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"A good game! But not for everyone."

This is a pretty good game actually, Although, Some people will like it, and some people won't. The game play is similar to Front Mission, Only with Chibi robots. Some people like the colorful characters, and odd robots, but some people don't. Like I said, This game is made for the fans of the Super Robot series. Now, On with the review.

Graphics: 4

The graphics are a bit dated, The game is a direct port of a Japan only game made in 2002. GBA graphics have come some way sense then. Effects and attacks are interesting to watch, But tend to get bland after you use it multiple times. Overall, The graphics where good for the time, but they should've done at least some graphical updating.

Story: 9

The Super Robot series prides itself on his in-depth story. Without spoiling the game I'll go over the basics. A strange alien race of bug like mechanical creatures are attacking, Long ago a ship was lost in a battle with these creatures. Now, the story follows two characters, Ryusei, and Kyosuke, Each with their own story, Scenarios and battles. I personally didn't care much for Ryusei's story of him being a gamer and suddenly get recruited for battle. Kyosuke's story seems more interesting, but I digress, they're both written well.

Game play: ?

This section is in the eye of the beholder, Some people like the more tactical sort of turn based robot RPG, While others prefer faster paced games like Armored Core and Mechwarrior. People used to action games will find the combat to be too slow paced, and veterans of this type of game will be right at home. Bosses are pretty tough, Especially once you get toward the end of the game where they're shooting you for tons of damage.

Sound: 7

Despite being an older game, The sound quality in the game is pretty decent. While the animations are playing for each character, they have their own theme song as they're attacking, Which is a nice touch. Some songs are forgettable, while others are great. All in all, No major complaints in this section.


+ Great story.
+ Two radically different storylines.
+ Great sounds.
- '02 graphics.
- "Slow" paced game play may hinder some.
- Toward the end, Some bosses end up one shotting your team.
- Sound effects and animations get repetitive.
- Made for the fans of the Super Robot series.

All in all, This isn't a bad game per say, It's quality is above average. However, being that this game was released in Japan about 4 years ago, then re-released with no changes. This is what the fans of the Super Robot series asked for. This game is not for everyone, Only the more hardcore of the Super Robot franchise should purchase this game. All others? Rent it first, You might like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/22/06

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