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"A decent side-scrolling Splinter Cell game"

The first portable Splinter Cell game to be made, and I can honestly say that Ubisoft has done a decent job.

The storyline here is identical to the console versions, where 2 agents go missing and you, as Sam Fisher, are required to find out what happened to them. I won't elaborate here in case you haven't played the game yet. However, the storyline is quite difficult to follow on the GBA, since the only way of following the storyline is by short pieces of text that you may read at the beginning of the mission.

Again, nothing spectacular here. The graphics are okay for the GBA, and there is a lot of colour in them, but the characters are too blurry to see their individual features. I also noticed that the system doesn't take advantage of the GBA full potential for displaying graphics.

The controls are easy to use and locate in a hurry. Basically, you use your
d-pad to move about, A to jump, B to knock someone out, L to use a sticky camera and R to pull out your weapon. They are simple and easy to use an remember, which is good since you will need to use the controls in a hurry during some parts of the game.

The game has a different soundtrack for a different mission and the sound effects are okay, but they are way too repetitive, and they can become irritating if you are forced to redo a mission, or a section of mission over and over again.

The gameplay in the game is nothing out of the ordinary. Basically, you are a stealth agent in this 2D side-scroller and you basically sneak about in the buildings you infiltrate in order to collect sensitive information and to escape without a trace.

However, there are a couple of complaints, the first being the fact of stealth. In fact, the game is more a platformer. There is hardly any stealth involved in the game, except when you have to dodge a camera, sneak up on someone to knock them out, or hide in a dark niche in order to avoid guards raising the alarm. Another complaint is that the game isn't realistic. For example, when you knock guards out, the game doesn't allow to move them simply because the other guards who can clearly see them either don't notice or don't care. A camera can also continually scan a fallen guard's body over and over again without raising the alarm. Not very realistic, but it does make the mission easier to complete.

REPLAY: 6/10
The game has some replay value, where you can unlock up to 10 bonus missions by completing certain tasks during the main game. However, once you unlock all the bonus missions, and played them, the game will very quickly become boring to play.

Overall, I gave this game a rating of 7/10. I suggest you rent this game, as it probably may not be your cup of tea. However, if you absolutely loved the console versions of Splinter Cell, and now you want to conquer the portable version, then I suggest you buy it. The missions are very different to the console versions but a word of warning, it may not last you very long.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/11/09

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (US, 04/27/03)

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