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Reviewed: 06/08/03 | Updated: 06/08/03

This is a GBA game? I am impressed.

Story: The NSA wants you, Sam Fisher to infiltrate and discover the darkest, deepest secrets of our enemies. You are a member of Third Echelon, you are a Splinter Cell.

Graphics: Some of the best on the GBA. This game has some of the best animations around. Whether you are walking, running or sneaking. They look realistic and very life like. There are multiple scrolling backgrounds, the Caspian Sea level is a prime example of this. Explosions and fires do the job. There are shadowy doorways to hide in. This game is very well done and is definitely up there with Castlevania series in graphics.

Sound: Without headphones. What sounds? With headphones, wow, deep throbbing bass lines, booming explosions. I enjoyed the entire score with headphones. Note: I have a very nice set of headphones that rival the GBA in price. You might not get the same effect with run of the mill headphones.

Control: Spot on, complex, but not clumsy. Easy learning curve. Suited very well with as little as there is to work with. The controls are responsive and react in a timely manner to your button presses.

Gameplay: There is nothing else like it on the GBA, at least from my experience. Sneaking up on a guard in this game and knocking him over the head. It almost feels as good as the home console version. There is plenty of variety here, although levels backgrounds do tend to carry over to other levels. Picking locks and cracking safes, shimmying across pipes and a nifty camera that you can see a couple of screens ahead and see the viewing range of the security cameras. It is all here. Except for the news broadcast, I enjoyed those on the Xbox and missed them very much here. There are mini-games like a variation of Silent Scope, hunt the key card., hunt and shoot or smoke grenade all the targets and find your way through the maze. I have yet to unlock the Gamecube accessible levels due to time constraints.

Overall Summary: I enjoyed this very much. If you enjoyed any of the home console versions, then this will fill your portable stealth espionage action needs. I would recommend this to all. I cannot think of another game on the GBA in this genre that rivals this game. Plus, there is much added replay value in trying to get one hundred percent on every level, not the easiest task I might add. That unlocks the five mini-games. This game is a definite buy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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