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"Not the Original"

There are some major problems with Super Mario Bros. 3 for Game boy. The only reason it got an 8 was because in basic it was essentially the same great game from before, except worse.

Gameplay: 8
Replay: 9
Graphics: 8
Sound/Music: 8
Controls/Difficulty level: 6
Story: Doesn't Matter for a Mario Game

Gameplay: This covers whether the game was new and innovative, and whether the gameplay was a good idea. To start, Super Mario Bros. 3 was one of the best Mario games ever, its up there with Paper Mario 2 and Super Mario World. But re-releasing this game again is only good for new gamers. Old gamers like myself still enjoy the gameplay, but there is nothing new here, unless you've never played before. Also, the game had a few changes and additions, which were noticable, and really didn't affect the game one way or another. They did fix glitches (there were very few) which isn't what I like to see. This game is fun because mario has many different suits to his arsenal, like Tanooki suit, Frog suit, and Hammer Bros. suit. This adds a lot of fun to the game.

Replay: This area covers Multiplayer, as well as if this game is enjoyable playing it more than once. This game is short enough where you can play it several times, and you can play with a friend alternating turns. It's not quite as fun, especially without Battle game as a seperate option, like in Super Mario All stars. There is also the e-reader cards if you like extra levels, and you have a couple extra bucks.

Graphics: Graphically, the game boy can do a lot more, but not much more is needed for mario. It is an identical copy of the engine used in Mario All stars, so it is still good. Still, it would have been nice to have a few updates.

Sound/Music: This evaluates any thing that comes out of the speaker on the Game boy. The sound is translated well, but not that well. The sound quality has been downgraded a little since SNES, and it does hurt the overall feel of the game. The music suffers more than the sound does, but the game doesn't have terrible sound by any means.

Controls/Difficulty: This area evaluates whether or not the game had a good difficulty level, and if the controls were good. Here is where the game suffers drastically. It is still the same game it was before, except easier. You can save at any time, and stop. On the NES, there was no save, making the game a little more challenging. But it doesn't stop there. This game is pathetically easy and short, making it no challenge to experienced gamers out there. It is still fun to play, but it is no challenge for anyone, unless you are under the age of 9 or over the age of 40, and even still I know people who can beat this game. The average gamer will find this game easy. If you are looking for a challenge, it isn't here. There is no difficulty setting, and if you want more lives, turn on 2 player mode and play as Mario AND Luigi, giving yourself an extra 5 lives. The controls did feel a little slippery on the GBA but still playable. I would have liked to see more difficulties or something to make the game harder.

Story: No one plays a Mario game for story line, except Paper Mario and RPG, that's why I didn't rate it. But i'll give an over view. Bowser has 7 koopa kids (don't ask how) who are terrorizing the mushroom kingdom. Princess Peach sends Mario out to stop them in seven different worlds, so that peace will be restored to Mushroom kingdom.

Overall: 8/10

This game is still fun to play, even though it is almost 15 years old. But people with low budgets should seek elsewhere. This game will set you back forty bucks, not worth this game. People looking for a challenge should also stay away from this game, its not here. If you like Mario at all or you've never played Mario 3 before, check this game out. It is worth your purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/27/05

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