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    Colin FAQ by SuperSonic612

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                                                   *Colin FAQ*
    Table of Contents:
    0. "Before I begin..."
    1. "Find out about me"
    2. "Version History"
    3. "Legal"
    4. "Why do I like Colin?"
    5. "What can Colin do?"
    6. "Going into Colin"
    7. "In-depth Colin"
    8. "Colin Verses...."
    9. "Strats"
    10. "My favorite CO's in the order"
    11. "Thanks!"
    12. "Contact me"
                   ---------0. Before I begin...-------
    BEFORE I BEGIN-I would like you to know that I expect you to be very used
    to Advance Wars 2, and that you know strategies, and other stuff. If you don't,
    then go look at other guides. Most of them have strategies. However, I like to
    believe that you should play on your own-develop your own strategies. I'm not
    here to tell you how to play the game. I'm just giving you more info about
    Colin and why I think he's underrated and stuff along those lines. I don't have
    master "strats" as they call them. I believe some people take this game WAAAY
    to seriously. I think the objective of this game is fun, not your life. I have
    gotten this in every email I received so far, and I'm going to put an end to it
    right now.  I DO NOT HAVE ANYBODY ELSE TO FIGHT BUT MYSELF. I apologize if I
    offended the people who have emailed me thus-far, but I'm just sick of hearing
    this. Also, please understand UPDATES ARE ON THE WAY. Just give me some time,
    that's all. Grr...I can't BELIEVE someone actually stole my Advance Wars 2
    cart.!!!! That's right, I got ripped off. I swear if I ever catch that
    jerk...grr...they also stole my electric blue Nintendo DS (the system that AW2
    was in), along with Super Mario 64 DS. Sorry, but that means that updates are
    going to be kind of hard until I pick up another copy, so I'll just do my best
    to remember what Colin was like.  Anyway, I just wanted to make that clear.
    Now, let's get on with this!
                  -----1. Find out about me-----
    Hello, and welcome to my guide. Name's SuperSonic612, or Kai; either will
    work.  I hope this guide will help you somehow. AW2 definitely isn't a game to
    be missed, and with CO's like Colin, Eagle, and everybody else, this game is
    just perfect. I like to collect comic books, and I also enjoy going for a nice
    swim in my pool. And of course, I love to play video games. I've been playing
    since the Atari, but the Sega Genesis is when I really started getting into
    gaming. Also, I apologize for not making too many updates, but hey! It wasn't
    my fault that my AW2 was stolen. But enough about me-we got ourselves a Colin
    to learn about.
              ----------2. Version History---------
    0.1 Created Table of Contents, Find out about me, Why do I like Colin?,
    and Going into Colin.
           0.2 Created  In-depth Colin, started Colin vs.....
           0.3 Finished Colin vs....
           0.4 Created Legal
    0.5 Created My favorite COs in the order, Thanks!, and Contact me.
    Finished document. Read "Contact me" for info about how to add things to this
    guide if I missed any. I will also be updateing when I find something wrong.
    0.6 I felt bad that this was so short, so I decided to increase it's
    length alittle. Added bits and pieces all over the place.
           0.7 Added more stuff here and there.
           0.8 Made crucial updates, and created Before I begin...
           0.9 Made updates that I kept getting in emails to do.
           1.0 Continued from where I left off. Also created "Strats."
           1.1 Added "Rush" to "Strats." Also fixed a few typoes.
           1.2 Changed quite a few things, all being pretty important.
    1.3 Added things, fixed things. Also cleaned up a bunch of unneccessary
           1.4 Added strats that YuGiOh15 gave me.
    1.5 Fixed a few things, and also changed my email. Make sure you send
    any emails to the new one. I will rarely, if ever, check my old one again.
           1.6 Once more, fixed my email. Also added something to Before I begin...
    1.7 Put a few names in the Thanks! part, and also fixed something in the
    My Favorite COs in the Order part. You should check that out.
                          ----------3. Legal-------
                 This is copyrighted by Kai, 2005.
    Only use this for your own, personal use.  If I see this guide anywhere
    that doesn't have my permission, you wouldn't beleive what I could do. Be cool;
    email me first. If I give you permission, you are alowed to use it on your
    site. Visit "Contact me" at the bottom of this here document for my email.
             ----------4. Why do I like Colin?--------
    Colin is awesome, simply put. While his units are weaker than most, he can
    pop 'em out really fast. Got a Neotank breathing down your neck? Build two,
    surrond it, then BLAM! Crush it. Colin needs alot of skill to work with, and,
    fortunately for all of my loyal fans (lol), I have that skill. You know what?
    Most people like Kanbei. And with good reason. He has the most powerful units
    in the game, but for the same price as Kanbei's bomber, you could get two
    fighters to counter that bomber for just a little more. Colin's units might be
    bad; but they're cheap. In my eyes, Colin is actually a bit overpowered. Many
    people think Sturm is cheap (check out Colin vs....for my feelings on that),
    and I suppose he is. But when you got 10 bombers, $40,000 in the bank, and
    Power of Money activated, we'll see how far that "cheapness" gets him.
          ---------5. What can Colin do?------
    Spam units, that's what Colin can do! Pesky A-Air hit that precious bomber?
    Smoke it with your Md. Tank, then go in there with another bomber. What Colin
    can do is endless. I say, for this game, it isn't about who you pick-it's about
    how good you are. You could pick the worst character in the game, up against
    the best in the game, you would still win as long as you had more experiance.
    Colin is in the top three favorites of my COs (look at the section "My favorite
    COs in the Order"). His true power is hidden. Look at the description in the
    game. Now play him a few times. There are probably three kinds of people out
    Love-absolutely loved him. I didn't know he was this strong and fun to play.
    OK-he was OK, but I'm gonna stick with Eagle/Hawke/Kanbei etc.
    Hate- Worst player in the game (shame on all of you!)
    In case you couldn't guess, I was part of the first one.
                ----------6. Going into Colin--------
    As stated in the above section, Colin spams units, and he spams 'em
    good. Now, though I don't have him, I know what Hachi does. I do my homework,
    afterall. He has the same prices as Colin, but his units are normal strength.
    Sure, that's awesome, and is probably better than Colin in predeployed
    matchs....key word=probably. Sure, Colin's units are weaker than Hachi, and the
    old coot can also build from cities with his SCOP, but I like to believe that
    Colin's Super power is far greater than that. By the time you get your super
    power, you will probably have so much money, it will just devestate your foe. I
    mean, you aren't going to be buying anything. Speaking of getting your super
    power, let me show you what his CO power meter bar thing looks like:
    When you look at it, you probably say, "Wow, he must get his regular power
    pretty fast." And that is true, he does, only being two stars. But now let me
    explain to you what the powers do:
    Gold Rush-increases funds by 1.5. It is pretty good, and the more money you
    have, the better, obviously. Now go through a couple long battles, using GR
    whenever you get it. Sure, you probably got to use it alot, but it probably
    won't help you out nearly as much as his Super. YuGiOh15 also wanted me to
    mention something called Double Gold Rush, or DGR. Basically, you just save up
    for Power of Money, and then use Gold Rush as many times as you can, instead of
    using PoM. Effective, I'm sure, but if you have his SCOP, I recommend using
    that, unless you are $1,000 away from that game-breaking bomber or whatever.
    Power of Money-the more money you have, the more offense you get. Now that's a
    spicy meatball. Very spicy. If you are Colin's opponent, you won't want to go
    to this restaurant again, if you know what I mean. Now let me give you a few
    tips on how you should use this grand power:
    MAKE SURE YOU USE IT AT THE RIGHT TIME-just getting PoM and throwing it out
    there won't probably even flinch your opponent, unless you're really lucky.
    Don't take the chance. Try to have as much money as possible, but don't wait so
    long as to lose all your units. Kinda takes the point out of it, don't you
    much you want to destroy that Rocket that always shoots an important unit, if
    you can only hit one unit, then you just completely wasted your power, and, if
    against a very powerful foe, will probably just flush that victory down the
         ------7. In-depth Colin-----
    Colin doesn't take skill to learn; he takes skill to master. Anyone can
    just play Colin and win matches, he's just that good. But if you really want to
    make good moves, you better practice with him for more than 2 seconds. Let me
    define how I look at skill for a moment:
    Skill is the amount of time you took to really learn something. If you look up
    skilled in the dictionary it says, "Skilled. Having skill; trained or
    experienced." Colin needs skill. Just like it might take awhile to master
    Kanbei, or if you are an outside-er, than maybe getting skilled at a bike.
    Well, while playing as Colin, you might not get as much exercise as a bike, but
    you can definitely become a better AW2 player. And if atleast SOME people are
    like me, that might actually matter. I'm still playing this game. I don't care
    how long ago it came out.
    When push comes to shove, Colin's almost always going to win. His units take a
    10% deduction, but with the cost, it's going to be worth it. Let's take a look
    at Colin's cost for units (ground, air, then sea. Also in order they are found
    when you select either a port, airport, or base):
    Md. Tank-$12,800
    B. Copter-$7,200
    T. Copter-$4,000
    B. Ship-$22,400
    I didn't do anything fancy, and if you need to know what each unit does, either
    email me or just simply go to another guide-that is much more prefered. Like I
    said, each unit is decreased in power, but you can just put more out on the
    field and more than do anything about that. Let's see, if each unit is
    decreased by 10%, and your
    attacking with two units, that's another 80% damage right there. OK, now let's
    talk if you like to play with CO powers off. As long as there are bases (which
    there almost always are), Colin can still pull through, unlike, let's say, Olaf
    or Andy, who rely on the powers. A better chance anyway. In fact, I think Colin
    might be at an advantage when they are off. That way, if up against, oh let's
    say a Kanbei player, they don't have to worry about his immense and overall
    scary powers. Of coarse, you don't get your PoM, but when you look at some
    other people's CO powers, like Kanbei, that won't matter. Actually, that would
    be an interesting battle, Colin v. Kanbei. Oh well, I'm doing that section a
    little later, so anyway, back to this one. I would like to mention something
    about his SCOP. If you either know that you are going to get it next turn, or
    got it during your turn, don't buy anything. Here's an example that I swear is
    real-it just happened today: I had a Neotank (9HP), against Lash's Infantry
    (8HP). Now I didn't buy anything at the end of the turn. So on my next turn, I
    had about $40,000 in the bank, slapped on PoM, and I did 222% to it. Another
    one, if you didn't beleive that one: It was the same turn, except this time it
    was Infantry v. Infantry. Mine had 8HP, and her's had 9. I went up to attack
    it, and it did 86% to it. If you don't get it, it means that PoM is very
    effective, but it isn't neccessary.
                    --------8. Colin vs....-----
    It's that time now, kids! This will probably be my most favorite part of
    the guide. It's time to figure out how easily you can crush your foes with
    everything I just taught you so far in this guide. I want to say this right
    here. I cannot give very good "strats" to these characters because I HAVE NO
    ONE TO FIGHT. I am sorry if you are sick of hearing that, but by all the emails
    I got, so am I. Also, please remember this. Since I do not have any one to
    fight, I am just picturing how battles with other humans would go in my head.
    Quoteing The Master in Paper Mario, "To Battle!"
    Colin vs....Andy! Probably either a big threat or a pushover. It depends if
    your fighting a human (big threat) or the computer (pushover). The computers
    are sad in Versus, but are absolutely ruthless in War Room and Campaign. I
    can't really tell you here; I don't think you have to much to worry about
    though. Be careful of his healing powers. Even 2HP could destroy you, if used
    at the right time.
    Colin vs....Sami! MAKE SURE YOU PREPARE AGAINST A MECH SWARM!! You don't have
    to worry about this as much if you are fighting a computer, but otherwise you
    must be extreamly careful. If she is doing a MS, make the best possible use out
    of the cost reducing effects. If you were able to pop out a Neo every turn (or
    better yet, Bomber/B. Ship) then you might be able to pull through fairly
    easily. But since that is a total of $18,000 a turn, unless your playing on a
    map with alot of money, that isn't to likely. Also, don't forget, she doesn't
    need much money to attack ($1,000, $3,000, $6,000, and maybe $8,000 for
    Infantry, Mechs, Artillry, and an A-Air, if there are airports). However, if
    you use battleships, unless she came up with a master plan to defeat that
    attack, will pretty much always win. But since they cost more than
    Neos/Bombers, see what you can do with those first. One more thing, NEVER leave
    your HQ ungarded. Against Sami, that would be stupid. Especially in FoW. One
    Victory March will just end it right there. Always put something on the HQ
    against her.
    From YuGiOh15:Colin VS Sami When being Colin, Sami can have the upper hand a
    lot of times. Watch out for repetitive mech rushing, a long with direct unit
    decoys at the choke points. Behind these direct units are usually indirect
    units ready to blast the hell out of you. These are simple tactics a
    professional Sami player uses. Be sure to mention the early-game capabilities
    of Sami, how she uses her transport units to capture properties quickly and
    take advantage of the situation. IMO, you should take out the part of building
    a Neo every turn, because that is down-right bad to newbies. Building a 18000
    unit every turn is BAD, unless you are about to finish your opponent off and
    you have that much money every turn. Do NOT suggest Battleships as your main
    form of defense. To defeat a good Sami player, a Colin player must need a
    balanced army, like most COs. Unlike the regular COs, Colin needs to have a
    high amount of units. To face Sami, Recons or AAs can do the trick against
    those pesky foot soldiers. Always make sure you leave your HQ guarded, and
    watch out for T Copters. T Copters are units that are usually never noticed in
    Fog of War, and with an ongoing march to the HQ for Sami, a Colin player may
    get distracted.
    Colin vs...Max! He might be about as much trouble as Kanbei is. With his supped
    up units, at no price cost, you might have alot of trouble. However...if you
    could counter him with his greatest weakness, he probably won't stand a
    From YuGiOh15:Colin VS Max You forgot to mention Max's main form of attack: The
    Blitzkrieg. One of the most efficient, or downright simple tactics for
    offensive COs (mainly Max and Jess), this tactic involves spamming tanks
    against the opponents. Since Max's tanks have boosted stats, you'll need to
    rely on a balanced force to defeat him. AAs, Indirects, whatever counters what
    he's building. Be sure to use all the chokepoints (places without much open
    space) wisely, putting a strong, durable unit in front of one of your
    indirects. Mention how to take advantage of Max's bad defensive play. Once you
    reach the HQ with a lot of units, it'll be hard for a Max player to stop you,
    unless he knows what he's doing and knows how to play Max. (Like me! ...>_>)
    Colin vs....Nell! Nell is also a fun CO to use. I used her for awhile, but
    Colin is just better to me. You shouldn't have that much trouble, as her luck
    means nothing to Colin as he can just deploy more units than what she can
    destroy. Not too much trouble, but you should still be careful if up against a
    Colin vs.....Hachi! This is an interesting battle. Unfortunately, I can't tell
    you much on him, for I haven't unlocked him yet. I'm trying hard to though. Go
    to another guide, learn his strategies, then beat him back with every weak
    point you found out. Going back up to "Before I begin...", my game got stolen,
    so that means that it's going to take even LONGER to get him. I was so close
    to....Green Earth....Hard Campaign...no....Fret not, however. For, once I
    finally get another AW2 cart., I can easily blow through easy campaign, and HC
    shouldn't be that bad either. However, for me to actually get an AW2 cart could
    be days, weeks, months, anything really. I'll update this as soon as I unlock
    From YuGiOh15:Colin VS Hachi So, you don't know 'bout Hachi, eh? Hachi is also
    a Star CO. Hachi is also broken, whether it be pre-deployed, or just battling.
    Hachi, like Colin, has reduced costs, 90% of original price. However, he has
    100/100 stats. His CO Powers are the things that make him severely broken. His
    CO Power Barter makes deployment costs sink down to 50%!!! That's a MD Tank for
    only 8000 G with 100/110 stats! This means that this also gives 10% defense to
    all units for a turn (like all CO Powers) Oh god. The SCOP. *shudders* Merchant
    Union, Hachi's Super CO Power, also reduces deployment costs to 50% (That's
    still a Neotank for 11000!), and to make matters worse, he could now build from
    CITIES for the turn. His COP only needs $27,000 G worth of units to activate,
    and only $46,000 G to activate his SCOP. That means if your opponent destroys
    one of your MD Tanks and a Missiles unit, you can already activate your COP
    from there! Hachi's Co Power Meter is only ooOOO, which shows his unbalance.
    Hachi has as much swarm potential as Colin, if not, more. Make good use of Gold
    Rush and your discount cost for units, and do your best.
    Colin vs.....Olaf! Look at Andy, and then substitute everything from "Andy" to
    "Olaf." However, Olaf might be a little harder to beat than Andy, seeing as how
    you will have so many units, the snow will be a huge "snow"-down. Heh heh...
    Try to play with CO powers off if you have the chance. If you fight the
    computer, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. If you can play with CO
    powers off, he won't stand a chance. By the time he gets two tanks, you'll
    already have a Md. and possibly a Neo.
    Colin vs.....Grit! Phew, Grit eh? This could get annoying. However, as long as
    you mass-produce units, it shouldn't be that hard, but you really need to be
    careful. ALWAYS do air units when fighting him. I think I might have an idea
    you could try in your next battle with Grit though. Since Colin is so
    unpredictable, you could try to get him to focas on Artillrey/Rocket units, and
    then go in there with a Bomber swarm and blow away everything before he can get
    Missles set up.
    Colin vs....Colin! Umm....this is a little weird. It's pretty strange they even
    let you fight the same character as you're playing....freaky. But anyway, I
    don't think this would be that hard...I don't know; I've never fought myself
    before. If you are fighting a computer, go beat up a twig outside-you'll get
    more of a challenge. If you are fighting another human player, as long as you
    got more experiance, you shouldn't have to be that worried.
    Colin vs....Sonja! Sonja, if caught off-guard, will be simple. If you fight her
    in FoW.....good luck. Once more, if it's the comp., you won't have anything to
    worry about. However, if you play against a friend, chances are they know what
    they are doing-not good for you. If you know how Colin works, it shouldn't be
    too bad. As for her "?HP" units, you are going to be swarming her, so it
    doesn't matter. It won't save her. The extra sight will. Even if it is only 1
    extra sight, that is one more than you have. If you can play without FoW, don't
    worry about anything. Be careful, but don't worry. As Grit said in Campaign,
    "Don't mistake what I said, son. Being relaxed and being careless are two
    different things."
    Colin vs....Sensei! Once more, PREPARE FOR A MECH SWARM. This battle shouldn't
    be as hard as a Sami battle. Still, make sure your covered. Just like his
    sister, always keep a unit on the HQ. Whether it be an APC, or even an
    Infantry, make sure you never leave it ungaurded. Build A-Airs: they are strong
    against both of his strengths. Of course, don't do JUST A-Airs. Throw in tanks,
    Md. Tanks, and even a Bomber. He won't stand a chance.
    Colin vs....Kanbei! You thought I forgot about him, didn't you? Haven't you
    ever heard of saving the best for last? Anyway, Kanbei is a very challenging
    opponent. I can't give you much info. However, if I can get any, I'll update
    this (hopefully soon after, maybe before, I unlock Hachi).
    Colin vs.....Drake! Drake....phew....got our work cut out for us here. Even if
    there are no ports, it doesn't mean to just put down Drake. He is an awesome
    CO....and a better challenge. Since you are going to have so many units, both
    of Drake's powers are going to seriously hurt you; the fuel-halving effect, and
    the damage. Very difficult. And if there are ports.... well... try to use air
    units against him and also try to avoid being in water. If you are in a spot
    with a Bomber, where Cruisers can't reach you, than he can't do anything about
    Colin vs....Jess! You got a challenge ahead of you. Save up for your SCOP, and
    unleash it at the right time. Since she has strong tanks, try to use air or
    sea. And if there are no ports/airports, try to beat her to the punch with neos
    and get in an early rush.
    Colin vs.....Eagle! WOW! The hardest of all the Green Earth COs. Air units are
    hard to get by. Ignore all common sense when fighting him and do a solid 5-6
    Fighters, 7-8 A-Airs, 0-2 Missiles. I don't reccomend missles. I don't believe
    them to be as effective. And also a Cruiser or two, if there's water. Now, this
    is kinda situational. Build Subs. Although that might be weird, though
    extremely weakened, Eagle's sea units are very powerful, and very surprising. I
    don't recommend very many subs, unless you know that he is launching a surprise
    sea attack. Also throw in the usual Md. Tank, Neo, you know. Common stuff like
    that. Be extremely careful of Lighting Strike, and even L. Drive can be
    devastating if done at the right time.
    Colin vs.....Flak! Now we're entering familiar territory. I fight Black Hole
    almost every battle, so I know the ins and outs of these idiots. Flak is
    stupid. I see absolutely nothing that interests me, besides beating the crap
    out of him. I'm sorry if I offended the one person out there that plays Flak,
    but there are SO many...good players out there. Trust me, you don't need a
    strategy to beat this clown. Remember, FYI, I fight the computer only.
    Colin vs....Lash! One of the 2 1/2 people in Black Hole, if you know what I
    mean. She can be trouble, but you still have nothing to worry about.  Watch out
    for for her powers though. They can be cruel, especially if she can get on a
    mountain. Harsh. But still, just keep calm, and fight till the finish!
    Colin vs....Adder! I think were going pretty far down on the ladder here. Adder
    blows chunks. It doesn't matter how fast it gains it's power. Notice I said
    "it's." A gender hasn't been proven yet. While his CO powers are pretty brutal,
    and ruin that base that you thought you were going to capture next turn, it's
    still nothing you can't recover from, especially if you are Colin. Rip the
    Michel Jackson-wanna-be in two. It isn't like it's hard or anything.
    Colin vs....Hawke! Now we're going somewhere. Hawke can be pretty good, seeing
    as how his units get the 10% bonus that Colin loses (Thanks YuGiOh15!), but if
    you only fight the computer like me, then don't worry about anything.
    Colin vs....Sturm! The leader of Black Hole.... Shows quite a bit, when you
    think about it a little. He sucks just like all the other Black Hole COs. Don't
    worry about anything, except maybe if your are going to run out of rocks to
    shoot in the water. It doesn't matter how strong his units are. It doesn't
    matter how much it takes for him to cross woods and rivers-when you got blahby
    (just made that word up) computers built in this game, you don't have anything
    to worry about. ANYTHING. Don't even worry about Meteor Strike-you'll have so
    many units, it won't matter anyway. Note: I received an e-mail from YuGiOh15
    that complained about what I say about BH. That is true. I do put them down a
    lot.  I don't have anyone to fight but myself. And I could fight myself, but
    what good would that really do?
             -----------9. "Strats"----------
    I've referred to them several times in this guide, so I decided to add a
    few. If anybody knows any others, don't be a stranger to e-mail me.
    Mech Swarm: I do believe Colin's quite good at this. Here's how I would do a
    mech swarm: 3 subs, 2 fighters, 2 A-Airs, 4-5 Artillery, and about an endless
    supply of Mechs. Obviously, Colin is going to be pretty good at this, as he
    swarms anyway. Why not swarm a popular way?
    Rush: Thanks to YuGiOh15. This tactic is very simple; just go send
    normally-would-be expensive units early in the game over to your opponents side
    and devastate them before they can get going. This might be THE only way to
    beat a good Kanbei player. Take a few Md. Tanks in there and pummel the crap
    out of your opponent before they can get the engine going. This move ain't too
    bad; probably at it's prime against Kanbei and Grit. Not that I have anything
    against those two, they can just have a rough starting sometimes. I think I'm
    going to divide this into two sections that Rush is best in(I also made the
    names up. They're in no way professional):
    Weak Rush: Send in millions of little tanks. Not Md. Not Neo. Little tanks.
    They aren't as good, but you'll have ALOT tanks over there.
    Super Rush: Accept nothing less than an Md. tank coming from your bases. Neos
    are even better. You won't have as many, but their stronger. So it depends what
    you like, and maybe who you're fighting (if you are using Rush against Grit,
    NEVER use Super Rush. However, for Max, you might want to do a Super Rush).
    ???: Hmm..don't really have a name for this one. Anyway, this works best, and
    maybe only, in FoW. I like bombers. I like bombers alot. They are easily my
    favorite unit. So pretend your me, and love to build bombers. So do that, but
    then build B. ships (I think the B. Ship is most effective in this move), while
    still holding your foe's attention on bombers. Colin is very good at this, as
    his lower prices make buying bombers and B. ships as easy as can get. This is
    probably my favorite, as you completely screw the comp./friend over. Nice.
    ???: I received this in an e-mail:
    Anyway, I think you missed a Colin strat. I saw a computer do this once: Colin
    constantly used Gold Rush while capturing lots of properties and building few
    units, since he already had enough to protect himself. He then used Power of
    Money when his gold was maxed out. It was literally all nines. It was painful.
    Especially when the computer didn't use it well.
    Thanks alot Draguin!
    Any others, anybody? I know that three isn't alot, but it's all I could
    really come up with. If I can dig up any more, rest assured that they'll be
                ---------10. My favorite COs in the order-----------
    Well, here we are. The last part of the guide that anyone really looks at.
    I apologize if this was a little short. I'll be updateing it as soon as I find
    something wrong with it, if time allows. And I forgot the most important part!
    Feel free to e-mail me your list of favorite COs, and I'd be glad to put it in
    here. Anyway, here is the list of my favorite COs, in the correct order:
    1. Colin
    2. Kanbei
    3. Eagle
    4. Nell
    5. Max
    6. Grit
    7. Drake
    8. Andy
    9. Jess
    10. Sami
    11. Olaf
    12. Sensei
    13. Sonja
    14-19. Black Hole. I didn't appreciate them very much in the guide, why would I
    like them here? Note: This is MY OPINION. I know that other people will
    disagree. Example: BH just doesn't do anything for me personally, but for
    others, that might be just what the doctor ordered.
             -------11. Thanks!-------
    I would like to thank me, for my perfection....lol. Just kidding. However,
    seeing as how much patiance I have, I'm surprised I did write this. Thanks me!
    Nintendo, and everybody else that worked on this my-used-to-be-favorite-game
    I would like to thank the creator of Gamefaqs, CJayC. Thanks for creating an
    awesome site (that I visit just about every day)!
    Also on my thanking list, I would like to mention Ebooz, who I saw in his
    Sami guide how much HP she needs to capture a properity. Thanks!
    Thanks out to YuGiOh15, who pointed out many things I did wrong, especially
    how much Colin's units are reduced, and how much Hawke gains.
    Thanks to a dude named Draguin, who, like I said before, gave me that last
    strat. there. Don't forget to send me more, people! I'd love to give a few more
    myself, but, it would kind of help if I actually had the game anymore....
    My bro, who, for some reason, has inspired me in many places, both in this
    game and life. As weird as this is, Haruka, I couldn't have done this guide
    without you. Thanks!
    And I would like to thank everybody that endured me, my beloved audiance.
    Thanks for reading everybody!
       -------12. Contact me--------
    I would like to thank everyone one last time, and I assure you that updates
    are on the way! Just let me unlock Hachi, and maybe even come up with more
    strategies. You better hope so; Kanbei's a tough customer.
    My email is: SuperSonic612@chaotix.zzn.com
    Do not send me spam. I WILL block you. Do not even think about doing anything
    else. Especially flames. I do NOT tolarate flames. You must ask for permission
    to use my guide. If you wish for something else, email me. I will think about
    what it is you wish for, and then reply with a Yes/No, or whatever the question
    is. ALWAYS put in the subject line:
    "Colin FAQ" or something of the sort.
    If you do not do this, you're message will get deleted right on the spot, and
    therefore never read. I do not do AIM. I am on it occasionally, but I do not
    wish to give my screen name away. Also in your email, do not curse. And also
    talk like a human (no substituting "you" for "u," or anything else). I will, of
    course, accept typos (example; ACCENDENTLY doing the word "teh" instead of
    "the"), but do not do it on purpose. It makes the email so much harder to read,
    and also might be ignored. If you think you got something that this guide to
    Colin needs, email me, and tell me to either put it on here, or if you would
    like it done secretly (I don't know why), than I will just email it back to
    you. State wether you would like it in an email or posted on the guide. If you
    would like to review my guide, also email me, but unless you also include a
    question, don't expect a reply. Also in an email, I would like you to talk
    politley. Do not say "Yo, Suczwad." Say, "Dear Kai." If you are rude, do not
    expect an email back. However, if you would like to state your opinion, for
    example, why Olaf should be number 1 instead of ten, be my guest. I aplaude
    that kind of behavior (as long as you put it in a nice way. Example: I beleive
    that Olaf should be in your #1 spot because...." not anything like, "Yo, you
    jerk! Colin sucks eggs, he's horrible! You must be on somethin', 'cuz the CO
    you picked sux.") Follow all of this, and there is a 99.5% chance that I'll
    reply back to you. Also, the only site(s) that is alowed to use this:
    www.gamespot.com  (all I got to say is that they're lucky they're affliated
    with GameFAQs. That's all)
    If you see this on ANY other site that doesn't have my permision, let me know.
    Also, if you see this on any other site, come down to the "Contact me" section,
    and see if I have added any sites here. Somebody may have asked for permission
    and got it, and I gave it to them, hence the reason that it is on that site.
    Also if I do give you permission, if you put it in your own name...oh, your in
    soooo much trouble. Don't try it. You don't want to know what I could do. Thank

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