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"You won't want to sneak past this great game!"

When I bought this game (with the little pocket money I had left) I was expecting I would just beat it in an hour, when I was bored. Boy, was I wrong. And I'm pretty glad I was wrong, too.

Graphics: 2-D graphics. They are pretty detailed, however, and you can see everything from a pipe to a grenade in an enemy's hand, a ladder from a bureaucrat with a vengeance. 9/10

Story: Basically, there are 2 people missing. You need to find them. Some people are leaking CIA information. You need to stop them. Nikoladze is doing something. Kill him for it. Grinko is working with Nikoladze. Kill him for it. Yeah, so the story isn't that good... Actually, it is bloody horrible. 2/10

Controls: Pretty laid out. Everything works and does the right thing, though sometimes grenade throwing is a task. Every button does something else, but it never gets confusing. 10/10

Gameplay: This is where it shines. This is a great stealth game that uses great graphics and controls to it's advantage. Most of the game is hiding from enemies, then popping up when they aren't looking. It also includes unlocking safes and doors. You have many weapons and tools at you're disposal, as well, such as night-vision, thermal-vision, smoke grenades, and a SC20K Pistol. Only problem is that it can get repetitive. 9.5/10

AI: Pretty good. If you run, they'll hear you. If they hear you, they'll see you. And then they shoot, and it does quite a bit of damage. To get away? Shoot them. They won't hear you, though, if you creep along. There are cameras and such that also can see you and set off alarms.

Mini-Games: Can I really call these mini-games? You may ask what are they; I will tell you. Unlocking a safe is a mini game. Opening a door is a mini game. Even turning off an MG-42 Automated Machine Gun is a mini game. They are little things, like repeatedly pressing the A button as much as you can. Another one consists of turning a lock until you get to the middle. They are not too easy, and fun. Not like a chore. 8/10

Overall: A great game. I had about 5 days worth of fun with it, but I can always replay it and get 100%. It won't tire out, and is a challenge, but not a frustrating one. Good job, Tom Clancy. I salute you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/15/04

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