Review by methedemon

Reviewed: 11/27/06

A very deep strategy game..

Gameplay: Just as the other SR games this is a turn based strategy game, where you control bunch of robots. The game is divided into missions. Before each mission you get to customize your mechs and pilots. The customization level is outstanding, you can customize everything from pilots, mechs, weapons. At first it is overwhelming! Since there are so many things to level up and customize and you have only few customization points and money. But as you progress in the game, you will start to know your characters and realize who is worth using and who should be left out.

The battles themselves are fun. You start by placing your units. You can use a certain amount of units, not all of them. Once you finished selecting units the battle stars. You and the CPU take turns. When it is your turn, you can move any of your units on the map and have the option to attack. When attacking, you can pick one of your equipped weapons. Some weapons have long range while others are limited to close combat. When you are attacked you have three options: you can evade, defend, or counter. Most missions require you to destroy all opponents, but some ask you to defend some ally.

Difficulty- This game is very challenging. Bosses are tough, really tough. You are usually outnumbered and outclassed. Most enemy units are much stronger than they should be, to the point where it gets frustrating. The bosses can sometimes feel impossible! But with enough preparations you will be fine. Just don’t expect to breeze through it.

Graphics- This game is made in 2000, so I can’t give the graphics a low score because it would not be fair. The graphics are ok for the most part, but the backgrounds get very repetitive since you will be seeing them over and over again. The robots are very small and can’t be distinguished.

Story- The story is nothing special, the usual save the world from being taken over by the bad guys. The conversations are long…very long but luckily you can skip through them with the click of a button. While the story is nothing new, the likable characters will keep you interested .

Value- you have a 30 hours long game here with two routes, so that is a 60 hours of play time. You have the battle masteries to obtain as well, so there is a good replay ability too.

Overall- I liked the game, it hard but very deep to the point where you will feel overwhelmed. I recommend playing this game then getting its sequel, they are both great strategy games. Definitely worth your time and money. Btw the sequel is much easier, and continues the story of this one.

Final score-9

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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