaction, Banjo.
    Banjo:    That's what I expected from them. There's no way to fail with such
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Trust... indeed, as saying so.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Statistically speaking, the chance was low... And how can he trust
              them like that? I don't understand...)
    Banjo:    Yes, Gallison. There's something I want you to investigate.
    Gallison: What might it be?
    Banjo:    About a new kind Metal Armor... it's called Gilgazamne, I guess.
    Gallison: Understood.
    Ken:      Well, what's going on, then?
    Light:    The infinite mobile cannon, the D-weapon's mass production type
              Dragoon, and the Gundam from Grips Conflict time and a Gundam
              Fighter... there's a lot.
    Tapp:     No other way to get a bad feeling.	
    [blank screen]
    # next: scene 149 EA #
    # scene 149 SP: colony - main control room #
    Akito:    So here's the main control room!
    Soldier:  Uwoh!
    Duo:      What...!? Damn! The enemy is in...
    Kazuya:   Seeeeeih!
    [punch sound]
    Soldier:  Gwah...
    Duo:      Hyu-. Thanks, let's go!
    Gato:     Muh...!?
    Kou:      Gato...! You too...!
    Gato:     Londo Bell...! I won't let you to get in my way anymore!
    Nina:     Gato! Please, stop!
    Kou:      Wh...!? Nina!?
    Gato:     Indeed... you're...!
    Kyoshiro: I don't know but, if you're getting on our way, then we'll slash you!
    Char:     Major, if we stay longer, we'll be involved in the colony drop...
              Perhaps it isn't your excellency Delaz's true will.
    Gato:     Kuh... I understand.
    Kou:      Wait! Gato!
    Nina:     Kou! Stop!
    Kou:      Nina...?
    Nina:     Please... stop... it's... over... now...
    Duo:      Wh...what's that?
    Ruri:     ... What should we do? Nina-san's job, I can follow up...
    Duo:      Ooh yes, really... ok, it's this pulse engine...
    [screen flashes]
    # next: scene 150 SP #
    # scene 149 EA: Banjo's residence - one room #
    [screen comes back to normal]
    Linda:    Ken!
    Ken:      I'm back, Linda.
    Rain:     Seems that you're alright. I was worried that there was a exagerated
              explosion at Giganos' base but... Arah, Domon?
    Domon:    I met Allenby.
    Rain:     Allenby... Allenby Biazry!? ... Inside Giganos' base!?
    Domon:    ... Aah. The Berserker System started to work on her, and she
              attacked us.
    George:   But why she did?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     I can presume, that is... a soldiers imitative enhace... It can be
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ... Can be to imitate a enhacement of soldiers... by seeing the
              experiments, I think it's as it is.
    Banjo:    I agree with that. And that Metal Armor called Gilgazamne... If we
              can discover what system that one had, we may know their true
    Gallison: Banjo-sama, in instants Londo Bell Squad's people will arrive.
    Banjo:    In my house? Splendid, Gallison.
    Gallison: Yes. There seem to be a lot of new faces, so it's better to prepare
              a great reception.
    Banjo:    There sure is a good amount, prepare an amount for vikings. Do the
              possible, Gallison.
    Hayato:   Gathering with those Nadesico people, is it?
    Tapp:     Good. We had some argues, but I'll forgive them if there's some cute
              girls with good style.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Yeah, I wanna be lovely loved by some lively of girls too.
    Light:    ... If you want to be love, better you stay quiet then.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    If a person is cute and has good style, that one's forgiven. How easy
              things are. I'll use it as reference.
    Ken:      Your...
    Tapp:     Problem...
    Light:    Is not that.
    Lamia:    (I can't understand well...)
    # next: scene 157 #
    # scene 150 SP: escape shuttle #
    [explosion sound]
    Kalius:  Major Gato! Colony's explosion was detected!
    Gato:    What!? Can it be...
    Kalius:  ... Major... colony... divided... both parts are dettaching from
             Earth's gravity sphere.
    Gato:    It...it can't be...!
    Kalius:  And... Colonel Char was late to escape, and perhaps, was into colony's
    Gato:    ... Stardust... not accomplished... it seems.
    Gaia:    Major... we'll...
    Ortega:  Delaz troops are all annihilated... we don't have a place to go back.
    Gato:    Axis... we'll head for Haman-sama...
    Kalius:  Hah...
    Gato:    Lezner's death, and the Red Comet fell to the ground... but, Zeon's
             soul won't die... and, Cima... this humiliation, I won't forget...!
    # scene 151 SP: Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:   Everyone, I appreciate your efforts in such suffer.
    Burning:  And the worst of the cases was evaded, afterall.
    Kou:      ... but... Gato ran away.
    Amuro:    (Char's Mobile Suit's escape wasn't detected... can't be.)
    Kazuya:   And our next move, captain?
    Bright:   We'll once go back to Earth, and gather with the ones at surface.
    Yurika:   And, what about Nadesico?
    Bright:   Until next orders, you'll be stand-by... I mean you'll move along us.
    Noin:     With this incindent, Federation Forces administrators might be
              confused about space. Nadesico's situation will be left for later.
    Kyoshiro: Oh well, and I feel we'll gonna see chief Miwa's face again.
    Yurika:   Chief Miwa?
    Nana:     Aah, the Nadesico's people haven't met him yet. Better you be
              prepared for that.
    Minato:   What do you mean?
    Megumi:   Is he a very strict person?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     (Better not to say that he was willed to shoot the nuke at them, that
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (He was willed to shoot them the nuke... what would be their faces if
              I said so?)
    # next: scene 152 SP #
    # scene 152 SP: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Noin:    Zechs... so you're going away...?
    Zechs:   I'm not supposed to appear at the main stage.
    Noin:    But... I...
    Zechs:   Relena is going to do impossible again... I'll support that from her
    Noin:    .......
    Zechs:   Londo Bell... is a good squad. Be it's power, Noin.
    Noin:    ... Eeh.
    Duo:     He-y, sorry at a good mood but! Let's go, old man Zechs!
    Noin:    Duo! He's not old man!
    Duo:     Ooh, scary. If you get angry, your wrinkles will only increase, ya
             know? Heheh.
    Quatre:  Duo, stop that... So, Noin-san, see you.
    Zechs:   Aah, let's go back.
    Noin:    (At a near future... we'll meet again. This war... I feel that we
             alone can't do a thing...)
    # next: scene 153 SP #
    # scene 153 SP: Ahgama - one room #
    Kou:     Nina, when you sae Gato, you... you know him, don't you!?
    Nina:    .......
    Kou:     Nina!
    Nina:    Kou, I'm sorry... not now...
    Kou:     Nina...?
    # next: scene 154 #
    # scene 154: ??? #
    ???:     ........
    ???:     Arah... the colony... missed.
    # if Space Route #
    ???:     What was [he/she] doing?
    # else Earth Route #
    ???:     Why didn't [he/she] go with the flagship? ... If [he/she] did,
             [he/she]'d had many chances.
    ???:     Something happened... or else...
    ???:     I can't wait anymore... We'll have to head directly.
    # if Axel Route #
    ???:     I see... W17.
    Lamia:   I'm here.
    ???:     I want you to go.
    Lamia:   I've finished my preparation. What's my mission?
    ???:     ... Reseach for Axel's conditions, who went first. Seems like his
             communicator is broken. Send him supplement parts.
    # else Lamia Route #
    ???:     I see... neh, Axel.
    Axel:    The colony... was stopped.
    ???:     Yes... And I admit I was underrating them. That Londo Bell Squad neh.
    Axel:    Nothing will happen by saying so afterall... Is that ok to erase W17?
    ???:     No... we can still use W17. Seems like her communicator is broken.
             Send her supplement parts.
    ???:     And the disc that has our next moves.
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   ... I understand. And if commander Axel is in strange conditions...
             what should I do?
    ???:     Erase.
    Lamia:   Fufuh...fufufufufu... Your pleasure....
    ???:     I don't like it, that expressionless W17 laughed.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    That low quality puppet, doesn't moves without an order... That's why
             I was opposing to that.
    ???:     I repeat what you said before. Nothing will happen by saying so
    Axel:    Humpf... According to the situation, I'll erase W17.
    ???:     Ah, wait, Axel...! A-ah, why is he always like that?
    ???:     Forget it... We have our things to do. Time to gather our stuff.
    ???:     Just a little more. I've researched... At this world, the formal
             forces of the Federation... is that mass production of the D-weapon.
    ???:     Indeed. Without those series that gave trouble to us... fufu...
    ???:     Yes... that Geshpenst, neh.
    # SP next: scene 155 SP #
    # EA next: scene 158 #
    # scene 155 SP: Ahgama - bridge #
    Yurika:     Captain Bright, where's the gathering point?
    Bright:     Sin the City... Banjo's residence.
    Akatsuki:   The rumored Banjo Haran neh... the millionaire that rules the
                world or, could be, space.
    Burning:    But even he's a millionaire, it's a civilian's residence, isn't it?
                Can we put 2 battleships in there?
    Noin:       No worries, Lt. At Banjo's residence's underground, there's enough
                space to put at least 5 ships og Ahgama's size.
    Amuro:      Banjo Haran... a truly wonderful man. Cheerful, is the appropriate
    Camille:    Amuro-san, do you know him?
    Amuro:      He was the one who helped me go back to the army, from the
    Koji:       And with that millionaire, the Getter Team and the D-team... I hope
                they're all fine.
    Sayaka:     Seems like they've wiped Giganos' surface bases.
    Noin:       Aah, and with them are the Shuffle Union members plus Domon Kasshu
                cooperating. I don't think they'd fail.
    Boss:       Shuffle Union...?
    Hikaru:     Ye-s, I know them! The 5 representants of the colony's martial arts
                fighters, aren's they!? Grea-t, I'll get their sign later.
    Kazuya:     So there are more 4 like Domon... that's great.
    Nana:       No, brother. Don't even think of fighting them.
    Ruri:       Omoikane, data compiled... Shuffle Union. Formally they're a group
                of fighters that represents the colony martial arts, but their true
                self is, for 4000 years control the secret maneuvers of the
                organizations from the shadow of history.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       From the shadow of history neh... But if we see Domon, he's always
                appearing, and that's over, I feel.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      (Even the Shuffle Union appeared... so the Londo Bell is coming to
                be the strongest squad ever...)
    Amuro:      But didn't Kasshu-kun dettached from the others?
    Noin:       It was discovered that who was controling Devil Gundam was his
                master... And Giganos is aiming for Devil Gundam too, so he's
    Kazuya:     His... master did...!?
    Noin:       And from the past war... There is the Super Robot that once
                defeated the invasion forces named as Gaizock cooperating also.
    Koji:       Aah! That whatever family...
    Sayaka:     It's... Kami family. It was the same surname as Hayato-kun, so I
                remember it.
    Akito:      And so many allies... Damn, when we went to Mars... if we just had
                that amount of robots...
    Yurika:     ... Akito...
    Prospector: I see that it will take more time... to heal that time's wound.
    # next: scene 156 SP #
    # scene 156 SP: Ahgama - one room #
    Amuro:   Sayla-san, are going to leave Ahgama...?
    Sayla:   Eeh... now that brother is dead, there's no reason for me to keep in
             here, Amuro.
    Bright:  But Sayla, her death wasn't confirmed yet. And for what...
    Sayla:   He's waiting for the era... I think so... typical of him. And might be
             sorrowful just for having the notion of a Newtype...
    Bright:  And he doesn't like that, and I think he's preparing a more concrete
    Sayla:   I don't want to see my brother doing so... And it's better for him to
             be dead. It's his ambition.
    Amuro:   Ambition?
    Sayla:   I feel that my brother is seized by an ideal of working for the will
             of space....
    # if Lalah joined #
    Lalah:   .......
    # next: scene 157 #
    # scene 157: Banjo's residence #
    Sayaka:   Wah, great house.
    Koji:     Indeed, with such terrain, it has the same size as the Photon Power
    Banjo:    Long time no see, captain Bright.
    Bright:   You seem as usual, Banjo-kun. And sorry for my subordinates have
              troubled you. I'm grateful.
    Banjo:    No no, it was me that was helped by them. Rest as you want to... is
              what I wanted to say, but seems like not now, isn't it?
    Amuro:    Aah. But when we can rest, we should do so. And because the number of
              robots increased, the mechanics are all working without sleeping
    Gallison: How about leaving for now on to the repair robot Mekamarus? Do you
              have the maintenance data for each machine?
    Astonage: Aah, I have all of them but... who are you?
    Banjo:    Aah, I'll introduce him. My butler Gallison.
    Gallison: I'm Gallison Tokida. Nice to meet you.
    Banjo:    And they're my assistants, Beauty and Reika.
    Beauty:   I'm Beautiful Tachibana. You can call me Beauty, nice to meet you.
    Reika:    I'm Reika Midou.
    Boss:     Damn, he's got those two beauties all along with him. That's why I
              don't millionaires.
    Banjo:    No no, your side has many more young ladies that I'm envy... So
              you're Nadesico's...?
    Yurika:   Yes, I'm Yurika Misumaru. Rumored Banjo Haran-san, we'll trouble you.
    Banjo:    No no, this makes me shy. Hahaha.
    Beauty:   Moh, Banjo!
    Gallison: Everybody, it's simple but the lunch is ready. Please.
    Kyoshiro: Oh, that's good.
    Shiorh:   We can have a few break then.
    Aina:     Yes.
    Nana:     Food, food!
    Kazuya:   Nana, don't eat with your bad manners, ok?
    Gallison: Hoh hoh hoh, I made it as for vikings, so have it as you wish.
    Izumi:    Amount made by kin, gs... I'm done.
    Gallison: Near that. That was made by the hands of two kings... by-kings, as I
    Izumi:    ... You're good.
    Gallison: Hoh hoh hoh.
    # SP next: scene 158 #
    # EA next: scene 154 #
    # scene 158: Banjo's residence - dining hall #
    Ken:        They've come. He-y!
    Tapp:       You're all fine... And there are lots of new faces.
    Light:      And Lt Burning is fine as well.
    Burning:    Did you say somthing?
    Noin:       So you were stretching yourselves... Relax, it'll be over for now.
    Ken:        A-ah, and we've gathered for such a long time, and there it goes.
    Hayato:     Heh, the everyday's feeling is back.
    Musashi:    You're late.
    Jack:       You all happy!? Big battle at space, appreciate efforts neh!
    Koji:       Heh, and Jack's bad grammar hears like dearsome now.
    Linda:      We too. We've thought that we wouldn't meet again.
    Kazuya:     Stop that, it's not an omen.
    Light:      Heh, and Nadesico's people are here. I didn't believe when I heard
                the first time.
    Tapp:       Mah, it's good for me. The more cute girls, the better.
    # if Space Route #
    Kappei:     Are they useful? I mean, it's good to have a big amount of people.
    Kyoshiro:   What's this child?
    Nana:       Who are you?
    Kappei:     Me? I'm the main pilot of Zambot 3, Kappei Kami-sama. And next I'll
                introduce you as well, those ones come with me in Zambot, Uchuta
                and Keiko.
    Uchuta:     What's that, Kappei, hears like we're bonus that comes with you.
    Kappei:     And isn't that right? I'm the one who really makes Zambot move.
    Uchuta:     What!?
    Keiko:      You two, stop. Nice to meet you, I'm Keiko Kamikita.
    Uchuta:     I'm Uchuta Kamie, nice to meet you.
    # if Axel Route #
    Chiyokin:   Wanwan.
    Axel:       Areh, from where did this dog come from?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Chiyokin:   Wanwan!! Wanwan!!
    Lamia:      Ara ara, wh...what be? This dog's problem?
    Kappei:     Wait, this one is Chiyokin, and he's my family, you know?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       I'm sorry then. nice to meet ya, Chiyokin.
    Chiyokin:   Wan!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      Oh so it be it is... Sorry about that, Chiyokin?
    Chiyokin:   Wanwan! U-h, wanwanwan!!
    Kappei:     hey hey, what's up, Chiyokin? It's strange, he doesn't usually
                barks to humans.
    Chiyokin:   Wanwanwanwanwan!!!
    Heizaemon:  What's happening?
    Kappei:     Chiyokin!?
    Lamia:      (This dog... he discovered my true self?)
    Prospector: I've heard about Zambot 3's existence but, that such children were
                it's pilot... I'm surprised.
    Koji:       And what about Ruri-chan?
    Prospector: ... Our company can't say much of other people then. By the way,
                Gaizock... We didn't meet them.
    Kou:        Gaizock? ... The ones that once invaded?
    Uchuta:     Aah, the worst of the invaders. Our home planet Bial was destroyed
                by them.
    Boss:       Didn't you defeat them at the past war?
    Keiko:      To say the truth, we only drove them away... But, we wasn't
                expecting they'd attack again...
    Ryo:        We just have to beat them as many times as they appear... We have
                to be willed for that or it'll be over.
    Hayato:     Heh, and that Bry bastard is annoying too.
    Musashi:    Let's stop with bad topics... Oh, the food is coming again.
    Sai-sici:   Hai, sorry for the delay!
    # else Earth Route #
    Ryo:        Anyway, how about introduce yourselves? We're friends now.
    Yurika:     Yes...
    Tapp:       What's that, there isn't that happiness from before. If so, we won't
                get excited either, you know?
    Hayato:     You did reach Mars, didn't you?
    Yurika:     ........
    Akito:      Ma...mah... We did, actually.
    Prospector: We'll explain that afterwards. I'll introduce you the main crew. At
                first, captain.
    Yurika:     Yurika Misumaru... nice to meet you...
    Ken:        No bui... at all?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       Oh well, and I was prepared to fall down on surprise.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      A lot she changed, it seems.
    Prospector: The operator, Ruri Hoshino-san.
    Ruri:       ... nice to meet you.
    Argo:       She's young... or better say she's a child, isn't she?
    Michiru:    How old are you?
    Ruri:       I'm 11.
    Chibodee:   ... Isn't there any problems?
    Prospector: She's the official and genius, and specially a truly needed
                operator. And, next is...
    Minato:     Hi-, I'm the driver, Haruka Minato. Nice to meet ya. I can tell you
                my three sizes, but not my age.
    Ruri:       Her age is twice as mine.
    Minato:     Hey, Ruriruri!
    Megumi:     Ah, I'm Megumi Raynard. I'm the comm operator.
    George:     And afterall, all of them are women. It's good for your splendor,
    Prospector: And, at the current field. The mechanic chief Uribatake Seiya-san.
    Uribatake:  About the Aestevalis, ask me... And, please, tell me a lot about
                Mobile Suit and Super Robot.
    Prospector: And one more, the pilot Akito Tenkawa-kun.
    Akito:      Nice to meet you... my true job is as a cook. Pilot at free time.
    Burning:    And for that you had a good pilot ability, did you know?
    Akito:      Eh? Is that so? No... I...
    Burning:    But, you still need training... ok, I'll accompany you.
    Ken:        Uwah, you're condemned.
    Burning:    And you too.
    Tapp:       Aa-h.
    Light:      You should have kept quiet, Ken!
    Prospector: And pilots Ryoko Subaru-san, Hikaru Amano-san and Izumi Maki-san.
    Ryoko:      Mah, nice to meet ya.
    Hikaru:     Wah, those left at surface has many nice looking guys.
    Izumi:      I'm Izumi Maki... Not is yummy monkey... fufufufu...
    Prospector: And the true pilot Akatsuki Nagare-kun.
    Akatsuki:   Nice to meet you, outer squad's gentlemen.
    Prospector: And I'm Prospector, Nergal's employee.
    Erina:      I'm Erina Kinjo Won. I was transfered from the corporation, think
                about me as the representant of Nadesico.
    Ines:       I'm the last but, I'm Ines Fresange. The mysterious explainer
                beautiful woman, or best say the explainer sister.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       Explainer... beautiful woman? Mah, beautiful is ok, but why
                explain what?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      Explainer...? Explain about what?
    Ines:       Well that should be everything. About this or that.
    Akatsuki:   ... And, the only civilian survivor that Nadesico could rescue from
    Kappei:     Heh? The only... one?
    Yurika:     ........
    Akito:      No matter how much we fought... we couldn't help them...
    Koji:       Don't be that blue. There wasn't other way, was there?
    Akito:      I wanted to become a cook... But I don't know why I became a
                pilot... but I could only help one person...
    Ines:       ........
    Hayato:     Seems like a deep trouble.
    Sai-sici:   Hai, sorry for the delay! ...Arah? You're all gloomy.
    Gallison:   Sai-sici-sama, I beg your pardon. To ask for your help to serve
                lunch to the visitors.
    Sai-sici:   That's ok. And I can have many people to proof my abilities.
    # if Space Route #
    Akito:      Chinese food... seems delicious.
    # else Earth Route #
    Akito:      ... Chinese food?
    Sayaka:     Who's that boy?
    Michiru:    One of Domon-san's Shuffle Union member. He's small in sight, but
                is an expert at kempo. And his chinese food is delicious.
    Akito:      Strong... and he can make good meal.
    Uribatake:  To worry in such pain is a stupid thing, Tenkawa. There are lots of
                people that are good at both.
    Akito:      Uhn...
    Hikaru:     Wah! Wah! A real Shuffle's member?
    # if Space Route #
    George:     Mistress from Nadesico, it's the first time we met. I'm a Shuffle
                member, named George de Sand. Nice to meet you.
    Chibodee:   What's that, George, flirting that soon?
    George:     How rude, Chibodee. I'm not such a vulgar man like you.
    Ryoko:      Chibodee... you mean, that boxing champion from the colony martial
    Chibodee:   I'm not vulgar, richie... Uhn? Aah, I'm Shuffle Union's Queen the
                Spades, Chibodee Crocket. How about a date later, baby?
    Nina:       Stop flirting, please... Uhn, arah...? That big man...
    Argo:       ........
    Kou:        Nina, do you know him?
    Nina:       Argo Gullski... an ex-space pirate.
    Burning:    Indeed. I've thought about that after hearing his name...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       Does he have much of a story?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      ...?
    Nina:       Anaheim's ship was attacked many times by him.
    Hikaru:     He's the space's bad boy! Shocking!
    Nina:       But, he never kills people, and doesn't steal stuff other then
                money... a very different pirate.
    Argo:       It's just history. I'm currently the Black Joker Argo Gullski.
    Ryoko:      Aryah? There are 5 at all, Shuffle Union, aren't they? ... And the
                last one?
    Kazuya:     Domon... where's he?
    Sai-sici:   Brother Domon and Rain-san, I passed through them a while. They
                were called by captain Bright.
    # else Earth Route #
    Yurika:     Oh yes, we were called too!
    Ines:       You're right, let's go.
    Noin:       Lt.
    Burning:    Aah.
    Prospector: Anyway, we have to hear the report.
    # next: scene 159 #
    # scene 159: Banjo's residence - one room #
    Bright:     Berserker System...!?
    Camille:    And the Psycho Gundams?
    Banjo:      It's as I said, captain Bright... Inside Giganos' secret base,
                there we fought two Psycho Gundams and the Mobile Fighter Nobel
    Camille:    Psycho... Gundams? Who were the pilots!?
    Domon:      Dunno... But we could caught by the comms something they said like
                "drop the sky" or "memory".
    Camille:    ........!!
    Amuro:      Camille... can it be?
    Camille:    ... Yes, their death... wasn't confirmed.
    Shiroh:     I've seen the materials from when I was at the 8th platoon... Is
                that from the Murasame Lab?
    Camille:    ........
    Fa:         Camille...
    Bright:     But why Giganos had such thing...
    Banjo:      Perhaps... experiments.
    Yurika:     Experiments... what are those?
    Banjo:      I don't know further but, it seems about a control system using
                mind waves. On either Psycho Gundams and the Nobel Gundam, and the
                last giant Metal Armor that appear last... that might be the true
    Amuro:      A control system using mind waves... Fresange-san.
    Ines:       I'm grateful for your chance, Lt. So I'll explain. The Psycho
                Gundam uses a firearms system, the Psycomm... Psycho Communication
                prepared machine in its cockpit. The Psycomm is a system that
                controls the machine using the pilot's thoughts, or better say, the
                emotional waves.
    Yurika:     And it means that they only need to think to move them?
    Ines:       It's a bit different, but it's easier to understand by saying so.
    Rain:       ... The Berserker System is a system that forces the pilot's
                abilities from outside... isn't that a different one?
    Camille:    ... No, the Psycho Gundam made Four suffer. I mean...
    Amuro:      Yes. Newtype Lab's Psycomm has a forcing system... That's the same
                for both.
    Bright:     And a Metal Armor that is a junction of those technologies...
    Yurika:     ... Haa, at Earth, at space, at Mars... all of them disturbing. I'm
    Banjo:      Mars... is the Meganoid's story reported to you, captain?
    Bright:     Aah.
    Megumi:     Meganoids are those cyborgs created for the Mars' terraforming,
                right? Why are they attacking?
    Banjo:      The Meganoids true objective is... to transform all humanity into
    Minato:     Hah? ... I haven't ever heard of it.
    Banjo:      Even at the Federation, only a part of them knows of it. They don't
                want to show that the responsibles for Mars' terraforming are now
                going against humanity.
    Ruri:       The one who created the Meganoids is doctor Souzou Haran...
                Banjo-san, you're...
    Banjo:      That's it.
    Amuro:      What's the relation with the Jovian Lizards, Banjo-kun? ... Are
                they at the same team, or enemies...?
    Banjo:      ... Don't know that far. But, when we fought that commander at
                surface, none of those appeared, neither they talked about it...
    # if Earth Route #
    Banjo:      Captain Misumaru. Can't you tell me about Mars' situation?
    Yurika:     .......
    Banjo:      For you, you might be thinking why in all of a sudden, but without
                information, we can't move. 
    Ines:       So, I'll explain. There are currently two forces at Mars... The
                first one is Meganoids.
    Prospector: We don't know any further, as we didn't get in touch with
                Meganoids, actually.
    Rain:       You didn't contacted them...!? So the ones that obligated Nadesico
                to retreat are...?
    Ines:       Jovian Lizards... The ones that appeared in a sudden at the last
    Noin:       When the Preventers searched Nergal's back move, the existence of a
                mysterious enemy... Jovian Lizards, that's the keyword we've
                detected, Prospector-san.
    Prospector: That's troublesome, even though we're in mid-war, we've got a
                privacy obligation... Mah, I'm as well hearing for the first time
                about the Jovian Lizards. If not a supervisor, it's unable to catch
                that kind of information.
    Amuro:      (No, this man... he knows.)
    Bright:     And how about their true self?
    Yurika:     ... We don't know either. Those are unmanned weapons. We didn't
                find any pilots from the wreckages.
    Amuro:      But, in those Jovian Lizard's mechas, there was a Distortion Field
                similar to Nadesico's.
    Beauty:     Lots of ununderstandable things...
    Beauty:     We'll have to reach Mars directly, then.
    Reika:      And you say that easily. If we go there calmly, we'll the second
    Banjo:      But, someday we'll have to go... To have my decision with Don
    Domon:      We a good amount of things to do. The more I hear about the
                relation between Giganos and Devil Gundam, the more I can't ignore
    Rain:       Then, we have to move along with Londo Bell Squad, Domon.
    Domon:      ... Uhm. Captain Bright, about dettaching your forces...
    Bright:     I dont'mind. I'd ask you to lend us your powers.
    Banjo:      Well, let's go have a meal then. The other pilots might have
                started already.
    # next: scene 160 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 160: Banjo's residence - one room #
    Erina:      Captain Bright, before going to take Nell Ahgama, I wish you could
                pass near Klusk.
    Bright:     Klusk insdustry zone... but, isn't there deactivated?
    Prospector: The Aestevalis parts left at the underground base might be safe. I
                mean, there are many supplementary parts from Anaheim here at
                Ahgama but...
    Erina:      At Federation's base as well, there are lots for Mobile Suits and
                those recently famous Metal Armors but, we can't get much material
                for Nadesico or the Aestevalises.
    Bright:     Fuhm. Roger that. Klusk industry zone... Hoshino-kun, what route is
    Ruri:       A great distance from the currently confirmed route, it'll be a
                detour, but won't take longer than 1 hour.
    Bright:     Okay. Astonage, Uribatake-kun, how are the repairings?
    Astonage:   We had some trouble with the Metal Armors but... Now with the
                Mekamarus, we're safe... it'll take 3 hours.
    Uribatake:  Aestes are all troublesome. Tenkawa and Ryoko-chan always do the
                impossible, so the parts counts is decreasing... but, I think here
                will be 2 or 3 hours, and we can at least handle one battle.
    Ken:        Oh my, our so relaxing life at Banjo's residence will end.
    Light:      Don't say so. When we reach the base, we're all free, you know?
    Tapp:       You're right, at a supply base, Dragonar's registration erasure is
    Burning:    And at the start of a training is always like that. And I thought
                we could take back the time we lost.
    Tapp:       Lt Noin, Lt Burning, both instructor's guidance, we won't ever
    Burning:    Oh well.
    Noin:       It's no use, their style won't chance for a life.
    Burning:    But, before the erasure, I'll have you go to investigative
                missions at first! Be prepared.
    Ken:        ... Aryah... better not said that.
    # next: scene 161 #
    # scene 161: Ahgama - pathway #
    Linda:   Sayla-san. Is that true... that you'll leave the ship?
    Sayla:   Eeh... At space, I fought my brother... and my brother got involved
             into the colony's explosion... he couldn't be helped.
    Linda:   So...
    Sayla:   I lost my reason to fight... that's why I'll leave, and that's it.
    Linda:   Do you really... believe that Sayla-san's brother is... dead?
    Sayla:   ...I don't know what kind of person your brother is but... believe on
    Linda:   Believe...? Sayla-san, how about you...?
    # next: scene 162 #
    # scene 162: Banjo's residence - one room #
    Bright:     I'll be repeating but, before taking off, I want to regulate our
                situation. Uhn? ... Where's captain Misumaru?
    Prospector: That's... It seemed that after the evening meal, we had the
                informal social gathering. She was willed to make some cooking and
                so I came in her place...
    Bright:     Call her! What is she thinking...
    Amuro:      Let her be, Bright. She's an adolescent, one or two cooking she'll
                want to make.
    Bright:     That's not the problem.
    Yurika:     Ye-s! I'm sorry, I'm late!
    Bright:     "I'm late" is the problem. What will be if the captain has such
    Yurika:     Sorry... Ah, I don't mean to apologize but... I brough a cake!
                Let's do our meeting while eating! Uhn, and I think it's a good
    Banjo:      Oh, that's good. Gallison?
    Gallison:   Yes, I'll prepare some black tea, then.
    Bright:     Banjo-kun!
    Burning:    Hahahaha. We're having the pace broken afterall. It's alright,
                if we keep this style even at break time, we won't stand until the
                end, captain Bright.
    Noin:       It sure isn't a scene to show to either chief Miwa or Lady Une.
                I'll take the strawberry shortcake.
    Bright:     Coff... ok, let's start then. The forces that are attacking Earth,
                we can divided them into various groups. First of them is Giganos.
    Noin:       About Giganos, recently using the mass production type...
                "Dragoons", created by the data from the Dragonars, the Federation
                has won various battles.
    Amuro:      And it's a great advance that Banjo's special forces could destroy
                the weapon construction plants... With those, seems that Giganos
                is getting slow to deploy surface weapons.
    Prospector: So the Federations results within Giganos are changing.
    Banjo:      But... I'm still concerned about the appearence of the Psycho
                Gundams and the Mobile Fighter using the Berserker System.
    Yurika:     If that Berserker System gets installed in all Metal Armors...
                about that, isn't it?
    Noin:       And, afterall, Giganos has the Mass Driver. It was restrained
                recently for its undiscrimate attack, but...
    Ines:       A surrounded mouse will bite the cat... That's the meaning.
    Yurika:     Mass Driver is... that for resources carriage?
    Erina:      Yes. It was at first used as a linear catapult to shoot the mineral
                resources dug from lunar surface to the destination...
    Shiroh:     And they're using that thing as a weapon... Does Anaheim got one
    Ines:       I'll explain. The linear catapult is a device that uses
                electromagnetic force to accelerate the object... It can be called
                as a railgun. What Nergal or Anaheim uses are precise tool...
                Within the electromagnetic, all that is gone.
    Banjo:      Good to study.
    Amuro:      Moon, indeed... We'll have to go back, afterall.
    Bright:     Next one are the Zeon survivors. We had Solomon hit by the nuke
                but... We stopped the Operation Stardust. Their damage must be
                great too. Delaz Fleet is a resistant short numbered squad but,
                on the contrary, they don't have physical strengh. They can't move
                for a while.
    Akatsuki:   We let the Nightmare of Solomon run but, the most feared enemy...
                the Red Comet got involved into the colony and he's gone... Mah,
                better see as if our worst troubles are gone.
    Amuro:      ........
    Yurika:     ... Lt Amuro? ... Mont blanc cake... didn't you like it?
    Amuro:      Eh? Ah, no... I like sweet food.
                (Char... He wouldn't die in such miss...)
    Prospector: I'm concerned about the aliens too... starting by the Jovian
                Lizards, those new existences like the Boazanlings were detected...
    Banjo:      And they've advanced along with Empire Hyakki... and if thinking
                so, with the Cambellings... they're joining with those from Earth's
                underground clan.
    Burning:    But, there's something that is tricking me... Can the aliens join
                their forces this easilly?
    Noin:       Better think that there's an existence... or an organization that
                is gathering them all. There was detected a discus that wasn't from
                either Cambell or Boazan.
    Shiroh:     Balmlings? I think they're different from the other aliens.
    Bright:     Indeed, there isn't any reports about they joining forces with the
                other groups. It's better see them as another group than the
                other aliens.
    Burning:    That is, if they are, then it's not like the other alien's
                cooperative formation.
    Yurika:     And next... There's those aliens named Gaizock, right?
    Banjo:      Aah. There was this war in the past. They were driven out from
                Earth by Zambot 3's hands but... anyway, it's unnatural for them to
                attack again at this timing.
    Akatsuki:   And then, the Meganoids... do you know something, don't you? Banjo
                Haran-san. Because...
    Banjo:      ... To be the son of the man who created them don't make me know
                all about them.
    Erina:      Akatsuki-kun, stop provoking people!
    Akatsuki:   Yes yes.
    Banjo:      The Meganoids, after that, went back to Mars... Can they be
                preparing their next move? Or maybe arguing with the Jovian
    Bright:     At last is the Devil Gundam but, we don't know their objective from
                now... Domon's master, Toho Fuhai Master Asia might be key but...
    Ruri:       Captain, sorry to interfer during the meeting.
    Yurika:     Arah, Ruri-chan. What happened? And the informal social gathering?
    Ruri:       It ended now... But, about that Klusk industry zone that we'll head
                for now, there was a Bors Particles reaction.
    Ines:       Bors Particles...!
    Bright:     What!? That means...
    Prospector: Bosson Jump... The Jovian Lizards, for sure.
    Bright:     So we need to send investigators...
    Ruri:       Expecting for that, I put the D-team at stand-by. The ones sent to
                Earth, theis identification code is unknown but, it's bigger then
                any battleship class. There isn't any movement reaction.
    Gallison:   You're so young and so prestative.
    Bright:     I agree... Hoshino-kun. Send the D-team to investigate. And to
                chase it, Ahgama and Nadesico will head to Klusk industry zone!
    Ruri:       Roger.
    Yurika:     Ruri-chan, you're wonderful! But...
    Banjo:      If it wasn't that cream in the point of your nose...
    Ruri:       ... Eh...? Ah... I'm sorry, your cake was so delicious that...
    # next: scene 163 #
    # scene 163: Ahgama - bridge #
    Linda:   We'll soon reach Klusk industry zone... Jovian Lizard's giant... it
             still doesn't react.
    Bright:  And there's no sign that they're gathering their troops... What does
             it means?
    Minato:  Isn't that a trap? Can we proceed this way, captain?
    Yurika:  We'll position Nadeisco in front of Ahgama. Our Distortion Field might
             be of advantage! Captain Bright!
    Bright:  ... I've heard. Can I ask you that?
    Yurika:  Count on me!
    Ruri:    You could say that earlier.
    Yurika:  Eh?
    Ruri:    Enemy bullet shot.
    Yurika:  Heh?
    [fire hit sound]
    [screen flashes]
    [screen shakes]
    Amuro:   What's that!? A direct hit!?
    Bright:  Enemy attack!? From where!?
    Ruri:    Attack field was from Klusk.
    Yurika:  No joke. From that distance?
    Bright:  What's the damage situation!?
    Linda:   Starboard engine cover flip, stability can't be preserved.
    Bright:  Ahgama, emergency retreat!
    Yurika:  Activate Distortion Field!
    Bright:  Captain Misumaru, dettach! We can't lose Nadesico too!
    Minato:  Emergency retreat with active field!
    Ruri:    Energy reaction increasing... second bullet, coming.
    Bright:  Emergency evasion! Do it!
    [screen flashes]
    [explosion sound]
    [screen shakes]
    Yurika:  Captain Bright!
    Bright:  We'll have an emergency landing!
    # next: scene 164 #
    # scene 164: Ahgama - MS deck #
    Amuro:      Is everybody ok!?
    Astonage:   I thought we would die.... Anyway, we sure did a flashy landing
                but, there are no problems to sortie.
    Ryo:        Lt, what happened!?
    Hayato:     Were we sniped?
    Amuro:      ... That's it. The enemy's giant weapon... It's a giant cannon
    Domon:      Similar to that we found at Giganos' base?
    George:     The infinite mobile cannon... was it? Indeed.
    Sai-sici:   Hya-, and to receive such damage. We're lucky to land.
    Chibodee:   At this state, even this shiny battleship is scrap... Jesus, what a
    Yurika:     Captain Bright, are you alright?
    Bright:     Somehow. But it's as you're seeing. Ahgama can't fly anymore.
    Astonage:   And to get broken this far, to repair it is impossible.
    Bright:     Captain Misumaru, I'm sorry but, while we can't get Nell Ahgama at
                the base, can you get the crew into Nadesico?
    Yurika:     Of course we can.
    Akito:      This is Aestevalis deck! Yurika! What happened!?
    Hikaru:     Did Ahgama sink!?
    Ryoko:      No joke!
    Izumi:      ... Amen-.
    Yurika:     Aa-n, Akito! It's alright! I won't let Nadesico sink! I'll protect
    Koji:       If that sis wasn't that way...
    Kazuya:     She'll sink anytime.
    Banjo:      Uhn!? The D-team are back from investigation.
    Ken:        Captain Bright, it's trouble. There are lots of weird mechas that
                occupied the industry zone!
    Akatsuki:   Did you say occupied?
    Tapp:       Er, hey! Ahgama sank!?
    Burning:    The crew is alright. Anyway, what's that!? Explain in detail!
    Tapp:       Aah, yes. Around those mechas, we detected some Aestevalises! I'm
                thinking if it didn't happen some sort of coup d'etat!
    Prospector: It can't be... it's impossible.
    Light:      Anyway, we took the data, so take a look at it.
    Ruri:       Transfering data from Dragonar 3... Showing in both Ahgama and
                Nadesico's monitor.
    Yurika:     Those are... Jovian Lizards!
    Kappei:     So those are the Jovian Lizards.
    Akito:      It's true... Aestevalis...!
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:        There are a lot of them. What's that!? If they had so many, why not
                giving us more of them!?
    Keiko:      And that slug shaped giant thing... is that the one?
    Uchuta:     Seems like that. There's a cannon tower like thing.
    Shiroh:     So the mastery of air is all theirs... So we'll have to attack by
    # if Axel Route #
    Noin:       It's the only way... Uhn? I can't see that noisy guy's figure...
    Sayaka:     Axel-kun is at medical office.
    Camille:    Can be... did he get hurt in that attack!?
    Aina:       No, it was before that. Suddenly he had a stomach ache and... he
                was too suffering.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Noin:       It's the only way... Uhn? I can't see Lamia's figure...
    Sayaka:     Lamia-san is at medical office.
    Camille:    Can be... did she get hurt in that attack!?
    Aina:       No, it was before that. Suddenly she had a stomach ache and... she
                was too suffering.
    Kyoshiro:   Stomach ache eh? What have you done?
    Yurika:     What's that!? Moh, you're pilots and don't have self control!
    Kyoshiro:   Stomach ache eh? What have you done?
    Yurika:     What's that!? Moh, you're pilots and don't have self control!
    Akiko:      .......
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:        What, Tenkawa?
    Uribatake:  What, do you happen to know something?
    Akito:      (...[He/She] ate a lot of Yurika's meal...)
    # next: scene 165 #
    # scene 165: Ahgama - medical office #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Ouch ouch... what I need to ingere to get it to this point? Damn, it's
             not guaranteed that because she's beautiful, she's good at cooking...
             Aah, I truly like a girl that can cook, that is... Oh man, anyway,
             the operation will start soon... After I get better, I'll go.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Kuh... partial... functionality...? What did I adultered? Can be...
             was my true self discovered? ... It can be thought of. That Akito
             Tenkawa, who perhaps has feelings for Yurika Misumaru, didn't touch
             the food... Uh... Anyway, I have to hurry to not be late for the
    # next: Stage 13 #
     Stage 13 M - Arawareta Kage (The "Shadow" Appears)
              F - Shadow Mirror
    [Jovian Lizard units appear]
    Amuro:     That's the one that sank Ahgama... Better think of it as a giant
               anti-air cannon.
    Kazuya:    Anti-air, if so... we can think that it can't attack enemies at
               surface then, can't we?
    Shiroh:    Can't be at all but... perhaps.
    Ken:       Better stop now!
    Tapp:      Aah, that anti-air fire was perfect. I thought we'd die.
    Light:     And those Aestevalises, they seem unmanned. They had the control
               system hacked by the Jovian Lizard's mechas, and are taken over.
    Hikaru:    They're Devil Aestevalises.
    Ryoko:     What's that? ... Anyway, land battle will be our main then. The
               Artillary Frame, I can't like it.
    Akito:     No time for likes and dislikes.
    Ryo:       So even Getter 1, if it goes by land, it's alright.
    Kyoshiro:  Damn, it means no turn for Galver.
    Amuro:     Afterall, this cannon... while we can't smash codenamed "Nanafushi",
               Nadesico will be a second Ahgama.
    Koji:      Ok, count on us!
    Uribatake: And because the Aestevalis can't expect for Nadesico's energy
               refuelling, they can move with the limited supplementary energy.
    Akito:     That means we can't expect for our energies to be refuelled.
    Yurika:    Akito, if it becomes dangerous, please come back!
    Chibodee:  ... This sure is troublesome.
    Sai-sici:  I agree.
    Bright:    Ok, our conversation is over. And now, because this time's operation
               is a land operation, I'll charge 2nd Lt Shiroh Amada for the leader
    Amuro:     And thinking about experience, this is the right option.
    Shiroh:    I understand. I'll go on Ez-8.
    Bright:    Ok, commence operation, then!
    [Ez-8 appears]
    # formation: 14 units #
        02  11
      09  03
    08  01  04  12
      07  05
    14  06  13
    [all chosen units appear]
    Shiroh:    Don't fly! You'll be aimed! There's 7 minutes left until that
               cannon's maximum output! Till that... Anyone, get near and destroy
               it! That's the only way!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation
          7 turns limit
    # map event (before reinforce): any unit starts to fly #
    [flying unit explodes]
    # countdown 1: ally turn 5 #
    Shiroh:  3 minutes left... can be anybody, reach there!
    # countdown 2: ally turn 6 #
    Shiroh:  2 minutes left! Do whatever to take over Nanafushi!
    # countdown 3: ally turn 7 #
    Shiroh:  1 minute! There's no time!!
    # reinforce: after ally unit reaches cannon or enemy annihilation #
    # if cannon reached: Lalah unit #
    Lalah:     If I destroy it, it's ok.
    # else cannon reached: Shiroh unit #
    Shiroh:    Ok, I reached it!
    # else cannon reached: Kou unit #
    Kou:       Ta-ke!
    # else cannon reached: Burning unit #
    Burning:   So it's this. I'll destroy it now!
    # else cannon reached: Camille unit #
    Camille:   Brea-k!
    # else cannon reached: Fa unit #
    Fa:        If I just break this!
    # else cannon reached: Amuro unit #
    Amuro:     In one shot!
    # else cannon reached: Domon unit #
    Domon:     Uworyaaaaaa!
    # else cannon reached: Chibodee unit #
    Chibodee:  This thing, with my punch hits...!
    # else cannon reached: George unit #
    George:    Nanafushi, sink in front of my Roses Bit!
    # else cannon reached: Sai-sici unit #
    Sai-sici:  By seeing at this distance, it's surely big. Here!
    # else cannon reached: Argo unit #
    Argo:      Humpf!
    # else cannon reached: Ken unit #
    Ken:       I'm the first! It's Nanafushi extermination time!
    # else cannon reached: Tapp unit #
    Tapp:      Take this!
    # else cannon reached: Light unit #
    Light:     If I've taken it, then it's our chance, the weak point is... here!
    # else cannon reached: Koji unit #
    Koji:      This thing, I'll break it down!
    # else cannon reached: Sayaka unit #
    Sayaka:    This one, right? I'll do it!
    # else cannon reached: Boss unit #
    Boss:      Hehehe, so the cool part is mine da-wa-sa!
    # else cannon reached: Ryo unit #
    Ryo:       It's Ahgama's revenge, take this!
    # else cannon reached: Hayato unit #
    Hayato:    It's my chance!
    # else cannon reached: Musashi unit #
    Musashi:   Don't underrate me!
    # else cannon reached: Jack unit #
    Jack:      Take Texas Mack power!
    # else cannon reached: Michiru unit #
    Michiru:   If I reach this far... Here!
    # else cannon reached: Miyuki unit #
    Miyuki:    Such thing!
    # else cannon reached: Lisa unit #
    Lisa:      If I just destroy it...
    # else cannon reached: Kazuya unit #
    Kazuya:    Uworyaaaaaa!
    # else cannon reached: Kappei unit #
    Kappei:    You'll pay for sinking Ahgama!
    # else cannon reached: Banjo unit #
    Banjo:     Ok ok, Jovian Lizards shouldn't bring such thing.
    # else cannon reached: Akito unit #
    Akito:     You, you, yo-u!
    # else cannon reached: Gai unit #
    Gai:       Take this, Hissatsu Gekigan Flare-!
    # else cannon reached: Ryoko unit #
    Ryoko:     Such thing, break down!
    # else cannon reached: Hikaru unit #
    Hikaru:    I'm goi-ng!
    # else cannon reached: Izumi unit #
    Izumi:     Nanafushi's nanny fussy... Kukukuh.
    # else cannon reached: Akatsuki unit #
    Akatsuki:  Okay, let's do it then.
    Ruri:      Nanafushi, completely silenced. The energy reaction disappeared.
    Yurika:    We did it!
    Bright:    Okay, with this our worry about Nadesico's sank disappeared.
    # ally unit reached cannon #
    Shiroh:    We'll aim for the Jovian Lizard Forces left! All units, concentrate
               on aninhilation!
    Ken:       They can't win from us by the size only!
    Tapp:      Although Ahgama received a direct hit.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      Ressurected!
    Rain:      Ah, Axel-san?
    Axel:      Sorry I worried you all! I've taken some antidote, and now I'm
               completely ressurected, that is!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     I be sorry for my trouble it is!
    Rain:      Ah, Lamia-san?
    Lamia:     I take some antidote, so somehow I can take off.
    Akito:     ... An...antidote?
    Yurika:    You're late! The liver of the operation, Nanafushi's capture is over!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      Ararah, is that so? ... Even if so, I don't wanna be sleeping so,
               I'll take off.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     Is that it is? Anyway, I take off.
    [all fly-able units starts to fly]
    [Main Robot appears]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      Ok! Where are the left ones?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     Where be the left ones?
    Banjo:     Mah, anyhow, I'm happy you're fine. Now we'll just need to take
               Nergal's supplementary parts and... Muh?
    [screen shakes]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      ... Uuh, this feeling!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     (The dimension is distorting...!? This... might be.)
    Amuro:     What!? This feeling...
    Camille:   Absolutely...! This feeling, the dimension is distorting...!
    Domon:     What's starting to happen!?
    Koji:      I have a bad feeling.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      It's coming... no other thing... this malaise... is...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     (So they've finally started to move.)
    [dimension transport animation]
    [Shadow Mirror units appear]
    Camille:   What are those!? Are they Jovian Lizards too!?
    Uribatake: But, the type is completely different.
    Ryo:       It's not either a Hyakki mecha or a Combat Beast.
    Kazuya:    Neither a Balm battle mecha.
    Amuro:     And... those machines around it...!?
    Ruri:      Nothing in the data. They're machines detected for the first time.
    Astonage:  ... Geshpenst!? They're all Geshpensts...!
    Ken:       Geshpenst is... that one option with Dragoon for the mass production
    Koji:      Ruri-chan, we're counting on you!
    Ruri:      Geshpenst... a machine created for generic use in mind, test type
               Personal Troopers. Metal Armor Dragoon... It was until now a top
               secret topic but, it lost to D-weapon's mass production cost value
               and there were created only 3 units.
    Ryoko:     3 units? There are more, though.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      Those are...
    Lamia:     ... [Main Robot]... it's commander Axel. This is W17... come back.
               Lemon-sama is at rage.
    Axel:      A connection? ... A woman? Hey, who are you!?
    Lamia:     ... What are you talking about? You don't need to worry about the
               security of this line.
    Axel:      Isn't this a misunderstanding? I don't have a Jovian Lizard pal,
               that is.
    Lamia:     ... And truly, a person who concentrates on your mission afterall...
               Fufu... That's why you're worth defeating...
    Axel:      I don't know what you're saying but, I'm popular afterall.
    Lamia:     ... Commander Axel... I'll bury you along with Londo Bell...!
    Axel:      (I'm the commander...? Of what? and Lemon, W17, Geshpenst... I know
               them all... those keywords... what are?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     Commander Axel... and the Geshpensts...!
    Axel:      ... W17, what are you doing? You let the colony drop fail.
    Lamia:     My security communication device is broken it is. That be why I had
               not know the contents of orders it is.
    Axel:      You... are you fooling me?
    Lamia:     ... No. My language device be imperfect at all it is... And not can
               be use of gramamr it is.
    Axel:      ... Seems that Lemon was overestimating you, afterall. Speak
    Lamia:     Yes... Why did you commander come here?
    Axel:      It's obvious. I only came to see how the puppet which can't move
               without orders was doing... And Londo Bell Squad also.
    Lamia:     Their battle power is increasing heavily. If it keeps like that,
               it'll be the same as that time's results.
    Hikaru:    [Axel/Lamia]-san! [Axel/Lamia]-san!
    Izumi:     ... [His/Her] state is weird.
    Noin:      What are you doing!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      Ah, sorry! Be careful, those are... not Jovian Lizards! There's
               people in there!
    Bright:    What!?
    Lamia:     Indeed, for not being distrusted, a perfect acting... So I'll have
               to accomplish my mission as well! I'll drop the spare for the
               communicator later. Collect it and repair it... If you don't get
               killed by me.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     I'll be distrust any longer...
    Axel:      Same as that time's results? Humpf, so I'll have it confirmed.
    Lamia:     And me?
    Axel:      I'll drop a spare for the communicator later. Collect it... Let's
               go, W17. Come seriously...!
    Chibodee:  They're coming!
    Banjo:     So we'll have to fight... Personal Trooper Geshpenst... how much
               might be their true power?
    Yurika:    Stand-by in battlefield, and ambush!
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:     (But, for just an acting, isn't it too well...? I don't think he
               needed to change his way of speaking as well.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     (A puppet which can't move without orders... I might be so.)
    # Main Character VS Rival Character #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    You're over-familiar to mee. Are you my girlfriend or else?
    Lamia:   Scope... Is that it, commander? But you have Lemon-sama. Even if a
             joke, you shouldn't say such things.
    Axel:    (Damn, this one really knows me...! Commander!? What's she
             talking about...!?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I thought to decide this one day!
    Axel:    You're Lemon's enterteinment tool!
    # enemy retreat: Rival Character's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   And to receive such damage... I haven't received an order for this
             case... I'll retreat.
    Axel:    Hey, wait! You...
    Lamia:   Commander Axel... I've took an important battle data. I'll immitate
             the communication device's spare as a wreckage.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Indeed... a battle power over my guesses... W17! I'll delay our
    Lamia:   ... Commander.
    Axel:    I've took an important battle data... We'll move soon. I'll immitate
             the communication device's spare as a wreckage. With this, even you'll
             be able to move.
    [Rival Robot explodes/disappears]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Hey, wait, you! Hey!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   We'll move soon... is it? I'm a puppet afterall, and when that time
             comes, I'll have to move as said to me.
    # stage end #
    Bright:   Is it over?
    Linda:    No reaction.
    Yurika:   Ruri-chan?
    Ruri:     No reaction in Nadesico's radar either... the enemy retreated.
    Koji:     But afterall, what were those guys? The ones that came later...
    # if Axel Route #
    Shiroh:   Axel! Did you contacted them!?
    Axel:     ... Somehow, they seemed to know me... I don't remember, that is.
    Akito:    Are they related to the Jovian Lizards?
    Kou:      I doubt. They had Geshpensts... So it might be correct to think it's
              a force from Earth?
    Sai-sici: Another new enemy!? I hate it.
    George:   They didn't show any relation with the other enemies... the closest
              one are the Jovian Lizards...
    Domon:    ... Damn, when will I find Devil Gundam...!? And Allenby too...!
    Akatsuki: (Jovian Lizards, is it? ... It's a trouble that a mysterious force
              appeared but, this is a good circumstance... fufufu.)
    Megumi:   An emergency communication from Preventer's headquarters! ... The
              Mass Driver... has shot into Klusk industry zone...!?
    Bright:   What...!?
    Yurika:   Mass Driver is... eeh!?
    # next: scene 166 #
    # scene 166: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ruri:       Klusk industry zone's destruction detected.
    Prospector: What a problem. It's a big loss...
    Erina:      That's true. I wonder how much we lost there.
    Uribatake:  How about Aestevalises and Nadesico's parts? Eh? They're getting
    Camille:    There are a few containers and the wreckage of the Aestevalises
                controlled by the enemy.
    Amuro:      There isn't enough.
    Erina:      And we were counting on it...
    Proapector: I'll ask the corporation to do something as soon as possible. Oh
    Ruri:       Ah!
    Yurika:     What happened?
    Ruri:       Another fall down of Mass Driver's meteorite was detected... It's
                Federation's base.
    Bright:     This place is... the place we'll receive supply!
    # next: scene 167 #
    # scene 167: Nadesico - dining hall #
    Ryo:      Anyway, what were those enemies that appeared after the Jovian
    Hayato:   A new force... not a good thing.
    Akito:    Aren't they Jovian Lizard's wire-puller?
    Ryoko:    ... To see like that is the most natural.
    Musashi:  Because after sinking Ahgama with such gigantic cannon, they appeared
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:      The main body finally appears. Uwooh, I'm burning!
    Koji:     Main body, eh... Indeed, if we can defeat them, we can make those
              lizards quiet, right, Yamada?
    Gai:      It's Gai Daigouji, I'm saying!
    Kyoshiro: Wire-puller, eh? Isn't that bad to decide like that?
    Kazuya:   I think so. There's no proof.
    Hayato:   Mah, we'll let the captains decide. I'm enough tricked with
    Hikaru:   What do you mean?
    Nana:     Did she say something, Hayato-san?
    # if Axel Route #
    Hayato:   ... Aah. He's got a complete amnesia. And if that's related to
              something... he's...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Hayato:   ... Aah, there are some of her history and moves that don't go
              through my throat. And if that's related to something... she's...
    Koji:     Mah, sure she speaks funny though.
    Ryoko:    Hey hey, is there a chance for being enemy!?
    Ryo:      Hayato, don't say such things! [He/She]'s our friend. Stop saying
              things that will make everybody distrust [him/her].
    Hayato:   It's a problem of possibilities, Ryo.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Hayato:   (And I can't trust her anyhow...)
    # next: scene 168 #
    # scene 168: Nadesico - pathway #
    Akatsuki: ... Kukuku... They're Jovian Lizards wire-puller, their true self.
              That's good. Ha-h hahahahahah!
    # next: scene 169 #
    # scene 169: Lunar surface - Giganos headquarters #
    Gilthor:   Klusk industry zone and a Federation's base was destroyed?
               ... Dorchenov, I didn't give authorization to use the Mass Driver.
    Dorchenov: I don't want to say, your excellency minister but, our Giganos'
               battle results at Earth are suffering... or better say we're already
    Gilthor:   And that's why you used the Mass Driver? Without my permission...!?
    Dorchenov: Hah... A reason is because I was in a hurry. The squad that honors
               Earth Federation's strongest battle power's name... Londo Bell Squad
               was heading for Klusk to pick some materials, as it seems. And to
               not lose this opportunity, I used the Mass Driver. And my aim was
               that industry zone and the supply base, the ones that would increase
               the Federation Forces' battle power.
    Gilthor:   Lt Colonel Dorchenov... this war, what do you think the reasons of
               it are?
    Dorchenov: For victory! To a war, there are only two option, to win and to
               lose. And to grab our victory, we have to use all of our choices.
               Your excellency minister!
    Gilthor:   My Dorchenov... Earth has the prettiest sight from here.
    Dorchenov: Hah?
    Gilthor:   I love that blue planet. In the darkness of space, it's raising it's
               life with bravery. That planet is my native place. And it's not my
               intention to destroy that beautiful planet.
    Dorchenov: If so, what are the reasons of this war!?
    Gilthor:   In a beautiful planet, a appropriate chosen humanity must live
               there. And I think that it's the law of universe. And I only want to
               get rid of those unappropriate ones.
    Dorchenov: Federation's humans are all unappropriate!
    Maillot:   Lt Colonel-dono doesn't understand your excellency's spirit...!
    Dorchenov: Ma...Maillot Plarto!? You are supposed to be at Earth...!
    Gilthor:   I called him. There are some soldiers that are getting confused in
               spirit with the latest defeats. To convice them I'll need him.
    Dorchenov: That's why we have to use the Mass Driver against Earth! To win to
               the Federations is the strongest will to fight!
    Gilthor:   Dorchenov, indeed, as you said a war has to be won. But the problem
               is after the victory. I won't allow the attack to Earth.
    Dorchenov: Kuh...
    Maillot:   I ask you to leave, Lt Colonel Dorchenov.
    Gilthor:   Step back, Dorchenov.
    Dorchenov: Ye...yes sir!
               (That bastard Maillot, he's the favorite of the excellency minister
               and getting that willed...)
    # next: scene 170 #
    # scene 170: Nadesico - Aestevalis deck #
    Uribatake: Hey, it's not there. It's everything tight now! And hide those
               wings! Those wings!
    Koji:      I can't hide the scrander! It's not like Great!
    Musashi:   He-y, Koji-kun, we'll put Getter right behind you, so hurry up.
    Uribatake: For the Getter, go to the surface as Getter 2! It'll get thinner!
    Fa:        The Methuss doesn't fit. There's a crack there. Fit there in Mobile
               Armor form.
    Kazuya:    I'll leave Daimos in Transer mode too then.
    Hikaru:    Wah, such a mess. The Aeste-chan are so small that are fine.
    Ryoko:     Not at all. It was almost stepped and smashed by Zambot 3, you know?
    Izumi:     Paper Aeste...
    Ken:       Where do we put the Dragonars?
    Uribatake: Deck!
    Tapp:      Heh!?
    Astonage:  You've got loads of investigative missions. It's the best to take
               off in an instant, isn't it?
    Light:     That's right but... All at outside?
    Uribatake: Afterall, it's impossible to put all robots into Nadesico. That
               giant one! If you can fly, the stay flying outside!
    Banjo:     I agree it's the best option but, how can we repair it while flying?
    # next: scene 171 #
    # scene 171: Nadesico - bridge #
    Bright:     I'm sorry for the trouble... specially the people at the deck, they
                might be having a big trouble.
    Prospector: No no, this is a lesson too. And we have to endure until we get the
                Nell Ahgama.
    Noin:       And the arrive of Nell Ahgama was after the Mass Driver's direct
                hit is the luck inside all the unluckyness.
    # next: scene 172 #
    # scene 172: Nadesico - Aestevalis deck #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    That thing that girl dropped... the one called security communication
             line... indeed, the broken part is now fixed... So, she knows me
             afterall... Commander?
             (And, Lemon... it's a person's name. And I know that girl and that
             woman named Lemon... Uhn? Woman...? Why did I know it was a woman's
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Security communicator line... all green. Ok, I finished the repairing.
             With this I can receive the orders... Commander Axel, I won't let you
             to call me as a puppet.
             (... No, with this I'll be a puppet. But, I can't change my way of
             life at this late.)
    # next: scene 173 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # 08. Soul Front #
    Nanbara Connection Route: NC
    Big Falcon Route:         BF
    Guinea Highlands Route:   GH
    # scene 172: Nadesico - dining hall #
    Rain:     Arah, it's another information about earthquake.
    Chibodee: Those last days, it's like everyday happening.
    George:   Colony drop and Mass Driver... even during One Year War and Grips
              Conflict there was a colony drop.
    Argo:     Earth will get weird.
    Domon:    Humpf, what about earthquakes? It's another history if the Devil
              Gundam is at those places, though.
    Sai-sici: Moh, brother is just that. Ah, Mabo Domburi, another cup, please!
    # next: scene 173 #
    # scene 173: Underground castle - commander room #
    [alarm sound]
    Lihitel: Again, what's this time?
    Raiza:   There was an explosion and a cave-in at the lowest level prison.
    Lihitel: Those last days, earthquakes are happening everydays. Raiza, what's
             the reason of it?
    Raiza:   Those earthquakes, the reasons are those colony drops that occured on
             the human's past war or those attacks from the Lunar surface's Mass
    Lihitel: Insects from Earth. When grabing a little more stronger weapon, they
             use it without thinking. We have to drive them out from Earth as soon
             as possible. I want to give this planet to Balm civilians as beautiful
             as it is now.
    Barbath: Lihitel-sama!
    Lihitel: What's it, Barbath!? You're too noisy!
    Barbath: I beg your pardon! I want to report you! As a result of the last
             explosion, the outside wall's part broke down... and the sea water is
             flowing inside the prison!
    Lihitel: Prison...!? There's...! No, hurry up and block the outside wall!
    # next: scene 174 #
    # scene 174: Underground castle - cage #
    Erika:   I wonder why's there another explosion? ... The door is open. The key
             broke on that explosion. Now I can run. If I can use the escape way to
             the surface... What... sea water? Kyaaaaaaaah! Auh! Wh...what's
             this...! Aah, Kazuya...!
    # next: scene 175 #
    # scene 175: Underground castle - commader room #
    Raiza:   It's troublesome. The sea water that flew inside went to Erika-sama's
    Lihitel: What!? And how's Erika?
    Raiza:   That's... she's nowhere... she might got caught, and is now outside
             the underground castle...
    Lihitel: Wha... what the...
    # next: scene 176 #
    # scene 176: Nadesico - bridge #
    Kazuya:     Uh!? Erika...!?
    Yurika:     Eh?
    Burning:    What's up, Ryuzaki? Is there something?
    Kazuya:     No... nothing.
    Amuro:      I'll continue then... we're heading to take the Nell Ahgama but,
                for what Astonage said, we're off material for Super Robots.
    Ryo:        Yes, specially Getter and Mazinger. Currently, it's scarce.
    Koji:       And I mean, it's over than the Aestevalises.
    Bright:     I understand. I'll report it... And there's another annouce to do.
                While we'll get the Nell Ahgama, 2 more supplementary pilots will
                join us.
    Prospector: 2 pilots... It'd be good if around 10 Dragoons got transfered also.
    George:     I don't think so. If it's to push us unabilited pilots, it's better
                to give us a few veteran pilots so they can be good battle power,
                instead... We're currently like that.
    Banjo:      I'm agreed with George's point. And it's best to move that way.
    Noin:       Supplementary member is 1st Lt Kayra Su...
    Amuro:      Kayra? That Kayra, Bright?
    Bright:     Yes. And the unit that will transfer with her is a mass production
                type Z Gundam, born from the Zeta Project. And the other one is...
                Lt Quattro Bajina.
    Amuro:      Quattro...? It's an unheard name, isn't it?
    Bright:     Aah, recently he was transfered from Luna Two's squad to a surface
                squad. I don't know any further data but, seems like a pilot with
                good ability.
    Ryo:        That Kayra-san, she's a known person but... the other one that you
                don't know the data, why is that, captain Bright?
    Bright:     Seems like his data was erased in the mess of this war... There's
                a problem at the Federation's control system.
    Amuro:      (It's tricking me... What's that...?)
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       No data... seems like me, that is.
    Shiroh:     Axel's nuance is different... Yes, about that mysterious forces
                that appeared past battle...
    Axel:       I might be distrusted for that but... I only know that this might
                be related to my memories, that is... Sorry.
    Yurika:     Axel-san is giving his efforts! Maybe he's an enemy spy-, or
                Axel-san's robot was a little similar to those mysterious robots-,
                no, we're not thinking about that! Un!
    Axel:       ... Uh-, what I've discovered is that it was a girl at my age who
                was riding it, and was saying about mission and such, so it's like
                an organization affiliated, that is.
    Amuro:      Doesn't hear like a lie. And you're not a person who lies.
    Noin:       Great, captain Misumaru, I intended to interrogate Axel later
                but... you did got the story out from him well. Well done.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      No... data?
    Shiroh:     By saying about having no data, those ones that Lamia contacted
                didn't have data also.
    Lamia:      No other way then be distrusted but... what I heard was only
                provokation from enemies it is... And confirmed there be people in
                it is.
    Yurika:     No need to worry! Lamia-san is giving her efforts! Sure I think her
                grammar is stra-nge but... maybe she's an enemy spy-, or
                Lamia-san's robot was a little similar to those mysterious robots-,
                no, we're not thinking about that! Un!
    Lamia:      ... I be careful it is... yes...
    Amuro:      Doesn't hear like a lie.
    Noin:       Great, captain Misumaru, I intended to interrogate Lamia later
                but... you did got the story out from him well. Well done.
    Koji:       ... No, might be principle.
    George:     To a beautiful rose, there are thorns... they say that.
    Yurika:     ??
    Bright:     Coff... I'm concerned about [Axel/Lamia]'s contact with the enemy
                but, our main objective is to collect Nell Ahgama and the
                supplementary pilots, and the Super Robot's parts as well. This
                meeting is now over. All crew, return to position in stand-by.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       (... That security whatever device... better I stay quiet about
                that. Afterall, I have to confirm that by myself...)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      (Somehow, I could pass through it... but... it won't be that easy
                if it keeps like that.)
    # next: scene 177 #
    # scene 177: Underground castle - commander room #
    Lihitel: What a trouble... She was a foolish sister who loved an Earthling
             but... No, because she was so foolish that she had such destiny.
    Raiza:   Lihitel-sama...
    Lihitel: ... About Erika... it's enough... Report the damage situation.
    Barbath: Hah, the outside wall is fixed, and the facility is on restoration
             but, for the incidents's weight, the number of prison is not enough.
    Lihitel: Uuhm, and Small Balm's great minister Olban is angry for the delay on
             Earth's invasion.
    Raiza:   Lihitel-sama, how about attacking an Earthling's base, and gather some
             prisioners? We'll get materials, it's like killing two birds with one
    Lihitel: Uhm, Barbath. Prepare to sortie. We'll attack Earth Federation's base!
    Barbath: Hah!
    Lihitel: (Erika... if just you didn't love such inferior Earthling... It
             wouldn't be like that. Foolish, it's foolish... Erika...!)
    # next: scene 178 #
    # scene 178: Underground castle - cage #
    [message sound]
    Megumi:  A message from Earth Federation's base. They're being attacked by
    Kazuya:  Balmlings, is it Lihitel!?
    Yurika:  Hurry up! We can't get more damage from now!
    # next: Stage 14 #
     Stage 14 M - Heiwa Kaihou Gun (Peace Liberation Forces)
              F - Tensai Kagakusha Aizam no Chosen
                  (The Challenge of Genius Scientist Aizam)
    [Balm units appear]
    Lihitel: Destroy Earth's robots, but don't wound the soldiers too much. They'll
             be our precious labor.
    Barbath: Even being insects, they're soldiers, they'll become good labor.
    Raiza:   Gather as much as you can! And carry them to the underground castle!
    [Federation units and Re-GZ appears]
    Kayra:   Dammit. We've got enough damage from the Mass Driver...!
    Soldier: 1st Lt Kayra! We'll advance!
    Kayra:   Don't do the impossible even if it's a new kind!
    Barbath: Muh, they're still resisting. Smash them all!
    Kayra:   Anyway, we have to resist until we gather with Londo Bell...
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: Kayra's unit destruction    (before ally reinforce)
          ally battleship destruction (after ally reinforce 1)
    # ally reinforce 1: ally turn 3 #
    [Nadesico appears]
    Minato:    Sorry for the delay! We've arrived.
    Kayra:     Haha, so they've finally come!
    Amuro:     Kayra! Bright, we'll go.
    Yurika:    We'll counter the Balmlings who're attacking the base!
    Bright:    Units, take off!
    Astonage:  No, no! It's this way!
    Uribatake: Wait a sec! We have to depress the hangar, so this way first!
    Yurika:    ... Arah? Wait, why isn't anyone taking off!?
    Ruri:      Deck, this is bridge. Asking for units to take off.
    Uribatake: No other way. The catapult is blocked! Damn. It's too much robot
               inside 1 ship like Nadesico.
    Ryoko:     Hey hey, hurry up going! The back is blocked!
    Koji:      I know that! Who's the first one, hurry up to take off!
    Kazuya:    Uhn!? By this passage... Tranzer, go! Daimos! Battle Tuuuuuurn!
    Akito:     Ryuzaki-san!? Ok, after Tranzer, I can... go!
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:       Okay, let's go it, Tenkawa!
    [Daimos and Aestevalis appear]
    # if Gai survived #
    [Aestevalis appear]
    Kazuya:    Daaaaaaaaimooooos!
    Akito:     Oof, we're out.
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:       Aeste! Valiiiiiis!
    Akito:     Hah?
    Gai:       Idiot! Ryuzaki is posing cool and aren't you envy, Tenkawa!?
    Akito:     No... not at all...
    Lihitel:   Daimos... it's Kazuya Ryuzaki!
    Kazuya:    Lihitel...! Erika, where's Erika!?
    Lihitel:   ... Erika is dead.
    Kazuya:    Wh...what did you say...!?
    Lihitel:   She was caught by sea water after an underground earthquake... and
               we don't know her... position.
    Kazuya:    Erika is...!? Don't fool me! You lie to make me lose my will to
               fight... It's makeshift! Lihitel!
    Lihitel:   For a lie, I'd tell a better one! Kazuya Ryuzaki... if it wasn't
               for you... My sister Erika wouldn't be caught in such accident...!
               If it wasn't for you!
    Kazuya:    Come, Lihitel! Such blockhead Balmlings like you won't understand
               while not in pain!
    Lihitel:   My wish! For Balm's one thousand million of civilians, we won't
               delay Earth's invasion anymore! I challenge you... Kazuya Ryuzaki!
    Kazuya:    (Erika... I won't believe! If you're disappeared... then there's
               still a chance!)
    [Kazuya's Morale +10]
    Akito:     And the take off, isn't it yet, Yurika!?
    Yurika:    Akito and you all are the only who could take off decently! At once,
    Akito:     At once-?
    Kayra:     Only this for reinforce? Oh my...
    Bright:    Sorry, Kayra, I'll hurry it up! ... By the way, there was another
               supplementary pilot, wasn't there?
    Kayra:     He isn't here yet. The time for the rendezvous already passed,
    Kazuya:    1st Lt Kayra, the sortie from Nadesico will take a little longer.
               Let's do it by ourselves!
    Kayra:     No other way.
    # if Gai survived #
    Kazuya:    Tenkawa and Yamada-kun too!
    Gai:       It's Gai Daigouji!
    Akito:     It isn't recognized.
    # else Gai died #
    Kazuya:    Tenkawa-kun too!
    Akito:     Roger!
    Yurika:    Ryuzaki-san! I said it before but, Aestevalis can't dettach from
               Nadesico because of the energy refuelling system! So...
    Kazuya:    Oh yes. So we can't advance to enemy's siege at all.
    Kayra:     What is that?
    Amuro:     Kayra, the Aestevalis is... while near this ship, Nadesico, it keeps
               receiving energy.
    Ines:      And to complement the explanation, if it dettaches from Nadesico, it
               won't have energy refuel and within minutes it'll be off energy and
               won't be able to move.
    Lihitel:   What are you jumbling!? With such amount, do you think you can win
               from Balm's combat robot!?
    Kazuya:    We can't know without trying! And I won't lose to such a bastard who
               keeps a calm expression after leaving his own sister behind...!
    Lihitel:   You say I'm not suffering...!? Ryuzaki, you!
    # ally reinforce 2: ally turn 4 #
    Uribatake: Okay, take off! In order!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      At last, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     It was funny but, can't be saying that.
    Amuro:     We'll go!
    Astonage:  This sure is troublesome. It'll be worse if Nell Ahgama is already
    Uribatake: I agree... I be you, protect the battleship.
    # formation: NA (Nadesico) + 11 units #
        01  10
      08  02
    07  NA  03  11
      06  04  
    [all chosen units appear]
    # Kazuya VS Lihitel #
    Kazuya:  Lihitel, why can't you understand Erika's feelings!?
    Lihitel: What an Earthling who killed my father and kidnapped my sister says!?
    # enemy retreat/enemy reinforce: Lihitel's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Lihitel:    Not yet, this battle hasn't ended yet!
    Yurika:     He's planning to body blow?
    Kazuya:     Lihitel, stop doing such foolish thing!
    Barbath:    Lihitel-sama!
    Raiza:      Lihitel-sama-!
    Ruri:       New enemy detected, it's coming this way.
    [??? appears]
    Aizam:      Lihitel, you're recklessness person as usual. But I won't allow you
                to die in such place.
    Lihitel:    You're... Aizam? Why are you in Earth?
    [Garunrol explodes/disappears]
    Bright:     Is that Balm's mecha as well?
    Light:      It's one different from those till now.
    Aizam:      Londo Bell's gentlemen, it's a splendid fight sight... I'm Planet
                Balm's Aizam.
    Kazuya:     Aizam?
    Aizam:      I'm disappointed I'm not intended to fight you now... So be patient
                against the new kind mecha warrior that I created !
    [Balm units appear]
    [??? disappears]
    Ruri:       Balm's mecha, escaped.
    Bright:     A new force from Balm?
    Prospector: Hoshino-kun, how about the enemy's data?
    Ruri:       We don't have it. They're all new kinds. And, new unit shadow
    Koji:       More coming!?
    Kappei:     We won't be surprised anymore! Come as much as they want!
    [Hyakku Shiki appears]
    Camille:    What!? A golden Mobile Suit...!?
    Shiroh:     Such flashy color in a battlefield!? What's he thinking!?
    Nina:       That's... Zeta Project's...!?
    Quattro:    Sorry for the delay. I'm Earth Federation Forces 13th Autonomous
                Corps Londo Bell's recruit Lt Quattro Bajina. I'll head for battle.
    # if Lalah joined #
    Lalah:      .......!!
    Amuro:      Uhn!? He's...!?
    Bright:     Amuro? What happened?
    Amuro:      No, nothing... Lt Quattro, you're...
    Quattro:    About my delay, I'm apoligizing... we're at same rank. Nice to meet
                you, Amuro Ray-kun.
    Amuro:      (... is the rank the only similarity, Quatro Bajina...?)
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 179 #
    # scene 179: Underground castle - commander room #
    Aizam:   Lihitel... you're a recklessness person as usual.
    Lihitel: Aizam, to think that you've come to Earth.
    Barbath: Shogun Raiza... who is this person?
    Raiza:   And you think yourself a Balmling without knowing Aizam's name? He is
             the famous Balm's genius scientist... And Lihitel-sama's best friend
             from a long time.
    Barbath: And why a genius scientist in Earth?
    Lihitel: ... What? What did you say... Aizam!?
    Aizam:   I'll repeat... Great minister Olban ordered Lihitel to retreat, and
             gave to this Aizam the responsability for Earth invasion...!
    Lihitel: That's foolish. I... I won't recognize this!
    Aizam:   Great minister Olban said, if you opposed to this... He wouldn't mind
             if I killed you.
    Barbath: What!?
    Lihitel: Great minister Olban... what does he think my loyalty is?
    Aizam:   .......
    Lihitel: Kuuh...
    Aizam:   Lihitel... kill me.
    Lihitel: Wha!? What did you say, Aizam?
    Aizam:   Kill me. And tell great minister Olban that I died in an accident
             before reaching Earth.
    Lihitel: What do you mean!? What do you want to say, Aizam!?
    Aizam:   If I, the new commander, die, you'll keep on the mission like now.
    Lihitel: I...I can't do such thing!
    Aizam:   If not so, I'll have to follow great minister Olban's orders and kill
    Barbath: ...!
    Aizam:   But, I can't do such thing! You're a friend with no substitutes!
    Lihitel: Aizam... I understand. I'll give the command to you.
    Raiza:   Lihitel-sama!
    Lihitel: But before that, let me fight once more, I want to decide my battle
             with Kazuya Ryuzaki and his Daimos. Lend me your power, Aizam!
    Aizam:   ... Of course. Use my brains the way you wish!
    # next: scene 180 #
    # scene 180: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Kayra:    I was waiting, captain Bright.
    Astonage: 1st Lt, 1st Lt is in Nell Ahgama!?
    Kayra:    Fufu, Astonage, I'll talk to you later... I have to report first.
    Hikaru:   Areh, can be, Kayra-san and Astonage-san, lovers?
    Kayra:    We are.
    Kappei:   "We are." she said.
    Uchuta:   Hyu-.
    Kayra:    1st Lt Kayra Su, currently a recruit to Londo Bell. Nice to meet you!
    Bright:   Aah, thanks, Kayra. We'll be counting on you... And... you are?
    Quattro:  I'm Lt Quattro Bajina. I heard about your efforts since past. Nice to
              meet you, captain Bright.
    Amuro:    ........
    Quattro:  What's up, Lt Amuro? Is there something in my face?
    Amuro:    ... Why are you here?
    Quattro:  And seeing me with such eyes in my recruitment day. My enlistment was
              decided by Lady Une's mediation. There's no other meaning.
    Noin:     No mistake. There's a report from Lady Une also.
    Bright:   ... Surely. But it's contents...
    Quattro:  ... What is it?
    Bright:   I see. Colonel Quattro, we welcome you.
    Quattro:  I'm a Lt, captain.
    # next: scene 181 #
    # scene 181: Nell Ahgama - pathway #
    Ken:      A new ship is so good. I like this wax smell.
    Tapp:     Really? I can't stand it.
    Sayaka:   Ahgama isn't that bad but, comparing to the newer Nadesico...
    Kou:      And we'll have to start packing from Nadesico.
    Burning:  Aah, there's no reason to be the newest if we can't sortie decently.
    Chibodee: Yeah, today was really troublesome. Nah, Domon?
    Domon:    I don't mind... If I can find Devil Gundam.
    Sai-sici: A-ah, that's it.
    George:   Not only Domon but, there are lots of problems that won't fix within
              the new battleship... about mousier Ryuzaki I'm worried.
    Koji:     Erika-san... she's missing, isn't she?
    Boss:     I hope Kazuya doesn't worry too much.
    # next: scene 182 #
    # scene 182: Peace Liberation Forces - secret base #
    Erika:        ... Uuh....
    Fed. Soldier: Seems like you're awake.
    Erika:        Here is...?
    Fed. Soldier: Earth Federation Force's submarine.
    Erika:        ... Earth Federation? What will you do with me? ... What a
                  foolish question I've asked. To you, I'm an enemy woman...
    Fed. Soldier: We'll have you go with us, Erika-sama.
    Erika:        Eh, do you know me?
    Fed. Soldier: Of course. You're a Balmling and Earth attack's commander
                  Lihitel's sister...
    Balm Soldier: And girlfriend of the pilot of Daimos... that's it.
    Erika:        Balm soldier!? So you aren't the Earth Federation Forces?
    Fed. Soldier: We're the Earth Federation Forces, and simultaneously not.
    Balm Soldier: We're the Peace Liberation Forces.
    Erika:        Peace... Liberation Forces...?
    # Lalah joined next:     scene 183 #
    # Lalah not joined next: scene 184 #
    # scene 183: Nell Ahgama - one room #
    Lalah:   Colonel.
    Quattro: I'm a Lt... 2nd Lt Lalah Sune, do you any business with me?
    Lalah:   Fufu, even wearing sunglasses, I can know.
    Quattro: ... What is it?
    Lalah:   If that's colonel's intention then... I won't ask you any further.
             But, I want you to take out the sunglasses to me.
    Quattro: .......
    Lalah:   So can I believe that the Operation Stardust changed you?
    Quattro: That, you can decide by seeing me from now on... Lalah.
    # next: scene 184 #
    # scene 184: Nell Ahgama - one room #
    Kazuya:   It can't be. Erika might be dead.
    Nana:     Brother...
    Kyoshiro: For what Lihitel said, her corpse wasn't found. It's too early to
              decide she's dead or not, Kazuya.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Yep, Erika is not dead. She's alive inside your heart...
    Ryoko:    Stupid! It isn't the way to cheer someone!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    But the Balmlings might have searched well... if they not find it,
              best to change the mid as soon as possible it is.
    Ryoko:    Don't say to give up without confirming it.
    Hikaru:   That's right! Ryuzaki-san, be happy, it's alright!
    Kazuya:   Yes, it's not confirmed she's dead. Even if Lihitel thinks she's
              dead, I won't. She's alive somewhere!
    Shiroh:   Ryuzaki-kun, that's the spirit. Let's believe her.
    Aina:     Yes, if we believe... she'll come back for sure.
    Kazuya:   Thanks...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Those who believe are helped, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (... Why can they think about things in such optimistic way? I can't
    # next: scene 185 #
    # scene 185: Peace Liberation Forces - secret base #
    Balm Soldier: This way.
    Relena:       Welcome, Erika-san, I'm Relena Darlian.
    Erika:        You said you are Relena-san. What's... happening here? Earthlings
                  and Balmlings are together...
    Relena:       No need to be surprised. We don't distinct ourselves from
                  Earthlings and Balmlings.
    Erika:        And is that possible?
    Relena:       It is. All Earthlings who wish for peace, and all Balmlings who
                  wish for peace, they can be friends like this.
    Erika:        And that's the Peace Liberation Forces...
    Fed. Soldier: If possible, we didn't want to put the Forces on it but...
    Erika:        What do you plan to do?
    Balm Soldier: To dissolve this argument between Balmlings and Earthlings.
    Fed. Soldier: And to live along with other aliens if possible.
    Relena:       Those are the Peace Liberation Force's objectives.
    Erika:        The succesful coexistence of Earthlings and Balmlings...?
    Relena:       That's it. And I think that's the right path to end up with this
                  war. As your father, great minister Lion and the lost doctor
                  Ryuzaki thought.
    Erika:        Aah, it's so wonderful if this comes true.
    Relena:       Not if comes true. We will make it come true.
    Erika:        ... But... how?
    Relena:       Our first step is to increase our friends. There are many people
                  at surface that is willing for the peace with the Balmlings. I'll
                  gather those people.
    Erika:        I understand what you want to say, Relena-san... If I can gather
                  all the Balmlings that are willing for the peace with Earth...
    Relena:       That's it. There might be many Balmlings who are loyal to great
                  minister Lion's ideal. But, we can't talk on this now.
    Erika:        I see. I'll go back to Small Balm and gather the Balm people
                  that wish for peace.
    Relena:       And, when the two planets' wish for peace get together...
    Erika:        The war will end, and we'll be able to touch the other's hands.
                  Like we're doing now.
    # next: scene 186 #
    # scene 186: Peace Liberation Forces - secret base #
    Erika:        Kazuya... Forgive me for going without saying nothing. But I
                  won't forget my feelings for you. Because I won't, I'll go back
                  to Small Balm. It's the only way to make our love true... Because
                  Earth and Balm have to give the hands to each other...
    Balm Soldier: Erika-sama, the space ship is prepared. You'll be heading for an
                  asteroid between Mars and Jupiter, and contact the Liberation
                  Forces from Small Balm.
    Erika:        I understand. Let's go. To Small Balm! The only way left between
                  the Balmlings and the Earthlings, that's peace.
    # next: scene 187 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 187: Empire Hyakki - fortress island #
    Tekkan:  Marshall Hidler, when will you let me challenge Getter Robot!? I can
             no longer wait!
    Hidler:  Tekkan Oni, mah wait. I´m saying I´ll let you challenge him some day.
    Tekkan:  I´m tired of that speech. I´ll go alone then! I´ll decide with
    Hidler:  Tekkan Oni, I won´t forgive you for ignoring orders.
    Bry:     Mah, it´s alright. Hidler, let him go.
    Hidler:  Bu...but, Bry-sama.
    Bry:     Tekkan Oni, I´ll let you go but, the Getters are with Londo Bell. If
             you go recklessly, you´ll be showered by concentrate fire.
    Tekkan:  So, what should I do?
    Bry:     Let´s wait for the Getters to move independently. They´ll surely go
             back to the labs... If that happens, I´ll let you know about it. And
             fight as much as you want.
    Tekkan:  Hah, thank you very much.
    # next: scene 188 #
    # scene 188: Empire Mikene #
    [message sound]
    Ankoku:  What, emperor Bry? To contact me like that.
    Bry:     Until now I was afraid to be laughened by those aliens and was giving
             some time but... it´s time to show them our power, I thought.
    Ankoku:  Indeed, Janella and Highnel failed... And they might be moving by
             behind as well...
    Jigoku:  And it´s good to show them our power now.
    Bry:     And I have a proposal...
    Ankoku:  ... Fuhm, alright.
    # next: scene 189 #
    # scene 189: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  Ok, our destination is Japan. We´ll head to Saotome Lab.
    Banjo:   For what Prospector-san said, they are receiving Aestevalis´ parts
             from Nergal.
    Linda:   They´re sending a container to Saotome Lab. We can collect them at
    Yurika:  Good day!
    Bright:  Uhn? Captain Misumaru... what is it? We´ll be launching soon, you
    Yurika:  I came to see the new Ahgama!
    Quattro: I don´t get satisfied having the captain dettached from the ship.
    Yurika:  It´s alright! If Ruri-chan and Minato-san are there, we can somehow
    Banjo:   ... Somehow, neh?
    Yurika:  ... He-, there´s a personal seat for the captain...
    Amuro:   And in Nadesico?
    Yurika:  There´s a driving panel at hands but, basically during battle, I have
             to be stood. E-r, captain Bright?
    Bright:  ... I guess I know what that face of yours mean but... what is it,
             captain Misumaru?
    Yurika:  Can I... seat down a little?
    Bright:  ... I don´t mind.
    Yurika:  Wah! Thank you very much! ... Oops, ah, that´s good!
    Bright:  Oh well... On the instant we get contacted about the end of
             preparations and repairings, we´ll head to Japan. Is that ok, captain
    Yurika:  Roger that. The Aestevalis are over now so we can take off soon.
    Noin:    And by this chance, by the Preventers I´ll contact the other labs to
             ask for cooperation once again.
    Bright:  ... Other labs?
    Noin:    Nanbara Connection and Big Falcon... They say they are taking longer
             to prepare themselves...
    Amuro:   The super electromagnetic robot and the super electromagnetic
             machine... They´re both strong super robots.
    Yurika:  And if they become our friends, our battle power will surely up!
             Oka-y, I´m willed to it! So, let´s go to Japa-n!
    Bright:  I´d like to have my seat back now...
    Burning: Hoh, the captain being a happy girl changes the whole mood.
    Amuro:   Isn´t that ok for Bright to go to Nadesico?
    Quattro: I agree.
    Banjo:   That side is full of girls. I wanted to do so.
    Bright:  ... Captain Misumaru, my position is at risk. Go back, please.
    # next: scene 190 #
    # scene 190: Nell Ahgama - one room #
    Musashi:  Japan... I wonder how the doctors might be.
    Hayato:   How about going there first?
    Koji:     Is that ok?
    Ryo:      At there, they´ll take some time to repair the Getter and the
              Mazinger... If we go first and start, we´ll save some time.
    Kazuya:   Hears like a good idea. How about suggesting it to captain Bright?
    Hayato:   But, is that ok to both Getter and Mazinger to dettach?
    Kazuya:   Hey hey, we´re here.
    Kappei:   Yes, it´s alright not having Mazinger or Getter, so relax.
    Keiko:    Moh, Kappei, no need to say in such words.
    Koji:     What, you say you´re ok without us?
    Shiroh:   Mah mah, so Kabuto and you all don´t trust us, right?
    George:   That´s it. Relax and go ahead.
    Chibodee: And for that, come back in perfect conditions. It´s a good
    Domon:    In occasion, see if they have some info about the Devil Gundam.
    Ryo:      Ok. So I´ll go by your words then.
    Hayato:   We can´t promise about Devil Gundam, though.
    Boss:     Hey, what should we do?
    Koji:     You should come to us later. So, we´ll be going!
    Sayaka:   Moh!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Can I go too? Only you 2 going is guarantee the enemy will attack,
              that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Is it ok for me to go with you? By chance, if enemy detect us, best
              to think about it also is it?
              (I´m concerned about Shin Getter also.)
    Hayato:   .........
    Koji:     I see. Let´s go and say to Bright-san then.
    # next: scene 191 #
    # scene 191: Empire Hyakki - fortress island #
    Hidler:  Tekkan Oni, the Getter is moving.
    Tekkan:  Ok, I´ll take off!
    Hidler:  We´ll go too. They are not only with Getter. They might get in the way
             of your challenge.
    Tekkan:  Ooh, marshall Hidler, I´m very grateful.
    Hidler:  (Fufu, such a sweety guy.)
    # next: scene 192 #
    # scene 192: during move #
    # if Axel Route or Real Robot Lamia Route #
    Ryo:     Indeed, [Axel/Lamia]-kun is first time at Saotome Lab, right?
    # Axel Route #
    Axel:    Yes yes! The truth is wanted to see it as soon as possible, that it.
             (And one more... Getter Robot... I have this name at my memories...)
    # Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   That be right it is. Saying the truth, I wanted to see it as fast as
             possible it is, hohoho.
             (What I want to see is Shin Getter, though.)
    Musashi: The lab. I feel like it´s being a long time.
    Hayato:  At this pace, we´ll reach in 10 minutes.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Muh... Reaction at front!? Is that an enemy!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Enemy reaction at front...!?
    Ryo:     What!?
    Hayato:  So it was a bad idea to move first!?
    Koji:    An ambush!?
    Hayato:  Uhn...? Wait, Ryo, it´s strange.
    Tekkan:  I was waiting for you, Getter Robot. I´m from Hyakki family, Tekkan
             Oni! I want to fight 1 on 1 against you...!
    Ryo:     1 on 1, you say?
    Koji:    Don´t fool us! The hell with 1 on 1! What are those guys behind you?
    Hidler:  We´ll watch for nothing else gets in your way. Getter Robot´s
    Tekkan:  That´s it. So, Getter, fight me!
    Musashi: What should we do, Ryo?
    Ryo:     What... seems that there´s no right of veto... and I don´t want to
    Koji:    Don´t get in the way! Ankoku-Dai-Shogun!
    Ankoku:  It´s a man to man fight, I understand that.
    Ryo:     Ok, let´s go!
    # next: scene 193 #
    # scene 193: Science Lab Fortress - main control room #
    Jun:     ... This is!? Chief, Koji-kun and the others are in danger!
    Kendo:   What!? Indeed, so the Londo Bell Squad is heading to Japan... but why
             only Koji-kun and the Getter team!?
    Tetsuya: Humpf, it´s about Koji-kun. He got impertinent and brought calamity
             to himself. Ignore them. It´ll be a good remedy.
    [punch sound]
    Tetsuya: Uh... Jun, what the...
    Jun:     Ask to your heart, Tetsuya! What are we fighting for!? For our own
             satisfaction? Or to triumph over Koji-kun?
    Tetsuya: To protect peace.
    Jun:     Isn´t it!? Taking back the peaceful world and... and for not let more
             orphans like us to be made, isn´t it!?
    Tetsuya: Jun...
    Jun:     Innocent people get involved into war, and lose their parents,
             brothers, friends. Isn´t this a fight to decrease the number of those
    Tetsuya: No need to say! I understand that!
    Jun:     You don´t! So why do you keep cold to Koji-kun and Sayaka-san and the
             others!? Because they have familiars? We´re fighting to protect those
             families, Testuya!
    Kendo:   .......
    Jun:     And just because they have family, you envy them and won´t let those
             who are surrounded by familiars to win... you´re wrong, Tetsuya. Are
             you such insignificant human!?
    Tetsuya: .......
    Jun:     Chief, take off Venus A! I´ll gather with Londo Bell Squad!
    Kendo:   Uhm, I´m counting on you, Jun.
    Tetsuya: Jun... I...
    Kendo:   ... Tetsuya-kun, here´s alright.
    Tetsuya: Chief...!
    Kendo:   Tetsuya-kun, don´t bother with insignificant things.
    Tetsuya: Do you say it´s insignificant...!?
    Kendo:   It is... We´re not father and son. We have to save this Japan from
             evil hands as brothers linked by our hearts. What link us is not the
             blood relation, it´s the heart bonds.
    Tetsuya: Heart... bonds...
    Kendo:   Great Booster is prepared. With it, you can reach where Z is...!
    Tetsuya: ... Chief, Great Mazinger, taking off...!
    Kenzo:   Tetsuya-kun... that´s it, this eye. Go! Give those demons who´re
             attacking humanity a lesson!
    # next: scene 194 #
    # scene 194: during move #
    Tetsuya: ... Chief, what happened to me? I was prejudice with Koji-kun about
             being like his brother. Chief, please forgive my incompetence. Chief
             has given me the affection of Koji-kun and the others. But I...!
             Koji-kun, I´m going. Wait for me!
    # next: Stage 15 #
     Stage 15 M - Moeru Yuujou (Burning Friendship)
              F - Tsudou "G" (The "G" Gathers)
    [Getter 1, Mazinger Z and Main Robot appear]
    [Mecha Tekkan Oni, Demonika and Mecha Fortress Oni appear]
    Tekkan:  Let´s go, Getter!
    Ryo:     Come, Tekkan Oni!
    # cinematic: Mecha Tekkan Oni VS Getter 1 #
    Ryo:     You´re good, Tekkan Oni.
    Tekkan:  Getter, prepare yourself!
    Hidler:  It´s now! Getter is distracted by Tekkan Oni. Do it!
    [Getter 1 takes damage]
    Ryo:     Uwaaaah!
    Koji:    You! What have you done!?
    Ankoku:  Koji Kabuto! I´m your match!
    [Mazinger Z takes damage]
    Koji:    Uwaaahh!
    Ryo:     Tekkan Oni, you-! The hell with 1 on 1, there´s no fair and square on
             this. I´m disappointed on you!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Why, stabbing from behind.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (It was possible to predict it would be like this. What are they
    Tekkan:  N...no. I don´t know. Believe me!
    Hayato:  Ryo, Musashi is...!
    Ryo:     Musashi, Musashi! Answer me!!
    Musashi: Gw...ooh...
    Hayato:  That attack, it hit directly Bear Goh´s cockpit.
    Ryo:     Da...dammit! Tekkan Oni!! You´ll pay for Musashi!
    Tekkan:  N...no. I don´t know anything! Marshall Hidler, I said not to
    Hidler:  By going along with your sweety humanism, our Empire Hyakki´s ambition
             won´t accomplish!
    Tekkan:  What!? I´m fighting with Emperor Bry´s authorization!
    Hidler:  Kukuku, this is the plan Emperor Bry had in mind.
    Tekkan:  Wh... Emperor Bry! What have you done!?
    Hidler:  Kukuku... kill the Getter!
    Tekkan:  I won´t let it!
    [Mecha Tekkan Oni joins]
    Hidler:  Tekkan Oni, what are you doing?
    Tekkan:  I won´t let you touch the Getter! Getter, run now!
    Ryo:     Tekkan Oni, you...
    Tekkan:  I´ll protect you with my life!
    Hidler:  You traitor! I don´t mind, defeat Getter along with Tekkan.
    Ankoku:  ...Uhn, something is approaching. What´s that?
    [Getter Dragon appears]
    Benkei:  Ryo, Hayato, Musashi sempai! Are you alright!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    What!? Getter Robot...!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Getter Robot... no, it´s Getter Dragon!)
    Ryo:     That´s Getter G... that voice, Benkei!?
    Hayato:  So the repairing was over!
    Benkei:  Heheh, you were late so I came instead!
    Koji:    Hey, what´s all about!?
    Hayato:  He´s a new member of the Getter team. He was training those days.
    Ryo:     Benkei, hurry up. Getter can´t move. We´ll change to that.
    Benkei:  I understand.
    [Getter Dragon moves near Getter 1]
    Benkei:  Areh, Musashi-sempai... Ah!
    Ryo:     Benkei... get into Getter G at Musashi's place.
    Benkei:  Alright... Musashi-sempai...!
    Musashi: Damn... shame...ful... I´m counting.... on you, Benkei...!
    Benkei:  ... Roger that!
    [Getter 1 disappears]
    Ryo:     Empire Hyakki, Ankoku Dai-Shogun... better you be prepared...!
    Ankoku:  Kuku, don´t think you won because of that. Jigoku Dai-Gensui, your
    [Hyakki and Mikene units appear]
    Koji:    Damn!
    Hayato:  They were still hiding their battle power?
    Tekkan:  What have I done... Damn you!
    Jigoku:  This will be your grave! Die!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    There's time till Nadesico's arrival... this is tough, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Till Nadesico´s arrive, it be take some time it is.
    Hayato:  Meaningless! We´re enough!
    Ryo:     Such dirty cowards... I´ll have you taste...! The dread of the
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation           (before reinforce)
          ally battleship destruction (after reinforce)
    # reinforce: ally turn 3 #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:        Reaction in the radar!? Ally... No, it's too early for Ahgama or
                 Nadesico to arrive!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:       Reaction in the radar!? Ally... but it´s too early for Ahgama or
                 Nadesico to come...?
    [Great Mazinger and Venus A appear]
    Ankoku:      Great Mazinger!? Nuuh... it´s Tetsuya Tsurugi!
    Ryo:         Great Mazinger!?
    Koji:        Tetsuya-kun! ... So you´ve came!?
    Tetsuya:     Are you alright, Koji-kun!? Sorry, Koji-kun. I... I was wrong.
    Koji:        It´s ok. We´re... we´re friends, Tetsuya-kun...!
    Tetsuya:     Aah! Ok, Empire Hyakki! Empire Mikene! ... I´ll pay you... for
                 doing such things to my little brother!
    Jun:         Be prepared, Ankoku-Dai-Shogun!
    Hidler:      Uwawawah, for the Great Mazinger to come, that wasn´t planned! And
                 wasn´t the relation between Koji Kabuto and Tetsuya Tsurugi going
    Koji:        Too bad! Sure, we fight a little! But, at the deep of our hearts,
                 we trust each other!
    Axel:        That's good, men's friendship! ... Uh, what!? New enemies!?
    Lamia:       (I don´t get it... Why Londo Bell´s people are like that? I can´t
                 understand... Uhn!?)
    [Cambell units appear]
    Janella:     It´s the result for moving self-willed!
    Ankoku:      It´s you, Janella!
    Janella:     It wasn´t my intention, originally, to help you but, this time is
                 special. I´ll help you.
    Koji:        Those are Cambellings´s mechas.
    Janella:     My name is Janella. I´m the commander of Planet Cambell´s Earth
    Dangel:      I´ll smash you all!
    Tetsuya:     That´s our speech. Can you handle the power of Great!?
    Warchimedes: You fooled us. I´ll make you not say those impudent words anymore.
    Koji:        Come and get us, Cambell bastards!!
    Ryo:         You´ll pay for Musashi!!
    Hayato:      Hyakki and Mikene... and now Cambellings... No mistake, their base
                 is somewhere around Earth!
    Benkei:      Let´s blow them up and search for it!
    # Getter G VS Hidler #
    # if Getter G: Getter Dragon #
    Ryo:     Come, Hidler, I´ll gift you for Musashi too.
    # else Getter G: Getter Liger #
    Hayato:  The rent from before, I´ll repay by hundred times.
    # else Getter G: Getter Poseidon #
    Benkei:  I feel like killing all of your Hyakki family...!
    Hidler:  Humpf, I´ll make you squashed!
    # Tekkan VS Hidler #
    Tekkan:  Marshall Hidler, how dare you to tear our promise!
    Hidler:  Shut up, you traitor!
    # Koji VS Ankoku-Dai-Shogun #
    Ankoku:  I won´t lose to you, Mazinger Z.
    Koji:    You say so, bastard!
    # Tetsuya VS Ankoku-Dai-Shogun #
    Tetsuya: Let´s go, Ankoku-Dai-Shogun!
    Ankoku:  Come, Great Mazinger!
    # ally reinforce/enemy retreat 1: ally turn 4 #
    [Nell Ahgama and Nadesico appear]
    Yurika:  Wah, they´re in mid-battle!
    Bright:  Mobile Suits and other, those who can take off, sortie!
    # formation: Nell Ahgama (AG) + Nadesico (NA) + 10 units #
      02  04
    01  AG  05
        NA  07
      10  08
    # if alive unit: Jigoku-Dai-Gensui unit #
    Jigoku:  Their main force has arrived! Eei, our plan has failed! We´ll retreat.
    # if alive unit: Hidler unit #
    Hidler:  Londo Bell has arrived!? Damn you Getter! Remember it!
    # if alive unit: Ankoku-Dai-Shogun unit #
    Ankoku:  Damn you Great Mazinger! Next time I´ll surely stop your breath.
    [2 Demonika and Mecha Fortress Oni disappear]
    Janella: So you´ve come, Londo Bell. Such Earthlings, Janella myself will shoot
             you down.
    Akito:   Are those aliens too?
    # enemy retreat 2: Janella´s hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Janella: Eei, what a troublesome! We´ll retreat.
    [Saint Magma explodes/disappears]
    # ally death: Tekkan Oni´s hp reaches 0 #
    Tekkan:  Damn... I wanted to scatter... by fighting Getter...!
    [Mecha Tekkan Oni explodes]
    Ryo:     Tekkan Oni...
    # stage end #
    # if flag 12 conditions are met: Musashi survives #
    # if flag 13 conditions are met: Tekkan joins #
    # scene 195: Nell Ahgama - medical office #
    Michiru: Musashi-san! Be firm!
    Musashi: ........
    Ryo:     Musashi!
    Musashi: ........
    Hayato:  You idiot! Why do you had to go first...? I won´t forgive you!
    Benkei:  Musashi-sempai...!
    # if Musashi survived #
    Hayato:  Hey Rain-san, aren´t you a doctor!? Isn´t there a way to help him!?
    Rain:    Yes... we just have to let him rest a while.
    Ryo:     Eh...!? What does it means...?
    Rain:    Musashi-san... he´s alive. His heart rate is stabilizing, and he´s got
             no risk to his life.
    Fa:      If he rests well, he can come back to the battlefield.
    Ryo:     But, Bear Goh´s cockpit was for sure...
    Rain:    Indeed. A normal person would surely be dead. This person´s body is
             as solid as a Gundam Fighter´s one.
    Ryo:     Ha...hahahaha... This guy, he worried us all...!
    Hayato:  Solid eh... hahahaha!
    Michiru: Surely... he... worried us all...
    # else Musashi died #
    Rain:    ... No... pulse rate, heart rate... both fading to... zero...
    Ryo:     Da...daaaaaaaamn! Musashiiiiiiiiiii!
    # scene 196: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Jun:     Sorry I troubled you. Great Mazinger and Venus A, and both pilots
             Tetsuya Tsurugi and Jun Homura, we´ll move along with Londo Bell from
             now on.
    Tetsuya: I plan to work as much as I troubled you... Count on me.
    Bright:  That´s grateful but... How about the labs?
    Jun:     Yes, luckly, the enemy is aiming for Londo Bell. The attacks to the
             labs are decreasing.
    Tetsuya: Now that the enemy´s target is defined, there´s no reason for us to
             stay at the lab.
    Quattro: So it means the enemy´s attack will concentrate that much... It's
    Burning: Our battle power increased in an instant. I think it´s good, though?
    Amuro:   The enemy´s battle power is gathering... I can predict harder battles
             from now on...
    # scene 197: Nell Ahgama - MS deck #
    Ryo:      Areh, the Getter will be like before?
    Benkei:   Eeh, doctor said to use likewise to Londo Bell.
    Hayato:   Uhn... it´s strange. Without Getter or Getter G, he can´t research
              the Getter Line, can he?
    Michiru:  Areh, so it means that Benkei-kun will join Londo Bell?
    Benkei:   Aah, I was said to trouble you.
    Hayato:   Doctor, does he plan to rest the Getter Line research while in war?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Areh...? Wasn't there 1 more Getter?
    Ryo:      Eh? No... I haven't heard of... Do you know something, Axel-kun?
    Axel:     No no, just... I felt like that, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Shin Getter...  so it´s still a secret to Getter team...)
    Shiroh:   By the way, it´d be nice if you introduce us that new member.
    Benkei:   I´m sorry. I´m Benkei Kuruma. I was Getter G´s test pilot. I´ll be
              troubling you from now on.
    Aina:     We welcome you.
    Shiroh:   Anyway, what´s that baseball protector?
    Benkei:   Aah, I was from the baseball club at school. So it´s my battle
              uniform thing. This way I can move better.
    Uchuta:   Really?
    Kazuya:   So we can use both Getter and Getter G at same time. That´s good.
    # if Miyuki joined #
    Miyuki:   There´s Getter Q also. Don´t forget it.
    # else Miyuki did not join #
    Michiru:  There´s Getter Q also. Don´t forget it.
    Kappei:   3 Getters! That´s great. You can use combination attacks, can´t you?
    Ryo:      But, the problem is the pilot.
    Ken:      Can´t it be like the Getter team?
    Michiru:  Getter is a combination of the 3 Getter Machines, and in all of them
              there´s a pilot, and in robot form is the time 100% of it´s strengh
              can be shown.
    Hayato:   Using an automatic pilot, one person can control it but, the system
              won´t get used and it won´t be able to use even half of it´s full
    Light:    If the 3 of them doesn´t combine, the Getter Robot can´t show off it´s
              true power, it means.
    Tapp:     Might be the destiny of a combination robot.
    Benkei:   Yes yes, about that, I received some notes from doctor.
    Kyoshiro: What? A project...? Hey, Astonage-san, can you come and see this?
    Astonage: Let me see... Ah, this is... Getter´s remodelling project!?
    Kayra:    Remodelling? What will be remodelled?
    Astonage: To get rid of Getter´s combination device and fix it as Getter 1?
    Nana:     What does it mean?
    Benkei:   Means that it´ll fix Getter to Getter 1, and lose the transformation
              ability for Getter 2 and 3.
    Nina:     Indeed, with that, even with one pilot, it can show off 100% of it´s
    Kou:      But, doesn´t it mean to lose the main special ability of the Getter,
              which is the transformation?
    Koji:     But, I think it´s worse to let a Super Robot like Getter in a bad
              state, isn´t it?
    Ryo:      Aah. That´s what doctor Saotome thought and decided. And we´ll follow
              that up... Astonage-san, please.
    Astonage: Ok, count on me.
    Sai-sici: They´re all excited, brother.
    Domon:    Humpf, I´m not related.
    Chibodee: But, they will remodel Getter´s cockpit, won´t they? If so, better
              put the Mobile Trace System on it.
    George:   That´s interesting. Not just sword, I wanted to use a tomahawk also.
    Argo:     I´d put a hammer, instead.
    Astonage: There! Don´t say such self-willed things... But that´s sure a
              problem. Ok, I´ll ask Uribatake for help. He seems to like such
    # scene 198: Empire Hyakki - fortress island #
    Bry:     What a trouble. And you could surround Getter that far!
    Hidler:  ... I beg your pardon, if it was not for Tekkan Oni´s betrayal, it
             wouldn´t be like that.
    Highnel: Humpf, to move hidden from me... I thought it´d be like that.
    Janella: Prince Highnel...!
    Highnel: With that you should know your powers. I´ll have you move by my orders
             from now on... understood!?
    Janella: Uhnn... Boazanling bastard...!
    Highnel: Cambelling, empress Janella. The great king is raged... Better
             calculate well your moves.
    Ankoku:  ... If so, we can´t claim for battle power. We´ll defeat Mazinger
             along with Londo Bell, and clear our humiliation!
    Bry:     Marshall Hidler, it´s as Ankoku-Dai-Shogun said. Next time, whatever
             you do, defeat Getter!
    Hidler:  Yes sir! For my life´s exchange...!
    # scene 199: Nell Ahgama - MS deck #
    # if Lisa joined #
    Lisa:     Tekkan Oni-san, what will you do from now on?
    Tekkan:   You're... Hakkotsu Oni's...? Fuh, don't know. I want to decide with
              Getter. But, I can't go back to Hyakki Empire anymore. I'm a traitor.
    Lisa:     There's no need to fight. There are plenty of good people among
    Tekkan:   That's not the matter.
    # if Musashi survived #
    Hayato:   Musashi´s life was saved. But it doesn´t mean we will forgive you.
              Get lost.
    # else Musashi died #
    Ryo:      Tekkan Oni, you, were you still here!?
    Tekkan:   ... I´m sorry for Musashi.
    Hayato:   No matter what you say, Musashi won´t come back... Get lost.
    Tekkan:   It´s of my knowledge I´m bothering you but, I want to ask you. Let me
              fight along.
    Ryo:      What?
    # if Musashi survived #
    Tekkan:   The Mecha Tekkan Oni is a Hyakki Mecha that I gave my blood to create.
              Use me as your soldier!
    # else Musashi died #
    Tekkan:   The Mecha Tekkan Oni is a Hyakki Mecha that I gave my blood to create.
              For Musashi, use me as your soldier!
    Amuro:    That means, will you pass to the Federation?
    Tekkan:   ... No, when this war is over, I want to decide with Getter.
    Benkei:   What you say? Such a annoying guy.
    Quattro:  And will you cooperate with us? ... I can´t believe.
    Tekkan:   I´m saying it´s of my knowledge.
    Bright:   ... I understand. But, until this war is over, and Getter´s Londo Bell
              affiliation doesn´t get erased, you´ll be under my command. And no
              challenging Getter also.
    Tekkan:   I understand... I´m very grateful.
    Bright:   Hide your horn.
    Camille:  Bright-san, is that alright?
    Bright:   If we keep like that, he´ll be always be after the Getter.
    Noin:     And instead, it´s better to welcome him and make him our ally... is
              that so?
    Kyoshiro: The friend fighting along is a past enemy. Londo Bell is sure a
              curious squad.
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 200: Neo Hong-Kong #
    Dorchenov: ... How is the mind control system production's progress...?
    ???:       Lt-Colonel Dorchenov, don't ask for the impossible. The secret
               production plant was destroyed by Londo Bell, and our begged Devil
               Gundam doesn't come to our hands... With this.
    Dorchenov: I haven't contacted you to hear such things! Seems like Gun-Jeam
               Squad is using your weapons but, there's no results at all!
    ???:       Well...
    Dorchenov: Listen, complete the mind control system as soon as possible!
               One strong enough to move minister Gilthor's heart! Understand!?
    ???:       Oh well... Lt-Colonel Dorchenov is quite impatient. No surprises, as
               the latest Giganos is falling into continuous losts. And if the
               boss' memory is fading... that's worse.
    Jin:       But you aren't going to make the sponsor's mood worse, are you?
    ???:       Gentlemen from Gun-Jeam Squad, all at once.
    Goll:      We, we are not all in once.
    Min:       Stupid, that's not the meaning.
    Gun-Jeam:  Can't you discover Londo Bell's place?
    ???:       We can know but... why, are you going?
    Gun-Jeam:  After the plant was destroyed, we all got plenty of time. And the
               Devil Gundam is disappeared, as usual.
    Ganan:     And for a little exercise, we wanted to play with them. I've heard
               they've got lot of new kinds.
    ???:       It's troublesome if you start hanging around.
    Gun-Jeam:  If we don't move, our bodies will rotten.
    Min:       And by the way, that something system... How is it?
    ???:       No problems. We're experimenting that in another place... The
               Berserker System is more stabilized than the Enhaced Humans as I
               thought, so there's no need to take real battle data anymore.
    Jin:       Oh I see... What should we do, Colonel?
    Gun-Jeam:  No use. We'll wait... It's stupid to attack impatiently, anyway.
    # next: scene 200 #
    # scene 200: Nadesico - bridge #
    Prospector: Well, from this point, Empire Giganos' surface forces are
                decreasing. It's a matter of time.
    Megumi:     It's... Dragoon, right? The D-weapon's mass production type are
                being produced in large scale, right?
    Ruri:       MBD-1A Dragoon... For the catalog specs, they're even better than
                the test type D-weapon. If the pilot abilities do match, they won't
                lose that easily.
    Minato:     They're pushing over. But...
    Hikaru:     Isn't that ok? I like the D-3-chan's head, it's so cute.
    Ryoko:      Minato-san is talking about the decreased Giganos' moves, you see?
    Izumi:      Decreased... but no deceased...
    Minato:     Yep. They will hurry and do something big, I bet.
    Yurika:     That means they got so mad they will do an absurd move?
    Akatsuki:   Indeed. Even the Mass Driver that wasn't used that much is at work.
    Erina:      Minister Gilthor is full of talking but, now that the war is going
                against him, he is doing all this for appearence.
    Akito:      I can't stand having meteorites shot... just for appearence.
    Yurika:     Akito...?
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:        What's up! You're blue, Tenkawa! "I'll stop those meteorites!"...
                Say something like that.
    Ryoko:      No, he won't.
    Akito:      ... A war that keeps going for such reason... how long should we
                cooperate with it?
    Ines:       It's a serious wound... Ideal... a little ego or change of
                situation, and it changes serious times...
    Yurika:     My... ideal is... with Akito...
    Ruri:       If Giganos' ideal was like that, then it would be all easy.
    # next: scene 201 #
    # scene 201: Nell Ahgama - one room #
    Linda:   ... He was proud of Giganos' ideal, so he left father and me... What
             was brother's action for...?
    Jun:     Brother?
    Fa:      Maillot Plarto... The ace pilot called as Giganos' Blue Hawk.
    Ken:     Be happy, Linda. The jagged... ah, I mean, your brother didn't start
             war because he hated us, right?
    Noin:    Minister Gilthor is a revolutionary that dreams of a ideal nation at
             Moon... But, after he got that power, the ambition turned him into a
    Linda:   Brother is... the thought... no, the ideal that the strongest ones
             should rule the world, this is corrupting him...
    Light:   There's nothing more fearful than the feeling of a proud elite. Zeon
             and the Zabis were also despotists that had that elite feeling, right?
    Quattro: Strictly, it's different. Zeon's ideal was used by the Zabis... They
             didn't have a thought.
    Kou:     You know a lot, Lt Quattro.
    Quattro: ... That's what I heard from people. I don't know the truth.
    Amuro:   ......
    Koji:    But hey. Why does all those authorities like despotism, afterall?
    Shiroh:  To make an ideal come true, power is needed. But, too much power
             corrupts people's heart.
    Aina:    ... Eeh.
    Amuro:   Yes, and with that corruption, there were many idealists and
             revolutionaries that lost their first objective.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    That's why the politicians dislikes the participation of the army in
             politics... Uhn!?
    Tetsuya: What? Are you ok?
    Axel:    No... it's nothing.
             (More keywords came into me... damn, get clear.)
    Noin:    If talking about ideas being corrupted, then the Zabis and Gilthor are
             victims that had their hearts corrupted by a great power, then.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   That's why the politicians dislikes the participation of army in
    Quattro: But, there exists a fork. If not choosing the mistaken path then...
    Lamia:   Oh, I didn't mean I say, Lt Quattro... Nothing it is.
             (This man... this eye behind the sunglass... they are different from
             this squad's any other... What is it?)
    # next: scene 202 #
    # scene 202: Neo Hong-Kong #
    ???:     ... What!? Allenby did!?
    Master:  Correct. That girl, she's good. Hahahahaha!
    ???:     It's not funny, professor Toho... Isn't it negligence?
    Master:  Fool! The hell with that device that enhaces human's abilities! Do you
             think the core needs power that can be enhaced by such thing!?
    ???:     Uh... B...but, I can't let her go. That girl is...
    Master:  Her destination is well known... Domon's place for sure.
    ???:     So, professor Toho. I'll have you take the responsibility for taking
             her out of there. Bring her back...
    Master:  I have business... Make other one go.
    ???:     Such egoism. Even if you're professor Toho...
    Master:  That thing's control... you say you can do it without me, than I don't
    ???:     Muh... I see. I'll have Gun-Jeam squad to go then.
    Master:  Those dirty ones from Giganos... Such a spreading face, Won.
    Won:     I'm being handed the ministry afterall. Well, we'll take care of
             Allenby... After that... I'll count on you then.
    Master:  Alright. Do as you wish.
    Won:     (What are you thinking... Toho Fuhai? What's more important than
             control that thing? This is... better I think a way to use the Enhaced
             Humans too.)
    # next: scene 203 #
    # scene 203: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Camille:  Can't you find Giganos' secret plant yet?
    Bright:   Don't be impatient, Camille. I do understand your feelings but...
    Camille:  But, Four and Rosamie are there, and they're being used in
              experiments, right!?
    Rain:     Calm down, Vidan-kun. Nothing will happen by hurrying now.
    Domon:    Humpf, you're histeric. Nothing will happen by crying out loud.
    Camille:  What...!?
    Rain:     Domon!
    George:   Domon! It's impolite to say in that way!
    Sai-sici: He's right, brother! Say sorry to Camille-san!
    Domon:    ......
    Camille:  Allenby... Biatzly?
    Domon:    ...!?
    Camille:  I see... so you are... enduring too.
    Fa:       Ah, wait! Camille!
    Chibodee: What was that? He... Hey, Domon!
    Domon:    How could he know what I was thinking?
    Bright:   He's a genious Newtype... He saw the truth behind your impudent talk.
    Rain:     Newtype... Can he read people's heart?
    Argo:     ... Impossible.
    Bright:   Strictly, it's different. It's what Amuro says... It's an ability to
              understand happenings in a just way.
    Chibodee: Great! With such ability, it's possible to predict enemy's attack!
    Bright:   ... I can't say so. For that sensitivity, he got in a tragedy on the
              past Grips Conflict.
    [message sound]
    Ruri:     Captain Bright.
    Bright:   Muh? Hoshino-kun, what happened?
    Ruri:     Enemy shadow at 10 o'clock confirmed. ID code is Giganos Forces'
              Metal Armor!
    Bright:   What...!? Ok, all crew in battle position!
    Domon:    (Newtype... With that power... it may be able to save Allenby's soul
              from the Berserker System but... I can only understand people by
              confronting with my fist.)
    # next: scene 204 #
    # scene 204: Nell Ahgama - MS deck #
    Camille:  ... Uhn!?
    Astonage: Camille! What's up!? It's take off!
    Camille:  I know!
              (This feeling... yes, it's no other...!)
    # next: Stage 16 #
     Stage 16 M - Ayatsuri Ningyo (Marionette)
              F - Marionette
    [Nell Ahgama and Nadesico appear]
    Camille:  ... This feeling?
    [Giganos units appear]
    Gun-Jeam: Hahaha! We've met again, kiddies!
    Ken:      I knew when they said it was Giganos but! You again!?
    Ganan:    Not a good greeting. I wanted to see you... Hyahaha!
    Tapp:     I didn't!
    Ryoko:    That's Gun-Jeam squad, right!?
    Min:      Colonel, better if we do accomplish our mission, right?
    Gun-Jeam: Aa? That girl! ... Hey, Jin! Any reaction!?
    Jin:      No reaction of that beasted Gundam! Not here yet.
    Goll:     A...Anything is good, l...let's do it.
    Gun-Jeam: Hehehe, you're right. We'll finish them and grab it when it appears.
    Amuro:    They're... searching for something?
    Quattro:  ... Seems like so. What is it?
    Bright:   It's strange... Can be a trap. We'll flee! Captain Misumaru.
    Yurika:   Roger that! Minato-san!
    Minato:   Ok ok, Distortion Field's maximum output while retreating!
    Ganan:    What? They are running!?
    Gun-Jeam: Hehehe, you won't run! Okay, bring them out!
    Camille:  ......!?
    Shiroh:   Vidan!?
    Camille:  Camille Vidan, going!
    Koji:     What!? What's up with him!?
    [Super Gundam appears]
    Linda:    Captain! Giant ones coming! This ID code is... Psycho Gundam!
    Bright:   What!?
    [2 Psycho Gundams appear]
    Four:     ......
    Rosamia:  ......
    Camille:  As I thought...!
    Gun-Jeam: What? Only 1 came out that quickly! Hey, Enhaced Humans, don't stay
              there and do it!
    Four:     Enemy... my... enemy...
    Camille:  Four... Four! Weren't you going to get back your memory!?
    Rosamie:  The enemy that... will bring the sky down...!
    Camille:  Rosamy! Don't you know your brother! It's over! The Titans... don't
              exist anymore!
    Fa:       Camille!
    Bright:   What are you doing! Camille! Come back! We can't see the enemy's
    Camille:  I'll help them! If you're retreating, then do it, please!
    Amuro:    Calm down, Camille! It's dangerous to approach them!
    Tetsuya:  Think the difference of battle power! You'll be shot down!
    Quattro:  They're now transformed into war machines!
    Camille:  I know it's dangerous! But Enhaced Humans aren't fighting on their
    Fa:       Camille! Captain Bright! I'll go help Camille...
    [badge sound]
    Domon:    Riiiiiiiiise! Shiiiiiiining Gundaaaaaaam!
    [Shining Gundam appears]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Wow!? What? Who's gone!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    That's...!?
    Rain:     Domon!?
    Camille:  Uhn!
    Domon:    Shocking guy. This number... do you think you can handle them all?
    Camille:  I want to help Four and Rosamy! To make them fight without their own
              will, it's not right!
    Domon:    Humpf, I'll give you a hand! For that... bring them back at any cost!
    Kazuya:   It fits him. Captain, we'll have to stop and knock them. Let's go.
    Bright:   Kuh... Sortie! Go and help Camille and Kasshu!
    # formation: Ahgama (AG), Nadesico (NA) + 11 units #
        06  08
      05  07  09
    04  AG  NA  10
      03  01  11
    Gun-Jeam: They've come. Guys, for 1 unit blown, it's bonus.
    Ganan:    Colonel, is it alright? Will the upper ones give it?
    Gun-Jeam: I'll make them give on force. Lately, they say that Giganos is going
              bad because of those ones that appeared.
    Jin:      That's good.
    Camille:  Come...! Four and Rosamy... I won't let you make use of them anymore!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally battleship destruction
    # ally reinforce: ally turn 03 or 1st enemy annihilation #
    [Nobel Gundam appears]
    Allenby:  It's here...!
    Akito:    A new one!?
    Domon:    No... That's... Allenby!?
    Allenby:  Domon! I wanted to meet you... Domon!
    # if alive unit: Gun-Jeam unit #
    Gun-Jeam: That's it... Hehehe.
    # if alive unit: Min unit #
    Min:      So our target has come.
    # if alive unit: Jin unit #
    Jin:      It's in mid-fire... Kukuku.
    # if alive unit: Ganan unit #
    Ganan:    It's late arrival.
    # if alive unit: Goll unit #
    Goll:     I...it...it came, gehehe.
    Camille:  She's back to normal!?
    Sai-sici: Way to go, brother!
    Chibodee: Okay, Allenby! Cooperate! We'll crush them all!
    Allenby:  Uhn! Leave it to me!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     ... It's, neh...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ......
    Algo:     ... It's too good to be true.
    Aina:     No... you're over doubting.
    Shiroh:   ... No, Aina. The situation is different than ours...
    Bright:   ... A trap...? But... it's no use, help Nobel Gundam!
    # enemy reinforce: enemy turn 04 or after 1st enemy annihilation #
    Ruri:     Enemy reaction.
    Yurika:   Eh!? Wait, Ruri-chan, there's no reaction in a few kilometers
    Ruri:     It's from underground.
    [Devil Army units appear]
    Kou:      ... Enemy assault!?From underground!?
    Domon:    That's... Death Army!? Why in such place!?
    # if alive unit: Gun-Jeam unit #
    Gun-Jeam: What!? That's Devil Gundam's...
    # if alive unit: Min unit #
    Min:      Devil Gundam's minion!?
    # if alive unit: Jin unit #
    Jin:      So annoying ones came.
    George:   Can be... is the Devil Gundam near!?
    Allenby:  No! Devil Gundam is...Uwaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Rain:     This shine... Domon!?
    Domon:    Berserker System!?
    [Nobel Gundam disappears and Nobel Gundam B appears]
    Allenby:  ......
    Camille:  No, Domon, she's...!
    Domon:    Damn! Can't we do a thing...
    # Ken VS Gun-Jeam #
    Ken:      You, so you're doing dirty jobs as usual!?
    Gun-Jeam: It's no dirty. A war is, to make money, or not.
    # Tapp VS Gun-Jeam #
    Gun-Jeam: The ones with supply device like you, I'll have to blow for real.
    Tapp:     Go on ease! But I won't fall on your will, though.
    # Light VS Gun-Jeam #
    Gun-Jeam: Hehehe, I've heard you have noble pedigree. I bet I can take a
              fortune on you.
    Light:    No bet. I won't let you do it!
    # convince 1: Four with Camille #
    Camille: Four, it's me. It's Camille!
    Four:    A...aah... Ca...Camille...
    Camille: Four! You can't stay in that thing! That Gundam will...!
    Four:    Aaaaaah!!! ... Kill, enemy... I'll... kill. You're... enemy!
    Camille: Four!
    Amuro:   Camile! It's helpless! That Gundam... you'll have to destroy it!
    # enemy retreat 1: Four's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Four:    Aa...aaaaaaaah!
    Camille: Four!
    Four:    Next time... I'll... for sure!
    [Psycho Gundam explodes/disappears]
    Camille: Four! You can't go back! Four!
    # convince 2: Rosamia with Camille #
    Camille: Rosamy, can you hear me, it's your brother!
    Rosamia: Uh...uuh... Bro...ther... Brother... is that you...?
    Camille: Yes, Rosamy!
    Rosamia: Uh... A...aah! ... You're enemy...! My fate is, to destroy Londo
             Bell... The devil who will... bring the sky down... Londo Bell...
    Camille: Rosamy! No use... so it's no use!
    Quattro: Retreat, Camille! We can't do anything with the Gundam's control
             system now!
    # enemy retreat 2: Rosamia's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Rosamy:  Br...brother!
    Camille: Yes! Rosamy! Come back to your brother!
    Rosamy:  Uwa...aaaah!
    [Psycho Gundam explodes/disappear]
    Camille: What!? Rosamy! Come back! Rosamy!
    7Allenby: Uwooooooh!
    Domon:   Allenby!!
    Allenby: Uh...uwo... A...aah... Domo...n... De...vil... Gun...dam...
             Gui...ana... Uh...uwooooooh!
    Domon:   Devil Gundam...!? Allenby! Hey, Allenby!?
    [Nobel Gundam explodes/disappears]
    Domon:   Devil Gundam... And Guiana... So Devil Gundam is at Guiana Highlands!?
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 205
    # scene 205: Nell Ahgama - MS deck #
    Camille:  Damn...! Four, Rosamy... I couldn't help them... again...!
    Quattro:  ... An enhace made by the Psycomm. Camille, it's possible that they
              won't come back anymore... Be prepared for that.
    Camille:  ......
    Kappei:   What's going on?
    Banjo:    ... Instead of what's going on, what are they trying is the matter.
    Uchuta:   What do you mean?
    Banjo:    It's why would they mix up the Enhaced Humans to the front line at
              this time... The mind control system is almost complete, I mean.
    Keiko:    About that robot... that's a bit the same of Zambot?
    Kyoshiro: Aren't you thinking too much? It's strong afterall, that Psycho
    Kazuya:   ... But, Banjo-san's point is important too, Kyoshiro. And for that
              Gundam with the Berserker System device, isn't that unnatural to
              appear at that timing?
    Light:    I've examined with D-3 but... she said about Guiana, didn't she?
    Ken:      Guiana? What's that, a person's name?
    Gallison: Banjo-sama.
    Banjo:    Oh, so you got it, Gallison?
    Gallison: Yes. Guiana... isn't it about Guiana Highlands?
    Tapp:     A place's name? I haven't heard of it.
    Gallison: I've checked but... seems like there are a lot of earthquakes there
              of late.
    Quattro:  It's bothering. Better tell that to captain Bright.
    # next: scene 206 #
    # scene 206: Nell Ahgama - MS deck #
    Domon:    ... Allenby...
    Rain:     Domon... be happy.
    Domon:    Shut up! What can you understand!?
    Rain:     So...sorry...
    Hayato:   And to shout at a woman... you're shameful.
    # if Musashi survived #
    Musashi:  Hayato, stop that.
    Domon:    What!?
    Benkei:   Hey hey, we didn't come here to fight.
    Ryo:      It's from captain Bright. From now, Nell Ahgama and Nadesico will...
              move on two separate squads.
    Rain:     What do you mean?
    Hayato:   A cooperative formation from those we were asking for help from
              before, Nanbara Connection and Big Falcon. So we're going to get new
              Super Robots.
    Ryo:      They're robots using Super Electromagnetics as motive power. So...
    Domon:    I won't go.
    Rain:     Domon! Stop being so perverse!
    Domon:    It's not like that, Rain. I... will go to Guiana Highlands.
    Chibodee: See?
    Sai-sici: Well, brother is easy to understand.
    Domon:    You all... what do you mean?
    Argo:     ... Split the team in three squads... We'll go for Guiana Highlands.
    # if Musashi survived #
    Musashi:  As I thought.
    Benkei:   When they did split the teams, I saw that the Shuffle Union wasn't on
              either teams so...
    George:   Guiana Highlands... Latelly, it's all of strange there. We'll go
              there to investigate.
    Chibodee: And the members are high level too, see? Banjo Haran and Ryuzaki, the
              D-Team and Camille are here too... Are you satisfied, Domon?
    Domon:    I understand.
    Hayato:   Well well, that captain is too sweety.
    Ryo:      Don't say so, Hayato. That's why we can trust each other.
    # if Musashi survived #
    Musashi:  What about us?
    Benkei:   ... We're going with Ahgama team to Big Falcon, it seems.
    Michiru:  Ah, so you were here!
    Hayato:   Yo, Michiru-san.
    Michiru:  I've heard from captain Bright but... seems Big Falcon is in danger.
    # if Musashi survived #
    Musashi:  Danger?
    Benkei:   What do you mean?
    Michiru:  Voltes' constructor... Doctor Gou is missing.
    Ryo:      Missing?
    Michiru:  It's highly possible that he was kidnapped by the enemies...
    Ryo:      What?
    Hayato:   ... Phew, seems like it will be a hell of a trip. Will be the
              Nadesico's sister captain be ok?
    # next: scene 207 #
    # scene 207: Nadesico - bridge #
    Yurika:     Kshun!
    Minato:     Arara? Captain, is that cold?
    Yurika:     Eh? Ah, I'm ok.
    Ruri:       Captain, better you blow your nose.
    Yurika:     Uuhn, uhn... Maybe Akito spoke of me? So the sneeze...
    Akito:      What?
    Yurika:     Ara? Akito? Why are you at the bridge?
    Megumi:     Moh captain! You said that the Nadesico team had to gather at the
    Noin:       Oh well... is this alright?
    Prospector: Lt Noin... so you're here?
    Noin:       I worry about you so.
    Kappei:     Nadesico's bridge is wide.
    Chiyokin:   Wan!
    Erina:      A dog!?
    Izumi:      Add og... and dog...
    Ryoko:      So Zambot Team is here too... Any more?
    Tetsuya:    Only children and women.
    Hikaru:     Ara, so you're separate from Kabuto's team.
    Tetsuya:    Koji-kun wanted to come to Nadesico but... Sayaka stopped him. So
                I came.
    Minato:     Oh, so sorry to Koji-kun. For me it's ok, Tetsuya-san is cooler.
    Tetsuya:    Don't make fun.
    Yurika:     So that leaves...
    Quattro:    ... We'll soon take off. Isn't it better for the pilots to stand-by
                at the deck?
    Minato:     Wow, the favorite arrives.
    Megumi:     ... That person, he's overreacted so I agree. A sleeveless uniform
                is over requested. Neh, Ruri-chan?
    Ruri:       ... I, dislike him.
    Megumi:     Why?
    Ruri:       ... He's... fearful. I can't feel... the intelligence of peace.
    Minato:     Difficult words, Ruriruri.
    Ruri:       (And... a person named Quattro Bajina doesn't exist at Omoikane's
                databank... Who's him?)
    Prospector: But... it's sure efficient for a unit collection and investigation
                but... I'm still hopeless.
    Noin:       No need to worry... Perhaps.
    Yurika:     What do you mean? Or, what about perhaps?
    Noin:       I've asked for some helpers... If they want to, then they'll come
                to help. All we need is to have [Axel/Lamia] decide on which team
                to go.
    Yurika:     Ok oka-y! Everyone listen please! Nadesico will head for Nanbara
                Connection from now! The rendezvous point with captain Bright and
                the Guiana Highlands Investigative squad is Neo-Hong-Kong. So,
                ta-ke o-ff!
    Tetsuya:    I can't get used to this pace.
    Akito:      Sorry...
    # next: scene 208 #
    # scene 208: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Well... Where should I go? The Super Electromagnetic Robot and the
             Super Electromagnetic Machine... I'm worried about both but, as well
             with Devil Gundam investigation. Well, I only have one body, so I'll
             have to choose, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Well... Where should I affiliate? ... Kuh, it would be easier if I had
             orders at times like this...
    # split #
    Go to Nanbara Connection
    Go to Big Falcon
    Go to Guiana Highlands
    # if NC next:   scene 209 NC #
    # else BF next: scene 209 BF #
    # else GH next: scene 209 GH #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 209 NC/BF: Underground Castle - commander room #
    Highnel:  What, the Londo Bell Squad separated!?
    Jangal:   Hah, and now is the best chance to defeat them.
    Highnel:  Indeed... if we defeat Londo Bell, the later Federation is a
              disorderly crowd. Anytime to defeat.
    Kazaleen: But, they've done that to take reinforces. If we don't defeat them
              now, they'll be trouble in future.
    Highnel:  Uhm... Right, Send a message to Cambelling Empress Janella! Have them
              go to Nanbara Connection!
    Kazaleen: Hah!
    Highnel:  We have to defeat them completelly... if we keep late, the King
              himself will move... and our project will return to void! A failure
              won't be bearable next time!
    Jangal:   If so... let's head to Big Falcon with the Empire Hyakki.
    Highnel:  Uhm. We shall aknowledge those inferior humans of the power of the
              ones who have horns, the symbol of nobility!
    Kazaleen: Highnel-sama, there's one more squad from Londo Bell heading to a
              boundary area nearby...
    Highnel:  Ignore! Our first objective is to destroy the new war potential.
    # if Big Falcon Route #
    Jangal:   So we'll preparate to go to Big Falcon along with Empire Hyakki.
    Kazaleen: Then Highnel-sama, are you going to use that man we've captured?
    Highnel:  I think it's useless, though.
    Kazaleen: I've thought that too but... I've discovered some amazing things
              while investigating data related to the humans.
    Highnel:  Amazing things? Speak.
    Kazaleen: Yes, about humans... there seem to exist "love" among them like
              there is to us...!
    Highnel:  Love among humans...? Fufu... Fuhahahahahah! Funny! A very funny joke
    Kazaleen: It's not a joke! The humans might have a different evolution from us.
    Highnel:  Kazaleen, have you ever seen a dog or a cat smiling or crying?
              There's no love between humans.
    Kazaleen: But it's the truth.
    Highnel:  Alright, Kazaleen. I'll trust your words. Then, that man will be
    # next: scene 210 NC/BF #
    # scene 209 GH: Underground Castle - commander room #
    Aizam:   I see, so Erika is dead.
    Lihitel: Laugh about my foolish sister, Aizam.
    Aizam:   Then, that information was fake...?
    Lihitel: Information? What happened?
    Aizam:   ......
    Lihitel: I don't mind. Tell me, Aizam.
    Aizam:   Uhm... From Small Balm, you sister... someone who looks like Erika was
             seem, it's an information that came.
    Lihitel: Impossible. Erika died at Earth, she can't be at Small Balm.
    Aizam:   Uhm, she was a very gentle person. The earthlings are our enemies who
             betrayed us... but she couldn't stand seeing they die and went back,
             that's what I thought...
    Barbath: Lihitel-sama! A report! Londo Bell divided in three!
    Lihitel: What, what happened?
    Ryza:    I think it's to get reinforcements.
    Lihitel: Indeed... It's a chance! Barbath, prepare for launch! Daimos... My
             sister Erika was tricked, resulting in death, because of Kazuya
             Ryuzaki... Kill him!
    Barbath: Hahah! Prepare for launch!
    Aizam:   Lihitel...
    Lihitel: Aizam, my sister, Erika is dead. Even if she's alive... one who gets
             her heart stolen by an earthling... is no longer my sister...!
    Aizam:   ... Lihitel...
    Lihitel: We'll sortie! ... Aizam, I want you to lend me your power.
    Aizam:   Aah, my life, ues it on your will... Uh...!
    Lihitel: Aizam, what happened?
    Aizam:   Uh... Uuh.
    Lihitel: Aizam!? What happened!? Ryza! Where's Ryza!? Call the medicals!
    # next: scene 210 GH #
    # scene 210 NC/BF: Castle Oniwa - demon three faces hall #
    Janella:     Useless!
    Dangel:      Gwaaaaaaaaah!
    Warchimedes: Fo...forgive us! Ja...janella-samaaaa!
    Janella:     Because you're both brainless, a kid like Highnel gets in the top!
                 Be ashamed!
    Dangel:      Da...damnnn!
    Warchimedes: Aaaaah!
    Janella:     You know! Our Cambell is...!
    Warchimedes: ... uh... uuh... I... know... Because of those pacifists from
                 Deus, Cambell is...
    Janella:     Right! That's why we have to take that army... we have to use the
                 power of the Federation Forces!
    Dangel:      Next time... next time... Janella-sama!
    # if Nanbara Connection Route #
    Janella:     Of course! And our oponent is now, those who defeated the
                 previous Earth Invasion Forces... that robot that defeated Olleana
                 and Garuda. We won't face the same mistake of Garuda!
    Warchimedes: Let's call for Mikene's fellows. For more chances.
    # if NC next:   scene 211 NC #
    # else BF next: scene 215    #
    # scene 210 GH: Guiana Highlands #
    Banjo:    Guiana Highlands... So there are such a beautiful nature left in
    Beauty:   Sure, suitable for a vacation.
    Sai-sici: I only have sad memories, though.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Why?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Why would that be?
    George:   This, the Guiana Highlands, was the place of training for us, the
              Shuffle Union.
    Rain:     And the place where Domon trained with Toho Fuhai Master Asia when he
              was young.
    Domon:    ...
    Chibodee: And afterwards, they're enemies... What happened?
    Argo:     ... The truth only Toho Fuhai himself knows.
    Reika:    Everyone, come here! We'll commence investigation!
    Kazuya:   So, where do we start from...?
    George:   Flying around clueless is pointless... Madmoizelle Rain, is there
              some suspicious point?
    Rain:     Wait... Watch the monitor. The underground's temperature is greater
              than normal.
    Tapp:     Underground?
    Ken:      Isn't that lava?
    Banjo:    Better so... Anyway, let's separate and investigate the locations.
    Light:    If there's nothing, the better.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     At this rate, there's no point in having nothing, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (No way there's nothing...)
    Burning:  Ok, I'll separate the members, me and the D Team, Vidan and Yuiry,
              will head northeast, A point. Ryuzaki, Yuzuki, Izumi and the Shuffle
              Union, to the southeast, point B. The rest will go west, point C.
    Chibodee: Okay, let's do it.
    Domon:    ......
    Sai-sici: Brother?
    Domon:    Allenby said Guiana... she said Guiana Highlands. And the Death Army
              came pursuing her...
    Argo:     The Berserker System's activation... was soon after that.
    Camille:  Devil Gundam and the Berserker System... and Giganos Empire Forces...
              How are they connected?
    Burning:  We have to investigate that too.
    Ken:      Well, let's get going.
    Schwartz: Wait!!
    Nana:     Wah.
    Kyoshiro: What? Where were you hiding!?
    Domon:    Schwartz Brooder!?
    Schwartz: Indeed... Lt South Burning, I'm see you as the leader of this
              squad... I want to talk to Domon Kasshu.
    Chibodee: What's up, Schwartz?
    Burning:  If it's ok with Kasshu, I don't mind.
    Tapp:     Oh? That easy?
    Burning:  Schwartz Brooder is someone trustful. And... We don't have time to
    Banjo:    If it was nothing, we have to gather back soon.
    Schwartz: Domon, come.
    Domon:    ...?
    # next: scene 211 GH #
    # scene 211 NC: Nadesico - bridge #
    Yurika:   By the way, what kind of robot is that Com-Battler V that we're going
              to pick up?
    Ines:     Let me explain. By the Super Electromagnetics, 5 machines joint to a
              giant robot. Total height of 57 meters, 550 ton for weight... Even
              for the size, it can fly... and that's the Super Electromagnetic
    Ruri:     They use a system that activates the junction when all the 5 person's
              brainwaves are synchronized.
    Akito:    Using brainwaves... that's...
    Uchuta:   Isn't that the same of Giganos' mind control system?
    Akatsuki: If so, then the Aestevalises are the same too. Image Feedback
              System... IFS is for that too.
    Quattro:  Those tattoos the Aestevalis pilots have.
    Erina:    To operate the robots the way humans think... It's a eternal theme
              for robots construction. And both Com-Battler and Voltes are those
              possibilities. But, it seems Com-battler uses that only for machine
    Tetsuya:  Humpf, this can be risen with training... to depend on the machine is
              the curse.
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:      Ooh, indeed a Super Robot pilot! Yes, effort and guts are the motive
              power of a robot!
    Ryoko:    Mah, not that I don't understand.
    Ruri:     ... with a joystick and a pedal, a robot that can move that way, and
              a pilot that can ride it, are lot more stranger to me.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Ruririn, over half of Londo Bell's main power are robots like those,
              that is.
    Ruri:     ... Stop calling me that way.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Londo Bell's major half are those robots of wonder, it is not it.
    Ruri:     Is that grammar of yours fashionable?
    Lamia:    (... Damn girl.)
    # next: scene 215 #
    # scene 211 GH: Underground Castle - medical office #
    Aizam:   Uuh... Li...Lihitel? ... I've worried you.
    Lihitel: Ooh, you're awake, Aizam... Why didn't you tell me? Your body...
    Aizam:   Don't make such face. It was an accident during an experiment... I
             guess I can endure more 3 days...
    Lihitel: You've came to Earth with that body!? To help me...?
    Aizam:   Fufu... if it's to die... then I wanted it to be for my friend.
    Lihitel: No, I won't let you die. I'll have all medical skills to be used to
             help you...!
    Aizam:   (Lihitel, it's no use... I've tried it already...)
    # next: scene 212 GH #
    # scene 212 GH: Underground Castle - commander room #
    Ryza:    Emergency! Lihitel-sama! Aizam-sama has... Aizam has deployed!
    Lihitel: What!? Fool! Why did you let him!? We'll go after him! Aizam, I don't
             want you to die!
    # next: scene 213 GH #
    # scene 213 GH: during move #
    Aizam:   ... Mech Warrior Chimeria, it's perfect for my sacrifice. Lihitel, I
             don't have the strength to defeat Londo Bell. But, your beloved
             sister... the one who stole Erika, Daimos... No, Kazuya Ryuzaki, I
             shall defeat at least him...!
    # next: scene 214 GH #
    # scene 214 GH: Guiana Highlands #
    Domon:    To start meditation!? What's your point, Schwartz!?
    Schwartz: Do it or not!
    Domon:    I'm asking for a reason!
    Schwartz: ... Neo Hong-Kong's Won is planning. I've thought it wasn't connected
              but... I think it has to do with Devil Gundam.
    Domon:    What!?
    Schwartz: ... The decision might be soon. At that time... You can't defeat
              Devil Gundam at your current state! That's why you have to meditate!
    Domon:    I can't defeat Devil Gundam!? What does that has to do with
    Kazuya:   ... If you medidate, he'll tell you, so isn't it better to do so?
    Domon:    Ryuzaki...?
    Kazuya:   I was worried. And Lt said that if the enemies appeared, only you 2
              would be hard, so he let me come.
    Schwartz: ... Kazuya Ryuzaki, meditate too.
    Kazuya:   Eh...?
    Domon:    That's enough! Schwartz! I have my Super Mode! Until I have Shining
              Gundam Super Mode, Devil Gundam... or even master...!
    Schwartz: Your Super Mode... No, at your current Super Mode, you can't defeat
              them, that's what I'm telling!
    Kazuya:   If we meditate, then you'll tell us the reason, right?
    Schwartz: Uhm... It's better than I telling... You'll feel!
    Domon:    Schwartz... What do you want to say!?
              (Who are you? What's wrong with my Super Mode...!?)
    # next: scene 215 #
    # scene 215: Nanbara Connection - main control room #
    Master:  ... So I won't hear a good response any way?
    Yotsuya: ... Don't misunderstand me. There's not enough data to an immediate
             reply... And there are some fears also. I'm saying to give me time.
    Master:  By not deciding now, when will you decide it!? Shibuya, you know it
             too! About what it will be if it keeps like this!
    Yotsuya: I know... Specially now that the migration to the colonies started,
             and with such growth...
    Master:  If you know then, you... why hesitate!? ... That's why all scientists
             are late in crucial times!
    Yotsuya: I see flashes of this time coming. And there's still if we fail, then
             there's no second chance.
    Master:  ... Humpf, it's alright. Shibuya, if you can give me a good answer...
             then I'll play a while with my stupid disciple, then head to that
    Yotsuya: I see.
    Master:  We have no time... The meaning of this... don't forget it, Shibuya.
    # if NC next:   scene 216 NC #
    # else BF next: scene 216 BF #
    # else GH next: scene 216 GH #
    # scene 216 NC: Nanbara Connection - main control room #
    Yotsuya: ......
    Hyoma:   Gramps, all is here... Uhn, what's up?
    Daisaku: Wazzap?
    Chizuru: Ropet, is something wrong?
    Ropet:   Eh...? Er...
    Yotsuya: Ropet, it's ok... Just, thinking.
    Juuzou:  What, we've gathered in a long time and there's that anxious face.
    Yotsuya: Hahaha, sorry... And how are Com-Battler V's last preparations going?
    Kosuke:  Almost clear. A little more and the fine tuning will end.
    Juuzou:  A very long repair, for sure. But with this we can gather Londo Bell.
    Hyoma:   Ah, and Cambell's other forces are moving, I've heard... we can smash
             them at once.
    Kinta:   And of course, Kerot's here too. A certain victory, for sure.
    Chie:    Yes, yes.
    Juuzou:  What? Kinta and Chie. This is no joke!
    Kosuke:  I agree. To insert Kerot in battle.
    Kinta:   What, Kerot was made by brother Kosuke. Don't you trust the mecha you
             made yourself?
    Kosuke:  Because I made it that I know. Kerot has a supply device, but isn't
             a mecha for real battle.
    Hyoma:   Mah, that's true. Take care of home well, Kinta, Chie.
    Kinta:   Why, so boring.
    [alarm sound]
    Ropet:   Warning! Enemy approaching! Empire Mikene and Cambell Forces.
    Yotsuya: What!? Kosuke, how's Com-Battler?
    Kosuke:  No use. Some more minutes but... it isn't in status to move!
    Chizuru: What should we do, Londo Bell will take some more time to come.
    Yotsuya: Damn, what a crap... If we could just delay them some minutes.
    Kinta:   Yes! Hey, Chie! ..................... So?
    Chie:    Indeed! Brother, you're smart!
    Kinta:   Okay, let's go!
    Hyoma:   He...hey, you!
    # next: Stage 17 NC #
    # scene 216 BF: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Benkei:   By the way, what kind of robot is Voltes V?
    Hayato:   It's a Super Robot made of the junction of 5 machines, I'm sure.
    Shiroh:   Then, can it transform into 5 different kinds of robots like Getter?
    Aina:     Land, water, air... then space and... another dimension?
    Ryo:      No, it isn't like that. Voltes V can only be one robot.
    Kayra:    Another dimension, is it...?
    Bright:   Uhm. The Com-Battler, the one Nadesico went after, uses the same
    Kou:      Same system... what is it?
    Nina:     I've researched... A junction system is used by unifying the pilot's
              brain waves into one.
    Shiroh:   Brain waves... is that?
    Koji:     Isn't that the same of Giganos' mind control system?
    Astonage: If so, then the Aestevalis are the same. Image Feedback System...
              The IFS is there for that purpose.
    Boss:     The tattoo the Aestevalis pilots use, right?
    Nina:     To maneuver a robot the way human want... For robot developing it's
              an eternal theme. Com-Battler and Voltes, they're both a possibility.
              Just, for Com-Battler it seems it's used for the machine's control...
    Koji:     Heh, we've done that till now! ... To depend on a machine, that's
              no good path.
    Ryo:      I agree. If we fight with our emotions, Getter can go through it.
    Nina:     (... With only a joystick and pedals, a machine can move that way,
              and the pilots that can move it... I can't grasp with that, though.)
    Koji:     But, why didn't they joined Londo Bell till now? It seems they were
              able to fight before Com-Battler.
    Amuro:    Big Falcon's responsible doctor Sakonji didn't allow... He said the
              pilots were so pathetic they'd only be a drag.
    Shiroh:   And for such newbies to come now...
    Bright:   No... By seeing the pilots' ability data, I think there's no
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     I bet it's only doctor that isn't satisfied, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Isn't it that doctor Sakonji... only he the one not satisfied, is it?
    # next: Stage 17 BF #
    # scene 216 GH: Guiana Highlands #
    Domon:    ......
    Kazuya:   ......
    Schwartz: ... Hoh.
    Kazuya:   ......
    Schwartz: (I'll test him.)
    Kazuya:   ... Muh...
    Domon:    ......
    Kazuya:   ... What are you planning, Schwartz Brooder? What's that sword...?
    Domon:    What...?
    Schwartz: I blocked all the sensations and feelings... How did you know, Kazuya
    Kazuya:   I felt.
    Schwartz: Where did you learn that sensation?
    Kazuya:   ... A few years ago, at a space pilot training site... There was an
    Domon:    Accident... you say?
    Kazuya:   Aah. My spine got hurt... I couldn't move anything, neither a finger.
    Schwartz: How did you recover?
    Kazuya:   Well... Rehabilitation. Until every I felt each body's sensation...
              The effort to stand up, and to climb a ladder. I couldn't stand. That
              my dream of being a space pilot... would be over after 1 accident...
    Schwartz: The sense of disappointment, the anger about yourself, the hatred for
              the training site that let the accident happen... And afterall
              everything disappeared as flowing in water... Isn't that it?
    Kazuya:   Eh? How did you know? ... When my body moved a little... I wasn't
              caring anymore. Just, I was only thinking on getting all sensations
              to be mine. After so...
    Domon:    ......
    Kazuya:   Everything that happened around me... The sweat drops from my
              forehead... I could hear them dropping at the floor. And I think I
              kept the rehabilitation until I could hear it better.
    Schwartz: Clean Mirror, Serene Water.
    Kazuya:   Clean and Serene...?
    Schwartz: ... Literally, like a uncloudy mirror that goes beyond anger and
              hatred, a silent and resistant water spirit... Domon, that's what
              you lack of!
    Domon:    You say I can't... hear the drops that fall!?
    Schwartz: The you from now is as I said. You can't feel a single drop, nor a
              gigantic rock!
    Domon:    What!? What do you mean!? I admire Ryuzaki's effort! But, Schwartz,
              those sensations don't have relation to my Super Mode!
    Schwartz: I'm telling you, you can't win with a Super Mode of anger!
    Domon:    You can't tell by not testing!
    Schwartz: You fool! The anger steals the serenity of humans... And that gives
              lots of chances to the enemies!
    Domon:    Even if so, I'll do it. I'll defeat Master Asia, and save Allenby!
    Schwartz: ... I see. I won't tell you any more. If you want to fight, then do
              it on your own. Come, Ryuzaki.
    Kazuya:   A... Aah...
    Domon:    (Clean and Serene... Ryuzaki has what I don't... is it?)
    # next: Stage 17 GH #
     Stage 17 NC M - Migoto! Kerot Kakuran Senjutsu
                  (Splendid! Kerot's Disturbance Ability)
                 F - Fake
    [Cambell and Mikene units appear]
    Janella:     So we reached before Londo Bell Squad.
    Warchimedes: By the informations, Com-Battler V is under repairs and can't take
                 off. Dangel, bring mass destruction.
    Dangel:      Alright, let's show Londo Bell only ruins!
    Juuzou:      Not good, they've come.
    Kinta:       It won't be like that, Com-Battler V take off!
    Chie:        Take off!
    [Kerot (ComV) appears]
    Ankoku:      Muh!? Is that Com-Battler V!? It couldn't take off, could it?
    Warchimedes: I...Impossible!
    Juuzou:      What's that?
    Daisaku:     Co...Com-Battler V... 1 more!?
    Kosuke:      Indeed! Splendid, Doctor Shibuya! The Mass Production Com-Battler
    Yotsuya:     I didn't have time for that!
    Hyoma:       So what's that!? And it's movement is strange!?
    Juuzou:      Yeah... It's hopping kind of froggish...?
    Chizuru:     Awful, the Com-Battler's poster in the hangar isn't there.
    Hyoma:       Poster, you mean that one we used for publicity at the department
    Kosuke:      I see. That one is Kerot. It's using Com-Battler V's poster.
    Yotsuya:     It's reckless, if it takes 1 shot from the enemies, it'll be over.
    Kinta:       Hehehe, it's ok. Hey hey, Mikene or Cambell, follow me.
    [Kerot (ComV) moves to the center of map]
    Jigoku:      What, that movement...!? With that size, it can move that way...!?
                 So that's Com-Battler V...!
    Dangel:      Fuhaha! And that bastard Garuda lose to that useless robot!
    Warchimedes: It's fooling us...!
    Janella:     Draw fire at Com-Battler!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation
          Nanbara Connection invasion
    # ally reinforce 1: ally turn 2 #
    Hyoma:   They're following Kerot!?
    Kosuke:  Let's do the final repairs!
    Hyoma:   Kinta, Chie, please. Just a little more time!
    Daisaku: We count on you...!
    Chizuru: You both... don't overdo it!
    Juuzou:  Doctor! How long!?
    Yotsuya: No panic!
    Chie:    Brothe-r...
    Kinta:   They're many... Damn, we won't lose!
    [Tallgeese III and Sandrock Custom appear]
    Quatre:  Is that Com-Battler V...!?
    Hyoma:   Wh...what!?
    Zechs:   Nanbara Connection, this is Preventer Wind. I have support request
             from Londo Bell...!
    Yotsuya: Oh...!
    Quatre:  I'm Quatre Raberba Winner. I don't have a code but... I'll help.
    Kinta:   What, what!?
    Zechs:   Com-Battler V... that armor... is that new composition...?
    Yotsuya: Don't mind! Anyway, don't let them reach Nanbara Connection!
    Zechs:   Roger... Quatre, I'm counting on you.
    Quatre:  Understood!
    # ally reinforce 2: ally turn 3 or turn after Kerot (ComV) explodes #
    [Kerot (ComV) explodes and Kerot appears]
    Dangel:      Wh...what's that?
    Kinta:       Hehehe, you fell on it! Stupid!
    Janella:     What!?
    Ankoku:      They fooled us!
    Warchimedes: The hell... a fake!
    Quatre:      Eh!? F...frog!?
    Zechs:       Indeed... to deceive the enemies, start from the allies... is that
                 so, doctor Shibuya?
    Yotsuya:     Sorry. I wasn't sure if you were really the ones from Preventers.
                 I've confirmed right now. Count on us, Preventer Wind... Zechs
    Zechs:       Fuh... An astute person, indeed.
    Ankoku:      No! Then... the Nanbara Connection is!
    Yotsuya:     Take off!
    Hyoma:       Kinta! Chie! Good job! Let's gooo!
    Ropet:       Brain waves match! Combine OK! Combine OK!
    Hyoma:       Leeeet's! Combine!
    [Com-Battler V appears]
    Dangel:      How dare you fool us!? Com-Battler V!
    Hyoma:       Heh, imagine 550 ton jumping like that!
    Quatre:      ... Indeed.
    Juuzou:      Be prepared! We'll smash you!
    Dangel:      Fufufu, don't think this Great Magma is the same as before.
    Ankoku:      ... Funny! I won't let Londo Bell to gain more power! ... I'll
                 have you die!
    Daisaku:     Not like that!
    Chizuru:     ... Yes, be prepared!
    Yotsuya:     Londo Bell Squad's Mobile Battleship Nadesico will arrive in a
                 while! Endure until then!
    Hyoma:       Heh, no helpers needed!
    Kinta:       Yeah yeah! We're enough!
    Chie:        Go-!
    # ally reinforce 3: ally turn 4 #
    [Nadesico appears]
    Yotsuya: Ooh, so they've come, Nadesico!
    Yurika:  Mobile Battleship Nadesico, I'm captain Yurika Misumaru! We'll head
             for support!
    Hyoma:   So that's Nadesico!
    Noin:    Com-Battler V! Uhn!? Th...that's...!?
    Zechs:   You shouldn't make people wait, Preventer Fire.
    Noin:    ... Zechs...! And Quatre too!
    Quatre:  So we met again.
    Ankoku:  Nuuh... and we let them gather...!
    Tetsuya: Muh!?
    Jun:     That's... Demonika!?
    Tetsuya: Scramble Daaash!
    [Great Mazinger appears]
    Ankoku:  What!? Tetsuya Tsurugi! Is that you!?
    Jigoku:  Eeih, annoying! We shall crush you along with Koji Kabuto!
    Tetsuya: Too bad! Koji-kun is not here. I'm enough for you bastards...!
    Quattro: Might be fate... We'll go.
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:     Okay, let's smash them!
    Akito:   Yurika!
    Yurika:  Units! Take off! Protect Nanbara Connection with mighty strength!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Roger! With mighty strength we'll do our job with power!
             (By the way, with the Super Electromagnetic Robot and the Super
             Electromagnetic Machine that Bright and the others went pick up...
             There's no force that can beat Londo Bell... A force that... can
             beat... Uhn...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Super Electromagnetic Robot... and if they succeed in picking the
             Super Electromagnetic Machine... no, they'll succeed. Londo Bell's
             power is growing more and more...)
    # formation: Nadesico (NA) + 9 units #
      06  08
    05  NA  01  09
      04  02
    # Tetsuya VS Ankoku Dai-Shogun #
    Ankoku:  Great Mazinger! I hate you the most! Die!!
    Tetsuya: Ankoku Dai-Shogun! Don't think you'll do with your feelings only!
    # Tetsuya VS Jigoku Dai-Gensui #
    Tetsuya: Jigoku Dai-Gensui, We'll have our decision now!
    Jigoku:  My words!
    # Hyoma VS Janella #
    Hyoma:   For the minutes we couldn't take off, I'll pay you now!
    Janella: Humpf, what can a robot made by foolish earthlings do?
    Hyoma:   We can kick your ass!
    # Hyoma VS Dangel #
    Dangel:  Com-Battler, you'll pay for deceiving us!
    Juuzou:  Humpf, you're the stupid ones to believe on that!
    # Hyoma VS Dangel (2nd) #
    Dangel:  See the power of Great Magma 1!
    Hyoma:   No way!
    # Hyoma VS Warchimedes #
    Warchimedes: Damned Com-Battler, I'll make you a scrap!
    Hyoma:       Try us, bastard!
    # enemy reinforce: after Ankoku Dai-Shogun's unit destruction #
    [Ankoku Dai-Shogun appears]
    Ankoku:  I won't lose. For the name of Ankoku Dai-Shogun, I won't lose!
    Tetsuya: This guy...
    Jun:     Careful, Tetsuya. Ankoku Dai-Shogun's different from ever!
    # Tetsuya VS Ankoku Dai-Shogun (2nd?) #
    Ankoku:  This is nothing!
    Tetsuya: Ankoku Dai-Shogun's got the guts today.
    Ankoku:  I won't die until I kill all of Londo Bell and Nadesico!
    # enemy death: Ankoku Dai-Shogun's hp reaches 0 #
    Ankoku:  ... Jigoku... Dai-Gensui...! Kill Tetsuya Tsurugi, Koji Kabuto... for
    [Ankoku Dai-Shogun explodes]
    # if alive unit: Jigoku Dai-Gensui unit #
    Jigoku:  Ankoku Dai-Shogun! ... I understand. I'll avenge you.
    Tetsuya: Ankoku Dai-Shogun... Wait at hell! Me and Koji-kun... we'll go there
             one day too...!
    # enemy retreat: Janella's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Janella: Damn you Nadesico, Londo Bell, this resentment, this hatred! Don't
             think I'll ignore it!
    [Saint Magma explodes/disappears]
    # enemy retreat: Jigoku Dai-Gensui's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Jigoku:  Ungh, I can't be defeated here! I resign this challenge!
    [Demonika explodes/disappears]
    # stage end #
    # if flag 15 conditions met: Kerot (Kinta/Chie) joins #
    # next: scene 217 NC #
     Stage 17 BF M - Chichi wo motomete (Demanding for the father)
                 F - Voltes V ni inochi wo kakete (Waging life on Voltes V)
    [Voltes V appears and moves]
    Sakonji:  You cowards! And you say you're the chosen members of Big Falcon!?
              You cry with such training level!
    Kenichi:  Kuh... Doctor Sakonji! Such training... what's the meaning of it!?
    Ippei:    Yeah, even without this training, we can fight along with Londo Bell!
    Sakonji:  You can't even drive it correctly and wanna go to Londo Bell!? Don't
              say smart words!
    [Voltes V moves]
    Hiyoshi:  Aah! Uwaaaaaah!
    Daijiro:  Bro, Hiyoshi is!
    Megumi:   He can't resist the G! Kenichi! Stop Voltes!
    Sakonji:  What are you doing!? I didn't say a word about stoping!
    Kenichi:  But, Hiyoshi will...!
    Ippei:    He'll die if this keeps on!
    Sakonji:  Then his abilities are proved to be pathetic...! It's obvious the
              pathetic ones die in battle!
    Kenichi:  We're not machines! Why do we have to do such things!?
    Sakonji:  I'm trying to complete. A battle machine that can show off its full
              power. That's a choise to win the battle.
    Kenichi:  Doctor, what we need is team work! Even if Hiyoshi can't afford it, we
              can cover it with team work!
    Sakonji:  At first that might be good.... But someday that sweetness will take
              your lives! Such weakling's emotions will only get in your way!
    Daijiro:  Are you saying us to become machines!?
    Sakonji:  Correct! If I could get a perfect computer that could pilot Voltes V,
              then you're all out of here!
    Ippei:    Bastard...! As you wish! I'll get out of here anytime!
    Sakonji:  Fufufu, can you? Can you live on named as a coward that ran away from
    Kenichi:  Doctor Sakonji...! You!
    [alarm sound]
    Sakonji:  What, enemy at this time!?
    [Boazan and Hyakki units appear]
    Sakonji:  That's, Boazanlings and the Hyakki Empire!?
    Megumi:   ... A giant type! They're serious.
    Kenichi:  Ok, let's go. Let's prove to doctor that we're strong without
    Ippei:    Okay, let's go Kenichi!
    Daijiro:  Let's doo- it!
    Hiyoshi:  Alright!
    Sakonji:  Wait! Londo Bell will soon arrive. Resist until that.
    Ippei:    Quiet! I won't hear your commands!
    Highnel:  They're unquiet. Only those weak Earthlings do fill such unneeded
              emotions into battle.
    Bry:      Fufufu, I prefer it to be surfacelings.
    Kazaleen: Of course, Emperor Bry. Our horns are the proof of noblety... we
              shall crush the Earth... I mean, surfacelings, together.
    Highnel:  (Good, Kazaleen... A good move.)
    Bry:      (Kukuku... you're all small fish with your heads marked. Do as you
              wish for now.)
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation
          Big Falcon invasion
          Voltes V destruction
    # ally reinforce 1: ally turn 3 #
    Kazaleen: Highnel-sama, enemies... It's a battleship.
    Highnel:  Hoho... So they've come!
    [Nell Ahgama appears]
    Sakonji:  You've come, Londo Bell!
    Bright:   Nell Ahgama, I'm the captain Colonel Bright Noah. We'll head for
    Kenichi:  So that's Londo Bell's flagship!
    Bry:      They've come!
    Benkei:   Muh!?
    Hayato:   Ryo! That's the Combined Hyakki Robot!
    Ryo:      Okaay! Let's go, both of you! Chaaaaaange! Dragon! Switch on!
    [Getter Dragon appears]
    Hidler:   Uwoh!?
    Bry:      So you're out, Getter!
    Sakonji:  Ooh! Getter Robot!
    Kocho:    Getter Robot! I'll defeat you and become the number 1!
    Ryo:      Kocho-san... No, Kocho Oni!
    Kayra:    Okay, let's smash some aliens.
    Astonage: 1st Lt. Kayra, don't overdo it!
    Kou:      Let's take off!
    Amuro:    Bright!
    Bright:   Units, take off! Support Voltes V and annihilate all enemies!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Roger! Okay okay, let's do it!
              (By the way, with the Super Electromagnetic Machine and the Super
              Electromagnetic Robot that captain Misumaru and the others went pick
    	  up... There's no force that can beat Londo Bell... A force that...
              can beat... Uhn...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Super Electromagnetic Robot... and if we succeed in picking the
              Super Electromagnetic Machine... no, we'll succeed. Londo Bell's
              power is growing more and more...)
    # formation: Nell Ahgama (AG) + 11 units #
      06  08
    05  NA  01  09
      04  02  
        03  10
    Highnel:  Hoho... You seem to got the numbers. But you're insects from Earth!
              No fear will take me!
    # ally reinforce 2: ally turn 4 #
    Highnel: Nuugh... Londo Bell, you're good!
    Jangal:  If it keeps like this... Oh, Highnel-sama...
    Highnel: Uhn? Humpf, I don't think he'll be useful. Okay, let's try it.
    Gou:     Uuh... Kenichi...
    Bright:  What!? Camera! Catch it with zoom!
    Amuro:   A person!? Who is he!?
    Hiyoshi: Brother Kenichi! T...that's... That's!
    Kenichi: Father!?
    Megumi:  What, Kenichi, is that true!?
    Kenichi: No mistake. I won't forget, that's our father!
    Daijiro: Why is father with the enemies!?
    Hiyoshi: Fathe-r!!
    Highnel: Fufufu, Voltes Team, if you claim for your father's life, surrender.
    Bry:     Bastard Highnel, to think that he had such joker card.
    Aina:    Dirty ones...!
    Shiroh:  Captain Bright! What now...!?
    Bright:  Kuh...!
    Kenichi: Daamn, what should we do!?
    Sakonji: What are you confused at!? Fight!
    Kenichi: Fight? But father is there...!
    Ippei:   Doctor! You're for sure... a man with no blood or tears...!
    Sakonji: You idiots! How do you know that's truly your father! With their
             technology, they can safely create a robot like him!
    Kenichi: ... But!
    Sakonji: And waht if he's the true one, what will he think about you after you
             admit your defeat! Do you think he'll be happy about you throwing
             away your fate to save his life!?
    Kenichi: ...
    Sakonji: Why do you think doctor Gou created Voltes!? To follow doctor Gou's
             wish, that's the fate of Voltes!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Is he saying... to decide that now? Creepy, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (An obvious decision... but... Can Londo Bell and those people do it?
    Koji:    Bastard! To use such dirty move...!
    # if Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (I'm... also searching for a way to save Voltes Team's father...!?
             Kuh... Why? If I had a command... I wouldn't be confused...!)
    Kenichi: ... You're right, if we give up now, father won't ever forgive us.
    Daijiro: Bro...
    [Skulook gets hit]
    Highnel: What...!? Voltes is!?
    Kenichi: Father... forgive us! We'll... fight!
    Gou:     Yes... Yes, Kenichi, Daijiro, Hiyoshi: ...!
    Highnel: Unugh, Kazaleen. What about there's love between humans. They won't
             stop fighting even with their fathers among us!
    Jangal:  We were enough foolish to believe there was love, or even a particle
             of it, for the Earthlings.
    Gou:     Highnel, you won't understand! This is our love...! Kenichi, Daijiro,
             Hiyoshi, my children. You've grown up. I'm very proud of you...!
    [Wing Zero Custom and Deathscythe Hell Custom appear]
    Duo:     Hehe! You called us, we came!
    Heero:   ......
    Bright:  A Gundam with wings!? And that Gundam with a scythe is...!?
    Ippei:   What!? Is that an enemy's new kind!?
    Amuro:   Voltes Team! They're allies! Is that you, Duo Maxwell-kun!?
    Duo:     Oh, I'm happy to be remembered by the Federation's White Devil! This
             one is the new face Heero Yuy.
    Heero:   ... We'll support.
    Duo:     He's a little bit quiet, but don't care about him.
    Heero:   I've heard... Voltes Team... is that alright?
    Kenichi: I... No, our decision won't change...! For father... For father, we'll
             defeat the Boazanlings...!
    Heero:   Your decision... Roger that.
    Bry:     Hoh, and hostages don't work. Voltes Team is a little bit different
             from Londo Bell at all.
    # Kenichi VS Highnel #
    Jangal:  You, don't you care about the hostage!?
    Kenichi: Father, we'll protect Earth!
    Gou:     Yes, you're right.
    Highnel: Earthlings, afterall, so you don't care about your father!
    Kenichi: Wrong. We do care for father, that's why we fight...! You won't
    Highnel: No babbles!
    # Getter Team VS Bry #
    # if Getter: Getter Dragon #
    Ryo:     Emperor Bry, we'll have our decision today!
    # else Getter: Getter Liger #
    Hayato:  Bry-san, give up right now!
    # else Getter: Getter Poseidon #
    Benkei:  Come, Hyakki Empire!
    Bry:     Kukuku, come on. I'll smash you.
    # Getter Team VS Kocho Oni #
    Kocho:   I'm Kocho Oni from the Hyakki Empire. It fits me more to fight as a
             demon. Let's go!
    # if Getter: Getter Dragon #
    Ryo:     Kocho-san, wake up! A plan that uses a hostage... Kocho-san, you're
             pretty... but a cold-hearted person...!
    # else Getter: Getter Liger #
    Hayato:  You're right. A demon, afterall!
    # else Getter: Getter Poseidon #
    Benkei:  Back off, demon bastard!
    # enemy death: Kocho Oni's hp reaches 0 #
    Kocho:   I'm a demon. I lived as a demon, and I'll die as one!
    # if Lisa joined #
    Lisa:    No... Why as a demon...?
    # convince: Kocho with Ryo #
    Ryo:     You know that already! Those emotions of being the number 1 are making
             you into a demon!
    Kocho:   Don't say as you understand! I'm Kocho Oni, the number 1 demon! I
             can't go back as human!
    # if Lisa joined #
    Lisa:    That's not true. Be brave, Kocho Oni. Demons and humans can get along.
             There's no reason on this stubborness of being on top!
    Kocho:   Lisa... Hakkotsu Oni's daughter. So you became human!?
    Lisa:    I have the scar of the horn. But everyone accepted me as a human.
    # if Miyuki joined #
    Miyuki:  It's a small issue being human or not. Everyone can understand each
             other. So did we.
    Ryo:     Kocho Oni! No, Kocho-san! Come back, as a human!
    Kocho:   Can I uurn back, to humanity...?
    [Kocho Oni joins]
    # if alive unit: Hidler's unit #
    Hidler:  Eei, you all. Betrayers!
    # cinematic: Mech Fortress Oni VS Mech Kocho Oni #
    Kocho:   Kyaaaaaaah!
    Ryo:     Kocho Oni, damn you Hidler! I won't forgive you!
    # ally death: Kocho Oni's hp reaches 0 #
    Kocho:   Ryo... I wanted to... come back as a human...
    Ryo:     Kocho Oni... Kocho-saaa-n!
    # Tekkan Oni VS Hidler #
    Tekkan:  Hidler, prepare!
    Hidler:  You traitor!
    # enemy retreat: Highnel's hp reachs 0 or 30 % #
    Highnel: Nnngh, the Earthlings are strong! If the hostage doesn't affect them,
             it's helpless. We'll retreat!
    Gou:     Kenichi! Daijiro! Hiyoshi!
    Kenichi: Father!
    Daijiro: Daad!
    Hiyoshi: Da-ddy!
    # stage end #
    # if Kocho Oni joined next: scene 217 BF #
    # else next:                scene 218 BF #
     Stage 17 GH M - Waga kokoro, meikyoshisui (My heart, Clean and Serene)
                 F - Saredoko no tenohira wa rekka wo gotoku
    	         (My palm of hands are like flames)
    Domon:    I was thinking but... I don't understand. I know Ryuzaki's strength
              since I fight with him... I don't think I'm overwhelmingly inferior
              to him. Schwartz... What do you want to say? What's the problem of my
              Super Mode...!?
    [Spiegel Gundam appears]
    Domon:    Schwartz!
    Schwartz: Domon Kasshu! ... I'll have you die!
    Domon:    What do you mean, Schwartz!?
    Schwartz: You who can't learn the Clean and Serene will only be a burden. If
              it's to be such a shame... then be it!
    Domon:    How dare you! Riiiiise! Gundaaaam!
    [badge sound]
    [Shining Gundam appears]
    Domon:    Stop, I don't want to fight you!
    Schwartz: No dialogue!
    [Daimos appears]
    Kazuya:   Domon! Schwartz! I thought it was strange, so I came but... What's
              all this!?
    Domon:    Ryuzaki!?
    Schwartz: Kazuya Ryuzaki! Don't interfere!
    [Daimos moves near Shining Gundam]
    # cinematic: Spiegel Gundam VS Shining Gundam #
    Domon:    Ryuzaki!
    Kazuya:   ... Kuh, he's strong...!
    Schwartz: Ryuzaki can't get in the way anymore! Be prepared, Domon!
    # cinematic: Spiegel Gundam VS Shining Gundam #
    Domon:    Uwooh!
    Schwartz: It's the end...! Domon, die... silently!
    Domon:    Die, I'm going to... die...!?
    Kazuya:   Uuh... Domon...!
    Domon:    Ryuzaki, I...! Wh...What is this feeling...? Brother, father,
              mother... Master... everything is coming through. All anger and
              hatred is meaningless. All is there is the death at my sight...
    [Water drop sound]
    Domon:    I can see it!
    [Hot Blood animation]
    Kazuya:   Uuh!? The Gundam!?
    Domon:    Wh...What!? This light!?
    Schwartz: ... That's the Clean and Serene spirit. A lucis heart with no ill nor
              guilt... That's the Clean and Serene! That's what makes people have
              strength beyond theirselves! One paralitic man can become a karate
              master with that...!
    Domon:    And that's my Super Mode...!
    Schwartz: So, concentrate on completing your technique! ... I'm sorry, Kazuya
              Ryuzaki. I didn't want to hurt you...
    Kazuya:   It's ok. With such wounds, if Domon can master a new power, then it's
              cheap deal.
    Domon:    Ryuzaki...
    Schwartz: I'm sorry... Domon, the investigation squad will soon be back! Until
              then, concentrate on completing your true Super Mode!
    [explosions occur near the 3 units]
    Domon:    Uwah, what's this!?
    [Master Gundam appears]
    Kazuya:   That Gundam...!?
    Domon:    Master!
    Schwartz: Eei, one more step and the training would have been complete.
    Master:   Domon, no matter how much you train, you can't defeat me!
    Domon:    I won't forgive you anymore! I'll defeat you for sure...!
    Schwartz: Wait, Domon! Your training is not over!
    Master:   What's up, Domon, won't you show me your Super Mode? Or did you
              regret for doing so already?
    Domon:    What!?
    Schwartz: Endure, Domon! Do not be offended! He's teasing you so you use off
              the Super Mode of anger!
    Master:   No, get angry. You must hate me, so anger, anger, anger, anger! Get
              angry, madly angry!
    Kazuya:   Domon! Calm down! Don't be teased by such thing!
    Schwartz: While you're played by your anger, you can't be a true fighter!
    Master:   That's right. You're no true fighter! See that person!
    Domon:    That... person!?
    [Devil Gundam and Death Army units appear]
    Kyoji:    ......
    Domon:    Kyoji!
    Kazuya:   Devil Gundam...!?
    Master:   He's the same blood of yours, but the strength is as the difference
              of earth and heaven. For your immatureness sake, low in front of him.
    Kyoji:    ... Fuh.
    Domon:    ... Kyoji... What's... so funny...!?
    Kyoji:    Fufufu... Kukuku... Fuhahahahaha!
    Domon:    What's so funny---!? Because of you, mother died, father was frozen,
              and I, who pursued you, am like this! All, all is your fault---!!!!!
    Schwartz: Wait! I said to not use the Super Mode of anger!
    Domon:    Uwooooh!
    [Shining Gundam recovers all HP and Morale +30 and actives Super Mode]
    Master:   So you finally reached the Super Mode!
    Schwartz: Y...You fool!
    Master:   My eyes weren't fooled... He's being controlled by anger, and only
              wasting his energy. My aim... is now!
    [Shuffle Union units and Galver FX appears]
    Kyoshiro: I couldn't see Kazuya, so here he was!
    Nana:     Brother!
    Chibodee: Jesus...! It's as the reaction said! ... Devil Gundam!
    George:   Master is there too!
    Sai-sici: Ah, brother is in danger!
    Argo:     No, we can't make it!
    Master:   Domon, this is the end!
    [Shining Gundam gets hit]
    [Spiegel Gundam moves near Shining Gundam and gets hit and explosion occurs]
    Domon:    Schwartz!
    Master:   Uhm! It's you again! Schwartz Brooder! Schwartz! How many times will
              you interfere to satisfy yourself!?
    Domon:    Schwartz...
    Schwartz: Domon, did you see...? With the... Super Mode... of anger...
    Domon:    I'm sorry, I can't make it! The training wasn't enough...!
    Master:   Couldn't make it, you really couldn't make it, Domon!
    Domon:    Toho Fuhai...! You...!
    Kazuya:   Domon! Don't make Schwartz acts... in vain!
    Schwartz: Remember, that instant, the instant of the Clear and Serene!
    [blank screen fade-in]
    Domon:    ......
    Master:   Die!
    [Water drop sound]
    Domon:    I see, I can see it!
    [blank screen fade-out]
    Domon:    A drop of water!
    [Hot Blood animation]
    Master:   What?
    Chibodee: Is that?
    Sai-sici: Ugh, the Shuffle's crest is...
    George:   ... It aches.
    Argo:     ... Domon.
    Kazuya:   Domon... you finally did it...!
    Master:   What's this vigor...? He's different from before!?
    Schwartz: Domon, it's done...! That's... finally... the true Super... Mode...!
    Domon:    This is...
    Master:   You've got a bit wise... But don't be spoiled, Domon! There's no way
              a disciple win his master with such play!
    Schwartz: Domon... You've mastered the Clean and Serene... and woke yourself to
              the true Super Mode. With... this...
    [Spiegel Gundam explodes]
    Domon:    Schwartz!
    Kazuya:   Master Asia, you'll pay for Schwartz!
    Master:   Fufufufu, Domon, Schwartz isn't there anymore. There's no one chance
              in a thousend for you to win!
    Chibodee: You can't know unless you try!
    Master:   Good guts, come and catch me! I'll defeat all Shuffle Union and...
              This Toho Fuhai, will be newly reborn!
    Sai-sici: Reborn... What!?
    Master:   Yes, as Touzainanboku... Chuoh Fuhai!
    George:   Touzainanboku...
    Argo:     Chuoh Fuhai...!
    Kyoshiro: Heh, and make all dead space. Don't tell me!
    Domon:    ... Kuh, damn you...! Toho Fuhai! I'll... defeat you!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally annihilation
          Domon's unit destruction
    # enemy reinforce: enemy turn 03 #
    Nana:     Brother! Enemies...!
    Kazuya:   What!? Death Army's reinforce!?
    Kyoshiro: No, Kazuya... This code is!
    [Balm units appear]
    Aizam:    I've found you, Daimos!
    Kazuya:   Balmling!?
    Kyoshiro: And in such timing!
    Aizam:    Lihitel! This is the Earth Attack Commander Aizam's first and last
    Master:   Eei, such an eyesore. Small fish should stay quiet!
    Aizam:    Commence attack!
    Kazuya:   Come!
    # Domon VS Kyoji #
    Domon:   Kyoji! ... No, brother...! I'll finish it!
    Kyoji:   ......
    # Domon VS Master #
    Domon:   Master, no, Toho Fuhai Master Asia! I'll make this the end!
    Master:  Th...this. You plan to surpass me! But... that's good, fufu, you with
             your Clean and Serene can...!
    Domon:   ...!?
    # Chibodee VS Master #
    Chibodee: Hehehe, Master Asia. I wanted to fight you once.
    Master:   No babbles, small fish!
    # George VS Master #
    George:   Master Asia, prepare!
    Master:   Get away, eyesore!
    # Sai-sici VS Master #
    Sai-sici: Brother Domon's master. Show me what you're about!
    Master:   Do not put me down, kid!
    # Argo VS Master #
    Argo:    Uwooooooooooooh!
    Master:  Yo...You!
    # Kazuya VS Aizam #
    Aizam:   Kazuya Ryuzaki, for my friend Lihitel, I'll defeat you!
    Kazuya:  Lihitel!? This guy... is tough!
    # ally reinforce: turn 04 #
    # formation: 7 units #
        01  04
      07  05
    Burning:  We were late!
    Camille:  And Shuffle Union's guys!?
    Chibodee: You're sure late! We've started already!
    Light:    The underground's temperature was a dummy! We were tricked badly!
    George:   Then I guess you'd want your honor back.
    Ken:      Right to the point! Let's go!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     We'll put it in the balance sheet, that is!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (... Devil Gundam... in a place like this?)
    Tapp:     And the Balmlings are here too!? Dammit!
    Master:   Eei, I've expected to defeat them while they were separated but...!
    Aizam:    Uh... Coff... Not yet... I'll defeat you all, Londo Bell...!
    # enemy death: Aizam's hp reaches 0 #
    [Garunroll appears]
    Lihitel: Aizam! So I couldn't make it!
    Aizam:   Forgive me, Lihitel, I, couldn't be of any use...
    Lihitel: Aizam... Ooh, Aizam! Hurry up and flee!
    Aizam:   ... Lihitel... I fell but... this Mech Warrior... Chimeria...! My...
             last and... masterpiece. In the lab... I left the... project data...
             for the next battles... make use of... it...
    [Chimeria explodes]
    Lihitel: Aizam, Aizaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!
    Kazuya:  Lihitel...
    Lihitel: Aizam...! Until the end... until the end, for me...!
    George:  ... Even though an enemy... an admirable man...
    Lihitel: Earthlings. Listen well! I'll retreat for now! Aizam, my beloved
             friend, I shall bury you with hospitability...! But, Aizam's revenge,
             for sure... this Lihitel will have! In the name of Balm Earth District
             Forces, I'll defeat you Londo Bell!
    Kazuya:  It's as I wish...! I haven't forgotten... about Erika!
    Nana:    Brother...
    Lihitel: Don't speak of Erika! Kazuya Ryuzaki! If it wasn't you... If it wasn't
             for you, Erika... and Aizam wouldn't fell!
    [Garunroll disappears]
    Kazuya:  Lihitel...
    # enemy death: Kyoji's hp reaches 0 #
    Domon:   It's disappearing... My anger and sadness... The revenge is
    Master:  My, my Devil Gundam... Not yet, I'm still here! It's not over yet!
    Domon:   No... you lost, Toho Fuhai...!
    # stage end #
    Domon:    It ended... It ended... Father, I... I've finally defeated Devil
    Banjo:    But... we had our sacrifice.
    Domon:    Aah... Schwartz!
    Gallison: It's alright. He's not dead... But, it's impossible to fight anymore.
    Nana:     That's a relief.
    Banjo:    Gallison, take Schwartz to a hospital. We'll head to Neo Hong-Kong to
              rendezvous with the others.
    Gallison: Understood.
    Domon:    I beg you, help him.
    Gallison: Kasshu-sama, calm yourself. This person is strong.
    Ken:      Yes yes. He won't die that easily.
    Banjo:    Ok, let's go to Neo Hong-Kong.
    Domon:    Aah... Uhn? Rain... Where's Rain?
    Camille:  Rain-san left us durig the way.
    Sai-sici: Eh? Why?
    Fa:       We've received information, haven't we? Something like a new Mobile
              Fighter and such...
    Kyoshiro: Even though it couldn't make till this fight.
    Light:    Mah, we did it anyway, isn't that ok?
    Burning:  Ok, we'll contact Mikamura during the way, and have her head to Neo
              Hong-Kong... Let's go.
    Domon:    ......
    Kazuya:   Domon...?
    Domon:    Go first... I'll go later.
    Chibodee: Hey hey, Domon, why in all of a sudden?
    Domon:    I've things left to do.
    Argo:     Things that... you can't tell even to us?
    Domon:    ... Aah. I'll go in a minute.
    Burning:  Explain that, Kasshu.
    Banjo:    Mah mah, Lt Burning. Is that some training, right?
    Domon:    ... Sort of.
    Kazuya:   Lt Burning, can you let Domon do on hiw own? I'll cover the hole he
              leaves by myself.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Yes yes. If it was captain Bright or sister Misumaru, it'd be an
              immediate reply, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Weren't you said to let him listen and speak whatever?
    Burning:  But... 
    Camille:  Let's go, Lt.
    Burning:  It's no use. I'll tell captain that you'll be late for mech
              adjustments... Kasshu, don't be late for rendezvous time.
    Domon:    Understood.
    [All ally units except Shining Gundam disappear]
    Domon:    ............ Isn't that enough? Hey, how about coming out!?
    [Master Gundam appears]
    Master:   Fufufu... Awakening in the Clean and Serene, you've got a little
              cunny, Domon! ... I won't let you run. And you thought on getting
              out of here safely. You foolish disciple!
    Domon:    And you can move with that Gundam yet...!
    Master:   Of course! Have you forgotten my name? I'm the one who doesn't know
              defeat, Toho Fuhai!
    # cinematic: Master Gundam VS Shining Gundam S #
    Master:   Yes, for this name, I won't forgive you!
    Domon:    Stop, you can't win!
    Master:   What are those words, for a disciple!?
    Domon:    Why, why do you still fight!? Why do you have to defeat me!?
    Master:   Shut up, what do you know about it!? Why do I fight, you ask? ...
              What will be the use to tell that to you!?
    Domon:    What!?
    Master:   I was a fool indeed. To have a disciple raised by me to come against
              me like this, I couldn't imagine!
    Domon:    Shut up! I am your disciple, though I'm no toy! If you have something
              to tell, then do it!
    Master:   Ok, I'll tell you! That's why you're a fooooooooooooooooool!!
    # cinematic: Master Gundam VS Shining Gundam S #
    Domon:    What!? Uwaaaaah!
    Master:   You can't move! Die! Domon!!
    Domon:    Da...Daamn!
    [Rising Gundam and God Gundam appear]
    Rain:     Domon!
    Domon:    Rain! That Gundam? Is that the new Gundam!?
    Rain:     Yes, the one prepared by Lady Une, the God Gundam! Hurry, and come
    Domon:    Ok!
    [Cursor moves to God Gundam]
    [Shining Gundam explodes]
    Master:   And to run on your own flesh in front of this Master Gundam.
    Rain:     I won't let you interfere! Even me, if I can have this Rising Gundam!
    [Rising Gundam moves in front of God Gundam]
    Master:   No way. Things won't be that way, I'll teach you with myself!
    # cinematic: Master Gundam VS Rising Gundam #
    Rain:     Kyaaaaaah!
    Master:   Girl, you're 100 years earlier to fight me!
    Domon:    Raaaaaaaaaain!!!
    Rain:     Domon...
    Domon:    Rain... 
    [God Gundam moves near Master Gundam]
    Domon:    Let's go, Toho Fuhai!
    Master:   You're 10 years early!
    [Water drop and Hot Blood animation]
    # cinematic: God Gundam VS Master Gundam #
    Master:   You fool! Fool! Foool! Just a bit more, a bit more and Devil Gundam
              would... this Earth, this Eaaaaaaaaaaaaarth!
    Domon:    Shut up! I can't liste to you anymore! Toho Fuhai, stay asleep there!
    # cinematic: God Gundam VS Master Gundam #
    Master:   No, no waaaaaaay!
    [Master Gundam explodes]
    Rain:     You... did it...
    Domon:    Aah, are ok, Rain?
    Rain:     Eeh.
    Domon:    Ok, let's go to Neo Hong-Kong. Everyone is waiting.
    Rain:     Eeh...
    [Rising Gundam and God Gundam disappear]
    # next: scene 217 GH #
    # scene 217 BF: Big Falcon - hangar #
    Kocho:   Uugh...
    Michiru: Look, Kocho-san's horn is breaking.
    Sayaka:  It broke during the battle's shock.
    Kocho:   Am I alive...? Am I, a demon...?
    Ryo:     No, you're no long Kocho Oni, you're the pretty Kocho-san.
    Kocho:   Aah, so I could be back as a human...
    Aina:    You don't need to concern about your horn anymore.
    Shiroh:  Aah, we're allies.
    Hayato:  You're surely a sweety, 2nd Lt.
    Benkei:  Hey hey, Hayato!
    Hayato:  Mah, not that I don't like it, though.
    # next: scene 218 BF #
    # scene 217 NC: Castle Oniwa - demon three faces hall #
    Janella:     Damn, again and again. This only makes Highnel more impudent!
    Warchimedes: The salvation is, Highnel has failed too.
    Jigoku:      Ankoku Dai-Shogun, the Mass Production Great Mazinger you were
                 concerned will soon be complete. I'll avenge you with that...
    # next: scene 218 NC #
    # scene 217 GH: Underground Castle - commnder room #
    Lihitel: All of you, we'll challenge Londo Bell with all the power of the 
             Underground Castle! For Balm's 1 thousand million of people, and for
             Aizam who burnt his life for this! We'll defeat Londo Bell!
    Ryza:    It's an emergency! Lihitel-sama!
    Lihitel: What happened, Ryza?
    Ryza:    That's... It's an order from our country to come back to Small Balm!
    Barbath: What!?
    Lihitel: Do not fool me! Sure it's being delayed, but Earth invasion is the
             with of all the 1 thousand million people!
    Ryza:    But, Lihitel-sama... It's an order from great minister Olban...!
    Lihitel: What, from great minister Olvan? ... Is that true!?
    Ryza:    Yes, I've confirmed.
    Lihitel: Kuh... And I couldn't even get my revenge for Aizam... And we'll have
             to go back to Small Balm in such a shameful way...!
    # next: scene 220 #
    # scene 218 BF: Underground Castle - commander room #
    Highnel:  Kazaleen, your foolish decision made us fail this time.
    Kazaleen: I beg your pardon. I can't understand myself how did I make such
              mistake. For sure there was love among humans according to data.
    Highnel:  Enough!
    Jangal:   What about doctor Gou?
    Highnel:  We can't use him as a hostage, but we can use his brain. Let him live
              and put him into prison.
    Jangal:   Hah!
    Highnel:  But afterwards, those from Hyakki Empire are worthless. We'd given
              them attention for having horn like us from the great Boazan, and
              this is the result.
    Jangal:   Even having horns, they're from Earth, afterall.
    Highnel:  It's annoying! I've heard Janella failed too! ... If it keeps like
              this, the main forces will move... Eei!
    # next: scene 219 BF #
    # scene 218 NC: Nanbara Connection - main control room #
    Yotsuya:    My my, we were waiting for you. I'm grateful for the help.
    Yurika:     Oh, we'll be helped by Com-Battler V from now on, so it's even.
    Yotsuya:    So, let me introduce them, the 5 of Com-Battler Team.
    Hyoma:      Hyoma Aoi, I'm the pilot of Com-Battler.
    Juuzo:      What'ya saying! The Combine is done because of us... Oops, I'm
                Juuzo Naniwa. I don't lose on shooting for anyone.
    Daisaku:    I'm Daisaku Nishikawa.
    Hikaru:     Daisaku... Ah! That illustration at the entrance, was that you?
    Daisaku:    Hahaha, I dreamed on becoming a manga writer but, no time to that
    Hikaru:     I'm aspirating for manga writer too! Ah, let's make a doujinshi
                together next time!
    Chizuru:    I'm Chizuru Nanbara.
    Kosuke:     I'm Kosuke Kita. While away from Nanbara Connection, I'm the one
                who repairs Com-Battler.
    Prospector: Nice to meet you all.
    Quattro:    Doctor Shibuya. I've heard you use a variation of the brainwaves
                control system, is that true?
    Yotsuya:    Yes yes, I've forgotten an important one, Ropet.
    Ropet:      I'm Ropet. Nice to meet you.
    Uribatake:  What, isn't that a support robot?
    Yotsuya:    Ropet is the measure robot of the Com-Battler Team's brainwaves,
                the heart of Combine.
    Hikaru:     Aa-n, so cuute!
    Ropet:      Hearing that makes me shy.
    Ruri:       ... An emotion program...?
    Kinta:      Doctor, you can't forget person as important as Ropet.
    Yotsuya:    Ooh, yes. The main forces of today, Kinta and Chie.
    Kinta:      I'm the pilot of Kerot, Kinta Ichiboku, remember that.
    Chie:       I'm his sister, Chie.
    Akito:      That fake plan was your idea?
    Kinta:      Aah, yes. While we're here, think of us as great members of
    Yotsuya:    Hey hey, you won't join Londo Bell.
    Kinta:      E-h, why!?
    Chie:       We can fight.
    Hyoma:      We're saying you can't! Stay here and protect Connection!
    Kinta:      No no no, we're going too!
    Tetsuya:    Forgive me. Londo Bell is full of children. We can't take care of
                them all.
    Ryoko:      You're right, we aren't child protectors.
    Yotsuya:    ... Did you understand, Kinta, Chie?
    Kinta:      ......
    Chie:       ......
    # next: scene 219 NC #
    # scene 219 BF : Big Falcon - main control room #
    Sakonji: Sorry for the delay. The Voltes Team's training is finally over. But
             to success on a real battle against the enemies was unexpected.
    Kenichi: Then, we'll be...
    Sakonji: Yes, I'll have you make your efforts as Londo Bell members. I'll
             introduce them. Voltes V's main pilot, Kenichi Gou.
    Kenichi: I'm Kenichi Gou. Nice to meet you!
    Sakonji: Kenichi's brothers, Daijiro and Hiyoshi.
    Daijiro: Nice to meet ya.
    Hiyoshi: Anything about mechs, leave it to me.
    Sakonji: Ippei Mine and Megumi Oka.
    Ippei:   I'm Ippei Mine, I won't be a nuisance to you, so relax.
    Megumi:  I'm Megumi Oka. Although for the look, I'm a ninja from Koga style, so
             count on me at spy operations.
    Kenichi: Voltes V's 5 members, today joins Londo Bell Squad.
    Bright:  Roger.
    Kenichi: Doctor Sakonji... thanks for looking after us.
    Sakonji: Uhm, my training was a bit hard. But that was because I wanted you to
             live, afterall.
    Kenichi: ......
    Sakonji: You were misunderstanding team work. You thought that covering and
             protecting each others damage was team work.
    Megumi:  ......
    Sakonji: However, that's different. To support each other might be splendid.
             But if you get used to it, when you meet times of trouble you'll
             easily depend on your friends.
    Hiyoshi: ......
    Sakonji: That previous battle was that way. To save your father, you thought on
             abandoning the battle.
    Ippei:   ......
    Sakonji: To an ordinary person, that might be good. But you're warriors. You're
             warriors that hold Earth's fate in your hands.
    Daijiro: ......
    Sakonji: To forget about the weight of fate you carry just for the importance
             of your friend isn't allowed.
    Kenichi: ......
    Sakonji: Throw away your humanity once, and look intop yourself with toughness.
             A team work born that way is the real team work...! Remember that
             Gundam's pilot that came to help. He kept your decision as an order...
             Without decision, there's no way to win a battle!
    Kenichi: Yes...!
    Ippei:   Uhn? ... Talking about Gundam's pilot... where are they?
    # next: scene 219 BF #
    # scene 219 NC: Nanbara Connection - hangar #
    Noin:    Thank you, Zechs.
    Zechs:   No problem. It was your request... I can't ignore that.
    Noin:    So... will you come with us...!
    Zechs:   I'm sorry, Noin...
    Noin:    ......
    Zechs:   She's... Relena's, trying to do something reckless... And it's... even
             more dangerous than ever.
    Noin:    What is it!?
    Zechs:   ... I can't tell you now. But... when the time comes, you'll see.
    Noin:    I understand... I'll trust you... Zechs...
    # next: scene 220 NC #
    # scene 219 BF : Big Falcon - hangar #
    Amuro:   You... I'm sorry.
    Duo:     No problem. We were asked by sis Noin, right? We got our deal, don't
    Heero:   Mission complete... Let's go.
    Duo:     Hey, Heero!
    Amuro:   Can I ask a bit? What's going on? What do you know?
    Duo:     Heh? What are you talking about?
    Amuro:   I don't think you'll move for justice. And either for deals.
    Duo:     ... Indeed, the Federation's White Devil. What's fearful is the
             Gundam's inner... I can't tell you now. Sorry.
    Amuro:   Heero... Yui-kun, right? What about you?
    Heero:   ... Relena Darlian is planning somthing unreasonable...
    Amuro:   And that's...?
    Heero:   It's as he said... I can't tell you now. But... when the time comes,
             you'll understand.
    Amuro:   ... When?
    Duo:     Aah, about a not so far future... Won't give up for now, Amuro-san?
    # next: scene 220 BF #
    # scene 220 NC: Nadesico - bridge #
    Yurika:  So, to the rendezvous point Neo Hong-Kong, let's go-!
    Kinta:   Humpf, you won't leave us behind!
    Chie:    Catching machine, fire!
    # next: scene 222 #
    # scene 220 BF: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  Ok, this ship will head to Neo Hong Kong, and redezvous with Nadesico
             and Banjo's Team!
    Ippei:   Doctor Sakonji is surely bad. He said we were under training just to
             have Londo Bell to come and pick us up.
    Hiyoshi: Yes, he'd accept us from that training since the beginning.
    Shiroh:  No, you're wrong.
    Megumi:  Wrong... what do you mean?
    Amuro:   With the message of Voltes' join, there was another message. If
             the pilots didn't make it, then to prepare ones of our own.
    Daijiro: Then, if we weren't accepted by doctor...
    Kenichi: We'd be all fired, and the Federation's pilots would be in Voltes.
    Bright:  That's right. And the join message meant that he couldn't prolong
             anymore the inclusion of Voltes.
    Ippei:   Well well, a dangerous doctor.
    Hiyoshi: That was close.
    # next: scene 221 BF #
    # scene 221 BF: Big Falcon - main control room #
    Sakonji: Hard trainings... you've endured well. They can for sure use that
             weapon well... Wait for it to be complete, kids...!
    # next: scene 222 #
    # scene 222: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:     Captain Misumaru, thanks for the effort. I've heard you were
                attacked, was everything ok?
    Yurika:     Yes, we could gather with Com-Battler Team safely!
    # if Big Falcon Route or Guiana Highlands Route #
    Yurika:     I'll introduce them. The Com-Battler Team's 5 members and a
    Hyoma:      I'm Hyoma Aoi, I'm piloting the Com-Battler.
    Juuzo:      What are you saying!? We can combine because of us... Oh, I'm
                Juuzo Naniwa. I don't lose to anyone in shooting.
    Daisaku:    Me, Daisaku Nishikawa.
    Chizuru:    I'm Chizuru Nanbara.
    Kosuke:     I'm Kosuke Kita. While away from Connection, I'm responsible for
                Com-Battler's repairings.
    # if Big Falcon Route
    Astonage:   Nice to meet you.
    # else Guiana Highlands Route #
    Prospector: Well well, we're counting on you.
    # if Big Falcon Route or Guiana Highlands Route #
    Amuro:      I've heard, do you use one kind of a brain waves control system?
    Prospector: It's him... Ropet-kun.
    Ropet:      I'm Ropet. Nice to meet you.
    Kou:        What, a mechanic robot?
    Yurika:     Ropet-kun is the stabilizer robot of Com-Battler Team's brain
                waves, very important to combine.
    Michiru:    Fufu, so cute!
    Ropet:      I'll get shy if you say such things.
    Nina:       An... an emotion program...?
    # if Big Falcon Route
    Quattro:    The Com-Battler V that they use is like Voltes V, the junction of
                5 machines, say 5 pilots on it.
    # if Nanbara Connection Route #
    Bright:     That's fine. I'll introduce you, the people of Voltes Team.
    # else Guiana Highlands Route #
    Bright:     I'll introduce the members that came with us. The people of Voltes
    # if Nanbara Connection Route or Guiana Highlands Route #
    Kenichi:    Voltes V's main pilot, Kenichi Gou.
    Yurika:     I'm Nadesico's captain Yurika Misumaru.
    Daijiro:    Nice to meet you, I'm Daijiro Gou.
    Hiyoshi:    I'm Hiyoshi Gou.
    Yurika:     Oh, perhaps you three are...
    Kenichi:    Yes, we're brothers.
    Ippei:      I'm Ippei Mine, mah, nice to meet ya... And you're gorgeous, sis.
    Yurika:     Eh?
    Megumi:     Ippei! No sis to the captain, ok! I'm Megumi Oka. Nice to meet you.
    Bright:     The Voltes V they're pilot is like Com-Battler V, a combination
                type of 5 machines, a 5 pilot machine.
    # if Guiana Highlands Route #
    Ryoko:      A couple of Super Robots using Super Electromagnetics.
    Akito:      Both with Super Electromagnetics and a combined attack... is that
    Hyoma:      Wanna try? Hehe, I bet Voltes can't follow Com-Battler's move!
    Kenichi:    How dare you? Let's try it out.
    Yurika:     U~hn that's good! Areh? I can't see the ones that went to Guiana
    # if Nanbara Connection Route or Big Falcon Route #
    Amuro:      This is a good upgrade to our battle power. We can go offense
    Yurika:     Yes! Areh? I can't see the ones that went to Guiana Highlands.
    Amuro:      We've got a message from Lt. Burning, they'll reach in 1 hour.
                They've fought enemies too. The Devil Gundam and the Balmlings.
    Yurika:     Devil Gundam...! Were they alright?
    Bright:     Not so sure... It seems the one protecting the Shuffle Alliance
                from the shadows, Schwartz Brooder, is at hospital in critical
    Amuro:      And, because of some trouble with their machine, both Domon and
                Rain will be late.
    Bright:     We'll wait for them here, and accomplish repairing and supplying.
    Yurika:     Roger.
    # if NC next:   scene 223 NC #
    # else BF next: scene 224    #
    # else GH next: scene 224    #
    # scene 223 NC: Nadesico - Aestevalis Deck #
    Ryoko:      You idiots, why did you come after us!?
    Noin:       ... What are you thinking?
    Kinta:      We want to fight, we've got Kerot but, we can't just stay and
    Chie:       Yes, yes.
    Kinta:      No matter what sister Ryoko says, we'll be after you!
    Akatsuki:   Well well, what's the problem? Isn't that those kid's own idea?
    Koji:       Don't know about me, but I'm sure Tetsuya would have kicked out the
    Tetsuya:    They were hung at Nadesico's nozzle with a wire.
    Koji:       They've got the nerves for sure.
    Kinta:      Not only nerves! Kerot has a supplying device, it'll be useful.
    Boss:       Humpf, Boss Borot has got one supply device already.
    Kinta:      Kerot will be more useful than Borot!
    Chie:       Yes, yes!
    Boss:       What you say, kids!?
    Akito:      What will we do?
    Prospector: That's troblesome, we can't go back. And they don't seem to want
                to leave.
    Ryoko:      ... I see. Kinta, Chie, we'll take you.
    Juuzo:      Hey hey, is that ok?
    Ryoko:      But, stay in supply stance at battles. And, watch with your small
                eyes... what's happening in this war, what we've gained or lost.
                For your future.
    Kinta:      I know, sister Ryoko.
    Erina:      And to keep such troublesome. I won't care if anything happens.
    # next: scene 224 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 224: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:   We'll supply and repair at Luo Company.
    Amuro:    Luo Company. I'll go meet them, Bright.
    Quattro:  I'll go too.
    # if Lalah joined #
    Lalah:    Me too...
    Burning:  I'll stay. Lt Amuro worked too much. Better if you go spread your
              wings sometime.
    Kappei:   How unfair! Only Amuro-san and the others! I bet you'll all go eat
              some Chinese food after that, right?
    Keiko:    Kappei, of course not.
    Benkei:   Really? It's possible.
    Hayato:   You are the one who wants to eat, Benkei.
    Noin:     Don't mess. There will be time until Kasshu and Mikamura reach us.
              Those who want to land may present me a petition. I'll go to Luo
              Company too. Hurry up with that.
    Ken:      Oh, a break! We'll be relieved from army for a while!
    Koji:     If it's about Neo Hong-Kong, then it's about gourmet. I was expecting
              for this day, so I didn't eat anything since yesterday.
    Hyoma:    Heheh, me too.
    Tetsuya:  Amazing. Koji-kun, what if there was an enemy attack?
    Koji:     I planned to eat up the enemy with sauce. Hey, let's go, you all.
    Chibodee: It's bad for Domon, but we'll have to eat his part too.
    George:   You're right. I don't have much chance of eating Chinese food.
    Sai-sici: Oldie Argo, let's go.
    Argo:     ... I'll pass. I don't like bustling places.
    Tetsuya:  We combine. I'll stay too.
    Tapp:     What are you saying, Nell Ahgama is, differently from Nadesico, only
              serving army lunches.
    Kayra:    Yes yes, in times like this, we have to eat good stuff.
    Boss:     Ya right, let's go.
    Hiyoshi:  I'm interested at electronic parts.
    Kosuke:   Yes. There are plenty of stuff at Hong-Kong's market.
    Nina:     Just don't buy strange parts.
    Kenichi:  Hiyoshi, we'll stay and protect everyone's absence.
    Hiyoshi:  Eh-!? No joke, brother Kenichi!
    Kenichi:  We've troubled everyone with our delayed rendezvous. We'll let the
              others to rest well now.
    Daijiro:  It's as brother says.
    Ippei:    Well well.
    Juuzo:    Surely serious, Voltes V's leader. How about our leader, Hyoma?
    Hyoma:    To eat good stuff and charge the team's energy is the job of a leader
    Chizuru:  You only want to eat by yourself, right, Hyoma?
    Hyoma:    Heheh.
    Kou:      Nina... aren't you going too?
    Nina:     I'm sorry... There's this schedule to receive a new kind from
              Anaheim. They can't analyze it without me, right?
    Shiroh:   Sorry for you, 2nd Lt.
    Aina:     Shiroh, let's go.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     You and your show. Well, I'll go too.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Should I stay... A command... none yet. I have to gather some data
    Camille:  Neo Hong-Kong...
    Fa:       Camille, let's go.
    Camille:  ... Aah.
    # next: scene 225 #
    # scene 225: Nadesico - Aestevalis deck #
    Uribatake: Whaat, how can you say we are not allowed to land!?
    Hikaru:    How rude. We want to hang out too!
    Ryoko:     Ahgama's people had authorization to land, right!? Why is that!?
    Erina:     Aestevalis' parts have arrived. For the checkings to each machine,
               I want the pilots and mechanicals to remain.
    Uribatake: That's oppression! It's against the labor standards act!
    Erina:     At the emergency of warfare, the labor standards act doesn't rule.
               Now, hurry and begin the work.
    Uribatake: That's rude.
    Izumi:     No China food... empty china plate...
    Akito:     China food from the origins... So close.
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:       Damn, and in times like these, there are so many data images!
    Yurika:    And I wanted to go shopping with Akito too!
    Akito:     Yurika... It's bad for the captain to leave the ship...
    # next: scene 226 #
    # scene 226: Neo Hong-Kong #
    Gun-Jeam: Gufufu... So Londo Bell landed...
    Ganan:    Aah, what now, colonel?
    Gun-Jeam: One thing! During supply, it's the right time. We'll smash them once
              and for all.
    Won:      That'll be troublesome. I'm not satisfied abou attacking them now.
    Gun-Jeam: Humpf! Unneeded babble. We were kicked all this way, we have to
              payback the price!
    Goll:     Ye...yeah! We...We won't let them e...escape!
    Won:      No. It's about time for me to get that... I don't want any trouble.
              Colonel Gun-Jeam, can I trust you?
    Ganan:    Keh, that bastard Won. Got what? He changed the way he talks to us in
    Min:      I'm interested. Whatever, what will it be, colonel? If it keeps like
              this, we'll be in trouble.
    Gun-Jeam: Heh, so this is the point of no return.
    Jin:      Then, colonel...
    Gun-Jeam: Oh yes! Whatever Won says, it'll be nothing if we can smash them.
    Goll:     Th...Then, colonel... We'll do it.
    Gun-Jeam: Gather all remaining soldiers! We'll do good business!
    Ganan:    Heheh, it's getting funnier.
    Gun-Jeam: Our link with Won is now cut. Those bastards from Londo Bell... I'll
              have barbecue of you along with Hong-Kong itself!
    # next: scene 227 #
    # scene 227: Neo Hong-Kong - urban area #
    Benkei:  Oh my, the original one is really great.
    Hyoma:   Guguh... I'm stuffed.
    Koji:    Let me rest a while. Urp.
    Sayaka:  Well, you eat too much. Know your limits a little.
    Koji:    Don't say that, right, Aoi?
    Hyoma:   Aah. It's our chance. We have to eat a lot.
    Chizuru: Well, you wanted to eat by yourself, afterall.
    Daisaku: Uhn?
    Camille: ......
    Fa:      What's up? Camille... You're upset.
    Camille: No... it's not like that.
    Fa:      I see. Neo Hong-Kong is... Four Murasame-san's...
    Camille: ......
    Quattro: Camille-kun, can I?
    Camille: ... Lt?
    Quattro: From now on... it's better if you stop thinking about them.
    Amuro:   I've thought on saying that too... They became more and more enhaced
             by Giganos.
    Camille: What does that mean!? Four and Rosamie, they don't understand. So we
             only need to make them understand!
    Quattro: Easy to talk.
    Camille: And Enhaced Human is only being forced to fight by an external
             motivation. We can heal it. No need to kill, right?
    Quattro: Camille-kun...
    Amuro:   Camille, Fa's worried about you. That... you might be possessed by
    Camille: Possessed?
    Amuro:   Do you really think you can bring Four and Rosamie to the palm of
             your hands?
    Camille: If I can destroy the Psycho Gundam... Four and Rosamie will be fine!
    Quattro: No, their consciousness were more artificially enhaced... by drugs and
             Psycomm's power.
    # if Lalah joined #
    Lalah:   ......
    Camille: Don't say stuff on your guess!
    Fa:      Camille...
    Koji:    Enhaced Human... A tough, unpenetrable world.
    Kayra:   I agree. But, I understand Camille's stingy attitude.
    Camille: After Gripps Conflict's end, they were fine without fighting anymore.
             Why, why does this have to repeat once again!?
    Yotsuya: Men's... karma, that would be.
    Chizuru: Eh!? Do...Doctor!?
    Daisaku: Why is doctor at Neo Hong-Kong!?
    Yotsuya: To meet a friend, but... Camille Vidan-kun, humans are trully
             mal-formed living beings.
    Camille: And because they are mal-formed, are you saying I have to give up
             helping them!?
    Yotsuya: No... But, you know that, don't you?
    Camille: That's... Uh!?
    Amuro:   ... This feeling...
    Camille: Four!? ... And, Rosamie...!?
     Stage 18 M - Kitaeyo, Katsu Tame ni (Train, to win)
              F - Neo Hong-Kong Enjou (Neo Hong-Kong, blazing up)
    [Giganos units appear]
    Ruri:     Enemy attack.
    Yurika:   Eeh!?
    Bright:   ... No!
    Gun-Jeam: Hehe, guys, Londo Bell can't move supplying... Kill them!
    Ken:	  That's... Metal Armors! It's that Gun-Jeam bastard!
    Light:    Bad thing!
    Banjo:    All of you, go back!
    Camille:  Damn...!
    Fa:       Camille, where are you going!?
    Camille:  I'll search Four and Rosamie! They might be near!
    Amuro:    Come back, Camille! Kuh, everyone, to Ahgama!
    Koji:     Waa-it. I can't move, I'm stuffed...
    Hyoma:    M...Me too...
    Juuzo:    Stupid! Don't shame us!
    Kazuya:   Hurry!
    Bright:   Deck! Prepare the stand-by pilots to launch!
    Kenichi:  Voltes V, can go!
    Daijiro:  Okay! Let's do it!
    Hiyoshi:  Wawawah, good for us to stand-by.
    Ippei:    Good to hear the elder brother.
    Megumi:   Mah, good mood.
    Burning:  Captain, I'm ready too!
    Tetsuya:  I'm ok too! Captain Bright.
    Argo:     ... Bolt Gundam, anytime.
    Bright:   Can't the Gundam Fighters call for their Gundams!?
    Astonage: No joke! It's under preparation! If they call it now, they'll make a
              hole in Ahgama!
    Bright:   Kuh...
    Yurika:   Captain Bright, Nadesico can go!
    Bright:   I beg you! Keep them busy until everyone comes back!
    Yurika:   As he said! People-!
    Ryoko:    Roger! Heh, we'll annihilate them before that!
    Hikaru:   We'll rave for the Chinese food we couldn't eat!
    Izumi:    ... A timid's body part...? Shynese foot?
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:      This is Gai Daigouji! Anytime!
    Akatsuki: Well well, we didn't play so we're the first in battle.	
    Akito:    Akito Tenkawa, I'm ok, Yurika.
    Yurika:   Oka-y! Then, sortie!
    [Nadesico appears]
    # formation: NA (Nadesico) + 7 units #
    07  NA  03
      06  04
    Argo:     Come.
    George:   It was good for Argo to stay.
    Sai-sici: Oldie Argo, do your efforts while we aren't back!
    Goll:     Look, they're out, commander.
    Gun-Jeam: Just that. Crush them all!
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally battleship destruction
    # ally reinforce 1: turn 4 #
    [Nell Ahgama appears]
    Sai-sici: Sorry for the delay, are the Gundams ready?
    Astonage: Aa, they're fine.
    Keiko:    Kappei, what are you doing, we've got to launch!
    Kappei:   I know!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Alright, I'm ok, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Ready and steady, it is.
    Ken:      D-Team, ok!
    Kazuya:   Open hatch!
    Amuro:    And the Mobile Suits?
    Astonage: Launch ASAP!
    Hyoma:    We're... going...
    Kosuke:	  Com-Battler is ready. Hurry up!
    Koji:     Hui-, I had better eaten moderately.
    Tetsuya:  Koji-kun, no need to overdo, ok? Inside Mazinger's cockpit, you can
              see all of it.
    Koji:     Shut up!
    Quattro:  And Camille-kun?
    Amuro:    ... Not back yet.
    # formation: AG (Nell Ahgama) + 7 units #
        02  07
        AG  03
    Camille:  Indeed... I feel them. Four, Rosamie... Where are you!?
    # reinforce: enemy turn 4 #
    Won:      Well well, Gun-Jeam Squad is surely troublesome... But, it's
              helpless now. You, help them.
    [2 Psycho Gundam and Nobel Gundam B appear]
    Bright:   Reinforces!?
    Four:     My head...! Stop that! Don't...Don't trouble me...!
    Rosamia:  Londo Bell... I'll annihilate.
    Camille:  That's... Psycho Gundam! Four and Rosamie... again! Damn!
    Allenby:  Uwoooooooh!
    George:   Allenby Biazry!?
    Chibodee: What the hell!
    Sai-sici: Brother! Where are you!?
    Camille:  Hah... hah... Is the machine ready!?
    Astonage: Camille! You've come right in time! Use this one!
    Camille:  This is... Z Gundam!?
    Nina:     It's not complete, but the basic functions are ready! Hurry!
    Camille:  Thanks, I'll use it wisely!
    [Z Gundam appears]
    Camille:  Four, Rosamie, don't fight!
    Four:     So you're here, Z Gundam.
    Rosamia:  Z Gundam drops the sky, you're enemy!
    Won:      Camille Vidan... I think they're alright, but I don't want them to
              contact you. I'll send the Death Army too.
    [Death Army appears]
    Argo:     That's!?
    Chibodee: Death Army!?
    George:   Why are they here?
    Sai-sici: We've defeated Devil Gundam, haven't we!?
    # ally reinforce 2: turn 5 #
    Ruri:     Unidentified coded machines approaching.
    Megumi:   Not more!
    Yurika:   Ruri-chan! Enemy? Ally!?
    [God Gundam and Rising Gundam appear]
    Bright:   What, new enemies?
    Noin:     No! Those are God Gundam and Rising Gundam! Mechs sent to Kasshu and
              Mikamura by Lady Une!
    Koji:     Heh, new kinds, eh! They're sweet!
    Domon:    Sorry for the delay!
    George:   We'll have you work your part, Domon.
    Chibodee: And I wondered why you were late, for a new kind!
    Rain:     Domon!? Why is the Death Army here?
    Domon:    Aah. Perhaps, Devil Gundam is still alive!? ... Then, maybe...!
    [Master Gundam appears]
    Master:   As you said, Domon. I'm alive.
    Domon:    Master!? ... No, Toho Fuhai Master Asia!?
    Ken:      That old man, he's still alive!
    Akito:    All Gundams...
    Domon:    Then, we shall decide right here.
    Master:   Don't be hasty, Domon! I'm not here to fight you! I've come to help!
    Domon:    Help, don't joke with us!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     It's becoming a weird story, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Death Army and Master Asia... Then the Devil Gundam is involved.)
    Master:   (Won, you hasty...!)
    Yotsuya:  Toho Fuhai... Master Asia.
    Bright:   Toho Fuhai! Can we trust... that you'll fight along with us!?
    Master:   If not, then I was to smash the importance of Londo Bell Squad,
              which is you, along with the bridge!
    Bright:   ... Indeed.
    Master:   But, do not misunderstand me. It's only limited to this day!
    Won:      What's you plan, professor Toho?
    Master:   If you want to know, then ask the heart of your own!
    Won:      ......
    # convince 1: Four with Camille or Rosamia with Camille #
    # if convinced: Four #
    Camille: Four, you don't fight, you're sick!
    Four:    So you're here, Z Gundam! ... Uh, my head, my head aches...!
    Camille: It's like that because of the Psycho Gundam! You have to come out!
             Come with us, Four!
    Four:    Then, don't be my enemy! Be gentle with me! I don't like to be bulled!
    Camille: It's alright. I'll be gentle. Remember Four. Our memories...
    Four:    Memories... Yes, I've met Camille. The path that we both walked at
             this Hong-Kong...
    Camille: Yes. And we shall create new memories from now on.
    Four:    Uhn... Camille... isn't my enemy...
    # else convinced: Rosamia #
    Camille: Rosamie, can you hear me? It's your brother! You can't stay in that
             thing. Come back.
    Rosamie: Stay away, don't come!
    Camille: Rosamie, go back to the ship. There are new brothers and sisters
             waiting for you there!
    Rosamie: In the ship... all... waiting... for me?
    Camille: Yes, everyone. Me and Fa too. So, let's go...!
    Rosamie: ... Uhn, brother...
    Won:     What the...! So she'd contacted Z Gundam's pilot too personally.
             Strength the mind waves!
    # if convinced: Four #
    Four:    Nooooo, stop, don't steal my memories!
    Camille: Four!
    # else convinced: Rosamia #
    Camille: Rosamie!
    Amuro:   Camille, destroy the Psycho Gundam. The battle system is forcing the
             pilot to fight!
    Camille: I see. [Four/Rosamie], be quiet. I'll soon finish this!
    # if convinced: Four #
    Four:    Help me, Camille!
    # else convinced: Rosamia #
    Rosamia: Uuh... please... brother!
    # ally joins: Four's or Rosamia's hp reaches 0 after convince 1 #
    [Psycho Gundam explodes]
    Camille: Yes... [Four/Rosamie]!
    # if convinced: Four #
    Four:    Uuh...
    # else convinced: Rosamie #
    Rosamie: Uuh... Brother...
    Camille: I'm glad, she's fine.
    Won:     No, it can't be. Eei, it's troublesome to lose Rosamia Badam, mind
             control wave, at maximum output.
    # if convinced: Four #
    Rosamia: Aaaaaaah, my head, my head! Brotheeeeeeeeer!
    Camille: Rosamie!?
    Rosamia: Fufu, fufufufufufu, hahahahahahaha!!!!!!
    Camille: Rosamie...
    # else convinced: Rosamia #
    Four:    Aaaaaaah! My head, my head... Uaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Camille: Four!
    Four:    Fufu, fufufufufufu, hahahahahahaha!!!!!!
    Camille: Four...
    Amuro:   Camille! She's helpless! ... She's... completelly...!
    # if convinced: Four #
    Camille: Daaaaamn! Rosamiiiiiiie!
    # else convinced: Rosamia #
    Camille: Daaaaamn! Foooooooooour!
    # convince 2: Allenby with Domon #
    Domon:   Allenby, wake up! Don't you recognize me?
    Allenby: Uwaah, uwaaaah!!
    Rain:    No, the Berserker System's influence is too strong.
    # enemy retreat: Allenby's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Allenby: Aah... Domon...
    Rain:    It's now. The Berserker System stopped.
    Domon:   Allenby, I'll help you.
    Won:     No use. Recover Allenby!
    [Nobel Gundam B disappears]
    Domon:   Wait! Allenby! Don't go!
    # Ken VS Gun-Jeam #
    Ken:      Gun-Jeam, you're surely annoying! And to attack while supplying!
    Gun-Jeam: Such sweetyness!
    # Tapp VS Gun-Jeam #
    Tapp:     I'm stronger than before!
    Gun-Jeam: No matter how strong you become, small fish is small fish!
    # Light VS Gun-Jeam #
    Light:    Come. I'll show you the brain difference.
    Gun-Jeam: Fool. Battles are power and technique!!
    # Master VS Gun-Jeam #
    Gun-Jeam: The hell with Toho Fuhai. Die!
    Master:   You're willing to win! Laughable!
    # enemy death 1: Goll's hp reaches 0 #
    Goll:     Co...Colonel. I...I...have done best, but it's no uuuuuuuuse!
    [Stark Gebaye explodes]
    Gun-Jeam: Go...Goll---!
    [Gun-Jeam's Morale +10]
    # enemy death 2: Jin's hp reaches 0 #
    Jin:      Di...Direct hit!? Why...Why with such bastards!?
    [Stark Dawtzen explodes]
    Gun-Jeam: Jin!? Not like you. This type of death!
    [Gun-Jeam's Morale +10]
    # enemy death 3: Ganan's hp reaches 0 #
    Ganan:    The ejection device doesn't work. Co...Coloneeeeel!
    [Stark Gandorla explodes]
    Gun-Jeam: You...You fool----!
    [Gun-Jeam's Morale +10]
    # event: after Jin, Ganan, Goll's death #
    Gun-Jeam: Goll, Ganan, Jin. Damn you, Londo Bell! I'll kill you. I'll kill you!
    Min:      Colonel, it's best if retreat!
    Gun-Jeam: Shut up!
    # enemy death 4: Gun-Jeam's hp reaches 0 #
    Gun-Jeam: Wh...Why... Why, against those brats...!
    # if alive unit: Min unit #
    Min:      Coloneeeeeel! Damn, damn...!
    # enemy retreat 5: Min's hp reaches 0 #
    Min:      Coloneeeel!
    [Stark Dyne explodes]
    # if alive unit: Gun-Jeam unit #
    Gun-Jeam: Min, you too... Wait there, I'll avenge you all at once!
    # stage end #
    Domon:   Rain, I'll leave the rest to you, I'll chase Allenby.
    Rain:    Wai...Wait, Domon!?
    [God Gundam disappears]
    Master:  ......
    [Master Gundam disappears]
    Yotsuya: ... Toho Fuhai... Master Asia...
    # map changes #
    Domon:   Where's it, I'm sure it's this way.
    [Gilgazamne appears]
    Soldier: A Gundam in a place like this!? I'll destroy it!
    Domon:   Uh, no! The presence... I've mistaken it!?
    [Master Gundam appears and moves near God Gundam]
    # cinematic: Gilgazamne VS God Gundam #
    Master:  Domon, what are you thinking!? To forgive such close contact with the
             enemy,	a complete unskilled!
    Domon:   Toho Fuhai!? ... Why did you help me!?
    Master:  I'm the one who will defeat you!
    Domon:   Fuh, that bastard, I'll... Guh!
    Master:  Do you remember, Domon? There was something like this before... Yes,
             and that time too... you performed the Toho Fuhai Style Supreme
    Domon:   Toho Fuhai Style... Supreme Technique... Yes, that's name is...!
    Master:  Sekiha Tenkyoken!
    # cinematic: Master Gundam VS Gilgazamne #
    Master:  Fufu... and at last, this technique was the only I couldn't teach you.
             ... You didn't change from that time. Taken by what's in front of your
             eyes, you confuse your spirit too much, and forget abour the important
    Domon:   I remember, I do remember. During the training, I was separated from
             Master, and got attacked by a group of wolves. That time... I was
             afraid of the wolves and couldn't move...! And, at that time, the one
             that saved me... this Sekiha Tenkyoken!
    Master:  As a fighter, you can't take your attention from your fists not from
             a minute. Or else, to learn the Sekiha Tenkyoken is to dream inside a
    Domon:   Master...
    Master:  Domon, what do you see at this land?
    Domon:   What, a city damaged from war.
    Master:  That's right, a few years ago, this city was a very calm. And until
             now, it's like this. Not only here, but around the world, the
             destruction is arising!
    Domon:   What... what do you want to tell me... Master!?
    Master:  Even though, mankind doesn't stop war, and it's Earthnoid this,
             Spacenoid that, genius this, Newtype that... Don't you think that men
             are helpless living beings?
    Domon:   ......
    Master:  Humans are useless beings at Earth, that's why, that's why I... It's
             still there!
    [Gilgazamne appears]
    Domon:   You!
    Master:  Domon, Sekiha Tenkyoken, shoot it now!
    Domon:   Eh!?
    Master:  I'm telling you to shoot Sekiha Tenkyoken! Or was your victory at
             Guiana Highlands only luck!?
    Domon:   ... Ok... I'll do it...!
    Master:  ......
    [Domon's Morale +30 and actives Hyper Mode]
    # cinematic: God Gundam VS Gilgazamne #
    Domon:   ...I...I did it.
    [Main Robot appears]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Oh, there you're! Domon, and that master-san, I'll help, that is!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   So you're here... Uhn, and Toho Fuhai too...?
    Master:  That's...
    Domon:   [Axel/Lamia]!
    Master:  ... Domon, the Toho Fuhai Style Supreme Technique... Sekiha Tenkyoken.
             It's surelly passed to you. And, picture this twilight of this
             wreckage brought by humanity into your chest!
    Domon:   Master!?
    Master:  And I'll tell one more thing for last. Beware for that one.
    Domon:   That one...? About [Axel/Lamia]?
    [Master Gundam disappears]
    # if Four or Rosamia joined next: scene 228 #
    # else next:                      scene 229 #
    # scene 228: Nadesico - medical office #
    Camille: How's [Four/Rosamie]?
    Rain:    She calmed down. But...
    Ines:    Let me explain... for the use of the Psycho Communication System, the
             Psycomm, many kind of body enhacing was made, by the use of drugs and
             surgical operation. That's why her body is almost broken.
    Camille: ... She... can't she be cured...?
    Ines:    Completelly... is difficult. But, it's possible to cure her to the
             point that it's possible to take a calm daily life.
    # if Four joined #
    Four:    Camille... I don't want to go anywhere. I'll stay and fight along with
    # else Rosamie joined #
    Rosamie: Brother... I don't want to go anywhere. I'll stay and fight along with
    Camille: Fight... No! I won't let [Four/Rosamie] to fight anymore!
    # if Four joined #
    Four:    If it's to be separated from Camille... then I prefer to stay and
    # else Rosamia joined #
    Rosamia: If it's to be separated from brother... then I prefer to stay and
    Fa:      [Four/Rosamie]...
    Rain:    Camille-kun...
    # if Four joined #
    Ines:    Fuh, love is strong... I'll try!
    # else Rosamia joined #
    Ines:    Fuh, even though fake memory, the heart bonds are strong... I'll try!
    Camille: Fresange-san... I beg you!
             ([Rosamie/Four]... for you... I'll protect [Four/Rosamie]...)
    # next: scene 229 #
    # scene 229: Nell Ahgama - one room #
    Hyoma:   But I was surprised. To meet oldie here.
    Chizuru: You said you met a friend, what kind of person is that?
    Yotsuya: ......
    Juuzo:   Doctor? What happened?
    Daisaku: This thick material... what is it?
    Yotsuya: Can someone call doctor Mikamura's daughter for me?
    Kosuke:  Rain-san...?
    Hyoma:   Hey hey, oldie. You're weird.
    Yotsuya: ......
             (It's indeed a splendid technology. As a scientist, I respect that...
             This UG cell. But... now that it became DG cells...)
    # next: scene 230 #
    # scene 230: Neo Hong-Kong - urban area #
    Karl:    Hey, is that true that Lt-dono went back to moon!?
    Werner:  For sure, it was a direct order from your excellency Marshall Gilthor.
    Dan:     That's good. Now we can relax and go back to moon too... But, we can't
             be glad. Our Giganos' surface forces are almost annihilated.
    Werner:  That may be related for Lt-dono going back to moon and... Uhn?
    Min:     ... So I'm the only one who survived...
    Karl:    That's, Lt Min, right!?
    Werner:  From Gun-Jeam Squad? Forget about that woman. I don't want to bother.
    Karl:    Don't be like that. Lt Min.
    Min:     Uhn? ... Oh, you kids. Long time no see.
    Karl:    What happened, all alone in this place?
    Min:     Fufufu, as you can see. The Giganos' surface forces' strongest secret
             guardian squad Gun-Jeam special squad is like this. Only me.
    Werner:  ... Humpf, good for you.
    Karl:    Werner!
    Min:     ... It's humiliating, but you're right... By the way, your beloved
             Lt-dono... Maillot Plarto went back to moon... The fallen blue hawk
             arised at space... like that...
    Dan:     Hey...
    Karl:    ... Aah... this is... a deep wound.
    # next: scene 231 #
    # scene 231: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ruri:       ... Strange energy reactions detected.
    Yurika:     Strange energy reactions? Where?
    Ruri:       Lantao Island. This reacion... it's Devil Gundam's.
    Megumi:     Eh!?
    Prospector: That's strange, Devil Gundam was destroyed by Guiana Highlands'
                investigative squad, wasn't that what was reported?
    Ruri:       But... there's no mistake.
    Megumi:     Death Army is Devil Gundam's children robot, right? If it appeared
                that time then...
    Minato:     Arah, trouble... Then it's still exists.
    Yurika:     Megumi-chan, contact captain Bright.
    Megumi:     Yes!
    [message sound]
    Bright:     I've confirmed too. Captain Misumaru, Nell Ahgama will head to
                Lantao Island. Your ship should stand-by here.
    Yurika:     Nadesico will go too. I know Devil Gundam's power well too.
    Bright:     I see. Devil Gundam was destroyed once by Domon and the others at
                Guiana Highlands. Perhaps it's not fully restored yet.
    Yurika:     So we'll finish... let's do it!
    # next: scene 232 #
    # scene 232: Peace Liberation Forces - secret base #
    Soldier: Relena-sama, where to now?
    Relena:  The status of Giganos' surface forces... Gun-Jeam Squad fought Londo
             Bell Squad and it almost annihilated... I can't let this chance pass.
             That's what I meant since before... to meet Empire Giganos' Marshall
    Soldier: That's dangerous! Even if Giganos' troops are weakened...
    Relena:  I know plenty of it. But if we don't make them give up using the Mass
             Driver, then Earth will become a planet of death... And it'll be late
             after that. And if Marshall Gilthor can speak with sincerity, then
             he'll understand too.
    Soldier: Then, let those ones to protect you! If by a chance, something happens
             to Relena-sama, then...
    Relena:  ... It's ok. With that, I can't speak of demilitarization... We have
             to show Marshall Gilthor our sincerity.
    Soldier: ... Hah.
    Relena:  (And... I don't want you to be involved again... brother... Heero...)
    # next: scene 233 #
    # scene 233: shuttle #
    Relena:  (For mankind, Earth is like a parent. Perhaps, children have to
             separate from the parents once, but I won't let them kill it...)
    Lemon:   Excuse me... Minister of external relations Relena Darlian... right?
    Relena:  Eeh... And you?
    Lemon:   I'm a fan of yours. At any time, to live within your own belief...
             It's wonderful.
    Relena:  To face ourselves in our faith is an obvious thing, isn't it?
    Lemon:   As you say... But, there are times this belief will bring destruction
             to yourself...
    Relena:  ...!?
    Lemon:   I'd like you to come for a while... You don't want gunfire inside of
             your shuttle, do you?
    Relena:  ... You... Who are you?
    Lemon:   Those who want	chaos... that'll be enough... fufufu.
    # next: scene 234 #
    # scene 234: Nell Ahgama - MS deck #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Fuh... I'm tired, that is. Uhn...? A recorded message? What is this?
             "Kill Toho Fuhai Master Asia"... is it? What's this... the sender
             is... W-17? Aah, that girl from before. If I can drive in the middle
             of the war and... wait, what am I thinking about!? ... It's trouble,
             if it's not a mistake, then I was surely a bad person.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Enhanced Human... Those who show off their battle power by external
             forced means... Uhn? A recorded message... From captain Axel? It's
             surprising, direct from him... "Erase Toho Fuhai Master Asia"? ...
             Why? That man allied to us, and helped Domon Kasshu as I heard... Why
             do I need to finish him... My, this is bad. For me to disagree an
             order. What happened to me?
    # next: scene 235 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # scene 235: Neo Hong Kong #
    Won:     Professor Toho, what's your point?
    Master:  What are you talking about?
    Won:     About Neo Hong Kong... To protect Neo Hong Kong from the rebels of
             Gun-Jeam Squad... That I can understand, but not your relation with
             Domon Kasshu.
    Master:  So I'll ask you... Why did you use the Death Army there? Not only
             those Giganos fools, but using the Death Army damaged the town more!
    Won:     Those Death Armies run out of control while a research. And I shall
             be thankful to Professor Toho for that. I couldn't know what to do.
    Master:  (Such a deceiver...)
    Won:     Well... since Londo Bell discovered the Devil Gundam sent to Lantao
             Island as planned, let's get moving.
    Master:  ... What are you planning?
    Won:     Nothing. Professor Toho is hiding something from me, I suppose.
    Master:  ... Doesn't matter. I'm going.
    Won:     Wait. She's not ready yet.
    Master:  I won't take her.
    Won:     What...!?
    Master:  I'm saying I won't take her. There's no need.
    Won:     It's not what we combined...
    Master:  Shut up, I do what I... Ugh!? Coff, gasp....!
    Won:     Oh oh, are you alright, Professor Toho? Seems like your wounds from
             Guiana Highlands are still there, no? Fufu.
             (Fufu... Toho Fuhai... Decrepting...!)
    Master:  (My body is... reaching my limit... Domon... this is the decision.)
    # next: scene 236 #
    # scene 236: Nell Ahgama - MS deck #
    Rain:     Domon, it's terrible. The hospital called, and they said Schwartz is
    Domon:    What!?
    Nana:     Is he alright, in that condition?
    Kazuya:   No way! It was a heavy wound!?
    Domon:    Schwartz Brooder... Perhaps...
    Argo:     He's coming to us...
    Chibodee: ... Right. I think that too.
    Ken:      How can you know that?
    George:   Perhaps... Schwartz has some information about the Devil Gundam.
    Tapp:     Indeed. And speaking of Devil Gundam, Toho Fuhai... It's unnatural
              to think he won't appear when we are about to destroy Devil Gundam.
    George:   ... I don't know why Toho Fuhai... even if Domon's his disciple,
              he's his enemy now, and taught the secret art. Maybe Schwartz know
              something about that.
    Domon:    George! That's... Master... no, Toho Fuhai thought about my
    Kazuya:   ... Really? I don't know what kind of person is your master. But...
              You know him well, right?
    Domon:    ...
    Kappei:   It's no use to keep arguing.
    Hayato:   That's right.
    Ryo:      ... We'll know when we reach Lantao Island...! We have to fight.
    # if Musashi survived #
    Musashi:  I hope the answer will pop up there.
    Benkei:   Agreed.
    Bright:   Message to all! Londo Bell Squad will soon arrive at Lantao Island.
              We are expecting an enemy ambush! All crew stand-by at level one
              battle. Don't distract!!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     So it's soon. Devil Gundam... Let's blow it up, that is.
              (Then... if Toho Fuhai is to appear as everyone is expecting... The
              target from that order will appear. Order... One hint... of what's
              still left in my memories...)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (It's... soon. I have to fulfill my orders... But... I want to know
              what Toho Fuhai's true intentions.)
    # next: scene 237 #
    # scene 237: Nell Ahgama - one room #
    Yotsuya:  Fuhm... So that's it...
    Rain:     ... Yes, the shape of the former self evolution shape, and this DG
              cell is...
    Hyoma:    What're you doing, gramps? Swimming in books from late.
    Sai-sici: Sis Rain too... What might it be?
    Chizuru:  Something about the DG cells?
    Megumi:   Doctor Shibuya, I got the material from Lt. Noin.
    Juuzo:    Material? What's that?
    Megumi:   It's the record of Earth's late nature care movements, Juuzo-kun.
    Kosuke:   What's doctor thinking?
    Yotsuya:  ... Leave it there, please.
    Ippei:    Nature care move, is such an anachronism.
    Yotsuya:  You, could you leave me alone, please...? Ropet, you stay.
    Ropet:    I understand.
    Hyoma:    Uncle, stop hiding stuff! I can't understand!
    Taisaku:  Doctor... What happened?
    Kenichi:  Let's go, everyone. Doctor has something in mind, and researching.
              We can't interfere. And we'll soon reach Lantao Island.
    Yotsuya:  I'm sorry, Kenichi-kun. Hyoma, that was something that the leader
              of Com-Battler team would have done, I suppose?
    Hyoma:    Damn, so Gou stole my moment. Let's get going, all.
    Ropet:    Doctor...
    Yotsuya:  ... I know, Ropet. But my only chance is at Lantao Island. He'll
              surely appear...
              (Do not get hasty, Toho Fuhai... Master Asia.)
    # next: Stage 19 #
     Stage 19 M - Shourisha tachi no Banka (Elegy of the victorious)
              F - Tamashii no Tobira (Soul Front)
    [Ally units appear]
    Koji:       What. There's nothing.
    Yurika:     Any energy reaction?
    Ruri:       ... Spreading to the whole island.
    Prospector: Whole island... is it?
    Kazuya:     More than what we saw at Guiana Highlands... it's even greater.
                What's happening!?
    Ken:        No joke...!
    Akito:      So it's for our eyes that it's quiet.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       Then I hope it keeps quiet.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      Then we should want to keep quiet it is.
    Quattro:    Doesn't seem like that.
    Amuro:      They're coming!
    [Death Army units appear]
    Zombie:     ......
    George:     Great numbers.
    Domon:      ... Numbers do not matter.
    Sai-sici:   Yeah. Strength over weight.
    Argo:       ... Let's go.
    Chibodee:   Here we go!
    Domon:      Riiiiise! Guuuuuuundaaaaaaaam!
    [badge sound]
    [Shuffle Union appears]
    Ryoko:      Oh, the Shuffle Union flew ahead.
    Bright:     Don't go forward without orders! We don't know their formation!
    Kou:        Even if we did, it doesn't matter...
    Koji:       Yeah yeah. No matter to them.
    Tetsuya:    Can you say about others?
    Rain:       They're coming!
    [Death Army units appear]
    Hikaru:     We'll go too!
    Bright:     Units, launch!
    Yurika:     Aestevalis Squad, launch!
    [Main Robot appears]
    # formation: AG (Nell Ahgama), NA (Nadesico) + 7 units #
      07  01
    06  NA  02
      05  03
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:       Well... Toho Fuhai Master Asia... How will you come up?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:      ... Master Asia will appear... I have to find a chance.
    # mission #
    Win:  enemy annihilation
    Lose: ally battleship destruction
          Shuffle Union destruction
    # enemy reinforce: 1/2 enemy annihilation #
    Master:  Well done, Londo Bell!
    Domon:   Toho Fuhai!
    Banjo:   So he appeared.
    Kappei:  Heh, this time, you won't run!
    Yotsuya: ......
    Master:  ...Shibuya!
    Hyoma:   Eh!?
    Master:  Shibuya, I know you are at Nell Ahgama... So this is your answer!?
    Yotsuya: Yes. I'm sorry but... I won't help you...!
    Juuzo:   What do you mean!? Doctor!?
    Yurika:  Doctor Shibuya... isn't he Com-Battler team's one!? Eh? Why?
    Ruri:    ... I'm compiling data... There's no special info.
    Yotsuya: That's correct... Because it's a matter... of inside my head. No data
             was left.
    Chizuru: Help... you mean, doctor!? Are you betraying us!?
    Kosuke:  Sister Chizuru-chan, doctor said he couldn't help...
    Yotsuya: ... I can't, Toho Fuhai, Master Asia.
    Master:  Fuh... I thought a scientist like you would understand... But you are
             a fake, afterall!
    Domon:   Shut up! Master Asia!! You evil being that only uses Devil Gundam to
             put the world at your hands!
    Master:  You fool! When did I say I wanted such thing!?
    Domon:   Shut up! Being related to Empire Giganos, and you still denies!?
    Master:  Giganos...?
    Camille: The Berserker System, or the Psycomm System that made Four and Rosamy
             suffer... All the times you appeared, Giganos was there too...!
    Ken:     ... By the way, when we defeated Gun-Jeam's oldie... You were there.
    Tapp:    He was an ally back there, though.
    Master:  Hah hahahaha! Starting the Giganos, I only used all the ones around
             me. And with that power, Only reviving Devil Gundam mattered!
    Won:     Hoh, so that's it. We were well underestimated.
    Bright:  This voice is?
    Master:  Won. Your plans will end here.
    Noin:    ...Won...!? Won Yunfa... Neo Hong Kong's minister...!?
    Won:     Correct.
    Quattro: Why does Neo Hong Kong's minister need the Devil Gundam?
    Won:     Because I'm the minister. The world is in chaos. But that will end...
             And for that time, Devil Gundam's power will...
    Banjo:   I've heard you were ambitious but, this much.
    Domon:   Worthless! Toho Fuhai! So you too got Devil Gundam for...!
    Master:  Do not disappoint! When did I say that!?
    Domon:   Then, why do you need the Devil Gundam!?
    Master:  You saw that too! Neo Hong Kong's amidst!
    Akito:   Neo Hong Kong's ... amidst...?
    Ruri:    Neo Hong Kong, at the last war... damage from Gripps Conflict was
             heavy, and thre exists few no tresspassing areas where no living being
             can stand.
    Domon:   That place... where you taught me the Sekiha Tenkyoken?
    Master:  Yes... not only Neo Hong Kong. Because of the One Year War and other
             wars, many other places like that are increasing.
    Kou:     Torrington base too...
    Burning: Aah, even after many years from the Colony drop... no bushes grow from
             the darkened surface.
    Master:  Domon, you didn't learn anything from the latest horizons! So you
             might even notice who is behind all this...!
    Quattro: ......
    Master:  I have realized that... And I couldn't stand Earth like this. I made
             a vow.
    Ryo:     What... a vow!?
    Master:  Whatever I have to do, I'll turn Earth to it's former, with plenty of
             nature, shape!
    Tetsuya: ... And using Devil Gundam.
    Koji:    What, perhaps... he's a good guy, right!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (By the story's flow... I know what the ones who ordered me to kill
             Toho Fuhai want. To get rid of the one who will ultimatelly interfere
             them by thinking about Earth, the one who has wrong thoughts... Hey,
             what am I thinking?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (His true intention... which is it? To concern about this planet? Or
             fundamentally its... Damn, why am I thinking about this!? I have to
             fulfill my mission when a chance appears, and that's all...!)
    Yotsuya: To it's former shape... is it?
    Won:     (Too late for that...)
             Professor... Professor Toho! Earth regeneration is such a wonderful
    Master:  Uhn? You evim scum... Too late to get sweety! What are you planning!?
    Won:     Such a tight word. No, I guess it's enough. It's true I helped Giganos
             and colaborated with Earth's destruction step.
    Ken:     So he's with Giganos!
    Bright:  ... Neo Hong Kong, minister Won Yunfa... Do you understand? Your
             crimes against state will...
    Won:     Crimes? Against who? That thing will soon be gone!
    Noin:    What... soon be gone?
    Won:     Professor Toho, I'll make a suggestion. By defeating the Federation,
             I want to conceal our victory! And... make the Devil Gundam a good
             Gundam to people and Earth...!
    Nina:    A Gundam good for Earth?
    Rain:    ...That was the former Devil Gundam... Ultimate Gundam's objective.
    Yotsuya: ......
    Master:  Don't make me laugh! You... You're misunderstanding the word good,
             you damn politician!
    Won:     Uh!?
    Master:  My intentions are... the complete annihilation of Earth's mankind!
    Kenichi: !!
    Prospec: What...
    Yurika:  Is he serious!?
    Domon:   What... what are you thinking!? Toho Fuhai...!?
    Master:  Domon, you know that Devil Gundam was made for Earth's regeneration.
             And, Devil Gundam brought me an answer.
    Domon:   And that's the mankind annihilation!
    Master:  Can't you see!? Only if there are no humans to polute this Earth...
             Nature will grow, and with Devil Gundam's power, no one will be able
             to descent to Earth...!
    Shiroh:  ... You mean to... close Earth!?
    Aina:    Not be able to... descent to Earth...?
    Master:  Yes... No one! Earthling, alien.. no one will make use of Earth!
    Kappei:  Not even Gaizock... and those kind of people... they can't...
    Uchuta:  Hey, Kappei! Don't say he's right!
    Keiko:   ......
    Master:  Fu...fuhahaha... Fuhahahahahahahah! Yes, that's it..! That's the
             thing! For that, mankind should be annihilated! Wahahahahaha!
    Won:     Kuh... he's gone mad... gone mad...!
    Yotsuya: ......
    Quattro: ... Mad... uhn.
    Amuro:   Uhn...?
    # if Lalah joined #
    Lalah:   (Colonel...)
    Master:  Fufu... gone mad, is it? ... Do you think that as well, Shibuya!?
    Kazuya:  Why do you call for doctor Shibuya!?
    Hyoma:   What's it!? Explain to us!
    Yotsuya: ......
    Master:  So you didn't tell your subordinates, Shibuya! You... The word you
             said to Nanbara!
    Chizuru: ... To grandpa!? Doctor!?
    Master:  You can't blame me. You cannot. Because, for Earth's regeneration,
             you agreed the mankind annihilation was necessary!
    Daisaku: !?
    Juuzo:   Wh,What!?
    Kosuke:  It can't be!?
    Hyoma:   ...Gramps!
    Yotsuya: ...I've said that to Doctor Nanbara... I love Earth, but not mankind.
    Kenichi: No! What do you mean!?
    Yotsuya: ... Humans are helpless living being. Even for the nature care
             movement, it only lasted the old centuries, where their own existence
             was taken for granted.
    Akatsuk: Not that we don't understand. Colonies have artificial nature, and
             people can live in Mars thanks to the terra-forming and upgrading the
             entire planet.
    Domon:   Toho Fuhai! Humans live in many places in the universe! Now that you
             want to do the hell with Earth don't make you any different from those
    Master:  That's why you're a fool! Those lands, forests, mountains and lakes
             that floats at space... they're nothing but fake, and you are all
             fools that don't realize that!
    Yotsuya: Nature, and planets, all become something by humans powers. And by
             gaining this knowledge, humans got more and more helpless. Then...
             What happens to the other living being that born on Earth? Those that
             has the right to live, and born to that?
    Ruri:    ... Even humans... can be built... with genetical modification.
    Yurika:  R...Ruri-chan...?
    Master:  Colony drop, Mass Driver and nuke! How much more do you want to damage
             Earth to understand? After you find other place, can the rest be
    Quattro: ... There are Earthnoids and Spacenoids... the ones who crawl at
             Earth, and the ones who want to get their souls freed from gravity...
             War always is between them.
    Koji:    Not only Earth and Space. Those Mikene Empire's guys, they're
             Earthlings, right? Only for Earth it's like this.
    Yotsuya: What does that mean...? Only humans. They aren't starving, though they
             kill each other, an animal that kill other animals... Humans.
    Hyoma:   Gramps! What are you thinking!? Until now... You said to fight to
             protect Earth, were those all lies!?
    Yotsuya: For Earth, humans have to be the first animals to be annihilated...
             That's my thought.
    Chizuru: N...No...
    Master:  You see, this is a redemption... To redeem for all the crimes. With
             these hands. I'll take back Earth from the fools like you...!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ... A chance... will be tough... that is...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Dangerous thoughts... is that? Kuh, no matter. The contents...
             do not matter to me...!)
    Yurika:  Captain Bright...
    Bright:  Captain Misumaru, don't speak with that voice... The pilots will be
             (...Our will is at the edge... We can't fight like this. I understand
             what Toho Fuhai and Doctor Shibuya are telling... But... It's not
             something that can be decided by personal opinions...)
    Master:  And, for that!
    [Devil Gundam appears]
    Kyoji:   ......
    Domon:   Devil Gundam... Kyoji...!! But... that body!?
    Master:  How's that, Domon? The feeling of seeing your brother's true self!?
    Ruri:    Not much living reaction... To say it, he's almost dying.
    Master:  That's the result of you defeating Devil Gundam at Guiana Highlands!
             Even for Devil Gundam, with a pilot like this, it's only steel crap.
    Won:     Yes, that's why a pilot is needed.
    Master:  Domon. Become the new pilot, and revive Devil Gundam. That's your
             pact with your brother!
    Domon:   What!? Toho Fuhai!? Then that time...!
    Master:  The secret art? ... Yes, I was looking for a replacement for the
             living unit... Kyoji Kasshu, almost destroyed at Guiana Highlands.
    Rain:    And that's... Domon!?
    Master:  Correct! For the best machine, to make Devil Gundam live forever
             there's the need of the best body!
    Kazuya:  What do you mean?
    Yotsuya: Devil Gundam is absorbing the living power of its pilot.
    Master:  Yes, and that's why the pilot of Devil Gundam has to have a strong
             life power! That's why I taught you the secret art, and trained you!
    Banjo:   To eat a good turkey, you have to fatten it first... is that it?
    Master:  Not a bad example! One that cannot shoot Sekiha Tenkyoken cannot be
             the best! And as I expected, you've become the best living unit!
    Domon:   Y...You...!
    Won:     (Indeed... So that was it. But I can't have humanity to be
             annihilated as a result of that.)
    Hayato:  And I thought it was strange. To teach the secret art to an enemy.
    Master:  Come, and get inside Devil Gundam! Give that superb body to Devil
    Domon:   Don't make me laugh, no one will do that!
    Master:  It's your fault your brother is almost dead, and suffering... It's all
             your fault. Do it while he still has breath!
    Domon:   ... I refuse!
    Won:     Hahahaha, you are being hated, Professor Toho. For myself... I
             prepared this.
    [Nobel Gundam B appears]
    Allenby: ... Uuh... Uuuuuuuuuuuhh...!
    Domon:   Allenby!?
    Master:  Won! You... yet...!
    Won:     Professor Toho, your method is too soft. Even if he doesn't want,
             there are many ways to make him come.
    Allenby: Uwoooooooooooooooh!!!
    Master:  Won! Those whose powers were strenghned by a machine will... Guff,
    Domon:   !?
    Master:  (My body... My body can't stay still...!)
    Ken:     If we keep wandering what will be of Earth, we'll lose!
    Amuro:   ... We have to fight...! Everyone, can we go?
    Koji:    We have to do it...
    Hyoma:   Gramps, I don't understand such difficult stuff. To annihilate mankind
             and such. But...
    Kenichi: To stay quiet... and to be defeated, I just can't... The place for
             father to come back will disappear..!
    Hyoshi:  That's right...!
    Daijiro: We have to do it!
    Bright:  ... Ok, all units to attack! We'll go through this!
    Master:  You fools!
    Domon:   Toho Fuhai! Won Yunfa! It won't be as you plan!
    # convice: Allenby with Domon #
    Domon:    Allenby! It's enough, stop! Stop it!
    Allenby:  Domon, Domon... Where's Domon!?
    Domon:    I'm here! Everyone's here! You're not alone anymore!
    Allenby:  ... Domon, are you... really... here...
    Won:      This is not good. Dangerous... Berserker System, maximum output!
              Berserker Full Mode!
    Allenby:  Uwoooooooaaaaaaah! Stooooooop!
    Domon:    Allenby!
    Won:      Go, fight, Allenby! Fight! For me, and for Devil Gundam!
    Allenby:  Noooooooo!
    Domon:    Allenby!
    Allenby:  Uh...Uoooh... Uwooooooooh!
    George:   It's useless!?
    Sai-sici: Brother!
    Domon:    ... I have to defeat her...!
    Rain:     Domon!?
    Chibodee: Domon! Are you going to abandon her!?
    Domon:    ... I won't! I'll stop her... Don't interfere!
    # convice: Allenby with Rain #
    Rain:    Allenby, stop! You don't need to fight!
    Allenby: Uh... Uuuuh... uh... Do...Domo...n...
    Rain:    Eh!?
    Allenby: Domon... Domon... Domon...Where's...!? Don't leave me... alone...! I...
    Rain:    Stay with me, Allenby! Domon!? What's up with... Domon!?
    Allenby: Domon... I love him...!
    Rain:    Allenby...!
    Won:     Go, Allenby... Stop talking... Defeat them. Or... you can't become a
             good pilot for Devil Gundam.
    Rain:    What!?
    Won:     I don't like this kind of speech but, I'll tell you as a gift for
             your coffins... Yes, Allenby is a candidate to pilot Devil Gundam...
             Not only her, but Four Murasame and Rosamia Badam too.
    Camille: ......!
    Won:     But then, those 2 Enhanced Humans were soon dropped... Drugs and
             antidotes, external surgery... External enhance isn't the suited
             to Devil Gundam.
    Camille: You... Because of people like you, ones that think humans have to be
             annihilated appear!
    Allenby: ...Uh...Guuhhh...Uh.
    Domon:   Allenby...! I'll save you! It won't be as Toho Fuhai or Won wishes...!
    # Domon VS Master #
    Master:  You fool!
    Domon:   Toho Fuhai! Won Yunfa! It won't be as you wish!
    # event: Allenby's hp reaches 0 #
    # if flag 18 conditions are met: Allenby joins #
    Allenby: Uh... Aah... Aaah... Do,Domon...
    Domon:   Allenby...! I destroyed the Berserker System! Now... it's up to you!
    Allenby: Do,Domon...!
    [Nobel Gundam B explodes]
    Rain:    Aah!?
    Domon:   Flee, Allenby! If you're a Gundam Fighter, show your last willpower!
    Allenby: Ku... Uuh...
    Argo:    Allenby is fine. Domon!
    Domon:   You've done well, Allenby...! Now... Only Devil Gundam is left...!
    Won:     No... It can't be, it couldn't be like this! Eei, turn everything into
             ashes, Devil Gundam!!
    Domon:   Won... with Devil Gundam... I'll crush your ambition!
    # else flag 18 conditions are not met: Allenby dies #
    Allenby: Uwaaaaaaah, Domoooon!
    [Nobel Gundam B explodes]
    Domon:   Allenbyyyyyy!
    Rain:    Forgive me, Allenby... I couldn't... save you...
    Won:     No... It wasn't supposed to... to be like this! Eei, then, turn all
             into ashes, Devil Gundam!!
    Domon:   Uuuuh... Uwoooooooooooh!
    [God Gundam's morale rises 50]
    # enemy reinforce: Kyoji's hp reaches 0 #
    Domon:    Devil Gundam... it's the end!
    Yurika:   We did it!
    Ruri:     Not yet.
    Megumi:   Eh!?
    Minato:   N,no... look!
    [Devil Gundam appears]
    Ruri:     Energy increasing... I suppose all this island is refilling Devil
              Gundam's energy as a plant.
    Linda:    ... The reason of that energy coming from the whole island!?
    Kyoji:    ......
    Domon:    ... How can we defeat such thing!? ... There's no end...
    Master:   You fool! Devil Gundam is meant to destroy mankind and protect Earth
              from invaders, flies like you can't do a thing to it!
    Amuro:    It's strong...!
    Master:   Run to the colonies! The regeneration of Earth... I'll complete it!
    Yotsuya:  ... Martian artist Toho Fuhai... Master Asia.
    Master:   ... Muh?
    Yotsuya:  It won't be as you expect.
    Master:   What...!?
    Yotsuya:  ... Devil Gundam can't regenerate Earth... What Devil Gundam will
              do... is a Earth remodelling!
    Ken:      Earth remodelling!?
    Ippei:    What do you mean? Doctor Shibuya!?
    Yotsuya:  DG cells... the cells with the three properties of Devil Gundam,
              stopped their activities to me. If left for Devil Gundam, then all
              Earth will be involved in DG cells.
    Master:   After evolving, this problem will be solved! I told you before,
              Shibuya! That's why scientists don't get in time when needed! This is
              the time!
    Rain:     You can't! The one that can is... Domon's... Domon's father, the UG
              cells Doctor Kasshu developed... the Ultimate Gundam cells!
    Domon:    What!?
    Master:   What did you...!?
    Yotsuya:  Devil Gundam must involve all other living beings with DG cells to
              survive. And the results are... the zombie soldiers!
    Megumi:   Eeh...!?
    Chibodee: Jesus...
    Yotsuya:  Master Asia, I won't deny what you're doing... But I'll for the
              method. You're no scientist... You didn't realize about the perils
              of the DG cells.
    Banjo:    ... A support? Doctor Shibuya.
    Yotsuya:  Scientists never make it in time... That might be true. But there's
              things we learn in that matter. The reason I waited till this far is
              because I wanted to listen to all other scientists.
    Ryo:      Then...
    Yotsuya:  Yes, Doctor Saotome, Professor Yumi, Doctor Kabuto, Doctor Umon, 
              Doctor Sakonji, Doctor Izumi... And all answers for that... are no.
    Hyoma:    ... Gramps!
    Master:   Shut up Shut up Shut up Shut up Shut up Shut up! It's already late
              for such talk! How many colonies mankind dropped!? How many nuke!?
              And how many will there be from now on!?
    Domon:    Even so, there's no reason to annihilate all people from surface!
    Master:   Can't you understand!? The hell with mankind's evolution!? The hell
              with Newtypes! The new possibilities of mankind are only a tool of
              war, ways to make war formal!
    Amuro:    ...
    Master:   What's the meaning of winning using Mass Driver or colony drops!?
              What's the meaning of winning without hurting yourself!? I won't let
              history to repeat itself!
    Domon:    Toho Fuhai! ... Even so, you're wrong!
    Master:   You still can't understand!? That's why you're a fool!
    Domon:    You're the fool one! Because! The mankind you're trying to
              annihilate, was born from te nature... a part of Earth!
    Master:   What!?
    Domon:    And by forgeting it, the hell with nature's, Earth's regeneration!!
              Yes... an utopia of annihilated mankind... is a fool's desire!
    Master:   Nuuh! Then if you're the right one, or if I'm the right one, I'll
              have it decided!
    Domon:    Ooh, for the name King of Heart!
    ???:      Good words! Domon!
    Master:   Nuuuh, who's there!?
    [Gundam Spiegel appears]
    Domon:    Schwartz Brooder!?
    Schwartz: That's good for your will! But unless you hit the core, Kyoji Kasshu,
              Devil Gundam won't be destroyed!
    # cinematic: Devil Gundam VS Gundam Spiegel #
    [Gundam Spiegel explodes]
    Sai-sici: He was defeated!?
    George:   No, Schwartz is fine.
    Argo:     He's trying to enter Devil Gundam's cockpit!
    Bright:   Confirm status! What's happening!?
    Akito:    Yurika, what's happening!?
    Yurika:   Ruri-chan!?
    Ruri:     Omoikane, analise image and put it into monitor... I see. Er, it's
              quite a mess. The pilot fleed and invading Devil Gundam's cockpit.
    Yurika:   Heh!? ... Er, Gundam Fighters can do such thing! Newman-san! Can you
              pick-up voices with D-3?
    Light:    Quite good reflexes, Captain Yurika? Wait... There...!
    Schwartz: Domon, shoooot! The Devil Gundam, along with me! Hurry! Blow the
              cockpit along with my body!
    Domon:    Th,that face...!? Why are there two brothers!? Brother, what does
              that means!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Same faces!? Hey, Domon. Do you have twin brothers?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Same faces!? Can't be...!)
    Schwartz: ... Domon, I... I'm Kyoji and not Kyoji... I'm an image. An image of
              Kyoji within a mirror.
    Megumi:   An image... like a shadow warrior!?
    Yotsuya:  ... Using DG cell's transcription core process... a copy.
    Koji:     Wh,what!? Transcription... what?
    Schwartz: Fufu... Ask hard stuff... later to Professor Ines... Yes, I'm... a
              copy of Kyoji made up by DG cells' powers.
    Domon:    Why is that... Brother, I can't understand!
    Schwartz: ... When Kyoji got involved by Devil Gundam, with his last willpower
              he created me. As a shadow... to protect you...
    Domon:    Then why, didn't you tell me the first time we met!?
    Schwartz: With you in such anger, you wouldn't believe me. And Giganos was
              watching too.
    Ines:     He couldn't make big acts... That's why.
    Domon:    Giganos...?
    Schwartz: Yes. The reason why Kyoji came to Earth with Devil Gundam was, to
              flee from Giganos, who wanted Devil Gundam.
    Domon:    No, I didn't know about that...
    Schwartz: That's because Giganos, afraid of other forces to steal Devil Gundam,
              manipulated information.
    Rain:     And we were moving according to those informations...
    Schwartz: So do I... I couldn't show the contrary... and go against
              everything... But it was sad.
    Domon:    Brother, you're my brother. You're for sure my brother!
    Schwartz: Fufu... I see. Uh, guhh... I see... now, shoot me...!
    Domon:    No...! No, I can't!
    Schwartz: Don't be such a weakling! Did you forget the burden of that...
              Shuffle's Badge in your hands!?
    Domon:    B,but!
    Schwartz: If you're truly the King of Hearts, then you can't flow with the
              situation, and lose focus on your objectives...! Or.. will you... let
              the tragedy of Kyoji to repeat itself!?
    Domon:    ... Bro...ther...!
    Master:   S,stop! You! Will you kill your own brother with your hands!?
    Won:      Stop, stop, stooooooooooop!
    Kyoji:    Please, Domon, the last shot for Devil Gundam! To release us from the
              curse of Devil Gundam!
    Master:   But! The Devil Gundam is strong! It won't be so easily...
    Chibodee: Heeey! Don't forget about us!
    Sai-sici: We've fought till this far!
    George:   Domon! It's sad but... 
    Domon:    Everyone... My decision... is final...!
    Argo:     ... Then this life... is all yours...!
    Master:   You... don't mean... the Shuffle Union Fist!? With that power...!
              Stop! With Devil Gundam lost, the Earth's future! Stop, Domon!
    Domon:    Let's gooooooo!
    [shoot sound and blank screen fade]
    Kyoji:    Thank you... Domon...
    [fade out and Devil Gundam expldoes]
    Domon:    Brotheeeeeeeeeeeer!
    Won:      No... the Devil Gundam is... no...
    [Master Gundam and Fuun Saiki appears]
    Master:   My, my Devil Gundam... I won't forgive you... Domon!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     (The Devil Gundam... has fallen. Toho Fuhai Master Asia... For that
              unknown command, I'll have to kill that oldie...)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (So this leaves Toho Fuhai, Master Asia alone... I'll commence my
    # event: Master Asia's hp reaches 0 #
    Bright:   We did it?
    [Master Gundam appears]
    Master:   Not yet, not yet over! Domon, I challenge you!
    Domon:    My wish! I'll make this the end! Toho Fuhai!
    Master:   Nwoooooooooooh!
    Domon:    Uryaaaaaaaaaah!
    [Domon activates Clean and Serene]
    # cinematic: Master Gundam VS God Gundam #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Support!
              (What shall I...? Er, why am I not denying that instruction!?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Isn't better to support it is!?
              (If I can make up their minds... then Master Gundam can be defeated.)
    Chibodee: Don't interfere! Stay back!
    George:   I know your feeling of defeating him for all but...
    Sai-sici: Just stay quiet and watch.
    Chibodee: See, once master and disciple, they're engulfed in a death match, and
              deciding their fates. This is no... world we can come in.
    Argo:     Don't make a move. If there's a time we should, it's if Domon loses.
    Bright:   But...
    Kazuya:   Captain! I beg you too! He won't lose! If something happens... I'll
    Ryo:      Captain Bright! I'm the same as Kazuya-kun! If... If he can't do it,
              then I'll do it with Shine Spark!
    Hayato:   Won't you hear your teammates?
    # if Musashi survived #
    Musashi:  Even without listening, you know the answer, don't you?
    Benkei:   Hayato, how about you?
    Hayato:   The same as the leader.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Mah, it'd be like this, at this squad.
              (Why am I concerned? Such weird instructions, worthless.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    ...
              (As usual... I can't understand this squad's thinking routine...
              but... I'm not denying it...)
    Bright:   Captain Misumaru, how about you...
    Yurika:   Domon-san! Do it! Go! There there!
    Ryoko:    Our answer is one! ... We have to watch this battle.
    Domon:    This...! I can feel sadness from his fists... Toho Fuhai's fists,
              they're crying!?
    Master:   Domon, can't you understand!? My feelings!?
    Domon:    The suffering involves my heart...! Yes, I've learned from him that
              the fists show the soul's image. If so, this is Toho Fuhai's soul's
    Master:   That's the end? You're truly the King of Hearts!? With such power,
              you can't defeat an evil one like me! You fool disciple!
    Domon:    Shut up! I'll overcome you today...!
    # cinematic: Master Gundam VS God Gundam #
    Domon:    Oooh...! Toho Fuhai! With this... Uh!?
    Master:   ... Yes... you're now... the true... King of Hearts...
    Domon:    ...!!! Ma,Masteeeeeeeeeeeeer!
    # if flag 29 conditions are not met: Master Asia dies #
    [blank screen fade in]
    Master:   ... Nah... Domon... I learned from you... Mankind is part of
              nature... and to annihilate it was the same of destroying nature...
              I was about to repeat the same mistakes...
    Domon:    Master...
    Master:   ... Will you call me... Master... once again...?
    Domon:    I... I felt for the first time Master's suffering. But I, was only
              thinking of fighting you... Didn't even tried to listen to you!
    Master:   ... Domon...
    Domon:    But you... to the very last moment thought about me...!
    Master:   What are you saying... I'm a criminal...
    Domon:    But you're my master!
    Master:   I see... then...!
    Domon:    Yes...!
    Master:   Arts... of Toho Fuhai...!
    Domon:    Winds of the ruller!
    Master:   Renewed...!
    Domon:    Teared!
    Master:   Chivalry of the teared heavens...!
    Domon:    Watch, the east is burning reeeeeeeed!
    Master:   Guh... oh...
    [Master Gundam explodes]
    Domon:    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     ... It's over. And... was this good...?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (As consequence... mission accomplished... But... I'm not relieved...
              I didn't... ever feel this way...)
    # stage end #
    Chibodee: So, it ended...
    Domon:    Master... Brother...
    # if Allenby joined next: scene 238 #
    # else next:              scene 239 #
    # scene 238: Nadesico - medical office #
    Allenby:  ........................................
    Chibodee: Hey, Allenby, stay with us!
    Ines:     Don't scream at patients.
    Argo:     ... Where's Domon?
    Rain:     After confirming Allenby's status... he's locked in his room. The
              shock of losing his master... and his brother... is heavier...
    Sai-sici: I see... Sis Rain, about that Allenby's status...
    Rain:     Allenby is fine. She's tired and asleep now, but will wake up.
    Ines:     She's deep asleep because of remedy. As the Berserker System...
              damaged heavily her mind, she has to rest.
    Rain:     Well, what leaves us is the Berserker System.
    George:   What will you do, Rain?
    Rain:     It will be a great remodelling, but I decided to change the whole
              cockpit. I'm being called by Astonage-san and Seiya-san.
    Argo:     Remodelling...? If so, the Nobel Gundam is...
    Rain:     It can be used. It won't be as strong as that way, though.
    Chobodee: That thing isn't needed! How on earth a system like that can develop
              such firepower?
    Ines:     Uhn! I'll explain!
    George:   Please, Fresange-san.
    Rain:	  Ugh... I'm going.
    Sai-sici: Areh? Sis Rain already knows?
    Rain:     She explained that to me before... Took 4 hours.
    # next: scene 239 #
    # scene 239: X-18999 colony #
    Lemon:    I beg your pardon, to take such violent acts.
    Relena:   If it's to excuse yourself, then don't do such things at first.
    Lemon:    It's ok, my apologies are just a style. Hohoho.
    Relena:   ......
    Lemon:    Lady, I brought you external minister Relena Darlina.
    Marymeia: Good efforts. And, don't call me lady.
    Lemon:    I'm truly sorry. Lady Marymeia Kushrenada-sama
    Relena:   Kushrenada...!? So... you are?
    Lemon:    Yes, you're right... At the end of the One Year War... Earth Sphere
              was under Treize Kushrenada's hands, and she's his daughter.
    Marymeia: It's not a lie... I have DNA exams to proof. And I'm willing to
              fulfill father's wish.
    Relena:   I don't know who instructed you that way... but you're wrong.
    Marymeia: Silent! I'm the official successor of Earth Alliance family. I won't
              allow such impolite words! ... I want you to watch it next time.
    Relena:   Then, I'll ask you... What do you want from me?
    Marymeia: You'll know eventually. And to meet with Marshall Gilthor now is a
              bad thing to our side.
    Lemon:    Won Yunfa lost to Londo Bell Squad... The pieces are moving.
    Relena:   I can't understand... What do you mean?
    Lemon:    You'll know. And in a near fufure, neh... So, lady Marymeia
              Kushrenada, I'm off.
    Marymeia: Thanks for your efforts... and didn't I tell to stop calling me lady?
    Lemon:    Hohoho, is that so? I'm so busy, I just forget. Well, I have work to
              do... Wish you luck.
    Relena:   (This woman... who's she...?)
    Marymeia: So, Relena-san, this way.
    Relena:   (Heero...)
    # next: scene 240 #
    # scene 240: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:   You're staying at Lantao island?
    Rain:     Yes, I want to collect and investigate Devil Gundam's wrecks.
    Amuro:    Are you alright by yourself? Isn't it better to ask Kasshu-kun to
              stay with you?
    Rain:     It's alright... I want to leave him alone. Tell him I stayed when
              you pass by him.
    Linda:    The collection squad is expected to reach after 5.
    Bright:   I see. We'll go back to Neo Hong Kong. We have to resupply.
    Quattro:  And what about Won's case?
    Noin:     ... he's disappeared afterwards. After the crimes against the
              country, all other crimes started to be cleared... He's being
              searched from the whole universe.
    Burning:  So it's the end for him too.
    Amuro:    But... We can't rest. The successor is another unknown man. I don't
              expect to end here.
    Bright:   Anyway, Mikamura-kun, I ask to report frequently. I'll tell Kasshu
              about it.
    Rain:     I understand. I'll come back in a week.
    # next: scene 241 #
    # scene 241: Neo Hong Kong #
    Chizuru: Doctor, so you're going?
    Yotsuya: Aah, I'm over with here... And I can't let Connection all empty.
    Bright:  Doctor, I'm very grateful.
    Yurika:  I thought what would be of us all.
    Yotsuya: It's nothing... Toho Fuhai... He was concerned about Earth on his way.
             But it ended with a sad result... I'm sorry for everything...
    Hyoma:   Gramps. Gramps thoughts... are the same of Toho Fuhai?
    Kenichi: I'm concerned also. Doctor Shibuya?
    Yotsuya: ... Aah. Now, that is.
    Juuzo:   Now...? What'ya mean?
    Yotsuya: You and your young powers are transforming Earth... I believe in that.
    Amuro:   And for that... we have to win this war.
    Quattro: ......
    Yotsuya: I'll be expecting. So... You all, be steady.
    Daisaku: Leave it to us!
    Megumi:  Yes. Tell Doctor Sakonji our wishes too.
    # next: scene 242 #
    # scene 242: Neo Hong Kong #
    [message sound]
    Linda:   Connection from Jabrow.
    Miwa:    Long time no see, Bright-kun. The renewal of the Federation took
             longer than expected, but we could do that in time.
    Bright:  I'm glad. With our conditions, we couldn't do more missions.
    Miwa:    As I heard, Londo Bell Squad is gaining reinforces on your own.
    Bright:  Yes, some new cooperators joined us.
    Miwa:    Uhm, I want you to come to Yokosuka. I'll give official commands and
             a new mission.
    Bright:  Understood. And, I want to ask... About the D-Weapon's registration
    Miwa:    What!? Is D-Team's people still saying so!? So outrageous! As
             soldiers, they have to choose to fight the aliens!
    Amuro:   Chief Miwa, they're civilians. They have the right to choose, and we
             don't have the right to deny.
    Miwa:    It's obvious for civilians to cooperate with army! Civilians who don't
             are all useless!
    Noin:    Such attitude as usual. It's easier to understand...
    Miwa:    And Nadesico's people too. I'll insert them officialy to army.
    Bright:  I understand. After our resupply is over, Nell Ahgama and Nadesico
             will head to Yokosuka.
    Miwa:    Uhm, with this renewal, Giganos and the aliens will be afraid... 
             We'll show what happens to go against Earthlings! Over!
    Bright:  ... Fuh.
    Quattro: So that man is Sakimori Miwa... Seems you suffer.
    Bright:  True... anyway, let's hurry to Yokosuka.
    # next: scene 243 #
    # scene 243: Nell Ahgama - one room #
    Domon:   ... Master... Bro...the...r...
    # next: Super Robot Taisen A Translation Guide 2 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission -------------------------------#
    # 09. You are Here, and So am I #
    # Sneak preview #
    Heading to Yokosuka by chief Miwa's orders, Londo Bell faces the terrible enemy
    Gaizock. For Londo Bell surprise, the enemy is escorted by the Geshpenst units,
    said to be the 2nd option of the Earth Federation's mass production suit.
    As Nell Ahgama scrambles for battle on their own, Nadesico's main computer
    Omoikane locks Londo Bell units as target. The trouble gets bigger when new
    enemies appear from nowhere. Axel/Lamia recognizes the leader of the Shadow
    Mirror, Vindel Mouser, who tells that their plan is starting.
    # next: Super Robot Taisen A Translation Guide 2 #
    # 10. Credits #
          for GBA
          for SRWA
    Stephen Chung's Japanese Word Processor, 
          for it's great help on traslating most of the words.
    Jim Breen's Japanese Dictionary (www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/wwwjdic.html),
          for it's great help on translating while I could use a browser that
          detected Japanese fonts.
    Julien Doussot
          for sending me in some major corrections.
    GameFAQs and NeoSeeker
          for hosting this guide
    GameFAQs SRWA Board Members,
          for sharing their great knowledge on this game, and specially for
          Soren Kanzaki, mkwong98, Cybuster, Chen Guojon and everyone who sent me
          e-mail forcing my work ^^

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