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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Moogle_Warrior

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 07/17/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |                          Tales of Phantasia                                  |
    |                           GBA - US Version                                   |
    |                              0.5 7/17/06                                     |
    |                        Guide by Moogle_Warrior                               |
    This guide is still very much in progress. A lot of it isn't finished yet. It
    will be. Really.
    To find something specific, use CTRL+F and paste in the shortcut (with brackets)
        0. Introduction [INTR]
        1. Version History [VERS]
        2. Characters [CHAR]
        3. Game Systems [GAME]
            a. Battle [BATL]
            b. Strategy Settings [STRA]
            c. Titles [TITL]
            d. Cooking [CHEF]
            e. Minigames [MINI]
        4. Walkthrough [TALE]
        5. Extras [EXTR]
            a. Item List [ITEM]
            b. Spell List [SPEL]
            c. Misc [JUNK]
        6. Frequently Asked Questions [IFAQ]
        7. Contact Me [KUPO]
        8. Legal Stuff [LEGL]
        9. Thanks [TTFN]
    [INTR] Introduction\____________________________________________________________
    Hello, my name, for all intents and purposes, is Moogle_Warrior. This is my
    first guide for GameFAQs. I will try to be as detailed as possible while still
    leaving some of the fun in the game. Please forgive me if I post actual 
    strategies for bosses, not just the 'be overleveled' strategies I've seen, 
    though I usually beat these bosses at lower levels than I should be. If you're
    having trouble at my reccomended underlevel, level up a bit. Please excuse my PG
    rated narrations and the overabundance of spoilers. If I don't list treasures,
    it's because they don't advance the plot in any way and you'll probably find
    them while stumbling around confused in the dungeon's anyways. It's not like
    they're hard to find.
    The Game:
    Tales of Phantasia was released in 1994 by (obviously) Namco for the Super 
    Famicom (SFC, SNES stateside). It is the first in a rather short series of games
    (called the 'Tales of' series by most people, but I just call them 'Tales' 
    games). It has entirely too many similarities to another game, released earlier,
    called 'Star Ocean', you may have heard of it, minus the horrible cliches. (I'm
    biased, can you tell?)
    The Game Boy Advance version was released in Japan in 2003, and it took a 
    whopping 3 years to translate into English, making it over 10 years after the 
    original game was released. (I doubt they were even trying until Symphonia made 
    Player's Choice). It is slightly dumbed down compared to the fan-translation of 
    the SFC version you can find online (which was a tad exaggerated dialogue-wise 
    anyway). It does, however, contain all of the updates added to the PSX version, 
    except (in the US case) the vocal theme song from either of the earlier 
    versions. The names are also slightly different in the official english version,
    compared to the translation that has already sunk into the minds of fans.
    The biggest difference would be the Health and Safety Warning after the BIOS...
    [VERS] Version History\_________________________________________________________
    7/17/06 - 0.5
    -An entire Act has been added to the walkthrough.
    -One side quest has been added. Until I complete more, it'll be in the main 
    Once again it has taken me quite a while to update, but this one's a biggie.
    4/21/06 - 0.45
    -Added something to the FAQ section. I've been FA'd a Q! Section IFAQ , as
     always, put it in brackets.
    -Someone has decrypted Chester's battle quote. W00t!
    The teensiest of updates, but one I figured was necessary.
    4/20/06 - 0.4
    -Version History section added.
    -Finished another whole segment of the walkthrough. Go me.
    -Added some miscilaneous info to random sections of the guide, including an
     infallible guide to ishitori.
    Yes, it's a bit of a skip, but the version number is what I think is my basic
    completion of the game. At 1.0 it should be possible to beat the game start to
    finish with the guide, side quests not included.
    3/25/06 - 0.1
    -FAQ posted. No changes made in the initial release (for obvious reasons)
    [CHAR] Characters\______________________________________________________________
    English name (DeJap name, if major difference)
    *in progress*
    Cress Albane (Cless Alvein)
    -The hero and only *playable* character in your party. To add to the mess, he's
    your only fighter-type character, meaning he spends much of the game taking 
    blows for three low-defense characters.
    Victory Quote: "I did it."
    Chester Burklight (Barklight)
    -Cress' best friend from Toltus, an archer who leaves the party for various and
    sundry spoilers.
    Victory Quote: "I never miss."
    Mint Adenade
    -The healer in the group. She can't use "magic", but she can still weild holy 
    power, and to great effect.
    Victory Quote: "Please don't hate me." Or so it's been reported. I still can't
                   make it out. She rarely get's the last blow, anyways.
    Claus (Klarth) F. Lester
    -A man who studies the summoning arts. He's basically useless until you start 
    getting Summon Spirits.
    Victory Quote: "So long."
    Arche Klein
    -You'r party's invaluable magic-user, a half-elf with a fiery attitude, though 
    she also has a girly-girl side. Despite her appearance, she's 17.
    Victory Quote: "I won, I won!"
    Suzu Fujibayashi
    -A once NPC upgraded to a party member for the PSX (and GBA) version. Suzu's an
    optional character as far as the story's concerned.
    Victory Quote: Don't have her yet.
    [GAME] Game Systems\____________________________________________________________
    What would a good, solid RPG be without confusing battle and menu systems? 
    Martel only knows.
    Battle System_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    ToP's battle system has often been compared to a 2D fighting game. That's
    because combat takes place in real-time on a 2D plane, where you can move about
    and pull off simple button combos to do special attacks. Hovever, you also have
    three AI controlled party members that do stupid things when you aren't 
    watching, so you'll have to keep an eye on their actions, too. You can use 
    'form' to switch to other party members, but there is little point, as Cress is 
    the only one designed for player control.
    Bosses are the most annoying part of any Tales game, because the way they're
    programmed allows them to execute multi-hit attacks in rapid succession given
    the right circumstances. Then everyone in your party dies and you reload from
    your last save.
    Anyway, the standard battle field looks a little like this:
    |                                                              |
    |                                                              |
    |            (                 )                               |
    |            (                 )                               |
     |  = edge. Hold the D-Pad in the same direction while against it to escape.
     _  = the ground, where the party walks.
    (_) = Default neutral area for the party. Where Cress runs back to after a    
          combo. Also where the AI party members stand. This area is moved with the
          D-Pad. Pressing the D-Pad in a direction right after an attack combo
          and without pressing A or B makes the neutral Area jump to Cress' side,
          the party will automatically walk up to him, and whatever enmies he's
    ( ) = Where Arche floats a s a default. Same rules for neutral are apply.
          Everywhere else is enemy territory, even behind the party.
    Extra stuff you should know:
    The ground the characters walk on is actually rendered in 3D on the GBA. The 
    original had just a 2D image.
    Strategy Settings_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Yes, your loose reins on the AI. You can tell them how often to use their techs,
    as well as a few other little tweaks. You can also tell them specifically which
    spells not to use. Party members can be told spells to cast manually in battle
    as well, and shortcuts have been added for the GBA version, a la Symphonia.
    I'll compile a list of options once I have all possible party members.
    Titles_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Not much to say on titles, if they do have any special function the game
    adamantly refuses to say. Mostly they just keep trck of progress, and let you
    learn a little more about charcters' characters.
    Cooking_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Why did they have to turn this game into a GBA Symphonia? They didn't even
    bother to change what food items you get in chests, so up until you reach a food
    store you get nothing but cheese!
    I'll list recipies once I have enough to list. Feel free to submit recipies and
    locations here: KUPO. (use Ctrl + F and put it in brackets [])
    Minigames_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    *still in progress*
    (Past, Alvanista)
    Talk to the Ishitori Master in Alvanista Castle to play. The object is to not
    take the last stone from the pile, and you start with any number of stones each
    game. Yes, it's random. Highest I've gotten thus far is 66.
    Each turn, you can take 1, 2, or 3 stones. As for strategy, try not to let the 
    pile hit these numbers on your turn: 
    1 (obviously), 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, 37, 41, 45, 49, 53, 57, 61, 65...
    See a pattern? If the pile hits *any* of those numbers, you lose, becuase he 
    can easily manipulate it down to 1, and you can't do anything about it. Just 
    make sure that you can get the pile down to one of those numbers on his turn 
    when you start, and don't choose to go first if it's already any of those 
    numbers. Once he gets one of those numbers, make sure your number plus the one 
    he chooses is always equal to four, and you can't lose. Here are the prizes:
    First time: Mircle Gel
    Second time: Spirit Ring (recover 1 TP at a fixed rate in battle. Awesome.)
                 and title for Cress: "Ishitori Master"
    After winning a second time you can no longer play against him. Sore loser.
    [TALE] Walkthrough\_____________________________________________________________
    *very much in progress*
       Act One [ACT1]
    	0. Opening [STRT]
    	1. Toltus Village [TRTL]
    	2. South Forest [PIGS]
    	3. Toltus Revisited [TRTS]
    	4. Mountain Pass [MNTN]
    	5. Euclid [PLAT]
    	6. Prison [JAIL]
    	7. Aqueducts [SEWR]
    	8. Morrison's House [TRNX]
    	9. Cave [CAVE]
         10. Catacombs [DEAD]
       Act Two [ACT2]
    	0. Belladem [NTRT]
    	1. Mountain Pass [PASS]
    	2. Euclid [MATH]
    	3. Valley of Grief [SLPH]
    	4. Hamel [VILG]
    	5. Valley of Grief [VALI]
    	6. Forest of Spirits [SPRT]
          7. Hamel [GONE]
    	8. Venezia [PORT]
    	9. Isolated Island of the West [LONG]
         10. Venezia [TROP]
         11. Boat to Alvanista [BOAT]
         12. Alvanista [CASL]
       Act Three [ACT3]
          1. Efreet, Spirit of Fire [FIRE]
             a. South Harbor [SHRT]
             b. Olive [HOTT]
             c. Cave of Burning Sand [LAVA]
          2. Undine, Spirit of Water [WATR]
             a. Venezia
             b. Limestone Cavern [WETR]
          3. Gnome, Spirit of Earth [ERTH]
             a. Alvanista [EWLO]
             b. Belladem [LION]
             c. Cave of Spirits [GNME]
          4. Maxwell, Lord of Elements [RSWL]
             a. Alvanista
             b. Morlia Gallery [LOTR]
       Act Four [ACT4]
          1. Alvanista [RUNE]
          2. Edward's House [ELRC]
          3. Olive [NOPE]
             a. Southeast Oasis [NTHG]
             b. Northern Oasis [NADA]
             c. Othernorth Oasis [STOP]
             d. Olive [HNRJ]
          4. Alvanista Castle [GLOM]
          5. Ymir Forest [YMIR]
          6. Heimdall [NATR]
          7. Ymir Forest [MLKJ]
         SQ. Side Quest: The Master Craftsman [QST1]
          8. Tower of the Zodiac [FRBA]
          9. Midgards [ODIN]
         10. Arche's House [DADI]
         11. Midgards [BATL]
         12. Valhalla Plains [FIGT] 
         13. Midgards [VALK]
         14. Dhaos' Castle [DHOS]
       Act Five [ACT5]
          In Progress...
    __________________________________________________________________/[ACT1] Act 1\
    The Quest Begins
    Opening_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Watch the battle's conclusion as four warriors get their collective assi handed 
    to them by a really tall mage guy, Dhaos. The last standing member will cast 
    Indignation, end of story. Next watch the sparkle float through space where the 
    opening credits used to be in the Japanese version. Dhaos will be sealed within 
    two pendants. End of scene.
    Toltus_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Meet Cress. He's a great guy, son of a sword master. His dad wants to talk with 
    him about the pendant he gave Cress on his 15th birthday. Meet Chester. He's a 
    great guy, lives alone with his younger sister, Ami. Today he and Cress going 
    First, go to the items shop and talk with the shopkeeper. He'll give you an 
    apple for Ami. Now go bak to Chester's hous and give Ami the apple. She'll give 
    you a Cress pushie. How... sweet. Now you can leave. Master Tristan will stop 
    you by the exit, and say nothing that is terribly important.
    South Forest_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Chase the Boar through the forest, south, east, then north. You'll lose track of
    it again and Chester will go off looking for it. Cress will look at the dead 
    tree, and see a vision of it alive, with someone saying not to defile it. That 
    won't last too long, as then the Boar will show up in the direction Chester 
    didn't check.
    -Sub-Boss: Boar, 3x Baby Boar                -
    -Music: Take Up the Cross                    -
    -My Level: 2                                 -
    -Boar                                        -
    -HP: 175                                     -
    -TP:   0                                     -
    -Baby Boar                                   -
    -HP: 30                                      -
    -TP:  0                                      -
    Not too hard, just keep smacking the boar until it dies, then kill the three 
    babies, you fiend. If you have trouble here, put the game down.
    After your victory, you'll hear the alarm bells from Toltus. Run back quickly!
    Toltus_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Toltus... has been razed. Everyone's dead. Run over to Cress' house for a scene
    where Miguel and Maria talk briefly about the pendant and tell you to go north 
    to Euclid before dying as well. Chester will discover the similar fate of his 
    little sister.
    Chester will stay behind, leaving you on your own to head for Euclid. You can
    find a Knight's Saber upstairs in Cress' house, that apparently belongs to
    whoever killed everybody. It'll help you as you go solo.
    Leave town and go north. Enter the valley there.
    Mountain Pass_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    After buying supplies from the merchant, you can either go west and bypass all 
    the enemies, or just pull the statue out of the way and follow the pass north 
    to reach a tree, some items, and another exit to the world map. Head north from 
    there to Euclid. Please note that the north path gets you a lot more experience.
    Euclid_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Don't bother buying new weapons here. You'll see in a minute. That being said,
    you should still buy new armor and stock up on healing items.
    Whae you're done, go to the house in the northwest part of town and go inside to
    meet Cress' uncle. Stay the night and watch the scene. Cress will be taken
    prisoner, you'll lose the pendant to some possessed guy, and you'll end up in...
    Prison_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Look around your cozy cell, being sure to notice the nice hole in the wall.
    After deciding that there's no way out, a woman in the cell behind yours will 
    give you an earring, which you will somehow use to get through the wall. On the
    other side, thank the woman's corpse and pull word from her. You'll use it to
    Look around, grab the chests in the northeast, and then talk to the girl in the 
    easternmost cell. He name is Mint, she's a healer, and she will be in your party
    for the rest of the game.
    Escape through the grate in the east to enter the sewers.
    Aqueducts_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    This level's pretty straightforward. Most forks are dead ends with treasure 
    chests, but the main ones will lead you straigh to the end. I won't put a path 
    to take because a) the monsters aren't that hard and you'll go to most of the 
    dead ends anyway, and b) I just can't remember. Mint will introduce you to 
    memory glyphs, where you can save your game. Do so. When you reach stairs up and
    a monster guarding them, take the left fork and snag the 2000 Gald in the chest,
    then save, heal up, and prepare for a boss.
    -Boss: Spined Devil, 2x Giant Slug           -
    -Music: Overcoming Difficulties              -
    -My Level: 5                                 -
    -Spined Devil                                -
    -HP: 220                                     -
    -TP:   0                                     -
    -Giant Slug                                  -
    -HP: 100                                     -
    -TP:   0                                     -
    -Reward: (none)                              -
    This guy flies, so he can fly right over you and harass Mint. Just make sure
    that she's protected, so use Cress as a shield if absolutely necessary, and set 
    your formation so she's standing back at all times. Keep knocking the Devil out 
    of the sky with upward attacks, and he'll fall eventually. Afterwards, clean up 
    an slugs that didn't die in the crossfire.
    After beatin that first boss, don't waste time backtracking to the memory glyph,
    just heal up and leave this stinking place.
    Morrison's House_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    You'll find yourselves in a foresty area. A slug will ambush you, Cress will 
    pass out, and everything will seem like it's going all to hell, but somehow 
    Cress and Mint will wind up safely at the house (mansion) of Trinicus D. 
    A few reunions will happen. Chester is still alive and well and a party member.
    Master Tristan is also alive, having conveniently stepped out for tea before
    Toltus was destroyed. Cress will explain what happened, and Morrison will go off
    to stop the bad guys from reviving Dhaos. After some general disobedience,
    Albane, party of 3, will go off as well. After stocking up on healing items, 
    specially Panacea Bottles, head southeast to reach the cave.
    Cave_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Master Tristan will greet you here and teach Cress his first Combo skill and
    give him the 'Swordsman' title. Go through the short cave level to reach the 
    Catacombs_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Each small door on the side has a ghast, for easy EXP and items. When your reach
    the big double-doors, you'll find out that they're sealed with some sort of 
    energy. Ignore them and keep going down until you find a large golem statue.
    It's not a statue.
    -Sub-Boss: Golem                             -
    -Music: Take Up the Cross                    -
    -My Level: 6                                 -
    -Golem                                       -
    -HP: 400                                     -
    -TP:   0                                     -
    -Reward: Holy Bottle                         -
    Just keep pounding away on this guy. Try not to get the neutral position too 
    close to it, as it can repeatedly punch for massive amounts of stun damage. In 
    short: Hit, stunned, hit again, again, again... Just stay back and run up, hit 
    it, run back.
    After it's taken care of, you'll be able to drag the statue to a switch. Go 
    through the now opened door to get the Raise Ruby, which will open the sealed 
    door for you.
    Once that door's open, you'll warp to a room with moving platforms. Take the one
    on the left for some chests and a switch, which let's you get on the one on the
    On this platform, Cress will drop the Raise Ruby and it'll fall to the platform 
    below. Run down to get it, but it'll fall even further. Now, step on the weird 
    symbol on the center of the upper platform to start floating. Go back the moving
    platform to the entrance to this room and float down the stairs, over the 
    damaging floor, to retrieve the Ruby. Go through the next sealed door to reach a
    memory glyph, and another miniboss.
    -Sub-Boss: 2x Golem                          -
    -Music: Take Up the Cross                    -
    -My Level: 7                                 -
    -Golem                                       -
    -HP: 400                                     -
    -TP:   0                                     -
    -Reward: Holy Bottle                         -
    Two of them, one one eiter side. Damn, this is hard. Set Mint between Chester on
    the left and Cress on the right. Have Cress go overboard on the right one while 
    Chester's AI is set to go mostly overboard on the one on the left. When that one
    gets too close, run and smack it back before resuming your assaault on the right
    one. Eventually, after lots of healing and reviving, they'll fall.
    Go into the next room for a scene. Dhaos will be revived, and Cress and Mint 
    will be telported elsewhere. Dhaos will then procede to interrogate Morrison.
    __________________________________________________________________/[ACT2] Act 2\
    A Distant Time
    Cress and Mint will land on a cliff with Chester's bow. They will read 
    Morrison's book and learn about Dhaos' role in history, and how their parents 
    sealed him. Cress will swear revenge, and you'll be on a different overworld.
    Belladem_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Head into Toltus, er, Belladem and meet the villagers. They will talk to you 
    about Magic, you'll learn more about Dhaos, and you'll deduce that you've been 
    sent back in time 100 years, which explains why you've just met Lenios. When
    all's said and done, leave town to head north to Euclid, again.
    Mountain Pass_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Just head west through here. This time I don't reccomend taking the north path.
    Once again, it's your choice.
    Euclid_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    This place is a lot smaller than it will be. Go into the large house in the
    northeast to meet Claus, a summoner. After a short scene, Mint will earn the 
    'Snob' title and Claus will be in your party.
    Now, head east to Lone Valley.
    Valley of Grief_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Enter the house and talk with the man inside. He'll give you a pact ring and ask
    you to look for his daughter, Arche, who wears her hair in a ponytail. Leave the
    house and head north. There is a rock in your way, so you'll need to find a way 
    to break it.
    Hamel_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Enter this calm and peaceful town. Make sure to upgrade Cress' weapon to 
    something expensive and buy a pickaxe and some rope from the item shop. Now you
    can go back to the valley.
    Valley of Grief_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Press A on the rock to break it with the pickaxe. Head north to a save point and
    a lot of wind. Approach the northeast group of spirits, and prepare for a boss.
    -Boss: 2x Sylph, 2x Sylph 2                  -
    -Music: Overcoming Difficulties              -
    -My Level: 7                                 -
    -Sylph                                       -
    -HP: 100                                     -
    -TP:   0                                     -
    -Sylph 2                                     -
    -HP:  150                                    -
    -TP: 6000                                    -
    -Reward: 2x Rune Bottle                      -
    Just smack them with your new, high-powered weapon and they'll go down easily. 
    Try to keep your party formation spread out, as Sylph 2s can do area-effect 
    When they're gone, They'll explain their situation. The Miasma from Daemonium is
    making them go crazy and homicidal. Fun. You'll have to stop the miasma if you 
    want to meet the Spirit, so get to it. Go north. You'll see tall whirlwinds
    coming out of the ground, please try not to step in them. They hurt. Go into the
    cave to the north, and press A on the post behind the pit to drop a rope into
    Here, you can press A to break the solid rock walls that look suspiciously
    breakable. Go south and west and climb up the rope that just happens to be
    dropped down. Fight another group of sylphs.
    -Boss: 2x Sylph, Sylph 2                     -
    -Music: Overcoming Difficulties              -
    -My Level: 7                                 -
    -Sylph                                       -
    -HP: 100                                     -
    -TP:   0                                     -
    -Sylph 2                                     -
    -HP:  150                                    -
    -TP: 6000                                    -
    -Reward: Rune Bottle                         -
    Same as before, only there's one less Sylph 2. They're still easy.
    Go east and up and look at all the pretty poison gas. You have no choice but 
    to walk through it. Look around for a large boulder, which Cress can pull to 
    plug the hole down here. By all means, plug it.
    Head east and south to rach another hole. This area has so much miasma that
    it's turning into Daemonium. You need to find two rocks here.
    Please listen when they say to avoid Demons. They mean it.
    -Random Enemy: Hell Master                   -
    -Music: Take Up the Cross                    -
    -My Level: n/a                               -
    -Hell Master                                 -
    -HP: 4700                                    -
    -TP: 2500                                    -
    -Reward: about 12 EXP                        -
    See what I mean? If you do run into one, immediately go for the left edge of the
    screen and run. They're tougher than the next few bosses, so stay away!
    Go east to find another hole. Keep going east then south to find a rock. Put the
    rock in the hole. It's not rocket surgery.
    The next rock is int the center of the area. Push it south, west, then north to 
    plug the second hole. That will get rid of the miasma, free the sylphs, and get
    rid of encounters for this area. There's an Emerald ring (1/3 TP consumption)
    around here somewhere. Conveniently, chests disappear after you snag them, so I
    can't remember where.
    Now go up and out the second entrance to the cave. Go northeast to the next
    area and cross the two bridges to reach a tree. Go up to the tree to meet Sylph.
    Sylph will tell you that the tree of life, Yggdrassil (sound familiar, Tales
    fans?), is dying. They will give you the Element Orb and a pact. You now have 
    your first Summon Spirit. Leave and go back to the house by the entrance. Then 
    go back to Belladem and to the forest south of it.
    Forest of Spirits_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Wow, it hasn't changed a bit. Go back to the withered tree, except it's not
    dead in the past. Talk to it, and Martel will tell you all about magic, and how
    something is draining its power.
    When that's over with, hed back to Harmel.
    Hamel_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Welcome to the ruins of Hamel. Head to the north exit and talk with a 
    pink-haired girl who will reveal herself to be Rhea Scarlet. She wasn't revenge 
    against Demitel for destroying the town and killing her parents. Claus won't 
    want to get sidetracked, but guess who does.
    I love the way this town is placed, you can't not pass it on your way to or from
    Exit the town and trek north to Venezia, the first proper city you've found in 
    this backwater time.
    Venezia_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Explore the town, talk to people, by equipment, etc. You'll need to use the 
    canals to get to the weapons and armor shops.You can buy two useful spells for 
    Arche from a half-elf who lives in the house by the fountain.After finding out 
    that Demitel has moved to the "Isolated Island of the West", talk to the captain
    of the northernmost ship, pay 400 Gald a head, then head off to Demitel's 
    Isolated Island_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Head up to Demitel's mansion and waltz on in through the front door. The next 
    are has no enemy encounters, lucky you. Examine the large prisms in the room, 
    you can only rotate them, but it isn't necessary yet.
    Head east and south to two rooms, on is unlocked and has a key tucked away in 
    the top-left corner. The other is the bathroom, which you can't use for ratings 
    Now go west to two more rooms, one with some nice loot, the other to a 
    courtyard. Examine conspicuous tree in front of the window. It's just a tree. 
    Examine it three more times and it will open it's eyes and attack.
    -Boss: 2x Orcrot                             -
    -Music: Overcoming Difficulties              -
    -My Level: 12                                -
    -Orcrot                                      -
    -HP: 2050                                    -
    -TP:    0                                    -
    -Reward: 2x Apple                            -
    Somehow you end up fighting two trees, but they really aren't so bad. Just turn 
    your mages loose and attack and skil with whatever weapon you have. Watch out 
    for the un-dogeable roots that they shoot up under you, and the acorns can stun
    Defeating these two (?) trees to remove the tree blocking the window. Head back 
    inside and open the curtains. Let there be light. Rotate the center prism to 
    split the beam, then rotate the other two prisms towards the orbs on the 
    Go down the stairs that appear and explore around (There are enmies here) for a 
    few chests and head north past a save point to find Demitel. Cress and co. will 
    accuse him of kiling Rhea's parents. Demitel will retaliate by saying that Rhea 
    died in the same 'accident.' Now for a boss.
    -Boss: Demitel, Golem, Lilite                -
    -Music: Overcoming Difficulties              -
    -My Level: 13                                -
    -Demitel                                     -
    -HP: 2700                                    -
    -TP: 1200                                    -
    -Golem                                       -
    -HP: 400                                     -
    -TP:   0                                     -
    -Lilite                                      -
    -HP: 600                                     -
    -TP:  20                                     -
    -Reward: ? Book                              -
    The Golem, seriously, should die after one Sword Rain. The Lilite will take a 
    little more work, but after a bunch of spells, attacking, and skills, it, too, 
    should die. Demitel is a little different. He completely resists all elements, 
    so turn off your spells once the first two enemies are dead anmd just keep 
    attacking with Cress. He also can rapid-fire fireball spells, meaning that if
    Mint isn't keeping the healing spells coming, you can die quite easily.
    Once he's disposed of, Rhea will talk gibberish about how she can join her 
    parents, and will fall over dead. Not. 'Rhea' will get up and give her name 
    as..... Arche! You will automatically return to Arche's house, and Mint will 
    drag Cress away from the tearful reunion. Arche will join. Now head back to the 
    world map, and return to Venezia. You can also trek back to Claus' haouse to
    get a spell book for Arche: Ice Tornado.
    Venezia_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Go around to the other ship in port and ask the captain for a ride. Pay his 
    exorbitant fare and head on to Alvanista.
    Boat to Alvanista_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Now for the funniest scene in the game. Claus will ask Cress to take his pick 
    between Arche and Mint. Cress will indecisively choose Mint, then ask about 
    Milard when Claus decides on Arche, who will then want to know what the talk's 
    about. Afterwards, you will have an all-you-can-eat dinner with Meia. Arche will
    pass out at the table, and Meia will fill you in on the situation in Alvanista.
    Arche will interject every now and then with a cry of "No, Cress, we mustn't!"
    Claus will wonder what she's dreaming about.
    The next morning, Meia will go berserk and Cress will be forced into a solo 
    battle. While in the cabin, talk with Arche, who's passed out, to net her the
    'Delicate Flower' title.
    -Boss: Meia                                  -
    -Music: Overcoming Difficulties              -
    -My Level: 14                                -
    -Meia                                        -
    -HP: 2400                                    -
    -TP:    0                                    -
    -Reward: ? Sword                             -
    Poor Meia was possesed by one of Dhaos' minions. Since you only have Cress here,
    go ballistic with Sword Rain and keep yourself Gelled at all times. Try to avoid
    getting backed into a corner.
    After killing poor, possesed Meia, your party will mourn for all of five seconds
    before arriving in Alvanista and deciding to save the prince.
    Alvanista_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    First off you can use Rune Bottles to transform your ? weapons into Fame Face 
    (for Cress) and Amber Kings (for Claus). Both are worth it for the upcoming 
    area. Yo can go onto the lower level and around to a blue chest with 
    Lavender. Next, shop around for necessary supplies, being sure to save enough 
    for an  inn. When you're ready, stay at the inn and answer yes when prompted to 
    sneak into the castle at night.
    Once inside the castle, wait for the guard to be completely offscreen, then dash
    to the right and wait in the U-shaped section of hallway. Wait for the next 
    guard to pass, then head into the door on the right for the usual "Guards!" 
    scene, the accusation of a parrot, and
    -Boss: Jahmir, 2x Ares                       -
    -Music: Overcoming Difficulties              -
    -My Level: 14                                -
    -Jahmir                                      -
    -HP: 3400                                    -
    -TP: 1500                                    -
    -Ares                                        -
    -HP: 2000                                    -
    -TP:    0                                    -
    -Reward: Black Onyx                          -
    If you have Fame Face equipped, Lightning Tiger Blade is your best bet for 
    taking on the two Ares. Make sure Claus and Arche are going berserk with spells 
    to make your life easier, then after the Aresare done, turn your attention to 
    Jahmir. Jahmir will attack and cast nasty spells, so hit her whenever she starts
    casting. When you get her down to around 800 HP, she'll perpetually put up a 
    barrier to ward off physical attacks and damage anything that gets close. Just 
    keep your mages well Gelled and attack when she's stunned.
    After breaking and entering and killing the prince's parrot, you will be 
    captured and imprisoned. Shucks. Afterwards, this nice mage will come and take 
    you to the king, who will listen to your story and allow you acces to...
    Morlia Mineshaft. Just go to the Adventurers Guild in town to get the pass. As 
    an added bonus, you will get a Serano Fragment for Claus and Gungnir for Cress.
    __________________________________________________________________/[ACT3] Act 3\
    The Quest for Spirits
    Okay, so this isn't tecnically where the game divides acts 2 and 3, but it's
    valid in this case, as there's three places that you can do in any order right
    now. Make sure to talk to the researchers in the Alvanista Casle Laboratory for 
    the locations of the four Spirits you can grab right now. Efreet is in the
    Cave of Burning Sand, Gnome is in a cave east of Belladem, Undine is on an
    islanin the north sea, and Maxwell is rumored to be in Morlia.
    Do Maxwell last, as you just can't get him now. You'll need the Sorcerer's Ring
    from the Cave of Burning Sands. After you get it, though, it wouldn't hurt to
    level up as you clear Morlia down to the seventh floor. Your choice.
    Side note: you can buy some spells from a woman in the first room of the lab.
    Thunder blade is only a mere 12,000 Gald, but it's worth it.
    Section 1: Efreet, Spirit of Fire                                         [FIRE]
    South Harbor_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Talk to the captain and head to Freyland, a mere 80 gald per person.
    Head east across the desert to Olive.
    Olive_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    This place, is hot. Really sweltering hot. Enjoy the weather.
    The shops here are okay at best, nothing you don't already have, even the NPCs 
    know it. You can, however, get Arche a new broom, seeing as witches ride into 
    town every day. There's 2600 gald just lying between the two buildings in the
    north. Head east when you're ready.
    Cave of Burning Sand_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Once here, head east and down the stairs. At the end of the hall, you'll find
    the all-important Sorcerer's Ring. You can actually do Morlia now, but I
    wouldn't reccomend it.
    Go back up the way you came, going west from the entrance. Equip the Sorcerer's
    Ring (henceforth the SR) on someone and stand in front of the target looking
    thing over the lava. Press L. Sparks fly owut and trip the switch. Simple, isn't
    Go through the now open door and head through the hall. Lot's of treasure here,
    but the only one you'll really need is the Lava Key, found in the third group of
    chests you'll find as you go. Go through the next door to be back where you
    found the SR. Head back up the stairs and north from the entrance to a Memory
    Glyph and a locked door. If you need more items, get them now with your newly
    acquired wealth, or just head west to a chest and the switch for the door. Go
    through it and use the Lava Key on the door immediately behind it...? Nice
    design, Wolfteam.
    Once through the weird doors, shoot down the conveniently placed pillars with
    the SR to clear a path through. Prepare to face Efreet!
    -Boss: Efreet                                -
    -Music: Fighting of the Spirit               -
    -My Level: 15                                -
    -Reccomended Level: 20                       -
    -Efreet                                      -
    -HP: 5500                                    -
    -TP: 2000                                    -
    -Reward: Flare Cape                          -
    Owwwwww... Prepare to meet one of many reasons this game never reached the US
    the first time. Efreet is friggin HARD. Awesome music, but HARD! He'll cast
    Fireball and that annoying spell the mages in this level abused, Eruption.
    He'll also materialize behind Cress and take out all your mages in a few hits.
    Nice guy. Just heal lots, tell your mages to go crazy with spells, and make sure
    Cress is the one taking damage. He'll live. It also helps if Mint has a Reverse
    Doll equipped. Of course, it all goes to hell after the second time he casts
    Eruption, when everybody dies. Then, just have Cress lure him away and revive
    Mint when she's not going to be in immediate danger.
    After you finally manage to beat him, get the pact and the Eruption spell book
    and hightail it out of there before you die from an enemy encounter. It also
    wouldn't hurt to immediately disable the two new toys you got your mages so they
    don't use them on EVERY SINGLE ENEMY.
    (Holy Bottle immediately)
    You can do a bit of Morlia now if you want to. The levels are good, but it's a
    little hard. Don't pass floor 6.
    Section 2: Undine, Spirit of Water                                        [WATR]
    In Venezia, talk to the captain of the ship that took you to Demitel's little 
    island, and have him take you to the Isolated Island of the North Sea. 
    Limestone Cave_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    At the docks, go around and loot. There's a nice Mystic Symbol here that halves
    spell casting time. You've got three mages, but I'd say to give it to Mint, for
    obvious ass-saving reasons.
    The enemies here are exclusively water-type. Translation: Thunder Blade does
    over 1000 damage to anything it hits.
    Once you're inside the cave head east and around to stairs down. Go west to find
    a lever. Pull it to seal the door you came in but drain a pool of water in the
    next room. The north door in the room with the switch is a dead end, but the
    stairs south of it lead to the drained pool and... drumroll... more stairs down.
    Pull the switch in that room to do... nothing. Go back to the first switch and
    unflip it to fill the first pool but empty the one to the north. Go through
    that drained pool to reach another drained pool. Down the stairs in that one is
    another switch-that-does-nothing. Pull it anyway.
    Go back upstairs and through the hall to the north to a Memory Glyph and another
    drained pool. Flip the switch on the other side to fill it up, but you don't
    want to do that yet. Flip the switch behind it to swap the water in the pools
    in the room before. Go down the newly-emptied pool to another switch in a room
    eerily similar to the one next to it. Flip that one, to open a hole in the pool 
    by the Glyph, then return to that room, save, heal up, and flip the switch to
    flood the pool when you've prepared. A short scene will ensue, followed by:
    -Boss: Undine, Squid                         -
    -Music: Fighting of the Spirit               -
    -My Level: 21                                -
    -Undine                                      -
    -HP: 6850                                    -
    -TP: 3000                                    -
    -Reward: ? Book                              -
    History lesson: when I fought her in ToP, she kicked my @ hard, hence my six 
    level difference. (That, and getting stupidly lost in Morlia, which I srongly
    reccomend after you've gotten Efreet). At that level though, she's less of a 
    challenge. Also, I think her attack script is a little nicer in this one, as she
    seems more inclined to spells than her 6 foot sword. Just have your two mages go
    berserk with spells, Claus with Efreet and Arche with Thunder Blade (1100
    damage!). Keep her busy by pelting her with Sword Rain whenever possible. Once
    her Squid is gone, she'll leap into the fray with her sword, and shoot a nice
    little shockwave that put's your Demon Fang to shame. She'll fall easily if you
    gave Arche Thunder Blade.
    Afterwards, she'll apologize for attcking suddenly and you'll get a new pact.
    It takes a tiny bit of pool manipulation to leave: just flip the switch in the
    second room of the area (with the door that locks behind you). A Holy Bottle
    wouldn't hurt, either. The ? Book is Lavor Ionis.
    Section 3: Gnome, Spirit of Earth                                         [ERTH]
    Alvanista_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Go to the Adventurer's Guild and talk to a blue-haired guy by the bar. His name
    is Sakuraba. Probably doesn't mean anything to you unless you've played Golden
    Sun, Baten Kaitos, or Star Ocean. He's the main composer for the game making a
    cameo. Subtle. Another musical cameo in the Japanese version would be Yukari 
    Yoshida walking around in Alvanista Castle. She'd sing the theme song for you,
    but only once.
    Anyway, he'll sell you a password: "kikurin". Memorize it or write it down, then
    sail for Belladem.
    Belladem_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Here, you can buy supplies and talk to Lenios, who will give Arche the Cyclone
    spell. Watch as his name briefly changes to Leonis, then back to Lenios when you
    talk to him again... Also be sure to rest in the beds in his house.
    If you can't afford anything, it doesn't matter, you'll be fully healed when you
    fight Gnome anyway.
    After all that, head northeast over a bridge to a cave.
    Cave of Spirits_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    In the first area, you should disable Arch and Claus' magic, as all the enemies 
    die in one hit from Gungnir anyway. Heald tho the northeast corner for a talking
    door. Enter the password you bought from Sakuraba (you remember what it is, 
    right?) and head down the stairs.
    In this area, talk to the lost Gnomelette and agree to let him follow you. Keep
    in mind that he walks at his own pace. Walk over to the stairs and go down WHEN
    HE'S ON THEM. Otherwise, you'll have to go back for him.
    -Enemy Encounter: 4x Clay Idol               -
    -Music:Take up the Cross                     -
    -My Level: n/a                               -
    -Clay Idol                                   -
    -HP: 1                                       -
    -TP: 1                                       -
    -Reward: none                                -
    You don't want to fight these guys, they're invincible. As in: they don't take 
    damage. They hit for only about 50 damage, but there's four of them and they 
    don't even get stunned by hits. Basically, they walk all over you.
    In this room, head to the south wall and let your Gnomelette catch up, then dash
    past the guy standing guard. Head west to another doorway. Here you want to walk
    carefully in, then dash through the next doorway and out of range of the guard
    behind there. Wait for your Gnomelette to catch up, as usual.
    In the next room, talk to the circle of four Gnomelettes and the one with you 
    will join them and run off. Head east and down the stairs, then in the next
    room cross the bridge and go north to a room with a Memory Glyph. Save.
    North of the Glyph are two guards who you can fight. If you choose to, refer to
    the above boss guide. East of the Glyph is a switch. Flip it and Cress will run
    to hide. The Gnomelettes on guard will abandon their posts to see what the
    problem is. That's your cue to go through the north door. SInce you probably
    haven't been damaged this level, you won't need to heal up, but...
    -Boss: Gnome                                 -
    -Music: Fighting of the Spirit               -
    -My Level: 22                                -
    -Gnome                                       -
    -HP: 3400                                    -
    -TP:    0                                    -
    -Reward: ? Book, 13000 Gald                  -
    Okay, so he's not the adorable mole from Symphonia. Instead, he's a bunch of...
    Fingers? Rockets? Actually, he looks astonishingly like Dugtrio from Pokemon.
    Don't pretend you didn't notice. Anyway, he'll start off with his main attack:
    He'll split into rockets that shoot out of the ground at you. After a bit of
    that, he'll reform and you can put the hurt on for a while. After one hit, he'll
    split into rockets again. Solution: Order Arche to cast Cyclone as he's about to
    reform (when all the fingertips merge), he'll pop up as the spell hits, once 
    more for about 1000 damage. Walk your party out of the way if he get's you 
    against the edge of the screen. After about 3 or 4 Cyclone's, he'll be defeated.
    Afterwards, Gnome will be pissed, you'll get the pact, and Arche will get Glaive
    from the chest there. Just walk your way out of the level, it's now empty except
    on the first floor.
    The ? Book is a Glossy Magazine. Just look at the cover...
    Section 4: Maxwell, Lord of Elements                                      [RSWL]
    Head back to Alvanista, stock up on more junk to weigh you down, then head for
    Morlia Mineshaft. Make sure you have all four Spirits: Sylph, Efreet, Undine,
    and Gnome. Oh, and the pass.
    Morlia Mineshaft_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Yes, this is its real name, and yes, it is a quite obvious reference to that
    certain obscure fantasy epic and 9.5 hour movie. I doubt you know what I'm
    talking about. Not. If you don't, I'm impressed you made it to GameFAQs from a
    cave with no internet. Anyway, this place has nicer enemies than the last area, 
    because you were supposed to go here until you reached the dead end, but that
    just seemed sort of stupid to me.
    Once inside, do not go west and down thew stairs that seemingly take you down
    pretty far, because there's a locked door at the end. Instead, head east and go
    down the stairs there to Level 2.
    On level 2, go west and south to find a statue, which you can drag onto a switch
    to open a treasure room. go east and to the end to find more stairs down, to
    level 3.
    On level 3, go east and north to find a platform that will make you hover. Hover
    back to the entrance and north-west, over the switches and through the door.
    Head to the back and de-hover yourself, then go through the east door, move the
    statue off the switch, and head south-east to the stairs down.
    On level 4, you'll pass an unlit torch. The obvous answer, shoot it with the 
    Sorcerer's Ring... doesn't work. Go further in and talk with the man, who 
    insists there's a hidden passage. Go back to the torch and pull it. It's a 
    lever. It'll open the wall next to you. Take the door on the left and head to
    the end of the hall, to the west. The switch order is UUDDLRLR. Hit a wrong
    switch and you'll need to leave the room and come back. That'll open a door
    south of the sign with the button combo. Go through and save, then hit both
    switches and save again. Do not go down the stairs, they lead to another room
    like the one you're in, locked from the inside. Go back to the buttons and drag 
    the statue through the door to the switch. You can go down those stairs.
    Whew, now for level 5. Feel your way west, north, than east through the darkness
    until you find a door in the corner. Go through it and hit the switch with the
    SR, which you wouldn't have had had you done this area first. Then go west and
    south to a door and stairs down. They're to the right of the hallway furthest 
    Level 6, finally. FInd your way east without touching the spikes to a better lit
    room. Do not step on the symbol in front of the treasure chest. just ignore it
    for now. Go instead through the door. Pull the switch behind the third statue, 
    then go south to the chest and the symbol, which you may now step on. Warp.
    Back to the earlier part of the floor. Just run east over the spikes and get 
    back to the room with the symbol. Go south, navigate through the spikes, and 
    head to level 7.
    Level 7 at last. The unlit torch in this room is actually an unlit torch. How's
    that for mesing with you? Step on the warp to reach a short hallway, follow it 
    to the end, grab the chest, and go back down. Do this 3 times, save, and step 
    on the warp one last time.
    In this area, light all the torches. Go through the next long dark hallway to 
    reach another room with torches and (dear God I hope you didn't sell your 
    pickaxe) a breakable wall. Go light the torch then head down to level 8.
    Gahhhhhhhhhh. This place is ENDLESS! (Peter Jackson would be proud) The torch
    here isn't one, it's a switch. Torches are switches, switches are torches.
    GRRRRARGHHH! Sick of this place yet? Hit the switch here, then go to the room
    you were in before for a levitate pad. How sweet. Float over the spikes. 
    There's also an Agalloch Incense here, but I have no clue what it does yet. 
    Keep floating over the spikes until you reach another room. Go west here, then 
    south and around to a door.
    Ahhhh... Level 9 at last. Don't pull this lever, either, just walk east then 
    north, hit the switch, and go through the door there. Go west to open another
    quick route to the top. I even reccomend going up just to save, then returning 
    to floor 9. Go through the other door to another room.
    Here is where the random encounters keep killing me! It ^%&$&$^*&$ &$&$$&*&$
    ^%%#&$&&$##$&$# *&%&%^&%&%$&$*^ *^%&$^$&%*^&%&%* &^$$^$! This floor marks the
    triumphant return of the Aza, those loveable sorcerers from Efreet's place, with
    the high evade and limitless supply of Eruptions...
    In here, go west and around, following the path north to another room, with a
    Combo Counter in a chest on a switch, grab the counter and hit the switch. This
    opens that first locked door on the floor, only now there's flames blocking the
    way. Just run through and go down the stairs that have opened. (If someone knows
    a better way, enlighten me.)
    Level 10 at last. This is the end. Grab the Turquoise RIng from the chest, then
    examine the switches. The two switches open two warps: one goes to a room that 
    describes the locations of the four elemental Spirits, the other leads to a 
    summon tablet. Arche will interpret the Elven on it and gain the title 
    'True Scholar'. Now go back to the other warp.
    The reason I use north, east, west, and south instead uf up, down, etc. is right
    here. In the north, place Efreet, bringer of destruction. Fire destroys, right?
    Undine, as the only maiden, goes west. Sylph, AOL keyword wind, goes east, and
    Gnome, spirit of life-giving mother earth, goes south. Afterwards, a voice will
    call you to the tablet. Heal up, save, and go forth.
    The voice? Maxwell, your next Spirit, which means...
    -Boss: Maxwell                               -
    -Music: Fighting of the Spirit               -
    -My Level: 24                                -
    -Maxwell                                     -
    -HP: 7500                                    -
    -TP:  400                                    -
    -Reward: Gravity Stone (Whee...)             -
    Maxwell really isn't so bad. He'll just fly around, occasionally bouncing around
    in a ball and doing medium damage to whoever he hits. When I fought him, he
    never actually got in a spell. Just have your mages cut loose, and let Cress
    use Rising Phoenix (the only tech that hits Maxwell).
    Afterwards, though you only expected to get a pact ring, you'll get a pact with
    Maxwell as a bonus. Arche will call him Gramps, and Claus will get the title
    'Subduer'. Gungnir, which you should be using anyway, will become Gungnir 2.
    The treasure room in back has 2 ? Clothing (Mythril Mesh, subtle Namco, subtle),
    1 ? Rod (Rune Rod), 1 Black Onyx, some miscilaneous treasure, and a broken pact 
    Holy Bottle and head for Alvanista. As always, save frequently.
    __________________________________________________________________/[ACT4] Act 4\
    The War Against Dhaos
    Alvanista Castle_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Fight your way up (just kidding) to the lab on the third floor. Talk with 
    Lundgrom, who will redirect your call to Edward, a Magic User, who can 
    supposedly fix Luna's pact ring.
    "Hey Swordsman! You carry that which is far beyond your standing!" sayeth the
    ringing in Cress' ear...
    Leave town and head west to a house by a lake.
    Edward's House_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Knock on the door to talk with Lilith (what a name), Edward's wife, wo will pull
    a Lundgrom and send you to Freyland, where he seeks someone who can defeat 
    Dhaos in the coming war...
    Head to South Harbor and pay for passage to Freyland. Once there, head to Olive.
    Olive_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Once in Olive, Cress will assault a random NPC for information. Well, not 
    assault per se, but he'll tell you that Edward just left...
    Head southeast to an oasis.
    Southeast Oasis_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Guess what... Edward's not here either. Head to the oasis to the northeast.
    Northern Oasis_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Talk with the old fart who pretends to be hard of hearing, who will say that
    Edward went north to another oasis... Talk to the chef if you want to and head
    still further north.
    Othernorth Oasis_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Here you can find a blue chest with a Spirit Ring hiding behind some trees.
    Although, seeing as the characters don't see life from a top-down angle, they 
    could probably find it easily... I digress.
    A traveler will tell you that Edward went to... drumroll... Olive Village!......
    You will warp there automatically.
    Olive_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Back in Olive... Talk to the same NPC, who will say that Edward's at the Inn...
    But he's not, you need five Basilisk Scales to help him with a medicine he's 
    working on, the inkeeper will tell you so. Go out and Hunt Baslisks, and come 
    back with the scales. The mnost are found in the southeast chunk of desert on
    the continent.
    Head back to the inn once you have 5, though you may want to stock up on them 
    since they're so easy to get on the GBA. They cure paralysis, K.O., and fully 
    heal HP. Nice.
    You'll stay a night, and meet Edward in the morning. His family name: Morrison,
    and you'll see the resemblance. The intro quote's from him, but not in-game.
    He'll tell you to go to Ymir Forest, but you'll need a letter of introduction
    from Alvanista. He'll also ask you to come to Midgards later, if you're
    interested. Cress will chase him down when he leaves and show him the book
    Trinicus Morrison gave him. How's that for mesing with the time stream?
    Mint will drop a similar bomb for Arche, thus making sure that everyone knows
    that time is being actively f----d with. Edward will get the wrong impression
    from why Cress was sent back in time, and run off to do something he thinks may
    be futile. If you don't get it, he thinks that Dhaos has taken over the world 
    in Cress' time... Idjit.
    Head back to Alvanista to get your pass.
    Alvanista Castle_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Talk with Lundgrom, who will take a day to process your request.
    Stay at the in then confront him again to get a Royal Crest, which will ley you
    into Ymir. By the way, half-elves are forbidden, as usual. Sorry, Arche.
    Arche will stay at the inn, theoretically. Head south to the usual 
    forest-surrounded-by-a-lake. Ymir.
    Ymir, Forest of Mirror Water_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    From the gate, head northeast until you reach that corner, then head northwest
    over a concealed bridge. From the Memory Glyph, head northwest to a third zone.
    Once there, head north then fart to the east to a path north into the Elf 
    More flashing of the shiny badge will get you in to see Brambert, Lord of the 
    Elves. He'll ask to meet you north of the village. Go meet him. He'll give you
    an ambiguous clue as to the location of the Blak Stone with magical powers that
    can fix the ring.
    Heimdall_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Basically, what you need to do here is stick to the paths with bush babies on 
    them. Those are thos brown lemur looking things that walk around here.
    Head north until yopu reach a larger area where the path forks. Head east there,
    and keep going until you find a chest with Savory in it. Then head north until
    you can't anymore, then east again. Keep going until you find three chests in a
    row, then head south until you reach a pond. Go east again until you find a
    Memory Glyph.
    North of there you will find the Black Stone Brambert was talking about. It's
    another Summon Tablet. Origin's tablet. Brambert will also call the final
    battle... Kangaroo? What the hell? Perhaps it's a R>J>R mistrans of Ragnarok?
    Watch for a brief flash of Origin as the two rings are repaired: Moonstone and
    Cress will show Brambert Chester's bow afterwards to see if it can be fixed as
    well. He'll say to take it to the bowsmith in town.
    Ymir, Forest of Mirror Water_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Once back in town, you'll find out that Arche has been detained and tied up. 
    She'll say she's not into that kind of thing 0_0. Since the punishment for a 
    half-elf coming into the village is death, a woman will ask to take Arche's
    place. Arche will realize that she's her mother, but it's too late.
    Head to South Harbor, then Olive, then those Oases, and go northeast to a tower 
    by the mountains. You'll find Luna here.
    The Master Craftsman|[QST1]|____________________________________________________
    Time Period: Past
    Starting Point: Heimdall
    Prerequisites: Chester's Bow (obtained automatically)
                   Repaired Moonstone and Topaz Rings
    Go back into town after leaving and go through complicated events to learn of
    a woodcarver, Arsia, who lives to the east and can fix it. Head east from the
    forest to a house.
    After a short scene, go up to the door and knock. You'll meet Arsia, who will
    fix the bow if you bring Brambert to see her. She'll tourn one of your party
    members into a statue as collateral. Not Arche this time... Mint. However, Arche
    will cuss her out and knock Mint out of the spell. Now Arche is conveniently
    out of the party for another trip to Ymir.
    Once back at the Colony, head to where you met Brambert to discuss Arsia. He'll
    be shocked that you actually met with her... Concerned yet? Take Brambert to
    see Arsia now...
    As it turns out, they *were* lovers. Except she's a half-elf and he's a racist 
    pig. Brambert will become a statue to stay with his former love, Arche will be
    freed, and you'll leave without taking the bow back. Oh well.
    Tower of the Zodiac_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    This level's based around music. The currently playing background music, which
    you can change as you progress, will open the door to the next floor. After the
    first floor, each floor's basic layout is exactly the same except for what lies
    behind each door. You'll figure it oput soon.
    1st Floor:
    Just go up both flights of stairs to reach floor 2.
    2nd Floor:
    Go north and read the tablet. A melancholy song is needed, and someone not human
    sings. The current background music is what you need, just go north through the 
    door and up the stairs.
    3rd Floor:
    This floor, a mirthful song is needed. Take the south path and go through the 
    westernmost door. Hit the switch in the statue to play Arche's theme, then head
    north, through the door to the 4th floor.
    4th Floor:
    Take the west path on this floor and follow it to the end for the statue that
    plays a "serene song". You'll recognize it. Go through the door to the fifth
    5th Floor:
    You need a melancholy song again on this floor. Go south and through the
    easternmost door to find the statue that plays it.
    6th Floor:
    This time around, you need a gallant song. Guess, what. You'll also need to take
    the one path you haven't taken yet. Take the East path to the end and hit that
    switch to play a song you haven't heard before. Head through the door to be
    ambushed by a fairy, Artemis, who protects Luna.
    The price to pass to the next floor. Arce (poor Arce) has to give someone a 
    kiss. Just to let you know, Kosuke Fujishima did work on this game. Somebody
    will know what I mean. Arche will go after, you guessed it, Cress, but Mint will
    intervene, and an unknown voice will make Artemis give Arche a new spell: Ray.
    Head on up to meet Luna. She'll join you without a fight.
    Leave the tower and head north to Midgards. Make sure to save.
    Midgards_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Midgards is at war. The inn is packed, the streets are deserted. You can buy new
    armor, but the weapons all suck.
    Head north up to a gate. You'll wave the Royal Emblem around some more, and be
    allowed through. You'll wait around for a while then be greeted by Edward and
    Reisen, captain of the guard. Cress will immediately ask to joinf forces to
    crush Dhaos' "evil designs". Arche will ask "What evil designs?" (Which IS a
    good question...) and be answered by Reisen, who will say he's trying to destroy
    the world. Please don't be angry at the cliche, it's not what you think.
    In any case, you'll be asked to report to the king. Do so after exploring a 
    little. Head east then north to eavesdrop on Reisen. Something about Dhaos 
    wanting them to stop their research... You'll then be at the throne room. After
    talking about Dhos' forces for a while, you'll be taken to the Magitech Lab.
    Talk around. Yuu'll hear stuff you already knew, along with some more tidbits on
    magitach and a weapon of unspeakable power. This is all optional, you may leave
    the castle at any time. When you do, Arche will express her doubts.
    Arche will wonder why Dhaos, as powerful as he is, hasn't attacked any large
    cities except Midgards. Cress will swear, a little, and bring up Hamel. Arche
    will decide that there must be a connection between Midgards and Rhea's parents,
    since only Hamel was attacked. You'll soon be prompted to go back to Arche's
    house either immediately or by walking there yourself.
    The choice is yours.
    Arche's House_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    Arche will immediately confront her dad about how he lied about her mother. A
    discussion will ensue. As it turns out Luti, Arche's mother, and Arche's dad,
    Bart, were forcibly separated. Apparently, the elves thought that humans were 
    doing some pretty stupid things so sealed themselves off from the world.
    Extra tidbits: the Scarlets moved to Hamel from Midgards after doing some 
    research on.... Magitech! Are you seeing a connection? Arche is...
    Once again you can jump or walk.
    Midgards_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Something will be going on at the castle entrance. Go there.
    It's Morrison! A demon is holding a kid hostage, but Morrison will save the day
    warping him in time, somewhere. Arche's doubts about Dhaos will be bound and
    Next there'll be a war briefing. They'll point out some minor details, like how
    close they are to Dhaos' castle, and how much time they have to stop his army.
    Claus, who will be appointed one of four group leaders, will leave the party and
    stay at a classified briefing. Cress and co. will be kicked out, so go off and
    explore the town.
    There is a guy in the northern part of town who will sell Cress a skill book for
    a mere 18,000 Gald.
    Head back (you might have to stay at the inn) when you've prepared for battle.
    Hint: Have petrification protection.
    Valhalla Plains_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    This area is a little different from the rest of the game. Time passes, and
    enemy encounters are visible in the field. Your objective is to defeat the enemy
    commander as soon as possible. The time limit is five days.
    Navigate your way to the northeast, it isn't very easy to get lost: as long as 
    the forks you take go north or east you'll be fine. It'll start snowing as you 
    get closer to the northeast corner, and you'll se a save point when you reach 
    it. Go east for a boss fight.
    -Boss: Ishrantu, 2x Drake                    -
    -Music: Overcoming Difficulties              -
    -My Level: 28                                -
    -Ishrantu                                    -
    -HP: 5000                                    -
    -TP:  500                                    -
    -Drake                                       -
    -HP: 1500                                    -
    -TP:    0                                    -
    -Reward: Poison Charm                        -
    This guy quite readily casts Thunder Blade. Mercifully, he's not as powerful as 
    Arche is. His Drakes aren't much of a problem at all. Now is the time to let the
    mages cut loose with powerful magic. This guy is much easier than Maxwell, but
    his resistance to most elements is irking.
    After beating him, you'll be back in Midgards.
    Midgards_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    Head for the castle. Sir Cress and co. will be taken to the throne room. The
    king will award you 10,000 Gald. I'm not sure if this changes based on your
    actions in the Valhalla Plains. E-mail me if you know something I don't.
    Shortly after, a sentry will alert the king that they are under attack. Dhaos
    has launched an aerial attack. Oh, crisis. Guess now's the time for them to use
    their magitech weapon, eh?
    The party will decide to help somehow. If you head towards the entrance of the
    castle, the merchants gave gathered. How nice. Buy what you need, then leave the
    castle. Don't feel shy about filling your inventory with Gels.
    A voice, the same voice from earlier, will harass Cress again, and he will be
    sucked into a dimensional rift. Mint will pass out and Claus will be dragged off
    to battle.
    You'll regain control of Cress. Equip your best, and head into the next room.
    You'll meet Valkyrie, servant of Odin. She's the one who's been bothering Cress,
    and she wants Gugnir, as someone of low standing like Cress doesn't deserve it.
    Meanwhile, the Magitech Cannon will be fired, and Mana will begin to fade from
    the world. Oh, crap. They'll try to fire it again, but it'll break down.
    Cress will reappear with Pegasus, and he and Arche will go off to battle in the 
    -Battle: 2x Werevulture                      -
    -Music: Threatening Sky                      -
    -My Level: 28                                -
    -Werevulture                                 -
    -HP: 1800                                    -
    -TP:    0                                    -
    You'll be on pegasus for these battles, and you can only use regular attacks.
    Thankfully, Cress attacks faster on horseback now than he did on the SFC. Arche
    will provide support, so the enemies will fall easily.
    -Battle: 3x Charon                           -
    -Music: Threatening Sky                      -
    -My Level: 29                                -
    -Charon                                      -
    -HP: 2000                                    -
    -TP:   60                                    -
    Once again, easy pickings.
    -Battle: Clay Demon, Charon, Werevulture     -
    -Music: Threatening Sky                      -
    -My Level: 28                                -
    -Clay Demon                                  -
    -HP: 1150                                    -
    -TP:  800                                    -
    Slightly harder, but still not terribly difficult.
    -Battle: 2x Clay Demon, Charon               -
    -Music: Threatening Sky                      -
    -My Level: 28                                -
    More enemies!
    -Boss: Ishrantu, Clay Demon, Charon          -
    -Music: Overcoming Difficulties              -
    -My Level: 28                                -
    -Ishrantu                                    -
    -HP: 5000                                    -
    -TP:  500                                    -
    -Reward: Poison Charm, Life Bottle           -
    The two enemies with Ishrantu this time should fall preetty easily with Arche's 
    spells. Once they're out of the way, disable all spells but Ray and Debris Fall
    an cut loose with Cress' attacks so Ishrantu can't get a hit in.
    Afterwards, Pegasus will take Gungnir and leave. Everyone will thank Cress and
    Arche, and Arche will get a certain spell... Indignation!
    Now you'll have to head off to Dhaos' Castle. Save and head back through
    Valhalla. There's no encounters now, and the only point of interest is a
    swordsman along the north path that will sell you a skill book for only 50k.
    Dhaos' Castle_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    General notes:
    The enemies here suck big time. Your brand new spell that you've been itching to
    try out, Indignation: use it, especially when you've got craploads of enemies
    surrounding you. And avoid Holy Bottles here, warding off weak enemies means you
    only fight the strong ones... The Dragoknights here drop two types of ? Sword, 
    the common one being a standard Long Sword, the rarer one being Moon Falx, a 
    really awesome weapon.
    1st Floor:
    Go up into the castle and take the dore to the left of the mirror. Examine the
    gargoyle for a mystic symbol. That's all you really need in this part, so go 
    back out and take the east door. 
    Follow the path east and you'll step on a switch that opens the locked doors. Go
    through the door north of it for the extremely impressive Fire Storm spell. 
    Go through the south door in the large room to be back where you were, go step 
    on the switch again to toggle the locks and open the northwest door. GO through
    that door and up the stairs to the second floor.
    2nd Floor:
    Go through the first door to an extremely easy switch puzzle. Step on them in
    the order indicated by the sign. This unlocks the second door. Go through that
    and the hallway behind it.
    Walk through the hallway until Cress sees the reflection of a ghost. The sign 
    next to it says "two mirrors reflecting shall open the way". Head into the next 
    room, and head up the stairs again to even more doors. Ignore them and head up 
    the stairs. Enter the east room here.
    At the far end of the table is a sign. After deciphering it, a minigame will 
    ensue. You have to press the switches at the same time as Arche, of course,
    she's too hyperactive to make it easy for you. After ten misses, Claus and Mint 
    will do it for you, in perfect unison. Arche... Go through the door for a Memory
    Glyph and the stairs to the next 
    3rd Floor:
    Immediately head to the next room. Head up the stairs to a room with a hole in 
    the floor. Head south and pull the statue to the hole and push it in. Head back
    down and push it onto the switch. Go through the door.
    Guess what, another switch. You were probably thinking with the first one, "Why
    not just have someone stand on it?" Now you get your chance. I left Claus.
    OUT OF THE PARTY EVER! Thank you.
    4th Floor:
    Head west down the hallway and up the stairs. Head east now, through tw doors, 
    to reach a save point and a locked door. You need four people. Backtrack to the
    room with curtains and head north.
    -Mini-Boss: Evil Lord, 2x Dragoknight        -
    -Music: Take up the Cross                    -
    -My Level: 33                                -
    -Evil Lord                                   -
    -HP: 10500                                   -
    -TP:   250                                   -
    -Reward: Rune Bottle                         -
    The Evil Lord has this one nasty spell that does about 1200 damage to all party
    members, but he uses it rarely. The only other things to watch out for are the
    two Dragoknights that surround you. Have Arche cast Indignation on the 
    Dragoknights to clear them away, then go for the Evil Lord and keep him from
    using spells.
    Take the Mysterious Hand Mirror from the chest after beating him. Baktrack to
    2nd Floor:
    Go back to a mirror where you saw a weird reflection.
    -Mini-Boss: Evil Lord, 2x Dragoknight        -
    -Music: Take up the Cross                    -
    -My Level: 33                                -
    -Evil Lord                                   -
    -HP: 10500                                   -
    -TP:   250                                   -
    -Reward: Rune Bottle                         -
    Same battle only now you have Claus (or Arche, whoever you left). Same rules 
    Defeat the enemies in any mirror to warp to another room. Handy, huh. The two 
    mirrors on opposite ends of the room with the stairs up lead to a bunch of loot
    and another spell for Arche, Distortion (which is an instant kill or nothing).
    Go to the first mirror to warp to another section of the castle.
    Go south and east until you reach a room with four switches. Press them in the 
    reverse order from the other four-switch room. Leave the room and snag the Gold
    Key from the chest. Head back to the mirror and this time go west. You'll find 
    some items, including a powerful new broom for Arche. Go back through the 
    mirror, and back up a floor.
    3rd Floor:
    Leave Arche on the switch and head up.
    4th Floor:
    Head east to the locked door and open it with your new key. Go through and and
    Cress will examine the hole, and Arche will fly up and rejoin the party. Now
    head back to the farthest save point in and, save. Your party of four will
    unlock the door. Through it, you'll fight the same miniboss group you fought at 
    least two times before. Go back and save then head to the next room. You'll talk
    with a certain villain character, who has no reason to fight you. He'll also 
    call you pawns of Midgards.
    -Boss: Dhaos, 2x Evil Lord                   -
    -Music: Decisive                             -
    -My Level: 35                                -
    -Dhaos                                       -
    -HP: 30000                                   -
    -TP:  5000                                   -
    -Reward:                                     -
    Have your mages blast away with their best spells (Luna and Indignation) and
    take out the Evil Lords as quickly as possible. Then turn your attention to 
    Dhaos, who attacks, that's right, attacks, with fire, ice, and lightning spells,
    as well as really fast hand-swooshes. He'll also cast Fires Storm, which 
    explains why he had the book in his castle. Instead to the spazzing he did 
    whenever Arche cast Indignation in the SNES version, he'll just taunt you with 
    lines like "Is that all you've got?" Ouch, corny, Namco, corny.
    Ths is it, the end, right? Nope, he just ran away. 
    __________________________________________________________________/[ACT5] Act 5\
    The Heroes and the Sacred Tree
    Coming soon-ish, once I get back to this point in the game. Stupid corrupt save 
    [EXTR] Extra Stuff\_____________________________________________________________
    Item List_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______
    *in progress*
    Spell List_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    *in progress*
    Misc_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______
    *in progress*
    [IFAQ] Frequently Asked Questions\______________________________________________
    Please, Frequently Ask me Questions so this section can expand!
    Q: How do I use [Whatever Combo Tech]? I've learned it but I can't use it yet.
    A: When you learn a combo tech, that just means that Cress knows which skills
    he needs to combine. To actually use a combo tech, check it in the Skills menu
    what two skills it combines, then use those two skills in battle like they're 
    going out of style. A sound wil play when you've mastered a skill. Master both
    (about 100 uses each, have lots Orange Gels) to be able to use the combo tech.
    Q: Why do you say Cress is the only *playable* character, I like using [...]?
    A: The original version of the game did not let you swithch which charcter you 
    controlled, so only one character was balanced for control by you, the player. 
    The GBA version, riding on the overwhelming sucess of Symphonia, mixed in more 
    of those game systems, including changing which cahracter is controlled, though
    Cress is still the only one with a combo and close-quarters combat abilities.
    [KUPO] Contact Me\______________________________________________________________
    ...If you feel it absolutely necessary. E-mail me if you have questions, would 
    like to submit any extra info I may have glossed over, or if I just plain 
    screwed up. I won't be offended. Do not send me the locations of treasure chests
    I ignored in the guide unless it's something *really* good.
    Do not send me spelling corrections or offers for free medication. Violators 
    will be dealt with in the most severe manner possible, most probably involving 
    chicken feathers, cod liver oil, and a very, very depraved walrus.*
    E-mail: MoogleWarriorVII@yahoo.com
    Put 'ToP Guide' or somthing of the sort in the header or I toss it as spam.
    Include a screename to be added to the contributors list.
    The Hurricane
    Melchor Mateo
    and that's it for now...
    *Okay, that's from Excel Saga, you caught me...
    [LEGL]Legal Stuff\______________________________________________________________
    Tales of Phantasia and the entire Tales series, are (c)1995-2006 Namco, Ltd.
    This guide is (c)2006 Moogle_Warrior, exclusively for GameFAQs. Do not use any
    part of it elsewhere. You may print a copy as long as you don't use it for 
    kindling later.
    Really, I'm no good with the legal stuff.
    [TTFN] Thanks\__________________________________________________________________
    Thanks to... GameFAQs. I never would have beaten FF8 without it.
    Oh, and for hosting this guide...
    Kosuke Fujishima, for teaching all other RPGs how character design is done.
    Very special thanks to Namco, for getting some other company to devleop this 
    game. Thanks to Wolfteam for being the other company.
    Thanks to my 7th grade teacher for always believing in me, my 12 cats, 16 dogs,
    29 parrots, 351 Pokemon... Kidding.
    Extremely special thanks to whoever read this far into the thanks section. Have
    a cookie.

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