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    Lopmon by AnkiRendan

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/19/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Digimon Battle Spirit for Game Boy Advance
    Lopmon Character FAQ
    Author: SSBMPichu
    Version: 1.0
    1.	Introduction
    2.	Character History
    3.	List of Attacks
    4.	Strategies Against Other Characters
    5.	Other (Copyright, Closing Comment, Credits)
    1.	Introduction
    Hello there! Nice to see you reading my FAQ ^_^! So, are you reading 
    this because you want to master Lopmon so he can totally annihilate 
    your buddies and show them who's the best mon of them all? Not to 
    worry, because I'm here. Now don't worry, mastering Lopmon is not a 
    very long process at all. Soon enough, you'll be able to know when 
    to use each of Lopmon and his evolution Cherubimon's attacks 
    properly, and best of all, defeat others with style. Let's begin, 
    shall we?
    2.	Character History
    This isn't exactly relevant to gameplay, it's really just a little 
    background on Lopmon and his Digidestined, Willis. Willis (or 
    Wallace, for those who love the Japanese version to death) first 
    appeared in Digimon: The Movie (or again to purists, the third 
    Digimon movie and the first movie for Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon 
    Hurricane Touchdown Supreme Evolution...or something like that.) He 
    lives in New York, but he used to live in a place called Summer 
    Memory as a child. He has two partner Digimon: Terriermon and Lopmon 
    (however, Lopmon never appeared in the movie...only in the credits). 
    However, Lopmon (Willis calls him Kokomon) was seperated from him, 
    and soon turned into a virus Digimon called Wendigomon. I will not 
    spoil the movie, you'll just have to rent or download it for 
    yourself. However it is surprising that Willis and Lopmon even 
    appear in this game, as it would be Shuichon (Suzie) and Lopmon, but 
    I suppose when this game came out in Japan Shuichon was not yet a 
    Tamer. Thus, Willis and Lopmon are now in the game to prove 
    themselves worthy. And yes, they are worthy. Oh yes, and in order to 
    unlock Lopmon you must beat the game with three characters, but not 
    the ones you used to get BlackAgumon.
    3.	List of Attacks
    Here, I shall list all of Lopmon's attacks and how to use them 
    effectively. Note that this was tested against Terriermon in 1 
    Player mode, because there is no Training Mode (Out of all the 
    options they missed...A TRAINING MODE!) Anyway...let us begin.
    Loppy Slap (B): Only use this when people are running towards you. 
    Smack the hell out of them, and then run before they can start some 
    cheap combo. This can take off to four D-Spirit, but it's sometimes 
    hard to do as people may block in the middle of it. It's not a very 
    effective combo, but it works if you want a cheap hit and run.
    Blazing Ice (Up + B): This attack may look really cool (much cooler 
    looking than Terriermon's in my opinion) but whereas Terriermon can 
    at least get up to 3 D-Spirit, Lopmon can only get one. I'd really 
    recommend only using this while you're airborne so you can hit the 
    jumping enemy with an ice cube, and then float down to claim your 
    Tiny Twister (Rush + B): This attack just owns. It's extremely 
    awesome. This is great as a trapper. Use this move to trap someone 
    in the corner. Start off with a Loppy Slap, and then just use your 
    Twister and spin into them like mad! With success, up to 8 D-Spirit 
    will be yours with this awesome attack! On it's own however, 
    Lopmon's Tiny Twister will get you 4 D-Spirit, but unlike Loppy 
    Slap, it's a lot easier to get those four D-Spirit.
    Aerial Tiny Twister (Jump + B): Oh god. This aerial attack is really 
    GREAT! You can easily knock someone jumping out of the way and 
    collect their D-Spirit on the ground. Unlike Terriermon's Terrier 
    Tornado, Lopmon stays in one place and swings his ears around in a 
    circle. It covers great distance. Trust me if you want to take your 
    combat to the air, there is no power greater than Aerial Tiny 
    Aerial Blazing Ice (Jump + Up + B): This attack is best to use as a 
    small finisher to Aerial Tiny Twister. As you're falling from Aerial 
    Tiny Twister, just press Up + B to shoot an ice cube at your falling 
    opponent. Then collect your one D-Spirit. Hey, I find this attack to 
    be a bit more useful than the one on the ground. Why are the 
    projectiles so weak in this game?
    Taunt: Jump rope to your heart's content! When to use this? I'd say 
    after grabbing Calumon from your opponent, beating them up to a 
    bloody pulp as Cherubimon and then turn back and innocently skip 
    rope while they recover from your complete ownage. 
    Cherubimon (Virus)
    This is Lopmon's evolved form from the movie. He is very powerful 
    and can win battles very easily. Sad thing is, he's a bit on the 
    slow side, and he sucks at recovering from falling. But that's okay, 
    he's still a good Digimon.
    Flick (B): Cherubimon flicks an opponent with his finger taking off 
    4 D-Spirit. This is good when combined when you're running, I'd say. 
    Otherwise if you have an opponent trapped, then you can use it and 
    collect your 4 D-Spirit that way. Whichever way you like.
    Heaven's Judgement (Up + B): Cherubimon makes a ball of energy, 
    which he then uses to suck the opposing Rookie in, eat them and spit 
    them out! This is from the movie. It really rocks here, getting you 
    your 4 D-Spirit easily. However, you have to be on the same level as 
    the Digimon you're approaching. This will be hard if there's a ledge 
    that only fits one Digimon and you can't get to them. Oh well. There 
    is a nice bonus to this attack however...
    Heaven's Judgement (Down + B): After mercilessly kicking the crap 
    out of the little Rookie, simply suck up all their far away D-Spirit 
    with your Judgement. Yes, this is a very lovely magnet, and it is 
    very useful and very important when using Cherubimon.
    Running Flick (Run + B): Yes. Chase your opponent down while trying 
    to flick them to death. This is as good as normal Flick, but this 
    time you'd have to use your little collecting judgement, as I think 
    the D-Spirit would go pretty far away.
    Smack Down (Jump + Down + B): Mainly, just use this when a Digimon's 
    jumping below you. I don't really use this attack too much, and like 
    the others it gives you 4 D-Spirit, but there are other attacks to 
    work with.
    4.	Strategies
    Okay so now that you know all the attacks of Lopmon and Cherubimon, 
    it's time to put all the lessons of yours to the test. Analyze the 
    strengths of each attack and their usefulness, and power will belong to 
    you. If you feel that you've got a good strategy cooked up, you may 
    leave this FAQ now. May the battles be yours! 
    ......But for those who still feel they need guidance, please continue 
    reading the strategies I've cooked up against the specific Digimon. Now 
    keep in mind there are spoilers revealing the other secret characters 
    so watch out. But before that, here are some general tips in battle.
    *	Do not be afraid to block attacks. If you think that the 
    Digimon you're battling has a nasty combo coming, duck.
    *	Do not be afraid to run. Sometimes running is the best way 
    to plan a new strategy and come back again.
    *	Items are your friend. Use them. They will cause you to 
    gain good hits on a Digimon, especially the black gear and 
    the clock.
    *	Know the level's layout so you know where to trap someone. 
    Also know that level's field Digimon and use them to your 
    Okay, now for the character advice:
    Oh boy...three Agumons...what the hell were they thinking?! I know Agumon's 
    popular and all but...well anyway, the main thing to watch out for here 
    is the Cross Night combo. The Cross Night combo is just plain evil and 
    can take up to 6 D-Spirit away from you. Be on the defensive when 
    facing Agumons. BlackAgumon also has a nice huge chomp attack, so watch 
    out for that too. Now against the WarGreymons...well there's not much you 
    can do but run right? Just remember the level's layout. Lopmon is a 
    quick runner, so he should be able to escape quickly.
    Like Agumon, be careful of Guilmon's Rock Breaker. It can happen very 
    suddenly so always be ready to defend. Oh and watch out if he's above 
    you, his Wild Slashes can be pretty darn good. And whatever you do, 
    don't make him use his secondary Taunt Concentration. When he uses it, 
    he powers himself up by one D-Spirit, and since Guilmon is a fast 
    Digimon, he can collect them quickly.
    Attack of the clone! However, the differences between Lopmon and 
    Terriermon were pretty much outlined in the list of attacks. So 
    basically, as long as you know Lopmon, you know Terriermon. Remember 
    that, and remember that pink > green!
    Watch out for this bad girl. It's kind of good that's she slower than 
    her TV show counterpart, but even then she can still be a force to be 
    reckoned with. Blazing Ice can finally have some use here to keep her 
    away from you, I mean who wants two kicks in the face!? Watch out for 
    her main projectile attack Diamond Storm, and you should be fine. Tiny 
    Twister can come into play here too.
    Evil, evil Digimon. He is way up there on being one of the best Digimon 
    in the game. A good thing is though, he has no projectiles. The bad 
    thing is, he's an excellent physical fighter. Use Blazing Ice + Tiny 
    Twister a lot, it's really all you can do. Patience is the key here. 
    Remember, slow and steady wins the race.
    Wormmon: I don't think you'll have to worry as much about physical 
    fighting here, as he is a poor physical fighter...except watch out for 
    his Digimon Kaizer/Emperor taunt, it's a bit on the strong side. Other 
    than that, don't underestimate your enemy, and go in and fight!
    Sukamon: Like Wormmon, a poor physical fighter but this guy can be 
    extremely annoying in the Outside of Odaiba level since the ice 
    perfectly compliments his slide tackle. Sukamon is one of the easiest 
    Digimon to battle, and I doubt many people will be using him and if 
    they do, it's for Etemon.
    Gabumon: An offensive Digimon to look out for. His Machine Gun Jab and 
    Drill Horn can be murder in the hands of a Gabumon master. So you know 
    what to do for offensive types: projectiles. Gabumon's Drill Horn could 
    be the most powerful Rookie attack in the game, getting up to 7 D-
    Impmon: You're going to hate this guy when you face him. He's pretty 
    slow at least. However, he can totally ruin your Cherubimon strategy by 
    hitting Calumon away. Make sure you can find Calumon first, as 
    Cherubimon may be your key to defeating this annoying imp. Otherwise, 
    use items and projectiles and watch out for Night of Fire, it'll drive 
    you nuts. Oh, and the throwing. GAH!
    This character FAQ is copyright 2003 by me, SSBM Pichu. You may not use 
    it on any site without my written permission. If you wish to use this 
    FAQ on your site, please e-mail me at with_broken_wings_@hotmail.com. 
    If you find this FAQ on any other site and it holds a lot of 
    similarities to mine, please report it.
    Closing Comments and Credits
    Sigh...well, we did it. This is the end of your journey to become the 
    ultimate Lopmon master. I hoped you learned something. Who knows? Maybe 
    you didn't need this FAQ for such an easy Game Boy Advance fighting 
    game, or maybe you did. Either way I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you 
    can whip some serious butt out there. Oh yes...and thanks to the 
    -Bandai of America (for porting this game)
    -Dimps (for making this game)
    -GameFAQs (for allowing me to put this up)
    -Anubimon, PH33Rneemon, Suzaku and Murgatroyd for help on 
    Willis/Wallace and Lopmon's character history
    -Shadow Eremento for editing
    Well this is it. I hope you all enjoyed it, so get out there and get 
    your D-Spirit you will rightfully earn!

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