Review by Stevewins123

Reviewed: 03/05/08

The Best Game Boy Advance Game out there!

Wow. What a game. Yet another perfect addition to the Mario series, I present to you, Super Mario Bros. 3! This is one of Mario's most famous adventure games. It's the sequel to Super Mario Bros. 2, and to Super Mario Bros.

Like a regular Mario game, Bowser has found a way to kidnap Princess Peach. And like normal, Mario has to go out and save her! Mario will have to venture through eight different worlds to get her - each world harder than the previous. They are: the Grass World, the Desert World, the Water World, the Giant World, the Sky World, the Ice World, the Pipe World, and finally, the Dark World! Each world has multiple levels and range in difficulty from easy, to nearly impossible. (In my opinion, at least...) You'll find yourself fighting giant Goombas, sliding around on ice, avoiding lava, and more! Also, throughout each world, there are mini-fortresses. Inside, there is a "half-boss" which can be slightly difficult. Mini-fortresses are different from regular levels. At the end of each world, there is a Doom Ship. In that level, you fight the "boss" of the world. If you beat him, you clear the world (and level). You'll also get a little prize to add to your inventory. Depending on the prize, you might be able to fly through a level, skip a level, and more! Going through the levels is quite fun. Mario has some new moves such as fluttering, turning into a statue, throwing hammers, and more! Can you use these moves and tactics to your advantage?
Gameplay: 10

The graphics are nice too and show what the NES can do. There are lots of nice bright colors and backgrounds. It's quite impressive for an almost 20-year old game! All of the different worlds are unique and have different styles of design/coloring.
Graphics: 9

The sound was flawless. There were classic Mario tunes in the game and they were all quite catchy. Depending on where you were, sometimes there would be different music. For example, if you were in a mini-fortress, the music would change to suit whatever was happening. The sound effects were great too. You could hear Mario throw fireballs, jump, smash blocks, kill enemies, and more. If a shell hit the wall, you would hear that. There's nothing at all to complain about when it comes to the sound.
Sound: 10

Overall, this is a terrific game that lasted me a long, long , LONG time. I really enjoy this game and recommend that you should get it. It's a challenging game. Once I beat it, I kept replaying older levels because it was so fun. Of course, there are some levels you might never want to see again but that's pretty rare.
Playtime/Replyability: 10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (2 Bonus e-Reader Cards) (US, 10/21/03)

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