Review by The Final Fantasy1

Reviewed: 11/13/03

A GOOD stealth/action game on the Game Boy Advance?

Wow, this is something new a stealth game, and on a Game Boy Advance? Yes it's Splinter Cell, it was a good and popular game for the X-Box, Gamecube, and on the Playstation 2. But, can Splinter Cell for the Game Boy Advance live up to all of the hype of the other Splinter Cell games?

In Splinter Cell you play the role of Sam Fisher, an NSA (National Security Agency). Your mission is to locate two Agents that have gone missing and other various missions such as infiltrating enemy hideouts and putting enemies on surveillance. Now, I know this isn't the most original story, but it's still a great game.

The game play in Splinter Cell is great, just like in the other versions of Splinter Cell. Although it is rather easy, seeing as how the guards are slow and very predictable. The objective of the game is basically to stay hidden and complete the mission; you can hide in dark spots, alleyways, and behind walls to just name a few. Although, the bad thing is that this game is extremely short, unlike the other versions.

The sound is pretty good. It seems just like Splinter Cell for the other three platforms, which is superb. The sound of Sam Fisher's tranquilizer gun sounds just like a real tranquilizer gun, it’s so great. I am very, very impressed by the sound.

Now onto the graphics, the graphics are better than what I was expecting for a Game Boy Advance game. They are very smooth and detailed. I can't see anything wrong with the graphics at all. Everything seems dark and gloomy just like the other versions of Splinter Cell. So, it basically has the exact same feel of the other Splinter Cell games.

All in all Splinter Cell for the Game Boy Advance is great game. Unlike many 3d to 2d games. I recommend that you rent this game because the average gamer can beat it before its time to take it back to the video store. So, in conclusion, I think that the game is just as good as the other Splinter Cell games for the X-Box, Gamecube, and Playstation 2 consoles. So, even if you have played the other Splinter Cell games you should still rent this game. There is no other game like this on the Game Boy Advance. I am truly impressed by the game.


+ Good graphics
+ Good story
+ Good sound
+ Innovative

+ Too short

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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