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    Let's Go Arche Guide by M-giddo

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    Tales of Phantasia GBA
    Let's Go Arche Guide
    This guide is owned by me, M-giddo, so don't use it on your site
    without my permission.
    Version History:
    18 March 2006 - Created this guide.                    V1.0
    21 March 2006 - Added a 6th ending, the weird ending.  V1.1
    1) Introduction
    2) The Missions
    -Mission 1: Fixing the Hot Springs
    -Mission 2: Helping a boy in Olive village
    -Mission 3: Storytelling time!
    -Mission 4: 'Helping' out with some research
    -Mission 5: A new Piano teacher
    -Mission 6: Quest for the Love Potion
    -Mission 7: Heating things up in the cold country
    -Mission 8: Improving the night-life
    -Special Mission: Dozing off
    3) The Endings
    4) Credits/Contact
                          1) Introduction
    I've been playing this game since it came out, and I adore every aspect of it.
    That's why I felt that I had to write a FAQ for it. So I chose one of the 
    mostly unexplored things of the game; the Let's Go Arche mini-game.
    It is unlocked by simply finishing the game at least once, and it can be 
    started at any time on the title screen. After selecting this option,
    you'll see some introduction, and then Arche will fly by a fortune-teller.
    She gets here fortune told, and it is some bad news. Bad things might happen
    to her if she doesn't start to help people quickly! Also, she will say you
    only have 5 minutes to do so! To make things a little bit less harder,
    time won't pass when you are in conversations, sleeping at Inns or battling
    monsters. I'll list all the available missions, plus a description on how to
    beat them fast. Don't underestimate the time limit; even if you go as fast as
    possible, you'll still take about 4 minutes.
                          2) The Missions
    Mission 1: Fixing the Hot Springs
    Who to talk to:
    Female Swordsman in top right corner of Miguel's Swords school.
    In ninja village, go to the middle of the village and talk to the Old ninja in 
    the middle of the village. He'll ask you to get a replacement stone for 
    the Hot Springs, as they were broken. The cause is said to be done 
    by magic...busted, Arche. :P Anyways, Arche will suggest going to 
    Morlia Mineshaft, so say yes when Suzu asks to. Now, in Morlia mineshaft, 
    take the stairs in the middle of the room to walk down all the way down to 
    floor 9. There, take the northeast exit and in the next room take the northeast 
    exit again. In this room, there's a big rock. Check it and Arche will mention 
    that this rock will do. Once back in Ninja Village, go talk to the old ninja 
    again and he will thank you for getting a new rock and he will ask Arche not 
    to break the hot springs again(haha, got ya arche)
    Mission 2: Helping a boy in Olive village
    Who to talk to:
    Red haired girl in the house beneath Miguel's Swordsschool.
    In Olive village, enter the 2nd house on the north. Talk to the boy and the mom,
    then talk to the dad. He'll ask you to get the deepest water from Limestone
    cave. After teleporting to Limestone cave, take the right path. Follow the path
    until you get to a switch. Flip this, then exit this room with the southwest
    exit, walk down the stairs to another room with a switch and flip this one too.
    Then, go back to the first switch, flip it again, but now exit the room with 
    the northwest exit. Take the north exit and check the water in this room 
    to get the water. Back in Olive Village, talk to the dad of the sick boy 
    and he'll thank you.
    Mission 3: Storytelling time!
    Who to talk to:
    Boy with the hat in front of the church.
    Arche will tell the story of your adventure in Thor(well, kinda) There will be 
    3 moments where you have to choose from 3 options.
    The Questions plus options are:
    1. "What should appear before our stalwart heroes, but..."
    1. 4400R!
    2. 9999L!
    3. Dhaos himself!
    2. "Where should our stalwart heroes find themselves, but..."
    1. A Saving Point
    2. Ninja Village Hot Spring
    3. Time-Space Teleporter Room
    3. "Our stalwart heroes were about to travel to the time of..."
    1. 4304 in the Aserian calendar!
    2. 4202 in the Aserian calendar!
    3. 9999 in the Aserian calendar!
    The right answers are 1, 3, 1. Although you might consider choosing the wrong 
    option on purpose for hilarity issues :)
    Mission 4: 'Helping' out with some research
    Who to talk to:
    The Priest in Miguel's church.
    In the Morrison Mansion, go to the 2nd floor and talk to the grey-haired 
    scientist. He will ask you to get a clay Idol in the Cave of Spirits.
    In the cave of Spirits, head for the northeast corner. You need a password 
    to enter the door here. the password is "Kikurin". So that's 
    options 3,1,2,4 in that order. Head down the stairs through the linear 
    path south. Then, take the northwest exit. Keep following this path until you
    see a door on the north side. Enter this door, and in this room, take the 
    northwest exit. In here, there should be a clay idol. Talk to it, and you'll 
    have to answer the question: "Take the kid with you?"
    Answer yes, then you'll get another question...it doesn't matter which answer
    you take. I recommend you choose "No" cause that will make the conversation
    with the scientist better. Anyways, you'll head back to the Morisson Mansion.
    Talk to the Scientist again for a justifying scene.
    Mission 5: A new Piano teacher
    Who to talk to:
    Miguel's Weapon/Armor shop owner.
    You'll be transported to the Major's house in Venetezia. Talk to the 
    red-haired girl playing the piano, Chelsea. Listen to her problem and When asked
    if Arche knows a place where a good Pianist is, pick option 1, Alvanista. 
    Then Suzu will ask the name of the pianist. Answer option 3, Sakuraba III. Then,
    in Alvanista, Suzu will ask where the Guild is. Answer option 3, 
    Basement of Power Lily. Then talk to the blue haired guy next to the bar, 
    He is Sakuraba III.
    You'll warp back to Chelsea's place. Talk to her and you're done.
    Mission 6: Quest for the Love Potion
    Who to talk to:
    Magic User in Miguel's Weapon-Armor Shop.
    You'll be transported to Alvanista's Castle. Talk to the maid east in the room,
    she's north of the stairs going down. This maid is Emily, and she asks you for 
    a love potion. You'll be transported to Demitel's Manor. First of all, go to 
    the west room, then go to the bottom of the next room and take the right door.
    In this room, check the top left armoire to find a key 
    (Arche will say: "Found it, found it...") Now, head back to the entrance and
    take the east exit. Check the top door, you will unlock it, then go through
    it. Check the large tree infront of the light to get into a battle with two
    Orcrot's. After beating them ,go back to the main room again. Now, check the
    curtains in the middle of the north wall to open them. Now, turn the middle 
    crystal twice, and the left and right crystal three times. Then, head down 
    the stairs that appear. Now, in this room, head east and north. You should be
    in the area where you fought Demitel. Check the table on the left to find 
    the love potion. Back in Alvanista, talk to Emily to receive her thanks.
    Mission 7: Heating things up in the cold country
    Who to talk to:
    Man in the Tools/Item Shop.
    You'll be transported to Friezkiel. Head to the restaurant and talk to the 
    Green haired lady. You'll be transported to Treantwood. The wood you need 
    to collect is located at the place where Origin was, so you could just follow 
    the path with the bush babies. However, if you wish to do all of the missions 
    in this mini-game on one go, follow these directions(Even if there's 
    only 1 choice, I will list the directions per screen): up, up, up, right, 
    right, up, up, right, right, down, down, bottom-right, right, and head up and 
    you should see a chunk of wood. Check it to return to Friezkiel.
    Talk to the green haired lady in the restaurant again and she'll thank you.
    Mission 8: Improving the night-life
    Who to talk to:
    Boy with a hat in Miguel's Inn.
    You'll be in Arie. Go to the northwest of town, into the Restaurant. 
    You'll see a group of four people. Talk to the 3 green haired men first, 
    then talk to the 4th guy. When asked the question, say yes. Then you'll get 
    3 options. Choose the 2nd one, Play mahjong!. Then you'll get another question,
    answer Ivory, the first option. Then you'll get a question about the location 
    of where you can make Magic tablets, answer that one with option 3, 
    Gheeth's Shop!. You'll be transported there. Head up, into the house, and talk
    to the green haired guy behind the counter. You'll go back to Arie. Head back 
    to the restaurant and talk to the blonde guy again.
    Special Mission: Dozing off
    What to do to start this mission:
    After doing 6 or more missions, go sleep at Miguel's Inn.
    Arche will start to dream. When she wakes up, she's on the bridge in the middle
    of the town. Walk to the right. 
    To Arche's surprise, Cress, Chester and Mint will be there!
    After some talk, you'll get a question with the following choices:
    1. "What's going on?"
    2. "What're you guys doing here?"
    3. "Long time no see, guys!"
    Choosing options 1 will give you another question:
    "So, what's the matter, Arche?"
    1. "What's this all about?"
    2. "I get it!"
    choosing 1 will make you go on with this special mission, 
    choosing 2 will make you wake up, special mission failed.
    If you choose option 2 at the first question, you'll wake up,
    special mission failed.
    If you choose option 3 you'll get another question, 
    however it does not matter which answer you give as both will make you
    go on with this special mission.
    After going through, you'll be alone with Chester...Again, another question
    appears. It doesn't matter which you answer. Both will end up in Arche getting 
    flowers from Chester. 
    Arche will wake up now. Walk out of the Inn, meeting Suzu on the way, and
    when you get outside, Arche will mention that Miguel has 
    become a wonderful town.
                          3) The Endings
    You can get 5 different endings from this mini-game, and it all depends on how 
    many missions you accomplished. 
    Ending #1 -The very bad ending-
    Amount of Missions required: 0
    Description: Arche will mutter to the Fortune-teller that she got 0 people
    to thank her. The Fortune-teller will say that she feels a strong presence
    coming closer. The earth will shake and a meteor hits the planet. It ends 
    with the message: "No one ever saw Arche and her friends ever again..."
    Ending #2 -The bad ending-
    Amount of Missions required: 1-2
    Description: Arche will mutter to the Fortune-teller that she only got 1/2 
    person to thank her. The Fortune-teller will then say she had enough
    of it. She then transforms into Origin, saying that Claus asked him
    to do this. He says that Arche has been a slacker lately, and that he
    was sent by Claus to give her that extra push. Arche will get mad, but
    Origin just replies with "Enough talk!", and the screen will fade...
    Ending #3 -The weird ending-
    Amount of Missions required: 1-2, MUST include mission 6.
    Description: Arche will mutter to the Fortune-teller that she only got 1/2 
    person to thank her. Nothing seems to happen now, and Arche mentions that
    the Fortune-teller might be a fraud. Then, Emily will step up to Arche,
    saying that she doesn't need the love potion anymore and she gives it to
    Arche. Arche and Suzu will walk away...but then, Arche trips and the love
    potions is spilled over Suzu! Suzu falls in love with Arche and expresses
    her feelings to Arche. Arche will run away, only to be dragged back by 
    Suzu a few seconds later. Then, the screen will fade...
    Ending #4 -The moderate ending-
    Amount of Missions required: 3-5
    Description: Arche will say that she got 3-5 people to thank her and
    the Fortune-teller will say it's about average. She also will say
    that Arche is a little short. At that moment, Arche's broom will explode,
    then a stone(or something of the likes) will hit Arche and she will fall
    into the water.
    Ending #5 -The good ending-
    Amount of Missions required: 6-8
    Description: As always, the 6-8 people will give you their thanks and
    the fortune-teller will tell you that you did a good job. Arche will
    respond with a "That's it?", wondering why she doesn't get a reward of
    some kind. Then 1 of the people you helped will thank Arche again and
    Arche will smile.
    Ending #6 -The best ending-
    Amount of Missions required: 6-8, plus the special mission.
    Description: The 6-8 people you helped will meet you on the bridge, 
    and thank you again. The Fortune-teller will tell you that you did a good job.
    Then suddenly, a Researcher comes in and tells Arche that he
    finally got the Time Machine at Thor working again.
    Arche and Suzu hurry to Thor, and they travel back to the year 
    4304 of the Aserian calendar(the "present" of Tales of Phantasia)
    The fortuneteller and researcher arrive at Thor after that.
    The researcher asks if it's ok like this and the "Fortune-teller?"
    will say it's fine.
                          4) Credits/Contact
    Credits go to:
    Namco, for porting this game to GBA.
    The people of GM, you know who you are :P
    In particular of the above group, crazylife, who helped me to fix
    the spelling.
    Various members of the gamefaqs message board, for helping me out with various
    YY, for mentioning to me that there was a 6th ending, namely,
    the weird ending.
    If you have any question related to this mini-game, email me at
    thijs.van.gestel@gmail.com. Please, PLEASE don't ask any unrelated questions 
    and if you want your question answered, put something like "ToP" or
    Tales of Phantasia in the title.
    That is all.

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