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    Tales of Phantasia GBA Walkthrough
    1) Introduction
    2) Characters
    3) Techniques
    4) Controls and Menu
    5) Walkthrough
    1) Introduction:
    Tales of Phantasia was originally released on the SNES in 1995. It is a great
    game and this is just a remake of it with improved graphics and more features
    such as. Titles(Like in Tales of Symphonia), Cooking(Featured in the later
    Tales games), and special mini games for after you beat the game.
    2) Characters:
    Good Guys
    Cless Alvein: Pretty cool for a young protagonist. He's the best character
    pretty much all around. He gains strong techniques and can use a sword,
    spear/halberd, and axes.
    Chester Barklight: Cless' oldest friend. He uses a bow and is good at taking
    out ranged enemies. He can't gain techniques but is still a good ally.
    Mint Adnade: Female love interest, what would an RPG without one? She's pretty
    much your healer/stat buffer. She gets some skills which can help with taking
    out enemies, like stunning them. She uses rods.
    Klarth F. Lester: The kickass summoner. Klarth is pretty much stands there and
    summons when he feels he needs to. Or whatever you set his strategy to. He uses
    magical books as weapons.
    Arche Klaine: The hot and spunky other female character. She's your mage of the
    game. She gets a lot of powerful magic, and you're going to love having her
    when she learns Indignation, what that is you'll just have to wait and see.
    Bad Guys
    Dhaos: He's the only evil guy in the game. A lot of people die before you even
    get to him but he's pretty much evil incarnate.
    3) Techniques (LR: Long Range, SR: Short Range, C: Combo Skills, B: Bought,
    Techniques are Cless' special moves which he can do throughout battle. There
    are Long Range, Short Range, and Combo Skills. Combo skills require to separate
    techniques to be mastered.
    Cless' Skills:
    Lv. 2: Psion Bolt : LR: 2 Tp
    Cless shoots out a small blue energy wave that goes until it hits the enemy or
    goes off screen.
    Lv. 5: Dual Kick: SR: 4 Tp
    Cless runs up to an enemy kicks them, knees them while jumping into the air and
    comes down with a stab from his sword.
    Lv. 9: Lightning Bolt: LR: 8 Tp
    Cless runs up to a small but sort of long distance from the enemy, jumps into
    the air then kicks out a small orb which creates a bolt of lightning that hurts
    enemies a small radius from the main enemy hit and hurts it and nearby enemies.
    Lv. 12: Blade Storm: SR: 15 Tp
    Cless goes to an enemy and delivers a lot of stab type attacks.
    Lv. 15: Tiger Teeth: SR: 7 Tp
    Cless runs up to an enemy and gives two strikes with whatever type of weapon he
    Lv. 20: Focus: No Range: 6 Tp
    Regular Raise ATK Power skills for Cless.
    Lv. 23: Phoenix: LR: 8 Tp
    Cless turns into a bird of fire then flies towards an enemy and crashes into it.
    Lv. 27: Gale Shield: SR or LR: 5 Tp
    Cless puts his sword in front of him then a tornado appears around it. This is
    good for making a giant damagine shield.
    Lv. 31: Fury Slash: SR: 12 Tp
    Cless waits a moment then makes a huge arc slash with his weapon.
    Lv. 34: Eir's Love: SR or LR: 6 Tp
    Cless stabs the ground then heals for about 1000-2000 HP. Good for long range
    Lv. 37: Lionheart: LR: 14 Tp
    Cless runs at the enemy, bumrushes them, then after a second produces a giant
    lion head and hits whatever enemies it reaches.
    Lv. 41: Magma Rift: SR: 9 Tp
    Cless makes a firebomb in front of him, slashes it then a small pillar of fire
    Lv. 45: Firebrand: SR: 10 Tp
    Fire Tiger Teeth.
    Lv. 50: Focus More: No Range: 20 Tp
    Much better Focus.
    G: Soul Edge: LR: 30 Tp
    Cless runs to the enemy, comes up with his sword brandished doing damage,
    coming down with his sword, then making a blue dome of energy doing area damage.
    C/G: Psion Kick: LR: 9 Tp
    Given to you by Tristram in the Mausoleum. Combination of Psion Bolt and Dual
    C/G: Mecha Blade: LR: 15 Tp
    Given by a little boy in the weapons shop in Beladam(secret passage).
    Combination of Psion Bolt and Tiger Teeth.
    C/B: Psion Storm: LR: 16 Tp
    Bought for 6,000 Gold in the Alvanista Adventurers Guild. Psion Bolt and Blade
    C/G: Magma Bolt: LR: 10 Tp
    Given by a man west of the Tower of 12 Stars. Psion Bolt and Magma Rift.
    C/B: Lion Lunge: LR: 12 Tp
    Bought from a man southeast of Ymir Forest, price varies with time frame. Dual
    Kick and Lionheart.
    C/G: Lion Teeth: LR: 13 Tp
    Given to you after winning the first battle in the Coliseum. Tiger Teeth and
    C/G: Lion Claws: LR: 28 Tp
    Given to you by Suzu's grandfather after defeating Dozo and Okiyo in the
    Coliseum. Blade Storm and Lionheart.
    C/B: Lion Flare: LR: 13 Tp
    Bought in Freezekill for 33,000 Gold. Magma Rift and Lionheart.
    C/B: Bolt Crash: LR: 17 Tp
    Bought in Midgard(Past) for 18,000 Gold or Alvanista Castle Second
    Floor(Future) for 18,000 Gold. Lightning Bolt and Dual Kick.
    C: Thor's Wrath: LR: 20 Tp
    Found at the end of Morlia Gallery(Future). Tiger Teeth and Lightning Bolt.
    C/B: Tempest: LR: 21 Tp
    Bought in Venezia Armor Shop for 3,000 Gold. Blade Storm and Lightning Bolt.
    C/B: Earth's Rage: LR: 17 Tp
    Bought from a man in Valhalla Snowfield for 50,000 Gold. Magma Rift and
    Lightning Bolt.
    C/B: Flare Talon: LR: 20 Tp
    Bought from the head kendo master in Miguel for 20,000 Gold. Phoenix and Dual
    C/B: Odin's Wrath: LR: 25 Tp
    Bought from man in the oasis east of Olive(Future) for 40,000 Gold. Phoenix and
    Tiger Teeth.
    C/G: Burning Soul: LR: 21 Tp
    Given to you by a man in a camp west of Edward's house. Phoenix and Blade
    C/B: Cinder Hawk: LR: 18 Tp
    Bought in the bar in Ary for 50,000 Gold. Phoenix and Magma Rift.
    C/G: Soul Forge: LR: 50 Tp
    Godly. Given to you by Origin in Treant Forest. Fury Slash and Soul Wave.
    C/G: Soul Strike: LR: 40 Tp
    Given to you by Origin in Treant Forest. Teleport and Soul Wave.
    Mint's Spells: Mint mostly has healing and buff spells.
    Lv. 3: First Aid: 5 Tp
    Single character healing spell.
    Lv. 5: Hammer: 4 Tp
    Mint throws a hammer which can dizzy an enemy.
    Lv. 8: Deep Mist: 3 Tp
    Lowers hit rate of all enemies.
    Lv. 11: Delay: 14 Tp
    Lowers all enemies speed.
    Lv. 14: Heal: 10 Tp
    Higher powered single healing spell.
    Lv. 17: Acid Rain: 7 Tp
    Reduces defense of all enemies.
    Lv. 20: Antidote: 8 Tp
    Cures poison.
    Lv. 23: Nurse: 20 Tp
    Heals all allies.
    Lv. 26: Haste: 16 Tp
    Raises one ally's speed.
    Lv. 29: Silence: 6 Tp
    Stops an enemy from casting spells.
    Lv. 32: Dispel: 14 Tp
    Cancels out spells like Deep Mist.
    Lv. 35: Barrier: 15 Tp
    Raises allies defense.
    Lv. 38: Cure: 22 Tp
    Highest single character healing spell.
    Lv 41: Hammer Head: 15 Tp
    All enemies hammer.
    Lv. 44: Valkyrie: 15 Tp
    Raises all allies attack power.
    Lv. 47: Recover: 18 Tp
    Heals Stone, Paralysis, and Poison.
    Lv. 50: Raise Dead: 26 Tp
    Revives one ally.
    Lv. 54: Resurrection: 32 Tp
    Highest all ally healing spell.
    Klarth's Summons:
    Sylphs: Wind: 5 Tp
    Undine: Water: 8 Tp
    Gnome: Earth: 14 Tp
    Efreet: Fire: 16 Tp
    Maxweel: Non-Elemental: 20 Tp
    Luna: Holy: 24 Tp
    Volt: Thunder: 32 Tp
    Origin: Non-Elemental: 40 Tp
    Aska: Holy: 28 Tp
    Shadow: Dark: 24 Tp
    Chameleon: Death: 40 Tp
    Gremlin: Non-Elemental: 44 Tp
    Arche's Spells: Arche has to find all of her spells.
    Fireball: 3 Tp: Starts with.
    Ice Needle: 4 Tp: Starts with.
    Storm: 2 Tp: Bought for 200 Gold in a house in Past Venezia.
    Lightning: 4 Tp: Bought for 1000 Gold in a house in Past Venezia.
    Grave: 4 Tp: Shelf in Klarth's House.
    Ice Tornado: 10 Tp: Shelf in Klarth's House.
    Eruption: 8 Tp: Given to you be Lenios in Beladum.
    Tractor Beam: 12 Tp: 4000 Gold in the Past Alvanista Research Center.
    Thunder Blade: 12 Tp: 12000 Gold in the Past Alvanista Research Center.
    Fire Wall: 12 Tp: Past Molten Cavern.
    Stone Wall: 10 Tp: Past Gnome's Cave.
    Ray: 15 Tp: Past Tower of 12 Stars.
    Indignation: 30 Tp: BEST SPELL EVER. Received after Snowfield Battles.
    Fire Storm: 18 Tp: Past Dhaos Castle.
    Distortion: 18 Tp: Past Dhaos Castle.
    God Breath: 18 Tp: Abyss of Thor.
    Ice Wall: 12 Tp: Future Glaciated Cave.
    Death Cloud: 24 Tp: Future Demitel's Mansion
    Flare Tornado: 15 Tp: Woods near Ninja Town.
    Explode: 24 Tp: Odin's Tower.
    Tidal Wave: 24 Tp: Fenrir Tower.
    Meteor Storm: 40 Tp: Future Dhaos Castle.
    Black Hole: 34 Tp: Future Morlia Gallery on the 18th Floor.
    Extinction: 50 Tp: Future Morlia Gallery on the 21st Floor.
    4) Controls and Menu
    Controls: Arrow Keys = Move
                    A Key = Accept/Attack, combined with L performs a skill set
    	    B Key = Cancel/Technique, combined with L performs a skill set
    	    Start = Pause during Battle
    	    Select = Menu
    	    R Key = Change Battle Targets
    Menu: This is Japanese and unless you guys can read it skip this.
    * Skills
    * Equip
    * Items
    * AI
    * Form
    * Titles
    * Cook
    * Status
    * Custom
    * Save

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