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    Olaf by ThrawnFett

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/17/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  ffffffff  fff  fff  fff                          
                               fLLGGLff  tiitttii  fGG     f                       
                             LLfffttt;;,,;;;iittt  fEEfftiit                       
                          fffffi:::::::iif  LLGGGGGLGGLLL  tttfff                  
                          DDt:::..::,  GGDGGGGLLLLLLLLLLGDDEDDfftff                
                          DD;:::....iDDDDDfftti;;ii;iiiitfffGGDD LL                
                        ffLL::::..::GDDGG,::::::::::::;; :::::iiLff                
                        LL  ::::..::DDDLL:..::::::::::ttf;;:::,,fGGff              
                   ffffGEEtt::::..::GDDii...::::::::  ttt;;:::::iffff              
             f     LLttDWWtt,:::..,,EEE,,...::::::::,,,,,,,:::::;ffff              
             L    fffiiLKKii,:::..;;EDD,,:::::::::::::::::::::::;  LL              
         ffffLDD  :::::tWWKKLLLLLLffLLLGGtffLLfffffLffii;ttLffLL DDEE              
    ff     LLfGGff,:::: KKDDLLLLLLLLLLLff;iiLLDGGLLLffii,iiGffLLGDDGGfff           
    LLffi,,  ttttt;::iiDEELLLLLLLLLLLLLii,iiffGEEGGG  ;;,iiDGGGGEDDLLfLL           
    ffLLt::;;,,,,,;ttGGEDDLLLfffLLffLtt,,,iiiiiLL   ii,,,ttEGGGGDEEff ffttf        
    GG  :::::;;;,,tGGffffffffffffffffffffLLLiiittfffLLLL   L    GLLGG ,,::,iiff    
    GGLL;,,:::,,::iGGffffffffffffffffffffGLLtt ffLLfLLLLLffLffffLLLLLL,,:::::  f   
    tt  tii,,:::::;GGffffffffffffffffffffDGGffffffffffffffffffGGLLLLLGii..:..iif   
    iiiii;;:::::::;GGGGffffffffffffffffLLDGGLLLfffffffLLGfffffLLGLLLLL  :::::tt    
    GGDDDGGtt;:::::::::;  GGDKKWDDfffffffffffffLLGGLfffffffLGGLLfffLLLGGff:::,,i   
    LLLLLLLGGGDDDDL  ,,::::::,,iGGLLfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffLLLEEii,;;iif   
                        ___           ___       ___           ___     
                       /\  \         /\__\     /\  \         /\  \    
                      /::\  \       /:/  /    /::\  \       /::\  \   
                     /:/\:\  \     /:/  /    /:/\:\  \     /:/\:\  \  
                    /:/  \:\  \   /:/  /    /::\~\:\  \   /::\~\:\  \ 
                   /:/__/ \:\__\ /:/__/    /:/\:\ \:\__\ /:/\:\ \:\__\
                   \:\  \ /:/  / \:\  \    \/__\:\/:/  / \/__\:\ \/__/
                    \:\  /:/  /   \:\  \        \::/  /       \:\__\  
                     \:\/:/  /     \:\  \       /:/  /         \/__/  
                      \::/  /       \:\__\     /:/  /                 
                       \/__/         \/__/     \/__/                  
                             ___           ___           ___     
                            /\  \         /\  \         /\  \    
                           /::\  \       /::\  \       /::\  \   
                          /:/\:\  \     /:/\:\  \     /:/\:\  \  
                         /::\~\:\  \   /::\~\:\  \    \:\~\:\  \ 
                        /:/\:\ \:\__\ /:/\:\ \:\__\    \:\ \:\__\
                        \/__\:\ \/__/ \/__\:\/:/  /     \:\/:/  /
                             \:\__\        \::/  /       \::/  / 
                              \/__/        /:/  /        /:/  /  
                                          /:/  /        /:/  /   
                                          \/__/         \/__/    
      _____     _     _               __    ____            _             _       
     |_   _|_ _| |__ | | ___    ___  / _|  / ___|___  _ __ | |_ ___ _ __ | |_ ___ 
       | |/ _` | '_ \| |/ _ \  / _ \| |_  | |   / _ \| '_ \| __/ _ \ '_ \| __/ __|
       | | (_| | |_) | |  __/ | (_) |  _| | |__| (_) | | | | ||  __/ | | | |_\__ \
       |_|\__,_|_.__/|_|\___|  \___/|_|    \____\___/|_| |_|\__\___|_| |_|\__|___/
    NOTE: To skip to a section, use ctrl + f and type the letters with brackets.
    1) Revision History [REV]
    2) Olaf- the basics [BAS]
    3) Stats [STA]
    4) Unit Breakdown [UNI]
    5) Olaf- in depth [IND]
    6) General Strategies [STR]
    7) Countering Olaf [COU]
    8) Olaf vs Other COs [OTH]
    9) Opinions on Olaf [OPI]
    10) Thanks to... [THA]
    11) Copyright and Disclaimer [COP]
    |  _ \ _____   _(_)___(_) ___  _ __   | | | (_)___| |_ ___  _ __ _   _ 
    | |_) / _ \ \ / / / __| |/ _ \| '_ \  | |_| | / __| __/ _ \| '__| | | |
    |  _ <  __/\ V /| \__ \ | (_) | | | | |  _  | \__ \ || (_) | |  | |_| |
    |_| \_\___| \_/ |_|___/_|\___/|_| |_| |_| |_|_|___/\__\___/|_|   \__, |
    Version 1.1 [9/17/05] Added WWN to authorized sites
    Version 1.0 [1/20/05] Wrote the FAQ
      ___  _        __         _   _            _               _          
     / _ \| | __ _ / _|       | |_| |__   ___  | |__   __ _ ___(_) ___ ___ 
    | | | | |/ _` | |_ _____  | __| '_ \ / _ \ | '_ \ / _` / __| |/ __/ __|
    | |_| | | (_| |  _|_____| | |_| | | |  __/ | |_) | (_| \__ \ | (__\__ \
     \___/|_|\__,_|_|          \__|_| |_|\___| |_.__/ \__,_|___/_|\___|___/
    Olaf is the leader of Blue Moon. He's a balanced CO, no real strengths or
    weaknesses to worry about. The key to victory with Olaf is tactical
    exploitation of your opponent's weakness and strategic use of your CO Powers.
     ____  _        _       
    / ___|| |_ __ _| |_ ___ 
    \___ \| __/ _` | __/ __|
     ___) | || (_| | |_\__ \
    |____/ \__\__,_|\__|___/
    What can Olaf do? First, let me explain the basic stats. The stats will be
    shown with a ratio, like ###/###. The first number is the offense, the second
    is the defense. 100 is the standard (100% strength) so units that are 100/100
    As I said above, all of Olaf's units are normal strength, meaning that they
    all have 100/100 stats. Outside of that, Olaf is unaffected by snow, but is
    held back by rain more than a normal CO.
    The other main stat that COs have it their CO power. You should know about it,
    so I won't go in-depth about it, just show you what they are.
    CO Power Bar: xxxXXXX
    CO Power (COP): Blizzard
    Causes snow to fall for a round of turns.
    All units become 100/110.
    Super CO Power (SCOP): Winter Fury
    Causes snow to fall for a round of turns.
    All units become 100/110.
    Causes 2 damage to all opponent's units.
     _   _       _ _     ____                 _       _                     
    | | | |_ __ (_) |_  | __ ) _ __ ___  __ _| | ____| | _____      ___ __  
    | | | | '_ \| | __| |  _ \| '__/ _ \/ _` | |/ / _` |/ _ \ \ /\ / / '_ \ 
    | |_| | | | | | |_  | |_) | | |  __/ (_| |   < (_| | (_) \ V  V /| | | |
     \___/|_| |_|_|\__| |____/|_|  \___|\__,_|_|\_\__,_|\___/ \_/\_/ |_| |_|
    This section is designed for beginners who might want help determining how to
    use specific units.
                    _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
                   / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
                  ( F | o | o | t ) ( S | o | l | d | i | e | r | s )
                   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    Infantry: Infantry are the cheapest units in the game, both in cost and
    quality. Their main functions are capturing and killing other foot soldiers.
    Throw them against a vehicle and it'll lose a lot of HP and likely not much
    damage. Other than the beginning capturing spree, use them if your opponent
    is doing a Mech Flood.
    Cost: 1000
    Movement: 3 (normal), 1 (mountains)
    Range: Direct
    Ammo: Infinite
    Vision: 2 (normal), 5 (mountains)
    Mech: Mechs can also capture property, but they fare much better against
    vehicles. While they do cost three times as much as Infantry, it's well worth
    the cost. They can't move as far, making infantry better at the very beginning,
    but get Mechs out soon. By comparing the straight cost of units, Mechs can
    perform better than vehicles. For example, in most cases, 16000 worth of Mechs
    (5 Mechs, plus change) can kill a Md Tank with ease. A favorite tactic of Sami
    or Sensei is the Mech Flood, meaning that they build mostly Mechs and slowly
    advance. That tactic can be adapted to Olaf, but I'll get into that later.
    Cost: 3000
    Movement: 2
    Range: Direct
    Ammo: 3, Infinite
    Vision: 2 (normal), 5 (mountains)
                             _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
                            / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
                           ( V | e | h | i | c | l | e | s )
                            \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    Recon: The Recon performs exactly as one would think. It's a fast vehicle with
    a larger than normal vision range. It's good at killing Infantry and decent
    against Mechs (if it gets first strike). Outside of FOW, the main reason to
    use a Recon is to do an early rush and hinder you opponent's early capturing.
    Works well against slower COs like Kanbei or Grit.
    Cost: 4000
    Movement: 8 (3 per non-Road surface)
    Range: Direct
    Ammo: Infinite
    Vision: 5
    APC: The APC has no weapons, no way to fight back, yet is one of the most
    useful units in the game. It has two purposes. It can carry a foot soldier,
    and since the APC can move at least double the distance of the foot soldiers,
    that is really helpful to get your troops to cities. The other purpose is that
    it is a mobile supply depot. It's a good idea to keep an APC or two with your
    forces to make sure they don't run out of ammo.
    Cost: 5000
    Movement: 6
    Range: n/a
    Ammo: n/a
    Vision: 1
    Artillery: Artillery are the bread and butter indirect unit. It doesn't have
    the range or power of the Rocket, but it's a lot more cost efficient. By
    keeping a few artillery in the middle of your forces, you'll be able to
    whittle a few HP off the tougher units before sending your direct units in,
    saving you some damage.
    Cost: 6000
    Movement: 5
    Range: 2-3 squares
    Ammo: 9
    Vision: 1
    Tank: Similar to the Artillery, the Tank will be the bread and butter of your
    forces. Until you have enough money to consistently create Md Tanks, the tanks
    will serve you well. They are very diverse in use, good against other vehicles
    as well as infantry. Just watch out for the Air units when using this guy.
    Cost: 7000
    Movement: 6
    Range: Direct
    Ammo: 9, Infinite
    Vision: 3
    Anti Air: The Anti Air, in addition to devastating air units, is very
    effective against foot soldiers. It can do decent damage against vehicles,
    but it also tends to take as much as it gives. Tanks work better on the vehicle
    vs vehicle fight, but Anti Airs help with the Mech Flood or Air raids.
    Cost: 8000
    Movement: 6
    Range: Direct
    Ammo: 9
    Vision: 2
    Missile: Missiles can do only one thing, but they do it with an ease that many
    units lack. Missiles simply just shoot down air units. They can OHKO (One Hit
    KO) all air units, meaning that a group of them can easily take down an air
    assault. Obviously don't use them if there's no airports, or if your opponent
    isn't using air significantly.
    Cost: 12000
    Movement: 4 (on roads), 3 (off roads)
    Range: 3-5 squares
    Ammo: 6
    Vision: 5
    Rocket: Rockets are overpowered artillery. They can shoot farther, hit harder,
    and turn the tide of a game if used right. It comes with two major setbacks.
    For the cost of a Rocket, you can buy 2.5 Artillery. So it's not a light
    investment. Also, the movement is not as good, so it your only bases are a
    good distance from the battlefront, consider a few artillery instead.
    Cost: 15000
    Movement: 5 (on roads), 3 (off roads)
    Range: 3-5 squares
    Ammo: 6
    Vision: 1
    Md Tank: Md Tanks are exactly as they sound. Powered up tanks. They have great
    defense, so most weaker vehicles have trouble killing it. As I said under the
    Mech, Mechs can cost effectively kill it, assuming you have the ability to
    mass produce them. The Md Tank is powerful and very good at holding
    chokepoints. If you have the money, it's likely worth it to get a Md Tank.
    Cost: 16000
    Movement: 5
    Range: Direct
    Ammo: 8, Infinite
    Vision: 1
    Neo Tank: Neo Tanks are even more powerful than Md Tanks, but the cost is also
    significantly higher. It can be help in some situations, but normally the
    extra cost is just too much for effective use.
    Cost: 22000
    Movement: 6
    Range: Direct
    Ammo: 9, Infinite
    Vision: 1
                            _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _  
                           / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
                          ( A | i | r ) ( U | n | i | t | s )
                           \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    T Copter: The T Copter is a unique unit. It can carry a foot soldier like an
    APC, but can't refuel. However, it is an Air unit, and as such can fly over
    any terrain, making it needed in mountain or sea heavy maps.
    Cost: 5000
    Movement: 6
    Range: n/a
    Ammo: n/a
    Vision: 2
    B Copter: The B Copter is arguably the most versatile units in the game. It
    can fire on most units, and can cripple many of those. It only really runs
    into trouble against A Air, Missiles, and, to a lesser extent, Cruisers. Very
    handy to have around, great at breaking a line and hitting indirects.
    Cost: 9000
    Movement: 6
    Range: Direct
    Ammo: 6, Infinite
    Vision: 3
    Fighter: Fighters are similar to missiles in that they exist for only one
    purpose, to kill Air units. It works well at that since the only Air unit
    that can counter attack it is another Fighter. It's a little more costly than
    other counters, but if you're having trouble with Air units, it's not a bad
    Cost: 20000
    Movement: 9
    Range: Direct
    Vision: 2
    Ammo: 9
    Bomber: The Bomber is almost the exact opposite of the Fighter. It can
    annihilate any ground unit. It's a little costly and can get taken down by
    Fighters or Missiles, but it's a great way of killing the more hardy ground
    Cost: 22000
    Movement: 7
    Range: Direct
    Vision: 2
    Ammo: 9
                                   _   _   _   _   _  
                                  / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
                                 ( S | h | i | p | s )
                                  \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    Lander: The lander is a transport unit like the APC and T Copter. Obviously,
    it's a ship, meaning that it's limited to the water. However, it can do two
    things that the other transports can't. First, it can carry two troops at
    once. Second, it can carry vehicles in addition to foot soldiers. It's needed
    in island maps, and useful in sea heavy maps.
    Cost: 12000
    Movement: 7
    Range: n/a
    Ammo: n/a
    Vision: 1
    Submarine: The sea units are often considered a game of rock-paper-scissors.
    Submarines will destroy a Battleship, but in turn is destroyed by Cruisers.
    It has the ability to dive under the water, allowing it to hide from most
    unit's fire. The Cruiser and other Submarines are the only units that can fire
    on it while dived. The Submarine is also good at killing Landers. It's long
    vision range and the ability to dive make it a great sea scout.
    Cost: 20000
    Movement: 6
    Range: Direct
    Ammo: 6
    Vision: 5
    Cruiser: The Cruiser is an interesting combination. It can only fire on
    Submarines, Copters, and Plane, making it somewhat specialized. It's not even
    all that good at killing B Copter. However, it can carry 2 Copters. It's the
    only transport unit that can fire on other units. It's really only useful in
    certain situations.
    Cost: 18000
    Movement: 7
    Range: Direct
    Ammo: 9, Infinite
    Vision: 3
    Battleship: The Battleship is the most powerful indirect unit in the game. It
    has a huge range and can fire on ground units as well as sea units. It will
    destroy Cruisers, Landers, and undived Submarines. In maps with Ports, but not
    much ocean, it is the only really useful sea unit.
    Cost: 28000
    Movement: 6
    Range: 2-6
    Ammo: 9
    Vision: 2
      ___  _        __         _             _            _   _     
     / _ \| | __ _ / _|       (_)_ __     __| | ___ _ __ | |_| |__  
    | | | | |/ _` | |_ _____  | | '_ \   / _` |/ _ \ '_ \| __| '_ \ 
    | |_| | | (_| |  _|_____| | | | | | | (_| |  __/ |_) | |_| | | |
     \___/|_|\__,_|_|         |_|_| |_|  \__,_|\___| .__/ \__|_| |_|
    Olaf is a giant of power hidden under a cloak of being 'merely average'. Olaf
    is balanced, his troops all have 100/100 stats. But power is about so much
    more than stats in this game. The best COs in the game don't just have power,
    but the ability to change the rules and work outside normal bounds. Olaf is
    one of the COs that can do that, through his unique abilities and his CO
    To start off, the biggest strength Olaf has is snow. Snow is the bane of all
    other COs. It drastically reduces movement of all units. Olaf is unaffected by
    snow, meaning that in an icy situation, Olaf will always grab the first strike.
    And ask any experienced player, first strike is more important than a power
    boost. COs like Jess and Adder make that painfully obvious when you fall to
    their CO powers, and Olaf is no different. However, while there are several
    COs that give a movement boost, Olaf is the only CO that can drastically
    reduce his opponent's movement on all units (Drake can do it to a point, but
    it doesn't affect all units and only comes with his Super CO Power). As I
    said, that will give Olaf first strike, but it will also disrupt your
    opponent's supply lines. Foot Soldiers making a run through mountains will be
    completely stuck, unable to move at all. Vehicles in forests will be unable
    to move more than a space or two. Even on roads, they can only go a few extra
    spaces. There's no easier way to halt an opponent's attack drive than to take
    away their ability to drive. Speaking of driving, the snow presents another
    hidden ability, though not as obvious nor game affecting as others. As we all
    know, Sea and Air units live on borrowed time. Having one of them sit and do
    nothing will eventually kill it. By using the snow, you prevent that unit
    from moving much and therefore waste one turn of its time. Even though it may
    not kill that unit, it'll make your opponent think twice about sending a unit
    beyond the reach of an APC. This will greatly limit the tactics he can employ
    while using these.
    Another danger Olaf presents is HQ Capture. While Sami is the queen of
    sneaking a troop in and capturing the HQ, Olaf can perform this task with a
    surprising ability. Use a COP/ SCOP, then send the troop in and capture.
    Hopefully move a few more units of the same type in to block and potentially
    join if the capturing unit gets damaged. Your snow will prevent units heading
    towards the front line from pulling a U-turn and attacking your troops. If you
    manage to go undamaged, then you win next turn. Otherwise, it'll be mostly
    captured and you can join units to finish the job (again, you'll hopefully
    have a few more units around to protect since the snow will be gone next turn).
    As you can see, the snow presents quite an advantage when used right.
    To offset the power of snow, Olaf's only real weakness is rain. During rain,
    he gets held back a bit more than other COs. But it really isn't all that
    much of a weakness. In a permentantly clear game, Olaf is perfectly fine. In
    Random weather, rain will come every once in a while, however there's an
    equal chance at snow. And if Olaf causes snow, it'll put off the next weather
    change for longer. The only time he'll really run into problems is in an all
    Rain situation or when facing Drake. Since most players play only in Clear or
    Random, that first is not very likely.
    The other aspect of Olaf's power is the main reason I first used him, before I
    discovered the snow factor. When using his Super CO Power, he inflicts 2
    damage on all enemy units. No matter what the situation it, an 8 HP troop will
    perform siginificantly worse than one with full health. So your opponent has
    three options, all advantageous to you. He can repair his units, join his
    units, or just work with damaged units. Even more than the snow, attempting to
    repair all their units can stall an enemy's plan. That can be a costly
    proposal, especially for Kanbei, and very time consuming. On maps where cities
    are few and far between, it may even cause a retreat to an area where there
    are more cities. Joining units is an alternative to repairing, but it
    obviously gets them less units. This is probably the most favorable option of
    the three, since you'll have less units to deal with and you can likely drive
    deeper into their territory than you would have otherwise. However, you should
    be wary of heavy reinforcements. Joining two 8 HP tanks will give your
    opponent back an extra 4200 gold. Two Neo tanks will net 13200, almost enough
    for a brand new Md Tank. Make sure you can handle the extra reinforcements
    when they make it up to the front lines. Now to look at the last option, just
    dealing with damaged troops. That has the obvious advantages of easier kills.
    A rocket can do 80% or more to all units sitting on a road except Md Tanks,
    Neotanks, B Ships, and Landers. Many other units could easily OHKO (One Hit
    KO) an 8 HP unit instead of crippling a 10 HP unit. Now aside from making
    your opponent choose from these options, you can actually force him to choose
    one. Use Winter Fury on a turn after he's built an expensive unit, say a
    Battleship. He won't have a choice about repairing it, and automatically lose
    an extra 5600 that turn. Now, say he happens to have a few other units sitting
    on cities coming to the front. We'll go with a tank and an A Air. That's
    another 3000 down the drain. If you can coordinate it well enough, you can
    make him start a turn with almost no money. He won't be able to build new
    units to replace his now damaged ones, unless he joins. And, as stated above,
    joining is very favorable.
    An extra little bonus for his SCOP comes in Fog of War. When he inflicts the
    damage on the enemy units, it's reveal the location of that unit. Now, unless
    you have photographic memory, it can be hard to remember where they all are,
    but it can help you detect ambushes lying in wait and avoid them. Or it can
    help you call a bluff (aka the opponent sitting a few tanks outside a forested
    region, acting like bait for an ambush, then attacking while you'r undefended).
    While this may not seem like much, it's one more thing that adds to the
    greatness of Olaf.
    Olaf's last big strength is his lack of a weakness. Of course he's 'weak' to
    rain, but rain is only a turn long and it affects your opponent as well
    (except Drake). Other than that, Olaf has all 100/100 units, so many
    strategies are available to him that other COs wouldn't be able to pull off.
    While some COs might be able to perform better with certain strategies, Olaf
    offers the ability to flit from tactic to tactic and surprise the opponent.
    Let's look at Grit's favorite tactic, bombardment from behind a shield. Olaf
    can pull this off fairly well, his indirects only suffer a space of range from
    Grit and the attack bonus. However, what Olaf's strengths can add to the
    strategy in ways that Grit can't. Snow will make targets sitting ducks, while
    an extra two damage will allow indirects to OHKO more units. And Olaf's direct
    units are more powerful than Grit's giving him a more hardy 'mop up crew' and
    shield. So Olaf can hold out under an attack until while he's building up his
    shield. Then, when he's ready, he can switch suddenly and use his directs to
    go on a rampage, advancing his indirects quickly into the now open gap and
    preparing to defend against the counterattack. Grit, however, doesn't have
    that option as open to him, he'd have to slowly creep forward and take his
    land bit by bit. Olaf has the element of surprise with his, where Grit's creep
    is predictable and can be countered with planning.
    Now not to pick on Grit specifically, but all specialized COs can have their
    strategies adapted to Olaf (except for strategies based around COP/SCOP). Olaf
    can do a frontal assault like Max or Flak, he can do an air assault like
    Sensei or Eagle. He can master the sea like Drake or capture quickly like
    Many people dismiss COs like Olaf because they can be trumped by a specialized
    COs. As I've shown above, Olaf can use his snow to specialize while at the
    same time being generalized. So, how does Olaf compare to the other 'all
    arounders'? Andy, Nell, Sonja, Flak, Adder, and Lash all have 100/100 stats,
    so what makes Olaf so special? Let's take them in order. Andy's only strength
    is his COP/SCOP. He can heal his units without having to retreat to a city,
    making him a good counter for Olaf, Drake, and Hawke's damaging powers. But
    aside from that, he doesn't have anything to give him advantages over
    specialized COs like Olaf does. Nell and Flak both fall under the same
    category, Luck. They has average units, but a chance of doing more damage than
    normal. In Flak's case, he has a chance of doing less than normal too. For
    either CO, there's nothing remarkable about them that can give them an
    advantage over the specialized COs. Now we get to the other three balanced
    COs that have an upper hand against specialized COs. Sonja is an interesting
    CO to use. She suffers bad luck similar to the worse half of Flak. So
    occasionally she'll do less damage. That is her weakness, but her strengths
    shine well above it, but mostly in FoW. Through her COP/SCOP, she can see
    through trees and reefs and know exactly what lays in wait, and even attack
    it. Her counter attacks are stronger, so even when she can't get first strike
    she can do more damage. And then there's the hidden HP. Sonja is a balanced
    CO that specializes in FoW. So outside of it, she's weaker than most, though
    her powers can still be potent in the right hands. Adder is truly a bland CO.
    No strength, no weakness. He has a short COP Bar and in fierce fighting can
    use a COP/SCOp every few turns. But what does his COP/SCOP give him? He gets
    an extra square of movement to all units (2 for SCOP). While this can be used
    to an advantage, it's hard to use this to break a specialized CO. Lash is a
    unique CO. All her units are 100/100 (duh), however she gets an attack boost
    based on the terrain. She is powerful because of this, but like the others
    can fall to specialized COs. She gets absolutely no bonus to Air units, making
    her near useless in an air map, and her sea unit fare only slightly better.
    She's incredible at ground combat, but will still fall to specialized COs. To
    conclude this section, Olaf is one of the best, if not the best, rounded CO in
    the game, since his one main strength can be used to break specialized COs. 
    Olaf is an all arounder with a specialized strength that can be applied well
    to most situation. A rare combination. When used right, Olaf is unstoppable.
      ____                           _ 
     / ___| ___ _ __   ___ _ __ __ _| |
    | |  _ / _ \ '_ \ / _ \ '__/ _` | |
    | |_| |  __/ | | |  __/ | | (_| | |
     \____|\___|_| |_|\___|_|  \__,_|_|
     ____  _             _             _           
    / ___|| |_ _ __ __ _| |_ ___  __ _(_) ___  ___ 
    \___ \| __| '__/ _` | __/ _ \/ _` | |/ _ \/ __|
     ___) | |_| | | (_| | ||  __/ (_| | |  __/\__ \
    |____/ \__|_|  \__,_|\__\___|\__, |_|\___||___/
    Olaf's biggest strength is a lack of weakness. All his units are 100/100,
    making a host of different strategies viable. I won't get into a lot of
    general strategies, but I'll go into the strengths of his COP/ SCOP.
                               <Snow Advantage>
    One of the deciding factors for Olaf is often the most overlooked, his snow.
    With snow, all units will have their movement drastically reduced. Olaf, of
    course, isn't affected by it. That means that while your opponent will have to
    delay his plans for a turn or two, you can keep on going. If you time it
    right, you can break through a line and your opponent won't be able to
    reinforce for a turn, allowing your units to survive and drive deeper.
                                <Extra Damage>
    The only difference between Olaf's COP and SCOP is damage. With his SCOP, Olaf
    will do two damage to all enemy units. That can often be the deciding factor
    between sever damage and a OHKO. Many units can do crippling damage to certain
    units, but can't quite kill them. However, they can kill an 8 HP unit. To
    borrow from the above strategy, if you use Winter Fury to break a line, you
    can pierce a line very well and prevent reinforcements for killing your troops.
                                 <More on Snow>
    "Olaf's movement is not affected by snow. You already knew that, but he has mad
    skills which can really stop opponents dead in their tracks.
    First of all, Blizzard makes it snow, which slows enemy movement. This is how
    it works. For treaded and tire vehicles, when it snows, all plains are
    replaced with forests. This means that Olaf gets 1/2 movement over snowy
    plains while other COs get 2/3 over snowy plains. This is important. Stick to
    getting your opponent on the plains and you will win. Retreat to the plains,
    use Blizzard, and just make it so your opponent can't get you, but you can get
    him. However, forests still give Olaf and other COs two movement costs, so
    those are bad.... (for some reason, snow forests in AW1 have 3 movement cost
    for treads, but AW2 Olaf has Winter Fury to make up for it)
    It seems like some maps, Olaf is no good, because there's very few plains.
    For instance, on 3p map Keyhole Cove, there's a road with some plains around.
    However, you can still use Blizzard on these maps anyway. The objective is to
    "block" the roads so that the opponent has to go on the plains to get to you.
    For instance, go ahead and put an infantry or a recon or anything on the road.
    Then put some artilleries/tanks/whatever behind them. Now your opponent cannot
    get to your main attack force. They will have to retreat. You will win for
    Now, it seems like "why don't I just put a bunch of infantry meatshields
    instead?" How many maps have you played where you have only two bases to
    produce units from, so you are unable to mass infantry? Also, how can you
    move all those infantry to the front lines so quickly anyway? You can't do
    that always. Olaf's Blizzard creates a shield for your units when you can't
    get it by means of cheap units.
    Olaf's Blizzard kicks ass on land, but in the air or sea, he WINS. Why?
    Because air/sea units don't have any "roads" to adhere to, so they get two
    movement cost EVERYWHERE. Fighters can only move 4 places. Bombers, copters,
    landers, and cruisers can only move 3. Battleships and subs can only move 2.
    This is bad. Your opponent will hesisate to build a massive air force in fear
    that Olaf will use Blizzard, move his fighters in, and you have no where to
    run. Then you can get your opponent to stick to the land units, where you
    don't have to worry about building anti-airs, and you can focus more on tanks
    so you can surely destroy his land force. Oh yeah, you can still use your nice
    b-copters/bombers/b-ships without having to worry about pesky fighters/subs
    since you can pick them off pretty fast.
    Winter Fury is great. For four stars more, you can make it snow and deal two
    damage to all enemy units. Just the damage alone is enough to annoy anyone.
    Only three COs in the game have this sort of power, Drake, Hawke, and Olaf.
    No one really likes Hawke's powers though, since they take too long to charge.
    However, some would prefer Drake since he has the fuel-halving powers and the
    rain instead of snow. Oh really? Winter Fury may be just as good as Typhoon,
    Drake's almighty power. Olaf can use air units. Drake can't. Anyway, this
    isn't a debate so I'm not trying to bash Drake here.
    I'm getting off track. Use Winter Fury when you didn't have any good time
    previously to use Blizzard. Use it, move in and kill him with a multitude of
    air and ground units, and now your opponent has no chance of coming back.
    Also, Winter Fury is good to use in 4-player free-for-all, no doubt," says
                                  <Spy Games>
    Not really a strategy, but a slight advantage that most other COs don't have.
    When you use Winter Fury in Fog of War, it will actually show you where all
    your opponent's units are. While you can't know what they are nor attack them
    without seeing them, it can help you detect ambushes and call bluffs. The only
    other COs that can do this are Drake and Hawke.
                                <Breaking the Pick>
    "This is another strat; when your opponent does what I like to call "set up a
    pick," this is the situation:
    Olaf's Tank (plains) Enemy Tank (plains) Another Enemy Tank behind that one
    Ok, one may be inclined to attack the enemy tank, but wait; the enemy has a
    pick set up, the 2nd tank will attack yours if you go within its range and
    you will lose your tank. Not this time. Use Blizzard and then attack the 1st
    tank; the 2nd tank can't get to you in time, so you can get the first hit
    twice, amazing, huh?
    This obviously works best when you have multiple units, not just one measly
    tank vs another tank," says Eric43.
                                 <Clone Wars>
    One aspect of the game that is often not talked about in FAQs is multiplayer.
    A common form of multiplayer is 2 vs 2 battles. Basically, two teams battle,
    either with one person controlling 2 COs or 4 players total. Olaf is one of
    the few COs that, when used with himself on a team, gains an even more
    significant advantage. Since he's not affected by snow, one Olaf using a power
    won't affect the other like it would affect any other CO. A game breaking
    combination is to use Winter Fury with one Olaf, wait a turn for the snow to
    wear off, and then use your other Winter Fury. That will do a total of 4
    damage to all enemy units (it affects both enemies, making it even better)
    and delays your opponent's plans by two turns. That can allow you to destroy
    you opponent's line with little fear of retaliation.
      ____                  _            _                ___  _        __ 
     / ___|___  _   _ _ __ | |_ ___ _ __(_)_ __   __ _   / _ \| | __ _ / _|
    | |   / _ \| | | | '_ \| __/ _ \ '__| | '_ \ / _` | | | | | |/ _` | |_ 
    | |__| (_) | |_| | | | | ||  __/ |  | | | | | (_| | | |_| | | (_| |  _|
     \____\___/ \__,_|_| |_|\__\___|_|  |_|_| |_|\__, |  \___/|_|\__,_|_|  
    Olaf is actually fairly difficult to counter simply because he has no weakness
    that most COs can use. Yeah, Drake's rain can slow him down, but he's the only
    CO that can cause rain. The best way to beat him is to emphasis your strengths
    and limit your weaknesses. Grit, for instance should find and hold a
    chokepoint and spam Artillery until he's ready to advance. Sami, on the other
    hand, should flood Mechs with a few supporting units to cost effectively kill
    him. Really, beating Olaf is just about the skills in using your advantage.
      ___  _        __                ___  _   _                  ____ ___      
     / _ \| | __ _ / _| __   _____   / _ \| |_| |__   ___ _ __   / ___/ _ \ ___ 
    | | | | |/ _` | |_  \ \ / / __| | | | | __| '_ \ / _ \ '__| | |  | | | / __|
    | |_| | | (_| |  _|  \ V /\__ \ | |_| | |_| | | |  __/ |    | |__| |_| \__ \
     \___/|_|\__,_|_|     \_/ |___/  \___/ \__|_| |_|\___|_|     \____\___/|___/
    How well does Olaf fare in a battle against other COs? Not taking the other
    player's strategic ability into account, I'll give a brief summary of how to
    play against each CO.
    Andy- Andy can be one of the most annoying COs for Olaf to face, simply
    because your damage abilities won't affect him as much. If you use your SCOP,
    all he has to do is use his COP and he's back to where he started. So what you
    really want to take advantage of is the snow. Watch him carefully and use your
    COP to trap him and ambush him.
    Max- Max is a very one dimensional CO, but he's good at what he does. All of
    his direct units are deadly, but his indirects are weak and have a limited
    range. The best way to counter Max is to use indirects to your advantage. A
    few Artillery can turn the tide of a battle. Look for chokepoints and hold
    them until you are ready.
    Sami- Sami excels with foot soldiers, so be prepared for a Mech Flood. Counter
    with B Copters (if there are Airports) since Mechs can cost effectively kill
    any ground units. Also, indirects can work well due to Mech's low movement.
    In a high mountain area where she's sending troops through them for an ambush,
    snow will literally stop them in their tracks. Also, with a Mech flood, Olaf's
    SCOP will do more damage, since it does 2 HP to each unit.
    Nell- Nell is all about luck. Her troops are all normal strength, so there's
    no special strategies that should be used against her.
    Hachi- Hachi can spam normal strength units at you, due to the reduced costs.
    He doesn't have a weakness to exploit, so you really have to use counters
    effectively and hope your opponents make a lot of mistakes.
    Grit- Grit is an interesting battle for Olaf. Being an indirect master, he
    won't need to move around as much, making the snow not affect him as much.
    However, SCOPs will affect him, especially since many chokepoints have few
    cities near them. He'll have to retreat his units to repair, join units, or
    deal with weaker units. Any of those are favorable in a chokepoint situation.
    And, if he decides to just deal with damaged units, next SCOP their down to 6
    HP. Use tactics to mount an assault and break through the line, and Grit won't
    be too much of a problem.
    Colin- Colin's biggest strength is also his biggest weakness, he has cheap
    units. They cost him less, but are weaker than normal. Really, there's not
    much strategy for beating him other than use counters. If you’re playing
    against a human and you haven't banned it, watch for a Double Gold Rush. If
    Colin fills his COP Bar all the way, he can use Gold Rush twice in a row,
    drastically increasing his money. The best way to beat Colin is to drag the
    game out until you can build powerful units almost every turn, and then kill
    his slightly-less-powerful units with yours.
    Kanbei- Kanbei is the opposite of Colin, his units are more expensive, but
    more powerful. Again, there's no weakness but the cost, so you want to hit
    him hard in the early game. Don't let him get a lot of cities or else you'll
    find yourself overwhelmed with units you can't kill.
    Sonja- Sonja can be quite tricky to defeat in Fog of War, but outside of it
    she loses her greatest advantage. She is, for all intents and purposes, a
    balanced CO, but she suffers in the way of her CO powers. Her COP is useless
    outside of FOW, but her SCOP is deadly when used right. It basically makes it
    so that if you attack her in the next turn, it acts as if she attacked first.
    The best way to counter this is through indirects and your SCOP to do damage
    without fear of counter attacking. Then, when your directs attack, you'll take
    less damage. In FOW, use the SCOP to identify ambushes and bluffs and avoid
    Sensei- Sensei is awesome in the early game, so you really want to hold out
    for the later game. Using A Airs to counter his Copters and Foot Soldiers is
    just common sense, but don't ignore other units. While a bit weaker, he can
    thrown in a tank or two to assist and you can kiss your A Airs goodbye. Throw
    a few tanks of your own in the mix, they still do really good against infantry.
    Eagle- Eagle can be a tricky person to beat. He is an expert in the air, so
    you'll want a greater mix of Missiles and A Air to counter it. But the
    biggest thing to watch for it his SCOP. The ability to move twice in one turn
    is deadly beyond all reason and is very good at breaking through a defense.
    And it works on all mechanical units, meaning that his ground troops move
    twice as well. It lets him build and move in the same turn. If you see him
    preparing for a Lightning Strike, use a Blizzard to slow him down. Also, keep
    a unit or two far away from the lines so that you won't die by losing all your
    units. If you can make it viable, Eagle has horrible sea units, so a naval
    assault may work. But again, make sure it'll work, since the Navy is not the
    best way to attack with.
    Drake- Drake can perhaps be one of the hardest COs for Olaf to beat. Olaf's
    biggest weakness is rain, and with Drake it comes abundantly. Really, the only
    way to counter it is to use a COP/SCOP and change it to snow, or just deal
    with it. Drake also has the damaging ability, which can be annoying, but not
    breaking. Using air units effectively can help you, since Drake's air units
    are 70/100. Be wary, though, since rain will cut your movement and air units
    are very fuel intensive. Make sure APCs are abundant. Avoid the Sea if
    possible, but if you have to, support your navy with plenty of B Copters.
    Make good use of Cruiser's carrying capability in Fog of War for a surprise
    ambush. And mostly, don't be afraid to use B Copters to kill Cruisers. Even
    without first strike, two B Copters can take a Cruiser out for the same cost.
    Jess- Jess is a vehicle specialist, meaning that she's going to rely on them
    for a significant portion of the battle. Vehicles are really affects by snow
    in any terrain other than road, so sometimes using a COP rather than saving up
    for the SCOP can be more beneficial. Also, she gets free refueling and extra
    movement, so don't ignore the low ammo unit. One COP and it'll be attacking
    you again.
    Flak- Flak is, like Nell, luck based. Beware the extra damage he can get from
    his COP/ SCOP, but other than that, just use basic counters.
    Adder- Adder is one of the most under-rated COs in the game. He has no
    strengths and no weakness, even more so than Andy, Olaf, or anyone else he
    might be compared to. But what makes him so good is simply that he can employ
    any tactic without having to worry about weak units. His COP/SCOP just
    increase his movement, but to all units. With his SCOP, the Mech can overcome
    it's greatest weakness and have a movement of 4. When playing against him,
    watch carefully for his COP and try to predict when he'll want to use it.
    While you won't have yours every time, a little snow will delay him. As I
    stated a moment ago, watch out for the Mechs. With other COs, you can
    disregard a Mech that's 4 squares away and take care of it next turn, but with
    Adder, that can be a significantly bigger threat. Other than movement, Adder
    really doesn't stand out, so adapt your strategies to the terrain and to
    counter what Adder's planning.
    Lash- Lash is either merely average or super powered depending on the map. She
    gets her extra strength from the terrain, meaning that in a mostly road map,
    she's not great, but in a forest or mountain heavy map she's overpowered. The
    key to beating her is countering units (as always) and trying to keep her off
    better terrain. If there's an open field, send your troops through there and
    make her come out and meet you (or march straight at her base). If there's a
    chokepoint, put infantry throughout the mountain to clog it up and make her
    move to other terrain. If she does go through mountains, your snow effect will
    hurt her significantly for a turn. Also, Air units don't gain terrain
    advantage, so her Air is average. "Lash cannot use powers to reduce movement
    cost to 1 when it snows. So whenever you anticipate her to use her power, use
    yours and she won't get first strikes like crazy." Stairwalker adds.
    Hawke- To some, Hawke is cheap. In a normal battle, he is. All of his troops
    are 110/100, meaning that in a straight battle, Hawke will beat Olaf every
    time. However, Hawke's COP Bar is long, so Olaf can gain back some advantage
    against him. However, Hawke's SCOP will, like Andy, completely negate Olaf's
    SCOP. But due to the cost, you should be using your SCOP more than he is. Use
    it to you advantage and use counters to defeat him. And above all, try to
    kill him before he can get his SCOP as much as you can.
    Sturm- Sturm is cheap. Simply put, it'll take a lot of strategy and a lot of
    mistakes on your opponent's side to win.
      ___        _       _                                  ___  _        __ 
     / _ \ _ __ (_)_ __ (_) ___  _ __  ___    ___  _ __    / _ \| | __ _ / _|
    | | | | '_ \| | '_ \| |/ _ \| '_ \/ __|  / _ \| '_ \  | | | | |/ _` | |_ 
    | |_| | |_) | | | | | | (_) | | | \__ \ | (_) | | | | | |_| | | (_| |  _|
     \___/| .__/|_|_| |_|_|\___/|_| |_|___/  \___/|_| |_|  \___/|_|\__,_|_|  
    This section is dedicated to various opinions on Olaf, showing multiple views
    other than mine on this CO.
    My view on Olaf: Olaf is well rounded with a unique ability. His snow, when
    used right, can stop your opponent while you keep pumping along. Many people
    dismiss him due to no apparent strengths. He can counter any tactic with his
    rounded troops and really only has trouble in rain. But rain lasts a turn at
    the most and comes rarely (unless you are vs Drake), so his weakness doesn't
    affect him as much as other COs are.
    Thalax5: Olaf isn't so much a defensive CO as a STALL CO. He works best in
    situations where you need to buy time. Learn how to time the use of Blizzard
    and you can be deadly. It effectively halves movement for enemy air and sea
    units, and gives you a turn of movement to position everything you need for
    first strikes, which dominate air and sea combat more so than land. It can
    also trap units on terrain, making it perfect for taking out a small force
    before newly built indirects arrive to support. It's also really handy if it's
    raining or if you need just a little extra defense. Winter Fury, just like any
    mass damage SCOP, is great vs. swarmers and expensive uber unit types like
    Sensei and Kanbei. Swarming forces take the most damage from it, and if
    Kanbei's built up a hefty force, he'll have to pay a fortune to get it back up
    to 100%, or join his units and have even fewer units to defend with. Also,
    like any mass damage SCOP, it shows locations of enemy units in FOW. And it
    makes Olaf a much bigger threat in multiplayer or handicap match maps as it
    affects ALL enemies. One of my personal fave things to do is set 2 CO's vs.
    Olaf and set the weather to Snow, then play as Olaf.
    Poison Ablaze: Olaf is an underrated CO because he is almost exactly like Andy
    (with the exception of climate bonuses and penalties). Using the normal
    strategies you can normally use with Andy, Olaf can hold any battle by
    capitalizing on the enemies weakness and eliminating his strengths. So even
    without powers he is an ok CO; all COs depend on how well you can adapt to
    their strategies, for a newbie player might despise Olaf because he does not
    have the healing powers that Andy does, and yet another might decide Olaf
    fares just as well in any sort of battle. And Olaf's powers may be another
    bonus for the latter player. Olaf's CO Power does not grant any perceptible
    bonus; however, it severely grants the Olaf player more time for one day. An
    infantry with no protection can steal the HQ quite easily after a Blizzard,
    for the defenses of the opposing player may be distracted by the decoy frontal
    assault and leave his base behind him. Like any player, Olaf works well in
    psychological warfare; the enemy is forced to keep their units closer to
    Olaf's if his CO Power is full, which sometimes means that you can easily
    destroy said units with backup artillery. Olaf's CO Power also stacks quite
    nicely; if you use Blizzard immediately after a day has finished snowing he
    still retains the "bonuses" while the enemy still retains the penalties.
    Another example is placing a T-Copter or another endangered unit safely out
    of normally enemy territory by causing a Blizzard. Olaf's inherent skill in
    snow is also a bonus; if playing any player other than Drake, Olaf is almost
    safe from rain and therefore disregards his penalties (climate change is
    delayed after every initial climate change; if Olaf uses his CO Power to
    start a Blizzard a change to rain will be likely to not happen soon after his
    power). Another bonus to his skill is his absence of two penalties. Normal
    CO's (excluding Drake and Olaf) have penalties to each climate change; Andy,
    for example, is affected poorly in rain and snow and is normal in clear
    weather. However, Olaf is affected poorly only in rain and is normal in both
    snow and clear weather. In this case, Olaf has a slight bonus over all other
    COs (with the exception of Drake). Olaf's SCO Power is all his power can give
    and more; however, only two damage points is not enough to deter the most
    persistent enemies and should only be used when either Olaf is winning, the
    other player is using large numbers of units to try to swarm Olaf, or Olaf is
    playing the psychological game and because of the indecision to play Olaf's CO
    Power it has reached its fullest potential. In a situation like the third, I
    would usually recommend choosing the SCO Power over the CO Power, but in some
    cases you need two days to complete a plan (on an interesting note: capturing
    cities takes two days) and you need to halt enemy units. In this case choose
    the weaker power over the stronger; you can gain two blizzards in two days.
    Tronn Bonne: There are two things that make Olaf, in my opinion, one
    of the best C0s in the game. The first is that he is a balanced CO
    and, despite the common perception that "bland" is bad, this is
    actually an advantage. Being balanced means you have a far wider range
    of strategies to implement than a specialist CO who, although very
    good at what they do, are handicapped, even limited, in some of their
    strategies. The other great thing about Olaf is that his CO power
    requires a lot of thought to use effectively. A poorly timed Blizzard
    or even a Winter Fury is a complete waste. Olaf must be aware of the
    position and composition of his enemy's units, which can be very
    difficult to achieve during FOW. Yet a well timed Blizzard or Winter
    Fury is ever bit as devastating as Samurai Spirit or Meteor Strike.
    While some other CO's can use their powers whenever they need an extra
    boost, Olaf must wait for the right time to unleash the devastating
    effects of snow on the enemy. This is far easier said than done.
     _____ _                 _          _             
    |_   _| |__   __ _ _ __ | | _____  | |_ ___       
      | | | '_ \ / _` | '_ \| |/ / __| | __/ _ \      
      | | | | | | (_| | | | |   <\__ \ | || (_) | _ _ 
      |_| |_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|_|\_\___/  \__\___(_|_|_)
    CjayC and gameFAQs.com- for inspiring me to write FAQs...
    My fellow SoLdiers, just because...
    Terragent and Linkman145, for organizing the CO FAQ writers...
    Xenesis Xenon, for the CO Stats FAQ, a great help...
    axiomnightmare, for his double Olaf debate, helping me form the Clone Wars
    Eric43, for 'More on Snow' and 'Breaking a Pick'...
    Stairwalker, for adding to the vs Lash section and pointing out an error in my
    vs Drake section.
    Thalax5, Poison Ablaze, and Tronn Bonne, for their opinions...
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