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    Translation Guide Part 2/2 by Ikusagami

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 12/24/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Robot Taisen A Translation Guide 2 v.0.6
    release date: December 24th, 2004
    author: Ikusagami (ikusagami@terra.com.br)
    # Contents #
    01. Version History
    02. Disclaimer
    03. Notes and Comments
    04. Introduction to the Story
    05. Flags List
    06. Soul Front (SRTA Translation Guide 1)
    07. You are Here, and So am I (stages 20 to 27)
    08. Warrior, Again (stages 28 to 35)
    09. The Extremely Far, Endlessly Near World (stages 36 to 39)
    10. Credits
    # 01. Version History #
    0.6 - 12/24/04 - finished section 9 (stages 36, 37, 38 and Last)
    0.5 - 09/05/04 - finished section 8 (stages 33, 34, 35).
    0.4 - 08/26/04 - finished stage 31, 32. Fixed some section errors.
    0.3 - 08/17/04 - finished stage 28, 29, 30. Added Sneak Preview and To Do list
          at the end, just for notes.
    0.2 - 07/18/04 - finished section 7 (stage 24, 25, 26, 27).
    0.1 - 06/27/04 - finished stage 20, 21, 22, 23. Started up a whole new guide
          for the sake of its size.
    # 02. Disclaimer #
    This guide Copyright 2004 Ikusagami (ikusagami@terra.com.br) and cannot be
    modified, reproduced or distributed on any way without the consent of the
    author and for commercial purposes.
    # 03. Notes and Comments #
    This guide was completely translated by me. I'm no expert at Japanese language
    nor at English, so if you have comments, suggestions, critics, spelling
    corrections, official name translations, or any help of this kind, feel free to
    mail me on the address above.
    Be aware, though, that I have adapted from each character's speech to the
    nearest type of speech in English. So, mispellings, grammar mistakes and even
    bad words that may appear in this guide are fully adapted from the Japanese
    On dialogs when both main characters have the same speech, they'll be refered
    to as A/L. On other characters' dialog, they'll be refered to as [Axel/Lamia],
    [he/she], [his/her], etc.
    I've taken out stuff like items and units list so the guide can breath a little
    in terms of size. If you really need this kind of info, tell me and I'll think
    about putting it at an on-line guide or so...
    About the new translation method, I'm using the game dump's script using
    Hexecute and a few other home-made tools. This method is time consuming to
    translate the script itself from code to Japanese, and then finally from
    Japanese to English, but it'll help me to find some obscure dialogs.
    # 04. Introduction to the Story #
    Universal Century 0XXX.
    The One Year War and the Gripps Conflict... After going through those two great
    wars, Earth has earned some governmental peace. Mars has been succeeding its
    terraforming, and wounds from Titans' rebellion were healing. Earth's renewal
    was occuring in a high pace.
    ... At this point a disturbing event happens.
    After losing their home planet and becoming wanderes, the people from Balm
    wanted to join Earth's civilization, and initiated a peaceful negociation.
    Chances of they being accepted by the space colonies made Earth Federation to
    take easy on it's peace meeting.
    In the peaceful meeting with Balmlings, the worst of the events, the
    "Assassination of the Peace Ambassador", throws everything into war.
    In the middle of this chaos on Earth, in the Lunar Empire of Giganos...
    Minister Gilthor concludes that this situation was created by the imcompetence
    of the Earthnoids, and declares independence and starts a war against Earth.
    And to make things worse, the constructed city of Mars is attacked by surprise
    by an anonymous enemy, and the Hyakki Empire restarts an advance against Earth.
    And this way, Earth is again engulfed into the fires of war.
    Earth Federation couldn't take care of all this sudden conflicts, and only one
    thing was done, the 13th Earth Federation Autonomous Corps, Londo Bell, was
    But... The Londo Bell Squad doesn't realize at this time about the hidden truth
    of the war, about the ones from the "the extremely far, limitlessly near
    And even that "they" are the ones that breath into this fire.
    # 05. Flags List #
    01. (Lisa)
        Super Robot Route.
        Ryo's kills reaches 05 until end of stage 04.
        Active after stage 07 without unit.
    02. Char's Custom Gelgoog
        Char's Custom Gelgoog (Char) is destroyed at stage 07.
        Active after stage 07 without pilot.
    03. Apsalas
        Shiroh convinces (Aina) at stage 06.
        Apsalas (Aina) is last enemy unit alive at end of stage 07.
        Active after stage 07.
    04. Minerva X
        Demonika (Ankoku Dai-Shogun) and Dragonar-3 (Light) are alive at stage 07.
        Koji convinces Minerva X at stage 07.
        Active at stage 07 as NPC, and after stage 07 without pilot.
    05. Getter Q (Miyuki)
        Ryo VS Miyuki, Hayato VS Miyuki, Musashi VS Miyuki at stage 07.
        Ryo convinces Miyuki at stage 07.
        Active during stage 07.
    06. $10000
        Sayla VS Char at stage 07.
    07. G-Fighter
        Sayla has more kills than Amuro before taking Earth Route at stage 08.
        Active at stage 09 Space Route or stage 13 after Earth Route without pilot.
        Default unit for Space Route if Sayla and Amuro has equal number of kills.
        G-Fighter and FA Gundam are exclusive to each other.
    08. Full Armor Gundam
        Amuro has more kills than Sayla before taking Space Route at stage 08.
        Active at stage 09 Space Route or stage 13 after Earth Route.
        G-Fighter and FA Gundam are exclusive to each other.
    09. Aestevalis (Gai)
        Space Route.
        Nadesico and the two Aestevalises survive at stage 09 Space Route.
        Active at stage 11 Space Route.
    10. Borot Pressure Punch
        Space Route.
        Boss kills reaches 05 before stage 10.
        Active at stage 10.
    11. Elmeth (Lalah)
        Space Route.
        Amuro VS Char, Amuro VS Lalah, Sayla VS Char, Sayla VS Lalah at stage 11.
        Char's unit is blown up at stage 12.
        Amuro convinces Lalah at stage 12.
        Active during stage 12.
    12. (Musashi)
        Ryo's kills reaches 15 until end of stage 15.
        Active at stage 16 without unit.
    13. Mecha Tekkan Oni (Tekkan Oni)
        Tekkan Oni's unit survives at stage 15.
        Active at start of stage 15 as NPC and after stage 15.
    14. Kerot (Kinta, Chie)
        Active at stage 17 Nanbara Connection Route.
        Nanbara Connection Route.
    15. Mecha Kocho Oni (Kocho Oni)
        Ryo convinces Kocho Oni at stage 17 Big Falcon Route.
        Big Falcon Route.
    16. (Four)
        Camille convinces Four at stage 16
        Camille convinces Four at stage 18.
        Destroy Psycho Gundam (Four) at stage 18.
        Active after stage 18 without unit.
        Four and Rosamia are exclusive to each other.
    17. (Rosamia)
        Camille convinces Rosamia at stage 16
        Camille convinces Rosamia at stage 18.
        Destroy Psycho Gundam (Rosamia) at stage 18.
        Active after stage 18 without unit.
        Rosamia and Four are exclusive to each other.
    18. Nobel Gundam (Allenby)
        Domon convinces Allenby at stage 18.
        Rain convinces Allenby at stage 19.
        Domon convinces Allenby at stage 19.
        Domon blows up Allenby's unit at stage 19.
        Active after stage 19.
    19. Fuun Saiki
        Flag 29's process fails.
        Domon's kills reaches 30 at end of stage 21.
        Active after stage 21.
    20. (Kirika)
        Zrill's unit is blown up at stage 24.
        Duke VS Kirika at stage 24.
        Maria convinces Kirika at stage 24.
        Active after stage 24 without unit.
    21. God Gundam and Rising Gundam's Love Love Tenkyoken
        Devil Colony Route.
        Active at end of stage 26.
    22. Nataku Gundam (Wu-fei)
        Heero convinces Wu-fei at stage 26 Mariemaia Pursue Route.
        Active during stage 27 or after stage 27 if Devil Colony Route.
    23. Qubeley Mk-II (Puru)
        Gremmy's unit is blown up at stage 28.
        Camille VS Puru at stage 28.
        Active during stage 28.
    24. Qubeley Mk-II (PuruTwo)
        Puru VS PuruTwo at stage 28.
        Puru blows up PuruTwo's unit.
        Active after stage 28.
    25. Gouf Custom (Norris)
        Gouf Custom (Norris) is last unit alive at stage 28.
        Active after stage 28.
    26. Combattler V's Grandasher
        Nanbara Connection Route.
        Active after stage 28.
    27. Voltes V's Chodenji Ball Tenkuuken no V Giri
        Big Falcon Route.
        Active after stage 28.
    28. Daimos' Neppu Seikentsuki Kai
        Guiana Highlands Route.
        Active after stage 28.
    29. Master Gundam (Master Asia)
        Earth Route and Guiana Highlands Route.
        Domon VS Master at stages 08 and 17.
        Flag 18's conditions met.
        Active during stage 29.
    30. Mass Production Great Mazinger
        Tetsuya's kills reaches 30 until end of stage 30.
        Active after stage 30 without pilot.
    31. Falgen (Maillot)
        Ken's kills reaches 30 before stage 31.
        Active during stage 31.
    32. Sazabi
        Quattro's kills reaches 30 until end of stage 31.
        Active at end of stage 31.
    33. Dai-Tetsujin (Tsukumo)
        Jovian Route.
        Active at stage 32.
        Dai-Tetsujin and Full Armor ZZ Gundam are exclusive to each other.
    34. Full Armor ZZ Gundam
        Balm Route.
        Judau's kills reaches 5 before stage 35.
        Active at stage 35.
        Full Armor ZZ Gundam and Dai-Tetsujin are exclusive to each other.
    # 06. Soul Front #
    # Summary of the previous events #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel's got amnesia from a sudden shock. He is rescued by Londo Bell, and joins
    them as his only hope for recovering somehow his memories.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia's an undercover agent with a broken language device. She joins Londo Bell
    on her own will.
    As Londo Bell's rendezvous with the Super Robot team happens at Earth, they're
    assigned to stop the rebel warship Nadesico's plans of going to Mars. Their
    battle is halted by the arrival of Devil Gundam and its pursuer Domon.
    To go against Nadesico's Distortion Field, Federation's representative chief
    Miwa assigns the nuclear warhead armed Gundam GP02A for Londo Bell. Yet, they
    didn't expect an assault from Zeon's remanescents, and the steal of GP02A.
    Dealing with the pursue of the stolen Gundam, and countering the attacks from
    Hyakki Empire, Mikene Empire and Small Balm one after another, Londo Bell's
    paths divide into two, as the main flagship has to deal with Operation
    Stardust, while the remaining forces wage guerrila war against Giganos' bases.
    The turn of the tide against the colony drop happens with the sudden joining
    of Nadesico, and the arrival of the Preventers. The rendezvous happens once
    again, and Londo Bell meets the enemy that blows into the fires of this war:
    the Shadow Mirror.
    Londo Bell's firepower increases with new Super Robot's arrival, and their
    focus now are headed against Giganos' mind control system, which are connected
    with Neo Hong Kong's minister Won and Master Asia. Their will to destroy
    Devil Gundam leads them to the final battle at Lantao Island, with Master
    revealing his true intents.
    With the help of the Shuffle Union, the Devil Gundam is destroyed, and Master
    challenges Domon for their deathmatch. As Domon finally inherits the King of
    Hearts from his master, he cries for his master's death.
    Now, heading to Yokosuka by Federation's renewal order and regarding the
    D-Weapon's registration procedure, Londo Bell doesn't expect the troubles
    they're heading for...
    # 07. You are Here and So am I #
    Devil Mobile Fortress Route: DM
    Mariemaia Forces Route:      MM
    # scene 244: Nadesico - bridge #
    Gallison: Everyone, won't you take a rest?
    Megumi:   Ah, Gallison-san!? When did you come back from Lantao island?
    Minato:   Arah, welcome back. Why didn't we noticed? Ah, how was Lantao island?
    Gallison: Seems like they're taking a while for the collecting. I hope
              Mikamura-sama can come back in a week...
    Minato:   How terrible... By the way, the plane Gallison-san was in... Isn't
              that a problem that we didn't notice it approaching?
    Ruri:     ......
    Megumi:   Yes. Ruri-chan, didn't you notice?
    Ruri:     ... Lately, Omoikane is strange. It was listening to me till now,
              though... it seems like it didn't this time.
    Gallison: This is bad. If I were the enemy, with 1 machine gun I could take
              out Nadesico's bridge, see? Hohoho.
    Minato:   Aran, Gallison-san, if you overdo it, it'll be bad for your heath.
    Gallison: Don't say so. I don't lose to youngsters. They used to call me
              Gallison the Wyat Earp, you know?
    Megumi:   Ee-?
    Minato:   More than Gallison-san, I'm afraid of messing my skin staying up till
              late. Well, I'll end my turn.
    Gallison: Aah, I left dinner ready at the dining hall, so make yourself if you
    Minato:   Arah... Instead of the fearful, I like the sensible Gallison-san.
              Well, good night.
    Megumi:   To eat and sleep right after gains weight, but shall I serve myself?
              So, Gallison-san, good night.
    Gallison: Very good night.
    Ruri:     ... Omoikane, what happened?
    Gallison: Hoshino-sama won't be resting?
    Ruri:     I'll stay up for a while. I'm concerned about Omoikane.
    Gallison: I see... so I'll bring in your meal then.
    Ruri:     Would you? ... then, Lamen, please.
    Gallison: Understood, I'll bring it. Anything else?
    Ruri:     ... Lots of Menma.
    # next: scene 245 #
    # scene 245: ??? #
    ???:     Relena Darlian's kidnapping, Devil Gundam's defeat... And Jovian
             Lizards... We've our chances.
    Lemon:   Yes. Soon enough... is time to call [him/her] back? We didn't solve our
             lack of working hands yet, right?
    ???:     We'll have that one to stay at Londo Bell for a while. Until Londo
             Bell's treatment can be dealt with.
    Lemon:   Can't we have them as allies? The Londo Bell Squad.
    ???:     Hardly... But according to the situation, and to making them realize
             about present and future... perhaps.
    Lemon:   You mean... while they think they can win.
    ???:     There's no one who will step out the path of victory.
    Lemon:   Roger. Yes yes, you... will go to Earth, right?
    ???:     ... Yes.
    Lemon:   Then... the one is complete?
    ???:     The prototype. Putting it into a real battle test, I'll proof their
             power with my own.
    Lemon:   Are you fine by yourself? Shall I go with you?
    ???:     You have work of your own... What about Lantao islands's?
    Lemon:   Under work... It'll take a while.
    ???:     I'll count that on you... Call [Lamia/Axel]. We'll go.
    Lemon:   Londo Bell's power is greater than before. Even with a small elite,
             is that alright?
    ???:     I'll use Gaizock.
    Lemon:   Them? I can't like them, though.
    ???:     War isn't moved by likes and dislikes. I don't dislike, by the way.
    Lemon:   Why?
    ???:     Even if they were made for one sole purpose, they move on their own
             will... Not a matter of the looks of it, but I think it's beautiful
             as a concept. Your W Series... aren't they like that?
    Lemon:   I don't agree... to give them emotions and judgement, neh. The powers
             that grow by those are great... but unstable as well.
    # if Axel Route #
    ???:     W-17 is useful till now. While it is, it's fine.
    # else Lamia Route #
    ???:     ... Worried about the sneaking one, W-17? ... It's working fine as
             instructed till now. About the failure with colony drop, it may be
             because the instruction wasn't delivered.
    Lemon:   ...
    ???:     Enough of chatting... I'm going.
    Lemon:   ... Take care, Vindel Mouser-sama... At that side, we've failed at
             this point. At this side... we'll...
    Vindel:  ... I'm at that will.
    # next: scene 246 #
    # scene 246: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Linda:   We'll reach Yokosuka in 3 hours.
    Ken:     Captain Bright, is that true!? That we'll have the D-weapons
             registration erased?
    Bright:  Aah, I'm grateful for your efforts.
    Burning: We don't know yet. What if it happens like Torrington?
    Noin:    We reach there, and enemies attacks and the registration erasure is
             gone again... It's possible. Don't relax now.
    Light:   Don't say such things.
    Tapp:    Don't relax... the enemies are the ones attacking, so the hell with
    Amuro:   Lt Burning and Lt Noin just don't like farewells.
    Ken:     (I want to farewell the quicker...)
    Bright:  Uhn? Nadesico is getting late. Platt-kun, the line.
    Megumi:  This is Nadesico.
    Bright:  Can you call me captain Misumaru? ... Seems like you're in lower
             pace, is there any trouble?
    Yurika:  I'm sorry, our control system is a little messed. We're fixing it
             during our move.
    Bright:  Yokosuka's base is near. Keep it till we reach there.
    Minato:	 Ye-s. Ruri Ruri, get Omoikane in high spirits.
    Ruri:    Understood.
    # next: scene 247 #
    # scene 247: Nell Ahgama - MS deck #
    Domon:    ......
    Astonage: What's up? If it's about God Gundam, don't worry. I have the
              maintenance data Rain-san left me. I can't make up for her speed, but
              you don't need to worry about the repairings, see?
    Domon:    No... it's not that.
    Kazuya:   Domon, don't let it down.
    Domon:    Ryuzaki... Fuh, it's just that the evil that wanted to annihilate
              all Earth mankind was my fists master.
    Koji:     But we can't deal with it. At the very last, your master...
    Domon:    It's fine. I've inherited the King of Hearts from him... Master is
              alive within my fists.
    Tetsuya:  And at first you were a violent guy looking for fast trouble... Sure
              a good face now.
    Domon:    Fuh... I couldn't be like I was forever.
    Jun:      Violent trouble maker? Who you speaking about? Tetsuya.
    Koji:     Yay.
    Tetsuya:  What? What do you mean, Jun?
    Boss:     All to the trash.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     (I'm... sort of unsatisfied. No one would earn by those instructions.
              What was that, anyway?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (The dead one lives within the fist? ... Dead ones are corpses. 
    [alarm sound]
    Hyato:    Enemy attack!?
    Ryo:      Now that we're reaching Yokosuka...!
    Chibodee: Heh, right in time...!
    George:   We... want to move ourselves a little, neh.
    Domon:    Okaaaaay, let's go!
    # next: Stage 20 #
     Stage 20 M - Ano wasureenu hibi (Those unforgettable days)
              F - ZwaizerGain
    [Gaizock units appear]
    [Nell Ahgama appears]
    Butcher:  Ho-hohohoho! They come, they come!
    Bright:   That's... Gaizock!?
    Kappei:   And we thought they were too silent! Let's go, Uchuta, Keiko!
    Uchuta:   Hooray!
    Keiko:    Ready! Kappei!
    Kappei:   Zambot Combination!
    [Zambot appears]
    Butcher:  So-, we'll have you pay for the previous fights!
    Bright:   Units, scramble... Uhn!?
    ???:      ......
    Amuro:    Those...!?
    Shiroh:   Geshpensts...!?
    Banjo:    Why are the Geshpensts... with Gaizock!?
    Kappei:   Heh! Stolen? Gaizock can do it.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Geshpenst... Geshpenst is... here? Uuuh...
    Ken:      Are you ok?
    Axel:     Geshpenst is here... so...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Geshpenst... is it!?
    Tapp:     Hey, what's up?
    Lamia:    No, nothing... But, if those Personal Troopers are here, then...!
    Uchuta:   Gaizock bastards, where did you get those robots from!?
    Butcher:  Where did I got it is my problem! Well, to say the truth... from
              Gaizock's hangar? Ho-hohoho!
    Ryoma:    Such a joke, damn you!
    Kenichi:  You don't want to say, fine, we'll just smash you!
    Quattro:  Captain, nothing will start if we stay like this. Order deploy.
    Bright:   ... Uhm. Platt-kun, and Nadesico's arrival!?
    Linda:    More... 2 to 3 minutes.
    Bright:   Ok! We'll endure now! Units, launch!
    Axel:     Kuh!
    Lamia:    (If my instincts are right...)
    [Main Robot appears]
    # formation: AG (Nell Ahgama) + 13 units #
    11  05  12
      04  06
    03  AG  07
      02  08
    10  01 
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally ship destruction
    # enemy reinforce 1: enemy turn 2 #
    Linda:    Nadesico, coming!
    Kou:      Ok, with this...!
    [Nadesico appears]
    Yurika:   Sorry for the delay!
    Bright:   Captain Misumaru! Is Nadesico alright!?
    Yurika:   Not well enough, but we're fine for 1 battle!
    Ruri:     Aestevalis squad, all units launch.
    Ryoko:    Roger! Let's do it!
    Hikaru:   We'll crush'em!
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:      Alright! Scrable!
    Akatsuki: Well well, trouble goes on.
    Izumi:    Dripping saliva... Drobble.
    Akito:    ... That's dribble... Well, Akito Tenkawa, going!
    [Aestevalis appear]
    Butcher:  What an annoyance!
    Ken:      Hehe, this will be our retirement memorial, right? Let's do a show!
    Light:    Agreed.
    Tapp:     Ok, let's smash'em at once!
    Omoikane: ......
    Ruri:     ... Eh...!? No... Omoikane... that's not the enemy...
    Omoikane: ...
    Ruri:     No!
    Minato:   What's up, Ruri Ruri?
    Ruri:     Captain, tell Londo Bell to dettach!
    Yurika:   What happened?
    Ruri:     Omoikane is...!
    [Nadesico units turns defects]
    Ryoko:    Wh,what, I can't control!
    Akito:    It's moving on its own!
    Akatsuki: Hey hey, what's going on?
    Ruri:     Omoikane has locked Londo Bell as enemies.
    Yurika:   Wait! Why is that happening!?
    Bright:   What happened!?
    Yurika:   Everyone, flee! Nadesico is out of control!
    Amuro:    What!?
    # event: turn 3 #
    Kyoshiro: What's up!? Why's Nadesico and the Aestevalis aiming at us!?
    Bright:   Captain Misumaru, what happened!?
    Akito:    Yurika! What's going on!?
    Yurika:   I wanna know too! Ruri-chan, what happened?
    Ruri:     Omoikane locked Londo Bell as enemies... and controlling Nadesico and
              the Aestevalis.
    Amuro:    Is that possible!?
    Nina:     Aestevalis' control is connected to Nadesico... hey, Erina-san! Can't
              you do something!?
    Erina:    If yes, we would be doing!
    Bright:   All units, keep up formation, Nadesico is currently our enemy!
    Koji:     "The fellows of yesterday is today's enemies", is that?
    Tapp:     You said to do a show for our retirement memorial, but this is too
              much ya'know!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Bright-san! Is that ok to attack'em!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Captain Bright, alright it is to attack them!?
    Bright:   Gaizock is still there! It's fine if we can halt them! Don't be
    Gaizock:  Hohohoho! It's becoming interesting!
    # Ally unit VS Nadesico unit (1st time) #
    Bright:   Hey, can't we do something about it?
    Ruri:     I'm sorry, it's denying any command.
    # Ally unit VS Nadesico unit (2nd time) #
    Bright:   It's helpless. We can't be silent with enemies in front of us. We'll
    Minato:   Wa,wait. Captain Bright!?
    Tetsuya:  We have to do it.
    Hyoma:    With the Super Electromagnetic Spin... We'll break through that
              whatever field...
    Ippei:    Kenichi! How about the Tenkuuken!?
    Kenichi:  It can slash through the field!
    Domon:    With the God Finger...
    Prospect: Everyone is excited. How promising.
    Yurika:   Wait! Careful! Careful, please!
    Bright:   Don't forget the anti-shock and to flee!
    Yurika:   Why's this happening!? Ruri-chan!
    Ruri:     I'm on it... but it's better to fall honestly.
    Ryoko:    No joke!
    Akito:    Damn! Er, where's the ejection device!?
    Akatsuki: In this situation, it's helpless... I beg you to be kind.
    Izumi:    ... Those memories... That summer day... Grandma...
    Hikaru:   Izumi-chan! Too early!
    # enemy retreat 1: Akito's hp reaches 0 #
    Akito:   To be defeated by allies! Eject!
    [Aestevalis explodes]
    # enemy retreat 2: Ryoko's hp reaches 0 #
    Ryoko:   Damn, why it has to be like that! Damn!
    [Aestevalis explodes]
    # enemy retreat 3: Hikaru's hp reaches 0 #
    Hikaru:  Flee flee flee!
    [Aestevalis explodes]
    # enemy retreat 4: Izumi's hp reaches 0 #
    Izumi:   So, everyone, see ya.
    [Aestevalis explodes]
    # enemy retreat 5: Akatsuki's hp reaches 0 #
    Akatsuki: Well, let me be wiped... Eject!
    [Aestevalis explodes]
    # enemy retreat 6: Gai's hp reaches 0 #
    Gai:     This is a strategical retreat! Ejection device, ooooooooon!
    [Aestevalis explodes]
    # enemy retreat 7: Yurika's hp reaches 0 #
    Ruri:     Transposition engine damaged, output decreasing!
    Yurika:   Minato-san! Can you control it at manual!?
    Minato:   It's the only way... It'll tremble a little!
    Megumi:   Bridge to all blocks! Crew, be ready for shock!
    [Nadesico explodes]
    Bright:   Captain Misumaru, are you ok!?
    Yurika:   H,hah, somehow...
    Prospect: Well, sort of.
    Bright:   Ok, we'll defeat the remaining enemies! Leave Nadesico's rescue to
    # enemy reinforce 2: enemy turn 3 #
    [dimension transport animation]
    [Shadow Mirror units appear]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Th...that's!?
    # if Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   That mech... Can it be...!?
    Vindel:  ... Hoh, so that's Londo Bell Squad. Indeed... It's firepower is
             greater than at our world.
    Bright:  What!? Where did they come from!?
    Quattro: It seemed like they appeared suddenly for me?
    Amuro:   What!? Can it be... Fresange-san!
    Ines:    I'll explain... is what I wanted to say, but it's not as Lt expected.
             That's... not Boson Jump... But can be another technology.
    Akito:   The technology of the Jovian Lizards!?
    Ruri:    Indeed, that enemy appeared along when we fought the Jovian Lizards.
    Kappei:  So Gaizock and the Jovian Lizards teamed-up!
    Keiko:   Is that possible!?
    Banjo:   Can't say much. But... I know they're enemies...!
    Vindel:  They're confused... The normal transportation seemed stable. So...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    That big one in the middle... I know it... from somewhere...
    Lamia:   ... That's... commander Axel... Vindel-sama?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Zwai... zer Gain!?
    Axel:    ... So that's W17. Vindel?
    Vindel:  Aah. Seems like you've finished the secret connection line...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    What... connection? That line I received from the enemy... directly?
    Vindel:  ... Axel. It's me. Even if it's your mission... I'm grateful.
    Axel:    Hah? Sorry, but who's that?
    Vindel:  Don't be afraid, no one will listen... As you can see, I could join
             that device into Zwaizer Gain. The normal transport is stable. Next...
    Axel:    Wa,wait! Isn't this a misunderstanding? I can't get it, that is.
    Lamia:   Commander Axel... Perhaps, for self-protection, he's assumed a
             completely different personality.
    Vindel:  Indeed. Because he's a man that hates incompleteness.
    Axel:    Wh,what?
    Vindel:  (Even so, did his manner of speaking change too...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Vindel-sama... That mech... might it be complete, it is?
    Vindel:  What...?
    Axel:    Oh yes... It's language device is broken. W17, speak normally.
    Lamia:   I see... For what I see... It's stable, isn't it?
    Vindel:  ... As you saw. I succeeded in joining that device with the Zwaizer
             Gain. The normal transport is stabilized. Next is...
    Lamia:   Soon... you'll move?
    Axel:    Yes. There'll be lot more instructions from now on... Fine for you,
             that can't do anything without instructions, you'll relax, right?
    Lamia:   ... Aah.
             (But... why am I not relaxed? Maybe... the core for processing
             information is broken too...?)
    Light:   Uhn?
    Ken:     Light, what's up?
    Light:   ... No, D-3 caught a strange frequency waves... What's this?
    Shiroh:  [Axel/Lamia]'s strange...!? Hey! [Axel/Lamia]!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...
    Vindel:  Fine. I've come for a real battle test. Axel... I'll have you join.
    Axel:    Vindel! I don't get it! The transposition device is built into that...
             (Vindel... Vindel Mouser... Dimensional Transposition... Shadow
             Mirror...! I... I... am..!!)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   They'll suspect... What should I do?
    Vindel:  I've come for a real battle test. W17... I'll have you join. And,
             even if it's helpless, it's unpleasent to have a doll speaking in
             a strange way.
    Lamia:   ... I'm sorry.
    Axel:    Fuh...
    Juuzo:   What'ya doing all stopped!? Let's do it!
    Tetsuya: We know they're enemies! There's about Nadesico too! No time to waste!
    Koji:    Ookay! Bright-san, don't you mind!?
    Bright:  ... Keep up the formation! We'll attack the unknown forces!
    Vindel:  With this device's function, we'll finally be able to move... At this
             side... I won't make the same mistakes, Londo Bell!
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   I'll strike first... Commander Axel, I'll go... serious.
    Axel:    (I'm... Earth Federation Forces... Special Task Maneuver Squad Shadow
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    I'll strike first... W17, I'll go serious. Be careful not to be
             splitted into parts by now...!
    Lamia:   Earth Federation Forces Special Task Maneuver Squad Shadow Mirror...
             Special Cases Treatment Commander Axel... Come, I'm broken... Don't
             blame me if anything happens...!
    Vindel:  Interesting, interesting, W17!
    # Main Character VS Vindel #
    # if Axel Route #
    Vindel:  It's been a long time since I last fought you! Don't reserve! Come
             as if you wanted to destroy this mech!
    Axel:    ... Vindel... ! I've remembered, finally... you...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Vindel:  W17... Lemon likes you very much, but I can only trust on things I
             confirm myself... Let me see the performance of the newly type.
    Lamia:   ... That newly type... Started to malfunction, I guess.
    Vindel:  ...?
    # enemy retreat 8: Vindel's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Vindel:  Indeed... Londo Bell... So at this side too, the ones that will give
             us trouble are you. As a test, this is splendid.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Vindel... I...
    # if Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I...
    Vindel:  ... You shall wait. A little more. The thing we couldn't earn at our
             world... I'll make it possible here... Wait for the next order. Lemon
             is moving as well.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Lemon... Lemon Browning. So she's...
    # if Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Lemon-sama is?
    [dimension transport animation]
    [Zwaizer Gain disappears]
    Domon:   It... disappeared!?
    Kou:     A new... enemy...!
    Burning: Damn, no clue. Though... Geshpenst... that means they're Earthlings?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (Earthlings... Yes, Earthlings.)
    # if Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Yes... Earthlings. I'm not... though.)
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 247 #
    # scene 247: Nadesico - bridge #
    Bright:    Captain Misumaru, is Nadesico alright?
    Yurika:    Somehow... it can't move, though.
    Uribatake: We have to make some emergency repairings and make it able to fly to
    Nina:      I'll go help. Kou, you too, please.
    Kou:       Ok.
    Astonage:  Should be everyone.
    Kayra:     I'll help too, Astonage.
    Prospect:  I'm really sorry.
    Akatsuki:  Well well.
    Akito:     We have to pick the fallen Aestevalis.
    Banjo:     Let's do it with the big mechs. Daitarn, Zambot, Voltes and
               Com-Battler too.
    Kappei:    Roger. Okay, let's do the collecting, Uchuta, Keiko!
    Daisaku:   Quickly, Hyoma.
    Hyoma:     Alright, let's do some rush.
    Megumi:    Kenichi!
    Kenichi:   Ok, let's go.
    Yurika:    Careful not to step over!
    Quattro:   I hope that can be solved...
    Ruri:      Not yet... The problem is at Omoikane. It's still locking Nell
               Ahgama as enemy.
    Ryo:       Eh? What do you mean?
    Ines:      Let me explain. Nadesico was, previously, Londo Bell's enemy, as you
               all know. Omoikane still has those memories.
    Amuro:     So that's why it saw us as enemies and attacked us.
    Chibodee:  Weird story. And for the emergency halt to not work, why didn't you
               delete that program, already?
    Ruri:      Omoikane is a self learning computer. It level ups as learns from
               past events.
    Noin:      So it means we can't reset it.
    Koji:      But, why it didn't affect till now?
    Tetsuya:   Yes. Why is that this data suddenly came out like this?
    Prospect:  This is my opinion but... Maybe the renewal of the Federation Forces
               are the reason.
    Shiroh:    Why is the renewal related to this?
    Gallison:  May I? Hoshino-sama's words, but Omoikane, as Nadesico's computer,
               tried to protect the crew.
    Light:     Indeed. For a self learning computer, that should be obvious... But
               everying was right till now, no?
    Ken:       Yeah. Why in such a timing?
    Ruri:      I don't know if it's related... but Gaizock had Geshpensts... After
               seeing those, I felt it dettached completely from control.
    Camille:   Geshpenst... Yes, those Personal Troopers, why were they in the
               hands of aliens...? We don't know about that.
    Hayato:    Wait. That appeared when we attacked Giganos site... right?
    # if Musashi survived #
    Musashi:   U-hn.
    Benkei:    What does that mean?
    Ruri:      Geshpenst... Omoikane confirms it as Earth Federation's weapon.
    Noin:      The Federation's official use unit is the D-Weapon mass production
               type... Dragoon. Only 3 prototype Geshpensts were made. I thought
               it wasn't registered.
    Tapp:      For saying so, the numbers we fought till now don't sum 3, do it?
    Linda:     I don't know...
    Bright:    Anyway, Nadesico's repair comes first. That control program...
               Omoikane, can it be fixed?
    Domon:     A computer that doesn't what we want should be smashed up.
    Erina:     Don't say so, Nadesico's whole system is controlled by Omoikane.
    George:    You're not very kind, Domon. Isn't there any way to rewrite the
               program? Mademoiselle Ruri?
    Ruri:      ... I'm against it. We'll lose all learned data.
    Bright:    But if that attack option is still there, Nadesico will attack us.
    Kyoshiro:  If you can't erase all data about us being enemies, that won't be
               good, right?
    Ruri:      ... Forget about all bad situations... Adults are cunning.
    Quattro:   To forget is good at times. But it doesn't matter if the situation
               is good or not. Hoshino-kun... To think that it's cunning, is only
               your personal feeling.
    Amuro:     ......
    Ruri:      (This person... is really... fearsome.)
    Argo:      ... To be holding a gun as an enemy, and let it that way is trouble.
    Yurika:    Ruri-chan too, don't feel bad about Omoikane shooting Londo Bell?
               We have to do something...
    Ruri:      ... I'll convince. For saying so, I'll make Omoikane to repair that
               on its will.
    Bright:    Can you do it?
    Ruri:      I'll try.
    Ropet:	   I'll help too.
    Kazuya:    Ropet!?
    Ropet:     I'm a computer too. A talk from computer to another can help.
    # next: scene 248 #
    # scene 248: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    [message sound]
    Linda:    Connection from chief Miwa.
    Miwa:     What are you doing!? The combined arrival time has already passed!
              When are you going to arrive at Yokosuka!?
    Bright:   I'm sorry. We fought Gaizock during the way, and Nadesico can't
              move because of an enemy attack.
    Noin:     It's under repairs.
    Miwa:     Damn it! With that, no wonder you get beaten by Gaizock! As soon as
              the repair finishes, come to Yokosuka! Connection, over!
    Bright:   ... If we don't solve Nadesico's trouble, we can't go to Yokosuka.
    Amuro:    Isn't the Omoikane convincing over yet?
    Burning:  It's now... 3 hours since.
    Quattro:  And the ship's repairs?
    Banjo:    It'll be over today, Lt.
    Gallison: It was good to bring on many Mechamarus.
    Bright:   So the rest is... Omoikane.
    # next: scene 249 #
    # scene 249: Nadesico - bridge #
    Omoikane:  ... I remember. The day we fought Londo Bell... I won't forget,
               that day.
    Ruri:      But, the adults are saying to do so... because it's bad for them
               now, so forget it.
    Ropet:     Ruri-san, that's different. We aren't saying to forget. We're saying
               to not be tied to it.
    Ruri:      To be tied...?
    Ropet:     I'm a brainwave stabilizes robot. I make the Com-Battler Team's
               brainwaves to be all combined.
    Omoikane:  ...
    Ropet:     Humans don't forget things so easily. But beyond that memory, a new
               power grows.
    Ruri:      New power...?
    Ropet:     Failures binds success, and the limits of a fight makes friendships
               stronger. Humans absorb good memories to trespass bad ones.
    Ines:      As failure is the source of success, past is the seed for the
               future, and an unknown future becomes reality... That's it.
    Omoikane:  ...
    Ropet:     Omoikane-san, your data is a record. For you to grow up to the next
               level, you should not forget it.
    Ruri:      ......
    Ropet:     But, if you can only use that data as it is... then you're not a
               computer, but a simple database.
    Uribatake: ... Is that really a robot!? Isn't there a human inside?
    Kosuke:    Ropet is a robot, for sure.
    Ropet:     Ruri-san, connect me to Omoikane-san, please.
    Ruri:      What will you do?
    Uribatake: I see, it'll try to talk to the program physically.
    Erina:     Can it be done?
    Ropet:     Leave it to me.
    Ines:      Let me explain. Ropet-kun has continuously made contact with human's
               brainwaves. That's why its program has lots of those elements.
    Kosuke:    The elements of the Com-Battler Team, for the truth.
    Nina:      In the past, people could show their feelings with electrical
               signals... I read it on a book.
    Erina:     If so, then its program is nearly the same of a human's.
    Ropet:     I'll take that as a praise.
    Uribatake: We're counting on you. Ruri-chan that's here with Omoikane since the
               beginning, and Ropet, can convince it.
    Kosuke:    If we can't convince with this, Omoikane is the curdle computer os
               all space!
    Uribatake: Connection... done. Ok, do it just like the Combine...!
    Ropet:     Ruri-san, please... You'll be most importante key. You that was
               concerned about Omoikane all this time...
    Ruri:      ......
    # next: scene 250 #
    # scene 250: Nell Ahgama - MS deck #
    A/L:      ......
    Benkei:   Areh, what's up with Lamia?
    Astonage: Since the end of the battle, it's locked into the cockpit.
    Koji:     What... it's weird since then.
    Sayaka:   Since when?
    Koji:     That time, the after that unknown enemy appeared along with Gaizock.
    Kou:      Is there any relation?
    Light:    ... I'm concerned, you know.
    Ken:      What? Hey hey, Light, don't involve us near our retirement, ok?
    Light:    Aah. D-3 caught a strange frequency wave... It seemed like connected
              to [Main Robot].
    Tetsuya:  What does that mean?
    Light:    I don't know further. Just...
    Shiroh:   She has lots of unknowns... So...
    Aina:     Shiroh, [he/she]'s been working fine. Don't doubt about [him/her]...
    Tapp:     He-y!
    Jun:      What?
    Tapp:     Nadesico's computer... Omoikane's repairing is finished! We can go to
              Yokosuka now!
    Kyoshiro: Fuh, that's good. If Miwa saw Nadesico at that state, he'd said to
              shoot it down right away.
    Kazuya:   Damn right... Ok, whenver the resupply of the ship ends, we can go.
    # next: scene 251 #
    # scene 251: Nell Ahgama - MS deck #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ... Earth Federation Forces Special Task Maneuver Squad Shadow
             Mirror... Special Cases Treatment Commander Axel. So... I... was
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ... Fine. Now I have to wait for orders and accomplish the mission.
             ... Why, I just have to wait like always, and am I impatient about
             that? Why...? I can't stabilize information... What happened... to
    # next: scene 252 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 252: Yokosuka site - control room #
    Miwa:    ... Over, as the new affiliation of Londo Bell, I'll have Nadesico as
             a Londo Bell's squad, under Cel Bright's command.
    Yurika:  Yes, understood.
    Miwa:    From now on, for Earth's peace sake, kick those Spacenoids out, and
             show the universe what happens to who goes against Earth Federation.
    Yurika:  Kick them... out?
    Miwa:    Of course. Earth Federation is the justice! The Earthnoid's doing is
             the right thing! Ha-hahaha!!
    Ryoko:   Aw, my head aches.
    Kou:     To first meeting person, this should be shockng.
    Shiroh:  Even for a second meeting person, it isn't something to be used to.
    Miwa:    After your repair and resupply ends, I'll have you at the front line
             of the battle against Giganos Empire at space!
    Noin:    Chief, at this base, the D-Weapon's registration will be erased... 
             I'd like to request supplemental pilots.
    Miwa:    Uhm. But, to come this far and still want to erase registration, I'm
             angry at Wakaba, Oceano and Newman's coward acts! Those fools!
    Burning: And about the supplemental pilots?
    Miwa:    Quiet! Take 5, 6 Dragoons along! I'll select some pilots!
    Yurika:  ... So harsh...
    Amuro:   It's helpless. It's better to be quiet.
    Hikaru:  Agreed.
    Akito:   Really.
    Miwa:    That's all! The launch time is tomorrow morning! Till there, all...
    Akatsuk: Chief Miwa.
    Erina:   Is that all you had to say?
    Quattro: (Uhn...?)
    Miwa:    ... Ooh, I remembered! Tenkawa, Akito Tenkawa is here?
    Akito:   Yes?
    Miwa:    I've heard you are working as a cook and a pilot, right?
    Akito:   Eh? Ah, yes. So, does that mean I can concentrate on being just cook?
    Megumi:  I agree, there will be supplemental pilots.
    Miwa:    ... You're fired.
    Yurika:  !?
    Akito:   ... Hah? Fired...
    Miwa:    After some analysis on the records, I've realized you don't have
             potential as a soldier. For that, I'll have you stay at homefront
             care as civilian.
    Kyoshir: Hey, wait. Chief Miwa, you said about the D-Team becoming civilians,
             that they were cowards and stuff, and why's Akito staying homefront?
    Miwa:    Shut up! I said he doesn't have potential as a soldier! I'm over!
    Akito:   ... I'm... fired...? To go out of Nadesico?
    Kazuya:  Chief Miwa, explain to me. Why can't he stay as a cook? To drop him
             out here is...
    Miwa:    I told you to shut up, Kazuya Ryuzaki! You... I didn't forget about
             you being related to a Balmling spy!
    Kazuya:  What!? Erika is no spy! ... Say a word, you...!
    Miwa:    Wh,wh,what are you doing!?
    Kyoshir: Stop! Kazuya!
    Akito:   .........
    # next: scene 253 #
    # scene 253: Yokosuka site - one room #
    Hikaru:   Moh! What's with that chief!? So rude, don't you think!?
    Kyoshiro: That can't be fixed in a lifetime.
    Ryoko:    Well it's fine enough that Nadesico was kept under Londo Bell's team.
    Chizuru:  Better than staying under chief Miwa's direct squad.
    George:   What are you thinking for so long, mousier Ryuzaki?
    Chibodee: After times of violence, now times of thinking?
    Ryoko:    You should have whooped his ass!
    Kazuya:   I was concerned about why only Tenkawa-kun.
    Sayaka:   Yes, if it was to go with the potential of being soldiers, Koji-kun
              would be fired too.
    Koji:     Sayaka-san, that was rude!
    Tetsuya:  Not only Koji-kun. There are plenty at those lines in Londo Bell.
    Kyoshiro: Aah, if it was to be fired, I'd think first about Kazuya and 1st Lt
    Argo:     About the spy case... For saying so, I was a space pirate once... I
              have much more obscure past than Tenkawa boy.
    Juuzo:    So, why only Tenkawa?
    Kosuke:   Yes, Akito-san isn't accused of spy, and far more honest than
              Hyoma-san and the others.
    Hyoma:    Kosuke! Whad'ya mean!?
    Amuro:    If there are possibilities...
    Quattro:  No, the only possibility... for Tenkawa-kun to stay at army is a bad
    Ippei:    I can't think of any problem, though?
    Megumi:   He's kind weak but... a good person.
    Sai-sici: And can make good chinese food, right?
    Amuro:    Not about that. What's Akito Tenkawa different about us?
    Camille:  No trouble at personality, nor at his... piloting skills. So...
    Banjo:    The only special point about him... is being a survivor of the Mars
              Utopia Colony... Is that?
    Beauty:   Wait, Banjo. If so, Ines-san is too, right?
    Noin:     Mars Utopia Colony!? ... The time...!
    Amuro:    Correct, Lt Noin. If he was really at Mars Utopia Colony, then the
              story gets weird... The timing doesn't match... It's too fast.
    Noin:     And, the Jovian Lizards that attacked Mars have a technology of
              teleport named Boson Jump.
    Ryo:      You mean?
    Hayato:   Tenkawa really teleported... no, is that Boson Jump? From Mars to
              Earth, is that possible?
    Quattro:  But, he himself isn't aware of that, right?
    Banjo:    For investigating that, it was bad if he was kept at army... So,
              to story matches.
    Quattro:  If it was the army that wanted to investigate, a transference was
              enough. Could be even the cook he wanted to be... But if that isn't
              the case, then it wasn't the army who made him out.
    Kou:      ... Nergal Enterprise!
    Tetsuya:  I see, for the army, as collateral to having Nergal to cooperate with
              to fire a soldier is a cheap price.
    Jun:      Of course, chief Miwa wasn't informed of Tenkawa-kun's Boson Jump
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     I'm back. Lt Amuro.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    I'm back it is. Lt Amuro.
    Amuro:    Aah, sorry, [Axel/Lamia]-kun. To have you act like a spy... So how
              was it?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Indeed, Erina Kinjo Won, Prospector, Ines Fresange and Nagare
              Akatsuki aren't at the site. As Lt previewed... No doubt they're
              working behind this.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    As Lt previewed, Erina Kinjo Won, Prospector, Ines Fresange... and
              Nagare Akatsuki aren't inside of site it is.
    Amuro:    I see...
    # if Axel Route #
    Koji:     Areh? Hey, Axel. Your speaking style is different, isn't it?
    Axel:     What? ... Er, not at all, that is.
              (Damn... I was speaking in the formal way.)
    Banjo:    Lt Amuro, splendid for not letting anything escape. All of them,
              related to Nergal Enterprise... and Fresange-san is a survivor of
              Mars Utopia Colony...
    Kappei:   Is brother Akatsuki related too?
    Keiko:    Isn't he just a pilot?
    Banjo:    Aah, maybe you don't know, but he...
    Ken:      Yay! Ah, what a dark mood, eh?
    Minato:   Your mood is a too light. What's up?
    Ken:      Fufufu, Ken Wakaba, Tapp Oceano, Light Newman... The 3 D-Team members
              had their registration erased. So I thought of saying farewell.
    Tapp:     We're just hanging around.
    Koji:     What!? Stay with us till the end!
    Light:    No joke. I'm tired already.
    Noin:     The army will pay cash bonus. Stay relaxed for a while.
    Hiyoshi:  Heh, that's good. How much is that, anyway?
    Tapp:     Be shocked. 2 million dollars! Not the 3 of us, 2 million for each,
    Boss:     It doesn't come to my mind, by saying so. How much is that for yen?
    Reika:    Well, for making it simple, 1 dollar is 100 yen, that's 2 hundred
              million yen.
    Boss:     Wha!?
    Linda:    I see, Ken... so... this is farewell.
    Ken:      Eh...? Ah, yes, leaving the army means... Linda and I can't...
    Linda:    I won't forget you, even if we are separate. I'll keep it in my
              heart as a memory, as page of my springtime.
    Ken:      Eh... No... Er... I don't want to be just memory, you know...
    # next: scene 254 #
    # scene 254: ??? #
    ???:     A manned leak.
    ???:     So? Did you get afraid?
    ???:     Don't say foolish stuff. I've endured the training for this day...
             I'll accomplish, whatever I have to do.
    ???:     Those bastards from Earth, they are increasing their firepower.
             Unmanned units are not enough.
    ???:     If we interfere directly in the field... the flow will change.
    [alarm sound]
    ???:     What!?
    ???:     Enemy attack!? ... Only one of it!?
    ???:     This is... a leak!? Can it be, the Earthlings have a leaking
             technology too!?
    # next: scene 255 #
    # scene 255: Yokosuka city - town #
    Ken:     A-ah, what will be of us now...?
    Light:   What, Ken? To separate of Linda is worse than the reward? If war ends,
             you can meet again, you know?
    Ken:     ... It's not like that.
    Tapp:    You two, lend me your money. I'm planning some commerce with it.
    Light:   Commerce, eh, it won't step in, you know?
    Tapp:    What, you can't know without trying!
    Ken:     Yeah... eh, areh? Isn't that one there Tenkawa and Megumi-chan? He-y!
    Akito:   ......
    Megumi:  Ah, D-team's people.
    Tapp:    No no, we're no army man anymore.
    Light:   By the way, I know about Tenkawa, but why Megumi-chan too?
    Megumi:  ... I decided to give up Nadesico too. I don't want to be used.
    Ken:     I see... But, do you have idea on what you'd be doing from now on?
    Megumi:  I'll search for it! ... How about Akito-san?
    Akito:   Cook... I think. But I, even if wanting to do something, afterall...
             No one cares...
    Megumi:  It's not right! It's not!
    Erina:   ... Yes, isn't it ok we if cared?
    Tapp:    Erina-san!?
    Megumi:  By saying so, you want to inspect Akito-san!
    Erina:   I didn't ask you... Akito Tenkawa-kun? I have work only you can do.
    Akito:   Work... only I can do...?
    # next: scene 256 #
    # scene 256: ??? #
    ???:       It retreated... where did it came from?
    ???:       Earth... An island called Japan, at Yokosuka... by reversing their
               leaking device, we'll arrive there automatically.
    ???:       So, we have our target, Genichiro.
    Genichiro: To step into people's neighborhood... Damned Earthlings, how much
               more do they want to piss us! Tsukumo, prepare to launch!
    Tsukumo:   Aah, Jupiter Sphere Ganimede Callisto Europa and Outer Satellite
               Kingdom Anti-Earth Alliance Unit, Assault Space Force Specialty
               Squad's power... We'll show them!
    # next: scene 256 #
    # scene 256: Atom Corp experiment site #
    Erina:   You know about the Jovia Lizards' teleport ability... the Boson Jump,
             and the use of it to cast invisible attacks, right?
    Akito:   Eeh...
    Erina:   Nergal is trying to develop the same system in separate with army.
             Our target is... to accomplish the Boson Jump of a living being.
    Megumi:  Living... isn't that what the Jovian Lizards are doing?
    Erina:   All those are unmanned units with artificial intelligence... The
             living Boson Jump... a Boson Jump of manned units only succeed once.
    Akito:   Nadesico... that Jumped from Mars to Kompei Island...
    Ken:     Wait. They can do that with unmanned? So, put a pilot there.
    Erina:   It isn't that easy... Humans... no, living beings can't go through
             the wall if dimensions by himself... Hey! Why are you here!?
    Light:   And you are too late till this far, sis.
    Ken:     Well, we left the army, and got nothing to do.
    Erina:   Well then. Anyway, if we can transfer manned weapons to Moon or Mars,
             the flow of war will change. For Earth side, we don't have the
             technology to make hihg performance unmanned units like the Jovians...
    Akito:   And what do I have to do with that?
    Erina:   Tenkawa-kun has a wondeful power...! Earth needs it.
    Megumi:  Why is it has to be Akito-san!? Akito-san is just a pilot!
    Erina:   Fufufu, really...? Akito-kun, do you remember this?
    Tapp:    What's that? A diamond shaped... gem?
    Akito:   That's... my father's souvenir. It was lost.
    Erina:   This is a Tullip Crystal... We call it TC... The first time the TC was
             found at Mars poles' mines.
    Akito:   From Mars...
    Erina:   For us, the TC is the trigger for Boson Jump... The day Mars Utopia
             Colony was attacked, you flew, right? From Mars... To Earth...!
    Akito:   From Mars to Earth... I flew?
    Ken:     What does that mean? Explain.
    Ines:    I'll explain. Akito-kun, you succeeded a living Jump twice in the
    Tapp:    Uwah, she appears.
    Akito:   Ines-san!?
    Erina:   She wants to help too.
    Ines:    The first time was only yourself... but the second Boson Jump was
             with Nadesico itself all its crew.
    Erina:   Yes, if we can solve the reason for that, the living Boson Jump will
             be possible!
    Light:   Wait. To solve that, what does Nergal plan to do with Tenkawa? I'm
             sure it won't end with only questions and answers... Am I right?
    Erina:   Obviously. We'll have you help out. A lot, neh.
    Akito:   I see, I'm a mormot, afterall...! Like Neo Hong-Kong's minister Won
             did to Four-san and Rosamia-san, and Allenby-san! Dirty, Nergal!
    Erina:   Mormot!? Well enough! You're no good as a pilot nor a cook, see?
             You're fine being a mormot!
    Akito:   Kuh...!
    [Boson Jump sound]
    Akito:   That was...
    Erina:   Boson Jump!?
    # next: Stage 21 #
     Stage 21 M - Kimerareta michi wo tada aruku yorimo
                  (Instead of just walking the decided path)
              F - Boson Jump
    [Jovian Lizard units appear]
    Ines:    Their target... is here.
    Erina:   Eh!?
    Megumi:  What do you mean!?
    Ines:    They felt it... The commence of Earth side's living Boson Jump
             experiment. By thinking so, they'll damage and destroy it.
    Erina:   ...! That experiment we did... before Akito-kun and the others came!?
    Ines:    ... Perhaps. They're coming...!
    [Majin appears]
    Ken:     What's that? I've never seen it.
    Erina:   Jovian Lizard's new kind?
    Tapp:    That's no good.
    Light:   Oh! That's...!
    [Nell Ahgama and Nadesico appear]
    Bright:  Captain Misumaru, Nadesico is under repair! Don't overdo it.
    Yurika:  It's ok! Aestevalis units, Nadesico can't move. Fight aware of the
             gravity wave energy resupply field!
    Ryoko:   Roger! Uhn? Hey, where's longie!?
    Hikaru:  He's not anywhere!?
    Izumi:   ... We have to do it on our own. Jovian Lizard's new kind... I'll
             have its power seen.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Hoh, and I thought you were only of puns, suddenly you're serious.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   You change much it is.
             (I'm as well...)
    Genichi: (So... poor Earthlings, I'll crush you...!)
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:     What? Geki-Ganger!?
    Bright:  It's hard for the Aestevalis... As you heard. We'll have to balance
             with our efforts. Units, quickly to launch!
    Koji:    Damn, we're out of personal! Can't they go easily!?
    Hayato:  It's a good time to target us.
    Ryo:     We'll handle by ourselves!
    Amuro:   Those who can launch, do it! Is the D-Weapon's new registration over?
    Hyoma:   By the way, it was enhanced, right? Is that finished?
    Shiroh:  It is! Only the pilots...
    Burning: Dragonar can't launch.
    Kou:     Isn't the enhancement finished!?
    Quattro: For a unusual supplement pilot, they can become obstacles. I think
             it's correct.
    Noin:    No, Lt Quattro, that's not it.
    Quattro: Uhn?
    Burning: Pilot's supplement isn't over. The true ones.
    Kazuya:  ??
    Linda:   Units, launch!
    # formation: AG (Nell Ahgama), NA (Nadesico) + 8 units #
        06  08
      05  07  09
    04  AG  NA  10
      03  01  11
    Tapp:    Hey, aren't they in danger?
    Ken:     I don't mind. We dropped the army, remember?
    Light:   That's true... Mah, even without us, there's Shuffle Union, Getter
             Robot and Lt Amuro and the others, they won't lose so easily.
    Megumi:  Yes! Akito-san, let's go to the shelter! This place is dangerous!
    Akito:   A,aah...
    Erina:   I think it's better to do so.
    Ines:    You can go. I'm... a little concerned. I'll stay here.
    Tapp:    Well then. Even if we run now, we can't go far enough... Isn't it
             fine to just watch Londo Bell fighting?
    Light:   I agree.
    Ken:     ... Linda.
    Akito:   Yurika... You're... fine, right?
    Megumi:  ......
    # enemy reinforce: enemy turn 2 #
    Ruri:     Boson reaction at Nadesico's rear.
    Yurika:   Eeh!?
    Minato:   Isn't that dangerous!?
    [Jovian Lizard units appear]
    Tsukumo:  (So this is Earth's firepower...!)
    Bright:   No! We are trapped!
    Kappei:   Damn, they appear from nowhere as hell!
    Uchuta:   Such annoying guys...!
    Gallison: This is... we have to review our strategy.
    Banjo:    If we can go through this one, that is.
    Linda:    (Ken...!)
    Tapp:     Hey hey, they're completely trapped! This is... dangerous.
    Ken:      ......
    Light:    Erina-san, can we go... into the shelter?
    Erino:    As your will.
    Megumi:   Akito-san! We should go too!
    Akito:    ... But...
    Tapp:     Tenkawa, you shouldn't make girls cry.
    Ken:      ... There's a place far more safer than a shelter... and that girls
              wouldn't cry...!
    Light:    Hoh, that's what we want. Where's it, Ken?
    Ines:     Fufu... I imagine, somehow.
    Ken:      ... I'm going! I just... can't stay quiet!
    Tapp:     Hey, Ken! What about the bonus cash!?
    Ken:      I don't want it!
    Light:    ... Helpless. Oops.
    Tapp:     Hey hey, Light! You...!
    Light:    Sorry, Tapp! Do your commerce alone!
    Tapp:     It's 2 million dollars! I'm not going!
    Ines:     ... Really?
    Tapp:     They'll give a anual cash too, see?
    Ines:     ... Won't you regret?
    Tapp:     What if I die?
    Ines:     Those feelings... shall I explain?
    Tapp:     ... Damn!
    Megumi:   Tapp-san!? ...He's gone...
    Erina:    They're gone... Tenkawa-kun, what about you?
    Megumi:   Akito-san!? You aren't going, right!? I...!
    Akito:    ... I...
    # ally reinforce: turn 3 #
    Ken:      Astonage-san! Dragonar, can it launch!?
    Astonage: Wakaba!? And Oceano and Newman too? Didn't you leave the army?
    Ken:      Forget that! I'm asking if we can use the Dragonar!
    Tapp:     Hey... Light...
    Light:    Stop that, Tapp! ... Hey, I forgot! With the registration erased,
              we can't pilot Dragonar anymore...
    Nina:     You can. We didn't erase the registration... And, look!
    Ken:      Eh? ...O,ooh! Dragonar is... Dragonar is, powered up!?
    Tapp:     Dragonar 2 too... it's bigger than before...!
    Astonage: It lost the space for the supply device. All 3 Dragonars are
              customized. Dragonar 3 too, the looks is the same, but the software
              inside and the analysis performance is increased.
    Light:    Fine for me, this one is not for show, it's contents challenge!
    Ken:      Okay... New Dragonar squad, launch!
    Nina:     A message from Lt Burning... If you launch now, it'll be your will
              to join the army... Is that ok?
    Ken:      I know that long enough.
    Light:    Or we wouldn't be back already!
    Tapp:     Uh... eer.
    Light:    ... Tapp.
    Tapp:     Ee-i, damn! I'll join whatever you want!
    Astonage: Open hatch! The dragoons are launching!
    Ken:      Let's go! Dragonar!
    [Dragonar 1, 2 and 3 Custom appear]
    Bright:   That's... Dragonar Custom!?
    Yurika:   Wah! We're saved!
    Ruri:     Discharge... Mah, fine. Safe now.
    Ken:      Dragoon squad in position!
    Tapp:     We won't let you touch Nadesico!
    Light:    Good, you're excited, Tapp.
    Tapp:     Shuddap!
    Quattro:  Indeed. So those are the supplemental pilots...
    Burning:  Fufu... That's it.
    Noin:     You! We'll leave the forces at Nadesico's rear to you! Don't relax!
    Ken:      Heh, roger!
    Light:    ... like, they aren't even surprised for our comeback... Or even so, 
              it's like always, being screamed at.
    Tapp:     ... It was a trap.
    Ryoko:    Hehe, thanks.
    Hikaru:   Nice to meet you again.
    Ken:      Ahh, let's do it!
    # enemy capture: Tsukumo's hp reaches 0 #
    Tsukumo: (Guh! I've distracted! The mech's control! ...What!? The escape
             device... isn't working! I'll be locked in the mech!?
    [Daitetsujin explodes]
    Ruri:    Enemy Jovial Lizard unit, halted.
    Uribata: Oh! Small explosion! We can capture that one.
    Bright:  We can get important data from the Jovian Lizard's mech. Ok, we'll
             recover it once battle is finished!
    Tsukumo: (No...!)
    # enemy retreat: Genichiro's hp reaches 0 #
    Genichiro: It can't be... the Majin!? Eei, I'll retreat!
    # stage end #
    Erina:    Fuh, so we're safe.
    Ines:     The dragoon squad saved us... Akito-kun, are you fine?
    Akito:    ......
    Megumi:   Ines-san! Don't confuse Akito-san more! Akito-san won't fight!
    Akito:    Megumi-chan...
    Ruri:     Boson reaction.
    [Majin appears]
    Kazuya:   So they came again. Persistent!
    Domon:    ... Only one?
    Tetsuya:  No matter the numbers, we'll smash them all.
    Ruri:     ... That robot, it's different.
    AI:       ......
    Ines:     The worst case, it's programmed to self-destruct.
    Erina:    ... Self-destruct!? He'll go on kamikaze?
    Ines:     Not so kind. It's trying to transport the whole dimension... Mah, I
              guarantee this whole town will disappear.
    Akito:    .......!?
    Erina:    Isn't there any way?
    Ines:     If so...
    Akito:    Erina-san. The TC, please... Give it to... me.
    Megumi:   A,Akito-san!?
    Akito:    ... If I have such power...
    Megumi:   Akito-san! What are you planning!? Everyone... is fighting to their
              limits, at their places, to protect their happiness...! War isn't
              only about fighting. It's not war that will make one remarkable...!
    Akito:    But, what I can do... what only I can do. Is there really any?
    Megumi:   To live protecting one girl, and to live protecting Earth, is the
              same fight! ... Isn't enough to protect me...!?
    Erina:    Akito-kun, I've put the TC into this trunk.
    Akito:    Sorry... Megumi-chan...!
    Megumi:   Akito-saaaaaaan!
    Amuro:    Hey, Bright!
    Bright:   That's!?
    Yurika:   A...Akito!?
    Akito:    Uwaaaaaah!
    [Boson Jump and screen flash]
    Erina:    He did it...
    George:   Disappeared!?
    Chibodee: Is that a joke!? Hey, bridge!
    Ruri:     Leaving Boson Jump traces, enemy Jovian Lizard... completely 
              vanished... Tenkawa-san too.
    Ines:     The 3rd living Boson Jump... this is no coinscidence.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     A personal level... transference...!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (It can't be... a personal level transference...!)
    Yurika:   N,no... Akito... Akito, Akitooooooooo!
    # if flag 19 conditions are fulfilled: Fuun-Saiki joins #
    # next: scene 257 #
    # scene 257: Nadesico - bridge #
    Akatsuki: Mah, to the very last, he became a warrior.
              (And... such a trouble to happen while I was back to the office...)
    Jack:     Akito The Hero neh...
    Megumi:   Akito isn't that simple person. This is strange, it's all strange.
    Ryo:      Yes, there should have been another way. I can't stop feeling so.
    Hayato:   No... It seems like that lizard bastard's bomb could wipe out a
              single town. If so... Then that was the last of the options.
    Benkei:   But...
    Erina:    Isn't that fine? There wasn't other way.
    Hyoma:    Can you say so!?
    Megumi:   Yes! Because of you, Akito is!
    Kosuke:   Is people's life the same of a machine!?
    Uchuta:   I can't satify with it.
    Kappei:   Yeah!
    Erina:    Hey. Don't make me the evil one! Tenkawa-kun left a connection
              record. Play it back.
    Akito:    "... Hey, Nadesico, Nadesico! ... Finally connected. Help me quick.
              It's being hard escaping from Giganos."
    Keiko:    This is... Tenkawa-san!?
    Juuzo:    He's alive! Uhn? He said Giganos!?
    Daisaku:  Where's he?
    Ines:     He flew... to the Moon.
    # next: scene 258 #
    # scene 258: Nadesico - captain room #
    Yurika:  Uh... uuh... Akito... uuuh... Akito...
    [connection sound]
    Akito:   ... Yurika, are you crying?
    Yurika:  Uhn... Akito neh... To protect me... "I'll protect Yurika!"...
             He said.
    Akito:   ... Did I?
    Yurika:  I heard in my heart...! Aki...to? ... Ghost?
    Akito:   No!
    Yurika:  F,for real!? Where are you!?
    Akito:   I don't know but... at Moon.
    Yurika:  I see, I'm going!
    Akito:   Stupid! You can't come here on your own. That chief Miwa will whine.
    Yurika:  It's ok. Our next mission is Giganos strike out. There's no problem
             on going to moon!
    Akito:   I see... Oh, by the way.
    Yurika:  Eh...
    Akito:   Er...
    Yurika:  Uhn...
    Akito:   I... will fight too. I want to find... something only I can do.
    Yurika:  Akito...! That Akito... is the one I love...!
    # next: scene 259 #
    # scene 259: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  So, again you 3 will be affiliated to Londo Bell Squad as D-Team. It's
             an official enlistment. I won't hear complaints like before.
    Ken:     Yes, I know, sir!
    Light:   Count us, sir!
    Tapp:    ......
    Quattro: Though, it's a bad story. To predict their comeback and leave the
             registration like that.
    Amuro:   To win the gamble... is a good term.
    Linda:   Ken... I'm so happy. That you're back...
    Ken:     Hehe... I couldn't let you go.
    Light:   So skillful.
    Noin:    This is the registry. You were 3rd class officers, but from now on,
             you 3 will be warrant officers.
    Ken:     Oh, rank level up.
    Tapp:    Rank level up... but the reward's gone.
    Burning: It's not 2 million dollars, but I'll pay you a meal. Come, you all.
    Light:   Wow. If so, I'll have it paid!
    Ken:     We'll eat as never seen. Lt Burning, be prepared.
    Tapp:    Aah... 2 million dollars...
    # next: scene 260 #
    # scene 260: ??? #
    Lemon:   So this is that transportation system... Boson Jump's data.
    Vindel:  ... Send it to analysis.
    Lemon:   Can it be used?
    Vindel:  It won't be of complete expectation... but it won't be useless either.
    Lemon:   Indeed... Well, I'll go finish my job.
    # map changes: Lantao Island #
    [Federation units appear]
    Soldier: With this amount, the capturing will take a good while.
    Soldier: I want to finish up quickly. By the way, that engineer sure does her
    Rain:    (I have to rendezvous with the others... But... I can't see Devil
             Gundam's main motif engine and the main half of its core... I can't
             think it was destryoed by the Shuffle Union Fist...)
    [GM Custom explodes]
    Rain:    Eh!? Wh,what!?
    Soldier: What!? Uwah!
    [All remaining units explode]
    Rain:    Wh, what the hell has happened!? Accident!?
    [dimension transportation animation]
    [Lemon's unit appear]
    Lemon:   Rain Mikamura...san, right? The daughter of doctor Mikamura, developer
             of Shining, God Gundam.
    Rain:    Y,you're...!?
    Lemon:   You'll know. I've finished collecting Devil Gundam's main part... so
             now it's your turn.
    Rain:    Collected the main part!? So, indeed... it's not destroyed...!?
    Lemon:   That's it. Well, I have a place for you to come to, you know? Ufufu...
    Rain:    Eh...!?
    Lemon:   No... you're free to say so, but it won't change that you're coming...
    # if Fuun-saiki joined next: scene 261 #
    # else next:                 scene 262 #
    # scene 261: Yokosuka site - dock #
    Domon:    So we'll go to moon... Rain won't make it in time.
    Kazuya:   Domon! A visitor to you.
    Domon:    Visitor?
    Nana:     Instead... it's a horse.
    Domon:    ?
    Kyoshiro: You sure have variety of relationship.
    Fuun:     Hiiiiiih!
    Kenichi:  Wh,what!? A horse!?
    Hiyoshi:  Wh,why's there a horse at the site!?
    Domon:    You're... Fuun-Saiki!? Why are you here!? Where have you been!?
    Fuun:     ... Prrr... Hiiiiiiih!
    Megumi:   Kyah!
    Domon:    What's up!? Calm down! Fuun-Saiki!
    Ippei:    Tih! Doh, doh! Calm down!
    Fuun:     ... Prr... Prrr...
    Kazuya:   It got calm.
    Domon:    You... It could only be dominated by master, how did you?
    Ippei:    A good horse can be obedient if we understand it. A ferocious horse
              is not a good horse... So you're called Fuun-Saiki. A good horse.
    Fuun:     ... Hin...
    Ippei:    Mah, you're not better than my pal Aiful, though.
    Fuun:     Prrrrr!
    Ippei:    Don't get mad... Domon-san, it wants to tell you something.
    Domon:    Aah. I understand that, somehow... Fuun-Saiki, what happened?
    Fuun:     Hii-iin!
    Kyoshiro: Well, no matter how well you're connected, language is a problem...
              Now what, Domon?
    Domon:    I'll take it with us... AS you've seen, it's a Mobile Suit pilot of
              that one Master Gundam was riding. It'll be useful.
    Nana:     That horse... its pilot was a horse too!?
    Kazuya:   Surprising.
    Fuun:     Pr! Prrr...
    Domon:    (What do you want to tell, Fuun-Saiki...? Did something happen... to
    # next: scene 262 #
    # scene 262: Yokosuka site - hangar #
    Nina:     So this is Jovian Lizard's new kind.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     (Boson Jump technology... Quite interesting.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Boson Jump... By using this system...)
    Koji:     So far they were all insect-like, but now it's Super Robot-ish.
    Tetsuya:  No time for jokes, Koji-kun... The enemy is powering up.
    Astonage: By many ways it's different from the ones fought before...
    Uribata:  ... There's a cockpit like block there.
    Shiroh:   Seems like so... Is it manned?
    Aina:     Wait, Shiroh... then, there's a Jovian Lizard in there... an alien?
    Kou:      Possible.
    Uribata:  Hey hey, won't it jump over and attack us!?
    Ryoko:    Maybe... Oh? Those are... He-y! Geo-rge!
    George:   ... Uhn? Did you call us?
    Sai-sici: What's up?
    Chibodee: Oh, so this one's the captured Lizard bastard's mech?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Indeed, the best bodyguards.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Indeed, so you called tough people it is.
    Astonage: Okay! So, I'll open!
    Uribata:  But, it's a bit crushed. It'll take a while...
    Argo:     ... Out of the way... Fuhn...!
    Hikaru:   No way... it opened...?
    Izumi:    Human weapon...
    Kou:      Nina! What's inside!?
    Nina:     A cockpit... So, it's manned?
    Koji:     Hey, it's dangerous! If the pilot's ok, then...!
    Nina:     ... It's alright, Kabuto-kun. There's no one...
    Shiroh:   How can it be? If it's unmanned...
    Nina:     Geki-Ganger cushion...
    Chibodee: Hah!? Hey, sis, too much mech thinking made you go nuts!?
    Tetsuya:  I'm more concerned about the "Gundam this, Gundam that" point.
    Nina:     Hey! Don't doubt about people! ... It's true.
    Uribata:  Ok... Wow! Geki-Ganger cushion, mascot, post card...! What's with
              this cockpit!?
    Nina:     Why's there Geki-Ganger stuff at a Jovian Lizard's cockpit... anime
              goods from the past century!?
    # next: scene 263 #
    # scene 263: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ruri:    Leave me out of this...
    # next: scene 264 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 264: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  Londo Bell will leave Earth and head to Moon, to join the frontline at
             Empire Giganos.
    Yurika:  Er... If it's possible, I wanted to go help Akito.
    Bright:  I can't say anything as we don't have much information about him.
    Noin:    Captain Misumaru, as you know, Moon is under Giganos' influence. By
             his story, he might be surrounded at Nergal's lunar dock... The
             priority will be low, but we'll think of rescuing him.
    Yurika:  ... Yes... connection, over.
    Amuro:   A very bad mood.
    Bright:  A girl on that age, it's helpless. But...
    Quattro: It's possible the Jovian Lizard's pilot sneaked... Is that so,
    Bright:  I'm concerned. We've investigated Nell Ahgama... But, about Nadesico.
    Burning: That ship has many free spaces for a warship... If it sneaked... then
             it's there.
    Noin:    For that matter, I've sent an investigative member. D-Team, Shuffle
             Union, Zambot Team, Getter Team and [Axel/Lamia]
    Amuro:   It wasn't sneaked... is what I wanted as a result. I hope nothing
             annoying happens...
    # next: scene 265 #
    # scene 265: Nadesico - pathway #
    Uribatake: Now, for sure, the sneaking Jovian Lizard pilot is a Gekigan mania!
               If we spread the Gekigan goods around, he'll show up!
    Chibodee:  Nah, George...
    George:    Such a face, Chibodee. Here, put this limited edition sticker at the
    Sai-sici:  And such a fast reaction, brother George...
    Domon:     Useless, it's better to just search everything around.
    Uribatake: Hey there! Do it seriously!
    Hayato:    Seriously... it's far worse to do this with a serious face.
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:       Th,this post card...! It was sold only at the meeting halls...!
               Uribatake-! Where did you get those!?
    Uribatake: Kukukuh... a snake's path is a snake.
    Ken:       There's no meaning on that.
    Light:     ... I can't imagine the Jovian Lizards to be such mania though.
    Ryo:       Well, we're doing this because we already searched without results.
               If this doesn't work, then he isn't at Nadesico.
    # if Musashi survived #
    Musashi:   Such a crowd.
    Jack:      Indeed.
    Benkei:    Oka-y, let's just finish it!
    Kappei:    Hehehe, get out the way. I brought the secret weapon.
    Chiyokin:  Woof!
    Tapp:      Owah, Chiyokin!? I see, so you'll search him with the smell.
    Uchuta:    Hehe, that's right. It's better than spreading Geki-Ganger goods.
    Keiko:     Kappei, I brought the cushion that was in the cockpit.
    Kappei:    Ok, Chiyokin, I'm counting on you-!
    Chiyokin:  Woof!
    Uribatake: What, I thought the Gekigan goods plan was a success.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:      Only few people will be trapped by this, though.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:     (A plan... can you say that?)
    # next: scene 266 #
    # scene 266: Skull Moon site - command room #
    Vega:     What...!? Earthling's fleet is... heading to the moon!?
    Gandall:  Aye.
    Vega:     Fufufu... In a good timing. Gandall.
    Gandall:  Hah? But, it's still earlier than...
    Vega:     Fool! Cambellings or Boazanlings, they didn't get results for this
              long! I'm not willing to wait!
    Gandall:  Hah!
    Vega:     And, Gandall. Finally the damaged this Skull Moon received from Duke
              Freed has recovered... And the firepower too. And, for so long I've
              aimed... the giant cannon at human's base, I've had an idea for that
    Gandall:  Indeed... the Mass Driver. It isn't being used lately... That one?
    Vega:     ... Shooting some meteors polluted with Vegatron spreader... What do
              you think it'll happen?
    Gandall:  ...Ooh! Previously, the Vegatron meteor we used at Earth invasion was
              stopped by Duke Freed, though...
    Vega:     Kukuku... That Duke, after destroying half of Skull Moon, lost his
              powers... and along with the Spazer's pilots, are being held here.
    Gandall:  That Duke Freed... I presume we have to get rid of him. That...
              man is dangerous.
    Vega:     ... I know. But... Rubyna won't let it happen.
    Gandall:  Princess Rubyna? ... I see.
    Vega:     Before Planet Freed's invasion... I've sent my daughter to a
              diversion marriage. Who'd think she'd fall in love with Duke...!?
    Gandall:  So...?
    Vega:     We'll make Duke Freed's end an accident... I'll command in time.
    Gandall:  Haha...
    # next: scene 267 #
    # scene 267: Skull Moon site - pathway #
    Rubyna:  (No... Father... such a... cruel act...!? Aah... Duke... I...)
    # next: scene 268 #
    # scene 268: Nadesico - pathway #
    Chiyokin: Woof woof woof!
    Kappei:   So the Jovian Lizard's pilot is in here!?
    Hikaru:   This is... Jiro Yamada's room, right!?
    # if Gai died #
    Ryoko:    No one is using... They said to leave it like that.
    Izumi:    It's full of goods. It was impossible to put everything away.
    George:   Indeed, so it's a good place to hide.
    # else Gai survived #
    Gai:      Gai Daigouji!
    Ryoko:    Alright... But, why's it in Yamada's room!?
    Gai:      Indeed... The Jovian Lizards can feel... Geki-Ganger's power too.
    Ken:      Hey hey, are you saying that the Jovian Lizards are Gekigan maniacs?
    Chibodee: We will know once we get in. Well, let's get through it!
    Uribata:  Hey! Don't break the door!
    Argo:     Muhn!
    Ryoko:    Too late.
    Kappei:   Okay, come out, Jovian Lizard!
    Tapp:     What...?
    Tsukumo:  This episode... is the illusionary...!?
    Hikaru:   The Geki-Ganger pilot... is watching a Geki-Ganger video...?
    Izumi:    ...Surreal...
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:      That pilot suit... is really cool.
    Tsukumo:  N,no!
    Benkei:   Wah!
    Domon:    Wait!
    Light:    Oh no! He is fleeing!
    Domon:    Chibodee! Why didn't you stop him!?
    Chibodee: Sorry, it was such a bizarre scene, I just forgot about myself.
    Sai-sici: Me too. I couldn't say which was the big screen.
    Uchuta:   No time to be relaxed!
    Kappei:   Follow him, Chiyokin!
    Chiyokin: Woof!
    # next: scene 269 #
    # scene 269: Nadesico - Aestevalis deck #
    Tsukumo:  Kuh! I was watching without thinking...! If I can reach Tetsujin's
    Akatsuki: Well! Enough for you.
    Tsukumo:  ......!!
    Akatsuki: I don't mind if you resist. Either way, I'll pull the trigger.
    Tsukumo:  ... So you don't mean to make me prisioner.
    Akatsuki: The Jovian Lizards are unknown unmanned mechs... It's enough. I'm
              well enough with playing with the other's feelings.
    Tsukumo:  My appearece is already seen...!
    Akatsuki: Well, I'll change it a bit then. You played a Jovian Lizard role for
              fame. A Gekigan maniac...
    Chibodee: Buuuurning Punch! Shoooot!
    [hit sound]
    Akatsuki: Uwoh!? My gun!?
    Tsukumo:  Lucky! It's now...!
    Domon:    ...Where are you going?
    Tsukumo:  If you're in my way...! Hah!
    Domon:    Too easy! Taryah!
    [hit sound]
    Tsukumo:  Guh! ...Uh.
    Hayato:   Hey, did you kill him!?
    Domon:    A single strike to make him unconscious.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     This man is a Jovian Lizard?
              (My memories aren't fully back... Jovian Lizards... Their army...
              are they connected to Shadow Mirror?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    This man... a Jovian Lizard is it?
              (Jovian Lizards... Are their army connected to Shadow Mirror? I
              didn't receive any information... So which is true?)
    George:   I bet. Anyway, I'll report to both captains we captured the sneaker.
    # next: scene 270 #
    # scene 270: Skull Moon site - prison #
    Rubyna:   Come, quick.
    Maria:    You're... Rubyna!?
    Hikaru:   Rubyna-san's... Daisuke-san's... fiancee?
    Rubyna:   Yes... Father is planning something dreadful... Even if only you,
    Maria:    Rubyna, how about my brother... brother Daisuke!?
    Rubyna:   He's in a more well inspected prison... I'll save him for sure. But
              now, it's your turn!
    Hikaru:   But... can we escape that easily...?
    Rubyna:   Earth's fleet is heading for the Moon...! If we can fly to them...
    Maria:    ... Can we... trust you?
    Rubyna:   For my love to Duke Freed.
    # next: scene 271 #
    # scene 271: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:   So you're about to know the Jovian Lizard's true self?
    Amuro:    Aah, he's being interrogated at Nadesico. We'll know well about him.
    Burning:  So they aren't insect-like as they were saying?
    Amuro:    For what I've heard... even the Cambellings and Balmlings are
              humanoids. Though...
    Quattro:  Concerned about something?
    Amuro:    His outfit is the same of the past century's anime Geki-Ganger's main
    Noin:     ... Are you kidding?
    Bright:   I hope so... But, what I'm worried about is the year the anime named 
              Geki-Ganger existed.
    Banjo:    About that, I've done some research. After I've heard about the Geki
              Ganger goods inside Jovian Lizard's robot. Gallison.
    Gallison: Yes. Before we entered the Universal Century... That's aboout 100
              years from now.
    Linda:    100 years before...
    Quattro:  ... A little before the terraforming at Mars had begun?
    Burning:  I thought he was just a maniac... but seems like it's very different.
    # next: scene 272 #
    # scene 272: Skull Moon site - inspection room #
    Vega:     What!? Rubyna's!?
    Gandall:  Y,yes, she's being held hostage by the Spazers pilots, Grace Maria
              Freed and Hikaru Makibi...
    Vega:     Fool! It's not like that! Eei, if they contact the approaching Earth
              fleet, it'll be dangerous, so tell Blacky!
    Gandall:  Hah! But...
    L.Gandal: ...It's possible they'll use Rubyna-sama as a shield.
    Vega:     ...I don't mind.
    L.Gandal: Hah!?
    Vega:     ...To fall in love with the foolish Duke Freed, she's not my daughter
    L.Gandal: Roger.
    Gandall:  Then, scramble...! Blacky! I've finished the deal with the Balmlings!
              Tell their commander to send reinforces! I'll turn around and take
              the Earth fleet!
    Blacky:   Roger!
    # next: scene 273 #
    # scene 273: Nadesico - one room #
    Yurika:   This is... an ID card? Er... "Jovian Sphere, Ganimede Callisto Europa
              and Outer Satellite Kingdom Anti-Earth Alliance Unit Assault Space
              Force Specialty Squad Tsukumo Shiratori".
    Uchuta:   What?
    Tapp:     Say that again, captain.
    Yurika:   No, I'll munch my tongue for sure!
    George:	  Abbreviating, Jupiter Union... Jovian Union, is that better?
    Prosp:    The results of the analysis is out, everyone! ...Well, I'm surprised.
              There's a bit of gene manipulation, but for sure he's... no, they're
    Tsukumo:  ......
    Chibodee: Well, shall you explain to us, Akatsuki, Miss Erina?
    Akatsuki: What about?
    Light:    Oh well, do you think you can fool us? To kill off a Gekigan maniac
              that suddenly got into the Jovian Lizard's unmanned mech... Do you
              think we'll believe that?
    Ryoko:    It's all unnatural.
    Yurika:   ... It's an order. Tell us the truth.
    Hayato:   Don't ever think you can avoid it forever.
    Akatsuki: Well well... Erina-kun.
    Erina:    I'll start from the facts... The Jovian Lizards, appeared first at
              the start of Universal Century... Earthlings. At an accident erased
              from history books...
    Ken:      The start of Universal Century... About 100 years?
    Tapp:     Very estimated, but yeah.
    Akatsuki: At a political area at Moon, an independence motion was set loose.
              But it didn't end up in a war like Zeon or Giganos.
    Erina:    The Earth Federation Government of that time was deceived by spy
              maneuver and separated into peace faction and rebel faction... And
              an internal war started.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     Very likely. Even now and in the past, those who support war are the
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    To bring self destruction it is a very used way to do it is...
              (Like me.)
    Erina:    At last, the rebellious faction couldn't stand the Federation's
              politics... and set away to Mars, Asteroid Belt, and Jupiter,
              and the end.
    Akatsuki: Earth Federation Government erased their existance. From all records.
    Erina:    And after that, Earth Federation used a nuke against those who ran
              to Mars... It wasn't a problem, since the terraforming hadn't started
    Tsukumo:  ... Everything to shup all up. For the sake of Earth. We only had
              Jupiter and Asteroid Belt left!
    Megumi:   And why were you able to build those mechs?
    Tsukumo:  At Jupiter, we found a plant for transposition engine.
    George:   And so you built unmanned weapons and using the independence kingdom,
              attacked Earth.
    Akatsuki: To avenge all the 100 years.
    Tsukumo:  It's no revenge! ... For justice! Earth Federation is, after
              banishing us, continuously attacking independence factions such as
              the Principality of Zeon or Giganos Empire!
    Ken:      That's because you attacked first!
    Tsukumo:  We didn't make the first move. We were banished...!
    Minato:   And, at that time, you didn't even have the strength to fight... neh.
    Tsukumo:  We don't have other paths! If we leave the Federation like that, our
              hatred from years won't be forgotten!
    Ryo:      It's not like that!
    Hayato:   But, even thinking so, while there are person like chief Miwa, I
              can't guarantee.
    Megumi:   This one... is a sacrifice from war, isn't he!? Why can you say so
              that easily!?
    Minato:   Me,Megumi-chan...?
    Megumi:   Everyone is so egoistic, and for that, people that shouldn't be
              fighting has to fight... That's just not right!
    Tsukumo:  ......
    Argo:     About Tenkawa boy.
    Yurika:   ... Anyway, we'll have you stay in this room. We'll have a meeting
              about that now... Megumi-chan, Akito's alive, you don't have to
              be so reluctant.
    Megumi:   It's not about that! Captain, you don't understand!
    Tsukumo:  ......
    Minato:   Megumi-chan...
    [alarm sound]
    Domon:    Uhn!?
    A/L:      Enemy attack...!?
    Tsukumo:  Uwoh...
    Minato:   ...! Megumi-chan! Now!
    Megumi:   ...Eh? Y,yes!
    # next: scene 274 #
    # scene 274: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:   Enemy attack!? Which army!?
    Linda:    Balmlings! ... And other, numerous shadows with unknown codes!
    Amuro:    Balmlings...!?
    Quattro:  We'll scramble.
    [message sound]
    Ruri:     Captain Bright.
    Bright:   I know. The enemy has some new kinds.
    Ruri:     It's not about that... Shiratori-san has fleed. Minato-san and
              Megumi-san are with him.
    Burning:  Shiratori...?
    Yurika:   The Jovian Lizard prisioner! He's fleeing!
    Amuro:    What!?
    # next: Stage 22 #
     Stage 22 M - "Raikousha" wo mamorinuke? (Protect the "incoming ones"?)
              F - Intruder
    [Nell Ahgama and Nadesico appear]
    [Dai Tetsujin appears]
    Tsukumo:  I'm sorry it's narrow. It's for a single pilot.
    Minato:   I don't mind.
    Yurika:   You two, why are you there? Come back! You'll be taken as rebels!
    Megumi:   If we go back, this person's life...!
    Minato:   So, we're hostages?
    Tsukumo:  No, I can't let ladies to be hostages!
    Minato:   It's better if we keep it this way.
    Bright:	  Units, take off, we'll capture the Jovian Union mech. Don't blow it.
    Linda:    Reaction in the radar, enemy approaching!!
    [Balm and Vega's units appear]
    Gandall:  So this is Earth's firepower. Fufufu... I'll smash it!
    Lihitel:  Ooh...! This is Balm's God's luck! To be again put in front of...
              Londo Bell Squad!
    Kazuya:   ... Lihitel!? The unknown enemy that is with Balmlings... is Lihitel!
              Daimos, let's go!
    Tetsuya:  Kazuya-kun! Don't rush! Koji-kun, let's head for support!
    Koji:     Alright!
    Bright:   Units, scramble! We'll push the enemy away and capture the Jovian!
    [Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and Daimos appear]
    # formation: AG (Nell Ahgama), NA (Nadesico) + ? units #
    Barbath:  Ooh, so marshall Olban was predicting this, and made us unite with
              Planet Vega Alliance Forces!?
    Raiza:    True, Lihitel-sama!
    Lihitel:  ... Uhm...
              (I doubt... I was ordered to go back, but that order was suddenly
              cancelled... So... Is that related to what Aizam said about Erika
              being back to Small Balm?)
    Koji:     Mysterious army? Heh, we'll kick them all!
    Tetsuya:  Koji-kun, don't underestimate them!
    Kazuya:   Lihitel... No matter what firepower you bring out... I won't lose...!
    Lihitel:  I'm as well, Kazuya Ryuzaki! No matter what marshall Olban is
              planning! I challenge you!
    Tsukumo:  Ok, let's flee at this timing!
    Megumi:   I,is that alright?
    Minato:   Yes! That one! Boson Jump! With that...
    Tsukumo:  ...I can't.
    Minato:   Eh... Why?
    Tsukumo:  ... I can't! We'll... escape the zone...!
    Gandall:  ... What? That mech... Is it trying to flee from the Earth's fleet!?
    Barbath:  Eei, such a burden! I'll smash you all! 
    Amuro:    Bright, the enemy is... aiming the Jovian's mech just like ours!
    Yurika:   No! Minato-san and Megumi-san are there...! Everyone, protect the
              Jovian's mech!
    Ken:      Damn, capture then protect, which one is it!?
    Camille:  We have to protect!
    Akatsuki: (If it gets blown up now, it won't be a burden later.)
    Erina:    ......
    Ines:     ... Are you concerned?
    Erina:    ... Yes. Why doesn't he do the Boson Jump. That mech... It's damaged,
              but it can do a small range Boson Jump.
    Ines:     Ordinary humans can't stand Boson Jump... The Jovian humans are
              genetically modified, so they can do it, but the two with him...
    Erina:    ... Can't be. He can be shot down any time, right!?
    Ines:     To be concerned about the others... We and the Jovian... Which one
              is more human?
    Erina:    ......
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Tsukumo's unit destruction (before neutral retreat)
          Ally ship destruction
    # neutral retreat: first enemy annihilation or Tsukumo's unit reaches top #
    [Dai Tetsujin moves to top]
    Tsukumo:  Ok, reaching this far...!
    Linda:    Captain! Jovian's mech is going through enemy siege!
    Yurika:   Ruri-chan!?
    Ruri:     As well.
    Minato:   ... I don't know what will it be from now on...
    Megumi:   Good bye, everyone.
    Tsukumo:  Accelerating...!
    [Dai Tetsujin disappears]
    # neutral death: Tsukumo's hp reaches 0 #
    Tsukumo: It's... all I can take! Sorry, Yukina...!
    Minato:  Kyaaaaaaah!
    Megumi:  Noooooooo!
    [Dai Tetsujin explodes]
    Bright:  What are you doing!? I told you to not let them being killed!
    # game over #
    # enemy reinforce: first enemy annihilation #
    Gandall:  ... Nuh, to have such firepower...!
    Lihitel:  I told you not to underestimate them, Gandall!
    Gandall:  Shut up! I didn't use my trump card! ...Helpless, come! Duke Freed!
    [Grendizer appears]
    Duke:     ......
    Sayaka:   E...Eeh!?
    Tetsuya:  Can't be...!
    Ryo:      Hey, that's... can it be...!
    Hayato:   It's no mistake...! That's...!
    Koji:     Grendizer... Daisuke-san!?
    Boss:     B,but why did he came out from an enemy flagship!?
    Bright:   What's up!? That robot... what's with it!?
    Ruri:     Omoikane, data analysis... I see. That's the representative Super
              Robot from the Space Science Lab, Grendizer. It's been disappeared
              from weeks. The pilot's name is Daisuke Umon.
    Yurika:   Kabuto-san and Tsurugi-san's... friend!? Why's he at the enemy side!?
    Gandall:  Fufufu, Duke Freed... Grendizer is a strong ally of our Planet Vega
              Alliance Forces. Do it, Duke Freed!
    Duke:     ......
    Jun:      What's up!? Daisuke-san!?
    Kosuke:   He's being deceived... and he must fight!?
    Megumi:   Or a sleeping drugs, or a mind control.
    A/L:      (Duke Freed...! This man?)
    Banjo:    But... we'll have to fight... he's coming!
    Koji:     Daisuke-san! It's me! Koji Kabuto! What happened!?
    Duke:     ......
    # reinforce: 1 turn after enemy reinforce #
    Ruri:     New flying objects, 3 units approaching!
    Bright:   Enemies, or allies?
    [3 Spazers appear]
    Rubyna:   The battle has already started!?
    Maria:    Hikaru-san!? Is that fleet... the Londo Bell Squad!?
    Hikaru:   I don't know. But...!
    Kyoshiro: What!? Now some fighters... 3 of them!?
    Sayaka:   Koji-kun! That's...!
    Koji:     Spazer... Yes, it's the Spazers! Drill Spazer... and Marine Spazer!
    Gandall:  Nuuh, so they made it! Princess Rubyna! You know what you're doing,
              don't you!?
    Rubyna:   And who's speaking!? Trying to... kill Duke in an accident!
    L.Gandal: ... So you eavesdropped it?
    Rubyna:   Maria-san, Hikaru-san!
    Maria:    This is Grace Maria Freed, Hikaru Makibi! We've fled the enemy site
              Skull Moon!
    Bright:   Are you for real!?
    Hikaru:   Eh? What do you mean... Ah!?
    Duke:     ......
    Rubyna:   Grendizer...!?
    Maria:    That's a fake! Brother is... Brother is a prisioner at Skull Moon ]
    Tetsuya:  Daisuke-san is!? If that's true... then that's why he's disappeared!
    Boss:     Hikaru! If you're no fake... then Daisuke is alright!?
    Hikaru:   By what Rubyna-san said, yes!
    Koji:     Alive... Daisuke-san...!
    Domon:    Wait! We don't know if those girls are real yet!
    Yurika:   But... Won't you believe them!?
    Quattro:  ... A doubtful one is already here.
    Duke:     ......
    Gandall:  Eei, if it keeps like this... What's Blacky doing!?
    [Vega units appear]
    Rubyna:   No...! They've reached us!?
    Gandall:  Eei, Blacky! I have permission from King Vega-sama! Don't mind about
              princess Rubyna! Silent them all!
    Blacky:   Roger!
    Tapp:     Hey hey, they're being attacked, aren't they!? No fake!?
    Light:    ... More possible than that Grendizer robot.
    A/L:      ...Which is it?
    Bright:   Kuh...
    Koji:     I'll help...!
    Tetsuya:  Koji-kun!?
    Koji:     Tetsuya-kun, you know, right? Daisuke-san will, no matter the reason,
              never go to the evil side...! If that's the fake, then Maria-chan
              here are the real ones!
    Juuzo:    A good reversal.
    Hyoma:    But, if Kabuto's trusting so much that Daisuke guy, then... I feel
              like that's the right thing.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     (Such a stupid logic... And I'm agreeing with it? Damn, my memories
              aren't fully back!? I wasn't such a easy guy...!)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Why... such a logically erronic thought... and I'm not denying
              it...!? ... So I'm finally screwed...?)
    Kou:      But... for true!?
    Koji:     Oh...! Maria-chan!
    Maria:    Koji! I've wanted to meet you... Koji!
    Koji:     One thing... I wanted to ask one thing, Maria-chan! The first time
              we met... we were fighting in a jeep, right!?
    Bright:   What!? Kabuto! What are you...
    Yurika:   Captain Bright! Shh-! ... Perhaps he's something in mind!
    Maria:    Eh!? That was a bike, Koji!
    Koji:     Ah, I see... The fight... was it a tie?
    Maria:    What are you saying!? I said that I was defeated!
    Koji:     It was a tie! Maria-chan, what are you saying!?
    Maria:    I told you I was defeated!
    Tetsuya:  Discrepancies? Is that... a fake!? Koji-kun!
    Koji:     Haha...Hahahahaha! It's Maria-chan! The true Maria-chan!
    Hikaru:   Koji-kun!?
    Koji:     Captain Bright! Captain Yurika! No matter what you say, I'll help
              those 3...!
    Maria:    Koji...!
    Sayaka:   If Koji-kun says so... Then I too!
    Blacky:   Eei! What are you doing!? Kill them all!
    Bright:   So we'll trust them. Ok, units, annihilate the enemies!
    # Koji VS Duke #
    Koji:    Daisuke-san! It's me! Koji Kabuto! What happened!?
    Duke:    ......
    # Tetsuya VS Duke #
    Tetsuya: What happened, Daisuke-san, turned into a man to affiliate to those!?
    Duke:    ...
    # Jun VS Duke #
    Jun:     Daisuke-san, wake up!
    Duke:    ...
    # Boss VS Duke #
    Boss:    Hey, Daisuke. Answer me!
    Duke:    ...
    # Sayaka VS Duke #
    Sayaka:  Daisuke-san, please, stop!!
    Duke:    ...
    # Kazuya VS Lihitel #
    Lihitel: Kazuya Ryuzaki, because of you I lost Erika and Aizam. I won't ever
             forgive you!
    Kazuya:  The pain of losing Erika is the same to me...! Come, Lihitel!
    # enemy retreat: Blacky's hp reaches 0 #
    Blacky:  N,no! Uwooh!?
    [Mothership explodes]
    Rubyna:  We did it! Now the pursuers will...
    [dimension transport animation]
    [Rival Robot appears]
    L/A:     That's the one.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    That mech!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Commander Axel...!?
    Shiroh:  That... mysterious mech!?
    Aina:    It... appeared from nowhere, didn't it!? Shiroh.
    Prospec: Can it be... Boson Jump!?
    Ruri:    There's no Boson Jump reaction. It's not Boson Jump.
    Rubyna:  Wh,who're you!? R,release me!
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   I'll have this person back...
    Axel:    W17! If you're here, then... That army has a Shadow Mirror spy!?
    Lamia:   Yes... The pieces are gathered... Soon, we'll move.
    Axel:    ...What?
    Lamia:   And the technology too...
    Axel:    Wait!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    ... I'll have this woman back...
    Lamia:   Commander Axel... If here you're, then true it is...
    Axel:    I told you not to speak weirdly... W17.
    Lamia:   If you're here, then... Does that army has a Shadow Mirro spy?
    Axel:    Yes. But there's no need for you to know more... The pieces are now
             together... We'll move, so wait for instructions.
    Lamia:   But, it's still unstable...!
    Axel:    So you see but can't understand, doll? ... The technology's supply is
    Lamia:   Wait...!
    [dimension transport animation]
    [Rival Robot and Double Spazer disappear]
    Maria:   Rubyna-san!?
    Hikaru:  No...!
    Banjo:   Kuh... The Jovian mech escapes, and the one ally with important
             informations is kidnapped.
    Galliso: ... Being stepped and kicked.
    Bright:  The situation is too unclear...! Analysis, don't relax! Remaining
             forces, concentrate on annihilation!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (The transposition can be used in such a stable way... Boson Jump...
             So, the Jovians too...)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Stable transposition... If the Boson Jump technology is being used...
             the the Jovians too...)
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 275 #
    # scene 275: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  Planet Vega Alliance Forces... The aliens' army... at moon?
    Koji:    I've heard about it from Daisuke-san. The invading forces that
             destroyed Planet Freed...
    Maria:   Yes, Koji. That's the Planet Vega Alliance Forces.
    Hikaru:  Planet Cambell and Planet Boazan's invasions are no concidence...
             Everything was being controlled by the Planet Vega Alliance Forces
             from the backstage.
    Tetsuya: So that's a true alliance force.
    Amuro:   But, I've never heard their frontline base was at Moon.
    Quattro: Anaheim and Giganos Empire... there are many influences at Moon. To
             build a base without being noticed is...
    Maria:   Planet Vega's scientists made it possible. Brother realized that and
             went to attack it, bringing us along.
    Koji:    Wait, Maria-chan! Why didn't you call us!?
    Hikaru:  Daisuke-san left the surface for you all, Koji-kun.
    Burning: And for that, he was caught?
    Maria:   We've damaged Skull Moon near destruction, but... We couldn't kill
             King Vega. The reason Planet Vega asked for Cambell and Boazan's help
             is that they couldn't send their own forces.
    Koji:    And if they did it now means that...
    Banjo:   Their wounds if healed... What about Daisuke Umon-kun?
    Tetsuya: Perhaps... already...?
    Hikaru:  We couldn't flee together, but he was alright.
    Maria:   Brother won't be defeated so easily! Neh, captain Bright, can we go
             rescue brother!?
    Bright:  We're still in mission... If there's a chance, it'll be likewise, is
             that ok?
    Maria:   ...Eeh. Brother won't give up so easily...! To bring up a fake
             Grendizer is the proof.
    Tetsuya: If we can smash Giganos Empire, can we go, captain?
    Bright:  Aah.
    Koji:    Alright! ... Wait for us, Daisuke-san...!
    # next: scene 276 #
    # scene 276: Cobrard - bridge #
    Lihitel: Eei, Kazuya Ryuzaki... And Londo Bell Squad! The revenge of Erika and
             Aizam... I can't even accomplish it...!
    Barbath: Li,Lihitel-sama!
    Lihitel: What happened, Barbath, to be so pale?
    Barbath: It's an emergency. Lihitel-sama! This... This is!
    Lihitel: Calm down, Barbath. What happened? Tell me.
    Barbath: There was a message from Small Balm previously!
    Lihitel: What message? To come back for real...?
    Barbath: It's not like that! That's... The one that assassinated your
             excellency ambassador Leon isn't... the Earthlings, for it seems...!
    Lihitel: Wha!? D,don't tell me jokes! So who was the one who killed my father!?
    Barbath: ... Marshall... Olban...
    Raiza:   What!?
    Lihitel: You! For those words, our Small Balm's supreme commander, marshall
             Olban has done such dirty work from behind!? Barbath! Stay in shape!
    Barbath: I understand your rage! But... But... It's the truth! Lihitel-sama!
    Lihitel: No...No...
    Barbath: ...Marshall Olban joined the Vega Alliance Force and one more... the
             Shadow Mirror... to take Small Balm into his hands... likewise...!
    Raiza:   So... at the assembly, the one who poisoned ambassador Leon... wasn't
             an Earthling...!?
    Lihitel: Proof... do you have one, Barbath...!?
    Barbath: There's one that heard a conversation between marshall Olban and one
             from the Shadow Mirror.
    Lihitel: Then it's possible he misheard it!
    Barbath: ... That person is... my brother! I know him well. He wouldn't lie!
    Lihitel: It's not possible... If so... Why I was at Earth invasion... Erika and
             Aizam's death were meaningless!
    Barbath: One more thing! Erika-sama... is alive!
    Lihitel: What!? Then what Aizam said... Was that true!?
    Barbath: Yes...! Erika-sama, after disappearing from the underwater castle, 
             was rescued by Earthlings... and went back to Small Balm! To defeat
             Olban, and to succeed father's, marshall Leon's will!
    Raiza:   Lihitel-sama! Perhaps the reason why our return to Small Balm was
    Lihitel: Erika's in danger...! Barbath! Raiza! We're now unrelated to Vega
             Alliance Forces! We'll head back to Small Balm! 
    # next: scene 277 #
    # scene 277: Nadesico - bridge #
    [message sound]
    Ruri:    Connection from captain Bright.
    Yurika:  Link it, please!
    Bright:  Captain Misumaru, we'll soon be at moon. Giganos' inspection will get
             harder from now on. Keep on guard.
    Yurika:  Understood! We'll be inspected, but it's fine! If not, then we'll
             blast everything with our Gravity Blast of Love!
    Amuro:   ... Sort of... weird, isn't she?
    Ruri:    Don't mind. She's a bit happy about... meeting Tenkawa-san again.
    Yurika:  Aahn, Akito... wait there... Your Yurika is coming for the rescue...!
    Bright:  ......
    Prospec: A-h, captain Bright, I'll hear what you have to say. So?
    Bright:  I think it's better... We'll head to Nergal's lunar docks. I'm sending
             the data now... It seems there's a Vega Alliance Forces' secret base.
             Keep alert.
    Yurika:  ... Captain Bright, about Minato-san and Megumi-san...
    Bright:  You're back, captain Misumaru... No matter the reasons, they turned to
             the enemy's side. I can't send in teams to look after them.
    Yurika:  ... I can finally meet Akito but... Those two... Like this... I can't
             get on the mood...
    # next: scene 278 #
    # scene 278: Preventers HQ #
    Heero:   Mariemaia Barton... Born in Universal Century 00XX. Two years later,
             death of mother Leia Barton. Father unknown...
    Duo:     He-y, I got us some lunch.
    Heero:   ......
    Duo:     What, if you want, answer me.
    Heero:   ......
    Duo:     And such a busy man as usual...
    Heero:   ......
    Duo:     If you don't want, I'll eat.
    Heero:   ... We'll go.
    Duo:     Going?
    Heero:   Aah, I've caught the place Relena was kidnapped.
    Duo:     Hey, Heero... He's gone. Mah, such a stubborn...
    Quatre:  Duo.
    Duo:     Ow, so you were here too, Quatre. Great effort of yours at the colony
             drop and at Nanbara Connection.
    Quatre:  Thanks...
    Duo:     What, did something happen?
    Quatre:  There are a few incidents... regarding the Giganos Empire's around...
             I wanted to investigate... But I can't contact Trowa and Wu-fei.
    Duo:     Both are like both, moving on their own, right? It's about them, no
             worries... And?
    Quatre:  The Gundam's are ready.
    Duo:     Can't even cool a little. It was break back then... but I'll have to
             go back to be the God of Death. Better than a hero with numerous
    # next: scene 279 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 279: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    [message sound]
    Linda:   A connection from Preventer, Lady Une-san.
    Bright:  Link it, please.
    Lady:    Captain Bright, I've heard it. The case of the Jovians... It's
             helpless now to say we're sorry.
    Bright:  No, it's alright. And, there isn't much since the Preventers were
             assembled. We didn't imagine the reason was past the Universal 
             Century's start.
    Lady:    I've investigated that... Everyone related doesn't know. Though, there
             are many grandchilds and great-grandchilds of them in the current
    Camille: ...So, to hide the inhuman method the Federation used?
    Amuro:   For sure. By entering the Universal Century, the immigration to space
             was growing... In times of politics at space, they banned the unneeded
             Spacenoids to Mars, and to silent them, used the nuke... If so...
    Quattro: They wouldn't allow the Earth Federation to control the colonies.
    Burning: ... Well, even in my age, I can see the picture. This war... is a
             revenge for the past. Such a deep story.
    Lady:    We'll keep our investigation. Connection, over... Noin.
    Noin:    Yes?
    Lady:    There's some untrustful actions at the mineral asteroid MO-III.
             Report as soon as you get more info about it.
    Noin:    Mineral asteroid MO-III...? Roger.
    Banjo:   So... it's time to ask him personally.
    Amuro:   Him, neh.
    Bright:  Aah... Linda-kun, connect with Nadesico.
    # next: scene 280 #
    # scene 280: Nadesico - one room #
    Akatsuki: To tell the survival of Tenkawa-kun was a mistake, Erina-kun.
    Erina:    ... I'm trully sorry.
    Akatsuki: That thing's there at lunar dock, right?
    Erina:    Yes... What will you do?
    Akatsuki: Well... Tenkawa-kun died in an accident, or disappeared. There's
              this new influence of the Vega Alliance Forces at Moon, and if he's
              not there, there won't be any reason for Londo Bell Squad to go to
              the lunar base.
    Erina:    Not only the living Boson Jump experiments, it won't be found.
    Yurika:   I won't let you!
    Erina:    Wh,what? You were eavesdrooping people's conversation!?
    Ruri:     Even to Ahgama's people.
    Bright:   I'm sorry, but I heard that.
    Yurika:   Well, what did you mean by letting Akito die!?
    Akatsuki: Well well, everyone likes eavesdropping, as it seems. I'm a Nergal
              pilot... Everything's only a prediction...
    Amuro:    For a pilot and a president, that same story can be different.
    Akatsuki: ...What?
    Prospect: It's already known, president.
    Banjo:    That's right. Aestevalis pilot, Akatsuki Nagare... but the true self
              is Nergal's president. The big boss.
    # next: scene 281 #
    # scene 281: Nadesico - bridge #
    Akatsuki: I want to know, how did you discover?
    Noin:     Are you serious?
    Beauty:   I know you've forgotten, but I met you at a party.
    Reika:    Mah, I can't remember of people I met only at parties.
    Aina:     Me either...
    Akatsuki: Beauty Kankou... And the daughter of the Sahalin house. So, I've
              forgotten about the other side of Nergal.
    Gallison: And... this.
    Akatsuki: This is... Nergal Enterprise's work attendment panflet?
    Gallison: Let's read the first page. "Pride of Nergal's future... Nergal Group
              President Akatsuki Nagare". The picture is very clean.
    Akatsuki: ......
    Ruri:     ...Stupid...
    Noin:     I thought it could be wrong. Your arrivel was such a show that I
              thought it was a double.
    Beauty:   We've even checked if there were look-alikes.
    Banjo:    We are the one to ask. How could you imagine we wouldn't know?
    Erina:    President...
    Akatsuki: Time to settle the taxes. I suppose I was just swimming around...
              Alright, I'll tell everything.
    # next: scene 282 #
    # scene 282: Mineral asteroid MO-III - one room #
    Dekim:     Gentlemen, the time to rise for Mariemaia-sama has come. I'm
               grateful for those who awaited for so longo, who endure such
               situation, who had patience on time.
    Mariemaia: Fufu, how about that. The youth of the future is supporting me.
    Relena:    ...
    Dekim:     From this day, you'll walk the path of glory. The awaken of a new
               mankind, the soldiers of our Mariemaia shall accomplish, and turn
               into the symbol of people's hope.
    Relena:    With such numbers, do you think it'll be a fight?
    Dekim:     And, for Mariemaia-sama's sake, Giganos Empire and Shadow Mirror
               Squad already promised cooperation.
    Relena:    Giganos did? I see... That's why you're keeping me...!
    Mariemaia: Correct. We don't need some peace talk to change excellency
               Gilthor's heart.
    Dekim:     Not only that. Our new power... We've accomplished to get the
               Gundam with DG cells at our hands. Devil Gundam will be our power!
    Relena:    DG...! Devil Gundam!? Such a...! Do you know what the Devil Gundam
               can do!?
    Mariemaia: I know. That's why we did get it.
    Relena:    (What's about to happen...?)
    Dekim:     But, before we can rise, I want to get rid of a rebel... Trowa
               Barton, come to the front!
    Trowa:     ......
    Relena:    ... Trowa!?
    Trowa:     ... I'm not interested on how you knew... Dekim Barton... I'll have
               you die.
    ???:       Don't move.
    Trowa:     You're...
    Relena:    (!! No...! What... What's going on!? With space...!?)
    Wu-fei:    ... Drop your gun and raise your hands.
    Trowa:     Wu-fei...
    # next: scene 283 #
    # scene 283: Nadesico - bridge #
    Akatsuki: I won't deny. I was quiet about Jovian's true self for the sake of
              Federation's bureaucrats.
    Erina:    Sure, the responsible isn't here anymore, but in mid-battle, there
              were no scandals.
    Akatsuki: And for Nergal to enter between the solid share the so proud Anaheim
              has with army, we needed a weapon.
    Erina:    The rescue of Mars' people was a way to image-up the firm...
    Banjo:    Nergal Enterprise Presidential assistant, Erina Kinjo Won... to come
              this far, isn't it time to give up?
    Erina:    Eh...? I didn't...
    Banjo:    That wasn't an survivor rescue, but to recover the Nergal's Mars base
              research data, and the Mars' ancient ruins... isn't it?
    Erina:    ...Banjo Haran... I see. You're... Doctor Haran's...
    Burning:  Ancient ruins?
    Banjo:    At Mars' poles, there's an ancient ruins the aliens had left a long
              time ago. Nergal's Distortion Field, and the Jovian Lizards... No,
              the Jovian Union's Boson Jump technology, everything came from that.
    Akatsuki: I see... You should know. To keep hiding something... you're doing it
              as well, right? Banjo Haran-kun.
    Banjo:    ......
    Amuro:    Meganoids... is it?
    Banjo:    Father realized. The existence of the ruins... It's true he was
              researching the ruins to create the super humans on his own. I didn't
              about the Jovians, though.
    Prospect: That doctor Souzou Haran, disappeared after Meganoid's rebellion...
              And his son Banjo-san destroyed that Meganoid, and went to live
              peacefully at Earth...
    Ryoko:    And war started... I see... If it's to mess up with the ruins, to do
              it during war is the best.
    Yurika:   Yes! So there were others from Nergal that knew about Boson Jump and
              succeeded on using it!
    Akatsuki: Correct... Jovian Union.
    Quattro:  So everything's connected... For Nergal, the Jovian Union is an
              existance that should have disappeared without being revealed.
    Amuro:    For the Federation, and for Nergal.
    Akatsuki: Yes yes yes. It's correct. But, what's the deal? It's obvious to use
              information for the sake of the enterprise.
    Yurika:   But, for that, a war that shouldn't be happening is happening!
    Akatsuki: So, let me ask! Did the Jovian stopped their attacks after showing
              their true self?
    Noin:     ... Their fight is a revenge. It's not related.
    Erina:    Did you ever think what it would be after the war ends!? If we can
              master the technology of Boson Jump, Nergal will stand in the center
              of Earth Sphere, and it'll be Nergal's age! For that, what's the
              matter on dealing with the Federation!?
    Ryoko:    Business business, everything for business.
    Erina:    What's the problem? Nergal will come to the center either way.
    Akatsuki: Nergal's interests will be the same of Earth's.
    Prospect: By sacrificing people, though.
    Erina:    Don't say useless things! Are you Nergal's member or not!?
    Ruri:     ... Connection from Moon. They're being attacked by Jovians.
    Yurika:   What!?
    Ines:     Let me explain. After Yokosuke, the Jovians realized about the living
              Boson Jump research Nergal was doing, so the possibility for them to
              target Nergal is higher.
    Yurika:   Hurry, to the lunar docks! Akito, Akito's in danger!!
    # next: scene 284 #
    # scene 284: Skull Moon site - prison #
    Soldier: An attack from the Earth Federation!?
    Soldier: After those others escaped, this place's been located!
    Daisuke: ... I see... Maria, Hikaru-san... Rubyna, they've fled.
    Daisuke: This chance... is the first and the last...! Koji-kun, Tetsuya-kun...
             I'll... go to my last gamble...!
    # next: scene 285 #
    # scene 285: Nergal lunar docks - hangar #
    Akito:   ... I see, Yurika... Jovian Lizards... are humans...
    Yurika:  I've told you simply but... I'll tell you more later. Don't worry!
             I'm going to save you now! Akito just stay calm... A,Akito?
    Akito:   ... Those who attacked Mars Utopia Colony's people... weren't
             unmanned... same... Earthling...
    Yurika:  Akito...? You're... frightening. Akito...?
    Akito:   ......
    # next: Stage 23 #
     Stage 23 M - "Boku tachi no Sensou" ga hajimaru ("Our war" will start)
              F - Seigi to, Ai to (Justice and love)
    [Jovian units appear]
    [Aestevalis Lunar frame appears]
    Genichiro: My heart is empty... If Earthlings had love like us... we could be
    Akito:     So, you're... At Mars Utopia Colony, you're the ones who...!!
    Genichiro: Evil humanoid weapon! Let's go, Dai Majin!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Akito's unit destruction
    # Akito VS Genichiro #
    Genichiro: Earthling that banished us from our past country...! I won't
    Akito:     Just shut up...! This is for Mars' everyone!
    # reinforce: turn 3 #
    [Dai Tetsujin appears]
    Tsukumo: Genichiro, are you ok!?
    Akito:   ... That's... the one that kidnapped Megumi-chan!?
    Genichi: Tsukumo!
    Tsukumo: While there's friendship... I'm immortal.
    Akito:   Don't speak like human! Jovian Lizard! You all...!
    Megumi:  Wait!
    Minato:  Listen to us!
    Genichi: Tsukumo!? Why are Earthlings humans there!?
    Tsukumo: ... It's their wish.
    Akito:   Kuh! Dirty! Jovian!
    Megumi:  It's not, Akito-san! Stop attacking! 
    Minato:  For the sake of this person, I'll tell. We're no hostages!
    Megumi:  You're all being deceived! I... heard it, from Tsukumo-san! Akito-san,
             those person are...!
    Akito:   Humans... right? Banished from Moon.
    Minato:  You knew...
    Tsukumo: Get out of there! Our mission is the second transposition fueled
             ship...! Not to fight you...!
    Akito:   Shut up! I'll protect Nadesico!
    Megumi:  To pull up a war from the past!
    Akito:   You don't get it! How long... How long will you stay with that
             unrelated face!? This is... Our war!
    Minato:  That pilot... Akito Tenkawa-kun, had many of his friends killed at
             Mars Utopia Colony...
    Genichi: ... I see. But everything is Earth's fault. Earth's the reason!
    Akito:   Shut up! I won't forgive you!
    Megumi:  Stop! Akito-san, just stop!
    Tsukumo: You two, get out! ... I challenge you, to a 1 on 1 duel!
    Minato:  Shiratori-san!?
    Akito:   ......
    Tsukumo: I have space suits. You two, get out.
    Megumi:  But... But...
    Tsukumo: It's as he said. It's... no more a fight to avenge the past 100 years.
             This is... our war.
    Minato:  Let's go... Megumi-chan.
    Megumi:  Stop! Stop! Why do you have to do it, Akito-san!?
    Akito:   To protect Earth!
    Megumi:  The ones to protect Earth... the ones fighting are the smarters!?
    Akito:   Smart or not, that's not the matter! Understand that, Megumi-chan...!
    Megumi:  You're weird. You're not like Akito yourself!
    Akito:   ......
    Megumi:  Isn't it ok to not be in war!? Isn't it enough to stay home just we
             two, watching Geki-Ganger!? That's more like Akito-san! Like
             Akito-san... Like... Akito-san...
    Akito:   ... Come. 1 on 1... right?
    Megumi:  Akito...san!
    Tsukumo: ... Yes. Genichiro, don't make a move!
    Genichi: Understood... Muh!? Reaction in the radar!? ...Damn you, Earthling!
             We said it was 1 on 1!
    Akito:   What!?
    [Vega units appear]
    Blacky:  Eei, we lost it! Muh? That's... Earth's weapons?
    Akito:   Not Earth's robots!? Those!?
    Genichi: Aliens battle mechs! Eei, at this timing!
    Tsukumo: No! Minato-san! Interference! I'll move you two to other place! Boy,
             just wait!
    Minato:  Shiratori-san... go back... to Jupiter.
    Tsukumo: Eh!?
    Minato:  I want... to hear more. If... do we really have to fight!?
    Megumi:  I'll go too!
    Akito    What are you saying!? You two!
    Tsukumo: Is that alright?
    Minato:  Akito-kun, sorry.
    Megumi:  ......
    Tsukumo: Genichiro, I won't fight with women along. I'll leave here to you!
    Genichi: Ok!
    [Dai Tetsujin disappears]
    Akito:   Megumi-chan! Minato-san!
    Genichi: Aliens! But my mission is the complete destruction of the new warship!
    Akito:   New warship!? ...The one in the docks...
    Genichi: It's a weapon to resist us! No meaning to hide it!
    Blacky:  I can't retreat now! For King Vega-sama's sake, I'll kill all you
    ???:     I won't let it! Evil of space... Vega Alliance Forces!
    Blacky:  What!?
    Akito:   Who's there!?
    [Grendizer appears]
    Duke:    Your target should be me!
    Genichi: Uwooh, what's that mech...! S,splendid...
    Blacky:  Duke Freed! You fool... so you fled!
    Duke:    I don't want to survive by involving and forsaking unrelated humans!
             That's my justice...!
    Akito:   ...Justice.
    Genichi: Unrelated... humans? ...Kuh, I lost my interest. Earthlings, we shall
             meet again!
    [Dai Majin disappears]
    Akito:   You're!?
    Duke:    Are one from the Earth Federation?
    Akito:   Eeh, sort of.
    Duke:    Then I'm your ally... I've fled from Vega Alliance Forces' base. You?
    Akito:   I,I... was fighting.
    Duke:    Against... yourself?
    Akito:   Eh!?
    Duke:    I just felt like that. You weren't focused at the enemies at all.
    Akito:   ......
    Blacky:  Just 2 of them! Smash them!
    Duke:    ...Come!
    # ally reinforce: turn 4 #
    [Nell Ahgama and Nadesico appears]
    Yurika:  Akito, are you alright!?
    Erina:   Aah! The lunar dock!? It's half destroyed!?
    Akatsu:  This is bad.
    Bright:  Whatever the lunar dock! Tenkawa-kun, are you alright!? Muh... that
             robot is!?
    Ruri:    Data gathering. I see, it's Gr...
    Koji:    Grendizer!? Daisuke-san... Daisuke-san, right!?
    Tetsuya: That's the true one, I hope!
    Duke:    Koji-kun, Tetsuya-kun... I've... come back!
    Maria:   Brother!
    Hikaru:  Daisuke-san!
    Kazuya:  You fled!?
    Koji:    Let's go! Tetsuya-kun!
    Tetsuya: We'll show them... The power of Triple Mazinger!
    [Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger appear]
    Akito:   Yurika!
    Prospec: Hoh, that's the newly made lunar frame Tenkawa-kun is using. That's
             why he survived so long.
    Yurika:  Akito! Your... Your Yurika came to help!
    Akito:   Megumi-chan and Minato-san, were kid... no, went along with the Jovian
    Ryo:     Went along!?
    Yurika:  Uhn, uhn! It's alright, Akito, be calm!
    Akito:   ...But... I won't step back anymore...!
    Shiroh:  Is that fine? You were dismissed. You can stop fighting.
    Yurika:  When you come back... I'll cook you something.
    Akito:   I... won't run away...! Yurika, we'll end our war with our hands!
    Yurika:  I see, Akito!
    Ken:     Did she, really?
    Axel:    Even if the last phrase is connected, I don't think it really did.
    Lamia:   ... Not really.
    Quattro: However, we've understood Tenkawa-kun's will... He changed.
    Amuro:   Hoshino-kun, scramble order.
    Ruri:    Me...?
    Amuro:   Will you wait till captain Misumaru comes back to normal?
    Ruri:    Scramble.
    # enemy retreat: Blacky's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Blacky:  How can it be... Koji Kabuto and the others! Eei, I have to report to
             commander! Retreat!
    [Mother Ship explodes/disappears]
    Koji:    You! Come back!
    Duke:    Don't chase it further, Koji-kun!
    # stage end #
    Bright:  So it's over. But strange, with such a great battle, Giganos didn't
             make a move...
    # next: scene 286 #
    # scene 286: Nergal lunar docks - hangar #
    Erina:    Aah, what a waste... Shakuyaku is...
    George:   This is completely smashed...
    Chibodee: What's this? Seems like a warship...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     ... Looks like Nadesico.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    Nadesico... is very likely to it, it is.
    Nina:     Is this... one of same class of Nadesico?
    Erina:    It's helpless to hide now, so I'll just say it... Nadesico 4th,
    Domon:    Indeed. So you were building it secretly at Moon.
    Akatsuki: Don't turn us bad person. It's for the unavoidable battle agains the
              Jovians Lizards.
    Ryoko:    You aren't even trying to avoid. Such excitement.
    Yurika:   Neh, that thing attached to Shakuyaku, can it be attached to
    Uribatak: The Y unit.
    Nina:     Y unit?
    Erina:    A core unit to use the transposition cannon... Wait! It's impossible
              to attach it to Nadesico!
    Hyoma:    It's ok. One thing attached to the 4th ship can be too to the 1st.
    Uribatak: It's not that easy, Shakuyaku has a different electrical map. It
              could explode.
    Yurika:   Ok ok. I believe in you!
    Uribatak: Well then. Hey, push the Y unit from Shakuyaku! We'll attach it to 
    Boss:     Hehehe, leave this fierce job to Boss Borot.
    Astonage: More people needed, please.
    Erina:    Hey, don't mess up by yourselves!
    Yurika:   But Shakytaku is smashed, it's a waste to leave it, right!?
    Chibodee: You're all impossible.
    Sai-sici: Can't say much about ourselves, though.
    Tapp:     Agreed.
    Kou:      We all got used to it.
    Nina:     Kou, following up, I want you to do something.
    Kou:      What is it, Nina?
    Nina:     ... There's a project at Anaheim, much like Shakuyaku, being
              developed in secret.
    Erina:    Arah, were you developing a warship too?
    Nina:     It's a world of down sizing. It doesn't need to be the size of ship
              to be useful.
    Erina:    And what did you mean with that?
    Kou:      ... I'm going. I'll be back in time.
    Shiroh:   You've got through the enterprise war. 2nd Lt Uraki, we'll count on
    Hikaru:   Areh? Where's Akito-kun?
    Izumi:    At Ahgama.
    # next: scene 287 #
    # scene 287: Mineral asteroid MO-III - one room #
    Dekim:   Mariemaia-sama, let's head to the fortress.
    Lemon:   Arah, isn't it earlier than planned?
    Vindel:  I wanted to get some cooperation from Vega Alliance and the Jovian...
             But it'll take time. We'll move.
    Lemon:   Again... Londo Bell Squad?
    Vindel:  ... They've reached their power to interfere our plans.
    Dekim:   What?
    Soldier: Invaders... 3 Gundam types!
    Relena:  Th,this Gundam...!?
    Lemon:   For a beautiful lady, even silent, her knight appears... I guess.
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   I'll go.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Annoying... I'll finish it.
    Lemon:   Please, [Lamia/Axel].
    # map change #
    [Mariemaia units appear]
    [Wing Zero Custom, Deathscithe Hell Custom and Sandrock Custom appear]
    Duo:     They're coming. So many of you came.
    Heero:   ......
    Quatre:  Don't relax!
    Heero:   ...New enemies.
    [dimension trasportation]
    [Rival Robot appears]
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Splendid for finding this place... Did you become knights to come
             and save a princess?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    You did well finding this place... Better saying you're the knights
             to save a princess.
    Duo:     Sorry, I'm no knight, but God of Death instead.
    Heero:   ...Why did you kidnap Relena?
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   I won't answer.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Dunno.
    Quatre:  Who are you!? Not only to this forces, but you're related to many
             other organizations, aren't you?
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   I won't answer.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Even if you knew, it wouldn't affect anything.
    Heero:   Then, I'll have you speak no matter what it takes.
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Hey.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Interesting... Hey.
    [Heavyarms Custom and Nataku Gundam appear]
    Quatre:  It can't be!
    Trowa:   ......
    Duo:     Trowa...!? You're... Trowa!?
    Wu-fei:  ......
    Heero:   Wu-fei...
    # cinematics: Wu-fei VS Heero #
    Wu-fei:  I, wanted to fight against you!
    Heero:   What are you planning, Wu-fei...!?
    Duo:     Trowa, why did you betray us!?
    Trowa:   Your mistake. I'm not Trowa... I'm an unnamed soldier that was at
             a battlefield since the start of life.
    # cinematics: Trowa VS Duo #
    Trowa:   ...Devil Gundam.
    Duo:     (Contact line...!? Trowa...?)
    Trowa:   ...Devil Gundam was collected... Investigate...
    Duo:     ...What!?
    # next: scene 288 #
    # scene 288: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  Daisuke Umon-kun, about the Vega Alliance Forces' moves...
    Daisuke: Yes, I don't know much. But... The lunar base Skull Moon has some
             faking devices, so it's hard to figure its location... It might be
             strenghned after my attack... Only if... I could defeat King Vega that
    Koji:    It's not your fault, Daisuke-san. Don't get down.
    Maria:   Yes, brother. Your safe comeback is good enough... I...
    Amuro:   Umon-kun, we're still during mission... But, we can leave you near
             Von Brown. If you get in touch with war, you'll be in danger again...
             What will you do?
    Daisuke: I'll fight. I'm not concerned about my life anymore.
    Akito:   Why is it?
    Tetsuya: Tenkawa?
    Akito:   Even after almost being killed, you are finally safe... With that, 
             you're like those cold Jovians, only meant to fight!
    Sayaka:  What? It's true that Daisuke-san and Maria-chan are not Earthlings.
             But that's...
    Daisuke: ...Sayaka-san, wait... Tenkawa-kun, I won't fight because I want to,
             or because I want to waste my life. Earth... I want to protect my
             second home.
    Akito:   ......
    Daisuke: However, Tenkawa-kun. Even if it results on my death... There's a
             belief we should pierce, and a fight we should not run.
    Akito:   A fight... we shouldn't run?
    Daisuke: I once have forsaken my home country... to fight now. Forsaking my
             sister Maria, and my fiancee Rubyna... I fled to Earth. That time...
             Planet Freed's Duke Freed died.
    Maria:   Brother... it's enought... already...
    Akito:   ......
    Daisuke: ...With only half of my beliefs, I was caught by Vega Alliance, and
             such a crushing fight lead me to everyone... If so, my battle isn't
             over yet... Until my life or King Vega's disappears.
    Akito:   My... war...... I'll go back to Nadesico...!
    Tetsuya: Hey!
    Quattro: Leave him. He's only nervous.
    Burning: Captain, Akito Tenkawa... What about him?
    Bright:  It's up to his own will, but we can't just leave him. There's the
             case of Nadesico's operator and driver... Such a headache.
    # next: scene 289 #
    # scene 289: Nadesico - observation hall #
    Akito:   ... I have to fight. If the Jovians... and people that lost their home
             lands like Duke-san think the same... Then I can't avoid this war...!
             Megumi-chan... It's useless... We can't just... keep running...
    Akito:   What!? From Moon... something flew towards Earth!?
    # next: scene 290 #
    # scene 290: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Linda:   Captain Bright, connection from chief Miwa.
    Miwa:    What the hell are you doing!? Because of a direct hit from the Mass
             Driver, the California base and Belfast base are heavily damaged!
    Bright:  I'm sorry.
    Miwa:    Listen, you can't take any longer. Londo Bell must head to destroy the
             Mass Driver! And annihilate Giganos Empire on your way! Over!
    Noin:    Captain Bright, this time chief Miwa's words should be taken 
             seriously. We have to do something with the Mass Driver...
    Noin:    Aah. It's fair to think Giganos remained silent about the mess at
             lunar docks to use the Mass Driver... Ok, Londo Bell Squad will head
             to destroy the Mass Driver!
    Linda:   2nd Lt Uraki didn't rendezvous yet.
    Noin:    The situation is at limit. We'll go after Nadesico's attachment is
    # next: scene 291 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 291: Moon - Giganos HQ #
    Gilthor: Dorchenov, I've ordered you to interfere into the conflict at Nergal's
             lunar dock. But you ignored and used the Mass Driver!
    Dorchen: I beg your pardon, your excellency. Are aware of the situation!? Our
             empire is currently at risk!
    Gilthor: I'm aware about our forces at Earth. That's why I'm rushing into the
             finishing of the mobile fortress.
    Dorchen: I beg your pardon, but your excellency's method is too at ease! If
             we do a continuous attack at Earth with the Mass Driver, the situation
    Malliot: Lt-Cel Dorchenov, your excellency told you about that, already.
    Gilthor: Right... Dorchenov, I'm proud of the high will of yours. But you're
             using the Mass Driver without permission, and has trespassed your
             limits, it seems...!
    Dorchen: Wh,what!?
    Gilthor: You've brought strange people inside the mobile fortress... Shadow
             Mirror, you said. Without my permission!
    Malliot: Not only that, Lt-Cel... What will you do... about Devil Gundam?
    Dorchen: That's for the sake of our empire!
    Gilthor: There's still more, about that Dekim...
    Dorchen: Your excellency, excuse me!
    Malliot: Lt-Cel Dorchenov! What's with you! To point a gun to your excellency!
    Dorchen: Your excellency doesn't understand! The importance of victory! To
             gain victory at first... is the best to start with!
    Gilthor: Dorchenov...!
    Dorchen: Order the use of Mass Driver, to attack Earth!
    Gilthor: No! Dorchenov, what you're doing is going agains Giganos Empire's
             traits... Lt Plarto, arrest Lt-Cel Dorchenov...
    Dorchen: ...!!
    [gun shot]
    Gilthor: Ugh!
    Malliot: Your excellency! Dorchenov, you!
    Gilthor: U...uh...M,Malliot... Earth... turn to waste if... Mass Driver is...!
    Malliot: Your excellency, marshall Gilthor!
    Dorchen: ...Dead. Dead...
    Soldier: A gunshot from your excellency's room!? What happened!?
    Dorchen: Who's that! It's a rebellion! Malliot Plarto murdered your excellency
    Malliot: Wh,what!? Dorchenov... you!!
    Soldier: Your excellency marshall! Damn you, traitor!
    Malliot: Wait! I didn't kill your excellency!
    Dorchen: Pursue him! Capture Malliot Plarto! The man who killed your excellency
    Malliot: Damn!
    Dorchen: Don't let him escape!
    Soldier: To all parts locks! Your excellency marshall Gilthor... was killed!
             The responsible is Lt Plarto! Bodyguard Malliot Plarto... Giganos'
             Blue Hawk!
    Dorchen: Hah... hah...
    ???:     Kuh kuh kuh...
    Dorchen: Who's that!?
    Cima:    ... So it's all screwed. You're bad at details, you know?
    Dorchen: Cima Garahau... I know. I'll trace the Gilthor faction... from now
             on, I'm Giganos' commander!
    Cima:    To point your nose so high in no time.
    Dorchen: Indeed! While my formation doesn't break, I'll make Earth full of
             holes! Earth and Space is Giganos'! Mine!!
    Cima:    (How long such small fish will last... is for show.)
    # next: scene 292 #
    # scene 292: Moon #
    Malliot: I could at least bring out my Metal Armor... Your excellency
             Gilthor... Along with the light of the Mass Driver, my ideals and my
             dreams are disappearing... Your excellency, what I'm supposed to do...
             ...Your excellency's dreams... I won't let it be destroyed. Mass 
    # next: scene 293 #
    # scene 293: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  The Mass Driver is protected by a solid defense of Giganos.
    Noin:    And even if we could get through it, the Mass Driver itself has very
             high armor, so ordinary weapons can't even scratch it.
    Koji:    Heh, whatever. We'll do as usual, so it'll be as it goes. Giganos is
             crumbling, anyway.
    Daisuke: As usual... So, you were always pushing by force?
    Tetsuya: Correct.
    Banjo:   I'm ashamed a little.
    Amuro:   Well, not for that, we have a plan to destroy the Mass Driver.
    Burning: We'll point Getter Liger, and the junction of Drill Spazer and
             Grendizer to destroy the Mass Driver.
    Camille: Indeed. To come insde the Mass Driver from the surface, is it?
    Quattro: A diversion squad leaded by Nadesico will draw Mass Driver's defenses
             Metal Armors away, and their attention to us.
    Ryo:     In the meantime, we'll sneak into the Mass Driver and destroy it.
    Hayato:  For Giganos' forces, they wouldn't expect an attack from inside the
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I think a mech capable of moving inside surface is weirder.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ... Normally, they wouldn't think of it, it is. To go against a mech
             that can move freely in surface.
    Maria:   If that's over, then let's go, brother!
    Daisuke: ... Aah.
    Ken:     Uhn? Such a mood.
    Tapp:    That's bad, you're the point of this plan, Umon-san.
    Daisuke: I'm concerned... about Vega Alliance Forces. We don't know about
             their hideout, only that their bases are at underground.
    Light:   The Lune II forces are investigating, right? I guess.
    Hikaru:  Daisuke-san, what's in your mind?
    Daisuke: ...They'll panic too... The same way Giganos started to use the
             Mass Driver.
    Amuro:   ... So, the Vega Alliance will come after Mass Driver too?
    Daisuke: Possible...
    # next: scene 294 #
    # scene 294: Skull Moon site - command room #
    Vega:    Duke Freed and his friends are alive, and Rubyna is missing... and
             so you face me, Gandall.
    Gandall: I,I beg your pardon, King Vega...
    Zrill:   Kukuku... Seems like you're in toruble, commander Gandall.
    Gandall: What...!? You're... chief Zrill!
    Zrill:   I have a plan, King Vega-sama.
    Vega:    Plan?
    Zrill:   Yes. It's a matter of time until this Skull Moon site is uncovered...
             Then, we should be ready to move on.
    Gandall: What do you mean?
    Zrill:   Fufufu... Giganos Empire's Earth attack weapon... we'll steal the
             Mass Driver.
    Vega:    Mass Driver... indeed, if we can target them from Moon... They'll
             have to retreat.
    Zrill:   For that, I've selected members... Kirika.
    Kirika:  ...Yes.
    Gandall: Kirika... I see, scientist Kirika.
    Zrill:   King Vega-sama, order to scramble!
    Vega:    Ok, scramble! You can take the bodyguards!
    Zrill:   Well, it's sortie. We'll steal the Mass Driver for sure! ...Kirika,
             We'll see the power of the freezing beam light you and your brother
    Kirika:  ......
    Gandall: What's in your mind, Kirika?
    Kirika:  This research wasn't for war. It's for peace!
    Gandall: Shut up, Kirika, there will be no peace for us if we don't invade
             Earth! Your brother, who died in the middle of the experiments, is
             willing the same!
    Kirika:  (Aah, brother... Our research, was intented to not let war happen...)
    # next: Stage 24 #
     Stage 24 M: Yume iro no Tsuisekisha (Dream color chaser)
              F: Burning Heart
    [Falguen appears]
    [Giganos units appear]
    Dorchenov: Fufufu, Malliot, so you came.
    Malliot:   Dorchenov...!
    Dorchenov: All of Giganos is under my command.
    Malliot:   ... I'll pass through!
    Dorchenov: I won't let you destroy the Mass Driver! This is Giganos most
               important trump card!
    Malliot:   Get out...! I'll destroy the Mass Driver. For the sake of your
               excellency marshall Gilthor's ideals!
    Dorchenov: The hell with ideal! An ideal without victory is meaningless!
               Gilthor was too soft! Soft!
    Malliot:   You don't have the right to say anything about your excellency
               marshall's ideals...!
    Dorchenov: Malliot, you're the only burden left!
    Malliot:   I'm the man called once Giganos' Blue Hawk. I'm aware of my dying
               place... However, Dorchenov! I won't die in vain...!
    Dorchenov: Then, as your will, this will be your grave! I'll destroy your
               Metal Armor and leave it as it is! Rotten in space! All of your
               essence! Ha-hahahaha!
    Malliot:   (Linda... I'm sorry. This is the way I live.)
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship destruction (after ally-reinforce 2)
          Malliot's unit destruction
    # ally reinforce 1: turn 2 #
    [Practice units appear]
    Dorchenov: Uhn!? Practice...!? Those kiddos!
    Werner:    Lt-dono, this is not Lt-dono's place to die!
    Malliot:   You are alright!
    Dan:       Lt-dono's ideal is our ideal, Lt-dono's regret is our regret!
    Karl:      We'll fight too!
    Malliot:   You...
    Dorchenov: That Dain... Lt Min! The survival of Gun-Jeam Squad, so you'll
               join Malliot too!
    Min:       I challenge a battle there's no way to win. I've got used to that.
               I like this, though.
    Dorchenov: Even alone, Giganos' garbage is garbage!
    Min:       Who are you talking about, king of garbage!?
    # ally reinforce 2: turn 3 #
    [Londo Bell units appear]
    # formation: AG (Nell Ahgama), NA (Nadesico Y) + 8 units #
    Bright:  They're in great numbers! They expected us!?
    Amuro:   No... That's!?
    Malliot: ... Muh... new enemy!?
    Ken:     That's... Giganos' Blue Hawk!?
    Linda:   ... Br,brother!?
    Tapp:    The richies are there too.
    Light:   Oh my, that's Gun-Jeam Squad's sis, isn't she?
    Noin:    It's weird... in internal discord?
    Malliot: ... Londo Bell Squad. This is Malliot Plarto.
    Linda:   Brother! Why's brother...!?
    Malliot: I ask in spite of my shame, and of Londo Bell Squad's power...
             Cooperate in destroying the Mass Driver...!
    Burning: What are you saying!? Isn't that Giganos' trump card!?
    Malliot: ... Giganos' ideal crumbled. Along with your excellency marshall
             Gilthor's death...!
    Tetsuya: What!?
    Banjo:   Gilthor's... dead?
    Quattro: Can't laugh for a joke. Is that true?
    Malliot: ... He was killed... by a rebel act of Lt-Cel Dorchenov. Giganos'
             ideal disappeared in front of the ambition of a dirty one, like a
             fading dream.
    Dorchen: You're the rebel one! Malliot Plarto!
    Yurika:  Wh,what's going on?
    Ruri:    There are discrepancies.
    Malliot: ... I'll repeat. Cooperate in destroying the Mass Driver. I don't
             want to bring shame to Giganos your excellency Gilthor built...!
    Linda:   Brother...
    Camille: What should we do!?
    Shiroh:  For a trap, it's too complex...
    Linda:   Ken, my brother... he's fond of Gilthor's ideal... but, he... he
             is a person who doens't say coward lies!
    Ken:     I know, Linda... I don't like that jagged bastard but... I'll help!
    Yurika:  Captain Bright, if it's to destroy the Mass Driver, then we can help,
             can't we?
    Bright:  Aah, if we don't keep the timing, this plan won't succeed... Ok, 
             we'll cooperate with Malliot Plarto! Don't relax! Getter Team and
             Grendizer will move as scheduled!
    [Getter Dragon appears]
    Ryo:     Roger! Hayato, I'm counting on you.
    Hayato:  Change Ligeeer! Switch on!!
    [Getter Dragon transforms into Getter Liger]
    Maria:   Brother, we'll go too!
    Duke:    Ok, Scramble Turn! Combination Cross!!
    [Drill Grendizer appears]
    Benkei:  Well, let's do it!
    [Getter Liger and Drill Grendizer disappear]
    Bright:  Ok. We'll draw the enemies we can!
    Hyoma:   Alright, we'll crush some Giganos baddies!
    Kenichi: ... Let's go!
    Nina:    (Kou... won't you make it?)
    Malliot: ... I'm sorry, I'm grateful.
    Linda:   Brother, don't overdo it!
    # enemy reinforce 1: half enemy annihilation #
    [Zeon units appear]
    Cima:    Londo Bell Squad... Annoying!
    Bright:  Zeon's Mobile Suits!?
    Ruri:    They've caught our backline.
    Juuzo:   That's bad!
    Hyoma:   Why's Zeon coming in such timing!?
    Cima:    It's no fun! You're on my way!
    Kappei:  They're coming!
    Amuro:   Ambush!
    Nina:    (Kou...!)
    # ally reinforce 3: 1st turn after enemy reinforce 1 #
    Cima:     Such persistency! Go along with Giganos...
    Ruri:     Unknown code mech approaching! ...Mobile Armor?
    [GP03D appears]
    Kou:      Zeon!?
    Cima:     What!?
    Burning:  Uraki!?
    Bright:   2nd Lt Uraki!? Is that really 2nd Lt Uraki!?
    Kou:      Yes! 2nd Lt Uraki, returning to frontline!
    Chibodee: What's that!? A Gundam!?
    George:   ... Much like Walter Gundam, perhaps?
    Nina:     That's my 3rd Prototype Gundam!
    Erina:    My?
    Nina:     Coff... Anyway... Kou!
    Kou:      It's suddenly a real battle test but... I can do it...!
    Cima:     In my retreat route!? Eei, I'll do it, then!
    # Malliot VS Dorchenov #
    Malliot: In place of gone marshall, I'll shoot you!
    Dorchen: Malliot Plarto! How long can you go against me!?
    # Ken VS Dorchenov #
    Ken:     You, I'll crush you along with the Mass Driver!
    Dorchen: You're... I see, I'll take good care about you later.
    # enemy death: Cima's hp reaches 0 #
    Cima:    No... In... such a place!
    # if after ally reinforce 3 #
    Kou:     Gato... Where's Gato!?
    Cima:    I... dunno...
    [Gerbera Tetra explodes]
    Quattro: (A traitor's fate... no matter the process, the results are all the
    # enemy retreat: Dorchenov's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Dorchenov: Gwaaah! I,I can't die! I'm the commander!
    [Gilgazamne explodes/disappears]
    # ally retreat: after enemy retreat #
    Ken:     That bastard, he ran!
    Malliot: Dorchenov! You, I won't let you go...! Even if I have to go to the
             end of Space... I'll pursue you!
    Tapp:    Wait! You going after you do your stuff!?
    Malliot: ... I'm a member of Giganos. I can't go along with you... Even though
             I don't plan on going back to Giganos anymore.
    # if before ally reinforce 4 #
    Malliot: I'll leave the Mass Driver's destruction to you. I'll pursue
    Min:     Is that ok!?
    Malliot: ... I'm well aware of Londo Bell Squad's power. Let's go...!
    # if alive unit: Karl's unit #
    Karl:    I won't let you run!
    # if alive unit: Werner's unit #
    Werner:  Marshall Gilthor's regret, I'll pay it!
    # if alive unit: Dan's unit #
    Dan:     You won't run!
    Linda:   Brother!
    Malliot: Linda, forget about me... Understand?
    Linda:   No... Brother!
    [Falguen and Practice units disappear]
    # enemy reinforce 2: after ally retreat #
    Prospector: Well, he's such a coolie. Giganos' Blue Hawk.
    Yurika:     Akito can be splendid with that coolness! ...But, Giganos Empire's
                situation is...
    Quattro:    Gilthor was murdered... is that true?
    Hikaru:     Couldn't take it as a lie though?
    Izumi:      Rea...lie?
    Ryoko:      Aah, even if it was a trap, this is such a mess.
    Bright:     Even for changes in situation, our mission doesn't change! Focus!
    Ruri:       Enemy shadow at backwards.
    Yurika:     Eh!?
    [Vega units appear]
    # if before ally reinforce 4 #
    Zrill:      For our sake, the Earthlings are fighting each other. We'll steal
                the Mass Driver in this chance! Kirika, did you understand?
    Kirika:     ......
    Zrill:      Our target is Londo Bell! Leave Giganos' bastards to after we hear
                how to make the Mass Driver work!
    # else after ally reinforce 4 #
    Duke:       Vega Alliace Forces! So they've come!
    Zrill:      What the, the Mass Driver is already destroyed!? Damn you, Londo
                Bell...! I won't forgive, kill them all! Kirika, our schedule has
                changed a bit, but I'll have you work!
    Kirika:     ......
    # ally reinforce 4: turn 5 #
    [Getter Liger, Grendizer and Drill Spazer appear]
    Maria:   Brother, it's here, the Mass Driver's external wall.
    Duke:    Ok, Hayato-kun, let's do it!
    Hayato:  Let's dig up some holes on it!
    Benkei:  On good mood!
    Ryo:     Hayato, go for it!
    # if alive unit: Dorchenov's unit #
    Dorchen: Wh,what!?
    # else alive unit: Zrill's unit #
    Zrill:   The Mass Driver!?
    Bright:  They did it!
    Ryo:     Mission accomplished! We succeded in destroying the Mass Driver!
    Maria:   Fufu-hn, such an easy thing.
    Koji:    Alright, splendid, Daisuke-san!
    Banjo:   Ok, we'll take care of the remaining forces!
    # if alive unit: Dorchenov's unit #
    Dorchen: My, my Mass Driver... I won't forgive, Londo Bell!!
    # else alive unit: Zrill's unit #
    Zrill:   Damn you Londo Bell! I won't forgive, kill them all!
    Malliot: With this, your excellency marshall can rest a while. But, Dorchenov,
             while I can't defeat you, your excellency won't find true rest!
    # if alive unit: Cima's unit #
    Cima:    Can't be... the Mass Driver!? What the hell, the joker was defeated
             in such a manner...!
             (So this is the limit...! But, I can't let it finish this way.)
    # Duke VS Kirika (after battle) #
    Duke:    Guh!
    Maria:   Brother! You, what did you do to my brother!?
    Kirika:  Brother?
    Maria:   Yes, he's my brother!
    Kirika:  ... Brother... caring and a peace lover... my brother...
    Duke:    What, it's strange.
    # convince: Kirika with Maria #
    Kirika:  Don't come, or I'll shoot!
    Maria:   Do it if you can! Why are you trying so much to take away the
             happiness of us brothers?
    Kirika:  The happiness of brothers...!?
    Maria:   We were separated by those Vega Alliace devils, and finally reunited.
             Even so, even so...!
    Duke:    Maria...
    Maria:   I won't give him away, I won't! Not for Vega Alliace, nor Giganos,
             nor Jovians...!
    Kirika:  Aah... I can't do it. To kill brother and sister, I can't! Brother!
    Maria:   Brother...!?
    Kirika:  Brother was researching for peace. Not for war.
    Maria:   So this girl too has a brother.
    Kirika:  But, the Vega Alliance wanted to make brother's research into a tool
             of war.
    Maria:   ... You...
    Kirika:  No, it's... enough!
    Maria:   What's your name?
    Kirika:  ... Kirika.
    Maria:   Kirika, how about to come with us? I and brother can take care of you.
    Kirika:  ... Really?
    Maria:   Eeh, isn't that ok, captain Bright!?
    Bright:  Even if I refused, you'd bring her.
    Maria:   So it's settled! Kirika, you're our friends. You don't need to go
             along with those bastards that separated you from your brother.
    Kirika:  Thanks, Maria-san... Caring people from Earth...
    [Vega Beast Zum-zum explodes]
    # stage end #
    # if flag 20's conditions met: Kirika joins #
    # next: scene 295 #
    # scene 295: Moon - Giganos HQ #
    Dorchenov: What the hell. Mass Driver is destroyed, and the aliens attacked.
               Why... Why is this happening once I became the commander...?
    Won:       What are you so concerned about? Giganos still has its last trump
    Dorchenov: Won. I see. Giganos still has the mobile fortress!
    Won:       Yes, Giganos' last and best trump card! Giganos' mobile fortress.
               And... of course, that thing.
    Dorchenov: I see! Good, splendid! Yes, I'm the commander! It's still the
    Won:       (Yes, this is the beginning. For this that I started this project
               even being pursued at Earth. Fufu... Fufufufufufu.)
    # if Kirika joined next: scene 296 #
    # else next:             scene 297 #
    # scene 296: Nell Ahgama - one room #
    Kirika:  Brother was researching the freezing ray. Once it was complete,
             hot planets at the solar system like Venus would be liveable.
    Kenichi: That's cool.
    Ippei:   That's freezing.
    Kirika:  However... the Vega Alliance is using it as a weapon.
    Jack:    Freezer Beam neh.
    Kosuke:  So Zum-Zum's freezing ray was that.
    Kirika:  It was still an experiment, so it doesn't have the power to cool down
             a planet yet.
    Daisuke: Well, when this war ends, come to research at my father's lab.
    Megumi:  Indeed, Umon-san's father is the chief of the Space Science Reseach
    Kirika:  I'm grateful, Duke Freed. With this, my brother's dream will be
    # next: scene 297 #
    # scene 297: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  What? The Devil Gundam!? That's... is that true!?
    Lady:    ...Yes. The capturing team was from Federation, so they didn't
             sent the information to us. But... from an informant, the Devil Gundam
             was already collected by someone else.
    Amuto:   Someone?
    Lady:    Yes. From a forced investigation... the Devil Gundam isn't at Lantao
             Island anymore...!
    Burning: Can't be! From the reports we get, it's still under collection...
    Noin:    It's being manipulated...? By the Federation!?
    Lady:    I don't know, Noin. But, I can see some weird moves inside the
             Federation... It's possible someone is manipulating from behind...
    Banjo:   Rain-san... What about Rain Mikamura-san, who was investigating the
    Lady:    ... Disappeared.
    Ken:     What!?
    Tapp:    What the... We have to tell Domon.
    Lady:    With this case, I exposed the whole internal cast of the Federation.
    Light:   I don't... want to listen much.
    Lady:    And, some information doubtful for the ears were suppressed.
    Amuro:   Supressed?
    Lady:    ... Yes, some personel sneaked at army... someone from an organization
             is the only possibility.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ......
             (And I thought it'd last longer... no, it lasted long enough.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...Oh my...
             (So they were finally exposed... Well.)
    Quattro: A spy? ...What's the suppressed information?
    Lady:    External Minister Relena Darlina... in her way to Giganos Empire to
             talk to marshall Gilthor... has disappeared.
    Bright:  What!?
    Kou:     Wait, marshall Gilthor was murdered.
    Lady:    Before that. By a dummy information, external minister Darlian is
             still at surface. And the responsible is the former bodyguard
             Lt Malliot Plarto.
    Linda:   It's a misunderstanding! Brother wouldn't betray the ones he trust...!
    Shiroh:  Calm down. No one is doubting of your brother.
    Amuro:   Devil Gundam and external minister Darlian... I can't see a link...
    Lady:    Won Yunfa... former minister of Neo Hong Kong, are you aware of the
             connection between him and the Giganos surface forces? This is my
             opinion... Won wants the power of Devil Gundam, and the marshall is
             gone, and the new commander Dorchenov has fleed... it's over for
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ... Mobile fortress.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Giganos' mobile fortress...
    Noin:    ...I see! And so, the Devil Gundam!
    Quattro: Indeed, it's possible.
    Amuro:   External minister Darlian perhaps wanted to make a peace treaty with
             Gilthor... it'd be burden... to those who seek Gilthor's seat.
    Ken:     That bastard Dorchenov...!
    Tapp:    Where's that Giganos mobile fortress?
    Noin:    ... Not really sure. It's in some colony... But the voices against
             the watchful Federation over the colonies is stronger... All
             informations are blocked.
    Light:   So we have to wait...
    Quattro: ... No, it's not something so far from now. If there's a timing to
             attack, it should be now.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (Yes... Only now.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (We... have only now too. The instructions... too...)
    # next: scene 298 #
    # scene 298: Moon #
    Malliot: While I don't shoot Dorchenov, that blue planet... that beautiful
             Earth your excellency Gilthor loved so much will be damaged
    Werner:  Yes.
    Dan:     Now is the time to shoot the rebellious Dorchenov.
    Malliot: ... He's a dangerous man that fights for victory instead of fighting
             for a purpose. Now that he's been reached, we don't know what he's
             capable of.
    Karl:    We're ready enough! Our life is at Lt-dono's hands!
    Min:     ......
    Malliot: What will you do, Lt Min?
    Min:     Can I ask you? You're being accused of betrayal of country and murder,
             and why do you keep fighting? Do you want to stretch the arms a little
             and clean your name?
    Malliot: I'm not concerned about cleaning my name anymore. My enemy is one...
             The man who's heated about turning from a Lt-Cel to a commander by
             pushing down people. My justice is at defeating him.
    Min:     Revenge... is it?
    Malliot: And...
    Min:     Eh?
    Malliot: ... People need to be defeated once. With loss, people will know the
             weakness and strength of being human.
    Min:     ... As it seems. If not, I wouldn't be here.
    Malliot: Wasn't your purpose to defeat Londo Bell Squad and avenge the Gun-Jeam
             Squad? This fight will go against the fight of your own.
    Min:     ... Meeting with you made throw everything away. I don't have anyone
             to feel about sense of duty.
    Malliot: ... Don't overdo it.
    Min:     Lt Plarto, can I go too? I can be of more use than those kiddos.
    Werner:  What!?
    Malliot: Stop it, Werner... I'm the man marked as traitor.
    Min:     I don't mind.
    Malliot: ......
    Min:     ......
    Malliot: ...Lt Min, your power, will you lend it to me?
    Min:     ...Report. Former Asian Side Forces Secret Guard Gun-Jeam Special
             Squad Lt Min... currently affiliating to Lt Malliot Plarto's squad...!
    Malliot: I'm counting on you.
    # next: scene 299 #
    # scene 299: Giganos mobile fortress - command room #
    Dorchenov: Fuhahaha! While we have this mobile fortress... Giganos can win
               the Federation!
    Won:       Fufufu... Indeed, the Federation didn't recover yet from the attack
               at Solomon, so their space forces are still wounded... No doubt this
               mobile fortress is the strongest.
    Dorchenov: Is everything ok with the fortress' mind control system?
    Won:       Of course... There's the results from the researches... It's just,
               for it's size, it has to be controlled by many people at once.
    Dorchenov: Good enough. What about the remaining stuff?
    Won:       Well, for that, not yet.
    Soldier:   ...Your excellency commander Dorchenov, a connection.
    Dorchenov: Who's that?
    Dekim:     ... Lt-Cel Dorchenov... no, it's your excellency commander now...
               You lost the Mass Driver, and your site at moon was uncovered...
               Is everything fine?
    Dorchenov: Humpf, if we have this mobile fortress, that burden Mass Driver is
               only steel garbage!)
    Won:       (Turned into scrap iron.)
    Dekim:     Can we count on you? We're still waiting to commence the Operation
               with Mariemaia-sama.
    Dorchenov: Humpf, just watch.
    Won:       Well... problems are others. I'm concerned about Londo Bell Squad's
    Dorchenov: Don't worry. We'll use that woman.
    Won:       That woman? You mean...
    Dorchenov: Relax, not the one you're an eye on.
    Won:       ...Then, is there other? I don't have any clues.
    Dorchenov: Gufufu... I've found her, and thought I could use her, so I
               captured, but to think she would be this useful. The problem is how
               should I make contact with.
    Lemon:     Just leave it to us.
    Dorchenov: Uhn? ...Shadow Mirror. Where were you when I was almost dying?
    Lemon:     Oh, don't say so. We brought Devil Gundam and that cute mechanic-san
               and kidnapped the princess to silent the Vega Alliance forces...
               Did you forget who did all this?
    Dorchenov: The princess of Vega Alliance!? Why, having such a card in hands,
               when I was fleeing... didn't you use it to stop Vega Alliance!
    Vindel:    ... To keep the other aliens far while the Operation Meteor happens.
               The trump card should be kept till the final challenge... Is there
               any trouble with that?
    Dorchenov: ... U,Uhm... Fine! What about the contact?
    Lemon:     There's a spy in Londo Bell Squad.
    Won:       Can't be...
    Lemon:     Well, yes it can. To deceive an enemy, start from your friends...
               They've accepted well as a friend...
    Dorchenov: Fufufu... Fuhahahaha! I like you, Shadow Mirror! So you have your
               moves till that far.
    Lemon:     (... It's a little bit weird, though.)
    Vindel:    Excuse us now... There are still many things left to do.
    Lemon:     We'll come again... Fufuh.
    Won:       ... I'm concerned. Those two... Can  they be trusted?
    Dorchenov: Humpf, it's not a matter of trust. It's a matter of usefulness.
    Won:       (Those two... might be thinking the same... Better if I do some
               moves from behind.)
    # next: scene 300 #
    # scene 300: Giganos mobile fortress - one room #
    Lemon:   Well... External minister Relena Darlian? We'll have you go to the
             mineral asteroid MO-III.
    Relena:  Shadow Mirror... What are you planning? Is that only to cooperate with
             Giganos or Mariemaia?
    Vindel:  No. They're needed existance to fulfill our ideal. That's why we're
    Relena:  Ideal...? And what's that? ...No, instead, who are you?
    Lemon:   I told you the first time I met you at the shuttle, didn't I?
    Relena:  Those who... want chaos...?
    Vindel:  That's it.
    Relena:  It doesn't explain...!
    Vindel:  Our plan is starting... You'll know. You will.
    Lemon:   ... At that side, it was stopped by the Geshpenst forces... For this
             side... Fufufu.
    Relena:  (Geshpenst...?)
    Vindel:  Yes, now that they can't build the complete dimensional transposition
             device... there's no second time.
    Lemon:   I see... So, at this side, the ones that can be compared to that
             forces, the Londo Bell Squad... they...
    Vindel:  ... Correct.
    Lemon:   Well, I'll send the instructions then... Ufufu... It's getting funny.
    Relena:  (This side... that side? What are they talking about? What's... going
             to start...? Heero...)
    # next: scene 301 #
    # scene 301: Giganos mobile fortress - one room #
    Rain:    Uh...Uuh...
    ???:     Are you alright!?
    Rain:    U...uuhn... Who's that...? Domon...?
    Aoi:     Are you ok? ... So you were brought here by any reason?
    Rain:    Eh? Eeh... Where are we? Ah, sorry, may I know your name first?
    Aoi:     I'll answer in parts... This is inside of Giganos Empire's mobile
             fortress... And I was an emmigration agent at Alucard Colony, Aoi
             Wakaba... I was brought here in all of a sudden...
    Rain:    Me too, I was collecting Devil Gundam and... Eh!? Wakaba... you're
             Ken Wakaba's...!?
    # next: scene 302 #
    # scene 302: Nell Ahgama - MS deck #
    Lemon:   ... That's it. Did you understand?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Aah... To flatter Aoi Wakaba's son, and make him head to Giganos
             mobile fortress... After that, take control of Londo Bell Squad's
    Lemon:   That's it. Just capture the bridge, and make them stop... Easy for
             you, isn't it?
    Axel:    In that timing, you'll sneak into the ship and take over it... As
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I understood fine it is... to flatter Aoi Wakaba's son and make him
             head to Giganos mobile fortress, is that fine it is... And take over
             Londo Bell Squad's flagships...
    Lemon:   Fufu, that manner of speaking of yours is cute. Like I'm seeing a
             unseen face of yours.
    Lamia:   ... I beg your pardon, it is... My language device is broken it is...
    Lemon:   Mah, fine... it's enough to capture the bridge and make them stop...
             Easy for you, isn't it?
    Lamia:   And you'll sneak into the ship in the meantime, and take over it...
             like usual it is...
    Lemon:   Yes, for times like this that [Main Robot] has a self-destruction
    Axel:    ...Indeed. It's a bad story for the crew, though.
    Lemon:   ...Neh, you... are you ok?
    Axel:    ...Why?
    Lemon:   Was that your manner of speech? ...I liked the way before.
    Axel:    Just your thoughts. It's as usual, that is.
    Lemon:   ...Fine. It's finally... neh.
    Axel:    Aah. Now... the world we... desired will come... Uh...
    Lemon:   For sure, did you got something from the transposition effects?
    Axel:    I understood the mission... over.
    Lemon:   Wait.
    Axel:    Fuh... So it's soon... is it...
             (Why... as Lemon said... it's an effect from the transposition.
             Finally this time has come... and I'm not motivated...? I have to go
             back to what I was... The one I was... at the other side.)
    Lamia:   ...Yes. Though, a bad story for crew it is.
    Lemon:   ...Neh, W-17... are you... fine?
    Lamia:   Hah...?
    Lemon:   To show some reluctancy at instructions... there were none since you
             were rolled out.
    Lamia:   ...No.
    Lemon:   ...Fine. Finally... it's time. So, please. When this is over, I'll
             fix you.
    Lamia:   Roger... over.
    Lemon:   ...?
    Lamia:   Fuh... finally, is it...
             (Why... as Lemon-sama said... it's an effect from the transposition.
             I didn't have any doubt to instructions. Even if I could predict the
             results of the accomplishment of missions... it was meaningless...
             Why... this time, I feel like this...? Am I really... screwed...?)
    # next: scene 303 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 303: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Domon:    ...Why didn't you realize that till now!?
    Noin:     It was completelly manipulated. We were all being deceived this last
    Domon:    And such an excuse...!
    George:   Wait, Domon... Federation and Preventers... to hide so much
              information between those two organization for so long... is that
              really possible?
    Domon:    What...?
    Chibodee: Indeed... What about the aliens and the underlings?
    Argo:     Can't be the aliens... because if not in control of the army's
              system, such manipulation wouldn't be perfect.
    Amuro:    I'm concerned... Luo Company... I've instructed Calaba to inspect
              those too... However, they were stopped by superior orders.
    Banjo:    ...Indeed. Won Yunfa... The only one capable of stopping Calaba at
              Neo Hong Kong, even if he has lost his seat already, no other comes
              in mind.
    Quattro:  ...That Won was connected... to Giganos Empire.
    Bright:   I see, Giganos mobile fortress...!
    Amuro:    That castle doesn't come out, though.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     (Splendid... don't even need an annoying introduction.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (Splendid... can't be underestimated... Londo Bell Squad.)
    Linda:    Captain Bright! We found it! Giganos mobile fortress' location!
    Bright:   ...Ok, we'll stop Giganos mobile fortress! If we can defeat it,
              Giganos will lost its main firepower...! Kasshu, there's no proof,
              but valuable to investigate.
    Domon:    ...Understood. I won't lose myself to rage... But, if Rain isn't at
              Giganos mobile fortress... I'll look for her on my own!
    Bright:   Alright.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:     (This man... he changed a lot from the first time we met him...
              Well... I shall be ready for my part. Ken Wakaba... is at deck.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:    (This man... he changed a lot from the first time we met him...
              I'll get ready for may part... Ken Wakaba... is at deck.)
    Amuro:    ...Uhn...?
    # next: scene 304 #
    # scene 304: Giganos mobile fortress - command room #
    Soldier: Londo Bell Squad approaching!
    Dorchen: So they've come... Vindel Mouzer, are you sure you can control them!?
    Vindel:  If it's as scheduled.
    Dorchen: Fufufu, Londo Bell, you'll become my subordinate! Gahahahaha!
    # next: scene 305 #
    # scene 305: Giganos mobile fortress - pathway #
    Dekim:   Humpf, to such a bastard to be commander... Vindel, I'll count on you
             at Operation Meteor.
    Vindel:  ... It's for last option. This mobile fortress will become, later, our
             main space firepower... I don't want to lose it.
    Dekim:   However, without ours, the damage to the Federation will be...
    Mariem:  What are you doing? Dekim, we'll land on Earth. Bring Relena
    Dekim:   Yes, Mariemaia-sama.
    Lemon:   They're gone... Is that ok?
    Vindel:  I'm helplessly in fun... This feeling... it's war. And, to bring chaos
             is what we want.
    Lemon:   What you want, I guess?
    Vindel:  I told you. It's what we want.
    # next: scene 306 #
    # scene 306: Nell Ahgama - MS deck #
    Ken:     ...What, mom is alive!? Is that true!?
    A/L:     Aah, she's held prisioner at the Giganos mobile fortress we're heading
             to... Here's the picture.
    Ken:     It's true... Mom! I'm glad, I thought she died at the time Giganos
             attacked the colony...!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Not killed, but prisioner.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Not killed, but made prisioner.
    Ken:     ...Wait, why the hell do you know such thing!?
    A/L:     I've had contact... from Giganos mobile fortress.
    Ken:     Giganos...! What's the point, explain!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I won't say it in a bad way... At next scramble, surrender to Giganos.
             Or else, your mother, Aoi Wakaba's life won't be assured.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Order for warrant officer Ken Wakaba... Next scramble, surrender to
             Giganos. Or else, your mother, Aoi Wakaba's life won't be assured.
    Ken:     [Axel/Lamia], you...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Answer? ...Warrant officer Ken Wakaba.
    Ken:     ...You... A spy from Giganos! So you've been deceiving us this long!
             Lying about being an amnesiac!
    Axel:    ...Not a lie. I truly had amnesia... Just remembered everything the
             day Vindel appeared.
    Ken:     Vindel...What!? Can it be... that Light told he caught a mysterious
             wave at some frequency...
    Axel:    ...D-3, so it was traced.
    Ken:     Bastard... And I thought you were nice... It was all a lie! ...You'll
             see, I'll tell everyone about this!
    Axel:    Do it, and Aoi Wakaba's life is gone. I don't believe you'll do that
             knowing this risk.
    Ken:     Heh... I may prepare myself.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I won't repeat. Answer me.
    Ken:     ...You... A spy from Giganos! We fought along till now... and want to
             turn everything up!
    Lamia:   Correct.
    Ken:     Bastard... you were emotionless, but I thought we could talk to
             you...! ...Everything, a lie! ...You'll see, I'll tell everyone...
    Lamia:   Do it, and Aoi Wakaba's life is gone. If you don't mind, then be free
             to do it.
    Ken:     Heh, like Voltes Team's brothers... I may prepare myself.
    A/L:     If you can, that is.
    Ken:     ......
    # next: Stage 25 #
     Stage 25 M: Hoshibi no Sayokyoku (Starlight Serenade)
              F: Starlight Serenade
    [Londo Bell units appear]
    Yurika:  Is that Giganos mobile fortress!?
    Bright:  What the...
    Domon:   Rain's... in that fortress!?
    Chibode: Don't rush into it, Domon. Wait a little.
    [Giganos units appear]
    Dorchen: So you came, Londo Bell. Good enough trophies to the new Giganos!
    Vindel:  (Well... who will be the trophy...)
    Tapp:    So it came, Dorchenov bastard!
    Kappei:  We'll just kick him again!
    Bright:  They're all their efforts, don't relax or we'll lose!
    A/L:     ...Warrant officer Wakaba.
    Ken:     Damn... Everyone, sorry...!
    Light:   Uhn? Ken!?
    [Dragonar 1 Custom and Main Robot appear]
    Ken:     ...Mom...!
    A/L:     ......
    Bright:  Warrant officer Wakaba! [Axel/Lamia]! We didn't order to scramble yet!
             It's early to go into frontline!
    Won:     Hoh...
    Dorchen: So... it really came out, Dragonar 1 Custom...!
    Light:   Tapp, Ken's... weird. We'll go!
    Tapp:    Aah. [Axel/Lamia] too, why did [he/she] rush too!?
    A/L:     Don't move!
    Yurika:  Eh!?
    Akito:   Wh,what!?
    Camille: What's the point!?
    Burning: Wakaba! What're you doing!?
    Ken:     ...Giganos forces, can you hear me? This is Earth Federation Forces
             13 Autonomous Corps Londo Bell Squad affiliated warrant officer Ken
             Wakaba... I surrender to Giganos forces...!
    Koji:    What!?
    Tetsuya: Are you mad!?
    Ken:     I'm serious... I surrender to Giganos forces!
    Dorchen: Hahahahaha! As you heard, Londo Bell gentlemen! Dragonar 1 custom is
             now our Giganos' property!
    Linda:   It's a lie, Ken! You did it to deceive the enemy, on purpose.
    Chizuru: That's it. There's some reason.
    Ken:     Linda... sorry!
    Dorchen: Fufufu, Ken, you said. You'll fight as a member of our forces!
    Ken:     I know...! I won't forgive you if something happens to mom!
    [Dragonar 1 Custom becomes enemy]
    Ryoko:   You, I'm disappointed!
    Daisuke: Ken-kun! Tell us the reason! Why did you side to Giganos!?
    Ken:     (...If I do... mom will...!)
    Ryo:     What happened... to him!?
    Yurika:  Captain Bright...
    Bright:  ...Our mission doens't change! Warrant officer Wakaba! I don't know
             your reasons, but there's no time to ask! But... If you have to be
             ready for the results!
    Ken:     ......
             (...I'm sorry, Bright-san.)
    [Dragonar 1 Custom moves near Giganos units]
    Dorchen: Useless. The trump card is at our hands... Kukuku.
    Bright:  Ok, units...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...Halt. Captain Bright... I won't let you scramble... Londo Bell
             Squad will drop all your weapons.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...Halt. Captain Bright, I'll have scramble to be halted... Londo Bell
             Squad, drop all your weapons.
    Bright:  What!? What do you mean!?
    Amuro:   First warrant officer Wakaba... now [Axel/Lamia]-kun too!?
    Noin:    It's not a joke! I don't know the reasons, but do you think we'll
             listen to it?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...To listen or not, you're free to it. However, [Main Robot] has a
             self-destruction device. This one is a special one... At this range,
             not only Nell Ahgama, but even Nadesico with its Distortion Field can
             be sunk.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I won't force you. However, [Main Robot] has a self-destruction
             device. Not a simple bomb... At this range, not only Nell Ahgama, but
             even Nadesico with its Distortion Field can be sunk.
    Hayato:  [Axel/Lamia]... you...!
    Hyoma:   What!? Don't bluff!
    Kenichi: Such thing as self-destruction device!
    A/L:     Astonage Medosso. Do you think I'm bluffing? ...You should know, as
             you were the mechanics.
    Astonag: ......
    Akatsuk: Joke, right?
    Uribata: ...No mechanics gets pale with such joke... This means it's a very
             dangerous one.
    Koji:    But, then it's true!?
    Kou:     ...Did you see Gundam Prototype 02's nuke? If that's like it...
             No size can be match...!
    Axel:    Very good comparison, 2nd Lt Uraki... I repeat, Nell Ahgama should
             rid your weapons. Nadesico as well... A single move that show some
             resistance, and I'll blow up [Main Robot].
    Lamia:   Very good comparison, 2nd Lt Uraki... I repeat, Londo Bell Squad
             should drop your weapons. A single move showing resistance, and I'll
             blow up [Main Robot].
    Yurika:  If you do that, [Axel/Lamia]-san will die, won't you!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I'm well prepared since I came... And from now on, depending on your
             will, you'll be part of Shadow Mirror Squad.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   To die for the mission, I'm fine with it... Depending on your will,
             you'll all be safe, and part of Shadow Mirror Squad.
    Banjo:   Shadow... Mirror!?
    [dimension transport]
    [Shadow Mirror units appear]
    Vindel:  Glad for your efforts... [Axel/Lamia].
    Shiroh:  That mech...!
    Amuro:   Who are you!? ...Shadow Mirro... so is that the name of your
    Vindel:  I'm glad to meet you, master sergeant Amuro Ray.
    Amuro:   (...Master sergeant...?)
    Koji:    Hey hey! What did you do to [Axel/Lamia]!?
    Lemon:   Nothing... [He/She]'s a friend of ours... Our spy, easily saying.
    A/L:     ......
    Lemon:   (Uh...? [Axel/Lamia], I told you to take over the bridge... why are
             you outside?)
    Vindel:  I want to hear your answer, captain bright. To agree on dropping your
             weapons or not.
    Dorchen: Fufu... good! Now, Londo BEll will be ours too! Good, Vindel! 
    Ken:     ...Kuh...
    Won:     (Indeed... it's a very dangerous organization... Dorchenov doesn't
             realize he can be set up too... Fuhm.)
    Bright:  Deck! Halt scramble! All crew, stand-by! Captain Misumaru!
    Yurika:  Understood! Ruri-chan.
    Ruri:    Notifying all crew... stand-by in first level battle positions.
    Shiroh:  What are your objectives!? You must have some, for doing such actions!
    Vindel:  Our purpose is only one... To build our ideal world.
    Banjo:   ...Such a realistic talk. Isn't that the same of saying to conquer the
    Vindel:  In a different way of speaking, yes... Doing anything for an ideal
             world, and victorious are the ones allowed to it... So, conquering the
             world to build such a world is nothing but the same thing.
    Domon:   No more speaking! Tell us your ideal, then!
    Sai-sic: Can't be anything nice, I bet.
    Vindel:  ...A world if eternal war, and tireless confronts... That's our ideal
    Kazuya:  What...!? No jokes, where's the ideal on such world!
    Lemon:   It's ideal. Because there's war, destruction happens, and creation as
             well. Because there's war, technology advanced so much, do you ever
             thought about that?
    Quattro: ...Because there's war, there are heroes.
    Akito:   [Axel/Lamia]-san! Do you really want such thing!?
    A/L:     ......
    Dorchen: Vindel! What are you doing!? ...Damn, electrical interference!? I 
             can't hear them! Eei! Ken Wakaba, thrust!
    Ken:     What?
    Dorchen: I don't their plans, and I'm not interested either! Attack Londo Bell
             Squad! ...Or else, your mother will...!
    Ken:     ...Chih...
             (Damn... can't we do anything!?)
    Vindel:  It's an ultimatum. Drop your weapons.
    Daisuke: ...War brings creation...!? To create and to lose... those are very
             different values...!
    A/L:     ...Correct.
    [Main Robot moves near Zwaizer Gain]
    Vindel:  Muh?
    Lemon:   ...[Axel/Lamia]?
    A/L:     ...Captain Bright, warrant officer Wakaba's surrender... was because
             his mother is a prisioner at Giganos mobile fortress.
    Tapp:    That's why!
    Lemon:   Wait, what are you...!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Vindel, Lemon...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Vindel-sama, Lemon-sama...
    Vindel:  [Axel/Lamia], what are you doing!?
    Lemon:   You... can't!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...We shouldn't have come to this world... Now I know, the feeling of
             those who denied us...!
    Vindel:  Axel! So you're mad!
    Axel:    I've learned...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...We shouldn't have come to this world... Now I know, the feelings
             of Londo Bell Squad's members that denied us. It's not a world an
             artificial being like me to be introduced...!
    Vindel:  Lamia! Such a doll... so you are mad!
    Lamia:   Self-learned...!
    Vindel:  Lemon! Draw [Main Robot] away!
    # if Axel Route #
    Lemon:   Why... why did you!?
    Axel:    ...Too late!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lemon:   Why... W17!? You're the masterpiece!
    Lamia:   ...Perhaps I was made too good...!
    [Main Robot explodes]
    [Zwaizer Gain gets damage]
    Vindel:  Uwoohh!
    [Lemon's unit gets damage]
    Lemon:   Aaaaaah!
    Juuzo:   What the heck!
    Dorchen: Ooh!? What happened!?
    Kyoshir: [He/She]... self-destructed!
    Vindel:  Guh.. [Axel/Lamia]... You betrayed... me...
    Lemon:   Wh,why... why did you...?
    Hyoma:   Hey, they're still good.
    Tetsuya: But, wounded... Let's finish it now!
    Amuro:   Bright, now! Scramble!
    Bright:  Ok, units deploy!
    Yurika:  It's now! Aestevalis Squad, deploy!
    [Dragonar 2 Custom and Dragonar 3 Custom appear]
    # formation: AG (Nell Ahgama), NA (Nadesico Y) + 12 units #
    Tapp:    [Axel/Lamia] sure did it!
    Light:   And Ken is Ken as well! Hey, Ken!
    Vindel:  Kuh... so we let them to scramble. We can't fight. How about you,
    Lemon:   I'm... bad as well. We should retreat.
    Vindel:  ...Helpless. The transposition device is still alive. Let's go.
    A/L:     ......
    Lemon:   ...That's... [Axel/Lamia]'s escape pod...!
    Vindel:  What are you doing...! We'll transport!
    Lemon:   Ok, collected... Ok, Let's go... Londo Bell Squad's people, our fight
             is from now on. We should enjoy... this fair war... Fufu.
    [dimension transport]
    [Zwaizer Gain and Lemon's unit disappear]
    Uchuta:  Disappeared!?
    Akatsuk: Wooh. Different from Boson Jump... So that's a technology created by
             war too.
    Hayato:  [Axel/Lamia]... What was your purpose? What are your true intentions?
    Benkei:  Hayato! Don't stay shocked!
    Dorchen: Guh, useless Shadow Mirror! Go! Ken Wakaba!
    Ken:     Uh...
    Light:   Ken!
    Tapp:    ...Your mother's a hostage!? Damn, what should we do!?
    Ken:     ...Shoot each other! Tapp, Light! Not a direct hit, please!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship destruction
    # neutral reinforce: turn 2 #
    Malliot: I found you, Dorchenov!
    Linda:   Brother!
    Dorchen: Malliot Plarto... you too!
    Malliot: Dorchenov, I hear it...! The beat of a frightened heart... Wait there,
             I'll free you from that pain...!
    Dorchen: No jokes, youngster!
    Yurika:  Giganos' Hawk one!
    Malliot: ...My mission is to defeat Dorchenov...! If you want to attack me,
             then go ahead.
    Min:     If that's the case, we won't be quiet, though!
    Bright:  We don't have reasons to fight with him! Don't attack!
    Malliot: I'm grateful...!
    Tapp:    Hawk master! Take care about Ken!
    Malliot: What? ...Muh, why's Ken Wakaba along with Dorchenov!?
    Light:   Some reasons.
    Ken:     (Damn...!)
    # event: turn 3 #
    [Wing Zero Custom, Deathscythe Hell Custom and Sandrock Custom appear]
    Duo:     They're doing it. Glad for the efforts.
    Quatre:  It's now. Let's sneak into the mobile fortress.
    Heero:   ...Relena.
    [Sandrock Custom moves into mobile fortress and disappears]
    [Deathscythe Hell Custom moves into mobile fortress and disappears]
    [Wing Zero Custom moves into mobile fortress and disappears]
    # Tapp VS Ken #
    Tapp:    Ken, come back! We'll save your mom for sure!
    Ken:     Shut up, say there's other way to do it!
    # Light VS Ken #
    Light:   Ken, retreat. To save your mother should be your priority.
    Ken:     For that, we have to fight now!
    # Malliot VS Ken #
    Malliot: I'm disappointed, Ken Wakaba! So you can't see I'm doing this for
    Ken:     Shut up, I'm not doing this 'cause I like it!
    # enemy retreat 1: Ken's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Ken:     Uwaaaaaaaah! N,no use! I'll retreat!
             (Ok... with this...!)
    [Dragonar 1 Custom explodes/disappears]
    # if alive unit: Dorchenov's unit #
    Dorchen: Ken, you, useless. You really willed to fight!?
    # enemy retreat 2: Dorchenov's hp reaches 0 #
    Dorchenov: I can't die! I won't die!
    [Gilgazamne explodes]
    # if alive unit: Malliot's unit #
    Malliot:   I won't let you run, Dorchenov!
    [Falguen moves into mobile fortress and disappears]
    # if alive unit: Min's unit #
    Min:       Well, let's hunt some Dorchenov.
    [Stark Dain moves into mobile fortress and disappears]
    # if alive unit: Karl's unit #
    Karl:      You won't escape!
    [Reb Gelf moves into mobile fortress and disappears]
    # if alive unit: Werner's unit #
    Werner:    Don't think you can run from us!
    [Jagd Gelf moves into mobile fortress and disappears]
    # if alive unit: Dan's unit #
    Dan:       Let's chase him!
    [Gelf moves into mobile fortress and disappears]
    # stage end #
    Bright:  Ok, we finished the units outside.
    Yurika:  So we only need to go inside mobile fortress! Ok, let's go!
    Camille: Uhn!
    Quattro: ...What's this pressure I can feel coming from the mobile fortress?
    Amuro:   Be careful, I feel something strange about that mobile fortress...!
    Ropet:   Abnormal, abnormal, abnormal and strong waves detected, danger! 
    Hyoma:   Ropet, steady!
    Chizuru: If you're not, the Combine will...!
    Astonag: Such strength to affect even Ropet!?
    Ruri:    ...Not only that. All units are locked on.
    Light:   ...No use, even D-3 can't move!
    Bright:  If can't find a way to destroy the system, we can't approach...!
    Banjo:   So this is the mind control system...!
    # if Allenby joined #
    Allenby: Isn't there a weakness in this system!?
    Tapp:    Damn! Ken!
    # next: scene 307 #
    # scene 307: Giganos mobile fortress - system room #
    Quatre:  Here should be the core of the control system...
    Duo:     Ok, let's do it... hey, all soldiers are down, see?
    Trowa:   ...You're late.
    Duo:     Trowa? ...Damn, why aren't you honest with yourself?
    Heero:   ...Where's Relena?
    Trowa:   Operation Meteor... the Mariemaia forces Dekim Barton is leading went
             to the mineral asteroid MO-III... Relena Darlian as well.
    Heero:   ......
    Quatre:  So we were misleaded. What are you doing here, Trowa?
    Trowa:   I'm halting the mind control system. Londo Bell will finish it later.
    Duo:     Indeed, they will.
    Trowa:   When I realized Dekim's objectives was the Operation Meteor, I only
             thought about this way.
    Heero:   Operation Meteor... Colony drop.
    Trowa:   After Delaz' Stardust operation, to guarantee colonies to drop became
             difficult. So Dekim thought about dropping this mobile fortress.
    Duo:     But, there are some differences between colonies and this mobile
    Trowa:   To cover that, this mobile fortress is armed with 10 nuclear warheads.
             They meant to explode them at drop.
    Quatre:  Such thing!
    Heero:   However, for Giganos, it's their last trump card. Will they do this
             to lose it?
    Trowa:   It was planned by Dekim solely. For him, Giganos is only a throwable
    Quatre:  So Dorchenov doesn't know.
    Duo:     What about Wu-fei? Did he become Mariemaia's soldier just to stop
    Heero:   He doesn't do such tricky maneuvers.
    Trowa:   Ok... this should be fine. Soon, the mind control system will be out
             of control and stay out of use.
    Duo:     Alright, let's just leave it to Londo Bell and we'll chase Dekim!
    # next: scene 308 #
    # scene 308: Giganos mobile fortress - command room #
    Won:     What happened!?
    Soldier: Someone destroyed the system room!
    Dorchen: What!?
    Soldier: Mind control device abnormal! We can't control the mobile fortress!
    Dorchen: Do something!
    Ken:     Hey, Dorchenov! What about you letting me see my mom!?
    Dorchen: Shut up, it's not time for this!
    Ken:     No joke! Why do you think I fought my friends!?
    Dorchen: Shut up, Ken Wakaba! Wanna be disposed along with your mother!?
    Ken:     ...Bastard...!
    Won:     ...Helpless. I should use that, then...
    Ken:     (Damn, can't... can't something be done!)
    # next: scene 309 #
    # scene 309: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Ruri:    MS approaching from Giganos mobile fortress.
    Duo:     Hi, it's sis Noin. So you came to party... Well, it's your job,
    Noin:    If you're here, then Relena-sama too is at the mobile fortress?
    Quatre:  No... we were late... Mariemaia forces are at mineral asteroid MO-II,
             ready to reentry to Earth...!
    Duo:     Lady Relena too is there.
    Heero:   ...I'll move on.
    Duo:     ...Well well, such a stubborn guy.
    Trowa:   We'll go stop Mariemaia forces to land.
    Noin:    Wait! Won't you join us?
    Duo:     We'll think about that when the time comes. So. We'll be late for
             party time... Don't hate us for not leaving food for you!
    Quatre:  We'll count Giganos' mobile fortress to you! There's still firepower
    Domon:   Hey! You!
    Duo:     Woops... Aah, the fighting Gundam bro. I think it's better for both of
             us to haste.
    Domon:   In that fortres... wasn't there the Devil Gundam and a mechanic named
             Rain Mikamura!?
    Quatre:  ...Devil Gundam...!?
    Trowa:   ...I've no proof, but I've heard they got help from an unknown
             organization and got a trump card... Can be it.
    Chibode: We need to go in to check, then.
    Domon:   ...Rain...!
    Duo:     Hehe, then, we're going now!
    Quatre:  Well. Pray for Venus...!
    # next: scene 310 #
    # scene 310: Giganos mobile fortress - one room #
    Rain:    Release me! What are you planning!?
    Aoi:     Release Rain-san! If there's some good on your heart as a human,
             that is!
    Won:     Good? Fufu... such a word I've never heard.
    Rain:    What do you want from me!?
    Won:     Fufufu, Rain Mikamura... you knew that professor Toho wanted a new
             living unit for the Devil Gundam, didn't you?
    Rain:    What about that!?
    Won:     Well... professor Toho only forgot one thing... There are some
             conditionst to be Devil Gundam's living unit.
    Rain:    The best body!? That's what Master said!
    Won:     Indeed... but, as a result of my research, there's other condition.
    Rain:    Other... condition?
    Won:     For Devil Gundam's unit's candidate, I've prepared Four Murasame,
             Rosamia Badam and Allenby Biatzly... What are the thing all 3 have?
    Rain:    What... can it be!?
    Won:     Yes, all of them are human with strong living will. They have the
             power to bring life for the next generation.
    Rain:    No...No, release me!
    Won:     One that keeps bringing life to another being, and keep increasing...
    Rain:    It can't be...
    Won:     They're all women...! And that new life of yours. Awaken, Devil
    Rain:    Kyaaaaaaah!!
    # next: scene 311 #
    # scene 311: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Domon:   What, the mobile fortress is... changing!?
    Kazuya:  Can that be!?
    Sai-sic: No way...
    Argo:    Devil Gundam's cells...!
    Dorchen: Yes, that's it. That's the Devil Gundam's ressurection! The mobile
             fortres is now the Devil mobile fortress, and Giganos' super weapon!
    George:  No joke, does he think that he can control Devil Gundam that easily!?
    Dorchen: Hahahaha! Hah hahahaha!
    Domon:   Control it or not, doesn't matter! It's true now that Devil Gundam's
             there... and Rain too!
    Tapp:    Ken and master Malliot is there too!?
    Bright:  ...It's dangerous... but we'll go in!
    Amuro:   What [Axel/Lamia] was thinking... comes to mind... but no time.
    Linda:   Devil mobile fortress... heading to Earth!
    Ruri:    ...The damage from the previous explosion already recovered.
    Ryo:     They... want to attack Earth!?
    Hayato:  Aah, perhaps. Now that they lost the Mass Driver... that's the only
             way to do it.
    Quattro: What now, Mariemaia forces are heading to Earth too.
    Noin:    And I'm concerned Heero and the others can stop it...
    Akito:   Damn... it's no time for us Earthlings to fight each other! Yurika!
    Yurika:  Akito? What's up!?
    Akito:   We should leave here to Bright-san, and we'll head to the mineral
             asteroid... We have to stop both!
    Daisuke: So you've decided the battle against yourself... Ok, captain Bright.
    Bright:  No use, captain Misumaru, Nadesico should head to stop Mariemaia
             forces' landing. Leave here to Nell Ahgama.
    Yurika:  ......
    Bright:  What's up!? No time to think...!
    Yurika:  Akito... so splendid...
    Bright:  ...Captain Misumaru.
    Yurika:  Eh? Ah, I see! How should we split the teams?
    Banjo:   With only Nadesico and Aestevalis, you can't open a wide formation.
             I'll go too, and if it's possible, I want Getter and Zambot to come
    Ryo:     Roger.
    Kappei:  Leave it to us.
    Hyoma:   We'll go too!
    Bright:  Amuro, go with Nadesico, they'll need a leader.
    Amuro:   Roger... I'll get Camille and Fa for follow up.
    Daisuke: You'll need more firepower... I'll go too. Koji-kun and Tetsuya-kun
             are here, so you'll be fine.
    Tetsuya: Roger.
    Koji:    Daisuke-san... be careful.
    Kou:     I'll go to the mineral asteroid MO-III too. Gundam Prototype 3 isn't
             meant for inward battle.
    Bright:  Ok... So let's check again.
    Yurika:  Lt Amuro, Camille-san and Yuiry-san, Lt Noin and 2nd Lt Uraki... for
             Super Robots, Getter Team, Banjo-san, Com-Battler Team and Zambot 
             Team and Umon-san will come with Nadesico to stop Mariemaia forces
             to land at Earth!
    Bright:  The rest, D-Team, Mazinger Team, Voltes Team, Daimos and Gundam
             fighters, along with MS forces, will attack Devil mobile fortress!
    Domon:   Devil Gundam, I'll finish you this time... once and for all!
    Tapp:    Ken, just wait for us.
    Light:   If he can save his mom, there should be no problem.
    Bright:  Warrant officer Wakaba, Devil Gundam, mysterious organization... and
             [Axel/Lamia] who self-destructed to save us... the situation is at
             limit! Don't relax!
    # next: scene 312 #
    # scene 312: Jabrow - control room #
    Miwa:    What's going on, Giganos' mobile fortress transformed into Devil
    Lady:    Likewise. And Mariemaia's forces are starting to land. Chief, send
             emergency alarm to all Federation's bases.
    Miwa:    You don't need to tell me! And what the heck were you doing!? To not
             let those things to happen that we prepared the Preventers.
    Lady:    I know. We're elaborating a plan to stop with all our forces. But...
             They're too well prepared, and perhaps even before our organization
             was created...
    Miwa:    Shut up! I'll lead! We'll punish you after this! Let's go, warrant
             officer Ten.
    Ten:     ...Yes.
    Lady:    We can make excuses as much as we want. The problem is, can we stop
             this chaos with only our power? ...And how can it be possible for
             information to be manipulated this much...?
    Zechs:   ...Spies.
    Lady:    Zechs...!
    Zechs:   I'll go... I've confirmed Relena's place.
    Lady:    I'm counting on you, Preventer Win. This battle... is only the
             beginning... But if we lose, this will be the end.
    Zechs:   ...Roger.
    # next: scene 313 #
    # scene 313: Jabrow - control room #
    Miwa:    Come if you can, Devil mobile fortress, Mariemaia forces, whatever.
             I'll kill you all!
    # split #
    How's situation at Devil mobile fortress!?
    How's situation at Mariemaia forces!?
    Ten:     (Plan commences in 20 minutes...)
    # if DM next:   scene 314 DM #
    # else MM next: scene 314 MM #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 314 DM: Giganos mobile fortress - command room #
    Dorchenov: Gwahahahaha! Devil mobile fortress! This is it! This is our forces'
               trump card! Fuhahahaha!
    # next: scene 315 DM #
    # scene 314 MM: Nadesico - bridge  #
    Ruri:    Mineral asteroid MO-III... a while to reach.
    Yurika:  Sorry, Ruri-chan. To leave the ship's driving and comms all to you...
    Ruri:    It's helpless. Minato-san and Megumi-san aren't here.
    Prospec: ...I hope they're fine... We just got to know [Axel/Lamia]-san was a
             spy from the enemy forces... It's insecure from now on.
    Amuro:   But, on the last second, turned to help us.  We have to finish things
             one by one.
    Camille: I agree... And about Shadow Mirror. We can't let such people to take
    Ryoko:   An ideal world of balanced war.
    Erina:   Technology advanced along with war... it's not wrong.
    Akatsuk: ...Mah, that's how we feed all members of Nergal, and the work of you
             pilots... I can tell it's an ideal world in a way.
    Hikaru:  Really? I don't think so...
    Maria:   Neither do I... Brother, this isn't an ideal world, is it?
    Daisuke: ...It's hard to tell, Maria.
    Prospec: It depends on the ideal of each one.
    Daisuke: Eeh. It's ideal for those who wish for war... and hell to those who
    Amuro:   Shadow Mirror... they don't understand.
    Akatsuk: I agreed with them a little. Ideal or justice is personal. There are
             plenty among organization and people.
    Chizuru: You're cold.
    Hyoma:   I don't like that.
    Akatsuk: Fine for me. And not cold, but realistic.
    Daisuke: ......
    Akito:   Umon-san, the first time I met you... you said about your own justice,
             didn't you? That's...
    Daisuke: Tenkawa-kun, that's...
    Ruri:    Reaction in the radar. Mineral asteroid MO-III moved. 4 and half
             minutes until Nadesico's contact.
    # next: Stage 26 MM #
    # scene 315 DM: Giganos mobile fortress - command room #
    Koji:    What's that!? The places that were destroyed... are healing!?
    Tetsuya: So Devil Gundam's self-regeneration ability was inherited by the
             mobile fortress!
    Hiyoshi: So... it's invincible!?
    Domon:   Devil Gundam...!
    Ippei:   Then, what should we...!
    George:  There's only one way. Sneak into the mobile fortress and destroy it's
             engine along with Devil Gundam's core!
    Bright:  Ok, we'll fire the Mega Particle Cannon at full output! Once the armor
             is ripped, we'll flew into it before it restores itself!
    Burning: Ok, everyone, to your posts!
    Tapp:    Wait, captain Bright! Ken's mom's still a prisioner inside!
    Linda:   Yes. Please, give us time to save Ken's mother!
    Light:   If we can save his mom, he'll come back to Londo Bell!
    Kenichi: There's no time! And by just having his mother as a prisioner and not
             allowing to accomplish missions, it'll be harder from now on!
    Nana:    You don't need to say such things!
    Kyoshir: I know we have no time. But, there are other ways to say that.
    Kayra:   Stop that already. Voltes Team... no, Oka brothers should know well
             Wakaba's feelings.
    Megumi:  There are times we have to give up our private for mission...
    Tapp:    Say that. If you had your parents as hostage, you won't say that!
    Shiroh:  They're, already.
    Light:   Eh?
    Shiroh:  Those who didn't go to Big Falcon don't know... but Oka brothers'
             father... is a prisioner of the Boazanlings.
    Tetsuya: Really?
    Koji:    It's true, Tetsuya-kun... I fought too.
    Kenichi: ......
    Light:   But, Ken isn't strong as you Okas. He can't just leave his mom and
             go into the mission!
    Tapp:    We three joined Londo Bell for the occasion's sake.
    Quattro: But you've disposed of your chance of discharge. It's no reason.
    Bright:  No time to argue! While at it, Devil mobile fortress is heading to
    # if Allenby joined #
    Allenby: Yes, no time to lose.
    Linda:   Captain Bright, let me go then. I'll save Ken's mother!
    Bright:  Ok. But, I don't know if we can go support you.
    Nina:    I'll go too. I guess I can imagine the pathway.
    Chiyoki: Woof!
    Nana:    Linda-san, take Chiyokun too. It found the Jovian person, so he'll
             be useful.
    Tapp:    There were some of Ken's mother's stuff at his room.
    Domon:   Sorry, Rain might be there too. She...
    Linda:   I know.
    Bright:  Ok, commence the plan! Pilots, stand-by in position!
    # next: scene 316 #
    # scene 316 DM: Giganos mobile fortress - pathway #
    Malliot: The influence's incarnation should be around here.
    Soldier: Invaders, shoot!
    Min:     Damn, no use. Lt, go first. Leave here to us!
    Malliot: Ok. I'm counting on you!
    # next: Stage 26 DM #
     Stage 26 DM M: Kimi wo eien ni aishiteru (Love you forever)
                 F: Trust you forever
    [Nell Ahgama appears]
    [God Gundam, Dragonar 2 Custom and Dragonar 3 Custom appear]
    # formation: AG (Nell Ahgama) + 9 units #
    [Giganos units appear]
    Chibodee: Heh, so this will be a hell of a welcome party.
    Tapp:     So happy that the tears don't stop.
    Light:    What, so many Gilgazamne!
    Ken:      ...They've lined it up for mass production.
    Tapp:     Ken!
    Burning:  Wakaba! You, do you know what you're doing!?
    Ken:      (Dorchenov, you promised. If this ends, you'll let me see mom.)
              Dammit, everyone, sorry!
    Kazuya:   Kuh... What should we...!
    Sayaka:   We have to take time until Linda and the others find his mother.
    Light:    Everyone, Ken will come back! So...!
    Bright:   Kuh... we'll wait for 10 minutes! While that, do not attack
              Dragonar 1!
    Tapp:     Captain Bright... sorry.
    Ken:      Damn... Daaamn.
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally ship destruction
          Domon's unit destruction
          Ken's unit destruction   (before ally reinforce)
    # enemy reinforce 1: enemy turn 3 #
    [Giganos units appear]
    Dorchenov: Fuhahahaha! Welcome to my castle, Londo Bell Squad's gentlemen!
    Tapp:      ...So he appeared, Dorchenov!
    Ippei:     A castle eh! Such a speech.
    Dorchenov: Of course! And the cavalry to protect my castle is doing well. Ken
    Ken:       Shut up! You know, Dorchenov! Once this is over... I'll meet momt!
    Dorchenov: That depends on your cooperation. Fufufu...
    Daijiro:   Coward!
    Kenichi:   We've seen this trick against the Boazan bastards... Bur warrant
               officer Wakaba fell into it...!
    Hiyoshi:   Can't we do anything!? Brother!?
    Kenichi:   We have to endure...! Until Linda-san and the others save warrant
               officer Wakaba's mother...!
    # ally reinforce: turn 4 #
    Chiyokin: Woof!
    Nana:     Ah!
    Linda:    Ken, we've saved your mother!
    Nina:     Everything's alright now!
    Ken:      Really!? ...Mom...
    Aoi:      Ken...
    Kenichi:  ...I'm glad.
    Bright:   It's dangerous! Wait back there!
    Linda:    Eeh, Ken, take care!
    Ken:      Leave it to me! I'll pay a hit to them! Sorry, everyone... Warrant
              officer Ken Wakaba, returning to frontline...!
    [Dragonar 1 Custom disappears and reappears]
    Dorcheno: Eei! What the hell! To be defeated by such girls!
    ???:      Not only those girls, Dorchenov...!
    Dorcheno: What!?
    [Falguen appears]
    Malliot:  It's me... Dorchenov!
    Ken:      Malliot Plarto! The Hawk bastard!?
    Quattro:  I see, so he helped from behind.
    Dorcheno: Nughhhhhh...! Malliot Plarto! How much long do you plan to stay on
              my way!
    Malliot:  If I can't defeat you, all mankind's destruction will come!
    Dorcheno: Shut up! For the beginning, Gilthor wanted to kill all mankind too!
    Malliot:  Marshall only wanted the necessary humans to be at Universal Century!
              Such dirty one like you is the one who must be killed!
    Dorcheno: No jokes, youngster!
    Tetsuya:  So the cooperation stance at the Mass Driver's time... is it still
    Kazuya:   Enemy or ally... We want a decision.
    Malliot:  My mission is to defeat Dorchenov... If you won't deny that, then I
              won't either.
    Koji:     Well, if there's enemy on the pathway, just blew it, right? Good for
    Domon:    Rain... didn't you see a woman named Rain Mikamura!?
    Malliot:  ...Rain? No, at the prison, only Wakaba was there. However...
    Domon:    However... What!?
    Malliot:  ...I've heard one woman was taken before the fortres was consumed by
              DG cells.
    Sai-sici: Can't be... her!?
    George:   Domon! No need to rush. We have to...!
    Domon:    I know! ...Kuh...Rain...!
    # Tapp VS Dorchenov #
    Tapp:    Bastard, using such dirty tricks as taking hostage!
    Dorchen: Fuh, I'll use as many as they're useful! What's wrong with it, kiddo!?
    # Light VS Dorchenov #
    Light:   Resign, already!
    Dorchen: I'm a man that hardly give up! Fuhahahaha!
    # Malliot VS Dorchenov #
    Malliot: Fall along with the Empire's destruction, Dorchenov!
    Dorchen: While I'm alive, Giganos Empire won't be destroyed!
    # enemy death 1: Dorchenov's hp reaches 0 #
    Dorchenov: I can't die. I won't die! Gwaaaaaaaah!!
    [Gilgazamne explodes]
    Malliot:   Dorchenov... So... it's over...
    Ken:       ...Such a joke... now swallow it!
    # enemy reinforce 2: after enemy death 1 #
    Light:     Ok, we've wiped our troubles. Now comes the engine. The nuke must 
               be somewhere nearby too!
    Burning:   Ok, Newman, transfer the place's map to all units! We'll fix a
    ???:       There's no need to search. We'll come out with the engine.
    Tapp:      Who's there!?
    ???:       Fufufu, thanks to you, a man who lost almost everything.
    [Grand Master Gundam appears]
    Domon:     Won!
    Won:       I'm not Won anymore. I'm the one reborn from the DG cells,
               Great Won!
    Light:     He... He's the engine!?
    Aina:      So the DG cells consumed the engine with him...!?
    Shiroh:    What the...!
    Won:       Correct. As we've learned with Schwartz Brooder's case, if we use
               the DG cells, we can rebuild, enhancing our abilities!
    George:    So you rebuilt the mobile fortress engine into a giant MS!
    Koji:      Ca he really do that!?
    Chibodee:  It's already in front of us...!
    Argo:      ...Such monster...!
    Domon:     Won! Rain... Where's Rain!?
    Won:       Well...? Don't worry. I didn't kill her. But... One thing I can tell
               you, she's at a place you can't reach!
    Domon:     No kidding! Then I'll grab you out of there and have you speak!
    # Domon VS Won #
    Won:     I'm invincible! Die!
    Domon:   You're no warrior!
    # Allenby VS Won #
    Allenby: Such an appearence, Won!
    Won:     Fufufu, if it was as planned, you were the one to be here.
    # Four VS Won #
    Four:    Won, I know now. You're my enemy!
    Won:     Four, you're useless to me now.
    # Rosamy VS Won #
    Rosamy:  I hate you! You made me fight my brother!
    Won:     Rosamia, you're useless to me now.
    # enemy death 2: Won's hp reaches 0 #
    Won:     N,no... not possible!
    [Grand Master Gundam explodes]
    # enemy reinforce 3: after enemy death 2 #
    Burning: This will halt the mobile fortress.
    Domon:   Ok! Let's go search for Rain...Uh!?
    Domon:   W,What!?
    Sayaka:  Why isn't it stopping?
    Shiroh:  Perhaps... the core's still remaining!
    Ken:     It stopped.
    Domon:   Rain, where are you!?
    [Devil Gundam appears]
    ???:     ......
    Domon:   Devil Gundam! So that's the core!
    Light:   If we can defeat that, the mobile fortress will be silenced!
    Quattro: ...Muh... this feeling... Wait, that Devil Gundam... It's different
             from the others! There's someone's will there...
    Sai-sic: Heh? What are you saying...?
    Chibode: Wait, Domon! That's...!?
    DG Rain: ......
    Domon:   Rain! Isn't that Rain!?
    Megumi:  Can it be, she's Devil Gundam's core!?
    Domon:   Rain, what happened!? Why are you there!? ...I see, you can't come out
             on your own. Then, I'll beat it!
    DG Rain: ......
    Quattro: (Strange... What's it? That girl Rain... What's she thinking?)
    # stage end #
    [Devil Gundam appears]
    Domon:   Self-regeneration!
    Kazuya:  If this keeps going, we'll never save Rain...!
    Domon:   Then, we'll beat him until we can save her!
    Aoi:     Wait!
    Domon:   Muh!?
    Ken:     Mom!?
    Bright:  We're still in mid-battle! Stay back!
    Aoi:     Captain-san, I need to say this! ...You're Domon Kasshu-san, right?
             I've heard about you from Rain-san.
    Domon:   From Rain?
    Aoi:     See. That Gundam is Rain herself. She's... avoiding you.
    Domon:   Avoid!? Why's she avoiding me!?
    Aoi:     Rain-san said... after seeing you and your efforts to save another
             fighter... she realized about the connection between fighters.
    DG Rain: ......
    # if Allenby joined #
    Allenby: ...Can it be... I...!?
    Domon:   No... Why!?
    Aoi:     She thought she couldn't stay between two people... two fighters.
    Domon:   No, why did she...!
    Aoi:     When she was with me, she told me about the link between fighters.
             And... That she can never be one.
    George:  Rain-san... was concerned about... not being a fighter?
    Quattro: So that's what I felt from that Gundam... Her heart is closed.
    Domon:   No... Rain. You misunderstood me. I...
    DG Rain: ......
    Kazuya:  ...Domon, you have to tell your feelings.
    Domon:   Ryuzaki... My... feelings?
    Kazuya:  Even not being fighters... your hearts can link. Instead, it's not
             your fist you have to use... I can't confess anymore, but you can...!
    Domon:   Ryuzaki... I see.
    # if Allenby joined #
    Allenby: Domon... You know what you have to do. As KAzuya-kun said... You have
             to be true to your feelings.
    Domon:   Allenby... Aah, I have one thing... to say. Raaaaaaaaaaain!
    DG Rain: ......!
    Bright:  Devil Gundam... has stopped...!?
    Domon:   Rain... Can you hear me, Rain...? You don't need to answer. Just...
             Listen to me.
    DG Rain: ......
    Domon:   Nah, we... What did we do till now? We didn't get an answer yet.
    DG Rain: ......
    Domon:   Do you remember when... we went to mom's grave after 10 years, we were
             told that lie about brother stealing, and we came to Earth to defeat
             Devil Gundam.
    DG Rain: ......
    Domon:   I was fighting in trance. I lost my brother, I lost my master. But,
             that doesn't mean our fight has ended, does it?
    DG Rain: ......
    Domon:   We could win this far. But that's all... Because Shuffle friends and
             Londo Bell Squad, and specially you was with me...!
    DG Rain: ......
    Domon:   Yes, this victory is the one me and you fought for. That's why,
             there's no meaning if we're not along.
    DG Rain: ......
    Domon:   Nah, Rain, I, am a clumsy man that only knows how to fight. So I can
             say this way. I...
    DG Rain: ......
    Domon:   ...I, I love you!
    DG Rain: ...Do...
    Domon:   I want you! Raaaaaaain!
    Rain:    Domoooooon!
    Koji:    She... is released!?
    Chibode: He did it, that bastard!
    Sai-sic: Sis Rain-chan!
    # if Allenby joined #
    Allenby: ...Domon.
    Rain:    I'm sorry... I, won't release you...!
    Domon:   I won't let you!
    Rain:    We'll be... together...!
    Kazuya:  ......
    Domon:   Ok, let's finish it!
    Rain:    Eeh, come! Rising Gundam!!
    [Rising Gundam appears]
    # cinematic: Domon VS AI #
    [Devil Gundam explodes]
    Argo:    So it's over.
    George:  Fuh, no matter the style, devil loses to the power of love.
    # next: scene 316 #
     Stage 26 MM M: Eien e no kaiki (Return to forever)
                 F: Return to forever
    Soldier: Nadesico's heading this way.
    Dekim:   So they realized. However, it's too late. The time they reach this
             asteroid, Earth's rule will have changed. Sarpent forces, deploy!
    Soldier: Roger, Earth side gate open!
    [Mariemaia units appear]
    Mariema: So, Relena-san, let's go.
    Relena:  ......
    Soldier: Unidentified MS, ahead!
    Dekim:   What!? There's no way Londo Bell could make it!
    [Tallgeese III appears]
    Zechs:   ...Stop right now!
    Dekim:   Tallgeese...!
    Relena:  ...!!
    Zechs:   This is Preventer Wind... I won't let you pass...!
    Dekim:   Zechs Merquise! I've heard you were alive... In such timing...!
    Relena:  Brother!?
    Zechs:   The surroudings were noisy... and if internal relations are involved,
             I couldn't stay at my coffin. Dekim Barton, drop your weapons and
    Dekim:   Humpf, shoot if you want. You'll know that our trump card isn't just
             the Serpent.
    Zechs:   What?
    Dekim:   We're ready to drop Giganos mobile fortress at Earth.
    Zechs:   Comparing to a colony, it's small.
    Dekim:   Really? I've put 10 nuclear warheads into that. It'll explode at
    Zechs:   What!?
    Dekim:   And Delaz showed a good place to drop it.
    Zechs:   ...The first target of Operation Stardust... North America's fields.
    Dekim:   Correct. By the mobile fortress' drop and the pollution of the nuke,
             Earth's supreme auto-sufficient fields will become a land of death.
    Zechs:   Are you... serious...!?
    Relena:  To drop a nuke armed mobile fortress into Earth? Stop right now, you
             can't do that.
    Mariema: Relena-san, calm down... if all mankind can bow to their knees, this
             won't be necessary.
    Relena:  Do you think that can really happen?
    Mariema: Of course.
    Dekim:   So, get out of the way, Zechs.
    Zechs:   Giganos mobile fortress is under Londo Bell's attack. They'll do it.
    Mariema: Then... can you shoot us!?
    [shuttle appears]
    Relena:  Brother!
    Zechs:   ...Relena!?
    Dekim:   Can you shoot!? Zech Merquise!
    Zechs:   ...Relena...! But... I can't let Dekim go...!
    Dekim:   ...Now! Serpent forces, go!
    [Mariemaia units appear]
    Zechs:   No!
    Dekim:   Ok! Leave the ambush forces and commence reentry!
    Mariema: Zechs Merquise... feel free to play around...
    [shuttle moves to Earth]
    Zechs:   Wait!
    Relena:  Brother! ...Heero...!
    [shuttle disappears]
    [Mariemaia units appear, move to Earth and disappear]
    Zechs:   Kuh... I won't let it anymore...!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally annihilation     (before ally reinforce 2)
          Ally ship destruction (after ally reinforce 2)
    # ally reinforce 1: turn 2 #
    [Wing Zero Custom, Deathscythe HC, Sandrock Custom and Heavyarms Custom appear]
    Zechs:   Muh...!? Heero!
    Heero:   ......
    Duo:     Howdy, master Zechs!
    Quatre:  Did you endure!?
    Zechs:   Aah... I wanted to say so, but I couldn't resist to the main forces...
             There was a hostage, so I distracted...
    Heero:   ...Hostage? Was that... Relena?
    Zechs:   Yes.
    Heero:   ......
    Trowa:   Heero, you have things to do before you pursue them... Relena Darlian
             is their trump card. They won't finish her that easily.
    Heero:   ......
    Zechs:   ...Correct. We'll annihilate the remaining forces at mineral asteroid
    Quatre:  Earth Federation forces at surface caught the landing situation. I
             suppose they're fine...
    Duo:     Well, then, it's a party! ...Let's do it for show!
    # enemy reinforce 1: turn 3 #
    Trowa:   Enemy reinforces... so there are more enemies left than I thought.
    [Shadow Mirror units appear]
    Duo:     Heh! We'll take care of all of them!
    Quatre:  Wait! That's!?
    Soldier: ......
    Heero:   ...Shadow Mirror.
    Zechs:   Aah, so this firepower... is not only to take our time for the
    Trowa:   Meaningless. We'll defeat them and land at Earth.
    Heero:   I'll have you all out...!
    Quatre:  Soon Londo Bell Squad's mobile warship Nadesico will arrive! Don't
             overdo it!
    # ally reinforce 2: turn 4 #
    [Nadesico appears]
    Amuro:   Did we make it?
    Quatre:  That's... Nadesico!
    Kappei:  Oh, they're doing it!
    Uchuta:  The ones that were going to Earth actually did it.
    Zechs:   This is Preventer Wind. Unfortunately, the main forces' landing
             couldn't be stopped.
    Hyoma:   Really!?
    Chizuru: So, the ones here... aren't the main forces!?
    Duo:     Seems so. And that's why we want to go after the main forces ASAP.
    Ryoko:   So, let's finish them!
    Kou:     We'll deploy!
    Akito:   We have to do it...! Ruri-chan, how's the landing forces?
    Ruri:    ...Minovsky particles are spread, so I can't analyse... But for the
             landing point, it's for sure at South America's Jabrow.
    Banjo:   So they are aiming for the head... Let's go!
    # formation: NA (Nadesico Y) + 10 units #
    Zechs:   I'm grateful, Londo Bell Squad.
    Duo:     Don't come on our way!
    Ryo:     I don't mean that. And so don't you.
    Heero:   ...No time to chat. We'll resume our attack.
    ???:     ......
    Amuro:   ...Uhn?
             (What? This is... malice? No, there are more complex emotions mixed...
             Who's there?)
    # enemy reinforce 2: enemy turn 4 #
    L/A:     So... This squad is powerful... Ok, our turn.
    Wu-fei:  Aah. That's my will from the beginning...!
    [dimension transport]
    [Rival Robot and Nataku Gundam appear]
    Camille: ...Shadow Mirror! And... Gundam!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Until now, it's as instructed. I'll get rid of you if you interfere.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    We're doing fine. So I'll have you stop to come on our way.
    Trowa:   ...So there were still.
    Heero:   ...Wu-fei...!
    Wu-fei:  I won't let you go to Earth!
    Heero:   Wu-fei, get out of my way.
    Noin:    Wu-fei... why are you with the enemies!?
    Wu-fei:  ...I, want to see if the justice that comes over sacrifice, named
             peace, is truly the right thing! For that, I'll become evil!
    Akito:   A justice named peace... What!?
    Wu-fei:  Are you doing the right thing!?
    Heero:   ...What?
    Wu-fei:  I'm asking if you are doing the right thing!
    Ryo:     Everyone is wishing for a peaceful world! That's why we fight!
    Banjo:   I can only say in such words, but that was always our will.
    Juuzo:   And that's the right thing, isn't it!?
    Wu-fei:  I don't approve this peace...! Specially this one Relena is trying to
             bring! Throwing away weapons and war will bring peace, that's a
    Heero:   The more you fight, the more the sacrifices of war will be in vain...!
             You should know that, Wu-fei!
    Wu-fei:  So that's why soldiers aren't needed!? That's why you throw away
             people who lived for war!? I know of those who, once called heroes of
             war, after war were called as hazardous beings!
    Amuro:   ......
    Ryoko:   ...And, afraid of war, the Federation tried to control the colonies by
             force... and as a result, Grips Conflict happened... Indeed.
    Wu-fei:  That's right, I, and the Shadow Mirror, are the representative of
             those used as a weapon! We're fighting for you... all soldiers' sake!
    Yurika:  No! Your thinking is wrong. It's strange!
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Useless. To be right or not, why bother with such doubts...?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Not strange. If you're a soldier, you should know about that.
    Heero:   ...I'm not talking to you. Wu-fei... So that's you justice...!
    Wu-fei:  Yes, Heero Yuy...! Come, Londo Bell, show me your justice!
    # Heero VS Wu-fei #
    Heero:   Wu-fei, push the self-destruction switch.
    Wu-fei:  You and I are fighting like this. As we fight each other, we exist,
             isn't it? Self-destruction will only deny it!
    # enemy retreat 1: Rival's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   So this is it. Mech damage, over 40%... But I could take their time.
             If commander Axel wasn't screwed, it wouldn't be like this... My
             mission is complete, I can say.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    So I can't stand alone to the main forces. Lamia, if you didn't screw
             up, everything would turn out easily...
    [Rival Robot explodes/disappears]
    Hikaru:  It ran away!
    Jack:    Escape neh.
    Banjo:   I've wanted to capture and ask about [Axel/Lamia]-kun, though...
    Amuro:   We'll meet them again... No use to rush now...!
    # enemy retreat 2: Wu-fei's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Wu-fei:  Uoooh, Nataku...! Don't fall now!
    Heero:   The more you fight, the more the peace sacrifices are in vain...!
             You should've realized that, Wu-fei!
    Wu-fei:  So that's why soldiers aren't needed!? That's why you throw away
             people who lived for war!?
    Ryo:     Once war is over, you can go back to normal life!
    Wu-fei:  Not quite! We, and all soldiers here, are all alike! Only on
             battlefield we can find the meaning of our existence!
    Akito:   Don't say such foolish! No one goes to war on their will! To save
             Earth... and to not increase people like the ones at Mars Utopia
             Colony, that's why I fight!
    Wu-fei:  That's the will, the meaning of those who fight! War to invade, war
             for peace... There's no change, but still a war!
    Amuro:   ...That's how Shadow Mirrors think. No matter the will or the ideal,
             if war's there... if war keeps going...
    Akito:   No! That's wrong!
    Wu-fei:  It's personal to think it's wrong or not! The truth is only one!
    Duke:    ...Yes. Justice is only a matter of personal thought...!
    Akito:   Eh!?
    Akatsuk: ...Hoh.
    Duke:    Tenkawa-kun, I'll answer to the question you made before scramble.
             As Akatsuki-kun says... Justice exists along with the numerous people
             and organization. And, almost all of them are right.
    Heero:   ......
    Duke:    And what that Gundam pilot's saying too.
    Maria:   Brother!?
    Akito:   So... then...
    Duke:    However, the justice I trust is this. A war that makes people sad...
             That's what we can't do. But, if by loosing, sadness will increase...
             then whatever war it is, We'll have to fight, and win...! That's the
             justice, the meaning I fight for now...!
    Wu-fei:  Such simplicity!
    Heero:   No, Wu-fei...! Soldiers are supposed to fight for peace. Trust the
             world their trying to create...! Think about what the Shadow Mirror
             will bring!
    Wu-fei:  ...!
    Heero:   Wu-fei, I'll tell you again... push the self-destruction switch...!
    Wu-fei:  Kuuuh!
    [Nataku Gundam and Wing Zero Custom disappear]
    Ruri:    Both Gundams, at Earth reentry.
    Yurika:  Ruri-chan, I'll count monitor on you! The annihilation of the mineral
             asteroids forces comes first!
    # stage end #
    Ruri:    No reaction... of remaining enemy forces.
    Yurika:  Ok, so we finished.
    Prospec: By the way... if we did let the main forces go, then our mission is
             half complete.
    Duo:     So... let's go finish the other half!
    Noin:    Wait! We'll have to wait to rendezvous with Nell Ahgama..
    Zechs:   There's no time... And we, the Preventers, are independent of the
             army... Sorry, Noin.
    Quatre:  We'll go too!
    Trowa:   There's loss of time while we talk.
    [Talgeese III, Deathscythe HC, Heavyarms Custom and Sandrock Custom disappear]
    Kappei:  Hey! Won't we go along, sis Yurika-chan!?
    Yurika:  U-hn... We have to rendezvous...
    # next: scene 319 #
    # scene 316 DM: mobile fortress - one room #
    Aoi:     Ken...
    Linda:   What's up, Ken, are you embarassed?
    Ken:     I,I'm not. D,don't say that. Mom, how are you? ...You, lost weight.
    Aoi:     ...Ken.
    Ken:     Ouch!  What are you doing!?
    Aoi:     Doing such dangerous things, what would you do if mom cries!?
    Ken:     Don't say so, it's helpless, as we did that by the occation!
    Aoi:     You're a foolish child...
    Ken:     Mom...
    Malliot: ......
    Linda:   Brother...
    Malliot: Linda... My wishes for you and Ken Wakaba-kun...
    Linda:   Brother, where are you going?
    Malliot: Now that Giganos Empire is destroyed, I'm useless... Farewell.
    Ken:     Wait, will you keep being her sadness' reason?
    Malliot: I'm one who already left his sister. And even if Giganos is destroyed,
             your excellency Gilthor's ideal lives on. I won't surrender to the
    Ken:     What, you stubborn bastard!
    Tapp:    Yeah, whatever the ideal!
    Min:     It's not that easy. That's why we were fighting.
    Malliot: Correct. I can only live this way...
    Quattro: Lt Malliot Plarto... Nothing will change is you seclude yourself.
    Malliot: ...I have to live in a handy way someday. But that will take time.
    Bright:  All crew, return to positions! Now that the mobile fortress lost its
             power reactor,	it's out of control! We'll flee and rendezvous with
             Nadesico ASAP!
    Kenichi: The captain's calling. Let's go!
    Rain:    Wait, we have to destroy Devil Gundam's remainings completely!
    Domon:   Aah, and this time, for sure...!
    Chibode: Aah, it'll be troublesome if it happens like Lantao Island, and gets
             collected again.
    Daijiro: Saying so, how are we supposed to destroy such big thingy?
    Tetsuya: Don't worry. There're nukes around here.
    Koji:    Aah, that Gundam pilot from Preventers said that. Let's use it!
    Kazuya:  Indeed, if we use it, we can destroy both Devil Gundam and the mobile
    Shiroh:  If that's final, then let's do it!
    # next: scene 317 DM #
    # scene 317 DM: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  We'll commence the explosion! Careful not to blind your eyes with the
    Burning: Explode!
    [explosion flash]
    Linda:   Mobile fortress, confirmed to be completely destroyed.
    Domon:   It's over now, for sure.
    Rain:    Eeh...
    # next: scene 318 DM #
    # scene 318 DM: Nell Ahgama - MS deck #
    Malliot:  I'm sorry.
    Astonage: It's fine. I'm used to repairing Metal Armors. And I could repair
              Giganos' Blue Hawk's Metal Armor. It's my pleasure.
    Malliot:  Thank you.
    Ken:      Malliot Plarto!
    Malliot:  Ken Wakaba. What?
    Ken:      ...It's not my style but... I want ask you something.
    Malliot:  Ask me?
    Ken:      We'll go now rendezvous with Nadesico and smash some Mariemaian
              forces. And...
    Malliot:  You want me to fight along?
    Ken:      Not that far. Mom... Can be a base or colony, but I want you to take
              her to somewhere far from war.
    Min:      You don't want to involve her? Sweety.
    Malliot:  Fine. I'll report her destination then.
    Ken:      Thanks.
    Aoi:      Ken...
    Ken:      Mom, I'll go pick you once war is over.
    # next: scene 319 #
    # scene 319: Jabrow - control room #
    Soldier: Enemy forces confirmed landing on Earth Federation's bases! Giganos
             forces, Mariemaia forces... and unidentified mechs too!
    Miwa:    They're underestimating the Federation! Shoot them all!
    Vindel:  That's impossible.
    Miwa:    What!?
    Soldier: Interference!
    Vindel:  Earth Federation Forces chief... Sakimori Miwa-dono, I suppose.
    Miwa:    Who are you!? Say your name and affiliation!
    Vindel:  There's something more important then who I am... for now on, Jabrow
             is under control of Mariemaia Kushrenada's forces!!
    Miwa:    What!?
    Soldier: Chief Miwa, incoming help signals from all bases!!
    # next: scene 320 #
    # scene 320: Torrington site - control room #
    Soldier: Reporting, Torrington site under control.
    # next: scene 321 #
    # scene 321: Kilimanjaro site - control room #
    Soldier: Kilimanjaro site, completely silenced.
    # next: scene 322 #
    # scene 322: Jabrow - control room #
    Miwa:    It's impossible...! Even if we have more firepower, our proud
             Federation forces fell in such ease...
    Vindel:  You're free to resist. I'll wait for a smart decision...
    Miwa:    Wait, you! Hey!
    # next: scene 323 #
    # scene 323: ??? #
    Vindel:  The spies from all bases and all forces are making their moves... It's
             a matter of time until we can take Jabrow under control.
    Lemon:   ...Fufu, the aliens and the undelings were reported by the Vega
             Alliance... soon the Super Robots research labs will collapse...
    # next: scene 324 #
    # scene 324: Preventer HQ #
    Soldier: Over half of Jabrow has being taken control.
    Lady:    At this rate... But, there's still Londo Bell...
    Solider: Even if Londo Bell is Federation's strongest...
    Lady:    We have to trust them... They're the forces hope stands with...
    # if DM next:   325 DM #
    # else MM next: 325 MM #
    # scene 325 DM: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  Warrant officer Wakaba, good efforts.
    Ken:     Aah. Hehe, We could save mom and Rain-san, and the bastardt Dorchenov
             is gone. Good results for good efforts.
    Bright:  Stand the pain.
    Ken:     Eh?
    Ken:     Uuh...! ...What's that, captain!?
    Bright:  Do you get it!? The results for your actions turned out to be good!
             But, as a member of an organization, it turned out to be the worst!
    Ken:     ...Kuh.
    Tapp:    But, cap...
    Light:   Tapp, stop... Captain is right.
    Bright:  ...We'll rendezvous with Nadesico. I order warrant officer Wakaba to
             stay confined until the next deploy... Lt Burning, take him.
    Burning: Stand up, Wakaba.
    Ken:     ......
    Kenichi: Captain! That's too harsh! To save his parents... he did it, so we
             should be happy, shouldn't we!?
    Megumi:  Kenichi...
    Quattro: There are plenty who could have jump out but endured... We can't let
             one to be special.
    Hiyoshi: ......
    Daijiro: ......
    Sai-sic: Mah, even when brother Domon heard sis Rain was kidnapped, he endured.
    Domon:   What do you mean, Sai-sici?
    Rain:    ...Fufu, if you came to rescue me on your own, you'd be punched like
    Bright:  Linda-kun.
    Linda:   Yes?
    Bright:  ...Get the first aid kit, and go to warrant officer Wakaba's place.
    Linda:   Y,yes!
    Koji:    Bright-san is good at this stuff.
    Tetsuya: He's too soft.
    Bright:  Coff... About the rendezvous with Nadesico...
    Rain:    I'll do it... It'll take 20 minutes. For the electrical interference
             caused by the mobile fortress' destruction, Nadesico can't be
    Chibode: It's a bad timing.
    George:  It's helpless. So...
    ???:     ... successor... nam... Mariema.......nada
    Kazuya:  What?
    Nana:    ...What, in all of a sudden?
    Bright:  Mikamura-kun!?
    Rain:    Strong interference! I'll put it on screen!
    Mariema: ...I repeat. Our Mariemaia forces declare war against the Earth
             Federation forces. I am the lost Earth Sphere Nation's leader's
             successor...  My name is Mariemaia Kushrenada.
    Shiroh:  War declaration!? That girl Mariemaia's...
    Aina:    Can it be, so Nadesico has failed!/
    Kyoshir: Even if so, with such forces that could take over a mineral satellite
             isn't match, is it? I don't think it could turn into war.
    Quattro: No, if Shadow Mirror is backing them... then, this land operation is
             just a trigger. There might be some forces ready to take over at
    Ippei:   I see, so that's why [Axel/Lamia] tried to finish us at space.
    Tapp:    So, that we saw the Geshpenst at surface... was that for this timing?
    Mariema: Mankind only has significance when fighting. What is needed for Earth
             Sphere is a reign controlled by army... That's the true evolution of
    Domon:   Such a joke...!
    Tetsuya: ...So it's clear enough that the Shadow Mirrors are behind Mariemaia
    Koji:    And deceiving such a little kid! ...Annoying!
    Mariema: Jabrow and all Earth Federation bases are almost under our control. I
             report to all remaining resistant Federation forces... Stop such
             meaningless acts. You don't need to become helpless beings on your
    Bright:  Kuh, we have to hurry our rendezvous with Nadesico!
    Rain:    Nadesico... has landed to Earth!
    Domon:   What?
    Bright:  Acting on their own...! With half of the firepower... and the enemies
             can take over Jabrow, do they know that!?
    Argo:    ...No, that girl... she said almost under control. So it's not
             complete yet.
    Jun:     I see, so they divided their forces to take control of all Federation
    Quattro: And there are plenty of soldiers still resisting at Jabrow, or waiting
             for a chance to strike back... Captain Misumaru's decision is correct.
    Bright:  But...
    Quattro: Lt Amuro is at Nadesico. If it was a reckless operation, he'd have
    Aina:    Everything was reckless till now that I can't anything that isn't.
    Bright:  Ok, Nell Ahgama will go after Nadesico, and land at Jabrow! All crew,
             stay in position!
    # next: scene 326 #
    # scene 325 MM: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ruri:    Giganos' mobile fortress destruction confirmed.
    Amuro:   So you did it, Bright.
    Yurika:  Splendid, captain Bright! So we only need to rendezvous, and go to
    Kou:     How long till rendezvous?
    Ruri:    Along 20 minutes. There's electrical interference from the mobile
             fortress destruction, so we can't connect to them, so that's only a
             prediction data from Omoikane.
    Akito:   Such a bad timing...
    Banjo:   It's helpless. So...
    ???:     ... successor... nam... Mariema.......nada
    Uchuta:  What?
    Daisaku: ...What, in all of a sudden?
    Yurika:  Ruri-chan!?
    Ruri:    Strong interference... I'll put it on screen.
    Mariema: ...I repeat. Our Mariemaia forces declare war against the Earth
             Federation forces. I am the lost Earth Sphere Nation's leader's
             successor...  My name is Mariemaia Kushrenada.
    Noin:    What...!? With only a force of dozen of units, they'll make war...!
    Amuro:   No, if Shadow Mirror is backing them... then, this land operation is
             just a trigger. There might be some forces ready to take over at
    Banjo:   I see, so that's why [Axel/Lamia] tried to finish us at space.
    Hayato:  We saw the Geshpenst at surface... was that for this timing?
    Mariema: Mankind only has significance when fighting. What is needed for Earth
             Sphere is a reign controlled by army... That's the true evolution of
    Camille: Can't be, such thing...!
    Daisaku: ...So it's clear enough that the Shadow Mirrors are behind Mariemaia
    Maria:   And deceiving such a little kid! ...It's annoying!
    Mariema: Jabrow and all Earth Federation bases are almost under our control. I
             report to all remaining resistant Federation forces... Stop such
             meaningless acts. You don't need to become helpless beings on your
    Juuzo:   Keh, such a thing to say for a kid!
    Ines:    ...I doubt it's her word for sure.
    Yurika:  Ruri-chan! Contact captain Bright!
    Ruri:    ...Impossible. There's still an electrical interference.
    Hikaru:  Captain, what should we do?
    Yurika:  ...We'll go!
    Erina:   Eeh!? Wait, that's impossible! Jabrow is taken overn isn't it!?
    Yurika:  Almost, is what she said. So it's not completely yet...
    Ryoko:   I see, so they divided their forces to take control of all Federation
    Amuro:   And there are plenty of soldiers still resisting at Jabrow, or waiting
             for a chance to strike back... Captain Misumaru's decision is correct.
    Daisuke: If we fight, they'll make their decision.
    Yurika:  Yes, and if so, we still have a chance to win!
    # if Musashi survived #
    Musashi: Okay, let's go to Jabrow then.
    Akito:   We have... to do it!
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:     By the enemy's coward attack, head into the almost defeated
             headquarters to assist them. A burning situation!
    Erina:   No joke! To be sure of such stupidity. Chief, Nadesico isn't supposed
             to be part of it!
    Akatsuk: ...U-hn.
    Kappei:  Nadesico's superiors decision is to watch and side with the winners,
             is that so!?
    Keiko:   You're cowards!
    Erina:   What's wrong with that!? I won't accept this decision with Londo Bell.
    Yurika:  Erina-san, I'm the captain of Nadesico. And now, Nadesico isn't
             Nergal's but Federation's property, don't forget that! Preventer's
             people went ahead, right? It's obvious to us to rescue allies in
    Akatsuk: As she said, Erina-kun.
    Benkei:  Well said!
    Galliso: Hohoho, so you are becoming similar to captain Bright.
    Yurika:  Yes, it's my aspiration!
    Amuro:   ...That man has a lot to learn from.
    Yurika:  I'll apology to captain Bright later! So, let's go reentry!
    Ruri:    For a long time I don't say... full of fools.
    # next: scene 326 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 326: Jabrow - control room #
    Mariema: Relena-san, chief Miwa, so we won't reach an agreement?
    Miwa:    Of course! I won't speak to the whole Earth Sphere that a girl like
             you is the supreme ruler of Earth!
    Relena:  I won't either. Even if we did, this action wouldn't...
    Mariema: You don't understand. Chief Sakimori Miwa, and the most trusted from
             the colonies, perfect pacifist external minister Relena Darlian.
    Dekim:   When both of you agree that Mariemaia-sama is the ruler, all civilians
             of Earth will bow to that...
    Relena:  That's...!
    Mariema: Your speeches are stronger than you imagine.
    Miwa:    Nghh-, don't attach me, defensor of Earth, to a girl that makes peace
             treaty with enemies!
    Lemon:   That's why it's fine, when such opposing figures together admit a
             ruler... There will be an impact.
    Relena:  ...You're!
    Lemon:   No matter who I am, don't you think? So?
    Dekim:   Or else, I'll drop Giganos' mobile fortress full of nuke into Earth.
    Relena:  Kuh...
    Lemon:   (Though Giganos' mobile fortress was destroyed by Londo Bell Squad.
             It wasn't notified to the surface... this is our only chance.)
    Soldier: Dekim-sama! Enemy approaching! This is... Londo Bell Squad's Gundam
    Dekim:   So they've come. How's the control inside the base?
    Soldier: Almost 80%! Many blocks are still under mid-battle. However, all
             base's mobility is under our control.
    Dekim:   Very good. Get down the walls of Jabrow's blocks! ...Chief Miwa,
             Jabrow is surely a wonderful base.
    Miwa:    Of course, this is the supreme headquarters of Federation.
    Mariema: Eeh, that's why, even Londo Bell Squad can't defeat us... isn't it?
    Miwa:    Ghgh...
    Dekim:   Prepare for battle, ambush Londo Bell's raid squad!
    Relena:  (Gundam type... Heero...?)
    # next: scene 327 #
    # scene 327: Jabrow - medical room #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Uh... Here's...? Nell Ahgama... not. Not even Nadesico.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Uh... Here's...? Not Nell Ahgama, nor Nadesico...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    What's happening? Attack...?
    Lemon:   This is South America's Jabrow... And the attacking's Londo Bell raid
    Axel:    ...Lemon? I see, so you and I are alive, then... so is Vindel?
    Lemon:   Yep... Seems like you had amnesia, as I heard from W17... It's true.
    Axel:    Aah. When Vindel appeared in the Zwaizer Gain, it came back... not
             completely, though. Half of my memories are messed...
    Lemon:   You were back... but you ignored the operation... and even tried to
             get rid of us.
    Axel:    ...This world has no place to us. I just realized that.
    Lemon:   The you until now was so splendid. Neh, now that your memories are
             back, won't you come back?
    Axel:    ...Don't say it. I can't go back to what I was. Not even my relation
             with you.
    Lemon:   ......
    Axel:    What will you do to me? If I were you, I'd have kill after capturing.
             If you didn't, then...
    Lemon:   Yes, I wanted to convince you. But now, it was splatted in my face.
    Axel:    ...Predictable. I'll go now.
    Lemon:   From here, at the furthest hanger, the 8th, [Main Robot] is ready.
             Fully repaired, and no more self-destruction device.
    Axel:    ...What's the purpose of that?
    Lemon:   Allies double-crossing... this is war's basics. What happens at the
             world we wish... Just that, I couldn't predict it would be you.
    Axel:    ...That's war. I'll go.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Attack...? No mistakes. I have to confirm situation... who's there!?
    Lemon:   Such a greeting, W17. This is Earth's Jabrow... and the attacking's
             from Londo Bell's raid squad.
    Lamia:   ...Lemon-sama? You're here then... Vindel-sama too? ...Uhn, my
    Lemon:   I've fixed your language device. Your image would be crushed if it
             kept like that... Well, shall I ask you?
    Lamia:   ......
    Lemon:   ...You've ignored operation... and tried to get rid of us.
    Lamia:   ...This is no place for us. I just realized that.
    Lemon:   That's it... you're, no, the W series I've created... don't argue
             about instructions, nor had the ability to decide things by yourself.
    Lamia:   So... I was screwed? And you didn't fix that?
    Lemon:   Not even in dreams... It's something I couldn't do until now. You're
             the only one successful, W17.
    Lamia:   But...
    Lemon:   Yes. The awaken side is the opposite... I can't be fully happu.
    Lamia:   What should I do from now on...? If I were you or commander Axel...
             I'd get rid right after capturing... If you did not, then...
    Lemon:   Yes, I wanted you to decide. So? Will you come back?
    Lamia:   ...If Lemon-sama says so, then...
    Lemon:   No... You decide. With your pride, as one of W series.
    Lamia:   ...I'll go.
    Lemon:   Fuh... From here, at the furthest hanger, the 8th, [Main Robot] is
             ready. Fully repaired, and no more self-destruction device.
    Lamia:   Lemon-sama...
    Lemon:   Allies double-crossing... this is war's basics. What happens at the
             world we wish... Just that... it was a shock that the masterpiece of
             that world's main supporting cast, the W series, would be the one.
    Lamia:   That's... my war.
    Lemon:   I won't take it easy next time. And, an extra... Dimensional transport
             device... it'll soon be complete.
    A/L:     What...!?
    Lemon:   The device's... at the safest place.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    The Zwai.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   You mean... Zwaizer Gain.
    Lemon:   Yep... Farewell.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Aah... Lemon, I'll tell you one thing too.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...Lemon-sama.
    Lemon:   ...What?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Not only this world. For people like us... There's no place.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Not only this world... for those who wish war... there's no place.
             Specially for those like me, created for that purpose.
    Lemon:   I bet. This war... will tell us that.
    # next: Stage 27 #
     Stage 27 M: Anata ga ite, watashi ga iru (You are here, and so am I)
              F: Endless Waltz
    [Mariemaia forces appear]
    [Tallgeese III, Deathscythe HC, Heavyarms Custom and Sandrock Custom appear]
    Duo:     There are plenty.
    Zechs:   We'll take the hospitality.
    Quatre:  Be careful! Dragoon... the mass production D-weapon are there too!
    Trowa:   ...So, Jabrow is almost taken over. What about Heero?
    Duo:     ...Saying so, they're not here. Where are they!?
    Quatre:  No reaction in proximities... So?
    Zechs:   I've told you. We'll take the hospitality.
    Trowa:   No problem.
    Duo:     Ora ora ora! The God of Death is coming! And the undead, God of Plague
             and God of Poverty as a set! Come and get us!
    Quatre:  Me and Trowa, which one's the God of Plague and God of Poverty?
    Trowa:   Whatever makes no difference.
    Dekim:   You...! How long you wanna go against me?
    Mariema: Even if you destroy the Mobile Suits, you can't destroy this Jabrow.
             It's useless.
    Zechs:   I bet...! We have to try!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally annihilation
    # reinforce 1: turn 3 #
    Dekim:   Ngh, such annoying bastards!
    Mariema: It's useless.
    Relena:  ......
    Vindel:  Even if it's useless, it's still possible it'll connect to danger.
    Mariema: ...Shadow Mirror.
    Vindel:  I'll send my troops... We can't leave possibilities... [Lamia/Axel]
    [dimesion transport]
    [Shadow Mirror units appear]
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   ...It's order. I'll have you die.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Annoying... I'll have you disappear.
    Duo:     Reinforces! ...Tsh, so the dangerous ones came.
    Zechs:   ...Shadow Mirror! So Jabrow's capture... was arranged by those ones.
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Correct. A world of endless war... And to make that true is the fate
             assigned to me.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Correct... A world of endless war... For the realization of that.
    Trowa:   Those ones are like our former... Their existance are being played by
             war-wishing Shadow Mirror's cajolery.
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Played...? No. To accomplish orders is my existence. Whatever the
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Played? It's annoying if you think I'm like you. I'm fighting for my
             own sake, for what I believe.
    Zechs:   ...If that's what you believe, then I won't deny. However... I won't
             retreat. For those I believe.
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Stop the useless resistence. You can see the difference of firepower.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Stop the useless resistance. This difference of firepower... I won't
             stop you if you don't understand.
    Quatre:  ...We know. But, we can't stop.
    Zechs:   Everyone, retreat. Londo Bell Squad's rendezvous will take time. A few
             hours until Nell Ahgama and Nadesico meet.
    Quatre:  Retreat!?
    Zechs:   ...You're not ones from Preventers. Leave the fire to fire
    Duo:     Heh, don't mind that. We're used to fighting already lost war...!
    Quatre:  And... that's how we can remain ourselves...!
    Trowa:   ...Yes, no problem.
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   I don't understand. The only thing I do is that you...!
    Axel:    If you can't, that's what makes you a doll.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Useless. You all...
    Lamia:   And can you only feel that's useless?
    [Main Robot appears]
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   That's... Commander Axel...? I've heard you were punished?
    Axel:    That bastard Vindel... So that's what you planned for me. Mah,
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    What? You're... W17. I've heard you were disposed, what do you plan
             on showing up?
    Lamia:   I plan to fight... On my own.
    Vindel:  [Axel/Lamia]... Why's [he/she] out with the [Main Robot]!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Lemon:   Indeed, my beloved one... So he could escape.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lemon:   Indeed, my masterpiece... So she could escape.
    Vindel:  Lemon, you...
    Duo:     Hey, [Axel/Lamia]-san! So you were alive!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    As you see. Mah, as well, the superiors from Shadow Mirror too.
    Lamia:   ...Lemon-sama.
    Lemon:   ...That man is an enemy. Finish...him.
    Lamia:   Is that allowed?
    Lemon:   ...Enough.
    Lamia:   Hah... Commander Axel, forgive me.
    Axel:    I won't... Such a doll without pride, how can you beat me? And even
             beat the Gundam pilots that endured till now?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   As you see. As well, Shadow Mirror superiors too.
    Axel:    ...W17, so you are still screwed.
    Lamia:   Could be... But, that's how I am now.
    Axel:    Good timing, I'll have my decision. With you all.
    Lamia:   Do you think you can? ...Not only me, but those Gundams are you match
             as well.
    Duo:     Such a praise. And so, you're fine as an ally?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    If you trust me. Whatever, I have a previous offense.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   If you trust me, that's the only condition.
    Trowa:   ...Under this situation, to push over us would be unnatural. If you're
             not interfering, then I don't mind.
    Quatre:  I'll believe. [Axel/Lamia]-san, please!
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Such naiveness. If commander's willing to that...
    Axel:    ...Such naiveness' good. You won't understand... You can't even feel
             taste on stuff.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Naive... Such naiveness is what will disturb the new world... A doll
             like you won't undestand.
    Lamia:   ...I didn't try to until now. I was fine by only doing what I was told
             to... However, I coult taste it. That's all, commander Axel.
    Dekim:   Eei, what are you doing!? Attack!
    # if Axel Route #
    Vindel:  Axel... to imagine that you and my path were to become different.
    Axel:    Aah, this is... my war.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lemon:   Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise after eating the apple of
             knowledge, W17.
    Lamia:   ...I'm aware. So... I'll search the next paradise with my own feet...
    # reinforce 2: turn 5 #
    [Nataku Gundam appears]
    Wu-fei:  You...!
    Trowa:   Wu-fei...
    Duo:     So he's come, dammit! Where's Heero!?
    Quatre:  This is... it's coming!
    [Wing Zero Custom appears]
    Relena:  Heero!
    Heero:   ...Relena.
    Wu-fei:  This... is the decision! Heero!
    Heero:   Wu-fei, see! Is this world your justice? This world where soldiers
             fight!? Is that why you'll let in Mariemaia's despotism...!?
    Wu-fei:  That's the ground of the soul of those who fight!
    Heero:   Now, it will be fine. But Mariemaia will only repeat history. The
             sad and miserable history of war...
    Relena:  ......
    Heero:   If we don't stop this flow, soldiers like us will be needed again.
             Then, the history of tragedy will keep on.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Yes, that's why...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Yes... That's true. That's why we...
    Duo:     ...It's a hard effort to have peace at hands. Sacrifices will be
             made... However, someone has to do it.
    Heero:   Wu-fei, tell me... How many people we still need to kill? Zero won't
             tell me anything. Tell me, Wu-fei...!
    Wu-fei:  ......
    Dekim:   Foolish ones that wage an useless resistance against the new era! All
             this blood lost now has suc ha meaning. Think about that!
    Heero:   Confirm... Is Jabrow's protection perfect?
    Mariema: Of course. We have a indestructible firepower. If you don't have your
             main forces, such numbers won't be for story. Know your uselessness.
    Heero:   Roger.
    Mariema: Eh...?
    [Nadesico appears]
    Yurika:  Does that means, if the main forces come, then it'll be something!?
    Lemon:   Nadesico!?
    Banjo:   Although it's only half of the main forces.
    L/A:     It can't be, it's too early...! There were a few hours...
    Hyoma:   Heh, we came right after!
    Ruri:    Against orders. Amendment needed.
    Yurika:  Uh...
    Noin:    Zechs!
    Zechs:   Noin!
    Duo:     This is lucky! We're counting on you, sis!
    Yurika:  Mission understood! Everyone, scramble!
    Amuro:   Ok. We'll go.
    # formation: NA (Nadesico Y) + 9 units #
    Kappei:  Uhn!? Hey, that's!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Long time no see... or not.
    Ryo:     Axel-kun!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Against orders again? ...It doesn't change.
    Ryo:     Lamia-san!?
    Hayato:  You... alive!? What are you planning now!?
    Duo:     He-y, wait. [Axel/Lamia]'s helping us.
    Noin:    ...However, [Axel/Lamia]'s Shadow Mirror's spy.
    Prospec: We can think that, for such an easy Jabrow's capture... there was a
             spy sneaked into these parts for long too.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Correct... And I left Shadow Mirror.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Correct... And I... am fighting on my own will, not by Shadow Mirror's
    Maria:   Brother... can we... trust?
    Duke:    I don't know. However...
    Amuro:   It'd be a weird story to try to deceive us again.
    Trowa:   Seems like they agree... So?
    Yurika:  [Axel/Lamia]-san!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Captain Misumaru, I can only say to trust me.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Captain Misumaru... I can only say to trust me.
    Yurika:  Then I will! Commence attack!
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:     What if we go boom again!?
    Erina:   Wait, captain! In such a sudden!? What proof do you have!?
    Yurika:  It's alright, I do believe!
    Juuzo:   Well, that's it.
    Chizuru: If captain Yurika is like this, no one can doubt it.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Sorry. Then... I'll have to show you.
    Vindel:  Axel...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Sorry... So I only have to show you.
    Lemon:   W17...
    Dekim:   Eei, don't relax! Annihilate them!
    Heero:   I'll have... Relena back...!
    # ally joins: convince Wu-fei with Heero or Wu-fei's hp reaches 0 #
    Heero:   Wu-fei...! Our war is already over!
    Wu-fei:  It's not over yet! As a proof, you and I are fighting now!
    Heero:   Listen, Wu-fei! This channel is Jabrow's special line!
    Wu-fei:  What...!?
    Soldier: Uwoooooh!
    Dekim:   What happened?
    Soldier: All the arrested Federation soldiers are starting a riot.
    Mariema: ...Eh?
    Soldier: All blocks are in mid-battle, we can't attack Londo Bell!
    Miwa:    Yes, fight, Federation forces, kill all enemies of Earth!
    Soldier: No, we're not fighting for such thing!
    Wu-fei:  ...This is...
    Soldier: Yes, we're fighting for the peace that is ahead of us!
    Miwa:    Wh,what?
    Relena:  Those... are members of the Peace Liberation Forces!?
    Soldier: Relena-sama, we'll fight too! If we don't stand up now, then when we
             should do it!?
    Soldier: Enough of fighting for war!
    Wu-fei:  Fighting for... war...
    Mariema: ...Relena-sama joined with a part of the soldiers!? The perfect
             pacifist that you are...!?
    Relena:  Peace is not something that is given. It's acquired on your own.
    Vindel:  For that, soldiers can leave the army... Chang Wu-fei, how about
             showing them you can only live at war.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    So you don't understand it, Vindel.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   You don't understand, Vindel-sama.
    Vindel:  What...?
    A/L:     Those who only find their existence at war, involves people and kills
             them... What's left after that? To create or to lose... Those are very
             different values. One Londo Bell's member said that...!
    Vindel:  You...!
    Heero:   Wu-fei, if you can't undestand that... then I'll kill you...!
    Wu-fei:  War is not decided by soldiers... is that it...?
    Amuro:   Soldiers are the ones to fight. However, to keep on fighting, or to
             end it up... that's not limited to soldiers, but to people's wills.
    Wu-fei:  ...Farewell, Shadow Mirror. Our war was already over. Now, a new war
             will start...!
    Duo:     You delayed us. Mah, that's very like you, Wu-fei.
    Wu-fei:  Duo...
    Zechs:   Seems... we don't need to throw hopes away yet. Ok, Jabrow is at
             chaos! We'll get rid of the remaining forces!
    # Main VS Rival #
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Why did you double-cross!? Such a man that was the right arm of
             Vindel-sama, and wished so much a world of war!
    Axel:    A world of war... I only thought it'd be good not being like that!
    Lamia:   For such an illusionary thing, you betrayed everything...!
    Axel:    For a doll without principles or opinions... nor pride, you wouldn't
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    W17... You stopped the colony drop, and tried to kill Vindel... not
             satisfied with that, you now side with the enemies!
    Lamia:   ......
    Axel:    I should have disposed of you... I'm sorry for Lemon, but I'll have
             you disappear.
    Lamia:   If it's to disappear now, that should be my existence. I'll answer
             you, commander.
    # enemy retreat: Rival's hp reaches 0 #
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Even if you changed your will, your abilities are not decreased...
             Commander, we shall meet again.
    Axel:    I'm a traitor... Don't call me commander.
    Lamia:   Roger.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Can't be...! Even if your allies are here... To beat me like this...!
    Lamia:   ...Commander, be prepared.
    Axel:    Don't push it...! You're a traitor. Don't call me commander.
    Lamia:   ...Roger.
    [Rival Robot explodes]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...Lamia, Vindel... and Lemon... I'll have my decision.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (This war... won't end until all of you disappear from this world...)
    # stage end #
    Mariema: Annihilated... our forces were annihilated...!
    Dekim:   Impossible, there's no defeat to us. We, the Barton family, are the
             true rulers of Earth Sphere. Mariemaia-sama, stand in front of all
             Earth Sphere.
    Mariema: I am, a winner...
    Vindel:  No, you're a loser.
    Dekim:   Vindel!?
    [dimension transport]
    [Zwaizer Gain and Lemon's unit appear]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Vindel!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Vindel-sama!
    Duke:    Shadow Mirror's head!
    Vindel:  Splendid... Splendid power, Londo Bell Squad.
    Lemon:   There were some undecisive elements, but to beat Jabrow with only
             half of your main firepower.
    Vindel:  I'll admit my defeat now. However... It wouldn't be interesting.
    Ryoko:   Heh, so you're gonna fight us? I'll be your match...!
    Kappei:  Good enough!
    Hikaru:  We won't forgive you!
    Lemon:   Everyone hates impatiency. That's why we'll have you disappear along
             with Jabrow.
    Camille: What...!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Can be...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Can be... that's!?
    Akito:   This feeling... Boson Jump!?
    Ruri:    No Boson reaction. It's different.
    Vindel:  Correct. It's not Boson Jump... A little similar.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Dimensional transport bomb! Vindel...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Indeed... Dimensional transport bomb...!
    Quatre:  What? Dimensional transport bomb!?
    Yurika:  What is that!? This thing!
    Lemon:   There was that Jovian that tried to self-destruct at Yokosuka.
    Ines:    Indeed... So they want to dimension transport this whole place.
    Akito:   That... when I did the Boson Jump...
    Lemon:   Yep. The Shadow Mirror version of that... Is what I can say. Once it
             explodes, 50 kilometers of radius from here will disappear...
    Daisaku: Such thing...!
    Kosuke:  You want to take us along!
    Vindel:  No worries, we'll go. However...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    So you dettached the dimension transport device of Zwai's. Only
             possible of dimension transport... Is that so?
    Lemon:   Yep... Axel, to say farewell in such situation.
    Axel:    ...This is war. No one would desire a world of war not prepared to
             that, right, Lemon?
    Vindel:  Axel, our paths turned out to be different... And the result is this.
             The dimension transport device is almost complete... It's helpless.
             I'll finish it once everything on my way disappears.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   So you changed the dimension transport device of Zwaizer Gain into a
             transposition bomb. However, you're possible of dimension
             transport... Is that so, Lemon-sama?
    Lemon:   Yep... I didn't imagine a decision like this... It's helpless, W17.
    Vindel:  The dimension transport device is almost complete... It's helpless.
             I'll finish it once everything on my way disappears.
    A/L:     ......
    Dekim:   W,Wait! What about us!? Vindel Mouzer!
    Vindel:  Sorry.
    Mariema: Ah...Aah...
    Vindel:  Dimension transport bomb activated... Farewell, Axel.
    Axel:    As I wish, Vindel.
    Lemon:   Dimension transport bomb activated... Bye, W17.
    Lamia:   No, we won't give up. We'll... meet again.
    [dimension tranport]
    [Zwaizer Gain and Lemon's unit disappear]
    Akito:   They've transported!
    Kou:     Dimension transport bomb... Is that true!?
    Ines:    Perhaps. See...
    Beauty:  Wait! What's this!?
    Reika:   Banjo!
    Banjo:   Fuhm... [Axel/Lamia]-kun, do you know about that?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    The dimension is starting to fold. The explosion is near.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   The dimension is starting to fold... The explosion is near.
    Ryo:     Isn't there a way to stop!?
    Benkei:  50 kilometers... Dragon can go through it!? Ryo!
    Hayato:  What will we do by only us escaping!? However...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    We have to stop the explosion...! The bomb's place... underground...
             Here. We'll go inside the base!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   We have to stop before it explodes...! The bomb's place... this point
             in the underground... We'll go inside the base!
    Amuro:   Underground... Umon-kun!
    Duke:    Eeh. Hayato-kun, you too!
    Hayato:  Indeed, the same plan of Mass Driver's... Ok, let's go!
    Noin:    And Relena Peacecraft!?
    Heero:   ...I'll go.
    Duo:     Likewise. We'll count on you!
    Yurika:  I see. Com-Battler Team's people, please go support the Preventers.
    Hyoma:   Alright, leave it to us.
    # next: scene 328 #
    # scene 328: Jabrow - central part #
    Hayato:  It's here...! [Axel/Lamia], do it!
    Duke:    We don't know how much time we have left...!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Aah... The basic construction is the same as I know... So...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...The basic construction is the same as I know... Then...!
    # next: scene 329 #
    # scene 329: Jabrow - control room #
    Mariema: We're... safe...?
    Relena:  Yes... now wake up. Mariemaia. You now know what is fear. That's why
             you are now able to admit your mistakes.
    Lady:    Correct. It's not a winner that moves people's hearts. It's the figure
             of keeping fighting even if you keep losing.
    Dekim:   Lady Une!?
    Soldier: Relena-sama, are you alright!?
    Relena:  You all, isn't that too early to make your appearences!?
    Soldier: If we don't stand up now, when should we do it?
    Lady:    There was no way for me to stop their wills, Relena-sama. Dekim, there
             are no soldiers at your side at Jabrow anymore. And Shadow Mirror has
    Dekim:   So, you want to tell me to give up? Not! I'll flee, and wait for
             another chance...! I can create Mariemaias as much as I want.
    Mariema: Dekim... you...
    Dekim:   A loser's girl is of no use to me. I'll tell you the truth before you
             die. People do bow to winners!
    Relena:  You are such a...!
    Dekim:   Relena Darlian... You're at my hands. I'll have you die!
    Relena:  !!
    Lady:    No...
    Mariema: Watch out!
    Mariema: Uh!
    Relena:  Mariemaia!? She convered me!?
    Dekim:   Tsh, Relena, now you'll die!
    Lady:    Dekim!
    Juuzo:   Get out! You fools!
    Dekim:   Gwoh...!?
    Kosuke:  Juuzo-san!
    Zechs:   We didn't make it!? There were 2 gun shots?
    Hyoma:   Juuzo!
    Juuzo:   Safe in time... We made it.
    Lady:    Thanks, splendid, Naniwa-kun. Ok... Send Mariemaia to the medicals!
    Relena:  Steady! Mariemaia, don't die!
    Mariema: ...I, was mistaken... I'm...sorry.
    Duo:     Quatre, the girl... how's she!?
    Quatre:  No vitals were hit, though...!
    Heero:   ...I'll ease your pain.
    Relena:  Heero...!?
    Mariema: ...Thanks......
    Quatre:  Heero, stop it!
    Trowa:   Quatre, don't mind.
    Heero:   ......I killed Mariemaia... I did it, right now.
    Trowa:   There's no cartridge.
    Duo:     Damn, he did it.
    # next: scene 330 #
    # scene 330: Nadesico - bridge #
    Lady:    Mariemaia was sent to one of Haran Foundation's hospitals... There
             isn't any risk to her life.
    Relena:  I'm glad...
    Prospec: By the way... Peace Liberation Forces. External minister, you sure do
             unimagined things. If anything goes wrong, it'll be a crime to all
    Relena:  Then, you'd rather keep this world with on-going wars? It's a war for
             the purpose of taking lives and hating people.
    Banjo:   Yes, I thought it was a good timing for them to make their appearence.
    Amuro:   Banjo-kun, you did know about the Peace Liberation Forces...?
    Banjo:   A bit. I wasn't sure about it.
    Galliso: For that... isn't your brother Merquise-sama aknowledged?
    Zechs:   ...I did know.
    Relena:  The Peace Liberation Forces' purpose is to end this war... to allow
             Earthlings to live along with aliens.
    Akatsuk: Hoho, I've heard external minister Relena was an idealist... Do you
             think that's really possible? Aren't you a dreamer rather than
    Heero:   ......
    Akatsuk: Wow, my bad, pardon me.
    Hikaru:  Fearful. But cool.
    Amuro:   We'll stop the chatting for now. More 3 hours and Nell Ahgama might
    Yurika:  We have a lot to report to captain Bright!
    Hayato:  About [Axel/Lamia] specially.
    A/L:     ......
    # next: scene 331 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # 08. Warrior, Again #
    Jovian Union route: JU
    Small Balm route:   SB
    # scene 331: Jabrow - one room #
    Bright:  I've heard... Anyhow, thanks for the efforts, [Axel/Lamia].
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...Aah.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...Yes.
    Yurika:  Yes, I'm glag! [Axel/Lamia]-san to be back!
    Amuro:   I wanted to be glad, but that's not the time... Can you speak?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I don't mind... How should I start?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I don't mind... About what should I start with?
    Quattro: What's the Shadow Mirror... How about that? We'd know about yourself
             if you tell us that.
    A/L:     ...Earth Federation Special Task Forces.
    Shiroh:  I've never heard of it.
    Kou:     Neither have I.
    Burning: Either... For the name, it should be a special squad. Like the Titans?
    Axel:    It doesn't exist on the Federation of this side... However, it existed
             on our side's Federation, that is.
    Lamia:   Not in this side's Earth Federation... but it existed on my side's
             Earth Federation.
    Ken:     By the way... It feels different when you speak normally.
    Lamia:   I was like this. But until now my language device was broken.
    Tapp:    Language device!? What's that?
    Banjo:   Gallison, could you make tea for everyone? ...This will take a while.
    Galliso: In no time.
    # next: scene 332 #
    # scene 332: Axis - command room #
    Haman:   So Jabrow was was captured.
    Mashmar: Yes... With this, Giganos Empire was completely wiped out... And the
             aliens that held positions at moon, the Vega Alliance Forces, they
             left their base and fled.
    Haman:   So it's time.
    Mashmar: Yes, time to attack... Haman-sama, order this Mashmar. To take Jabrow
    Haman:   I've ordered it already, Mashmar.
    Mashmar: ...What!? Haman-sama! Why!? Why no me!?
    Haman:   There was one who was candidate for the Jabrow invasion, from the
             surface forces.
    Mashmar: ...Surface forces? Can it be...
    Haman:   Yes. And... Are you aware of Delaz Fleet's Lt Cel Cima Garahau?
    Mashmar: I've heard. She's a traitor who betrayed Delaz Fleet and
             double-crossed to Giganos Empire.
    Haman:   ...This does not apply to Delaz Fleet only. It's possible to happen
             with our forces.
    Mashmar: There are no fools below me who could do that!
    Haman:   I want to believe so. However, reality isn't that simple, Mashmar...
    # next: scene 333 #
    # scene 333: Jabrow - one room #
    A/L:     ...There was a great war at Earth Sphere. From alien invasion, and
             from mankind's own internal conflicts.
    Amuro:   Not the 1 Year War?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Aah, Earth was dominated by those aliens at a time, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Yes. There was a time Earth was dominated by those aliens.
    Kyoshir: Hey hey, I've never heard of Earth being dominated by aliens ever.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    That's because it's at our world, I've said. Quiet and listen.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   At the world we were. Listen and you'll understand.
    Jack:    Go on, please.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Even so, Earth gathered strength and fought back... and gained peace.
             You wouldn't believe, but at that time, Federation and Zeon joined
             forces and destroyed the enemy. Like 2nd Lt Amada and Aina-san.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...Even so, Earth Sphere gathered forces and won. You wouldn't
             believe, but at that time, Federation and Zeon formed a cooperation,
             and annihilated the enemy. Like 2nd Lt Amada and Aina-san.
    Shiroh:  That's incredible. Our case is the limit here.
    Aina:    Eeh...
    A/L:     That time's Zeon's commander... is Char Aznable.
    Amuro:   What...?
    Quattro: ......
    Yurika:  But, Char Aznable is...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    At this world, he disappeared at Operation Stardust. However, at my
             world, it's not like that, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   At this world, he disappeared at Operation Stardust. However, at my
             world, it's not like that.
    Koji:    Wait, wait. For your story, even for another world, there are plenty
             of named people.
    A/L:     Koji Kabuto, after defeating Dr. Hell, became a technician capable of
             building your own UFO.
    Tetsuya: What do you mean?
    Banjo:   It's time for the explanation.
    Ines:    Let me explain. This is a concurrent space... A parallel world. To
             explain this, I'll tell the story of "Schrödinger's Cat"...
    George:  Wait. I know that story, but if you do tell us... It's possible we'll
             never go on. So do it easily.
    Ines:    Uhn, hard... I see. Explaining soft, compact and detailedly... the
             world has many possible divisions. A world different from ours, a
             concurrent world... that's what we call a parallel world. See?
    Hyoma:   ......
    Kappei:  ......
    Domon:   ......
    Ippei:   Don't you have... an easy example?
    Amuro:   Well... if I wasn't involved at Operation V, on 1 Year War... the I
             wouldn't be here now. It's a world of such "ifs"... Isn't it,
    Ines:    It's correct.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Yes, one of those "if" worlds is where we come from... As a proof,
             Char Aznable became a young commander, and Amuro Ray, at the battle of
             A-Baoa-Qu... died.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Yes, one of those "if" worlds is where we come from... As a proof,
             Char Aznable became a young commander, and Amuro Ray, at the battle of
             A-Baoa-Qu... died, as it says in the data.
    Burning: Lt did...?
    Amuro:   So that's why Shadow Mirror called me as master sergeant. I was master
             seargent at that time.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Back to topic. By such cooperation... Peace came in. However...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Back to topic. The fires of war were extinguished. However...
    Daisuke: Not lasted long... Is that so?
    A/L:     Almost. Practically yes, but in a different manner.
    Maria:   What do you mean?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    A silent depravity. No war, let's live in peace. Hidden in such words,
             Federation... no, the world was dying in depravity.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I don't understand, but it's as in the data... A silent depravity,
             lack of war, a repose named peace. Hidden in such words, Federation...
             no, the world was becoming weird.
    Prospec: Indeed, after the end of 1 Year War, it was terrible right after...
             As a result, Federation created the Titans, and it connected to a
             bigger tragedy.
    Camille: ......
    # if Four joined #
    Four:    Camille...?
    # else Rosamia joined #
    Rosamy:  Brother?
    A/L:     Vindel Mouser... Earth Federation Forces Special Task Maneuver Squad
             Shadow Mirror commander denied such world... so there was a coup
    Kou:     To create a world with never ending war?
    A/L:     Yes. War must never have a result... What awaits at the end is
             depravity named peace... A world with daily war wouldn't allow that.
    Ruri:    I think that's only theorically.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Not theorically but a matter of probability. A world of daily war is
             less probable of depravity than a world of peace... Not that it's the
             problem now.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Not theorically but a matter of probability. A world of daily war is
             less probable of depravity than a world of peace.
    Wu-fei:  ......
    Heero:   Such thoughts might not be wrong. However... Not right even.
    Chibode: You can say I'm irresponsible, but if it's to do, do it on your own.
    Sai-sic: Yeah, why did you come to this world? How, anyway?
    Noin:    ...Dimension transport device... Is that so?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Correct, instructor Noin-dono... The completion of a transport device
             to allow jumps to other dimensions. And the reason we came here is,
             because Shadow Mirror... has lost.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Correct, Lt Lucrezia Noin... The completion of a transport device
             to allow jumps to other dimensions. And the reason we came here is,
             because Shadow Mirror... was defeated.
    Ippei:   ...At the world you were... to the Federation?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...In front of a Geshpenst squad leaded by a commander unit Geshpenst
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Geshpenst squad... a Federation's special forces leaded by a commander
             unit Geshpenst Mk-III.
    Bright:  Geshpenst squad...? So the reason Shadow Mirror had so many of the
             Geshpenst which only 3 were produced here...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    True, they're mass production, but on performance, it's different.
             The official mass production series is the Dragoon because there
             was a internal maneuver to show off them more than the Geshpenst,
             that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   On detail, it's a mass production type. Not many differences on
             performance. And, at this side, there was a internal maneuver to make
             the Dragoon the official mass production unit.
    Tapp:    So is that so good, the Geshpenst?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    As cost and performance... it's good on everything. However, it has
             many faults, at last the Geshpenst series were abandoned. Low cost,
             a high performance mass production unit which only 1 of them could
             change the warfare, an ultimate mobile weapon... That's the base of
             the Geshpenst.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Cost and performance wise, the Geshpenst is overall better than the
             Dragoon. However... the Geshpenst series has some faults on the frame
             structure. Low cost, a high performance mass production unit which
             only 1 of them could change the warfare, an ultimate mobile weapon...
             That's the base of the Geshpenst.
    Light:   So that's why the Federation wouldn't let it be the official mass
             production unit.
    A/L:     Yes... however, Dragoon had it's miscalculations. If not for the
             prototype D-weapon reaching this far, it wouldn't become such a high
             performance unit.
    Ken:     Prototype D-weapon... you mean our Dragonar 1, 2 and 3? Reaching this
             far... what do you mean?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    The prototype D-weapon didn't manage to get good battle data and was
             destroyed, becoming only trash.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   At that side, the prototype D-weapons were destroyed at first battle,
             and not much battle data was taken, being disposed.
    Linda:   What about Ken!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    The pilot's name wasn't Ken Wakaba. The other 2 too.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   The pilot's name wasn't Ken Wakaba. Nor is Light Newman or Tapp
             Oceano's names at the records.
    Light:   Indeed, so we're civilians there.
    Yurika:  So that's how Shadow Mirror squad came to this world!
    Bright:  How many?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Geshpenst Mk-II, around 2000.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Geshpenst Mk-II, 2096 units.
    Hikaru:  Lie!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...As I wanted to say, but of those only 10 percent reached.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...But only 502 units reached.
    Ryo:     Eh? Why?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Dimensional transport, or time transport, was still unstable and had
             many faults. Half of it was involved at a time-space fold and was
             destroyed.... My amnesia was a result of that too, I suppose.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Space transport between dimensions had plenty of unstable parts and
             faults. Hald of it was involved at a time-space fold and was
             destroyed... My broken language device was a result of that.
    Hayato:  (Language device?)
    Quattre: It can't be. With such amount, they could manipulate the Earth
             Federation and the aliens with such ease?
    Trowa:   However, on the contrary, Shadow Mirror alone isn't so powerful...
    Burning: So they'd be in trouble if not joining forces other influences such as
             Giganos or Mariemaia.
    Duo:     A organization like a parasite... So, the number of soldiers isn't
             so big too, is it?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    There are plenty of non-human soldiers. Androids called W Numbers.
             They don't have heart, and only do as instructed... dolls.
             (W17... The masterpiece of the series. I'll have my decision.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   No problems for having soldiers. They're called W Numbers... Androids.
             They exist only to follow orders... By commander's words, they're
             dolls. The spies sneaked into the organizations... are mostly one of
             the W Numbers.
    Quattro: So, the spy that sneaked into Londo Bell Squad?
    Lamia:   ...It's I, Lt...W17. Lamia is not my true name. It's enough if you
             call me from the number from now on.
    Camille: Name is... a number. Are you fine for that!? Of course not!
    Lamia:   ...Camille Vidan. Indeed.
    Akito:   Their purpose... is this world?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Not the main purpose... Shadow Mirror squad, no, Vindel's true mission
             is to use this world as a test case, with a reinforced militar
             power... and go back to our world.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Not the main purpose... Vindel-sama's mission is to use this world as
             a test case, and with reinforced militar power, go back to our world.
    Hiyoshi: Test case... for that?
    Kosuke:  So that's why they are sneaking at many places and manipulating
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Yes. Shadow Mirror sent to all organizations a spy like me, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Yes. Shadow Mirror sent to all organizations a spy like me.
    Megumi:  So they're getting information and technology by those spies.
    # if Lami Route #
    Lamia:   Even at Nergal and Anahaim too.
    Erina:   No, we have to report and investigate!
    Nina:    At this mess? I think they've already fled.
    A/L:     And... Ambassador Lion's assassination happened through a sneaker at
             Small Balm's.
    Kazuya:  ...What!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    No doubt. Because... I was the one to order it.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   No doubt. Because the one to do it was W16... And if it failed, it
             would be I.
    Kazuya:  You!
    A/L:     Gh!
    Kazuya:  Because of you, Earth and Small Balm...! Father's!
    Domon:   Calm down, Ryuzaki!
    Rain:    If not him, other would do it anyway!
    Kazuya:  Perhaps... But!
    A/L:     .......
    Relena:  But with this, we know the war of Earth and Small Balm was
             manipulated. Peace is still possible.
    Noin:    We'll try a maneuver from the Preventers.
    Boss:    By the way, is that safe to keep [him/her] at Londo Bell?
    Maria:   Is there a problem?
    Erina:   A spy from Shadow Mirror, isn't [he/she]!?
    Hayato:  That's past story. Or you say there's some other purpose for [him/her]
             to self-destruct to help us, and come back to help us again?
    Benkei   Hayato...
    Bright:  I'll do this... [He/She] surrendered to us, but still a dangerous
             person. So [he/she]'ll stay under Londo Bell's survaillence.
    Akatsuk: Well well, you're all too soft.
    Reika:   Don't forget you're a spy the same as [him/her].
    Beauty:  Yes, you've hidden your true self and sneaked into Londo Bell the same
             as [Axel/Lamia].
    Banjo:   Unlike [Axel/Lamia]-kun, a spy with known identity until now.
    Akatsuk: As you wish. Well... Excuse me.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Your squad is as usual... But, that's good.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Kami... You didn't like me, did you?
    Hayato:  Fuh, I like vocal girls... Isn't that enough?
    Lamia:   ...I'll accept it. Not bad... Yes, not a bad feeling.
    # next: scene 334 #
    # scene 334: Jabrow - control room #
    Bright:  From the reports, all Mariemaia soldiers that attacked the Federation
             bases are surrendering after Jabrow's recapture.
    Miwa:    Of course. There's no way to defeat the Federation!
    Bright:  However, the forces named Shadow Mirror all retreated, disappeared.
    Miwa:    Mmmgh, can't you know anything from the destroyed mechs!?
    Yurika:  No way!
             (We can't even say it's a Federation from another world...)
    Quattro: Shadow Mirror's move... I'm concerned. They obviously are connected to
             Vega Alliance Forces and the Jovian Union.
    Amuro:   Umon-kun, when you were captive at Vega Alliance... was there
             something like that?
    Daisuke: No, they weren't working at the front stage yet.
    Noin:    We know about the connection with Balm. The one left... Jovian Union.
             Still no move.
    Prospec: ...We're worried about Lady Haruka and lady Raynard.
    Miwa:    What are you talking about!? Nadesico's traitor operator and driver
             might already be dead!
    Yurika:  Don't say such thing!
    Miwa:    You... are you defending the traitors!?
    Banjo:   Mah mah, chief Miwa. By the way... I got some concerning information.
    Miwa:    Concerning information?
    Banjo:   Eeh. Nanbara Connection, Big Falcon, and Saotome Research Lab... All
             labs were attacked by aliens. Why didn't you report that to us?
    Bright:  What!?
    Quattro: ...If that's true... We want some explanation, chief.
    Miwa:    Uh...It's obvious! The most important defense of Earth, Jabrow, was in
             danger! It's obvious to have privilege over labs!
    Daisuke: And so you left it to die...!? You...!
    Yurika:  Wow, wait, Umon-san... Chief Miwa, you promise it won't be like this?
    Miwa:    How much should I repeat!? Comparing Jabrow and research labs...
    Yurika:  We could save Jabrow because of the Super Robots... If you're going
             to complain, I'll have to talk to my father...!
    Miwa:    To...Admiral Misumaru!?
    Prospec: That person has a complex for favours. If it's about paying a favor
             with vengence, he'll...
    Miwa:    Eei, shut up! Cel Bright! It's an order!
    Bright:  What is it?
    Miwa:    Go to the damaged places, and support if so! And resupply too!
    Bright:  Understood... Sorry, captain Misumaru.
    Yurika:  Tell-tale isn't good, but that was an exception.
    # next: scene 335 #
    # scene 335: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Linda:   A connection from Lady Une to the Getter Team.
    Lady:    Report to the Getter Team. Come back to Japan, now.
    Ryo:     What happened?
    Lady:    From the previous attacks, the Japanese labs were attacked, and
             specially the Saotome Research Lab's damage was greater.
    Michiru: What!?
    Benkei:  Is doctor alright?
    Lady:    Heavily wounded. And so he has something to tell the Getter Team.
    Ryo:     Ok. Captain Bright, excuse us. Hayato, Benkei, let's go!
    Jack:    Leave the protection to Texas Mack!
    Michiru: Wait, I'll go too!
    Astonag: Hey hey, if Michiru-san isn't here, I can't repair the remaining
    Hayato:  That's it, leave this to us.
    # if Musashi survived #
    Musashi: Ah, count Michiru-san to us, Hayato!
    Merry:   Musashi-san, that's not the point.
    Benkei:  Well, we'll be going!
    Bright:  Lady Une, about the other attacked labs.
    Lady:    Eeh, they were able to predict those, so there's not much damage. All
             the important material was already transported.
    Kenichi: Splendid, doctor Sakonji, no faults.
    Hyoma:   And the enemy side might even know and are thinking they've won.
    # next: scene 336 #
    # scene 336: Underground Castle - command room #
    Highnel: ...Boring!
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama...?
    Highnel: Super Robot... Voltes wasn't at Big Falcon, so where's the victory!?
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama, connection.
    Bry:     Don't rush, prince Highnel. Seems like the small troubles between
             Earth and Space are over. The time to defeat the tired Earth forces is
    Hight:   And you can stay so calm! Getter Robot wasn't at Saotome Researh Lab!
    Bry:     Correct. But, do you think Getter wouldn't run to save the lab's 
             danger? We only need to smash them there.
    Hidler:  Pity Getter didn't appear at the lab's attack, but with this, they
             can't get resupply, and not even enhance Getter... The results were
             positive either way.
    Highnel: I'm telling that's a weak thought!
    Jigoku:  Fufufu... You're youn, prince Highnel. There are choices to make
             according to the situation.
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama...
    Highnel: I see. Seems like blood filled my head, emperor Bry, Jigoku 
    Bry:     Even if it's from a different planet, you're a splendid prince from a
             horned lineage. We'll go to the Underground Castle. We'll hold an
             operation meeting.
    Highnel: ...I see. I'll be waiting.
    Jangal:  Highnel-sama, is that ok?
    Highnel: ...Cambellings, call Janella.
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama!?
    Highnel: Now that the Vega Alliance forces left Moon, they'll write a plan to
             hold control of Earth after Hyakki forces' attack. I'll only be a
             exhaustive battle.
    Jangal:  Indeed.
    Highnel: If so, we have to defeat Earth Federation Forces's firepower, Londo
             Bell... and take their power to us, so we can stand a chance.
    Kazalee: I understand. I'll contact empress Janella imediately.
    Highnel: ...I've heard that the peace faction of Cambel is winning the war.
             Janella must be anxious too.
    # next: scene 337 #
    # scene 337: Castle Oniwa - demon three faces hall #
    Janella: I see... I'll have general Dangel do it.
    Warchim: ...Janella-sama, the Vega Alliance Forces.
    Janella: I know. There's nothing left to us. Dangel!
    Dangel:  hah! Leave it to me, Janella-sama! For sure!
    Janella: I see, however, if you come back after losing, you won't be a general
             anymore, you'll be remodelled to a Magma Beast!
    Dangel:  Wh,what!?
    Janella: If it was as I planned, humans would be annihilated already. That's
             delayed because of Londo Bell, and because of your incompetence,
    Warchim: ......
             (What a person... Dangel, you fool...)
    Dangel:  Wh,what are you saying!? Are you throwing all reponsibility into me!?
    Janella: If it's not, then go defeat Londo Bell as I said!
    Warchim: Dangel, I've borrowed some mechs from Hyakki Empire and Boazan. Get
             them with you.
    Dangel:  Sorry, brother... Janella-sama, I'll defeat Com-Battler along with
             Londo Bell forces!
    Janella: Uhm, go!
    Warchim: (...If Dangel fails... I'll be next. I'll have to think of a move.)
    # next: scene 338 #
    # scene 338: Zeon site - command room #
    Ginias:  Fufu...Fufufu...Hahahahaha! The Apsalus is finally complete! Now that
             the Federation is losing its powers, is the chance! Haman-sama knows
             that as well!
    Norris:  ......
    Ral:     Cel, what happened?
    Norris:  I'm concerned... I know Giganos Empire is crumbled. However, Jabrow's
             attack order... is only to keep the timing.
    Bitter:  Isn't it alright, cel Packard. They'll send us some new kinds as
             supports... We only need to go through.
    Ginias:  With Apsalus' powers, Jabrow's destruction is at hands! No need of
             supports... Fufu...Hahahaha!
    Norris:  (Aina-sama, leave Jabrow... before I reach there...)
    # next: scene 339 #
    # scene 339: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ruri:    Enemy.
    Yurika:  Did Shadow Mirror come back!?
    Ruri:    For the identification code, no, it's... Zeon forces.
    Yurika:  Zeon!?
    Ryoko:   Zeon forces, why now!?
    Prospec: We're all confused because a great battle just finished. Easy target.
    Yurika:  No time to relax! Connect to captain Bright! Aestevalis Squad, ready
             to scramble!
     Stage 28 M - Sore zore no tatakau imi (Respective meanings to fight)
              F - Neo Zeon douran (Neo Zeon's riot)
    [Zeon units appear]
    Shiroh:  That's Apsalus!?
    Aina:    Brother Ginias!
    Burning: Where are you going!?
    Aina:    I'll stop brother Ginias!
    [Aina's unit appears]
    Ginias:  That's... Aina!
    Norris:  Aina-sama, to think that it'd be like this...
    Bitter:  Cel Norris, why are you reluctant? They're enemies, we have to dispose
             of them!
    Bright:  Scramble!
    [Nell Ahgama and Nadesico appear]
    # formation: AG (Nell Ahgama), NA (Nadesico Y) + 12 units #
    Aina:    Brother! Norris!
    Norris:  Aina-sama...
    Ginias:  Aina! It's not late yet! Come back to me!
    Aina:    ...No, I won't. I'll stay, and fight for Earth...!
    Ginias:  You're embarrasing your fellow Zeon soldiers that died!
    Aina:    ...Brother, this is a private battle.
    Ginias:  Don't say as you understand! This is war!
    Aina:    No, it's a private battle.
    Ginias:  Aina... so my words don't reach you anymore.
    Aina:    For me, it has been from long ago...!
    Domon:   Are you sure? If you're going to fight, we won't have mercy.
    Koji:    Hey, don't say like that. We have to find some time.
    Tetsuya: ...If we could. But...
    Daisuke: It's a great firepower. Not really applicable...
    Aina:    Everyone, thank you. But... I've decided. This is my own war.
    Akito:   Everyone is fighting their own war... We can't stop.
    Ryoko:   We have to do it.
    Norris:  Aina-sama... strong... you've grown strong. For that, my mission is
    Ral:     ...We should have our decision too, kid.
    Amuro:   We'll destroy one by one... Don't overdo it!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship's destruction
    # enemy reinforce 1: turn 5 #
    Linda:   Unidentified flying objects at 12, this reaction, they're aliens?
    [Cambell units appear]
    Dangel:  What, previous visitors?
    Hyoma:   That's... Cambellings!
    Dangel:  Hyoma Aoi! I'll have my decision today!
    Juuzo:   You attacked Nanbara Connection when we were out!
    Chizuru: You're dirty!
    Dangel:  Wahahaha! To attack where it's weak, is war's basics!
    Kenichi: There are Boazan's mechs too... Hey! Isn't Highnel there!?
    Dangel:  Highnel? I don't know about that youngster! He's playing with the
             captured Earthling!
    Daisaku: Captured Earthling!?
    Ippei:   No mistakes, Kenichi! Your father is still at Earth!
    Hiyoshi: Brother!
    Kenichi: Shut up!
    Daijiro: Bro!?
    Kenichi: ...Father isn't the point! Did you forget, Daijiro, Hiyoshi! We're
             fighting to banish the Boazanlings, and the aliens! That's father's
    Hyoma:   Oka, you...
    Kenichi: What will it be if we get confused because we think on father, and
             lose!? We'll banish the Cambellings, and the Boazanlings along! We'll
             save father after that!
    Ken:     It hurts my ears, dammit...!
    Domon:   ......
    Hyoma:   I like that, Oka! Dangel! Come as much as you want, we won't lose!
             We'll find out your base, and banish all of you from Earth!
    Dangel:  Such jokes! I'll have my decision!
    [Dangel's morale +30]
    # if alive unit: Ginias' unit #
    Ginias:  Cambellings. Ignore them, our mission is the fall of Jabrow.
    # enemy reinforce 2: turn 6 #
    Linda:   Captain! There are forces coming from the sky!
    Bright:  What!? Enemy reinforce!?
    Kou:     Is there more!?
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Quattro: This is... Neo Zeon's!?
    # if alive unit: Ginias' unit #
    Ginias:  They've come!
    Glemmy:  Aliens are here too? ...Haman, what's she planning!?
    Rakan:   What will you do, Glemmy?
    Glemmy:  We'll smash Londo Bell. This rare a chance. If we can defeat Londo
             Bell, Haman won't ignore me anymore... For that, I'm counting on you,
             Puru, PuruTwo!
    Puru:    Leave it!
    PuruTwo: ...Undestood.
    Amuro:   Girls...? Those Mobile Suits...
    Camille: What!? Judau...!?
    Puru:    Wh,what...? This feeling... Judau's here...!?
    Glemmy:  What are you doing, Puru, PuruTwo! Commence attack!
    PuruTwo: Puru, let's go!
    Puru:    U,uhn... Neh, PuruTwo.
    PuruTwo: I know... But, that's not Judau.
    Quattro: Newtype forces... can it be... that man?
    Amuro:   Lt, do you know him?
    Quattro: No... Nothing.
    Glemmy:  (This feeling... I've heard the Federation's White Devil is a
             Newtype... But, are there many others?)
    # Shiroh VS Ginias #
    Shiroh:  Stop, it's decided already! Don't make more Aina sad!
    Ginias:  It's not decided yet. The Apsalus will change the warfare!
    # Aina VS Ginias #
    Ginias:  Aina, look. My dream, the Apsalus is complete!
    Aina:    Brother, so this is brother's dream!?
    # Quattro VS Ginias #
    Quattro: Ginias Sahalin, you're too anxious.
    Ginias:  One that doesn't know anything, don't speak!
    # enemy death 1: Ginias' hp reaches 0 #
    Ginias:  My dream, isn't over! My dream, Apsalus!!
    Aina:    Brother... This thing... what did you see on it...?
    # Shiroh VS Norris #
    Norris:  I'll for last see with my eyes if you're enough for Aina-sama!
    Shorh:   For last!? You... can't be!
    # Aina VS Norris #
    Aina:    Norris, get back! It's already decided!
    Norris:  No, I'm a militar. I won't run from battle!
    Aina:    Norris!
    Norris:  People's life is decided by what they've accomplished...! Ginias-sama
             accomplished his dream. It's splendid...! Aina-sama should fight for
             your own dream. Even if I'm the one in front of you...!
    Aina:    Norris!
             (Norris... Can't... can't anything be done?)
    Shiroh:  ......
    # enemy death 2: Norris' hp reaches 0 #
    Norris:  Aina-sama... I'll be going. You should live for your dreams.
    Aina:    Flee! Norris!
    Norris:  2nd Lt Amada... Aina-sama... take care of Aina-sama.
    Shiroh:  ...Understood.
    Aina:    Norriiiis!
    # Amuro VS Ral #
    Ral:     So that time's kid now bears the destiny of Earth. Time doesn't change
    Amuro:   There are times we can't be kids anymore!
    # Hyoma VS Dangel #
    Dangel:  I'll die, or Com-Battler'll die, it's two in one. Let's go, Hyoma!
    Hyoma:   My wish, come on Dangel!
    # enemy reinforce 3: Dangel's hp reaches 0 #
    Dangel:  Don't think you've won!
    [Magma Beast Great II appears]
    [Dangel's morale +30]
    Dangel:  I challenge you with Great Magma II!
    # enemy death 3: Dangel's hp reaches 0 #
    Dangel:  O,ooh,no... It can't be!
    Hyoma:   It's the end! Dangel!
    Dangel:  Hyoma... Aoi!
    [Magma Beast Great II explodes]
    Hyoma:   Wait there, I'll send empress Janella to the same place of yours...!
    # enemy death 4: Glemmy's hp reaches 0 #
    Glemmy:  No... Can't be, I, in a place like this!? I can't be, I have the blood
             of Zeon's kingdom...!
    Quattro: You were set up.
    Glemmy:  What...!?
    Quattro: You were watched by Haman.
    Glemmy:  It can't be, so Haman wanted to get rid of me...!?
    Quattro: ...That's just like her.
    Glemmy:  You... You're...!
    [Queen Mantha explodes]
    Puru:    Glemmy's!? Glemmy!
    PuruTwo: What the... Glemmy Toto has... fallen!?
    Quattro: (Neo Zeon is moving... There isn't much time.)
    # enemy death 5: Puru's hp reaches 0 #
    Puru:    No...! Judau!
    # enemy death 6: PuruTwo's hp reached 0 #
    PuruTwo: No... In such place!?
    # Camille VS Puru (after battle) #
    Puru:    What!? Judau!?
    Camille: Who's it!? This feeling... child? I'm not Judau...
    Puru:    Judau... You know Judau!?
    Camille: Aah, I do. You're?
    Puru:    Puru! Elpee Puru! Let me see him! Let me see Judau!
    Bright:  What happened, Camille!?
    Camille: This Mobile Suit... there's someone that knows Judau in it!
    Fa:      Judau-kun!?
    PuruTwo: What are you doing!? Puru!
    Amuro:   It's innocent... this enemy will... What should we do?
    Quattro: Elpee Puru... Won't you come?
    Puru:    Eh?
    Camille: Lt...
    Quattro: The one that makes you fight... Glemmy Toto is dead. There are no
             reasons for you to fight anymore.
    PuruTwo: Puru!
    Puru:    ...But...
    Camille: Lt! Those girls, they...!
    Quattro: Enhanced Humans.
    Camille: !!
    # if Four joined #
    Four:    Camille...!
    # else Rosamy joined #
    Rosamy:  Camille...!
    Camille: Puru... was it? Come with us, you can't go to the wrong way!
    Puru:    ......
    Camille: Judau is fighting the way he decided to! You shouldn't fight by
    Puru:    Fight by... orders...?
    PuruTwo: Puru! Don't listen!
    Puru:    Sorry, PuruTwo.
    PuruTwo: !?
    Puru:    ...I, want to go search for Judau with them!
    PuruTwo: Puru! I won't be deceived that easily! To fight and win... that's the
             meaning of my existence!
    Puru:    Blockhead!
    # Puru VS PuruTwo (after battle) #
    PuruTwo: ...Traitor! To fight... is our existence's... meaning! Did you forget
    Puru:    It's not! Judau said it's not! We can be like Judau! PuruTwo!
    PuruTwo: So... you had mercy...? Don't joke, Puru...!
    Puru:    ...
    # ally joins: Norris' unit is last unit alive #
    Norris:  So I'm the last one... However... I won't lose!
    Aina:    Norris! Stop already, Norris!
    Norris:  Aina-sama... Forget about me. I wish from my heart... that your war
             ends successfuly.
    Shiroh:  How about... your own war!?
    Norris:  What!?
    Aina:    Shiroh...?
    Shiroh:  To end up like this, is that your war!? Aina... fought her brother and
             won. Your own fight... shouldn't end up like this!
    Norris:  ......
    Shiroh:  There are plenty of people at this squad... that are fihgting their
             own war! And even so...!
    Aina:    Norris... You... won't protect me...!?
    Norris:  ...Aina-sama...
    Shiroh:  Captain Bright!
    Bright:  ...I didn't see anything. Enemy is already annihilated.
    Aina:    Norris... Will you fight again...?
    Norris:  ...I... I'll do my own war...!
    # stage end #
    # if flag 24's requirements fullfilled: PuruTwo survives #
    Puru:    Neh, there!
    PuruTwo: ......
    Kazuya:  She was taken away from the cockpit?
    Kappei:  Is she alive!?
    PuruTwo: ...Uh...
    Ruri:    Living reaction confirmed. She's alive.
    Puru:    It wasn't a direct hit! PuruTwo!
    Bright:  Collect!
    # if flag 29's requirements fulfilled: Master Asia survives #
    # next: scene 340 #
    # scene 340: Nell Ahgama - one room #
    Aina:    Brother...
    Shiroh:  Aina... I'm sorry, your brother... I couldn't help him.
    Aina:    It's ok... Shiroh. That... was the only way.
    Shiroh:  ......
    # if Norris joined #
    Aina:    Norris understood. That's enough.
    Norris:  Aina-sama...
    Shiroh:  Cel Packard, until we go out of Jabrow... You'll have to stay in
    Norris:  I'm grateful for your concern. It's enough for me to stay alive and
             protect Aina-sama.
    Aina:    Norris...
    # if Puru joined next: scene 341 #
    # else next:           scene 342 #
    # scene 341: Nadesico - medical room #
    Puru:    Isn't Judau here?
    Camille: He travelled to Jupiter... We can't contact them now.
    Puru:    Oh... Boring.
    Ines:    Vidan-kun, the investigation results are here.
    Camille: ...How's she?
    Ines:    It's white... She's the closest of a pure Newtype, as I can tell.
    Camille: I see... I'm glad.
    Puru:    ?
    Camille: Let's bring peace to world as soon as possible, and search for Judau.
    Puru:    Uhn!
    Ines:    ......
    # if PuruTwo survived #
    Camille: What's the problem?
    Ines:    It's this one here.
    Camille: Indeed... PuruTwo, is she?
    Ines:    ...She's... Her clone.
    Camille: ...!?
    Ines:    Perhaps, a mass production soldier...
    Camille: Such thing... bastard Zeon!
    Ines:    Anyway, her wounds are light, so she'll get better with rest.
    Camille: I'm counting on you, professor Ines...
    # next: scene 342 #
    # scene 342: Axis - command room #
    Haman:   Glemmy did... I see.
    Mashmar: ...Yes. And that project as well, was destroyed.
    Haman:   Apsalus project... I can't imagine such a dream project defeating
    Mashmar: About our moves.
    Haman:   To stay still.
    Mashmar: Hah!?
    Haman:   Don't panic, Mashmar. We'll watch the situation.
    Mashmar: But...
    Haman:   Didn't you hear... what I've said? ...You can leave.
    Mashmar: ...Yes.
    Haman:   I know your feelings. However... I'll listen to what you have to say.
    Lemon:   ...I'm glad, Haman Karn-sama.
    # next: scene 343 #
    # scene 343: Jabrow - hangar #
    Noin:    A visitor from Japan.
    Sakonji: Yoh, you guys, are you doing fine!?
    Kenichi: Doctor Sakonji!? Why are you here?
    Megumi:  Is Big Falcon alright?
    Sakonji: We've got damaged a little, but nothing heavy. Anyway, I've come as a
             representative of Japan's research lab.
    Hiyoshi: Representative?
    # if Big Falcon Route #
    Sakonji: Yes... Voltes V's enhance device.
    Ippei:   What!?
    Sakonji: Do you know about the Super Electromagnetics weighting cannon? This is
             the small version of it.
    Kenichi: So, you'll give Voltes the Super Electromagnetics weighting cannon!?
    Sakonji: No, no. It doesn't have output to blast enemies... to gather that
             energy into Tenkuuken and smash the enemy... The name is Super
             Electromagnetics Ball!
    Jiro:    Super Electromagnetics Ball...!
    Hyoma:   That's splendid! Alright, Oka!
    Kyoshir: Can't you do a power up to Daimos? Kazuya?
    Kazuya:  Don't complain, Kyoshiro.
    Megumi:  When did you do such...?
    # else Nanbara Connection Route #
    Sakonji: Yes... Com-Battler V's enhance device.
    Juuzo:   What!?
    Sakonji: A new weapon given by doctor Shibuya.
    Hyoma:   You'll put a new weapon for Com-Battler!?
    Sakonji: Yes, it's possible by remodelling some of the core parts, the
    Daisaku: Grandasher...!
    Kenichi: Splendid...! Alright, Aoi!
    Kyoshir: Can't you do a power up to Daimos? Kazuya?
    Kazuya:  Don't complain, Kyoshiro.
    Kosuke:  When did doctor Shibuya... do such?
    # else Guiana Highlands Route #
    Sakonji: Yes... Daimos' enhance device.
    Kazuya:  What!?
    Sakonji: Given by doctor Izumi, the supreme ability of Daimos, the Double
             Blizzard... a device that'll enhance its power.
    Kazuya:  Daouble Blizzard's!?
    Sakonji: Yes, the Freezer Storm, which freezes the enemy instantly, and the
             heating Fire Blizzard! Cold and heat... the instant change of
             temperature cracks any metal!
    Kyoshir: And if he can hit the Neppy Seiken Tsuki right there...!
    Sakonji: Correct, there's nothing that can endure that!
    Kazuya:  Freezer Storm and Fire Blizzard...!
    Hyoma:   Splendid! Alright, Ryuzaki!
    Ippei:   Can't you do a power up for Voltes? Kenichi.
    Kenichi: Don't complain, Ippei.
    Nana:    But, when did father do such...?
    Sakonji: Predicting the situation, and proceeding with building it.
    Uribata: Kuh! Predicting the situation...! He does it naturally, dammit.
    Astonag: I don't know how it feels like.
    Rain:    Mah mah. Let's go prepare it. We have to rendezvous with the Getter
             team too... er, uhn?
    Nina:    ...I wonder what kind of calculator do we need to attach such
             device... it'll explode for sure...
    Rain:    Erm, Nina...san?
    Erina:   See, it can be attached perfectly! Do it, already.
    Nina:    ...You are too fast to get used to it.
    Koji:    A power up...! Great!
    Sayaka:  And there's the base, so it'll be fast.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    The Shadow Mirror will move soon... An enhance is welcome.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   A enhance at this point. A grateful story.
    Sakonji: Yes, start please.
    Ken:     Well, let's stand-by at our rooms until the remodelling is over.
    Tapp:    Yeah, sleep is welcome.
    Sakonji: What are you talking about?
    Light:   Heh?
    Sakonji: Until the remodelling is over, I'll train the pilots. All of you,
             running across the deck!
    Uchuta:  The deck... but it's large!?
    Sakonji: That's why! So, hurry up!
    Kappei:  Such thing isn't popular, you know!?
    Sakonji: Don't chat! Not about the perfect will inside a perfect body, but I
             will at least give you a perfect body. Now run!
    Kenichi: Yes!
    George:  I've heard doctor Sakonji is a spocom doctor.
    Argo:    Spocom?
    Hikaru:  Sports complex... By the way, George-san, you're french, why do you
             know such thing!?
    Akito:   Why do we have too...?
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:     To run across the base, at least make us run across the sunset!
    Akatsuk: Such foolish. I'll...
    Sakonji: The long haired one! Leap behind!
    Akatsuk: Look, I'm Nergal's...
    Sakonji: President or spy, that doesn't matter!
    Akatsuk: Uh...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    President Akatsuki, just do it. The ex-spy here will run too.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   How about giving up? Report from the ex-spy.
    Sakonji: Your affiliation or ranks doesn't matter! Run!
    Kou:     We've been passing training these days.
    Amuro:   Lt, let's do a meeting.
    Quattro: I agree.
    Maria:   Ah! How rude!
    # next: scene 344 #
    # scene 344: Jabrow - pathway #
    Quattro: You wanted to speak? Lt Amuro. I thought it was only to run away from
             the situation.
    Amuro:   Half of it is true, Lt... Why did you come back?
    Quattro: What are you talking about? I was at Luna Two all the time. There's
             nothing about coming back.
    Amuro:   I didn't have proof until I heard you speaking with that Neo Zeon
             officer. Why did you come back?
    Quattro: I've came to laugh at you... will you be fine with that?
    Amuro:   ...I won't insist on asking. However...
    Quattro: I'm Lt Quattro Bagina now. Not over, now lower.
    Amuro:   If I was younger... I'd be punching you now... Char.
    # next: scene 345 #
    # scene 345: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Linda:   The Federation's investigative squad found something like an entrance
             to the enemy's headquarters, an underground castle!
    Bright:  What? How!? They've been investigating since the beginning!
    Linda:   It's Nanbara Connection's doctor Shibuya! By a heat line pursuer
             camera, they've chased the enemies that assaulted Connection, and
             could find the place.
    Galliso: I've heard of it. They could find the Cambell's candidate forces,
             Oleana and general Garuda's headquarters because of that camera.
    Bright:  Indeed, splendid, doctor Shibuya, we can trust... By the way,
             Tokida-san, where's everybody?
    Amuro:   They're running, Bright.
    Galliso: Won't Amuro-sama be part?
    Quattro: He's aging. I escaped being punched.
    Galliso: ...?
    Bright:  ...Mah, ok. Surface's Zeon forces might have lost their power in the
             last battle.
    Amuro:   Aah, if we can push them now... there won't be any more firepower at
    Quattro: Is Saotome Research Lab alright? I've heard doctor Saotome is heavily
    Bright:  Aah, there's no connection yet. Linda-kun, try to connect, please.
             We need to rendezvous with the Getter team.
    # next: scene 346 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 346: Saotome Research Lab - control room #
    Ryo:     We're here, the Saotome Research Lab.
    Benkei:  Damn, it's all messed up.
    Hayato:  Where are doctor and the others, at the hospital!?
    Saotome: Hi, so you're all back.
    Lady:    You were fast.
    Benkei:  Areh, doctor... You're alright.
    Ryo:     You aren't heavily wounded!?
    Saotome: No, only scratched... Of course, at public appearence, I do appear as
             heavily wounded. I have to go to the hospital soon.
    Ryo:     What does that mean!?
    Lady:    I'll explain in details. Come here, please.
    # next: scene 347 #
    # scene 347: Saotome Research Lab - underground hangar #
    Lady:    Look at this.
    Benkei:  Th...This is...
    Ryo:     This is... Getter Robot...!?
    Saotome: The one I built in secret... Shin Getter Robot.
    Hayato:  Shin Getter...? It's huge. This is...
    Saotome: The result of all Getter ray's experiments. The Getter Robot at the
             limits of useable at the current moment.
    Benkei:  It's awesome. If we have this, come Hyakki Empire or whatever, we can
             smash them!
    Saotome: Uhm... However, I want you to not forget this... Do you remember why
             the Getter Robot was made for?
    Ryo:     For the Getter ray's experiments, which holds the space construction
             and the key for mankind's evolution...
    Hayato:  And the experimental robot for that purpose was the Proto Getter.
    Saotome: Indeed. Afterall, Getter Robot is just a experiment robot... Not for
             battle. To use the Getter Robot for battle is for emergency cases.
    Lady:    But... The Getter Robot is a weapon needed by Londo Bell Squad.
    Saotome: Yes, the Getter Robot now is completely a battle robot. So, the use of
             the Getter is all wrong.
    Benkei:  ...I'm sorry, saying such thing earlier.
    Saotome: No, me too, I was forgetting about that as giving battle abilities to
             the Getter. I'm not blaming you, Benkei-kun. However, back to my
             thoughts... the Getter was made for peace. That's why I made the Shin
             Getter... the true Getter Robot.
    Lady:    Of course, secretely made.
    Saotome: The Federation doesn't know it, because I predicted they would want it
             as a battle robot.
    Hayato:  Indeed, if it was under chief Miwa, it would be used as a war tool.
    Lady:    With doctor's focus, the Shin Getter is the ultmate Getter Robot made
             for peace use.
    Saotome: ...And for this last attack, the Shin Getter was aknowledged by the
    Lady:    I'm delaying it, but somehow it'll reach the Federation... into the
             ears of chief Miwa, about the Shin Getter.
    Saotome: I was concerned. I can predict the Shin Getter will be used as a tool
             of war. If so, I want it to be the way I want to see.
    Ryo:     So you called us.
    Saotome: Yes, I want this Getter Robot to be used by Londo Bell. And to be back
             to the lab when this war is over.
    Benkei:  To be back, will it be so easy?
    Hayato:  We have many ways to do it. We can say we found a fail while using.
    Saotome: Yes. I'm counting on you, we have to make this the last time the
             Getter is used for war...!
    Ryo:     But, is that ok? To choose such an option...
    Saotome: It's alright. Did you forget, Ryo-kun? I'm heavily wounded... Until
             this war is over.
    Hayato:  Indeed! Heh, that's why we can't trust scientist.
    Ryo:     Ok, let's go back to Londo Bell Squad!
    Benkei:  Alright!
    Lady:    Wait. I want you to go to a place directly.
    Hayato:  Directly?
    Lady:    Where it seems to be the enemies headquarters... where there might be
             the Underground Castle.
    Ryo:     What!?
    Lady:    The heat line camera... the device used to find the enemy's
             headquarters at the previous Cambell war was useful once again. And
             Londo Bell Squad already left Jabrow.
    Saotome: For the peace use of Getter, you must use Getter for destruction...
             It's a weird way to say, but it's the only way to stop this war... Go.
    Hayato:  War brings mankind a step forward... I now understand what the top
             of Shadow Mirror wanted to say... But.
    Ryo:     We have to step forward...! Getter Robot... Lead us to the correct
             path...! Let's go, Hayato! Benkei!
    Lady:    All we need to do now is pray.
    # if Master Asia survived #
    Saotome: Uhm... Can I count on you?
    Lady:    Eh?
    ???:     ...So that's the Shin Getter Robot.
    Lady:    Y,You're...!
    Saotome: I've heard from Shibuya-kun... yes, that's the Shin Getter Robot, the
             one with power to change the world. For that, this war... we have to
             be victorious. Can you... help them out?
    ???:     It's a life I already lost to my disciple... Indeed, you shall make
             use of it for this war.
    # next: scene 348 #
    # scene 348: Underground Castle - command room #
    Highnel: This place was discovered by the Earthlings!?
    Kazalee: Yes. At the previous attack to the labs, the Cambellings were trapped.
             Londo Bell Squad is already coming this way...
    Jangal:  Ngh, what a failure! Cambellings, only interfering! Highnel-sama,
             let's give responsability to Empress Janella...
    Highnel: It's fine!
    Jangal:  Hah!? Why's that, Highnel-sama! Excuse my words, but this kind of
             failure is...
    Highnel: ...I was predicting it. We can't expect Vega Alliance forces'
             reinforce. And a long-period battle is disadvantage.
    Kazalee: So, Highnel-sama, this battle will be...
    Highnel: We'll smash Londo Bell Squad. I didn't want to admit, but the
             Earthlings have great power... However, on the contrary, if we can
             defeat it, then no firepower will be left!
    Jangal:  I see. I'll point all our firepower to ambush Londo Bell Squad.
    Jigoku:  Indeed, so that was the truth behind your cooperations.
    Kazalee: You're... Jigoku-Dai-Gensui!? Why are you here...?
    Jigoku:  I wanted a chance to make a new kind of robot at experiments. So I
             took the Underground Castle's factory to help.
    Highnel: I won't tell you... to cooperate with us.
    Jigoku:  Fufufu... If it was some ordinary Federation forces, I would deny it,
             but they're the Londo Bell Squad... It's a different story when Koji
             Kabuto and Tetsuya Tsurugi are out there. I already finished that...
    Highnel: I appreciate... Ok, Kazaleen! Tell Janella! They'll be responsible for
             the defense of the Underground Castle! A failure is a failure, they'll
             pay it with their flash!
    Kazalee: What about Hyakki Empire's emperor Bry?
    Highnel: Ask for help! If not, then don't mind!
    Jigoku:  He's anxious at this situation too... If Getter comes out... perhaps.
    # next: Stage 29 #
     Stage 29 M: Chiteijou Kyushuu (Assault at Undeground Castle)
              F: Chiteijou Chokujou Kessen (Decision above the Underground Castle)
    [Cambell units appear]
    [Shin Getter Robot appears]
    Hayato:  There they're. They're all nervous.
    Janella: Only one!
    Warchme: That's a Getter Robot... But, it's different somehow... Perhaps, a new
    Janella: No matter! Warchimedes, we have no turn back! If we don't win, this
             will be the end!
    Warchme: Wh,what do you mean, Janella-sama!? Dangel's dead, and we can't
             contact the Vega Alliance forces! We should ignore the Boazanlings'
             order and go back to Cambell...
    Janella: ...We don't have a place to go back.
    Warchme: Wha...!?
    Janella: The Cambell peace faction leader Deus declared the liberation of
             Cambell. Highnel doesn't know... it was a while ago...!
    Warchme: Wh...what the...
    Benkei:  What? They seem weird, don't they?
    Ryo:     Don't relax, Benkei. This is the enemy's headquarters... We don't know
             what they might be hiding!
    Janella: Come, humans! I'll victimize you, then Londo Bell... along with the
             hated Com-Battler V!
    Hayato:  The enemy's full of will...! Let's do it!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally annihilation           (before ally reinforce 2)
          Ally battleship destruction (after ally reinforce 2)
    # ally reinforce 1: turn 2 and flag 29's requirement fulfilled #
    ???:     Fufufu, Getter Robot... Splendid, I feel such great power.
    Ryo:     Who's there!?
    ???:     So you've forgotten me!
    [Master Gundam and Fuun-saiki appears and combine]
    Benkei:  To,Toho Fuhai...!
    Ryo:     Master Asia!
    Hayato:  You lost against Domon at Lantao island... and is dead!
    Master:  So you say this is a ghost in front of you? Before death came... I was
             saved by my beloved horse Fuun-saiki.
    Hayato:  What are you planning!? I'm telling you, Londo Bell will soon arrive!
             It's useless to do any thing!
    Master:  Fuhahahaha! I'll help you... what if I say that?
    Ryo:     What!? You're going to cooperate with us!?
    Master:  My purpose... you've heard of it! The core of life, the Getter ray
             which is said to lead to mankind's evolution... I won't let the aliens
             to steal it!
    Hayato:  So after the Devil Gundam, it's Getter Robot's turn!
    Master:  I only want to see if you can use the correct way! For that, I can't
             let you die at this place!
    Ryo:     Can we... trust you, Toho Fuhai!?
    Msater:  Be as you want! If you can't trust me, then shoot me from behind!
    Benkei:  Ryo, what should we do!?
    Ryo:     ...I'll trust. No matter the method, that man truly wants to protect
             Earth. If so...!
    Master:  Hahahahaha! Domon... My disciple has good friends!
    Janella: What's with him? No matter, defeat him along with Getter!
    Master:  Defeat? You can't defeat me!
    # ally reinforce 2: turn 3 #
    [Nadesico Y and Nell Ahgama appears]
    Yurika:  Sorry for the delay!
    Bright:  Getter team! Are you alright!?
    Ryo:     So you've come!
    Hayato:  We already started!
    Koji:    That's the Shin Getter...!
    Duke:    Such a powerful machine.
    Hyoma:   The ones Getter is fighting... they're Cambell's mechs!?
    Juuzo:   It's true!
    Hyoma:   We'll have our decision! Let's go!
    [Com-Battler V appears]
    Janella: Com-Battler V...! If it wasn't for you, even Oleana could take over
             Earth! If so... it wouldn't have to be like this!
    Chizuru: What's she talking about? I can't get it.
    Warchme: No need to! I'll have you die!
    Daisaku: We won't lose!
    # if Master Asia survived #
    Master:  So, all the actors are here.
    Rain:    That's, can't be...
    Domon:   To,Toho Fuhai! You...you're alive!?
    Master:  I won't die with such thing!
    Domon:   I'm glad... Master!
    Chibode: Hey, Domon! Can you trust him so directly!?
    Master:  Correct. Domon, why do you cry? I'm a great criminal!
    Bright:  Toho Fuhai... Can we trust you?
    Ryo:     Captain Bright, Toho Fuhai is our ally!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I can't think what he said at Lantao island... is a lie.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   What he said at Lantao island... isn't that your true wish?
    Master:  Domon, you teached me... The part of nature... to annihilate that is
             to destroy nature itself. I was about to repeat the tragedy...!
    Domon:   Master...!
    Master:  Domon, you'll... once again call me master...?
    Domon:   At that time, for the first time I realized master's pain. But I only
             thought about fighting you... and didn't even listen to you!
    Master:  ...Domon...!
    Domon:   But you... at the very end you thought about me...!
    Master:  What are you saying? I told you, I'm a criminal!
    Domon:   Even so, you're my master!
    Master:  Domon...!
    Yurika:  Awawa, I'm impressed. Aestevalis squad, scramble!
    Bright:  I don't understand the link between fighters. However... I'll trust
             you, Toho Fuhai!
    Bright:  Units, scramble!
    # formation: AG (Nell Ahgama), NA (Nadesico Y) + 10 units #
    Megumi:  Boazanling's mech...! So this place is Boazanling's!?
    Ippei:   So that means.
    Daijiro: Brother, father might be here.
    Hiyoshi: Uhn, they might have father captured!
    Kenichi: Can be... But we're in mid-battle! Focus on the battle!
    Ryoko:   As usual... you're strong, Voltes Team.
    Heero:   It's obvious to give precedence to mission.
    Tapp:    It's a rare thing at this squad, right Ken?
    Ken:     Shut up! Let's finish this off and save Oka brother's father!
    Kenichi: I'm sorry... I'm counting on you!
    # enemy reinforce 1: enemy turn 3 #
    Highnel: So you've come, Londo Bell Squad...!
    Jigoku:  Fufufufu... I'll have my performance test in real battle. Fufufufu.
    Highnel: Muh?
    [Mass Production Great Mazingers appear]
    Ruri:    Enemy reinforce from inside Underground Castle.
    Koji:    Heh, come as much as... Hey, Tetsuya-kun!?
    AI:      ......
    Tetsuya: That's... Great Mazinger!?
    Maria:   Wh,what's going on!?
    Tetsuya: ...Mass production type. Chief showed me the project design...!
    Duke:    And that's... at the enemy headquarters!?
    Hikaru:  If so... chief did!?
    Tetsuya: No, impossible...! If so...
    Jun:     Tetsuya!?
    Tetsuya: ...Even having the design project, there are only 3 who can make a
             Mazinger. Chief, the lost doctor Kabuto Juuzo and...
    Koji:    ...Dr. Hell...! I see, so not only Boazan is here, but Dr. Hell...
             No, Jigoku-Dai-Gensui too!
    Jigoku:  So you noticed... Fufu... Fuhahahaha!
    Koji:    We'll smash them and have our decision, Jigoku-Dai-Gensui...!
    Tetsuya: Don't think mass production can beat the true Great Mazinger!
    # Hyoma VS Janella #
    Janella: You fought well, Com-Battler V! But this is the end for you!
    Hyoma:   Come, Janella! We'll have our decision.
    Janella: Don't think it'll be easy as with the incompetent Garuda!
    Hyoma:   What...!? You, who stay hidden and making stupid plans, don't have the
             right to say about Garuda, who fought against us fair and square!
    Janella: How longer will you insult me, Hyoma Aoi!
    # enemy death ?: Janella's hp reaches 0 #
    Janella: It's not possible! I, I...!
    Hyoma:   Apologize to Garuda in hell!
    Janella: Oooooooooooooooooh!
    [Saint Magma explodes]
    Chizuru: We did it!? Hyoma!?
    Kosuke:  We defeated... the head of the Cambellings!?
    Hyoma:   Aah, it's over.
    Juuzo:   See that! We did settle our score!
    Hyoma:   Don't relax, Juuzo! It's from now on. Our real battle is from now on!
    # Hyoma VS Warchimedes #
    Warchme: Come, Com-Battler V. I'm different from Dangel!
    Hyoma:   Shut up, can you fight better than Dangel!?
    # enemy death ?: Warchimedes' hp reaches 0 #
    Warchme: No, I being defeated? Like Dangel?
    [Magma Beast Darklon explodes]
    # enemy reinforce 2: first enemy annihilation #
    [Hyakki units appear]
    Linda:   Enemy reinforces!
    Bright:  Still they come!
    Amuro:   Splendid for enemy headquarters... It won't be as easy as we thought.
    Bry:     So you did it, Londo Bell Squad!
    Hayato:  That's... Hyakki bastards, Ryo!
    Ryo:     Emperor Bry...!
    Bry:     Fufufu, I thought it was a chance. I'll defeat you and inherit Boazan
             and Cambell's technology as well!
    Benkei:  To steal from the allies...! You're such a bastard!
    Hidler:  Such a impolite! Say that as a gift!
    Duo:     Kah, so the head of the enemy has come!
    Trowa:   For any organization, that means they're anxious.
    Quattro: Yes. This is a critical moment.
    Bry:     Commence attack! Getter, I'll have you pay these years of hatred! With
             Hyakki Empire's complete victory!
    Hayato:  No jokes!
    Ryo:     Getter Robot should be used only for peace. But... I won't hesitate on
             using it's destructive powers against you! Be prepared, Emperor Bry!
    # if Tekka Oni joined #
    Tekkan:  ... The battle of decision...!
    # if Miyuki joined #
    Mizuki:  This battle... We can't lose...!
    Bry:     Stop talking nonsense!
    Akito:   They're in great numbers...
    Yurika:  Don't give up! I'm here! Akito!
    Kappei:  It isn't related.
    Banjo:   It's important to move as usual in such situation. Well, let's go!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    If we can defeat the head of Hyakki... We'll have the pace at our
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   If we can defeat the boss of Hyakki Empire... The pace will be at our
             flow... Let's go.
    Bry:     Don't think it'll turn out that easily! You'll fear the devil!
    Ryo:     That's our speech! We'll show you...! The dread of Getter!
    # Getter Team VS Bry #
    Bry:     No matter if it's Shin Getter! I'll defeat you, and bring victory to
             to our empire!
    # if Shin Getter 1 #
    Ryo:     I'll send the devil back to hell...!
    # else Shin Getter 2 #
    Hayato:  That's a dream that won't come true! Be prepared...!
    # else Shin Getter 3 #
    Benkei:  Say that, I'll show you!
    # Musashi VS Bry #
    Musashi: Emperor Bry, be prepared!
    Bry:     Kuku, I don't fear Getter!
    # Michiru VS Bry #
    Michiru: Let's go, Hyakki Empire!
    Bry:     Kuku, I don't fear an old model!
    # Lisa VS Bry #
    Lisa:    Emperor Bry, for my mother, I'll defeat you!
    Bry:     You traitor, disappear from my sight!
    # Miyuki VS Bry #
    Miyuki:  Emperor Bry, I'll defeat for everyone's sake!
    Bry:     You traitor, disappear from my sight!
    # Tekkan Oni VS Bry #
    Bry:     Tekkan Oni, you're a shame for Hyakki Empire!
    Tekkan:  Emperor Bry, you won't ever undestand my feelings!
    # Kocho Oni VS Bry #
    Kocho:   Emperor Bry, see the human I am!
    Bry:     I don't fear you who are not a devil anymore!
    # enemy death ?: Bry's hp reaches 0 #
    Bry:     D,damn you Londo Bell, Getter Robot! This... this isn't the end! A
             demons doesn't so easisy... U,uwooooooooooh!
    [Assembled Hyakki Robot explodes]
    Ryo:     We... We did it! We defeated the devil!
    Hayato:  It was a mistake for him to come out. But... now it's over.
    Koji:    Way to go, Ryo-kun!
    Ryo:     Aah... but the battle still goes on. Don't relax, Hayato, Benkei!
    Hayato:  I didn't even relax, Ryo.
    Benkei:  Of course!
    Ryo:     It's from now on. For the true peace, and to not let Getter be used
             in war... We'll go through war!
    # Getter Team VS Hidler #
    Hidler:  A new kind Getter! I won't be caught on such joke!
    # if Shin Getter 1 #
    Ryo:     See for yourself... if it's a joke or not!
    # else Shin Getter 2 #
    Hayato:  A joke? See for yourself in hell, Hidler!
    # else Shin Getter 3 #
    Benkei:  Try to say once more after you feel this!
    # Musashi VS Hidler #
    Musashi: Let's go, devil bastard!
    Bry:     I don't fear you!
    # Michiru VS Hidler #
    Michiru: You'll pay for what you did to the lab.
    Bry:     I don't fear you!
    # Lisa VS Hidler #
    Lisa:    Marshall Hidler, you killed my mother!
    Bry:     You traitor, I'll send you to hell.
    # Miyuki VS Hidler #
    Miyuki:  I'll defeat you and go back to my father's place!
    Bry:     You traitor, I'll send you to hell.
    # Tekkan Oni VS Hidler #
    Tekkan:  Hidler, because of you my pride is crushed, and I'll pay it back!
    Hidler:  You're still concerned about that. Such naive.
    # Kocho Oni VS Bry #
    Hidler:  Kocho Oni, you traitor!
    Kocho:   I could come back as a human. I won't go back!
    # enemy death ?: Hidler's hp reaches 0 #
    Hidler:  Hiii, eject... No, it doesn't work. Uwaaaaaaaah!
    [Mech Fortress Oni explodes]
    # stage end #
    Bright:  Ok, we've finished the enemies at outside. We'll go through the
             Underground Castle!
    Shiroh:  A forced march, this is.
    Zechs:   The more time we take, the more we'll give it to them. It's helpless.
    Tetsuya: They've deployed that many mass production Greats. We can expect a
             warm welcome.
    Kazuya:  No matter what comes, we'll move forward.
    Kenichi: ......
    Daijiro: Brother?
    Ken:     Oka! Don't worry! Your father is alive! For sure!
    Burning: Voltes Team, when possible, precede to the rescue operation! Don't
    Kenichi: I know! I won't hesitate! Father's wishing that as well...!
    Hyoma:   Don't overdo it. We'll find him for sure!
    Kenichi: Aah...!
    Yurika:  We'll go!
    # next: scene 349 #
    # scene 349: Underground Castle - command room #
    Highnel: They're coming...!
    Jigoku:  (So they've defeated Bry... Spared my time. So all that I need is
             Londo Bell's...!)
    Jangal:  Eei, Cambellings, such shame!
    Highnel: Don't say it, Jangal! This battle won't end so easily as I expected.
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama, this place... it's too dangerous.
    Highnel: What are you saying, Kazaleen!? Now, I'll go defeat them by myself!
             Jangal, if we don't win this battle, we don't have tomorrow.
    Jangal:  Hah, for sure...!
    Jigoku:  I've got my data on mass production Great. Next time, it won't be the
             same, Koji Kabuto, Tetsuya Tsurugi...!
    Kazalee: (...Highnel-sama.)
    # if Master Asia survived next: scene 350 #
    # else next:                    scene 351 #
    # scene 350: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Domon:   Master...
    George:  Master Asia, I'll ask you directly. You've cooperated with us... But
             your purpose you said at Lantao Island... I don't think you've given
             up on mankind's annihilation.
    Sai-sic: That's it... If so, we'll fight again.
    Master:  Domon, how about you?
    Domon:   I'm glad you're alive... But, I'm King of Hearts. A member of the
             Shuffle Union. If master is thinking the same as before... I'll stop
    Master:  I see... My thoughts don't change.
    Chibode: If so...
    Master:  But... I'll watch for now.
    Argo:    Watch for now...?
    Master:  I've tried to heal the wounded Earth by using the vaccine named Devil
    Burning: But, doctor Shibuya said...
    Master:  Yes, he told me Devil Gundam itself was wounding Earth. So my purpose
             was useless at that point. I rushed into trying to heal Earth... so I
             was defeated by Domon.
    Domon:   Master...
    Master:  But Domon, sad but true, Earth keeps on being wounded and destructed.
             And, obvious man is behind such destruction.
    Noin:    We can't deny.
    Master:  Yes. Domon, can you say illness is part of living being? Not true.
             Illness must be cured, or cut apart.
    Rain:    ...Indeed, that's the only way.
    Master:  I'll watch mankind for now. If this destruction is really human's
             fault. I'll watch if it's really the tragedy of war.
    Amuro:   If it's related to war, if war ends, then... Is that it?
    Master:  Correct. For that, we have to end this war... A world with continuous
             war... Defeating those who want it, the Shadow Mirror.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    So you knew...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   You seem to know.
    Master:  I've caught such information.
    Quattro: Even if war ends, what if humans keep destroying Earth?
    Master:  I'm praying that doesn't happen... Do you expect this situation not to
             end after this war?
    Quattro: ...No.
    Master:  I'll watch if humans aren't as foolish as you say. Until then, I'm
             your ally.
    Domon:   M,master!
    Bright:  I see. In a few moments, we'll get through the underground cave. No
             matter if it's time of war, Master Asia, you're a criminal to the
             Federation's eyes. I'll have you inspected.
    Master:  I don't mind.
    Bright:  Then, Kasshu... until this war ends, I'll count Master Asia's
             inspection to you.
    Domon:   Understood.
    Master:  Fufu, so my fool disciple will be my watcher.
    Domon:   If you have any other candidates.
    Master:  Fufu... Indeed, Domon.
    # next: scene 351 #
    # scene 351: Underground castle - prison #
    Kentaro:   ...It's so noisy out there...
    Prisioner: Doctor Oka, it's Londo Bell. Londo Bell started an attack against
               the Underground Castle.
    Kentaro:   I see, so it's Kenichi and the others!?
    Jangal:    Come out, Kentarou Oka.
    Kentaro:   Rui Jangal... So my sons are here!?
    Jangal:    Shut up! I don't need to answer! I told you to come out, quick!
    Kentaro:   ...If you're taking me out... then it's no mistake.
               (Kenichi, Daijiro, Hiyoshi... No matter what coward moves they
               use... Don't fall for it...!)
    Jangal:    Uh!? You... what...!
    Kentaro:   Uwoooooh!
    Jangal:    Gwah! He ran!? Pursue! Don't let him flee! Capture Kentaro Oka!
    # next: scene 352 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 352: Underground castle - command room #
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama! Longo ell finally arrived inside the Underground Castle!
    Highnel: Uhm, let's go! Jangal! Where's Jangal!?
    Jangal:  It's terrible, Highnel-sama!
    Highnel: We'll deploy, Jangal! What were you doing!?
    Jangal:  Doctor Oka... Kentaro Oka has escaped! Such a shame for Jangal...!
    Kazalee: What!? General Jangal, what do you mean!?
    Highnel: Eei, dispose of a hostage that isn't of use! We'll ambush Londo Bell!
    Jigoku:  I'll have my minions to search. Even if it's useless, we can't allow
             him to wander around.
    Highnel: Uhm! Ok, I'll halt Voltes' breath! Let's go! Watch. I'll show them
             my powers. I won't give away the Underground Castle that easily...!
    # next: scene 353 #
    # scene 353: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Bright:  Enemy counter-attack expected! But, this is the most wanted valuable
             base at surface...! If we can take it down, the battle at surface will
    Kenichi: ......
    Hiyoshi: It's ok, brother Kenichi. Father is... We'll find him.
    Kenichi: Aah, right. We'll find him.
    Koji:    And, for sure Jigoku-Dai-Gensui is here too... We'll have our
             decision, Dr. Hell!
    Tetsuya: Not someone to die at once... But we won't lose.
    Bright:  All crew, prepare for battle!
    # next: Stage 30 #
     Stage 30 M: Chichi to ko no kizuna (Bonds of father and son)
              F: Chichi yo, waga ko yo (My father, my son)
    [Boazan units appear]
    Highnel: Now this Underground Castle has lost half of it's use, and there are
             no reinforces from Vega Alliance forces. All those who trusted and
             came after us, I have no words for my gratitude.
    Kazalee: Splendid words, Highnel-sama, but as of me, I'll be alongside with you
             to the end, to protect you.
    Jangal:  No need for Highnel-sama yourself to deploy! Order this Jangal!
    [Voltes V, Nell Ahgama and Nadesico Y appear]
    # formation: AG (Nell Ahgama), NA (Nadesico Y) + 13 units #
    Kenichi: Highnel, it's already settled! Give up and surrender!
    Highnel: Nothing is set! The greatest race of space, the ones with horns,
             Boazan lineage's war, goes until the last man!
    Kenichi: That's a mistake, Highnel. With horns or not, we're all the same!
    Highnel: Don't say it, Kenichi! I'll have your life along with Londo Bell!
    Duke:    We have to do it, Oka-kun. If they're obstinate to bear a whole
             planet... Then we can't stop this battle.
    Akito:   No... Then, all that's left is to fight!?
    Duke:    Yes. If I was at his position... I'd do the same.
    Ippei:   Kenichi, be prepared! I won't let you say our burden is lighter than
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    This war... You'll end it, right!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Aren't we going to end this war?
    Kenichi: Yes, our will... We'll show it...!
    Highnel: Commence attack!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally ship destruction
    # enemy reinforce 1: enemy turn 2 #
    Kazalee: Mech beasts warriors, go!
    [Boazan units appear]
    Domon:   Reinforce!
    # enemy reinforce 2: enemy turn 3 #
    Kazalee: Until we have the living bio device, we can make as many beast
             warriors as we want!
    [Boazan units appear]
    Megumi:  More have come!?
    Kenichi: Don't say weak words, Megumi! The more they come, the more we kill!
    # event: turn 4 #
    Kentaro: So this is the mech warriors factory...! If I can destroy this...!
    Jigoku:  No, I'll have you stop.
    Kentaro: What...!? You're...
    Jigoku:  This is the plant I'm making the mass production Great Mazinger. I
             won't let you destroy it so easily.
    Kentaro: Then, one more reason to do so!
    Jigoku:  I'll have you give me that object you hold.
    Kentaro: ...I'm counting on you, Kenichi! Daijiro! Hiyoshiii!
    Jigoku:  You... you can't!
    Highnel: Nwwoh! Wh,what happened!?
    Kenichi: Father!?
    Daijiro: Brother, just now!?
    Ippei:   What's up, Kenichi! You've stopped!
    Megumi:  Kenichi!? Daijiro and Hiyoshi too!?
    Yurika:  Explosions at enemy's castle!? Ruri-chan, can you see what happened!?
    Ruri:    The reasons are unknown, but it was an explosion from inside.
    Bright:  They must have some trouble, it's our chance!
    Quattro: Muh...?
    Kenichi: Father's...! I heard father's voide right now!
    Shiroh:  Calm down! In no way you can! I know your feelings, but calm down!
    Camille: Lt, just now...
    Amuro:   Aah, I felt it. Perhaps, inside that castle...
    Highnel: What was that explosion!? Report, Kazaleen!?
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama, the beast warrior construction factory and the living
             bio device were... destroyed.
    Highnel: What!? Then, we can't make any more beast warriors!? Perhaps...
             Kentaro Oka!
    Kazalee: Correct...!
    Highnel: Ngh...nuuuh...!
    Jigoku:  Prince Highnel.
    Highnel: Muh? Jigoku-Dai-Gensui! Where are you? We had our beast warrior
             factory destroyed!
    Jigoku:  Do not panic. I've captured the responsible.
    Jangal:  Kentaro Oka?
    Jigoku:  Mah, take a look. Fufufu...
    # enemy reinforce 3: enemy turn 4 #
    [Mikene units appear]
    Jigoku:  Fufufu... Hahahaha!
    Tetsuya: That's... Fortress Demonika!
    Koji:    So you're out, Jigoku-Dai-Gensui!
    Highnel: Jigoku-Dai-Gensui, what have you been doing!?
    Jigoku:  I was involved into doctor Oka's factory destruction... But I could
             save at least those mass production Greats. And this one too!
    [Skulook appears]
    Kentaro: ...Uh,uuh...
    Kenichi: Fa,father!?
    Megumi:  Inside Skulook!?
    Jigoku:  Fufufu, indeed. I'll set this Skulook to aim at you! If you want your
             father's life...
    Kenichi: No more!
    Highnel: Ngh!?
    Kenichi: If we surrender to you, you'll kill us and afterall father won't be
    Heero:   ...Is that ok?
    Duo:     He's serious, that is.
    Daijiro: Yes...! We promised father!
    Hiyoshi: What father wishes... For the sake of Earth...!
    Kentaro: Yes... Kenichi, Daijiro, Hiyoshi...! My sons, that's what allows me
             to die as a proud Earthling...!
    # if Master Asia survived #
    Master:  ...Splendid.
    Ken:     Wait a moment!
    Linda:   Ken!?
    Ken:     Bright-san! If there are no enemies... If we can surround it, can we
             save Oka brother's father!?
    Bright:  If there are no enemy interference... Are planning so?
    Tapp:    To avoid all attacks of that big one... and defeat the enemy, Ken!?
    Ken:     That's the only way! We can't leave him behind!
    Daijiro: Warrant officer Wakaba...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    In war, it's obvious we have to leave fellows behind... But, that's
             why I don't want to do so, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   In war, it's basic rules to abandon fellows... However, that's why
             I'm against it, captain.
    Yurika:  Captain Bright! If we abandon him... We'll regret for our lives!
    Akito:   Isn't that the way we fight!?
    Kenichi: Everyone...!
    Koji:    Hehe, so it's decided, captain Bright.
    Bright:  ...I've failed as a soldier... Ok, don't attack the mothership doctor
             Oka is in! Measure your counter-attacks!
    Kentaro: U,uuh... Sorry, if I was much stronger...!
    Trowa:   I can't believe it... It's as the enemy wants.
    Wu-fei:  Don't think so... Our war should be like this.
    Jigoku:  Fuhahaha! As predicted! This Skulook is enhanced more than usual!
             I wonder how much you can avoid? Hahahaha!
    Duke:    You bastard...!
    Tetsuya: You'll pay high, Jigoku-Dai-Gensui!
    Koji:    Such coward acts. You and the Boazanlings! You all make me... angry!
    # Koji VS Jigoku #
    Jigoku:  Come, Koji Kabuto! Our long link, I'll have it cut!
    Koji:    Don't speak! I'm pissed off right now!
    # Tetsuya VS Jigoku #
    Tetsuya: To bring back Great, such a petty attitude!
    Jigoku:  Say what you want, I already know much about Great!
    Tetsuya: Then I'll have you take the true power and go to hell,
    # enemy death 1: Jigoku's hp reaches 0 #
    Jigoku:  It can't be... I, Jigoku-Dai-Gensui, in such place!?
    Koji:    Ashura and Broken are waiting for you!
    Jigoku:  Nuuuh, Koji Kabuto! I won't die with this! With such...!
    [Fortress Demonika explodes]
    # enemy reinforce 4: Jigoku's unit destruction #
    Koji:    Everyone is thinking about Earth and space... It's no time to joke
             about conquering the world.
    Tetsuya: We did it, Koji-kun.
    Koji:    Aah. But, we need to rescue Oka brother's father yet... More steps to
             go, Tetsuya-kun.
    Tetsuya: Yes, it's still the beginning.
    Kenichi: Highnel! Come out!
    Ippei:   We'll have our decision, prince-san!
    Highnel: So Jigoku-Dai-Gensui has fallen...!
    Jangal:  If I just didn't let Oka's bastard to run...! Highnel-sama, what shall
             we do!?
    Highnel: ...Kazaleen, Jangal, give me your lives! I'll fight Londo Bell with
             all Underground Castle's power.
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama, my life is Highnel-sama's since the beginning.
    Jangal:  I, as well as Kazaleen, will fight alongside Highnel-sama!
    Highnel: Kazaleen, we'll use that thing... You shall flee.
    Kazalee: Th,that...!? Wh,what are you talking about, Highnel-sama!? I... I want
             to fight too!
    Highnel: There's no time. If we want to win against Londo Bell, that's the only
             way, Kazaleen!
    Kazalee: ...No...
    Highnel: Set it to 5 minutes...! Let's go, Jangal!
    Jangal:  Hah!
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama!
    [Protector god Godol and Skulook appears]
    [Highnel's and Jangal's moreles +50]
    Highnel: Jangal, fight as your will! We'll crush them!
    Jangal:  Haha!
    Kenichi: So you're here, Highnel!
    Highnel: Kenichi Oka! This far... To be such a painful existence!
    Kenichi: I don't have nothing to talk to you... I challenge you!
    Highnel: My wish! But, I'll tell you more! This Underground Castle will explode
             in 5 minutes!
    Ryoko:   Wha...!?
    Hikaru:  Why!?
    Highnel: I've started the particle bomb at the depths of this castle! 5
             minutes! All this island will turn into ashes!
    Bright:  Ngh... Kuh...!
    Kenichi: No joke! Come...!
    Sai-sic: Joke... hey, Oka brother! Do you understand the situation!?
    Kenichi: ...5 minutes, we won't make it to flee! Then, we'll go through Highnel
             and stop the bomb...!
    Yurika:  ...Ru,Ruri-chan, how's that!?
    Ruri:    It's not reallistiv. But, more possible than to flee.
    Domon:   We have to do it!
    Kenichi: Highnel, I'll have you out of there!
    Highnel: Hahahaha! You're precious for an Earthling, Kenichi Oka! My wish!
    Hiyoshi: Brother, steady!
    Megumi:  Let's finish this, Kenichi!
    Ippei:   This life, I'll give it to you, Kenichi!
    Daijiro: Alright, let's go!
    # Kenichi VS Highnel #
    Kenichi: Highnel, can you see father and mother, and all people at Earth behind
    Highnel: Humpf. Earth is only a minor planet! The conquest of space under
             Boazan Empire's name is at the edge of my sword!
    Kenichi: If you can't see what pushes me forward, Highnel! You can't win!
    Highnel: Such joke!
    # enemy retreat: Highnel's hp reaches 0 #
    Highnel: Even with Godol, it's impossible. But I won't lose! I'll fight till
             the end!
    [Protector god Godol explodes]
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama! ...The ejection device...!?
    # Kenichi VS Jangal #
    Jangal:  I am Boazan forces general, and no coward moves, let's go!
    Kenichi: Come, Jangal. I'll have no mercy!
    # enemy death 2: Jangal's hp reaches 0 #
    Jangal:  This is it... but, I'm the proud general of Boazan, and I expected my
             death. Hail the Boazan!
    [Skulook disappears]
    # if alive unit: Highnel's unit #
    Highnel: Jangal, it was a splendid end. This Highnel, have ascertain that...!
    # stage end #
    Bright:  We have no time! Craftmans crew, sneak inside Underground Castle!
    Duo:     Alright, I'll make an emergency work!
    Light:   I'll go too! The D-3 can be useful!
    Banjo:   Me too. Beauty, Reika, you too.
    Reika:   Roger.
    Beauty:  Ok, Banjo!
    Yurika:  The rest of you, help rescue Oka brothers' father! Commence operation!
    # if flag 30's requirement fulfilled: MP Great acquired #
    # next: scene 354 #
    # scene 354: Underground Castle - central part #
    Duo:     This is it! But, damn... we don't have much time!
    Light:   Damn, we have to look at the program... Uhn?
    Reika:   This... is stopped, isn't it?
    Banjo:   Aah. It halted it's function...?
    Beauty:  It'd explode... was it a bluff?
    Duo:     Let me see... No, it was functioning till a while ago. Someone got
             afraid and stopped, perhaps?
    Light:   Anyhow, let's report to captain Bright.
    Banjo:   Fuh... Well, after he answers, let us go back.
    # next: scene 355 #
    # scene 355: Underground Castle - hangar #
    Highnel: Uuh...
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama, I'm glad you're fine.
    Highnel: Uuh, I, am I alive?
    Kazalee: Yes. For this situation, the emergency ejection device was useful.
    Highnel: Don't make useless acts, Kazaleen...! Then the particle bomb will...
    Kazalee: The bomb... I stopped it.
    Highnel: What!? What the...! You want me to live a shameful life!? How should
             I face Jangal, Kazaleen!? Eei, for that matter, I'll challenge Londo
             Bell once again...!
    Kazalee: Please, stop, Highnel-sama! Listen to Kazaleen's wish once! With this
             rocket... let's go together to some far place, at a planet no one will
             ever look for us!
    Highnel: Are you telling me to run, Kazaleen!? Have you lost your pride as a
    Kazalee: My Highnel-sama, forget about being a Boazanling. I beg you... I beg
             you to be my only Highnel-sama...!
    Highnel: Kazaleen... I'm willing to fight and die at this Underground Castle,
             against Londo Bell. That's my only remaining path...! Get out of my
    Kazalee: No!
    Highnel: Understand me, Kazaleen. You should run while I fight. And tell this
             your excellency King Vega. Highnel, as a warrior of Boazan, fought
             bravely and died in battle... Farewell, Kazaleen!
    Kazalee: Highnel-sama, forgive me...
    Highnel: Ka,Kazaleen... What...you...
    Kazalee: Please, be calm, it's a paralysing drug. Highnel-sama...! The Vega
             Aliance forces are crumbling. If I tell that to your excellency, I'd
             be held responsible for the mission failure and be disposed. It was
             my only choice... To save Highnel-sama, I'd run to the limits of
    # next: scene 356 #
    # scene 356: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Hiyoshi: Father!
    Daijiro: Pa!
    Kentaro: Kenichi, Daijiro, Hiyoshi... you grew up.
    Kenichi: Father... I...!
    Kentaro: I know, Kenichi. It was splendid. Not to save me, but fighting for
             Earth's sake... I'm proud of it.
    Kenichi: F...Father...!
    Hiyoshi: Father, don't go anywhere, saty with us forever.
    Kentaro: ......
    Daijiro: Pa?
    Kentaro: Once I'm ready, I'll go to Boazan.
    Megumi:  To Boazan!?
    Ippei:   You finally met your sons, you should stay and relax a while.
    Koji:    I agree, that way, I pity Hiyoshi and the others.
    Kentaro: No, there are people at Boazan being prejudiced for not having horns.
    Banjo:   So you want to save them.
    Kentaro: Correct. I've gathered many information at Underground Castle, and the
             Vega Alliance forces won't give up.
    Noin:    And they should be at a critical situation after losing Moon's base.
    Kentaro: Yes, I have to make a move, stop the armed government, and change
             diplomacy to a peaceful one.
    Kazuya:  Like Balm's Lion former ambassador.
    Kentaro: Yes, and currently at Small Balm, an organization called Peace
             Liberation Forces are getting stronger.
    Nana:    That's Erika-san.
    Kentaro: And others, like at Ruby, peace influence is finally capturing
             politicians, and the peace faction has won at Cambell.
    Daisuke: Ruby... the planet Rubyna was commanding.
    Hyoma:   And Cambell too! Heh, so beating Janella made an effect.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Amazing... As a natural flow of this world, war is ending.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   War is ending naturally... So it's the flow of this world.
    Koji:    We've defeated Jigoku-Dai-Gensui... I've finally avengend my gramps.
    Ryo:     Now that Emperor Bry's down, the remaining Hyakkis won't be much of
             a problem.
    Hayato:  Well well.
    Amuro:   It's a good flow, don't you think, Bright?
    Bright:  Aah... anyway, we'll go back to Jabrow.
    Quattro: Neo Zeon, and the halted Jovian Union, Balmlings... So the time to do
             the first strike has come.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Shadow Mirror... Vindel will move too. At this point of war... No way
             he won't do anything.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Shadow Mirror Squad will move too. At this point of war... Vindel-sama
             and Lemon-sama, and commander Axel, no way they won't do anything.
    # if MP Great aqcuired next: scene 357 #
    # else next:                 scene 358 #
    # scene 357: Nadesico - Aestevalis deck #
    Tetsuya: Do you wanted to talk to me?
    Uribata: Oh, you've come... About this!
    Tetsuya: This is!? Great... No, Mass Production Great Mazinger!
    Jun:     So... What's this!?
    Uribata: Many of those came out. So we assembled the pieces and could make one
             complete. Mah, for being assembled by force, it's performance isn't
             tha great... but at least we have it.
    Tetsuya: That's splendid, Uribatake. We'll gladly use it.
    Uribata: Hehe, you're welcome. It was fun... Now I just hope Mass Production
             Daimos, Mass Production Zambot 3 or others come out too.
    Tetsuya: ...Think about who's going to fight them.
    # next: scene 358 #
    # scene 358: Nadesico - bridge #
    Yurika:  Somehow everything calmed down, Akito.
    Akito:   Aah, now... Jovian and Balm. I'm concerned about Minato-san and
    Akatsuk: Aren't they dead already?
    Ryoko:   Hey, Longie! Don't say such things!
    Izumi:   Jerk.
    Erina:   Isn't that the truth? Maybe it seems cold, but they're aliens
             afterall... And they hate us Earth mankind, don't they?
    Hikaru:  Just because they hate us, doesn't mean the score will be settled with
    Yurika:  Correct! The Peace Liberation Forces that Relena-san brought to Jabrow
             is working on it!
    Ruri:    Captain, about that Peace Liberation Forces, there's a trouble.
    Akito:   Trouble?
    Ruri:    Chief Miwa will dispose of the Peace Liberation Forces crew.
    Prospec: Wh,what!?
    Yurika:  E,Eeeeeh!?
    Akito:   Such thing can't be forgiven! We have to stop him!
    Yurika:  Ruri-chan, connect to captain Bright quickly! We'll head to Jabrow at
             full speed!
    # next: scene 359 #
    # scene 359: Jabrow - command room #
    Lady:    Chief Miwa!
    Miwa:    Lady Une. Humpf, you were fast.
    Bright:  Chief Miwa, explain to us! The Peace Liberation Forces... Why kill
             the Balmlings that have joined our side!? Please, negate your order!
    Miwa:    Shut up, this is already decided.
    Kazuya:  Chief Miwa! There's no way the counsel would take such decision
    Miwa:    Shut up, Ryuzaki! Why do you support them!? I don't trust the fact you
             are not Balm's spy! And [Axel/Lamia] too! Once this is finished, I'll
             have you disposed as Shadow Mirror's spy!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    How annoying. I'm not related to them anymore.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Still saying such things.
    Kyoshir: Miwa, you!
    Kazuya:  Stop, Kyoshiro!
    Yurika:  Chief Miwa! We're not satisfied! Explain to us further!
    Miwa:    Shut up! Once I'm finished with Balmlings, it'll be the turn of those
             from Mariemaia! I'm full already!
    Relena:  What!? They surrendered! Why do such thing!?
    Miwa:    Superior orders!
    Duo:     Heey, wait!
    Miwa:    Muh?
    Lady:    ...Did you get it?
    Heero:   There are no orders from superiors... So that means this is chief
             Miwa's sole decision.
    Miwa:    Wh,What...!?
    Duo:     You shouldn't underestimate us. For such a protection full of holes,
             hacking isn't trouble to me.
    Trowa:   I was the one to do it, though.
    Duo:     Silent... And, how do you explain that, chief-san?
    Miwa:    Sh,shut up! A decision is a decision! We can't trust those who came
             to invade Earth! This is the most certain! I'm right!
    Quatre:  Dispose of those who you don't trust... With such old thinking manner,
             do you think you're solving things between Earth and Space!?
    Miwa:    Shut up! This is an order! I won't forgive any arguments! I'll dispose
             of them as decided! I'm justice!
    Wu-fei:  Don't put justice on your words...!
    Amuro:   Wait... Chief, this is against the rules. The Federation... Uhn!?
    Kyoshir: Gun...! Miwa, you!
    Miwa:    Get out of here! I won't admit peace! Victory comes with annihilation!
    Kazuya:  ......
    Yurika:  Ch,chief... Miwa...
    Heero:   Drop your gun... If you're pointing a gun, then you should be prepared
             to be shot too.
    Relena:  Heero, don't!
    Heero:   I'll count to 3... One.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (He's going to shoot...! Damn, so this won't end without blood...!?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (This man... he's serious... Isn't there any way to end this?)
    Miwa:    Are you threatening me!? I see, I'll get rid of rebels like you...
    Kazuya:  ......
    Heero:   Two.
    Kazuya:  ...Get out.
    Heero:   Don't interf...
    Kazuya:  Get out.
    Heero:   Uh...
             (He overawed me...?)
    Miwa:    What, Kazuya Ryuzaki...? You, you are truly a Balm's minion!
    Kazuya:  Chief Miwa... You... You... You're no human!
    Miwa:    Do,don't come!
    Yurika:  Kyaaaah!
    Wu-fei:  ...He evaded!?
    Amuro:   He's fast...!
    Kazuya:  Uwoooooooooooooooh!!
    Bright:  Stop, Ryuzaki!
    Kazuya:  You...! Yoooou!
    Trowa:   He's only hitting the vitals.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Damn... perfect.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Perfect.
    Duo:     No time to admire! Stop him!
    Miwa:    Geh...urgh...
    Kazuya:  Miwaaaaa!
    Kyoshir: Sto, Kazuya! If you keep on, he dies!
    Kazuya:  Release me, Kyoshiro! Release meee!
    Miwa:    ...Gh...a...
    Amuro:   No...! Lt Noin, quickly, to the medical office!
    Noin:    Understood! Uh!? Zechs!?
    Zechs:   Captain Bright, as said, I've reported about his autonomous acts until
    Lady:    What was their decision?
    Zechs:   Sakimori Miwa... the Federation counsel ordered his arrest.
    # next: scene 360 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 360: Jabrow - one room #
    Hyoma:   Did you hear?
    Kappei:  Sure sure.
    Uchuta:  They say it was great.
    George:  About chief Miwa, seems so. Other crimes are appearing, afterall.
    Chibode: Mah, that's what he deserved. I wanted to see Ryuzaki's fury, though.
    Keiko:   Moh, it's no time to say such things.
    Shiroh:  Yes... No matter the people, no one moves without superior orders.
    Kou:     It might become harder for us to move.
    Koji:    And we were all happy for the incoming peace.
    Sai-sic: And, how about us, afterall?
    Rain:    External minister Darlian and Lady-san are talking to the superiors.
    Camille: Without chief Miwa, I hope it gets easier, on the contrary.
    # if Puru joined #
    Puru:    ...Will it be ok?
    # if PuruTwo joined #
    PuruTwo: I hope so.
    Uribata: How about going make peace before the Federation's decision?
    Sayaka:  To build a friendly relationship by ourselves.
    Burning: Not a good idea.
    Ken:     Why?
    Tapp:    I thought it was a good one.
    Quattro: Even if we can get peace ourselves, without the Federation's will it's
    Hayato:  We get peace ourselves, then Balm thinks that's the will of entire
             Earth and come by... that's what it means.
    Ryo:     If they accept it and come to Earth unprotected, and they are
             attacked... They will never trust us again.
    Maria:   ...And chief Miwa would do so... But he's gone now.
    Daisuke: No, we can't gamble a planet's peace with such thing. It's meaningless
             if the Federation's representant doesn't want peace, Maria.
    Benkei:  Yeah... I agree...
    # if Musashi survived #
    Musashi: No good.
    Sakonji: You, if you're going to wait, then train!
    Juuzo:   Again!? Kenichi, how can you be fine with such doctor alongside?
    Kenichi: You don't know doctor Sakonji well.
    Megumi:  Doctor is hard because he doesn't want us to die.
    Sakonji: Don't be naive! Run like you're going to die!
    Akito:   ...He seems to want to kill us here, though.
    Koji:    But, it sure is better than doing nothing. Let's train.
    Tetsuya: I'll go along.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I'm back... Everyone, we'll go to space. Prepare your units.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I'm back... Everyone, prepare your units. We'll go... to space.
    Daisaku: Space!?
    Hiyoshi: Space, then...
    Relena:  The Federation counsel appointed us for peace making. But, it doesn't
             change we're still in war. We'll have to move secretly.
    Banjo:   Well well, we want to go to peace with arms open.
    Fa:      By the way, [Axel/Lamia]-san, how about the spy accusing?
    Lady:    It ended up with a deal.
    Boss:    Deal, what's that?
    Duo:     Simply saying "I'll cooperate with you now, so forgive all my past
    Noin:    It all balances to the levels of crime and cooperation, though.
    Relena:  But, it's true [Axel/Lamia]-san's testimony did change the Anti-Balm
             faction's opinion.
    Lady:    If it wasn't for [Axel/Lamia]-san's testimony, the Federation wouldn't
             accept to deal once again with Balm.
    Bright:  And, there's the Peace Liberation Forces' case.
    Noin:    Now that the Federation's influence is weaker, they can't ignore the
             Peace Liberation Forces anymore.
    Tapp:    Yeah, for a side, the Peace Liberation Forces is some sort of
             rebellious forces, anyhow.
    Zechs:   And now that it won't be disposed of, the influence of the Peace
             Liberation Forces over the Federation might increase.
    Bright:  Londo Bell will head to the peace assembly as external minister
             Darlian's bodyguard, to Small Balm!
    Yurika:  We can't expect a move from Shadow Mirror. Let's prepare ourselves!
    Akatsuk: (And it isn't a satisfying flow.)
    # next: scene 361 #
    # scene 361: Jabrow - hangar #
    Nina:    Kou, I'm leaving Nell Ahgama.
    Kou:     Why!?
    Nina:    Now that Earth's situation has changed, and the number of enemies and
             allies has decreased, they're doing their best to rise themselves.
    Astonag: You're going back to Anaheim?
    Nina:    Eeh, I'm counting the Gundam's repairs to you.
    Kou:     Nina, can't you think back?
    Uribata: Yeah, without Nina-san, the mechanics will be full of stinky men.
    Nina:    Don't take me wrong, I'm going to talk to Anaheim superiors to back up
             Londo Bell.
    Burning: Indeed, Solomon is still a mess after Zeon's nuke attack.
    Light:   When we go to space, we don't know when we can supply.
    Nina:    That's why I'm going to prepare it.
    Kou:     Nina...
    Nina:    I have to do something about the new ship first.
    # next: scene 362 #
    # scene 362: Kagurazuki - one room #
    Genichi: Tsukumo! I've heard about you, are you serious!?
    Tsukumo: Aah, about the peace with Earth Federation? Of course!
    Genichi: ...But.
    Tsukumo: As the peace messenger, I'll head to Earth along with Minato-san,
             Megumi-san and my sister Yukina.
    Genichi: So you're going to throw your justice away! Did you forget... how evil
             the Earth Federation is!?
    Tsukumo: Shut up, Genichiro! My opinions don't change. I'll end this stupid war.
    Genichi: ...I see. If you're going to be the guide of peace, I won't stop
             you... However!
    Tsukumo: What are you doing. That's my stuff!
    Genichi: What's this ring!? So you were tricked by that devilish Earthling
             woman, Tsukumo!?
    Tsukumo: Genichiro! Are you going to mock Minato-san!?
    Genichi: So you... With that Earthling woman!
    Minato:  Shiratori-san, we're ready. We can go... What are you doing, stop!
    Yukina:  Brother, stop fighting!
    Tsukumo: I'm ok, Minato-san... Genichiro, I...
    Genichi: Do as your will. However... Be prepared, Tsukumo.
    # next: scene 363 #
    # scene 363: Nell Ahgama - one room #
    Relena:  ......
    Banjo:   What are you concerned about?
    Relena:  About Small Balm. Even if we want peace, Small Balm's side should be
             prepared too.
    Koji:    It's ok. If we can show the truth about ambassador Leon's murder, with
             little mess, the flow will change.
    Keiko:   Koji-kun, you seem happy.
    Koji:    Of course. If everything goes fine, I can fulfill my dream.
    Hikaru:  What's Koji-kun's dream?
    Koji:    Be surprised, to travel across space. Now that Earth's resources are
             about to end, it'll be necessary.
    Kappei:  Great, brother Koji finally said something decent.
    Tetsuya: Watch what you say. Koji wants to end Earth's isolation.
    Megumi:  Like Japan was isolated in the pase.
    Koji:    That makes me shy. But, that's my dream. Even after the Space Colonies,
             and people got to live at space, nothing changed.
    Sayaka:  And, on the contrary, they separate on Earth and Colony sides and are
    Koji:    We can get along like Daisuke-san and Maria-chan... It's unworthy.
    Maria:   Koji...
    Daisuke: That's only one step. We have to succeed.
    Quatre:  After Small Balm, the outer space. It seems long from now on.
    Heero:   I don't think it'll end up fine.
    Relena:  That's why we're going, Heero.
    Light:   To depend on the power of weapons, that's what Vega Alliance's doing.
    Tapp:    And we can't do likewise.
    Hyoma:   But there's this feeling that everything will be fine.
    Kazuya:  ... I wonder if it'll be.
    Domon:   Ryuzaki, you'll be the key to the peace with Balm. Why are you in such
             weak mood!?
    Kazuya:  I just think it's trouble to think too positive. There's no contact
             from Erika.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    And, I can think of choosing peace as a camoflage to change the war.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   To choose peace as a camoflage of changing war situation... That's a
             possible story.
    Ken:     What, don't mess up.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I was on that acting for a long time.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...I've done lots of missions with such purpose.
    Aina:    But, [Axel/Lamia]-san's at our side now. Such maneuver...
    Duo:     I know that such craftmanship can't be done by anyone. If other than
             [Axel/Lamia] do it, it'll be discovered soon.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...No, there's one that can do it.
    Trowa:   W Number... the androids called so?
    Axel:    Aah... W17. That's a different one. A doll that can do anything for the
             mission... It doesn't have any emotions, so we can't call to our
    	 side. Personally, I want to finish it as soon as possible, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Like me... no, there's one man that can do better.
    Trowa:   Commander... the one you called?
    Lamia:   Aah... Commander Axel. Vindel-sama's right hand man. He's different
             from us W Numbers... I have to settle the score as soon as possible.
    Banjo:   One thing more. Shouldn't you stop calling the enemy's main boss with
             sama suffix?
    Lamia:   ...Indeed, I'll watch it.
    # next: scene 364 #
    # scene 364: ??? #
    Lemon:   And, that's it. Did you understand?
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   ...Understood. I'll stop them, no matter what.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Understood. If it gets messed, or before that, I'll dispose of them.
    Vindel:  Dimension transport device... To complete this, we'll need that
             technology. Don't lose it.
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Hah... Excuse me, not relating to the technology, but Gaizock... Can't
             we use them? Their build concept itself isn't too far from what we
    	 desire, is it?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    I know... I've thought about it, not about the technology, but
             Gaizock... can't we use them? It doesn't change from what we want.
    Lemon:   I thought about that. But... They're not useable... And planet Gaizock
             itself is...
    Vindel:  Enough. No more useless chat... Londo Bell's moving. [W17/Axel],
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Hah. Lemon-sama, about Axel's case.
    Lemon:   Finish him if he gets in your way. No need to concern... Mah, you can't
             concern anyway.
    Lamia:   Roger.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Aah. Lemon, about W17, is that ok?
    Lemon:   It's unworthy... But, as it gets closer to humans, more imperfect if
             becomes... A difficult topic.
    Axel:    I'm not interested... I'll finish it.
    # next: scene 365 #
    # scene 365: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ruri:    Captain, I've captured an SOS signal.
    Yurika:  SOS? Was there any friendly fleet nearby?
    Ruri:    It's a Jovian mech. The early Jin type we've captured.
    Yurika:  Eh!? Ruri-chan, open channel!
    Prospec: Only 1? So...
    Megumi:  ...This... beg... Federat... Nadesico...
    Akito:   Yurika! This voice... Isn't it Megumi-chan!?
    Minato:  ... We're bein... Gaizock...
    Hikaru:  That's Minato-san!
    Ryoko:   Gaizock!? And to think they didn't appear much, they're aiming at
    Prospec: They ran... or is a trap.
    Akatsuk: I think it's a trap.
    Yurika:  We can't leave them! Ruri-chan, Ahgama's people must have found out
             too! Connect them and we'll head to Jovian's mech's place!
    # next: Stage 31 #
     Stage 31 M: Ai to Yuuki to Chikara (Love, Courage and Power)
              F: Kawariyuku Kokoro (Changing hearts)
    [Daitetsujin appears]
    [Gaizock units appear]
    Butcher: You're resistant!
    Tsukumo: I won't be defeated at such place...!
    Minato:  Shiratori-san!
    Megumi:  A,are you fine...!?
    Butcher: Well well, stay quiet!
    Tsukumo: No other way... Yukina.
    Yukina:  Eh?
    Tsukumo: Flee along with Minato-san and Megumi-san.
    Minato:  Eh!? Shiratori-san!?
    Yukina:  Wh,why!? Brother?
    Tsukumo: You'll be the peace messenger in my place.
    Megumi:  So... that's why you brought Yukina-chan...!
    Yukina:  No.. Brother!?
    Tsukumo: I'll give you time, and fight Gaizock here.
    Minato:  No, I can't leave you!
    Tsukumo: Minato-san, it's helpless!
    Minato:  It's ok, help will come.
    Yukina:  Don't say impossible things!
    Minato:  Trust me... Shiratori-san, let's fight till the limit.
    Tsukumo: Minato-san...
    Butcher: Hohohoho! So you've given up! Attack!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Tsukumo's unit destruction  (before ally reinforce)
          Ally battleship destruction (after ally reinforce)
    # ally reinforce 1: turn 2 #
    Yurika:  Minato-san! Megumi-chan!
    Megumi:  Captain!
    Minato:  See, they've come!
    Butcher: That's... so you've come to interfere again!
    Kappei:  Of course! I'll get on you way as much as I want!
    Uchuta:  Let's go!
    Keiko:   Captain, we'll scramble!
    Bright:  Ok! Units, ready to scramble!
    Banjo:   That mech, is that Shiratori-kun!?
    Minato:  We don't mean to be enemy. Please, help us!
    Akatsuk: I bet so.
    Akito:   I'll help!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    If it's a trap... We'll think about it later.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   We have to move, or nothing will start.
    Bright:  Correct. Units, scramble, support the Tetsujin, and crush Gaizock!
    [Zambot 3 appears]
    # formation: AG (Nell Ahgama), NA (Nadesico Y) + 12 units #
    Kappei:  You bastard, I'll smash you away this time!
    Butcher: Glad you're happy! Evil planet's humans.
    Uchuta:  Evil planet!?
    Keiko:   What do you mean!?
    Butcher: No need to explain!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Gaizock... they didn't exist before my mission started. What are you
             plans by supporting Shadow Mirror!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Gaizock... their existance wasn't confirmed before my mission
             started. What are your plans by supporting Shadow Mirror?
    Butcher: Hohohohoho! If not, we can't go back to our world!
    Kappei:  What are you talking about!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (Can't go back to their world...? Then, Gaizock is...!)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Can't go back to their world...? Gaizock's existance... perhaps...!)
    # enemy reinforce: enemy turn 4 #
    [dimension transport]
    [Shadow Mirror units appear]
    L/A:     So Gaizock came first.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    So, you've come...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   That's...!?
    Yurika:  Shadow Mirror!
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   It was unexpected that our fight would take so long. Hoewever... If you
             come into our way, you'll damage our next move. I'll have you
             disappear, commander Axel.
    Axel:    ...I told you, don't call me commander. What's your next move?
    Lamia:   I have no right to answer... Don't forget you're a traitor.
    Axel:    No, for the dimensional bomb that was put inside Jabrow... I've
             confirmed once I stopped that thing. It isn't enough... Or, it has to
             be attached yet.
    Lamia:   ......
    Axel:    If it was a perfect bomb, I wouldn't be able to dispose of it. Isn't
    Lamia:   I repeat, I have no right to answer... I won't have you contact the
             Jovians either.
    Axel:    (So they're after the Jovians...)
    # else Lamia route #
    Axel:    To think that our fight would take this far. However... It's
             troublesome to have you interfere any longer. I'll have you disappear.
    Lamia:   ...Because we'll be on your way at  your next move.
    Axel:    No need to answer... Having you disappear is enough.
    Lamia:   No, the dimensional bomb put at Jabrow... When I could stop that, I
             could confirm. It isn't enough for that... It has to be attached.
    Axel:    ......
    Lamia:   If it was a perfect bomb, it wouldn't be disposable.
    Axel:    I said no need to answer. W17... I won't let you contact the Jovians.
    Lamia:   (So they're after Jovians...)
    # ally reinforce 2: turn 5 and flag 31 requirements fulfilled #
    Linda:   Connection... Eh!? Th,this is... Brother!?
    Bright:  What!?
    Ken:     What!?
    Malliot: Shadow Mirror...! In place of marshall Gilthor, I'll beat you!
    L/A:     Giganos' Blue Hawk... Malliot Plarto. What are your intentions!?
    Malliot: Don't play dumb, you were the ones to bring the militar Lt-Cel
             Dorchenov to commander... Even for emergency, it's too unnatural!
    Ken:     Well, that's right. There would be many other smart guys.
    L/A:     ......
    Malliot: The answer is only one, Shadow Mirror. I've heard there was a spy
             inside Giganos. To free the mobile fortress, you brought Dorchenov to
    L/A:     What if that's true? Giganos Empire is crumbled, and the mobile
             fortress was destroyed by you... You're useless afterall.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    As she said... Malliot Plarto, what are you going to do... Or, no need
             to ask.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   What is your intention... Malliot Plarto, what are you going to do...
             Or, no need to ask.
    Malliot: Correct. Even if the country is crumbled, I inherited marshall
             Gilthor's will... I won't give away this space to the ones like you!
    Linda:   So, brother...!
    Malliot: Linda, forgive such stubborn brother... I declare to commander of Londo
             Bell Squad, Cel Bright Noah. I won't ask to let me join. But, I want to
             ask you not to shoot me from behind until the fight against Shadow
             Mirror is over.
    Bright:  I know. We're grateful to you about the mobile fortress case.
    Tapp:    And, master Malliot, this side is full of people like you!
    # if Lisa joined #
    Lisa:    Eh?
    Shiroh:  If we can understand each other, ally or enemy, doesn't matter.
    Aina:    Shiroh...
    # if Lalah joined #
    Lalah:   ......
    # if Tekkan joined #
    Tekkan:  Humpf.
    # if Four joined #
    Four:    Am I in that group?
    else Rosamia joined #
    Rosamy:  Yes yes!
    # if Kirika joined #
    Kirika:  There are plenty of caring people here.
    # if Puru joined #
    Puru:    It's good to get along!
    # if PuruTwo joined #
    PuruTwo: One day it'll have backfire, though?
    # if Master joined #
    Master:  ...You know the meaning of hopes, don't you?
    Yurika:  Units concentrate on annihilation, while supporting hawk guy!
    Malliot: Sorry, I'm grateful...!
    Ken:     Damn, I have to do my best too. Or I'll lose my place.
    # Malliot joins #
    # enemy retreat 1: Butcher's hp reaches 0 #
    Butcher: What!? ...Mah, fine, there's no problem to us having you join with the
    Kappei:  What!?
    Uchuta:  Such smart words, you mean to run!? Wait!
    Butcher: Hohohohoho!
    [Bandock explodes]
    Keiko:   What...? Jovian and Gaizock... What's...
    # enemy retreat 2: Rival's hp reaches 0 #
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   What...!? I'll retreat!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    The mech...! I couldn't stop them...!
    # stage end #
    Bright:  Enemy reaction?
    Ruri:    None.
    Yurika:  We'll rescue Jovian's mech. Minato-san, head to Nadesico, please.
    Minato:  Shiratori-san, please.
    Tsukumo: Ok.
    Noin:    Captain Misumaru, isn't the Nell Ahgama more secure?
    Yurika:  If it goes mad, Nadesico has Distortion Field!
    Amuro:   Indeed.
    Megumi:  Don't you trust us!?
    Yurika:  Just in case, Megumi-chan. There was one that was willing to
             self-destruct, so we have to be careful.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...You hit me hard, captain.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I thought you were easy-going, but now you hit me hard.
    # if flag 32's requirements fulfilled: Sazabi obtained #
    # next: scene 366 #
    # scene 366: Nadesico - bridge #
    Minato:  Captain, everyone, we're back.
    Megumi:  Haruka Minato, Megumi Raynard, back in duty.
    Yurika:  Welcome!
    Hikaru:  We were in trouble while you were out.
    Ryoko:   Yeah, the decision with Giganos, the true self of [Axel/Lamia].
    Akito:   Whatever, I'm glad you two are fine.
    Minato:  Heh, so many things happened. I'll listen carefully later.
    Yukina:  ...So many Earthlings.
    Tsukumo: Anyhow, I have to say thanks. We were saved.
    Akatsuk: Well, I fell bad in all of a sudden, but I want to hear from you. We
             have to consider you as enemy if it comes to the situation.
    Tsukumo: This time that I've come here, is not for attacking.
    Akito:   ...Then, for what?
    Tsukumo: I want to offer... peace to the Earth Federation.
    Yurika:  Peace!? Really?
    Minato:  It's true. At Jovian Union, the option of making a peace treaty with
             Earth Federation is increasing.
    Tsukumo: So, I've come as a messenger, to see the actions of Earth Federation.
    Prospec: And you were appointed for that task.
    Tsukumo: Yes. For that proof, the Jovians are attacking Earth Federation.
    Erina:   Captain, can we trust them?
    Yurika:  I'll. We have to report to captain Bright, anyway. Megumi-chan,
             connection please.
    Megumi:  Ye-s.
    Tsukumo: You...
    Akito:   Wh,what?
    Tsukumo: Can I ask you your name this time?
    Akito:   ...Akito Tenkawa, pilot and cook.
    Tsukumo: I'll introduce myself. I'm Tsukumo Shiratori... affiliated to the
             Jovian Genius Forces.
    Akatsuk: (Fuh, so it ends up messing everything.)
    # if Malliot joined next: scene 367 #
    # else next:              scene 368 #
    # scene 367: Nell Ahgama - one room #
    Amuro:   It's a surprise to have you join.
    Malliot: Don't take me wrong, Lt Amuro Ray. I'm after those who crushed the
             dreams of marshall Gilthor... and supported Dorchenov from behind.
    Quattro: If you concern to the word vengence, you won't be able to see
             clearly. Don't mind much about it.
    Malliot: I'll think about it.
    Linda:   Brother...
    Ken:     Where's my mom now?
    Malliot: Von Brown.
    Kou:     By the way, how's moon now?
    Malliot: Giganos' destroyed, and Vega Alliance fled from moon. It's calm
             now. Ken Wakaba, your mother is under protection of my 4
    	 subordinates. Don't worry.
    Tapp:    Those richies?
    Noin:    But, they're Giganos too. Once this war calms down, and Federation
             takes over the moon, they'll be judged by their crimes of war. You as
    	 well, Lt Malliot Plarto.
    Malliot: I ordered them to leave Von Brown before that.
    # next: scene 368 #
    # scene 368: Nell Ahgama - bridge #
    Lady:    ...Over. I can only do it in the shape of initialling.
    Bright:  Thank you very much. It has a meaning, even so. We'll do our best.
    Lady:    Be careful... Even if we can trust the messenger, the one that will
             decide to deal with peace is the chairman of the country.
    Bright:  I know... We'll hurry, as we're concerned about Shadow Mirror moves.
    Lady:    I'm praying for your success.
    Amuro:   Anyway, it's something, afterall.
    Quattro: We have to ask what we need to.
    Bright:  Right. Sorry, Haruka-kun, major Shiratori. We've had you come to our
             ship, so...
    Burning: You were so long at the Jovian's headquarters... are you alright?
    Minato:  Yes, everyone was so caring about me and Megumi-chan. There aren't much
             women at the Jovians.
    Tsukumo: Correct.
    Minato:  So, everyone is caring about women. Megumi-chan and I, even if we were
             prisioners... we were taken good care...
    Noin:    So, about Shadow Mirror... They're making quite big moves
             lately... what about at Jovian Union?
    Minato:  Eh? ...I don't get it... Shiratori-san?
    Tsukumo: ...I don't know. I want you to trust me, but I don't know anything.
    Banjo:   [Axel/Lamia]-kun, how about it?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...No mistakes, they're in. The reason they aimed major Shiratori is
             because they don't want us to contact Jovians... my thoughts, though?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...Without error, there's a spy... I can conclude they've attacked
             major Shiratori to not let us and Jovian contact each other.
    Shiroh:  Then, we should go to Jovian Union as soon as possible, even if it's
             for initialling, or we won't be able to move.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    We can fear it'll end up like Balm's case. We have to hurry, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   It's possible it'll end up like the peace treaty with Balm. We have to
    Relena:  Major Shiratori, this is the Earth Federation's answer. We have
             troubles, but if we can go through it, we can acquire peace.
    Tsukumo: Thank you very much. Caring people of Earth... I'm grateful.
    Linda:   Captain! Connection from Nina-san.
    Kou:     Nina? What does she say?
    Linda:   It says to exchange ships to a new one at La Vien Rose.
    Bright:  New ship!?
    Amuro:   The La Kailum. I've heard from Chein.
    Bright:  Ok, we'll head to La Vien Rose. We have to hurry.
    # next: scene 369 #
    # scene 369: Small Balm - one room #
    Erika:   The Peace Liberation Forces was...!?
    Soldier: Yes, they were detected by marshall Olban... It's... a matter of time.
    Erika:   ...I understand. You should go now. They will suspect you.
    Soldier: But...!
    Erika:   I'm prepared... Hurry!
    Soldier: Y,yes...!
    Erika:   (Kazuya... This is the only way... I... Forgive me... Kazuya...)
    # next: scene 370 #
    # scene 370: Kagurazuki - command room #
    Kusakab: So major Shiratori succeeded in contacting the Earthlings.
    Genichi: Yes. I'm expecting a connection.
    Kusakab: Peace, uh?
    Genichi: ...Earth Federation... such an ease... Tsukumo...
    Kusakab: Not yet.
    Genichi: Hah?
    Kusakab: The timing is precise, but if that thing is ready... There's no need
             for such desperation.
    Genichi: That thing...? So, the one that's...
    # next: scene 371 #
    # scene 371: La Vien Rose #
    Relena:  The problem is, what do next.
    Amuro:   Small Balm, or Jovian Union, what comes first.
    Kazuya:  If possible, I want Balm to come first. It's the decision of
             Federation's government, and the enemies might know about Erika.
    Kenichi: If we don't rush, they'll be attacked by Vega Alliance or marshall
             Olban too.
    Yurika:  If so, there might be a Shadow Mirror spy at Jovian Union too.
    Prospec: Yes, we don't know what kind of maneuver they'll do, though.
    Ruri:    So, what will be of it?
    Relena:  It's helpless. Let's split in two. I'll appoint a representative to the
             side I don't go.
    George:  For the one with representative, it'll turn out to a truce instead of
             peace, it seems.
    Rain:    It's helpless, we have to end this war, then bring Earth to the will
             of peace.
    Bright:  Understood. So, let's split the members to go to Mars, where there is
             the Jovian Union's mothership, and to go to Jupiter's Small Balm.
    Yurika:  Nadesico will go to Mars, and deal with Jovian Union.
    Bright:  So, La Kailum will head to Small Balm.
    Kazuya:  Of course, we'll go Small Balm.
    Kyoshir: Mah, agreed.
    Banjo:   If it's to go to Mars, I'll side with Nadesico. I'm concerned about
    Domon:   We'll go Mars too.
    Kappei:  Well, then Mars too.
    Daisuke: We, Mazinger Team, wll go Balm. The Vega Alliance might come. So?
    Koji:    Of course.
    Tetsuya: No problem.
    Ryo:     So, we Getter Team, will go Mars.
    Hyoma:   And, we Com-Battler team, will go Balm.
    Kenichi: Voltes Team, we'll go Balm too.
    Bright:  D-Team, go with Nadesico.
    Linda:   Ah, then can I go too?
    Burning: I'll go with Nadesico too. I'm worried about D-Team. Uraki, you too.
    Kou:     Understood.
    Fa:      Camille, there isn't enough repair units at Nadesico side. So...
    Camille: I see. Captain Misumaru, Fa and I will go with you.
    Quattro: I'll go too.
    # if Sazabi obtained #
    Quattro: I've received a new kind from Anaheim. Jovian Union... I'm far more
             concerned because I can't see the depth of it.
    # if Lalah joined #
    Lalah:   Cel, I'll go with you.
    Yurika:  I'm sorry, please.
    Bright:  Ok, our troops are ready.
    Yurika:  Nadesico will have Aestevalis Squad, Getter Team, D-Team, Zambot 3 and
             Daitarn 3's people. And Shuffle Union, and Lt Quattro, Lt Burning, 2nd
    	 Lt Uraki, Camille-san and Yuiry-san from the Mobile Suit squad... is
    	 that it?
    Bright:  La Kailum will have Mazinger Team, Com-Battler Team and Voltes Team,
             Daimos and Mobile Suit squad. All crew, hurry with preparation.
    Astonag: Oh, Amuro! The Nu Gundam's carrying is over.
    Amuro:   I see, I'll go soon.
    Banjo:   So our firepower is decided... And, how about you, [Axel/Lamia]-kun?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Well...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Uhm...
    # split #
    Go to Jovian Union side
    Go to Small Balm side
    Bright:  I see. So, external minister Darlian, what's your decision?
    # if Jovian Union Route #
    Relena:  I'll go to Jovian Union.
    Noin:    Indeed, there's Erika's Peace Liberation Forces, so they can handle it
    Zechs:   On the contrary, we need to do something about Shadow Mirror's
    # else Small Balm Route #
    Relena:  I'll go to Small Balm... Formerly the Federation government sent me to
             space for this peace with Balm.
    Quatre:  So, we'll go as well.
    # if Jovian Union Route #
    Duo:     Is that ok, Heero?
    Relena:  ......
    Heero:   No problem... Relena, I pray for your success.
    Relena:  Heero...
    # else Small Balm Route #
    Duo:     Yep. Mah, I'm happier at Nadesico, full of girls, though.
    Wu-fei:  Useless.
    Trowa:   Do as your will.
    Heero:   Decide.
    Duo:     Hey, how cold!
    Yurika:  (I wonder if they aren't much friends...)
    Zechs:   Noin and I will go along.
    # if Jovian Union Route #
    Relena:  Ryuzaki-san, it's different from our purpose but...
    Kazuya:  It's ok. We'll go along well with Erika.
    Relena:  Captain Bright, I appoint you as my representative. As representant of
             Earth Federation, please, make a truce with Small Balm.
    Bright:  Roger.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (Jovian Union. It won't be troble if their side is willing for
             peace... But, Shadow Mirror will move.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Jovian Union. It isn't trouble if they're willing for peace... How
             will Vindel-sama move...?
    # else Small Balm Route #
    Relena:  Shiratori-san, it'll take longer, then.
    Tsukumo: No, I apologize for coming in a sudden, so I'm glad for this.
    Relena:  Yurika-san, I'm appointing you as my representative. As representant of
             the Earth Federation, please make a truce with Jovian Union.
    Yurika:  Understood! We'll go along well, so relax!
    Akito:   Erm... Wasn't it better to external minister Darlian to come to our
             side... Or Lt Amuro...
    Ryoko:   ...Don't think so.
    Yurika:  Eeh!? Akito, don't you trust me!?
    Amuro:   Tenkawa-kun, external minister Darlian chose captain Misumaru as
             representant not because she's the captain. She's admiral Misumaru's
    	 daughter, afterall. I'm only a pilot.
    Hikaru:  Indeed. So, whatever the topic, it'll be easier to deal with.
    Yurika:  Of course! With Lt's autograph along!
    Ruri:    Stupid...
    Bright:  Then, captan Misumaru, I'm couting on you. Ok, once our preparation is
             over, we'll head to Small Balm...!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (Small Balm. It's troublesome the moves of Peace Liberation Forces
             weren't detected yet.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Small Balm. The Peace Liberation Forces' moves weren't detected, I'm
    # if JU next:   scene 372 JU #
    # else SB next: scene 372 SB #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 372 JU: Nadesico - bridge #
    Relena:  As made in a hurry, it isn't very clear, but it should be like this.
    Tsukumo: ...The proclamation and true investigation of the ringleader case of
             the independent faction banishment case.
    Relena:  For the members, I'll appoint the same number of people from both
             Federation and Jovian Union side.
    Banjo:   The problem is the official apology from the Federation government.
    Burning: Won't there be a resistence for apology? At the current point,
             everything is Jovian Union's sudden request.
    Tsukumo: We're saying the truth!
    Akito:   Yeah! So you're going to deny apology at this point!?
    Relena:  I'm not saying that.
    George:  Mousier Tenkawa, it's a dangerous thing to make a theory out of a
             singular point of view of a war investigation.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    It's obvious the information would be modified to make a bad image from
             the fellows... That's war.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   To manipulate information for the sake of one side. It's not a war of
             just shooting each other.
    Hayato:  Fuh, there's a meaning when it comes from an experienced person.
    Ryo:     Don't tease, Hayato.
    Akatsuk: We don't know if the Jovian Union superiors are really facing the Earth
             Federation as evil.
    Tsukumo: ...I can't deny it. But, as soon as the ancestor's banishment becomes
             clear, I request an apology from the Federation government...!
    Relena:  Of course. But... At this side too, there are people who faced sadness
             from the Jovian's attack... I think there will be some repelling.
    Ryo:     Like Tenkawa-kun at the moon.
    Akito:   ......
    Sai-sic: War is something easy to start, but difficult to end.
    Quattro: The only way is a truce until the investigation ends.
    Tsukumo: It'd be a lie to say I'm unsatisfied...
    Relena:  The priority is to initiallize a peace treaty.
    Tsukumo: ...I understand. So, before the assembly, I'll show you the scriptures
             of our Jovian Union. So we can understand each other.
    Yukina:  Eeeh!? All of us are going to watch it!?
    Yurika:  Eh?
    # next: scene 373 JU #
    # scene 372 SB: King of Vega - bridge #
    Vega:    What, Londo Bell is coming to Small Balm?
    Zrill:   Foolish ones. They don't even know what's happening at Small Balm.
    Gandall: King Vega, what should we do?
    L.Ganda: I have a good plan. Let them come to Small Balm. And then, in front of
             their eyes...
    Zrill:   I see, so that's the most suffering way to them.
    Vega:    Interesting, contact Balm's Olban. Prepare to welcome Londo Bell.
    Blackey: I,it's terrible. Ruby-sama's!
    Vega:    What, what about Rubyna?
    Blackey: She fled along with Small Balm's prisioners.
    Gandall: What!?
    Vega:    Ghghghg, Rubyna! We got her back once... How many times she wants to
             suffer her father! Recover Rubyna immediately! I'll marry her with the
    	 one who brings her back!
    Zrill:   One of us can have Rubyna as wife!?
    Vega:    With Rubyna like this, there's no other way but to let her spouse be my
    Zrill:   (Fufu... So luck comes to me. If I can marry Rubyna, I'll be the
             successor of Vega Alliance forces.)
    # next: scene 373 SB #
    # scene 373 JU: Nadesico - dining hall #
    Hikaru:  Well, the main event, we'll show Geki-Ganger all episodes at one run!
    Camille: Scriptures...?
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:     Uwoooh, everyone, look at this, the burning life of men!
    Tsukumo: Geki-Ganger showed us the wonderful of people!
    Kappei:  I didn't imagine we would watch anime after coming into a militar ship.
    Tapp:    Retro japanimation. Indeed.
    Domon:   Hey, do I have to watch it too?
    Tsukumo: Yes, our ideal, spirit... Everything is inside this...!
    Akito:   Ideal... Spirit...!
    Relena:  Kasshu-san, please seat.
    Chibode: A cartoon is their ideal.
    Sai-sic: I'm fine with it, start up.
    Hayato:  I don't understand... Why is Jovian Union's people giving so much about
             a past era's robot anime?
    Minato:  I asked the same question. When they were banished from moon... They
             were only able to carry stuff around them.
    Light:   You mean their clothes only.
    Minato:  Yes, and inside the ship, there wasn't much entertainment... And, the
             only thing that was there was this anime, Geki-Ganger 3. As they didn't
    	 have resources to make up with any other entertainment, they watched
    	 Geki-Ganger, day by day.
    Ken:     So they've been watching it since the banishment.
    Minato:  Yes, and the calendar changed, and they were born, grew up and die
             watching Geki-Ganger.
    Uribata: And so, all of Jovian Union is Gekigan maniac.
    Yukina:  Not all. All those adults watching that manga is really weird!
    Ruri:    Agreed.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Oh, so there are many rebels.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Rebels exist.
    Minato:  Moh, don't say so! So at a sudden they became pilot of the robot of
             justice, and against the evil empire... they've started to dream about
             defeating Earth, who banished them...
    Megumi:  For Jovian people, the Gekiganger is a scripture, like God's voice.
    Uribata: Wow, so it's better not say anything bad about Geki-Ganger near them.
    Minato:  I can't guarantee your life.
    # next: scene 374 JU #
    # scene 373 SB: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  The problem is how much influence the Peace Liberation Forces could
             manage to get at Small Balm.
    Zechs:   In a case, our attack might decide their actions, isn't it?
    Relena:  No, it'll be the same of doing a coup d'etat... I want to avoid that.
    Daisuke: Even you saying so, Olban will face us with his power.
    Kyoshir: We can't just stay and chat.
    Kazuya:  Yes, their organization is bigger... We better watch for a chance and
             go in one strike...
    Relena:  That way it'll end up with a forced liberation.
    Tetsuya: You're too naive, external minister. That way peace will never come.
    Koji:    Don't say so, Tetsuya-kun. Not only with force you can achieve peace.
    Bright:  What, enemy's ambush!?
    Nana:    No, it's SOS. I'll open connection!
    Judau:   He-y! Anyone who can hear me, please answer!
    Bright:  Judau! Judau Ashta!!
    # if Puru joined #
    Puru:    Judau! It's Judau!
    # if PuruTwo joined #
    PuruTwo: ...Judau!
    Judau:   Puru!? 
    # if PuruTwo joined #
    Judau:   PuruTwo is there too!?
    Judau:   I didn't imagine to meet you again!
    Roux:    Puru!? Wait, Judau! Leave the exciting meeting to later!
    Roux:    Bright-san! Splendid, we connected to the best one!
    Bright:  Roux-Ruka!? So you're there too!?
    Judau:   And, a princess called Rubyna too.
    Daisuke: Rubyna!? Rubyna is there!?
    Maria:   She was kidnapped, wasn't she!? Is she alright!?
    Judau:   We'll explain later. Help us! We're being chased!
    Bright:  Ok, we'll head to your place!
    Amuro:   So you're Judau Ashta.
    # if Puru joined #
    Puru:    Hurry! To Judau's place...!
    # next: Stage 32 SB #
    # scene 374 JU: Kagurazuki - command room #
    Genichi: Did you call me?
    Kusakab: Aah, be happy... we've finally achieved the colony!
    Genichi: The colony...!? So, you're saying about Mars' ruins?
    Kusakab: Uhm, with this, the paralyzed ancient studies of the solar system will
             be reactivated, and the meaning of this war with Earth will change
    Genichi: So, those evilish Earthlings are no longer...
    Kusakab: Yes, no need of peace. We'll have to prepare to contain those that will
             try a peace treaty.
    Genichi: (So peace is... Tsukumo.)
    Kusakab: And, I have a special mission for you.
    Genichi: Special... mission?
    # next: scene 375 JU #
    # scene 375 JU: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ruri:    Contacting Jovian Union's fleet.
    Yurika:  So it's soon.
    Relena:  Yes...
    Tsukumo: Uhn... What's the matter? You seem tired...
    Banjo:   Didn't you overdo it? To watch Geki-Ganger episode all in on run.
    Relena:  If Geki-Ganger is Jovian Union's scriptures, I, who most want peace
             with them, have to watch it.
    Tsukumo: How do you like it? Wasn't it great?
    Relena:  Eeh, I was deeply moved. Though...
    Tsukumo: Though?
    Relena:  The voices of enemy side's commander and the base announcer were all
             the same, and the lever's place was always at different positions, so I
    	 was concerned...
    Akito:   (Maniac...?)
    Yurika:  I didn't realize! But at all, Joe Umitsubame was great...!
    Ruri:    Captain, the welcome from Jovian Union has come.
    Yurika:  Oh. Understood, I'll go.
    Akito:   So it's time... I'm anxious in all of a sudden.
    Tsukumo: It's alright, we're all who love peace... Oh, Tenkawa-kun.
    Akito:   What is it?
    Tsukumo: I, when peace comes, want to... offer courtship to a person.
    Akito:   Courtship? Aah, propose!?
    Tsukumo: Yes,if there's one I trully love, I can have my answer no matter what
             kind of difficulty I have in front of me.
    Minato:  Really?
    Tsukumo: Waaaaah, Mi,Mi,Minato-san!?
    Minato:  It's alright, don't be anxious, I didn't hear the important part.
    Tsukumo: Re,really?
    Minato:  That's what I've decided.
    Yukina:  Muh?
    # next: scene 376 JU #
    # scene 376 JU: Nadesico - Aestevalis deck #
    Tsukumo: Vice-admiral Kusakabe?
    Yurika:  Yes, that's what he said.
    Megumi:  What happened?
    Rain:    Anything... you worried about?
    Tsukumo: No, nothing.
             (Vice-admiral Kusakabe himself...? This is just a initialling...)
    Yurika:  Well, Shiratori-san, we need to...
    Minato:  I'll go too.
    Akito:   Me too... If we can do well this time, the war will end.
    Banjo:   I'll go too. If it's related to Mars, Meganoid is there. I'll have to
             explain if they come to that topic.
    Rain:    Domon...
    Domon:   I know... We, the Shuffle Union, will go too.
    Prospec: So many of you. Won't you threaten the Jovian people instead?
    Chibode: Just in case.
    George:  We should warn ourselves too. Is that ok? Mousier Shiratori?
    Tsukumo: Of course... Let's go.
    Yurika:  Lt Quattro, Lt Burning, if anything happens... I'll leave command to
    Burning: Roger.
    Quattro: ...I have a bad feeling... Be careful, captain.
    # next: scene 377 JU #
    # scene 377 JU: Kagurazuki - one room #
    Kusakab: I'm Jovian Union representative vice-admiral Haruki Kusakabe.
    Yurika:  Earth Federation forces 13th Autonomous Corps Londo Bell affiliated
             mobile battleship Nadesico's captain Yurika Misumaru.
    Relena:  Earth Federation government external minister Darlian.
    Kusakab: Right to the topic... Those are the conditions of our request.
    Domon:   ...Haran.
    Banjo:   I know... Tenkawa-kun, be careful.
    Akito:   Wh,what? It's bad to talk from behind.
    Argo:    They're talking about peace... but I can only feel blood thirst...
    Minato:  ...Eh?
    Sai-sic: I can feel it too... But, they were once enemies, so that's...
    George:  ...I hope so.
    Banjo:   (It's strange to have only militar personel at a peace treaty... Even
             if we think the Jovian Union is from a militar lineage, why there are
    	 no politicians?)
    # next: scene 378 JU #
    # scene 378 JU: Kagurazuki - one room #
    Yurika:  What does that mean!?
    Relena:  Disposal of Earth Sphere's weapons, dismember of all foundations,
             substitution of political ideals...
    Banjo:   I want some explanation... With this, it's the same of Earth's
             unconditional surrender.
    Akito:   Do you want to make a base out of Earth!?
    TSukumo: Kuh, I request to review this document!
    Kusakab: Say your reason, Major Shiratori!
    Tsukumo: They love Geki-Ganger too. That's the reason.
    Akito:   Shiratori-san...
    Tsukumo: Geki-Ganger is a splendid manga. Cooperation, victory, friendship, and
             love, everything that's important to people is inside that product!
    Akito:   Yeah!
    Tsukumo: They're willing for peace because they realized that.
    Relena:  The important things you've gained from that animation... We have it
    Tsukumo: Justice, justice is only one!
    Kusakab: Yes, as you said... Justice is only one!
    Domon:   Muh!
    Chibode: Shit!
    Argo:    Shiratori! Get down!
    Tsukumo: Uh!
    George:  No!
    Minato:  No... Shiratori-saaaan!!
    Tsukumo: Uuh...
    Minato:  Shiratori-san, stay with me!
    Akito:   Why... why did you shoot him!?
    Kusakab: ...The evil empire shall be defeated by justice. It's obvious for the
             evil empire to be annihilated! It's obvious for Earth, who pursued and
    	 damaged us, to be annihilated!
    Yurika:  No...
    Akito:   Are you saying we're the evil empire!?
    Kusakab: Correct. Justice is only one! It's within our side!
    Relena:  And what does shooting Major Shiratori means!? You should have shot me!
    Minato:  Whatever it is! Help! Help Shiratori-san, please!
    Soldier: What happened!? This is, Major Shiratori!?
    Kusakab: This peace is Earth's deceival. Major Shiratori was killed by
             Earthlings. Shoot the enemy!
    Akito:   No, wait. It's not!
    Kusakab: Don't let anyone of them flee! Kill all of them! Avenge Major
    Yurika:  No... nooo...!
    Domon:   George!
    George:  Eeh! Uwoooh! Roses Hurricane!
    Kusakab: Wh,what!? Gwah, roses petals!?
    Banjo:   Splendid! LEt's flee from here! Our talk... has failed!
    Relena:  But, if we run...!
    Banjo:   If we get killed here, this case will be as Jovian Union's declares!
    Kusakab: Damn, don't let them escape, kill!
    Sai-sic: Oldie Argo! Take brother Tsukumo!
    Argo:    Understood.
    Minato:  Shiratori-san... Shiratori-san!
    Soldier: They're escaping! Shoot to death!
    Domon:   Out of my waaaay!
    # next: Stage 32 JU #
     Stage 32 JU M: Doko ni demo aru "seigi" ("Justice" is everywhere)
                 F: Negociator
    [Nadesico appears]
    [Jovian Union units appear]
    Kusakab: Defeat the evil Earthlings! Justice is within us!
    Kappei:  Hey, what happened!? Isn't it supposed to be in peace!?
    Ken:     Explain to us, we don't know anything as we stayed.
    Banjo:   Peace treaty has failed. That's all!
    Rain:    Domon!?
    Tapp:    What's going on!?
    Domon:   We'll explain further later!
    Akito:   Instead, Ines-san, take Shiratori-san, quick!
    Ines:    Hurry! This way!
    Minato:  Shiratori-san!
    Tsukumo: Uuh...
    Akito:   Don't die, don't die!
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:     Don's die. Tsukumo! Live, and we'll watch Geki-Ganger again!
    Yurika:  Lt!
    Quattro: We'll scramble!
    Burning: Hoshino, scramble order.
    Ruri:    Contacting all stand-by pilots. Scramble.
    [Daitarn 3 appears]
    # formation: NA (Nadesico Y) + 12 units #
    Genpach: Such worthless trick, Earthlings.
    Saburou: We'll avenge Major Shiratori, for sure...!
    Genichi: ......
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...Indeed, so it's the same as Balm...! So, the Shadow Mirror!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...The same as Balm's. So, the Shadow Mirror Squad, from behind?
    Relena:  I couldn't see something like that. The one who shot... was a fellow of
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    So they planned it from the beginning... Failure comes to me, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   So it was their plan from the beginning... If I was there...
    Banjo:   Avenge? You said avenge!?
    Genichi: Correct!
    Banjo:   For the world and for the people, the ambition of the Jovians who step
             into the will of peace, this Daitarn 3 will crush! I hold a fury I've
    	 never seen...! Using such dirty acts, heretics who aren't even
    	 ashamed...! If you're not afraid by the shine of this sun... then come
    	 and get me!
    [Banjo's morale +30]
    Kusakab: Howl as much as you want! Takasugi, I'll leave the rest to you.
    Saburou: Hah!
    [Kusakabe's unit disappears]
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship destruction
    # enemy reinforce 1: half enemy annihilation #
    [Jovian Union units appear]
    Genpach: Saburouta! I've come to help!
    Saburou: Please!
    Genpach: Don't worry, Genichirou will come soon! Let's send those evil
             Earthlings to abyss!
    Quattro: (A fellow shot... so, this is a superior commander's outbreak. There's
             still more to come.)
    Akito:   ...Kuh...
    # ally reinforce: ally turn after enemy reinforce 1 #
    [Aestevalis Akito unit appears]
    Akito:   You, I won't forgive you!
    Saburou: Earthlings, no matter how many of you come out, justice prevails!
    # enemy reinforce 2: half enemy annihilation #
    [Jovian Union units appear]
    Genichi: ......
    Akito:   ...You're...!
    Genichi: This battle... I'll have it decided...!
    Akito:   You did it... And say we are the ones!
    Genichi: That's why I'll settle this myself...!
    Akito:   Try me!
    # enemy retreat 1: Saburouta's hp reaches 0 #
    Saburou: So this is it...! Damn, emergency escape!
    [Denjin explodes]
    # enemy retreat 2: Genpachiro's hp reaches 0 #
    Genpach: You do well, Earthlings! However, this isn't the end of this war! We'll
             meet again!
    [Denji explodes]
    # Akito VS Genichiro #
    Akito:   If it'd be like this, I'd have defeated you at moon!
    Genichi: ...
    # enemy retreat 3: Genichiro's hp reaches 0 or 30% #
    Genichi: ......
    Akito:   Don't flee!
    Genichi: ...I... fought for my own justice...
    Akito:   The messenger of peace... no, to fail peace you shot a friend, how's
             that justice!?
    Genichi: ......
    [Daimajin explodes/disappears]
    Akito:   Damn... damn...!
    # stage end #
    Ruri:    Jovian Union forces, retreating.
    Akito:   ......
    # next: scene 379 JU #
     Stage 32 SB M: Senshi futatabi (Warrior, Again)
                 F: Vibration
    [ZZ Gundam, Zakurello and Double Spazer appear]
    [Vega Alliance units appear]
    Judau:   Damn, they're annoying.
    Rubyna:  We have to run, or if you two get caught, you'll be killed!
    Judau:   It's alright! Bright-san will come soon.
    Roux:    Until then, we have to endure.
    Zrill:   Rubyna-sam, come back, please.
    Blackey: Those Earthlings are our enemy.
    Rubyna:  What are you saying? They're willing for peace. And you treat them like
    Gandall: That's King Vega's orders.
    Rubyna:  Silence! If Duke and I marry, Earth and Vega Alliance can live in
             peace, don't you see that!?
    Zrill:   If that happens, King Vega's anger will increase.
    Rubyna:  Tell this to father. It isn't the time to control everything by
             force. At this rate, both Earth and Vega Alliance forces will crumble!
    Gandall: Aah, what should we do?
    Zrill:   Anyway, we'll shoot down Earthlings mechs!
    Judau:   They're coming! Roux, don't be shot down!
    Rubyna:  Aah, Duke... Hurry!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Judau, Roux, Rubyna's destruction (before ally reinforce)
          Ally ship destruction             (after ally reinforce)
    # ally reinforce: turn 3 #
    [La Kailum appears]
    Judau:   Bright-san!
    Duke:    The chasers, so they're the Vega Alliance forces...! Rubyna!
    Rubyna:  Duke, you came to save me!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...Princess Rubyna... the last time, W17 did...  
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...Princess Rubyna... the last time, commander Axel did...
    Roux:    We'll explain later!
    Bright:  Units, deploy, we'll rescue Judau and the others!
    Duke:    Rubyna...! Let's go, Dizer, gooooooo!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    High possibilities... Captain, I'll go too!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   High possibilities. I'll go too...!
    [Grendizer and Main Robot appears]
    # formation: LK (La Kailum) + 10 units #
    Judau:   Much appreciated!
    Amuro:   Is that all that came after you?
    Roux:    I think so!
    Duke:    Vega Alliance forces! How many times stepping into the will of peace
             makes you satisfied!? I won't forgive you!
    Blackey: Uhn, Londo Bell... Damned Duke Freed!
    Gandall: Don't mind, crush them all!
    Koji:    Don't underestimate us, come and get us!
    Amuro:   Roux is at Zeon's Mobile Armor, don't mistake your shot.
    Hyoma:   Don't worry. We're not that stupid!
    Kazuya:  At this point, we can't be defeated! Let's go!
    Axel:    (Vega Alliance forces... so they're the only ones...?)
    Axel:    (Vega Alliance forces, is this coincidence? ...No...)
    # Duke VS Gandall #
    Duke:    Gandall, I won't let you interfere!
    Gandall: Shut up, Duke Freed! Deceiving Rubyna-sama like this!
    # Duke VS Blackey #
    Blackey: Duke Freed, it's all your fault!
    Duke:    Such egoistic, evil ones that destroyed planet Freed and now are trying
             to destroy Earth!
    # Duke VS Zrill #
    Zrill:   Fufu, if I can defeat you, I'll make Rubyna-sama my wife!
    Duke:    I won't let you do that!
    # enemy reinforce: turn 5 #
    [Shadow Mirror units appear]
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   ......
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    So you're doing it.
    Bright:  Reinforces!?
    Relena:  That's...
    Heero:   ...Shadow Mirror.
    Duo:     Keh, what do you want!? We don't have anything to talk to you!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Indeed... So you planned to draw us out, W17...!
    Lamia:   This peace treaty... I have orders to not let it succeed.
    Axel:    Orders... W17, you... What do you think?
    Lamia:   I have no interests.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Indeed... you draw us out, isn't it? Commander Axel...
    Axel:    This peace treaty... I won't let it succeed... Not even have any
    Lamia:   ...Commander Axel, peace... what do you think about it?
    Axel:    Something hateful. Fuh... And for you to ask for other people's
             opinion... so your system's destruction is evolving.
    Trowa:   What are they talking about?
    Quatre:  [Axel/Lamia]-san...?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...What did Lemon say?
    Lamia:   Nothing. Only that, if you come into our way, commander Axel... to
             dispose of you.
    Axel:    ...I see. If you go back alive, tell her... I don't want to see her
    Lamia:   Roger.
    Axel:    Conversation is over... Come, peace, whatever comes after it... I want
             to see it quickly. I can't stay still, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   System's destruction... Could be. But... There are not damages to my
             battle performance...!
    Axel:    Interesting...! Come!
    Lamia:   ...Peace, whatever comes after it... I want to see it. A world that
             doesn't need the ones like me.
    # enemy retreat 4: Rival's hp reaches 0 #
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Performance decreasing... I'll retreat.
    Axel:    I'll have my decision soon, W17...!
    Lamia:   ...I'll prepare a better stage... Lemon-sama said so.
    Axel:    A better... stage, is it?
    Lamia:   Yes... Small Balm, won't be so easy...
    Axel:    What...!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    So this is it... Alright, I'll retreat.
    Lamia:   ...Why don't you come seriously?
    Axel:    Our decision... I wanted a better stage for it... Lemon said so too.
    Lamia:   A better... stage?
    Axel:    Correct. Fufu... Small Balm won't be so easy...
    Lamia:   What...!?
    [Rival Robot explodes]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...Small Balm... So their hands are there? That's...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...Small Balm... so they're moving. This peace treaty, it won't be that
             easy then...
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 379 SB #
    # scene 379 JU: Nadesico - bridge #
    Akatsuk: So the peace is a complete failure. What were you doing, I wonder.
    Erina:   With this, we can't avoid a confrontation with Jovian Union...
    Banjo:   So that turns out to be good to you.
    Akatsuk: Hey, just in case I'm telling, Nergal isn't involved this time.
    Ryo:     So... Shadow Mirror?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    They were too naive to let the messenger of peace escape... For Vindel
             or Lemon, even if Shuffle Union was there, they wouldn't be able to
             escape that easily. Mah, not that I have any proof.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   To let the messenger of peace to escape is a bit naive... Vindel-sama
             or Lemon-sama would have given more difficulty even with Shuffle Union
             there. I have no proof, though.
    Hayato:  So, Jovian Union's will... is it?
    Benkei:  The entire Jovian Union's!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    If it's like Balm's admiral Leon... then half of Jovian Union doesn't
             know the truth, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   If it's like Balm's admiral Leon... then half of Jovian Union doesn't
             know about that.
    Quattro: ...It might be true. For what we can see of the enemy's moves.
    Yurika:  If so... Let's tell the truth to Jovian Union people!
    Quattro: Impossible. They won't listen to what we have to say... That was the
             purpose of the peace treaty.
    Chibode: So they've deceived us... And mocked us!
    Argo:    Can't forgive...
    Akatsuk: Mah, so there's no other way but to keep fighting, isn't it?
    Domon:   You seem pretty happy... Do you want to fight that bad!?
    Akatsuk: Not really. Of course, if war keeps on, Nergal will have profits for
             embarking into militar industry.
    Erina:   To raise the right to speak against the Federation... there's it too.
    Ryoko:   Say it in a straight way, longie!
    Akatsuk: It was a difficult plan initially. It was pretty good to not have the
             peace initialling accepted, wasn't it?
    Hikaru:  What do you mean?
    Burning: ...If they've accepted it in a straight manner. While we were going
             back happily, they'd shoot a missele from behind, which makes sense.
    Kou:     So, the naiveness [Axel/Lamia] said about...
    Camille: That's about it.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Aah. But, as I watch their movements, what concerns me is their scope.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   But, from the Jovian's movements... I'm concerned about their scope.
    Sai-sic: Scope? What do you mean?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I couldn't feel they wanted to really annihilate us... So...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   The only one that know about the failure of the peace treaty is the
             superiors... But even so, they didn't try to annihilate us... So...
    Yurika:  They're underestimating us...
    Quattro: No, that's not it... No matter how we move, they have a card that will
             lead them to victory.
    Akatsuk: ...So, it's that thing.
    Banjo:   Any thoughts, chairman-san?
    Akatsuk: Stop with the chairman. Erina-kun, where's Tenkawa-kun?
    Erina:   At the medical office.
    # next: scene 380 JU #
    # scene 379 SB: La Kailum - bridge #
    Judau:   Well, Bright-san, we're glad.
    Bright:  I'm glad you're fine, Judau. Seems you had trouble.
    Judau:   It's fine.
    Roux:    We know the Federation is unable to handle the situation.
    Bright:  Let me introduce you to all. Judau Ashta and Roux Ruka.
    Judau:   Nice to meet you! ...Well, ending up the greetings.
    Roux:    Yes yes.
    Judau:   Bright-san, we need to go to Earth... and talk to a person called
             Relena Darlian.
    Relena:  I'm Relena Darlian.
    Judau:   Eh?
    Nana:    It's true. We were in the way of going to Small Balm.
    Roux:    Well, then it's a good timing. It's terrible!
    Judau:   Small Balm's Peace Liberation Forces are...
    Kazuya:  Peace Liberation Forces, what happened to them!?
    A/L:     Can it be...
    Judau:   They're almost destroyed.
    Relena:  What!?
    Kenichi: The Peace Liberation Forces!?
    Kazuya:  What do you mean!? Is Erika fine!?
    Judau:   Uggh... I,it hurts!
    Juuzo:   Calm down, Ryuzaki!
    Ippei:   Nothing will come from grabbing him.
    Nana:    Brother!
    Kazuya:  Ah, s,sorry...
    Judau:   Coff, coff... Forgive, ok, I just survived out there, don't wanna die
    Amuro:   Sorry, Judau-kun, please, go on.
    Judau:   Fine, she is. Just...
    Rubyna:  Erika-san, she was captured by admiral Olban.
    Daisuke: What!? Is that true!? Rubyna!
    Quatre:  So, Small Balm's now...!
    Heero:   ...Shadow Mirror. Are they related?
    Megumi:  But, the ones that came after them was Vega Alliance!?
    Noin:    Shadow Mirror, Vega Alliance forces... How far are they connected to
             Small Balm!?
    # if Puru joined #
    Puru:    Neh Judau! Judau!
    Shiroh:  Wait a moment, everyone. Anyhow, we have to listen to Judau's story in
    Bright:  Sorry, Judau. Tell us about you first.
    Judau:   Aah, you know we went to Jupiter, right, Bright-san?
    Bright:  Aah.
    Tetsuya: Near Jupiter... is that it?
    Kazuya:  Small Balm?
    Roux:    Correct... The Jupitoris class was attacked by Balm's forces.
    Judau:   Roux and I could pilot Mobile Suits, so we fought along with the battle
    Roux:    But we ended up being captured.
    Koji:    What, shameful. You should just blast everything.
    Judau:   It was helpless. They've taken the crew as hostage! And ZZ went out of
             energy, and the remaining Mobile Suit was a Zakurello!
    Roux:    So, we were sent to Small Balm for labor.
    Duo:     And you were rescued by the Peace Liberation Forces... is that it?
    Judau:   Yep. So, there comes the story.
    Roux:    The Peace Liberation Forces, having Erika as core, was increasing it's
             influence, but...
    Kyoshir: Admiral Olban discovered it.
    Roux:    Yes, and Olban sent in a spy to uncover the Peace Liberation Forces.
    Judau:   We've found out about it and kicked it's ass but... it was a cybord, or
             an android of some sort... That wasn't a Balmling for sure.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...No mistake, W Number's doing. So the Shadow Mirror was involved.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ......
    Amuro:   Could it be... Lamia-kun.
    Lamia:   Yes. No mistake... A W Number just like me.
    Trowa:   Shadow Mirror squad. So they're moving widely.
    Judau:   So, those unseen ones are called Shadow Mirror squad. Yeah, and during
             an assembly, Olban's bodyguard squad attacked... and many friends were
    Kosuke:  Weren't they killed?
    Roux:    That's the point! That Olban is such a jerk.
    Judau:   To spare their lives... he ordered Erika-san to become his wife!
    Kazuya:  What!?
    Sayaka:  And, what about Erika-san?
    Judau:   ...It's helpless, it was to save everyone's lives.
    Kazuya:  Olban! I won't forgive you!!
    Jun:     And, why were you released?
    Wu-fei:  Released... I don't think so. Such bastards can't keep their words.
    Judau:   ...Aah, when they got Erika-san... everyone was put inside a cage.
    Roux:    And luckly, we were saved by Rubyna.
    Rubyna:  Of course.  I can't forgive such thing.
    Daisuke: Rubyna, how did you manage it?
    Rubyna:  I was sent to my father by someone under Shadow Mirror's name... I
             could manage to run away... But I was full of saving Ashta-san and
    Maria:   Rubyna, don't get sad. You could bring 2 friends the same way with me
             and Hikaru-san...
    Judau:   Aah, with Rubyna-san, and the remaining Liberation Forces' help... we
             could get here.
    Kazuya:  What a situation. The Peace Liberation Forces that Erika had so much
    Rubyna:  Not only that. Admiral Olban... He's trying to make all Balmlings into
             doll soldiers that work by his will...!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Doll... Soldiers?
    # else Lamia Route#
    Lamia:   Doll Soldiers... is it? What does that mean...!?
    Rubyna:  The 1 thousand million Balmlings... the half of it is frozen-asleep. He
             wants to use a mind control technique to them!
    Zechs:   Admiral Olban, such dirty man!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Indeed, Shadow Mirror... A topic that Vindel would like. The same way
             he created the existance named W Number, he wants more... Such person
             exists in this world.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (W Number... What does he want by creating ones like me? ...They're
             unnecesary to this world. I won't let such thing to happen...!)
    Judau:   We have to hurry! If we delay 1 minute, more people will be remodelled!
    Amuro:   External minister Relena, it's pity, but before the preparation of
             peace, we have something to do.
    Relena:  ...Yes. I understand. It's pity.
    CHizuru: Everyone, a strange connection is coming!
    Kyoshir: This is... From Small Balm!?
    Bright:  Put it on the monitor!
    # next: scene 380 SB #
    # scene 380 JU: Nadesico - medical office #
    Akito:   How's Shiratori-san!? How's he!?
    Minato:  Uuh... Uuh...
    Yukina:  Brother! Brother's lovely Geki-Ganger, I won't mock about it
             anymore... so do your best!
    Tsukumo: I see, Yukina......
    Akito:   Shiratori-san, you're conscious!? Shiratori-san!
    Ines:    His hemorragy was heavy, but the wound didn't hit his vitals... So
             his situation is not critical.
    Ken:     Fuh, you made us sweat... But, he seemed unconscious, didn't he?
    Rain:    He fainted for the heavy hemorragy.
    Tsukumo: ...Love saved me.
    Tapp:    What?
    Rain:    This. This saved Shiratori-san's life.
    Keiko:   This is...
    Light:   A ring?
    Yukina:  This is... the marriage ring brother prepared...?
    Uchuta:  It's broken, isn't it?
    Ines:    Let me explain. The bullet direct hit this ring, killing it's power,
             and making it lose track.
    Kappei:  Great, it wouldn't work if it was on purpose.
    Rain:    Since the bullet is out, there's no problem.
    Minato:  Shiratori-san... That ring, was that...
    Tsukumo: S,sorry. To let it become like this...
    Minato:  It's ok, it's ok!
    Rain:    Well, let's leave the rest to Minato-san, and get going.
    Ines:    And, now that we're relaxed, I'll go to my next job... Tenkawa-kun?
    Akito:   Eh? What?
    Ines:    I want you to come with me for a while... Captain Misumaru too.
    Akito:   ...?
    # next: scene 381 JU #
    # scene 380 SB: ??? #
    Lemon:   It'll start.
    Vindel:  Such a farce... But this will be interesting... Londo Bell Squad will
             move too.
    Lemon:   What about the Jovians?
    Vindel:  ...I've contacted them. And it's as planned... The peace treaty has
    Lemon:   So this is next...
    # next: scene 381 SB #
    # scene 381 JU: Kagurazuki - command room #
    Soldier: And now, the Jovian Union Genius Squad leader, vice-admiral Haruki
             Kusakabe's last words for Cel Tsukumo Shiratori...
    Genichi: (Cel... Two rank up... What does it matter...?)
    Kusakab: Our fate, is to bring peace to Space and to watch over mankind's
             future, the realization of a dream! We don't wish for war, and useless
             killing is more than futile! However, Earth Federation Government used
             coward acts, and answered us with the death of our messenger Cel
             Tsukumo Shiratori! But, we can't fall. Justice is only one! And for
             that, we'll for sure, crush the evilish Earth. So watch us you all,
             like the hot-blooded robot Geki-Ganger 3, we shall fight. And justice
             shall prevail!
    Genichi: (Tsukumo... this is your fault... I only wanted to defeat the evil!
             And... Why can't I feel like when Geki-Ganger defeats evil...? Damn...)
    # next: scene 382 JU #
    # scene 381 SB: La Kailum - bridge #
    Soldier: A glad report from Balm's your excellency admiral Olban.
    Olban:   People of the Solar System, first time see for lots of you. I'm the
             ruler of Balm, the great admiral Olban!
    Kazuya:  So this is Olban!?
    Maria:   Such a bad feeling.
    Olban:   For long I've been alone, but now I've decided to marry! Most of you
             would know, the daughter of the former admiral Leon... Erika!
    Erika:   To all of you who are watching this transmission... I, Erika, will
             become admiral Olban's wife, and finally grab happiness as a woman
    Kazuya:  Erika!? What... What are your saying!?
    Erika:   This is all about woman's happiness. Wealth, honor and power... And
             love... Olban-sama gave everything to me.
    Zechs:   Uhn... This girl...
    Olban:   The ceremony will be transmitted to the whole Solar System. I want all
             of you from the Solar System to enjoy this ceremony. And after
    	 that... I'll proclaim, to those Earthlings who killed admiral Leon!
    	 We'll give those fools hell!
    Kazuya:  Such egoistic words!
    Soldier: At this ceremony, the great King Vega will be part as a special guest.
    Daisuke: What...!? King Vega too!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    And Shadow Mirror, too. They won't appear at the front stage, that
             is... So the 3 organizations are linked.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Shadow Mirror Squad too, their names won't appear, but at the
             backstage, they're moving... So the 3 organizations are linked.
    Erika:   To all those who pray for my happiness... I'm grateful... to you all...
    Judau:   What are you saying, Erika-san! She said she'd marry just to save us,
             wasn't that?
    Kyoshir: Woman, afterall... She was after money and power!
    Kazuya:  So everything was a dream... A transient dream... Such easy do
    Nana:    Brother, you fool!
    Kazuya:  Uh...Nana, what...!?
    Nana:    Why don't you trust Erika-san!? She might have some reasons! And
             you stay like that...!
    Zechs:   ...Yes, that's not the eyes of a woman who grabbed happiness.
    Duo:     She's got something hidden in her sleeves.
    Trowa:   Aah.
    Kazuya:  What do you mean?
    Zechs:   That girl, Erika's eyes... Those eyes were the same of Relena when is
             going to overdo something.
    Relena:  ......
    Hikaru:  So that means she's planning something big?
    Heero:   What she can do at the ceremony... is to be in front of Olban without
             any interference.
    Kazuya:  So, Erika means to kill Olban!?
    Judau:   Yes, now that the Peace Liberation Forces are almost
             destroyed... Erika-san thought this was the only way...!
    Relena:  Such a thing, captain Bright!
    Amuro:   Bright.
    Bright:  I know! La Kailum, at maximum acceleration! Hurry, to Small Balm!!
    Relena:  Erika-san, don't do anything harsh!
    # next: scene 385 SB #
    # scene 382 JU: Nadesico - observation room #
    Akito:   What is it, to bring me to the observation room?
    Ines:    Well, let's get started.
    Yurika:  What is it, in all of a sudden?
    Ines:    Akito-kun, captain, I'll explain later. Can you think about Mars?
    Akito:   Mars?
    Ines:    Both of you, think... and remember, Akito-kun... Captain... About
             Mars. About the Mars Utopia Colony, and the good about that place...
    Akito:   The good...?
    Ines:    Yes, when both of you were just kids, when you were together...
    Yurika:  When we were kids... Akito and I...
    # next: scene 383 JU #
    # scene 383 JU: Nadesico - bridge #
    Benkei:  What's this, the thingy flashing around Nadesico?
    Camille: This light...?
    # if Musashi survived #
    Musashi: What, is that enemies again!?
    Tapp:    Hey, I've seen this somewhere else.
    Light:   Yes, that was at Yokosuka... Ken!
    Ken:     What was it called!? Erm, yes, TC! Tullip Crystal!
    Ruri:    Nadesico, Boson Jump forming field.
    Sai-sic: Eh--!?
    Hayato:  So the ship itself will jump!?
    Ruri:    Boson reaction increasing.
    [Boson Jump and flash]
    # next: scene 384 JU #
    # scene 384 JU: Nadesico - bridge #
    Banjo:   This... can't be... Mars!?
    Akatsuk: Correct, this is Mars.
    Erina:   We've Boson Jumped to Mars. With Tenkawa-kun and Captain's powers.
    # next: 385 JU #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 385 JU: Nadesico - bridge #
    Relena:  What's going on, explain to me!
    Erina:   As you can see, Nadesico itself Boson Jumped to Mars.
    Ryo:     That's not what we're asking.
    Hayato:  We want to know why you did this without our... no, not even with
             captain's consent.
    Yurika:  ...Akatsuki-san!?
    Akatsuk: I apologize. Captain, punish me, or put me in jaul, whatever. But, if I
             told you before, Tenkawa-kun would never accept to cooperate.
    Akito:   And you come with that! Using people as experiments on your own!
    Ines:    Let me explain. With this Boson Jump, we could understand it's
             reasons... It's about that thing... that is somewhere at this planet.
    Banjo:   Indeed... So the reason the Jovians retreated so easily, I see it.
    Ryoko:   ?
    Erina:   Yes, the Jovians want to capture the Mars ruins completely.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Ancient ruins... The power to win over us without peace, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lama:    Ancient ruins... so that's the power to win over us without peace.
    Tsukumo: No matter how much war they can do, there's no good on stepping over
             people's justice and will...!
    Benkei:  Hey hey! Is that ok for you to stay awake!?
    Minato:  Shiratori-san! You should rest...!
    Akito:   Shiratori-san, let's do it. I can't forgive... our justice, our war to
             be stepped over by one ancient ruin's sake.
    Yurika:  Akito... splendid...
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:     Such a man, Tenkawaa!
    Tsukumo: Yes, now's the time for the hot-blood...! Everyone! The peace
             treaty... that's not my Jovian's justice! Everyone's powers... I want
             to borrow it...!
    George:  Mousier Shiratori is surely appointed for a politician.
    Chibode: Heh, no need to tell. Let's succeed this peace with our will!
    Domon:   Aah, we won't retreat now.
    Akatsuk: (This is bad... the fire ignited at a wrong place...?)
    Kappei:  Hehehe, that's it!
    Uchuta:  Yeah, their failure to not even killing Shiratori.
    Quatre:  Yes, but, if they know about this...
    Heero:   If we could accomplish missions with hot-blood, then I'd yell
             too... But it won't be likewise.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Damn right. That's the bad point of Londo Bell.
             (Not that I don't like it.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I'm relaxed a bit. I thought we'd thrust inside enemy lines at once.
             (Not that I don't feel bad... about it.)
    Quattro: We have to predict their incoming... So at first...
    George:  Mousier Shiratori will be considered a spy... that's obvious.
    Burning: No mistake. Tsukumo Shiratori was a spy from Earth... Don't listen to
             what he says, like that. 
    Tsukumo: ......
    Megumi:  That's too rude!
    Burning: Raynard, it's not a matter of emotions.
    Megumi:  But...
    Relena:  However, we can't give up.
    Akito:   Their objective is to make us think like that!
    Noin:    To give up peace, and to give despair and hatred to foes... As Wu-fei
             said, the basic choice.
    Ryo:     To be involved in war by such act... are Earth and Small Balm.
    Burning: We can't let it repeat.
    Relena:  I won't give up too. If they come with 99 of despair. Then we should
             counter with 100 of hope.
    Argo:    We knew from the beginning it wouldn't be like that.
    Banjo:   And chairman Akatsuki predicted that and made us Jump here, right?
    Akatsuk: Uh...W,well.
    Galliso: Thank you. It's really splendid.
    Akito:   You have good sides! I'll reconsider about you! Ok... let's do it...!
    Banjo:   We have to do something for the sake of that will.
    Akatsuk: (Banjo Haran... how far does he know...?)
    Quattro: We should send the investigative squad... Captain Misumaru... Captain?
    Yurika:  Yes, hot-blood! Akito!
    Quattro: ...What should we do?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    And I thought she was stabilized... Rurin.
    Ruri:    ...Are you doing this on purpose?
    Axel:    Before my memory came back, I remember you were called like
             that... Order the investigative squad to scramble, in place of captain.
    Ruri:    (It was... Ruririn...)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I thought she was stabilized lately... Helpless... Operator Hoshino.
    Ruri:    Yes.
    Lamia:   Order the investigative squad to scramble, in place of captain.
    Ruri:    Understood. Megumi-san, call the D-Team people.
    Megumi:  Roger... This is bridge. Warrant officer Wakaba?
    # next: 386 JU #
    # scene 385 SB: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  We can't contact Nadesico?
    Noin:    No... We could confirm before their contact with Jovian...
    Shiroh:  Could it be...
    Amuro:   What about the Jovians?
    Noin:    No movement.
    Relena:  Nadesico... perhaps...
    Brigh:   We have to consider the worst case scenario...
    Amuro:   He's there. It's alright.
    Judau:   He?
    Roux:    How long to Small Balm?
    Noin:    Soon.
    Bright:  Be cautious. We don't know what kind of defensive system they have.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    No matter what they have... We have to go, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   No matter they have, we have to go... We can't let more like me to be
    Aina:    Enemy attack!?
    # if Norris joined #
    Norris:  Seems so...!
    Bright:  Units, prepare to ambush! Hurry!
    # next: scene 386 SB #
    # scene 386 JU: Kagurazuki - command room #
    Kusakab: What? The ancient ruins... was attacked by the enemy...!?
    Genpach: The genius squad appointed to guard it was annihilated.
    Kusakab: What organization...?
    Genichi: Vice-admiral Kusakabe, new enemies appeared.
    Kusakab: The ones that attacked the ancient ruins?
    Genichi: No, there was a reaction... The enemy is the mobile battleship
    Genpach: They've transported!?
    Kusakab: At this timing...!
    Saburou: Report! We know about the ones that attacked the ruins!
    Genpach: Who are they!?
    Saburou: ...Meganoids!
    # next: scene 387 JU #
    # scene 386 SB: Small Balm - command room #
    Soldier: Olban-sama, the Londo Bell Squad is approaching! They're fighting the
             defensive squad!
    Olban:   Such insects from Earth. They can't win with such power.
    Vega:    Don't relax, admiral Olban.
    Olban:   Well well, King Vega-sama. Welcome to my ceremony.
    Vega:    No need to greet... They've given Gandall and the others a hard time. I
             hope you're fine.
    Olban:   Of course. It's only a few... but rather good fireworks to my ceremony!
    Vega:    Uhm, Blackey and the others are defending too... They won't come here.
    Erika:   (...Kazuya... Kazuya is here...!)
    Vega:    Ooh, so this is your bride. Beautiful, indeed.
    Erika:   I'm grateful, King Vega-sama.
             (Calm down... Erika. Chance is only one...!)
    # next: scene 387 SB #
    # scene 387 JU: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ken:     Dragonar Team, back already!
    Tapp:    Why are we the ones that always go investigate?
    Light:   It's helpless, the Aestevalis can't move alone.
    Linda:   Welcome back.
    Yurika:  Thanks for your efforts! And, how was it?
    Light:   Anyhow, take a look at this. A picture from long range.
    Ryoko:   Wh,what!? Jovian mechs...
    Hikaru:  They're all destroyed?
    Erina:   This at the center, isn't it the ancient ruins!?
    Prospec: Yes, the ancient ruins at Mars pole. The ultimate one that Nergal
    Akatsuk: If we can capture it, we can evolve the Boson Jump technology's
             explication and implementation.
    Domon:   So you knew about the ruins since the beginning.
    Erina:   Eeh, but when we went to investigate, the Jovians attacked, so it was
             stalled. We want this chance back.
    Banjo:   ...It won't be that easy, look at this.
    Ryo:     This is, Commander Millene!?
    Hayato:  Indeed, Meganoids.
    Ken:     Yep, and this ruins are captured the Meganoids.
    Tapp:    This Jovian wreckage, were they all defeated by Meganoids?
    Banjo:   Yes. They were at Earth, but lately they didn't show up, so I was
    Rain:    [Axel/Lamia]-san, didn't the Shadow Mirror sneak at Meganoid's side?
    A/L:     We've tried to sneak... but no one came back.
    Minato:  Did they failed?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Dunno. I wasn't interested.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Don't know. I wasn't interested on anything besides my mission.
    Banjo:   They don't trust humans. They perhaps captured and transformed into a
    # if Axel Route #
    Uchuta:  Wait, the spy Shadow Mirror uses is that sort of robot, isn't it?
    Axel:    W Number. Excluding all the material properties, it's near a robot.
    Banjo:   Then, let me rephrase it. Meganoids don't trust anyone besides
             themselves... So, it's the same.
    Axel:    (...W17, if you were the one to sneak, would you have succeed...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Uchuta:  Wait, sister Lamia... She isn't human, right?
    Lamia:   ......
    Banjo:   Meganoids don't trust anyone besides themselves... And, as much as we
             see Lamia-kun, I think she has a human heart.
    Lamia:   ...With flatter... Nothing will come out...
    Tapp:    Yeah yeah, but from this body...
    Ruri:    The worst.
    Tsukumo: Back to topic. Why's Meganoid here?
    Banjo:   ...Muh, seems like they'll tell us.
    Yukina:  Eh?
    Ruri:    Enemy raid... Identification code, Meganoid.
    # next: Stage 33 JU #
    # scene 387 SB: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  At this rate, we won't make it! We'll go through at once.
    Rubyna:  No, we can't!
    Daisuke: Why, Rubyna?
    Rubyna:  Duke, Small Balm has has an ultimate defensive device...!
    Maria:   Defensive device!?
    Roux:    An anti-energy barrier that uses energy integrated circuit... Is that,
    Hyoma:   What's that?
    Judau:   It absorbs the destruction power of a beam or missele and counters as
             if it was it's own beam.
    Quatre:  So it shoots back our attacks?
    Roux:    ...A bit different, but yeah, we can think like that.
    Kosuke:  There are plenty of technology that absorbs beam... but to reflect it
             is a very good one.
    Daijiro: No time to praise it!
    Kenichi: Isn't there... a place where this barrier doesn't exist?
    Rubyna:  The anti-energy barrier involves the whole colony.
    Koji:    Hey hey, so how can we go through it!?
    Rubyna:  We have to destroy the circuit inside Small Balm. Then, the barrier
             will disappear.
    Kyoshir: The point is, how to go inside.
    Kazuya:  They must have a solid defense at that point.
    Amuro:   And the Peace Liberation Forces are almost destroyed... Despairing.
    Shiroh:  And even if they were ok, it would be difficult to destroy it...
    Maria:   Fufun, so it's me and my brother's turn once again!
    Tetsuya: Indeed, like you destroyed the Mass Driver... going underground and
             sneak into Small Balm.
    Relena:  And by dstroying the integrated circuit... Then La Kailum will be able
             to sneak in?
    Rubyna:  ...It isn't possible.
    Zechs:   Why is it?
    Rubyna:  The anti-energy barrier... That reflects even physical attacks... The
             more we hit it, the more shock it will reflect... Duke, Grendizer will
    	 be made into pieces.
    Daisuke: What the hell...!
    Duo:     So if I cut it with the beam scythe, then my pal will be into two... is
             that it?
    Heero:   Isn't there any way?
    Priest:  Omniscient and omnipotent God of Balm, commander of Space.
    Sayaka:  What's that!?
    Wu-fei:  Marriage ceremony... I see, they told they'd show to everyone!
    Juuzo:   So they want us to see it!
    Judau:   Damn, it started!
    Kazuya:  Erika!
    Olban:   ......
    Erika:   ......
    Priest:  Within the vow of love, to the two who will travel to the boasting of
             God, provide forture to them.
    Olban:   So, Erika. My wife. Let us show to the foolsh ones fighting at space
             our love.
    Erika:   Yes, my dear...
    Olban:   ...Fufu.
    Erika:   (It's now, Erika!)
             Enemy of my father! Olban, prepare!
    Vega:    Ooh!
    Kazuya:  Erika!?
    Zechs:   Indeed! However!
    Erika:   Uuh! R,release me, Olban!
    Olban:   ...Fufufu, and you thought you could defeat me with such weak woman's
             arms. Foolish! Your thought are of my knowledge!
    Erika:   Aah...
    Vega:    Admiral Olban, that was splendid.
    Kazuya:  Damn! I can't watch it anymore! How... how can we do it!?
    Ropet:   ...There's one way to go inside Small Balm...!
    Daisuke: Ropet!?
    Chizuru: What do you mean!?
    Ropet:   I thought about it, and asked about doctor Izumi's opinions... It's on
             this print.
    Nana:    I'll read it... Small Balm's barrier absorbs the destruction energy
             that hits it, and uses it as a attacking energy...
    Roux:    That's it.
    Nana:    With Daimos' Daimo Light Energy... make Daimos itself a cloud of
    Kosuke:  Aah, indeed! Daimos, while at energy state, can be carried inside the
             integrated circuit. If it can assemble its energy and come back to the
    	 normal state!
    Ippei:   So we can go inside Small Balm!
    Kayra:   Such a good method, why didn't you show us earlier!?
    Nana:    There isn't almost any chance of success! If it fails, brother Kazuya
             will become a cloud of energy along with Daimos and be destroyed!
    Ropet:   Correct, by my calculations, the chances are of... 2%.
    Amuro:   2%!?
    Koji:    So small!
    Kazuya:  2%... but Erika is in danger.
    Tetsuya: It's too dangerous! Ryuzaki, if you disappear, what will be of Erika!?
    Kazuya:  This war, is not only for Earth... the future of Small Balm depends on
             this too... I'd do it if we had 1% of chances. On the contrary, we have
    	 2% this time.
    Nana:    Brother...
    Kazuya:  Captain Bright, I'll go through it!
    Bright:  You wouldn't listen... If I tried to stop you.
    Kazuya:  ...Yes...!
    Roux:    Ryuzaki-san! Once you get back to normal, the integrated circuit would
             be in front of you! So destroy it quickly!
    Quatre:  If so, the barrier will disappear, and we can go in too.
    Kazuya:  Understood.
    Heero:   Kazuya Ryuzaki.
    Kazuya:  Uhn...?
    Heero:   Mission accomplish chances of 2%... 1 in 50 will succeed... You can
             fail 49 times. Just succeed that 1.
    Trowa:   There should be a better way to tell that.
    Kazuya:  Fuh, thanks... Watch now, Olban! Kazuya Ryuzaki, the greatest
             challenge! Daimo Light Energy formation...!
    # next: Stage 33 SB #
     Stage 33 JU M: Ikari no Nichirin (Sun of rage)
                 F: Meganoid no yabou (Meganoid's ambition)
    [Meganoid units appear]
    [Nadesico Y appears]
    Camille: They've come!
    Kappei:  We'll crush them all. Be prepared!
    Torres:  Damn Nadesico, you've run last time you came, but now it won't be like
             this! I'll defeat you and make you my treasure!
    Millene: Torres, stop.
    Torres:  Why? So you don't want me to take the treasure from you!
    Millene: We can't kill our precious experiments, can we?
    Akito:   Experiment?
    Millene: Correct. My mission is to know at all levels the usage of human.
    Ryo:     Usage?
    Millene: Yes... Human's brains or skin, there are plenty of unused parts. We'll
             push it over and use it. You shall become good ingredients.
    Banjo:   Such egoistic! Commander Millene...! The decision at Earth, I shall
             have it here!
    Millene: Banjo Haran, so you are here too.
    Banjo:   Anywhere Meganoid's dirty tails appear, Banjo Haran will as well.
    Millene: Hohoho, good timing... I want to show you. Commander Liser.
    [Megaborg Aiser and Megaborg Liser appear]
    Beauty:  Those two are alive?
    Banjo:   Aiser!?
    Aiser:   Aah, Banjo-sama. I'm not whatt I was before! Don't hesitate... and
             shoot me this time!
    Banjo:   Millene! What did you do to Aiser!?
    Millene: I've inserted a control device. Now Aiser is a marionette. With
    Liser:   Unrelated to her emotions, Banjo Haran! She'll attack you!
    Torres:  It's obvious, to one who betrayed Don.
    George:  What is he talking about?
    Domon:   Such dammed bastards!
    # if Master survived #
    Master:  Humpf, they can't fight with their own strength!
    Akito:   You, how can you be humans... No, you're not humans, afterall.
    Millene: No, we're humans. We're super-humans who overcome humans,
             Meganoid. We're not at the same level as yours.
    Banjo:   Don't say it, Millene! For such a crappy human! Blood anger my veins!
    Millene: What!?
    Aiser:   Banjo-sama!
    Banjo:   I'm sorry, Aiser. For all... I shall release you from this curse...!
             Seeee! For the world and for the people, and to bring peace to this
    	 Space! The ambition of the Meganoid this Daitarn 3 will crush! Such
    	 dirty Commanders... If you're not afraid by the shine of this
    	 sun... then come and get me!
    Yurika:  Units scramble! Commence attack!
    # formation: NA (Nadesico Y) + 14 units #
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship destruction
    # enemy reinforce: half enemy annihilation #
    Torres:  Hahahahaha!
    Kou:     Another Meganoid!
    Sai-sic: What is it going to do!?
    Banjo:   A reinforce Megaborg!
    Torres:  So you'll try to take my sweet Torres squad, Banjo Haran!
    Banjo:   Squad? Such low level Meganoid, for a squad, it isn't much of a joke!
    Torres:  You said that!
    [Meganoid units appear]
    Banjo:   What!? Daitarn fake!?
    Torres:  Exactly! My personal and favorite collection! Take this!
    Hayato:  Such a childish guy.
    Galliso: But, his power is beyond an adult's. And his will to annihilate us too.
    Torres:  Go, my Torres squad! Defeat Earth's mechs!
    Banjo:   Don't fool me! No matter the world, no fake wins over the original!
    # Banjo VS Liser #
    Banjo:   I won't forgive you for what you've done to Aiser!
    Liser:   You are the one who made Aiser like this, Banjo Haran!
    Banjo:   And after playing with weak hearted ones, you swear it's not your
             fault! The hell with super human! Don't make me laugh!
    Liser:   Banjooooo!
    # Banjo VS Aiser #
    Aiser:   Banjo-sama, I won't tell you anymore. Destroy me as one war robot,
    Banjo:   Aiser... For sure, for sure I'll defeat the Meganoids...!
    # Banjo VS Millene #
    Millene: Banjo, become a Meganoid gently! If you listen to us, you can live
             happily as ever.
    Banjo:   I refuse, you... No, you all, if it's to become your slaves, then I'll
             choose death quickly...!
    # enemy retreat 1: Millene's hp reaches 0 #
    Millene: Uuh... You, I'll leave the settle for later!
    [Megaborg Millene explodes]
    # enemy retreat 2: Torres' hp reaches 0 #
    Torres:  Uwaah! Not only my beloved sons, but I myself too... Lamplight of my
             heart, rest well.
    Banjo:   How about giving up the poor act of your drama, Megaborg Torres?
    Torres:  Shut up shut up shut up! To bring such a world full of lies to reality
             isn't as easy as you say!
    Ken:     Don't talk about such egoistic reasons!
    Torres:  Silence! That's a world possible because of Meganoid's powers!
    Banjo:   To rely on such unstable power! A world of lies is afterall a world of
    Uribata: Yes yes. Real and reality... One who can't separate both is indeed a
    Torres:  Remember!
    [Megaborg Torres explodes]
    # enemy reinforce: Liser's hp reaches 0 or Aiser's hp reaches 0 #
    # if Liser's hp reached 0 #
    Liser:   No joke1 Megatwin Go!!
    Aiser:   Stop! Aaaaah!
    # else Aiser's hp reached 0 #
    Aiser:   Kyaaaah!
    Liser:   Uuh... We didn't lose yet! Megatwin Go!!
    [Megaborg Liser and Megabord Aiser disappear]
    [Giant Combined Megaborg appears]
    Reika:   Aiser and Liser combined into another Megaborg!?
    Beauty:  The same one we've fought at Earth...!
    Liser:   Hohohohoho! Don't think it as the same as before! Now I'm Commander
             Liser! Aiser's will was smashed!
    Banjo:   What...!?
    Liser:   Now I'm perfect! Banjo!
    Banjo:   ...Indeed, good thing you showed me... And I'll pay that show with your
             life, Giant Combined Megaborg... No, Megaborg Liser!
    Liser:   My wish!
    Banjo:   (Aiser...! I own't hesitate. This is my war...!)
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 388 JU #
     Stage 33 SB M: Ikaru kokoro ni hi wo tsukero (Ignite the raging heart)
                 F: Erika no ketsui (Erika's decision)
    [Balm units appear]
    Olban:   Haha. Your crime for deceiving me and aiming at my life is heavy,
             Erika! ...However, it's a flower I don't want to crush!
    Erika:   I'm not willing to survive after having mercy from a man like you!
    Olban:   Such a joke. I'll remodellate your brain and make you a lover doll!
    Erika:   You're such a fool to steal hearts and love machines! A shame to Balm!
    Priest:  Well said... Erika. And so you're the long lost admiral Leon's
    Olban:   Wh,what?
    Priest:  Olban, loser of political influence! Feel the shame beneath God!
    Olban:   To turn to me with such words... I won't even forgive a priest!
    Priest:  I'm the one who won't forgive you!
    Olban:   Y,you're... Lihitel!?
    Lihitel: Murdering my father Leon, and joining forces with Shadow Mirror, Vega
             Alliance forces, and willing to turn the people of Balm into
             marionettes, Olban! Feel my sword!
    Raiza:   Lihitel-sama, leave the bodyguards to me, take Olban!
    Olban:   I won't forgive, no matter who tries to rob my flower!
    Lihitel: Enemy of Balm, Olban! I'll punish you in the name of admiral Leon! The
             hatred of my father, feel it!
    Olban:   I won't be defeated by you!
    [Daimos appears]
    Kazuya:  Uwooooooooooh!
    Olban:   Uuh, what's, this light!?
    Vega:    What, what happened!?
    Lihitel: That's... Daimos!? Kazuya Ryuzaki!
    Erika:   Kazuya!
    Kazuya:  So this is the integrated circuit, teeeya!
    Olban:   N,no, the barrier disappeared! Eei! Come! Erika!
    Erika:   Aah.
    Lihitel: Muh, taking Erika as a shield!? Coward! Don't run, Olban!!
    Kazuya:  Erikaaa!
    Olban:   Attack! Destroy Daimos!
    Kazuya:  Don't get on my way!
    [Kazuya's morale +30]
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Daimos destruction   (before ally reinforce 2)
          Quimeria destruction (after ally reinforce 1 and before ally reinforce 2)
    # ally reinforce 1: turn 2 #
    [Mech Warrior Quimeria appears]
    Kazuya:  Reinforces!?
    Lihitel: Kazuya Ryuzaki!
    Kazuya:  Lihitel... is that you, Lihitel!?
    Lihitel: I don't want to fight you! While they're on my way, I can't pursue
    Erika:   I'll take Erika back!
    Lihitel: So, our purposes are one, Kazuya Ryuzaki!
    Kazuya:  Seems so. Londo Bell Squad will come in a while! Endure until then!
    Lihitel: Very well, let's go for a truce until this fight is over!
    [Lihitel's morale +30]
    # enemy reinforce 1: turn 3 #
    [Vega units appear]
    Kazuya:  Vega Alliance forces!? So those are the bodyguards of Balm!
    Lihitel: Bastards Vega Alliance! And I thought they'd run, they've come, on the
    Zrill:   Eei, how did it come through!? Daimos!
    Gandall: Chief Zrill, no time to think about it!
    Blackye: We'll smash them!
    Kazuya:  The Vega Alliance guyes that were outside are in! So, La Kailum will
             arrive soon! Okaaaaaaay!
    # ally reinforce 2: turn 4 #
    [La Kailum appears]
    Bright:  Ryuzaki! Are you ok!?
    Nana:    Brother!
    Kyoshir: You didn't disappear, Kazuya! I won't accept if you appear transparent
             around here, you know?
    Kazuya:  Don't worry!
    Duke:    Vega Alliance forces! This time... You won't run!
    Maria:   Doing whatever they want, I'm pissed!
    Relena:  This is where 1 billion of Balmlings are cold-sleeping! So, please, be
             careful with your battle!
    Koji:    We know!
    Hyoma:   Ok, let's do it for show!
    Chizuru: Hyoma, didn't you hear Relena-san's warning!?
    Judau:   Hey, the one fighting along with Daimos...
    Tetsuya: Balm's mech?
    Kazuya:  Erika's brother, Lihitel! Don't attack him!
    Lihitel: ......
    Trowa:   Can we trust him?
    Juuzo:   We won't like a boom from behind!
    Kazuya:  Trust him! His will to save Erika and Balm are the same!
    Bright:  Scramble! Confirm the Balm's mech Ryuzaki told as ally!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Unbelievable amiability... I've gotten used to it, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Instead of regretting of being shot, regretting of shooting... A
             unbelievable feeling. However, no need to say it.
    # Duke VS Gandall #
    Duke:    Vega Alliance forces, who wants to steal the peace of Balm, I won't
    Gandall: For King Vega-sama's sake!
    # Rubyna VS Gandall #
    Gandall: Princess Rubyna, stop it already. Or I'll have to be rude.
    Rubyna:  If father is going to stop this war for peace, then I shall go back!
    # Duke VS Blackey #
    Blackey: Good timing! If I can defeat you in front of King Vega-sama, then my
             part will be of no mistake!
    Duke:    In times we're fighting for survival of the people of one planet, you
             only fight for you own glory and honor! Such one, isn't qualified to
    	 fight this war!
    # Rubyna VS Blackey #
    Blackey: Princess Rubyna, if you're not coming back, I'll take you by force.
    Rubyna:  Silence, Blackey! You should stop fighting.
    # Duke VS Zrill #
    Zrill:   Fufufu, if I can defeat you, princess Rubyna's heart will crumble. At
             that point, I'll...!
    Duke:    I'll see if you can do it. The burden I'm carrying... If someone like
             you can carry!
    # Rubyna VS Zrill #
    Rubyna:  Chief Zrill, if you're a scientist too, then stop lending your powers
             to this war.
    Zrill:   Princess Rubyna, forget about it and come back to King Vega.
    # enemy reinforce 3: turn 5 #
    [Balm units appear]
    Olban:   Annoying! So you're still here!?
    Lihitel: Olban!
    Kazuya:  So you've appeared, admiral Olban! Your plans lasts now! Where's
    Olban:   Don't know! And that's not of your matter! You'll die here!
    Koji:    Keh, don't say such crappy speeches!
    Tetsuya: However... they're giving all their efforts, [Axel/Lamia]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Aah. Shadow Mirror... So they've appeared.
             (W17... isn't here. So this isn't the stage for our decision.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Aah. Shadow Mirror... I thought they'd stay at backstage... But they've
             appeared here.
             (Commander Axel... isn't here. So this isn't the stage for our
    # Kazuya VS Olban #
    Kazuya:  Admiral Olban, for you, so many unneeded blood has flown. You'll pay
             all of it in front of all Balm!
    Olban:   Why should I? I didn't do any wrong!
    # enemy retreat: Olban's hp reaches 0 #
    Olban:   Uwaaaah! O...Olban-samaa!
    [Mech Warrior God Amon]
    Kazuya:  We did it.
    Megumi:  But, he said a strange thing at last.
    Amuro:   Not yet. The bad feeling isn't gone...!
    Duo:     Nah.
    Heero:   We know. There are plenty of possibilities.
    [Balm units appear]
    Olban:   Fuhahahaha. You fell into it, the one you've defeated is my shadow
    Kyoshir: Keh, I thought it'd be like that.
    Ippei:   Using such old magic!
    Kenichi: Coward! Do a fair and square decision!
    Olban:   They're tired of this battle. Smash them at once!
    Lihitel: Such bastard, Olban!
    Kazuya:  So this time it's the true one? ...I'll crush you as much as you want!
             Until I can meet Erika!
    Olban:   Such a joke!
    [Olban's morale +50]
    # Kazuya VS Olban #
    Kazuya:  Olban, I'll defeat you this time! I won't let you mess up with the
    Olban:   What's wrong with that!? They can earn the true happiness! What's wrong
             on wishing for the people's happiness!?
    Kazuya:  Such a rotten bastard! It won't be as you wish!
    # Lihitel VS Olban #
    Lihitle: Balm's enemy Olban. Take my sword!
    Olban:   Lihitel, it'd be better for you to die in a battle against Earthlings!
    # enemy death: Olban's hp reaches 0 #
    Olban:   Gwah! C,can't be... I,I... at this place!?
    Lihitel: It's what you deserve! Die feeling the weight of your crimes, Olban!
    Olban:   Kuku... kukukuku...
    Shiroh:  What?
    Hyoma:   Did he go nuts?
    Olban:   You fools! ...So you think you've save the lives of 1 billion
    Chizuru: It's a bad time to excuses!
    Aina:    Is that really it...?
    Olban:   Fufu... Yes, you, at this point, have killed all the Balm people with
             your own hands...!
    Lihitel: What!? Explain it, Olban!
    Olban:   ...My death... is the death of... 1 billion Balmlings. When my life
             comes to... an end... This Small Balm will fall into hell...!
    Kazuya:  What are you talking about!?
    Olban:   The life of this Small Balm... the motif control room's computer is
             connected to my heart...!
    Judau:   What, so, if you die...!
    Olban:   Yes... the computer will synchronize with it, and Small Balm
             will... fall into Jupiter!
    Amuro:   It can't be...!
    Olban:   Farewell, Lihitel, Erika! And foolish Earthlings! Feel the pain of
             death until your wills crumble! Hahahahahaha... Ugh!?
    [Mech Warrior God Amon explodes]
    # stage end #
    Hyoma:   Wh,what!?
    Roux:    So, what Olban said is...!?
    Ropet:   It's terrible, the orbit of Small Balm is starting to move. It's
             heading to Jupiter!
    Koji:    What, it's no joke!
    Vega:    Fufu, Olban does such an interesting stuff... All of you, flee from
             Small Balm.
    # next: scene 388 SB #
    # scene 388 JU: Nadesico - bridge #
    Megumi:  Is that the true self of the Meganoids?
    Banjo:   ...Yes.
    Erina:   No joke! To have the ancient ruins' technology taken by those ones!
    Noin:    Forgetting if it's good to Nergal or not, we can't let the Meganoids
             keep it.
    Quattro: If we can capture the ruins... then we can have a chance with the
    Yurika:  I see. Nadesico will head to the ancient ruins!
    Banjo:   (Koros, and Don Zauser... I'll have my decision...!)
    # next: scene 389 JU #
    # scene 388 SB: Small Balm #
    Kyoshir: No joke, we'll flee! I don't want die along with the Balmlings, you
    Relena:  But, we can't just leave the Balmlings behind!
    Shiroh:  Can't we stop the falling, somehow!?
    Kosuke:  The motif control room!
    Hiyoshi: Yes, it's the computer at the control room that's making Small Balm
             fall, Olban said!
    Bright:  But, we don't even know where that control room is! If D-3 was here...!
    Soldier: Ashita-san, Ruka-san!?
    Boss:    Hey, someone is calling?
    Judau:   Uhn!? That's... Balm's Peace Liberation Forces!
    Roux:    I'm glad. There are survivors!
    Soldier: I can lead you to the motif control room!
    Bright:  Hurry! How much until the time limit for Small Balm's falling?
    Ropet:   By calculations, it'll enter Jupiter's gravity in 20 minutes. If that
             happens, to flee with self power will be impossible.
    Amuro:   So that's the time limit point...!
    Kazuya:  We've come this far. I'll rescue Small Balm, for sure...!
    # next: scene 389 SB #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 389 JU: Mars pole's ruins #
    Koros:   Banjo... Haran Banjo is coming here.
    Millene: Yes, I beg your pardon. If I just could have defeated them before.
    Torres:  Only if I could bring out more of my Torres squad... We'd have beaten
    Lisar:   Enough, commander Torres... Such a childish man like you can't beat
             Londo Bell!
    Don:     ......
    Koros:   Silence, commander Lisar. Don's angry your attack at Nadesico failed.
    Lisar:   Hah.
    Don:     ......
    Koros:   And Don says commander Torres' extravagancy is something to learn from.
    Lisar:   Hah...!
    Koros:   Our Mars remodelling will soon finish. Until then, we can't let Banjo,
             Nadesico, nor the Jovians to come nearer.
    Don:     ......
    Koros:   By remodelling Mars, and after all the Boson Jump technology is at our
             hands... Meganoid's ideal will come true, as Don says.
    Torres:  Hahah, this time, I will, no my squad will defeat Banjo along with
    Koros:   We can't lose this fight. I'll go too.
    Millene: No, Koros-sama yourself doesn't need to fight, leave it to this
             commander Millene!
    Don:     ......
    Koros:   Commander Millene, Don says you still don't understand the importance
             of this fight.
    Torres:  Hahaha, leave this fight to commander Torres.
    Lisar:   We'll defeat Banjo and Nadesico, for sure.
    Millene: And by building the Meganoid empire, we'll spread Don Zauser's dream to
             the whole galaxy.
    Don:     ......
    Koros:   Don expects such result. Scramble.
    Millene: Hah!
    Lisar:   Understood.
    Torres:  I'll show them the power of my Torres squad!
    Don:     ......
    Koros:   ...Dear. Banjo Haran is coming. At the very last... at the very last he
             doesn't understand what you want.
    Don:     ......
    Koros:   ...Dear...
    # next: scene 390 JU #
    # scene 389 SB: Small Balm - inside temple #
    Quatre:  Hurry, we have no time!
    Duo:     Okay, let's go! Leave the maneuver to me!
    Heero:   Quick.
    Koji:    Heh, only if the Shuffle Union was here this time.
    Tetsuya: No time to complaim. Let's go, Koji-kun, Daisuke-san.
    Daisuke: Aah. Sorry, lead us, please.
    Soldier: Understood. The pathway is narrow, so robots can't come in, but the
             control room is at straight line. This way!
    Bright:  2nd Lt Amada! I'm counting them on you!
    Shiroh:  Roger!
    # next: scene 390 SB #
    # scene 390 JU: Kagurazuki - command room #
    Kusakab: ......
    Saburou: Why are you hesitant, vice-admiral!? We have to defeat Meganoid along
             with Londo Bell!
    Genpach: Calm down, vice-captain. It's foolish to take both as enemies. This...
    Kusakab: Yes, there's this word of profiting while others fight. Did you forget
             our Jovian genius squad was defeated by the Meganoids? There are times
    	 it's best to be watchful.
    Saburou: However! To wait for the enemy to weaken, that's a shame to the pride
             of this genius squad...!
    Genichi: ...There's no pride anymore.
    Genpach: Uhn?
    Kusakab: ...Tsukiomi, what did you say?
    Genichi: Nothing.
    Kusakab: Send in some investigative Battas. When it's time, we'll attack.
    Genichi: ......
    # next: scene 391 JU #
    # scene 390 SB - Small Balm - command room #
    Lihitel: Small Balm is sinking... The Earthlings might be satisfied. Small Balm
             is becoming a dust of Space...
    Erika:   It's not, brother! The Earthlings came to save Balm... and it's 1
             billion people!
    Lihitel: Foolish. Do you think they'd discard their hatred toward us!? We've
             destroyed their towns, and killed millions of people, and do you think
    	 they wouldn't avenge!?
    Erika:   Brother, it's not! Earthlings are not all like you say!
    Lihitel: Shut up, shut up! I admit it was the Shadow Mirror who damaged peace!
             However, the Earthlings are Earthlings, afterall!
    Erika:   Sure there are bad Earthlings. But Balm too... there are people like
    Lihitel: Silenece, Olban is a shame to Balm! Don't put us together! Do you think
             those Earthlings would cooperate with us!?
    Erika:   Brother, you should trust the Earthlings more!
    # next: scene 391 SB #
    # scene 391 JU: Nadesico - bridge #
    Ruri:    Soon we'll be at the ancient ruins.
    Linda:   There's no sign of the Jovians.
    Sai-sic: Isn't it better to wait for the Jovians, and let them fight against the
             Meganoids, then we attack them when they're weak?
    Reika:   We don't know when the Jovians will come, isn't it hard to do?
    Quattro: No, the reason the Jovians won't appear now... is because the one who's
             profiting from the other's fight are the Jovians themselves.
    Tsukumo: ...I'm sure that's right.
    Camille: And, the Jovians were defeated once at attacking the Meganoids.
    Prospec: So they don't want to suffer the second time.
    Banjo:   We're the ones to suffer, so the results are the same.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    So self-confident... aren't you different from last battle?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Banjo Haran... since the last battle, you're a bit strange, aren't you?
    Banjo:   Really? The decision with Meganoids... That's my purpose. I'm excited.
    Reika:   Well well, Banjo... By the way, how's captain Bright doing?
    Megumi:  No use. There are heavy wave interference, so we can't contact them.
    Yurika:  Captain Bright and the others are fine!
    Akito:   I think so too. Instead, aren't we in trouble?
    Domon:   Aah. The Meganoids might be preparing themselves.
    Ryo:     We can't stay and wait for their trap. We have to hurry.
    Keiko:   And we came for peace...
    Uchuta:  It's helpless. We've been caught on the enemy's plan, and as peace is
             gone, we've been sent to Mars, see?
    Hayato:  I won't be surprised for anything that happens.
    Burning: We have chances of reverse that.
    Ken:     How?
    Light:   The ancient ruins we're heading... is it?
    Tapp:    I see, the reason the Jovians didn't need peace was because of that
             ruins' powers, right?
    Ryoko:   If we can smash it... then they can't stay strong.
    Akatsuk: Hey, wait! It won't be solved by destroying it, will it? We have to
             capture it and talk about it.
    Galliso: Because it'll be trouble for Nergal Enterprise to have it destroyed?
    Akatsuk: Don't doubt on me like that, Tokida-san. I'm just giving a constructive
             opinion, see?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Mah, we'll let it be.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   We'll let it be that way.
    Yurika:  We know. I'll fight my style here.
    Erika:   (My style...?)
    # next: Stage 34 JU #
    # scene 391 SB: Inside temple - pathway #
    Soldier: This way. Hurry!
    Kyoshir: What, it's silent here?
    Koji:    There are no guys to interfere, and no one to cooperate too.
    Wu-fei:  They're confused. Admiral... their chairman just died.
    Tetsuya: Small Balm... at a time their land is coming down to destruction, it's
             strange to be thinking of the death of their chairman.
    Heero:   If there are no interferences, then that's better.
    Trowa:   I'm concerned about the panic at surface.
    Quatre:  Leave it to the remaining ones. We have to do our work!
    Kazuya:  Aah, let's go!
    Soldier: We'll soon be at the control room!
    # next: scene 392 SB #
    # scene 392 SB: Control room - pathway #
    Koji:    What's this wide pathway!?
    Kyoshir: The mood here is different... It was all rock and stone, and now is
    Duo:     Heh, that sure is strange.
    Soldier: It's this way. But, be careful. It was remodelled lately, I've heard.
    Trowa:   Of course, there will be traps.
    Shiroh:  But, we have no time to check!
    Kazuya:  We have to go forward... Erika, wait for me. Small Balm... I'll save!
    Nana:    Hurry! Brother Kazuya! 15 minutes until we reach Jovian's sphere!
    Wu-fei:  What!?
    Daisuke: Watch out! It's an attack!
    Heero:   So, there's a defensive system.
    Shiroh:  Weapons at pathway!?
    Kazuya:  Damn you Olban, you remodelled this pathway into a fortress to not let
             anyone come through!
    Shiroh:  No use, we can't get any closer!
    Kyoshir: What should we do!? There's no time...!
    Koji:    Kuh, if so, I'll do it with Mazinger...!
    Daisuke: It's impossible, Koji-kun. If we think about the narrow space to come
             into here... Mobile Suits can't stand-up and move.
    Quatre:  Our Gundams could just break through, instead of stand-up and move...
    Trowa:   Impossible. Their shapes don't help.
    Duo:     We should have made them at a simpler shape, dammit.
    Kazuya:  ...Let's go back.
    Nana:    Eh!? Brother Kazuya!?
    Heero:   Will you abandon them?
    Kazuya:  ......
    # next: scene 393 SB #
    # scene 393 SB: Small Balm - command room #
    Lihitel: ...It's over. No one can stop Small Balm.
    Erika:   No, the Earthlings won't give up. They'll try to save Small Balm until
             the very last moment.
    Lihitel: Open your eyes, Erika! Look at the monitor!
    Erika:   Kazuya and the others... they're heading back!?
    Lihitel: See, Erika, the Earthlings are going back of fear! And that Kazuya
             Ryuzaki is the head of that running! ...Earthlings afterall, do matter
    	 about themselves at first!
    Erika:   That's not true!
    Raiza:   But, they were decided to go to the control room!
    Lihitel: They want to flee from Small Balm. That's the true self of those who
             yelled good words of saving Balm's people!
    Erika:   No... Kazuya...
    Raiza:   ...This is?
    Lihitel: ...What's this noise?
    # next: Stage 34 SB #
     Stage 34 JU M: Uchuu no hate ni kieru tomo (Disappearing in the far space)
                 F: Don Zauser
    [Meganoids units appear]
    [Nadesico Y and Daitarn 3 appear]
    # formation: NA (Nadesico Y) + 14 units #
    Lisar:   You've come, Banjo!
    Banjo:   No need to say I would.
    Kou:     This is Mars pole's ancient ruins...! What are the Meganoids trying to
             do here?
    Torres:  A big project!
    Ken:     A big project, you say?
    Light:   Such abstract talk. What's so big on it?
    Tapp:    Well said. You were all enclosured at Mars till now.
    Lisar:   And did you think we'd stay in Mars just doing nothing?
    Banjo:   What!?
    Torres:  Mars will be reborn. And it'll be able to move with the transport
             device... into Meganoids' giant fortres!
    Yurika:  E...eeeh!?
    Hikaru:  So you're remodelling the entire Mars into a base?
    Lisar:   It's possible as of Meganoid technology. Did you forget... the power of
             the Meganoids, built to make mankind able to live at Mars?
    Torres:  One more month and Mars will become Meganoid's moving
             fortress. And... it'll become a godly fortress that uses the technology
    	 of Boson Jump!
    Erina:   The... planet itself...!?
    Akatsuk: That's a big scale. Damn it.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Indeed, Shadow Mirror... Vindel and Lemon would be concerned. To have
             such technology. At my world, the Meganoids didn't move much.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Indeed, Shadow Mirror squad... Vindel-sama and Lemon-sama would be
             concerned. To have such technology. At my world, the Meganoids didn't
             move much.
    Ines:    That's trylu interesting. A power to move Mars... I want an explanation
             on that.
    Ryoko:   No time to be interested! We won't let it be done!
    Banjo:   Agred... By the way, are you the only ones? I can't see Millene?
    Torres:  We don't need her. We're enough!
    Lisar:   The most damaging beings to our project, Banjo Haran, and Londo Bell!
             We'll have you disappear!
    Banjo:   That's my speech, commander Lisar! The coexistance of Meganoids and
             humans... and the destruction of that small possibility... I won't
             forget! I'll avenge Aisar, and give an end to this war!
    Lisar:   Aiser's? Such a naive man, Banjo Haran!
    Banjo:   Don't say it! ...For the world and for the people, the ambition of the
             Meganoid this Daitarn 3 will crush! If you're not afraid by the shine
             of this sun... then come and get me!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship destruction
    # enemy reinforces 1: enemy turn 3 #
    Torres:  Eei, my collection! Come out!
    [Meganoid units appear]
    Beauty:  Banjo!
    Reika:   The fake Daitarns again!
    Banjo:   Commander Torres! Don't think you can gain the power of Daitarn by just
             making it's shape! You can't defeat the true one! The same way you
    	 Meganoids can't become human...!
    Torres:  Shut up! We can't become human? Of course! We're the ones to overcome
    Banjo:   Don't say it! Humans overcome humans! And you, who can't even become
             humans, say you'll overcome them? Don't make me laugh!
    # enemy reinforces 2: enemy turn 4 #
    [Meganoid units appear]
    Koros:   Banjo Haran.
    Banjo:   Koros...! To imagine you'd come yourself.
    Koros:   This is important stage to we Meganoids. We'll destroy you, and soon
             after that the Jovians will attack... We have to face them too.
    Akito:   You predict that far...?
    Domon:   Indeed, so you're far different actors from previous crap ones.
    Millene: Crap? Such an excuse!
    Koros:   Stop it, commander Millene... This battle, we cannot be defeated. Don't
             fall into uninteresting teases.
    Axel:    Such a bad opponent. And... Those around are Geshpensts. So it seems
             the spy who sneaked is gone already.
    Koros:   The android inside... it was well done, but nothing compared to us
             Meganoids, who are super-humans.
    Axel:    About the W Numbers... If it was W17, it wouldn't be that easy, I bet.
    Koros:   Shadow Mirror... you said? They're no enemies just like Jovians.
    Kappei:  For saying so. You're only remodelling those who approach you.
    Chibode: You can't trust if it's not Meganoid, is it?
    George:  It's far more valid against the Shadow Mirror... but a bit foolish.
    Koros:   Silence. Meganoid is the most well done existance of all
             space... They've become one of Meganoid, haven't they?
    Banjo:   So you're fine with remodelling people's brains to be convinced, Koros!
    Koros:   Shut up, Banjo! I'll show you the truth you doubted. And Meganoid will
             rise over mankind's top.
    Millene: Koros-sama, that thing.
    Koros:   Do it.
    Millene: Hah.
    Keiko:   What!?
    # if respective pilots deployed #
    Akito:   Uwaaah! My head...!
    Akatsuk: uh, my head...!
    Ryoko:   I feel bad, what's this?
    Hikaru:  Aah, I feel bad!
    Izumi:   My headache... aches...
    Domon:   Ngh, uuh...
    Chibode: The strength of my body is being drained...!
    George:  It's a device to damage the pilots!
    Sai-sic: Uuh... My head aches, I can't focus!
    Argo:    Muh...
    Allenby: This feeling... Stop!
    Rain:    Berserker System...!? No, it's not.
    Fuun-sa: Hihiiiiin!
    Master:  Such devilish art...!
    Burning: We've been deceived!
    Kou:     Uh... uuuuh.
    Camille: The one that controlled Four and Rosamy...!? No, another one!?
    Fa:      Camille!
    Malliot: Muh... dizzy!? What's this!?
    Ken:     Uwah, my head is dizzy.
    Tapp:    Ueh. What are they doing!?
    Light:   No weird patter at D-3... But then, what's this!?
    Ryo:     What's this!?
    Michiru: My strength...
    Jack:    Bad feeling neh!
    Miyuki:  Uwah!
    Kappei:  I can't gather strength...! What's this!?
    Axel:    Such strange thing...!
    Yurika:  What's this!? Oh my... My head, is dizzy.
    Ruri:    It's a strong sleppy waves.
    Galliso: That sure works on old timers... I hope there are no trouble for
             everyone piloting...
    Quattro: Damn...
    Koros:   Commander Millene built a mind control device... as it was imperfect,
             it was useful to remodel it for other purposes.
    Millene: It works on humans.
    Banjo:   ......
    Koros:   Ban...jo?
    Banjo:   ...Uwooooooh!
    [Banjo's morale +30]
    Millene: Banjo! You, how!?
    Banjo:   ...There's no how, commander Millene! I'm the one here who most wishes
             to destroy you! I won't be deceived by you!
    Yurika:  Y,yes...! Everyone, do your best! Er, yelling... makes dizzier.
    Koros:   Banjo... So... you're...!?
    Banjo:   ...No need to talk! Let's go, Koros!
    # enemy reinforce 3: Koros' hp reaches 0 #
    Koros:   Uuh!
    # if alive unit: Millene unit #
    Millene: Ah, Koros-sama!
    # if alive unit: Torres unit #
    Torres:  Koros-sama!
    # if alive unit: Lisar unit #
    Lisar:   How terrible! Koros-sama!!
    Domon:   We did it!
    Hikaru:  She comes out in such a fighter, it's obvious!
    Quattro: It'll get easier if it drops down the enemies' morale.
    Banjo:   No, that woman can't be defeated so easily...!
    Koros:   ...Correct, Banjo.
    [Koros appears and Koros' morale +50]
    Koros:   ..So, this is the end.
    Benkei:  It's huge!
    Ryo:     What happened!?
    Minato:  ...I want to ask her three sizes.
    Banjo:   I see, so you fled and became giant with the macro machine!
    Koros:   Banjo, this battle... I told you I can't lose.
    Yurika:  W,we're losing in style a bit... but we won't lose this battle!
    # enemy death 1: Lisar's hp reaches 0 #
    Aisar:   Banjo...sama.
    Banjo:   Aisar!? Is that you, Aisar!?
    Aisar:   Banjo-sama... this time, it's farewell for sure...
    Banjo:   Aah, it is. Go before me, Aisar.
    Aisar:   Banjo-sama... Don't... say so... You're... you're the human... and
    Lisar:   What are you talking about, Aisar!? Can it be... Banjo!
    [Giant Combined Megaborg explodes]
    Banjo:   ......
    # enemy death 2: Torres' hp reaches 0 #
    Torres:  I,it can't be! I!
    Banjo:   It's the end! Commander Torres!
    Torres:  No... Disappear!? My... my dreams!
    [Megaborg Torres explodes]
    Uribata: Reality and hobby... because they're incompatible, hobbies are fun. One
             who doesn't undestand that is just a maniac.
    Banjo:   It's not, Uribatake-kun. The Meganoids can't do that...
    # enemy death 3 and enemy reinforce 4: Koros' hp reaches 0 #
    Banjo:   Koros...!
    Koros:   Banjo... not only once, but twice...! Why, why can't you understand
             Don's feelings...!?
    Banjo:   I do hate! My father, who created the cyborgs...! Who was caught on the
             word of mankind's evolution, and involved mother and brother into the
    	 cyborg experiments, and killed them. I can't forgive...!
    Camille: Banjo-san...?
    Akito:   Such thing happened!?
    Galliso: Banjo-sama...
    Koros:   No... No... at this... place...
    Banjo:   Don and you, overestimate yourselves calling up Meganoids as
             super-humans... I do hate it!
    Koros:   Banjo... At an era where mankind break its bonds with Earth's gravity,
             and flies to Space... Don's thoughts are rightful.
    Ines:    This is only one shape of it... Made by one with soul pulled by
    Quattro: ......
    Koros:   ...Banjo... A,a person like you...
    Banjo:   You're a good example, Koros. This feeling, this love for Don Zauser is
             the core of your heart... So you became a Meganoid who can't think
    	 other things...
    Koros:   Yes... To love him... is my life...
    Banjo:   But, that's the end, Koros...!
    Ruri:    Giant energy approaching.
    Yurika:  Can it be... reinforces!? Ruri-chan, identification!?
    Ruri:    Unknown. But, it should be Meganoids.
    [Don Zauser appears]
    Don:     Koro...s.
    Koros:   D,dear...!?
    Don:     Koros... who's... the one hurting you...?
    Banjo:   Don...! Don Zauser!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    So the commander appears... This is... really tough.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   The chairman of Meganoids...! However... it's huge.
    Don:     I... see. Understand... You're the ones... making Koros suffer...!
    Koros:   De...ar... dear...
    [Koros explodes]
    Don:     Ooh... Koros...!
    Banjo:   ...Where are you looking at, Don Zauser? Koros is dead. You're next.
    Don:     The crime for suffer Koros... The crime for hurt Koros... Take all of
             it... Londo Bell...!
    Yurika:  That's Meganoids' boss... is it!?
    Ruri:    It's pretty huge.
    Don:     Oooooooh! I won't forgive... Banjoooooo!
    [Don's morale +50]
    Banjo:   ...!!
    # if Master survived #
    Master:  Ngh... Being a built Meganoid, it's a huge will!
    Domon:   This will... it's not only big...!
    Kappei:  Heh, i,it's only a huge Meganoid, afterall!
    Ken:     It's an easy target for bullets! ...Er, I hope so.
    Chibode: No wonder. Seems he's got the guts.
    Ruri:    A huge energy detected at Don Zauser.
    Banjo:   Everyone, be careful. This is no ordinary Megaborg... It's Don Zauser!
    Don:     ......
    # Banjo VS Don #
    Don:     Banjoo... you... that man's... being so... why...?
    Banjo:   That's the reason, Don Zauser! That's why, I have to defeat you with my
             own power...!
    # enemy death 4: Don's hp reaches 0 #
    Don:     Ko...ro...ssss! Banjooo... Don't... forget. You're... afterall...
    Ruri:    Huge energy wave, incoming!
    [Don Zauser explodes]
    Banjo:   I... don't...
    # stage end #
    Ruri:    Meganoid forces, completely annihilated.
    Ryo:     It was a tough one.
    Argo:    But now, it's over.
    Banjo:   ......
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (What... he just defeated his worst rival... but he's not happy.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Uhn...? It was an enemy he pursued till now and defeated... why's he
    Akatsuk: Well, now let's move to capture the ancient ruins.
    Yurika:  Transposition cannon... maximum output!
    Akatsuk: Ee----h!?
    Erina:   Eh, what will you do!? There are no enemies!?
    Yurika:  Target, pole's ancient ruin's core.
    Ruri:    Roger.
    Akatsuk: Waaaaait!
    Megumi:  Units, dettach from the ancient ruins! It's dangerous!
    Akatsuk: Wh,what are you planning!? Yurika Misumaru!?
    Yurika:  I don't have any plan. This war is happening because that thing exists.
    Hayato:  Correct. This is no thing ally or enemy should put hands into.
    George:  And by so, it's good not to have it. Something that was destroyed once
             shouldn't be revived now by us.
    Quattro: It's a bit nasty, but it's helpless at this point.
    Yurika:  Well said, that's why I chose to destroy it leaving no wrecks!
    Relena:  I'm sure this will make peace possible.
    Erina:   Are you serious!? Stop!
    Yurika:  Transposition cannon, fire at maximum output!
    Ruri:    Roger.
    Akatsuk: Aa-h! Wait!
    Uchuta:  Alright, do it!
    Akatsuk: Stop! If the ruins disappear, all the thing Nergal has being doing...
    Akito:   Goes boom, isn't it ok?
    [Ally units disappear]
    [Nadesico moves near ruins]
    Ruri:    Field reaction at ruins.
    Yurika:  I don't mind. Fire!
    [transposition cannon]
    Yurika:  Eh? Eh? Eh?
    Ruri:    The transposition cannon was nullfied at the ruins.
    Yurika:  What's that?
    Rain:    Is that some kind of defensive device at the ruins?
    Jack:    Oh, no!
    Akatsuk: Fufufufufufufu... Hahahahaha. I'm glad.
    Erina:   Overdoing that much.
    Akito:   What should we do, Yurika?
    Yurika:  We'll try another one!
    Ruri:    We can't.
    Yurika:  Heh?
    Ruri:    There's no energy.
    Kappei:  You've used plenty of it at the battle!
    Ruri:    That's constricting the energy. The damage for putting the Y unit by
             force is heavy.
    Prospec: And, now that it was fired at full power.
    Ruri:    Yes. Under gravity, the performance of the transposition engine
             decreases. 20 minutes until full charge.
    Yurika:  Eeh, can't we do something?
    Ruri:    No.
    Yurika:  Haa--.
    Akatsuk: No use, everyone. Give importance to cultural assets.
    Yurika:  Akatsuki-san, please. If we don't destroy the ruins, war won't end..
    Akatsuk: And that's your "like myself"? Hah, really, you're all like
    Akito:   What!? Akatsuki, I've thrown Geki-Ganger away!
    Akatsuk: Ho--h.
    Tsukumo: Tenkawa-kun!?
    Akito:   Shiratori-san was shot... I understood once I saw the Jovians! That was
             the true self of what I liked! It's the enemy... we should defeat!
    Akatsuk: That's what I call one-sided view.
    Akito:   What!?
    Akatsuk: Look, whatever the human, they have the justive of their own. Duke
             Freed said that once.
    Akito:   ......
    # next: scene 394 JU #
     Stage 34 SB M: Kaerenu Michi (Path of no coming back)
                 F: Time Limit
    [Balm units appear]
    Kazuya:  Uwooooh!
    Lihitel: That's, Tranzer!?
    Erika:   Kazuya!
    Kazuya:  Daimos! Battle tuuuuurn!
    [Daimos appear]
    Kazuya:  Daaaaimoooos!!
    Lihitel: So, it is Daimos...!
    Erika:   Kazuya!?
    Kazuya:  If you're going to interfere, then I'll go through by force...!
    Raiza:   So they've gone back to pick up their robots!?
    Lihitel: It can't be... No, there must be another purpose...
    Erika:   Why don't you admit it, brother! After a few minutes, Small Balm will
             enter Jupiter's gravity, an unescapable place... Kazuya came back! To
    	 save us!
    Lihitel: ......
    Kazuya:  (Only the Tranzer could get through that pathway... The other members
             will take a while. Time... The operation time is only 10 minutes...!)
             Come, mech warriors! Daimos will go, willing to crush you all!
    [Kazuya's morale +30]
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Daimos' destruction
          10 turn limit
    # event: turn 2 #
    Kazuya:  Only... 9 minutes...!
    Lihitel: ......
    Erika:   Brother, help Kazuya!
    Raiza:   Lihitel-sama!?
    Lihitel: No.
    Erika:   Why!?
    Lihitel: ...Kazuya Ryuzaki is an Earthling afterall. After a few minutes, he'll
             flee, it's obvious!
    Erika:   Brother!
    # ally reinforce: turn 3 #
    Lihitel: What...!
    Kazuya:  You've come!
    # if respective pilots deployed #
    Koji:    I've taken a while! Ryuzaki, are you ok!?]
    Tetsuya: We've had some time loss!
    Sayaka:  Kazuya-san, sorry for the delay!
    Boss:    Stiiill, in one peace?
    Jun:     At this timing... enemy robots!?
    Kyoshir: Kazuya! Are you ok!?
    Nana:    Brother Kazuya! Sorry to keep you waiting!
    Kenichi: Ryuzaki-kun!
    Duke:    Sorry, Kazuya-kun! I've had some delay with the Drill Spazer's
    Maria:   We don't have much time, do we!?
    Hikaru:  We have to hurry!
    Hyoma:   Oh, such a flash action?
    Shiroh:  We'll support Daimos! We have no time! Units, aim for annihilation!
    Aina:    We've come to help!
    Kayra:   Well, let's finish it fast!
    Amuro:   Such numbers. We don't have much time...!
    Noin:    Only 8 minutes! We can't take longer! Don't get anxious!
    Judau:   8 minutes left. This is tough.
    Roux:    8 minutes? Is that what we have left!?
    Heero:   More 8 minutes... commencing mission.
    Duo:     Well, so the party is not over yet.
    Quatre:  We'll go!
    Trowa:   No time... but, there's no going back.
    Wu-fei:  It's worthless to lose time speaking. Let's go.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    We have to go through... there's no other way for us and the Balmlings
             to survive.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   We have to go through... there are no other choices... for us and the
             Balmlings to survive.
    Kazuya:  With this... We can do it! Ok... 8 minutes. We'll finish the remaining!
    # enemy reinforce: enemy turn 4 #
    Lihitel: The Earthlings, are fighting...
    Erika:   Brother, this is the true appearence of the Earthlings. They can think
             about fleeing, but they don't, and Kazuya and the others are trying to
    	 save Small Balm.
    Lihitel: It can't be, they, they... They're trying to save Balm's 1 billion
    Relena:  That's correct.
    Lihitel: Muh...!? A connection to the command room!? Who's that!?
    Raiza:   Who!?
    Relena:  I'm Earth Federation government external minister... Relena Darlian.
    Erika:   And, this person is the Earth side leader of the Peace Liberation
    Relena:  We were deceived by those who wish for war... We've came to stop this
    Lihitel: What are you saying at this rate!?
    Relena:  Chief Lihitel... You should know now. It's not admiral Leon's will to
             keep this war going.
    Erika:   Correct. We'll be only making Olban, Vega Alliance forces, and the ones
             pulling the string from behind, the Shadow Mirror, happier then ever!
    Relena:  We'll save Balm's 1 billion of people. And we'll open a new peace
             assembly... And this time, we'll create a world where both planet's
    	 people will coexist in peace.
    Erika:   And one day... a world where all planet's people can coexist.
    Lihitel: Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up!
    Erika:   Brother, can't you understand yet!? Even with Earth's people saving
             Balm's people with their efforts... We're only watching them!
    Raiza:   Erika-sama, those are enough words to tell Lihitel-sama!
    Lihitel: It's fine, Raiza! Fufu... Yes, Earthlings are fighting for the sake of
             Balm's people, and I'm only watching...
    Kazuya:  More... 7 minutes! ...Muh!?
    [Shadow Mirror units appear]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Geshpenst...! Vindel bastard... He wants to finish us off at this place
             at any cost.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   It's Geshpenst... I see that Shadow Mirror forces want to finish us off
             at this place...!
    Kazuya:  If you can, try to stop us...! I, we won't give up! We'll save Erika,
             and the Balmlings...!
    Lihitel: ...!!
    Erika:   Aah... Kazuya...!
    # ally reinforce: turn 5 #
    [Mech Warrior Quimeria appears]
    [Lihitel's morale +30]
    Kazuya:  Lihitel!?  Lihitel: Don't take longer. There's not enough time until
             limit!  Kazuya: ...Aah, I know. 6 more minutes...! I'm counting on you!
    Lihitel: You too, by coming this far without saving Balm... I won't forgive you!
    Kazuya:  I promise you, Lihitel!
    Erika:   Brother... Kazuya...!
    # stage end #
    Kazuya:  We did it, the pathway is free!
    Lihitel: Hurry, or Small Balm will fall into Jupiter!
    # next: scene 394 SB #
    # scene 394 JU: Kagurazuki - command room #
    Saburou: Genius squad, preparations complete.
    Kusakab: Ok. We'll scramble soon! How are the moves near the ruins?
    Genpach: After the battle of Meganoids and Nadesico, Nadesico is the one
             controlling the ruins. I don't know their purpose, but seems like
    	 they're attacking it.
    Genichi: Attack?
    Kusakab: No good! Those ones don't know the value of the ruins! Scramble now! We
             can't let them scratch the ruins !
    Saburou: Hah!
    Genichi: (...If that's destroyed... Our hideout disappears... Perhaps... The
             Earthlings are still...?)
    # next: scene 395 JU #
    # scene 394 SB: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  It's time...! Did they make it!?
    Ropet:   The movements of Small Balm stopped.
    Bright:  They've stopped the dropping? Uh!
    Bright:  What happened!?
    Ropet:   Small Balm's course changed... it's going back to Jupiter's orbit!
             Mission accomplished!
    Bright:  ...Fuh, well. They always make me sweat.
    # next: scene 395 SB #
    # scene 395 JU: Mars pole's ancient ruins #
    Prospec: This part of the ruins is still intact.
    Light:   The Meganoids fixed it?
    Ines:    Possible. They were investigating too.
    Erina:   The problem is, the part that's moving. The one that looks like a
             plate... It activates with Boson Jump reaction.
    Chibode: That means.
    Ruri:    Bosom Jump's control system...
    Ines:    Correct.
    Erina:   If we can understand such system, we can use the living Boson Jump
    Akatsuk: Getting it into our hands before the Earth Federation or the
             Jovians... we'll have the best trump card for the mankind's future at
    	 our hands.
    Yurika:  We can't do it. This ruins, the Boson Jump's control system... Erm...
    Ines:    Operation unit.
    Yurika:  We'll destroy that operation unit.
    Akatsuk: How? The transposition cannon is ineffective.
    Yurika:  It's easy. It was protected by the field, because it was an external
    Domon:   Indeed, so we'll destroy it from inside.
    Uribata: It doesn't seem like the operation unit itself has a defensive system.
    # if Master survived #
    Master:  Interesting. Domon, help me. We'll smash the operation unit with our
             Sekiha Tenkyoken.
    Domon:   Yes, master...!
    Yurika:  It's helpless to destroy only the operation unit. We don't intend to
             leave this ruins like this, so let's make a flashy destruction!
    Akatsuk: By saying so. You don't have the authority to destroy it...
    Yurika:  I do, I'm captain... Don't forget that. Akatsuki-san and Erina-san are
             crew of Nadesico, so you're my subordinates.
    Akatsuk: I'm Nergal's chairman, Nadesico's superior!
    Galliso: Wait... Nadesico is now military affiliated. It's the same treaty of a
             special consideration in time of war, regarding civilian enterprise.
    Burning: And just now, it's part of the 13th Autonomous Corps Londo Bell... It's
             authorized to move independently.
    Quattro: ...If not, it wouldn't be allowed to break through A Baoa Qu on it's
    Kou:     ...?
    Prospec: Chairman, you should give up already. Your position of chairman doesn't
             affect anything here.
    Tapp:    And, as much as you push it over, it'll buy more opinion against you.
    Akatsuk: ...Kuh.
    Yurika:  Back to topic. Nadesico... We'll self-destruct it at the deepest level
             of the ruins.
    Ken:     Hah!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Hey hey... That's no good. May someone with experience report it?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   It's no good, captain. It's not something that feels good, you know?
    Ruri:    Self-destruction... is it?
    Yurika:  We'll make Nadesico's 4 engines to go out of control, and the ruins
             will go boom! Uhn, this is fine!
    Camille: Self-destruction and suicidal attack are the last choices. With this...
    Erina:   W,wait! You, are you planning to kill everyone along?
    Yurika:  No! Of course, the captain will be the only one remaining!
    Akito:   Wait, Yurika! Are you willing to die!?
    Yurika:  It's ok, I won't die!
    Akito:   Stupid!
    Yurika:  Muh...
    Akito:   Do you know what are you talking yourself!? Yurika, you'll die!
    Yurika:  Muh. I won't die! I can't die! If the ruins are gone, the war against
             Jovians will be over...!
    Burning: That's correct, but the method is no good.
    Akito:   Anyway! No self-destruction!
    Yurika:  Why!?
    Akito:   It's said!
    Yurika:  We can finish this war against the Jovians, can't we!? The ones that
             left Mars' people to be killed... We, right!?
    Quattro: Mars' people? ...Left to be killed?
    Ines:    Captain... so you were concerned.
    Relena:  Calm down. There should be a way... Not the best, but a better one.
    Ruri:    We have no time.
    Minato:  Eh!?
    Ruri:    Jovian's squads landing.
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:     What, at this timing!?
    Hikaru:  They should wait a little while!
    Quattro: Ambush. Pilots, hurry to the deck!
    Akatsuk: Roger. We have to protect the ruins.
    Yurika:  Some... some way to do it...!?
    # next: scene 398 JU #
    # scene 395 SB: control room #
    Erika:   ...Kazuya!
    Kazuya:  Erika...!
    Eirka:   Aah... Kazuya...
    Kazuya:  Erika... Erikaaaa!
    Erika:   Kazuya, I wanted to see you... You... Kazuya!
    Lihitel: ...
    Raiza:   Lihitel-sama...
    # next: scene 396 SB #
    # scene 396 SB: control room - pathway #
    Lihitel: What was I doing until now? What should I do...? Earthlings... saved
             Balm's 1 billion of people. And I... What did I do for it? I was
    	 involved into Shadow Mirror and Olban's plans, and stolen the lives of
    	 many Earthlings, destroyed many cities...
    Raiza:   Lihitel-sama, you're not the bad one. That's Olban's fault.
    Lihitel: Silence, Raiza! I couldn't see through Olban and the others' evilish
             hearts and was only their marionette afterall.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I'll interfere.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Chief Lihitel is here?
    Lihitel: ...You're... Londo Bell squad's?
    Raiza:   What do you want?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I was asked by Kazuya Ryuzaki and your sister. You're the kind of
             thinkful personality, so they have something for me to speak to you.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Kazuya Ryuzaki and your sister asked me... That I have something to
             speak to a thinkful personality like you.
    Lihitel: Erika does? I might have forgotten, but I don't know you...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    It's the first time we met. But... I know well.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I'm as well the first time to meet... But I do know well.
    Lihitel: ...Explain. What do you mean?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I'm former Shadow Mirror squad, special task commander.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I'm former Shadow Mirror squad... an android built just to accomplish
             missions... W17.
    Raiza:   Shadow Mirror...!?
    Lihitel: ...What...!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    And, the one who ordered a spy to sneak into Small Balm and murder
             admiral Leon, was I.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I'm the same type of the one who sneaked into Small Balm and murdered
             admiral Leon.
    Raiza:   Is that true!? You...!
    Lihitel: Wait, Raiza! ...Is that for real...?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I swear for Londo Bell.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   If it was a lie, it'd be better.
    Lihitel: Do Kazuya Ryuzaki and Londo Bell squads members know about...?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    They do. I betrayed Shadow Mirror... And they've accepted me as their
             friend. I'm fighting alongside Londo Bell now, but once this war ends,
    	 I'll have the same concerns of you.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   They do. I betrayed Shadow Mirror... And they've accepted me as their
             friend. When this war ends... I'll hold the same concern of yours.
             (Or... not. If this war ends... I'll...)
    Lihitel: Are you... going to tell me to fight along?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Shadow Mirror and Vega Alliance forces still exist. To defeat them and
             make a complete peace come true... We need your power... I've come to
    	 tell you this.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Shadow Mirror squad and Vega Alliance forces still exist. To defeat
             them and make a complete peace come true... Your power is
             needed... I've come to tell you this.
    Lihitel: ......
    # next: scene 397 SB #
    # scene 397 SB: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  This is terrible. I've only seen for a while, but Small Balm's damage
             is heavy.
    Quatre:  We'll take some time just to rebuild.
    Erika:   I'll do it, no matter how long it takes. We'll fix Small Balm, and wish
             for the peace treaty with Earth...!
    Relena:  Correct. Erika-san, let's make a truce for now.
    Erika:   Yes, and once Small Balm's revival occurs, we'll do an official peace
    Kenichi: The birth of a new Balm.
    Chizuru: Neh, I realized it now, but if it keeps like this, then Erika-san is
             Balm's next admiral, or better yet, queen, right?
    Jun:     I think so.
    Hyoma:   Then, if Ryuzaki marries Erika-san, then he'll be Balm's king?
    Juuzo:   Yes, that's it!
    Kazuya:  Hey hey, stop that.
    Kyoshir: Heh, Kazuya a king? Can you do some politics? Won't you crush Balm on
             the other way around?
    Kazuya:  Kyoshiro, I can assign you as a bodyguard, you know?
    Kyoshir: No joke.
    Daisuke: Becoming earlier a king... right, Kazuya-kun?
    Koji:    Once I finish my job, I'll want it too.
    Tetsuya: It's too early, Koji-kun. War keeps on.
    Amuro:   And, we can't contact Nadesico... Those members won't fall at enemy
             hands so easily, I suppose...
    Judau:   Don't say such doubtful things, Amuro-san. They're fine!
    Roux:    You don't even know the ones at Nadesico.
    Noin:    No time to relax. Once we get information on Nadesico, we'll
             departure. Until then, we'll help Balm's rebuilding.
    Boss:    Eeh, we could at least satisfy our hunger.
    Hiyoshi: I want to taste some Balm food.
    Maria:   Well, you sure have guts to eat.
    # next: scene 398 SB #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 398 JU: Nadesico - bridge #
    Quattro: So, they've come.
    Banjo:   Mah, that's expected.
    Sai-sic: Ah, brother Banjo, you're here.
    George:  After the battle against the Meganoids, you isolated yourself in your
             room... I was wondering what happened?
    Banjo:   I'm shy. I was doing my private party.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Anyhow, I can't think the same. Mah, doesn't matter.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (He's not such kind of person... This man... is full of misteries.)
    Domon:   It's good it ended. The problem is at the incoming Jovians, and what
             should we do to them.
    Uribata: Hah... I have some interest on Meganoid's mechs, we don't even have
             time to collect some.
    Ken:     Only if we had a mass driver like thing.
    Banjo:   The 2800mm cannon. It has the same purpose.
    Tapp:    Let's use it to ambush the Jovians! ...It won't be like that, though.
    Burning: Aah. They'll come in numbers... What should we do?
    Erina:   It's a bluffing. They don't want to scratch these ruins too. They can't
    Ruri:    Not true. It won't be a Gravity Blast shower, but...
    Kou:     They'll come with the mobile weapons doing Boson Jump.
    Yurika:  Ruri-chan, what about the spreading Minovsky particles!?
    Ruri:    It's finishing. But, as they know the ruin's location, it can't hide us
    Tsukumo: ...Minato-san, how long until the approach?
    Minato:  ...More... 30 minutes, I guess.
    Ken:     Heh, we've defeated the Meganoids, didn't we? And the Jovians lost to
    Ryoko:   It's not that easy. It's troublesome as they'll come in greater number.
    Kappei:  Call for support... well, impossible.
    Uchuta:  That's not a place for it.
    Beauty:  We can't expect support from Earth.
    Linda:   What should we do? In 20 minutes or so, the Jovian mechs will come to
             push us out.
    Reika:   Isn't there any chances!?
    Chibode: The only one is to go head to head.
    # if Allenby joined #
    Allenby: Let's do it, Domon...!
    Domon:   Aah. No matter how much of them comes, we'll smash them leaving no one,
             and send them away from Mars.
    Burning: Wait, Kasshu. It isn't that easy...
    Yurika:  Send them away... Send them away...? Yes! That's it! Splendid, King of
             Hearts! You're shining in splendid!
    Domon:   Aah, we have to smash them this time...
    Ruri:    ...This time?
    Sai-sic: This time too, that is.
    Akito:   Yurika?
    Tapp:    Oh? Sis, you have glowing eyes.
    Fa:      Any plans, captain?
    Light:   ...I feel like misplans.
    Yurika:  No, Domon-san! After the smash them part!
    Domon:   ...To smash them and go forward?
    George:  That's not what you said, Domon... To send them away from Mars, is it?
    Yurika:  Yes! Send away! ...Yes, we'll send away!
    Benkei:  Send away, what to where?
    Yurika:  The operation unit! We'll ditch the operation unit to outer space,
             where no one can reach it.
    Galliso: Indeed, with that, we won't need the demerit to destroy it.
    Hayato:  Indeed. And by seeing their precious ruin's core, the operation unit,
             flying away, they can't stay and fight us.
    Hikaru:  But, what if they catch it later?
    Yurika:  Well, we'll send many dummies together and spread them!
    Prospec: U-hn, but captain, how are we going to do that?
    Uribata: It's impossible with Nadesico's catapult.
    Megumi:  What about the booster?
    Ruri:    There aren't enough.
    Yurika:  We'll use the mass driver cannon!
    Kou:     ...Er, the 2800mm cannon... Is it?
    Camille: Yes, we can use it..!
    Quattro: ...To come out from this, it's the only way.
    Kappei:  Alright, if that's decided, let's do it!
    Ines:    And the ingredients?
    Jack:    What?
    Ines:    Let me explain. The operatin unit's composition is TC... Tullip
             Crystal. So...
    Akito:   Doesn't Erina-san have plenty of them?
    Erina:   N,no...
    Izumi:   Shuffle Union, in position.
    Argo:    ......
    Erina:   Wah, w,wait! Chairman! Do something.
    Akatsuk: ......
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    You're calm than before.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   From earlier you seem calm...?
    Akatsuk: It's helpless, Erina-kun, we'll give up. It's the best choice at the
    Erina:   Akatsuki-kun!? If we don't analyze the operation unit, it's impossible
             to experiment on Boson Jump, you know?
    Akatsuk: I know. It's just, we can use it, but not how, and even if we knew, we
             can't build it... Such system can't get official to the Federation.
    Uribata: What, so you thought about that already.
    Akatsuk: ...Helpless, right? If we go against you now, we'll be sent away with
             the 2800mm cannon altogether.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    You've become used to this squad, chairman.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Chairman, you've become used to this squad's personality.
    Burning: ...Isn't there something wrong, Lt?
    Quattro: We can't let Bright hear that.
    # next: Stage 35 JU #
    # scene 398 SB: Small Balm #
    Jun:     Fuh... We've taken care, but Small Balm is really damaged.
    Maria:   But it's good that it didn't spread more.
    Daisuke: It's helpless. By the way, we have to help out the reconstruction until
             the launch.
    Koji:    Get out! I'll move the container to there!
    Tetsuya: Koji-kun, do it more carefully.
    Boss:    Here! Alright, alright, ok!
    Sayaka:  Boss! You'll be smashed!
    Soldier: This one is the last material to go inside this hangar.
    Nana:    Really, there's much left, isn't it?
    Judau:   Well, I'll look there!
    Duo:     Oh, you're doing well... Heheh, I've been doing destruction craft until
             now. It's good... to help out at reconstruction.
    Trowa:   Wu-fei, won't you help with your Gundam?
    Wu-fei:  Nataku isn't a mech for public work. If you're saying so, then why
             don't you help out yourself?
    Trowa:   They said to not approach. A Mobile Suit full of explosives makes them
    Heero:   ...Zero's wings seem to get on the way.
    Duo:     They're helpless.
    Quatre:  Duo, doesn't Deathscythe need to open the Active Cloak to work too?
    Duo:     ...Uh, that's true.
    Hyoma:   Well, I wouldn't imagine working out along with a Zonnekaiser.
    Juuzo:   How about taking a picture later? Com-Battler and Zonnekaiser, side by
             side, doing the V sign.
    Hikaru:  Moh, reconstruction isn't playing, you know?
    Daisaku: Anyhow, it's a good feeling.
    Ippei:   It's a bit concerning Voltes and Com-Battler doing public work. Boss
             Borot should be fine, though.
    Boss:    What do you mean by Boss Borot should be fine?
    Megumi:  Moh, Ippei! But... That bandanna at Borot's heat sure fits.
    Boss:    Shut up, this is to show off guts!
    Chizuru: It's better then fighting.
    Aina:    Everyone, I brought some tea. How about a break? Balm's people too.
    Soldier: Well well. I won't reserve then.
    Kenichi: ...I see.
    Daijiro: Bro, what's up?
    Kenichi: No, I understand now father's feeling of going to Boazan.
    Hiyoshi: He wanted to do like this to Boazan. To build a new world along with
    Kenichi: Aah. How's that, when this war ends... We go as father did to Boazan?
    Hiyoshi: Agreed!!
    # next: scene 399 SB #
    # scene 399 SB: La Kailum - bridge #
    Amuro:   The helping at reconstruction work, one step forward... I suppose.
    Bright:  Aah... By the way, Ryuzaki, is it ok to not stay at Balm?
    Kazuya:  Eeh, I'll go along with Londo Bell for a while.
    Kyoshir: Don't overdo it. Stay at Small Balm and help Erika.
    Zechs:   To support Balm's 1 billion people might be a heavy burden for her
    Nana:    It's... sad though...
    Noin:    You have to support her... is what I think, though?
    Kazuya:  It's fine. Erika... is a strong woman.
    Kyoshir: Fuh. This one is so stubborn, it's useless to keep talking... By the
             way, what about the Federation?
    Relena:  Yes. Because chief Miwa was discharged, there won't be a strong
             rejection plan, I suppose. And, specially now that the path to peace is
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I'm far more concerned with chief Miwa's conditions.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   What concerns me is chief Miwa's conditions.
    Kazuya:  ...That... I know I overdid it.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Don't mind. I was at the feeling of doing so too, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I'm not blaming you... It didn't feel bad, anyway.
    Kazuya:  Fuh... Thanks.
    Amuro:   Well, now only if Nadesico members could make a truce with Jovians...
    Bright:  By the way, how's Nadesico?
    Ropet:   Until now, the connection won't link. They remain uncontacted.
    Zechs:   I wonder how they're doing...
    Bright:  Uhn? From here?
    Kayra:   Captain Bright, come to Balm's control room imediately. It's a
             connection from Earth!
    Bright:  From Earth?
    # next: scene 400 SB #
    # scene 400 SB: King of Vega - bridge #
    Vega:    What? Small Balm didn't fall into Jupiter?
    Zrill:   Hah, it seems that Londo Bell squad... Duke Freed and the others
             changed the controls before the dropping.
    Vega:    Such bastard Earthlings...!
    LadyGan: King Vega-sama, for the situation, we have to go back to Vega and
             rethink a plan.
    Vega:    ...No.
    Zrill:   Why!? Earth Sphere is now having a situation among the colony and
             Earth, as it seems... It's a good choice to smash them at this timing.
    Vega:    ...There's no more planet Vega...!
    Gandall: Hah...!? W,what...!?
    Vega:    I've had a contact from the investigative squad... Our planet Vega, by
             the effects of Vegatron emmiter...
    LadyGan: C,can it be...
    Vega:    ...Destroyed.
    Zrill:   ...!!
    Gandall: I...impossible.
    Vega:    We don't have anything left! Mass attack. Prepare a mass attack! I'll
             go and lead! We'll defeat Small Balm and Londo Bell, and control the
    	 Earth Sphere at once!
    Gandall: Understood...! King-sama, I can't see Shadow Mirror squad nearby. We'll
             look for them... 
    Vega:    Leave them! They are unknown ones afterall. I was planning to get rid
             of them from the beginning! It was fine if they'd cooperate, but if
    	 they got on our way...
    Zrill:   As you please...!
    # next: scene 401 JU #
    # scene 401 SB: Small Balm - control room #
    Lady:    Captain Bright, please, come back to Earth immediately.
    Bright:  What happened?
    Lady:    Neo Zeon... they declared state of war to the Earth Federation
    Bright:  What...!?
    Amuro:   Neo Zeon!?
    Koji:    Can't be, Zeon, they were gone after we finished off Delaz and Ginias.
    Shiroh:  ...No, they're only the troops moving at front line... There are
             remaining Zeon forces at Axis. Someone must have assembled them.
    Lady:    Correct. It's an organization having Mineba Zabi as commander, but the
             one who has political powers there is the steward Haman Karn.
    Judau:   Haman!? Haman Karn!?
    Lady:	 They have less firepower compared to Empire Giganos, but the Earth
             Federation can't go against it now.
    Daisuke: At such timing...!
    A/L:     No, it's because this is the situation. It's a declaration in a good
             timing for them... Perhaps...
    Heero:   ...Shadow Mirror.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    No mistake. I don't know how's at Nadesico... But their attacking point
             is here, I suppose.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   No mistake. I don't know how's at Nadesico... But their chance to
             attack is now.
    Lady:    It's pity to call you while in the middle of the treaty, but...
    Bright:  No, we've just finished the treaty. We'll go back to Earth.
    Lady:    Please. The authorities of Federation are anxious there will be another
             colony drop.
    Duo:     That's obvious.
    Bright:  We won't be able to rendezvous with Nadesico... Lady Une, we'll prepare
             to launch now.
    Lady:    Please. We'll send an ambush squad centered on Dragoons, and take their
    Nana:    Will we leave Small Balm empty? Isn't it best someone to stay...?
    Judau:   If Haman is moving, then we won't have chances if we split our
             firepower... She ins't that naive.
    Kazuya:  ...Kuh.
    Erika:   We're fine, Kazuya. Even if the barrier is gone, there are Mech
    Soldier: We can protect Balm.
    Kazuya:  ...I see. Sorry, Erika. I should have talked to Lihitel too... Erika,
             where's Lihitel?
    Erika:   Brother... he's at his room since then.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (He won't change his mind so easily... Specially with such high pride.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Such high pride is coming on his way... He won't change his mind so
    Noin:    Alarm!? What happened!?
    Soldier: Many enemy reactions at Small Balm's radar... It's Vega Alliance
    Daisuke: ...They've come...!
    Maria:   Th,those are too many, brother! It seems like they've assembled all
             their forces from the whole solar system...!
    Daisuke: No matter...! King Vega, this time... this time!
    Bright:  All crew, in battle position! We'll ambush Vega Alliance!
    # next: scene 402 SB #
    # scene 402 SB: Small Balm - Lihitel's room #
    Raiza:   Lihitel-sama...
    Lihitel: I know... Raiza, prepare the ambush, and head to the shelter... hurry!
    Raiza:   Y,yes!
    Lihitel: And, that device attached at Quimeria, right?
    Raiza:   Yes... as you please. But, Lihitel-sama... Why do you want such...
    Lihitel: Whatever! Raiza, go. Send as many Balm's people to the shelter!
    Raiza:   Hah!
    Lihitel: (...This is the only thing I can do... Erika, forgive such a stupid
    # next: Stage 35 SB #
     Stage 35 JU M: Kimi rashiku, hokorashiku (Like yourself, proudly)
                 F: Toki ni wa motto, watashi rashiku (More often, like myself)
    [Nadesico appears]
    [Jovian units appear]
    Ruri:    Jovian fleet, landing and surrounding ruins.
    Chibode: They've come, they've come, and a big effort just for 1 ship.
    Tapp:    Just have mercy.
    Tsukumo: ......
    Minato:  Shiratori-san... is it ok?
    Tsukumo: ...Yes, the justice I've trusted... turned against me just for one
             ruin's device.
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:     Well said, Shiratori!
    Akito:   We have to do it. It's not a war to defeat the enemies...!
    Banjo:   Yes, we have to survive, and make the peace with the Jovians possible,
             that's this war about.
    Yurika:  ...We'll go! Units, scramble!
    # formation: NA (Nadesico Y) + 15 units #
    Yurika:  Nadesico, by the collection of the operation unit, and the preparation
             of dummy units, can't move! Some units, please stay for support!
             Uribatake-san, how long till finishing?
    Uribata: Well, lady! Gimme 10 minutes!
    Yurika:  Ruri-chan, there's no meaning if they can differ from the dummies from
             the original. How are the Minovsky particles!?
    Ruri:    Finishing spreading.
    Yurika:  So, 10 minutes! After the continuous launch of the operation unit along
             with the dummies, we'll do an emergency flee from Mars! Units, commence
    Kappei:  Sister Yurika, you look great.
    Akito:   Well, she didn't lose once at tactical simulation, it seems.
    Yurika:  That'it, Akito! This is ultimately to react for your love! Akito!
    Akito:   Hah...
    Ken:     Oh my.
    Haayto:  ...It's gone already.
    Ruri:    Stupid.
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
          10 turn limit
    Lose: Ally battleship destruction
    # enemy reinforce 1: enemy units number reachs 7 #
    Ruri:    Reinforces from skies.
    Yurika:  They've come!
    [Jovian units appear]
    # enemy reinforce 2: enemy units number reachs 7 #
    Ruri:    Reinforces.
    Yurika:  Again!?
    [Jovian units appear]
    # enemy reinforce 3: enemy units number reachs 7 #
    Ruri:    Reinforces again.
    Yurika:  Stop that already!
    [Jovian units appear]
    # enemy reinforce 4: enemy units number reachs 7 #
    Ruri:    Reinforces again.
    Yurika:  Will it take longer to launch!?
    [Jovian units appear]
    # enemy reinforce 5: enemy units number reachs 7 #
    Ruri:    Reinforces again.
    Yurika:  Like this, then come as much as they want! We'll beat them all!
    [Jovian units appear]
    # enemy reinforce 5: enemy turn 3 #
    [Jovian units appear]
    Saburou: Genius squad, incoming!
    Tsukumo: That's... Takasugi...!
    Saburou: You've got inside the ruins... but this is the end! Earthlings!
    Tsukumo: Takasugi!
    Saburou: ...!! That voice... Major Shiratori... no, Cel!?
    Tsukumo: ...2 level rank promotion. So that's the price paid for deceiving
             people and refusing peace's path!? Takasugi!
    Minato:  Shiratori-san...
    Saburou: It can't be...! Major Shiratori was killed by Earthlings...!
    Tsukumo: I am alive. Takasugi, don't be deceived! This is a play! By killing me,
             and framing Earth for this crime... it's the will of the military
    Saburou: Major... I can't listen to you...!
    Tsukumo: Takasugi...!?
    Saburou: Because you're a fake, a double from the cowardly Earth!
    Tsukumo: Wha...!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (Indeed. A predicted choice.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Indeed. At any world, it's a predictable choice.)
    Quattro: Major Shiratori, we had predicted that.
    Tsukumo: But...!
    Quattro: We have to draw the superior's attention and push them.
    Tsukumo: ......
    Saburou: ...You coward who call yourself Major Shiratori...! Take justice's
    Akito:   So that's your justice!?
    # enemy reinforce 6: enemy turn 5 #
    [Jovian units appear]
    Genpach: Sorry for the delay, vice-commander.
    Saburou: Major Akiyama!
    Tsukumo: It's you, Akiyama!
    Genpach: You're completely surrounded. Stop the useless resistance and come out.
    Saburou: It's still in time. The Jovians have mercy.
    Genpach: Your parents at Earth are crying for you.
    Ryo:     It sounds like convincing evil criminal.
    Benkei:  For them, it might be like that.
    Tsukumo: Genpachirou!
    Genpach: ...It's you, Tsukumo.
    Tsukumo: The assassination failed, Ganpachirou! And I confirmed myself. It's
             possible to make peace with Earthlings!  You can't look further with
    	 hatred! Look at the truth... with justice in your eyes!
    Ganpach: ...Shiratori, there's no going back. You're a fake.
    Tsukumo: Genpachirou!
    Akito:   Damn, it's useless, Shiratori-san! Those...!
    Saburou: Major Akiyama... Can it be... Major Shiratori is the real one...?
    Genpach: He's a fake... We can't turn back anymore... Shiratori!
    Relena:  I have something to talk to the Jovians. I am Earth Federation
             government external minister Relena Darlian.
    A/L:     What does she want to do?
    Relena:  You're being deceived by the previous incident. We were at those seats
             to make peace.
    Saburou: What are you saying!? By killing Major Shiratori!!
    Relena:  Look for the truth. Look with your eyes, and listen with your ears.
    Genpach: You can talk anything...! I know it won't end with just clean words!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (That man... he sure knows Tsukumo Shiratori was saved.. That's why he
             can't go back.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (That man... he knows Tsukumo Shiratori's murder failed... That's why
             he can't go back.)
    Relena:  ...I see.
    Yurika:  Relena-san...?
    # enemy reinforce 7: enemy turn 6 #
    Genichi: ......
    Tsukumo: It's Genichiro!
    Minato:  The one who shot... Shiratori-san...!
    Relena:  ......
    Yurika:  Relena-san!? What...! Are you going out!?
    Relena:  People of Jovian Union... Listen to me.
    Genpach: What...!? That woman... Relena, she said? She's outside... by herself!?
             We're in mid-battle!
    Relena:  Pity... The peace treaty ended with sad results. However, it's not the
             end yet.
    Genichi: No jokes... Evilish Earthlings.
    Relena:  Shoot me if you want. If it's for me to die in war, then it'll be going
             against it.
    Yurika:  A,awww...
    Ines:    ...Even if there's the Distortion Field, it's not complete against the
             shock... If he shoots, it's the end.
    Genpach: Wait, Tsukiomi.
    Genichi: Akiyama, why do you stop me...!?
    Genpach: A woman is exposing herself in the middle of a battle to tell us. It's
             man's manners to listen to her.
    Quattro: Hoh...
    Tsukumo: Akiyama...
    Relena:  I'm grateful. I'm aware Earth and Jovians can cooperate to each other.
    Genichi: That's egoistic.
    Relena:  That's because you were Earthlings once... And because you love
             Geki-Ganger afterall.
    Genichi: Stop. You Earthlings are 100 year hasty to talk about Geki-Ganger...!
    Relena:  No. Because the Geki-Ganger animation that you love so much was created
             by us Earthlings.
    Genpach: ......
    Relena:  By hating Earthlings, you should hate all things related to Earthlings,
             but you didn't do so. Instead, you chose it as something you rely on,
    	 and why is that?
    Genichi: That's...
    Relena:  I think that's because you hold hopes to Earthling's concience.
    Tsukumo: ......
    Relena:  I've promised to Major Shiratori, before the peace assembly... We have
             many previous wounds, but we can go through it and make peace come
    Yukina:  ......
    Relena:  I believe. Beyond the hatred Jovian people has towards Earthlings,
             there's the wish for peace.
    Akito:   ...What Duke-san said... I understand it now. Our justice... To fight
             for it...!
    Relena:  I'll appear in front of you once again. For peace.
    Genichi: If there's next time... Let's go, Tsukumo.
    Tsukumo: ...Aah, for each one's justice.
    Banjo:   (...They could understand each other... Now, by external factors, we
             have to clean up this battle. 5 minutes... until launch...!)
    # enemy retreat 1: Saburouta's hp reaches 0 #
    Saburou: Uwah, such a mistake...!
    Tsukumo: Takasugi! Eject!
    [Denjin explodes]
    # enemy retreat 2: Genpachirou's hp reaches 0 #
    Genpach: Splendid... Earthling!
    Tsukumo: Flee with the ejection pod, Akiyama!
    Genpach: I'll do that!
    [Daitetsujin explodes]
    # enemy retreat 3: Genichiro's hp reaches 0 #
    Genichi: Tsukumo... I...
    Tsukumo: ...Don't say anything, Genichiro. You've fought for your justice.
    Genichi: There's no justice... in shooting a friend!
    Tsukumo: I'm alive. And now, to fight you, is my justice.
    Genichi: ......
    Tsukumo: Flee. We both... won't be so good-looking as Geki-Ganger, Genichiro.
    Genichi: Aah... I'll eject.
    [Daimajin explodes]
    # event: turn 6 #
    Yurika:  Not yet!?
    Linda:   More 4 minutes, endure please!
    # event: turn 7 #
    Ruri:    3 minutes to launch.
    Yukina:  Hey, hurry up!
    # event: turn 8 #
    Megumi:  2 minutes to launch!
    Minato:  Is it ok!? The enemies are sending more and more reinforces.
    # event: turn 9 #
    Prospec: How long will it take!?
    Chiyoki: Wan!
    Galliso: 1 minte, it seems.
    # stage end #
    Uribata: Ok, launching preparations finished!
    Megumi:  Commencing count-down, 10, 9, 9...
    Galliso: We're in a hurry, so skip it... Launch!
    Saburou: What's that!?
    Genpach: Can it be... the ruin's operation device!?
    Genichi: ...I was wondering what they were planning... we were deceived.
    [Kusakabe's unit appear]
    Kusakab: What are yoi doing? That's the operation unit. Pursue it!
    Saburou: But, the Earthlings...!
    Genpach: We'll go, vice-commander.
    Kusakab: Wait, Akiyama! You stay and take care of the Earthlings!
    Genpach: Without the operaion device, there's no meaning on annihilating the
             Earthlings. Genpachirou Akiyama, heading for the operation device
    	 pursue mission. Vice-commander!
    Saburou: Y,yes!
    Kusakab: Ngh...
    Genichi: ...Tsukumo, we'll meet again.
    Tsukumo: I'm sorry, Genichiro...
    [all Jovian units disappear]
    Relena:  ......
    Quattro: You were splendid. External minister Darlian.
    Relena:  Yes... Next time... next time, for sure...
    # if flag 33's requirement fulfilled: Tsukumo survived #
    # next: scene 403 JU #
     Stage 35 SB M: Tomo to chikatta kono heiwa (This peace I swore to my friend)
                 F: Subete wa Balm no tami no tame (All for the people of Balm)
    [La Kailum and Grendizer appear]
    # formation: LK (La Kailum) + 14 units #
    Duke:    Come...! Vega Alliance forces!
    [Vega Alliance units appear]
    Amuro:   They're numerous...!
    Bright:  If they attack us at once...!
    Hiyoshi: Are we fine by ourselves!?
    Kenichi: Don't say weak words, Hiyoshi!
    Blackey: Small Balm's barrier device isn't fixed yet! We'll destroy the
             Earthlings, and drop Balm into Jupiter!
    Koji:    Dammit. They don't even want to talk.
    Judau:   That's expected, though!
    Quatre:  We have to... do it.
    Erika:   Everyone, please flee. You don't have to sacrifice yourselves!
    Duo:     If we were to retreat, we'd have done that a long time ago.
    Kazuya:  Erika, your, and Balm's 1 billion of people's soul... We'll take it...!
    Erika:   Kazuya...!
    [Mech Warrior Quimeria appears]
    Lihitel: Well said!
    Kazuya:  Lihitel!?
    Blackey: Commander Lihitel. Humpf, failing at Earth's invasion, and at the very
             last you betray us. Such a useless! King Vega-sama is furious!
    Lihitel: Seems so. I was deceived by Olband and Shadow Mirror squad, killed many
             Earthlings, and put my own sister Erika into risk...!
    Kosuke:  Uhn!? That mech warrior, there's a high energy reaction! This... This
             is a very huge energy! It won't endure and is going to explode!
    Hyoma:   What!?
    Kazuya:  Lihitel! Flee! That mech warrior, is strange...!
    Lihitel: I know... It's on purpose.
    Heero:   What...?
    Lihitel: This Mech Warrior Quimeria holds the energy to move Small Balm. It's
             obvious it won't endure... However, that's why it'll have the greatest
    	 destruction power once it explodes.
    Zechs:   You want to self-destruct!?
    Lihitel: Earthlings, who saved Balm's 1 billion of people, I've killed too many
             of you to deserve your forgiveness... I'll, with my own hands... judge
    	 my self. If this shall become part of your future.
    Kazuya:  Lihitel, stop!
    Erika:   Brother! No!
    Lihitel: Farewell, Erika. Kazuya Ryuzaki... I'll count Erika on you...!
    [Mech Warrior Zonnekaizer appears]
    Raiza:   Lihitel-sama!
    Lihitel: Raiza!? ...You should survive! I'm the only one who should be judged.
    Raiza:   No, Lihitel-sama's crimes are my crimes, I'll go with Lihitel-sama to
             the end...!
    Lihitel: Raiza... Sorry. If I could have seen wider... No, needless to
             say. Let's go!
    Raiza:   Yes!
    Duke:    Stop, stop! We'll defeat Vega Alliance! Don't throw away your lives
    Shiroh:  We understand you feel responsible! However!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...Lt, perhaps... It's useless.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...Lt Amada, perhaps... it's useless.
    Aina:    No! Why!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...The more good warrior he is, more... he won't forgive himself. That
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...Commander Lihitel... the more that man's a good warrior... his pride
             won't forgive himself.
    Lihitel: ...Correct, former spy from Shadow Mirror. This is my method of war.
    Blackey: What are they talking? Eei, just one or two reinforces won't make a
    Lihitel: Kazuya Ryuzaki, and all Londo Bell squad members. You're, among all the
             warriors, the heroes of all.
    Kazuya:  Lihitel! Stooooooop!
    Lihitel: We won't make your courageous acts in vain... For the future, and for
             Balm's 1 billion people, glory!
    Erika:   Brotheeeeer!
    [Quimeria and Zonnekaiser moves]
    Blackey: Hih!? Wh,what's this energy!?
    [explosion and flash]
    Blackey: Uggh, Lihitel, for being Balmling, such a move...
    Noin:    S,Such a... destructive power...
    Erika:   Ah,aah... brother... U...uuuh...
    Kazuya:  Fool...! Lihitel...!
    Duke:    ...For sure... It won't be in vain...! Vega Alliance forces...!
    Blackey: To decrease our power so much...! Call for reinforces to the rear
    Erika:   Uh...uhh... Uuuh...
    Kazuya:  Erika, don't cry... This chance your brother made, is the path to peace
             at Space. We can't close our eyes to it...! Erika...!
    Erika:   Kazuya... I know... Win...!
    Kazuya:  Duke Freed!
    Duke:    Aah. Your will, I've taken it. I won't let this tragedy to repeat
             itself anymore...! Let's go!
    Kazuya:  Lihitel, watch me... Haaaaah!
    [Kazuya's morale +30]
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship destruction
    # enemy reinforce 1: enemy units number reaches 7 #
    [Vega Alliance units appear]
    Gandall: What!? Such numbers... reduced into this!?
    Duke:    Gandall!
    Gandall: Eei, Duke Freed! Zrill will come soon! Don't think you can win!
    Maria:   Brother!
    Duke:    It's ok, Maria. There's not much at reinforces. We'll push them!
    Gandall: Commence attack!
    # enemy reinforce 2: Gandall's hp reaches 0 #
    Gandall: Uwooooh!?
    [Battle Mothership explodes]
    Duke:    Gandall! That's the end!
    LadyGan: Not like that!
    Hikaru:  Eh!?
    [Vega Beast Gragra appears and Lady Gandall's morale +30]
    LadyGan: I didn't lose yet!
    Koji:    You're such an annoying guy!
    Duke:    Come as much as you want, it'll be the same! Lady Gandall!
    # enemy reinforce 3: enemy units number reaches 7 #
    [Vega Alliance units appear]
    Zrill:   Duke Freed!
    Kazuya:  Still coming!
    Duke:    Don't get anxious, Kazuya-kun! They're anxious too. This is an
             important stage!
    # enemy reinforce 4: enemy units number reaches 7 #
    [Vega Alliance units appear]
    Vega:    To imagine I'd have to take care by myself.
    Bright:  Battleship!?
    Duke:    That's... King of Vega! So you've appeared, King Vega!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Around it... Shadow Mirror's units... There aren't many... so those are
             the remaining ones.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...Shadow Mirror squad's units... However, for the numbers, those are
             the remaining ones.
    Rubyna:  Father, what does that mean? What are you planning!?
    Vega:    It's obvious. I'll destroy those who go against my will!
    Rubyna:  Balmlings, and the people of Earth... They're all wishing for peace!
             Stop attacking Earth and Balm already! Aren't you ashamed... as a Vega
    	 who lives at the same Space!?
    Vega:    What are you saying, Rubyna! Planet Vega was destroyed by the Vegatron
             emmiter! We only have controlling Earth as our will!
    Rubyna:  ...!!
    Maria:   Planet Vega did...!?
    Koji:    What the...
    Duke:    The devil planet... Can it be!?
    Rubyna:  ...I'm sad our mother planet was destroyed... But you can't spread such
             sadness anymore!
    Vega:    Are you saying we should look for another planet, Rubyna?
    Rubyna:  Yes. And build a new, peaceful Vega Alliance there.
    Vega:    No! No no no no no! We don't have other way but to control Earth!
    # if alive unit: Zrill's unit #
    Zrill:   Rubyna-sama, don't say harsh words, and come back.
    # if alive unit: Gandall's unit #
    Gandall: Rubyna-sama, you're the one to become queen of all Vega Alliance
    Rubyna:  Because I''m the next queen, I want to change Vega Alliance. Starting
             from this Earth and balm, those who wish for peace at Cambell, Ruby
             will win, and those fighting at Boazan will have power too. Father, the
             time to control your opponents with war is ending. Why can't you
             undestand that!?
    Vega:    Shut up, Rubyna! ...Commence attack. Rubyna, if you're coming on my
             way... even if you're my child, I'll shoot you!
    Rubyna:  Father...!
    Tetsuya: Such a bastard!
    Duke:    Rubyna, I'm sorry... No matter how much you speak, King Vega is the one
             we should defeat... I'll fight.
    Rubyna:  Duke...
    Vega:    Well said, Duke Freed! I won't let you go back alive!
    Duke:    I'm planning that as well...! We'll settle the score, King Vega!
    # enemy death 1: Blackey's hp reaches 0 #
    Blackey: Gyaaaaaah!
    [Battle Mothership explodes]
    Duke:    Blackey, pay yourself for your crimes!
    # enemy death 2: Lady Gandall's hp reaches 0 #
    LadyGan: No... I! Oooooh!
    [Gragra explodes]
    Duke:    ...It's the end, Gandall!
    # enemy death 3: Zrill's hp reaches 0 #
    Zrill:   Why... why do you fight so much...!? Duke Freed!
    Duke:    We have different burdens. Not only Earth, but now friends of Space,
             the future of Balmlings is at our shoulders, Zrill!
    Zrill:   I can't get it...! Such... Such unstable thing!
    [Battle Mothership explodes]
    Duke:    That's why it's strength, Zrill!
    # enemy death 4: King Vega's hp reaches 0 #
    Vega:    I'm, I'm space king, King Vegaaaaa!
    [King of Vega explodes]
    Rubyna:  Father...
    # stage end #
    Kazuya:  With this, Small Balm is safe...!
    Duke:    I've finally... defeated devil...! With this, the planets that were
             under Vega Alliance's evil command will be liberated...
    Maria:   Brother...
    Duke:    ...It's over, Maria.
    Rubyna:  ...Father...
    # if flag 34's requirement fulfilled: FA ZZ Gundam obtained #
    # next: scene 403 SB #
    # scene 403 JU: Nadesico - bridge #
    Megumi:  Is it ok to leave the ruins like that?
    Prospec: It's helpless. We don't have power to do anything.
    Relena:  The ancient ruins, it's best to assemble an investigative squad of
             Earth and colonies, later on.
    Ines:    Without the operation unit, it's only an ancient ruin.
    Erina:   ......
    Akatsuk: Mah mah, Erina-kun. It's helpless.
    Erina:   How can you be so calm...!?
    Akatsuk: Mah, it wasn't destroyed, so we only need to go after it.
    Yurika:  So you didn't give up yet?
    Akatsuk: Well, the top of an enterprise has to be like that. Well, what now?
    Relena:  Even if the peace failed, there's still hope... Let's rendezvous with
             captain Bright.
    Yurika:  Yes. We'll head to the rendezvous point, La Vien Rose. Minato-san, take
             off... Arah?
    Ruri:    I'm on her place. Leaving Mars atmosphere.
    # next: scene 404 JU #
    # scene 403 SB: Small Balm #
    Bright:  Erika-san, we'll be going. We have to save Earth from this risk.
    Erika:   If it was possible, I'd wanted to send in some soldiers along.
    Nana:    Don't overdo it. You're busy with Small Balm's reconstruction.
    Kazuya:  That's it. Once the battles at Earth end... I'll come.
    Relena:  For the sake of your brother, we have to bring this peace.
    Erika:   Yes...
    # next: scene 404 SB #
    # scene 404 JU: Nadesico - one room #
    Tsukumo: ...Genichiro.
    Minato:  Shiratori-san... I'm glad. They understood...
    Tsukumo: Yes. One day... for sure...
    # next: scene 405 #
    # scene 404 SB: La Vien Rose - one room #
    Noin:    Contact with Nadesico restored.
    Yurika:  Captain Bright, how was at Small Balm?
    Bright:  We had some trouble, but we did well. How's the truce with the Jovian?
    Yurika:  ......
    Amuro:   Captain Misumaru?
    Quattro: The assemble failed, and Major Shiratori... was murdered.
    Relena:  Eh!?
    Yurika:  Not only that. The Jovians said that the ones who shot Major
             Shiratori... were us.
    Akatsuk: We were all deceived.
    Kazuya:  It's the same, of when admiral Leon was killed...!
    Burning: That's it. Its pity... but it was our fault.
    Bright:  So that means... we still have to fight with Jovian?
    Ines:    ...For a while, no. The main purpose they refused peace, the operation
             unit from Mars' ancient ruins, was sent away to outer space... The
    	 Jovians are all focused on finding it.
    Akito:   We've postponed our troubles... Jovians... it was reset to beginning...
    Banjo:   Mars' Meganoids too... We've taken care of them.
    Kyoshir: But, if it's like admiral Leon's, then half of the Jovians don't know
             the truth, right?
    Relena:  It means peace isn't completely denied.
    Yurika:  Captain Bright...
    Bright:  Don't do such a face, captain Misumaru. The ability of a
             captain... I've told that before.
    Yurika:  Yes...
    Bright:  Anyway, head to the rendezvous point, La Vien Rose... I have something
             to tell you.
    # next: scene 405 #
    # scene 405: La Vien Rose - one room #
    # if Jovian Union Route #
    Relena:  Captain Bright, thanks for the efforts. How was it?
    Bright:  You too, to imagine you were at Mars... We've succeeded in obtaining a
             truce. Those are the documents.
    Relena:  ...Indeed. Is Erika-san fine?
    Kazuya:  Yes. She's doing her best for Balm's future.
    Koji:    We've kicked Olban and King Vega too, there was some interference, but
             everything went fine.
    Judau:   Erika-san will be Balm's queen for sure.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Interference? Is that...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Interference...? Can it be...
    Amuro:   Aah, Shadow Mirror squad appeared.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Lt, W17... and Vindel, Lemon, the superior guys?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Lt, commander Axel... and Vindel-sama, Lemon-sama?
    Amuro:   They didn't appear... It's better to see as if they left already when
             we sneaked into Small Balm.
    # else Small Balm Route #
    Yurika:  ......
    Bright:  To imagine you'd go to Mars... We've successfuly obtained a
             truce... Paying a high price of a sacrifice...
    Prospec: High... Sacrifice?
    Amuro:   ...Commander Lihitel. We've understood each other, but to save us...
    Domon:   We've had our sacrifice too... Tsukumo Shiratori, such a pitiful man.
    George:  A shame, for us to be along...
    Akito:   It's not Shuffle Union's fault... Jovians... their fault.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Sorry, but at Jovians...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I have a question... the Jovians...
    Chibode: Shadow Mirror? No, they didn't appear.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    W17... or Vindel, Lemon, the authorities... none of them?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Commander Axel... of Vindel-sama, Lemon-sama, the superior ones... None
             of them?
    Quattro: They didn't... We've confirmed some of the machines used by the
             Meganoids, but they weren't related to the Jovians.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Understood.
             (So, it's from now on... Zeon's left, so the chance for them is
    	 now. The needed stage... that is it, Lemon...)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Tetsuya: ...Isn't it time to stop putting sama suffix to the enemy?
    Lamia:   ...Sorry.
             (...So, the remaining powerful organization... Zeon forces. The chance
    	 for them is now... The needed stage... that is it, commander Axel...)
    Ryo:     Well, there are unknown members?
    Bright:  Aah, let me introduce them. Judau Ashta and Roux Ruka.
    Roux:    Nice to meet you. We were prisioners at Small Balm, but the Peace
             Liberation Forces helped us out.
    Judau:   That's it, nice to meet you.
    Benkei:  Rubyna-san is here too?
    Rubyna:  Eeh...
    Hayato:  Uhn? ...You don't seem much happy, do you?
    Koji:    It's no use. It couldn't be helped... We had to defeat her father, King
             Vega, afterall.
    Daisuke: It's ok, Rubyna is strong. She'll overcome it.
    Rubyna:  ......
    Bright:  Back to topic. As Nadesico members couldn't be contacted, so it wasn't
             clear, but... Neo Zeon, Haman Karn is moving.
    Yurika:  Eh!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Shadow Mirror... So they did it, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (...Indeed.)
    Quattro: ...Haman, is it.
    Amuro:   Let's assemble everyone, Bright... This battle will be the end.
    # next: scene 406 #
    # scene 406: ??? #
    Vindel:  To think it'd come this far.
    Lemon:   Yes, if we fail, I wonder how long we'll take to rise.
    Vindel:  We have to win... If not, it's possible it'll be like in our world.
    Lemon:   [Axel/W17] said... that there are no places for the ones like us...
    Vindel:  Then we should build one. That's it.
    Lemon:   As usual, you're.
    # if Axel Route #
    Vindel:  ...Lemon, if you're concerned about Axel, then you should go.
    Lemon:   Yes... But, we can't get back to our relationship. And... I'm not
             strong to endure a world where there's no place to me.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Vindel:  ...Lemon, are concerned about W17? That's just a failure. Or, like
             itself... if you've changed your wills, then part now. I don't need
             such ones.
    Lemon:   About W17, I happy as a scientist. A fake life closing into a
             human... But, I'm not strong to endure a world where there's no place
             to me.
    Vindel:  Then... we'll go. "It" is now complete... Joker is in our hands. Now we
             just have to show the hand.
    Lemon:   ([Axel/W17]... it's soon. Our bets... the world and our lives...)
    # next: scene 407 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # 09. The Extremely Far, Endlessly Near World #
    # scene 407: La Vien Rose - one room #
    Bright:  So, almost all colonies are at Haman's hands?
    Nina:    Yes. There aren't many people who are against Neo Zeon at the front
             stage. Moon too... will be a matter of time.
    # if Malliot joined #
    Malliot: Kuh... Practice, Lt Min. Don't die.
    Amuro:   Why couldn't we know Haman Karn... Neo Zeon would be waiting for this
    Bright:  ...Earth Federation is controlling Space from Earth. There are many
             Spacenoids who dislike this... If the Federation goes for an
             investigation, the civilians will cover up.
    Banjo:   We're doing our best to make peace with aliens, and meanwhile
             Earthlings fights among themselves... That's too much.
    Galliso: It is, indeed.
    Quattro: Nothing will come by complaining about that. Haman... so she started to
             move seriously.
    Shiroh:  Haman Karn... I don't know much about her, though?
    Relena:  By easily speaking, she's a regent.
    Izumi:   Reagent of all...
    Ryoko:   You, shut up.
    Bright:  Currently, Zeon has Mineba Zabi, survivor of the One Year War's Zabi
             family, as the successor of Principality of Zeon.
    Noin:    However, Mineba Zabi is too young, so she can't rule.
    Banjo:   And, at her place, the regent is the one to govern. Mah, anyhow, she's
             the one to hold Neo Zeon's lungs.
    Duo:     So, that girl Mineba and Haman are just like lady Mariemaia and Dekim
    Quattro: It fits. However, the control is much over Mariemaia's case. Haman
             would do so.
    Yurika:  You seem to know well...?
    Quattro: ...I've just heard once.
    Judau:   Haman... That person is fearsome.
    Roux:    Yes, she has powers that makes you feel dragged for.
    Light:   Damn. To come out with blood lineage, and saying they're better than
             the rest, is that Neo Zeon's mankind's evolution?
    Quattro: Not quite. The independence of space people the Principality of Zeon
             was after, the mankind's evolution... that wasn't about who was the
             better among Spaenoids and Earthnoids... the Zabi family was the one to
             make it look like space people were the best mankind.
    # if Lalah joined #
    Lalah:   ......
    Yurika:  ?...? A,ahaha... Er, Ruri-chan?
    Ruri:    It seems hard to captain. The autonomy and independency of space
             people... The ideal of the Side kingdom called Condorism, and Giganos
    	 Empire's was alike but, the last wanted to protect Earth, called
    	 Eleism... The combination of those was called Zeonism, which Zeon
    Yurika:  Ah-! Stop! Stop!
    Akito:   Ruri-chan, is that on purpose?
    Ruri:    ...A bit.
    Ken:     Mah, what I know is people can't be distinguished by family or blood
    Kenichi: Not only Zabis. Highnel and the Boazanlings were fixed into the idea of
             horned people to be the best ones.
    Kyoshir: Balmlings too, said that they were the best ones at Space.
    Linda:   Giganos was trying to classify mankind, and destroy those at the edge.
    Kosuke:  Well, the names are different, but all of them are much alike.
    # if Malliot joined #
    Malliot: ......
    Tapp:    So everyone says they're a better existance then others? Don't they get
             tired of that?
    Hayato:  The Earth Federation as well. That the Earthnoids are better than
             Spacenoids. They do think they're special.
    Koji:    I'm Earthnoid too, though.
    Sayaka:  Yes... Oh? So, they're not the best, afterall...
    Koji:    W,wait, what's that means!?
    Ippei:   Mah, whatever, that kind of thoughts and will are the root of this
             war. Relena-san, even if we can make peace, if Earth Federation doesn't
             change, a new war will soon occur.
    Relena:  I know... But, while we can't end this war, nothing will change.
    # if Full Armor ZZ obtained next: scene 408 #
    # else next:                      scene 409 #
    # scene 408: La Kailum - MS deck #
    Judau:   Areh, Astonage-san, what are doing with ZZ?
    Astonag: Aah, Nina-san brought some supply material. ZZ's Full Armor parts.
    Judau:   Is that fine? Because no matter how tick the armor gets, if mobility is
             killed, it's over.
    Astonag: To lower it a bit is helpless. But, I think the gain on energy is
             better than keep it that way.
    # next: scene 409 #
    # scene 409: ??? #
    Soldier: Commander, I'm back.
    Vindel:  I've heard your report... So the Jovian's moves changed.
    Soldier: Hah. The peace treaty failed... And for a while they've restarted the
             war against Earth...
    Lemon:   But with Londo Bell's partial squad... the incoming of Mobile
             Battleship Nadesico, that's gone.
    Soldier: Yes... Voices inside the Jovians fearing a long battle are growing, and
             they've listened about Earth Federation's truce with Small Balm.
    Lemon:   So, if it keeps like this, they won't achieve victory... So peace will
             come one way or another.
    Soldier: Not only that... There's a coup d'etat coming to happen inside Jovian.
    Vindel:  Coup d'etat...?
    Soldier: Hah... They might be soldiers simpathyzing Londo Bell Squad's thoughts.
    Lemon:   Mah, that's bad. So we can't expect much from the Jovians.
    Vindel:  ... It's helpless. We should have helped them more... I wasn't
             expecting interference from the Meganoids.
    Lemon:   And about how Nadesico fled from there... They've shot away Mars'
             ancient ruins' core unit. To think they'd do that... They might have
    	 such a good leader officer.
    Vindel:  I wonder, it might be just a big fool.
    # next: scene 410 #
    # scene 410: Nadesico - bridge #
    Yurika:  Atchoo! ...So, let's head to Grips Two-!
    Ruri:    Captain, your nose... that's 2nd time.
    Yurika:  Uhn... Uhn... er, so someone's talking about me again.
    Megumi:  Isn't that only superstition? By the way, Grips 2... Is that Colony
    Prospec: Earth Sphere's still under Federation's care after Neo Zeon and Shadow
             Mirror's chaos. To break them, we have to stop the most offensive
    	 weapon, the Colony Laser.
    Ines:    Zeon aimed for that many times... Sooner or later, we'd have to do it
             by ourselves, so that's the superiors decision.
    Ryoko:   And no support?
    Hikaru:  Isn't it only us doing stuff lately?
    Akatsuk: Aren't you just too easily used? We, I mean. Because we're all honest
             and good guys.
    Akito:   What about it, Akatsuki? That's a sharp way of saying.
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:     Yeah. What's wrong with fighting for justice!
    # if Tsukumo didn't survive #
    Minato:  ......
    # else Tsukumo survived #
    Tsukumo: Indeed. However, that's the strength of this forces, that's my opinion.
    Minato:  Yes. And that's good enough.
    Ruri:    For that, there are plenty of people who do reckless things.
    Erina:   Like your captain.
    Yurika:  Whatever! This battle will perhaps become the hardest battle of Earth
             Sphere... Everyone, be prepared!
    Izumi:   And unusually, you're serious.
    Yurika:  Of course! I can't let more interference for me and Akito's love love
             situation! Neh, Akito!?
    Ruri:    Fool.
    Ryoko:   Hah.
    Akito:   Yurika, you should prepare more.
    # next: scene 411 #
    # scene 411: Axis - commander room #
    Haman:   I beg your pardon, Major Anavel Gato.
    Gato:    No, this is for Zeon. Please, don't mind.
    Haman:   No need to hide it... Londo Bell Squad is detteached from Earth Sphere,
             so this is the best chance... I bet Major isn't satisfied that the
    	 devil isn't around.
    Gato:    No... Only one, however. Shadow Mirror squad... Those ones are
             dangerous. I don't know what they're thinking.
    Haman:   Shadow Mirror squad... I don't know where are they from, but from their
             information, we could turn around Londo Bell and take control over all
    	 colonies, isn't it?
    Gato:    ...But.
    Haman:   I know... That man, Vindel, he smells danger. Not ambition, but other
             thing. I won't just do nothing about it.
    Gato:    I'm relaxed... So, what's the reason for my calling?
    Haman:   Londo Bell squad is coming back to Earth Sphere's front line.
    Gato:    ...So it's soon.
    Haman:   Yes. We'll decide it at this battle.
    Gato:    But, warfare situation is what our forces is dominating. Even if Londo
             Bell is good enough...
    Haman:   Yes, no reversal is possible. However, at past wars, there were such
    Gato:    Past wars? ...I see, the one that destroyed the Titans fleet at
             once... Colony Laser...!
    Haman:   Yes, they're heading to Grips 2. Don't forget, Londo Bell squad's
             flagship's captain is the one that ran operation Mailstrum.
    Gato:    ...Understood. So.
    # next: scene 412 #
    # scene 412: La Kailum - bridge #
    Linda:   We'll be soon at Grips 2 zone.
    Bright:  What about the enemy?
    Noin:    We can't know the true number for the Minovsky particles
             spreading... But there are a few numbers of Zeon Mobile Suits.
    Amuro:   So they've come... Numbers won't matter. We have to count on speed.
    Quattro: For sure. But... I'm more concerned about Zeon's moves.
    Banjo:   ...Indeed. Shadow Mirror might have told them about us.
    Burning: Humpf, and even so, we're coming from the front side. Weird.
    Bright:  So we can expect a trap... But, it's helpless.
    # next: Stage 36 #
     Stage 36 M: Unmei ni mukau mono tachi (Those who head for their destiny)
              F: Men of Destiny
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    [Londo Bell units appear]
    Ortega:  You've come, Londo Bell.
    Bright:  Ambush!
    Yurika:  Grips 2 is under target!
    Mash:    Heh, we'll smash them all!
    Gaia:    Wait, Mash. Half of you, head to Grips 2! At the worst, destroy it. We
             can't let Londo Bell have it.
    Bright:  Units, scramble!
    [GP03D appears]
    # if Full Armor ZZ obtained #
    [Full Armor ZZ appears]
    # formation: LK (La Kailum), NA (Nadesico Y) + 12/13 units #
    Banjo:   Well, let's do it!
    Ryo:     So the enemy will split into ones heading to the colony and ones
             attacking, as it seems.
    Hayato:  Aah, so we'll have to come close to Grips 2 pushing away the ambush
    Hyoma:   Alright, let's go through them at once!
    Kenichi: It's the only way.
    Bright:  Don't let the enemy come near Grips 2!
    Yurika:  It'll be a while until Federation's reinforces come! We'll have to
             handle until then!
    Ryoko:   Captain, how long is that!?
    Yurika:  I don't know! Alright, eh!
    Tapp:    Don't be proud.
    Koji:    Keep it checked, dammit! Ruri-chan!
    Ruri:    ...The reinforces are under attack. At estimation, their arrival here
             is in at least 20 minutes.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    20 minutes. So the enemy can reach Grips in what, 5 times... Helpless.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   20 minutes. The enemy can reach Grips around 5 times... We'll have to
             do it.
    Judau:   Ok, all we have to do is keep Grips 2 safe while fighting Zeon, right?
    Heero:   ...There are plenty of old models at the enemies. We can do it.
    Gaia:    (I wonder how long will we last by ourselves... Major.)
    Kou:     Hoshino-kun, the ones the Federation's reinforces are fighting... Are
             those Zeon!?
    Ruri:    I don't know. The Minovsky particles are interfering with the battle
             sonar, so I can't identify... But it doesn't seem like Zeon.
    Kou:     (Which one is it? Those members are, for sure, Delaz Fleet...! Gato,
             why aren't you here...?)
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship destruction
          Enemy infiltration at Grips 2
    # enemy reinforces 1: enemy turn 4 #
    Ruri:    Enemy shadow.
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Ines:    Indeed... We're in a trap.
    Gato:    ......
    Kou:     Gato!
    Shiroh:  Surroundings... Neo Zeon's new kinds!
    Amuro:   Grips... it's close. We'll have to push back enemy route and finish it
             at once!
    Quattro: Gundam Prototype 2nd Unit. Be careful with its bazooka!
    Domon:   No need to tell!
    Duo:     It won't be fun either.
    Gato:    Units, commence attack! Kalius, get a few units and take over Grips 2.
    Kalius:  Hah!
    Kou:     Gato!
    Gato:    ...Uraki, right? So you mean to appear in front of me wherever we are.
    Kou:     I'll... keep chasing you wherever you're...!
    Gato:    Fine. Londo Bell... For Zeon's ideal, for space citizen's
    	 independence...! I know it's a undeniable damage!
    Quattro: ......
    Gato:    Federation's reinfocements are near... We've got no time, let's go!
    Kou:     Come, Gato!
    # enemy reinforces 2: half enemy annihilation #
    Ruri:    Ally reinforces... They've come... Dragoon?
    [Federation units appear]
    Soldier: ......
    Yurika:  Ok! Good timing!
    Bright:  This is 13th Autonomous Corps Londo Bell! I'm the captain Colonel
             Bright Noah! Units, head to Grips 2...
    Amuro:   Wait, Bright... Something is wrong...
    Duke:    ...!!
    Koji:    W,what!?
    Uchuta:  They weren't attacked yet! Are you saying they've come here all
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    No, it's not! It was unscratched...! But what I'm concerned is...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   No, it was unscratched... I'm more concerned of...
    Trowa:   ...The explosions were near the cockpit.
    Quatre:  All units, they seemed to blow up from inside, didn't they?
    [Gaizock units appear]
    [Gaizock units' morale +50]
    Butcher: Ho-hohohoho! Good good!
    Keiko:   Kappei!
    Kappei:  I know! You... Butcher!
    Butcher: Human bombs... It was pretty. Good, good. Hohohoho!
    Hikaru:  H,human bomb!?
    Ryoko:   It... can't be!
    Butcher: Yes, as you can see. A good experiment. It'll be fun.
    Akito:   What a...! I won't forgive!
    # if Gai survived #
    Gai:     There are things you can and can't do!
    Butcher: I'm not listening. I won't accept such an outrage from such evil
    	 existance like you.
    Camille: Evil existence like us!?
    Judau:   Say things as you will!
    Butcher: Ho-hohoho! You won't understand even explaining. See!
    [Shadow Mirror units appear]
    Kappei:  Th,those are!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Shadow Mirror's!? But this appearence... Transposition!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Shadow Mirror Squad... But this appearence... Transposition!
    # if alive unit: Gato's unit #
    Gato:    It's Shadow Mirror's unit...! So they aren't enemies!?
    Butcher: Our target is solely Londo Bell! Go-, attack!
    Banjo:   Wait!
    Butcher: Ho?
    Banjo:   I want an answer... Our evil existence... Your purpose is to destroy 
    	 it, right?
    Butcher: Correct! Gaizock assigned me this glory mission. Hohoho.
    Galliso: If so... The ones you're along with, the Shadow Mirror, are the big
    	 evil ones that are messing with the world... Isn't it right?
    Uchuta:  Yeah! You just want to destroy everything!
    Butcher: You don't understand anything, do you!? To defeat such evils like you,
    	 this is the best way! And I have to be thankful to them bringing me
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    His purpose and choice are reversed, that is...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   His purpose and choice are reversed... Talking is in vain.
    Kappei:  Don't think you're the right ones! Butcher!
    Butcher: Such joke!
    # Kappei VS Butcher #
    Kappei:  You bastard! It's our antescendent's revenge!
    Butcher: You evil ones, saying what!?
    # Kou VS Gato #
    Kou:     Gato!
    Gato:    Muh, so you got better! However, I won't lose to ones who don't know
    	 the meaning of fighting!
    Kou:     I do know! What you and I believe... but the meanings are different!
    Gato:    Well said! Then, whoever is the right one... We'll decide!
    # Quattro VS Gato #
    Quattro: Is this Haman's will?
    Gato:    Muh!? This move... Who's that?
    Quattro: What Zeon wanted is different from what the Zabis offered. Why can't
    	 you understand that!?
    Gato:    ...Can't be... You. I mean, sir!?
    Quattro: Such Zeon, to be controlled by Shadow Mirror, the ones who can't even
    	 see the true purpose of war...!
    Gato:    Shadow Mirror...! Colonel, if this war ends, I'll defeat the Shadow
    	 Mirror for sure... However, I'm a Zeon's soldier! I can't retreat...!
    Quattro: I see. Then I'll fight for the real Zeon.
    Gato:    ...Cel Char...!
    # enemy retreat: Gato's hp reaches 0 #
    Gato:    Nugh! I can't move well...! However!
    Kou:     Wait, Gato!
    Gato:    This shame, I won't forget... Wait until the incoming day of the last
    Kou:     What...!?
    [GP02A explodes]
    Quattro: So he retreated.
             (Last battle... Haman.)
    # enemy death 1: Gaia's hp reaches 0 #
    Gaia:    Can't be, a Black Tri-Star like me!? Ooh, Mash! Ortega!
    # enemy death 2: Mash's hp reaches 0 #
    Mash:    U,uooh! I can't push it!? Impossible! I can't believ...
    # enemy death 3: Ortega's hp reaches 0 #
    Ortega:  What!? Londo Bell Squad! Such a firepower...
    # enemy death 4: Butcher's hp reaches 0 #
    Butcher: N,no... The evil ones' power... Such a...
    Kappei:  Butcher, he's still alive!? What's going on!?
    Uchuta:  Look, Kappei! He's...
    Keiko:   Cyborg... No, Robot!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    One like the W Numbers. So that's why Vindel could control it?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Like us from the W Numbers? Lemon-sama used it to their control...
    Butcher: Don't say... shit... I... only work for greatest god of Gaizock...
    Kappei:  Butcher. I'll give you the finishing blow...!
    Butcher: Fu,fuhahahaha... Doing so or not, I only have to wait for
    	 death... But, I want to ask you one thing...!
    Uchuta:  What!?
    Butcher: ...Why are you... For what purpose did you fight against us...!?
    Keiko:   For what? Do you need a reason!? To defeat evil who messes with peace!
    Butcher: Humpf...! And who... did ask you to do it?
    Ken:     Because we wanted to do so!
    Yurika:  Wh,what do you want to say!?
    Bright:  Captain Misumaru, don't show hesitation!
    Butcher: ...Who the hell... is going to thank you? ...Who's grateful at Earth?
    	 Who... is going to be happy with that?
    Kappei:  Shut up! Don't say stuff! ...Earth is the place we were born, and
    	 raised! I won't let no one... no one to mess up with it!
    Akito:   We are not fighting for gratitude! We're fighting for our own justice!
    Butcher: Justice... you say? Hoho... To rely on such plentiful thing as the
    	 number of stars... Saying about peace... Fool... Foolish...!
    Akito:   !!
    Akatsuk: ...So he knows. That's bad...
    # if Tsukumo didn't survive #
    Minato:  ......!
             (Shiratori-san... was a victim too...)
    # else Tsukumo survived #
    Tsukumo: ...Jovians... Indeed...
    Minato:  Shiratori-san...
    Relena:  So, what do you think we should do?
    Heero:   Relena...?
    Butcher: Chaos... That's... the justice of each one... Satisfy... Yes... He told
    	 me the same thing... Hoho...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (Vindel.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Vindel-sama.)
    Duke:    I see, so that's the meaning of "evil existance" that you Gaizock are
    	 talking about.
    Butcher: Even if you understand... Ho...hoho...ho... Earth is... destined to be
    	 destroyed no matter... destined to it! Fuhohoho... Hahahaha...Ha!
    [Bandock explodes]
    Maria:   We won...!?
    Keiko:   Umon-san, what's the meaning of the evil existance!?
    Duke:    ......
    Kappei:  ...I do understand, somehow. But! If we admit it...!
    Yurika:  Focus on defeating the remaining enemis! We've won against a hard
    	 enemy! We have to be happy!
    Megumi:  But captain! We are not like...
    Yurika:  Megumi-chan, be quiet... So, let's do it!
    Uchuta:  Kappei, nothing's over yet. We have to take over Grips 2 completely.
    Kappei:  ...Aah.
    Bright:  ...Captain Misumaru, I'm sorry.
    Yurika:  ...It's fine. If we admit what he said... Then we can't fight
    	 anymore. Captain Bright was the one to tell me sheer happiness is what
    	 we need, right?
    Bright:  ...Yes.
    # stage end #
    # next: scene 413 #
    # scene 413: Nadesico - bridge #
    Akito:   ......
    Ryoko:   ...Dammit.
    Hikaru:  Uuugh.
    Izumi:   No... mood.
    Akatsuk: Mah, it was bull's eye, it seems.
    # if Tsukumo didn't survive #
    Minato:  ......
    # else Tsukumo survived #
    Tsukumo: The justice of our own... Indeed, I was sold by my friends for that.
    Minato:  Don't say so! Shiratori-san!
    Yukina:  Yes! We get... sad...
    Tsukumo: ...I'm sorry, you two.
    Yurika:  What the Gaizock one said... So that's what he meant. But... It's wrong
    Akatsuk: That means the ones who fight for themselves are the strongest ones.
    Ines:    So, we can't win Neo Zeon or Shadow Mirror then?
    Akatsuk: Currently, yes. For the world, for the people? Such thoughts, it gets
             me the creeps. What Shadow Mirror follows, a world with daily war?
             Isn't that enough?
    Akito:   No matter what you say... I'll fight for my own justice.
    Yurika:  Akito?
    Ryoko:   Tenkawa... you...
    Akito:   Isn't that it!? Is everyone satified with that!? We can't let them
             create a world of continuous war. That's no reason!
    # next: scene 414 #
    # scene 414: Axis - command room #
    Haman:   So the colony laser fell at Federation's hands.
    Mashmar: The Nightmare of Solomon failed the mission... If I had gone, it
             wouldn't be likewise... I beg your pardon, Haman-sama.
    Haman:   ...It's fine. We'll have to confront them one way or another. We cannot
             avoid it.
    Mashmar: ...Hah.
    Vindel:  Haman Karn.
    Haman:   Muh... Shadow Mirror... Vindel Mouser.
    Vindel:  I've heard... what you said. I have an interesting proposal... Would
             you like to hear it?
    Haman:   Interesting... What are the contents?
    Mashmar: Shadow Mirror, I don't know your purposes, but... It better be a good
             thing for Haman-sama!
    Vindel:  I bet. Our device is almost complete. It's about its testing... There's
             no harm.
    Haman:   Explain it, Vindel Mouser.
    Mashmar: Haman-sama!? We can't let him lead...
    Haman:   There's no harm on listening. And... I don't think he's a man to bring
             in foolish topic.
    Vindel:  Fufu... Indeed, the commander of Neo Zeon... Haman Karn. If there was
             such person like you at my world...  Things would have been different.
    Haman:   Talking nonsense... I'll listen to you. Can you speak?
             (Such unknown man... But, as Camille Vidan, Judau Ashta... I have
    	 connections to such strange men... Fufu.)
    # next: scene 415 #
    # scene 415: La Kailum - MS deck #
    Ken:     Hey, did you know!?
    Tapp:    Oh yeah! What about it!?
    Astonag: What? Stop messing at the deck.
    Hyoma:   I want to mess up! What is it afterall!
    Koji:    Aren't we dreaming or something?
    Shiroh:  Is it possible to be a dummy baloon?
    Kou:     No... it's too big.
    Heero:   Is it possible to be a holograph?
    Quatre:  ... No, that's truly the one itself.
    Sai-sic: So it came at high-speed?
    George:  At the speed of light? ...It's physically impossible.
    Kenichi: A new technology of the enemy...?
    Hayato:  Seems so. So they did it.
    Astonag: What are you talking about!? I've been repairing stuff! Say it plain
    	 and simple!
    Rain:    Yes! Domon, what is it?
    Domon:   Neo Zeon's fortress... What was it called?
    Ryo:     Axis... The enemy's fortress Axis... It's right near Grips 2!
    # next: scene 416 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 416: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  Impossible... How!?
    Galliso: I don't know. Axis suddenly... For that asteroid to appear.
    Banjo:   We've missed it coming... That's just impossible.
    Amuro:   Aah, Axis' situation was inspected by Federation's squad... It's
             unnatural for it to not be aligned to the colony laser.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Space Transposition... That's it.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Perhaps... Space Transposition.
    Reika:   Such a big thing... Is it possible? It's an asteroid, afterall.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    It only need proportional output to the size. Such thing was impossible
             until now, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   The size's a solo problem of output... Until now, it was only a matter
             of lack of output, so the transposition was restricted to Personal
             Trooper's level.
    Beauty:  So if it's possible now...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    It seems the output of the transposition device is stabilized... If it
             comes to this... they'll go to the next step.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   The output of the transposition device is stabilized... If such level
    	 of dimensional transposition is possible... they'll go to the next
    Burning: And the next step, is it...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    That's right, Lt. Dimensional transposition... It's possible to come
             and go for the parallel world.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   That's it, Lt. Through space, dimensional transposition... To come and
    	 go to the parallel world will be possible.
    Daisuke: ...What.
    Maria:   Neh neh, so let's just ignore and let them go, right? That boss Vindel.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...With the Boson Jump technology, an enhanced dimensional
             transposition device... What will it be when it's complete?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...Using Boson Jump technology, a more complete dimension transposition
    	 device than before... When it's complete, you know what would happen?
    Rubyna:  What do you mean...?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    The incident that happened when we came to this world... With a
             stabilized device that wouldn't let it happen, he'd...
    Amuro:   ...Spread the fires of war to one world to another.
    Axel:    Correct. Splendid, Lt Amuro. Very good answer.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...The incident that happened when we, the Shadow Mirror squad, arrived
    	 to this world... A stabilized device that wouldn't let it happen would
    Amuro:   The Shadow Mirror squad... would spread the fires of war to one world
    	 to another.
    Lamia:   Lt Amuro, that's correct... A very fine answer.
    Maria:   Such thing... We can't forgive!
    Quattro: Haman will use it too. No, they're both using each other, I
    	 presume. And whoever gains over such technology, the situation is at
    Banjo:   Axis... Let's go in! It didn't appear in front of us for nothing.
    Bright:  Ok, tell the crew! From now, Londo Bell will head to Axis invasion!
    # next: scene 417 #
    # scene 417: Axis - command room #
    Haman:   Londo Bell... so it comes.
    Mashmar: But... To transpose this whole Axis...
    Gato:    I'm surprised. By being right behind the Colony Laser, they can't use
    	 it... But...
    Haman:   I know... The source is unknown, but an interesting tool. It seems it
    	 can't be continuously used, but at the level of a colony, space
    	 transposition is possible.
    Mashmar: Haman-sama! We have to steal such device from Shadow Mirror, so our
    	 Zeon would...
    Haman:   Don't be hasty, Mashmar. They're not foolish. They wouldn't give it
    	 away to us like this.
    Gato:    So we should wait?
    Haman:   Yes... And there are still business to finish. Londo Bell will come
    Mashmar: Yes.
    Gato:    The cold sweat I got from Grips 2... I'll have them swallow it.
    Haman:   I'll be expecting... Mashmar.
    Mashmar: Hah!
    Haman:   We'll use the Newtype forces Glemmy Toto left. Have Chara Soon to lead
    Mashmar: Undestood.
    Haman:   And, Major Gato... I have a new kind. I don't have anyone who can pilot
    	 it. I want you to have it.
    Gato:    New kind...?
    # next: scene 418 #
    # scene 418: Axis - one room #
    Lemon:   So the transposition was successful.
    Vindel:  Aah... It's stabilized beyond my expectations. It'll be a little until
    	 dimension transposition is possible.
    Lemon:   If so... Then can't we say good-bye? Neo Zeon... I'm thinking we can't
    	 underestimate that woman, Haman Karn, can we?
    # if Axel Route #
    Vindel:  ...I don't have sense of duty to Neo Zeon. This is revenge.
    Lemon:   Revenge...? To who? To the world we lived... if so, then you should
    	 hold it longer. Dimension transposition is...
    Vindel:  ...No. To that one.
    Lemon:   ...Axel? Ignore him. He's... not related to us anymore...
    Vindel:  He told us "there's no place to ones like us".
    Lamia:   ...And that's like denying our's, the W Number's existance.
    Lemon:   W17...
    Lamia:   I beg your pardon... Londo Bell Squad flagship La Kailum, and Nergal
    	 Enterprise's mobile battleship Nadesico, they'll come into battle
    	 agains the Axis' front defense line.
    Vindel:  He's right, or we are right... We'll enter the last preparation to the
    	 dimension transposition once we settle that.
    Lemon:   ......
    Lamia:   Is that fine, Lemon-sama? At this battle...
    Lemon:   Don't make me repeat, W17. That man is our enemy. I... no, We were
    	 betrayed... A hateful enemy.
    Lamia:   ...Understood. I'll watch the situation and kill him when possible.
    Lemon:   At that time, I'll go too... I want to... settle with my own hands.
    Vindel:  Axel... The survivor will be the right one. History tells that.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Wait, Lemon.
    Lemon:   Axel... There's no need to concern, isn't it? Once the dimension
    	 transposition device is complete, we can bring in as much firepower
    Axel:    W17... Do you remember what she told us?
    Lemon:   "There's no place for ones like us"... Is that it?
    Vindel:  It's only a speech of a broken machine doll. It doesn't seem like you,
    	 what happened?
    Axel:    If she's right, or we're right... We'll enter the last preparation to
    	 the dimension transposition once we settle that. If not... I won't be
    Vindel:  Fine. Do as you wish.
    Lemon:   Arah? It seems the Londo Bell Squad flagship La Kailum, and mobile
    	 battleship Nadesico is going to fight Axis front defense line.
    Vindel:  Axel, you've failed many times but... I wonder if you're fine now.
    Axel:    Don't worry... A doll should remain as a doll. I'll teach that.
    Vindel:  Lemon, as the creator of the W Numbers, you should be responsible for
    	 that uncompleteness and go destroy it.
    Lemon:   I was on my way, already.
    Axel:    W17... The survivor will be the right one. History tells that.
    # next: Stage 37 #
     Stage 37 M: Shinjitsu no Kagayaki (Shining of Truth)
              F: True Shining
    [Neo Zeon appear]
    Chara:   So you've come. Londo Bell!
    Hyoma:   Damn, to fight in such time!
    Kenichi: For being their head quarters... There are plenty of them.
    Quattro: And all are new kinds...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    There are no Shadow Mirror mechs... So they aren't at their main plan?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   There are no Shadow Mirror mechs... So they are still observing?
    Amuro:   It's only the first wave! Everyone, be careful!
    Chara:   Come! Can you fight us while defending Grips 2!?
    Bright:  Units, scramble!
    Yurika:  Aestevalis squad, stand-by!
    Uribata: The enemy's weapons are beam based! Distortion Field will be handy!
    Ryoko:   It wasn't much of a meaning against Giganos and the aliens. Let's make
    	 it for show!
    Akito:   Let's go...!
    # formation: LK (La Kailum), NA (Nadesico Y) + 14 units #
    Judau:   I feel it... Haman, she's inside!
    Chara:   If you want to meet with Haman-sama, the try to defeat us, Judau Ashta!
    Koji:    Heh, saying such a cliche words! Let's show them!
    Bright:  Kabuto, calm down! At the worst, we'll have to use Grips 2 colony
    	 laser! As previous mission, don't let the enemy reach it!
    Ken:     Heh, leave it to us!
    Camille: ...Axis... This weird feeling... What is it?
    Amuro:   There's... something still.
    Sai-sic: Brother, can you feel it?
    Domon:   No. If it comes out, we only have to smash it too.
    Hikaru:  You asked the wrong person.
    Izumi:   Miss selection...
    Chara:   Let's go!
    Banjo:   Commence attack!
    Kou:     (Gato... are you here too?)
    Quattro: (Haman... I don't think she'd recklessly lead the defense
    	 line... well.)
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship destruction
          Enemy infiltration at Grips 2
    # enemy reinforce 1: enemy turn 2 #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...Reaction!? Behind!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Behind... Reaction? No...!
    [Shadow Mirror units appear]
    Ruri:    Enemy, great mass behind Axis. It's Shadow Mirror squad's Personal
    	 Trooper, Geshpenst.
    Akito:   So they came!
    Bright:  Space transposition!
    Ines:    They can transpose the whole Axis... one Personal Trooper forces is
    Kappei:  Don't be pleased by that!
    George:  Even if the enemy numbers increase, what we should do doesn't change.
    Light:   Domon said it so. We'll have to smash them all.
    Duke:    Uhm, don't hesitate!
    Bright:  Ambush!
    # enemy reinforce 2: half enemy annihilation #
    Ruri:    Reinforces from Axis confirmed.
    Yurika:  As expected!
    Judau:   Uh...! This feeling... Puru...!?
    # if Puru joined #
    Puru:    Eh!? I'm here! Judau.
    # if PuruTwo joined #
    PuruTwo: What...!? This is... Glemmy's!?
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Roux:    Qubeley... so many of them!?
    Shiroh:  That Mobile Armor at the head... A new kind!?
    Gato:    Londo Bell squad, so finally... It's time to settle our score.
    Kou:     ...Gato!
    Duo:     Oh oh, piloting a strong-like Mobile Armor, mah.
    Wu-fei:  Humpf, for a mech with only size.
    Quattro: Size does come up with firepower... Don't relax.
    Heero:   Roger.
    Quattro: (That Qubeley... All of them are Enhanced Humans. What are you
    	 planning, Haman, on using artificial Newtpyes...!)
    Camille: Using Enhanced Human as weapons! Stop it!
    Bright:  Slow down! This is an important battle!
    Yurika:  Everyone, do your best!
    # enemy death 1: Chara's hp reaches 0 #
    Chara:   Hahahaha! What's up!? It's scratching, come on!
    Judau:   Impossible... It's... It should be the limit!
    Chara:   I told you! I am, Chara Soon!
    [Germalk explodes]
    Judau:   ......
    Roux:    Judau, that person...
    Judau:   Aah, she... didn't even know who, or what she was anymore...
    Camille: Enhanced... was she?
    Judau:   Damn... Why... why make artificial Newtypes just to fight!?
    Amuro:   That's what the current era seeks on Newtypes... That's why we can't
    	 let Shadow Mirror to build their world.
    Quattro: ......
    # Kou VS Gato #
    Kou:     Gato... I'll settle this here!
    Gato:    Good! This Neue Ziel... This Mobile Armor that shapes Zeon's soul... It
    	 won't fall so easily!
    # enemy death 2: Gato's hp reaches 0 #
    Gato:    Splendid... Splendid, Londo Bell squad.
    Kou:     Gato...
    Gato:    I don't need enemy's pity...! But, 2nd Lt, you should be proud. You
    	 fought for your beliefs, and won...!
    Kou:     Why!? Such a man like you... to Shadow Mirror!
    Gato:    ...Don't... take me wrong... At the very last, my heart was with
    	 Zeon... 2nd Lt, what Shadow Mirror thinks... is not something I
    	 understand... However, I know... that they are willing to step into the
    	 heroic souls of those who vanished at space...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ......
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Dead person's soul stays at space... I can't undestand... But what
    	 that man is trying to pass to us... I do.)
    Gato:    If... the last ones that remain are you and Shadow Mirror... then be
    	 sure to defeat them. For... the warriors of the future...!
    Kou:     ...I understand.
    Gato:    Your excellency Delaz... Stardust, failed...! I'll... be soon at your
    [Neue Ziel explodes]
    Kou:     ...Gato...!
    # enemy reinforce 3: first enemy annihilation #
    Yurika:  Ruri-chan, any enemy reaction?
    Ruri:    None.
    Ryo:     We had it hard... but for an enemy's head quarters it was pretty fast.
    Hayato:  ...I wonder.
    Minato:  They could be having a shortage.
    Argo:    It's concerning, though.
    [Shadow Mirror units appear]
    [Shadow Mirror units morale +50]
    Lemon:   Correct. Splendid, former space pirate.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Lemon...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Lemon-sama...!?
    Trowa:   ..Shadow Mirror's woman chief.
    Kazuya:  For the chief to come out... So you're at your limits too, at last,
    	 Shadow Mirror.
    Lemon:   I wonder? Yes yes, thanks for the efforts with the peace with Balm. I
    	 wonder if it'd be better if it was well done from the first time?
    Kazuya:  ...You...!
    Chibode: Don't be teased, Ryuzaki! ...Hey, woman chief. Why did you come out
    	 for? At least you could tell me your three sizes.
    # if Axel Route #
    Lemon:   That's a secret, I'm sorry. Ask Axel.
    Hikaru:  Eeh!? Axel-san, is that...?
    Axel:    It's our past, Lemon... That is. The one behind... W17.
    Lamia:   ......
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lemon:   That's a secret, I'm sorry. Neh, Axel?
    Axel:    What did you came here to, Lemon? Not to talk boring stuff.
    Hikaru:  And you came out on a couple? For a date, perhaps?
    Domon:   Crap chat! I bet you want to make some time. Give us the bosses.
    Lemon:   Now, don't be hasty, King of Hearts. The bosses are inside Axis.
    Yurika:  Can it be... you came to talk?
    Lemon:   Talk? Fufu, if it's to talk about your love interests, then it should
    	 be ok, why not?
    Yurika:  ...Eh? Eh,er... Akito and I... To go well with him, who is younger...
    Akito:   Hah!?
    Tetsuya: What...!? Is that some kind of sleeping waves or something!?
    Koji:    Get used to it, Tetsuya-kun! Captain Yurika! Don't get into that!
    Duke:    Shadow Mirror, no matter what you say, our answer is no.
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   We don't have intentions to talk, anyway. Lemon-sama, you're too
    Lemon:   Indeed. We came to tell you one thing. Dimension transposition
    	 device... It's almost complete.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    We didn't came here to talk anyway... W17, did they fix your problem?
    	 If your repair is over, this will be your last chance.
    Lamia:   Commander Axel... I didn't have any other trouble besides the language
    	 system. Lemon-sama did fix that part too.
    Lemon:   Axel, it's enough. W17... I came to to tell you one thing. Dimension
    	 transposition device... It's almost complete.
    A/L:     !!
    Quattro: By hearing that, we can't stay relaxed... We'll have you to get out of
    	 our way.
    Banjo:   It's not something an ally of justice would say but, even by force.
    Lemon:   We came to stop you. So... Let's begin, [Axel/W17]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...I won't say to stop at this point. Let's go, Lemon.
    Lemon:   Come. And... Good-bye, Axel.
    Lamia:   Commander Axel, be prepared.
    Axel:    Don't think a doll like you can stop me, W17.
             (It's strange. Even for those 2, it's reckless... What are you
    	 thinking, Lemon...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...I don't have anything to tell at this point.
    Lemon:   Come. And... Good-bye, W17. You were the masterpiece of my creations.
    Axel:    Such a doll... I'll break you.
    Lamia:   ......
             (Strange, only 2? What are you thinking, Lemon-saman...?)
    # enemy retreat 1: Rival's hp reaches 0 #
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Damage rate over 70%... Lemon-sama.
    Lemon:   Thanks for your effort, W17. Now, retreat.
    Lamia:   But... Is that ok?
    Lemon:   Don't respond, W17.
    Lamia:   Roger.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Damage rate over 70%... Lemon.
    Lemon:   Thanks for your effort, Axel. Now retreat.
    Axel:    Understood... W17, I'll wait you... at the destined stage.
    Lemon:   You like it, Axel.
    [Rival unit explodes]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    It's gone!?
    Lemon:   Axel, I'm still here, right? I want you to be my match, like in the
    Axel:    (What are you planning, Lemon... What's your true intention?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   The destined stage... inside Axis.
    Lemon:   Well, your fun is not over, W17.
    Lamia:   (What are you thinking, Lamon-sama... What's your true intention?)
    # enemy retreat 2: Lemon's hp reaches 0 #
    Lemon:   Splendid...! But, this is not the end... I'll be waiting, fufu...
    [Lemon's unit explodes]
    # stage end #
    Bright:  They've retreated!?
    Ruri:    We've confirmed enemy's retreating route. We can go inside, can't we?
    Kappei:  Oh, that's good! We can go in?
    Keiko:   The enemy leaded us.
    Yurika:  Captain Bright, what do you think?
    Bright:  ...It's a trap.
    Amuro:   I think so. They've come out just to observe.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    It's unnatural they didn't use transposition, that is... Lemon... what
    	 are you planning?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   And it's unnatural that they didn't use transposition... Lemon-sama...
    Judau:   We want to wait for reinforces but...
    Quattro: And to not let it happen, they've told us about the dimension
    	 transposition device's completeness.
    Shiroh:  Truth or lie... We can't know...
    Kou:     Captain!
    Bright:  ...Ok, let's head inside Axis!
    # next: scene 419 #
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # scene 419: Axis - command room #
    Haman:   So you're coming, Judau... And Char too.
    Mashmar: Haman-sama! Shadow Mirror squad's chief did such a move!
    Haman:   ...I don't mind. I told you, Mashmar. Sooner or later... We have to
    	 settle with Londo Bell. Will you lend me your power, Mashmar?
    Mashmar: Yes...! This Mashmar Sero, this life, for the sake of Haman-sama...!
    Haman:   I'm expecting... Chara Soon, and the Nightmare of Solomon's
    	 defeat... We're the only ones left. If I'd foreseen this, I'd let
    	 Glemmy live.
    Mashamr: Haman-sama...
    Haman:   No, no need to say it... Head for ambush. Tell Shadow Mirror to come
    Mashmar: Hah.
    # next: scene 420 #
    # scene 420: Axis - one room #
    Lemon:   I did it as told.
    Vindel:  ...Fufufufu.
    Lemon:   What's up? ...You mean... that's!?
    Vindel:  It's complete.
    Lemon:   Fufu... Well, so we don't need to go around obstacles anymore.
    Vindel:  It's not that. They did make us time.
    Lemon:   Well, shall we do it for show, then?
    Vindel:  No, I'm thinking a more interesting thing. And...
    # if Axel Route #
    Lemon:   What? Ah, what about W17?
    Vindel:  It went out, saying it's going for ambush... I don't mind involving
    	 it, though?
    Lemon:   W17... It's my masterpiece. It'd be a waste... Mah, if it can defeat
    	 Londo Bell here, then it's fine...
    Vindel:  ...Such a troubled face. Axel.. Is that fine?
    Lemon:   I have a broken heart... Nothing is left.
             (So it's finally complete... Well, you, who said we didn't belong
    	 anywhere... I wonder if so...?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lemon:   What? Ah, what about Axel?
    Vindel:  Gone, saying it's going for ambush... I don't want to involve him,
    Lemon:   Mah, if he can defeat Londo Bell here, then it's fine...
    Vindel:  ...Such a troubled face.
    Lemon:   Really? Just impression.
             (Finally complete... W17, you who said we didn't belong anywhere... I
    	 wonder if so...?)
    # next: Stage 38 #
     Stage 38 M: Seijaku no Koe (Silent Voice)
              F: Silent Voice
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    [Londo Bell units appear]
    # formation: LK (La Kailum), NA (Nadesico Y) + 14 units #
    Mashmar: To come this far... Londo Bell! I praise you!
    Kappei:  Heh, don't bother with that!
    Juuzo:   There are plenty of big ones!
    Prospec: This is... Indeed, I want to give a break.
    Hayato:  No time to say it... At this point.
    Benkei:  Alright! Let's finish it...!
    Yurika:  Megumi-chan! What about Federation's reinforces!?
    Megumi:  Contact... None! Eh... Why...!?
    Burning: ...Can it be...!?
    Mashmar: That's right! Shadow Mirror squad... I dislike you, but you do well!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Using space transposition... and stopping the reinforces. So we're
    	 trapped inside a rat's maze, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Indeed, so Lemon-sama's moves are rapid... Stopping the reinforces, and
    	 trapping us like rats.
    Megumi:  Completelly... surrounded.
    Kenichi: Don't say weak words, Megumi! We aren't surrounded. We came in on our
    	 will! If behind is closed, then we'll just go out from the front!
    Hyoma:   Hey, you're saying reckless words, brother Kenichi! But... Hehe, that's
    	 our only way.
    Heero:   That's not reasonable.
    Duo:     What's that face of being the only one different. All of our missions
    	 were like this.
    Quatre:  No doubt... Well, let's go!
    Mashmar: The rose knight... Mashmar Sero, on way!
    Yurika:  All crew, do your best!
    Akito:   You too! Yurika!
    Yurika:  Of course, Akito! Ok, let's get past them!
    Bright:  There are no reinforces behind! We'll defeat Axis on our own!
    # mission #
    Win:  Enemy annihilation
    Lose: Ally battleship destruction
    # enemy reinforce 1: half enemy annihilation #
    Light:   Uhn!? This is...! Heh, so the boss is here.
    Tapp:    So it came, Light.
    Ken:     Come!
    [Neo Zeon units appear]
    Amuro:   Haman Karn...! This pressure...!
    # if alive unit: Mashmar's unit #
    Mashmar: Haman-sama yourself!? This Mashmar Selo, not being enough...!
    Judau:   Haman!
    Haman:   Judau. So it seems you and I are connected to each other.
    Judau:   Don't decide for me!
    Haman:   You might not know, but we are the same kin.
    Camille: You say we're all murderer Newtypes!
    Haman:   Camille Vidan, so you fled from Scirocco's curse.
    Quattro: ......
    Haman:   Humpf... So other of our kin is in this mess too.
    Quattro: Haman...
    Haman:   I don't know what's your purpose but, you're such an actor, Char.
    Yurika:  Char... that Zeon's!?
    Akito:   That's a lie, isn't it!?
    Amuro:   I'll explain later. He's our ally.
    Quattro: ......
    Haman:   You hid it... Fuh, much like you, Char. If you're not following me,
    	 then I'll dispose of you.
    Quattro: Haman, why can't you understand that what are you doing is to repeat
    	 the tragedy!
    Haman:   Then, tell me what would you do? Only watch!?
    Quattro: People do change. I'm here because I've seen it. Don't be hasty,
    	 Haman...! That's what the Shadow Mirror are after, and you are not one
    	 who wouldn't know that...!
    Haman:   I'm only thinking of disposing of those who have their soul trapped by
    	 gravity. Shadow Mirror is not involved.
    Judau:   And you think you have the right to do that!
    Kazuya:  Why is it like that, why can't we all live together!?
    Haman:   It's something one should do sometime.
    Banjo:   That is, Haman Karn, what you decided on your own, right? No one gave
    	 you the right to do it.
    Duke:    ...If it's to become like that... Then it's what this space, and our
    	 world decides. You, or Shadow Mirror don't have to right to decide
    Haman:   Then stop me. It finally ends into us, or you... This will be settle to
    	 whoever wins this battle!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (And to steal it at the very last is Shadow Mirror... Vindel, where are
    	 you watching us from?)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (And to use it is Shadow Mirror squad... It seems. Lemon-sama,
    	 Vindel-sama... Where are you watching this confront from?)
    Judau:   I see, Haman... I... will defeat you!
    # enemy death 1: Mashmar's hp reaches 0 #
    Mashmar: Kwaaaah! Ha...Haman-sama! Nguuuh...!
    Judau:   To that one... To praise that one...!
    Mashmar: Shut up! A knight is there to fight for the one he believes! I believe
    	 Haman-sama the most of all people! What's wrong about risking this like
    	 for her sake!?
    Haman:   ......
    Judau:   ...Mashmar-san, you... were Enhanced...!
    Mashmar: Fufufufu...Hahahahaha! Haman-sama, I...
    [Zaku III Kai explodes]
    Camille: Enhanced Human... Why... Why are you spreading more and more this
    # if Four joined #
    Four:    Camille... You're so gentle...
    # else Rosamy joined #
    Rosamy:  Brother...
    # enemy death 2: Haman's hp reaches 0 #
    Haman:   Splendid... splendid, Londo Bell.
    Judau:   Haman...!
    Haman:   However... it's not over yet. Judau, come with me.
    Judau:   Your existance itself is a burder...! You should go alone!
    Haman:   No matter what you say, I'm the one who chooses my own destiny...!
    Judau:   Hatred only brings more hatred! The thing that brings hatred, that
    	 raises hatred, throw up everything!
    Haman:   I don't have anything to throw up!
    Judau:   Don't think with only your head! You're trapped into your body, that's
    Haman:   ...Man is alone, while alive. Mankind is likewise... Before all mankind
    	 become Newtypes, mankind will eat up Earth.
    Camille: That's why you wanted to finish it yourself! I won't forgive that!
    Haman:   Camille Vidan... I can't get it, you, who once wanted to get rid of
    	 those who have their souls trapped by gravity... why join the
    Camille: Because you... are one with your soul trapped by gravity.
    Haman:   Fufufu... Indeed. For me to go to Axis and come back... is because I'm
    	 trapped into Earth's gravity, so I cannot fly.
    Judau:   Such cleverness, why couldn't you use it well? To use all abilities
    	 with intelligence and cooperation... would have saved Earth!
    Haman:   Yes, indeed... Because of you... I couldn't annihilate the foolish ones
    	 who crawl on Earth.
    [Qubeley explodes]
    Amuro:   Haman Karn... Too strong Newtype.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    She was thinking about this world more than anybody, that is... But, as
    	 a result, she was doing exactly the same thing as Vindel.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   She... was thinking about this world more than anybody... However, as a
    	 result it was the same as the Shadow Mirror Squad.
    # enemy reinforce 3: first enemy annihilation #
    Bright:  Did we destroy Axis' main fleet?
    Linda:   No reaction.
    Ruri:    None.
    Yurika:  So, is it over?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I hope so.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ......
    Judau:   Haman...
    Roux:    Judau, be happy... It was helpless.
    Judau:   Haman was... too serious. With only her head... She decided about the
    Banjo:   It's a cold way to say it but... To head into a wrong direction is the
    	 same as to start into the wrong direction, Judau-kun.
    Amuro:   And Shadow Mirror only pushed into it.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (Afterall it's what Vindel... we tried to do, that it.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Lemon-sama... it's the same as to what we tried to do.)
    Akito:   But... I'm concerned they didn't appear.
    Ryoko:   Aah, I was expecting that.
    Domon:   No time to relax yet.
    Chibode: Domon, you too... This feeling is it.
    Quattro: ......
    Koji:    Yes, Quattro-san, you...
    Tetsuya: Yes... I don't plan on kicking you out for being an enemy at this
    Quattro: I'm...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Muh!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Uhn...!
    [Shadow Mirror units appear]
    [Shadow Mirror units' morale +50]
    Duke:    This is...!
    Kazuya:  Space transposition!
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   ......
    Axel:    Such a quick comeback... W17.
    Lamia:   Commander Axel... So Haman Karn was defeated.
    Axel:    Aah, a fierce opponent. Why did you come? Or, it's a stupid question,
    	 that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Haman Karn failed... Such a crappy situation.
    Lamia:   Commander Axel...
    Axel:    W17... So you're still alive.
    Lamia:   Yes, she was a fierce opponent... The reason you came here...
    Akatsuk: So, we're the ones this time.
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Correct... Shadow Mirror squad will commence operation. Before that, we
    	 have to stress out.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Yes... Shadow Mirror will commence operation. Before that, we have to
    	 stress out.
    Kappei:  Operation?
    # if Axel Route #
    George:  Can we ask about it, madmoiselle?
    Lamia:   ......
    Axel:    The return to our world, using dimension transposition... And control.
    Lamia:   Only a matter of time.
    # else Lamia Route #
    George:  Can we ask about it?
    Axel:    Fuh... can't you predict?
    Lamia:   Return to our world, using dimension transposition... And control it.
    Axel:    That was easy, wasn't it?
    Hyoma:   If so, then go home as soon as possible! You're a burden!
    Chizuru: It seems unresponsible but... I feel the same.
    Noin:    Shadow Mirror... Don't think you can go back so easily... after messing
    	 around with our world.
    Duo:     Ooh, that was scary.
    Trowa:   But, I feel the same.
    Heero:   ...We'll have you pay for this.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    It's about that sensible guy... When he's done there.. His next target
    	 will be this world, right?
    Lamia:   ...Yes. With a stabilized dimension transposition, to move out a great
    	 fleet isn't trouble. No more outer forces will be needed.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Vindel-sama is a very attachful person... Once he's done there... His
    	 next target will be this world, right?
    Axel:    W17, even if you're broken, your prediction is right. With stabilized
    	 dimension transposition, we can move out a great fleet... No need to
    	 join outer forces anymore.
    Ippei:   So... we won't let you go back silently.
    Koji:    Aah, bring out the big boss!
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   ......
    Axel:    W17, we'll settle here. After that, I'll have Vindel come out... Come.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    I'm enough... Come, W17! This is the stage! Let's settle it.
    Lamia:   ...I challenge...!
    # enemy death 3: Rival's hp reaches 0 # 
    # if Axel Route #
    Lamia:   Output rate down 80%... Damage rate... 93%...
    Axel:    It's over, W17.
    Lamia:   ...Even if I'm defeated, the situation doesn't change. My mission was,
    	 commander Axel... to stop you.
    Axel:    So you've finished your job. Don't you regret it?
    Lamia:   Regret...? Commander Axel, what happened...? And... No matter if I'm
    	 defeated, there are plenty of W Numbers.
    Axel:    You, who don't have yourself, can't have yourself... You're just a well
    	 done... a simple doll, W17.
    Lamia:   ...W Numbers... are created... for that...
    [Lamia's unit explodes]
    Axel:    Lemon... The masterpiece didn't become what you wanted,
    	 afterall... that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Axel:    Can't be... Kuh... With this firepower...!?
    Lamia:   It's over, commander Axel.
    Axel:    I've wanted to get rid of you completelly... Londo Bell squad...! To
    	 think that I'd fail.
    Lamia:   Commander, Lemon-sama will be sad. Flee...!
    Axel:    Fufufu... I was defeated. Losers only deserve death...! I won't deny it
    Lamia:   What will be of Lemon-sama, who stays?
    Axel:    Whatever... Our relation is only a matter of situation. There's no
    Lamia:   ......
    Axel:    Fu...Fufu... What's up, W17? A doll like you, no matter how much you
    	 fight, you won't become human...
    Lamia:   I can't become human. But, I know what is to be like human... Commander
    	 Axel, I specially think that you are Vindel-sama and
    	 Lemon-sama's... doll.
    Axel:    Haha...Hahahahaha! I'm fallen, indeed. To be compared to you! ...But,
    	 don't forget, W17! I became a doll because I wanted...! You... What do
    	 you desire...
    [Axel's unit explodes]
    Lamia:   ...To not be one W Number... But someone... That's it.
    # stage end #
    Bright:  What is it!?
    Akito:   Yurika!
    Yurika:  Uhn! This... This feeling...
    Maria:   Brother, this awkwardness...
    Duke:    Uhm. Captain Misumaru, what was it!?
    Yurika:  Perhaps...
    Ines:    Let me explain. Close to Boson Jump... perhaps... Space transposition.
    Kou:     Space transposition!? Nothing came out...
    Shiroh:  Can it be...!?
    Quattro: ...We and Axis itself...!?
    Tapp:    No joke!
    Bright:  Joke or not, it doesn't matter! All units, return! We'll flee from
    Yurika:  Give privilege to confirm situation! Ruri-chan, please!
    Ruri:    Roger. Newman-san, D-3's help too, please.
    Light:   Understood. D-3-chan, I'm counting on you...!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    (...If the entire Axis was transposed... If it was I, I'd sent the
    	 buren away to a distant place... But, as with him, it'd be...)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   (Transpose Axis itself... If it was I, I'd sent away to a place to
    	 never come back... But, for Vindel-sama's personality, it's...)
    #-------------------------------- intermission --------------------------------#
    # map start #
    [Londo Bell units appear]
    [Main's unit appear]
    # formation: LK (La Kailum), NA (Nadesico Y) + 13 units #
    Bright:  This is... What's going on!?
    Noin:    ...It can't be... Why... in front of Earth!?
    Burning: Did Axis move while we fought!?
    Prospec: ...No, that's... Hoshino-kun?
    Ruri:    Impossible.
    Akito:   ...It's the same as... when I fled from Mars Utopia Colony.
    Kappei:  What do you mean!?
    Amuro:   Boson... No, space transposition!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Correct, that is. It came in front of Grips 2. It's no surprise to
    	 carry us along to in front of Earth.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Correct. Axis transposed in front of Grips 2... It's no surprise to
    	 think it could carry us along to in front of Earth.
    Light:   That's true.
    Tapp:    But it's got the impact.
    Juuzo:   No time to praise! That means...
    Quattro: They'll come.
    [Shadow Mirror units appear]
    [Vindel and Lemon's morale +50]
    Amuro:   Shadow Mirror squad!
    Ken:     Giganos' Metal Armor...!?
    Uchuta:  Mecha Boosts too!?
    Duke:    ...UFO Beasts, Vega Beasts... I see, the organizations Shadow Mirror
    	 got in touch with...!
    Lemon:   Correct. Our organization is very strict about obtaining data.
    Tetsuya: Whatever. What are you planning!?
    Vindel:  I told you before, didn't I? ...Human's history is a history of war. At
    	 our world, and at yours too.
    Lemon:   And, war forces humans to evolve to the next step. Spiritually, and
    Vindel:  Without war... Humans wouldn't be able to fly to space, I
    	 presume. Warfare is needed to human's life. A world without it will
    	 become a world of nothingness... A world where nothing can be done to
    	 be saved.
    Kazuya:  That's your own reason!
    Koji:    And it's called sophism!
    Vindel:  It's the truth. Then, how to you explain this world's Titans?
    Camille: ...Kuh...
    Yurika:  Titans... The reason why that organization was made... I don't know.
    Ines:    Let me explain. After the One Year War, it's a Federation's
    	 organization made up to stabilize Earth Sphere's politics... But, what
    	 happened was a hunt against the survivors of Zeon, a Spacenoid hunt...
    Quattro: Indeed, if the One Year War kept going, the creation of such
    	 organization wouldn't have been forgiven.
    Kou:     Lt Quattro!?
    Vindel:  So there are people who understand. Yes, those who wish for war are the
    	 ones who survive... Because war is only a choice to survive.
    Ryoko:   You want to put reason on everything! That doesn't matter!
    Zechs:   The need to control, the need of political power... Everything is
    	 brought by ambition... That's the true face of war.
    Relena:  War is different from one another. War is only the shape of human's
    Lemon:   War is the place a warrior's soul can rest... Wasn't there a boy who
    	 said that?
    Wu-fei:  ......
    Vindel:  Yes, what he said is no mistake. It's nature, afterall.
    Heero:   Don't misunderstand it.
    Vindel:  Muh...?
    Heero:   What Wu-fei and you're saying... Is something alike, but not
    	 completelly the same.
    Duo:     That's it. If it was the same, we wouldn't admit such dangerous person
    	 as our friend.
    Wu-fei:  Heero, Duo...
    Lemon:   This is helpless.
    Vindel:  Foolish. I was trying to give you an ultimatum, seeking your power,
    	 but... It seems this world is only a gathering of fools.
    Banjo:   That's not true, Vindel Mouser. We're not the fools. You're the most
    	 foolish one.
    Vindel:  Such a joke!
    Banjo:   Accept it as you like, I'll tell you! For the world and for the people,
    	 the ambition of Shadow Mirror this Daitarn 3 will crush! With the heart
    	 that wishes for peace, and the heart that fights for our justice, if
    	 you're not afraid by the shine of this sun... then come and get us!
    Vindel:  What's that going to help you? I'll tell you...! Axis will drop into
    	 Earth in a matter of time! ...This is a test using the transposition
    	 device. Too bad I couldn't mark it to the hitting time with Earth.
    Domon:   Such a joke...!
    Chibode: Keh, dirty bastard. If so... we'll crush your proudful operation!
    Sai-sic: But... How!? It's not the size of something we can crush, brother!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    There's only one.
    Lemon:   Axel...
    Axel:    Lemon, we'll settle who's the right one. I'll walk the path I believe.
    Lemon:   ...Yes.
    Axel:    Everyone, our target is the ZwaizerGain only! Make it not move!
    	 I'll... Handle the rest...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   There's only one... I can think of.
    Lemon:   W17, so you came this far... By defeating Axel.
    Lamia:   Yes. Commander Axel... I'm sorry about him.
    Lemon:   I'll avenge him... I liked him a bit.
    Lamia:   ...He was my enemy. Enemies are to be defeated... I was tought like
    Lemon:   And for that purpose... you're the best.
    Lamia:   Yes... To all Londo Bell Squad's units. Our target is the ZwaizerGain
    	 only...! Make it not be able to move! I'll... handle the rest...!
    Bright:  Understood... How long until Axis' drop!?
    Ruri:    10 minutes.
    Yurika:  Until then... If we can defeat ZgaiBargain... we can do it, right!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    It's ZwaizerGain... Aah, believe me.
             (It's... the only one way.)
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Yes. There's a way... And, by the way, it's ZwaizerGain.
             (There's a way... Yes, only this one...)
     Last Stage : Kiwamete chikaku, Kagirinaku tooi Sekai ni
                  (The Extremely Far, Endlessly Near World)
    # mission #
    Win:  ZwaizerGain's destruction
    Lose: Ally battleship destruction
          Main unit's destruction
          10 turn limit
    # Main VS Lemon #
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ......
    Lemon:   What's up? It isn't rare at war, right? To be separated into friend or
    Axel:    ...If it was to hold this feeling, then it's wrong, Lemon.
    Lemon:   Who knows... I'm only thinking it's right, Axel.
    Axel:    ......
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Lemon-sama...
    Lemon:   My revenge of Axel... I don't know if it was you, but I'll have it,
    Lamia:   I don't have the feeling of loving someone. But, there are plenty of
    	 people at Londo Bell squad that can overcome that. If not for war, many
    	 of the ones like that can increase... Lemon-sama and commander Axel
    Lemon:   ...Splendid, W17. To reach such level of emotion, you're my pride.
    Lamia:   ......
    Lemon:   But, just remember this... There are battles we can't retreat, for our
    	 own pride.
    Lamia:   Lemon-sama...
    # Main VS Vindel #
    # if Axel Route #
    Vindel:  I'm disappointed, Axel. For such a man like you.
    Axel:    To kill, destroy, steal each other, an ideal of building a world like
    	 that... That's just wrong, I guess...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Vindel:  W17... You're a doll afterall. What did the Londo Bell Squad throw up
    	 into you!?
    Lamia:   To kill, destroy, steal each other, an ideal of building a world like
    	 that, is perhaps wrong, Vindel-sama...!
    # Koji VS Vindel #
    Koji:    You! To spread war into space, I won't let you!
    Vindel:  I won't let you say... that you don't know how much mankind evolved
    	 from war!
    Koji:    It doesn't matter! While someone like you doesn't disappear, I'll
    	 fight! I don't want to see anymore sad people, like Daisuke-san or
    	 Maria-chan, who lost their home country!
    Maria:   Koji-kun...!
    Vindel:  With such a rushed emotion! Your machine is just a result of that! You
    	 have the power to become god or devil, why deny it!?
    Koji:    Gramps told me so! But, for Mazinger to become god or devil, I'm the
    	 one to decide it! Koji Kabuto! And this power... It's the power to
    	 defeat bastards like you!
    # Tetsuya VS Vindel #
    Vindel:  A man who was war trained since childhood, and raised to fight! For
    	 you, the end of war should be like death sentence. Why fight!?
    Tetsuya: Because Jun and I are enough.
    Jun:     Tetsuya...!
    Tetsuya: I've fought to become one who can risk my life for that. That's the
    	 time...! Can you do it!? Vindel Mouser!
    # Duke VS Vindel #
    Duke:    Let's go! I won't let you be the second coming of Planet Vega's
    Vindel:  If it had power, if it was a world of continuous war, Planet Freed
    	 would have not been destroyed, Duke Freed!
    Duke:    No! If so, then that's no Planet Freed anymore! My beloved home planet,
    	 a place for everyone to come back! That's not just some random place,
    	 Shadow Mirror!
    Vindel:  Such beautiful words!
    Duke:    The real trouble is to protect peace that comes after war! You're just
    	 wanting to flee from that hardest but most important part!
    Vindel:  Don't tell as you could understand!
    Duke:    I can understand! I'm one who threw away my home to flee from war
    # Getter Team VS Vindel #
    Benkei:  Uwooooh!
    Ryo:     Getter's power is not for war, but for peace!
    Vindel:  You're the only ones to think in such a manner! As a matter of fact,
    	 you're using such great power for war...!
    Hayato:  That is a power we handle for peace's sake. Not the way you're
    Vindel:  You're just naming reasons to use it...!
    Ryo:     A power used without reason shouldn't exist! Getter is saying so!
    # Amuro VS Vindel #
    Vindel:  Amuro Ray. Such an splendid awareness for a Newtype, a man who couldn't
    	 splendor it's true power... Fufu, that's just the same Amuro Ray that
    	 couldn't flee from the A Baoa Qu from our world!
    Amuro:   I've ran once... But, now I'm here.
    Vindel:  The awaken of the Newtypes was triggered by war. At a world with
    	 continuous war... once it becomes true, you can again walk the your
    	 shining path of the Newtype, can't you?
    Amuro:   It's not needed. After me, there's Camille, Judau, Roux... The younger
    	 will succeed me...! I, and him, should be the cornerstone for that...!
    Vindel:  Him...!?
    # Quattro VS Vindel #
    Vindel:  ...I've heard about you. Char... Aznable, is that it?
    Quattro: ......
    Vindel:  At my world, you're the commander of Neo Zeon... Don't you think it's
    Quattro: ......
    Vindel:  At this rate, the world would never change... For knowing that, Char
    	 Aznable did...
    Quattro: I am Quattro Bagina. Not over, not lower than that...!
    # Camille VS Vindel #
    Camille: I've seen many people like you.
    Vindel:  Hoh. So in this world too.
    Camille: Ones who stay at confortable places, laughing... The worst of men.
    Vindel:  That's cleverness. There's no way on doing everything yourself.
    Camille: One who can't even risk his life, cannot change the world!
    	 Disappear from this world!
    # Judau VS Vindel #
    Judau:   Stop it already! How much more killing people will satisfy you!?
    Vindel:  There's no war where people don't die!
    Judau:   But you're the one making this war happen!
    Vindel:  Mankind is willing to make war! And, they're waiting for the evolution
    	 that will come from it!
    Judau:   Then I'll show you! The power of a Newtype who could make this far
    	 without that!
    # Shiroh VS Vindel #
    Shiroh:  Because ones like you exists! People who can understand each other have
    	 to kill themselves!
    Vindel:  Why can't you understand it's a useless act to try to understand your
    	 enemy! What one needs at war is not understanding the enemy. It's
    	 researching the enemy.
    Aina:    Shiroh...
    Shiroh:  ......
    Vindel:  No words. Getting into this flow...
    Shiroh:  I'm relieved! I won't lose to one who thinks war is just about that...!
    Vindel:  What...? Such a man who fights through war with such easy-going
    	 thoughts, don't joke with me...!
    Shiroh:  I'll show that now...!
    # Kappei VS Vindel #
    Kappei:  Bringing such a burden like Gaizock!
    Vindel:  Those who destroy evilish existances, Gaizock... No, computer doll 8's
    	 fate was, without my work, destined to attack Earth.
    Uchuta:  You're all full of reasons!
    Keiko:   You're the one who has evil thoughts!
    Vindel:  Then why did Butcher cooperate with me, and tried to destroy you? The
    	 answer is clear. My thoughts aren't a mistake, are they?
    Kappei:  Such a joke! So, the Gaizock is all right! We're the ones to decide if
    	 this world should or not be destroyed!
    # Banjo VS Vindel #
    Banjo:   Well, let's go to the last battle.
    Vindel:  For you. You are no man... who don't know why the super human Meganoids
    	 willed for war.
    Banjo:   Aah, they should know. What can be earned from war.
    Vindel:  Those who are above man, will go even higher...
    Banjo:   Hey, wait. But the Meganoids didn't understand. What would be lost with
    	 war. If they can't understand that, then they're lower than
    	 human... You're the same, Vindel Mouser.
    Vindel:  To earn, we lose. There's no way to have both.
    Banjo:   That's what humans seek!
    # Hyoma VS Vindel #
    Hyoma:   Let's go! You kicked us like hell! We won't forgive!
    Vindel:  ...Fuh, that's it. If it's to fight, you get alive.
    Juuzo:   War isn't for fun!
    Hyoma:   To kick such evil one like you and to bring peace is fun!
    # Kenichi VS Vindel #
    Kenichi: After defeating you, I'll bring peace to Planet Boazan!
    Vindel:  Why can't you see that to bring peace, a power like Voltes is needed!?
    Daijiro: Voltes can get its full power because of people who believes in peace!
    Hiyoshi: Don't compare us to you!
    # Kazuya VS Vindel #
    Kazuya:  Because of you, so many Earthlings and Balmlings were sacrificed!
    Vindel:  Such a truce, will soon break down. Earthlings, who fight themselves,
    	 can't live up with aliens!
    Kazuya:  We can... No, we will!
    Vindel:  Don't think you can fight with only ideals!
    Kazuya:  Don't think you can turn people's hearts with your own ideal, Shadow
    	 Mirror! Haaaah.
    # Gundam Fighters VS Vindel #
    Vindel:  You fighters should keep on fighting! That's your purpose!
    Domon:   ......
    George:  It seems so. Because we're the Shuffle Union, those who live through
    Sai-sic: That's right.
    Vindel:  Then I'll have you live the history of war.
    Chibode: Keh, a history that no ones cares for is that history.
    Argo:    A boring history.
    Domon:   We, the Shuffle Union, will lend this power if the history's flow is
    	 correct. But, this badge is glowing now. To not let a wrong history, a
    	 wrong world to be created! If so, I'll fight! For the Shuffle's
    	 badge... For the name of King of Hearts!
    # Wing Boys VS Vindel #
    Vindel:  You're the sons of war. Can you live... in a world where your
    	 existance, your values are denied?
    Duo:     No wonder.
    Trowa:   I'd be No Name again.
    Quatre:  What about it, Heero?
    Heero:   ...Commence mission.
    Vindel:  Mission? Who's ordering you?
    Heero:   Ourselves.
    # Akito VS Vindel #
    Akito:   I... I'll defeat you and end this war! And then, I'll become a cook!
    Vindel:  Useless. We're in mid-battle.
    Akito:   I'm telling about after the war!
    Vindel:  If that ends, what will be of you!? You won't become what you want
    	 to be, and when you can't do what you're meant to, what will you do?
    Akito:   And fearing that, you continue war!?
    Vindel:  Fear? No, I'm grieving for what will be lost when war is over.
    Akito:   If that's going to decrease the number of sad people... Then I don't
    # Yurika VS Vindel #
    Yurika:  We'll defeat you!
    Vindel:  What will be after that, girl?
    Yurika:  I'll carry on a happy family with Akito!
    Akito:   Ih!?
    Vindel:  You perhaps can't. And, you don't even know how long it would last. At
    	 a world of continuous war...
    Yurika:  We won't fight! Of course, we do sometimes but... It's only sometime,
    	 so it's fine! But, war isn't something that can happen sometime, nor
    # Dragonar Team VS Vindel #
    Ken:     Dorchenov sure was making me angry, but you are more!
    Vindel:  Fighting with your emotions won't make you a perfect soldier!
    Tapp:    We don't want to be soldiers at all, though.
    Light:   That's right.
    Vindel:  No matter if you want or not. As a fact, you protected the Prototype D
    	 Weapon... and the Dragoons could be completed to a certain level.
    Ken:     Whatever! We want to go back to our former lives as soon as possible,
    	 that's why we fight!
    Vindel:  For having such powerful ability... Leaving the Dragonar will be a
    	 useless ability!
    Light:   Isn't it fine?
    Tapp:    We'll live in confort. This is our job, that's it.
    Vindel:  Job?
    Ken:     It's a job... Do you know the meaning of "Dragonar"? We're knights that
    	 protect a castle named Earth!
    # enemy death 1: Lemon's hp reaches 0 #
    Lemon:   ...So this is the end. Mah, to fight that long... it's surprising I
    	 could survive this far.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Lemon, flee!
    Lemon:   This is war, Axel. The world I chose, and sought... It's the same as
    	 yours at the beginning, right?
    Axel:    If it's to be like this... then our desired world is...!
    Lemon:   ...Me too... Sometimes I think.
    Axel:    Lemon...?
    Lemon:   If we... at world without war... have met without being related to the
    Axel:    ...If we have met?
    Lemon:   Fufu... Sto...p.
    [Lemon's unit explodes]
    Axel:    Lemon! ...Lemon...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Lemon-sama! There's still time! Flee...!
    Lemon:   This is war, W17. The world I chose and sought... The same one as that
    Lamia:   If so, why do you talk in such a sad voice about the world you believed
    	 to get!? ...Then, the world Shadow Mirror desires is...!
    Lemon:   ...Me too... Sometimes I think.
    Lamia:   Lemon-sama...?
    Lemon:   Axel and I... at world without war... have met without being related to
    	 the army...
    Lamia:   ...If you have met?
    Lemon:   Fufu... Stop... W17, I've wanted to see more of you... Good-bye.
    [Lemon's unit explodes]
    Lamia:   Lemon-sama! ...I was brought for the sake of the world you
    desired... Then, I'm...
    # stage end #
    [ZwaizerGain appears]
    Vindel:  Gwooh! This ZwaizerGain is...!? If so... I'll use the dimensional
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I was waiting for that! Vindel! ...Now!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I was waiting! ...It's now...!
    [Main's unit moves toward ZwaizerGain]
    Vindel:  [Axel/W17]! What are you...! Nuuuugh!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I've lost my self-destruction device... But now I have your machine for
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I've lost my self-destruction device... but I'll use Vindel-sama's
    	 machine as replacement...!
    Vindel:  [Axel/W17]! You...!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Zwai is, itself, the dimension transposition device. With its power...!
    	 Everyone! Flee in 10 seconds! Go beyond the dropping stoppage point!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ZwaizerGain is like the dimension transposition device itself...! With
    	 its power, perhaps...! Report to Londo Bell squad's crew! Flee in 10
    	 seconds! Go beyond the dropping stoppage point!
    [ZwaizerGain moves towards Axis]
    Vindel:  Stop, [Axel/W17]...!
    # if alive unit: Lemon's unit #
    Lemon:   What's [he/she] planning...!?
    Bright:  We've defeated that machined as said but...!?
    Burning: What's [he/she] doing?
    Prospec: That's... Perhaps...
    Ruri:    Enemy giant mech, increasing energy.
    Ines:    ...I didn't want to think about it... but this is...
    Quattro: Self-destruction!?
    Banjo:   I see..! That bomb that was set at Jaburo, it was...!
    Amuro:   Dimensional transposition bomb...!
    Kazuya:  Then, that shock would repel Axis!?
    Hyoma:   No joke!
    Duke:    Are you planning to die!? Come back, [Axel/Lamia]-kun! Come back!
    Akito:   What!? Why didn't you say a word...!?
    Ryoko:   Don't make it your show!
    Hikaru:  Yeah!
    Izumi:   Isn't there... another way?
    Tetsuya: Muh...
    Koji:    Uh... I,Indeed, at this rate...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...That's it. Fall back. Your job is done... Leave it... I'll finish
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Seems like you understand the situation. This is my job from now on.
    Ryo:     Can't we destroy Axis with all of our shots!?
    Kappei:  If all the robots here had the power of Shin Getter, then it's another
    Ken:     But that isn't true...!
    Heero:   And we've got no time.
    Domon:   I see, so to get that power at an instant...
    Shiroh:  Only using the dimension transposition bomb's power!
    Judau:   [Axel/Lamia]-san, that's unfair!
    Camille: So... since the beginning...
    Kou:     Since the begining... It was planned!?
    Yurika:  [Axel/Lamia]-san! No!
    # if alive unit: Lemon's unit #
    Lemon:   ...I see... So you...
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    There's no place... for me in this world... Bye.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   There's no place for me in this world... Farewell.
    # next: scene 420 #
    # scene 420: Nanbara Connection - control room #
    Shibuya: You... welcome back.
    Hyoma:   Stop it, gramps.
    Chizuru: It seems like we wouldn't be back anymore.
    George:  Indeed... It was terrible.
    Shibuya: Hahaha. I was calm, as the Shuffle Union people as alongside.
    Sai-sic: Well, you're no good at praising.
    Kosuke:  But, it's about all this.
    Chibode: Not only our power, it was everyone's.
    Shibuya: And... what about Toho Fuhai Master Asia?
    # if Master Asia survived #
    Domon:   Master went to train again.
    # else Master Asia died #
    Domon:   ......
    Shibuya: I see... There was no man who was thinking about Earth more than
    	 him... I wanted to talk to him.
    Domon:   But master left to my heart a lot of things.
    Argo:    And to protect it from now on.
    Juuzo:   We'll help out when that time comes.
    Shibuya: As disciples, let's get in touch.
    Domon:   Fuh... Aah, I'm counting on that.
    Ropet:   Doctor! They've found it! They've found it! Contact from Nadesico!
    Daisaku: Ooh, they've found it!?
    Rain:    Everyone!
    Hyoma:   Ok, let's go!
    # next: scene 421 #
    # scene 421: Torrington base - one room #
    Burning: Is it really ok, you all? I won't hear when you complain later.
    Ken:     Mah... It's already decided.
    Light:   It fits us, afterall.
    Tapp:    And, at the worst timing, you'll need us, isn't it? As saying so.
    Linda:   Ken.
    Ken:     Don't make such a face, Linda. If there's no fight, it'll be easy.
    Burning: Don't worry, when there's nothing to do, you'll be training.
    Light:   Arah.
    Tapp:    Perhaps... it was best to go out.
    Shiroh:  Don't say so. I'm counting on you from now on.
    Ken:     2nd Lt Amada... Are you sure?
    Shiroh:  Aah. I'm thinking of... living peacefully with Aina.
    Aina:    ...Shiroh.
    Burning: I don't have the right to stop you but... Is that really ok?
    Shiroh:  Yes... It doesn't mean I don't want to ever be related to army. If the
    	 time to protect the ones I love come again... I'll come back to the
    Tapp:    And to the very last, you're the most romantic of all, 2nd Lt.
    Light:   Nadesico's captain sister should learn with you.
    Aina:    There was a contact from that captain right now, everyone.
    Linda:   Contact?
    Aina:    They've found it...!
    Shiroh:  Really!? Aina?
    Ken:     Well, then the cavalier should go welcome it!
    # next: scene 422 #
    # scene 422: Preventer HQ - command room #
    Lady:    At all parts of Earth, the army is cooperating to restoration.
    Relena:  If only Shadow Mirror could understand that armies are not only for
    	 making enemies and fight...
    Lady:    I was investigating the authorities of the Federation government, and
    	 it seems the number of peace supporters is growing.
    Relena:  Everyone is tired of fighting. And at this chance... We can proceed to
    	 make peace with Moon, colonies and Small Balm.
    Banjo:   So we have plenty of things to do. Well well.
    Noin:    Indeed... And you, what will you do?
    Heero:   ......
    Relena:  Heero...
    Wu-fei:  I decided to keep working to the Preventers.
    Quatre:  I'm helping too.
    Duo:     The war is over and you're all serious. I... will stay at the junk
    	 guild. Mah, if anything happens, I don't mind working as craftman and
    Trowa:   I'll go back to circus.
    Heero:   ......
    Relena:  Heero, what about you?
    Heero:   ......
    Zechs:   If you didn't think about it, then come with us, Heero Yuy. I'll go out
    	 from Preventers... and help at Mars revival.
    Relena:  Brother...
    Heero:   ...I'll think about it.
    Chiyoki: Woof woof!
    Banjo:   Wow... Chiyokin? So that means...
    Kappei:  Howdy! That's right. Kami family, we'll be going back to gramps'.
    Keiko:   Thanks for being so gentle.
    Lady:    No, I appreciate. We won't forget about your participation.
    Uchuta:  It's ok. We can go back home safely.
    Kappei:  Home. By the way, I haven't eaten mom's cooking in a while.
    Uchuta:  Heh, what's up? The war is over so you're fond of your mommy, Kappei?
    Kappei:  Not, I'm not like you!
    Keiko:   Moh, you two, stop.
    Galliso: Well, leaving fight to a scale of you two is a good thing.
    Banjo:   I agree.
    Beauty:  It's easier to befriend later too.
    Reika:   Hey, there was a contact from Nadesico just now! ...They've found it!
    Banjo:   Oh! That's good... So, everyone, let's go!
    # next: scene 423 #
    # scene 423: Nergal Enterprise - chairman room #
    Akatsuk: Well well, many things happened, but Earth Sphere's danger is gone,
    	 afterall. Mah, instead of peace, I'm more concerned about the Jovians.
    Erina:   We can take them as enemy and try to take their technology.
    Prospec: Coff. Er... Chairman? Have you watched TV?
    Akatsuk: Uhn? What's it?
    Prospec: Well, then, switch on!
    Relena:  ...By this earned chance, we the Earth Federation Government and
    	 Jupiter Sphere Ganimede Callisto Europa and Outer Satellite Kingdom
    	 Anti-Earth Alliance Unit successfully obtained a peace treaty.
    Genpach: And following, we offer the same peace treaty condition concerning
    	 Small Balm...
    Akatsuk: Whaaaaat!?
    Prospec: There was a coup d'etat inside Jovian Union... Called "Hot Blooded Coup
    	 D'etat"... And with that, the peace faction won the civil war.
    Erina:   Peace... is happening...!?
    Prospec: This peace involves Moon and the colonies, so it seems Nergal's
    	 independent research on Boson Jump and Mars ruins is impossible...
    Ines:    And the whereabouts of the core unit is currently unknown... I wonder
    	 if it headed to the sun?
    Erina:   I can't be!
    Akatsuk: It's impossible... They've done it...
    Prospec: And, there are plenty of people from the press at the lobby. They want
    	 to know about that scandal with the Jovian Union and the relation with
    	 army and such...
    Akatsuk: Hah!?
    Erina:   W,Why only Nergal?
    Prospec: Not only Nergal. Anaheim too. It seems they're in trouble because of
    	 the GP02 topic.
    Erina:   Yes, chairman's room. Eh! Eeh!!?? ...Ch,chairman!
    Akatsuk: What is it now!?
    Erina:   Anaheim's Osariban executive director... has commit suicide.
    Akatsuk: Lie!?
    Prospec: So... there are plenty of crimes showing up. Well... the winds will
    	 become very strong at our side.
    Erina:   Wh,what should we do?
    Prospec: Shall I write some posthumous writings?
    Akatsuk: No need for that! I won't lose!!
    Ines:    Mah, it seems everything tied up, and they've found it so... Let's just
    	 leave it as it is.
    Akatsuk: Uhn? What are you talking about?
    Ines:    They've found it.
    Erina:   The core unit!?
    Ines:    Sorry, wrong answer. A better stuff.
    # next: scene 424 #
    # scene 424: Saotome Research Lab - control room #
    Ryo:     Doctor!
    Saotome: Ooh, Ryo-kun, Hayato-kun, Benkei-kun too... I'm glad, I was concerned
    	 when I saw Axis approaching.
    Ryo:     It won't be so easy for the evil ones to win.
    # if Musashi survived #
    Musashi: Indeed.
    Hayato:  But the sacrifice isn't small, though.
    Koji:    ...About that one.
    # if Musashi didn't survive #
    Hayato:  That's it... Musashi's soul won't go from this world.
    Benkei:  ......
    Koji:    But, likewise... there's other who sacrificed it's self to save us.
    Tetsuya: ...So? Anything about that?
    Sayaka:  No contact yet... Perhaps...
    Koji:    Don't say such thing, Sayaka-san! Like we did with Daisuke-san... If we
    	 keep believing, then it'll come back!
    Saotome: ...Indeed. Uhn? About Daisuke-kun... I can't see Duke Freed around,
    Jun:     Daisuke-san went to Small Balm.
    Benkei:  To Small Balm?
    Tetsuya: As the same alien, he wanted to help the revival of Small Balm. Just
    	 fits himself
    Ryo:     I've heard Ryuzaki-kun and the Voltes Team are going as well?
    Boss:    Kazuya is for sure. Voltes Team said they'd head to Boazan afterwards,
    	 isn't it?
    Koji:    Planet Boazan... I've heard it went well like the Jovians... It'd be
    	 good if all at this universe can get along.
    Ryo:     We will, Koji-kun. I want this time to be... the last time we used
    	 Getter in war.
    Michiru: Everyone! I'm glad you're all here.
    Hayato:  What's up, Michiru-san?
    Michiru: They've found it!
    Tetsuya: Ooh...!
    Koji:    Ok, let's go now!
    Ryo:     Alright, this war's... Shin Getter's last rescue! Let's go...!
    # next: scene 425 #
    # scene 425: Small Balm #
    Nana:    Soon will be Small Balm's peace assembly.
    Kazuya:  Aah, and I plan to go there as guardian of the Earth Federation
    	 representative with Daimos.
    Kyoshir: And to think we'd reach this far to peace.
    Hiyoshi: T,terrible! The peace assembly... it's cancelled!
    Kazuya:  What!?
    Daisuke: Can it be... The Earth Federation and Balm...
    Erika:   No need to worry.
    Megumi:  Erika-san! But, Hiyoshi said it was cancelled...
    Erika:   Earth Federation and Balm's peace was successful.
    Ippei:   Wow! Really, queen?
    Maria:   But, why was it cancelled, then?
    Erika:   We have to analyse the conditions. That's why it was postponed.
    Kyoshir: About the peace with the Jovians. Is the ok? We were fallen into a trap
    	 last time.
    Erika:   This time's peace was offered by a faction that raised itself from a
    	 coup d'etat.
    Daijiro: Coup d'etat!?
    Daisuke: So, the ones that won...
    Kenichi: Are they the peace faction?
    Erika:   Yes.
    Kazuya:  Incredible... So our fight wasn't in vain.
    Daisuke: Rightful hearts just made mistaken thoughts into right ones... Yes, it
    	 should be like this.
    Daijiro: Bro!
    Kenichi: Aah. Next one is Planet Boazan...! Along with father... We'll succeed
    Hiyoshi: Yes!
    Erika:   One more good thing to tell you.
    Nana:    Eh?
    Erika:   ...The whereabouts... were confirmed...!
    Kazuya:  Really!? Erika!
    Erika:   No need to lie, Kazuya...!
    Daisuke: Ok... let's go, everyone!
    # next: scene 426 #
    # scene 426: Von Brown #
    Judau:   Well... let's go back, Roux.
    Roux:    Yes. A new energy fleet will departure, it seems.
    Kayra:   So, you're really going?
    Judau:   Aah. Jovian is helping too, and Balm is near. Compared to before, its
    # if Puru joined #
    Puru:    Judau! I'll go along!
    # if PuruTwo joined #
    PuruTwo: Me too.
    Judau:   Ok. But don't start to cry saying you want to meet everyone.
    Kou:     Lt Amuro was concerned about you. How about helping him?
    Judau:   Being a Newtype, eh? ...Forget it. Even if he's got the expectation,
    	 I'm not a genius Newtype like he thinks. I'm just me.
    Roux:    That's right.
    Kou:     Newtype... I don't understand much, but if I was one, would Gato and I
    	 had understand each other?
    Jduau:   ...Uhn, I wonder. If it was to fight for something we believe, then it
    	 doesn't matter, I think. Even for Uraki-san and the Nightmare of
    Nina:    And to go through it... is to be a true Newtype.
    Judau:   Nina-san.
    Kou:     Nina...
    Nina:    Gato and Kou... You were alike. That's why you fought each other.
    Kou:     Nina... I...
    Roux:    ...Well, let's get going, Judau.
    Judau:   I agree. We'll be in trouble at this rate.
    Nina:    What are you talking about! You! ...Yes, before going to Jovian
    	 Sphere... Don't you want to stop by at a place?
    Kayra:   Stop by where?
    Nina:    They've found it...!
    Kou:     Eh!?
    # next: scene 427 #
    # scene 427: La Kailum - bridge #
    Bright:  The Earth Sphere... has calmed down, at last.
    Amuro:   Aah, Balm and Jovian... they're proceeding with peace.
    Camille: It was worth going back to fight.
    Fa:      ...Camille, let's rest a bit.
    Amuro:   Yes, Camille... get these days to rest.
    # if Four joined #
    Fa:      Four-san... We should let her rest too.
    # else Rosamy joined #
    Fa:      I want to let Rosamy rest too.
    Quattro: We don't know how long this will last.
    Camille: ...Are you wishing for that? ...Char Aznable?
    Quattro: I wonder. I am Quattro Bagina. I don't know what Char is thinking.
    Camille: Such a coward anser...
    Quattro: At least, it's not the right time for that.
    Amuro:   ......
    # if Lalah joined #
    Lalah:   (...Colonel)
    Amuro:   (Uhn... Lalah...?)
    Bright:  It seems you are thinking too much... Uhn?
    Yurika:  Captain Bright!
    Bright:  Captain Misumaru, what's up? ...Muh, is that it?
    Yurika:  Yes, we found it!
    # map start #
    [Main's unit appears]
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    .........Uh...? This is...? Monitor... It's alive... [Main Robot], you
    	 are better than imagined... System reactivation... impossible. Manual
    	 ejection... not working, the armor is melt... so it can't be
    	 opened... Fuh, and even if I can go out, what will be of me? ...It's so
    	 silent. Space is better this way, silent... Lemon, this world of
    	 continuous silence... is not bad. Remaining air ... 20 minutes... I can
    	 live until there. Shadow Mirror is annihilated... So when I, the last
    	 of them, die... then it should be over. When it's done... I thought I
    	 would die in a decent manner... Vindel, Lemon... How luxurious I am.
    ???:     It'll be troublesome if you let it end like this!
    Axel:    What...!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   .........MUh...? I'm... still operational... System
    	 down... Monitor... is alive... Damage rate, 92%... it was a miracle it
    	 didn't explode. System reactivation... impossible. Ejection device
    	 won't work... Even if I can eject, it won't be easy... So silent. Such
    	 a silent space is really better... Lemon-sama, Vindel-sama... It's way
    	 better than the world you desired. The Shadow Mirror squad is
    	 annihilated... If I, the last of them, stops functioning... Everything
    	 ends. I failed at my mission, defected to the enemy organization, and
    	 killed my creators... Lemon-sama, I could be the failure of the W
    	 Numbers... Maybe a doll like me can't go to the same place as you
    	 but... W17, stopping W Number's last action.
    ???:     Stop! Stop the stopping!
    Lamia:   What...!?
    [Nadesico appears]
    Yurika:  Right, [Axel/Lamia]-san!?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Nadesico... Captain Yurika...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Mobile battleship Nadesico... Yurika Misumaru.
    [Aestevalis squad appears]
    Ryoko:   You're so naive if you think you can just make it your show and leave.
    Hikaru:  Yeah.
    Izuma:   Nai-ve.
    Akito:   It'll be troublesome from now on. Instead of destroying, to create and
    	 to protect, more, and harder.
    Yurika:  Yes! It's easy to rise a happy family with Akito, though.
    Akito:   What are you talking about, Yurika!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...Erm.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ...Fuh.
    [Com-Battler V appears]
    Juuzo:   Dammit. What about ignoring the ones you came to rescue?
    Chizuru: Captain Yurika, you won't ever change.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Com-Battler V...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Super Electromagnetics Robot Com-Battler V.
    Hyoma:   [Axel/Lamia], don't decide on your own. The time you are going to
    [God Gundam appears]
    Domon:   ...is when you are going to challenge a battle you have to win.
    Kosuke:  Well, he said it for you, Hyoma-san.
    Hyoma:   Damn.
    [Shuffle Union appears]
    Argo:    That's it.
    Sai-sic: But, brother Domon sure risks his life for anything.
    Chibode: For sure. They were all sweltering Japanese, but Domon specially.
    George:  Londo Bell's half of the crew is Japanese, though.
    A/L:     ......
    Yurika:  (I feel like [he/she] is being ignored more than with me...)
    Ruri:    Fool.
    [Ez-8 and D-Team appear]
    Shiroh:  [Axel/Lamia]!
    Tapp:    It's there. You're sure hard to kill.
    Light:   So our link won't be unmade so soon.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Lt Amada! And D Team too!?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Lt Amada... And Wakaba, Oceano and Newman...
    Megumi:  Indeed, Japanese are all sweltering.
    Minato:  For the correctude, it's one hot-blooded and 3 sweltering ones.
    Ken:     What? What's it about?
    [Daitarn 3 and Zambot 3 appear]
    Banjo:   You are being talked too much. There's such a nice guy like me nearby.
    Kappei:  Don't say for yourself.
    A/L:     Kami family... and the famous Banjo Haran.
    Banjo:   See, famous, aren't I?
    Uhuta:   You just talked too much at the first time you appeared.
    Keiko:   And being a nice guy isn't related.
    [Wing Boys appear]
    Quatre:  You seem fine. I'm glad.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    I appreciate... I wanted to end it silently... but it got a little
    	 crowdy around.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I thought about bringing it to an end... It was just postponed.
    Trowa:   It's possible to end it.
    Duo:     Your jokes don't hear like ones.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Fuh... wasn't I supposed to die if I saw you, God of Death?
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   To see you was death, for a God of Death, that's a pretty gracious
    Duo:     Dammit.
    Wu-fei:  If you can talk on that tone, than there's no trouble.
    Heero:   Can we begin rescuing operation?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...I'm thinking.
    Heero:   ...Roger. We don't have time, do it fast.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ......
    Heero:   ...Roger. I don't mind your choice... Just to it.
    [Mazinger, Great Mazinger and Shin Getter appear]
    Koji:    So many of you came.
    Tetsuya: A good story just to help on wounded person.
    Hayato:  I agree.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Now, that one hurt me... I think, that is.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   ......
    Ryo:     Be proud of yourself, [Axel/Lamia]-kun. Because of you Axis went away
    from the orbit.
    Benkei:  That's it.
    [Daimos appears]
    Kazuya:  Yes. Are you regretting what you have done?
    Domon:   Ryuzaki, you're late.
    Kazuya:  We've came at high-speed.
    [Voltes V and Grendizer appear]
    Kenichi: Yes. From Balm, that is.
    Ippei:   We've came in a hurry, leaving restoration paused, you know? Don't say
    Yurika:  Is it going fine?
    Duke:    Aah. We're helping each other, and doing our best... [Axel/Lamia]-kun,
    	 why... do you haste to death?
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    This mess was started by us... Shadow Mirror. And I... am one who once
    	 desired for a world of continuous war.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   This mess to this world was brought to us.. Shadow Mirror squad. And
    	 I'm the one who directly did it, a W Number... A doll who does what is
    [ZZ Gundam and GP03D appear]
    Judau:   Oops, sorry! ...Axel-san, aren't you mistaken?
    # if Axel Route #
    Duke:    Your thoughts were wrong... because you realized that, you could fight
    	 alongside us, isn't it?
    Kou:     There are men who fall into the path of what he believes. Gato was one
    	 of them. But, Axel-kun, you're not one...!
    # else Lamia Route #
    Duke:    At first, you were. But at the very last, you fought alongside us, at
    	 your own will, isn't it?
    Kou:     To walk a path one believes... and to fall away from that path in the
    	 middle... Gato was like it. But, Lamia-kun, you're not like that...!
    A/L:     ......
    Kazuya:  Lihitel, above all... To bring us some possibilities on the
    	 future... sacrificed himself. But you... risked your life for us... and
    	 for Earth's future, and wants to take away what remains of that
    	 possibility with your own hands? ...I won't forgive that!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    Ryuzaki...
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   Kazuya Ryuzaki...
    [La Kailum appears]
    Bright:  Is everything... settled?
    Yurika:  Captain Bright!
    A/L:     Captain Bright, I...
    [Nu Gundam, Zeta Gundam and Hyaku Shiki appear]
    Amuro:   Why hesitate? You don't need that.
    Camille: Humans can understand each other. Don't waste that change by yourself.
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ......
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   I'm W17... I'm not human.
    Tapp:    No matter what you think, you look like human to us.
    Quattro: And if you're concerned about your changing of heart... then don't
    	 worry. Those ones won't let you.
    Koji:    That's right. We'll do it by force, so ready your neck for that.
    Ruri:    Isn't it wrong way to say it?
    Yurika:  Mah mah... Neh! [Axel/Lamia]-san!
    # if Axel Route #
    Axel:    ...Fuh, indeed. If I keep listening to you, my air will drain. Can you
    	 pick me... before I implode at space?
    Bright:  Ok, collect [Main Robot]! We'll return!
    Axel:    Just a little... I'll do my best a little more. Lemon... At this
    	 world, supported by those lovely naive ones.
    # else Lamia Route #
    Lamia:   A little more... To watch myself change... Isn't bad.
    Light:   That's not right, named doll-san. That grammar of yours, compared to
    	 the first time we met, is too serious.
    Lamia:   ...Captain Bright, can you please have my mech get collected, it is?
    	 ...Is it fine now?
    Ken:     Hahaha! Fine, isn't it?
    Bright:  Ok, collect [Main Robot]! We'll return!
    Lamia:   Just a little... I'll stay at this world, Lemon-sama... at the world
    	 where the strongest force don't even think about a world of continous
    # The End #
    # To do list #
    Kocho's line at Stage 31, ally reinforce 2, if any.
    # 10. Credits #
          for GBA
          for SRWA
    Stephen Chung's Japanese Word Processor, 
          for it's great help on traslating most of the words.
    Jim Breen's Japanese Dictionary (www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/wwwjdic.html),
          for it's great help on translating while I could use a browser that
          detected Japanese fonts.
    Julien Doussot
          for sending me in some major corrections.
    GameFAQs and NeoSeeker
          for hosting this guide
    GameFAQs SRWA Board Members,
          for sharing their great knowledge on this game, and specially for
          Soren Kanzaki, mkwong98, Cybuster, Chen Guojon and everyone who sent me
          e-mail forcing my work ^^

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