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"DKC is too holy!"

Everybody’s favorite god (Donkey Kong) and flea bag (Diddy Kong) are back! Back in 1994, when Donkey Kong Country was released on Super Nintendo, it was a ground-breaking game. It was fun, had untouchable graphics and great music. It featured a new Donkey Kong, who was good, not a giant princess kidnapping behemoth, and his new side-kick, Diddy Kong. In this game, several new characters make their first appearance, both good and bad. Sadly, this game does not demonstrate DK’s godly powers, like his fire breath, invincibility, and ability to destroy stuff with his mind.

Story 8/10
The story is nothing really great. Diddy Kong is watching over DK's holy banana horde for his first time because DK wants some rest. Diddy is guarding the horde, when some Kremlings break in, beat him up, and steal DK’s bananas. Now DK is furious (those Kremlings are lucky DK’s godly abilitys weren’t put in this game) and he will get his bananas back! Now DK and Diddy must go on a quest and recover DK’s bananas. What is wrong with the world today? The holy DK can’t even have his bananas without some creeps stealing them.

Gameplay 10/10
You must reach the end of the level. Hidden among the levels are hidden rooms and various items such as the KONG letters, 4 letters hidden throughout the level. When you get all 4, you will get a life, you do not have to get them to complete the level, however, if you want to complete DKC 100%, you must get them. Also there are animal tokens, getting 3 of the same animal tokens will get you to a special mini-game where you play as the animal on the token and you collect little animal tokens, 100 of these tokens gets you a life. Also, new to the GBA version is 2 new mini games, these games are Candy’s Dance Studio, which is a Dance Dance Revolution type game and Funky’s Fishing, where you ride on Enguarde’s back and catch fish.

Graphics 7/10
The graphics are decent for the GBA, but they can still be much better. The characters do not look as blocky as they do in the Snes version, which is good. Though most stuff including the backgrounds are not nearly as good as the Snes’s version.

Sound 10/10
The sound in the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country can’t compare to the Snes version’s, but that is because the GBA isn’t capable of making great sounds with that tiny speaker. Still, the music is mostly the same, just lower quality, which is okay. However, the sound is great for the GBA.

Controls 10/10
The controls are simple, just like on the Snes version No complicated button combinations or anything, it is just basically move, roll, and jump, that means no L and R buttons, yay!!!

Replay 10/10
You will play DKC over countless times, it just doesn’t seem to get boring.

Final Thought
Donkey Kong Country is a blessing from the mighty DK and will keep you entertained for countless hours, whether you are going for 100% or you just want to play through to the final level, you will be glad you bought Donkey Kong Country. May DK bless you if you buy this game, and may he bless you again if you complete it!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/24/03, Updated 06/24/03

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