How do I beat Ingram?

  1. At stage 30 Ingram betrays the team and in order to get back the R-Gun, i need to beat him. He is very hard as he runs away after 50% of his health is gone. I want the R-Gun back really badly so I have to defeat him. Can anybody help or give some advice?

    User Info: frantic619

    frantic619 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. REDUCE his hp just above 50 pct(so he doesn't run use a calculator if u need to to know the exact amount since sometimes numbers like 37,000hp for example are uncommon numbers in this case it would be 18,500hp )try to have the strongest weapons of your main party as high as possible and use combination attacks(rampage ghost comes to mind) and make sure u also use attack supports along with some valors spells and high will as well(the more will the more damage).something else u could do is use armor breaker before unleashing something like rampage ghost with valor.also difficulty comes to mind,if it's on hard,you'll deal less damage(even with valor)AND BEFORE ALL THIS,QUICKSAVE!!(in this cases quick save is your friend^^)Hope it helps.

    User Info: Shadow_Magus

    Shadow_Magus - 8 years ago 1 0

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