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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    ----------------------- [ SUPER MARIO ADVANCE 4 FAQ/WALKTHROUGH] --------------
    ---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
    ---------------------------------[ GAMEBOY ADVANCE ]---------------------------
    -Items n Powerups
    -Match Game
    -Contact Me
    This is the third installment of the Super Mario Bros series and the fourth and
    final one in the Super Mario Advance series. As with the other games in the
    Super Mario Advance series, you have an option of playing the original Mario
    Bros game that lasts forever but you can play minigames with up to 4-players.
    SMB Advance 4 and its characters are trademarks of Nintendo and all copyrights
    belong to them.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
    Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given 
    permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.
    The evil King Bowser (aka Koopa) and his Koopalings have terrorized the lands
    surrounding the Mushroom Kingdom and the kids have stolen the wands of each of
    the kings who rule that land and turned them into strange creatures. It's up to
    you as Mario and Luigi to restore peace to the kingdoms.
    If you die on the fortress stages then using an anchor will prevent the airship
    from moving anywhere.
    Jugem Cloud
    Is there a stage you just can't beat and you just want to skip it altogether?
    This is the item you need. Just don't die on the level after that or you'll be
    taken back to the last level you completed and the Jugem Cloud will be just a
    Use this to break rocks on the map to free up access to certain parts of the
    Music Box
    Hammer Bros. on the map as well as the piranha plants of World 7 will take a
    snooze temporarily and thus you can avoid map encounters.
    Grants you an extra life.
    Functions like a Super Leaf except it give Racoon Mario/Luigi permanent flight
    for the whole stage as long as you don't get hit.
    Temporarily allows Mario/Luigi to be immune to any and all damage that would
    normally cause harm. It however, does not stop you from dying of time out,
    falling into a pit or falling into the lava. You can also die of being crushed
    along the side of the screen during scrolling stages.
    There are only three in the whole game. Use these to warp to higher levels in
    the game. They are very well hidden.
    Turns coins to bricks and vice versa.
    ~Power Ups~
    Super Mushroom
    Turns Mario/Luigi into SUper Mario/Luigi. Now Mario/Luigi can break bricks from
    Fire Flower
    Turns Mario/Luigi into Fire Mario/Luigi. Now Mario/Luigi can shoot fireballs at
    the enemies. Some enemies cannot be harmed by fireballs though.
    Super Leaf
    Turns Mario/Luigi into Racoon Mario/Luigi. Now Mario/Luigi can use the tail to
    swat at enemies to kill them and this power can also be used to fly through the
    air temporarily. Repeatedly pressing the Jump button will slow down your fall.
    Frog Suit
    Turns Mario/Luigi into Frog Mario/Luigi. This suit is best for underwater areas
    since you can swim by pressing in any direction. You also have the ability to
    swim against underwater currents coming out of pipes.
    Hammer Suit
    Turns Mario/Luigi into Hammer Mario/Luigi. This suit launches hammers similar
    to those of the Hammer Bros. These hammer can kill enemies that fireballs can't
    kill such as Boo Didley, Hot Foot, Thwomp, Buzzy Bettle, etc. You can also duck
    to protect yourself from the Venus Fire Traps fireballs.
    Tanooki Suit
    Turns Mario/Luigi into Tanooki Mario/Luigi. This suit has the same abilities as
    the Racoon Suit with the ability to change into a statue for five seconds of
          MATCH GAME
    Everytime you earn  a certain amount of points a card will appear on the map
    with a spade on it and an N
    F = Flower
    S = Starman
    E = 1-up(extra life)
    M = Mushroom
    1 = 10 coins
    2 = 20 coins
    American Name: Goomba
    Japanese Name: Kuribo
    Description: They are the second most common enemies in the Mario series, they
    try to walk into you.
    American Name: Green Koopa Troopa
    Japanese Name: Midori Nokonoko
    Description: They behave like the Goombas, they move into a straight line and
    try to walk into you or place themselves in inconvenient spots.
    American Name: Red Koopa Troopa
    Japanese Name: Akai Nokonoko
    Description: When they reach the edge of a platform they'll turn around and go
    in the opposite direction.
    American Name: Hammer Bros.
    Japanese Name: Hammer Bros.
    Description: They usually hang out where there is a set of bricks around so
    they can hop up and down a level while tossing Hammers.
    American Name: Buzzy Beetle
    Japanese Name: Met
    Description: They behave just like the Green Koopa Troopa except fireballs have
    no effect on them. The have a new trick where they walk on the ceiling and drop
    and spin at you when close.
    American Name: Spiny
    Japanese Name: Togezo
    Description: They spiky shells protect them from being stomped on. That is if
    you don't wear a Kuribo Shoe.
    American Name: Cheep-Cheep
    Japanese Name: Chikkoi Pukupuku
    Description: Cheep-Cheeps in the water place themselves in bad spots but out of
    the water, they leap out of the water.
    American Name: Bullet Bill
    Japanese Name: Killer
    Description: They are fired out of special cannons. Stand next to the cannons
    and they will not fire.
    American Name: Blooper
    Japanese Name: Gesso
    Description: The Bloopers will swim towards you
    American Name: Green Koopa Paratroopa
    Japanese Name: Midori Patapata
    Description: Hops forward in a straight line. Turns into a Koopa Troopa when it
    is stomped.
    American Name: Red Koopa Paratroopa
    Japanese Name: Akai Patapata
    Description: All it does is fly up and down and sometimes sideways. You can use
    it for leverage to an otherwise hard-to-reach area.
    American Name: Lakitu
    Japanese Name: Jugem
    Description: They continually toss down Spiny Eggs at you. If you kill him, he
    will reappear after a few moments.
    American Name: Piranha Plant
    Japanese Name: Pakkun Flower
    Description: They spring out of pipes and try to catch you while you are coming
    down from a jump. Green ones have shorter stems than the red ones.
    American Name: Pobodo
    Japanese Name: Bubble
    Description: In the lava stages, they continually pop out of the lava to catch
    unfortunate jumpers.
    American Name: Spiny Egg
    Japanese Name: Paipo
    Description: Tossed by Lakitus, the red ones hatch when they hit the ground and
    turn into a Spiny. The green ones don't hatch, they continue to bounce.
    American Name: Paragoomba
    Japanese Name: Patakuribo
    Description: Goomba's with wings. Some drop Microgoombas. When stomped on, they
    turn back into Goombas.
    American Name: Microgoomba
    Japanese Name: Mamekuribo
    Description: They'll stick to you and lower your running speed and the height
    of your jumping. You have to shake them off.
    American Name: Piledriver Microgoomba
    Japanese Name: Block Mamekuribo
    Description: They pose as bricks and when you get nearby, they'll reveal them-
    selves and hop at you. Stomp on the brick to kill them.
    American Name: Kuribo's Goomba
    Japanese Name: Boot Kuribo
    Description: It uses a shoe to hop around. It will only appear in one stage of
    the whole game (one stage in World 5: The Sky)
    American Name: Grand Goomba
    Japanese Name: Kyodai Kuribo
    Description: Bigger version of the Goomba
    American Name: Gargantua Koopa Troopa
    Japanese Name: Kyodai Nokonoko
    Description: Bigger version of the Koopa Troopa
    American Name: Colossal Koopa Paratroopa
    Japanese Name: Kyodai Patapata
    Description: Bigger version of the Koopa Paratroopa
    American Name: Buster Beetle
    Japanese Name: Lift Met
    Description: He is not fireproof like his cousin, Buster. He likes to hurl ice
    bricks at you. He can be stomped once to be killed.
    American Name: Para-Beetle
    Japanese Name: Pata Met
    Description: Use them to get a little ride. It will fly vertically when on its
    American Name: Boomerang Bros.
    Japanese Name: Boomerang Bros.
    Description: They toss Boomerangs that must be avoided even after they have
    been killed already since the boomerangs do return.
    American Name: Fire Bros.
    Japanese Name: Fire Bros.
    Description: They spit fireballs at you.
    American Name: Sledge Bros.
    Japanese Name: Himan Bros.
    Description: They are like Hammer Bros. only bigger. They can shake the ground
    and cause an earthquakes that stuns you if you are on the ground.
    American Name: Venus Fire Trap
    Japanese Name: Fire Pakkun
    Description: They spit fire at you, green ones have shorter stems than the Red
    American Name: Ptooie
    Japanese Name: Fuufuu Pakkun
    Description: They use their breath to balance a spike ball. Some will also walk
    on the ground.
    American Name: Piranhacus Giganticus
    Japanese Name: Kyodai Pakkun Flower
    Description: Bigger version of the Piranha Plant
    American Name: Nipper Plant
    Japanese Name: Puchi Pakkun
    Description: Plants that hop around and some will jump to try to nip at you,
    thus its name.
    American Name: Muncher
    Japanese Name: Black Pakkun
    Description: Invincible plants that can be turned into coins via P-switch
    American Name: Missile Bill
    Japanese Name: U-Turn Killer
    Description: They will turn around if they miss you.
    American Name: Bob-Omb
    Japanese Name: Bomb Hei
    Description: The only enemy from SMB2 USA. When stomped on, they'll explode in
    a few seconds. The ones in World 8 will explode on their own.
    American Name: Chain Chomp
    Japanese Name: Wanwan
    Description: Held back by a chain, it will try in vain to attack you if its too
    far away to get you. After 100 seconds, the chain will break and it will come
    after you.
    American Name: Fire Chomp
    Japanese Name: Keronpa
    Description: Has a fiery tail that will spit a piece of it at you. If its whole
    tail is gone, it explodes.
    American Name: Spike
    Japanese Name: Gabon
    Description: Hocks up spike balls and tosses them at you.
    American Name: Firesnake
    Japanese Name: Firesnake
    Description: Found in the Desert, it continually leaps at you.
    American Name: Angry Sun
    Japanese Name: Taiyou
    Description: After a while, it will come down from the upperleft and attack you
    by spinning then swooping down.
    American Name: Big Boss Bass
    Japanese Name: Kyodai Pukupuku o->
    Description: It will leap out of the water in an attempt to swallow you whole
    and instantly kill you.
    American Name: Big Bertha
    Japanese Name: Kyodai Pukupuku o+
    Description: She swims around and spits her child at you when close.
    American Name: Baby Cheep
    Japanese Name: Chikkoi Pukupuku
    Description: Lives inside of Big Bertha's mouth and is spit out by her.
    American Name: Spiny Cheep Cheep
    Japanese Name: Togepuku
    Description: A cheep Cheep with a new look.
    American Name: Baby Blooper
    Japanese Name: Kodomo Gesso
    Description: Is tossed at you by Blooper Nannys.
    American Name: Lava Lotus
    Japanese Name: Switchuka
    Description: Stays on the ocean floor and spits up magma balls that rise up and
    rain down.
    American Name: Jelectro
    Japanese Name: Shibire Kurage
    Description: Invincible jellyfish that appear in schools.
    American Name: Rotodisc
    Japanese Name: Cookie
    Description: Red ball with a disc rotating around it.
    American Name: Dry Bones
    Japanese Name: Karon
    Description: Skeletal Koopa Troopa that crumbles when stomped on and then it'll
    repair itself after a few seconds.
    American Name: Boo Diddly
    Japanese Name: Teresa
    Description: They float after you when your back is turned but halt in their
    tracks when you face them.
    American Name: Stretch
    Japanese Name: Netchi
    Description: Boo Diddlys that hide within white blocks.
    American Name: Hot Foot
    Japanese Name: Walk
    Description: A candle flame that creeps up on you when your back is turned and
    halts in its tracks when you face it.
    American Name: Thwomp Trap
    Japanese Name: Dossun
    Description: When you get close, it will drop in an attempt to crush you. When
    it falls, slowly retreat to its original position.
    American Name: Rocky Wrench
    Japanese Name: Puu
    Description: Moles that pop out of manholes and toss wrenches at you. They are
    only found on airships.
    American Name: Cannon
    Japanese Name: Taihou
    Description: They shoot cannonballs constantly.
    American Name: Rocket Engine
    Japanese Name: Burner
    Description: Koopa ships and airships use these to burn you.
    American Name: Bowser Statue
    Japanese Name: Laser Houdai
    Description: When you get close, they will shoot a laser beam at you.
    American Name: Boom-Boom
    Japanese Name: Bunbun
    Description: Miniboss who guards the Fortresses
                                 World 1: GRASS LAND
    Upon start up, you got Goombas to eliminate if you choose to do so. The fourth
    question block in the level contains a Super Mushroom to transform you to Super
    Mario/Luigi. Avoid the Venus Fire Trap's Fireballs and get on the orange block
    and jump on the Red Koopa Troopa below. Kick the shell into the question block
    on the right to reveal a Super Leaf. Grab it to become Racoon Mario/Luigi. If
    you want, you can play around with the "white block" background trick just for
    practice since you'll need it in 1-3 if you are looking to warp instead of just
    playing the game straight through. Use your Racoon Tail to spin and knock out
    the two Goombas and Paragoomba (or you can stomp them outright). Once you are
    clear. Run back then run to the right till your P-meter flashes and fly up to
    the clouds. The lone brick contains a 1-up. Now just collect the coins up top
    and get a back n' forth running start to build up your P-meter and fly to get
    the coins past the end of the cloud trail. Once you drop to the bottom, one of
    the bricks has a P-switch inside. Swat it with your tail instead of using the
    Red Koopa Troopa Shell for maximum coins and then clear a path and run and fly
    to the top of a high pipe and go down. Inside is a bunch of coins set up in the
    formation of the number 3. Get them and leave the bonus area. Proceed to the
    right to exit the level.
    The sideway pipes endlessly spawns Goombs. Get past them and there to get onto
    the pipe at the top, use the question blocks for leverage. One of them has a
    Super Leaf to make up for the one you may have lost earlier. On the other side,
    the pipe will spew out more Goombas. Take this time earn lots of 1-ups by going
    near the pipe but not underneath and stomping on the Goombas while wearing your
    Racoon Suit and keep hitting the Jump Button to slow down your fall and land on
    another Goomba. Repeat this process until you have collected all the 1-ups you
    want. Once you got all the lives you need, go to the right and ignore the coins
    you see and hit the brick on the right to reveal a P-Switch. Use it to turn the
    coins to bricks and use those bricks to reach the pipe above. Be sure to avoid
    the Venus Fire Trap by waiting for it to go down into the pipe and then go down
    the pipe yourself. There is a load of coins inside to collect. You can repeat
    this process for unlimited coins. There is also a hidden 1-up to the right of
    the pipe. Your racoon suit should be able to help you find it. If you're ready
    to proceed, go right and you can practice your slope sliding here. Move along
    the musical blocks. One contains a Super Leaf and the last one has a Starman
    which grants you temporary invincibility which is enough to last until the end
    of the level.
    At the start of the level you will be dealing with the Boomerang Bros. Beware
    of the boomerangs on the return path. Use the music blocks to get on the
    bricks and kick a red Koopa Troopa shell to the left and break away the blocks
    until it goes away. Go down into the hole and jump up to reveal a orange music
    block. Jump on it and it will boost you to a secret area with plenty of coins.
    If you have your Racoon suit on, then you can fly up to the sky and collect a
    1-up hidden in the bricks. At the end, go down the pipe but don't exit just yet
    because there is a secret item to pick up. Go left till you reach a white block
    and use that "white block" background trick I mentioned in 1-1 and run to the
    right as fast as you can and you'll end up behind the exit and into a secret
    Toad house with a chest containg a Magic Whistle.
    This is the game's first auto-scrolling stage. In this level, you must collect
    all 44 coins to make a white Toad house appear on the map (which contains a P-
    Wing powerup). Collect the coins as you go while avoiding enemy contact. Beware
    of moving platforms that drop as soon as you step on them. Some coins and 1-ups
    are hidden inside of bricks. With the stage scrolling, you must be fast at hit-
    ting the bricks to get the goods. At the end of the scrolling is a green Koopa
    Paratroopa that floats up and down. Stomp on it for leverage if needed and then
    get the last three coins before entering the pipe. Proceed to the exit.
    The games first fortress is here. There are two ways to finish this level. You
    can play this stage normally and defeat Boom-Boom in the end or you can use a
    simple trick that most of us probably found out after watching the movie called
    "The Wizard."
    At the start of the level, be careful not to fall into the lava or else it is
    instant death for you. As you hop across the lava pits, stay clear of the Roto
    Discs and the Pobodos popping out of the lava. There is also a Fire Flower in
    this area if you want it. Once you get past all the pits, disable a Dry Bones
    and quickly run back and forth to charge up your P-meter if you got your Racoon
    suit on and fly up the left side and pull to the right and keep going right and
    soon you will be in a secret area with a treasure chest that contains a whistle
    and end the level.
    If you decided to go on ahead instead, enter the door at the end and you will
    be at a screen that has a spiked ceiling moving up and down. To avoid taking
    damage, move into one of the safe spots (where the ceiling is raised) and wait
    there until the ceiling rises again. Continue until you reach the end of the
    line and enter the door when it appears. To defeat Boom-Boom, simply stomp on
    his head three times or roast him with numerous fireballs. Collect the ? prize
    he leaves behind to end the level and destroy the lock on the map.
    Start off by sliding down the slope. This kills the Buzzy Beetles in the way as
    you go down. Avoid the Cheep-Cheeps in the water and the upside-down Pirhana
    Plants and take the high road. Before you jump out of the hole, jump along the
    left side of it to make a orange music block appear. Use it to boost yourself 
    to the secret area in the clouds. Once you are back on the ground, go right and
    do not slide down. Use your fireballs (if you got your Fire Suit on) and kill 
    the Venus Fire Trap and Piranha Plants and go up the pipe at the end and you
    can exit stage right.
    Proceed to the right as you start the level. If you are already in Super Mode,
    then the first question block will contain a Super Leaf. Get on the platform
    that is moving along a railed path and jump on the music blocks to the right
    and get onto safe ground. To the right is a green Koopa Troopa. Stop on it and
    kick it away to clear some blocks and get 10 coins out of the brick to your
    right. There ia also a 1-up hidden in the brick above in the same area. Get on
    the high platform ahead and get a running start back and forth to build your
    P-meter and at the end of the platform to your right and fly to collect your
    coins and land on the solid platform. Jump on the two platforms to the right
    and move on to the end of the level.
    Boss: Larry Koopa
    This is a hint of things to come in future airships too. The ship is full of
    Bullet Bills and cannons coming from all directions. There is a Fire Flower in
    a question block that can help against Larry Koopa. There is a rotating cannon
    past it so time your movements to get past it. Get past two more cannons and
    Bullet Bill Shooters and enter the pipe leading to Larry Koopa. Avoid Larry's
    laser rings from his wand and stomp on his head. Avoid the lead he makes while
    in his shell and then stomp him again when he comes out. Stomp on him once more
    to defeat him and change the king back to his normal form.
    Hammer Brother: Gives you a Starman upon victory.
    Toad House 1 and 2: Super Mushroom, Super Leaf, Fire Flower
    White Toad House: P-Wing (must get 44 coins in 1-4)
                                   World 2: DESERT
    At the start, you'll be ambushed by Piledriver Micro-Goombas. Avoid them then
    stomp on them. With your Racoon suit on, get a running start to build up your
    P-meter then take off just before the music blocks and you'll see a pipe that's
    surrounded by bricks. Clear away enough bricks to allow you to enter the pipe
    and go down. This pipe serves as a shortcut (warp) instead of a bonus area. In
    this case, the Firesnakes will be of no threat to you. Make your way to a pipe
    and watch out for the Piranha Plant. Go down after it does.
    To make the White Toad appear on the map, you need to get at least thirty coins
    in this stage. It will give you an anchor. This is also the first stage in the
    game to contain quicksand. If you sink too far, you'll die. Stay out of it at
    all costs in this level because there are Venus Fire Traps lurking within them.
    Bump the wood block for a power-up and get the three coins. Don't fall into the
    pit now. Avoid another quicksand and you'll reach some water. Don't ride the
    platform. Instead, get all the coins n' hit the second brick to make a P-switch
    appear. Go back and ride the platform. Hit the P-switch on the way and collect
    all of the coins that used to be bricks. There is enough for a White Toad house
    to appear on the map.
    +Fortress 1+
    Get past some Dry Bones then when you get near the Thwomp Traps let them fall
    then go past them as they rise back up. Just past the second one is your first
    encounter with the Boo Diddlys. Remember, he will stay still when you face him
    but when you turn your back, he will give chase. Get past him and go up the
    pipe. Stay off the spikes and avoid another Thwomp Trap then jump right over
    the next set of spikes. Ignore the Boo Didley and make a break for the door.
    The Thwomp Traps will fall and miss their target as you run. Enter the door at
    the end. Avoid the spikes as they rise and fall and avoid the Boo Didleys as
    well. When the door appears, enter it immediately. The boss fight with BoomBoom
    is just ahead. Stomp him three times to win. He is slightly faster this fight.
    There are three pyramids made out of orange platform blocks. Each one is being
    guarded by Firesnakes. Avoid them and get the prizes at the top. If you are in
    your Racoon suit then you can swat them to get them out of your hair. The 2nd
    pyramid has a Starman in one of the question blocks. With the Racoon Suit on,
    stay at the bottom of the thrid pyramid and make a dash to fill up your P-meter
    and fly up to a set of blocks with one containg a P-switch. Drop down for a 
    shitload of coins. There is also a 1-up within the coins too. If you see bricks
    that didn't change then those are Piledriver Microgoombas who got their cover
    blown. Avoid or kill them and climb up a stack of bricks and kick a Koopa shell
    aside to clear bricks and provide entrance to the pipe below and enter. Exit
    stage right.
    Notice that angry sun in the upper-left hand corner. It will stay there for the
    first part of the level. Stay out of the quicksand because there are Venus Fire
    Traps in it. Grab a Koopa Shell shortly after the third quicksand pit, and do a
    high jump to get over the tornado. The Angry Sun will come to life but with the
    Koopa Shell in your hands, you can knock it out early. Just proceed to the end
    of the level.
    This is an easy level here. With your Racoon suit on, go right until you reach
    a "wall" then run left to fill the P-meter and fly up the very left side and
    clear away the blocks. From this point you can stay on the high road and when
    you reach the music blocks, just jump and float to the exit.
    This level is fairly short. However, the chain chomps are something you should
    worry about. Avoid them at all costs or kill them with Koopa Shells or Racoon
    tail swats. Grab a Koopa shell when you see a set of blocks that zigzag and it
    will clear away some blocks that releases a vine. Climb to the top and hop on
    the clouds to the left and enter a pipe. Get the goods and exit. Once out, get
    the question block treasure and exit to the right.
    Enter the door and get the Super Leaf at the top of the steps. But, if you were
    small Mario/Luigi at the beginning, you'll find a Super Mushroom. In this case,
    exit after getting the Mushroom then re-enter. Use the Raccoon Suit to break
    the blocks on the higher road. When you reach the pipe, take the upper path to
    the left and at the top, go right. Break the bricks and just past the pipe that
    hangs upsidedown, jump up to reveal a hidden coin. Use it for leverage and go
    up the pipe. This secret area has a P-switch and is full of bonus coins. Get
    the coins and leave. You'll come out near the end. There are Buzzy Beetles that
    are on the ceiling that drop and spin at you when close. Get past them and swat
    away the bricks and go up the pipe at the end. Before you exit, go up the left
    and hit the P-switch and collect the silver coins. Proceed to the exit.
    Boss: Morton Koopa Jr.
    Avoid the Bullet Bills and cannons and reach a Fire Flower. You'll come across
    some crates and a trick Bullet Bill pattern. Survive this by using the crates
    to avoid the Bullet Bills and use the fireballs to kill the Rocky Wrenches. Get
    past two more Bullet Bills to face Morton Koopa Jr. He fights like Larry except
    he tends to be more trigger happy with his wand. As with Larry, stomp him then
    avoid his shell then repeat the process two more times for victory.
    Hammer Brother 1: Gives you a Hammer upon victory.
    Hammer Brother 2: Gives you a Music Block upon victory.
    Hammer Brother 3: Gives you a Whistle upon victory.
    Toad House 1 and 2: Super Mushroom, Super Leaf, Fire Flower
    Toad House 3: Frog Suit
    White Toad House: Anchor (must get 30 coins in 2-2)
                                  World 3: OCEANSIDE
    At the start of the level, swim to the bottom and to the right for a powerup if
    you need it. Swim back up and as you go right, avoid the Cheep Cheeps while you
    stay clear of the currents coming out of the pipes. There is a secret area near
    where the first upside-down pipe is. Swim up and above it and you will be off
    the screen. Move to the right and get a Power-up the move above the screen and
    come out through the right. You can stay on the high road and maneuver through
    the Bloopers or you can take the low road and deal with the Music Blocks and
    the Fire Lotus. The low road leads to a 1-up. Go up the pipe at the end and the
    exit is ahead.
    Beware of the Cheep Cheeps in this area. They like nothing better to do than to
    jump out of the water and crash into you. Stay above the water as much as you
    possibly can. Just past the Donut Lifts is a wall, bump the side of it to make
    the first Starman appear. If you are lucky, then you can grab the other two
    Starmen in this stage for total invincibity throughout the stage. There is a
    1-up near the exit pipe. Get it and swim to the block on the right while you
    avoid the Cheep Cheeps and get into that exit pipe and before you proceed to 
    the end of the stage. Use the Racoon Suit to fly up and to the left to a wood
    platform moving along a path. There is a hidden 1-up within the area. Get it
    then you can leave.
    Watch out now. This level rises and sinks. That's not the least of your worries
    because it the Big Boss Bass that you got to watch out for. He has the ability
    to leap out of the water and swallow you whole and thus you instantly lose a
    life. Unless you got a Fire Suit on, don't even think about going for any items
    because it's too risky. Carefully land onto the spinner as it comes to the end
    of its spin to land on the next platform. Use an ice block to make the P-switch
    appear on the left and use the P-switch to provide a platorm of bricks that use
    to be coins and provide you a safe heaven as the music is playing on route to
    the exit pipe. But wait, don't go in just yet. If you still got your Fire Suit,
    kill the Big Boss Bass and swim to the very right for a 1-up and swim back and
    kill the Big Boss Bass again on the way to the pipe then enter. Time to go.
    This fortress is tricky. There are so many doors in here. The wrong door leads
    to a dip into the flooded basement. There is a shortcut to Boom-Boom. Get past
    the first Thwomp Trap and enter door #3. Rapidly press the up button to warp
    straight to Boom-Boom's room. If you don't feel like warping, here are some
    notable doors to enter: Door #4 leads to a 1-up. Door #6 leads to the right of
    the door leading to Boom-Boom and the last door leads to lots of coins. The
    Boom-Boom here sprouts wings. Defeat him as before.
    Are you ready to slip and slide? This level is full of slopes. Use the slide
    to eliminate enemies. At the second slope, get a good slide and then jump at
    the very end to vault over the water pond. It's tricky but with enough practice
    you can make it. Lakitu arrives and he drops green Spiny Eggs. Unlike the red
    Spiny Eggs, they continue to bounce when landing instead of turning into Spinys
    and that is trouble. Knock him off with a Koopa Troopa Shell and just break for
    the end of the stage. Lakitu will return so get as far to the right as you can
    before he comes back.
    This is really the first stage where you would use a Frog Suit. Use the D-pad
    to swim around. Just like her mate Big Boss Bass, be wary of Big Bertha. She
    won't try to swallow you but she will spit her child, Baby Cheep, at you if she
    sees you. Your Frog Suit allows you to swim against the currents coming out of
    the pipes. One of those pipes leads to a secret area containing a huge question
    block containing three 1-ups. When you come out, carefully get past the fish
    enemies and exit through the pipe on the right then finish the level.
    It is easy to fall to your doom here. Don't stay on the Donut Lifts too long
    and most of all, don't jump on the Rotary Lifts too soon or you'll be spun off
    of it. Stay on higher ground until you reach a spot below with two Donut Lifts
    and 3 ice blocks.  Go down there and pick up the Ice block on the right and
    smash it into the brick to the right to reveal a P-switch. Hit the brick above
    to make a 1-up appear then jump on the P-switch to turn the bricks to coins and
    you can snag the 1-up easier. Get past the next Rotary Lift and proceed to the
    end of the level.
    Get the Super Leaf out of the wood block and beware of Spikes (enemies that'll
    toss spike balls at you). As you kill them, look for a pattern of bricks that
    look like this
      *  #
     #    #
    Hit the brick which I indicated as the star and a vine will appear. Climb it
    to reach the clouds. Use the clouds to get a running start to the right and fly
    as far right as you can and land on another set of clouds. Jump straight up
    from the middle cloud to make a orange Music Block appear. Jump on it and vault
    to the clouds in the sky. At the end of the scrolling, is a brick containing a
    Jugem Cloud and thus the level ends right there.
    +Fortress 2+
    This Fortress level takes place underwater. In addition to the Cheep Cheeps,
    you will have to swim through Roto Discs and a new enemy called Strech. You'll
    need to swim carefully to avoid bumping into them. Once you get past them, you
    will face another winged Boom-Boom. There are two blocks in the area which will
    not hinder your jumps if timed right.
    This level is almost the same as 3-3 except the level sinks even deeper and yes
    the Big Boss Bass is back and he is meaner than ever especially when the stage
    sinks deeper. Grab a Koopa shell to kill hit a block that frees a vine. You'll
    need these vines throughout the level to stay even safer. Have a Fire Suit on
    hand if needed since it will take out Big Boss Bass temporarily but buy you
    time to finish the level. To make the white Toad House appear, you need to grab
    44 coins in this level. This is why the Fire Suit is necessary because, it will
    be easier to grab the coins nearby where the P-switch.
    There is somewhat of a shortcut in this level. It's not really a shortcut but
    you will be invisible underwater and able to proceed unharmed. Start of with
    avoiding the Bullet Bills. Soon there will be some bricks you'll need to swat
    away some bricks. Do so then backtrack to a white platform and squat until you
    go through it. Quickly and carefully head to the pipe and enter. Now you are
    underwater and invisible. You can still fall to your death though. Just swim
    to the end and you'll become visible near the exit pipe. The levei will be over
    Boss: Wendy O. Koopa
    Be careful in this level because if you don't keep your eyes peeled then you
    could get crushed on the side of the screen. This more that likely will happen
    on the NES version. When you reach a high pole that you can't cross from above
    without a P-wing, you are supposed to go below it. Watch out for cannons as you
    do so. Survive the onslaught of cannons, Bullet Bills, and jet flames to face
    off against Wendy O. Koopa. Unlike her brothers before her, she shoots candy
    rings that bounce around the room. Watch the trajectory of the rings to avoid
    them and stomp her three times to defeat her.
    Hammer Brother 1: Gives you a Hammer upon victory.
    Hammer Brother 2: Gives you a Starman upon victory.
    Toad House 1: Frog Suit
    Toad House 2, 3, 4: Super Leaf, Fire Flower, Frog Suit
    Toad House 5: Super Mushroom, Super Leaf, Fire Flower
    White Toad House: P-Wing (must get 44 coins in 3-8)
                                  World 4: BIG LAND
    No you did not shrink. The stage is just bigger and so are the enemies. Get
    past the waterfall and knock out three blocks with your tail, get a running
    start and fly to the left and swim up the top waterfall to a secret area with
    a lot of Big Berthas and a couple 1-ups. Get past the Koopa Paratroopa and work
    your way to the end of the stage.
    The Cheep Cheeps are out in full force in this level. Beware of the Piranhacus
    Gigantcus. They are bigger versions of Piranha Plants and those things are very
    scary. Use an Ice Block to reveal a Super Leaf in the giant question block.
    Bump a wood block to make a P-switch appear. Hit it and grab all the coins and
    the Starman. This will buy you some time to get the coins remaining after the
    P-switch wears off. You'll need all 24 coins in this level to make the White
    Toad House appear on the map. Once you are done, feel free to end the level.
    Quickly dispose of the Sledge brothers. They're stomps can stun you. Once they
    are gone, enter either pipe to go underground. In this level, the Spinys will
    behave like the Buzzy Beetles in a sense that when they are crawling upsidedown
    then they drop when you get close and spin towards you. Once you have a clear
    path from the level's 5th question block, fly to the top and get some coins up
    there then drop down. Get past the enemies here and get on the wooden block.
    Break the brick in the middle then break the one on the left to get the 1-up
    and stay along the high road there. Carefully get past the small platforms and
    end the level from there.
    If you thought Boo Didley was bad, check out the Hot Foot. These are the flames
    of candles who try to sneak up on you when your back is turned to them and stop
    when facing them. Proceed with caution when maneuvering through the two Thwomp
    Traps that move sideways. After the second one, go down the middle white pipe
    to enter a shortcut special area witho only the Dry Bones to worry about. Jump
    up to reveal two hidden coins to get out. Now run straight on to Boom Boom.
    Defeat him as before but there is a couple blocks obstructing you. That should
    not hinder your progress though.
    Time to start feeling froggy again. Dive into the water and swim to the bottom
    and enter the pipe. Currents won't hold you back while wearing the Frog Suit. 
    Go in the pipe for lots of coins. Once out, swim like you never swam before.
    Lakitu will be tossing Spiny eggs into the water. This is what makes the Frog
    Suit so crucial since you maintain your velocity. Go on and finish the level.
    This level introduces the Missile Bills. They function just like Bullet Bills
    except that when they pass you, they'll turn around and attack you again just
    like a guided missile. You'll need to stomp on them to get rid of them. At one
    point, you will see a brick that is normally out of reach but to hit it, stomp
    on a Bullet Bill and use it as leverage to hit the brick and uncover a vine. Do
    it again to reach the vine and climb up. There is a pipe that leads to a secret
    area containing a Tanooki suit. With your Tanooki suit on, you can become a
    statue by pressing down + B and have total invincibility for up to 5 seconds.
    Now all you got to do here is proceed to the end of the level without much
    In this level, you can decide if you want to play it with normal-sized enemies
    or super-sized enemies. Everything changes by going inside the doors throughout
    the level. Within the blocks at the start is a Starman if you are in the normal
    sized area and a 1-up within the super sized area. Fly to the clouds above and
    to the right for some coins in the air and to make things easier, float your
    way as far right as you can. There is a 1-up next to the pipe before the magic
    door. Whether you want to finish the level big or small is up to you.
    Try to avoid falling into the lava while making your way across the Donut Lifts
    and watch out for Pobodos.There is a Fire Flower during your journey. At some
    point after the lava pit is a brick with a P-switch inside. Hit it to reveal a
    secret door marked by silver coins. It leads to a secret area full of pipes and
    directional platforms. There is nothing special here but when you reach the top
    then you enter another special area with a 1-up accessed through hidden coins.
    Enter the pipe for yet another secret area. There is a couple 1-ups in the big
    question block. Fly up the left side to find a secret stash of coins. Drop back
    down and enter the pipe on the right to go back to the main area. Get past the
    RotoDisc and head on to Boom-Boom. The platforms here can help you stomp on him
    three times.
    Boss: Iggy Koopa
    This is a tough airship to get through. In addition to Bullet Bills, you got to
    deal with vertical jet burners. You can take the high road or low road. The low
    road requires you to wait for the jets to recede. The high road requires you to
    jump on the Bolt Lift several times to stay above the jet burners. Once you get
    through all this, get the powerup next to the pipe then go down. Iggy is faster
    than his siblings, so be quick on beating him yourself.
    Hammer Bros 1: Jugem Cloud
    Hammer Bros 2: P-Wing
    Hammer Bros 3: Starman
    Toad House 1: Tanooki Suit
    Toad House 2 and 3: Mushroom, Super Leaf, Fire Flower
    Toad House 4: Super Leaf, Fire Flower, Tanooki Suit
    White Toad House: Anchor (must get 24 coins in 4-2)
                                  World 5: THE SKY
    Use a Koopa shell to kill the Chain Chomp at the start then run back and forth
    until you built your flight meter to the max then fly to the upper left and go
    into the pipe. Get a running start and do a ducking slide in the small gap and
    jump while sliding to flying while ducking and get through the gap. This will
    lead to a Music Box and the level will end right there.
    Enter the pipe and fall straight down to land on the Music Block. Stay at the
    top and go up to enter a secret area. In this area, go down the first pipe you
    come across for a lot of 1-ups. Once out, go up the pipe at the end for a short
    end of the level. 
    If you were unfortunate enough to fall to the bottom at the beginning, you'd
    have to deal with the Buster Beetles who toss Ice Blocks at you. It's tough but
    you can use the Ice Blocks on them your self.
    Go down the pipe and this time you'll find yourself having to travel left. This
    level introduces the Kuribo's Shoe. Bop a Goomba wearing one from below then
    get in it. With the shoe on, you can jump on enemies you could not jump onto
    before like any Pirahana Plants or Spinys. With a Fire Suit, you can also shoot
    fireballs while in the shoe. You can even walk on the Munchers, which you need
    to do to collect a 1-up. Go down the pipe at the end, then go right. There may
    be no problem completing the level from here.
    Carefully avoid the Pobodo and RotoDisc and you jump over the lava pit. Watch
    out for the Thwomp Trap just past the pit. Once it rises back up, get a running
    start and fly through a brick and work your way upwards to a pipe. In this area
    you will see a formation of coins shaped like an up area. That is your cue to
    fly up and hit three invisible blocks that contain 1-ups. Once out, avoid the
    Thwomp Traps and RotoDisc and head for Boom-Booms room and beat him as you did
    Get past three of the RotoDiscs and go up the pipe. Get past the Two Thwomp 
    Traps and go up the pipe at the end. There are some Piledriver Microgoombas at
    the start, take them out first then use your Racoon Suit to swat a brick that 
    reveals a 1-up. There is another 1-up in this same area but you need a P-wing
    to get it. Fly over the wall to the other side to get the 1-up and fly back and
    enter the pipe. Once you pass the Thwomp Trap and RotoDisc, you can work your
    way to the top and enter the upsidedown pipe. GO to the lower clouds and hit
    the brick to reveal a vine. Enter the pipe to end the level and go to the sky
    part of the level.
    There are Rotary Lifts galore in this level. With A Racoon or Tanooki Suit on,
    or if you got a P-Wing, run then fly to the top onto the clouds. Stay along the
    top until the then on try to fly after the third cloud by running on the second
    one then slow down for a small hop and build up speed again to get enough of
    the P-meter to fly to the right. Once you start coming down, you should have
    enough height to float down to the exit pipe. At the end, Lakitu arrives and
    starts dropping Spiny Eggs, let them hit the ground and hit the exit block to
    turn every enemy into a coin and end the level.
    This is unsafe ground that you are walking on. The only places that is safe to
    stand on are the wooden blocks and pipes. Most of the level's surface is made
    out Donut Lifts. You also got the Green Koopa Troopas to contend with as well.
    To get a White Toad House on the map, you must get at least 28 coins in this
    level. Doing this is kind of tricky since you must get a coin and stay on top
    of a Donut Lift to get the coin as it goes down then jump off. A Tanooki Suit
    is hidden in this level. To get it, use your Racoon Suit or a Koopa Shell to
    destroy the bricks covering the pipes and go into the second pipe. The Tanooki
    Suit is in the giant question block. There is a drawback for those who want to
    get the White Toad House. Going out the exit pipe from the Tanooki Suit area
    will place you further ahead in the level and you'll have to backtrack to get
    the other require coins. This level also has Super Leaves hidden everywhere.
    The ParaBeetles are hear to give you a helpful stepping stone as long as you
    land on top of them. They can hurt you if you hit the side of them. This level
    scrolls to the right so stay on your toes. Standing on a ParaBeetle will make
    it dip down. That's you cue to jump to the next beetle. The only other enemy to
    watch out for is the Fire Chomp. It spits fireballs at you as long as one is
    part of its tail. Once its fire tail is gone, it will explode. A P-switch is
    located just before an area where the coins are underneath some bricks but have
    nothing underneath them.
    Got a Starman in your inventory? Good then use it to start the level. As long
    as your invincibility is active then another Starman will be available in most
    of the question blocks thus giving you total immunity for the whole level.
    Pobodos are relentless in this Fortress. They pop up and down from everywhere.
    Be on your toes as you hop from platform to platform across the lava pits. A
    Starman will be located in the rightmost question block. If you are fast and
    careful enough, you can kill Boo Didley while still invincible. Make it through
    the stage to face Boom-Boom. This one has wings.
    Run for your life. Lakitu is on the prowl once again. Don't stop for anything..
    well except for a few Koopa Troopas in the way but they are the least of your
    concerns. If you can kill Lakitu, take that opportunity for temporarily relief.
    At the end, Lakitu is still harassing you, hit the end marker to turn him and
    his Spinys into coins and end the level.
    This level scrolls diagonally upward and to the right. With a P-wing this level
    is easier since the jumps are hard because of the way each platform will move
    either vertically or horizontally. The Fire Chomps make things even tougher as
    you dodge fireballs while jumping. When the screen stops scrolling jump into
    the upsidedown pipe and exit.
    Boss: Roy Koopa
    Cannons and Bullet Bills are coming in from all directions. There is a point
    where you may have to cross between a series of eight cannons but to avoid that
    you can stomp on a cannonball and cross above them. The boss fight is ahead.
    Roy Koopa is heavy. Whenever he jumps, don't be on the ground when he lands or
    you will be temporarily stunned. Jump on him when he is landing to avoid the
    shock and get in a shot of your own. Three hits and he is done.
    Hammer Bros 1: Starman
    Hammer Bros 2: P-Wing
    Hammer Bros 3: Music Box
    Toad House 1: Tanooki Suit
    Toad House 2: Super Leaf, Fire Flower, Tanooki Suit
    Toad House 3: Mushroom, Super Leaf, Fire Flower
    White Toad House: P-Wing (must get 24 coins in 5-5)
                                  World 6: ICED LAND
    Ignore the Fire Flower at the start. Clear a path so you fly up to a door high
    in the sky. The secret room harbors a P-switch and lots of coins. Getting to
    the coins is not easy. You must make a good ol' ducking dash to reach them in
    time. When you exit, you'll fall from the sky. Use the Racoon or Tanooki Suit
    to float down to the question block which contains a Starman. Get it and make a
    mad dash to the exit.
    The screen is scrolling to the right. Not only do you have to keep up with it
    but you have to careful jump onto some icy clouds to stay alive. There are some
    high pillars of blocks and bricks that can crush you if you do not move fast
    enough. There are some ice blocks blocking a 10-coin brick. Get rid of them and
    bash the brick as fast as you can. Enter the pipe at the end. Before you exit,
    get on white hill and at the very right, jump to reveal a hidden coin. Use that
    as leverage to reach the very top where two hidden 1-ups await you.
    Get on the moving platform and duck under the ice pillar. Wait for the Koopa
    Troopa to get out of the way and stomp on it once you are on the floor. You can
    decide to kick it away or take it with you to hit the question block. Run over
    the gaps and hop on the Koopa Troopa at the end and grab its shell to kick it
    at the brick to make a vine rise. Climb the vine and enter the pipe to get a
    Tanooki Suit. Once out, there is a 1-up you can get by waiting for the platform
    to be under it then after getting it, duck under the ice. From here, you will
    need to hop on the Koopa Paratroopa to get to the end.
    Stay on the moving block and be wary of the Pobodos. Ignore the question block.
    Near the end of the ride, watch out for the RotoDisc and hop off while you hole
    right and you should enter the opening. Avoid more RotoDiscs as you get the
    Starman. Now if you are small Mario, you have a distinct advantage as you don't
    have to worry about sliding up the low gap. Either way, if you are fast enough
    you can kill Boom-Boom in one shot if you make it to his lair while you are
    still invincible.
    Take careful steps as you stay on the high ground. The Rotary Lifts are tricky
    in this level. When you reach a platform moving along a path, wait for it to
    pass underneath the ice then get on quickly and jump directly to the right of
    the ice and ride the platform to the end of its path. On the return trip, hop
    on the Orange Music Block to go into the sky for coins. Once dumped out, stay
    away from the twirl of the Rotary Lifts as you head for the exit.
    You can only exit this level with a Racoon Suit, Tanooki Suit, or a P-wing and
    also, you need to have a Koopa shell handy. The Buster Beetles continually like
    to heave the Ice Blocks at you, wait for their supply to run out then attack.
    You can enter the 2nd pipe anytime you like. It contains a power-up to help you
    beat this level. Upon clearing the second set of ice bricks. Stomp on a Koopa
    Shell, get some run and fly to the of the area before the real bricks and kick
    the shell to the right to kill the Nipper Plants and clear away the blocks and
    thus being able to get out of here.
    I suggest having a Fire Suit handy for this level. Take the low road and get
    the Starman so the Cheep Cheep won't be a pain and no will the enemies for a
    while. Swim carefully through a school of Cheep-Cheeps. Near the end of the
    swim is a set of pipes with Piranha plants. Burn them up and  run down a little
    gauntlet of the Spikes (the enemy) while shooting the fireballs. Kill or let
    the Cheep Cheep go by you then enter the pipe at the end. The level will be
    over shortly.
    You'll need 78 coins in this level for a White Toad House which carries another
    Anchor for your arsenal. It is very tough as those Donut Lifts are no joke. You
    have to jump off of them at the right moment to get all the coins and then stay
    alive. This goes especially for that tricky jump you must make to enter the
    pipe at the end. Stay on the Donut Lift and leap off to the right at the right
    time. To fuffil your goal, you need your Fire Suit to melt the ice around the
    coins and melt them. Exit, stage right.
    +Fortress 2+
    You should've picked up a Hammer Suit in of the Toad Houses by now. With this
    weapon, Boo Diddly and the Thwomp Traps are no match for you. Your Hammers will
    kill them outright. The only other strategy I got for you is to not fall into
    any bottomless pits. The fight with Boom Boom is a slippery one but if you are
    on the platform, launch hammers at him to kill him instantly.
    Use your ice bloks to uncover the Super Leaf, but honestly, I think a Fire Suit
    is more suitable for this level as none of those enemies including the Buster
    Beetle (unlike its cousin Buzzy) are a match to your awesome display of fire.
    Got a P-wing, Racoon Suit, or Tanooki Suit? If you do, you'll finish this level
    in record time. Instead of going down the pipe. Just fly over the ice wall and
    this level is yours.
    I don't feel like giving any strategy for this level. I'll just say that there
    are Munchers that are frozen in this level. They are invincible but if you free
    the ones over the pipe, you can run back and hit a vine is to the left of where
    some ice blocks used to be. Take an ice block from below the brick and launch
    it at the brick to sprout it. Climb the vine to the top and hit the P-switch.
    Ignore the coins and head for the pipe where the Munchers you freed were, then
    get the coins and go down the pipe. A Hammer Suit awaits you. Once out, work
    your way through the Buster Beetles and Koopa Troopas while getting past the
    rotary dial and end the level.
    +Fortress 3+
    Hopefully you still got your Hammer Suit left from last level. Use it to kill
    the Boo Diddlys and the Thwomp Traps. Watch out for the RotoDiscs and carefully
    navigate through the stretches and the conveyor belts and do not land into the
    spikes (obstacles). Stretches die from the hammers too. Another easy Boom Boom 
    fight is at the end.
    Boss: Lemmy Koopa
    Start with a leap of faith over the pit when the opportunity comes. Don't use
    the Bolt Lifts at all. Get past those burners when safe. After you make it past
    them, you fight Lemmy. He tosses star balls all around. You can actually leap
    on them without taking damage. Get three hits on Lemmy to win.
    Hammer Bros 1: Hammer
    Hammer Bros 2: Jugem Cloud
    Hammer Bros 3: Starman
    Toad House 1: Hammer Suit
    Toad House 2: Hammer Suit
    White Toad House: Anchor (must get 78 coins in 6-7)
                                 World 7: PLANT MAZE
    You'll go into a series of pipes as you work your way to the top. After the
    first curved pipe, you can do a curvy jump onto the question blocks above and
    get a hidden 1-up. Drop down go into the pipe on the left. Jump onto the White
    Music Block and get onto the sideway pipe. Another 1-up is in one of the bricks
    above it. Keep moving up as you avoid the piranha plants. At the very top, a
    1-up is hidden to the very left of the exit pipe. Get it and end this level.
    You need 46 coins in this level for a White Toad House. To get this one, Frog
    Mario is need to get all the coins fast enough. Start off in a Frog Suit and go
    past the Nippers. Enter the second pipe to go to a lower level. Get the coins
    on the very left and then jump on the P-switch. Quickly get a move-on to snag
    all the coins needed for the house. Go back to the surface and watch out for
    the Venus Fire Traps who relentlessly attack. At the end, go down the lowest
    pipe to go down a level then enter the pipe in that area and make a hasty exit.
    This is another one of those stages where you can beat the level by maintaining
    your invincibility so that the next one can be available. 
    You have two options. You can use the Frog Suit for when you get ready to swim
    through the Jelectros later on in the level or you can use the Fire Suit to get
    rid of the annoying fish enemies especially the Blooper Nannys and Big Berthas.
    The screen is also scrolling so you got to move fast. You need to swim very
    cautiously to avoid touching the Jelectros.
    It is easy to get lost in this level. Some of the pipes leading to pipes with
    hidden coins that block you path. Here is the solution. Go up the pipe at the
    start then in the new area, go up the third pipe which comes before the ice
    blocks. Go to the very right and use your Racoon or Tanooki Suit to break the
    brick. Run and duck under the low ceiling then take the high road. Use your
    tail to float the gap then go down at the very right. Get a well-timed jump and
    float across the next gap to the exit pipe. If you fail to make it the first
    time then you will end up making a bridge of hidden coins. Work your way back
    around and you can end the level from there.
    +Piranha Plants+
    Wait until the Piranha Plant to recede then wait for the Venus Fire Trap to do
    the same. You will see a set of Munchers rising up and down the small pipes. Be
    sure to watch the rhythm of how they move so you can move along with their
    pattern safely. Wait for the upsidedown Piranha Plant to pull back then leap
    across the pit and wait for the other two plants to do the same and enter the
    next pipe after the Venus Fire Trap. A P-wing awaits you.
    You can stay to get coins galore but to end this level quickly, start with a
    P-wing and enter the door. Fly to the top and enter the pipe. Kill Boom Boom
    (this one has wings) as you did before.
    Avoid the spikes (obstacles) as you use the Directional Lifts to transcend your
    way upwards. Try to stay away from the Piranha Plants sprouting in and out from
    the sides.
    Yet another one of those maintain the invincibility levels and this time it is
    a definite must because the level is full of Munchers and if your invincibility
    wears off, you can cancel Christmas.
    You will meet every plant you've face in the game with the exception of the
    Piranhacus Giagantus. The Nipper Plants even shoot fireballs.
    This is a wierd maze. Run to the Music Blocks and go up as high as you can then
    go left and remove the ice blocks. Go up the crack to be at the very top and go
    right. At the Music Blocks, go left, up the crack, left again, and drop down.
    Go to the very right and go upwards. At the top, go right and zigzag as far to
    the bottom as you can and go right. The exit pipe is not to far away.
    +Fortress 2+
    Just about every pipe in this fortress has a Piranha Plant or a Venus Fire Trap
    in it. This makes getting past the Thwomp Traps and Boo Diddlys even tougher.
    If you got a Hammer Suit then there is no worries about this level except for
    the RotoDisc. The Hammer suit protects you from fireballs when you are in a
    crouching position. There is also a Starman that will make this level a little
    easier at the start. At the end, you will have to time a curving jump to get in
    the pipe or else you'll be killed instantly by the lava below. The fight with
    Boom-Boom is the same ol' same ol'.
    +Piranha Plants 2+
    All you will get is a lowsy mushroom so if you got a Music Box in your arsenal,
    use it and you won't have to worry about this level since the plant on the map
    will go to sleep.
    Boss: Ludvig Von Koopa
    Ignore the Bolt Lifts and just safely cross through the pit via the bottom as
    you avoid the jetfire. With a Racoon Suit this airship is easier to jump over
    the pits when navigating through the short Bolt Lifts. The boss fight against
    Ludvig Von Koopa is a tough one. Just like Roy, he can shake the airship and
    temporarily stun you. He can also stun you when he's spinning after he gets
    stomped. Three hits still defeat him.
    Hammer Bros 1: Hammer
    Hammer Bros 2: Jugem Cloud
    Hammer Bros 3: Starman
    Toad House 1: Hammer Suit
    Toad House 2: Hammer Suit
    White Toad House: P-Wing (must get 46 coins in 7-2)
                                 World 8: DARK CASTLE
    +Tank Level+
    This level takes you through many tanks that shoot lots of cannonballs and lots
    of Bob-ombs. If you got a P-Wing then this level is nothing to worry about. All
    you got to do is equip it and fly off-screen and to the right during the entire
    level then come down when you reach the pipe. Kill the Boomerang Brother for a
    Starman and the end of the level.
    +Ship Level+
    Another level that can be passed easily via the easy way out. All you have to
    do here is survive the first ship then swim underneath the other two. Once you
    are past ship #3, jump out and go down the pipe. Defeat the Boom-Boom here.
    he next three levels are random. You can choose to play them if you have not
    been pulled down yet.
    +Hammer Bros Trap+
    You face off against the whole Hammer Bros. clan. First up is one of the Fire
    Brothers. Get past it and take on one of the Boomerang Brothers. Just ahead are
    the traditional Hammer Bros. and the last enemy is one of the Sledge Brothers.
    At the end, you get a Super Leaf item.
    +Pobodo Trap+
    Don't be in a such a hurry here. Just take your time and make it past the lava
    while avoiding the Podobos popping out of it. There is a Super Leaf waiting for
    you at the end.
    +Cheep-Cheep Trap+
    You'll have to be on your toes here. The Cheep-Cheeps here are real tricky and
    they can bump you (and possibly kill you) out of nowhere. I suggest that you
    open this level with a Starman item to make it easier on yourself. Once again a
    Super Leaf is at the end. You'll notice some coins near the end shaped in this
    formation -> ^^
    To hell with this level. I hope you have a P-wing left because this level is
    stupid. The airship moves super fast and it has a lot engine fire that can
    burn you alive if you aren't careful. The Monty Moles are no help either. Just
    use your P-wing and stay at the top of the level until the end. You will fight
    Boom-Boom in the end. He will take flight after the first stomp so stomp him
    again the moment he recovers from the first stomp to avoid dealing with flying
    This is the first action stage of this level. There are a lot of Bullet Bills
    and cannons firing at you and there are also some tricky jumps to maneuver if
    you don't have Racoon or Tanooki suit on you.
    This level harbors a major shortcut. Just sink into the quicksand at the start
    of the level. You will not die but you'll end up in a hidden area with a pipe
    on each side. The left pipe will just have a small passage and the right pipe
    is full of coins. Once you exit the right pipe, you'll be in-between two Venus
    Fire Traps but you are close to the end of the level. Get past them and go up
    the hill. Slide down the other side of the hill and hop across the music blocks
    to solid ground and the end of the level. Thanks to this shortcut, you do not
    have to deal with the Angry Sun.
    Go past the RotoDiscs and enter the door in the upper right. If you play your
    cards right then this should be the only door you enter prior to Boom-Boom's
    room. Go left and get a Super Leaf if you don't have it already and keep on
    pushing to the right as you break blocks in your path. Stay on your toes as you
    go through some conveyor belts and Thwomp Traps. At the end, avoid the Thwomp 
    Trap and drop down and go left. Hit the right block to bring up a P-switch and
    hit it to make a door appear in the upper right. Defeat the Boom-Boom while you
    are battling him on the conveyor belt that moves.
    +Super Tank Level+
    This is the same as the previous tank level with more cannons and Bom-ombs to
    deal with. At the end of the level is the final battle with Boom Boom. This one
    also sprouts wings after the first stomp.
    +Bowser's Castle+
    Congratulations on making it this far. Are you ready to take Bowser down? Are
    you ready to save princess Toadstool? Are you ready to show the world who is
    the number 1 hero? Let's go.
    At the beginning, make a run for it because those statues spit lasers at you.
    Ride the platform upwards and go right. Stay on the donut lift as it fall until
    you see an opening on the right and leap to safety. Avoid the Roto Discs as you
    go up the "stairs" and down the other flight of "stairs." Work your way up to
    the top as you avoid the Pobodos. Don't stay on the donut lifts too long unless
    you don't mind a lava bath. Once at the top, stay up there and enter the door.
    This shortcut provides a path leading to Bowser. Get past the laser statues and
    the fire breaths and enter the door at the end. It's Bowser time.
    The best way to defeat Bowser is to let him defeat himself. If you got a Fire
    Suit or a Hammer Suit then  you can kill him outright. Othereise, avoid his 
    fireballs and stand on any red bricks that hover over the pit. He will leap in
    the air and try to crash down on you. Move out of the way and he'll break away
    some brick. Avoid his fireballs again and get away from his next stomp. If he
    lands in the same spot three times then he will take a dive into the bottomless
    pit and die. Enter the door and save the princess.
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