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    Hard Campaign Walkthrough by HPD

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    Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
    Hard Campaign Walkthrough
    Version 1.01
    26 June 2009
    By Jeroen van Lent (HPD/heropsychodreamer01)
    E-Mail: hpd@warsworldnews.com
    Copyright (c) 2009 Jeroen van Lent
    Table of Contents:
    0. Disclaimer
    1. Introduction
    2. Orange Star Campaign
       - 01: Border Skirmish
       - 02: Orange Dawn
       - 03: Andy's Time
       - 04: Mountain Ops
       - 05: Sea For All
       - 06: POW Rescue
       - 07: Test Of Time
       - 08: Liberation
    3. Blue Moon Campaign
       - 09: Toy Box
       - 10: Tanks!!!
       - 11: Reclamation
       - 12: T Minus 15
       - 13: Two-Week Test
       - 14: Nature Walk
       - 15: Neotanks!?
       - 16: Factory Blues
    4. Yellow Comet Campaign
       - 17: Silo Scramble
       - 18: Show Stopper
       - 19: Sensei's Return
       - 20: Duty & Honor
       - 21: A Mirror Darkly
       - 22: Foul Play
       - 23: Sea Of Hope
       - 24: The Hunt's End
    5. Green Earth Campaign
       - 25: Sea Fortress
       - 26: Drake's Dilemma
       - 27: Sinking Feeling
       - 28: To The Rescue
       - 29: Navy Vs. Air
       - 30: Rain Of Fire
       - 31: Danger x9
       - 32: Great Sea Battle
    6. Black Hole Campaign
       - 33: Hot Pursuit
       - 34: Final Front
    7. Credits and Acknowledgements
    Version history:
    Version 1.01 - 26 June 2009
    - Minor spelling/grammar fixes
    - Granted permission to neoseeker.com and supercheats.com for hosting this 
    Version 1.0 - 23 June 2009
    - First release of the guide
    0. Disclaimer
    This FAQ/Walkthrough has been written by Jeroen van Lent under the alias of 
    HPD or heropsychodreamer01. This guide is protected by copyright. No material 
    inside this guide may be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any website other than 
    gamefaqs.com, warsworldnews.com, neoseeker.com or supercheats.com without 
    permission from the author. Nor may it be otherwise distributed without 
    permission. Use of this guide on any other website or as part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright.
    1. Introduction
    This guide has been written for Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising and 
    exclusively covers the Hard Campaign thereof. It has been written with the 
    intention of covering up a blank area in walkthrough coverage for this game. 
    While documentation on the Normal Campaign and the War Room is pretty 
    extensive for this game, I've found that there wasn't much reliable 
    documentation on the Hard Campaign. I hope that this guide finally fills up 
    this space.
    This guide aims to provide strategies for all of the Hard Campaign missions 
    that will allow the player to achieve a perfect 300 point S-Rank score on this 
    mission. All of these strategies have been confirmed to yield said result. I 
    am aware of the fact that there may be better or more effective strategies out 
    there that I did not incorporate in this guide. If you happen to have a better 
    strategy for a mission, please send it to me and I will consider adding it to 
    this guide (of course giving you the proper credits).
    Getting a perfect 300 S-Rank score in many cases relies on knowledge of AI 
    movement patterns and knowledge of how the scoring mechanism works. While I 
    could provide you with all of these in this guide, I probably never could do 
    this any better than Translucent Air did in his S-Rank Walkthrough. This guide 
    is hosted on gamefaqs.com. The information I heavily make use of is located in 
    the "General Tips & Strategies" section of that guide. However, I will give 
    you some quick pointers here.
    Enemy units will not attack your units when the matchup is heavily 
    disadvantageous to them. You can use this fact to block enemy units' advance 
    through a choke point by placing one of your units in front of a unit that 
    will not attack it. It will in general not move away to make room for a unit 
    that will attack it but rather sit there and block the entire enemy army 
    trying to pass through the choke.
    Enemy units that have 1 or 2 HP left will generally seek to either join or 
    retreat and heal. Use this knowledge to your advantage to, for instance, send 
    back enemy Bombers to heal up and clog up an airport, limiting enemy 
    deployment while draining funds from the enemy.
    The AI always seeks to have at least 5 Infantry-type units deployed at any 
    given time. Use this to restrict the enemy from building large units by 
    killing Infantries.
    The Speed score always depends on a certain perfect speed limit that's a set 
    number of days that's different for every mission. These time limits are given 
    in this guide. After passing the speed limit, your score will gradually drop.
    Power score is based on the number of units you destroy in one day compared to 
    the total enemy units built in the entire mission. To get perfect power you 
    will need to destroy at least 1/10th of the total number of enemy units built 
    in one day. The current total number of units can be viewed on the intel 
    screen. The requirement is rounded up, so if there are 42 total enemy units 
    built, you'll need to destroy at least 5 of them in one day.
    Technique score is similar to power score, only it depends on the amount of 
    units lost compared to the total number of units you built. In Campaign or 
    Hard Campaign, you may not lose more than 1/5th of the total number of units 
    you have built throughout the entire mission (in War Room this is 1/10th). 
    This, too, can be viewed from the intel menu. Also, this is rounded up, so if 
    you lost 5 units, you'll have to have built at least 25 units in the end for 
    perfect technique. A good strategy for perfect technique is to mass-produce 
    Infantry from every available base once your victory will soon be secured 
    regardless of what you build.
    On a final note, since most of the campaign is more or less non-linear, there 
    can be a discrepancy between the order in which the missions are listed here 
    and the order in which you play them. The order I have chosen to list the 
    missions is exactly the same order as the missions appear in the ROM itself.
    2. Orange Star Campaign
    Mission 1: Border Skirmish ***
    CO: Sami
    Enemy CO: Flak
    Perfect speed limit: 9 days
    The main difference with the Normal Campaign map is that Flak now has more 
    units set up against you. It's not a hard mission, though, and if you've just 
    completed the Normal Campaign, it shouldn't be a problem for you at all. If 
    you have trouble beating this mission, you might not be ready for Hard 
    Campaign yet, and I suggest you should practise some more on War Room or the 
    Normal Campaign.
    The main thing you should focus on in this map is defense. Hold Flak's troops 
    at the bridge and don't let them get any closer. You should directly head 
    towards the city with your Tank and place your indirects correct so they are 
    able to fire on day 2. On the second day, switch your Tank for your MD Tank on 
    the city and hold out against Flak. Most of the time his units won't even 
    attack your MD Tank, so you're pretty safe there. Place Mechs on mountains for 
    vision, but watch out where you'll place your B-Copters, as Flak has some 
    A-Air riding around. Flak will also send some Mechs over the river in the 
    south, so you want to have your A-Air placed there and fire at every unit 
    trying to pass the river. Your Mechs will be of some assistance here. After 
    the A-Airs and Mechs are destroyed, move in with your B-Copters and Mechs. 
    Seek and destroy the Rocket as soon as possible. Once you've done that, the 
    main threat is gone and you can move past the bridge and destroy whatever is 
    left. Destroy 2 units for a perfect power score.
    Mission 2: Orange Dawn ****
    CO: Max
    Enemy CO: Flak
    Perfect speed limit: 34 days
    The key to advance into Flak's territory with a decent speed score is to 
    destroy the Laser Turret as fast as possible. The best way to do this is to 
    rush towards one of the ports that have an entrance to the inner sea with a 
    loaded APC (where the Laser Turret is located) and save up for a Battleship. 
    Also send two Tanks forward to hold up Flak's troops from entering the island 
    with the base and the two inner ports. If you can lure his troops into laser 
    fire, it shouldn't be much of a problem. After the B-Ship has demolished the 
    Laser Turret (which takes 3 turns to do), capture the base on the island (you 
    should have captured everything else on that island by now) and keep deploying 
    MD Tanks and regular Tanks. Along with the support of the B-Ship, Flak's units 
    should fall easily for your superior numbers, and his choke points will get 
    smashed away. Just remember that Flak mustn't get hold on any property on the 
    island with the base. If you manage to do that, you're safe. It may take some 
    days to mop up Flak's force though, but the time limit is very easy on you 
    this mission. You probably need to destroy 4 units in one turn to get a full 
    power score.
    Mission 3: Andy's Time ***
    CO: Andy
    Enemy CO: Flak
    Perfect speed limit: 17 days
    This mission is incredibly easy to complete. All you have to do is build a 
    T-Copter and an Infantry on day 1 and send that straight towards the base left 
    of the Black Cannon. But keep out of its range while doing so. Capture the 
    base once you get there (use the T-Copter to block off any unit wanting to 
    attack your Infantry), and deploy a Rocket from it. The Rocket only needs to 
    fire twice at the Black Cannon (it won't even need to move in place from 
    there) and your objective is complete. You can do it in a mere 10 days using 
    this strategy.
    Note that there is a lab map to get here. It is located on the neutral city 2 
    spaces north of the left Minicannon. You can send another T-Copter loaded with 
    an Infantry past the Minicannons to capture this city quickly (you want to 
    build it on day 2). Build some more Infantry to capture nearby cities, and 
    send out some B-Copters to hold off Flak's advance a bit and, more 
    importantly, to get the power score. It shouldn't be hard to finish off 2 of 
    Flak's units for a power score of 100.
    Mission 4: Mountain Ops ****
    CO: Sami
    Enemy CO: Lash
    Perfect speed limit: 23 days
    This is easy. All you do is spam mechs, basically. The only thing you need is 
    a solid opening: Infantry on the north base, APC on the other. Move Infantry 
    to capture north city, move APC to springboard another Infantry towards the 
    first northern base, start Mech spam on the south base. Begin capturing the 
    northern city, load infantry into APC and unload one space short of its max 
    movement. The Infantry will take two turns to get to the base either way, so 
    if you stop short the APC can move back to pick up the infantry that finishes 
    capturing the city next turn. After that just build Artillery at the north and 
    shield them with Infantry or Mechs, your two starting bases can crank out 
    Spam Double Time to move your giant column of Mechs faster and hit harder or 
    Victory March on the HQ. It's long and tedious but not difficult by a long 
    Mission 5: Sea For All ****
    CO: Andy
    Enemy CO: Hawke
    Perfect speed limit: 12 days
    This mission is incredibly easy, if you look closely at what Hawke builds. 
    Just pass the first day. Hawke will build a B-Copter. Just counter by building 
    a Cruiser and watch how it obliterates the copter. Hawke will also build a 
    Fighter and a Bomber occasionally. Counter the Bomber with a Fighter, and the 
    Fighter with either another Fighter or a Cruiser. And this is basically the 
    only strategy you need to win. Keep on destroying whatever Hawke builds within 
    two turns and you should have destroyed everything in no time. If Hawke uses 
    one of his powers, just counter with a Hyper Repair. Do not bother to build 
    any B-Copter at all, or any sea unit other than a Cruiser. If Hawke DOES build 
    a Cruiser, counter it with a Bomber, but he almost never does that. You should 
    be able to win within 10 days and an easy S-Rank.
    Mission 6: POW Rescue ****
    CO: Max
    Enemy CO: Adder
    Perfect speed limit: 22 days
    This is fun, if you've taken a gander at the fogless version. Even if you 
    haven't or choose not to, all you need to know is that the opposing side only 
    has 4 anti-air units, and of those only 3 of which will actively move against 
    you unprovoked, *and* they're spaced out such that you'll only deal with 1 at 
    a time. Once they're gone, your copters can move about unchallenged. Remember 
    that the AI sees everything in Fog of War unless it's in a forest or reef. 
    Move all units north except for the Infantry and Mechs, they can hang out on 
    the mountain range to bait and delay incoming rockets, maybe even attack them. 
    Your MD Tanks and copters should have front row seats; you want them to have 
    the widest range of attack.
    The AI should have moved a number of units into firing range on its first 
    turn, including an A-Air and Rocket. Unfortunately you'll probably have to 
    move into cannon range to destroy some units; remember that cannons target 
    based most expensive unit first and you have no way of repairing your copters 
    unless you join them, so if something must get hit, make it your Tanks. There 
    are cities you can rest on after the first and second cannons anyway. However, 
    if you drop a unit to 1 or 2 HP, it's not really worth the cannon damage to 
    finish it off. If you get your rocket to the forest directly west of the HQ, 
    it can destroy the A-Air and Rocket sitting there, the AI shouldn't bother 
    to move them or anything.
    Mission 7: Test Of Time *****
    CO: Andy
    Enemy CO: Flak
    Perfect speed limit: 7 days
    You need to advance quickly in this mission. Don't even bother with whatever 
    is located to the north, it's the units on the bridge that matter, as well as 
    the B-Ship. The B-Ship can easily be taken care of by a Rocket/Artillery 
    combo. Place an Artillery immediately on the city and your two Rockets in its 
    range. The B-Ship will ALWAYS attack one of your rockets and will probably 
    bring it down to 2HP. Blast the B-Ship away the next turn and make sure to 
    keep your crippled rocket safe, since it may be quite useful again once you 
    get your SCOP.
    Place one MD Tank in the gap between the mountains near the bridge to hold off 
    any units coming from the north. Do NOT destroy them immediately. They'll only 
    waste your precious time. Just let them come. Most likely, the AI will place a 
    pretty weak unit in front of your MD. You can take that one down with an 
    Artillery to 3 or 4 HP then and swap your MD with a regular Tank. The AI won't 
    move or attack with the low HP unit, and therefore blocks every unit there, 
    allowing you to concentrate on the center field.
    The other MD Tank should OHKO the rocket on the shoal immediately. If you 
    can't see it, place an infantry on a mountain or shove a recon forwards. Next 
    turn, use your MD tank combo to OHKO Infantry and other nasty units. If you 
    can't OHKO them, use your indirects to assist you. Move your loaded APC with 
    you, ready to capture. A few mechs or other units might assault you from the 
    shoals on your way, so have something ready to counter that. Don't let them 
    attack your indirects or APC. Your SCOP should be charged and used here as 
    Once you conquer the bridge, there is still one big threat to take care of, 
    which is a Rocket located in the middle of the three eastern forest patches 
    near the lab. Use whatever you have left to spot it and get rid of it. As long 
    as it can't desturb you anymore, you're fine. Place your APC in a safe 
    location and drop your infantry near the lab, so that it can capture the next 
    two turns. There shouldn't be anything left to prevent you from winning, but 
    still make sure to guard it well. You never know. Getting a high score is 
    pretty easy once you know this strategy. You won't lose many units (if at 
    all), and still destroy quite a few with your SCOP. If you are good, you can 
    use your indirects to pick off the HP of the units gathered north of your 
    starting point and destroy them with your SCOP for a good grip on the power 
    score. Using this strategy, I got 300 points in a matter of 6 days.
    Mission 8: Liberation ***** ***
    Recommended CO: Max
    Enemy CO: Flak
    Perfect speed limit: 15 days
    This mission is very tricky to get a 300 point S-Rank on. It requires a good 
    deal of luck to get the enemy move just right.
    Flak is absolutely madly deploying units from his factory. It is impossible to 
    stand against his onslaught for very long with the low amount of funds that 
    are provided. So, what you have to do is sneak towards the pipe seam from the 
    right, capture the neutral base, build an MD tank from there and use it to 
    blow up the pipe seam by day 10. You really don't want to drag it out much 
    longer, as Flak will really get on your nerves by then and will probably ruin 
    your chances of pulling off a win. This is even more important if you want to 
    achieve a perfect S-Rank on this mission. Taking much longer will most likely 
    be hurting your power score.
    Flak will pretty randomly move his units in this map. Sometimes his units will 
    come straight for your main base (which is generally bad) and sometimes they 
    will move towards the pipe seam (which is generally worse). Most of the time, 
    however, his units will either move to the left side of the map, which makes 
    it a lot easier for you. In some cases he will even block his own factory 
    doors, effectively stopping certain units to be produced.
    Now, on day 1, produce an APC from the eastern base and an Infantry from the 
    base west of it. Use the APC to transport this Infantry to the neutral base, 
    dropping it off two squares below the base, with the APC located on the 
    missile silo. Immediately when you have captured the base, produce an MD Tank 
    from it and try to destroy the seam with it. A Max MD Tank only needs two 
    hits for this. Use the APC to carry another Infantry west from the neutral 
    base and drop it off as close to the seam as possible. It can help out with d
    ealing with the infantry there that will try to block the MD Tank's path. 
    Also, Flak will probably build an Artillery from the base right below the 
    seam. If you send an Infantry unit in its range, it will attack that Infantry 
    instead of move so Flak can't produce anything else from there. Use one of the 
    two missiles that you have at your disposal and the MD Tank to take it out. 
    The Infantry can block the base that turn so Flak can't produce anything from 
    it again.
    At your main base below there's not much your units can do aside from 
    defending against whatever Flak sends your way. You can capture the neutral 
    city next to the missile silo to the west, but it's useless to try to capture 
    anything else as that will get you too close to the factory or the bulk of 
    Flak's army. Flak has a missile that he will launch at you just before you can 
    build the MD Tank. A Tank and one or two Infantry will probably be enough to 
    lure it to your main base and not hit anything important. As you'll probably 
    need one missile to deal with that one Artillery, you have one missile left to 
    use. Use this one wisely, probably to help you gain a decent power score.
    As for getting the power score right, it will entirely depend on how Flak 
    moves his units. Early on, he will probably start harassing your main base 
    with a recon, an A-Air, a tank, a B-Copter or a combination of these. Build 
    whatever is needed to repel this attack, mostly sticking to Mechs as they're 
    cheap. Hopefully you can trap one of these units and keep it alive until you 
    can destroy three units in one day. Most likely this day will be the final day 
    when you blow up the pipe seam. You can build a couple of tanks from the 
    captured neutral base to destroy a few units Flak will eventually send towards 
    the seam. Between this front and the one near your HQ, as well as one 
    remaining missile, you should be able to pull it off. If you can't, it'll 
    probably mean that you have to restart the mission.
    Alternatively, you can decide to use Sami for this mission and capture the 
    base directly below the pipe seam. Send an Artillery behind your APC on day 2 
    to destroy the pipe seam in a ridiculously short amount of time. Credits to 
    Dragon Fogel for pointing this out to me. However, I never really got the AI 
    to cooperate enough to let me get 300 points using this strategy. Don't let 
    that bother you much, though, as this strategy is also confirmed to work. If 
    you don't have any luck with Max, you might want to give this option a go.
    Andy is definetely the worst choice for this map, as he has neither Sami's 
    fast transports to get to the base below the seam in time or Max's direct 
    combat power that really helps him in achieving 100 power. With nothing that 
    works in his advantage here, you really shouldn't be using him.
    3. Blue Moon Campaign
    Mission 9: Toy Box *****
    CO: Olaf
    Enemy CO: Lash
    Perfect speed limit: 27 days
    This mission is pretty easy to win, but annoying to win quickly. There are 
    lots of choke points on this map and annoying locations of bases, making 
    advancing with your units to be quite difficult. The biggest choke point on 
    this map is just north of the eastern neutral base (the one surrounded by 
    mountains on the north, west and south sides). You really need to hold this 
    choke point to stop Lash from advancing. All of the territory behind this 
    choke is then up for grabs. Capture every city in this territory and the 
    neutral base near the choke to build up an advantage in income. Build a 
    sizeable army of tanks and artillery first to hold the choke and later to 
    press through. If you can, try to use your artillery to stop Lash from 
    capturing the neutral base west of the one near the choke. When you receive 
    enough income, build an army of MD Tanks, as they're best suited to take out 
    Lash's units when you have little room to maneuver. Don't forget to take the 
    Lab Map from the city three spaces west of the neutral port. This battle 
    probably will take a good amount of days, but the speed requirement isn't 
    really that strict. As this map prevents any quick advances from both sides, 
    don't bother with Blizzard and stick with Winter Fury to actually do some 
    damage to Lash's units.
    Mission 10: Tanks!!! ****
    CO: Grit
    Enemy CO: Adder
    Perfect speed limit: 7 days
    This mission really focuses on Grit's awesome indirect power. Essentially, the 
    Rockets are your only offensive weapon. However, they're so very effective 
    that they can quite easily dispose of Adder's massive tank army. Here are a 
    few pointers for this mission:
    Most of Adder's tanks will take the northern path. Only a few are likely to go 
    south. So, keep a minimal defence there and have your Rockets mainly 
    positioned among the northern path.
    Adder has some Mechs trying to scale the mountains. Don't let them! Use your 
    western Mechs to take them out and keep them away from your Rockets.
    Prioritize what you're going to shoot at. Take out Mechs first, then Neotanks, 
    then whatever crosses your path.
    Use the missile silos in the east to your advantage. Send your eastern Mechs 
    to seize them.
    Make sure to keep your recons alive. Without vision it's hard to shoot. If you 
    position them and your artillery at forest tiles with mountains surrounding 
    them on both sides, enemy units can't move in and attack them right away.
    Favour Snipe Attack above Super Snipe. You won't need the extra +1 range that 
    it gives and you can trigger your COP twice.
    Mission 11: Reclamation *****
    CO: Colin
    Enemy CO: Lash
    Perfect speed limit: 20 days
    This mission is fairly standard in its setup and really not all that hard, 
    considering this this is Hard Campaign. Lash starts with a couple of 
    pre-deployed units, but they won't really move from where they are. Only a 
    Tank and a Recon will come to harass you early on.
    Basically your strategy is to preferably use Mechs to dispose of the Recon and 
    Tank, then cross the river to capture the middle bases. Then use the three 
    missile silos and superior units to overwhelm Lash. Also immediately send two 
    Infantry south to capture the airport and bases there. The laser is not really 
    in your way as long as you are aware of its firing range. It's probably more 
    often even hurting enemy units instead. Remember that it can't kill your 
    units, so use that to your advantage when firing the missiles.
    Don't bother with Power of Money. Just use Gold Rush whenever it's useful and 
    build a couple of Bombers. It's shouldn't be hard to win this one.
    Mission 12: T Minus 15 ***** *
    COs: Olaf, Andy
    Enemy CO: Flak
    Perfect speed limit: 12 days
    This mission requires you to capture the 8 cities surrounding the giant 
    missile within a 15 day time limit. There are essentially three fronts on this 
    map. Firstly, we have the northern front where Flak has a relatively small 
    force. Here, Andy helps you out with a couple of Bombers, B-Copters, a Fighter 
    and an APC. Also, Olaf keeps his most important units here: his two Infantry 
    and Mech units. These are essential to acquire victory, so keep them at full 
    HP at all times.
    Secondly, we have the middle front. This is where most of the fighting will 
    happen, as Flak's main host resides there as well as the giant missile with 
    the cities surrounding it. These are well guarded by Rockets, Missiles and 
    A-Air that you need to take out first. Olaf has a sizeable army here 
    consisting of MD Tanks, two additional Tanks, a Rocket and a Missile.
    Thirdly and lastly there is the southern front where Olaf's defenses are at a 
    bare minimum. You only have three A-Air, two Mechs and a Rocket to hold off 
    Flak's aerial division consisting of Bombers and B-Copters. These will head 
    straight for your precious units, so watch out! Fortunately, you can capture 
    the airport just before Flak's Bombers can reach you. Also, Flak will have a 
    single base here and a couple of assorted units.
    This map all boils down to careful micromanaging your units. At all times, 
    before you move your units into position, check the enemy attack range and 
    make sure that you don't accidentally move into the range of a Rocket or a 
    Missile. If you can do that, you should be able to win this map. Don't forget 
    that indirects can fire across pipes! Use this to your advantage.
    Now for strategy. Have Olaf on the northern front capture the neutral cities 
    first. Keep the other units out of the range of the Rockets near the missile. 
    Andy should send a Bomber and the Fighter towars Olaf to strike down the pipe 
    seam here. The Fighter won't have much use except for blocking off the 
    entrance to the seam, so no enemy units can hurt the Bomber after it destroyed 
    the silo. The rest of Andy's forces should first dispose of what little units 
    Flak has on the northern front, then move in to the middle section to attack 
    Flak from the rear.
    On the middle front, you should advance until you reach the range of the enemy 
    Rockets. Keep out of their range until Flak's assault is over. He will first 
    send two Tanks and two A-Air towards you, but keep your MD Tanks at the head 
    of your army to protect your other units. You can dispose of them quite 
    easily. The next wave of units will be larger, but by then you will have 
    managed to pull off a Winter Fury and have moved your indirects into position 
    enough in order to repel this assault as well. Once it's over, Andy will have 
    moved in and finished off the western part of the units protecting the 
    missile. Dispose of the Rockets and Missiles and head in with your Infantry 
    and Mechs to capture the cities.
    The southern front is easily worst off, but even with this few units you 
    should manage. You can capture the airport before Flak can reach you. Move 
    your A-Air around it, but keep out of Bomber range. Flak should use his first 
    Barbaric Blow before he has the chance to reach the airport with his bombers, 
    doing you little harm with it. Now you have first strike on three of the 
    Bombers with your A-Air. With a bit of luck (as Barbaric Blow is still in 
    effect at this point), your A-Air should survive with enough HP. The Rocket 
    that you have should move north, then west along with the second Mech. You can 
    use them to lure the Bombers and B-Copters into the range of the Missile on 
    the middle front. With your surviving A-Air, you can take out all of the enemy 
    air units. Build a Bomber from the airport when you have acquired the funds to 
    dispose of the Artillery guarding the pipe seam, then have it destroy whatever 
    Flak sends your way. Continually build B-Copters after you've built the Bomber 
    to assist it.
    Be sure to carefully place the Infantry and Mech units to capture the cities 
    in an efficient way, so you finish the mission objective with a couple of days 
    left to spare. If you finish with 4 days left on the clock, you should receive 
    a perfect speed score.
    Mission 13: Two-Week Test *****
    CO: Colin
    Enemy CO: Lash
    Perfect speed limit: 15 days
    This mission can be really annoying at times, depending how you play it. 
    Fortunately, with a little bit of AI manipulation, it becomes pretty easy. You 
    have to hold your own for 14 days against an opponent with a massive 
    advantage. Fortunately for you, there's a giant choke point separating your 
    base from the rest of the map. All this rest is essentially Lash's. You have 
    just enough time to capture the city just southeast of your eastern base 
    before the enemy reaches you. Use your Tanks to get the enemy units down to 
    3-4 HP so they will not attack your Tanks or retreat/join (they will only do 
    that when they reach 2 or lower HP). Do not destroy them, as you don't want 
    fresh units to take their place. By doing this, you're preventing Lash from 
    advancing as her own units are in the way. Now, you can focus on building 
    indirects, A-Air, Missiles and Infantry. With the indirects you can stomp 
    whatever is beyond the units blocking Lash's path. The Missiles (you only need 
    one of these) can kill B-Copters that occasionally appear together with your 
    A-Air and hurt the Bomber that will come to strike you after a couple of days 
    have passed. The Bomber will hopefully be left with 1 or 2 HP, so it'll 
    retreat to heal. When it does, it will block off the airport for a couple of 
    days, making your life even easier.
    The Infantry you will basically build to protect your indirects and the 
    blocking Tanks from air units and enemy Rockets. Also, when the B-Ship does 
    decide to start harassing you, have some Infantry work as a decoy for that as 
    well. Keep retreating damaged infantry and replace them with fresh ones. On 
    the last day, destroy enough units for a perfect power score while making sure 
    Lash can't suddenly destroy enough units to hurt your technique score.
    Mission 14: Nature Walk ***** ***
    CO: Grit
    Enemy CO: Lash
    Perfect speed limit: 14 days
    Just one unit needs to reach the HQ in order to complete this mission. This 
    mission would've been hard, were it not for the vast forest that lies in front 
    of you to hide in. Moving through the forests at all times will keep you safe 
    from harm in most cases. Also, when no enemy unit can spot you at the 
    beginning of their turn, the Black Cannons will not fire. Advancing slowly and 
    carefully is the trick here, picking off the enemy units with your indirects 
    and tanks whenever you can, making sure no enemy units can spot any of yours 
    at the beginning of their turn. Keep in mind that the AI cheats in FoW and can 
    see everything that's not dived or located in a forest/reef with no enemy unit 
    adjacent to it.
    On day 1, move all of your units into forests, as there are enemy units close 
    by right away. Get rid of these, then advance north. If you have the 
    opportunity to pick off enough units in one day for a perfect power score, 
    make sure to get it. The units near your HQ will not attack you, so you can 
    safely ignore them. You should be able to win this map without losing a single 
    Mission 15: Neotanks!? ***** *
    Recommended CO: Colin
    Enemy CO: Lash
    Perfect speed limit: 14 days
    This map requires a bit of rushing to get to the Lab before the timer runs 
    out. Since you start out with little funds and a lot to build, I recommend you 
    choose Colin. Initially, you want to build a good deal of Infantry to capture 
    the few properties that you can easily get and to fire the missiles. After 
    that, build an A-Air, an APC and a couple of tanks and rush to the Lab.
    Early on, Lash will send four B-Copters towards you, keep a Neotank, an MD 
    Tank and  a Rocket near the Lab and will try to take the middle right base 
    with a Mech, Tank and Artillery. Everything else will mainly stick to the 
    upper left part, which is none of your concern.
    The Infantry units that you will build on Day 1 should move towards the 
    northern and western missile silos and the eastern one should head for the 
    cities. On day 2 you build another three infantry and send them in the same 
    directions. Preferably, you want to fire two missiles on day 3 (one from the 
    northern two silos and one from the western two silos). You want to fire these 
    at the four B-Copters, the Mech, the Tank and the Artillery. If you're lucky, 
    you can hit all seven units, bringing everything down to 4 HP. The B-Copters 
    will go for the northern infantry that just fired one of the northern 
    missiles. However, it should survive to fire another missile the next day on 
    the four B-Copters. An A-Air can take care of the rest, as the 1 HP copters 
    will all join together.
    The pre-deployed Tanks that you have should at first protect the capturing 
    Infantry in the shouth so the B-Copters won't go after them, but as soon as 
    the copters have moved west, you can rush in and kill the Tank, Mech and 
    Artillery before the Mech has the chance to finish capturing the base, making 
    your life a lot easier. Load one of your eastern infantry into an APC and have 
    it go to the Lab. You might want to capture the base first, but it's not 
    really necessary.
    In the west, it's possible to capture the neutral airport. You need to build 
    a good amount of infantry and an artillery. An enemy A-Air will try to bring 
    down the Infantry, but if you keep joining it with fresh Infantry and shoot it 
    when the Artillery arrives, you can eventually capture it. Use it to help you 
    get a full power score. The A-Air that destroyed the B-Copter can come in to 
    help at this front. Keep an infantry close by to fire the remaining western 
    The three remaining missiles all should be fired at the Neotank, Rocket and MD 
    Tank protecting the Lab. The Lab doesn't heal units, so hit them to 1 HP. A 
    Tank or three and the APC with the loaded Infantry can finish off these units 
    and capture the Lab before anything can come in from the northwest to prevent 
    you capturing it. Destroy three units in one day for a perfect power score.
    Mission 16: Factory Blues ***** **
    Recommended COs: Colin, Kanbei
    Enemy CO: Lash
    Perfect speed limit: 21 days
    The recommended COs on this mission are Colin and Kanbei. Kanbei (as well as 
    the other Yellow Comet COs) can be unlocked by beating the Yellow Comet 
    campaign first. The factory mission of that campaign (The Hunt's End) is 
    easiest with Max as assisting CO anyway, so it's really recommended that you 
    finish that mission before doing this one. Kanbei's forces will be pretty much 
    only pre-deployed in this map, so his strength helps a ton.
    Colin I prefer over Grit to use here, as the map is very open and Colin's 
    cheap units makes you able to produce expensive units quickly. However, Grit 
    is still a decent choice on this map if you mass produce Artillery and have 
    Kanbei act as a shield for them. Olaf is immediately out as a viable option, 
    as his snow will hamper Kanbei's forces more than Lash's.
    Kanbei will deal with most of the combat. With him, capture the two cities 
    near his starting location and later on take the western airport. From there 
    he can build some B-Copters and take control of the entire western side. 
    Another important job for him is to block the factory doors by placing his 
    units in front of them. Once that is accomplished, any difficulty that might 
    have existed on this map will be gone.
    There are three missiles on this map. Two of them are located at around the 
    middle. Lash will pretty soon head for these missiles. If she manages to fire 
    any, they are almost certain to hit the bulk of Kanbei's army, significantly 
    reducing his fighting strength. You do not want to let this happen. So first 
    have his units move towards the center, so they can deal with keeping Lash 
    away from the properties there, as well as the missiles. Also, this allows 
    Kanbei to instantly deal with anything that's produced from the factory. The 
    A-Air should move north first, though, as three B-Copters will close in to 
    attack early on. The A-Air should have no problem with them whatsoever. Once 
    the copters are down, one of the A-Air can finish off the Artillery protecting 
    the western airport and have one of your Mechs capture it. By then, you will 
    probably have reached the factory doors, removing Lash's largest threat.
    Whoever you chose as your BM CO, his role will be to support Kanbei in 
    advancing and capturing the eastern airport. First focus on capturing every 
    property close to you, then head for the airport. The Artillery guarding it is 
    stationary, so you might be able to slip an Infantry past it and capture it. 
    From there, produce Bombers and have them head for the pipe seam. As 
    supporting units, Grit will rely mainly on Artillery, while Colin will use his 
    Gold Rush whenever he can in order to mass produce stuff like MD Tanks or 
    Neotanks if you have those. Of course, once you have the airport, both should 
    switch to Bombers (Grit needs at least one to take out the seam). Don't forget 
    that the Blue Moon army needs to get the power score, which probably means 
    that you'll have to destroy at least 5 or 6 units in one day. With Kanbei 
    wrecking everything in sight this might be a problem. So keep in mind to keep 
    a couple of units alive and move your units into position to have BM destroy 
    enough in a single day. Grit won't have much trouble with this when he uses 
    his powers, and Colin should have enough strong units deployed by then to pull 
    it off without too much trouble as well. Once you have it, destroy the pipe 
    seam with a Bomber or a Neotank, maybe in combination with a Kanbei B-Copter 
    coming in from the west.
    4. Yellow Comet Campaign
    Mission 17: Silo Scramble ****
    CO: Kanbei
    Enemy CO: Flak
    Perfect speed limit: 18 days
    This mission is not all that hard. Your main concern here will be rushing to 
    the farthest properties to prevent Flak from getting a foothold anywhere. At 
    the very least, you'll want to capture the bases on the small outer islands 
    and fire the missiles on there before Flak can reach them. Also you have to 
    take over the middle island. If you can do all that, you can keep firing 
    missiles on everything Flak has and complete the mission quickly enough. If 
    you're good, you can even stop Flak from capturing both the base somewhat 
    south of the northwestern small island and the base next to the northern port, 
    south of the bridge leading towards the center island. If you can achieve 
    this, you're really in good shape, but in order to do that you'll need to fire 
    three missiles on each of the two capturing infantries and then reach it with 
    a Tank or A-Air to finish it off. When you've successfully foiled Flak's plans 
    at these parts using an army of Tanks combined with a barrage of missiles, 
    he'll go down easily. Just keep rushing for the bases and the missiles.
    Mission 18: Show Stopper ***** **
    CO: Sonja
    Enemy CO: Adder
    Perfect speed limit: 38 days
    This mission starts off tricky as Adder will have a good amount of units ready 
    to attack you, while you have only a few forests to hide in and no choke 
    points to take advantage of. So this means that you'll just have to hold off 
    Adder with whatever means you have until his initial assault is over. After 
    that, you can slowly advance and complete your objective, which is destroying 
    the 8 minicannons surrounding the giant fortress. HQ capture is also an 
    option, but since the HQ is all the way to the northwest and guarded with 
    B-Copters to boot, destroying the cannons is a lot quicker.
    Your main concern when keeping Adder at bay will be guarding the two neutral 
    bases. As long as Adder can't capture them, you can outlast him easily enough. 
    It's possible to send an APC with infantry toward the northern neutral base 
    and capture it before Adder arrives there to stop you. To accomplish that, 
    you'll have to build an APC from your northwest base and an Infantry from 
    another on day 1 and drop it off in the forest three spaces south of the 
    northern base. You'll have just enough time to capture it and get the Infantry 
    safely back to a forest. You can guard it by placing an Artillery in a nearby 
    forest. Most of the time, Adder won't spot it and you can pick off the Mechs 
    heading towards it. Don't bother deploying anything from it yet, though. 
    That'd be basically suicide at this point. The APC you an use later on to 
    ferry an Infantry towards the neutral base to the west, but only attempt this 
    once you're sure the road is clear.
    Adder will immediately send a Bomber assisted with three B-Copters towards you 
    from the west. Build two A-Air to deal with them, but keep them pretty close 
    to your base, so the Bomber doesn't get first strike. He'll also have a few 
    Recons near your base that will move in to strike. An A-Air together with a 
    Recon of your own can take them out easily enough.
    The rest of your build pattern will be pretty straightforward. You'll mainly 
    deploy Tanks and Artillery at first to repel Adder's ground forces. Then, when 
    the coast is clear, send som infantry to capture the remaining properties 
    before advancing west beyond the mountain range. At this point, you'll want to 
    have a couple of Rockets and MD Tanks. Carefully use forests to hide and 
    Recons to scout ahead. You'll quickly discover that Adder has a pair of 
    Rockets guarding both passes. Both are placed on cities, one on the north and 
    one on the south. Also, in the north is a B-Ship tactically placed to make 
    your life miserable. Use a pair of Rockets of your own, placed in forests to 
    take out the rockets. For the B-Ship you'll need a couple of Artillery and the 
    Rocket that took out the northern Rocket and maybe an MD Tank for the final 
    blow. Try to distract it by having an infantry attempt a capture at one of the 
    cities. The B-Ship is likely to attack the infantry instead, allowing you to 
    blow it to bits with your indirects.
    Once these units are down, the Minicannons are safe to destroy, using mainly 
    MD Tanks. Or are they? Nope, Adder still has some units positioned near the 
    cities to the west. Among those are a Neotank, an MD Tank, yet another Rocket 
    and yes, another B-Ship as well. The best way to get rid of them is to use 
    your MD Tanks as bait for the Neotank and MD Tank by advancing them forward 
    slowly until they attack you. Preferably you'll want them to attack while 
    Counter Break is active. Have some indirects and fresh MD Tanks stationed 
    behind them to take them out. To take out the B-Ship, use the same strategy as 
    with the previous one by having one infantry work as bait by attempting to 
    capture the western one of the two cities south of the fortress. At the same 
    time, move your indirects into position and blast it into oblivion next turn. 
    The Rocket is hiding in one of the forests. Use some tanks coming in from the 
    north to flush it out and kill it. It's probably in a forest just west of the 
    Finally, there are still a few B-Copters guarding Adder's HQ. Watch out not to 
    move in their range with anything other than an A-Air, as they will attack you 
    as soon as you move into their range. Also, the southwesternmost city should 
    be captured, as this is the city which holds the secret Lab Map. Make sure to 
    get it before you smash the final minicannon. Once you get it, destroy the 
    final cannon and complete the mission. Phew.
    Mission 19: Sensei's Return *****
    CO: Sensei
    Enemy CO: Adder
    Perfect speed limit: 27 days
    Sensei is really suited for a mission like this one. Unfortunately, Adder is 
    aware of this and has several anti-air devices deployed. He also really likes 
    to build A-Air and missiles, so watch out for everything that flies. Other 
    than that, you shouldn't have too many problems with this mission.
    Have your deployed two Infantry move west immediately. They should take the 
    neutral base and city closest to your base. Build two Infantry and a T-Copter. 
    On the next day, ferry the first Infantry north towards the neutral base in 
    the far north. You'll be able to capture it before the enemy can. On day 2, 
    build another T-Copter and have it ferry the other infantry towards the base 
    in the middle, with the airport directly adjacent to it. Beware of moving 
    across the ocean, though, as Adder has some Cruisers roaming the seas, ready 
    to blast any air unit foolish enough to try to cross the ocean. You can 
    probably keep out of range, though. You should be able to drop off the 
    Infantry on day 4 in range of the airport. After that, have it capture the 
    base there. Once you have gained control of all these properties, it'll be a 
    walk in the park to take out Adder.
    On the south front, after you've captured the base and the city, Adder will 
    start attacking you. Use some Tanks and a pair of Artillery supported by Mechs 
    to fend them off. Don't forget that Sensei's Mechs really pack a punch. You 
    don't really need any more assistance here in order to hold your own.
    You can build a fleet of MD Tanks supported with the occasional Rocket that 
    you'll build from the northern base that you captured. Maybe have some 
    B-Copters assist them, but be very careful with deploying them, as Adder 
    probably has 3 Missiles waiting for you near his HQ and probably an A-Air as 
    well. And if you didn't take out the Cruisers yet, beware of them too. A 
    B-Copter can take on a Cruiser when it gets first strike, though, especially 
    during COP or SCOP. Dispose of enemy units, block Adder's bases and capture 
    the HQ.
    Mission 20: Duty & Honor ***** *
    CO: Kanbei
    Enemy CO: Adder
    Perfect speed limit: 17 days
    This mission can be very annoying, as you really need to rush forward in order 
    to save your precious cities from being captured. Adder will complete his 
    capture by day 10 or day 11, depending on how he moves his units and when he 
    gets his powers. Keeping out of laser fire is vital, as you can't afford to 
    let your units get hurt that badly. It fires on every even day (day 2, 4, 6, 
    ...), so move forward when it won't fire. Careful micromanaging your units is 
    the key to victory on this map.
    Take out the northern laser quickly using one of your Rockets. This will open 
    up the upper part of the road for you. Have your Mechs scale the mountains 
    east of your starting point. They can take out the enemy units there, 
    including the MD Tank (Kanbei's units are ridiculously strong, so they will 
    have little trouble even with that). After that, they should head towards the 
    second laser and destroy that using more indirects and one of your Mechs.
    Take out the enemy Tank, Artillery and A-Air inbetween the laser paths using 
    your MD Tanks. Keep rushing forward with them at every opportunity and have as 
    many units move through as possible without putting them in laser range on 
    even days. If you are too slow, the enemy Neotanks will reach the choke point 
    at the bridge, along with a couple of Artillery. If they reach you, it'll be 
    hard to push through.  Have every unit available try to bust through the choke 
    and reach the cities. Once you've foiled Adder's capture, mopping up the rest 
    of the units is easy.
    Mission 21: A Mirror Darkly *****
    CO: Sonja
    Enemy CO: Lash
    Perfect speed limit: 9 days
    This mission is pretty fun and easy to complete. Lash needs to move one unit 
    on your HQ in order to win the mission. All you have to do to make sure that 
    that does not happen is to move one of your MD Tanks on it and keep it there 
    at all times. The other one should be placed on a nearby city and attack from 
    there. Move the Artillery and Rockets in the center field into the forests 
    just southwest and southeast respectively. Lash will have trouble locating 
    them there while you will have no trouble shooting things.
    Positioning of the units behind the mountain ranges is pretty straightforward. 
    Have Mechs move on the mountains for vision, but in such a way that they can't 
    be hit directly. The rest should be placed as close to the mountains as 
    possible so they can strike the farthest. If Lash sends Mechs over the 
    mountains, take those out first. The Neotanks have the next highest priority, 
    as they can bring down the MD Tanks while at full HP. Artillery or Rockets 
    threatening to take out any indirects or Mechs also should be taken care of 
    immediately. After that, the only possible threat comes from the enemy MD 
    Tanks, but they are so slow that they can be picked off by your indirects 
    pretty easily. Lash won't attack your MD Tanks with anything else, so all 
    other units are just cannon fodder for your indirects. Low HP Neotanks and 
    hurt MD Tanks also won't attack them.
    Once the scary units are dealt with, have the MD Tank on the city and the 
    Mechs move in to sweep the area of surviving units and complete the mission in 
    9 or 10 days.
    Mission 22: Foul Play ***** **
    CO: Sensei
    Enemy CO: Adder
    Perfect speed limit: 13 days
    This mission is not all that hard, as you've been given command of a good six 
    Bombers and three B-Copters to wipe out Adder's large number of pre-deployed 
    forces. Unfortunately, they can't reach the area where your HQ is located 
    right away, as there are some pipes in between your air units and the HQ area. 
    Your objective is to destroy the three minicannons, but for now don't worry 
    about them yet and focus on taking out Adder's army first.
    Your small forces near your HQ will probably be overrun by Adder, but the 
    trick is to hold out there for as long as you can so the Bombers and B-Copters 
    can come in to help. What you want to do in order to hold out the longest is 
    to move both your MD Tanks to the western choke and build a Tank from the east 
    base on day 1 in order to keep the eastern one. That lone tank will be enough 
    to hold Adder's advance from the right. Unfortunately, the MD Tanks will have 
    a bigger problem holding the western choke due to Adder's Artillery. Have one 
    standing on the city and move the other one northwest of it, so only one unit 
    can attack one MD Tank initially. It'll probably have to retreat soon enough 
    to keep out of Artillery range, but make sure to keep your block as long as 
    The Artillery on your HQ should focus on taking out the pipe seam and the 
    A-Air south of it. Take out the A-Air first, then the seam. Build a Mech from 
    the western base on day 1 to take out the seam quicker and head to the 
    properties beyond it.
    In the southern front, the B-Copters and Bombers should split up. Have one 
    half move north to destroy the seams leading to your HQ and have the other 
    half take the long way around the eastern section and destroy Adder's forces 
    there. Adder has an Infantry heading to a missile silo right away. Do not let 
    it fire! If it does, it's certain to hit a Bomber cluster, which hurts you 
    pretty badly. Rush a bomber towards it as fast as you can in order to stop it.
    Use your Bombers and Copters on day 1 to take out the nearby MD Tank and 
    Artillery. It will trigger Adder's COP, which brings one of his Tanks in the 
    northern front just north of the city holding the eastern choke. If you use 
    the tank that you built from the eastern base on the first day to strike it 
    from the city, it probably won't be doing anything after that. It'll keep on 
    its spot, blocking the eastern choke. You now only have to worry about Adder 
    coming in from the west and his Infantry and Mechs trying to scale the 
    mountains. You should be able to hold most of Adder's forces out of your base 
    until the Bombers arrive. After that, this mission will be a walk in the park.
    Make sure to use Airborne Assault. This will cause some Mechs to spawn from 
    the cities in the northwest. Use them to take out Adder's Tanks there, as well 
    as the Rockets, then have them fire the two nearby missiles to decimate 
    Adder's army. There are also a base and an airport to be captured there. Once 
    you have that airport, you can spam Bombers from it and move in to destroy the 
    Mission 23: Sea Of Hope ***** **
    Recommended COs: Sensei, Sami
    Enemy CO: Adder
    Perfect speed limit: 18 days
    The heavy focus on using air units to rush to the enemy lab makes Sensei an 
    obvious choice for this mission. You can win this map either by capturing the 
    lab or routing the enemy. Both require the same strategy, though, and it 
    probably won't matter in which way you win. I'd recommend to keep both options 
    open, so you can still capture the HQ even if you have trouble routing the 
    enemy. I doubt that routing will give you that much trouble though.
    You've been given the help of a small OS force controlled by Sami. She'll be 
    able to deal with a lot of units that are heading for your base. Her 
    usefulness drops later on during the mission, though, so use her B-Ships as 
    much as you can. She's especially handy for taking out the Neotanks heading to 
    your base early on. You'll be able to take them out before any serious harm 
    can be done.
    Sensei's position is a little bit tricky in the beginning, as a couple of 
    Bombers will be closing in on you immediately. Your best option to defend 
    against them is to have your Cruiser advance to take one Bomber to low HP 
    (probably a kamikaze attack, though), have only one Bomber move to Sami's 
    forces and have her Cruiser take out that one before it can destroy more than 
    one B-Ship and have the remainder taken out by an A-Air. Use some Infantry to 
    lure the Bombers to the small island with the port and the airport and take 
    them out from there (also be sure to capture the properties here as fast as 
    possible). Sami will have dealt with the Neotanks by now, removing the only 
    real threats in this mission. From here on, it'll be all about mass producing 
    air units, specifically Bombers, and take out everything in sight. Eventually, 
    you'll reach the island with the lab, where Adder has gathered a large portion 
    of his army together. Just watch out for the Missiles and A-Air when you're 
    going to land an assault here. You might be able to jam a T-Copter through and 
    have it capture the Lab while using other air units to prevent Adder from 
    attacking the Infantry/Mech, but you'll probably rout Adder just as soon as 
    you can pull this off.
    Mission 24: The Hunt's End ***** **
    Recommended COs: Kanbei, Max
    Enemy CO: Adder
    Perfect speed limit: 25 days
    The final Yellow Comet mission is not as hard as it looks. Kanbei and Max is 
    the ideal team here and makes this mission pretty easy to complete. As Max's 
    Bomber is the only thing here that can destroy both the pipe seam and the 
    minicannon guarding it in one hit, he's definetely the CO you want to use for 
    this task. Kanbei's superior strength makes him the best YC CO to use. Sonja 
    and Sensei don't have anything going for them here, so it's best not to use 
    Max's job is easy. Capture the port, build a Lander, ferry an infantry to the 
    airport in the northwest. Capture the airport and build two Bombers. Fly them 
    towards the pipe seam avoiding anything that can hurt them. Destroy both the 
    minicannon and the seam on the same day, possibly with the help of your powers 
    for extra movement. You don't really have to worry about anything else, but 
    you'll want to capture all of the properties on your own small island and the 
    ones next to the airport. In some cases, Adder's Fighter, which he will 
    produce from the factory, will come to harass you. Make sure to keep you 
    Bombers out of its range (keep Adder's power bar in mind!) and build a Fighter 
    of your own to take it out if it gets annoying. Hopefully, you won't need that 
    long. You might also want to build a B-Copter at some point to assist your 
    Bombers (especially if Adder decides to shield the minicannon with a unit).
    Kanbei's job isn't much harder than Max's. With him, you'll want to stall 
    Adder as much as possible. The best place for that would be the narrow choke 
    points to the east of Kanbei's starting location. The mountain range there 
    splits up the path in two, with forests and a neutral base providing ample 
    defensive cover and even a place to deploy from. Kanbei will be virtually 
    indestructible here, so dig in and let Adder come to you. Adder will field 
    lots of units, so keep an eye on the unit count and make sure to destroy 
    enough units to get the power score. With a couple of Rockets, MD Tanks and a 
    few other units like Mechs, Infantry, Artillery, Tanks and A-Air, it should be 
    no problem to achieve perfect power, especially if you use your SCOP to get it.
    5. Green Earth Campaign
    Mission 25: Sea Fortress *****
    CO: Eagle
    Enemy CO: Hawke
    Perfect speed limit: 10 days
    This mission is pretty fun as well as pretty easy. You have a superior air 
    force at your command to take down Hawke's air units and the minicannons. It's 
    actually possible to finish this mission in a matter of three days, given 
    correct AI movement, good positioning of your units and a Lightning Strike.
    There's not really much to tell about this mission. Hawke will send some air 
    units your way, which you can easily get rid of. Keep your Bombers alive above 
    all else, as these are the units that will destroy the minicannons.
    Try to pull off a Lightning Strike before Hawke can use Black Storm. In the 
    three day strategy, this is an essential part, but even if you're not aiming 
    for that it's good to try. You don't want to kill off all the enemy B-Copters 
    for this just yet, but rather use your planes to create a wall around your 
    copters to protect them.
    Use a Lightning Strike to punch through Hawke's units and destroy the Black 
    Cannons. Watch out for the A-Air and the missiles and you'll be ok.
    Mission 26: Drake's Dilemma ***** **
    COs: Drake, Kanbei
    Enemy CO: Hawke
    Perfect speed limit: 16 days
    This mission is really easy to complete, but what makes it difficult is 
    getting the power score. Remember, Drake is the one who needs to destroy at 
    least 1/10th of the total enemy units built in order to achieve a 100 power 
    But first there's the Black Cannons to be dealt with. In order to destroy them 
    you'll have to move two B-Ships south through the reefs towards the two 
    cannons. Just have them head south through the reefs at all times except for 
    one moment, which is when you have to move all the way south through the 
    narrow strait. Don't worry, you won't be attacked here. Have the first B-Ship 
    move into range of the western cannon and the second one stand here as it can 
    just hit the eastern one from there. If you attack both cannons at least once 
    before Hawke can use Black Storm, you will finish this mission by day 8. If 
    you do, you'll probably have to destroy 5 units with Drake in one day.
    Now to destroy these five units, the trick is to use your Subs for vision 
    (have them dive or sit in reefs), your two remaining B-Ships in reefs ready to 
    destroy some enemy units and your Cruisers as bait for enemy Rockets in order 
    to charge up Typhoon. Don't let the Cruisers get destroyed, but join them all 
    together after they've been hit by a Rocket. Build a Tank and two Recons from 
    your bases in the far south to destroy some additional units.
    Kanbei's role is to deal damage to Hawke's units so Drake has something to 
    destroy. He has a missile near his base to hit a cluster of units and he can 
    build Recons (after two Infantry of course) to hit some Infantry coming in, as 
    well as providing enough vision.
    With two B-Ships in the north, the second B-Ship that you sent south, the Tank 
    and the two Recons as well as Typhoon, you should be able to destroy enough 
    units in one day for perfect power. Try to destroy as cheap as possible units, 
    like Recons and Infantry, so Hawke won't charge up his power bar as much.
    Mission 27: Sinking Feeling ***** ****
    CO: Jess
    Enemy CO: Lash
    Perfect speed limit: 15 days
    This mission isn't nearly as hard as the mission difficulty indicates, so 
    don't feel intimidated by it. Your objective is to get rid of all the nine 
    B-Ships within 17 days. However, if you want a perfect speed score, you'll 
    have to finish it in 15 days. To do this, you'll have to advance quickly and 
    build a lot of indirects, since those are practically the only things that can 
    damage these ships properly. Also, Lash will be sending some air units your 
    way after she manages to capture the airport in the far north. For that, 
    you'll need to keep your A-Air alive in order to deal with them.
    First off, you'll want to capture the port with your Mech. After that's done, 
    build a Lander, load the mech into it and ferry it to the small island in the 
    west. The lab map is located in the southernmost city of this island, so be 
    sure to head right for it and capture it. After that, have the Mech capture 
    the other properties.
    Once you accumulate enough funds to build a B-Ship, build one. You'll want at 
    least two in order to destroy the enemy B-Ships. Have the first one you build 
    take out the Rockets southwest of the B-Ships before moving into range of the 
    B-Ships. Don't forget to watch out for the two Subs.
    The rest of the units should move east. Between the river and the sea to the 
    northeast, you'll want to build a wall with your Tanks and MD Tanks in order 
    to face Lash's largest assault. Use the one city you have in this corner to 
    your advantage, as it's providing excellent defense. Stick your indirects 
    behind your tank wall and deal with the enemy assault as best as you can. 
    You'll charge Overdrive in the process, which will allow you to plow through 
    the enemy units and move onward.
    If you can get a Neotank down to 1 or 2 HP, that's great. Don't kill it, just 
    have it retreat to the northern cities to heal. This will drain Lash's funds a 
    great deal and will stall her air unit production.
    Now, have the Infantry loaded in the APC and move it towards the eastern base 
    along with your A-Air, remaining Tanks, MD Tanks and the Recon. Destroy the 
    few Infantry Lash has here (the one capturing the base and probably another 
    one which she built) and capture it. Also have one Tank deal with the 
    stationary Artillery protecting the neutral properties in the southeast so 
    your remaining two Mechs can capture those. Move the Rockets south of the 
    southern minicannon so it can take it out. Then have it move towards the 
    B-Ships along with the Artillery.
    Keep a close eye on the range of all remaining enemy units and the remaining 
    minicannon. The air units can be annoying, but can be dealt with. The copters 
    can be blocked by putting A-Air in front of them. The Bomber Lash will 
    eventually make can be lured down if it doesn't like to close in. Your Recon 
    (at full health) placed on one of the cities is excellent bait for it, for 
    example. If you manage to bust it down to 1 or 2 HP afterwards, it'll go back 
    to the airport to heal, keeping both the bomber and new air units out of your 
    hair for probably as long as you need to finish the mission.
    If you already have two B-Ships deployed, you can build some Rockets and 
    Artillery from the base in the east that you captured. You'll want some to 
    deal with the B-Ships. Use one to destroy the minicannon (maybe with MD Tank 
    assistance). At this point, you might also want to take out the remaining 
    Rockets with your two B-Ships and the Artillery with Tanks or A-Air. Now all 
    threats have been removed (maybe there's still that healing Neotank; keep 
    hitting it so it remains at low health or destroy it if you sent back the 
    Bomber). Finish off the B-Ships and clear the mission.
    Mission 28: To The Rescue ***** ***
    COs: Eagle, Sami
    Enemy CO: Adder
    Perfect speed limit: 11 days
    This mission is annoying. Adder has a large force deployed in order to prevent 
    you from reaching Sami. As it's your job this mission to protect Sami, she may 
    not lose all of her units. Furthermore, you'll have to destroy the four laser 
    turrets in order to win this mission. That, or capture Adder's HQ. The latter 
    is much harder to achieve, though, so I suggest the former.
    The most important thing you need to do during this mission is to be really 
    careful where you place your units. The number of anti-air units Adder has 
    deployed is huge. Also, you need to keep an eye on the laser turrets, as they 
    fire every day and are placed in such a way that it's pretty hard not to place 
    units in their range of fire. On top of that, Adder's powers grant all of his 
    units more movement, something which you also should keep in mind while 
    advancing. You don't want an enemy A-Air to tear apart your carefully placed 
    Bomber just because you forgot to keep track of Adder's power bar. So, at all 
    times, watch out! You are warned.
    Before Eagle can reach Sami, he first has to deal with two batches of air 
    units heading his way. Fortunately, you've been given the means to repel this 
    assault. You'll have to split up your Fighters and A-Air. It's probably best 
    to have the A-Air move north with one Fighter and have the other two Fighters 
    move west instead. Some of the air units are likely to part from the main 
    hosts and head for Sami instead. Ignore those, Sami will have to deal with 
    them. Concentrate on taking out what's heading for you. Above all, you'll want 
    to destroy the Fighters first, as they can really hurt your Bombers. And 
    you'll want your Bombers alive above all, as they will be your trump card for 
    destroying the laser turrets. If it means you'll have to sacrifice your A-Air 
    and/or Fighters, then so be it.
    Your B-Copters and Bombers should move northwest, in the direction of the 
    laser turrets. You'll want them out of the way from the enemy air force and 
    have them reach Sami as soon as possible. Take out whatever ground units are 
    blocking your advance and move in. Destroy the southeastern laser turret in 
    the process, but don't forget to keep out of range of the remaining ones.
    When Adder's air force is defeated, have whatever is left also move toward 
    Sami's place. Fighters can come in handy to take out a few B-Copters as well 
    as preventing Adder from moving in with ground units. Blocking their path with 
    a well-placed Fighter might just give you the breathing room you need to 
    finish the mission.
    Additionally, you might want to capture the neutral airport south of Sami's 
    place with a loaded T-Copter. You might want to have the APC move east of 
    Sami's place and capture the neutral base, but wherever you move it, I doubt 
    that it'll be very useful to you. That airport, however, is, as you can build 
    a Bomber from there and have it destroy the southwestern laser turret.
    The last two turrets you might want to blast simultaneously, as there are 
    Missiles guarding both. If you have a Lightning Strike saved up, that'll work 
    perfectly. You might've used it earlier to repel Adder's remaining air force, 
    though. It shouldn't matter. Once you've reached Sami, move your two Bombers 
    from there and move in when you can.
    As a final note, Sami herself should just dig in and sit it out. Place the 
    Rockets and Missiles in such a way that they can at least pick off a few units 
    before they go down. The Mechs can at least get rid of the Infantry. The A-Air 
    is likely to live if it doesn't have a Bomber get first strike on it. Use it 
    to destroy Infantry and incoming B-Copters and Bombers. The APC should be 
    taken good care of. Place it out of range of all enemy units. Since it can't 
    attack, use it as the primary unit to protect. Once you meet up with Eagle, 
    Sami should be safe.
    Mission 29: Navy Vs Air ***** **
    CO: Drake
    Enemy CO: Hawke
    Perfect speed limit: 28 days
    This mission shouldn't be all that hard to beat. This map got completely 
    turned over from the Normal Campaign version, but it's just as easy to beat. 
    Hawke will advance very slowly on ground, so it shouldn't be much of a problem 
    for you to gain a lot of ground quickly. You should be able to reach and 
    capture the neutral base in the middle long before Hawke will reach it and 
    even stop him from capturing the neutral airport and claiming it for your own. 
    When the entire center section is yours, just overwhelm Hawke with superior 
    Dealing with the early air units is fairly standard. You have been given 
    enough anti-air units to deal with all of them. Beware of the Bombers, though, 
    as they can easily wipe out a Cruiser when they get first strike. It's not too 
    bad if you lose some, though. In the mean time, just keep advancing on the 
    ground, prioritizing on grabbing the neutral base in the middle. You should 
    also capture the small island on the south with the neutral properties on them 
    and at least fire the missiles on the northern island on whatever Hawke has 
    that's annoying you the most at the moment. Hawke will build most of his air 
    units from the northernmost airport, so it might not be entirely possible to 
    capture all of the properties on the northern island. It doesn't matter, 
    though, as long as Hawke doesn't get them instead. If you can, try to send 
    back air units to airports to heal. This will halt air unit production for a 
    while from that airport while draining a lot of Hawke's income. Power and 
    technique shouldn't be much of a problem here, just overwhelm Hawke with a 
    superior ground assault and he should go down easily.
    Mission 30: Rain Of Fire ***** **
    CO: Jess
    Enemy CO: Hawke
    Perfect speed limit: 21 days
    The map is the same here as in the Normal Campaign version. Even the volcano 
    pattern is exactly the same as before. And as with that version, the key to 
    winning this mission is memorizing that volcano pattern. The volcano has two 
    different hit patterns that it follows: one on odd numbered days and one on 
    even numbered days. Every lava blast will deal 5 HP damage to friend and foe 
    alike. Use this to your advantage. Try to lure Hawke's forces in range of a 
    volcano blast on the correct day and have them get hit by it while avoiding 
    getting hit as much as you can.
    The rest of the mission is pretty straightforward. You'll have to split up 
    your forces early on, so you can grab the bases in the northwest and southeast 
    corners. Hawke will also send his units toward them, so both clusters of 
    neutral cities and bases will be the main battlefield. Getting the westernmost 
    neutral base is easy enough, but after that Hawke will have reached your 
    forces in the north. Try to at least keep him from grabbing the northernmost 
    neutral base and hold his forces at bay at the northern bridge. If Hawke can't 
    get to capture most of the properties, the advantage will be yours and you can 
    push through. Once you drive away Hawke from these properties, the northern 
    front will be yours.
    On the southern front, you will get company from Hawke before you'll even be 
    able to reach the bases in the southeast. Keep Hawke from capturing properties 
    here as well, but first deal with his early forces near the cities in the 
    south. Of the cluster of three cities there, the easternmost one will get hit 
    by the volcano on odd numbered days. Use this knowledge to your advantage and 
    lure in Hawke's tanks to attack an Infantry capturing the adjacent city from 
    that direction, so it'll get hit by the volcano. Having the volcano do most of 
    the damage will cut your losses to a minimum and makes you able to advance 
    somewhat quicker. Once you also possess the soutern bases, dealing with Hawke 
    should be no problem at all.
    Mission 31: Danger x9 ***** ****
    Recommended CO: Eagle
    Enemy CO: Hawke
    Perfect speed limit: 9 days
    Use Eagle. In this mission you need to have a T-Copter rushing towards the lab 
    to capture it. The lab area will be empty, and the main enemy forces are 
    located in the south-east of the map, with some units near the location you 
    start from with your B-Copters. You also have the option to rout the enemy in 
    these nine days, which is very well possible, if not easier. Use your Cruiser 
    for vision and to take out one of the B-Copters, which will be approaching 
    your base immediately. Build an A-Air and take care of the B-Copters quickly. 
    build a Recon in the middle to help provide your Rocket with vision. The 
    Rocket should be able to fire every day, until its ammunition is depleted. 
    Make sure your Recon doesn't get destroyed by the enemy Rocket. Use the Rocket 
    to take out the Neotank and the A-Air, as well as the enemy Rocket and the 
    Artillery if it threatens your Recon. Advance with your B-Copters, build a 
    T-Copter and Infantry to capture the lab and build an Infantry to capture the 
    airport in the middle section. Also quickly build a Bomber from your airport, 
    and go take out the pipe seam and then advance southwards or take out the 
    damaged units that go to the city to heal. When approaching the time limit, 
    build Bombers from the middle airport. Take out the pipe seam leading to the 
    front and attack. 
    Don't build units from the south base the first few days, only when you're 
    definitely winning. Try to use the Mech there to attack the enemy Artillery 
    and as such expose itself and lure some Tanks towards it. Any unit that it can 
    draw away from the choke near your Rocket is one less unit obstructing your 
    advance towards Hawke's main area and the lab itself.
    Use a Lightning Strike at the right time and use it to break through enemy 
    lines (the Recon will provide you with enough vision). If you manage to rout 
    Hawke or capture the lab in less than nine days, you did a really good job on 
    this mission.
    Mission 32: Great Sea Battle ***** ****
    Recommended COs: Eagle, Andy, Sonja
    Enemy CO: Hawke
    Perfect speed limit: 21 days
    Use a team consisting of Eagle, Andy and Sonja (you may want to place someone 
    else on the YC force, but Sonja will make it the easiest for you here). Eagle 
    will make up your main attacking force consisting of a dominance of air units. 
    Andy should build land units to support Eagle's assault and defend against 
    Hawke's early attacks. Sonja should try to take out the southern Black Cannon 
    and try to claim that island, heading for the pipe seam. She will then move in 
    with a Rocket to destroy the pipe seam and completing the mission. Remember 
    that Eagle counts for power and technique on this mission.
    One important thing to keep in mind on this mission is to try to have Hawke 
    build as few units as possible. Because of the Factory and the huge amount of 
    bases and cities on the map, Hawke will always quickly rebuild units whenever 
    he loses them. However, not destroying Hawke's units will result in him 
    reaching the unit cap (max. 50 units deployed per army). In that case, he will 
    not be able to build anything anymore. The factory will then also stop 
    spawning units. To get a good power score, this is essential. This will also 
    cause Hawke to fill up his power bar more slowly as you aren't dealing him 
    that much damage.
    Another important thing to notice is that you'll be able to fire two missiles 
    early on (both Eagle and Andy have one close to their base). Both of these 
    missiles should be fired at the lone Mech on the island with the southern 
    Black Cannon. This will reduce its HP to 4. Now, Sonja can come in with her 
    Lander loaded with Infantry and remove the Mech from the base before it has 
    finished capturing it. Now the island is up for grabs for Sonja.
    The strategy to beat this map is to have Eagle advancing north quickly, 
    grabbing the airport on the forested island north of the bridge as soon as 
    possible. He should also have the main part of the cities on the western 
    island. Build a few B-Copters in the beginning from your airports, but switch 
    to building Bombers and Fighters rather soon. Use the B-Copters, a Tank and an 
    Artillery to take out the units on the island south-east of Andy's base. Once 
    the area is cleared there, move on to support Andy with Fighters and Bombers. 
    Build both air units according to your current needs (buy a Fighter if Hawke 
    is building more air units, buy Bombers if he builds ground units. When you 
    can, help Andy destroy the northern Black Cannon, as well as some of the 
    minicannons that get in your way. Once Sonja is in place to destroy the pipe 
    seam and you have placed your units correctly, destroy enough units to get a 
    perfect power score.
    Andy should hold off Hawke's forces until Eagle arrives. He will have a rough 
    time with this, so it's best to stick with the two choke points on the island 
    with the northern Black Cannon. Destroy the Black Cannon using Artillery and 
    then try to hold off Hawke who will be spawning lots of units from the factory 
    and send them straight to Andy. A support force of A-Air and Missiles might 
    help you with this. Try to take the base near the Black Cannon too, as it will 
    help you getting new units to the right places when you need them. Once Eagle 
    arrives, let Andy provide him a decent ground support with a variety of units. 
    Hyper Repair and Hyper Upgrade are both really good powers to counter Hawke's 
    and have your units last a bit longer. Just remember to refrain from 
    destroying units, but rather focus on blocking Hawke's advance.
    Sonja will need to take out the pipe seam, making her the most important CO 
    when it comes to clearing the mission. However, she's also the one who stays 
    away from the frontlines. What you should do with her is loading your two 
    Infantry in the Lander and directly head for the island with the southern 
    Black Cannon. Avoid getting your Landers into either B-Ship or Sub attack 
    range (they won't move if they can't attack). Drop off one Infantry on the 
    southeastern island and then directly move towards the Black Cannon island. 
    Use your remaining Infantry to dispose of the 4 HP Mech (Eagle and Andy should 
    have fired their missiles on it) and capture the base.
    At your HQ area, you should build two Infantry only and capture the four 
    neutral cities with them. After that's done, leave the entire area alone. The 
    Infantry on the southeastern island should capture the neutral port first, 
    then fire the missiles and capture the bases. You should be able to build a 
    B-Ship from there at about the same time you can build a Rocket from the base 
    on the Black Cannon island. Use the B-Ship and the Rocket that you move one 
    space south to destroy the Black Cannon. After that, move your Rocket north 
    and place it just below the pipe seam so it can just fire on it. Note that 
    this is in range of the minicannon guarding it. In order to solve this, you 
    should also build an MD Tank from the base there and place it on the neutral 
    airport, which is also in minicannon range. The cannon will now fire on the MD 
    Tank instead of the Rockets, allowing you to strike the seam with a full HP 
    one. Switch the MD Tank for a healthy one next turn to ensure victory.
    6. Black Hole Campaign
    Mission 33: Hot Pursuit ***** *****
    Recommended COs: Kanbei, Drake, Grit
    Enemy CO: Sturm
    Perfect speed limit: 20 days
    Use a team of Kanbei in the middle, Drake on the left and Grit on the right. 
    Notice that Sturm only has a pre-deployed force, just like in the NC 
    counterpart. So if you don't want to have a really tough battle, don't let him 
    capture ANY base at all. You need to defeat 5 units within one day to get a 
    perfect power score. Who gets to compete for power and technique on this 
    mission (as well as the next one) will be the CO who completes the mission 
    objective (ie. the one who finishes off the third Black Cannon). The CO I 
    suggest you do it with would be Grit, as he will be deploying more than enough 
    Artillery to deal with power, technique and the cannons.
    Hot Pursuit looks like it's going to be a lot of trouble. Many people have 
    found this to be the case. It's certainly one of the toughest missions that 
    AW2's Hard Campaign provides. However, thanks to donnyton, there exists a 
    strategy that makes this mission a joke compared to what it's like without it.
    For this strategy, the idea is to completely block Sturm's forces at the choke 
    point in between the two central minicannons, using Kanbei's Tank. Notice how 
    Sturm always moves his Infantry and Mechs in the same pattern:
    X = Minicannon
    _ = Empty
    I = Infantry
    M = Mech
    On day 2, it will look like this:
    The next day, Sturm moves them into this formation:
    And the bottom infantry is capturing the airport.
    The Infantry between the minicannons is the key to locking the entriety of 
    Sturm's forces. Once Sturm has moved his units in this formation, use your 
    A-Air to attack the northern Mech from the right. You need to be lucky for it 
    to destroy the Mech (95% attack), so save beforehand. When the Mech is 
    destroyed, use your Tank to attack the Infantry between the cannons. The 
    Infantry capturing the airport can be easily dealt with using your Artillery 
    and an Infantry that you produced on day 1. This Infantry should be destroyed, 
    so that the Mech will start capturing it instead. The next turn, the cannons 
    will have fired on the A-Air, bringing it down to 2 HP. Use your Artillery, 
    Infantry and the damaged A-Air to destroy the Mech, build some stuff (whatever 
    you deem necessary at this point) and wait for the next turn. Whatever you do, 
    DON'T attack the Infantry with your Tank yet!. On Sturm's next turn, the Black 
    Cannon will shoot down the Tank to 5 HP. Now you can use it to attack the 
    Infantry and it should go down to 1 HP! The Tank will get hit again and also 
    get down to 1 HP, but the Infantry will not attack the Tank, not even when 
    Sturm uses his SCOP. It also can't retreat due to Sturm's own forces blocking 
    off its path. You have now effectively blocked off the entire middle section 
    with minimal effort. Keep the Tank in place, destroy the western and eastern 
    minicannons using Rockets (not the middle ones, obviously) and capture 
    everything you can reach. Kanbei's only role then will be to produce more 
    expensive things than Grit, so that the Black Cannon will hit his units 
    instead of Grit's.
    Drake will be playing his own game on this map. There are only two things he 
    really needs to do. One is destroying the western Black Cannon using a Bomber. 
    Note that Drake's Bomber will deal 66 damage to a pipe seam at full health. 
    Once the cannon fired on it, it will still have 5 HP left and deal 33 damage. 
    Add this up and you get 99 damage, just enough to destroy the cannon in two 
    hits! The second is to laungh the two missiles on the bulk of Sturm's forces 
    in the center (conveniently blocked off if you've followed my strategy). This 
    will help Grit in achieving his power score as well as not getting as many 
    meteors on your roof. Two missiles on the middle section are enough. Combined 
    with Tsunami this will leave most of Sturm's forces with 3 HP left. Leaving 
    them with fewer HP will cause them to start joining, making power score harder 
    to achieve.
    With Drake, it is possible by rushing and careful positioning of your units to 
    capture the neutral base in the middle section of Drake's area, just out of 
    Black Cannon range. Build an Infantry and an APC on day 1 and have it rush 
    towards the base. Drop the Mech off near the airport with your already 
    deployed APC and use both APCs, the Tank and a Recon that you need to build 
    from your eastern base to block off anything that can get to your capturing 
    Infantry. You can finish capturing just in time. Now you can deploy from there 
    instead of the bases near your HQ, which will get locked by the B-Ships. Don't 
    attack the B-Ships under any circumstances. It's not necessary to kill them 
    and doing so will only fill up Sturm's power bar by gigantic amounts. Focus on 
    building a Bomber to destroy the cannon and enough units to deal with Sturm's 
    ground forces.
    For Grit, the situation is slightly different than Drake's. Grit probably 
    won't be able to take the northern neutral base just like Drake. However, it's 
    enough just to take the one to his left instead and preventing Sturm from 
    capturing the base. Just like Drake, Grit should also try to fire his 
    missiles, but only two in total are really necessary. When you get to fire 
    them, you might want to spend them on the B-Ships annoying Grit, especially 
    when one tries to lock the western base.
    Of course, the main unit to build for Grit will be Artillery. Masses and 
    masses of Artillery. You'll want them to reach the middle section so that they 
    can help you get the power score. To destroy the eastern Black Cannon, you can 
    repeat Drake's strategy and use a Bomber for it. The central you can try to 
    shoot with either Bombers or Artillery, but beware of Sturm's forces that will 
    still be lingering around there. Once you get a lot of Artillery in range, you 
    can use your COP (or SCOP if you have it) to wipe out pretty much all of 
    Sturm's forces. Kanbei can help even. Remember to use Kanbei primarily to draw 
    Black Cannon fire towards his units instead of Grit's Artillery. Have Grit and 
    only Grit destroy the remaining Black Cannon as soon as power and technique 
    are safe.
    Mission 34: Final Front ***** *****
    Recommended COs: Grit, Drake, Max
    Enemy CO: Sturm
    Perfect speed limit: 30 days
    At last, the final battle! Your objective is clear: destroy the Deathray 
    within a 30-day limit. The map has changed since the NC version, making it 
    harder to reach the Deathray. Two Black Cannons, several Minicannons 
    (including one directly in front of the Deathray) and a bunch of pipes are 
    blocking your way to victory. Sturm won't be defeated easily, that's for sure!
    You want to have Grit in the middle, Drake on the left and Max on the right. 
    All three COs have a different objective, just like in Hot Pursuit. Grit 
    should deal with the Black Cannons and hold out against Sturm's force, Drake 
    defends against Sturm's navy and uses his powers for support as well as 
    getting hit by meteors and Max goes off to blast the Deathray.
    Grit is capable of destroying the Black Cannons pretty easily using his 
    Artillery. This is the most important reason of choosing Grit for the center 
    CO. He is the only one who can reach the cannons with nothing more than an 
    Artillery and still destroy them in two days only. He also can mass-produce 
    Artillery that will rip apart Sturm's incoming forces. Start with capturing 
    nearby cities and more importantly, bases. There are some key locations Grit 
    should capture. Immediately head for the base just north of your starting 
    point. It's much more important to have a third deployment location than to 
    first capture a city and then move towards the base. Also, you'll want to load 
    the second infantry into the APC and send it northeast. On day 2, you can drop 
    off the Infantry in range of the eastern neutral airport, making you able to 
    capture it. The APC should then move three spaces east of the capturing 
    Infantry, so that it can carry the Infantry towards the eastern missile silo 
    once it's done capturing. You'll then be able to fire the missile before Sturm 
    can and nab an airport in the process!
    Back at your main base, produce Infantry the first few days. You'll want to 
    have the Infantries you build on day 1 moving west and east. The one west 
    should capture the city first, then fire the missile. You'll want to fire all 
    missiles as soon as possible, as it will make your time against Sturm much 
    easier. On day 1, also build a T-Copter.
    On day 2, build two more Infantry. The western one will go for the city that's 
    immediately within its range. The second should enter the T-Copter (place it 
    just in range on day 2) and then move towards the southeast corner of the map. 
    Sturm has a base there which you can easily take. He'll build an Artillery 
    there on day 1 and then nothing afterwards. Taking all this from him means 
    more funds to you and less to Sturm. :)
    After this, it's time to build Artillery to deal with Sturm's units coming in 
    from the middle and the right. Place an Artillery right beneath the right 
    Black Cannon, so it can fire and destroy it in two hits. When the Deathray 
    fires (this will be on days 7, 14, 21 and 28), move out of the way, as it hits 
    you pretty hard (8HP!). Also try to destroy both the central minicannons and 
    the left Black Cannon. Use your powers wisely, it can be more useful to just 
    use your COP instead of your SCOP, as it gives the same firepower boost to 
    your units. Once the Black Cannons are down, Grit's part in achieving victory 
    is pretty much done. You'll have enough funds at your disposal to easily hold 
    back Sturm. You can probably have Grit take the second meteor as well. It's 
    easier for Grit to build a large cluster of units at this point.
    Drake has a lesser important, but invaluable role to play. He is the decoy CO. 
    The main thing you should do is getting hit. Drake will divert Sturm's 
    attention away from Grit and especially Max. Distract the B-Ships to fire at 
    his units instead of going after Grit. Also, pack some big units together to 
    distract the meteor from Max's bombers or Grit's Artillery. Use your COP 
    whenever you get it. In the beginning, move towards the missile silos ASAP and 
    fire them at the pre-deployed force coming in from the middle. Also, make sure 
    to fire some on the incoming B-Ships. Capture the properties before the bridge 
    as well, especially Sturm's cities in the corner. Once the left Black Cannon 
    is destroyed, you can march onwards and block Sturm's base. If you did that, 
    your objective is complete. Don't worry too much about it, though. It is 
    enough just to hold your ground with Drake. I've found that building 2 
    Infantry and an APC on day 1, then saving up for a Submarine really helps. The 
    Sub can take out the B-Ships (also fire two missiles on them total), giving 
    you room to breathe. Sturm will move his Cruisers and Subs towards Drake then, 
    but once you dive it, the AI will ignore it again.
    Sturm will also have an airport on an island in the west. In some cases, Sturm 
    decides to be a bastard and move a Bomber towards Drake or a Fighter towards 
    Grit instead of massing all of his air units near his airport (thereby wasting 
    a tremendous amount of funds). While Grit can probably deal with the Fighter 
    easily enough, Drake can be struggling trying to fend off a Bomber. You might 
    want to restart if this happens, as it's just bad luck.
    Max will go for the Deathray, and with that also the power and technique 
    scores. You need to closely watch your units and prevent them from dying. As 
    Max will encounter the least amount of units, make sure you don't destroy 
    everything at once, but leave some crippled units alive. You'll need them for 
    your power score. When you start, first head for the missile silos and fire at 
    those middle pre-deployed force, as well as the B-Ships going for Drake. Once 
    you've fired all of the missiles, most of the middle units should be at 4 HP, 
    most importantly the Neotanks. Also, the B-Ships will both only have 4 HP 
    left. Then go capturing bases and cities. It can in some cases be possible to 
    capture the enemy base that's located just in Black Cannon range. When Sturm 
    leaves it unattended, have an Infantry capture it while using the T-Copter it 
    came in as bait for the cannon. The copter should be hit, leaving the Infantry 
    free to capture it.
    You need to build a Bomber fast to destroy the pipe seams blocking your way 
    towards the Deathray. Also build B-Copters to deal with the units Sturm will 
    build in the middle-eastern base. After a few B-Copters, build another Bomber 
    to support the first one. Try to calculate the number of units you'll be able 
    to destroy in one turn and check if it's enough. Most likely you will have to 
    destroy at least 7 in one day. Your COP will be more important than your SCOP 
    with Max as well. If Sturm decides to build A-Air from the south-eastern base, 
    try to lure them with Grit in his artillery range and kill them before they 
    could become a threat to Max. Once your power score is safe, kill the 
    minicannon guarding the Deathray, and the Deathray itself. Be sure to try to 
    manoeuver out of the range of the missiles and A-Air that might be guarding 
    the central area.
    That's it then. Congratulations. You have just beaten the AW2 Hard Campaign! 
    Be sure to check Hachi's shop, he might have some interesting things for 
    7. Credits and Acknowledgements
    A big thanks to:
    Dragon Fogel for providing me with tons of strategic advice.
    donnyton for providing me with a superb strategy for Hot Pursuit, as well as 
    giving tons of input on improving the guide.
    Translucent Air for his strategies for Sea Fortress and Drake's Dilemma, as 
    well as providing input.
    Xenesis for all of the perfect S-Rank time limits, which were taken straight 
    from the ROM itself.
    DieselPheonix for writing the guides for Mountain Ops and POW Rescue.
    The entire Wars World News community (http://www.warsworldnews.com). 
    Everyone's support there proved to be invaluable in writing this guide.
    Everyone who is reading this. That is you. Thanks!
    If after reading this you have any remarks, suggestions, tips or other helpful 
    comments of any kind, be sure to mail me at hpd@warsworldnews.com. Or leave 
    your comments on Wars World News (http://www.warsworldnews.com).

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