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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lemonhoax

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 03/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                             Metal Slug Advance Walkthrough
                                       Ver. 1.02
                                     Brandon Lynch
    Next Update:
    I will be adding more prisoner, card, item locations. I am debating
    whether or not to include any information concerning the Dungeon level.
    If you'd like to see that added into this Walkthrough please let me know.
    Please let me know if this walkthrough was of any use to you or not. I
    would appreciate any feedback or contributions from those willing to help.
    If you would like to ask a specific question, please do that as well.
    ++Table of Contents++
    1. Basic Information:              
    I)........... General..............[MS1.A]
    II).......... Version History......[MS1.B]
    III)......... Story................[MS1.C]
    2. Game Walkthrough:
    IV).......... Walkthrough..........[MS2.A]
               + Mission 1
               + Mission 2
               + Mission 3
               + Mission 4
               + Mission 5
                      + Parts 1 and 2
                      + Parts 1 and 2
    3. Legal Information:
    V)........... Credits..............[MS3.A]
    VI).......... Contributors.........[MS3.B]
    VII)......... Legal................[MS3.C]
    ** To quickly goto a section within this walkthrough press Ctrl+f to bring
    up the "Find" search box. In the "Find What" text box type in any of the
    26 locations listed above and then click "Find Next" box. This feature will
    also work with the Prisoner Locations as well.
    For instance, to goto Mission 4:2 simply type in: "MS2.N" within the "Find
    What" text box and then click "Find Next." You can also do a search for the
    various prisoners within this walkthrough too. Simply do a search for the
    prisoner number you are looking for by using the "Find" feature. 
    Prisoner numbers range between 001 - 100. **
    + + + + + + + + + + + +  
    1. Basic Information  +
    + + + + + + + + + + + +
    ++General++                                                             [MS1.A]
    Thanks for checking out my Metal Slug Advance Walkthrough. I'd like to also
    thank the creators for making such a fun and exciting game. The game may be
    easy to learn control-wise, but being able to complete the game with every
    hostage and card collected may take some time, adding to the replay value of
    this game I feel. I hope that this walkthrough helps aid you through this
    action packed game. Please contact me with any questions (e-mail
    above), mistakes I've made, or any contributions, I will gladly add you to
    the contributors section within this guide. This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough
    as well.
    ** Please put the subject title of the e-mail beginning with "Metal Slug" so
    that I will not overlook your e-mail or delete it. If an e-mail has no
    indication of what the contents may be chances are I will delete it. This also
    will help me on organizing any FAQ/Walkthrough messages easier. **
    I plan to add upon this walkthrough with more detail and tips in each version. 
    ++Version History++                                                     [MS1.B]
    Version 1.02  02/20/05
    - All prisoners accounted for and now numbered (Mission 1-5 only)
    - Cave Maze secret areas documented
    - Cards now listed that are found within each Mission (1-5)
    - Errors dealing with prisoners/cards fixed
    Version 1.00  02/05/05
    - Missions 1-5 completed
    - Locations of most prisoners, items, cards documented
    - Small changes made
    ++Story++                                                               [MS1.C]
    This story is based upon the one found within the official instruction
    booklet on page 4.
    Walter and Tyra are the Peregrine Falcons newest recruits. They are both sent
    down onto an island with minimum supplies and weaponry to carry out their
    drill exam. Not knowing their surroundings before being dropped off onto the
    island these two new recruits will need to be cautious of what dangers may
    be lurking closeby. As the two continue to what they believe is their training
    a strange aircraft approaches causing this training session to become real
    + + + + + + + + + + + +
    2. Game Walkthrough   +
    + + + + + + + + + + + +
    ++Walkthrough++                                                         [MS2.A]
    This walkthrough has been split into several ways. There are currently 5
    main sections: Missions 1-5. These sections have been seperated into each
    of the missions various "stages."
    Mission 5 has been seperated a little differently due to the various paths
    that can be taken. More information about this can be found in the Mission 5
    section of this walkthrough.
    Note: I haven't given the position of all the hostages in the missions. I
    will be including that though in future updates.
    ++Mission 1++
    ++++++++++++++          +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Stages:      +          + Mission Cards:                    +
    -------------+          +---------------------------------- +
       1:1       +          + S. Clip      Tyra     Formor      +
       1:2       +          + Handgun+     Bread    Red Jewel   +
       1:3       +          + S. Grenade+  Banana   Canned Food +
       1:4 (Boss)+          + Walter       Turkey   M1 Clear    +
    ++++++++++++++          +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    ++[1:1]++                                                               [MS2.B]
    When you first begin Mission 1 you find yourself standing in the middle of a
    forest with only a pistol and a few grenades. 1 enemy soldier will be running
    towards you. Be sure to kill him quickly. Each time I've played this stage I've
    noticed that this guy will try to stab you with his knife rather than shoot
    at you. You can save your first prisoner [001] by standing at this beginning
    point make sure that you're all the way to the left of the screen. Aim and shoot
    upwards repeatedly to save the prisoner. This first prisoner will give you the
    S. Clip card.
    Continue forward to find a trench with 2 enemy soldiers within
    it standing and talking to one another. To the left beside them is a 
    bound prisoner [002] that needs to be saved. After killing the these
    soldiers - you can usually kill them before they do anything else since they
    become surprised and run from you for a short period of time. Save the prisoner
    here to gain the Heavy Machine Gun item ("H"). Continuing onwards you come to
    yet another prisoner [003]. He is found one a small ledge near the trench you 
    just were in. Release him and he will give you a health power up, Bread. Be sure
    to watch out for the nearby enemies next to this prisoner. These soldiers can
    chuck grenades at you, but should still be pretty simple to dodge. You can
    usually just walk underneath these attacks or walk to the left to avoid them.
    After taking out these goons proceed to the right once again. Just when you
    thought you may have had a short break in your shooting spree you are faced
    with your first mechanical foe - a huge tank. This enemy is actually easy to
    destroy and when compared to the other enemies you face throughout the game
    there are very few in number of these throughout the missions. The tank
    attacks you with small round bombs that can easily be jumped over. You could
    either stand back and shoot at this huge hunk of metal or toss grenades at it.
    If you choose to blow this enemy sky high with your grenades it should only
    take about 4 to do so. As soon as you  turn this tank into a steaming pile of
    scrap metal another prisoner [004] appears as a reward for saving him 
    from this enemy giving you some more grenades.
    Once you've destroyed the tank save the next upcoming prisoner [005] that is
    tied up, he will reward you with canned food. There are several soldiers up
    ahead - kill them, then save the prisoner [006]. He will give you 
    a rocket launcher. Above you is another prisoner [007] dangling in the air, you
    should be able to spot his feet if you jump in the air. Aim up and shoot him
    free snagging yourself another health power-up, Bread. Continue forward to save
    another bound prisoner [008] who will give you even more yummy bread. Watch out
    for the soldiers near the wooden platforms. Take your time and attack them when
    it is safe to do so. Once the soldiers have been eliminated duck in between the
    two wooden platforms and shoot the right platform to reveal a hidden prisoner
    [009]. He will give you Walter's card.
    Like the tank in this stage, you must battle against an enemy bomber plane.
    This is a piece of cake as well. The plane just drops 3 bombs almost in
    a straight line onto the ground. Just walk to the left or right shooting
    upwards at the plane. You'll destroy it quickly.
    After downing the plane, go to the left side of the trench
    that you are in and shoot the left side to reveal a hidden prisoner [010]. Do 
    this to the right side too to gain another POW [012]. These two cards that you
    will receive here are merely only for looks. The card that the hostage on the
    left side of the trench gives you is Tyra's card, the one on the right will give
    you one of the jewel cards, the Red Jewel. There is one other prisoner [011] in
    this area and he is hanging right above you while you are in this trench. Simply
    go to the right side of the trench and jump out as if you were to continue
    further into the stage. While standing on the small ledge jump up and to
    the left. While you jump aim upwards shooting the prisoner free, he has
    a heavy machine gun to offer. You will barely be able to see his feet
    when you try to rescue him.
    Continue on to finish up this stage there are about 4 more soldiers left
    to face. They are easy to take out with either your gun or grenades.
    Exit the stage by walking to the right off of the screen where the "GO"
    sign is pointing.
    ++[1:2]++                                                               [MS2.C]
    Instead of constantly walking to the right on this stage, your going to be
    mostly making your way upwards. Go forward to find 3 soldiers with launchers.
    Kill the one on the ground first then position yourself underneath the other
    two to easily finish them off. Jump up the ledges. On the 4th ledge is a box
    with Bananas in it. Get them to restore some health. There are 3 enemies on
    the next section when you walk up the slope. Watch out for the soldier trying
    to jump at you and stab you with his knife. When you have successfully made
    your way to the top of this slope there is a hidden turkey health power-up
    within the nest full of eggs to the left. Shoot the nest of eggs to make the
    turkey restore any lost health. 
    Proceed through the level by jumping up onto the ledges on the right of
    the screen. Jump up on the next reachable ledge. On
    this ledge, walk towards the left until you are close to the edge. When you
    are able to see the enemy soldiers on the opposite ledges to your left
    take a quick moment to take them out before attempting to jump across the gap
    and onto this ledge. If you try to jump across without killing them most often
    than not I've found that one of the soldiers who toss those rolling bombs will
    hit you and you will fall down the gap and will have to try again. Kill them
    before jumping - it will make life easier. Jump upwards onto 2 more platforms.
    Jump forward and land on the ledge with a box sitting upon it. The box contains
    the Iron Lizard ("I") weapon. The enemy tank above you can easily be destroyed
    by aiming upwards and firing the Iron Lizard at it. The nest to the left of the
    tank contains another turkey. Grab this if you need the health. You will see
    wooden log platforms nearby. Jump onto these and head upwards and to the right
    to reach another prisoner [014]. You gain the use of the Shotgun "S" weapon if
    you save him. This is a very good and powerful weapon, yet the range of it is
    limited to a short distance. After snagging the shotgun, jump to the left and
    upwards to land on the next upwards slope - follow it up until the next wooden
    log platform. Jump up to locate a box to the left of the screen which has a
    machine gun within it. Proceed to go to the next level.
    ++[1:3]++                                                               [MS2.D]
    When you begin this section you begin by seeing a lone Metal Slug sitting
    there just waiting for you to jump into it. This will be the only Slug type
    that you will have use to unless you get the upgrade cards that will allow
    you to change the Slug type (i.e. Black Hound, Slug Gunner, Type-R). This
    is still a very good vehicle however. A tank will approach you after you
    take control of the Metal Slug. You can kill it with 2 of your cannon shots
    or keep shooting at it with the gun attached. Kill of the tank and continue
    on. Shortly, you will arrive at a staircase that splits the screen about in
    the middle. A tank will come treading along the top of this staircase from the
    right of the screen. Simply aim the cannon upwards and finish the tank off -
    it should only be able to get 2 or 3 shells off. These are easy to avoid. After
    this tank is destroyed, another will appear, except this time it will come from
    the bottom of the screen.
    A trick that I usually do that I've found that works well is to make
    the Slug duck down and fire rapidly at the tank. Most of the
    time the tank's shots will fly over top of you missing you while you make
    quick work of the enemy. You'll be allowed to continue onwards once this
    second tank is history, be sure to fuel up your Slug with the "Gas" powerup if
    your vehicle is running low on health.
    The upcoming attackers are much like they just were, 2 tanks and several
    soldiers. Destroy the tank that enters from the right side first before the
    second one comes behind you trapping you in a crossfire.
    These enemies can be taken out easily by using the tip I mentioned above.
    The following window after this battle has a hidden prisoner [013]
    inside it. Continue to shoot the window until he appears (the window will be
    making a sound as if your hitting something). He will give you more
    bombs to use.
    2 helicopters will attack you as you make your way close the long staircase
    now. You can either attack them from your slug to make quick work out
    of them, or you can attack them on foot.Either way is easy. The helicopters
    have only one attack and that's shooting 3 bullets at you in a straight
    line. They can angle their shots, but they are easy to avoid. If you saved
    any shotgun ammo only 2 shots will do to destroy these guys.
    Once you have demolished these two goons continue up the steps
    to the "GO" and be prepared to fight the mission boss.
    Note: Try not to exit your Slug directly underneath the stairs. If you do
    it might be possible that you have just caused yourself to not be able to
    re-enter it due to the stairs overhead blocking you from doing so.
    **Secret Area**
    This area can only be made accessible when you have obtained the Tutor's Love
    card found in the Dungeon stage. After you do battle with the 2 helicopters
    at the end of this stage go underneath the stairs instead of going up them.
    Where once boards and other items blocked your entrance to this area they are
    now removed. The "GO" signal will point you inside. There are 2 cards to get
    inside here. There is a prisoner [015] dangling in the top upper right corner,
    save him to the Super Grenade+ card. Shoot the first bookcase to get the 
    Handgun+ card.
    ++[1:4 - Boss]++                                                        [MS2.E]
    This will be your first boss fight and will be an easy one at that. This tank
    will resort to shooting at you with 3 cannon blasts, each one of them will be
    shot at a decreased radius, so you mostly just need to watch out for the first
    blast. These are easy to evade since they are shot up into the air and in an
    arch. You can run under them to avoid them easily. Formor will try to attack you
    with a burst fire of 3 gun shots. Duck down so that you will not take damage.
    Rapidly fire your gun and toss grenades at this boss while avoiding its attacks
    and this mission will be complete. Either run under this boss or jump over it
    while it launches itself to the other side of the screen. If you still have
    the Slug with you rapidly shoot the tank and blast it with your cannon to easily
    defeat this boss. The shotgun works wonders against this boss as well and can
    be a huge help if you are trying to obtain the boss card.
    ++Mission 2++
    ++++++++++++++         +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Stages:      +         + Mission Cards:                                      +
    -------------+         +-----------------------------------------------------+
       2:1       +         + Rumi       I.L. Clip     R.Lancher+     Metal Slug  +
       2:2       +         + Marco      D. Shot+      S.S. Sword     Emain Macha +
       2:3 (Boss)+         + D.S. Clip  L.1 Armor     Amber Jewel    M2 Clear    +
    ++++++++++++++         +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 
    ++[2:1]++                                                               [MS2.F]
    Mission 2 has to be one of the easier missions within the entire game. Why?
    Well here's why I like to think that it is:
    -It's possible to use the Metal Slug throughout the entire mission (except one
    section that is optional)
    -The enemies are spaced out and not cluttered together like they are in
    missions 4 and 5
    -The boss is not overly challenging either
    When you first begin this mission you will first notice that there is another
    wonderful Metal Slug waiting for you to hop in. Before taking control of this
    amazing mechine kill the two soldiers talking to one another with your hand
    gun first. This should prevent them to attack you and deal damage to your Slug.
    Continue onwards and you will find an enemy soldier ontop of a fallen tree
    hanging over the ledge. If you shoot at the tip of the log a hidden [016]
    prisoner will coming falling out-rescue him. He will give you the Iron Lizard
    Clip. This will increase the amount of Iron Lizard ammo that you can carry upon
    gaining the weapon and/or picking up any Ammo power-ups. Go back to this 
    same fallen log. Ride your Slug all the way to the edge of it and jump to
    the right, firing your gun upwards freeing the prisoner [017] overhead - he
    has a DropShot Clip. Drop down to the ground below now. You'll face
    another one of those large tanks that shoot the rolling bombs at you. It's
    easy to just shoot at this enemy with your Slug's gun. After tackling this
    foe a prisoner [018] will appear needing to be rescued, doing so will
    result in a heavy machine gun power-up to drop.
    Proceed forward until you can see the beginning of the large gun turrent in
    the side of the dirt ledge. If you go too far you will trigger more enemies
    to come about. Stop going towards the gun once you begin to see the barrel.
    After it fires at you jump into the air and fire at it. Repeat this until
    it is destroyed, then move forward. You will see now why it is easier to take
    out the turrent from afar once the enemy jet and the enemy soldiers above
    in the upper right hand corner appear. The enemy jet drops bombs like it did
    in Mission 1 (1:1) and the soldier above rolls bombs on the ground like the
    tank you just fought seconds ago. This is a little tricky area to avoid being
    hit. I'd suggest jumping out of your Slug and attacking on foot.
    A tactic that you can try to use is to take out the jet flying above first
    - it enters the screen from the top left. Attack the jet as much as
    you can on the left side of the screen rather than closer
    to the right side. This will make dodging the soldier's rolling bombs much
    easier. Slowly work your way to the right side of the screen jumping over the
    rolling bombs. After jumping over them jump back towards the left side of the
    screen. You may not need to jump back to the left at all if you destroy the
    jet fast enough. Kill the soldiers, jump back into your slug and proceed up
    the steps. There is a prisoner [019] hidden on top of the gun turrent
    you destroyed shoot the top of the turrent and he will appear giving
    your Slug more health or "Gas."
    **Since the prisoner here can restore your Slug's health you can also try to
    attack these enemies with it. The Gas power-up can restore a good amount of
    health, but be cautious, especially if your Slug doesn't have any upgrades in
    armor (this is gained by collecting the Level 1 through Level 5 Armor cards).**
    Carefully, make your way up the path dealing with the soldier who
    has a rocket launcher. If you go up the log on the left you will find
    a slice of bread. It does nothing special. Go to where the bread was
    sitting and jump off the log and shoot down the prisoner [020]
    hanging in the air. He will give you a character card of Marco.
    There is another turrent in this area, but you can avoid it if you choose to.
    If you go up the log you will find another POW. This prisoner [022] has the
    Level 1 Armor card, be sure to snag it. By going up the log you can
    avoid the gun turrent and a few soldiers. Travel up the small ledge "steps"
    and find another large tree hanging over the edge to the left. Going up it
    will lead you to another prisoner [023] who gives you access to the
    Rocket Launcher ("R"). Jump up and to the left to save another hanging
    prisoner [021] in the air. He has the DropShot+ power-up card, this
    enhances the DropShot weapon's attack power.
    Go forward to go up the 3-4 ledge "steps," on top you will have a short duel
    with a tank and a helicopter. The tank enters from the right side of the screen
    and can be destroyed using the duck and shoot method I described earlier. You
    can also blast it away using 2 of the Slug's cannon shots. Take out the
    helicopter like you did the others in the previous mission. After killing both
    of these enemies head towards the next segment of this mission.
    ++[2:2]++                                                               [MS2.G]
    If you have your Metal Slug still at the start of this stage your going to be
    going for a walk in the park. If you don't - you'll still be prancing through
    this section. Take note of the huge trees that lie in the background on this
    stage. Jump while shooting upwards at the second tree will reveal Rumi's Card.
    This is another character card that won't really serve any
    purpose but for looks. Head forwards coming to a pit. As you approach
    the hole an enemy will jump out from it into the air holding a large missile.
    As the enemy is in the air shoot and kill him before he releases the rocket.
    It can do some damage if it makes contact to you, or your Slug. Killing him
    quickly will also destroy the missile he carries as well. Jump over the hole
    and rescue the prisoner [025] who is generous enough to give you some Fire 
    Bombs. There is also another prisoner [024] hanging above this one, jump 
    up and shoot him down to free him. He will give you a Heavy Machine 
    gun to use. Another enemy, like the one before, is hiding in the
    next pitfall too. Simply shoot and kill him while he is airborne. 
    Now jump over the pit and proceed further into the level. Jump up the 2
    small ledges killing any of the enemy soldiers that may be trying to block
    your path. After a short straight stretch of path, you come to another drop off.
    At the corner of this cliff there is the Metal Slug card, again this is just
    a card for looking at inside your card collection.
    This pit however leads to an inside cave that has 2 prisoners inside
    and a few other goodies.
    **See the section below labeled Cave Area.** 
    There is a small branch of wood that can be used as a step to reach the next
    platform and following the pit below. Once you land on this platform you must
    battle a large submarine looking vehicle which drops down from the upper right
    of the screen. To make this an even faster fight once you see the bottom of it
    lowering down start throwing your newly obtained fire bombs at it. About 6-8
    fire bombs will torch this guy. This enemy also has the help of a few enemy
    soldiers who like to attack from behind you so beware and try to kill them
    quickly. The enemy soldiers toss those annoying rolling bombs.
    The submarine looking enemy fires small missiles that somewhat bounce up and
    down once they hit the platform. The faster you take out this guy the better
    shape that you'll be in for the section ahead.
    Just like those annoying rolling bombs your faced with another annoying enemy -
    Middle-Eastern, sword swinging, suicidal bombers. I say that they are just as
    annoying as those soldiers who roll those exploding bombs because these guys
    will do the same. They also will explode after you have shot them, so be sure
    to keep your distance after you have killed them. On the next ledge after the
    large submarine enemy you will find another platform that has another section
    attached above it. On this platform there is a prisoner who carries a rocket
    launcher along with a suicidal enemy. Kill the enemy and free the prisoner
    [027]. There is also another suicidal bomber on the platform above you. Kill him
    too. There are 6 bamboo poles holding up the top platform above you - 3 in the
    background and 3 in the foreground. Shoot upwards towards the top platform while
    standing parallel with the ** very first foreground post ** to reveal
    another hidden prisoner [026]. He will give you the Amber Jewel card.
    On the next platform there are 2 more of these suicidal pests. One on top,
    the other on the lower platform. Kill both of these guys quickly because you
    will also be encountering an enemy helicopter too. The helicopter will be coming
    at you from the right side of the screen. You can either destroy the chopper
    on foot or within the Slug, either way should be simple. I personally find it
    easier to fight this enemy on foot due to the health powerup coming up ahead,
    saving the Slug's power for the upcoming boss battle.
    After tackling the chopper move forward again facing more of the suicidal
    enemies. On this particular platform there will be 2 on the bottom level and
    only 1 on the top level. Take them out with ease and move onwards coming to
    another platform with 1 bomber on top and 1 on the bottom. Another helicopter
    appears for you to battle with. Use the same method as you previously had
    only seconds ago with the last chopper. After killing these 3 enemies a
    prisoner [028] is found sitting outside of a small thatched-roof hut - save
    him for a turkey health power-up. Proceed to "GO" and collect $200 dollars,
    which in this case is the boss fight.
    **Cave Area**
    Before you battle the large submarine looking enemy there is a pit that you
    can fall into. At the bottom lies a cave that holds two prisoners. The bottom
    bamboo platform down here is hiding the Rocket Launcher+ card. When you are
    ready enter the cave. If you have the Slug with you, it will not be able to
    enter the cave nor will it be here when you exit the cave. After disposing
    of the enemies inside here rescue the two prisoners. You can throw a grenade
    to release them or shoot them down with the Heavy Machine gun. One
    prisoner [030] will give you some canned food while the other prisoner [029]
    will give you the awesome Laser ("L") weapon.
    The real prize in this cave is to the far left side of the cave. Stand
    and aim upwards and fire. The S.S. Sword card will fall ontop of you. The
    explosives in this level cannot be detonated and cannot be triggered for
    any type of special effect - even though that would be totally awesome.
    ++[2:3 - Boss]++                                                        [MS2.H]
    This boss has two parts, making the name it has of "Twins" apprioate for it.
    The first tank is a joke and will be easy for you to destroy. To hurt this boss
    is to attack the small turrent on the right side of the tank that shoots out
    bullets that create a burning fire(s) on the ground. There is also a hatchet
    that a soldier may pop out of and fire at you with a bazooka. Kill these foes
    when they show up ASAP.
    First Form:
    The first form of "Twins" is the simplest of the two. It is slower, and its
    attacks are easier to avoid. Simply shoot at the small gun turrent to damage
    this enemy. The tank will begin to catch fire once you have almost finished it
    off. A soldier may pop out from the hatchet like stated above. Kill him when
    he shows his head to decrease the chance of you being hit. Once enough shots
    have been fired at Twin #1 the second form will appear. This form shoots out
    bullets into the air that usually tend to land where you were last standing
    (or nearby) that cause a short flame to burn. Either getting hit from the
    bullet itself or by touching the burning aftermath will do damage to you. Avoid
    each of these. Since this form only shoots 1 bullet at a time this is an easy
    attack to constantly avoid.
    The second Twin will enter the battle field just like its brother - from the
    left. Once you have demolished the first tank run back to the left of the screen
    and start firing your gun or Slug vulcan cannon rapidly at the same spot as
    before. Killing the soldier that makes his appearance on the left side of the
    vehicle can nail you a Laser cannon to use. I believe after killing this
    soldier 3 times will make one appear.
    Second Form:
    This twin is the only thing that stands before you and the end of this mission.
    It moves faster than its predessor and its attacks are alittle more difficult
    to dodge. Instead of this vehicle only shooting 1 flaming bullet to the ground
    it shoots a long string of them - usually leaving a small gap for you to stand
    in between. You can run to the edges of the map to help avoid this attack. Take
    out the soldier who pops out from time to time and this battle will be a breeze.
    Be sure to keep the laser gun locked onto the small gun turrent on the right
    side of the tank and it will make this twin go down in no time.
    ++Mission 3++
    ++++++++++++++       ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Stages:      +       + Mission Cards:                               +
    -------------+       +----------------------------------------------+
       3:1       +       + Tarma    L.2 Armor   Hyper Vulcan  H.M. Clip +
       3:2       +       + Madoka   I. Lizard+  S.G. Clip     Crawler+  +
       3:3       +       + Coin     Blue Jewel  Paper Thin    Kaladgolg +
       3:4 (Boss)+       + Stealth  L.5 Armor   Marsnium      M3 Clear  +
    ++++++++++++++       ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    ++[3:1]++                                                               [MS2.I]
    After you fall down the long pit you are faced with several enemies - 2 bats
    and 2 bird-like creatures. These bird like enemies throw flaming projectiles
    that come at you in an arched like fashion (like how your Slug's cannon shots
    are arched - at least until you can have access to the card which lets you
    shoot the cannon shells straight or not). These attacks are slow and are easy
    to evade. I have always found it easier to duck and shoot the bird creature's
    feet than their bodies. 
    Move forward once these enemies have been dealt with. 2 more bird creatures
    await you along with a prisoner [031] on top of a platform.
    He will give you a turkey powerup if you rescue him. Kill the enemies before
    attempting to rescue the prisoner or get the hidden powerup nearby. In the
    first small pit that you come to (before the hostage) there is another hidden
    prisoner [032] who will give you the Flame Shot ("F") weapon inside
    the small wall on the right. Simply jump into the trench and begin
    shooting the right side until the prisoner pops out. Continue onwards
    to face even more of these fine feathered friends, 3 of them in fact. Take them
    down and proceed until you come to a large and dangerous pitfall. Here you are
    forced to fight approximately 7 or 8 of these bird enemies. This is actually
    an easy segment here even though they surround you they rarely even seem to
    attack. Just beware of the ones that enter from the sides of the screens if your
    back is turned towards them. The flame shot that you have just acquired not
    to long ago will make mince meat out of these goons.
    There is a hidden card, the Hyper Vulcan - this will make your Slug cannon
    much stronger, is on the right side of the pitfall.
    This card is somewhat in a challenging spot because you must
    position yourself underneath it meaning you need to jump over
    the pit somewhat and land back without falling in (like a diagonal jump). About
    10 shots from the pistol will make it fall. If you don't jump to catch it will
    fall into the pit. This may take several trys to get. Shoot at the black looking
    hole that looks like several bricks have been removed from the wall. Whether you
    choose to get the card just yet or not go forward again and kill the bats and
    bird baddies that are in your way. You will come to another prisoner [035]
    tied up on the top platform - he will give you a health power-up. The last
    torch that you will see in this level holds the Enemy Chaser weapon. Shoot
    the torch until it drops and continue to the next area.
    **Secret Area**
    This area cannot be accessed until you have snagged yourself the "Ruins"
    cards. You should obtain the Weird Ruins card and the Ancient Soul cards
    before you can enter the secret area and get yourself multiple goodies.
    Once you have obtained this card go back across the pit after you fight
    the flock of bird enemies and you will see a large stone elevator/lift. Hop
    onto it to ride it up to two sections. The first area that you come to has
    a large black hole in the wall. Shoot within this hole to get some bananas and
    the S.G. Clip. Go back and get onto the lift again. Take it to the tip-top.
    You should see a torch when you arrive. Shoot it to reveal a prisoner [034]
    with a Heavy Machine gun. Crawl through the narrow passageways saving another
    prisoner [033]. He will give you the Crawler+ card. In the room located on
    the left go and shoot upwards to get two more cards, the Level 5 Armor cards
    and the Iron Lizard+ card. This area turns out to be quiet rewarding afterall.
    ++[3:2]++                                                               [MS2.J]
    You've made your way from the ruins into a dark, dank cave now. This area has
    a few annoying jumps to make and obstacles to dodge. You begin a slightly higher
    platform than the rushing enemy soldier coming towards you to chuck one of those
    rolling bombs at you. Simply squat down and shoot him when he comes on the
    screen. Be sure to kill him before you jump down onto the lower level to avoid
    his attack. Continue until you can either go down or go up. Going down will
    lead you to a dead end, but there are several prisoners that can be rescued
    there if you choose. If you go jump to the right and head down a short distance
    you will see a small rounded indention on the left wall. You can shoot this
    for a hidden prisoner [037] who will give you the Heavy Machine Gun Clip.
    For now let's jump up the four log platforms. Watch out
    for the soldier with the rolling bombs at the top of the 4th log and where
    the cave floor meet. He can easily hit you if you remain on the 3rd platform
    for too long. There is also a soldier with a launcher behind him and 2 other
    enemies as well. You will be forced to do some jumping coming up. Inside the
    box is the Dropshot weapon. I'm honestly not too fond of using this weapon,
    but pick it up if you choose to.
    The first hanging prisoner [039] that you see at the top of
    the cave has more Drop Shot ammo. Shoot him down and he will fall
    down the gap. Follow him by dropping into the gap yourself. There will be a
    soldier with a bazooka shooting near the gap. There is a prisoner [038] near
    here that will give you the Grenade Clip - shoot above the gap at the ceiling
    to make the prisoner appear. On the far right side on the bottom of this area
    is another hidden prisoner [042]. Shoot above the poison vent to make this
    prisoner appear, he will give you Tarma's character card. Go back to the far
    left of the cave to come to another dead end and shoot up at the left corner
    wall to make another hidden prisoner [036] appear. He will give you
    the Super Grenade weapon.
    **This weapon can be used against the mission boss to quickly gain the boss
    card. It takes about 30 shots from the Super Grenade to quickly finish him
    to be able to gain his card.**
    When you have made it to the first
    ledge there will be a soldier using the bazooka be sure to kill the bat.
    You can take out the bazooka soldier easily by tossing 1 hand grenade at him.
    The drop shot will work wonders in this upcoming segment that you may face.
    If you drop down into the 3rd gap you can snag the Stealth card. This card
    can cause your Slug to become invisible to enemies if you choose to turn it
    on under the "Cards" menu on the main screen. The last hanging prisoner [040] 
    has the Level 2 Armor card to give to you for saving him.
    **I say may because there have been instances that I have been able to
    avoid this section somehow and it allowed me to continue to the next area**
    You are about to face a swarm of bats. They will come flying at you from the
    right side of the screen. You can choose to use the Drop Shot on these flying
    foes to take them out quite easily or you could try a little trick that works.
    Go to the far right side of the screen and duck down and as the bats start to
    make their assualt at you they all swoop over you not touching you. If your low
    on health go back to the ledges before the bats and save the prisoner [041], 
    he has a turkey. Proceed to the next area. 
    **Secret Areas**
    Before you can enter the two secret areas within this stage you must have the
    "Cave Maze" card. These two rooms are found at the very beginning of this area
    and each of them holds several goodies to snag. Simply make your way upwards
    on the wooden platforms at the start of this stage (3:2) and where the two areas
    seem to "deadend" will now be opened. The "GO" signal will appear as well
    making them even easier to spot.
    Cave Room # 1
    This room has two prisoners that need to be saved and there is one hidden card
    here too. Try taking out all of the bird enemies before attempting to get the
    prisoners or make your way through the small gap to reach the other side. The
    bird creatures will appear on the left and the right side. Try tossing your
    grenades through the gap and killing as many of the enemies as you can. Once
    they are all eliminated pick up the goodies. The first prisoner [044] has the
    Coin card. The other prisoner [045] in this room has another Jewel card. After
    rescuing the prisoner on the right side of the room shoot directly above where
    he was originally sitting. Shooting here will eventually make the Paper-Thin
    card to drop into your hands. Exit the room when you have collected everything.
    Cave Room # 2
    This room is above Cave Room # 1 and leads into the left side of the cave wall.
    Cave Room # 2 is more spacious than the other secret room. Killing the bird
    enemies in this area won't be as annoying as the previous room. After the bird
    creatures have been dealt with stock up on the items here. There is one prisoner
    [043] here who will give you Madoka's character card. You can also shoot upwards
    at the top lefthand corner of the room to make the Marsnium card appear. This
    card will make your Slug invincible, but it will decrease HP. Exit the room
    when your ready to continue.
    ++[3:3]++                                                               [MS2.K]
    This stage can either be a breeze or it can be somewhat annoying. You have the
    opportunity to have use to the Slug from the very beginning of the level all
    the way to the mission boss, but you must act fast. If you fail in gaining the
    Slug, taking out the mass amounts of soldiers near the end of the area may
    be a little challenging and could possibly leave you with little or no health
    and easy pickings for the upcoming boss. When you first enter this stage you
    will be able to hear the sound of the large tank. I usually choose to do one
    of two things here. 
    - Either start pressing the R button once i begin to hear the noise so that I
    can quickly get 4 grenades thrown to destroy the tank and gain the use of the
    Slug before it falls into the water. Sometimes you can be lucky to kill the
    soldier with one of these first few grenades if they are thrown quickly enough
    at the beginning of the stage.
    - Jump and toss 1 grenade over the large tank to try to kill the enemy soldier
    with the shield to save the slug of falling into the water.
    After claiming the Slug, and I am writing this assuming you have, it's not
    difficult but may take a few attempts proceed forward. Take out any enemies
    that you meet. You don't have to worry about any prisoners or any hidden items
    in this section *bummer* When you come to an area with a lone chest sitting
    by itself on a small amount of land surrounded by water you will have to fight
    some soldiers along with some of the missile toting swimmers who enjoy jumping
    out from the water and tossing a large projectile at you. You can stay on the
    left side *recommended* or you can jump down on the area with the chest and
    battle it out with these guys. Usually 3 of the underwater baddies will leap
    out at a time or from out of the small water hole.
    Continue onwards. Up ahead you will face another battle that must be fought
    to continue on towards the exit. You will fight a handful of soldiers who
    throw grenades at you. Aiming your Slug's gun in the air and sweeping from
    the left and right quickly will kill off a large amount of these enemies
    before they even have the chance to hit the ground and start throwing grenades
    at you. Go forward until you come to the "GO" signal.
    ++[3:4 - Boss]++                                                        [MS2.L]
    Kaladgolg, this mission's boss, has only 1 vulnerable spot. The center of the
    large enemy is the weak point. There is a huge laser that will charge up here
    so be cautious and avoid being hit by it at all costs. There are 2 small gun
    turrents on each end of Kaladgolg that will shoot around the spot that you are
    standing. These guns fire at a reasonably slow pace that can be avoided by
    simply jumping. When the boss begins to power up its huge beam go to either
    side of the screen to be clear of its way. You can position yourself close
    to the beam however and continue shooting down at the middle of the boss and
    deal damage- this can be a tad bit risky in you hurting yourself if you step
    too close towards it and get hit instead. If you have the use of the Slug
    this will be a quick and easy fight. Simply target the Kaladgolg's vulnerable
    spot and continue firing. It will fall very fast. Dropshots can be used to
    take out this boss too. 
    ++Mission 4++
    ++++++++++++++          ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Stages:      +          + Mission Cards:                                 +
    -------------+          +------------------------------------------------+
       4:1       +          + Eri        L.3 Armor     L.S. Clip   Shotgun+  +
       4:2       +          + Fish       E. Chaser+    Hyakutaro   E.C. Clip +
       4:3       +          + Type R     Army Knife    Keese III             +
       4:4 (Boss)+          + Super TNT  Treasure Box  M4 Clear              +
    ++++++++++++++          ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    This mission is filled with tons of enemies to pump full of lead so being able
    to duck and dodge will help a lot in this mission and the 5th mission.
    ++[4:1]++                                                               [MS2.M]
    You begin by dropping into the stage by parachute landing behind 2 soldiers
    talking their heads off about something. Don't worry they won't suddenly
    come attacking you once you land either. Kill them and move forward. There
    is a barrel in the background, if you stand in front of it and shoot the
    sand below you a fish power-up will be revealed. There is a second barrel
    up ahead that will give you the Enemy Chaser ("C") weapon. This is a great
    weapon to use in the next few seconds. You can shoot the top of the second
    rock, there are 4 over head of you, to reveal a card.
    This card is the Type-R card, which can change your original Slug into the
    the Type-R model, which is one that I find useless. When you come to the [046]
    prisoner tied to the post don't save him just yet. You are about to be attacked
    by paratroopers who shoot at you with bazookas. Simply stand in about the
    middle of the screen and aim upwards repeatedly shooting your newly obtained
    Enemy Chaser to take these guys out easily and quickly. This will cause you
    to not need to worry about dodging them or taking un-needed damage. Once they
    have been exterminated rescue the prisoner, usually one of the rockets you fire
    during your battle with the paratroopers will set him free if he starts running
    around don't fret, he will give you the mighty Shotgun.
    Jump onto the rock ledge rising out of the water, jump to the second one
    (the middle one) and be prepared to duel 2 helicopters. The first will come
    from the right side of the screen. Deal 2 shotgun blasts to take this sucker
    out. The other will come from the left, do the same as with the other one.
    Proceed forward and take out the 2 soldiers on the next rock formation.
    On the small ledge on to the left is a hidden fish health power-up. Rescue the
    prisoner [047] on the next formation. Saving him will land you the
    L.S. Clip card. Watch out for the drop off - one of those missile
    carrying goons will leap from out of the water to chuck it at you.
    Make the jump and continue on, there is another one of these guys in the next
    upcoming water hole.
    Jump onto the ledge killing the enemy soldier who has a rocket launcher
    and taking out another swimming enemy. Save the prisoner [048]
    afterwards. He will give you the E.C. Clip card, enhancing the amount of
    Enemy Chaser ("C") ammo that you can carry when you gain the use of the
    weapon, or happen to pick up more ammo for it in the future.
    Kill the soldier tossing grenades but watch out for the bazooka
    soldier who pops out of the black hole in the center of the rock formation.
    Jump from ledge to ledge avoiding the gun shots from below and killing the
    enemy soldiers with the launchers on the upcoming ledges (they can easily
    be killed by knifing them). Continue a short distance and get ready for
    the next area.
    ++[4:2]++                                                               [MS2.N]
    This stage can be a challenge due to all of the projectiles that must be
    avoided. The position of some cards, hostages, and power-ups are scattered
    all over the stage which possibly causes some difficulty in backtracking
    or you decided to give the mission another go to collect them at a later time.
    This stage can be easier on you if you use the Metal Slug.
    **The Black Hound is a wonderful prototype to use on this stage
    If you don't have access to the Black Hound just yet, the original Metal
    Slug will do quite well also.**
    You will not have use to the Slug in the next 2 areas after this section so
    be sure to use it and let it take the damage and not you. Doing so will make
    the next area and the mission boss a much easier task. When you come into
    this stage you should still have some shotgun rounds left over from the
    previous area. This weapon will work wonders in this area along with the
    use of the Metal Slug up ahead.
    The first enemy that you will face is new. This is an armored tank that has
    some damaging protective spikes poking out the from the front. Its main
    attack is that it will shoot some slow arched missiles at you which can be
    destroyed in a few shots of your pistol. These enemies can
    take a significant amount of damage from your pistol, but they will fall
    easily to a single shot or two from your shotgun. They will also be destroyed
    quickly if you toss a grenade over top of them hitting the area where the
    soldier is on the tank. Firing at this tank portion of the vehicle will
    destroy it also in a few shots.
    The area that lies behind this new fellow lies a prisoner [050] and
    the Shotgun+ card which enhances the gun's firepower.
    A prisoner [049] on the bottom floor of this area has some
    bananas to give you. If you do choose to go into this area note that if
    you do, the Metal Slug will not be available for you to use - even if you
    try to return to the beginning start point of the stage it
    will not respawn unless you were to retry this stage. I would come back
    to this section later after you obtain the Flak Jacket and a few more power-ups
    for the Slug and your character. If you go and get the Metal Slug
    prior to coming to this area you will be able to use the Slug and
    you can reach this place if you have the Thuster+ card activated.
    If you choose not to go to the area I mentioned above you will have
    access to the Slug also. After destroying the enemy tank jump up onto the small
    platform and head right and up the long staircase. There is a prisoner [052]
    above this flight of stairs. He will be crouched down in the
    corner of a small nook above you. Set him free and he will give you the
    Laser weapon to use. Beware of the enemies on top, these guys can
    move pretty quickly. Go up the stairs, at the top are 4
    enemies - 2 using a bazooka and 2 who will throw grenades at you elimate them
    and proceed onwards coming to a new obstacle, the mechanical missile launcher.
    This device launches out heat seeking missiles that will follow you. 2 shotgun
    blasts will destroy these annoying enemies. A good position to stand in when
    you face these foes are very close to them. The missiles they shoot will be
    shot into the air and should come down at you from directly over head allowing
    you to simply aim upwards and destroy the missile in a few shots. This will
    help in not creating some awkward angle for you to shoot these damaging missiles
    in. As we know doing that can be frusterating. Your Slug awaits you after you
    take out this missile launching device, there are a few enemies nearby try to
    kill them before hopping into the Slug.
    Make your way up another long flight of stairs and as near the top watch
    out for the soldier with a rocket launcher, head up the platforms after
    taking care of him. Jump up 2 of the platforms, this way
    you can easily take out another one of those mechanical missile launchers and
    not take damage. There is a crate that you probably noticed while going up
    the stairs, it contains the E. Chaser+ card inside. 
    Continue to move towards the left killing the soldiers who
    are in your path. Go down the stairs. After the stairs have ended you will
    face another missile launcher device sitting on a small "step" like platform.
    You can travel underneath the launcher (or where it used to sit) to find a
    soldier carrying a bazooka and also a prisoner [051]. Rescue him to get a rocket
    launcher. Go up the platform where the missile launcher was previously and up
    onto the next step following soon afterwards. 
    The game will now shift gears and you will start scrolling towards the right
    side of the screen again. Make the small jump over the gap - watch out
    for possible missiles coming at you from the missile launcher
    directly below, it can sometimes respawn.
    When you are crossing this top platform you will notice
    a prisoner [054] (if you haven't rescued him yet) hanging underneath.
    He can be shot down and set free from here by shooting through the floor.
    Fall down the gap to rescue him on the floor beneath you. Or you can shoot
    him down from the top platform below you (the area that had the E Chaser+
    card closeby) as well by leaping off and shooting towards the left.
    Saving him will get you the Super TNT card. I honestly thought it was easier
    to drop down the gap while shooting at the prisoner here than the latter
    There is a prisoner [053] hanging above the small gap
    on the right side, shoot him down for a banana health power-up.
    Go up the long staircase jumping over the small gap continue
    forward traveling up another flight of stairs. The "GO" signal is right after
    you finish climbing the stairs. There is the Army Knife card right before the
    exit this area, be sure and grab it.
    ++[4:3]++                                                               [MS2.O]
    This stage can be easy if you take your time. You don't particularly need the
    elevator/lift in the level to make some of the jumps across the gaps. A well
    placed jump can cause you to avoid facing any respawned enemies. You begin
    standing in a long hallway. Proceed to the right, taking note of the black
    window looking holes in the wall. In the 3rd black hole is a soldier holding
    a bazooka that will pop out and attempt to attack you. Take him out before
    moving on. When you come to the next hole there will be a soldier holding a
    shield. Another bazooka armed soldier will come out of the hole and attack.
    Continue on after you have dealt with these two goons coming to an opening.
    In the middle hole (7th hole if you start counting from the very first one
    from the left) another soldier will pop out trying to shoot you. Before making
    the jump across the gap watchout for the red soldier who will leap and try to
    stab you with his knife.
    **If your in need of health at this point you can fall through this hole
    and head towards the left to find a turkey health power-up.
    The elevator to get back on track is on the far right side. In the 5th window
    on the very bottom floor has the Level 3 Armor card.**
    If you are not going after the turkey, jump over the gap instead. You will land
    on a section of ground with a large metal looking door behind you. Stand about
    in the middle of the door and shoot upwards to free a prisoner [058]. 
    He will be generous enough to give you some bread. You will be able
    to do this to most of the doors in this area, its filled with hidden goodies.
    Continue on coming to the first elevator. There are a few enemies closeby so
    watch out for them. Take the elevator up to the next platform killing the
    enemies that are before you. The next elevator comes up beware of the red
    soldier and the soldier who has the rocket launcher. Shoot above the metal
    door like you did earlier to reveal a prisoner [060] who will give you bananas.
    There is another prisoner [057] hidden in one of the garage doors
    who will give you Eri's character card.
    Jump back onto the elevator and head up to a new level. 
    As you are going up take note of the right side. When you are traveling up
    you will see the feet of the soldiers on the next platform above
    (top right platform). Jump up and shoot the soldiers once you see
    their feet, and you are high enough to jump and hit
    them, this will prevent you from taking any possible damage. There will be
    an enemy on the left as well who will try to attack you, take care of him and
    jump onto that platform where he originally was. There is also a soldier holding
    a shield and a soldier walking around on top on this platform. When you come to
    the gap you can see that the soldier with the shield is blocking your landing
    and could cause you to fall down. You can either throw a grenade and take him
    out or you can jump over him. If you jump high enough he will disappear. I
    don't know if this is a glitch or not in the game, but it acts as if he were
    never there. 
    You will come to another elevator soon. You can leap over it
    so that it won't take off and continue to the left. This will take you to
    another metal door, shoot above it and rescue the prisoner [056]. He will give
    you canned food if you need the health. The two other hidden doors on
    this floor have the Treasure Box card and Hyakutaro's card. Remember to shoot
    above the metal garage doors to reveal the hidden items.
    When your ready hop onto the elevator and ride up to the next platform.
    Watch out for the enemies. There will be a bazooka soldier who will pop out
    of the hole and a prisoner [059] that is hidden above the
    metal door. He will give you the Iron Lizard ("I") weapon. Proceed to the
    right coming to another gap. Jump over the hole making sure you don't fall
    down it. After making the leap you will come to another elevator with a tank
    lurking closeby on the next platform that you need to reach. A safe way to
    dispose of this enemy is to stand at the edge of the elevator, without actually
    getting onto it, and jump into the air firing your gun or tossing grenades at
    the tank. Taking out the tank from this distance will cause it to not attack
    Get onto the elevator and go up to the platform after the tank has been
    destroyed. You will confront 2 enemies after the lift brings you up, kill them
    and take the next elevator up to the next platform. You can either go left or
    right after the elevator stops. Going to the right will take you to the boss,
    so let's head towards the left for now. Kill the enemies you meet before coming
    to another gap. Shoot above the door and receive more grenades. Jump over
    the next hole towards the left and eliminate the grenade throwing soldier
    and the bazooka toting soldier. Shoot the first black hole in the wall to
    save a prisoner [055] with the FlameShot ("F") weapon. Be sure to save
    this weapon for the boss - try to knife any respawned enemies while you go
    back to the right. After making it back to the lift that brought you up
    continue going towards the right. You will find the last remaining enemies and
    a few power-ups.The 1st and 3rd black holes in the wall have health power-ups,
    snag them if you are in need of a health boost. Continue up the
    stairs finally making it to the "GO" signal and the end of this level.
    ++[4:4 - Boss]++                                                        [MS2.P]
    This particular boss is easier I feel than the last one found in mission 3.
    This boss is large and it is vulnerable where ever you shoot it at. Every
    attack is honestly pretty simple to avoid or evade. Here are a few of the
    attacks that I have noticed when fighting this foe:
    -can possibly fire 11 times using both gun turrents on its wings
    -will shoot 2 bullets with one of its guns twice
    -lets out several enemies from its two side hatches. They tend to want to
    knife you or throw grenades at you.
    -will shoot a stream of bullets at you
    -will shoot across the screen
    -drops a large missile towards you
    The one attack I still have troubles dodging is the huge missile it drops.
    Usually this never poses as a huge threat since it is defeated before it
    even attempts to release one. If you have any strategies or tips on how to
    evade this attack easily please contribute. 
    This boss can be taken out very quickly if you have the use of the Flameshot
    that can be snagged from the previous area. Simply aim upwards and fire the
    flame at it. This enemy will be a goner in no time. If you do not have the
    use of the Flameshot don't worry, this guy is still a piece of cake. If you
    have any grenades jump up and toss them at him then resort to using your pistol
    until it opens its hatch to release a handful of soldiers out to attack you.
    Spot the red soldiers and take them out as soon as you can. Usually one of the
    two will drop an Enemy Chaser weapon. This will also speed this battle along
    quickly by using it. 
    When this boss flies off of the screen it is going to attack you by flying
    sideways across the entire screen firing bullets. The huge rock is a good
    place to be at when this occurs. Where the two rocks "meet" stand there. If
    that sounds somewhat confusing the platform you are standing on is "sectioned"
    off like this: [    ][    ][    ]
    This will be easier to see once you are actually playing the game at this point.
    Here is a diagram of about where to be to miss the shots.
    **Rocks are behind you** 
      X <---------- stand here (approx. in the middle)
    [ 3 ][ 2 ][ 1 ] **Far Right side of screen**
    **Sectioned platforms**
    When the boss shoots a rapid fire of bullets in two streams at you, you can
    manuever underneath and in between both missing them. This attack is easy to
    avoid as well.
    You can defeat this boss even before it can get off each of these attacks once.
    This boss shouldn't be too challenging if you have a sufficient amount of
    health and are able to avoid its attacks.
    ++Mission 5++
    ++++++++++++++     +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Stages:      +     + Mission Cards:                                          +
    -------------+     +---------------------------------------------------------+
       5:1       +     + Fio        Demon God  All Clear  Flak Jkt.              +
       5:2       +     + Dungeon    L. Shot+   H.M. Gun+  F.S. Clip              +
       5:3       +     + Allen Jr   F. Shot+   R.L. Clip  Blk. Hnd  A.P. Cannon  +
       5:4 (Boss)+     + L.4 Armor  Cabracan   Thuster+   M5 Clear  Hyper Cannon +
    ++++++++++++++     +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    I have split this mission into several small sections due to the large amount
    of rooms and the various paths that can be taken throughout this entire
    Mission 5 is the most challenging stage within the whole game. It is packed
    with enemies and lots of things to blow up. It gives you the choice of either
    taking a top path or a lower path usually. You may have to play through this
    stage several times to collect all the cards and prisoners.
    ++[5:1 - Slug Flyer]++                                                  [MS2.Q]
    This section, Slug Flyer Parts 1 and 2, are only for those who are wanting
    to get through some of Mission 5 using the jet. These 2 parts can be ignored
    if you choose to eject from the jet. If you are ejecting, see the
    "5:2 - Ejecting from the Slug Flyer" section of this walkthrough.
    Slug Flyer - Part 1:
    You begin this mission by standing on a small platform with a large body of
    water in front of you that will kill you if you jump in and the Slug Flyer.
    Once you hop into the jet it will take off beginning the actual stage.
    You can choose to not do this part of the stage. You can detonate the Slug
    Flyer by hitting the "L" button causing you to parachute out to a different
    beginning stage. This is the more difficult route to take in my book. It has
    hardly any power-ups or prisoners to collect, but I have this here if you do
    decide to try to take this path anyway.
    As the stage begins you are attacked by enemy planes. These planes do not shoot
    back, they merely release a missile or two at you. As soon as you see them
    entering the screen get as close as possible and stay on them until they are
    destroyed. Its best if you try to remain behind them as well. If a missile gets
    underneath you try to circle in front of it and getting behind it again so that
    your cannon can hit and eliminate it. Several soldiers will also drop out of
    the sky near the right side of the screen attempting to hit you with their
    bazookas. Continue to fight until a single helicopter enters the screen to do
    battle with you - this marks the ending of this area. Kill the helicopter and
    let the game autopilot you into the next area.
    Slug Flyer - Part 2:
    This stage of the game can be a bit of a challenge if you must go it alone
    on foot rather than in the Slug Flyer. When entering this level you will find
    one of the armored, spiked tanks in your path. This enemy is easy to make
    scrap metal out of by simply angling your shots downwards so that it hits him
    along with the missiles he releases too. 3 soldiers with bazookas will run
    towards you soon after you kill the tank. There is a platform overhead that
    has enemies on it as well along with some Super Grenade shells. Another armored
    tank is on the bottom section too. Make quick work out of this one just like
    the previous one. Go forward and soon enough you will meet 2 mechanical missile
    launchers along with a soldier shooting a bazooka at you from ontop the
    platform above you. There is also another bazooka soldier in the middle of the
    missile launchers.
    2 grenade throwing soldiers await you along with an army
    tank and another enemy ontop of the platform above. If you are in need of
    health for your Slug Flyer try to hold out just alittle bit longer. Stashed
    inside the box sitting in between the two tanks on the top platform holds a
    GAS health power-up. After dealing with the tanks and powering up you will face
    another missile launcher and 2 more soldiers who will throw grenades at you.
    Proceed further right and find a tank on the top platform and 4 enemies on the
    lower ground area. They are lined up in this order on the ground from left to
    right: shield soldier, missile launching soldier, shield soldier, and missile
    launching soldier. A well placed grenade can take care of all of them quickly.
    When you reach the open area with the tower like construction with the box
    on top of it you will face several parachuting enemies. The box contains
    more grenades. Once you are allowed to move forward face your last two enemies
    on this level - a helicopter and an army tank, end the level by walking
    to where the "GO" signal is.
    ++[5:2 - Ejecting from the Slug Flyer]++                                [MS2.R]
    You have ejected from the Flyer if you are reading this section I assume.
    This section is composed of two parts, just like the previous section, 5:1
    Ejecting from the Flyer - Part 1
    This area is simple. There are very few enemies and it doesn't take long to
    reach the second half of this area. You begin by parachuting out of your jet
    and continue to float your way down to the ground. Once the stage begins start
    heading towards the right side of the screen against the wall. Shoot downwards
    to open the crate with a Heavy Machine gun inside. This weapon will make angled
    shots so much easier in this stage. There will be 2 bazooka soldiers to your
    left as well, fire a few rounds at them and start floating your way to the
    left side of the screen now. Moving to the opposite side of the screen will
    allow you to start clear of the large spikey tank on the right side. Watch out
    though, it can still sometimes fire a rocket at you that you may need to aim
    upwards and destroy. Begin aiming your gun downwards now, there will be 2
    more bazooka soldiers right below you if you are still close to the left wall.
    One of the mechanical missile launchers lies on this side also, be sure to
    destroy the projectile it fires. Kill the soldiers on the other side of the
    screen, the next box that you come to will have the Enemy Chaser weapon inside.
    I suggest keeping the Heavy Machine gun myself, it helps more I feel in allowing
    you to angle your shots while the EC's rockets fly around hitting nothing,
    leaving you vulnerable. 
    Eliminate the next two soldiers. The box below you on
    the small ledge on the far left side will have a turkey. Take it if you need
    it. You can choose which way you want to fall now. You can either continue
    to fall down the left side or the right side. I suggest the right side due
    to the Shotgun being over there. After you have picked up the turkey power-up
    float over to the right side. The electric bolts can be avoided by getting as
    close as possible to the walls on either side and passing through the coils.
    The next box on this side will have the Shotgun, be sure to pick it up before
    going to the next area. Watch out for the missile launcher on the right side
    below you, after you pass it hug the right wall as close as possible. You will
    be able to avoid the upcoming tank's fire and the soldiers on the ground will
    not even budge to attack you. Proceed to the next area.
    Ejecting from the Flyer - Part 2
    Welcome to the Docks.
    This area is more challenging than the previous one you floated through. You
    should have enough Shotgun ammo to allow you to finish this stage. This area
    has several of those armored spikey tanks which can be destroyed with 1 Shotgun
    blast. You will also face a few enemy jets who release bombs at you too. At
    the start of the area you find yourself on a dock-like surrounding. Proceed
    forward coming to a tank, destroy it. As you near the tank however, a bazooka
    soldier will drop from the sky firing at you, be sure to dodge these attacks.
    The box on the ground has a Super Grenade weapon inside it. I would suggest
    keeping the Shotgun instead. When you continue further enemy fighter jets will
    come swooping down low towards you. They will release one missile each, these
    can be avoided by simply ducking to the ground. The missiles will fly overtop
    of you, not causing any damage.
    Proceed forward until you begin a short duel with several parachuting
    bazooka soldiers. This area seems easier for me
    to beat by standing on the left side of the screen than the right side.
    These goons will fall from both sides of the screen, use the shotgun to
    take them out quickly. Avoid any shots that are fired at you and you should
    be okay. You will have an opportunity to regain some lost health shortly. 
    The box has another Super Grenade weapon inside. 
    Continue on coming to a gap before another one of those spikey tanks.
    In this gap is one of the swimming soldiers who will leap out of the
    water and toss a projectile at you. Kill him and then destroy
    the tank with the Shotgun. Kill the next tank too and set the
    prisoner [075] free, he will give you a fish for doing so. 
    You will face more of the enemy fighter planes shortly, yet this
    time you won't be able to simply duck down to avoid their projectiles.
    Shoot the missiles they fire at you with your shotgun. You should see Tyra up
    ahead dropping off health power-ups, keep up with her grabbing them. You
    should be at full health before you enter the next area. She will quickly run
    off and leave you to continue. Exit this area via the "GO" signal.
    ++[5:3]++                                                               [MS2.S]
    This area will be where you will begin whether you chose to eject from the
    Slug Flyer or not. You will have multiple paths to take from here. I am going
    to try to organize this so that it will be easy to follow.
    I am going to set up what you will find in each of the paths in this
    -The room you currently are in (and if it has split paths or not)
    -Top Path: where the top path will lead you
    -Bottom Path: where the bottom path will lead you
    **Note: Not every new area you enter will have two different paths to choose
    from, sometimes the way you choose to go has a few linear sections, by linear
    I mean just one direction to go with only one exit.** 
    I have made a rough map of how the rest of Mission 5 is set up. First here is
    a key on how to interept it:
    Map Legend:
    You begin at the far left at 5.3. The dashes ( --- ) show connection to and from
    an area, the amounts I have do not play any purpose except to make it neat for
    display purposes. The ( \ ) also is just for joining reasons. The ( < )
    are the symbols for the different paths. If a room is doesn't have one of
    these following it then it probably only has one way to go, or it is a deadend.
    Dead ends are marked with ( X ). The A-G are the different rooms and what is
    within each is described below such as items, cards, prisoners, etc. The T or B
    following the room letters are whether that is the Top Path or the Bottom Path
    for that particular room. The (O) symbol represents that there is only one
    exit in this room. Each (O) is a seperate room also. 
    If this map is difficult to understand or is too confusing, please contact
    me and let me know. 
    In case you are wondering why I didn't use the letter "B"
    within the map layout was because I didn't want people to think that it stood
    for "Boss."
    Room AB has 2 paths to choose from, Top and Bottom. You can go to either
    Room D's Top Path (DT) or Room D's Bottom Path (DB). Room DB is a dead end room
    because it is connected with the ( --- ) joining dashes and the dead end mark
    Mission 5 Map:
    5.3 Begin---<            CB--O--O--O--O----------------Boss
                 \                               GT--O--O--Boss
                  \                      FT-----< 
                   \               ET---<        GB--X
                    \       DT----<      FB---O------------Boss
                     AB----<       EB--X
    5.3 Begin:
    This is where things become interesting in this mission. You have the choice to
    take several different paths. When this area begins you will find a green
    tank on the ground level with a rocket launcher weapon in the box on the
    platform above the tank. There are just a few other enemies here that are
    easy to finish off. You can choose to take either the top exit or the bottom
    exit.In this first area that I described about above will give you the option
    to take the upper path or the lower path.
    AT) Top Path:
    You will find yourself in a gym room. There will be a soldier with a shield in
    front of you along with a soldier with a rifle. The rifleman usually ducks low
    to the ground before attacking you, be sure to watch out for this. Move forward
    and red soldiers will drop from the ceiling and will try to either stab you or
    throw grenades at you. There is a hidden prisoner [072] in the punching
    bag who will give you some canned food. Go forward to find the rocket
    launcher soldier on top of the crates. Kill him and find two more
    soldiers, defeat them to find two more paths to choose from.
    AB) Bottom Path:
    This room has several soldiers in it along with a long table spread throughout
    a section of the background. At about the middle of the second table shoot
    and you should make a prisoner [067] appear. He will give you some fire bombs.
    There are several crates up ahead along with two more doors you can enter. 
    DT) Top Path:
    You will fight many soldiers here, around 12 or so and 1 tank.
    DB) Bottom Path:
    This room is a deadend. Inside you will find one of the armored spike tanks.
    Try chucking a grenade at the soldier behind the spiked front and make quick
    work out this enemy. If you'd rather conserve your grenades for the final
    boss, use your handy pistol. The prisoner [066] behind the tank has a F.S. Clip
    to give to you. Shoot the crate on the top right side to get the Hyper Cannon
    card and also the Level 4 armor card (continue shooting at the same area for
    this card). Exit this room when your ready.
    CT) Top Path:
    This is one room that you shouldn't miss. This room contains the Dungeon card.
    Obtaining this card will open up the secret Dungeon level if you complete this
    mission without dying. Destroy the green tank as soon as possible. Save the
    prisoner [065] for a turkey power-up. You can shoot the first
    box on the left side on the high shelf, this will snag yourself the
    Dungeon card. Another soldier will drop down on the right side of the screen
    and another tank will enter from the left side of the screen. Shoot the
    barrel too to get a prisoner [064], he will give you a Laser Cannon.
    This room is a dead end, so exit when you are ready to proceed.
    CB) Bottom Path:
    ** This path will lead you straight to the final boss, you will be taken from
    one room to the next. There are no 2 exits on this path from here on out.
    The ( O )'s listed on the map above will be put in the order in chronological
    order. **
    There is an enemy soldier on the box as you start this area. You can grab the
    Super Grenade weapon on the top platform. A soldier with a shield will be on
    another box close by. Behind the box will be 2 soldiers, one with a rocket
    launcher and the other with a missile launcher. Continue to the stairs leading
    upwards where you will find a soldier throwing roll bombs at you.
    After going up the first flight of stairs shoot upwards at the camera to make
    the Black Hound card appear. There are a total of 4 cameras in this room, the
    card is hidden inside the 3rd one. You will come to a series of small
    platforms scattered on the screen. An armored tank will be
    sitting on the 3rd platform along with 2 other soldiers close by. You choose to
    destroy the tank or not, you can easily bypass it by going underneath it. Make
    your way forward until you reach the "GO" signal.
    - You will enter a rather large room that looks to be a control room with a
    huge map in the background. 2 red soldiers will also await you here. They will
    throw grenades at you. Killing them will make 2 more soldiers drop from the
    ceiling. Dispose of these 2 and another set will drop, this time of 4. These
    soldiers will try to knife you or throw grenades at you. After these guys have
    been taken care of, 2 more soldiers - 1 on each side of the screen will appear
    and throw missiles at you. Shoot the blinking circles on the map behind you
    to reveal some hidden items. The 1st blinking dot holds the Heavy Macine Gun+ 
    card. There is a prisoner [068] hidden in the 2nd blinking dot
    with a Heavy Machine gun. Proceed to the "GO" signal.
    - This office room appears empty when you first enter it. It also looks like
    a dead end when you first come into it also. Shoot the picture with
    a large "X" on it to save a prisoner [069]. He will give you the L. Shot+
    card, which enhances your Laser guns' attack power.
    When your ready to move on shoot at the bookcase on the
    right side of the room. Don't enter the newly formed exit
    just yet. 2 soldiers with shields will come out of the hole and
    into the room. 1 blue soldier will be behind them. Continue shooting at
    them until they are disposed of. Go through the exit. 
    - This room has a large armored tank in it. Kill the enemy however you may like.
    Once finished with the tank, shoot the ground proceeding the pipes and before
    the exit on the right hand side of the screen. This will reveal the F. Shot+
    - You have now entered an underground passage. Make your way cautiously through
    this area because a few soldiers will appear from thin air and suddenly attack
    you. A red soldier will appear under the 1st large flag with an "X" on it.
    There is a soldier on the box too who will try to jump at you and stab you.
    Another red soldier is hidden between the first 2 boxes as well. Shoot at the
    left side of the 1st box for a prisoner [070] who will give you more ammo for
    any of your weapons you may have - which would probably be the Heavy
    Machine gun. Shoot the left side of the 2nd box for a fish health power-up.
    Continue forward to the "GO" signal and prepare for the final boss.
    See section MS2.T for boss information.
    ET) Top Path:
    This area has a good amount of enemies within it. After taking down the first
    3 soldiers go up the stairs nearing the next two soldiers with a shield and a
    rocket launcher. Continue forward coming to an area with a large platform
    overhead. 2 enemies will come at you on the ground level. Fight the large
    tank that enters from the right side of the screen, this tank will attack you
    with those annoying roll bombs. While you fighting this tank though, enemy
    soldiers will appear on the top platform. Be sure to take them out also. Proceed
    forward coming to a small platform that you can jump onto to finally reach that
    long platform that you just came from walking underneath. Reaching the end of
    this long platform is a box, which you probably spotted at the beginning of the
    stage, inside is the Thuster+ card for your Metal Slug. Turn back around and
    head to the exit.
    EB) Bottom Path:
    Inside this foul shower room will be 2 orange soldiers talking about something.
    Take out these goons to have 3 green soldiers drop from atop the ceiling.
    Once you dispose of these easy guys 1 lone red soldier will appear on the left
    side of the screen who will throw a missile at you. After all of the enemies
    have been disposed of shoot upwards at the last shower furthest from the
    entrance/exit and rescue the prisoner [061] who gives you the Drop
    Shot weapon. Exit this dead end room when your ready.
    FT) Top Path:
    This area has some soldiers and a green tank within it. Hop in between the 2
    crates in this area. You can duck down and shoot the crate that is on your
    right side to reveal a turkey power-up. Shoot the electric box
    for the A.P. Cannon card. The green tank will be at the top of the 2nd stair
    FB) Bottom Path:
    You can grab a Heavy Machine gun on the platform. There are 2 soldiers that
    are near the stairs with missile launchers. Continue forward a short distance
    and be prepared to fight many soldiers. They will either throw roll bombs at
    you or shoot rockets at you. Take them out and you will be allowed to continue
    on. Halfway up the flight of stairs after the soldier battle get the Demon God
    card. Shoot the electrical box to make the card appear. 
    There is a tank at the top of the stairs and a canned food health power-
    up in the box. Exit this area.
    - This area is very short and has a nice industrial look to it. Walk along the
    platform and you will see a large elevator lift moving up and down. You can
    take the lift down and continue right to go and fight the final boss. Or you
    can go left and fight Allen Jr. to get his card. Allen is easy to defeat. He
    will jump around on the platforms and fire at you with his gun and sometimes
    throw grenades at you. Keep your distance and fire at him dodging his attacks.
    After enough damage has been inflicted upon him he will fall to the ground.
    He is just playing to be dead. He will now jump around trying to attack you
    with his huge sword. Kill him for his card, Allen Jr. Above you on the upper
    platform is a prisoner [071] who will give you a Laser Gun and there is a turkey
    health power-up inside the box. You can snag yourself some more fire bombs to
    the left of the prisoner. You can choose to get these before or after the
    battle with Allen Jr. I've just found that he moves around too much to
    effectively attack him with the Laser Gun. Exit this area on the right and be
    prepared to face the final boss.
    See section MS2.T for boss information.
    GT) Top Path:
    Shoot the camera at the top of the screen to get your hands on the Flak Jacket
    power-up card. You will face a few biker soldiers in this level, don't worry
    they can easily be taken out with a few shots. They are pretty quick however.
    At the top of this level sits the Metal Slug. Be sure to get inside this
    puppy before exiting.
    - Shoot the camera for the Fio character card. Go up the stairs killing the
    soldiers as you go. This area will be simple since you have the use of the
    Slug. After traveling up the stairs a good distance you will face another
    large submarine looking enemy like you had faced in Mission 2. Dispose of this
    enemy and the orange soldiers who appear behind you as well. Shoot and destroy
    the spiked tank before the exit.
    - You will come to an area with large slabs of metal sticking from the
    ceiling and the floor. Jump over them with your Slug. You will come to an
    area where green soldiers will materialize out of thin air and attack you.
    Take them out and continue on. Free the 2 prisoners [073,074]
    to get a fish health power-up and a Rocket Launcher.
    Exit this area and be prepared to fight the final boss.
    See section MS2.T for boss information.
    GB) Bottom Path:
     entered a dead end bathroom. Inside will be 4 blue soldiers. Killing
    them will cause 4 more to fall from the ceiling. Once you have taken out these
    four goons 2 bazooka soldiers will pop up. The first bazooka soldier will
    pop out near the top of the screen on the right side next to the pipes. The
    other will pop out of the left side of the screen. After eliminating these
    guys, shoot to the left of where the 1st bazooka soldier appeared to get the
    R.L. Clip. from the hidden prisoner [063].
    Shoot at the 1st urinal for a fish health power-up from the second [062]
    prisoner in this room.
    ++[5:4 - Final Boss]++                                                  [MS2.T]
    This is the final boss. The last enemy that stands in your way and the end
    of the game and the cash in of keeping some very good cards to use throughout
    the rest of the game. This boss has several attacks, others are easier to
    avoid than others.
    The weak point on Cabracan is the large red "eye" at the top of its metal
    body. Continue to shoot this area at every possible opportunity that you
    The Droids
    When the fight first begins various platforms will drop from the ceiling.
    I would suggest not jumping onto these just yet, your going to have
    a short battle with 2 flying droid like creatures. The boss will open a hatch
    underneath and release these two annoying buggers. Try to get a head start on
    damaging the first one that pops out. It will tend to come out on the right
    side so shoot near the middle/right of the boss' bottom hatch. When the second
    enemy comes out try to not get yourself in a position where you will be
    damaged by their projectiles. Usually one will shoot causing you to dodge its
    blast but will leave you vulnerable for its partner's attack. About 15-16 shots
    from your pistol will take care of these guys. I've found it often times
    much easier to mainly focus on one of the droids first leaving only one to
    deal with instead of two. One of these goons is very easy to avoid making
    this battle A LOT more simple.
    Blasts and Beams
    When you kill the 2nd enemy a Heavy Machine Gun will drop. Be sure to
    grab this weapon. It will make a huge difference in this fight. As soon as
    you kill the last droid the weapon will drop, try not to make the mistake
    of killing the enemy too high up so that the weapon will land high up too.
    I say not to do this because it will vanish very quickly. So try to kill the
    last flying droid enemy when it comes lower to the ground or the very lowest
    set of platforms.
    Soon after the last droid is destroyed, Cabracan will begin to shoot blue
    blasts from its bottom hatch. You will notice that these blasts look very
    similar to the droids' attack. All of these blasts can be avoided by simply
    staying on the ground floor. You can also go up on the platforms and attack
    Cabracan from one of the top two platforms. The blasts will shoot out one by
    one alternating sides. One will come to the right side, the next will be fired
    to the left side. 
    After a handful of these blasts have been fired at you there will be a short
    pause and Cabracan will charge up, like the Mission 3 boss, and fire a large
    blue beam from it's hatch straight to the middle of the floor, this is easily
    avoidable. The platforms will fall and the next attack will begin shortly.
    Cabracan will lower itself closer to the floor now. Shoot at the red "eye" as
    much as possible. It will soon charge its red eye and begin to fire a series
    of blue beams at you that bounce once off of the "walls" of the screen and
    land somewhere on the floor. Try your best to avoid these attacks by moving,
    ducking, and jumping. This is probably the most annoying attack this boss
    has I think. Shoot at the eye as much as possible as you are evading this
    round of attack. 
    Once Cabracan reaches its "second stage" when it has caught fire and is burning
    two of its attacks will change slightly. The droids will now have 3 sent out
    instead of only 2. The 3rd will drop the machine gun when it is destroyed.
    The beams that bounce off of the screen "walls" will instead be replaced with
    Cabracan charging up its eye and shooting a stream of blue beams around the
    room. This will leave only a few spaces open for you avoid being hit. Do not
    stand in the middle of the screen for this attack. Watch the beams closely
    as they approach you and position yourself in between two of them to not take
    After a few rounds of this Cabracan will fall and you will have won the game.
    Good Job!
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    3. FAQ / Legal Information  +
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    ++Credits++                                                             [MS3.A]
    Thanks to SNK for creating a wonderfully addicting game and all who
    contributed to its creation and whatnot.
    Thanks also goes to the players and others who've play and enjoyed this
    game and those who have helped contribute to this FAQ/Walkthrough.
    -Thanks to GameFaqs as well for having an amazing site.
    -Thanks to NeoSeeker for hosting my guides
    ++Contributors++                                                        [MS3.B]
    Thanks to everyone who has sent emails, questions, comments, etc.
    Special thanks goes to:
    - CO Mel, in allowing me to use his Locator FAQ for reference purposes
    ++Legal++                                                               [MS3.C]
    Copyright 2005 Brandon Lynch
    This document, unless stated, is my own work. It may not be altered, revised
    or edited, or posted anywhere else other than GameFaqs or NeoSeeker unless
    permission from me is granted. If you would like to ask permission to post
    this FAQ/Walkthrough on any other website other than GameFaqs, please contact
    This document may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.

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