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"Sam Fisher does smell funny in this game"


Note that this review is a bit tainted because I played Splinter Cell: Pandora's Tomorrow, which is the second instalment of the series on the GBA. That being said, this game needs improvement! Sure, there are some flaws in this game but that's ok because you play as Sam Fisher, your modern day ninja. Read on for more.

The game developers did an okay job on porting the mega hit Splinter Cell series in the GBA. Some say they couldn't do it -- it doesn't seem plausible! Yet the pulled it off into something fun to play. While not the perfect game, you'll still be wanting to finish this game.

Game Play

You play as Sam Fisher. You can do a couple of moves, such as crouching, crouch while walking, hanging on pipes and whipping our your silence pistol. However, compared the list of moves to Splinter Cell: Pandora's Tomorrow it isn't just as diverse.

There are enemies in the game that you silenced by shooting them or knocking them out. One strange thing in this game is that even ought you shoot the enemy in the head 3 times, he will collapse and have ‘stars' around his head, which indicates being unconscious and not dead. Strange.

Hiding in shadow is limited, because you can only head once in a while in a dark closet space or something. It doesn't utilize hiding like in Splinter Cell: PA, where you get to hang on pipes or head behind boxes.

Sound And Music

Its okay. There is nothing to fret or scream over about. You have your standard techno music for the game background music, and some low quality puff sound that resembles a silence gun shot.


Personally I don't like it. Why? Because its too fuzzy. You can't really see the details that much in the game because the textures itself is low quality. Unlike Splinter Cell: SA where there is a big leap in graphics because the textures were actually nice! Overall, graphics could have been improved a bit.


Try this game. But play Splinter Cell: Pandora's tomorrow if you really want the Splinter Cell feel for the GBA. For story sakes, you want to play this game because it continues on over to Splinter Cell II.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/02/05

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