GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File05/12/14zandro11058K
99 weapons, 99 items are complete (and other weapons and items has not yet acquired). cleru sugar lvl 10 and lvl 99 and complete the magic and take on the mission of the core parts in the 15th floor o
Save Game File07/31/06DarkNarutoCrazy8K
Name: Rukia GB: Ririn LV 35 Saved before the battle against Parista and Ureska.
Save Game File07/31/06superman50196142K
Saved right before the final battle
Save Game File07/29/06J-Quang64K
Summon Knight. 2 saves files. first one with Basho, half way through the game. second one with Kutty, game beaten, all weapons and recipes collected.

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