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    Translation Guide by Hassan

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/22/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         Super Mario Advance 4
           Quick Translation
     By Hassan (Galuf@optonline.net)
              Version 1.0
    Some information on some of this:
    These translations are short, as you
    would see as if you were playing a 
    translated version of the game.
    Temporary Save means that the game
    saves and goes back to the title
    screen, and when you load the save, 
    it deletes. To get a "permanent" save.
    you need to beat a Mini-Fortress (One
    of the small castles littered throughout
    the worlds) or a Doom Ship at the end of
    a world.
    Replay Data is basically you can watch
    your playthrouigh of a level. You can
    record, or save it onto the cartridge,
    because it gets replaced with your 
    playthrough of ther each level you play,
    although you don't have to.
    I don't have an E-Reader, so I can't give 
    any more information on the E-Reader 
    features than I give in here. Sorry.
    ーーーMiscellaneous Wordsーーー
    マリオ		Mario
    ルイジ		Luigi
    トップ		Top
    ワールド	World
    ーーーTitle Screenーーー
    ひとりで あそぶ   Play Alone
    みんあで あそぶ   Play with Everyone
    ーーーLoad Screenーーー
    データセレクト	Data Select
    データ1−3	Data 1-3
    コースカード	Course Card
    データをけす	Erase Data
    ーーーMode Select After Loadingーーー
    モードセレクト	Mode Select
    マリオ		Mario
    マリオ&ルイジ	Mario & Luigi
    ーーーStart on Mapーーー
    つづける	   Continue
    ちょうだんセーブ   Temporary Save
    スリープ	   Sleep
    ーーーSelect on Mapーーー
    リプレイデータ	Replay Data
     すぐにみる	Watch Now
     とうろく	Record
     さいせい	Playback
    ーーーStart During Replayーーー
    つづける    Continue
    はじめから  Restart
    おわる	    End
    ーーーR on Mapーーー
    おてほんカード	Circumstance Card
    おたすけカード	Helper Card
    ーーーScreen After Aboveーーー
    カードEリーダー+と  Connecting to E-Reader.
    つうしんします	      Please prepare the connection.
        OK		OK
    ーーーSave Menuーーー
    After Mini-Fortress or Doom Ship
    ここまでのデータを  Do you want to save your data
    セーブします	    up to this point?
    はい    いいえ  Yes		No
    ーーー1-3 "Whistle House"ーーー
    このふえ ふいたら  If you blow into this flute,
    とおくの くにへも  You can fly away even to far
    ひとっとび。。。    away countries....
    ーーーToad's Houseーーー
    すきなばこ ひとつだけ  I'll give you one of my
    あげる。きっとなにかの	beloved boxes. It'll help
    やくにたつから。。。	you on your adventure...
    ーーーWhite Mushroom Houseーーー
    あれっ みつかっちゃった。 
    よそにはない とくべつの    
    Huh? You found me. Here's something that
    you just can't get anyplace else.
    えあわせ えあわせ うまくいったら			
    Picture Happiness! Enjoy the
    Here's your big chance!
    ーーーCard Cameーーー
    くるりん くるりん カードをめくって
    Card Game!
    Turn over the various cards. 
    You can only miss twice.
    ーーーTransformed Kingーーー
    たいへん!たいへん! おうさまがこんあ			
    すがたに かえられたよ!				
    まほうのつえを とりかえしてください。			
    Oh, the humanity! This king has been
    changed into... this!
    Please use the magic wand to change him back.
    ーーーReturn Before Beating Koopa Kidーーー
    はやくコクッパから まほうのつえを			
    Hurry! Hurry!
    Please take back the magic wand from the
    Koopa Kid.
    ーーーSaved Kingーーー 
    Good! Good! Thanks for changing me back to my
    normal self.
    This letter came for you from Princess Toadstool.
    ーーーFrog Mario Saves the Kingーーー 
    あれあれ そんあすがたにかえられてしまって
    。。。 このつえでもとの すがたに
    Oh, you've been changed into that form...
    Shall I use this wand to change you back?
    ーーーTanooki Mario Saves the Kingーーー 
    しんせつな たぬきさん。
    おなまえを きかせてください。
    Thank you, kind racoon, Please tell me your name.
    ーーーHammer Mario Saves the Kingーーー 
    そのふくを わしにゆずってくれないか。。。
    Hey, could you give me your clothes?
    I guess it can't be helped....
    Version 1.0
    8/21/03 (8:17 PM)
    -First Version. Now the import should be playable by anyone.

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