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    Mario Bros. FAQ by peach freak

    Version: 2.85 | Updated: 01/01/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Brothers 3 Mario Bros. FAQ
    For the GameBoy Advance System
    Written by peach freak or peachfreak90@hotmail.com
    Copyright 2003-2005 Tim Brastow. All Rights Reserved.
    Version 2.85
    Welcome! This is a Mario Bros. FAQ for Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario
    Brothers 3. If you have any questions, or if I make a mistake, email me at
    peachfreak90@hotmail.com. Once questions are asked, I will build an Asked
    Questions section.
    Also, this FAQ is protected by copyright. You cannot sell this, put this on
    your website without my permission, or any other violation of copyright law.
    You can, however, save this in something like My Documents.
    Table of Contents
    1. Update History
    2. How to Play
    3. Controls
    4. Enemies
    5. Scoring
    6. Using the Pow Block
    7. Multiplayer
    8. Credits
    1. Update History
    Version 1.00, November 11, 2003: Finsished FAQ
    Version 1.25, November 15, 2003: Added a little note just below the phase map
    in section 2.
    Version 1.30, November 23, 2003: Fixed the POW block in the northern part of
    the phase map. It should be on the top level, not the one below it.
    Version 1.40, November 24, 2003: Added a hint in section 2, a new control in
    section 3, the maximum score in section 5, and a note in section 4.
    Version 2.00, November 26, 2003: Added in a new section "Using the POW Block".
    Also, in my Controls section, I added more controls you can do with the B
    button. Also added more info about the Bonus Games in Section 2.
    Version 2.10, December 19, 2003: No update here, but I changed my email
    address, since my other one wasn't working.
    Version 2.30, December 25, 2003: Updated Section 7 saying you can also use
    Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga for playing multiplayer in Mario Bros. (Mario
    and Luigi has Mario Bros, and I got Mario and Luigi for Christmas this morning,
    and it's great). Merry Christmas everybody!
    Version 2.45, February 22, 2004: Added in some more notes around the FAQ, and
    made Section 7 a little more easier to read.
    Version 2.60, April 11, 2004: Made a little summary in the "How to Play"
    section of this FAQ, which shows what happens in the Phases.
    Version 2.85, October 11, 2004: Fixed this FAQ up a bit, fixed spelling
    mistake, added in single-pak Multiplayer in my multiplayer section, and added
    info on the pipes in section 2.
    2. How to Play
    To play Mario Bros, load up your Super Mario Advance 4. Then, when you get to
    the game selection screen (when you pick between Super Mario Bros. 3 and Mario
    Bros.), select Mario Bros. Then, press Start to begin the game.
    First, here's a map of what every Phase looks like:
               ---------         R     ______    R
                                      |      |
              __                      | POW  |                        __
    _________|  |P                    |______|                      P|  |_________
                |I                                                  I|
    _________   |P                                                  P|   _________
             |__|E                                                  E|__|
    --------------------------------              --------------------------------
     G                                                                         G
    ----------             -----------------------------------           ---------
    G                                                                     G
    ----------------------------     ______        -------------------------------
                                    |      |
                                    | POW  |
     G        __                                                      __        G
    _________|  |P                                                  P|  |_________
                |I                                                  I|
    _________   |P                                                  P|   _________
             |__|E    X                                             E|__|
    Note that on any floor, if you are on the far left/right part of that floor,
    you can walk right/left through the edge of the screen and you'll appear at the
    other side of the floor you're on. This can be useful for many things.
    Also remember that you can't enter any of the four pipes. Only enemies can. If
    they enter a pipe at the top of the screen, they'll come out of a pipe at the
    bottom of the screen and vise versa. Enemies will ALWAYS enter the pipes, so
    the area behind the pipes can be used for protection (so use them as an
    advantage), but you are still vulnerable to an icicle/fireball attack, so watch
    X: Mario's Starting Point
    XL: Where Mario Starts when he loses a life on that phase
    G: Where Green Fireballs go. They appear at random times, and they slither
    across the screen and then disappear.
    R: Where Red Fireballs appear. They will not disappear until you hit them. They
    bounce around the top part of the map and sometimes they may be able to bounce
    onto the ledge below the top ledge, so watch out.
    PIPE: At the top of the screen, that's where enemies and coins come out of. At
    the bottom, undefeated enemies hop in, and they reappear at the top.
    How to defeat enemies:
    Get on the platform below them, and when the enemy is directly above you, jump
    on the ledge above you and it will knock certain enemies over, and they will be
    laying on their back. Then get on the platform they're on, and while they're
    still on their back, just bump the enemy to defeat it.
    Hint: You can bump the POW blocks from the bottom, stunning any enemy on the
    level (except Crabs). The enemies will be flipped over, and touching the POW
    block will get rid of icicles, fireballs, and will flip enemies over.
    How to clear phases:
    Defeat all the main enemies in that phase. You will advance to the next phase.
    Read my enemies section to see what enemies you will need to defeat.
    The Bonus Games:
    The Bonus Games are on these Phases: 4, 9, and every Phase 7 after Phase 9. On
    Bonus Games, you must collect all 10 coins visible in 20 seconds to win. When
    you collect all the coins, you will earn a 1-Up, and a point bonus. On Phase 4,
    the floors are normal. On Phase 9, the floors are made up of ice. All Bonus
    Games after Phase 9 have invisible floors, so study up on the invisible floors.
    Also, on Phase 4, the point bonus is 3000, and 5000 on all other Phases. Also
    on Phases 16 (and all other bonus games after that), you will only have 15
    seconds to collect all the coins, and remember that these bonus games have
    invisible floors too.
    Here's a little summary of what happens as the game goes one:
    Phase 1: Spinies, Green and Red Fireballs Introduced
    Phase 4: Bonus Game (normal type)
    Phase 5: Crabs Introduced
    Phase 7: Fighter Flies Introduced
    Phase 9: Bonus Stage (Ice Ledges)
    Phase 10: Freezies Introduced
    Phase 16: Bonus Game (invisible ledges)
    Phase 17: Icicles fall from ledges, top floor frozen
    Phase 20: 2 Icicles now fall from ledges
    Phase 23: Bonus Game (invisible ledges)
    Phase 24: Enemies recover twice as quicker
    Phase 30: Bonus Game (invisible ledges)
    Phase 31: 3 icicles now fall from the ledges
    Phase 37: Bonus Game (invisible ledges, these continue every 7 Phases)
    Phase 40: 4 icicles now fall from ledges
    Phase 99: Phase counting stops, every Phase is now 99 when you beat this Phase
    3. Controls
    D-Pad: Move (Left: Go Left; Up: Nothing; Down: Duck; Right; Go Right)
    A: Jump; select things when paused
    B (Held, while moving): Run; pick up a POW Block (and throw them)
    L: Move screen up and down
    Start: Pause game
    Down + A: Super Jump (to do a Super Jump, hold Down until you see Mario flash.
    Then, jump. Mario's jump will be much higher than usual).
    4. Enemies
    So, after you flip enemies over, you kick them off the level by touching them
    on the platform their on. But if you're too late to kick them, they'll be on
    their feet again, on a new color, and they will be faster too. Starting from
    Phase 24, enemies will recover much quicker once they're flipped over.
    Enemies you must defeat to win the phase:
    Spiny: The first enemy you'll see. These are slow, and all you need to do is
    flip them over and kick them off the screen. After a few seconds once you've
    flipped them, they will recover, and they will turn green (then blue), and they
    will be faster. First found in Phase 1.
    Crab: In order to defeat these enemies, you'll need to bump them twice to flip
    them over. Then go and kick these over. Crabs are also a lot faster than
    Spinys. Just like Spinys, they will turn green when they recover from being
    flipped, and if that happens again, he'll be blue. First found in Phase 5.
    Fighter Flies: Slower than Crabs, but these jump around for movement. When
    flipped over, these can recover faster than usual. When recovering, they go
    green, then pink. They can only be flipped over when they land on the ground.
    First found in Phase 7.
    Enemies that you don't need to defeat:
    Freezies: These are made up of ice. If you're not quick enough, these can
    Freeze up a floor. First found in Phase 10. So, you can still get rid of these
    and earn points.
    Green Fireballs: These annoying suckers can be found in any phase. They
    randomly pop up on any side on the screen above a platform. Then, when these
    get to the other end of the screen, they disappear. Just like Fighter Flies,
    they move up and down during movement, so you'll need to time your jumps right
    to dispose of these.
    Red Fireballs: Just like Green Fireballs, they appear at any phase and they
    appear on random times. Except these won't disappear unless you time your jumps
    good to bump these. Sometimes, these will go fast.
    Icicle: Ok, these aren't really enemies. Starting at Phase 17, these fall from
    ledges. In order to get rid of these so they won't fall, hit the small circle
    on the ledge before it becomes an icicle, and then it will go away. You won't
    get any points for defeating these.
    5. Scoring
    For every 150,000 points you get in this game, a star will appear above the
    Mario Bros. title at the game selection screen (where you pick between Mario
    Bros. and Super Mario Brothers 3). You get up to 5 stars maximum (750,000
    points needed). Also, the maximum score is 999,990. Here are score totals:
    Green Fireballs
    Points earned when defeating: 200
    Red Fireballs
    Points earned when defeating: 1000
    Fighter Flies, Crabs, Spinys
    Points earned when defeating any of these enemies: 800
    Points earned when defeating: 500
    Clearing Bonus Game (Phase 4)
    Total Points Earned: 11,000
    Clearing any other Bonus Game
    Total Points Earned: 13,000
    Flipping an enemy over
    Total Points Earned: 10
    Knocking out 2, 3, or 4 enemies in a row
    Points Earned: 1,600, 2,400, 3,200 (anything after that is still 3,200, and you
    will earn 1-Ups too)
    Grabbing a Coin
    Points: 800
    To get a coin, you'll need to defeat an enemy, and a coin will come out of the
    6. Using the Pow Block
    In every phase, there will be a POW Block at both the bottom and top of the
    phase. When you hit these from the bottom, the POW Block will stun any enemies
    in its path, collect all the coins visible, get rid of icicles, get rid of
    Freezies, and un-stun any stunned enemies. Once you hit the same POW Block 3
    times, that POW Block will disappear, and it will comeback in the next Bonus
    Game. You can also pick up POW Blocks too. You have to get on top of that POW
    Block, and press B. You will pick it up. Press B again to throw it. When you
    are carrying a POW Block, you can get to another location on that Phase and
    throw it. It still will do its effects.
    7. Multiplayer
    In order to play Multiplayer, you will need these things:
    1 GameBoy Advance Link Cable (2 for 3 player, 3 for 4 player)
    2-4 GameBoy Advances (they can be a GBAsp)
    2-4 Game paks (any Mario Advance game, they all have Mario Bros, and you can
    also use Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga too)
    How to play Multiplayer:
    Connect all the Link Cables (the one with the purple end connected to his/her
    GameBoy is Player 1, and you connect the other purple ends to the part that
    allows you to link up other Link Cables). Then, at the screen before the game
    selection screen, Player one will select Multiplayer.
    Single Pak: It is possible to play Mario Bros. multiplayer with only 1 game
    pak. The GameBoy Advance Link Cable's purple end must be connected to the
    GameBoy Advance with the game in it. Then, turn on the game and configure your
    settings, then turn on the other GameBoy(s). On the loading page, you should
    see Mario running across the screen (when he gets to the other side it's done),
    and the game begins (this is also slower because of only use of 1 game pak.
    Then, Player one will set up the game settings: Here are the settings:
    Classic (Cooperative play with 2-4 players)
    Battle (Battle with 2-4 players)
    If Player 1 selects Classic, he/she won't need to set any settings. If Player
    one selects battle, he/she sets these settings:
    Difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Different enemies appear depending on the
    Handicap: Player 1 will select how many coins players will begin with at the
    Fireballs: Player 1 will select if there will be fireballs or not.
    While Player 1 is selecting the options, the other players must wait until
    he/she is finished. Once Player 1 is done and starts the game, the game will
    show you which player you are, and then you start.
    If you are having trouble playing Multiplayer:
    1. You are using something other than a GameBoy Advance Link Cable on any of
    your connections.
    2. There is a loose connection in a socket.
    3. One of the players may have turned off the power.
    Classic Mode:
    Classic Mode can be played with 2-4 players. Classic Mode is like Cooperative
    Play, and all of the players must defeat all of the enemies to win. Just like
    single player, you go through the 99 Phases together with your friends.
    Battle Mode:
    In Battle Mode, the first player up to 5 coins wins (you can get coins by
    beating enemies, and then a coin will come out of a pipe). When playing with 2
    Players, there will be a Garbage Can at the bottom of the screen. When someone
    jumps in the Garbage Can, they must keep pressing A to get out. They will come
    out with an item. Here are the possible items:
    Fish-bones: If you get this, throw these away. These do nothing.
    Koopa Shells: When you throw a Koopa Shell (by pressing B), it will defeat any
    enemies in its way and shrink/defeat players.
    POW Block: By throwing these, these will stun anything that are on the
    platforms, allowing you to defeat enemies or pick up other Players.
    These items come in eggs, and are random when coming out of the egg (you throw
    the egg to have the item come out).
    Star: When throwing these, go and touch these to become invincible. You will
    defeat any enemies in your way, and defeat/shrink other players.
    Coin: Get these. You'll need them to win.
    Heart: If you are small, you can use these to become big again. When you get
    hit while you're big, you'll become small. If you're hit while you're small,
    you're out of that round.
    When all but one player is out of that round, the player remaining will win.
    When a player wins 5 rounds, they win the whole thing. Another way of winning
    is by collecting 5 coins.
    Note: When playing with 3 or 4 players, there will be no Garbage Can, so you
    will have to collect the 5 coins by defeating enemies. Have fun!
    8. Credits
    CJayC - Posting this FAQ
    Myself - I wrote the guide
    You - You read the guide
    Nintendo - They made all 4 awesome Mario Advance games, and they made the GBA
    My mom - She got the Super Mario Advance 4 Bundle Pack for me

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